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Well done. Clap, clap.

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Along the lines of what others have been talking about I see what has happened as the perfect storm of 5 key things that have finally led us to this point at least in the West (I know the conspiracy theorists will have a lightly different slant):-

Comfort – We have everything we need now and have not had to fight for our freedom in our lifetimes so we no longer value it. We take it for granted. When the time has finally come to fight for it most people are too busy playing Candy Crush on their phones.

Virtue Signalling – With the rise of social media virtue signalling has become the main source of kudos. With masks we can now apparently save peoples lives and show how much we care about others. It is not enough to just be selfless though, you have to show it. It then becomes a competition of who can make the most sacrifices and who cares about other people the most.

Cancel Culture – Relating to the point before we now have a virtuous orthodoxy. If you stray from that orthodoxy you are vilified, discredited or cancelled (GBD as an example), so there is very little opportunity for reasoned and fruitful debate to challenge that orthodoxy. Therefore, it perpetuates.

Numerical illiteracy – This has always been the case but because this is a data-led pandemic it has been exposed and exploited like never before to create fear and unreason. Most people don’t really understand the charts and numbers (even when they think they do), they are the magic of the high priests and simply interpreted as the portents of doom.

The internet/social media – this is an obvious one but it is key to the whole thing as it means the data can be shared instantaneously, we can have daily updates, we can show scary graphs, we can reach millions of people just by clicking a button. It is the medium by which the other factors gain their power. One of the key factors is its global nature and this means we can now compare at international level in virtual real time. We therefore get an arms race of virtue and short-term success (New Zealand being a prime example, Sturgeon & Boris, etc.).

I think these are what makes this pandemic unprecedented. The virus and its effects on the other hand are quite unremarkable.

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+ Safetyism – life is safer than ever, and the more safety we have, the more we want. Also we’re insulated from death more and more – people live longer, die in hospital. We are able to shut death out rather than face it. The fear porn reminded everyone that death exists and they didn’t like it, so they want it abolished (note – only covid death need be abolished, as this is the only “new” thing) so they can get back to normal.

A good analysis.

There will be thousands of books written about the greatest mass hysteria and folly in history.

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History is written by the winners

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And we know who they will probably be.

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We don’t know who they will be. I know it can be reassuring to decide that you know the outcome in advance, but we really do not know what’s going to happen in the future.

I try to cultivate not knowing what the outcome will and being ok about that. At least on my good days.

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We can either fight this scuzzball Government & get rid of it or go Home and watch Eastenders or watch a fat orange heffer skate around on an ice rink

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How about a bit of optimism and positivity?

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And the present and also the future.

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You’re right. It will be the biggest academic factory ever.

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To social media/internet, I would add that lockdown would have been almost immediately intolerable without them, for everyone. If people hadn’t even been able to catch up with their friends and family on Facebook and zoom calls, they wouldn’t have put up with it for more than a couple of weeks at the very most b

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Not only intolerable but impossible.

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Spot on analysis.

To add to the following:

Virtue signalling – social media has given each & every one a platform and it allows them to say things that they would otherwise not say to other people in their faces. Not to mention how they expose themselves on social media in a way that they don’t in real life. Certainly I’ll never look at certain people the same way again after reading their virtue signalling on social media.

Numerical illiteracy – add in economic illiteracy as well. Try pointing out the economic consequences of the lockdown and you’re shouted down with cliches such as “people before profit” or accusing you of not caring about others.

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Please share 3.52pm

7 Armed Police Officer Attend Liverpool Gym To Fine Them £1000


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18% of hospitalisation figures are from people who tested positive after having already been in hospital for 7 or more days (as per Carl Heneghan last week.) Now from my experience you have to be pretty unwell to spend more than 7 days in hospital. So the question of the day is what percentage of the deaths come from this group? I would suspect a high majority.  Can we get someone with an ounce of journalistic integrity/ability to ask this question? If not any whistle-blowers out there?

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Listening to this at the moment.

The Fact-Free COVID Dystopia | Thomas E. Woods. Jr.
Great stuff.


Thanks, Biker, for posting it yesterday.

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Thanks for reposting that. Will listen to it later.

He made a memorable speech back in July – https://youtu.be/6RDffMCAujg .

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Just finished watching that myself. Excellent, and I even found myself clapping at the end, sitting here on my own. Thanks Biker.

Thing is though, to me this is all blatantly obvious. Done and dusted, ages ago. Why are we still having this debate? Surely we should have moved on from here long, long ago?

But we haven’t, and it bothers me why. The answer can only be that an awful lot of people don’t want to move on. They’re just fine with things as they are.

Sherelle Jacobs laments in The Telegraph today that the lockdown sceptics – including the Great Barrington Declaration – have, thus far, lost the argument, that our logic has failed to find any traction, and that we must sharpen our response in future, especially on the emotive sides of the argument.


But I don’t think any amount of logical argument will convince the perpetrators of this crime, or their pliable, docile  adherents. The only thing that is going to stop this is economic collapse, or at least immediate prospect of the abyss.

Off to pick up my daughter from school now. I’ll be the only unmuzzled parent. Fuck it.

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Fabulous speech!

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Having read the testimony of the care home whistleblower, it is beyond my comprehension that someone, who professes to ‘care’ can forcibly hold down an elderly person to inflict the testing upon them against their will. Barbaric.

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Reading it was awful. I can’t imagine what it must have been like for a caring person to have to witness and do those things. Trouble is that if the genuinely caring leave those jobs, who is left?

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If they leave, they must bring this out in the open, local and national media, hand out leaflets, but expose it ,otherwise you are implicit in its orchestration.

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While I understand your horror, that used to be pretty standard practice in institutions for mentally ill people, at least in the US. Not sure how it compares to British experience.

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Under the Nazis,, nurses held down disabled children as they were given lethal injections.
(Described in Ian’s Kershaw’s biog. of Hitler.)

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Like the “Christian” slavers. They convinced themselves that their victims weren’t really human

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Utterly heartbreaking.

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Because the Covid19 abuses are just the tip of the iceberg. Mentally ill people have always been treated awfully by the industry. Lack of staff, staff being brow beaten and broken down into mindless minions constantly rushing to keep up with an ever expanding workload, bureaucracy and management demands. Overworked, unappreciated, stressed and underpaid workers all result in the residents getting neglected and their needs forgotten. Restraining the mentally ill to perform acts like personal care in their “best interests” is sometimes, sadly, unavoidable HOWEVER the majority of dementia related aggression towards staff and general agitation can be avoided if the staff treated them with more consideration, respect and patience. In the current model of “care” that is nearly impossible. The Coronavirus outbreak has really opened my eyes to just how abhorrent care is towards the mentally ill and how far short of the mark it has fallen for both staff and residents. I am a carer by the way.

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Balls. I just missed it even though I kept refreshing.

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You’re trying too hard. You’ll only get the first post in if you abandon your desire to get the first post in.

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Yep, the ‘lust for result’ fucks up every human endeavour. 🙂

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That sounds like a cross between Zen and Catch-22

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Devoured ’em both in my youth so they must have influenced me… (I was actually trying to channel my inner Yoda).

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I spare you 30 blows …

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Crowley, talking about magical operations.

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a visit from seven or eight armed police officers”

I supposed I’m meant to be terrified by these armed police, but I’m simply laughing at them. Their weapons are empty threats, as empty as the skull of the person who ordered their deployment. Pathetic beyond measure.

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If you don’t find it terrifying I would like to know why. Is this where we’re now at as a country, where armed police stop legitimate businesses from operating? A country where the Covid Gestapo and the new Covid Police Force pounce to whip you into complying with the latest government diktat, no matter how insane or unscientific, and created at the stroke of a pen with no democratic oversight?

If you’re not terrified then you damn well should be. We are heading into a very dark place – in fact we’ve already travelled pretty far down the dystopian tunnel already.

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I’m not terrified of those armed police because their guns are all for show. What are those weapons for? They will not use them. It’s the ultimate in empty attempts at coercion. So the weapons are simply to frighten us. And if we refuse to be frightened, their tactic has already failed.

My first questions to those armed cops would be – “What are these guns for? Are you going to shoot me if I don’t comply? Well – I don’t comply. Go ahead and shoot me.” They won’t.

The fact that armed police are sent to shut down a gym, peacefully protesting doesn’t terrify me. It infuriates me. I’m beyond being scared at this point.

Peaceful protest – stubborn British resistance – just like that gym owner and staff and clients are doing, that’s how we beat these bastards. And we can beat them. And them waving their pathetic weapons around won’t make any difference.

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I agree with your argument. I will counter with the fact that I am human and it would terrify me. That’s what it’s designed to do of course.

188042 ▶▶▶▶▶ Mr Dee, replying to steph, 12, #43 of 1564 🔗

It’s all very well me typing with bravado here – but I’ll let you now what happens if and when an armed copper confronts me for breaking one of the countless mandates (the rate we’re going, it’s going to be an inevitability). I’m hoping I will live up to my principles!

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Our Police are not as trigger happy as American officers fortunately

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Your definition of human requires an upgrade.

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I’m American. We’ve had armed police my whole life. One thing that experience teaches you is that the police are not your friends.

After several decades of living the UK, I was lulled into complacency by the fact that British police are largely unarmed.

Arming police changes the relationship dramatically. What is it you all say? “Policing by consent”. Now the nature of the new relationship has been laid bare, just like as it is in America. They now police with the threat of force.

BTW, I’m not one of the “defund the police” types. That’s all relatively new and as someone in her 60s who’s lived in the UK for decades, outside of my range of experience.

It’s rational to be afraid of police in that situation. Doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t stand up for what’s right, just be cautious.

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I think it depends how used to guns you are. Shame they didn’t stick with revolvers, because you can see whether a revolver is loaded or not. And if loaded, what with.

You asked about the Liverpool protest: Saturday 17th October, 1pm, St George’s Hall

188044 ▶▶▶▶▶ Mr Dee, replying to Nick Rose, 1, #50 of 1564 🔗

Thanks Nick.

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It’s not even so much that they turned up with guns. Drawing of the weapons from the armoury had to be authorised at a senior level. I would be more interested in seeing the evidence presented to the senior officer that the threat was elevated to justify issuing weapons.

188124 ▶▶▶▶▶ The Filthy Engineer, replying to The Filthy Engineer, 3, #53 of 1564 🔗

And here is the guidance from the College of Policing for the deployment of Authroised Firearms Officers:


188151 ▶▶▶▶▶ Mr Dee, replying to The Filthy Engineer, 4, #54 of 1564 🔗

Yes, excellent point. Maybe this a mission for Awkward Git, who seems to excel at this sort of task…

188189 ▶▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to Mr Dee, 3, #55 of 1564 🔗

Fury is a much more appropriate reaction than contempt.

188333 ▶▶▶▶ RickH, replying to Mr Dee, 12, #56 of 1564 🔗

I reckon there’s a difference between being terrified of the guns, and being terrified of what this country has become – of which they are a symbol.

188359 ▶▶▶▶▶ Lili, replying to RickH, #57 of 1564 🔗

Thank you, Rick – exactly right.

188019 ▶▶▶ Londo Mollari, replying to Lili, 8, #58 of 1564 🔗

It is terrifying, but laughing is the best way to cope. I have been on the Facebook page of Merseyside police and they are not getting messages of support. Plod say they were unarmed but this is at odds with evidence. In any event, why send that many around at three hourly intervals to ratchet up the fines? Maybe they are trying to turn Liverpool into Melbourne, but we must resist (even if that means posting critical comments on police social media pages, donating to Lockdown sceptics or the gym owner’s gofundme page. https://www.gofundme.com/f/save-liverpool-gyms?utm_source=customer&utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet&utm_medium=copy_link_all

188200 ▶▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to Londo Mollari, 9, #59 of 1564 🔗

They went in heavy to set an example and a deterrent. Hopefully their actions will have increased the determination to resist.

188234 ▶▶▶▶▶ Nick Rose, replying to Cheezilla, 6, #60 of 1564 🔗

Not quite sure what Merseyside Police were expecting to find there. Arya Stark in a bad mood perhaps?

188249 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ karenovirus, replying to Nick Rose, 2, #61 of 1564 🔗

Been watching too many Rambo movies, expecting a mob of heavies with Kalashnikovs.

188068 ▶▶▶ JohnB, replying to Lili, 1, #62 of 1564 🔗

Tish Lili. Fear is failure.

Acknowledging a reality does not mean we should let it frighten us.

188147 ▶▶▶▶ Mr Dee, replying to JohnB, 4, #63 of 1564 🔗

Fear is natural, not a failure. Being able to overcome fear is strength. We need to be strong.

Failure is what our adversaries excel at.

188177 ▶▶▶▶▶ JohnB, replying to Mr Dee, 1, #64 of 1564 🔗

Hmm, fight or flight is natural. Caution/realism re potential dangers is sensible. Not sure about fear itself.

188180 ▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to Lili, 2, #65 of 1564 🔗

One phonecall from a bloody snitch and the terror brigade is out in full force!
What has Jabba the Android unleashed on the people he’s supposed to represent?!

188480 ▶▶▶ ConstantBees, replying to Lili, 5, #66 of 1564 🔗

Hopefully people are not too terrified to donate to his legal fund. Up to £35,000. Was £25,000 when I checked this morning.

Chip in a fiver. We need to support people with the guts to do this.


188600 ▶▶▶▶ Mr Dee, replying to ConstantBees, 2, #67 of 1564 🔗

Yep, done. Thanks for sharing.

188889 ▶▶ Adam, replying to Mr Dee, 6, #68 of 1564 🔗

the Police will never regain the trust of the Public again what they should be doing is arresting the fat thing in Downing Street His eton Mess of a Government, the 600 gurning dildo’s in Parliament give Khan and Dick a p45 each

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Population 126 million
Deaths 1600

187991 ▶▶ Censored Dog, replying to MutzNutz, 7, #70 of 1564 🔗

Didn’t put Covid patients in care homes. Short voluntary lockdown. Cases have risen since then but Government doesn’t really care. Not because all Japanese people wear masks 24/7

However, their fragile economy has taken a large hit.

188054 ▶▶▶ Mark, replying to Censored Dog, 8, #71 of 1564 🔗

Voluntary lockdown is an oxymoron. Presumably what you mean is they had no lockdown but they had some voluntary social distancing, like Sweden.

188069 ▶▶▶ djaustin, replying to Censored Dog, 4, #72 of 1564 🔗

You do know Japan has not let their own citizens home, let alone travelers from abroad, since March? They have had a lockdown and continue to be extremely cautious. My son’s trip of a lifetime was cancelled in June.

188106 ▶▶▶▶ Censored Dog, replying to djaustin, 3, #73 of 1564 🔗

The internal lockdown was voluntary, but travelling restrictions remain. They have started to loosen these restrictions as of the end of September

188484 ▶▶▶▶ GCarty80, replying to djaustin, #74 of 1564 🔗

Japan closed its borders even to its own citizens? Do you have a cite for that?

189020 ▶▶▶▶▶ djaustin, replying to GCarty80, #75 of 1564 🔗

They’ve reopened now, so it’s hard to find retrospective references. but this guy was in Peru for a reason – he couldn’t go home! Current restrictions are less onerous

188235 ▶▶▶ Bill h, replying to Censored Dog, 3, #76 of 1564 🔗

Could also be enhanced memory T cell immunity due to previous exposure to SARS.

187996 ▶▶ MyHomeIsMyCastle, replying to MutzNutz, 2, #77 of 1564 🔗

Interesting question.

No lockdown either, plus very crowded public transport.

So possibly high levels of innate immunity in Japanese people or some genetic difference or a less virulent strain of the virus in Japan.

187999 ▶▶▶ Charlie Blue, replying to MyHomeIsMyCastle, 8, #78 of 1564 🔗

Do they not also have lower rates of obesity and associated conditions?

188000 ▶▶▶▶ Censored Dog, replying to Charlie Blue, 2, #79 of 1564 🔗

That’s correct.

188578 ▶▶▶▶▶ annie, replying to Mabel Cow, 2, #81 of 1564 🔗

Beware the Covichilli and the Coronatortilla. Not to mention the Viral Enchilada..

188510 ▶▶▶▶ GCarty80, replying to Charlie Blue, #82 of 1564 🔗

Japan actually fines employers for every employee with a waistline bigger than 34 inches.

189041 ▶▶▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to GCarty80, 1, #83 of 1564 🔗

Wow, The NHS would go bankrupt!

188207 ▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to MyHomeIsMyCastle, 4, #84 of 1564 🔗

There’s a suggestion the orientals have acquired some immunity from the Sars and Mers outbreaks.

188501 ▶▶▶ GCarty80, replying to MyHomeIsMyCastle, #85 of 1564 🔗

IIRC speaking is banned on Japanese public transport, plus of course masks were normal on public transport there (as in other East Asian countries) even pre-Covid.

189044 ▶▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to GCarty80, #86 of 1564 🔗

What’s it to do with masks?

188045 ▶▶ Tim Bidie, replying to MutzNutz, 3, #87 of 1564 🔗

The BCG vaccine coverage in 1999–2002, 2004, and 2012 in five prefectures with no COVID-19 infections was significantly higher than that in five prefectures with a high prevalence of infections.’

Our findings suggest that routine infant BCG vaccination coverage in young generation had a significant impact on prevention of local COVID-19 spread in Japan.


‘Access to the second floor, where residents live, is very closely controlled, with even close family members excluded — except in cases where a patient is near death, when one or two close relatives are allowed to visit.

“Because we work in this type of facility every day, we are always aware of the risks of norovirus or influenza, and we became conscious of the impact of coronavirus pretty early on,” said chief caregiver Chihiro Kasuya, speaking in mid-March, when a Washington Post team visited the center.

“The very basic principle of elderly care is washing your hands at each step of your work: Take care of someone, wash your hands, do another job, wash your hands. But now it is even more thorough.”

Perhaps surprisingly, staffers don’t usually wear face masks. It makes it harder to communicate with elderly patients who may be suffering from dementia, explained the home’s manager, Masayuki Mori.’

‘….staff members who have basically put their own lives on hold so they don’t bring the virus in. “They have hardly been anywhere else except here, and just commute between their homes and work,” he said. “They have taken their responsibility very seriously. That’s humbling to me.”

Better protections for the elderly helped, but one key reason is that Japanese people have significantly lower rates of obesity than Westerners, according to a study by NCGM.
“We tend to have less diabetes, less obesity, and these kind of risk factors seem to be heavily related to the severity of the disease,” Hayakawa said.’


188064 ▶▶ Sally, replying to MutzNutz, 7, #88 of 1564 🔗

I would like to know how some of the Asian countries, including Japan, classify Covid-19 deaths. It has been reported that Singapore adheres to the WHO case definition of a Covid-19 death, which requires that the cause of death be clinically relevant to the virus. This explains, at least in part, why Singapore has such a low death toll. Japan might be doing the same thing.

188075 ▶▶ DRW, replying to MutzNutz, 2, #89 of 1564 🔗

Zealots will say “culture is different” because they’re big on personal space and familiar rubbish about they “took it seriously” and had a “voluntary lockdown”. Plus closed borders and masks.

188089 ▶▶▶ Rowan, replying to DRW, 11, #90 of 1564 🔗

Perhaps the Japanese doctors didn’t lie when they completed death certificates.

188237 ▶▶▶ Nick Rose, replying to DRW, 5, #91 of 1564 🔗

A lot will be to do with distancing and high standards of personal hygiene. These are the only two “interventions” I’ve supported throughout the shitshow here.

188202 ▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to MutzNutz, 4, #92 of 1564 🔗

They didn’t inflate the figures.

188808 ▶▶ chris c, replying to MutzNutz, 2, #93 of 1564 🔗

Covid only affects tall people. See also, chiildren and people sitting down in restaurants.

Seriouly would be interesting to know for sure, I expect probably all of the factors mentioned and possibly more. High omega 3 from fish, low omega 6? Do they eat much wheat?

187982 Sarigan, replying to Sarigan, 8, #94 of 1564 🔗

A plea from me to help restart African Tourism:

African countries have been opening their borders since the start of September. We are calling for your help to put pressure on Foreign Commonwealth & Development Office and Public Health England to apply the same foreign office travel metrics to African countries that are applied for the rest of the world.
This will lead to air bridges being created to countries that you can travel safely to in times of Covid.
Africa has some of the lowest Covid numbers in the world and yet the FCDO is advising against all travel to Africa.

Humanitarian – The African continent relies heavily on international travel for £130bn income and 25m jobs. Each African travel job typically supports 8 – 10 dependents, helping to support up to 250m people
Wildlife – More eyes on the ground in Africa reduces poaching of rhino, elephant and pangolin and subsistence killing of animals for bush meat.
Jobs – Help protect UK and Africa jobs across tour operators, travel agents, tourist board, airlines, marketing & PR companies and related support industries

SIGN The petition HERE
SHARE THIS INITIATIVE with your clients, family and friends. Add the petition link to your Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn
EMAIL Your Local MP. CLICK HERE to find your local MP’s details and download the MP’s EMAIL TEMPLATE HERE

188009 ▶▶ SweetBabyCheeses, replying to Sarigan, 5, #95 of 1564 🔗

Fabulous idea. I’d go anywhere now where my travel insurance was still valid and where there was a zero chance of cancellation/quarantine/masks/testing/anti-social distancing.

*Not that Africa is anywhere! I’ve been to Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Gambia, Senegal, Ghana, Kenya (and Angola and Nigeria for business) and always had a wonderful time. Kilimanjaro and South Africa still on bucket list!

188028 ▶▶▶ Sarigan, replying to SweetBabyCheeses, 3, #96 of 1564 🔗

Travel insurance is available now even if against FCO advice. Not prohibitively expensive either.

188038 ▶▶ court, replying to Sarigan, 1, #97 of 1564 🔗

Still got my SA game lodge trip booked for January. I really hope to get there. Signed.

188165 ▶▶ JohnB, replying to Sarigan, #98 of 1564 🔗

Sounds good. Are BA still respecting mask exemptions on board ?

188228 ▶▶ Ndovu, replying to Sarigan, #99 of 1564 🔗

Done – tweeted and shared. I’m going to Kenya in March.

187986 Mabel Cow, replying to Mabel Cow, 31, #100 of 1564 🔗

Hey all, you’ll like this.

I just registered coronapedia.org.uk so that I can create an unbiased, fact-checked information resource. The domain registrar (Nominet, UK-based) was happy to take my money, but then they sent me this:

“Notification of suspension of your domain coronapedia.org.uk

Your registration has failed our registration checks and we have therefore suspended the registration. This means that your domain name will remain registered to you but that it will not work as an internet address until you have contacted us and we agree that it should be activated.”

Charming. Absolutely no conspiracy here. Nothing to see, move on.

I have politely requested that the domain be reactivated:

“Dear Nominet

I would like to formally request the activation of the domain that I have just registered, coronapedia.org.uk.

My intention in registering this domain is to create a source of fact-checked information relating to SARS-CoV-2, COVID-19, and the UK’s response to the situation.

I picked the specific name “coronapedia” because this is to be an encyclopedia based on the coronavirus. I picked “.org” because this is not a commercial enterprise, and I picked “.uk” because the information relates directly to the situation in the United Kingdom.

I am deeply concerned that the media is presenting only one side of the argument, and so I intend to create informative articles on various subjects that present both sides of the argument. All of the facts presented will be accompanied by source references, and as far as possible, the site will be devoid of opinions or obvious bias. I cannot claim that it will not be seen as biased by some people because no matter what evidence I produce, I am still open to accusations of selection bias. This is unavoidable. However, portraying a false impression of the situation does not serve my goals of informing the general public. I will not be using this platform to manipulate or deceive people.

I would be most grateful if you could activate my domain without further delay.”

188024 ▶▶ Londo Mollari, replying to Mabel Cow, #101 of 1564 🔗

Would ISPs in non western countries – like Russia – be more willing to host such a domain name?

188037 ▶▶▶ Mabel Cow, replying to Londo Mollari, 1, #102 of 1564 🔗

I did think about registering coronapedia.se (Sweden), but I fails my transparency test because it’s not Sweden related.

I’m in the process of trying to cancel the registration. If they’ve done this to me once, they can easily do it again once the site gains traction.

188084 ▶▶▶▶ JohnB, replying to Mabel Cow, 2, #103 of 1564 🔗

Iceland has a good rep for ignoring nwo diktats re websites.

188087 ▶▶▶ The Filthy Engineer, replying to Londo Mollari, #104 of 1564 🔗

Hosting and registration are two separate things. Mabel Cow can’t even get it past the registration stage.

188053 ▶▶ rms, replying to Mabel Cow, #105 of 1564 🔗

FYI, “whois” reports the suspension is “Nominet was able to match the registrant’s name and address against a 3rd party data source on 15-Oct-2020”. Although they say the found address, maybe they meant “was not able” or something.

188081 ▶▶▶ Mabel Cow, replying to rms, 8, #106 of 1564 🔗

In response to my request for activation, Nominet replied with this:

“Due to the unprecedented levels of domain name abuse we are seeing, application for new .uk domain names which contain certain terms (such as ‘covid’ or ‘corona’) are not being accepted or activated until we can identify who is behind the registration and what their intentions are. For this reason we are asking people to prove who they are, by providing identification, and also a “selfie” picture to show that the ID documents are not stolen or faked.

We genuinely do appreciate that this can come across as overly intrusive, but we believe that it is necessary to help ensure that the .UK zone is as safe a place as it can be.

We are deleting the ID documents provided to us, and it is not being shared with any third party, or used for any other purpose.”

To which I replied:

“I am not comfortable providing the requested information. Please could Nominet cancel my registration and refund my money.”

I’ll just pick a domain with another registrar. I rather suspect that Nominet will just ban me later if I stick with a UK domain.

I find it appalling that I am being asked to account for my “intentions”. So my freedom of speech under a UK domain is to be determined by a private company? Er, no thanks.

188158 ▶▶▶▶ kf99, replying to Mabel Cow, 1, #107 of 1564 🔗

To play devil’s advocate, I guess someone could setup a pro-lockdown site and register it to Toby or whoever with enough of his details. All very murky.

188241 ▶▶▶▶▶ Mabel Cow, replying to kf99, 1, #108 of 1564 🔗

Fair point, Kf99.

I registered the domain through Amazon Web Service’s Route 53 service using a legit AWS account that I have had for a few years now.

I provided my real name and full contact details to Amazon, as I have done for the other domains that I have registered.

This is the first time I have experienced any kind of issue with registering a domain, and they clearly state that the reason for the special treatment is because of the word “corona” in the domain name.

To say that they will be evaluating my “intentions” and then to request a “selfie” is outrageous. What’s next, a nasal swab so that they can forcibly isolate me?

Still no word on a refund yet, either. I’ll give it a few hours and then just flush it. A cheap lesson in how Nominet have been bought along with everyone else.

Bah. Not a good start to the day.

188827 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ chris c, replying to Mabel Cow, #109 of 1564 🔗

Coronationpedia. It’s about the queen. That presumably wouldn’t be accepted either.

189255 ▶▶ Rosie, replying to Mabel Cow, #110 of 1564 🔗

Hi Mabel Cow, don’t forget the site Evidence Not Fear, they’re already doing this and perhaps would welcome another person to help them

187990 Fingerache Philip., replying to Fingerache Philip., 17, #111 of 1564 🔗

Tiers 1,2, or 99; I will carry on as normal until I am physically stopped by our friendly neighbourhood police.

188243 ▶▶ Nick Rose, replying to Fingerache Philip., 2, #112 of 1564 🔗

Ditto. I’ve crossed borders, mainly county borders, but between Wales and England also, every day since this present foolishness began last week. Or was it the week before?

188328 ▶▶▶ Mr Dee, replying to Nick Rose, 1, #113 of 1564 🔗

Welsh first minister promises extra patrols for hotspot travel ban

I wouldn’t worry though – the word ‘promises’ from a politician probably means it’s never going to happen.

189491 ▶▶▶ MyHomeIsMyCastle, replying to Nick Rose, #114 of 1564 🔗

I travelled from Wales to Scotland when both places had a 5-mile travel restriction – no checks.

Obviously, it’s not sensible (or possible) to police the Welsh/English border – so many people live one side and work the other.

188582 ▶▶ annie, replying to Fingerache Philip., #115 of 1564 🔗


187994 James Marker, replying to James Marker, 14, #116 of 1564 🔗

The lockdown has already caused an immense amount of economic and social damage, which we know will take years to repair. But if we are to avoid the very real prospect of total collapse, Boris needs to get tough. He could begin by sacking Hancock, a man who has shown himself to be a clown and an ignoramus – and who in any case is far to the left of most conservatives.  More than anything, he needs to sideline SAGE, some of whose members are blatantly political and briefing against the government.  And on that point, let me say to those people who talk about the WEF and the great reset: yes, I believe there is more than an element of truth in this. I’ve no doubt some influential members of SAGE would happily destroy the economy to usher in the new world order. Many Conservative MPs know what is going on, as is clear from Camilla Tominey’s piece in yesterday’s Telegraph. It is up to those MPs to pressure Boris into taking decisive action towards following the Swedish strategy.  There will be a furious reaction from the public sector elite and the MSM, but Boris would do well to follow the advice offered to him by Tyson Fury a few months back – grow a pair.

188062 ▶▶ Rod Jones, replying to James Marker, 10, #117 of 1564 🔗

The Prime Minister is fully on board with the World Economic Forum’s ‘Great Reset’ to a Technocratic Fascism. It is no use at all to imagine that he is simply misled. See his speech to the UN last year. See also Hancock’s speech from 2017 sharing a platform with Klaus Schwartz of the WEF extolling the joys of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Transcripts are available on the Government website. These people are our enemies, to be despised, not appealed to.

188121 ▶▶▶ Rowan, replying to Rod Jones, 6, #118 of 1564 🔗

Yes it is amazing that people think that poor old Boris is being led astray by naughty ministers and SAGE. Boris is up to his eyeballs in New World Orderliness and is best mates with Bill Gates . The idiot Hancock is only there to take the flak that should have been aimed at Führer Boris.

188227 ▶▶▶▶ Carlo, replying to Rowan, 3, #119 of 1564 🔗

And Klaus Schwab as well.

188258 ▶▶▶ James Marker, replying to Rod Jones, 1, #120 of 1564 🔗

I don’t dispute what you say about Hancock, but a Brexiteer is hardly like to support the WEF or any attempt to create a world government. The problem with Boris is that he is scientifically illiterate and a bungler to boot. In his case, at least, I think the cock-up theory is more convincing than the conspiracy theory.

188810 ▶▶▶▶ wat tyler, replying to James Marker, 3, #121 of 1564 🔗

I also believe the cock up theory is truer but what i can’t stomach is the forgiving of Johnson .As a lesson to future generations he must never be allowed near power again .

189070 ▶▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to James Marker, #122 of 1564 🔗

You don’t really believe that DePiffle is a Brexiteer do you? He blows with whatever wind suits his cause. If Remain had been an election winner, he’d be strongly pro-Remain!

188170 ▶▶ RickH, replying to James Marker, 4, #123 of 1564 🔗

SAGE, some of whose members are blatantly political and briefing against the government.”

So – they’re actually doing something right?? 🙂

No – put the blame right where it belongs : in Mr Toad’s lap.

188255 ▶▶▶ Nick Rose, replying to RickH, 2, #124 of 1564 🔗

He’s the man in charge, the man with the can.

188363 ▶▶▶ James Marker, replying to RickH, 1, #125 of 1564 🔗

Yes, briefing against the government for not imposing stricter lockdown measures – obviously!

188805 ▶▶ wat tyler, replying to James Marker, 4, #126 of 1564 🔗

Yes Hancock needs to go but so does Johnson .Why are you trying to rehabilitate this useless gutless cowardly piece of shit .Are we supposed to just forgive someone who has locked people down for the last eight months like some third world dictator .

188901 ▶▶▶ Adam, replying to wat tyler, 1, #127 of 1564 🔗

both need a Rope with a trap door underneath them

188910 ▶▶▶ James Marker, replying to wat tyler, #128 of 1564 🔗

Well, I’m not trying to rehabilitate Boris, but my reading of the situation is that people like Witless and Van-tam have got him by the short and curlies. He might yet redeem himself by ignoring SAGE altogether and listening to the advice of people like Carl Heneghan. There’s no denying, though, that so far he has shown himself to be the wrong man at the wrong hour.

189072 ▶▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to James Marker, #129 of 1564 🔗

He’s been perfect – just not for the economy and the UK public.

187995 TheBluePill, replying to TheBluePill, 4, #130 of 1564 🔗

I’ve had an idea. Since the three bellends are not fans of evidence-based analysis, why don’t we commission a statistical modeller to create a model for them.

I would like to see a model for a coronovirus-like contagion, loaded with the known parameters to match this virus. However the target of the modelling should actually be what happens when a quarter of a million people (and growing) are tested using a PCR test with 1.3% false positive rate, at the precedence rates of real virus that the model actually predicts. This model could give us a prediction of:

– What percentage of positive results are likely to be false.
– The proportion of hospital patients (both admissions and deaths) predicted to be wrongly attributed to the virus.
– The long term trajectory of the manufactured epidemic. I anticipate it to never end.
– A time series comparing the real virus prevalence compared to the fake virus.
– The effects of a successful “moonshot” (I hate that term so much).
– A ton of other analysis that would show this shit show up for what it is.

It would be delicious irony if professor pants-down’s own model could be bodged (even more) for this purpose.

If we could crowd-fund this I’m sure we could get a modeller to do it. I’m sure pants-down’s immorality would even allow him do it for us for the right price, although I would not want to give him any more ill-gotten plunder.

I realise I am fantasising about this and it would likely just be brushed under the carpet along with all the other science, but who knows, perhaps it could work.

188470 ▶▶ GLT, replying to TheBluePill, #131 of 1564 🔗

A mathematician did exactly this on Twitter….looks a lot like our current situation. I don’t have a link and don’t know how easy it is to search for…

189026 ▶▶ djaustin, replying to TheBluePill, #132 of 1564 🔗

The ONS survery analysis factors in the FP and FN rates into the analysis when projecting prevalence using Bayesian statistics. Sadly it’s indicated a large rise since September in SARS-COV2 positive rates across the age groups.

188001 Sarigan, replying to Sarigan, 10, #133 of 1564 🔗

Dolan in court – updates will be posted here


188010 ▶▶ Bella Donna, replying to Sarigan, 13, #134 of 1564 🔗

Good luck Simon and Co. If ever this country needed a hero urgently you’re it!

188002 John Stone, replying to John Stone, 4, #135 of 1564 🔗

The WHO view that you can eliminate diseases in this way is no better than SAGE – there must be hundreds or thousands of viruses circulating which they are not trying to eliminate , and unfortunately Prof Gupta is wrong too with the example of measles. I wrote on her blog Unherd blog yesterday:

I have great respect for Prof Gupta but I believe she is over-optimistic about measles vaccination. People over 55 or so will have full herd immunity having caught the disease but the effects from the vaccine wears off, destroys maternal antibodies (which puts infants more at risk) and there is a substantial literature on this from keen proponents of the programme. You can argue that the benefits outweigh the risks, which may or may not be the case – there may be a great risk if great swathes of young and middle-aged adults do not have immunity – but I do not think the matter is straightforward.”

I have collected 25 peer review papers going back to 1987 all indicating that the vaccine is failing.

188076 ▶▶ GuyRich, replying to John Stone, 4, #136 of 1564 🔗

I am fully vaccinated, as is my wife. My 2 children are fully vaccinated also. But, this whole debacle over a CONvid vaccine, then pushing the widely known, minimally effective, flu vaccine has my head in a spin. I don’t have the sources but I have recently seen that the MMR vaccine has been causing vaccine induced measles, and the oral polio vaccine, pushed by Belinda Gates, has caused all sorts of problems in kids in India. RFK Jr openly advocates for more Pharma scrutiny over vaccines, especially that they are never liable for vaccine damages and that these damage payments are, ultimately, tax payer funded. Now the WHO and Ministers in our own Government are issuing statements that herd immunity is impossible or does not exist. Does this not go against all that we apparently know about viruses, vaccines and herd immunity? I know they are playing with us but where does this lead? Is the whole Pharma industry just one big racket with some great PR to tell us we all need them and their products? The money involved and the lack of liability to damages tells me the whole industry stinks. Like I said, my heads in a spin….daily.

188157 ▶▶▶ John Stone, replying to GuyRich, 2, #137 of 1564 🔗

There has been a great failure of candour about the limitations and safety of vaccines. It does not help that the Prime Minister indulges in talk about “antivaxxers” (I think the first mainstream British politician to do so). Even the professionals delude themselves, while the government and social media platforms clamp down on even discussing scientific publications, patient information leaflets, government data etc). In the UK we still have the right to fully informed consent not specific to but not excluding vaccination (Montgomery ruling 2015, GMC new guidelines October 2020) and we have the recent Cumberlege report warning of the dangers of gaslighting patients injured by medical interventions.

188161 ▶▶▶ RickH, replying to GuyRich, 4, #138 of 1564 🔗

You have highlighted something very important : the consequences of a forced breakdown in trust.

I have little doubt that vaccination has a significant place in disease control. I have held that view ever since the MMR controversy originally cropped up. I also know that it’s role as a force in general public health has been exaggerated, and that information about serious incidents has been suppressed.

I also know that there are inherent dangers; that some vaccines have had serious side-effects for certain populations; that Big Pharma is no more to be taken at face value than the Tobacco industry or any other profit-making organisation.

So – I’m not an ‘Anti-Vaxxer’.

But I do believe in openness and due caution, such that I would expect in approaching any treatment. So, what would I do if offered a vaccine that came out of the following background :

  • Government guaranteeing an investment of millions, sight unseen
  • Government waving the industry’s liability for consequences
  • Government relaxing the normal regulatory framework
  • A curtailed program of proper RCTs over a sufficient timescale
  • A related testing programme worth billions

Indeed – I wouldn’t touch the product with a barge pole.

188205 ▶▶▶▶ GuyRich, replying to RickH, #139 of 1564 🔗
188236 ▶▶▶▶▶ John Stone, replying to GuyRich, 1, #140 of 1564 🔗

And there is Prof Pollard chair of Joint Committee on Vaccination which recommend vaccines to the schedule who is lead developer of the Oxford Vaccine, as well as adviser to the MHRA.


188090 ▶▶ John Stone, replying to John Stone, 2, #141 of 1564 🔗

Bolotin et al. What is the evidence to support a correlate of protection for measles? A
systematic review. J Infect Dis 2020;221:1576–83

Cherry, J. D., & Zahn, M. (2018). Clinical Characteristics of Measles in Previously Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Patients in California. Clinical Infectious Diseases: An Official Publication of the Infectious Diseases Society of America, 67(9), 1315–1319. https://doi.org/10.1093/cid/ciy286

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Stanley A Plotkin, ‘Is There a Correlate of Protection for Measles Vaccine?’, The Journal of Infectious Disease 1 November 2019

188128 ▶▶▶ GuyRich, replying to John Stone, #142 of 1564 🔗

Crickey! That’s a lot to get through. Thanks though. I have seen some of the Stanley A Plotkin video on YouTube – sinister does not seem to cover it. Like I said yesterday….what in the actual fu*k!!!

188587 ▶▶▶ annie, replying to John Stone, #143 of 1564 🔗

Hangcock can’t read big words. Could you put all the info from these references in really really short little words that he can understand?

188622 ▶▶▶▶ John Stone, replying to annie, 2, #144 of 1564 🔗

Vaccines are a highly fallible answer to Public Health problems, and even the effectiveness profile of the measles vaccination is crumbling, which leading health officials silently know.

188100 ▶▶ John Stone, replying to John Stone, 1, #145 of 1564 🔗

Gregory A. Poland and Robert M. Jacobson, ‘The Re-Emergence of Measles in Developed Countries: Time to Develop the Next-Generation Measles Vaccines?’, Vaccine. 2012 Jan 5; 30(2): 103–104., https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3905323/

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Felicia Roy, Lillian Mendoza, Joanne Hiebert, Rebecca J. McNall, Bettina Bankamp, Sarah Connolly, Amy Lüdde, Nicole Friedrich, Annette Mankertz, Paul A. Rota, Alberto Severini , ‘Rapid Identification of Measles Virus Vaccine Genotype by Real-Time PCR’ https://jcm.asm.org/content/55/3/735 “Of the 194 measles virus sequences obtained in the United States in 2015, 73 were identified as vaccine sequences (RJ McNall, unpublished data)”.

Waaijenborg S., Hahné S.J.M., Mollema L., Smits G.P., Berbers G.A.M., van der Klis F.R.M., de Melker H.E., and Wallinga J., ‘Waning of Maternal Antibodies Against Measles, Mumps, Rubella, and Varicella in Communities With Contrasting Vaccination Coverage’, J Infect Dis. 2013 Jul 1; 208(1): 10–16

Zhao et al, ‘Low titers of measles antibody in mothers whose infants suffered from measles before eligible age for measles vaccination’ Virol J. 2010; 7: 87., Published online 2010 May 6. doi: 10.1186/1743-422X-7-87

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[48] Cochrane HPV vaccine review: BMJ journal defends “inconvenient criticisms”, ​BMJ 2018; 362 doi: ​https://doi.org/10.1136/bmj.k3927​ (Published 14 September 2018)

188149 ▶▶▶ GuyRich, replying to John Stone, #146 of 1564 🔗

What do you think about the whole Stefan Lanka challenge that Measles has not been proven to exist? There is a whole court case saga which, in the end, sided with Stefan Lanka in that there is not suitable evidence to prove its existence? My take on it is that he doesn’t necessarily think it doesn’t exist, but that it has not been proven to exist?

188184 ▶▶▶▶ John Stone, replying to GuyRich, 1, #147 of 1564 🔗

I think it exists!

188590 ▶▶▶▶▶ annie, replying to John Stone, 2, #148 of 1564 🔗

It does, but it’s hard to spot.

189143 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to annie, #149 of 1564 🔗

In TCM, measles is believed to be a way the child releases the toxins acquired from the mother during gestation.
Always made sense to me.

188231 ▶▶▶▶ calchas, replying to GuyRich, 1, #150 of 1564 🔗

He claims the measles virus doesn’t extist – not measles the ilnness.

188302 ▶▶▶▶▶ GuyRich, replying to calchas, #151 of 1564 🔗

Ah, got it. He’s pretty well qualified in the area as well, so his credentials don’t make him a quack – although he his highly portrayed as such. It’s just another story, within the many stories, that make me question the whole system.

188644 ▶▶▶ John Stone, replying to John Stone, #152 of 1564 🔗

I have now posted all these studies under Prof Gupta’s blog on Unherd.


The overall point is that the wider public health picture is hopelessly unsound. You couldn’t say that measles is controllable as an example. We have names like Plotkin, Markowitz, Poland, Orenstein on this list and they know that it isn’t.

188003 Bella Donna, replying to Bella Donna, 18, #153 of 1564 🔗

This government must be brought to stand trial for Crimes against Humanity. I could weep for our elderly in care homes. They are human beings FGS!

188279 ▶▶ Nick Rose, replying to Bella Donna, 3, #154 of 1564 🔗

This is one reason I have fingers crossed for Dolan’s case. He wins, the floodgates open.

188931 ▶▶▶ charleyfarley, replying to Nick Rose, #155 of 1564 🔗

I agree. I am very worried though that the fix is in.

188426 ▶▶ Ruth Sharpe, replying to Bella Donna, 3, #156 of 1564 🔗

See my comment about a solution – I think they should all be locked in care homes, under exactly the same conditions as current residents are.

188004 Mark II, replying to Mark II, 12, #157 of 1564 🔗

The +test numbers are false, which means the hospitalisations are false, which means the deaths are false.

Until they stop fudging the testing so that it deliberately returns high positive counts, then everything else is inaccurate and we’re stuck in this cycle of doom. No one prominent enough in the media is pushing them on this, and those that aren’t that prominent have so many fires in this mess they’re trying to battle it all just blends into one big rant.

188021 ▶▶ TheBluePill, replying to Mark II, 1, #158 of 1564 🔗

That’s why as per my comment above I think we should turn their own weapons against them and get an expert to create a statistical model to compute the false positives over time, culminating in “moonshot”.

188086 ▶▶ Mayo, replying to Mark II, -8, #159 of 1564 🔗

The +test numbers are false, which means the hospitalisations are false, which means the deaths are false.

The hospital cases have symptoms (or at least 80% do). They are genuine.

This issue is a bit of a red herring. The trend in hospital cases is increasing. Whether the true number is. say, 4k rather than 5k is irrelevant. In a couple of days it will be 5k at the current rate.

188110 ▶▶▶ Charlie Blue, replying to Mayo, 2, #160 of 1564 🔗

Can you tell us where the data is reporting symptoms aligned with positive tests in hospital, please?

188114 ▶▶▶▶ Charlie Blue, replying to Charlie Blue, 1, #161 of 1564 🔗

And before admission, I suppose- both being relevant

188132 ▶▶▶ RickH, replying to Mayo, 7, #162 of 1564 🔗

The hospital cases have symptoms”

For what???

That is the point (see the item coming from inside the NHS today).

‘Covid’ numbers are fiction, as anyone with a brain and basic numeracy and literacy can see. Should any doubt remain, I think I prefer a bit of analysis to wishing on a star :


Covid is largely a nosocomial infection, with figures also inflated by PCR testing.

Here is the news :

Current mortality is around the minimum for a quarter of a century.

… and life is shut down for this???

188238 ▶▶▶ Julian, replying to Mayo, 5, #163 of 1564 🔗

My understanding from the government data website is that figures are for anyone with a positive test, either before or after admission, regardless of what they were admitted for. From what I heave heard, they are testing EVERYONE being admitted for whatever reason (my colleague’s two year old was tested because she SHUT HER FINGER IN A DOOR). So the number of people in hospital “with covid” is a function of overall hospital admissions, the general prevalence of the virus in the country, and the proportion of false positives. An upward trend would merely reflect an upward trend in prevalence in the wider country, so would be fairly meaningless.

A more meaningful figure would be those in hospital with covid symptoms and a positive test who require critical care, and to compare this with the same figures since March. I doubt any such data exists because the government has no interest in gathering meaningful data about this disease.

188425 ▶▶▶ Mark II, replying to Mayo, 2, #164 of 1564 🔗

Simply not true, anyone with a positive test on admission or after admission or after 2 weeks counts, regardless of what you’re in for. Given the sheer numbers if tests (all patients) it’s simply statistical fact you’ll be getting a load of false positives and old positives as well as asymptomatic accurate results… It’s a complete lie to say 80% because they don’t report that. Those admitted to ICU in actual need of breathing assistance and showing real signs of covid is a more accurate representation of the scale of issue – in that it’s tiny. And even as those numbers go up, it does not justify measures against the healthy population in any way whatsoever.

188005 Janice21, replying to Janice21, 8, #165 of 1564 🔗

The first article from the care home whistleblower made me cry.

188012 ▶▶ Bella Donna, replying to Janice21, 4, #166 of 1564 🔗

My husband has just been able to make an appointment to see his mother for the first time since February! That’s if the county isn’t locked down again!

188018 ▶▶ jhfreedom, replying to Janice21, 2, #167 of 1564 🔗

I stopped reading it to avoid that outcome.

188095 ▶▶ CapLlam, replying to Janice21, 14, #168 of 1564 🔗

It’s sadly true , my gran was in a care home and wasted away as she couldn’t understand why we couldn’t go and see her every week like normal. The care home only let us in when she was at end of life care.
She just gave up in the end and stopped eating and her mental health had deteriorated that much she was delusional

She told my mum that she was pretending so that she could see her great grandchildren. Sadly despite me arguing with them to let at least one of them in to say goodbye , they wouldn’t let them in , just stating that it was the governments rules every time.

She sadly passed away in August. I’m convinced that lockdown killed her as if it was normal life she would be here right now

188596 ▶▶▶ annie, replying to CapLlam, 3, #169 of 1564 🔗

I’d call that murder.I would.

188011 D B, replying to D B, 12, #170 of 1564 🔗

Sadist Khan really shouldn’t be able to put London into Tier 2 Lockdown without at least publishing some meaningful data on why. His press release was all thoughts and feelings, fuck all analysis.

188049 ▶▶ alw, replying to D B, 8, #171 of 1564 🔗

Sadiq Khan is a greater danger to London than the virus. Live on the very edge of Central London and neither we or anyone in our wide circle of family and friends knows anyone with the virus. Central London almost dead and closed shops and restaurants everywhere, yet this buffoon complains London is dying and then wants to close down London even more.

188055 ▶▶▶ jhfreedom, replying to alw, 3, #172 of 1564 🔗

He wants it to die but then get a huge cash injection so he can re-model it in his political image. I hate to make this a Left-Right thing (we need to be unified on the abuse of civil liberties), but in this case…

188059 ▶▶▶ D B, replying to alw, 2, #173 of 1564 🔗

Yep I live right next to Kings College Hospital so every time we go out we’re bombarded by it, I’ve been twice to A&E during the pandemic and both times it was a ghost town apart from the usual drunks and druggies drying out in the police watched bays. Haven’t looked into regional data for London boroughs but I don’t care for the lies printed out by the govt. and have given up on them

189012 ▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to D B, #174 of 1564 🔗

There’s actually no rhyme or reason for putting London into Tier 2 lockdown. I live in zone 4 but work in Central London and all the time I’m going there, its virtually a ghost town. Even UCL Hospital barely has anyone in it. If this was a genuine pandemic then the roads leading to UCL would have been blocked by ambulances and medical staff rushed off their feet but I’ve not seen or heard anything of the sort.

Sadiq Khan doesn’t care about London. He’s done bugger all for housing, transport and especially crime. Now he just wants to destroy the capital.

188015 Cheezilla, replying to Cheezilla, 3, #175 of 1564 🔗

Louise is on Save our Rights UK facebook page explaining how the government moved all the goalposts on Dolan’s case yesterday . She says they’ve pulled the rug out from under the lawyer’s feet.


Covert Intelligence Bill is being debated at the same time. She says the amendments are very good news. Wonder if any of it will make the headlines!

188017 ▶▶ CGL, replying to Cheezilla, #176 of 1564 🔗

Who has pulled the rug on who?

188118 ▶▶ Lili, replying to Cheezilla, #177 of 1564 🔗

Simon hasn’t tweeted anything in his updates.

188133 ▶▶▶ Charlie Blue, replying to Lili, #178 of 1564 🔗

I think tweeting from the court room is almost certainly frowned upon!

188016 jhfreedom, replying to jhfreedom, 10, #179 of 1564 🔗

Has Boris woken up a bit?

He is sticking to the tiering system, standing up for ‘balance’ (not Vallance!), describing circuit-breakers as ‘misery’, rejecting SAGE advice etc. Apparently Carl Heneghan really got to him (in a good way) in a meeting in September.

Yes this is a million miles from the ‘let-it-rip-but-let-people-shield’ that most of us want, but it may be a start…if so, I’ll take it.

188027 ▶▶ Censored Dog, replying to jhfreedom, 10, #180 of 1564 🔗

He will cave in next week. Don’t get your hopes up

188040 ▶▶▶ Charlie Blue, replying to Censored Dog, 5, #181 of 1564 🔗

More than likely. Though there is mounting pressure from his own backbenchers. I don’t know whether he would fear being unseated by his own party (I think he should) or if indeed he would really care.

188046 ▶▶▶▶ captainbeefheart, replying to Charlie Blue, 3, #182 of 1564 🔗

I doubt any of the spineless traitors would ever try and unseat him. They’d be too scared of getting “suicided” (another covid 19 death…)

188047 ▶▶▶▶▶ captainbeefheart, replying to captainbeefheart, 5, #183 of 1564 🔗

(“80 MPs die in grouse shooting accident” or something)

188099 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Londo Mollari, replying to captainbeefheart, #184 of 1564 🔗

Or beer went out of date, soured and caused mass food poisoning after 10pm curfew (which they broke).

188907 ▶▶▶▶▶ Adam, replying to captainbeefheart, #185 of 1564 🔗

if they got rid of Thatcher in 1990 then why not that fat moron Johnson and Thatcher was far more formidable than He will ever be

188048 ▶▶▶▶ steph, replying to Charlie Blue, 8, #186 of 1564 🔗

Well he’s certainly not having as much fun being PM as he thought he would. All those people who said he was lazy, selfish and doesn’t do detail were right. I’m ashamed to say I didn’t believe them. Still, I won’t forgive Boris or my MP ( the Home Secretary) ever.

188060 ▶▶▶▶▶ captainbeefheart, replying to steph, 3, #187 of 1564 🔗

I think he’s really enjoying it – making the oiks suffer. Less useless eaters in the world is good.

He just has to act like he actually cares.

He used to just smash up the odd restaurant, now he’s smashing up the entire hospitality industry…

188109 ▶▶ RickH, replying to jhfreedom, #188 of 1564 🔗

‘let it rip’ is Handoncock nonsense. A more accurate phrase would be ‘let it seep’.

188160 ▶▶▶ jhfreedom, replying to RickH, 3, #189 of 1564 🔗

Yes the word ‘rip’ terrifies the ignorant and the ‘kind’.

‘Let it take its course’ perhaps better…

188113 ▶▶ JohnB, replying to jhfreedom, 2, #190 of 1564 🔗

Have you not followed the apparent disagreement / changes of mind / disagreeing voices pantomime since March ?

188125 ▶▶ DRW, replying to jhfreedom, 4, #191 of 1564 🔗

He and Smarmer are playing tag-team. Smarmer is the bad cop so Bozo appears the good cop. Hence when he “very reluctantly” announces English tier 3/Circuit breaker/whatever they want to call Lockdown II, it’s everyone’s fault but his.

188909 ▶▶▶ Adam, replying to DRW, #192 of 1564 🔗

the spitting image versions of Doris and walk off a pier Starmer would do a better job than the real things

188020 GiftWrappedKittyCat, replying to GiftWrappedKittyCat, 2, #193 of 1564 🔗

Can someone post the link to the crowd funding page for the Liverpool gym owner please.

188067 ▶▶▶ GiftWrappedKittyCat, replying to Paul S Toms, 1, #195 of 1564 🔗

Thanks Paul. 😊

188039 ▶▶ Mark, replying to GiftWrappedKittyCat, 3, #196 of 1564 🔗
188070 ▶▶▶ GiftWrappedKittyCat, replying to Mark, 1, #197 of 1564 🔗

Thanks Mark. 😊

188030 tonyspurs, replying to tonyspurs, 3, #198 of 1564 🔗

Lots of important issues to discuss here today but first I have to pull myself together after watching that video that’s the hardest I’ve laughed for months tears rolling lol it shows the absurdity of it all to a tee

188036 ▶▶ Sarigan, replying to tonyspurs, 1, #199 of 1564 🔗

So funny and really brightened my mood.

188058 ▶▶ Janice21, replying to tonyspurs, 1, #200 of 1564 🔗

Just watched it, such a belly laugh!

188083 ▶▶ thinkaboutit, replying to tonyspurs, 2, #201 of 1564 🔗

Even the dogs were leaping around the room with joy. They know a good laugh when they hear one.

188035 Janice21, replying to Janice21, 46, #202 of 1564 🔗

Twits on that horrid show This Morning telling a mother on the phone not to break ‘rules’ and not allow her 4 year old son so hug his Grandmother in the street who they see often because she loves 5 doors down from them!! Thing is, the Grandmother wants to break the rules and hug her grandson! What the actual f**k is this world coming to!!!!!!!

188043 ▶▶ CGL, replying to Janice21, 22, #203 of 1564 🔗

I wouldn’t tell a granny what to do under any circumstances – if she wants to hug her grandchild just try and stop her!!!!!!

188050 ▶▶ Charlie Blue, replying to Janice21, 24, #204 of 1564 🔗

Where do these patronising and insulting attitudes towards our most senior fellow humans come from? Surely it wasn’t always this way? It is ridiculous and deeply selfish to infantilise people in this way.

188122 ▶▶▶ JohnB, replying to Charlie Blue, 5, #205 of 1564 🔗

Agenda for at least 20-30 years. Homer Simpson (adult male) = best example.

188051 ▶▶ jhfreedom, replying to Janice21, 17, #206 of 1564 🔗

I didn’t see it but I wonder why she is asking permission or soliciting approval in the first place…if you don’t think for yourself you deserve to suffer. Sorry to be so harsh but this is how Nazi Germany started.

188066 ▶▶▶ captainbeefheart, replying to jhfreedom, 2, #207 of 1564 🔗

Goodwin’s law has been cancelled, it’s OK to make these comparisons now.

188073 ▶▶ Fingerache Philip., replying to Janice21, 6, #208 of 1564 🔗

Typical brain rotting, stomach churning drivel dished out day to day on daytime television whatever station it’s on.

188092 ▶▶▶ Londo Mollari, replying to Fingerache Philip., 6, #209 of 1564 🔗

Not to mention Philip Schofield’s sex life.

188115 ▶▶▶▶ Fingerache Philip., replying to Londo Mollari, 4, #210 of 1564 🔗

No,let’s not go there.

188135 ▶▶▶▶ KBuchanan, replying to Londo Mollari, 8, #211 of 1564 🔗

Wot that nice Phil Schofield who made his money as a kids presenter and then made more money as a nice sound family man? (who turned out to be bravely lying about it all as he’s gay) That Nice Phil Schofield?

188093 ▶▶ Julian, replying to Janice21, 6, #212 of 1564 🔗

What “rules”? Not hugging is guidance, not law.

188120 ▶▶ JohnB, replying to Janice21, 5, #213 of 1564 🔗

Grandmother + grandson = hug.

Mother = slap.

188057 Crazy Hoarse, replying to Crazy Hoarse, 20, #214 of 1564 🔗

A coworker of mine who lives in the Knowsley council catchment area told me that he received a letter saying that the Covid Marshalls will be patrolling the streets telling people not to trick or treat. I say parents should dress their kids as members of the Covid SS

188112 ▶▶ Lili, replying to Crazy Hoarse, 4, #215 of 1564 🔗

If I was a mum I would be inviting children round to a Halloween party. I don’t even take any notice normally, but this year is a big f*ck you to these bastards.

188605 ▶▶ annie, replying to Crazy Hoarse, 2, #216 of 1564 🔗

OK if the kids go from door to door telling people to track or trace?

188061 Colinou, replying to Colinou, 6, #217 of 1564 🔗

You’ve probably stopped discussing the “bedwetter” terminological issue, but I recommend the term “Covidian” (not my invention). It focuses attention on the cultish aspect rather than physical disability or cowardice.

188606 ▶▶ annie, replying to Colinou, #218 of 1564 🔗

I want the focus on cowardice, where it belongs.

189337 ▶▶ TyLean, replying to Colinou, #219 of 1564 🔗

I quite like that.

188063 Al Pipp, replying to Al Pipp, 17, #220 of 1564 🔗

I am thinking that the best way to deal with this mess is too ensure your elderly ones never go into a home. It may mean that one of you in your family has to become a carer but even chemotherapy and palliative care can be done at home.

Given that every single household in the UK will have at least one person not working because of the economic collapse … Then this is the best way.

I am also thinking of setting up voluntary stuff not run as a business. I love swimming and I am thinking of setting up an open water swimming club where each club member spends part of their session on a paddle board being the life guard. Six people in a session to keep to the Rule of Six. Flasks & warm clothes in a car. This is the way. Go back to grass roots.

Similarly I sail a dinghy. Again if each volunteer offers to man the RIB power boat or even a rowing boat on a lake for part of their sailing sessions, we can keep sailing.

Just by-pass the officials. Bio-Security Fascism is the future.

188074 ▶▶ CGL, replying to Al Pipp, 4, #221 of 1564 🔗

Yes – I really am not a carer sort of person at all, not because I dont care. However over the last few weeks of my Mum being so depressed and her physical health affecting her more and more, I cannot consider a point at which she could be somewhere that we cant get to her. It is unimaginable to me, how all you families out there can be coping with the current situation.

188079 ▶▶ The Spingler, replying to Al Pipp, 8, #222 of 1564 🔗

I get your point about not putting your elderly relatives in a home but it’s not that simple a choice when they have dementia. I could not have cared for my mum at home. For one it needed two people to get her in and out of bed, to the loo, in the shower. Her needs were beyond what one untrained person could provide. That said I can only begin to imagine how I’d be feeling if she was still alive in her care home this year. I’m glad she died last year – what a world we have created that I can say that 🙁

188782 ▶▶▶ Al Pipp, replying to The Spingler, 1, #223 of 1564 🔗

I am in the same position with my father. I am looking at hoists etc. Also putting in a stairlift. It’s an expense well worthwhile and my adult daughter thought it was great as she said she can use all that stuff when I get old! I’ve had it with the NHS. The NHS should needs to do operations and A&E.

189333 ▶▶▶ TyLean, replying to The Spingler, #224 of 1564 🔗

Not everyone “puts” their loved ones in homes. Sometimes it’s done by force. My mother kept breaking bones, because her bones were like swiss cheese, so they forced her into permanent care against much protest. She broke just as many bones in the nursing home as she did at home! I’m glad she’s been gone two years and didn’t have to experience this bullshit.

188101 ▶▶ Lili, replying to Al Pipp, #225 of 1564 🔗

This is a wonderful idea, Al. We need a one-stop-shop for services like this. I think the LS forum would be a good place to start putting these types of groups together. What do you reckon?

188407 ▶▶ Ruth Sharpe, replying to Al Pipp, 1, #226 of 1564 🔗

I agree – that is similar to what a group of us are trying to do where I live. Open water swimming already established & group is growing.

Currently, trying to persuade the few like-minded sceptics there are, to think about chair pilates or yoga or bowls, instead of knit & natter etc.

Badminton is v. popular; fortunately have a community hall that has re-opened. Their need for revenue overcame the fear of the virus!

Definitely the way to go.

188072 Al Pipp, replying to Al Pipp, 13, #227 of 1564 🔗

Just got wind of a new risk. Remember the Cyprus banking crisis where depositors could only access a small percentage of their accounts for accounts over a certain value? This is planned for early 2021 – so make sure that you have your savings in more than one account. They won’t take your money just control your access to it (same thing) – there will be a mortgage & rent holiday to sweeten the public.

I am a retired lawyer who witnessed this robbery in 2008/9. IT IS COMING.

188082 ▶▶ Janice21, replying to Al Pipp, #228 of 1564 🔗

What about Premium Bonds? I have money in two bonds accounts.

188126 ▶▶▶▶ Janice21, replying to Victoria, 1, #230 of 1564 🔗

Yes the amount of wins I have had most months in the past few years has worked out at about 7% interest overall so far. No savings account I know of matches that.

188559 ▶▶▶▶▶ ConstantBees, replying to Janice21, #231 of 1564 🔗

I haven’t done that well, but I earn more than I do on my other accounts.

188085 ▶▶ Tyneside Tigress, replying to Al Pipp, #232 of 1564 🔗

I think you make an excellent point. Certainly anyone transacting big-ticket items (house sale) needs to be very careful. Don’t assume the deposit guarantee system will work to the maximum per account, so, yes, certainly spread savings (if anyone still has any!) around banks and building societies. Beware of combined account rules within one provider.

188103 ▶▶▶ Al Pipp, replying to Tyneside Tigress, 2, #233 of 1564 🔗

I and several of my clients were badly burnt when I worked in the city in 2008/9. They can’t keep printing money and negative interest rates don’t work as these interest rates are essentially interbank lending.

188088 ▶▶ captainbeefheart, replying to Al Pipp, 1, #234 of 1564 🔗

I’ve still got some Disney dollars somewhere, how long do you think it will be before they will be worth more than real “money”?

They’re just as Mickey mouse as “real” money.

188098 ▶▶▶ Fingerache Philip., replying to captainbeefheart, 1, #235 of 1564 🔗

I think that Donald Trump has some Confederate money somewhere.

188175 ▶▶▶▶ pvenkman, replying to Fingerache Philip., #236 of 1564 🔗

How did he get the Democrats money?

188105 ▶▶▶ Al Pipp, replying to captainbeefheart, #237 of 1564 🔗

Garage is setting up a new investment podcast. Clearly this is his way of trying to help us avoid this. But gold is hard to barter.

188154 ▶▶▶▶ JohnB, replying to Al Pipp, 3, #238 of 1564 🔗

Hmmm, sovereigns and half-sovereigns seem plausible barter items to me, AP.

189324 ▶▶▶▶▶ TyLean, replying to JohnB, #239 of 1564 🔗

No one gives two shits about money when people are starving from food shortages.

188091 ▶▶ tonyspurs, replying to Al Pipp, #240 of 1564 🔗

I have been thinking that something like this might be coming,i wonder what the certain value would be?

188199 ▶▶▶ JohnB, replying to tonyspurs, #241 of 1564 🔗

Food ?

188226 ▶▶▶▶ tonyspurs, replying to JohnB, #242 of 1564 🔗

Maybe our organs?

188102 ▶▶ DRW, replying to Al Pipp, #243 of 1564 🔗

I’ve been thinking about getting into cryptocurrencies. Don’t want to make millions, just hedge against a monetary collapse.

188254 ▶▶ calchas, replying to Al Pipp, 1, #244 of 1564 🔗

In my opinion this is what this whole thing is mostly about.

The world financial system is primed to implode.

As global trade collapses the challenges for the aauthorities are:

  1. Maintaining the flow of essential goos – food, medicine, fuel etc.
  2. Maintenance of public order.
188094 Lili, replying to Lili, 11, #245 of 1564 🔗

Please support this brave young man who seems to be properly pushing back against this tyranny by refusing to close.


188107 ▶▶ Quernus, replying to Lili, 3, #246 of 1564 🔗

Done. So proud of them for taking a stand – here’s hoping more businesses follow his example.

188666 ▶▶ Crazy Times, replying to Lili, 1, #247 of 1564 🔗

Done. He has my total respect for fighting this and I’m so proud we have people like this left in our society.

188096 RickH, 5, #248 of 1564 🔗

“Only by assuming [“ pretending?” ] that this virus differs fundamentally from other risks can governments continue to get away with unprecedented and arbitrary restrictions on peaceful human activities”

I think that’s a very pertinent insight. With my suggested minor amendment, it pins the label on the incontinent nonsense that has been promulgated since May.

And the insight from the NHS doctor confirms all that has been said here about the accuracy of ‘Covid’ figures. In fact, my estimate is that he is (rightfully) erring on the side of caution in spelling out the nonsense that are official figures, particularly given the spectacular uselessness of the PCR Test as a sole diagnostic tool :

So, in summary, the headline figure broadcast of ‘patients admitted with Covid’ includes:

– Patients who really are ill with Covid and need treatment

– Patients who test positive but have no symptoms and are in hospital for an unrelated issue

– Patients who arrived without Covid, but contracted it in hospital and may never have developed symptoms either”

It would be interesting to have a catalogue of statements from ‘official’ sources since March that have been proved misleading or false as evidence has accumulated. The egregious Whitty/Vallance ‘exponential’ projection is but one of the latest to have emerged as total garbage (courtesy the CEBM).

Such an analysis would obviously illustrate how useless the government analysis has been. As I’ve often pointed out to doubters – my figures and projections, based on basic numeracy and eyesight – have been far more consistently accurate than anything coming out of the uselessly hyperbolic briefings. And the same can be said of others here posting numerate information.

.. which, of course, raises the question of how the f. Whitty, Vallance, Van Tam and Ferguson all remain in post.

… but we know the answer to that – and it isn’t about science.

188104 Nobody2020, replying to Nobody2020, 19, #249 of 1564 🔗

Saw a flash of a Tweet earlier, can’t find it again so paraphrasing:

“There was no first lockdown. The middle classes stayed at home while working class people brought them stuff.”

Which begs the question, who are Essential Workers essential for?

188169 ▶▶ Tim Paton, replying to Nobody2020, 6, #250 of 1564 🔗

yes and the upper class profiteered from the situation

188217 ▶▶ The Spingler, replying to Nobody2020, 8, #251 of 1564 🔗

This is so true. The middle classes had a lovely lockdown in their nice houses with their gardens and their lovely local areas. I count myself in that, on our little small holding in a beautiful part of rural Wales, with my partner, our dogs horses cats and the wildlife. It was a breeze. I did almost all shopping online, delivery drivers turning up daily stressed, over worked and underpaid. Different story to people living in crappy damp one bed apartments on sink estates sharing with a violent partner and druggies hanging round outside.

188229 ▶▶▶ Julian, replying to The Spingler, 1, #252 of 1564 🔗

I wouldn’t call it wonderful, but yes, some are affected much more dramatically than others, at least physically.

189083 ▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to Nobody2020, #253 of 1564 🔗

Well said. The middle classes enjoyed their lockdowns because they had large homes with gardens and located in the shires or in posh parts of big cities.

Mr Bart acknowledges that without his allotment, it could have been worse. However that doesn’t negate the fact that we live in a not so good area and that there’s hardly anywhere to go to in terms of walks.

188108 alw, #254 of 1564 🔗

Covid-19: The Data Exposing the Deceptionhttps://www.ukcolumn.org/article/covid-19-data-exposing-deception

188116 Mrs issedoff, replying to Mrs issedoff, 28, #255 of 1564 🔗

I’ve just been crying uncontollably. The picture of the armed police going into the gym in Liverpool was more than I could take this morning.

There are people out there who truly believe that this about a virus, what planet are they inhabiting, rhetorical question of course. I’m going to look for any humerous comments on here to perk me up!.

188137 ▶▶ Mr Dee, replying to Mrs issedoff, 6, #256 of 1564 🔗

Don’t worry. Concentrate on the positives. Big (illegal) hugs.

188146 ▶▶▶ Mrs issedoff, replying to Mr Dee, #257 of 1564 🔗

Thanks Mr Dee, just watched that video and it certainly gave me first laugh out loud moment in a long while.

188152 ▶▶ Janice21, replying to Mrs issedoff, 2, #258 of 1564 🔗

Its heartbreaking, trying to destroy a young mans livelihood!!

188164 ▶▶ Tim Paton, replying to Mrs issedoff, #259 of 1564 🔗

I am with you on this. Feeling so depressed an helpless about this. WTF is actually going on here

188261 ▶▶ calchas, replying to Mrs issedoff, #260 of 1564 🔗

You are not alone. There are plenty of others who feel exactly like you.

Best Wishes!

188286 ▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to Mrs issedoff, 2, #261 of 1564 🔗

I hear you. Its emotionally draining. I have had a strong discussion with my wife today, who is worried my scepticism is just negativity and unhealthy. I explained that yes, it’s unhealthy and I need to take a break. I will.

However, I also said that a choice is coming. That includes us. It’d be good to get wise to it and we can discuss it or put faith in what I see as best. Like I said, it’s draining stuff.

188301 ▶▶▶ JohnB, replying to BeBopRockSteady, #262 of 1564 🔗

Breaks are important. Have a good one, BBRS.

188117 Crazy Times, replying to Crazy Times, 19, #263 of 1564 🔗

Jeremy C**t calling for a date when everybody in the country will be tested every single week. This lot really have totally lost the plot. Elect clowns, expect a circus.

188129 ▶▶ CGL, replying to Crazy Times, 12, #264 of 1564 🔗


188139 ▶▶ DRW, replying to Crazy Times, 3, #265 of 1564 🔗

Another one drunk on the Moonshine.

188265 ▶▶ calchas, replying to Crazy Times, 2, #266 of 1564 🔗

What a hunt!

188268 ▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to Crazy Times, 1, #267 of 1564 🔗

Well, he does need to get his supply chain ramped up. Millions to be made.

188995 ▶▶ MiriamW-sometimes-AlanG, replying to Crazy Times, #268 of 1564 🔗

They are not clowns. This is a dictatorship with armed police enforcing gym closures. It has worked well in the laboratory (Melbourne) so here it is, being rolled out here. MW

188119 Locked down and out, replying to Locked down and out, 10, #269 of 1564 🔗

Anybody have any idea of how many of the “1,000” students at Northumbria University who recently tested positive for Covid-19 actually became ill or were hospitalised? The media have been very quiet about this and following the original screaming headlines relating to this story.

188230 ▶▶ The Filthy Engineer, replying to Locked down and out, 6, #270 of 1564 🔗

Well, if it is anything like an “outbreak” that occurred a couple of months ago near me amongst nearly 200 field workers then precisely zero and zero, a few of the workers had symptoms, most were asymptomatic and the positive results of 73 people came as a surprise to them . The local rag initially reported on the “cases” and then interest in the story rapidly declined and you can bet if any workers had been ill/hospitalised they would have been all over like flies to shit.

189494 ▶▶▶ MyHomeIsMyCastle, replying to The Filthy Engineer, #271 of 1564 🔗

I don’t know if it’s the same thing, but there was an “outbreak” near where I live (in the next country) involving East European agricultural workers. One of the “positives” even did a runner and was being hunted by the police. I think around 100 people tested positive but from what I can gather, none of them were ill.

188123 Crazy Times, 3, #272 of 1564 🔗

Hancock asked for what plan b is from Richard Drax so he just repeats plan a.

188127 Fingerache Philip., replying to Fingerache Philip., 4, #273 of 1564 🔗

We all remember the talk about the magic money tree a while ago (Wasn’t it found in Northern Ireland?)
This government must know a magic money rain forest somewhere.

188131 ▶▶ Nobody2020, replying to Fingerache Philip., 2, #274 of 1564 🔗

There’s an endless pot of gold at the end of the rainbows they keep chasing.

188309 ▶▶ Lucan Grey, replying to Fingerache Philip., 1, #275 of 1564 🔗

It’s called the Bank of England, which issues Sterling which they don’t use anywhere else.

Therefore it always go all around in a big circle and back to where it came from.

The UK can never run out of Sterling, and it can make us work for Sterling by taxing us in it.

Always remember that your income is my spending less tax, and my income is your spending less tax. Bounce that between us a few times and you’ll find that all the money disappears in tax for any tax rate you fancy. All that changes is the number of bounces.

188386 ▶▶ mjr, replying to Fingerache Philip., #276 of 1564 🔗

the magic money tree .. As realistic and believable as the singing ringing tree.. (if you’re old enough to remember that . )

188130 ajb97b, replying to ajb97b, 8, #277 of 1564 🔗

“How Many Hospital “Cases” Are Really Covid?”
People who have seen these data have told me it is less than 20%

I beg such people to come forward and give these numbers to the public. They cannot be deemed sensitive or dangerous to share. …unless we are now in a totally authoritarian society.

188145 ▶▶ captainbeefheart, replying to ajb97b, 6, #278 of 1564 🔗

I had to go to hospital a few months ago because of my daughter.

The parking was a breeze (Bedford) – loads of empty spaces.

The guard at the door handing out masks wasn’t armed yet.

Hardly any people walking around the corridors.

I didn’t get to go in with her (Mrs Beefheart had to do that) but they were both basically subjected to imprisonment in the hospital (in a rather empty ward) for 2 days. I couldn’t see either of them.

188195 ▶▶ Tyneside Tigress, replying to ajb97b, 4, #279 of 1564 🔗

The onus is very much now on senior hospital doctors and nurses to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with their colleagues who have signed the GBD to make the supposed 67% who support a new lockdown wake up.

188134 djaustin, replying to djaustin, 2, #280 of 1564 🔗

The antibody persistence study is interesting but conflates presence of antibodies with immunity. Whilst that would be nice, sadly the truth is always more complex. The four other endemic coronaviruses induce an antibody response that wanes over 6-12 months. Reinfection period is typically 24 months, but it is possible that a milder second infection is afforded by the presence of neutralising antibodies – a boosting if you like. Sadly the converse is also true. Dengue virus also induces antibodies, but low levels of these antibodies shuttle the virus into cells and induce worse disease. This “Antibody Dependent Enhancement” is the reason why no dengue vaccine is available. When trying to find SARS-COV1 vaccines, this ADE was noted in preclinical species, but they may not be predictive of humans (development was stopped as the virus was eradicated by control). We shall see where SARS-COV2 fits on the spectrum. If I had to guess, I’d say like the other coronaviruses.

188136 ▶▶ Victoria, replying to djaustin, 8, #281 of 1564 🔗

Too much talk about antibodies and herd immunity and too little about optimising our own immunity systems.

188953 ▶▶▶ chris c, replying to Victoria, 1, #282 of 1564 🔗

Three Gloucester Old Spot sausages, the last of the runner beans, two thickly buttered oatcakes and a couple of squares of 85% chocolate, washed down with Chilean Carmenere. Do you think that will work?

Seriously though, I’ve been eating much like this for the last fifteen years and seldom catch anything. I go out in the sun too, though I’m considering supplementing with vitamin D to be on the safe side this winter. Also K2 and C. Simple but powerful stuff, but from the mainstream you wouldn’t believe we had immune systems at all.

I eat much like the healthy old folks that can still be found here but I avoid wheat and omega 6 seed oils too

188224 ▶▶ Julian, replying to djaustin, 10, #283 of 1564 🔗


The virus is not dangerous enough to justify the measures taken. That’s it really.

188138 stewart, replying to stewart, 29, #284 of 1564 🔗

There are a lot of people on here frustrated at not feeling able to do more.

Here is something: instead of going to Trafalgar Sq to protest, how about a big group heads up to Liverpool and stands outside that gym that is standing up for its survival, and doesn’t let the police through to issue a fine or close him down.

I really wonder what would happen when a substantial part of the population stood (physically) with a brave business owner who refused to have his livelihood destroyed.

It could be the spark that kindles the fire…

188143 ▶▶ Victoria, replying to stewart, 3, #285 of 1564 🔗

Great post

188168 ▶▶ Jonathan Palmer, replying to stewart, 7, #286 of 1564 🔗

Direct action is the only way forward now.Parliament and the local councils are fully on board with the police state that is taking shape before our very eyes.

188916 ▶▶▶ Adam, replying to Jonathan Palmer, #287 of 1564 🔗

https://www.newchartistmovement.org.uk this is not a political party

188140 Adam, replying to Adam, 12, #289 of 1564 🔗

First excursion into the centre of my village for a month. (My movements have mostly been restricted between work, Sainsburys, the petrol station and home.) What a depressing change I noticed. Huge increase in mask wearing outside and people in cars. The government won’t need to make mask wearing outdoors mandatory; the public are doing it all by themselves.

188162 ▶▶ Mr Dee, replying to Adam, 6, #290 of 1564 🔗

I saw a bloke this morning cycling along an empty road – no vehicles (apart from mine), no pedestrians. Guess what? Masked up.


188173 ▶▶▶ wayno, replying to Mr Dee, 4, #291 of 1564 🔗

Was it a proper mask? As before this madness, i would bike in winter with a buff if it was particularly cold? If it was a proper mask then he is clearly bonkers.

188193 ▶▶▶▶ Two-Six, replying to wayno, 3, #292 of 1564 🔗

face napies are going to be nice when the temperature drops, they will be soggy with condensation in 3 mins flat. Nice.

188201 ▶▶▶▶▶ Janice21, replying to Two-Six, 2, #293 of 1564 🔗


188313 ▶▶▶▶ Mr Dee, replying to wayno, 1, #294 of 1564 🔗

Get this – it was a blue surgical mask. Bonkers.

So definitely not to keep the cold out.

188174 ▶▶ DRW, replying to Adam, 1, #295 of 1564 🔗

Yet the tide is apparently turning…

188188 ▶▶ Two-Six, replying to Adam, 5, #296 of 1564 🔗

I just nipped out, I saw a little blond bird (LBB) in a huge black range rover, WITH A FACE NAPPY ON! What the fuck is wrong with people?

188216 ▶▶ arfurmo, replying to Adam, 2, #297 of 1564 🔗

Same experience as me and the fish and chip shop has got a notice saying “No mask =no food”.
Clearly illegal but I’d rather just not give them my custom -and it’s probably better for my health.

188963 ▶▶ chris c, replying to Adam, #298 of 1564 🔗

Not everywhere (yet) many people wear them in shops then rip them off or fold them down in the street.

I walked along the river and saw about a dozen people, none masked. Talked to a friend I met and a total stranger and said hello to several others and their dogs. Almost like normal

188141 Ceriain, replying to Ceriain, 16, #299 of 1564 🔗

Yesterday’s London figures:
In hospital: 389
In ITU: 77
Daily deaths for last 7 days: 1, 4 ,5, 3, 7, 5, 5

For a population of 9.3 millions

And London moves up a tier. WTAF!

188176 ▶▶ captainbeefheart, replying to Ceriain, 2, #300 of 1564 🔗

I’m not very good with numbers does a comma mean a thousand?

So if you were to say 3,7,5 you actually mean 300,700,500?

If there’s been 100,400,500,300,700,500,500 deaths in the last 7 days in London for a population of over 9 million we deffo need a harsher lockdown.

188196 ▶▶▶ Sam Vimes, replying to captainbeefheart, 5, #301 of 1564 🔗

Hello, I’m the Health Secretary and I think I might have a job for you…

188222 ▶▶▶ Ceriain, replying to captainbeefheart, 3, #302 of 1564 🔗

So if you were to say 3,7,5 you actually mean 300,700,500?

No, I meant single digit deaths.

188263 ▶▶▶▶ captainbeefheart, replying to Ceriain, 3, #303 of 1564 🔗

I know. I’m just trying to give people in the government (and their henchmen) who may or may not be reading this an excuse to get out now before they get caught up too much in all of this.

“I studied the classics, so must admit to not being very good at maths. I hereby tender my resignation.”


“Classica studui, ita non esset bonum mathematicam admittunt. Renuntiatio a me tener fuerit mea.”

for those of you who speak Latin (according to translationlookup.com).

188316 ▶▶▶▶▶ Ceriain, replying to captainbeefheart, 1, #304 of 1564 🔗

Sorry, Captain; my apologies.

I read your post as serious. 🙂

188179 ▶▶ D B, replying to Ceriain, 1, #305 of 1564 🔗

Where did you get this need to send to my F-I-L who is seemingly for this shite a “wants to just get the circuit breaker over with to get back to normal”

188215 ▶▶▶ Ceriain, replying to D B, #306 of 1564 🔗

All from here: https://coronavirus.data.gov.uk/

Each of the stats can can be got for individual regions.

188242 ▶▶▶▶ D B, replying to Ceriain, #307 of 1564 🔗

Nice I didn’t realise we could delve into it ourselves!

188220 ▶▶▶ Julian, replying to D B, 5, #308 of 1564 🔗

A circuit breaker to get back to normal. Ask him how that will work. Circuit breaker means distancing etc to stop infections. If it works in doing this, which it may do up to a point, the infections will start again as soon as the circuit breaker is over, etc. That’s the fundamental problem with lockdowns – in so far as they “work” at all, they are temporary and it’s only a workable approach if it gives you time to develop and effective vaccine or treatment, which is unrealistic. Once the virus is out there, attempts to suppress it will fail unless they are so draconian as to destroy society.

188248 ▶▶▶▶ Tenchy, replying to Julian, 3, #309 of 1564 🔗

It really makes me laugh when these chumps in government talk about “getting the virus under control”. Save for locking up the entire world population in isolation for at least three weeks – and even that is not guaranteed to do the trick – there’s no chance!

188321 ▶▶▶▶ Will, replying to Julian, 1, #310 of 1564 🔗

And people will still be going to the supermarket so there won’t even be a circuit breaker. It is complete nonsense.

188618 ▶▶▶▶ annie, replying to Julian, 2, #311 of 1564 🔗

Lockdowns don’t work. Every single local lockdown proves that, for a start. Trouble is, the first national l.d. happened to coincide with a completely unrelated downturn in the infection and death rates, for which our Fascist cretin oppressors credited the l.d. So now, zombies think that l.d. is The Answer, and they bawl for it.

PS. The correct answer is, of course, 42.

188310 ▶▶ Mayo, replying to Ceriain, #312 of 1564 🔗

Some important context is missing.

We really need to know what Hospital & ITU figures were a week ago, i.e. how quickly is the infection spreading.

188335 ▶▶▶ Ceriain, replying to Mayo, 1, #313 of 1564 🔗

Some important context is missing.

Can’t argue with that.

7th October’s London figures:
In hospital: 336
In ITU: 59
Daily deaths for previous 7 days: 5, 8 ,2, 2, 2, 5, 6

So, percentage wise, the Hospital and ITU increases over the last week do look bad, but given the low starting figures from w/e 7th October, and the fact that we are talking about 9.3 million people, I, personally, don’t believe London region has a crisis.

07/10/2020 – In hospital: 0.003613% of population
14/10/2020 – In hospital: 0.004183% of population

188506 ▶▶▶▶ Ceriain, replying to Ceriain, #314 of 1564 🔗

Sorry, folks – above line: “So, percentage wise, the Hospital and ITU increases over the last week do look bad…” should have said:

“So, percentage wise, the Hospital and ITU increases over the last week do look bad given the raw numbers , but… etc”

188142 Mrs issedoff, 1, #315 of 1564 🔗

Just watched that video after I had sent my first comment. It certainly cheered me up!, if only all the mombies (cross between masks and zombies)would watch this.

188144 Janice21, replying to Janice21, 4, #316 of 1564 🔗

Rare day off work so watched some daytime telly in between house chores. Never been much of a fan but was surprised to see Carole Malone on Jeremy Vine being sceptic, especially over a debate on whether masks should be worn outdoors. Checked her twitter and she has agreed with Toby on a few things. Glad to see a little bit of questioning the narrative on the show.

188218 ▶▶ arfurmo, replying to Janice21, 2, #317 of 1564 🔗

Surprised that she was sceptical or that a heretic was allowed on? She’s often on press preview and has been a sceptic for sometime.

188150 Cheezilla, replying to Cheezilla, 5, #318 of 1564 🔗

There’s a financial incentive for councils to lock down!


The new funding package for councils is designed to alleviate the pain of lockdown, to sugar the pill. But the structure of the funding might end up providing local authorities with the ingredients to make lockdown cake indefinitely. It is specifically intended to support more testing, including door-to-door testing, sometimes with help from the military. But more testing leads to more cases. More cases lead to more lockdowns.

As mentioned above, the funding is also going towards enforcement of lockdown regulations and self-isolation, which there are fines for breaching. That, in turn, raises more funds – the revenue from fixed-penalty notices, whether they are issued by local police, environmental-health officers or new Covid marshals, goes into local-authority coffers. In theory, the lockdown fixed-penalty fines should be going straight back into public health (as littering fines would go towards the environment). But, in reality, revenue from fines is not always that well ring-fenced in local authorities.

…. Francis Hoar, the barrister working on Simon Dolan’s legal challenge to the government, tells me: ‘Firstly, local authorities are not legally obliged to enforce the regulations. Secondly, they can challenge the regulations. Councils on the brink of bankruptcy could get together jointly and issue proceedings against the secretary of state in a judicial review.’ For instance, Greater Manchester avoided Tier 3 after Sacha Lord, the region’s night-time economy adviser, threatened the government with a judicial review, supported by local hospitality businesses. If local authorities really want to spare themselves the pain, is more legal pushback needed?

188156 ▶▶ Mr Dee, replying to Cheezilla, 1, #319 of 1564 🔗

Thought so… thanks for the evidence. The conspiracy nut within me is thinking – is this what Austerity was for? To starve the local councils to ensure that they jump up for scraps when you need them to do your bidding?

188190 ▶▶▶ RickH, replying to Mr Dee, 4, #320 of 1564 🔗

That’s precisely one of the motivations.

Beyond that, we have been living in an absurdly centralised state for some time. It’s all coming together in the shit-show.

188240 ▶▶ Tenchy, replying to Cheezilla, #321 of 1564 🔗

When the clowns talk of “financial support”, any reasonable person would take that to mean making funds available to keep local businesses afloat, and other such schemes that might directly benefit the locals. But no! As I suspected, it’s just another ruse to line the coffers of the profligate scroungers in local government.

189375 ▶▶▶ Bruno, replying to Tenchy, #322 of 1564 🔗

Local councils have paid out over £11 billion to Small and medium sized businesses since the start of lockdown. See

188155 Cristi.Neagu, replying to Cristi.Neagu, 6, #323 of 1564 🔗

Yesterday, the Metropolitan Police contacted Darren Grimes and David Starkey to tell them that the investigation into them […] had now been put on hold while it’s being reviewed by a “senior officer”. In other words, they’re abandoning this absurd investigation.

No, they are not! They are keeping it hidden away until either of them dares to step out of line, and they will bring it out again. As i keep saying: Look at how Tommy Robinson has been treated! They never let anything go, and they never give up.

188191 ▶▶ Sam Vimes, replying to Cristi.Neagu, 5, #324 of 1564 🔗

Yep, worth mentioning that, in these days of gym fines etc., TR went from pavement to prison in about 4 hours. Illegally.

188159 Cheezilla, #325 of 1564 🔗


188163 leggy, replying to leggy, 14, #326 of 1564 🔗

Simon Dolans Injunction Hearing:

And we’re off and instantly the application has to be amended as the Gov repealed all of the legislation that was being challenged just yesterday. Anything to get out of being held accountable

It’s all just a big fucking game to these cnuts isn’t it.

188166 ▶▶ CGL, replying to leggy, 7, #327 of 1564 🔗

Yes but its our lives they are playing it with

188171 ▶▶ Censored Dog, replying to leggy, 4, #328 of 1564 🔗

It’s like the benny hills theme is on repeat in No10

188178 ▶▶ RickH, replying to leggy, 4, #329 of 1564 🔗

Any detail on this?

… and might not the judge have something to say about this sort of maneuvering?

188186 ▶▶▶ leggy, replying to RickH, 2, #330 of 1564 🔗

No detail, just brief updates on the SORUK FB page.

188185 ▶▶ Jonathan Palmer, replying to leggy, 11, #331 of 1564 🔗

I think it was naive to think you can use the courts to fight back.We are basing our assumptions that this is still the same country it was 8 months ago.
We are in a dictatorship

188204 ▶▶▶ DRW, replying to Jonathan Palmer, 1, #332 of 1564 🔗

I agree, plus the courts’ record on brexit was not encouraging.

188210 ▶▶▶▶ Jonathan Palmer, replying to DRW, 7, #333 of 1564 🔗

I don’t blame him for trying.At least he is doing something

188239 ▶▶▶▶▶ DRW, replying to Jonathan Palmer, 2, #334 of 1564 🔗

Indeed, it’s like us emailing MPs.

188411 ▶▶▶▶ bucky99, replying to DRW, #335 of 1564 🔗

The courts’ record on opposing Brexit was pretty decent, mind.

188259 ▶▶ Richard O, replying to leggy, 1, #336 of 1564 🔗

Repeal the legislation for the duration of the court case, then reapply it after they win.

That’s the entire legal system we can chalk off an as avenue of resistance then. The options left to us are narrowing.

188291 ▶▶▶ JohnB, replying to Richard O, #337 of 1564 🔗

Clarity re our situation is always a good thing. 🙂

188172 stewart, replying to stewart, 24, #338 of 1564 🔗

If people didn’t watch TV or read the news, they wouldn’t see or experience any sort of health crisis. Life would just go back to normal.

188192 ▶▶ charleyfarley, replying to stewart, 3, #339 of 1564 🔗

So true!

188198 ▶▶ DRW, replying to stewart, 5, #340 of 1564 🔗

The hygiene theatre is just that, keeping up the pretense there is still an “emergency” to keep the masses scared and obedient for the true objectives.

188187 JustMe, 8, #341 of 1564 🔗

There are a number of books under the genre ‘The Idiot’s Guide to’ including The Idiot’s Guide to Sailing and The Idiot’s Guide to Consulting .

Isn’t it about time we created something similar? Chapters could include………..

Can you catch Covid-19 twice?

Yes, you can catch Covid-19 more than once. Many people have (at least 5). And at least 1 person has showed symptoms. Unfortunately 3 people in Hong Kong caught it so badly the second time round that they had to have a blood test to confirm the second bout (they had no symptoms).

Is there such a thing as Herd Immunity?

Nadine Dorris, the highly qualified UK Minister for Health, and The Guardian say ‘No’. Alternative views are currently available but might get blacklisted.

Do Masks Work?

It depends on what you want to achieve.

What is a False Positive Test Result?

Is there time to get it out for Christmas? There are quite a few people that I’d give a copy to.

188197 Ceriain, replying to Ceriain, 25, #342 of 1564 🔗

Really pleased to know Toby and Will are reading/researching all our comments.

My research on admissions gets discussed above the line, as does BobT’s excellent beds scandal graph.

Thanks guys; you really are doing a great job.

188247 ▶▶ Tyneside Tigress, replying to Ceriain, 12, #343 of 1564 🔗

Thanks also to you and BobT, and others such as Swedenborg, for digging out all the information and data that is so often buried (deliberately in some cases).

188378 ▶▶▶ Nick Rose, replying to Tyneside Tigress, 1, #344 of 1564 🔗

Hear, hear

188208 jsampson45, replying to jsampson45, 1, #345 of 1564 🔗

On the public psychology, this probably has been determined by the effects of the first lockdown. There was a new unknown virus. Its best-publicised property was that it can be spread by people who do not know they are infected and show no signs of it. The famous story of another pathogen doing this was of Typhoid Mary. My question is, what other pathogens can be spread by well people?

188225 ▶▶ PhilipF, replying to jsampson45, 2, #346 of 1564 🔗

To what extent is it accepted that it is significantly spread by people with no symptoms? And how does this compare to other corona viruses?

188209 Pancho the Grey, replying to Pancho the Grey, 9, #347 of 1564 🔗

Hancock and his condescending pronouncements make my skin crawl.

188631 ▶▶ annie, replying to Pancho the Grey, 1, #348 of 1564 🔗

Like finding a slug in your salad.

188211 Fingerache Philip., 2, #349 of 1564 🔗

RE: A comment I made on the previous (Tuesday) about the piece on R4’s Today programme this morning about we sceptics having lost the argument about herd immunity.
At around 6:40/6:45., there was a report that 80
medical people had written to the Lancet and the Guardian saying that H I is a fallacy and also in the Daily Telegraph, a correspondent who I think was is named Sherelle Jacobs carried out a similar “hatchet job” on HI.
It’s going to be a long hard struggle.

188219 jakehadlee, replying to jakehadlee, 32, #350 of 1564 🔗

I think the whole focus on seeking immunity is fundamentally flawed – whether through herd immunity or vaccine. Yes it would be good to get a vaccine, or for the population at large to build up immunity naturally, but it isn’t essential to get this in order to end the lockdown measures.

Even without any immunity, even ‘letting it rip’ – the virus is not killing enough people to justify lockdowns, and the immense, long-term damage they do.

The economic impact, and the impact on cancer care, mental health, world food supply, etc etc is just too big a price to pay to stop this virus.

We just have to accept, quite a few people will die. Most of those who will die of Covid have probably already done so, certainly in the UK. But more will die.

But the choice isn’t between their lives vs the economy. It’s between their lives vs more lives lost in other ways, families torn apart, education and careers stifled, businesses ruined, homes lost, communities devastated, mental health sufferers abandoned, suicides, depression etc.

We don’t have a choice between bad and good outcomes. We have two bad outcomes to choose from, and so far it is clear that one of those outcomes is far worse than the other, and we are choosing the worst one.

188253 ▶▶ Jonathan Palmer, replying to jakehadlee, 9, #351 of 1564 🔗

Makes perfect sense except this is no longer about a virus if it ever was

188262 ▶▶ Julian, replying to jakehadlee, 9, #352 of 1564 🔗

100% correct. It’s the most powerful argument and always has been and always will be. Importantly, it establishes a principle for future “pandemics” (well, re-establishes a principle that had existed since the beginning of time).

Sadly, it’s the harder of the arguments to make because the idea that covid death must be 100% abolished is now so cemented in many minds.

We have always lived with this kind of tradeoff, but people never thought about it much. Now they have, they think it is unacceptable, but only for covid. Obviously that is a mad, incoherent point of view. But that is where we are.

188374 ▶▶ Nick Rose, replying to jakehadlee, #353 of 1564 🔗

Not sure most healthy people will sit at home and just starve. There may be trouble ahead…

188221 Fingerache Philip., #354 of 1564 🔗

Sorry, I meant Wednesday’s comments.

188223 djaustin, replying to djaustin, -13, #355 of 1564 🔗

Also, all the coronaviruses in circulation – including the Covid-19 virus – have some features in common which means that getting one coronavirus will probably offer some protection against other coronaviruses.

Sadly there is not a single prospective study that has established this conjecture from Prof Gupta. As per the observation of antibodies, there are immune cells that do cross react to some of the parts of the virus. Whether that affords any meaningful protection is unknown. However there is little to no evidence of less than log-linear growth when you take the brakes off. You may be surprised to learn that some people have cross-reactive immune cells to polyethylene glycol – an ingredient of tooth paste. So what?

188246 ▶▶ NorthumbrianNomad, replying to djaustin, 17, #356 of 1564 🔗

I do not care about your crocodile sadlies or your meaningless meaningfuls, and your toothpaste anecdote leaves me needing to floss. What I do care about is dry, dead little people who think of life purely in terms of log-linear gobbledegook dictating a no-risk life for normal people in a world where life is actually synonymous with risk.

188633 ▶▶▶ annie, replying to NorthumbrianNomad, #357 of 1564 🔗

Do you write ovels? If not, you ought to! Great use of language there!

188270 ▶▶ chaos, replying to djaustin, 5, #358 of 1564 🔗

I have to say there was a lot of Corona around in the 70’s. Limeade. Orangeade. Lemonade… Every bubble passed its FIZZical!

188423 ▶▶▶ Fingerache Philip., replying to chaos, #359 of 1564 🔗

I remember Corona in the fifties, the bottles had a peculiar stopper along the lines of “Kilner” jar fittings.

188686 ▶▶▶▶ annie, replying to Fingerache Philip., 1, #360 of 1564 🔗

There was also Cherryade, which was exactly like that stuff you get, or used to get, to rinse your mouth out at the dentist’s.
As children we used to scour the beach for empties, because there was threepence back on the bottle.

188294 ▶▶ Mayo, replying to djaustin, 5, #361 of 1564 🔗

I agree with you about Gupta’s comments. However plausible, we can’t assume any prior immunity at this stage.

However, I disagree about the effect of releasing the ‘brakes’. Firstly I believe there is a significant seasonal factor. Secondly, even the Royal Society released a paper which indicated that the virus reproduction number (R) was declining rapidly long before March 23rd and the lockdown did nothing to alter the trajectory of the curve. In fact, a simple back of the envelope calculation using dates of deaths (the only reliable measure) casts doubt about the effectiveness of lockdown.

Peru introduced a strict lockdown down very early on. Belgium also had a lockdown. These 2 countries have highest per capita death rate in the world. Sweden adopted a more laissez faire approach and, currently, life for the Swedes is virtually back to normal. Belarus carried on pretty much as normal throughout.

For every example which supports strong interventions there is another counter example.

188368 ▶▶▶ Nick Rose, replying to Mayo, #362 of 1564 🔗

Is that “cannot assume”? A typo I guess. For me, the experience of the Diamond Princess suggests some sort of immune defence at work.

188364 ▶▶ AnotherSceptic, replying to djaustin, #363 of 1564 🔗

Are you Matt Wankcock by any chance?

188372 ▶▶ Mark, replying to djaustin, 1, #364 of 1564 🔗

Sadly there is not a single prospective study that has established this conjecture from Prof Gupta .”

Neither can we assume the contrary. The honest assessment at the moment is that we haven’t proved it either way. There is quite strong evidence to support it but no clear proof. On the other hand, neither is there evidence to establish the contrary.

We can make a case for either direction being the simplest null assumption at this stage, but the precautionary principle properly applied would anyway establish that we should not lockdown, because the costs are so clearly so much higher even than those of “letting the virus rip”, let alone a reasonable policy such as the GBD suggests – obviously the right course of action in the present state of our knowledge.

Arguments to the contrary are simply ignorant of the full costs of locking down, or choose to ignore them.

However there is little to no evidence of less than log-linear growth when you take the brakes off . “

This is just flat out false. Presumably wishful thinking on your part. Half the world has “taken the brakes off” to some degree, relative to the tightest lockdowners, and there’s no evidence of any consistent acceleration of the disease in consequence.

188580 ▶▶▶ djaustin, replying to Mark, #365 of 1564 🔗

What I’d like to see are prospective studies to reject the null hypothesis (there is zero protection). We’ve had the test for some time. It’s seems strange that nobody has set up such a study. I’d LIKE there to be some cross immunity, but that’s not how science works. At the moment, in every region, since early September, hospital admissions and deaths have been log-linear. Some delays in some regions like SW and London. Much slower than the Spring – but quite obviously log-linear up (as opposed to down). The key is finding the compromise balance of education, economic and social contacts, which I think would have been a better position for Gupta to argue from. Not some hypothetical immunity.

188232 chaos, replying to chaos, 8, #366 of 1564 🔗

When I get older losing my hair
Many years from now
Will you still be sending me a Valentine
Birthday greetings, and take the fine?
If I’d been in since 2020
Would you knock down the door?
Will you still need me, will you still resusitate me
When I’m eighty four?

188688 ▶▶ steph, replying to chaos, 2, #367 of 1564 🔗

Vera, Chuck & Dave, get off your grandparents’ laps this instant! Granny killers!

188233 NorthumbrianNomad, replying to NorthumbrianNomad, 52, #368 of 1564 🔗

Express article about father of daughter dead from cancer after treatment was cancelled to protect the NHS from covid, meeting Hancock to demand answers. Hancock “looked taken aback” when told that 100,000 cancer referrals have been suspended and told his officials to look into it.
He’s the facking health secretary and he doesn’t know anything, and when pressed, he turns to Baldrick, standing conveniently nearby, and gives him a clip round the ear. Stay at home. Protect the NHS. Die.

188245 ▶▶ Achilles, replying to NorthumbrianNomad, 31, #369 of 1564 🔗

Seems quite happy to let, cancer, suicide and depression “rip” through society as long as it’s not Covid. Nice guy.

188257 ▶▶ chaos, replying to NorthumbrianNomad, 12, #370 of 1564 🔗

Stay in your tiny Homes. Protect The Billionaires and their Whales. Die you plebs. Die.

188260 ▶▶ Janice21, replying to NorthumbrianNomad, 12, #371 of 1564 🔗

He literally has blood on his hands. They all do.

188289 ▶▶ Richard O, replying to NorthumbrianNomad, 6, #372 of 1564 🔗

HOME – HEALTH – DIE. The new monosyllabic mantra for the dribbling bemuzzled.

188346 ▶▶▶ Fingerache Philip., replying to Richard O, 6, #373 of 1564 🔗

I don’t want to be selective (actually I do) but a lot of the”bemuzzled” (Great description, that) do seem to be elderly(I’m 71 by the way) struggling along with their (sanitized,of course) trollies believing that if the country shuts down (for ever?) that they might, just might add a few months to their miserable “existences.”

188250 Cheezilla, replying to Cheezilla, 27, #374 of 1564 🔗

From KBF twitter feed:

The mother of a three-year-old boy in my Pre-School took her own life today. Two weeks ago, she lost her job. On Monday, she was told she had to wait 6 weeks until her first Universal Credit payment.

Yesterday, she was unable to get a food parcel because she couldn’t prove she needed it. And today, she took her own life, and has left a three-year-old boy and his 7-year-old sister without a mother, and now in the care of total strangers from social services.

188256 ▶▶ Victoria, replying to Cheezilla, 9, #375 of 1564 🔗

Heartbreaking! So sad for the children, how will they ever get over this?

Sadly, many more people will lose their jobs and could do the same.

188271 ▶▶ Charlie Blue, replying to Cheezilla, 9, #376 of 1564 🔗

So ashamed of our ‘society’ that she thought she had nowhere to turn.

188278 ▶▶ JohnB, replying to Cheezilla, 4, #377 of 1564 🔗

Do we know which food bank turned her away ?

188287 ▶▶ Bella Donna, replying to Cheezilla, 6, #378 of 1564 🔗

That’s devastating! I’m sending that to my MP.

188314 ▶▶ stewart, replying to Cheezilla, 3, #379 of 1564 🔗

Wonder of the BBC will cover that.

188471 ▶▶▶ Darryl, replying to stewart, #380 of 1564 🔗

They can put a dangerous spin on anything. Probably more tough measure required.

188353 ▶▶ Nick Rose, replying to Cheezilla, 2, #381 of 1564 🔗

Unable to turn to anybody for help because unable to mix households… C’mon Simon, rooting for you. The people in power have a LOT to answer for, and this is one more to lay at their door. That the job losses are because of government reaction to Covid, rather than any economic cycle makes it even worse.

188252 Victoria, replying to Victoria, 4, #382 of 1564 🔗

Dan Carden MP

……. for this failing track and trace system. Conservative baroness and business executive Dido Harding appointed as the head of Track and Trace. Serco’s CEO, the brother of a former Tory MP. Tory MPs on the boards of companies awarded contracts. If you got a problem with any of this, why don’t you take it up with the Government’s Anti-Corruption Champion: Dido Harding’s husband and a Tory MP. The whole thing stinks. This Government’s incompetence, its cronyism, its ideological obsession with outsourcing and rip-off privatisation has undermined our NHS and put lives at risk.


Dan Carden MP – offered his resignation from Labour’s frontbench against the CHIS Bill

188292 ▶▶ captainbeefheart, replying to Victoria, 1, #383 of 1564 🔗

An MP with a conscious. Very rare.

Hat’s off to the man!

Dear Nadine,

This is how it’s done, just say you’re crap at science because you only studied to be a nurse then went into politics (probably because you were not a very good nurse) and the government had fuck all else to do the job they’ve put you in.

We’ll forgive you then.

I hope you find peace in your life,


Captain Beefheart (one of your constituents)

188319 ▶▶ RickH, replying to Victoria, 1, #384 of 1564 🔗

Another vote that will be a real litmus test of whether your MP has any leaning towards civil liberties and the rule of law.

188264 Sim18, replying to Sim18, 6, #385 of 1564 🔗

“I’m relieved that this is over”, not really the point Toby. The message and the effect of the Grimes/Starkey police action has achieved its purpose. The chilling effect has increased, “putting the investigation on hold” reduces the temperature further.

188275 ▶▶ captainbeefheart, replying to Sim18, 2, #386 of 1564 🔗

The BBC might refer to Toby in the following manner…

“A radical calling himself Toby, who is currently under Police Investigation for hate crimes has been charged with spreading disinformation related to COVID-19 (i.e.letting people read alternative points of view on the internet – science – that sort of thing)”

188280 ▶▶ Tyneside Tigress, replying to Sim18, 4, #387 of 1564 🔗

Darren Grimes is a real problem for the ruling elite. Single mother, working class with a Consett accent (my father’s home town) and gay. He is brave and bold, but sadly, I fear ‘they’ will get to him eventually.

188327 ▶▶▶ Nick Rose, replying to Tyneside Tigress, #388 of 1564 🔗

My fear too.

188266 Victoria, replying to Victoria, 1, #389 of 1564 🔗

Simon Dolan update on Injunction today in Court:

First thing to report is that we had to amend the application as the Govt repealed the legislation we originally contested. They thought it should have been thrown out because the new legislation (the Tiers) supersedes the old


188267 ▶▶ Victoria, replying to Victoria, 1, #390 of 1564 🔗

Judge has said the request is so huge that he’s not sure if it can be decided by him in Court

Our barrister Francis Hoar says that it’s an issue of law and so therefore it can


188273 ▶▶▶ DRW, replying to Victoria, #391 of 1564 🔗

They did say it would be swift.

188276 ▶▶▶ Victoria, replying to Victoria, 2, #392 of 1564 🔗

We say there was not sufficient urgency nor evidence that it was necessary when the recent lockdown measures were brought in.

We say Govt has not explained why these measures were urgent.

They have not provided any evidential material


188281 ▶▶ Victoria, replying to Victoria, 2, #393 of 1564 🔗

This is behaviour the Govt have been adopting since March. Well aware they will face criticism for their use of the emergency procedure. So therefore should be in a position to explain. Especially if Hancock has considered the two tests for urgency.


188282 ▶▶ Bella Donna, replying to Victoria, 6, #394 of 1564 🔗

This government is pure evil!

188376 ▶▶▶ Stephanos, replying to Bella Donna, 9, #395 of 1564 🔗

I have been saying this for months. Some examples (do we on here need any?):

  1. Passing legislation to impose £10,000 fines on the organiser of demonstrations the day before (28 August) a major demonstration in Trafalgar Square on 29 August
  2. Continually delaying hearings and failing to provide any evidence to Simon Dolan’s lawsuit and then repealing the legislation the day before the hearing.
  3. Bringing in the CHIS Bill on the same day as Simon Dolan’s hearing, effectively smuggling it through Parliament. To the best of my knowledge this was NOT in the Conservative Party manifesto last December.
  4. Initiating procedures against David Starkey and Darren Grimes but failing to do anything against Extinction Rebellion or Black Lives Matter. With regard to the former, a quick glance at the construction outside the print works shows that (a) it was well-planned in advance and (b) it does take some time to construct such a thing. Where were the police?
  5. Harassing ordinary members of the public for not wearing a mask.Does it really take FOUR policemen to deal with a single woman?
  6. At the demonstration in Trafalgar Square on September 26, the police started beating up the protesters at 15:00. Who authorised this and why? The same protesters who organised a minute’s silence for a murdered policeman.
  7. Sending ARMED POLICE to close down a gym in Liverpool. Why were they armed? Who authorised this and why?

There is a LOT more than this, I do know.
As a christian I do not know how to pray for this government; there are more similarities between this government and the Nazis and the Communists than I would like to think.

188498 ▶▶▶▶ charleyfarley, replying to Stephanos, #396 of 1564 🔗

Excellent summary – thank you.

188288 ▶▶ Victoria, replying to Victoria, #397 of 1564 🔗

Francis [Hoare] is summing up that what he needs to do is persuade his Lordship that there was no urgency or if there was urgency then no need to use that emergency procedure.


188269 Fingerache Philip., 16, #398 of 1564 🔗

Meanwhile,Marston’s brewery chain has announced that 2,000 plus will lose their jobs, so there you go then; more misery,repossessions,suicides,divorces,etc.

188272 Tyneside Tigress, replying to Tyneside Tigress, 1, #399 of 1564 🔗

Any thoughts on why Her Majesty decides to do a visit to Porton Down with Prince William as her first public engagement since lockdown? Perhaps she will be told the antibody stats for the country that we were promised by Whitty in April/May?

188355 ▶▶ Kev, replying to Tyneside Tigress, 2, #400 of 1564 🔗

Novichok – miracle cure for Covid

189015 ▶▶ David Grimbleby, replying to Tyneside Tigress, #401 of 1564 🔗

This is one hideous place where I doubt they will show royalty the obscene cruelty of their animal experiments.

188274 ajb97b, replying to ajb97b, 4, #402 of 1564 🔗

Copy cats!

A desperate attempt to balance out the impact of the Great Barrington Declaration

It will be interesting to see how this race for public signatures proceeds.

The main thing is, however, things have advanced from the public being exposed to only one strategy, to now having both strategies exposed and in the MSM.

And just look at the conflicts of interest of those co-signing this copycat statement
[this will be their undoing, as it shows how conflicted and biased they are]

“NA has experienced prolonged COVID-19 symptoms. AH advises Ligandal (unpaid advisory role), outside the submitted work. FK is collaborating with Pfizer on animal models of SARS-CoV-2, and with the University of Pennsylvania on mRNA vaccines against SARS-CoV-2. FK has also filed IP regarding serological assays and for SARS-CoV-2, which name him as inventor (pending). PK reports personal fees from Kymab, outside the submitted work; PK also has a patent ‘Monoclonal antibodies to treat and prevent infection by SARS-CoV-2 (Kymab)’ pending and is a scientific advisor to the Serology Working Group (Public Heath England), Testing Advisory Group (Department of Health and Social Care) and the Vaccines Task force (Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy). ML has received honoraria from Bristol-Meyers Squibb and Sanofi Pasteur, outside the submitted work. MM is a member of Independent SAGE and Research Director European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies, which manages the COVID Health Systems Response Monitor. DS sits on the Scottish Government COVID-19 Advisory Group, has attended SAGE meetings, and is on the Royal Society DELVE initiative feeding into SAGE. CS reports grants from BMS, Ono-Pharmaceuticals, and Archer Dx (collaboration in minimal residual disease sequencing technologies), outside the submitted work; personal fees from Bristol Myers Squibb, Roche-Ventana, Ono Pharmaceutical, GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, Celgene, Illumina, MSD, Sarah Canon Research Institute, Genentech, Bicycle Therapeutics, and Medicixi, outside the submitted work; personal fees and stock options from GRAIL and Achilles Therapeutics, outside the submitted work; and stock options from Epic Biosciences and Apogen Biotechnologies, outside the submitted work. GY directs the Center for Policy Impact in Global Health at Duke University, which has received grant funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for policy research that includes policy analysis on COVID-19 control. All other authors declare no competing interests within the submitted work.”

188283 ▶▶ FrankiiB, replying to ajb97b, 3, #403 of 1564 🔗

The conflict of interest needs to be sung from the treetops under headlines like ‘seek to make money out of covid’ – which also applies to the big Pharma pair Whitty and Vallance and their shares in vaccine makers

188305 ▶▶▶ RickH, replying to FrankiiB, 2, #404 of 1564 🔗

I’d again flag up the article by Tom Jefferson, published in the BMJ in December 2017 :


… It is a percipient outline of what was happening in the appointment of government ‘advisors’.

188323 ▶▶▶▶ mattghg, replying to RickH, #405 of 1564 🔗

Good find.

188308 ▶▶ mattghg, replying to ajb97b, 3, #406 of 1564 🔗

Here’s a fallacy right here:

Such a strategy [as in the GBD] would not end the COVID-19 pandemic but result in recurrent epidemics, as was the case with numerous infectious diseases before the advent of vaccination.

None of the GBD authors is suggesting that we stop looking for an effective vaccine.

188324 ▶▶▶ Nick Rose, replying to mattghg, 3, #407 of 1564 🔗

That’s it. And most who are raising concerns about any vaccine are worried about the dangers involved with rushing one into production, taking shortcuts with the necessary checks and balances (which are there for genuine reasons rather than shrinking potential profit). It’snot just anti-vaxxers.

188375 ▶▶▶▶ mattghg, replying to Nick Rose, 3, #408 of 1564 🔗

Right! Just read this thread by Mike Yeadon:


He’s a former senior researcher at Pfizer, so can hardly be accused of being an anti-vaxxer.

189350 ▶▶ Nick, replying to ajb97b, 1, #409 of 1564 🔗

What a pathetic paper. Although they try to hype it further, their argument for lockdown etc boils down to the statement that Covid is 6x more lethal than flu.

So there we have a quantification. From that you’d expect 3.5 million deaths worldwide.

This is a worst case scenario; they cunningly cited a paper from March 30th, whereas in reality death rate estimates always fall as a pandemic progresses. Plus all of the usual caveats about deaths with Covid and covid simply being the last straw for people who are close to death for other reasons.

Nevertheless, as I said, we have a quantification: 3.5 million deaths worldwide.

Then we have the proposed alleviation; lockdown etc.

We can measure whether the alleviation is effective and ethical by quantifying the number of lives lost, scarred or destroyed by lockdown etc.

As we know the vast fallout from lockdown will directly result in far more than 3.5 million deaths from despair, poverty and lack of access to screening and treatment for serious illnesses.

Not to mention the non-lethal impacts on physical, mental, economic and societal health.

So which strategy is unscientific and inhuman?

188277 Bella Donna, replying to Bella Donna, 14, #410 of 1564 🔗

I’m pretty sure if Wancock said sticking a carrot up your anus prevents coronavirus they’d be an awful lot of people doing it!

188290 ▶▶ thinkaboutit, replying to Bella Donna, 4, #411 of 1564 🔗

I wish someone would spread that rumour so I could see all the Covid collaborators mincing along in their masks. Perhaps we could get the Guardian onto it.

188311 ▶▶▶ Nick Rose, replying to thinkaboutit, 1, #412 of 1564 🔗

At least they’ll be able to see in the dark! Or is that when you eat a carrot?

188370 ▶▶▶▶ thinkaboutit, replying to Nick Rose, 2, #413 of 1564 🔗

Let’s run a big campaign that carrots prevent corona, let them ride with it them scare them with tales of how they’ll overdose on vitamin A ( can happen if you eat WAY too many carrots). Twitter will go mad, confuse vitamin A with D and chase its own tail for a week.

188483 ▶▶ Fed up, replying to Bella Donna, 3, #414 of 1564 🔗

I don’t think there has been enough in MSM about the dangers of not wearing a mask in a convertible when the roof is down even if driving solo. The risk of spreading contagion must be greater than zero. There could be a granny within a 2 mile radius. Surely we should all be very very scared?

188285 CGL, replying to CGL, 3, #415 of 1564 🔗

Received a reply from my MP re the one I sent about my Mum sobbing and saying “they’re taking my life from me and I’d rather be dead”. I also copied a couple of the comments that others posted from on here with their stories about folk in homes (no names obviously – just the text). Here is her response –

Dear CGL

You do raise a very fair point about care homes. I recognise that while we do not want an outbreak amongst any vulnerable group of people, the alternative has led to really quite heartbreaking scenes and stories. I have taken this matter up with the Health and Social Care Minister as a solution does need to be found.

I know that a plan will be released soon to allow the resumption of visits by a next of kin or close family members and I will urge that this is done with all necessary haste.

With very best wishes,


Laura Farris MP

188297 ▶▶ chaos, replying to CGL, 1, #416 of 1564 🔗

Yep. She looks like how she sounds. Jolly Hockey Sticks!

188304 ▶▶▶ CGL, replying to chaos, 1, #417 of 1564 🔗

Yeah- her dad is Michael McNair-Wilson – politician.
I went to public school as it happens – never fitted in.

188332 ▶▶▶▶ Two-Six, replying to CGL, 1, #418 of 1564 🔗

McNair Wilson had to leave office as MP due to fraud charges or at least “financial improprieties” I remember…I didn’t forget.

188315 ▶▶ Two-Six, replying to CGL, 1, #419 of 1564 🔗

She is my MP too. Want to meet up?

188329 ▶▶▶ CGL, replying to Two-Six, #420 of 1564 🔗

Can do but not anywhere they do t&t obviously 🙂

188331 ▶▶▶▶ Two-Six, replying to CGL, 1, #421 of 1564 🔗

two-six@twang.co.uk drop me a line!

188293 RickH, replying to RickH, 9, #422 of 1564 🔗

Just looking at the government ‘coronavirus.dat’, which shows hospital activity and deaths.

Apart from the obvious – that there is no significant ‘wave’ of mortality, and that the classification of ‘Covid’ patients is utter garbage, the data is useful and interesting.

The bar chart shows the much-vaunted increase in hospital admissions and bed occupancy that has been used to throw a scare into the cloud of unknowing that is the general populace.

But – brain says – ‘Hang On’. How do the numbers compare with the activity and occupancy before the big scare started in March, and people were shovelled out of hospital as if there was no tomorrow.?

I went into hospital twice for minor procedures – on the 18th and 23rd March.

On the 18th, the activity in the hospital was remarkably low, with the corridors noticeably quiet.

By the 23rd, the impact of the instructed clear-out was even more noticeable, and at the end of that day, I was the sole patient in the Theatre Admissions Unit, which was lined up to be an emergency Covid space. The staff were hanging about, looking for something to do. At the time, I was actually impressed with the efficiency of the re-purposing at a time when it could have been thought genuinely necessary.

So what were the numbers on that day – in terms of ‘Patients in Hospital’ compared with now?

28th March (after the big clear-out) – 7043 patients in hospital
12th April (peak of the spike) :19849 do.
12th October – normal activity returning : 4650 do.

So … we have all this current fake resurrected panic, with hospitals being ‘overwhelmed’ on the basis of only 66% of hospitalizations at the low pre-April level after the ‘big clear-out’ – and at only 23% of hospitalisations at the peak of the spike – when hospitals, even at that point were not ‘ overwhelmed’.

Pork-pie time. Big time, methinks.

PS I note Handoncock today is talking about an ‘exponential rise’. Just one of those pork pies. Or is he genuinely that stupid?

188298 ▶▶ Nick Rose, replying to RickH, 1, #423 of 1564 🔗

A bit of both I think. Whichever, he’s enjoying his limelight time. I’m going to enjoy seeing him cut down to size, that day must be coming.

188416 ▶▶ mhcp, replying to RickH, #424 of 1564 🔗

As Ivor Cummings pointed out you get an “exponential” rise of hospitalisations every year from Sept to Nov. Up to 10 times increase that fits very well with an exponential curve. Of course it doesn’t last.

But what we are seeing is pure stupidity and lack of forethought from supposed experts. Like saying the Sun is rising the world will burn

188441 ▶▶▶ RickH, replying to mhcp, #425 of 1564 🔗

But what I’m pointing out is an even more egregious fallacy – that the actual (not projected) level of hospital occupancy at this point is so far below capacity that the induced panic is absolute and utter nonsense.

The hyperbole is probably even worse if you consider that the 7043 number in March would have contained the already rising figures in London. The current 4650 is very near the minimal emptied hospital numbers, I would guess. Hardly cause for the ‘overwhelmed’ label! If there is a problem, then it is obviously one of mismanagement, not disease.

188703 ▶▶ RickH, replying to RickH, #426 of 1564 🔗

Sorry – I should have added an important part of a definition – that this covers the positive PCR tested patients – and is thus a sub-set of all patients. But indicative of the same issue.

189323 ▶▶ chris c, replying to RickH, #427 of 1564 🔗

“Exponential” has now been defined as “a slight increase”

188295 Nick Rose, replying to Nick Rose, 6, #428 of 1564 🔗

Just had one of those “hidden word” grid things on the TV. To win £11k, find a garden flower. DAFFODIL. Right, got that one. And for a bonus £3.5k prize, find a vegetable. I can see CARROT in there, but I’m sure that’s a mistake. No sign of HANCOCK anywhere…

188345 ▶▶ AnotherSceptic, replying to Nick Rose, #429 of 1564 🔗

The word to describe him would be Wanker.

188430 ▶▶▶ Nick Rose, replying to AnotherSceptic, #430 of 1564 🔗

Not sure you can have that on daytime TV :o((

188296 chaos, 15, #431 of 1564 🔗

If you made-up an illness and announced it on mainstream media.. called it say Mona 18.. from China (like all colds and flus) but maybe from a lab.. a bit of a dry cough.. feeling tired.. worse for oldies.. claimed it was serious (but really it’s just a cold for most).. and that’s all you talked about for weeks and months.. Very soon, on Instagram, Facebook, and in mindless conversations amongst the thickos.. hundreds of thousands of people would claim they have it or have had it and even post videos about it looking just fine.

If you went further and told people it could only be caught via the eyes and people must wear swimming goggles, most people would wear those goggles.. some would wear full face masks.. people would close their eyelids hard when others walked near to them…

188306 The Spingler, replying to The Spingler, 9, #432 of 1564 🔗

Kudos to her Maj, Prince Will and their staff. No masks on their visit to Porton Down.

188312 ▶▶ chaos, replying to The Spingler, 3, #433 of 1564 🔗

Will, like Daddy, is onboard with the reset.

188307 petgor, replying to petgor, 9, #434 of 1564 🔗

I spoke to a young student earlier today in order to get his take on what is going on at the moment. I began the conversation by expressing sympathy for his generation and its future. The only response that i got was “I’m not blaming anybody”. That was as much as I could get from him. Hancock would be proud!

188317 ▶▶ Fingerache Philip., replying to petgor, #435 of 1564 🔗

Don’t you think, petgor that reporters are told to be “shall we say; selective”
How can anyone believe that each and every person that they interview all sing from the same hymn sheet.

188318 Sarigan, replying to Sarigan, 1, #436 of 1564 🔗

Perhaps they are preparing us for the aliens?


I am not being serious (or am I?) but it was an enjoyable read regardless

There has been quite a lot of UFO news this year though:

Also the release of ‘The Phenomenon’ – https://thephenomenonfilm.com/

Well worth a watch if cover-ups, aliens and conspiracies are of interest and possibly a welcome distraction from Covid.

188344 ▶▶ leggy, replying to Sarigan, 5, #437 of 1564 🔗

I’d welcome an alien invasion at the moment. I’d rather be killed on enslaved by a different species than my own one.

188377 ▶▶▶ Cecil B, replying to leggy, 1, #438 of 1564 🔗

Could we invite Russia to invade, couldn’t be worse than this

188428 ▶▶▶ Nick Rose, replying to leggy, 1, #439 of 1564 🔗

Perhaps they have a vaccine?

188351 ▶▶ thinkaboutit, replying to Sarigan, 2, #440 of 1564 🔗

We are currently watching ‘Utopia ‘ a very dystopian series now on Amazon Prime. Mad scientists, government conspirators, psychopaths and coronavirus. Made in 2013 but v topical. ( Also very violent)

188320 mhcp, replying to mhcp, 5, #441 of 1564 🔗

Simon Dolan’s Twitter has just announced the evidence session with the Cabinet Secretary this afternoon has been cancelled. PM has called a COVID-19 Operations Committee

As commenters are saying – spanner in the works again from Simon. Government changing its tune

188322 ▶▶ Eddy, replying to mhcp, #442 of 1564 🔗

What evidence?

188338 ▶▶▶ mhcp, replying to Eddy, 2, #443 of 1564 🔗

The bit were they discuss if the government has evidence of the urgency of measures being imposed.

188326 ▶▶ Fingerache Philip., replying to mhcp, #444 of 1564 🔗

So what’s new?

188348 ▶▶ thinkaboutit, replying to mhcp, 1, #445 of 1564 🔗

Does that mean they’ll invent some ” evidence”?

188392 ▶▶ Richard O, replying to mhcp, #446 of 1564 🔗

So the bit where the government had to present their evidence has been cancelled. Are they legally obliged to provide a reason for this cancellation? If so, it would look something like this:

Your Honour, we do not have any evidence for any of our measures, so we respectfully request that in order to spare the government’s blushes you refrain from asking us to provide any. In return we guarantee that we will appoint someone we can trust to chair a thorough whitewash into our performance.

188460 ▶▶ mhcp, replying to mhcp, #447 of 1564 🔗

Actually I read this wrong – it wasn’t his case it was the PACAC council within government. So I guess there are frantic actions going on these days

188325 Fiat, #448 of 1564 🔗

They put me out in the pouring rain
To enjoy the sun or to feel the pain
Of the nightmare life’s become
I asked a man in the street today
Or was it yesterday or the day before?
“Is there something I’ve not seen?
Is there something inbetween?
Did it change so fast or was it just a dream?”

Exert from May Day by BJH

188330 captainbeefheart, replying to captainbeefheart, 5, #449 of 1564 🔗

From the Guardian (the true guardians of the press and all of our rights, whom without we’d all be locked up in our homes or something)…

“The Matt Hancock Commons statement is over. He faced considerable criticism from MPs from Greater Manchester, with one of the most damning questions coming from a fellow Conservative, William Wragg , who represents Hazel Grove. Wragg said:

News from Greater Manchester where the impossible has been achieved – all of the members of parliament, the leaders of the councils, and indeed the mayor, surprisingly, are in agreement with one another.

The meeting we had earlier today [see 12.16pm] was entirely pointless. You may as well talk to a wall.

When are we going to be properly consulted, learn about measures via the right channels, rather than the media …

So even Tory MPs have not got a clue what’s is going on and have to get all of their information via the media. Fucking crazy…

188342 ▶▶ thinkaboutit, replying to captainbeefheart, 3, #450 of 1564 🔗

Well now the MPs know how we feel. I bet Hancock just did that preening grin of his.

188419 ▶▶▶ Nick Rose, replying to thinkaboutit, 3, #451 of 1564 🔗

If anybody ever deserves to meet Mr Baseball Bat down a dark alley, Hancock is the man.

188334 Eddy, replying to Eddy, 20, #452 of 1564 🔗

From the Anna Brees YouTube

Hello Anna I hope you are well. I have come to share my story with you. Which I would like you to make public please .

I am a 38 year old mum to two boys age 11 and 7, who has so far managed to carry on with life through this whole pandemic (I use that word lightly ). We have always home educated so in all honesty not much changed for us. I am one of those who would rather have a life and take our chances than live a lockdown life. I was at the London protest on the 29th August, as I feel forced testing, forced lockdown, forced mask wearing and all the rest was not right. I could feel from the very start our rights and freedom slipping away and with much research could see pretty clearly this pandemic was never going to be as they said it would. It wasn’t long after the pandemic was announced I was branded a conspiracy theorist and a tin foil hatter for sharing my thoughts and research on it all.

Anyway fast forward to now. Well the first week in October. Our 7-year-old son who has Down’s syndrome had a stroke. A massive shock to us as you can imagine. We were transferred from one hospital to another where he needed emergency surgery and his chances of making the surgery were very slim. I was told this alone at midnight after already having a very long and hard 24 hours pretty much alone! And then in the middle of all this I had to have a covid test. My son and my husband also had to have one. We are also not allowed to be here as a family. My eldest son won’t see his brother potentially for months now. And that alone breaks my heart. And my husband and I have to swap so one leaves one enters, we can never be together with our poorly son . We have not had more than 5 minutes in passing since this all happened 2 weeks ago. The time we need each other the most we are all pulled apart and have to deal with things on our own. Which is very tough going . And now back to the covid test. We as parents and my son that is in hospital have to have a test every single week while we are here . But the nurses don’t. They have one initial test and then are only tested again if they come in contact or show symptoms. I really can’t understand that as they go home , Go out and then deal with many different patients through the day. This is not me having a go at the nurses they are amazing and struggling to working under such rules, but the people above calling the shots I have an issue with.

Apart from the emotional impact of having an extremely poorly child and dealing with all that alone, then having to have tests which I am totally against just so I can be with my son. I wanted to share my story as for some of us it’s not about not being able to go to the pub, or out for lunch , this is about our rights as a family to be together at such a hard time. And it’s for people like myself why I was at the protest. For the people in care homes and hospital who are all alone. Needing family with them but these rules don’t allow it. Just a few weeks of this is destroying me so i really do feel for those who have endured months of this! I don’t think many will survive a lonely winter and this breaks my heart. And then today we are told the accommodation closer to the hospital we have been waiting for we now can’t have as we can’t have our 11-year-old son with us there down to these beloved Covid rules. From one extremely stressed mum who needs her family with her right now but can’t have that because if Covid. Those in charge have no idea what this is doing to people’s mental health and with this lasting potentially quite a few months for us I’m finding it extremely difficult .

The blessing to end this story is that our son Oscar is making a good recovery. Very slow and long journey ahead but going in the right direction.

Thank you Anna for the amazing work you are doing, you are very much appreciated by very many of us. As no one else seems to care like you do
Show less

188340 ▶▶ thinkaboutit, replying to Eddy, 4, #453 of 1564 🔗

One day a stressed parent will go all Travis Bickle on the hospital staff and it will not end well.

188356 ▶▶ Country Mumkin, replying to Eddy, 4, #454 of 1564 🔗

Heart breaking

188365 ▶▶ Janice21, replying to Eddy, 2, #455 of 1564 🔗

Dear help you. My heart goes out to you and your family and I pray your son will get better.

188384 ▶▶ CGL, replying to Eddy, 4, #456 of 1564 🔗

Jesus, Mary and Joseph – there can’t possibly be more evil in hell than on this earth at the moment

188412 ▶▶ Richard O, replying to Eddy, 1, #457 of 1564 🔗

The equanimity under such a strain is remarkable. Had the same circumstances befallen me, I will happily admit that there would have been serious collateral damage in reaction to the disgusting, inhuman treatment received.

Sometimes you have to suspend conscience in order to reach the other side. Be the psychopath for a while. It gets things done.

188336 Achilles, replying to Achilles, 16, #458 of 1564 🔗

Just a suggestion to anyone who’s lost their job due to the lockdown. Why not try retraining as a journalist? It’s the easiest gig in the world at the moment. No knowledge or critical thinking required. You don’t even need to ask anyone any questions, as long as you have a TV, the internet and Twitter you’re good to go.

188339 ▶▶ PatrickF, replying to Achilles, 5, #459 of 1564 🔗

You also need to write your story in advance of the event you’re covering and conclude your piece with “in the opinion of David Icke.”

188337 Tarfu, #460 of 1564 🔗

Have just read the Hector Drummond article ‘The chaos in the UK SARS-CoV-2 testing system’ as listed in today’s Roundup. As the results from PCR testing are central to virtually all decision making by local and central authorities, this should surely be given greater exposure in Toby’s daily exposé

188341 Mayo, replying to Mayo, -5, #461 of 1564 🔗

Not good from the Covid symptom app.

It looked as though the infection rate was slowing a few days ago but it seems to have gained a second wind. If this is an indicator of future daily tests (it usually does) we’re going to be seeing some big numbers in the coming days and weeks.

188343 ▶▶ Eddy, replying to Mayo, #462 of 1564 🔗


188349 ▶▶ RickH, replying to Mayo, 1, #463 of 1564 🔗

The death rate is a fact; anything beyond this is an inference.” – William Farr

… and he didn’t have to deal with bollocks like the Covid symptom app., the PCR test, or plain hyperbole and dishonesty.

Which is why he got quite a few things right, as opposed to most things wrong. Progress? Nope.

And the death rate? Minimal.

188385 ▶▶▶ CGL, replying to RickH, #464 of 1564 🔗

100% isn’t it?

188409 ▶▶▶▶ Nick Rose, replying to CGL, 1, #465 of 1564 🔗

Absolutely even. One death per person.

188835 ▶▶▶ Mayo, replying to RickH, #466 of 1564 🔗

And the death rate? Minimal.

It’s increasing.

188352 ▶▶ Charlie Blue, replying to Mayo, 3, #467 of 1564 🔗

Would we not expect that for this time of year? More folks with coughs and temperature for various reasons. I have always been puzzled by the argument that loss of taste and smell are somehow unique to covuid 19. My body must be faulty- I can never taste or smell anything when I have a cold and it often takes time to recover those senses.

188393 ▶▶▶ mhcp, replying to Charlie Blue, 1, #468 of 1564 🔗

That’s right. A baseline of common flu and cold symptoms would be needed before you can test unique differences. That hasn’t been done. It’s all subjective and cherry picked.

188825 ▶▶▶ Mayo, replying to Charlie Blue, #469 of 1564 🔗

Yes – and that might explain a small proportion of the numbers but I’m not sure they explain the trend.

188373 ▶▶ steve_w, replying to Mayo, 1, #470 of 1564 🔗

an increase from about 19,000 2 weeks ago to 27,000 today. hardly doubling every week. just going up like colds and flu and false positives do every winter

188831 ▶▶▶ Mayo, replying to steve_w, #471 of 1564 🔗

What do those numbers refer to?

188347 Ruth Sharpe, replying to Ruth Sharpe, 17, #472 of 1564 🔗

My solution to those that have instigated the last 7 months and counting is as follows:

– they should all be put in the worse care homes in the country for the minimum time of the lockdown, ie 7 months and counting. No relaxation in time, because care home residents have not had any.
– they should be allowed no visiting access by friends and family; their access to the outside world are those iPads that Matt Hancock insisted were a brilliant technical solution to people not seeing their family. No instruction should be given on how to use it.
– care is limited to personal care; am to get them up for a total of 15 minutes & pm to put them to bed; bedtimes at 6pm. Meals delivered to the door & put through a flap in the door, specially tray-shaped.
– carers to wear PPE at all times when entering the rooms & the ‘residents’ must also wear masks, so as not to infect the carers.
– no doctor access, only by phone & then managed by the care home, depending on how seriously ill they think the person is.
– must sign ‘no resuscitation’ declarations.
– regular swab tests for the virus whether they show signs of having the virus or not.
– must remain in their rooms 24 hours a day, so they don’t become infected. Likewise no interaction with fellow residents.

Please feel free to add to the list, but I am keen that their experience should be no different to that which the residents of care homes have suffered this year & continue to suffer.

188354 ▶▶ TheBluePill, replying to Ruth Sharpe, 5, #473 of 1564 🔗

Don’t forget to make sure you dial the PCR cycles up to 60 and when they are positively tested each day, lock them in solitary for 24 hours without water.

188405 ▶▶ Nick Rose, replying to Ruth Sharpe, 1, #474 of 1564 🔗

Sounds just to me.

188421 ▶▶ Richard O, replying to Ruth Sharpe, 3, #475 of 1564 🔗

Two words: Guantanamo Bay.

Thereafter, everything else will take care of itself.

188433 ▶▶ Fed up, replying to Ruth Sharpe, 3, #476 of 1564 🔗

for a treat, they are allowed to see nearest and dearest (masked obviously even though their visitors will be outdoors probably in driving rain) from inside a Perspex box. To communicate, as box is soundproofed, they must either use sign language or phones. At all times attended by a carer in full PPE to prevent them from touching Perspex box and contaminating it with the deadly virus they may be carrying. They of course will need to be re-tested after this ‘visit’.

188443 ▶▶ Ruth Sharpe, replying to Ruth Sharpe, #477 of 1564 🔗

Many thanks for replying. Would be a very neat way of dealing with TPTB.

189236 ▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to Ruth Sharpe, #478 of 1564 🔗

They should be locked up like those students and sent out of date food all day, every day.

188350 Stuart, replying to Stuart, 7, #479 of 1564 🔗

Why should the use of armed police be confined to the closure of a Liverpudlian gym?

Are there not Covid deniers, lockdown recalcitrants, mask scofflaws and distance infringers on every street corner in the country, who need to be shot in the head?

188360 ▶▶ Fingerache Philip., replying to Stuart, 1, #480 of 1564 🔗

Don’t encourage em!

188406 ▶▶ TJN, replying to Stuart, 2, #481 of 1564 🔗

Back in April the TJN family (Mr, Mrs, a 4-y-o and 2-y-o) got stopped by an Armed Response Unit while out walking alone at a local beauty spot. Guns and tasers.

Got really shitty with us when we refused to say where we were from.

188429 ▶▶▶ Nigel Sherratt, replying to TJN, 3, #482 of 1564 🔗

Well done!

188434 ▶▶ Achilles, replying to Stuart, 2, #483 of 1564 🔗

I assumed they sent in the armed police because all the normal plod are too busy trawling the internet for hate speech.

188440 ▶▶▶ Mr Dee, replying to Achilles, 1, #484 of 1564 🔗

The armed fellas were actually the new Covid Marshals.

188719 ▶▶▶ JohnB, replying to Achilles, #485 of 1564 🔗

Them as can read, maybe …

188611 ▶▶ SweetBabyCheeses, replying to Stuart, #486 of 1564 🔗

Depressingly that’s what a lot of the social media comments say. Basically “it’s outrageous that police are at your gym. They should be in Asda where maskless people aren’t following the direction arrows”.

188357 David, 1, #487 of 1564 🔗

Here is a gofundme where you can support the brave lad standing up to those armed police thugs.

188358 Jo, replying to Jo, 6, #488 of 1564 🔗


Mike Yeadon says his “killer” paper is going to be published on Friday. Let’s see who can get if first up on here!

188369 ▶▶ Ceriain, replying to Jo, 2, #489 of 1564 🔗

He’ll get the same treatment the MSM, social media and other scientists have given the GB Declaration. ;(

188388 ▶▶ Thomas_E, replying to Jo, 1, #490 of 1564 🔗

So what..they will ignore it..

188361 Cecil B, replying to Cecil B, 1, #491 of 1564 🔗

So they murdered all the people in the care homes. Who knew?

188366 ▶▶ stefarm, replying to Cecil B, #492 of 1564 🔗

They did….

188362 DRW, 2, #493 of 1564 🔗

r/lockdownskepticism will hold an “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) with GBD author Jay Bhattacharya on Saturday.
It’ll be interesting to see how that goes.

188367 Steve Martindale, replying to Steve Martindale, #494 of 1564 🔗

Following all the doom and gloom today I was just trying to see who could now do what? It is difficult to separate the actual legal requirements from the guidelines.
Legally is an area in tier 1 or 2 or is it the people?
Does anyone know what the law actually says?
That is to say can people from a tier 2 area (our family in London) travel to a tier 1 area (our house in Devon)?
If that is allowed, once in the tier 1 area are the people from London then just subject to tier 1 rules, i.e. the rule of 6.
Basically although we cannot now travel in to London to visit/stay with them can they travel to Devon to stay with us? We do need to get this right as people locally are a bit keen on getting these things correct.
I am sure the Gov do not want this to happen but I would be interested to now what he law actually says on this matter? Thanks

188601 ▶▶ SweetBabyCheeses, replying to Steve Martindale, 1, #495 of 1564 🔗

I agree Steve. I used to think I was pretty on top of the law vs. Fiction/guidelines/advice/request etc but I admit to being completely lost now.
I think I’d opt to take the FPN to court rather than pay it as I’m pretty sure they’ll all get thrown out eventually.

188371 stefarm, 6, #496 of 1564 🔗

I waved to all of the faceless zombies on the bus, they didn’t wave back.

188379 Paul, replying to Paul, 2, #497 of 1564 🔗

I’ve no confirmation it’s true,but my nephew who works for ASDA says they are planning to insist on the track and trace app for entry to the shops.
Don’t shoot the messenger if it’s not true but he says it the story is being repeated by a lot of the staff.

188389 ▶▶ Tenchy, replying to Paul, 2, #498 of 1564 🔗

If it’s true, it’s madness of the highest order. It could potentially lead to massive self isolation where there’s no need of it.

188390 ▶▶ steve_w, replying to Paul, 3, #499 of 1564 🔗

I just wave my phone at it and say I’ve checked in. No-one has asked for proof

188400 ▶▶▶ Fingerache Philip., replying to steve_w, #500 of 1564 🔗

Do it all the time.

188391 ▶▶ Tenchy, replying to Paul, 3, #501 of 1564 🔗

And another thing; how might they handle the large numbers of shoppers who don’t have a smartphone?

188397 ▶▶ Mark, replying to Paul, #502 of 1564 🔗

I don’t mind any of these corporate insanities, as long as they don’t become widespread. As long as it’s possible to just shop elsewhere, it’s fine.

188398 ▶▶ Fingerache Philip., replying to Paul, 1, #503 of 1564 🔗

Yes, we saw the notices ( like the ones in restaurants and coffee shops) in Leading labels,” a clothing store in Kidderminster, but to be fair, the staff never even mentioned it.

188427 ▶▶ Bella Donna, replying to Paul, 1, #504 of 1564 🔗

If seems FO is going to be used more often.

188438 ▶▶ DRW, replying to Paul, 2, #505 of 1564 🔗

Today’s T&T, tomorrow’s vaccine ID.

188454 ▶▶ bucky99, replying to Paul, 1, #506 of 1564 🔗

Anyone got a link to where you can get the spoof version? (For iOS, rather the Android )?

188455 ▶▶▶ nocheesegromit, replying to bucky99, 1, #507 of 1564 🔗

It’s covid1984.info but it hasn’t worked for ages sadly.

188502 ▶▶▶▶ JamesDrebin, replying to nocheesegromit, 1, #508 of 1564 🔗

I can understand the powers that be managing to get the apps taken down, but the HTML web version also got squashed, too. Amazing a mirror hasn’t been put up that is hosted in a place they can’t touch…

188557 ▶▶▶▶▶ nocheesegromit, replying to JamesDrebin, 1, #509 of 1564 🔗

Yes I’m sure some clever bugger could do that!

188410 ▶▶ Ceriain, replying to AnotherSceptic, 6, #511 of 1564 🔗

13 people died who had previously tested positive

She doesn’t, of course, mention what they actually died of.

188424 ▶▶▶ Bella Donna, replying to Ceriain, 3, #512 of 1564 🔗

It was probably suicide!

188448 ▶▶▶▶ calchas, replying to Bella Donna, 3, #513 of 1564 🔗

That’s the psychosomatic effect of the virus kicking in.


188432 ▶▶▶ stefarm, replying to Ceriain, 1, #514 of 1564 🔗

And when they tested +, a day, week, month ago

188381 steve_w, replying to steve_w, 3, #515 of 1564 🔗


still no excess deaths across europe. don’t know what the fuss is all about

188401 ▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to steve_w, 2, #516 of 1564 🔗

That is so revealing. All within normal range at the moment

188437 ▶▶▶ Mr Dee, replying to BeBopRockSteady, #517 of 1564 🔗

If you zoom in on the last bit of the data, you’ll see (assuming I’ve uploaded the image correctly!) that N.Ireland and in particalur Wales are actually below normal range (Wales well below it).

188442 ▶▶▶▶ steve_w, replying to Mr Dee, #518 of 1564 🔗

france often is and then it readjusts because data comes in late. it caused me consternation earlier in the ‘pandemic’ – just poor data

188449 ▶▶▶ RickH, replying to BeBopRockSteady, 1, #519 of 1564 🔗

Yes – it’s f.ing obvious to anyone with a bit of a brain and a pair of eyes, you would think.

188402 ▶▶ TheBluePill, replying to steve_w, 1, #520 of 1564 🔗

That’s really incontrovertible. Apart from the Spring peak there has been no substantial increase beyond the summer heat wave spike.

188436 ▶▶▶ Kev, replying to TheBluePill, #521 of 1564 🔗

But what happened back in early 2018, we should have a retrospective shutdown surely.

188447 ▶▶▶ steve_w, replying to TheBluePill, #522 of 1564 🔗

its about what ‘could’ happen

like Neil Fergusons ‘if Aids became able to pass by inhaling farts and it had a IFR of 99%…’

188446 ▶▶ calchas, replying to steve_w, #523 of 1564 🔗

Yes, but a good hard lockdown, combined with moving people back and forth between hospitals and care homes should get that up again.

In the next few months the closedown of the NHS, with all of those missed cancer screenings and operations,will also start to make an impact.

188450 ▶▶▶ steve_w, replying to calchas, 1, #524 of 1564 🔗

I think the 60,000 excess deaths from the spike would have been made back by xmas as they would all have died soon anyway. it didn’t because the NHS closed and thats killing younger people.

188607 ▶▶ PatrickF, replying to steve_w, #525 of 1564 🔗

FFS, when will people get a grip and start dying in serious numbers? Come on people. A big Jones Town effort is needed. Don’t disappoint Whitty and Vallance!

188383 RyanM, 1, #526 of 1564 🔗

we never did get to hear about the hunt. I half envision James having grazed one of the beaters with his 20 gauge, and the guys having taken a vow to never speak of the incident again.

188387 godowneasy, replying to godowneasy, 4, #527 of 1564 🔗

Stunningly pathetic attack on “Covidiots” in the Irish Times:


Contains two classic paragraphs:

Covidiots are to be found in all age groups including the young, yes, but also including their betters. The guy I saw walking through a busy shopping centre with his family who raised his mask to sneeze into the general vicinity was in his 30s.

Their “betters”!!!!!!!!!!

My favourite:

Community irresponsibility contributes to all of this in the same way that buying cocaine from your local friendly dealer contributes to the long line of criminality behind it.

As they say: Worth reading in full (but only if you can face it)

188408 ▶▶ stefarm, replying to godowneasy, 1, #528 of 1564 🔗

My drug dealer isn’t very friendly

188415 ▶▶ Nigel Sherratt, replying to godowneasy, 6, #529 of 1564 🔗

Sneezing is not a C-19 symptom (CDC, WHO, Boots ). Everything else is of course including feeling fine.

188613 ▶▶ PatrickF, replying to godowneasy, #530 of 1564 🔗

I can only face it in my mask!

188394 Salopian, 7, #531 of 1564 🔗

lockdown is a crime .
Cockwomble and co are criminals .

188395 steve_w, replying to steve_w, 12, #532 of 1564 🔗

Had a lovely meal out last night. No need to leave details – I said I’d forgotten phone and they said just do it later and didn’t. Waiter was pleasant – came over for a chat and took his mask off. I left a tip

188616 ▶▶ PatrickF, replying to steve_w, #533 of 1564 🔗

That’s 10% for service and 15% for taking your mask off!

188396 Kev, replying to Kev, 6, #534 of 1564 🔗
188399 ▶▶ Tenchy, replying to Kev, 7, #535 of 1564 🔗

“Reimagine”. Fuck off! The word is one of the stupidest I’ve come across. It’s only used by thick twats.

188435 ▶▶▶ DRW, replying to Tenchy, 1, #536 of 1564 🔗

Key one: Reset.

188518 ▶▶▶ Cicatriz, replying to Tenchy, 1, #537 of 1564 🔗

I imagined I had a social life, apparenlty. Although it may also be true.

188526 ▶▶▶ Julian, replying to Tenchy, 2, #538 of 1564 🔗

“Reimagine” = the world needs to change in the way that I think it should, because I am more important and wiser than other people.

189348 ▶▶▶ chris c, replying to Tenchy, 1, #539 of 1564 🔗

ReImagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do . . .

188404 ▶▶ Bella Donna, replying to Kev, 3, #540 of 1564 🔗

And my goodness me aren’t they taking advantage of peoples fear and stupidity!

188465 ▶▶ Two-Six, replying to Kev, 2, #541 of 1564 🔗

Klaus Schwab lives in a rock, pool, imagining his future.

188495 ▶▶ Eddy, replying to Kev, 1, #542 of 1564 🔗

This cunt

188403 Janice21, 4, #543 of 1564 🔗

Why I do it to myself I do not know but on the Daily Fail today –

Slamming the Queens appearance for there being no masks (outdoors)

Then slamming Donald Trump for him saying his son had the virus (or symptoms) for ‘like 2 seconds’ (I did laugh at that!)

Only a tiny section on slamming how much Covid test and trace consultants are getting paid daily.

Think I shall switch off from the media fairly soon today! It definitely does your nut in!

188413 Mabel Cow, replying to Mabel Cow, 3, #544 of 1564 🔗

Ooooooh, new logo. Shiny.

188466 ▶▶ Ed Phillips, replying to Mabel Cow, 1, #545 of 1564 🔗

I don’t like it.

188704 ▶▶▶ Mabel Cow, replying to Ed Phillips, #546 of 1564 🔗

Me neither. And I find the new comment font to be borderline illegible.

I will probably use a browser extension to change the font to something that works better for my poor old eyes.

188414 Bella Donna, 4, #547 of 1564 🔗

Remember when Treason May referred to the Conservative Party as the Nasty Party? I think she was misquoted she meant the Nazi Partyl

188417 AnotherSceptic, 2, #548 of 1564 🔗

Interesting Reading….
Shame that Nicola the dictator doesn’t mention it…


Quote from the page..

“ Of those who died with COVID-19 between March and September, 92% had at least one pre-existing condition. The most common main pre-existing condition among those who died with COVID-19 was dementia and Alzheimer’s disease (31%), followed by ischaemic heart disease (13%).”


“ Deaths involving COVID-19 are at a slightly higher level now than in July and August, but much lower than at the height of the pandemic”

188418 TJN, 2, #549 of 1564 🔗

‘The ides of October are come.

Ay, TJN; but not gone’

Pretty depressing day so far. Never mind. Keep buggering on.

188420 Cecil B, replying to Cecil B, 13, #550 of 1564 🔗

So First Minister Mark Drakeford is to have anyone who crosses the border into Wales arrested

I think he should spend less time telling us what to do and more time telling his son not to be a rapist

188581 ▶▶ SweetBabyCheeses, replying to Cecil B, #551 of 1564 🔗

Nor a paedo. Claims to have ASD and low IQ as a defence but was cunning enough to try to pretend his FB account had been hacked rather than admit he was trying to meet children.

188422 Two-Six, replying to Two-Six, 23, #552 of 1564 🔗

I think that new guidlines should make it mandatory to wear a hat with a sort of day-glow weather vane on it. A £1000 fine for non compliance, no exemptions.

Then when meeting others outside people could clearly see which way the wind was blowing and then be able to safely position themselves downwind of the other person before speaking.

The two individuals instigating a dialogue session could then take it in turns to speak, re-position themselves down wind (adhering to social distancing guidelines at all times) and reply.

In doing so interactions conducted in an outside environment could be done in a very safe manner. Unless the wind isn’t blowing, then obviously inter-human interaction must be curtailed.

I can’t believe these numpties in Parliament haven’t thought of this already. Idiots. It’s bread and butter stuff.

188540 ▶▶ Bill h, replying to Two-Six, 1, #553 of 1564 🔗

Oh no, this could be very unsafe.

During a conversation, in moving downwind, one would have to keep full spatial awareness. ( App available).

If awareness were to be lost, even for a second or two, one could stumble into the path of a speeding truck and immediately register as yet another corona death !

188431 nocheesegromit, replying to nocheesegromit, 8, #554 of 1564 🔗

I have created a Twitter account for my website. Give it a follow if you use Twitter! https://twitter.com/covid19lowdown

I will be tweeting various accounts to see if they can spread the word.

188529 ▶▶ Jo, replying to nocheesegromit, #555 of 1564 🔗

I am following you!

189230 ▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to nocheesegromit, #556 of 1564 🔗

Have just followed you!

188439 IsabelleG, replying to IsabelleG, 20, #557 of 1564 🔗

Each and every day it becomes clearer that our society has lost the ability to identify and address the root causes of an issue instead of wasting vast amounts of money and energy to “eradicate” its mere symptoms.

As we know by now, obesity, diabetes, hypertension and/or a lack of Vitamin D are closely linked to (if not prerequisite for) a severe bout of Covid-19.

But instead of admitting that a vast amount of people in the Western world are too obese, don’t exercise enough, don’t spend enough time outdoors and don’t eat particularly healthy, we’re trying to cover up the truth by fighting a virus that has brought these inconvenient truths to the surface. In essence, we’re silencing the whistle blower.

188445 ▶▶ Tommo, replying to IsabelleG, 1, #558 of 1564 🔗


188453 ▶▶ charleyfarley, replying to IsabelleG, 2, #559 of 1564 🔗

Great comment.

188461 ▶▶ calchas, replying to IsabelleG, 1, #560 of 1564 🔗

But if people did all that Isabelle, then the pharma industry would make much less money, and so would the big tech companies, because people would be outside meeting other people in real life instead of being behind a screen.

Big tech + Big pharma = symbiosis

188463 ▶▶ DRW, replying to IsabelleG, 3, #561 of 1564 🔗

The problem is that there aren’t billions to made from natural health.

188467 ▶▶ TJN, replying to IsabelleG, 3, #562 of 1564 🔗

Yes, there’s a gift in every problem. The message from covid is that far too many westerners have neglected basic tenets of good health.

189362 ▶▶ chris c, replying to IsabelleG, #563 of 1564 🔗


And how odd that when I was young there was not much obesity, diabetes etc. and since “healthy high carb low fat diets” were invented all these things have exploded. When my mother was young “everyone knew” that to lose weight you cut out starch and sugar, and some people still called dieting “Banting” the first time round. Even during the war and rationing there was far more health than today. But much less profit for the foodlike substance manufacturers and drug companies

188444 donotcomply, replying to donotcomply, 16, #564 of 1564 🔗

This site has become a joke. All you clowns still going on about ‘why are they doing this?’ ‘why are they not listening to the experts?’, ‘the numbers don’t justify this’ blah blah blah bleat bleat bleat.

How many times do you need to be fucked up the arse before you realise you are being fucked up the arse?

‘The Great Reset’ is not some fucking friendly marketing or advertising campaign. It is real and the child murdering psychopaths behind it all couldn’t give a flying fuck about any of you or how many of you they kill in order for their plan to be realised.

But yeah, keep on looing at stats and trying to find reason in ‘why are they doing this?’

Will you still be asking this question when they march you into an internment camp? I think so.

188479 ▶▶ Eddy, replying to donotcomply, 2, #565 of 1564 🔗

Correct. Facts and figures won’t win the war.

188486 ▶▶ JamesDrebin, replying to donotcomply, 1, #566 of 1564 🔗

I wish I could upvote you twice, so as to nullify the two blind and/or 77th members who downvoted you.

188508 ▶▶ Draper233, replying to donotcomply, #567 of 1564 🔗

Ok, you’re entitled to your opinion.

So what’s the plan then?

188520 ▶▶ Mr Dee, replying to donotcomply, #568 of 1564 🔗

If your version of the narrative is correct (and I’m not saying it isn’t), why haven’t they put us in internment camps already? It’s easily done, if you think about it. With the media on their side, the authorities, the police, the army etc, they could do this quite easily and everyone else is too terrified to even notice we’ve gone. It’s been months now – why the reticence on their part?

188541 ▶▶▶ Eddy, replying to Mr Dee, 1, #569 of 1564 🔗

60 million people in camps?

188543 ▶▶▶ zacaway, replying to Mr Dee, 3, #570 of 1564 🔗

a) they haven’t built them (yet)
b) it’s been quite effective so far to just order people to self-imprison at home

188565 ▶▶▶▶ Eddy, replying to zacaway, #571 of 1564 🔗

Exactly they don’t need them. The sheep will stay firmly in the pen.

188573 ▶▶▶ Thomas_E, replying to Mr Dee, 1, #572 of 1564 🔗

Why would they do that…They will now have their Brown Shirts aka Covid Marshalls with authority to us ”reasonable force”, people attacking other people for not wearing a mask, neighbors calling the police on children’s parties of 7, 90 percent of the country calling us idiots, scumm, we should all be arrested or put into camps ( love the BBC comment section)..There is no need , the sheeple will police themselves like in E Germany where STASI had 4-6 millions people working for them. Camps are so inefficient and costly to run.

188595 ▶▶▶▶ zacaway, replying to Thomas_E, 1, #573 of 1564 🔗

They won’t need to be restricted to “reasonable force” once they get the Covert Human Intelligence Bill passed. They’ll be able to just shoot us on the spot.

188522 ▶▶ Julian, replying to donotcomply, 3, #574 of 1564 🔗

A lot of the debate here is about how to persuade the public that the virus is not the threat they have been told it is, because if that happens the government loses the weapon of fear and imposing draconian measures becomes hugely more difficult.

188536 ▶▶▶ zacaway, replying to Julian, 3, #575 of 1564 🔗

I’m inclined to go with what is proposed in this article:


We’re barking up the wrong tree, people are just not getting / interested in how we are arguing our case. We should be emphasising much more the effects of lockdown – real deaths cause by Government policy. I think that is the only way to get through to people who are willing to give up their freedom for “protection”.

188544 ▶▶▶ Eddy, replying to Julian, #576 of 1564 🔗

The sheeple will not listen and they are the vast majority.

188700 ▶▶▶▶ Julian, replying to Eddy, #577 of 1564 🔗

The tide is turning, slowly. Too slowly for my liking, but absent better suggestions we just have to KBO.

188566 ▶▶ Humanity First, replying to donotcomply, 1, #578 of 1564 🔗

Spot on.

The main purpose of internment camps is to confine, and restrict the movement of, people.

You don’t need to go through the cost and trouble of building them if you can transform the entire country into a virtual internment camp through ‘lockdown’ (plus in this way you get the inmates to pay for their own food and electricity.)

188574 ▶▶ Mabel Cow, replying to donotcomply, 2, #579 of 1564 🔗

Your points are valid. What should we do, specifically?

188740 ▶▶ pmdl, replying to donotcomply, #580 of 1564 🔗

Agree. People need to realise that what is taking place is designed to bring them to their knees, so they beg for the new social credit system , bio surveillancestate and they can go back to any modicum of what would be called normality.

188452 PastImperfect, #582 of 1564 🔗
188456 The Filthy Engineer, replying to The Filthy Engineer, 4, #583 of 1564 🔗

Is the worm turning?

Coronavirus: French police raid ministers’ homes in pandemic inquiry


Maybe not:


My answer to Michelle would be, “fuck off and mind your own business”. Then you wouldn’t get “bawled at”.

188475 ▶▶ Paul, replying to The Filthy Engineer, 2, #584 of 1564 🔗

Perhaps Michelle should keep her big mouth shut and just serve the customers that pay her wages,problem sorted.

188457 Awkward Git, replying to Awkward Git, 79, #585 of 1564 🔗

Shock horror, step back in amazement.

I have received an answer from the BMA with regards my e-mail on their 2 press releases on mask wearing and face coverings.

Here it is, enjoy:

“Thank you for contacting the BMA regarding the wearing of facemasks outdoors.

We understand that many people have different opinions regarding the wearing of facemasks, so I have therefore outlined the BMA’s stance on wearing facemasks below.

•            Masks have come to be regarded as an important non pharmaceutical intervention in the fight against COVID-19, widely employed by governments over the world.
•            Our recent press release called for more widespread usage including in offices and workplaces where more than one employee is present and outside in situations where social distancing is not possible.
•            We appreciate that this is an area in which there is little high-quality empirical evidence. There is, for example, a lack of randomised control trials showing that mask wearing is effective (either indoors or outdoors).
•            Our support for mask wearing is based on a precautionary approach – that on the balance of available evidence it is very likely to be of more benefit than harm.
•            While it is well accepted that the risk of transmission outdoors is lower than indoors however it is not zero and rises greatly when people are unable to socially distance – the BMA therefore supports measures to increase mask wearing in such settings.

I hope this helps provide you with clarity on the matter.”

So I’ve replied:

Thank you very much for your reply.

It was very enlightening.

So basically you have no evidence that masks work in any setting but as a “precaution” everybody should wear them anyway.

For the precautionary principle to work you need to have proof that the measures you are taking cause less harm than taking no action.

You cannot prove this with your statements on the lack of effectiveness of masks, it is wishful thinking.

When you look at the overwhelming and ever increasing research that proves that the use of masks is not as “safe” as is implied by your statement the “precautionary principle” cannot be applied as the measures are more dangerous that what they are supposed to stop so your argument is null and void .

The more that is found out about “covid-19” the less dangerous it is and it is now on par with “normal” influenza as stated by facts and figures from the CDC, WHO and the ONS so your arguments are null and void as influenza does not and never has warranted any of the measures that have been put in place in the past 7 months worldwide.

In the Hippocratic oath that supposedly medical personal but especially doctors swear on qualifying are the phrases:

I will respect the hard-won scientific gains of those physicians in whose steps I walk, and gladly share such knowledge as is mine with those who are to follow.

So you are ignoring all the scientific evidence that prove that masks are ineffective as a non-pharmaceutical intervention.

I will prevent disease whenever I can, for prevention is preferable to cure.

So you are advocating and recommending something that can lead to death from a lung infection and many other illnesses and complications while promoting the precautionary principle.

You are arguing against yourselves and the Hippocratic oath the medical industry is so proud of is null and void at present.

Or in the Declaration of Geneva:

THE HEALTH AND WELL-BEING OF MY PATIENT will be my first consideration

I WILL PRACTICE my profession with conscience and dignity and in accordance with good medical practice

These are null and void as well.

And most importantly:

I WILL NOT USE my medical knowledge to violate human rights and civil liberties, even under threat

When you read the Amnesty International report on what has been happening in UK Care hoems and the incidents of GPs, doctors and hospitals refusing the residents care and medical treatment and locking them up for months on end without human and loving contact there was no respect for for human rights and civil liberties so again, null and void part of an oath.

Your public image of a caring profession is now in tatters with your oaths ignored and your advocating of measures that border on superstition, not scientific fact making it look as if this was the middle ages again.

Once again, thank you for your open and honest reply.”

188464 ▶▶ Ed Phillips, replying to Awkward Git, 9, #586 of 1564 🔗

Excellent job as usual AG. The bolded sections of their response to you say it all.

188472 ▶▶ The Filthy Engineer, replying to Awkward Git, 13, #587 of 1564 🔗

“Our support for mask wearing is based on a precautionary approach – that on the balance of available evidence it is very likely to be of more benefit than harm.”

It’s the use of precautionary principle that really grips my shit because it’s a cop out of a proper analysis of the risk/benefit.

188473 ▶▶ mhcp, replying to Awkward Git, 4, #588 of 1564 🔗

On the balance of evidence we are going to reject the Null Hypothesis because reasons.

188476 ▶▶ Kev, replying to Awkward Git, 5, #589 of 1564 🔗

Applying the precautionary principle, on the balance of evidence, would suggest that the wearing of masks in non-surgical settings cannot be justified.

188481 ▶▶ Richard O, replying to Awkward Git, 16, #590 of 1564 🔗

Outstanding work. There it is in black and white. There is no evidence for masks.

Forget all the conventions and oaths. Not worth the paper they are written on. Never have been, never will be.

188489 ▶▶ FlynnQuill, replying to Awkward Git, 12, #591 of 1564 🔗

Fantastic work, thank you. We all knew this was bollocks in the first place, but good to see they have basically admitted it; fools. Like you said, the precautionary principle they are trying to advocate falls apart when you look at the evidence of the dangers of prolonged wearing of masks. You couldn’t make it up. They have probably been leaned on by Herr Hancock; of course I have no proof of this.

188746 ▶▶▶ The Filthy Engineer, replying to FlynnQuill, 8, #592 of 1564 🔗

Even the WHO in a document linked here yesterday say the same about masks. I extracted the relevant text:

Face masks worn by asymptomatic people are conditionally recommended in severe epidemics or pandemics, to reduce transmission in the community. Disposable, surgical masks are recommended to be worn at all times by symptomatic individuals when in contact with other individuals. Although there is no evidence that this is effective in reducing transmission, there is mechanistic plausibility for the potential effectiveness of this measure.

Population: Population with symptomatic individuals; and general public for protection.

When to apply: At all times for symptomatic individuals (disposable surgical mask), and in severe epidemics or pandemics for public protection (face masks)” [Emphasis mine]

So in summary: The effectiveness of masks is only “plausible” not definitive.

188492 ▶▶ Draper233, replying to Awkward Git, 1, #593 of 1564 🔗


188494 ▶▶ Ceriain, replying to Awkward Git, 2, #594 of 1564 🔗

Fantastic, as always, AG.

188511 ▶▶ Mr Dee, replying to Awkward Git, 4, #595 of 1564 🔗

Thanks for that. Sent it to my mate, with whom I’m having an ongoing ‘mask/no mask’ discussion (he’s on the fence, leaning towards scepticism, but his wife’s gone full-on ‘wear a mask or kill grannies’ mode, poor chap).

A thought – mask mandates have been implemented in some parts of the world since the Spring and Summer. Do we have any information on experiments concerning the efficacy of mask-wearing since that time?

You’d think that by now the authorities mandating masks would have financed experiments to prove their position. If they haven’t, does this imply that they know they are on shaky ground.

188519 ▶▶ bucky99, replying to Awkward Git, 3, #596 of 1564 🔗

Top drawer! Love it.

188521 ▶▶ RickH, replying to Awkward Git, 6, #597 of 1564 🔗

You are spot on the money in general. But I’ll be a bit picky :

scientific evidence that prove that masks are ineffective “

I think we have to be precise, even given all the fictional shit from the other side – and it cannot be proved that masks are ineffective, because you cannot prove a negative.Basic scientific principle. It can be shown that their effectiveness cannot be substantiated, and therefore the null hypothesis is confirmed.

The major point is that the only evidence that will stand up is clear RCTs demonstrating the lack of transmission of Covid. All else is bollocks – in light of :

It can, however, be shown that the risk of possible harms are more substantial.Thus the reversal of an essential principle of medicine, and the corruption of the risk/harm balance.

188608 ▶▶ Basics, replying to Awkward Git, 2, #598 of 1564 🔗

Quite excellent and disgusting in equal measure. Thank you Mr A Git.

188637 ▶▶ Humanity First, replying to Awkward Git, 4, #599 of 1564 🔗

Superb as always AG!

You are a one-man ‘official narrative’ destroying wrecking machine!

Apart from the sincere and honourable exceptions, this episode has trashed the reputations of doctors/scientists – to be cast into the same dustbin as the politicians who preceded them.

We will always need REAL (non-compromised) experts and authorities to look up to.

However, in the post-COVID era not sure how many will be allowed a voice.

188673 ▶▶ PatrickF, replying to Awkward Git, 3, #600 of 1564 🔗

Superb refutation. Bravo!

188753 ▶▶ Ned of the Hills, replying to Awkward Git, 1, #601 of 1564 🔗

>>> >Our support for mask wearing is based on a precautionary approach that on the balance of available evidence it is very likely to be of more benefit than harm. <<<

I beg to differ – not when it saps people of fortitude.

189062 ▶▶ Rosie, replying to Awkward Git, #602 of 1564 🔗

I think it would be worth probing how they conclude that precaution falls on the side of wearing a mask rather than not wearing one.

189227 ▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to Awkward Git, 1, #603 of 1564 🔗

Well said AG!!! They’ve pretty much exposed themselves to be guided by superstition not by science and that they don’t care about the welfare of patients.

189305 ▶▶ Edward, replying to Awkward Git, 1, #604 of 1564 🔗

Excellent reply from you, ripping to shreds their misuse of the precautionary principle.
They probably won’t reply to me – I just told them to fuck off. I haven’t checked if anything came back to the old email address I used.

188458 godowneasy, replying to godowneasy, 5, #605 of 1564 🔗

More insanity from Ireland:

TÁNAISTE LEO VARADKAR has said that “if people aren’t doing what they need to do” the Living with Covid-19 roadmap is not going to work.

Speaking during Leaders’ Questions, Varadkar said that people need to follow public health advice “whether we’re at level 1,2,3,4, 5 or 26″.

Maybe the roadmap is not going to work because it is unworkable – aka “utter shite”.

188493 ▶▶ RickH, replying to godowneasy, #606 of 1564 🔗

V.D -KAR – like every other politician needs to be able to say ‘It’s all THEIR fault’

189077 ▶▶ Ewan Duffy, replying to godowneasy, #607 of 1564 🔗

if people aren’t doing what they need to do”

That line could be turned back against the State so easily. The police in Ireland forget that almost 100 years ago, their predecessor force was abolished due to their siding with the State against the people.

188459 Richard O, replying to Richard O, 12, #608 of 1564 🔗

One of the side effects of Covid is psychopathy. 2020 has resulted in my darkest thoughts ever, and this is with very stiff competition in this area from the last 47 years.

What worries me is that as things deteriorate yet further, and we hurtle headlong into the abyss, I will be unable to contain this darkness within my mind.

188505 ▶▶ GiftWrappedKittyCat, replying to Richard O, 3, #609 of 1564 🔗

Hang in there. We’re all with you and it’s got to get better sometime.

188507 ▶▶ charleyfarley, replying to Richard O, 3, #610 of 1564 🔗

Keep going, Richard. We need you with us to keep up the good fight. The tide is turning!

188512 ▶▶▶ Richard O, replying to charleyfarley, 4, #611 of 1564 🔗

Don’t worry about me, worry about those on the receiving end of me!

I will be on hand for black operations when the war turns hot.

188527 ▶▶ Fingerache Philip., replying to Richard O, 4, #612 of 1564 🔗

Keep in there, Richard, I’m 71 and I’ve dealt with far bigger bullies than these amateurs.

188535 ▶▶▶ Richard O, replying to Fingerache Philip., 3, #613 of 1564 🔗

Much appreciated. My thinking is crystal clear. Some of us will need to plumb the depths in order to win this war.

188546 ▶▶▶▶ Fingerache Philip., replying to Richard O, 2, #614 of 1564 🔗

Thank you, Richard We’ve all got to help one another at this time.
I honestly do think that the situation is on a knife edge and things are at last turning our way.

189316 ▶▶▶▶ TyLean, replying to Richard O, #615 of 1564 🔗

I couldn’t agree more Richard.

189535 ▶▶ Cheshirecatslave, replying to Richard O, #616 of 1564 🔗

It’s very hard to avoid dark thoughts. We have to hang in there.

188469 Tyneside Tigress, replying to Tyneside Tigress, 13, #617 of 1564 🔗

Further, regarding HM’s visit to Porton Down today. This was carefully choreographed, and is now the subject of discussion in the MSM regarding her, and everyone else being maskless, rather than why her first engagement in months was to the ‘control centre’ for coronavirus research. I hope the fact that she was maskless is a signal of ‘as you were’ to everyone, and that she will continue to be out and about maskless, including in inside spaces. Has she come to the rescue?

188477 ▶▶ Richard O, replying to Tyneside Tigress, 12, #618 of 1564 🔗

So Her Majesty’s first public appearance in months is at the UK’s biowarfare research facility, sans PPE.

They are laughing at us.

188485 ▶▶▶ Tyneside Tigress, replying to Richard O, 8, #619 of 1564 🔗

Maybe, but to be honest I didn’t read it that way (would have done if it had been Doris or Handsy). Why was she there in the first place? To receive or pass a message(s), outside of earshot from politicians. Why no mask? Because even as a 94 year-old in relatively good health, it is not necessary for protecting either her, or anyone else’s health.

188496 ▶▶▶▶ Richard O, replying to Tyneside Tigress, 2, #620 of 1564 🔗

The BBC reporters covering this must be in meltdown. How can they reconcile their servile deference to the monarchy with the Covid Cult regulations being broken by a prominent public figure?

188482 ▶▶ mhcp, replying to Tyneside Tigress, 10, #621 of 1564 🔗

A woman over 90 not wearing a mask.

As the Queen once said to a friend of mine who worked at the palace with her, when she was making tea for them all and he declined:

“My kitchen, My palace, My Country, my rules!”

To which he of course had another cup of tea.

If it’s good enough for the Queen it’s good enough reason for you.

188528 ▶▶▶ CGL, replying to mhcp, 1, #622 of 1564 🔗

Of course like a lot of people her age, she may be hoping against hope that she will get it and be one of the lucky 5% who get to move to a better place. It can’t be any bloody worse can it.

188533 ▶▶ Now More Than Ever, replying to Tyneside Tigress, 4, #623 of 1564 🔗

Would be interesting to know if she was asked if she would wear one, and told them to get stuffed. I think it’s entirely possible.

188625 ▶▶▶ Sam Vimes, replying to Now More Than Ever, 13, #624 of 1564 🔗

I like to think William said “We should wear masks, mama” and the Queen said “Like fuck we will, I’m The Queen, innit”.

189296 ▶▶▶▶ Edward, replying to Sam Vimes, #625 of 1564 🔗

Best laugh I’ve had today!

188551 ▶▶ Ceriain, replying to Tyneside Tigress, 7, #626 of 1564 🔗

Her Majesty could be one of us, Tigress.

She could be posting on here under an assumed name. 😉

188554 ▶▶▶ Richard O, replying to Ceriain, 24, #627 of 1564 🔗


188585 ▶▶▶▶ nowhereman, replying to Richard O, 2, #628 of 1564 🔗

Don’t normally uptick, but that is priceless!

188777 ▶▶▶▶ PoshPanic, replying to Richard O, #629 of 1564 🔗


189298 ▶▶▶▶ Edward, replying to Richard O, 2, #630 of 1564 🔗

No, I think he’s the Duke of Edinburgh.

188589 ▶▶▶ Tyneside Tigress, replying to Ceriain, 5, #631 of 1564 🔗

Pretty sure her daughter is – she’s certainly not a climate change zealot (speech she gave a few months ago).

188709 ▶▶▶ Will, replying to Ceriain, 1, #632 of 1564 🔗

I strongly suspect she and her husband would both be lockdown sceptics…

188560 ▶▶ RickH, replying to Tyneside Tigress, 1, #633 of 1564 🔗

Who gives a toss?

188593 ▶▶▶ Tyneside Tigress, replying to RickH, 4, #634 of 1564 🔗

The sizeable percentage of the population – especially in the elderly category – who respect the Queen.

188752 ▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to Tyneside Tigress, #635 of 1564 🔗

She’s exempt don’t you know

189217 ▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to Tyneside Tigress, 1, #636 of 1564 🔗

It’s good that she didn’t wear any muzzle. Seeing Camilla and Kate muzzled up during their engagements looked painful as both women looked like they were about to pass out.

188487 stefarm, replying to stefarm, #637 of 1564 🔗


BBC reporter sent to smear a protest meeting

188515 ▶▶ Julian, replying to stefarm, #638 of 1564 🔗

Talking of BBC reporters smearing protest meetings, I got this from Michael Wendling (who to his credit did me the courtesy of replying to emails and actually addressing my points) of their Misinformation Unit when I corresponded with him regarding what I felt was misrepresentative coverage of one of the London protests.

“Of course those who believe in conspiracy theories are not going to call their beliefs conspiracy theories, and are going to call themselves mainstream, moderate people.
We viewed footage of the speakers and spoke to people who were there.
We have no obligation to give a platform to erroneous ideas. We don’t, to take an extreme example, broadcast the manifestos of mass murderers alongside police statements so that people can “make up their own minds”.
I’m not saying the people there were violent. Some of them were (as the story reflected) were drawn by legitimate concerns. But the speakers (Mr Icke and others) were not expressing mainstream views that would benefit from airing and debate . “

188532 ▶▶▶ Mark, replying to Julian, #639 of 1564 🔗

I know we’ve discussed this before, but I’d love to see Wendling trying to address the point that most of today’s mainstream views on pc issues, that he undoubtedly holds as articles of faith,were, within living memory (just about), regarded as fringe radicalism.

188632 ▶▶▶▶ Julian, replying to Mark, #640 of 1564 🔗

From his (over) confident tone in my exchange with him, I expect he’d be just fine with that because what is now mainstream is what he likes and happens to agree with, and that means he gets to decide whose opinions should be aired.

I did point out to him that he was basically saying freedom of speech shouldn’t exist, and that the BBC had no business ruling on any of this and indeed had no business having a Misinformation unit, but at that point the correspondence stopped.

188665 ▶▶▶▶▶ Mark, replying to Julian, #641 of 1564 🔗

You disagreed with him and said things he didn’t want to hear, ergo you are an extremist peddling misinformation and to be ignored. Unless it’s possible to punish and silence you, obviously.

188647 ▶▶ Mrs issedoff, replying to stefarm, 4, #642 of 1564 🔗

You made a joke yesterday about taking me out, if my husband continues as he is I might be taking you up on it!. I was talking about muzzles and questioning why nearly everyone was complying, when there is so much evidence that they don’t do anything and it is about control. His response, that we have to do things we don’t always like in a civilized society!. My response, for f–k sake, we aren’t talking about committing murder, robbing people, drink driving, we are talking about being ordered to wear a soggy bit of cloth in order to look like pillocks.

188488 Mark, replying to Mark, 1, #643 of 1564 🔗

Police say Wales’s ban on English visitors from COVID hotspots is ‘UNENFORCEABLE’ as Tory MPs accuse ‘heavy handed’ Mark Drakeford of ‘having small man syndrome’ comment image
Police chiefs have warned Mark Drakeford’s plan to impose a travel ban on English visitors to Wales from coronavirus hotspots is ‘unenforceable’. The Welsh First Minister announced yesterday he intends to prohibit entry to people from areas with high levels of Covid-19 if Boris Johnson fails to impose UK-wide travel restrictions. But the Police Federation of England and Wales said ‘policing in Wales is already over-stretched due to the pandemic’ and the new measures would add ‘yet another level of complexity to policing’. Meanwhile, the proposals have sparked a furious political backlash with Tory MPs labelling the move ‘heavy handed and stupid’ as they also accused Mr Drakeford of being ‘guilty of small man syndrome’. Mr Drakeford defended his proposals this morning as he said police could use automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) technology to catch visitors from banned areas of the UK.

188491 ▶▶ Cecil B, replying to Mark, 4, #644 of 1564 🔗

Or rapists dad syndrom?

188503 ▶▶▶ JohnB, replying to Cecil B, 1, #645 of 1564 🔗

Is his son really a rapist ?

188509 ▶▶▶▶ Cecil B, replying to JohnB, 1, #646 of 1564 🔗

Yep doing seven years in the pokey, google it it will come up

188500 ▶▶ Cecil B, replying to Mark, 5, #647 of 1564 🔗

He can’t tell the police what to do, he has no power, as well as not having a fucking clue

188517 ▶▶ Ceriain, replying to Mark, 2, #648 of 1564 🔗

“… to catch visitors from banned areas of the UK.”

And do what with them exactly?

188524 ▶▶▶ Mark, replying to Ceriain, 1, #649 of 1564 🔗

If it’s anything like what they were doing in he early lockdown days, pull them over, give then a stupid policeman’s lecture and/or a ticket, and send them home.

188548 ▶▶▶ Mr Dee, replying to Ceriain, 3, #650 of 1564 🔗

Tickle them til they say sorry.

189067 ▶▶▶▶ Ewan Duffy, replying to Mr Dee, #651 of 1564 🔗

How do you do a socially distanced tickle? 🙂

188538 ▶▶ Telpin, replying to Mark, 1, #652 of 1564 🔗

This numpty apparently babysat me and my brothers when we were small. How would this work on people arriving on trains? Are we all going to questioned on disembarking from every station from Newport onwards. What sort of police state are these zealots creating? I always viewed going ‘home’ as going back to a friendly environment!!

188547 ▶▶ Mr Dee, replying to Mark, 1, #653 of 1564 🔗

So far, two weeks in, I’ve seen nothing to suggest it’s being enforced, at least on the border between NE Wales and Cheshire/Shropshire.

Although there was a traffic cop van emblazoned with “Stay Safe” in English and Welsh on the overpass as the A5 crosses into England the other day. Taking car regs? Or simply a speed camera?

188579 ▶▶▶ Stephanos, replying to Mr Dee, 4, #654 of 1564 🔗

Please don’t call them ‘speed cameras’. They are nothing of the sort. They are ‘tax cameras’. No more, no less, no other.

188584 ▶▶▶▶ Mr Dee, replying to Stephanos, 2, #655 of 1564 🔗

Oops, sorry, yes tax cameras. My mistake.

188591 ▶▶ HoMojo, replying to Mark, #656 of 1564 🔗

This man is unbelievably stupid.

188675 ▶▶ Silke David, replying to Mark, 1, #657 of 1564 🔗

In Germany number plates on cars show where you are from. My family lives on the border to Hamburg, which is actually one of the federal states. In April apparently police stopped people who live right on the border to drive to their nearest supermarket as it was across the border!

188490 swedenborg, replying to swedenborg, 7, #658 of 1564 🔗

https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.10.12.20211599v1 Less severe course of COVID-19 is associated with elevated levels of antibodies against seasonal human coronaviruses OC43 and HKU1 (HCoV OC43, HCoV HKU1)

“Patients with critical disease had significantly lower levels of HCoV OC43- (p=0.016) and HCoV HKU1-specific (p=0.023) antibodies at the first encounter compared to other COVID-19 patients. Our results indicate that previous infections with seasonal coronaviruses might protect against a severe course of disease.”

188531 ▶▶ swedenborg, replying to swedenborg, 1, #659 of 1564 🔗

Science is often contradictory

https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.10.10.20210070v1 Severe COVID-19 patients display a back boost of seasonal coronavirus-specific antibodies
 “Although patients mounted a mostly type-specific SARS-CoV-2 response, B-cell clones directed against seasonal CoV dominated and strongly increased over time. Seasonal CoV IgG responses that did not neutralize SARS-CoV-2 were boosted well beyond detectable cross-reactivity, particularly for HCoV-OC43 spike. These findings support a back-boost of poorly protective coronavirus-specific antibodies in severe COVID-19 patients that may negatively impact de novo SARS-CoV-2 immunity, reminiscent of original antigenic sin.

188497 Bill Grates, 5, #660 of 1564 🔗

At last many middle Englanders are finally realising all is not what it seems.

There isn’t a conspiracy, there is an Agenda , in fact there are multiple agendas going on at the same time.

The Govts UK and global will just keep moving the goal posts, re describe statistics and change response mechanisms until the WHO determines that the pandemic is over.

People need to read up on the WHO IHR and the obligations within. Also the work of the closely related GPMB see report “World at risk “ issued 2019.page 39.

This is a wholesale restructuring of society, Not a health crisis .

188514 ▶▶ Jo, replying to Jo, 1, #662 of 1564 🔗

Sorry if this has been posted before

188569 ▶▶▶ Ceriain, replying to Jo, 7, #663 of 1564 🔗

Never apologise for posting stuff that might have been posted before, Jo. This forum gets lots of new users, converts, people who have seen the light, every day.

It helps for them,and us, to get get reminded of what happened previously; gives a bit of context to the rubbish we are seeing now.

188691 ▶▶▶▶ Will, replying to Ceriain, #664 of 1564 🔗

And also it is very tricky finding stuff, or at least I find it tricky. I have just posted it on FB anyway.

188564 ▶▶ Ceriain, replying to Jo, 1, #665 of 1564 🔗

Good post, Jo. Are you like me and having real trouble remembering the lockdowns, shut pubs, masks, etc.?

188660 ▶▶▶ Jo, replying to Ceriain, 1, #666 of 1564 🔗

Yes, must be my age or too many pints! Actually, found that one from Simon Dolan’s twitter. (And a post of mine got a like from Mike Yeadon. I don’t do much twitter but good for keeping up with Carl et al.)

188516 Awkward Git, replying to Awkward Git, 24, #667 of 1564 🔗

Spot what’s wrong in this scene, I decided not to buy anything:

  • in a takeaway sandwich shop
  • waiting behind 2 unmasked builders as their order is made up
  • person making the sandwich pulls down mask, asks 1st builder if he wants salad
  • gets answer, pulls up mask
  • delves straight into salad contains with hands and puts stuff on sandwich
  • pull down mask, asks 2nd builder if he wants salad
  • delves straight into salad contains with hands and puts stuff on sandwich
  • repeats 2 more times with the sauce/mayonnaise/meat questions

And our illustrious leaders think they can “control the virus” when people cannot even understand the wash your hands properly, do not touch the mask instructions.

188570 ▶▶ Fingerache Philip., replying to Awkward Git, 2, #668 of 1564 🔗

The general level of public hygiene has always been poor.

188612 ▶▶▶ Sarigan, replying to Fingerache Philip., 1, #669 of 1564 🔗

Don’t worry ‘Global Handwashing Day’ will save us all:


188627 ▶▶▶▶ Fingerache Philip., replying to Sarigan, #670 of 1564 🔗

Yes,but is there enough room in the world to have a global 2 metre social distancing?

188951 ▶▶▶ Awkward Git, replying to Fingerache Philip., #671 of 1564 🔗

Wife says the woman’s are even worse and they are dirty bitches who use them.

188583 ▶▶ Basics, replying to Awkward Git, 1, #672 of 1564 🔗

Petri dish finger baths are not the future of mankind especially in the preparation of food.

188648 ▶▶ Sam Vimes, replying to Awkward Git, #673 of 1564 🔗

Yep. Normal food handling rules, law on smoke in pubs (doors constantly pegged open) and countless ‘regular’ diseases have all gone out the window, thanks to new, all purpose covid.

188664 ▶▶ Silke David, replying to Awkward Git, #674 of 1564 🔗

Was the server wearing gloves? Because the bacteria do not stick to latex or other gloves, you know….

188710 ▶▶ kf99, replying to Awkward Git, 1, #675 of 1564 🔗

For some reason everyone thinks the mere presence of a mask near their face is the most important thing, overriding all other advice. Who told them this? It’s very odd and could turn out to be one of the biggest causes of the spread.

189209 ▶▶ Iansn, replying to Awkward Git, #676 of 1564 🔗

I did my Royal Society of Health and Hygiene Exam 45 years ago, it gave me the understanding I needed for a career in the catering business. It took 1 year of 2 lessons a week plus constant training in the other courses followed by a reasobaly difficcult exam to prove you understood all the rpinciples as you can easily kill someone or make them seriously ill. It helps me to understand all of the current events. Nowadays its on online open book course or a one day visit followed by an open book exam.
This is the level of not just the average catering worker these days, but indicative of what we can expect the SPADS advising Wancock and co to know. Service staff take money with their blue gloves on pull down their masks and millions of other things.
remember at the start Wancock, Doris and Witless all got it together, so it shows what the fuck Witless knows about basic hygiene.

188523 nocheesegromit, replying to nocheesegromit, 25, #677 of 1564 🔗

Jeremy Vine on Twitter:
News organisations should not be calling any fresh national lockdown a “circuit-breaker.” This would suggest we know it will work, and we don’t.”

188530 ▶▶ Now More Than Ever, replying to nocheesegromit, 3, #678 of 1564 🔗

Good that Vine is sceptical. I didn’t think he was the type.

188586 ▶▶▶ 6097 Smith W, replying to Now More Than Ever, 1, #679 of 1564 🔗

Don’t think he is

188682 ▶▶▶ Will, replying to Now More Than Ever, 1, #680 of 1564 🔗

Sceptical or not, at least he is allowing both sides of the argument to be heard unlike almost everyone else at the BBC and should be commended for it.

188537 ▶▶ DRW, replying to nocheesegromit, 4, #681 of 1564 🔗

BBC won’t like that!

188562 ▶▶ Fingerache Philip., replying to nocheesegromit, 1, #682 of 1564 🔗

The expression ” It’s not rocket science” comes to mind.

188853 ▶▶ Ken Turner, replying to nocheesegromit, 1, #683 of 1564 🔗

Should be called a “business breaker” – more accurate descrption

188525 swedenborg, replying to swedenborg, 1, #684 of 1564 🔗


Jon Snow declaration in Lancet. The counterproposal to the “dangerous” GBD. This is the contra declaration supported by BMA, Richard Horton, lots of persons associated with CDC(Tom Frieden).As you can see more of the same test track and race will solve everything and they think they can avoid lockdown.
Interesting the first author has experienced long COVID which is now cornerstone in Project Fear as they cannot deny the low mortality in the young.

188670 ▶▶ leggy, replying to swedenborg, #685 of 1564 🔗

I had to go for a medical this week. The doctor told me he knew someone who had gone blind with Covid. That was a new one on me.

188692 ▶▶▶ zacaway, replying to leggy, 4, #686 of 1564 🔗

Maybe they had their mask covering their eyes!

189060 ▶▶▶ annie, replying to leggy, 1, #687 of 1564 🔗

Was his name Wancock?

189078 ▶▶▶▶ leggy, replying to annie, #688 of 1564 🔗

No, but he was wearing gloves, mask, face shield and a plastic pinny. I’m not ill by the way, it was a routine medical! He shared a pen and credit card machine with me later with no gloves etc. He did keep his mask on though!

I had to wear one, but I wore it inside out and upside down to take the piss.

188716 ▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to swedenborg, #689 of 1564 🔗

Surely this is gauntlet being thrown down now. They are putting their necks on the line.

189410 ▶▶▶ swedenborg, replying to BeBopRockSteady, #690 of 1564 🔗

Who needs fake signatures when the Jon Snow’s s lineup includes world-renowned epidemiologist and medical expert Chelsea Clinton?

188763 ▶▶ PoshPanic, replying to swedenborg, #691 of 1564 🔗

Wow, this is one hell of a strong statement..

This is a dangerous fallacy unsupported by scientific evidence

They then go on to use Japan as an example, ignoring the fact that serology studies there have shown 40%!

188855 ▶▶▶ Achilles, replying to PoshPanic, #692 of 1564 🔗

Dangerous fallacy unsupported by scientific evidence? So just like lockdown and masks then.

188534 nocheesegromit, 7, #693 of 1564 🔗

From the GBD FAQ:

The fake signatures are less than 1% of the total, and most have been removed from the count tracker.

Oh no! Looks like the smear campaign was wrong…

188539 Andrew, replying to Andrew, 11, #694 of 1564 🔗

I bet all the weak willed who gave in to mandatory muzzling are regretting it now. They were warned that it was only to keep fear on the boil until more restrictions could be brought in in the autumn.

188542 ▶▶ Alan P, replying to Andrew, 4, #695 of 1564 🔗

When (if) this is over, I’m expecting a response like that in the ex-occupied countries after the war to the collaborators.

I’ll be ready with the scissors and razor for the hair cuts (les tondues), others can grab the rotten fruit for the stocks and pilloried.

Start preparing folks!

188556 ▶▶▶ Fingerache Philip., replying to Alan P, #696 of 1564 🔗


188599 ▶▶▶▶ Kev, replying to Fingerache Philip., 1, #697 of 1564 🔗

Lamposts, Rope

188617 ▶▶▶▶▶ Fingerache Philip., replying to Kev, #698 of 1564 🔗


188555 ▶▶ Fingerache Philip., replying to Andrew, #699 of 1564 🔗

Serves em right.

188572 ▶▶ Richard O, replying to Andrew, 4, #700 of 1564 🔗

There will be a minority who are loving it, and will never part with their Covid fashion accessories.

As you say, there must be a few in the “go along to get along” crowd who are beginning to wonder just what they have let themselves (and everyone else) in for.

188615 ▶▶▶ Kev, replying to Richard O, 3, #701 of 1564 🔗

For the former group there is mask mouth, where their teeth and gums will rot unless they have urgent medical attention, which may not be available to them.

Not so smug when you look like a toothless hillbilly.

188619 ▶▶▶▶ Fingerache Philip., replying to Kev, #702 of 1564 🔗

I would say that the average hillbilly would have more sense than most of our fellow countrymen.

189211 ▶▶▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to Kev, #703 of 1564 🔗

If it isn’t mask mouth, it will be dermatitis or impetigo – imagine all those skin problems which will need a doctor not expensive creams to treat them.

Unfortunately for them the doctor won’t see them.

188545 captainbeefheart, replying to captainbeefheart, 2, #704 of 1564 🔗

Instead of waisting billions restoring the Palace of Westminster, can’t we just turn it into a prison for the criminally insane?

188552 ▶▶ Fingerache Philip., replying to captainbeefheart, 5, #705 of 1564 🔗

It is already, only the inmates just don’t realise it yet.

188652 ▶▶ zacaway, replying to captainbeefheart, #706 of 1564 🔗

It’s going to be redesigned to look like this

189435 ▶▶▶ John P, replying to zacaway, #707 of 1564 🔗

St Basil’s Cathedral?

188558 stefarm, replying to stefarm, 3, #708 of 1564 🔗

I think tomorrow I might walk around with my trousers around my ankles and pants on my head.

Do you think anyone will notice?

(Probably not as it’s a bit chilly out)

188575 ▶▶ Fingerache Philip., replying to stefarm, 3, #709 of 1564 🔗

Probably not, the majority can’t see over their masks.

188597 ▶▶▶ stefarm, replying to Fingerache Philip., 2, #710 of 1564 🔗

I’ll tell them I’m trialling the new vaccine

188614 ▶▶▶▶ Fingerache Philip., replying to stefarm, #711 of 1564 🔗

The Sheep, maskateers and collaborators will believe you.

188577 ▶▶ Basics, replying to stefarm, 2, #712 of 1564 🔗

“But there is also an exemption. Couples don’t have to wear a face covering during marriage or civil partnership anymore.

“Speaking live from parliament, the First Minister, said: “I can confirm that regulations are being laid today and two measures will come into force from tomorrow.”

Anyone know what a local area is? If I use the BBC regional areas East Midlands, North East, etc. Then my local area is Scotland. Anyone know?

188630 ▶▶▶ PatrickF, replying to Basics, #713 of 1564 🔗

You may kiss the masked bride.

188624 ▶▶ PatrickF, replying to stefarm, 1, #714 of 1564 🔗

Using your mask (as I do) as a willie warmer?

188634 ▶▶▶ Fingerache Philip., replying to PatrickF, 1, #715 of 1564 🔗

Do they make extra small ones for me?

188657 ▶▶▶▶ stefarm, replying to Fingerache Philip., #716 of 1564 🔗

I need a hamster mask

189057 ▶▶▶▶ annie, replying to Fingerache Philip., #717 of 1564 🔗

You can have a codpiece.
Or a whitebaitpiece

188667 ▶▶ GiftWrappedKittyCat, replying to stefarm, #718 of 1564 🔗

Tell them it prevents Covid and before you know it they’ll all be blindly following this new trend! 😂

188677 ▶▶▶ stefarm, replying to GiftWrappedKittyCat, #719 of 1564 🔗

Sad but true

189221 ▶▶ Steve, replying to stefarm, #720 of 1564 🔗

Don’t forget to stick 2 pencils up your nose too. You’ll fit right in with all the other madmen that way.

189287 ▶▶ Edward, replying to stefarm, #721 of 1564 🔗

I saw an old bloke the other day, no mask, but wearing a visor at a jaunty angle so that the bottom of it was level with his mouth and several inches in front. The phrase “chocolate teapot” springs to mind. I suppose he would tilt it down when he got on the bus.

188567 swedenborg, replying to swedenborg, 8, #722 of 1564 🔗

https://twitter.com/Covid19Crusher/status/1316656068454494208 “Russia was the first to show the seasonality surge in the Northern hemisphere, so we can probably use it as a leading indicator. The 7-day Gompertz curve is starting to decelerate after a 6 week bounce, so I think any Armageddon scenario can be taken off the table.
 In the second wave (seasonal wave) the same pattern as in the first wave. After a few weeks decelerating and never exponential.

188707 ▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to swedenborg, #723 of 1564 🔗

Well well well.

188568 Tenchy, replying to Tenchy, 5, #724 of 1564 🔗

Is this a new font, or is there something wrong with my computer? If a new font, it’s not very good.

188571 ▶▶ Janice21, replying to Tenchy, 5, #725 of 1564 🔗

I thought it was just me but yeah……not a very good font.

188609 ▶▶ Ceriain, replying to Tenchy, #726 of 1564 🔗

Everything on the page just got huge, is it just me?

188623 ▶▶▶ steve_w, replying to Ceriain, 1, #727 of 1564 🔗

poorly rendered text – me too

188626 ▶▶▶ Basics, replying to Ceriain, #728 of 1564 🔗

Same size here just a heavy sans serif. The text was easier to read before as word shapes more easily defined. Clunky typesetting at present, word spaces are less too, possibly the same but increased weight of text makes it appear so. Hope temporary.

188662 ▶▶▶ GiftWrappedKittyCat, replying to Ceriain, #729 of 1564 🔗

Mine looks smaller.

188683 ▶▶▶ BJJ, replying to Ceriain, #730 of 1564 🔗

Terrible font.

188628 ▶▶ leggy, replying to Tenchy, 1, #731 of 1564 🔗

Poor choice of font.

188635 ▶▶ The Filthy Engineer, replying to Tenchy, #732 of 1564 🔗

It looks like anew font and not a very good one at that. I thought that it might be my Vivaldi browser so I switched to FF and it was just the same.

188641 ▶▶▶ steve_w, replying to The Filthy Engineer, #733 of 1564 🔗


188736 ▶▶▶▶ The Filthy Engineer, replying to steve_w, #734 of 1564 🔗

Yes. Seems like they messed up the posting function too. Clicked the “Post Comment” button and nothing happened. Clicked it again and it said, “Duplicate post – posting denied” or something like that but it looks like it posted the dupe anyway.

188636 ▶▶ The Filthy Engineer, replying to Tenchy, #735 of 1564 🔗

It looks like a new font and not a very good one at that. I thought that it might be my Vivaldi browser so I switched to FF and it was just the same.

188640 ▶▶ Achilles, replying to Tenchy, 5, #736 of 1564 🔗

Oh God. It’s not another symptom of coronavirus is it? A change of font.

188649 ▶▶ zacaway, replying to Tenchy, #737 of 1564 🔗

Site logo has change at the top of the page too. Stencil font, looks more serious!

188745 ▶▶ PoshPanic, replying to Tenchy, 1, #738 of 1564 🔗

I like the new look, but all this talk about the font, reminds me of this great SNL sketch


188576 swedenborg, replying to swedenborg, 3, #739 of 1564 🔗


Using the common cold virus as a naturally occurring vaccine to prevent COVID-19: Lessons from Edward Jenner
 In this article they are speculating if we should go smallpox Jenner way by making a vaccine against Sars Cov-2 by using the other common corona viruses as the vaccine for C-19.

188620 ▶▶ steve_w, replying to swedenborg, #740 of 1564 🔗

having colds is why kids are immune. Radio 4 had a programme about it a few weeks ago

189275 ▶▶▶ Edward, replying to steve_w, #742 of 1564 🔗

So there was something true on the BBC?

188592 Margaret, replying to Margaret, 12, #743 of 1564 🔗

I’ve been out buying Christmas cards today from a few different charity shops.

When I got home, I realised that most of the packs I’d bought had lots of sheep on them.

Is my subconscious playing tricks on me?

188598 ▶▶ Jo, replying to Margaret, 2, #744 of 1564 🔗

Were they wearing muzzles?

188604 ▶▶▶ Fingerache Philip., replying to Jo, 2, #745 of 1564 🔗

No, real sheep have more sense.

188646 ▶▶ PatrickF, replying to Margaret, 2, #746 of 1564 🔗

Have you noticed how the Virgin Mary is keeping 2m from the crib?

189056 ▶▶▶ annie, replying to PatrickF, 1, #747 of 1564 🔗

No shepherds or wise men allowed in the stable.

188594 Jo, replying to Jo, 6, #748 of 1564 🔗

Again, not sure if this has already been posted. Michael Levitt thinks it’s important.

yes, I know… facts and figures will be ignored…..

188603 ▶▶ Mark, replying to Jo, 1, #749 of 1564 🔗

yes, I know… facts and figures will be ignored… ..”

Ignore that nonsense. Facts and figures are exactly what is needed.

188659 ▶▶ Sarigan, replying to Jo, #750 of 1564 🔗

Typical that a Guardian writer would try to debunk:


188705 ▶▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to Sarigan, 1, #751 of 1564 🔗

Some good points and the kind of thing you’d expect during peer review. So while he may be correct on errors, you wonder why it’s been missed by the PR process. Would like to see John I’s response to such criticism but we don’t get that kind of debate do we? Which is awful to see.

He does make some strange debunking claims also. He says that in a sample study people who were analysed from a population of blood donors was biased as these people ‘WENT OUT AND ABOUT DURING A PANDEMIC’ (his emphasis not mine) and so would be more likely to be infected. You know the types. Devil may care blood donors.

188689 ▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to Jo, #752 of 1564 🔗

This kind of thing should devastate the government.

188602 Eddy, replying to Eddy, 4, #753 of 1564 🔗

No further action is to be taken against MP Margaret Ferrier, who travelled by train from London to Glasgow after testing positive for coronavirus, Metropolitan Police say.

188610 ▶▶ Tenchy, replying to Eddy, 2, #754 of 1564 🔗


188642 ▶▶ PatrickF, replying to Eddy, #755 of 1564 🔗

Why not?

188643 ▶▶▶ Eddy, replying to PatrickF, #756 of 1564 🔗

No threat to English folk.

188690 ▶▶▶ Nessimmersion, replying to PatrickF, 2, #757 of 1564 🔗

Cos they all had muzzles on and as we all know wearing a muzzle gives immunity or something.

188645 ▶▶ Achilles, replying to Eddy, 6, #758 of 1564 🔗

Meanwhile armoured SWAT teams for the plebs.

188650 ▶▶ FlynnQuill, replying to Eddy, 9, #759 of 1564 🔗

This is a blatant them and us scenario again! Burger van fined for serving a burger three mins after 22.00. Liverpool Gym owner find £1000.00 and seven armed Police to boot turn up. Teenager find for shopping in Manchester when he lives in Wales, I could go on and on. Not exactly proportionate is it?

188678 ▶▶ Mabel Cow, replying to Eddy, 3, #760 of 1564 🔗

It’s a strange situation when the government’s stated position is that muzzle-refusers should be beaten to death with fines, and yet the NPCC’s own statistics show as at 2020-09-21, only 28 fines have been issued in retail settings under the face covering regulations.

But then again, why bother punishing transgressors when 99.9% of the population offers you unquestioning obedience?

189055 ▶▶▶ annie, replying to Mabel Cow, #761 of 1564 🔗

I’d say, because the transgressors are an irritating reminder that not all your victims are Involuntary Micturators in a Reclining Position.
But don’t give the Fascist bastards any more excuses.

188621 swedenborg, replying to swedenborg, 6, #762 of 1564 🔗


Interference between rhinovirus and influenza A virus: a clinical data analysis and experimental infection study

“These findings show that one respiratory virus can block infection with another through stimulation of antiviral defences in the airway mucosa, supporting the idea that interference from rhinovirus disrupted the 2009 IAV pandemic in Europe. These results indicate that viral interference can potentially affect the course of an epidemic, and this possibility should be considered when designing interventions for seasonal influenza epidemics and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

 Interesting this graph from Chile shows that flu disappeared in the C-19 pandemic


“Data from Chile. Flu and other resp viruses disappeared last southern winter

189464 ▶▶▶ swedenborg, replying to BeBopRockSteady, #764 of 1564 🔗

“Just a little fun fact as a tease for the scope of this: from weeks 16 (ending April 19) through week 40 (Oct. 4), South Africa has reported 3,273 flu tests through GISRS resulting in one (1) positive result. One year ago they reported 1,131 positives of 4,480 tests…same weeks.”
“The disappearance of the flu in 2020 around the globe should be the major story of every news network.”


188668 ▶▶ TJN, replying to swedenborg, 1, #765 of 1564 🔗


188638 Victoria, replying to Victoria, 8, #766 of 1564 🔗

Another Jeremy Vine story where he allowed Yasmin Alibhai-Brown to call Laurence a racist and more. JeremyVineOn5 then requested a court order to provide a copy of the clip. Luckily a member of the public recorded it.


The vocal minority who have dominated the narrative of this great nation are very easy to spot.

They are the ones that call you a racist when you don’t agree with them.

Let’s not be quiet anymore. Let’s push back hard against this horrible narrative.


188739 ▶▶ JohnB, replying to Victoria, 1, #767 of 1564 🔗

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown – a piece of work. I guess I’m a racist now ?

188639 Iansn, replying to Iansn, 1, #768 of 1564 🔗

If you would like some direct evidence of manipulation take a look at the following. One is the current UK hotspot map, done by ArcGIS https://www.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=47574f7a6e454dc6a42c5f6912ed7076 for the govt, presumably with raww data, two is the new ‘beta’ that the govt is doing itself, https://coronavirus-staging.data.gov.uk/details/interactive-map the distance is startling. Guess what, they didnt revise down, yes I thought you would know that.

188730 ▶▶ Mabel Cow, replying to Iansn, 2, #769 of 1564 🔗


Irrespective of any manipulation, the interactive map shows “7-day rolling rate of new cases by specimen date”. At the current level of viral prevalence (0.23%, last I calculated), the chart is essentially a proxy measure for “number of tests being performed”.

Without dividing the number of positives (“cases”) by the number of tests being performed in each area, the figure is utterly meaningless.

If we stopped testing for a week, the map would show zero across the UK. Conversely, if we doubled the number of tests being performed, the “rate” would double across the country.



189161 ▶▶▶ Iansn, replying to Mabel Cow, 1, #770 of 1564 🔗

I went past my testing station today, no one there, Ill be filming there tomorrow as Im in tier 3 on the Wirral when they are showing case densities on the new map well above the number of people who live in that ward. Sounds like votes for Stalin/Mao/Ho Chi Minh etc doesnt it

188651 swedenborg, replying to swedenborg, 1, #771 of 1564 🔗


These are the usual suspects signing Jon Snow declaration(contra GBD).Surprised to see Karl Friston there

188656 ▶▶ Eddy, replying to swedenborg, 1, #772 of 1564 🔗

Is this the NWO mob?

189270 ▶▶▶ swedenborg, replying to Eddy, #773 of 1564 🔗

They certainly have reasons to highlight vaccines


“John Snow Memos declare no competing interests, except some innocent relation, including owning STOCK OPTIONS, with pharma companies, including Sanofi Pasteur, Pfizer, Roche, GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis Those TINY companies sure want NOT a statement on vaccines as only solution

188653 Ed Phillips, replying to Ed Phillips, 16, #774 of 1564 🔗

Are we all agreed that the new normal look of this website is utter rubbish and the we demand a return to the old normal?

188655 ▶▶ Cicatriz, replying to Ed Phillips, 7, #775 of 1564 🔗

Build. Back. Better.

188658 ▶▶ DRW, replying to Ed Phillips, 4, #776 of 1564 🔗

I like the new logo but preferred the old serif font.

188674 ▶▶▶ Sam Vimes, replying to DRW, 1, #777 of 1564 🔗

I think it’s temporary – whole site including BTL has just gone weird for me.

188671 ▶▶ Will, replying to Ed Phillips, 2, #778 of 1564 🔗

I prefer it myself.

188672 ▶▶ Mel, replying to Ed Phillips, 2, #779 of 1564 🔗

I like it

188718 ▶▶▶ Banjones, replying to Mel, 1, #780 of 1564 🔗

And I don’t care. There are more important things to be concerned about.

188726 ▶▶ Ed Phillips, replying to Ed Phillips, 1, #781 of 1564 🔗

Wow. If we can be victorious in this then we can win the real battles!
Onward to victory!

189049 ▶▶▶ annie, replying to Ed Phillips, 1, #782 of 1564 🔗

You have nothing to lose but your serifs.
Robin Mask hits the Serif of Twattingham again.

188663 Sir Patrick Vaccine, 5, #783 of 1564 🔗

Please share 3.54pm

7 Armed Police Officer Attend Liverpool Gym To Fine Them £1000


188669 Sam Vimes, replying to Sam Vimes, 5, #784 of 1564 🔗

Shopped in Aldi this aft, no hassle as usual. But, I did notice a lot of cases of various beers stacked up; first thought was “Christmas – after all it is October…”, but then it struck me it might actually be because they expect pub closures. Always money to be made!

189219 ▶▶ dickyboy, replying to Sam Vimes, #785 of 1564 🔗

could be that they’re shifting all their stock because they know the next wheeze is a total ban on alcohol sales.

188676 tonyspurs, 4, #786 of 1564 🔗

Hmmm curiouser and curiouser

188679 Nobody2020, replying to Nobody2020, 2, #787 of 1564 🔗

2 People on the Biden campaign have tested positive for the virus. I wonder how they’ll spin it.

188684 ▶▶ DRW, replying to Nobody2020, 5, #788 of 1564 🔗

Blame Trump?

188687 ▶▶▶ Nobody2020, replying to DRW, 1, #789 of 1564 🔗

My guess is they’ll say it would have been a lot worse without all the precautions then compare the number of infected with Trumps numbers.

188698 ▶▶ Cicatriz, replying to Nobody2020, 3, #790 of 1564 🔗

Claim it was Russian interference?

188680 Sam Vimes, replying to Sam Vimes, 4, #791 of 1564 🔗

This is hideous, painful to read – change it back!

188695 ▶▶ annie, replying to Sam Vimes, #792 of 1564 🔗

It’s a sans-serif font. They are supposed to be easier to read.

188725 ▶▶ DRW, replying to Sam Vimes, 1, #793 of 1564 🔗

Serif font is back for me.

188681 Fingerache Philip., replying to Fingerache Philip., 7, #794 of 1564 🔗

1 tier,2 tier: Who the F××K cares,let alone takes any notice???

188685 ▶▶ Richard O, replying to Fingerache Philip., 3, #795 of 1564 🔗

I’m on Tier 33 right now.

188693 annie, replying to annie, 4, #796 of 1564 🔗

Twatt Hangcock’s next job will be sewing mailbags.
He just doesn’t know that yet.

188748 ▶▶ Tiberius, replying to annie, 3, #797 of 1564 🔗

I was rather hoping it would be mining salt in Siberia.

188884 ▶▶▶ Jaguarpig, replying to Tiberius, #798 of 1564 🔗

Hanging from traitors gate would be better along with quite a few others

189076 ▶▶ TJN, replying to annie, #799 of 1564 🔗

Made me laugh! (On a depressing day.)

189206 ▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to annie, -1, #800 of 1564 🔗

He should be hung, drawn and quartered with the body parts sent to the 4 home corners of the UK.

188694 Victoria, replying to Victoria, #801 of 1564 🔗
188696 ▶▶ Victoria, replying to Victoria, 3, #802 of 1564 🔗

Sir James Eadie, QC for the Government

“There is nothing special about weddings”

188711 ▶▶▶ Richard O, replying to Victoria, 1, #803 of 1564 🔗

Extraordinary defence. That’s like saying: “There is nothing special about being alive”.

188715 ▶▶▶▶ Cecil B, replying to Richard O, 3, #804 of 1564 🔗

There isn’t, not now, not under the dictator

188724 ▶▶▶▶▶ Richard O, replying to Cecil B, 6, #805 of 1564 🔗

Which is why I drink. Did fuck all work today, just nursed a brutal hangover.

188796 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Cecil B, replying to Richard O, 2, #806 of 1564 🔗

Is a brutal hangover a co morbidity?

188881 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ Jaguarpig, replying to Cecil B, 1, #807 of 1564 🔗

No I would have been dead back in late March if it was

188751 ▶▶▶ thinkaboutit, replying to Victoria, #808 of 1564 🔗

Crumbs, it’s only a publicly declared legal contract. What a muppet of a QC

188699 ▶▶ Victoria, replying to Victoria, 1, #809 of 1564 🔗

Sir James Eadie’s defence …..

188697 Cecil B, replying to Cecil B, 6, #810 of 1564 🔗

‘Tiers of a clown’

188701 ▶▶ Richard O, replying to Cecil B, 6, #811 of 1564 🔗

Tiers For Fears.

Everybody Wants To Rule The World.

188713 ▶▶▶ Cecil B, replying to Richard O, 1, #812 of 1564 🔗

‘Tiers for souvenirs’

Max Bygraves

188729 ▶▶▶▶ Richard O, replying to Cecil B, #813 of 1564 🔗

Bygraves was my favourite Family Fortunes presenter.



188741 ▶▶▶▶ Dave #KBF, replying to Cecil B, #814 of 1564 🔗

Good call Cecil B, though I think it was Ken Dodd

188780 ▶▶▶▶▶ Cecil B, replying to Dave #KBF, #815 of 1564 🔗

Did he? No Doddy

188702 PatrickF, replying to PatrickF, #816 of 1564 🔗

Sadiq Khan ‘s solution: test, trace, isolate, cos we won’t find a vaccine.
Hold the front page!

188708 ▶▶ Richard O, replying to PatrickF, 2, #817 of 1564 🔗

And mandatory burka.

188755 ▶▶ Julian, replying to PatrickF, 2, #818 of 1564 🔗

It might work if you tested everyone daily, before they left the house, and people stuck to it (tested every day and whole household isolates for any positive) and you tested very visitor to UK on arrival, including delivery drivers etc. It might take a few years and a few hundred billion to get to that point, and we’d be impoverished, starving and dead, but it might work

188758 ▶▶▶ Richard O, replying to Julian, #819 of 1564 🔗

What happens to corpses if they test positive? Do they have to self-isolate? Tricky given that no self inhabits them.

188761 ▶▶▶▶ Kev, replying to Richard O, 4, #820 of 1564 🔗

They become politicians

188764 ▶▶▶▶▶ Richard O, replying to Kev, #821 of 1564 🔗

Or epidemiologists.

188797 ▶▶▶ RickH, replying to Julian, 1, #822 of 1564 🔗

… and it actually stands no chance of working in reality!

Which is why no strategy document ever recommended it except in very specific, contained situations with an exceptional virus. Which this isn’t.

189155 ▶▶▶ Iansn, replying to Julian, #823 of 1564 🔗

the#unt Hunt wants everyoen to be tested every week. Who is going to volunteer for that, and who is going to pay. ?

188784 ▶▶ RickH, replying to PatrickF, 3, #824 of 1564 🔗

Let’s be blunt : Dodge it, perhaps catch it, perhaps get ill, recover, perhaps die – or get immune, with the penultimate outcome remarkably rare.

That’s the reality. That’s life – which what we have now isn’t.

188706 ted, 3, #825 of 1564 🔗

Re: WHO says so?!

So here’s the thing.The respiratory virus is gonna do what’s its gonna do and the transition from epidemic to endemic will proceed as the unending flows and processes of nature dictate. No amount of covid cult pandemic theatre and ritual will have any effect on that outcome, and not a single life will be saved by cargo covid cult rituals. Sadly, the history of cargo cults suggests that the theatrical rituals are self sustaining and can go on for years and years (decades actually), as they are not about health and well-being and entirely about power and control of others and the human tendency to imagine that ritual can control nature. Both the natural and the human processes need to be dealt with. There is not much to be done about the ebbs and flows of respiratory viral outbreaks aside from caring humanely for the sick and dying. But the human cargo cult stuff requires stopping it at the top. Political pressure to replace cultists with sane reasonable people and ultimately the dismantling of organizations like WHO is needed to end this nightmare once and for all.

188712 chaos, 4, #826 of 1564 🔗

Here we are in 2020. There is only one illness: the cold. Those ice bucket bitches with ALS Lou Gherig’s MND need to shut the fuck up. Cancer hypochondriacs, be quiet. Stringer Bellend and Forest Stump almost felt dizzy from their bout of Chinese cold. There’s at least 8 people in hospital in Liverpoo. All of them as old as Saturn.

Jesus would have chosen covid over crucifixion. Oh god, why have you given me this cough. Don’t lock them down. They know not what they do.

188714 Banjones, replying to Banjones, 18, #827 of 1564 🔗

Toby says: ”The trouble is that people seem to want to be scared.”

I think he’s right. There seems to be a number of people who welcome this authoritarian and repressive government’s actions (though not as many as the lying polls would have us believe). Perhaps for some it’s the most exciting thing that’s ever happened in their narrow little lives. That’s why they enjoy wearing their muzzles with pride – they have that look about them, as sheep do, a mix of arrogance and fear as they cringe away from others, and keep their bit of Chinese paper glued to their faces when they get into their cars, full of virtue and a ”look at me, everybody” manner.

It’s makes me so angry to see many of our own people turning into cringeing thralls that I could scream with frustration.

188717 ▶▶ Crazy Times, replying to Banjones, 10, #828 of 1564 🔗

You also have to take into account the strength of sunk cost fallacy. People have lost and given up so much, they now can’t bear the thought that their actions haven’t really made a difference.

188770 ▶▶▶ RickH, replying to Crazy Times, 6, #829 of 1564 🔗

I think that’s a much more credible part of the analysis. It’s a form of post-hoc ‘confirmation bias’

It’s really no good just railing at people and calling them names if you want to understand – and combat it. Even if blowing of steam (and we all do it gives some relief).

I know people who I respect, and who in other circumstances have good intellect and balanced judgment. But they do not bring these qualities to bear on the current issues.

I’m not going to simply dismiss them as ‘stupid’ or just ‘knicker wetters’ – because it says nothing beyond my frustration. It certainly won’t persuade them otherwise.

And I’m not naive enough to think that a more subtle psychological insight is going to bring an immediate solution, either. But it might give a starting point that is other than just hot air.

One very practical issue is that many haven’t gasped the deep unreliability of the MSM. The decline of the BBC news output, for instance, has been incremental over years. It has always been heavily establishment biased, and a lot of people have simply absorbed that bias – but we are now in a quantitatively different situation of overt propaganda.

Similarly, the erosion of the printed press has been incremental, and whilst we have known the open biases of most papers, the melting away of opposing viewpoints has happened almost unnoticed as power has become more concentrated.

Probably the most severe example has been the corruption of the Guardian – from an overtly independent paper with an explicit ‘liberal’ viewpoint into what is now probably the most deceitfully propagandised ex-broadsheet, aimed at a particular readership who remain to a great extent blissfully unaware that they are being brainwashed by steams of content that come straight out of the government propaganda machine.

On top of all that are other psychological mechanisms operating at the individual level – some of them exploitation of essentially good, social impulses – like trust.

So – give up on the ‘stupid’ playground stuff. It doesn’t cut the mustard.

188786 ▶▶▶▶ Mabel Cow, replying to RickH, 1, #830 of 1564 🔗

Hear, hear. If there is any hope for us, it’s going to be in the de-programming of the masses. That is going to take subtlety and common sense.

188788 ▶▶▶▶ Bailie, replying to RickH, 3, #831 of 1564 🔗

I know many of my friends who are intelligent people but refuse to contenance any other source of information than the MSM, because it is in the realms of conspiracy (their interpretation). They are also much more likely to question the source of info from any other outlet than MSM,but don’t question the sources of the BBC for example.

188791 ▶▶▶▶▶ DRW, replying to Bailie, 2, #832 of 1564 🔗

I agree, way too much trust in MSM. In my family if it’s not the BBC or Independent “it’s just the internet”.

188720 ▶▶ Cecil B, replying to Banjones, 3, #833 of 1564 🔗

I think we will start to see a change somewhere between wave 65 and wave 75

188722 ▶▶▶ Cecil B, replying to Cecil B, #834 of 1564 🔗

We are only on wave 2, give it a chance

188727 ▶▶▶▶ JohnB, replying to Cecil B, 1, #835 of 1564 🔗

One of the first signs, Cecil …

188721 ▶▶ FlynnQuill, replying to Banjones, 4, #836 of 1564 🔗

I point at them, its so funny, they spot me and then put their heads down. The funniest or even most tragic thing I’ve seen is a couple in a BMW 4 series cab with the top down, both muzzled up. I was laughing that hard I nearly crashed the car!

188723 ▶▶ JohnB, replying to Banjones, 17, #837 of 1564 🔗

Still one of the best cartoons I’ve seen all year …

188728 zacaway, replying to zacaway, 2, #838 of 1564 🔗

Update from Dolan:

Judge aiming to be back at about 4.45 with Judgement


188732 ▶▶ DRW, replying to zacaway, 1, #839 of 1564 🔗

“Court dismissed. Now back to the golf club.”

188737 ▶▶▶ zacaway, replying to DRW, 2, #840 of 1564 🔗

Swift double before Judgement?

188766 ▶▶ Richard O, replying to zacaway, #841 of 1564 🔗

The government is right about everything because it is a good government.

188731 TheBluePill, replying to TheBluePill, 7, #842 of 1564 🔗

New experimental version of the government coronavirus dashboard released:


They think they are so clever – they’ve changed the X axis to only show the last 6 months. So within a couple of weeks it will automatically start to hide the context of the first spike and the Y axis scale will change to make the first ripple look massive.

188735 ▶▶ zacaway, replying to TheBluePill, 3, #843 of 1564 🔗

Those devious bastards. There is a button for feedback at the top, suggest we use it!

188750 ▶▶ Sarigan, replying to TheBluePill, 1, #844 of 1564 🔗

So I downloaded the easy to read data for the south east:

Confirmed cases
A confirmed case is where a person has had a positive test result for Coronavirus.
There were 1,166 new people with a confirmed positive test result reported on 14 October 2020*.
Between 14 October and 14 October 2020 , there have been 53,456 people who have had a confirmed positive test result.

*Funny because on the dashboard it says 25.

Sadly, many people have died.
There were 5 new deaths within 28 days of a positive test for Coronavirus reported on 14 October 2020.
Total number of people who have died within 28 days of testing positive for Coronavirus as of 13 October 2020 was 5,057 .

188892 ▶▶ Polemon2, replying to TheBluePill, #845 of 1564 🔗

The axis change is only on the summary. All else the same.

188920 ▶▶ Ceriain, replying to TheBluePill, #846 of 1564 🔗

The backend is mostly the same with some minor changes.

Looks to me that the main change is all those scary ‘up’ arrows and red text on the front page, i.e. the only bit the likes of Kuntsberg, Pissedon, and Beff Rigby read.

189152 ▶▶▶ Iansn, replying to Ceriain, #847 of 1564 🔗

the bellend 🙂

188734 kf99, replying to kf99, 12, #848 of 1564 🔗

Dentist report. Wondering why there was a small side table left carelessly in the middle of the reception area as I headed for the desk. Told firmly to move back and stand behind said obstacle. We were then conversing about 10-12 feet distance. We couldn’t hear each other properly. My protest that “All this shouting is spreading the virus” was ignored.

188765 ▶▶ chaos, replying to kf99, 9, #849 of 1564 🔗

I will never trust a doctor or vet again after this lunacy ends. In my wallet I have placed instructions that should I get ill or be in an accident I want no resuscitating or saving. I want none of these quacks and cowards working on me.

189140 ▶▶▶ ConstantBees, replying to chaos, 1, #850 of 1564 🔗

Might be better off getting “DNR” tattooed on your chest since they won’t waste time digging through your wallet. But I feel the same way. I want nothing to do with any kind of medical person again.

189198 ▶▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to chaos, #851 of 1564 🔗

Agree. So much for “do no harm” but they’ve collaborated on this systematic assault on our civil liberties and dignity as people.

188774 ▶▶ zacaway, replying to kf99, 2, #852 of 1564 🔗

I ordered a set of professional dental picks from amazon 6 months ago, it’s not too hard to do basic clean like they do myself (haven’t need to do myself a filling yet though….)

188742 Kev, replying to Kev, 1, #853 of 1564 🔗

Wales going for circuit breaker (their words not mine), in the never ending race to the bottom of solutions

189045 ▶▶ annie, replying to Kev, #854 of 1564 🔗

Greeted with a barrage of sceptical comment on Wales Online.
Maybe the Welsh worm is turning at last ?

188743 nickbowes, replying to nickbowes, 3, #855 of 1564 🔗

The mood music from the Simon Dolan camp is not too great tbh though i hope i m wrong. Our legal system is paid for my the criminals in power so don t expect a happy ending.

188767 ▶▶ Victoria, replying to nickbowes, #856 of 1564 🔗

We do however need to get the news out about the case and what was said in court.

188744 kh1485, replying to kh1485, 2, #857 of 1564 🔗

Is it safe to look again, has the new font gone?

188747 ▶▶ Richard O, replying to kh1485, #858 of 1564 🔗

I’ve seen no difference at all today, very strange.

Which browser are you using?

188749 ▶▶▶ Kev, replying to Richard O, #859 of 1564 🔗

Nor me, using Brave

188757 ▶▶▶ kh1485, replying to Richard O, 1, #860 of 1564 🔗

Google Chrome. Font went bold and narrower. Refreshed the page and it’s back to how it was. Weird.

188759 ▶▶▶▶ Richard O, replying to kh1485, 1, #861 of 1564 🔗

I’ve been on Chrome all day (I know I shouldn’t) with no issues.

188771 ▶▶▶▶ Cecil B, replying to kh1485, #862 of 1564 🔗


188776 ▶▶▶ zacaway, replying to Richard O, #863 of 1564 🔗

It change to a different font, but now it’s back to the original. (I’m on firefox)

188832 ▶▶ Sam Vimes, replying to kh1485, #864 of 1564 🔗

Exactly my thought. Yes, it’s safe to open your eyes.

188754 swedenborg, 3, #865 of 1564 🔗


Orthogonal SARS-CoV-2 Serological Assays Enable Surveillance of Low Prevalence Communities and Reveal Durable Humoral Immunity.

 “This fidelity could not be achieved with either RBD or S2 alone. Thus, inclusion of multiple independent assays improved the accuracy of antibody tests in low seroprevalence communities and revealed differences in antibody kinetics depending on the antigen. We conclude that neutralizing antibodies are stably produced for at least 5-7 months after SARS-CoV-2 infection.

So perhaps if we have more reliable antibody tests we’ll find them much more durable? Another blow to Jon Snow Declaration saying how short lived immunity is for natural infection and paradoxically waiting for the vaccine whilst doing mass testing

188756 chaos, replying to chaos, 1, #866 of 1564 🔗


New from Black Pigeon Speaks: The day of Reckoning.

189136 ▶▶ ConstantBees, replying to chaos, #867 of 1564 🔗

Thought it had something to do with covid, but no it doesn’t. The American election. Not of interest, but thanks anyway.

188760 DRW, replying to DRW, 3, #868 of 1564 🔗

Another great video from Ivor Cummins:
Talks about Ireland’s own graph to the moon

188806 ▶▶ Ceriain, replying to DRW, 2, #869 of 1564 🔗

Jesus; that’s the equivalent for the UK getting more deaths somewhere between 450,000 and 720,000.

That’s totally insane! What’s that bloke on the interview been smoking?

188844 ▶▶▶ DRW, replying to Ceriain, 1, #870 of 1564 🔗

Big funding probably

188846 ▶▶ Ned of the Hills, replying to DRW, 1, #871 of 1564 🔗

Is feidir a chula an fearg fior ina ghuth.

189042 ▶▶▶ annie, replying to Ned of the Hills, 1, #872 of 1564 🔗

Um… interpret for the Gaelically challenged?

189095 ▶▶▶▶ Ned of the Hills, replying to annie, 1, #873 of 1564 🔗

“It is possible to hear the real anger in his voice.”

Meaning he is truly upset by RTE facilitating another expert to spread fear and panic..

188762 Moomin, replying to Moomin, 4, #874 of 1564 🔗

Hi, in the UK if I register my home as a cafe does this mean that I can have people round (I know it’s ridiculous but I’m looking for loopholes as most of my friends and family insist on abiding by the fascist rules!)? Thanks.

188768 ▶▶ Cecil B, replying to Moomin, 3, #875 of 1564 🔗

Now is the ideal time to dump them, if they are that thick why bother?

188769 ▶▶ DRW, replying to Moomin, 1, #876 of 1564 🔗

If you register an LTD and make everyone you want round directors you could claim it was for work purposes.

188794 ▶▶▶ Cecil B, replying to DRW, #877 of 1564 🔗

Black lives training camp

188773 ▶▶ Richard O, replying to Moomin, #878 of 1564 🔗

Diversity Training Centre perhaps?

188812 ▶▶ Lms23, replying to Moomin, 1, #879 of 1564 🔗

Probably not, but you should email your friend and family both the video Will Jones posted in today’s blog, and the OffGuardian article about cults.

Plus this:
China’s Global Lockdown Propaganda Campaign

189133 ▶▶▶ ConstantBees, replying to Lms23, #880 of 1564 🔗

Good article, thanks. He calls it the “Covidian Cult”. I think that’s what we should call them. The Covidian Cultists.

188861 ▶▶ Awkward Git, replying to Moomin, 3, #881 of 1564 🔗

Support groups exempt still I think so start a sceptics anonymous group.

188904 ▶▶ arfurmo, replying to Moomin, #882 of 1564 🔗

Food hygiene cert, insurance etc -not worth the candle

189196 ▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to Moomin, #883 of 1564 🔗

Or say that you’re setting up a local chapter of BLM or XR.

The virus doesn’t like ’em and the police will take to the knee for the former.

189529 ▶▶ Cheshirecatslave, replying to Moomin, #884 of 1564 🔗

You can have people working for you in your house so get them to bring a mop or a paintbrush!

188772 Smelly Melly, replying to Smelly Melly, 7, #885 of 1564 🔗

I was speaking to a church going friend this morning. Apparently saying the Lords Prayer with a congregation is the same as singing and may spread this oh so deadly virus and has been banned.

Speaking as an atheist, how does this stack up with god and will people burn in hell for not saying it?

188778 ▶▶ Richard O, replying to Smelly Melly, 6, #886 of 1564 🔗

Any church that does this has been converted to the Church of Satan.

188783 ▶▶▶ DomW, replying to Richard O, 3, #887 of 1564 🔗

That sounds about right.

188787 ▶▶▶ annie, replying to Richard O, 8, #888 of 1564 🔗

The Church of Covid. Same thing.
Ban the Lord’s Prayer and you ban Jesus.

188816 ▶▶▶▶ The Filthy Engineer, replying to annie, 3, #889 of 1564 🔗

Indeed, and there is the line about “delivering us from evil”.

188804 ▶▶▶ chaos, replying to Richard O, 1, #890 of 1564 🔗

I practise Thelema. Christians regard me as a Satanist. I often get to see what I evoke and so do others. There’s more than one route to God – even when in opposition to ‘him’. I know right from wrong. I’m on the side of good.

188800 ▶▶ Lms23, replying to Smelly Melly, 1, #891 of 1564 🔗

Have they banned everyone from speaking at all in your church, or just the Lord’s prayer?

188815 ▶▶ RickH, replying to Smelly Melly, 2, #892 of 1564 🔗

As a lifetime agnostic (no – not a fence sitter : the original sense of believing that religious belief/knowledge is just a patent philosophical nonsense, and atheism a bit too religious) – and I also feel for your friend being deprived of what is important, and seeing the superficial nature of others’ belief. It must be distressing.

188860 ▶▶ Stephanos, replying to Smelly Melly, #893 of 1564 🔗

You won’t hear that nonsense (the rubbish from your church going friend that is) from me.

189048 ▶▶ Ewan Duffy, replying to Smelly Melly, 2, #894 of 1564 🔗

If god wants people to get COVID, they will get COVID. If it doesn’t want people to get COVID, they wont.

189437 ▶▶ John P, replying to Smelly Melly, #895 of 1564 🔗

“will people burn in hell”

I’m so tempted, but I’m still feeling guilty from the last time I called someone an idiot. So I won’t do it this time.

188775 sky_trees, replying to sky_trees, 2, #896 of 1564 🔗

Received my latest response from my MP, Adam Afriyie (Conservative, Windsor). I’ve written about five times since March; so far, his responses I’ve found vague and generally just supporting the government while expressing the need for proportionality. This latest response gave me a bit of hope. It was written in response to an email I sent a few weeks ago about the importance of Parliament being able to scrutinse and vote on legislation, rather than it being imposed by decree; as well as general opposition to the government’s strategy of restrictions/lockdown. (I have emailed again today to talk about the non-stop lockdown and the poor strategy of the government of ‘lockdown and hope something comes along’).

Apart from the fact he seemed to think I was writing as part of a campaign, and so the response wasn’t personalised – no idea why he thought that, as I wrote purely off my own back with no reference to any campaigns.

He didn’t vote against the three tier lockdown legislation the other day, and I don’t think he’s rebelled on the Covid stuff in the past, but his response suggests he may join the rebels on further issues.

Dear Constituents,

Campaign Response: Coronavirus Act and Lockdown Restrictions

Thank you for your correspondence about the restrictions brought in by the Government during the covid-19 pandemic. I have, understandably, had a huge volume of correspondence and apologise for taking a while to respond. Thank you for your patience.

I also want to thank you and so many other constituents who made enormous changes to their lives and sacrifices in the past months. Your actions have ensured that our NHS was not overwhelmed earlier this year and countless lives have been saved. The value of our combined actions cannot be overestimated and I am, once again, reassured by the level of the general good sense and resilience shown by the overwhelming majority of British people during these trying times.

Like you, I have deep misgivings about any restrictions placed on our democracy or the liberty and rights of UK citizens. I was clear at the time of the first lockdown that any new rules must be temporary and limited in their scope and nature. I spoke out about this in the parliament at the time, and I know that most of my colleagues share this viewpoint.

We now know a lot more about his virus and it is, therefore, with even greater concern that I listen to talk of any further impositions and restrictions at this time. It is vital that Parliament is able to scrutinise any new rules or regulations, and that a calm and sensible debate is had about the implications on our long-term health as a nation (not just from Covid), our civil, our jobs and the wider economy.

I do remain optimistic that the Prime Minister shares our concerns, given that he has demonstrated time and time again through his political career that he is a lover of liberty. Of course, Covid will be with us for some time and some changes to our way of life will be necessary in the coming months, as with any set of unprecedented circumstances, but I will be focussing on how we secure our democracy, health, liberties and livelihoods as a nation.

Thank you once again for getting in touch and, be assured, that you are not alone in your views.

Yours sincerely,

188785 ▶▶ zacaway, replying to sky_trees, 5, #897 of 1564 🔗

the Prime Minister shares our concerns, given that he has demonstrated time and time again through his political career that he is a lover of liberty.

a lover of taking the liberty more like it

188789 ▶▶▶ Richard O, replying to zacaway, 3, #898 of 1564 🔗

As always, simply invert the statement to see the truth of what is being said.

188824 ▶▶▶ Cruella, replying to zacaway, #899 of 1564 🔗

No Boris Johnson(aptly named) is a libetarian, as in amoral, he is not a lover of other people’s liberty by any means.

188841 ▶▶▶ Tyneside Tigress, replying to zacaway, 1, #900 of 1564 🔗

Her name’s Carrie, not Liberty. Previous one was Jennifer, then there was Petronella before that. There’s also been a Helen, and Allegra and a Marina. Not sure about the one at Davos in 2013 though, but assume Tom Bower knows!

188792 ▶▶ Julian, replying to sky_trees, #901 of 1564 🔗

What “unprecedented circumstances” are these then? The government trying to destroy the country?

“Campaign responses” is a term used on my (Tory) MP’s website, and seems to contain her comments on stuff people have written to her about. Some kind of Tory jargon or they all use the same website template.

188802 ▶▶▶ sky_trees, replying to Julian, #902 of 1564 🔗

I think it refers to when they receive mass emails that look like copy/pastes. Eg. 38 Degress (an activist organisation), change.org or other templates or whatever. But I didn’t use any of that for my email so he’s simply not paid enough attention I guess to what I was writing – or it is by coincidence very similar to a large number of other correspondence he’s received.

188779 Tom Blackburn, replying to Tom Blackburn, 5, #903 of 1564 🔗

Simon Dolan’s judgement due to be handed down imminently.

188826 ▶▶ Sam Vimes, replying to Tom Blackburn, #904 of 1564 🔗

Government defence is a bedwetter’s charter. “Well, it’s in the news…”. FFS.

188781 HelzBelz, replying to HelzBelz, 11, #905 of 1564 🔗

My area – Elmbridge in Surrey is going into Tier 2 lockdown (High) on Saturday. No of ‘cases’ (which as we know are only positive tests)? 129 per 100,000 – just under 0.13%.

WTAF???? This is just lunacy. I have no intention of complying with this nonsense!

188790 ▶▶ leggy, replying to HelzBelz, 3, #906 of 1564 🔗

Lunacy it is.

188793 annie, replying to annie, 43, #907 of 1564 🔗

“The public has been asked to stay away from the Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday because of the coronavirus crisis.
Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden urged people to mark this year’s event on Sunday November 8 at home.
The service in central London will be closed to the public for the first time and The Royal British Legion veteran march-past will not take place.” (Wales Online.)

They died for our freedom.
They needn’t have bothered.

188795 ▶▶ D B, replying to annie, 17, #908 of 1564 🔗

What a joke, I know where I will be on the 8th November, same place I am every year – at the cenotaph, without my mask on – as thanks to these brave men, no one is gassing us.

188803 ▶▶▶ RickH, replying to D B, 25, #909 of 1564 🔗

I think anyone wearing a mask and a poppy is perpetrating an insult.

188811 ▶▶▶▶ calchas, replying to RickH, 3, #910 of 1564 🔗


188821 ▶▶▶▶ Sam Vimes, replying to RickH, 4, #911 of 1564 🔗

With you on that, Rick.

188847 ▶▶▶▶ DRW, replying to RickH, 8, #912 of 1564 🔗

The irony will be lost on the twats parading their poppy muzzles.

189192 ▶▶▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to RickH, #913 of 1564 🔗

Hear, hear!!!!

188798 ▶▶ kh1485, replying to annie, 3, #914 of 1564 🔗

I wonder what the The Royal British Legion reckon to that decision.

188890 ▶▶▶ Nick Rose, replying to kh1485, 3, #915 of 1564 🔗

They may well do it anyway. They have form for this.

188918 ▶▶▶▶ kh1485, replying to Nick Rose, 2, #916 of 1564 🔗

I hope so.

188799 ▶▶ Richard O, replying to annie, 2, #917 of 1564 🔗

A.k.a. Forgetting Sunday from now on.

188801 ▶▶ DRW, replying to annie, 1, #918 of 1564 🔗

The regime has made all that a joke anyway.

188809 ▶▶ Lms23, replying to annie, 5, #919 of 1564 🔗

Time to go to Downing Street and Parliament and start throwing tomatoes and suchlike, i.e. nothing that’ll hurt anyone, but enough to show our contempt for these sociopaths.

188966 ▶▶▶ Fingerache Philip., replying to Lms23, 2, #920 of 1564 🔗

How about balloons filled with P××S

188819 ▶▶ calchas, replying to annie, 9, #921 of 1564 🔗

If you want to know who the collaborators would have been had the Nazis invaded Britain, then look at the voluntary mask-wearers and path-swervers.

188836 ▶▶▶ DRW, replying to calchas, 8, #922 of 1564 🔗

Especially the marshalls and snitchers.

188935 ▶▶ Mark H, replying to annie, 1, #923 of 1564 🔗

Yeah but you can’t catch Nazism.

188807 TheBluePill, replying to TheBluePill, 6, #924 of 1564 🔗

Another case of the BBC omitting the facts they don’t like. Their coverage of the brave gym owner:


No mention of the massive crowd funding support and no mention of the visit by police in numbers with assault weapons.

188837 ▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to TheBluePill, 2, #925 of 1564 🔗

It’s so blatant that.

188922 ▶▶ JohnB, replying to TheBluePill, #926 of 1564 🔗

Please avoid the ‘assault weapons’ nonsense. They’ll be semi-automatic Heckler & Kochs, I think.

188941 ▶▶▶ Bobblybob, replying to JohnB, #927 of 1564 🔗

Which are assault weapons, they’ll be hk mp5 which is used for house clearance and the like.

188969 ▶▶▶▶ JohnB, replying to Bobblybob, #928 of 1564 🔗

Bollocks. The term was invented from thin air by the gun control reptiles, 10-15 years ago.

188813 swedenborg, replying to swedenborg, 10, #929 of 1564 🔗


“Asymptomatic spread does not exist. Sure some people test positive and even have virus but they don’t spread it. All papers showing asymptomatic transmission are from China. We are being played. It’s the man dropping suddenly dead (with outstretched arms) video but for science.

188977 ▶▶ Victoria, replying to swedenborg, 1, #930 of 1564 🔗

Asymptomatic = false positive test

188814 Ceriain, replying to Ceriain, 3, #931 of 1564 🔗

DT live feed:

Sadiq Khan has defended his decision to press for London to be added to tier two without a full exit strategy in place, saying “there are indicators to go into tier two as there are tier three”.

One of those is the case rate – which is London is 97 per 100,000 currently – as well as absences of medical staff.

But he says there are concerns authorities “might have missed a new spike” because tests were not available.

“might have” FFS!

London is 97 per 100,000 currently

I have jiggled the London region figures about in all sorts of ways, i.e. daily cases, weekly cases, whatever, and I cannot get anywhere near this figure. Where the fuck is he getting this from?

188820 ▶▶ zacaway, replying to Ceriain, 6, #932 of 1564 🔗

I think they just pull these numbers out of their arses

188839 ▶▶▶ Richard O, replying to zacaway, 5, #933 of 1564 🔗

Which for Khan doubles up as his mouth.

188858 ▶▶ Draper233, replying to Ceriain, 1, #934 of 1564 🔗

Genghis is just on a power trip

188817 BeBopRockSteady, replying to BeBopRockSteady, 24, #935 of 1564 🔗

Ivor Cummings.

Full page advertisement taken out in the Irish Times

188829 ▶▶ PoshPanic, replying to BeBopRockSteady, 3, #936 of 1564 🔗

Like his style

188834 ▶▶ godowneasy, replying to BeBopRockSteady, 1, #937 of 1564 🔗

Do you know what connection Moorezey’s Holdings have to any of this?

188872 ▶▶ Barney McGrew, replying to BeBopRockSteady, 3, #938 of 1564 🔗

This could actually be effective. Undoubtedly the authorities are now scrabbling to prevent a repeat of this.

188883 ▶▶ HaylingDave, replying to BeBopRockSteady, 2, #939 of 1564 🔗

Love the man … such a soothing voice, as well!

188948 ▶▶ nocheesegromit, replying to BeBopRockSteady, 1, #940 of 1564 🔗

Could he do the same in the UK newspapers?

189035 ▶▶▶ annie, replying to nocheesegromit, 1, #941 of 1564 🔗

I’d help fund it.

189125 ▶▶ ConstantBees, replying to BeBopRockSteady, 1, #942 of 1564 🔗

I listened to his latest video today. I think Ivor is starting to get very angry in his quiet, understated way. Definitely worth a listen. https://youtu.be/CPmWYFlUK54

188818 Steve Martindale, replying to Steve Martindale, 6, #943 of 1564 🔗

Much wailing and hand wringing by the politicians saying they had to do this lock-down pantomime to protect the NHS which is about to go under with a surge of illness and deaths.

NHS England subsequently announced this afternoon that the number of Covid 19 patients had increased from 4156 yesterday to 4379 today an increase of 223.
The annual budget for NHS England is around £129 Billion and it seems to employ over 1 million people. I find it amazing that with all that money and all those staff they are overwhelmed with 4379 Covid patients!
Can someone who knows the NHS better than me explain what is going on?

188822 ▶▶ leggy, replying to Steve Martindale, 1, #944 of 1564 🔗

1.5 million employees last time I checked.

188828 ▶▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to leggy, 1, #945 of 1564 🔗

Largest employer in Europe

188878 ▶▶▶▶ calchas, replying to BeBopRockSteady, 7, #946 of 1564 🔗

Largest dance company in Europe

188823 ▶▶ DRW, replying to Steve Martindale, 1, #947 of 1564 🔗

Plus even hospital admissions now have the of/with problem.

188838 ▶▶ Richard O, replying to Steve Martindale, 4, #948 of 1564 🔗

I would love a politician to stand up and say: “The NHS is a fucking rip off. We are shutting it down.”

188854 ▶▶▶ Draper233, replying to Richard O, 1, #949 of 1564 🔗

A fucking rip off AND riddled with corruption

189128 ▶▶▶ GiftWrappedKittyCat, replying to Richard O, 1, #950 of 1564 🔗

I’ve always believed that the NHS is a valuable resource that should be protected but after the last few months I’d happily see it done away with. Am I in the minority here?

188849 ▶▶ mjr, replying to Steve Martindale, 3, #951 of 1564 🔗

sorry to shout but they are not covid patients .

188852 ▶▶▶ DRW, replying to mjr, 1, #952 of 1564 🔗

We really need the likes of Heneghan to work out how many had symptoms or just a positive test

188856 ▶▶ merlin, replying to Steve Martindale, #953 of 1564 🔗

So just under 0.2 patient per hospital

188830 Schrodinger, replying to Schrodinger, 32, #954 of 1564 🔗

FrRom a recent post in my FB feed


1. Arrive at restaurant, fish your three month old single-use surgical mask out of car’s filthy cupholder (still slightly sticky from this morning’s 84oz diet Pepsi).

2. Strap up with three month old single-use surgical mask.

3. Proceed into restaurant, opening door with same handle grabbed by 200 people so far today.

4. Hostess has immediate seating for your woke party of three. Walk past entire restaurant of unmasked people. It’s ok, they’re sitting.

5. Sit down.

6. Safely within your anti-germ forcefield, remove mask. Browse menu while making relaxed inhales of the same recirculated AC air previously inside the lungs of the 200 people that also grabbed the door handle.

7. Waitress drops off drinks bare handed.

7.1. The same hands she picks up glasses from other tables that other people have drank from.

8. Grab drink with your bare hand. Sip leisurely, secure in knowing you’re within your anti-germ forcefield of seatedness.

9. Too many drinks. Need to pee. Put on your magical anti-germ barrier mask as you leave your anti-germ forcefield of seatedness.

10. Walk past 40 unmasked restaurant patrons. Open bathroom with same door knob grabbed by 100 other people so far today.

11. Return to table past same 40 unmasked restaurant patrons.

12. Remove mask. Once again safe in your anti-germ forcefield of seatedness. Waitress takes your sweaty drink glass with her bare hand, refills, hands back to you. You accept with your bare hand. Grab some bread and eat it. Same hand. Yum Yum.

13. Meal complete. Mask on. Walk past 40 unmasked patrons. Make full body contact with at least 4 people waiting at the hostess stand as you squeeze your way back to the door – no matter, they’re all also wearing their magical anti-germ barriers.

14. Grab exit handle, which you are now the 220th person of the day to touch. Eating out successful.

15. Breathe a sigh of relief knowing that even after leaving the protection of your home and venturing out into the scary world of the public, you are essentially sterile thanks to your state approved methods of magical germ mitigation.

Gotta be the biggest piss take I’ve ever heard…

188833 ▶▶ Richard O, replying to Schrodinger, 11, #955 of 1564 🔗

15 steps to becoming a wanker. All users of this programme report 100% success.

188840 ▶▶ l835, replying to Schrodinger, 18, #956 of 1564 🔗

In a Costa now, same thing. Stand up, mask on, order coffee, sit down, mask off. If people can’t see how absolutely ridiculous this is, there is no hope for our species.

188959 ▶▶▶ Fingerache Philip., replying to l835, 2, #957 of 1564 🔗


188842 ▶▶ John Galt, replying to Schrodinger, 25, #958 of 1564 🔗

This is brilliant.

Last week I ate out for the first time since masks in restaurants became a thing. Being unmasked and looking around at people taking their masks on and off, depending on whether they were sitting or standing, has to be the most farcical experience I’ve yet to have in this whole thing.

188845 ▶▶▶ stefarm, replying to John Galt, 8, #959 of 1564 🔗

Yeah, good ain’t it. Fucking ludicrous

188848 ▶▶▶ Richard O, replying to John Galt, 10, #960 of 1564 🔗

Did you spot any of them going all the way and putting the nappy on in between mouthfuls (as has been recommended by the Governor of California)?

189129 ▶▶▶ Lisa from Toronto, replying to John Galt, 4, #961 of 1564 🔗

Second only to people driving alone with their masks on. Which just goes to show that even the maskholes don’t believe they’re wearing them to protect others. They selfishly believe they’re protecting themselves. There’s simply no other explanation for them wearing them in the car, walking outside alone, etc. We had a guy come and buy some used windsurfing gear the other day and he showed up with his mask on. He and my husband were outside the entire time and my husband was, of course, maskless. So if the guy thought he was protecting my husband he would have taken off his mask, given my husband wasn’t wearing one, so I can only infer that he believed he was protecting himself. A total wanker, but he came with cash so all was well.

188843 ▶▶ captainbeefheart, replying to Schrodinger, 7, #962 of 1564 🔗

You couldn’t make this shit up.

Oh, they did. In only 7 months (looks like they rushed it)

By the way, does anyone know of any good “what to do if you find yourself facing government storm troopers during a peaceful protest” books / websites / guides?

188880 ▶▶▶ Nick Rose, replying to captainbeefheart, 4, #963 of 1564 🔗

Stand firm. Be friendly. Smile.

188911 ▶▶▶▶ JohnB, replying to Nick Rose, 5, #964 of 1564 🔗

Say nowt.
(If arrested/questioned that is.).

188940 ▶▶▶▶▶ Nick Rose, replying to JohnB, 1, #965 of 1564 🔗

Or if you do, stick to inane subjects like the weather. Give no personal details, don’t give your name or where you are from.

188978 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Nick Rose, replying to Nick Rose, 1, #966 of 1564 🔗

Unless you’ve been arrested, in which case say nothing at all.

188945 ▶▶▶▶▶ Yawnyaman, replying to JohnB, 1, #967 of 1564 🔗

Check PACE, this gives you clear rights

189023 ▶▶▶ Rowan, replying to captainbeefheart, #968 of 1564 🔗

Take one of the bastards with you.

189033 ▶▶▶▶ annie, replying to Rowan, 1, #969 of 1564 🔗

As Churchill said.
If I could take Wancock with me I think I’d die happy.

189025 ▶▶▶ Rowan, replying to captainbeefheart, #970 of 1564 🔗

Take one of those bastards with you.

189473 ▶▶▶▶ captainbeefheart, replying to Rowan, #971 of 1564 🔗

These automations are already gone. Nothing to take anywhere.

188865 ▶▶ l835, replying to Schrodinger, 12, #972 of 1564 🔗

Still in costa. No mask, but ok while sitting. Fully realise if I stand up my head will be in the Covid danger zone. Am I ok to crawl out on my hands and knees? Might have had too much caffeine…

188961 ▶▶▶ Fingerache Philip., replying to l835, 4, #973 of 1564 🔗


188876 ▶▶ l835, replying to Schrodinger, 3, #974 of 1564 🔗

Just waiting for Jeremy Beadle to jump out!!!

188908 ▶▶▶ captainbeefheart, replying to l835, 5, #975 of 1564 🔗

I might have known that he’d have a small hand to play in all of this

188912 ▶▶▶▶ JohnB, replying to captainbeefheart, 2, #976 of 1564 🔗

Cruel. 🙂

188932 ▶▶▶▶▶ captainbeefheart, replying to JohnB, 2, #977 of 1564 🔗

Yeah, sorry Jeremy couldn’t resist…

189034 ▶▶▶ Rowan, replying to l835, 3, #978 of 1564 🔗

He’d have a bit of a job with that. Covid-08 aka as flu got him years ago.

189476 ▶▶▶▶ captainbeefheart, replying to Rowan, #979 of 1564 🔗

We should have closed down the entire global economy back in ’08.

Jeremy would still be with us now.

188957 ▶▶ Fingerache Philip., replying to Schrodinger, 1, #980 of 1564 🔗

You’ve said it all.
Well stated.

188972 ▶▶ jhfreedom, replying to Schrodinger, 3, #981 of 1564 🔗

16 Resolve never to go out to eat again since going to Chernobyl would be easier. Destroy economy.


189039 ▶▶▶ Ewan Duffy, replying to jhfreedom, 3, #982 of 1564 🔗

There are less restrictions to visit Chernobyl (speaking from experience – I was there in 2016).

189031 ▶▶ annie, replying to Schrodinger, 2, #983 of 1564 🔗

Then visit California where you have to replace your nappy between bites.

189121 ▶▶▶ Lisa from Toronto, replying to annie, 2, #984 of 1564 🔗

It’s merely a recommendation, but we know how “recommendations” can become accepted “science” and then mandates in the blink of an eye. Insanity.

188850 Sam Vimes, replying to Sam Vimes, 20, #985 of 1564 🔗

Liverpool Gym fund now at £39000. What percentage of folk was it that want more lockdown?

188857 ▶▶ captainbeefheart, replying to Sam Vimes, #986 of 1564 🔗

Isn’t the maximum fine £64K (or is it cumulative? i.e. 64+32+16+8+4+2+1 = 127 grand max?)

edit – wrong mathematical concept used (said “exponential” – people are crap at maths so won’t notice…)

188864 ▶▶▶ Londo Mollari, replying to captainbeefheart, 6, #987 of 1564 🔗

I believe the fund is to fight the legal battle not to pay the fine.

188869 ▶▶▶▶ captainbeefheart, replying to Londo Mollari, 1, #988 of 1564 🔗

Right, I see. Thanks for putting me right 🙂

Probably need about £2^64 then

188868 ▶▶▶ Sam Vimes, replying to captainbeefheart, #989 of 1564 🔗

Dunno, it would mean wading through shite again. But I fear there will be an ‘arms race’ if these things have any success. Bunter will have his way, that’s that.

188968 ▶▶ Victoria, replying to Sam Vimes, 1, #990 of 1564 🔗

They must fight these fines in court

189068 ▶▶▶ Ceriain, replying to Victoria, 2, #991 of 1564 🔗

They must fight these fines in court

That’s what the fund is for. The gyms say they won’t pay the fines, and will go to court.

189116 ▶▶ ConstantBees, replying to Sam Vimes, #992 of 1564 🔗

£41,000 now.

188859 swedenborg, replying to swedenborg, #993 of 1564 🔗


This Swizz Cheese Respiratory Virus Defence is an easy picture to show what is behind Jon Snow Declaration and also promoted by CDC(Frieden was an earlier CDC Chief, now in Project Fear).Included is current CDC Dir Redfield with his ludicrous prediction in July that the pandemic would end in 2 mths if we all had face masks. It was even more important than the future C-19 vaccine. It includes also Dr Birx, CDC, going around US peddling the dangerous asymptomatic spread and a true mask fanatic. (She was earlier called Dr Scarf but more appropriate Dr Mask)
I was impressed by one of the commentors here on the forum getting back from the BMA an answer on a question of face masks. BMA admitted no RCT evidence but should be used for the precautionary principle. Masks are more religion nowadays. The reason for masks is only one of the actions against spread according to the picture. All these together will keep us all healthy and you see test track and trace included at the end.
Considering the second wave(seasonal wave) in all mask mandated countries with an increasing absurd SD measures , it seems the cheese is leaking like hell!

188921 ▶▶ Tenchy, replying to swedenborg, 4, #994 of 1564 🔗

Face nappies encourage virus spread – people wearing them don’t antisocial distance.

188956 ▶▶▶ Fingerache Philip., replying to Tenchy, 1, #995 of 1564 🔗

I wish they would keep away from me.

189111 ▶▶▶▶ ConstantBees, replying to Fingerache Philip., #996 of 1564 🔗

I have to admit that I feel sick whenever I see someone in a mask. Makes it hard to go out, but obviously I’m not going to stay inside all the time either.

189061 ▶▶▶ Will, replying to Tenchy, 4, #997 of 1564 🔗

And never stop touching their faces. Had the thick, jobsworth nurse in charge of my daughter’s infusion today. Everyone else knows that we respect each other’s space, it is a children’s oncology ward after all and play the game with masks when we are on the move from our corner of the room, but masks make SFA difference in this situation and everyone knows it, apart from this thick bitch. And we have slightly more significant concerns as our children are injected with poison. Honestly I could have punched her.

189117 ▶▶▶▶ Lisa from Toronto, replying to Will, #998 of 1564 🔗

I’m so sorry. You have more than enough on your plate to have to deal with people like her. Give your daughter a big, mask-free hug from us lockdown sceptics.

189118 ▶▶▶▶ fiery, replying to Will, 1, #999 of 1564 🔗

Hope that your daughter’s treatment goes well and she’s able to leave hospital. soon. I was a nurse until last year and feel the large majority of nurses are thick and totally incapable of any kind of critical or independent thinking. I left the profession ( if you can call it that) for those reasons.

188949 ▶▶ Nobody2020, replying to swedenborg, 1, #1000 of 1564 🔗

Using that analogy immunity would likely be quite a thick slice equivalent to several layers.

188862 Christopher, replying to Christopher, 24, #1001 of 1564 🔗

Bit of shopping in M&S this afternoon and spotted an entire young family un muzzled , Mum , Dad and three children , I nearly whooped with joy , amazing what we have been reduced to when a normal free family shopping is an outlier .

188914 ▶▶ Paul, replying to Christopher, 6, #1002 of 1564 🔗

The other day I saw a woman entering the shop I was at unmuzzled and I had to control my strong urge to rush up to her and give her a hug and say good for you !.

189003 ▶▶▶ Christopher, replying to Paul, 2, #1003 of 1564 🔗

Nearly went and shook the parents hands saying ” Well done Sir ” , thought better of it and just smiled and let them get past me to the veggies ( not the mask wearers )

189107 ▶▶ GiftWrappedKittyCat, replying to Christopher, 1, #1004 of 1564 🔗

There were 4 (including me) un-muzzled on the train this afternoon. It was heartening to see.

189165 ▶▶▶ Christopher, replying to GiftWrappedKittyCat, 3, #1005 of 1564 🔗

Lots of non compliance ( Free men and women ) on the District line this morning not much on the Central line though .

189182 ▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to Christopher, #1006 of 1564 🔗

Went to Morrisons’ today – more unmuzzled customers and staff, at least am not the only one.

188863 Schrodinger, replying to Schrodinger, 2, #1007 of 1564 🔗

Dolan Case Simon has just Tweeted

“Not satisfied that the claimants have raised an arguable case to get this off the ground”

Long judgement though…fuller explanation to come.

188866 ▶▶ Christopher, replying to Schrodinger, 3, #1008 of 1564 🔗


188867 ▶▶ DRW, replying to Schrodinger, 4, #1009 of 1564 🔗

No surprise there, I expect a similar outcome for the JR.

188888 ▶▶▶ Londo Mollari, replying to DRW, 1, #1010 of 1564 🔗

So, what was today’s hearing?

188897 ▶▶▶▶ zacaway, replying to Londo Mollari, 4, #1011 of 1564 🔗

It was to seek an injunction against the new restrictions on wedding venues (jointly with wedding venue operator Cripps Barn Group Ltd) on the basis that the contradictory and confusing laws are destroying the hospitality industry and that the measures are disproportionate to the risk to public health from COVID-19.

More details on here:

188898 ▶▶▶▶▶ Londo Mollari, replying to zacaway, 2, #1012 of 1564 🔗


188875 ▶▶ Adam, replying to Schrodinger, 5, #1013 of 1564 🔗

these Judges are corrupt scum and need disbarring https://www.eutruth.org.uk

188879 ▶▶ Londo Mollari, replying to Schrodinger, 5, #1014 of 1564 🔗

When the powers-that-be block peaceful and constitutional means to resolve disputes, nations turn to the opposite means. This is worrying at so many levels.

188887 ▶▶ Londo Mollari, replying to Schrodinger, 3, #1015 of 1564 🔗

Dolan says today’s judgement is disappointing but that there is a full JR hearing on 29th October. I am a tad confused here.

188899 ▶▶▶ Telpin, replying to Londo Mollari, 3, #1016 of 1564 🔗

It’s a separate case

188900 ▶▶▶ Schrodinger, replying to Londo Mollari, #1017 of 1564 🔗

They are separate cases.

188937 ▶▶▶ Nick Rose, replying to Londo Mollari, 1, #1018 of 1564 🔗

The JR is the Appeal against an earlier judgement that ruled the Coronavirus Act legal and that it is not against the Law to strip us of our rights, civil liberties and freedoms.

188939 ▶▶ PoshPanic, replying to Schrodinger, 3, #1019 of 1564 🔗

Shame, but he’s not giving in

188870 Sarigan, replying to Sarigan, 2, #1020 of 1564 🔗

Italy added to the list. But Crete removed so I still have 6 ok destinations in the world to sell to my clients.

Wonder if they looked at Sicily in isolation or just went with the blanket ban? Just calling several soon to be disappointed families that their holidays are cancelled.

188874 ▶▶ calchas, replying to Sarigan, 5, #1021 of 1564 🔗

…but only if they want to come back.

Maybe start organizing emigration startup packages to: Sweden, Belarus, Tanzania, Nicaragua.

188896 ▶▶▶ Sarigan, replying to calchas, 4, #1022 of 1564 🔗

Good plan. Got an email today asking if I was in the market to buy any private jets.

scepticalholidays.com all the way

189005 ▶▶▶▶ CGL, replying to Sarigan, #1023 of 1564 🔗

But only if you prove you were sceptic – sheep go in the hold

189037 ▶▶▶ Will, replying to calchas, #1024 of 1564 🔗

Brazil is nearly there as well…

189002 ▶▶ CGL, replying to Sarigan, #1025 of 1564 🔗

Emailed you earlier btw 🙂

188871 Londo Mollari, 6, #1026 of 1564 🔗

Latest data from the European Centre for monitoring Mortality show no excess deaths anywhere in the UK during Week 41 – that’s week ending 9th October. http://www.euromomo.eu Scroll down to maps and graphs.

188873 Adam, replying to Adam, 7, #1027 of 1564 🔗

i as have many others in this Country have come to realise that this Government along with the compliant Keir Starmer & Labour need bringing down they are a disgrace and are a danger to Our welbeing and prosperity https://www.newchartistmovement.org.uk

188933 ▶▶ Cecil B, replying to Adam, 3, #1028 of 1564 🔗

They are a clear and present danger

188877 Richard Pinch, replying to Richard Pinch, 6, #1029 of 1564 🔗

I thought I’ld do my own model to look into the results of Medley et al as discussed yesterday. I realise that the whole idea of modelling may be unpopular to some readers, and if so they can stop reading now.

Still with me? Good to have you on board. It’s a simple SIR model based on R0=2.8 and 5 days infectious period. Since it’s a homogeneous population level model, I wouldn’t rely on it for accurate numerical predictions, but it gives a qualitative picture of the sort of behaviour one can expect. I’ll give the rough figures to illustrate that behaviour.

If we do nothing, new cases rise to a peak around day 57, on which about 7% of the population are new cases, then fall off to negligible around day 90, by which time about 94% of the population have been infected, and that is where it levels off. (Deaths depend on the assumed IFR which I’m not going to discuss here). The herd immunity threshold is 64% but cases still occur even after the infection rate has slipped below 1: I’ll call this the “tail”.

Next I tried simulating a “circuit break” of 21 days (roughly two infection cycles) at various points, assuming that during the break the rate of interaction would fall by a factor of 3.5, then rise back afterwards. For example, a circuit break on day 40 postponed the peak to day 81, but still around 7% and the number infected levelled off at 93%: essentially the same. A break on day 70, after the peak, reduced the overall infection rate to 92%.

What did make a difference was having the circuit break pretty well at the peak, say at day 56. In that case there was a second much lower peak around day 96, and a much lower limiting infection rate of 75%.

My intuitive explanation for this is this. Break too early and you simply postpone the peak. Break to late and the bulk of the cases have already happened. Break dead on the peak, when the number of cases has just reached herd immunity and you can remove a significant number of the cases in the tail.

Of course, the dynamics for the UK as a whole are far more complicated — we have cross-cutting regional and age-related differences, for example. So my overall conclusion is that circuit breaks can push the peak later in time but not change the level, except where the break happens to coincide rather precisely with a peak in a sub-population, in which case it can make a difference to the long-term case figure.

188893 ▶▶ calchas, replying to Richard Pinch, 5, #1030 of 1564 🔗

Model are for showing off clothes on the catwalk.

A mathematical model is a young lady who does this while studying algebra in the evenings.

188905 ▶▶▶ Barney McGrew, replying to calchas, #1031 of 1564 🔗

I’d like to meet her.

188980 ▶▶▶▶ calchas, replying to Barney McGrew, #1032 of 1564 🔗

Ask for her prime numbers.

188903 ▶▶ Barney McGrew, replying to Richard Pinch, 1, #1033 of 1564 🔗

Why not modify your model to include the latest findings on T-cell immunity, etc.?

The answer could be that it would then be impossible to use any particular figure for ‘R0’ nor to calculate a herd immunity threshold using a standard formula.

Such nuances render R0 as meaningless. To specify an R0 you need to be able to define a binary ‘infected’ state, but the recent revelations (not to LS readers) that some people already have resistance to the virus, and that people acquire resistance even if they don’t show antibodies, means that the SIR model is a joke.

188913 ▶▶▶ Richard Pinch, replying to Barney McGrew, #1034 of 1564 🔗

Oh, it happens that the SIR model accommodates that particular refinement quite easily by changing the initial S percentage from 100% downwards and a corresponding increase in R0. For example, one might assume an initial 50% immunity due to T-cell resistance or indeed any other reason, in which case the estimate for R0 needs to be doubled. The qualitative results are the same: without intervention there’s an exponential rise to a peak, then a fall, with long-term case number the bulk of the susceptible population. The only time a circuit break has an effect is the period just around the peak.

188967 ▶▶▶▶ Barney McGrew, replying to Richard Pinch, 4, #1035 of 1564 🔗

No. You are still assuming a binary ‘infection’ state. And you are not allowing for a dynamic shift in resistance (not necessarily full immunity) amongst the population as it becomes exposed to the virus. In other words you can take the population in March 2020 and think it responds in a certain way to the virus (giving Neil Ferguson his original ‘R0’ that you are still sticking with), and yet take the same population in October 2020, still showing almost zero antibodies, but find that the response to the virus has changed drastically due to near-asymptomatic, low exposure encounters with the virus. But a fixation on ‘R0’ means that this idea cannot be accommodated by the modellers. R0 is fixed… R0 is fixed… Your modelling of the two situations would not have changed, thus not reflecting reality.

The noddy, simplistic modelling is begging to tell us that we can never lift lockdown, but the reality is that the population is already at a working level of community immunity.

This is the tragedy we are embracing by taking advice from ‘scientists’ who are locked into the simplest thinking possible because of some educational model.

And your comment above prompts the following questions:
(a) Why didn’t you incorporate the T-cell stuff into your SIR model without prompting? It’s not exactly a secret these days.
(b) Why not change your model from binary infection to something that better reflects reality? Even if you could demonstrate it was mathematically equivalent as you claim (which it obviously isn’t especially when the model deviates from regarding the population as a homogeneous blob – which is the point of a model), it would be more convincing – as though you were genuinely attempting to model reality rather than just confirming a standard formula.

189081 ▶▶▶▶▶ Richard Pinch, replying to Barney McGrew, -1, #1036 of 1564 🔗

Well, let’s talk about R0. In a classic epidemic spread model, R0 is the average number of people infected by one infectious individual is a largely susceptible population. The subscript 0 denotes time 0, ie the start of the epidemic process. It’s a single parameter — when you’re using the epidemic process to model a viral infection, it’s a function of two real-world parameters, namely the virulence of the virus and the average behaviour of the population. We can infer a value of R0 by looking at the rate of spread of cases in the early stages.

We transfer the simple epidemic process to an SIR model by looking at the rate of infection per day and number of days infectivity. Taking the latter to be 5, that means an SIR model in which the rate of movement from S to I is a rate R0/5, say 0.56 per day.

If there’s 50% pre-existing immunity, then inferring R0 from observing spread is an underestimate by a factor of 2, since half the population is already not susceptible.

(a) Because it does not change the qualitative behaviour, which as I emphasised is the only lesson I’m prepared to draw from such a simple model

(b) I have more complicated models involving population structure, but I’m not prepared to discuss them here for two reasons. The first is that the added technical complexity is hard to expound within the confines what are already rather long comments, especially to a nontechnical readership; the second is that I’m not yet ready to declare that work finished; the third is that I’m not convinced that I have sufficient knowledge of all the relevant real-world parameters and their ranges to be sure that the model’s qualitative behaviour is robust against the uncertainty in those parameters.

I’m am, of course, “genuinely attempting to model” reality, thank you for asking, in the sense of showing the qualitative behaviour of certain parts of it. I’m aware of the limitations of such an attempt and unwilling to commit myself to more than I feel able to justify.

189241 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Barney McGrew, replying to Richard Pinch, 2, #1037 of 1564 🔗

“Classic” doesn’t mean that it’s ever been verified anywhere against the real world. It just means it’s classic within its own academic discipline.

A true model, of the real world, couldn’t start with an R0 at all. You could only derive a sort-of R0 after you had run the model – otherwise you are pre-determining the outcome of the model – which is basically what Neil Ferguson did. His model was pointless because it resulted in the same number of deaths as simply multiplying the IFR by the final size calculation (a fixed value calculated from a standard formula based on the R0 you put in).

And to get a value of R0 you’d need to define ‘infection’ as a binary condition. It isn’t. People can react in different ways to different inoculums (inocula?) and viral loads, and this varies dynamically with exposure. To attempt to make it a binary definition is to, again, negate the point of a model.

Neil Ferguson’s model may be ‘complex’, but only in the sense of being dressed up with a load of population data. It may be ‘complex’, but it isn’t sophisticated. Or representative of reality.

189312 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ Richard Pinch, replying to Barney McGrew, -2, #1038 of 1564 🔗

“Classic” doesn’t mean that it’s ever been verified anywhere against the real world.

That sentence is quite correct: that is not what “classic” means. And it isn’t what I intended to mean by it. And I doubt that it is what you thought I meant by it.

As for the rest of your comment — I find it hard to understand what your mental model of modelling is. It is true that in these simple models the output is a determined function of the input. So what?

you’d need to define ‘infection’ as a binary condition. It isn’t.

There is a non-binary concept of infection in the real world and there is infection as a binary category within the model. They are different things, clearly. The modelling hypothesis is that the non-binary real-world notion can be modelled sufficiently well by the binary model category for the model to be useful. That is not to negate the point of the mode, it is precisely to carry out a part of the modelling process.

These classic models have been around for nearly 100 years, long enough to have been verified against real-world data that gives some degree of initial credibility to the hypothesis that they are capable of being useful reflections of reality.

188943 ▶▶ Nobody2020, replying to Richard Pinch, 1, #1039 of 1564 🔗

So unless the timing is correct it’s more downside than upside.

188954 ▶▶▶ Richard Pinch, replying to Nobody2020, 2, #1040 of 1564 🔗

In a nutshell, yes.

189073 ▶▶▶▶ TJN, replying to Richard Pinch, 2, #1041 of 1564 🔗

Yes, that was what struck me when I was playing with a (very) simplistic model back in April. Trouble is, you have no way of knowing whether you’re getting the timing correct.

The most important variable was susceptibility – and no one was discussing it then. But the modelling should have screamed at SAGE and the politicians that they had to get a handle on this variable. That they apparently didn’t even attempt to do so speaks volumes.

188962 ▶▶ Tim Bidie, replying to Richard Pinch, 2, #1042 of 1564 🔗

Great effort but what is the point if there is no definition of ‘infection’, ‘case’, no consistency in PCR test or PCR test cycle threshold?

You have a great model and junk data…..you know the rest…….

189082 ▶▶▶ Richard Pinch, replying to Tim Bidie, -1, #1043 of 1564 🔗

I explained that it’s a qualitative not a quantitative description.

188973 ▶▶ BJJ, replying to Richard Pinch, 2, #1044 of 1564 🔗

Kind of dull without an IFR

189086 ▶▶▶ Richard Pinch, replying to BJJ, -1, #1045 of 1564 🔗

Not a can of worms I want to open right now.

189009 ▶▶ Will, replying to Richard Pinch, 1, #1046 of 1564 🔗

Thank you Richard Pinch, very interesting.

189054 ▶▶ Pancho the Grey, replying to Richard Pinch, #1047 of 1564 🔗

Interesting stuff, Richard. Am I right in thinking that this shows that there is a natural life cycle to an epidemic? This would seem to fit in with historical epidemics, since the entire population has never been killed off by one. Out of interest, does your model show at any point a sustained exponential rise similar to the Whitty scary graph.
Of course, in practice, getting the timing of the absolute peak right will be nigh on impossible (ie guesswork) because the true peak will only be revealed retrospectively. Also as you say differences between population groups with varying responses to infection will mean their group’s “sweet spots” are unlikely to coincide.

189115 ▶▶▶ Richard Pinch, replying to Pancho the Grey, #1048 of 1564 🔗

I emphasise again that this simple SIR model, assuming a homogeneous population, is really only suited to qualitative descriptions (wrong but, I hope, useful to follow Box’s maxim). However, in the absence of a break/lockdown intervention, the rise to the peak is approximately exponential and the decline away from is is also exponential (at different rates). The intuition here is that for most of the time before the peak, the proportion of R (immune/dead) in the population is low, so the infections continue to rise at nearly the original R0 rate. Indeed, taking deaths as a proxy for infections that is indeed what we saw during March.

189286 ▶▶ bucky99, replying to Richard Pinch, #1049 of 1564 🔗

The problem I have with all of the models is the assumptions built in that any intervention is actually going to achieve anything. Other than at the very best, postpone infections/illness/deaths for a while. This may buy time for more effective treatments to turn up, but that’s more out of hope than any certainty.

188882 Ned of the Hills, replying to Ned of the Hills, 6, #1050 of 1564 🔗

The unthinkingness of those who wear masks – Part 1.

From the open top double decker I travel on most days it is often I see people lined against a wall waiting for the bus – a dozen or more – shoulder to shoulder almost – no “social distancing” (dread term) and as the bus pulls up those that aren’t already masked dutifully put them on.

189102 ▶▶ ConstantBees, replying to Ned of the Hills, 2, #1051 of 1564 🔗

It’s the magic mask! They all seem to treat it as some sort of talisman now. Hardly seem aware of real measures they could take to protect their health. Just touch and wear a mask.

188886 leggy, replying to leggy, 14, #1052 of 1564 🔗

Here’s an interesting paper from 2009 regarding asymptomatic transmission of the flu.


The conclusion is worth a read at least.

188891 ▶▶ captainbeefheart, replying to leggy, 6, #1053 of 1564 🔗

Have an uptick… The mainstream will probably dismiss this paper as doesn’t specifically mention Covid 19 which is a new and novel virus, the likes of which the world has never seen before.

188894 ▶▶ Yawnyaman, replying to leggy, 4, #1054 of 1564 🔗

Have a second! In truth, this is hardly surprising to anyone with common sense

188902 PAM, replying to PAM, 4, #1055 of 1564 🔗

Couldn’t help feeling a touch of irony reading this article and watching the clip of what seems like a morbidly obese man scurrying after mask defaulters. What an example of health and vitality. but then of course he was masked up so that’s OK.


188915 ▶▶ wayno, replying to PAM, 2, #1056 of 1564 🔗

what an absolute tw*t

188919 ▶▶▶ PAM, replying to wayno, 2, #1057 of 1564 🔗

Hope it’s not me you are referring to? 🙂

188917 ▶▶ Richard O, replying to PAM, 3, #1058 of 1564 🔗

Stephen “Fat Fuck” Nolan up to his old tricks again?

188923 ▶▶ PoshPanic, replying to PAM, 1, #1059 of 1564 🔗

Another one to add to the growing list of offenders

188925 ▶▶▶ Cecil B, replying to PoshPanic, 2, #1060 of 1564 🔗

Add to the list of collaborators

188924 ▶▶ Cecil B, replying to PAM, 4, #1061 of 1564 🔗

How would he like it if the ‘fat cunt’ police confronted him outside a shop?

188927 ▶▶▶ Richard O, replying to Cecil B, 1, #1062 of 1564 🔗

Is that a new branch? I kind of like the idea actually.

188926 ▶▶ Mr Dee, replying to PAM, 3, #1063 of 1564 🔗

I’d have a very interesting conversation with him if he approached me. He might learn a thing or two about the Covid Scandal that the BBC consistently fails to mention.

188947 ▶▶▶ PAM, replying to Mr Dee, 2, #1064 of 1564 🔗

Alas Mr Dee but conversation suggests an exchange of ideas it seems to me, your attempt to converse would be laudable no doubt but I have found it challenging, frustrating and exasperating to attempt to engage with closed minds that seem bereft of reason. Perhaps you have found the same?

188955 ▶▶ AnotherSceptic, replying to PAM, #1065 of 1564 🔗

What a fat bastard. I definitely would have punched the fat dick if he had done that to me.

189097 ▶▶▶ Lisa from Toronto, replying to AnotherSceptic, 4, #1066 of 1564 🔗

Someone should tell him that he should lose 50 pounds to protect others. He’s clearly got at least one co-morbidity and, therefore, is someone who could end up in an ICU bed that someone with another ailment would being denied. Since these fucks think it’s perfectly OK for the government to mandate some behaviours relating to health, why not force people like him on a diet? I think he should be tracked and traced based on every calorie consumed, and if he exceeds his government prescribed caloric intake he should be quarantined in an internment facility where his intake can be controlled. He can be let out when he’s no longer a danger to other people’s health.

189127 ▶▶▶▶ AnotherSceptic, replying to Lisa from Toronto, #1067 of 1564 🔗

Haha….that would be brilliant.

189147 ▶▶▶▶▶ Lisa from Toronto, replying to AnotherSceptic, 1, #1068 of 1564 🔗

It’s absurd, but it’s the end result of allowing the government to take control of the health of individuals. I trot out scenarios like this to the “but it’s just a piece of cloth” crowd. Admittedly, I don’t get many opportunities as I don’t engage with many people these days.

189181 ▶▶▶▶ PAM, replying to Lisa from Toronto, #1069 of 1564 🔗


188906 John Stone, replying to John Stone, 5, #1070 of 1564 🔗

How the government is stringing out having to deploy Vitamin D as a response to Covid for over a year with possibly untold consequences (BMJ Rapid Responses)

Re: Sixty seconds on . . . vitamin D: the government strings it out Re: Sixty seconds on . . . vitamin D Zosia Kmietowicz. 371:doi 10.1136/bmj.m3872

Dear Editor
The government have just announced a six month trial to see whether Vitamin D can protect against Covid [1]. The first Rapid Response on this topic was from Peter Cobbold on 2 March [2] more than seven months ago since when there has been a steady stream of correspondence. The government seem to have kicked the matter into touch for many months more, perhaps beyond the point when they hope to somehow be distributing vaccines against the virus. But arguably they could have just endeavoured to make sure everyone’s Vitamin D levels were up to scratch in the first place all those months ago, which would have protected the population against all infectious diseases and not done any harm. This was something seemingly they never wanted to do, and for which they should still be answerable.
[1] Vanessa Chalmers and Luke Andrews, ‘ UK doctors will finally trial whether vitamin D can protect people from Covid-19 after months of mounting evidence the cheap supplement could be a life-saver’, Daily Mail 13 October 2020, https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8834307/Doctors-trial-vitamin-D
[2] Peter H Cobbold, ‘ Re: Preventing a covid-19 pandemic‘, 2 March 2020, https://www.bmj.com/content/368/bmj.m810/rr-1

188965 ▶▶ PastImperfect, replying to John Stone, 3, #1071 of 1564 🔗

Moreover they denied the use of HCQ treatments.

188974 ▶▶ chaos, replying to John Stone, 3, #1072 of 1564 🔗

No profit in D2 or D3.. and besides.. this madness has never been about this cold virus.

All recessions and depressions are deliberate – a contraction of the money (debt) supply. This is a great GREAT depression with the pretence of a green reset. Helped along by some useful idiots who believe in man-made climate change e.g. Charley and Wills and possibly even BoJo and Carrie…

188991 ▶▶ Tom Blackburn, replying to John Stone, 2, #1073 of 1564 🔗

Daily Mail: Now Matt Hancock says you SHOULD take vitamin D amid mounting evidence it protects against Covid-19.

188928 John P, replying to John P, #1074 of 1564 🔗

Please support the Woodland Trust. They have recently launched a new campaign as
proposed changes to planning laws put woodlands under grave threat. You can sign their petition here:


188936 ▶▶ Richard O, replying to John P, #1075 of 1564 🔗

So much for the Green pledges Johnson made last week.

188985 ▶▶▶ John P, replying to Richard O, 1, #1076 of 1564 🔗

Yes, but that’s all bullshit. And woodlands aren’t a money spinner. Nothing to do with that exploited child and her green loons.

188944 ▶▶ Now More Than Ever, replying to John P, 5, #1077 of 1564 🔗

This would be the same Woodland Trust that currently has signs up in its woodlands telling you which way you are allowed to walk round them.

188981 ▶▶▶ John P, replying to Now More Than Ever, -13, #1078 of 1564 🔗

Don’t be a prat.

188986 ▶▶▶▶ Tenchy, replying to John P, 9, #1079 of 1564 🔗

Ad hominem. No need for it.

I do support the WT, but they are way out of it with those signs.

188987 ▶▶▶▶▶ John P, replying to Tenchy, -13, #1080 of 1564 🔗

I’m tired and this guy was being deliberately provocative.

This is an important matter and takes little effort to signal support.

I’m not going to self censor every time. I don’t have time for people like that.

188990 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Now More Than Ever, replying to John P, 3, #1081 of 1564 🔗

For what it’s worth, I’ve supported the Woodland Trust in the past and will do so again, probably, when they do away with this silliness. Apologies if I triggered you.

188997 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ John P, replying to Now More Than Ever, 1, #1082 of 1564 🔗

Okay. I’m just tired and like everyone here thoroughly fed up with the way our country is being wrecked by this government.

There may not be woodlands for them to put silly signs round if the government is not properly opposed over this.

189008 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ Tenchy, replying to John P, 3, #1083 of 1564 🔗

ALL woodland should be protected. I cannot think of a single reason why any woodland should be destroyed. Nothing justifies it.

188958 ▶▶ Londo Mollari, replying to John P, #1084 of 1564 🔗

I looked for an address at which to contact them. It appears they don’t welcome correspondence.

188984 ▶▶▶ John P, replying to Londo Mollari, #1085 of 1564 🔗

I’m sure you will find a way to get in contact with them if you want to.

I’ve supported them for a long time now. They e-mailed me to tell me about this.

The changes are part of Johnson’s plans to concrete the countryside to pay for the lockdowns.

188992 ▶▶ Mr Dee, replying to John P, 1, #1086 of 1564 🔗

Yes, certainly. Thanks for sharing this.

188993 ▶▶▶ John P, replying to Mr Dee, 1, #1087 of 1564 🔗

Thank you!

188930 mjr, replying to mjr, 15, #1089 of 1564 🔗

itv central news . first item … another person with long covid. covid in march .. still has issues … when will this scare propaganda stop !!
update .. two people

188938 ▶▶ Awkward Git, replying to mjr, 20, #1090 of 1564 🔗

Wife got it on, just been told to shut up twice in 20 seconds shouting at the TV about the bullshit they are pedalling so off to garden for a beer to get out of the way as they just said about the 2 women “neither were admitted to hospital with the virus”.

Ye fucking gods, drowning in stupidity.

I hear the beer can calling.

188942 ▶▶▶ Awkward Git, replying to Awkward Git, 10, #1091 of 1564 🔗

Wife says the symptoms they are on about and listing soon exactly like her electromagnetic hypersensitivity and reckons it’s nothing to do with a virus but EMFs.

Now for the beer.

Good night all.

188988 ▶▶▶▶ The Filthy Engineer, replying to Awkward Git, 1, #1092 of 1564 🔗

You could be my neighbour! His wife wibbles on about that “EMF smog” too.

188952 ▶▶▶ Fingerache Philip., replying to Awkward Git, 2, #1093 of 1564 🔗

Funny you should say that.

188964 ▶▶ captainbeefheart, replying to mjr, 8, #1094 of 1564 🔗

That update must have happened in the last few minutes, does this mean (if the R rate is probably around about 2 I guess based on me adding up 3, 5 and 7 and subtracting 13) that every couple of minutes, the number of infections might double?

So the whole population of the world might be dead in 33 minutes?

189059 ▶▶ Ceriain, replying to mjr, 1, #1095 of 1564 🔗


Give yourself a giggle; here’s the list of Long Covid symptoms being reported.

In other words, every ailment known to man.

Should be 171, of course; Margaret Ferrier said Covid made her “act out of character”.

189108 ▶▶▶ A. Contrarian, replying to Ceriain, 1, #1096 of 1564 🔗

And the claim that you can have it without even knowing you’ve had the virus – what?! Would this be taken seriously for any other viral infection? Would you get away with saying you’ve got post-viral syndrome/ME following flu if you hadn’t actually had flu? Case closed.

188946 helen, 1, #1097 of 1564 🔗

I nterview in the NacDenkenSeiten. Paul Scheyer Author& Lecturer interviewed by Marcus Klöckner

The interview was about his book

Paul Schreyer: Chronicle of an announced crisis. How a virus could change the world. Westend Verlag, September 14, 2020. 176 pages. 15 Euro.

7 main factors (questions) infer a preplanned pandemic but no concrete evidence is offered:-

1. POLICY: that policy decisions are not NORMALLY unilateral (risk from virus impacts only)
2. EXERCISES: significance of the preplanning event in NY 2019
3. BIOSECURITY : concept (new in Europe)
4. PHARMA & MILITARY and other interests (not equal) in a (plan) pandemic
5. TIMING /DATES of meeting, announcements & events
6. Policies are leading to crisis not crisis leading to policies
7. LOCKSTEP: All countries in lockstep. Why no country has gone it alone despite the damage to democracy and society?

https://www.nachdenkseiten.de/ ? p=64984&fbclid=IwAR1fYnHhq0q9vWR3URzFy1oxhMWydBci5g9XVv7mPoddGxcmrbcsjSPh1zI

188950 AnotherSceptic, replying to AnotherSceptic, 4, #1098 of 1564 🔗

Check out the comments on the video…it appears that people (not all admittedly) are finally waking up to this scam (finally)

& yes..it contains that utter slimy scumbag cunt….Matt Wankcock.


188960 ▶▶ Tenchy, replying to AnotherSceptic, 1, #1099 of 1564 🔗

I got half way through. Couldn’t stand it any longer.

188971 ▶▶▶ AnotherSceptic, replying to Tenchy, 6, #1100 of 1564 🔗

The video, I didn’t watch. & like you, I never read every comment, however, there is scepticism now, not with everyone on there, but it’s good to see.
Remember back in March/April/May the sceptics were shot down for being granny killers etc.
It doesn’t make me feel that the tide has turned yet, but it’s still good to see that there are others out there who are waking up to this shit show (finally)

188982 ▶▶▶▶ Tenchy, replying to AnotherSceptic, 7, #1101 of 1564 🔗

Yes, things have definitely turned. They might get away with the current outrage, but it will be the last time they do. An attempt at ‘Lockdown 3’ will be the end.

188994 ▶▶▶▶▶ Julian, replying to Tenchy, 4, #1102 of 1564 🔗

Lockdown 1 never ended

189014 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ DRW, replying to Julian, 4, #1103 of 1564 🔗

Lockdown I never ended completely, Lockdown II may never end at all.

189032 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ Julian, replying to DRW, 7, #1104 of 1564 🔗

It’s all variations on lockdown

We must remind people that we have been nowhere near normal since March

189104 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ A. Contrarian, replying to Julian, 2, #1105 of 1564 🔗

My brother is one of those. “But we’re not in lockdown anymore, are we?” is his answer to everything.

189245 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ Julian, replying to A. Contrarian, #1106 of 1564 🔗

Sorry to hear that. If he is happy with this limited life, bully for him (no offence). Just don’t screw my life up.

189051 ▶▶▶▶▶ Ceriain, replying to Tenchy, 1, #1107 of 1564 🔗

Agree with both you, Tenchy, and AnotherSceptic; definitely seeing more and more sceptical comments in the daily rags.

189029 ▶▶ PoshPanic, replying to AnotherSceptic, 4, #1108 of 1564 🔗

The Guardian can’t control comments on YT, without turning them off.

189373 ▶▶▶ stevie119, replying to PoshPanic, 1, #1109 of 1564 🔗

356 upthumbs – 2300 down!

188970 chaos, replying to chaos, 2, #1110 of 1564 🔗
188989 ▶▶ anon, replying to chaos, 2, #1111 of 1564 🔗

“I’m not a conspiracy theorist”

says it all really

189047 ▶▶▶ Darryl, replying to anon, 7, #1112 of 1564 🔗

‘Conspiracy theorist’, ‘right wing’, ‘brexiteer’, ‘tax exile’ all terms the state propaganda outlets use to get people on the back foot in interviews. Anyone who disagrees with the establishment now is automatically called a conspiracy theorist in articles, it’s really scandalous that the MSM play this game. Toby should even have to qualify anything he says.

Every interview Simon Dolan seems to do even on TalkRadio he automatically has to defend living in Monaco, a completely unrelated issue. Pro-lockdown academics and presenters are given an easy time.

188975 PoshPanic, replying to PoshPanic, 9, #1113 of 1564 🔗

Reading articles on the Essex tier2. Nearly everyone commenting that it’s about the money. Apart from the odd” omg it’s getting scary, stay safe hun “, seems a lot more are waking up now… tick tock

188983 ▶▶ Chris Hume, replying to PoshPanic, 14, #1114 of 1564 🔗

Lots of annoyance here in Essex. Southend is a separate Borough council and they aren’t doing it. Guess where everybody will be going out in Essex from now on! Pubs in next door Benfleet and Rochford must be furious.

189022 ▶▶▶ PoshPanic, replying to Chris Hume, 2, #1115 of 1564 🔗

Yes, saw that Thurrock too

188996 ▶▶ CGL, replying to PoshPanic, 9, #1116 of 1564 🔗

“Hun” – bloody hate that

189043 ▶▶▶ Ceriain, replying to CGL, 5, #1117 of 1564 🔗

Not as much as I hate “stay safe”.

189105 ▶▶▶▶ CGL, replying to Ceriain, 1, #1118 of 1564 🔗

Had this competition yesterday with TJN – I hate “hun” a million trillion gazillion times more – no actually you’re right ‘stay safe’ makes me puke.

189098 ▶▶ A. Contrarian, replying to PoshPanic, 4, #1119 of 1564 🔗

Yes it’s for the money. Pubs and restaurants etc can stay open. They don’t care that people can’t meet any more – it’s not a money maker. So to them (and by them I mean the council leaders/mayors etc) it’s extra money with more or less no downsides other than trashing the population’s mental health.

188976 Eddy, replying to Eddy, 16, #1120 of 1564 🔗

The peoples of Hong Kong have put us to shame. They are dying for their freedoms while we just obey. Sickening

188979 ▶▶ John P, replying to Eddy, 2, #1121 of 1564 🔗

Speak for yourself!

188998 Laura Suckling, replying to Laura Suckling, 5, #1122 of 1564 🔗

Dan Wootton on Talk Radio this afternoon was very good!

189011 ▶▶ CGL, replying to Laura Suckling, 3, #1123 of 1564 🔗

He was angry! He should have been let at Piers Morgan instead of Mike Graham

189075 ▶▶▶ Laura Suckling, replying to CGL, 1, #1124 of 1564 🔗

Yes, he should. Carol McGiffin was her usual brilliant self just now.

189110 ▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to CGL, 1, #1125 of 1564 🔗

Oh but Piers Morgan doesn’t want to be hated any more!

189114 ▶▶▶▶ CGL, replying to Cheezilla, 3, #1126 of 1564 🔗

I don’t think it’s up to him is it?

189122 ▶▶▶▶ Laura Suckling, replying to Cheezilla, 3, #1127 of 1564 🔗

Too late Piers, far too late.

189151 ▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to Laura Suckling, 1, #1128 of 1564 🔗

His article in the Sun as well was good.

188999 Tenchy, replying to Tenchy, 3, #1129 of 1564 🔗

The subject of asymptomatic contagion has been touched on in a couple of threads below. Maybe some of your technical guys can explain it? With my rudimentary knowledge of how viruses operate I just can ‘t see how it could happen, other than perhaps at an extremely low level. Any comments?

189088 ▶▶ leggy, replying to Tenchy, 3, #1130 of 1564 🔗

I can repost the paper I posted below – https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2646474/

It’s definitely worth reading if you didn’t see it. But you’re right. Viral load in asymptomatic or presymptomatic people is going to be tiny compared to those most ill. Key part of conclusion:

…we have found limited evidence to suggest the importance of such transmission. The role of asymptomatic or presymptomatic influenza-infected individuals in disease transmission may have been overestimated in recent articles dealing with pandemic planning

189137 ▶▶▶ Mabel Cow, replying to leggy, 3, #1131 of 1564 🔗

Even Fauci said asymptomatic carriers have never been a key driver in epidemics. Another statement destined for the memory hole, methinks.

189093 ▶▶ A. Contrarian, replying to Tenchy, 2, #1132 of 1564 🔗

I guess the theory is, if the virus is up your nose and in your throat, even if you’re not coughing and sneezing you will expel those deadly droplets when you breathe and talk, and wipe your contaminated hands all over the place. Personally I think it must happen a lot less without symptoms. Perhaps only with very close contact for prolonged periods. Certainly not when walking round the shops which is after all the whole basis for the compulsion of masks.

189292 ▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to A. Contrarian, 1, #1133 of 1564 🔗

Surely, if it were so easy to pass on, the PCR test wouldn’t need to be so invasive. You could just lick the swab and it would immediately become a serious biohazard!

189290 ▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to Tenchy, 2, #1134 of 1564 🔗

The WHO said transfer takes a minimum 15 minutes contact at close proximity.
Makes a total nonsense of face nappies in shops and to walk around in restaurants. Even more so of jumping into bushes while someone walks past outside!

189000 Barney McGrew, replying to Barney McGrew, 3, #1135 of 1564 🔗

The BBC’s prime motivation is to inflict damage on the government, but as a result calls into doubt ‘case’ results:
Coronavirus testing lab ‘chaotic and dangerous’, scientist claims

189017 ▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to Barney McGrew, 5, #1136 of 1564 🔗

I was hoping this article was going to blow the whole PCR nonsense out of the water but instead it whinges on about how dangerous it is for the staff!
Doesn’t point out the obvious opportunity for cross-contamination, false positives etc.
Just more propaganda to prop up the covid-is-deadly narrative!

189038 ▶▶▶ Ceriain, replying to Cheezilla, #1137 of 1564 🔗

It doesn’t, but it does tell us why the Pillar 2 numbers are absolute shite.

189106 ▶▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to Ceriain, #1138 of 1564 🔗

There are loads of reasons why the P2 numbers are shite and this is a relatively minor one.

189001 Arnie, replying to Arnie, 1, #1139 of 1564 🔗

How many people has Boris killed so far?

Where does he rate on the British Prime Minister murder scale? Is he up there near or at the top?

I’m pretty sure he’s not doing so well in the world scale, he’s up against some big players like Pol Pot and Stalin but it’s early days yet. I’m sure that he’d look better if it’s worked as a percentage.

His mother must be so proud.

189074 ▶▶ Eddy, replying to Arnie, 1, #1140 of 1564 🔗

Let’s say minimum 1 suicide per day since 1st April.

189252 ▶▶▶ Fed up, replying to Eddy, 1, #1141 of 1564 🔗

plus the domestic violence/child abuse victims, the cancer patients, the isolated elderly who give up the ghost. The list goes on…

189004 Cheezilla, 4, #1142 of 1564 🔗
189006 John P, replying to John P, 6, #1143 of 1564 🔗

For those who didn’t see this the first time I posted it:

Please support the Woodland Trust. They have recently launched a new campaign as
proposed changes to planning laws put woodlands under grave threat. You can sign their petition here:


No need to respond to this post! Just support their campaign.

An e-mail is all that is required.

189030 ▶▶ Londo Mollari, replying to John P, -1, #1144 of 1564 🔗

What is their email address?

189052 ▶▶ Jo, replying to John P, 1, #1145 of 1564 🔗


189080 ▶▶ A. Contrarian, replying to John P, 1, #1146 of 1564 🔗

They do have idiotic one way systems and social distancing notices at many of their sites, however…

189439 ▶▶▶ John P, replying to A. Contrarian, 1, #1147 of 1564 🔗

Good for them.

189307 ▶▶ TyLean, replying to John P, 1, #1148 of 1564 🔗

Anything that has to do with planning… STOP…. do not support it blindly until you have thoroughly – and I mean THOROUGHLY vetted it. Agenda 21 is about central planning, and in particular, concentrating the entire population into cities where they can be tracked, traced, monitored 24/7. They want all rural and suburban areas depopulated. This stinks to high heaven of nefarious true purpose. Read United Nations Agenda 21 before you go supporting capaigns like this. Goodle it… it’s free.

189309 ▶▶ TyLean, replying to John P, 1, #1149 of 1564 🔗

Allow me to translate this from Nu Speak to English: Help us get all of the woodland under elite control, so that you idiot plebs won’t ever be permitted there again.

189007 AnotherSceptic, replying to AnotherSceptic, 38, #1150 of 1564 🔗

I don’t expect this to achieve anything, but I am so angry, I just sent this complaint to the BBC.
If I am wrong in what I am saying, please point it out to me.

This is my complaint

“ Why is the BBC so blind to the government’s control of the population measures under the guise of “coronavirus”?
This is a proper sham & there is proper scientific evidence that the “virus” is nothing more than the common flu.
People die every day all over the world, & did so before this nonsense “pandemic” did the world stop & lockdown before all this “virus” nonsense? No it did not.

The BBC are guilty of spreading the fear & scaremongering that the mass population now buy into. You DO NOT report the proper facts regarding this “virus”
you DO NOT listen to world renowned epidemiologists who have spoken out about the “virus” & are speaking out about the “virus” & that it is genuinely not harmful to 97% of the population.
You also DO NOT report that the vast majority of people who have died from “COVID 19” had underlying health problems, when this information can be found pretty easily, instead you focus on keeping up the fear factor about this nonsense virus.

Please do not patronise me with your reply about “saving life’s” & “following government advice” this is utter nonsense.

You as a broadcaster should be tearing the government apart for the total shambles that this has become.
People who have cancer have had their treatments from the NHS cancelled until further notice, The NHS IS NOT OVERWHELMED & never was.
People are losing their jobs & livelihoods all over the country, Suicide levels are rocketing, the economy is in total disarray & will not recover for generations to come.
This whole virus thing is nothing more than state control now.

You should be ashamed.
The life as normal people know it, is over, now replaced by a totalitarian dictatorship state.
& peddled by the BBC.”

189040 ▶▶ Arnie, replying to AnotherSceptic, 3, #1151 of 1564 🔗

Great stuff A/S. Please keep us posted how you get on. Cheers, Arnie.

189046 ▶▶▶ AnotherSceptic, replying to Arnie, 6, #1152 of 1564 🔗

I certainly will. However, I expect it to hide under the “following government advice” shite excuse. I wanted to add more, like the wearing of masks etc..but I ran out of characters.

189131 ▶▶▶ Mabel Cow, replying to Arnie, #1153 of 1564 🔗

Hey, Arnie. Did you want me to publish a different version of the Fighting for Liberty t-shirt design? I seem to remember you saying on 8 Oct that you wanted one of the earlier designs. I’m happy to dig out the earlier versions if you want.

189123 ▶▶ HoMojo, replying to AnotherSceptic, 2, #1154 of 1564 🔗

Waste of time but well done for trying. BBC long since gave up listening to their licence fee payers. That’s why I dumped my licence.

189139 ▶▶▶ AnotherSceptic, replying to HoMojo, 1, #1155 of 1564 🔗

I know. I am just royally fucked off with the BBC & the blatant lies & scaremongering that they are peddling.

Much like I am royally fucked off with this dystopian/totalitarian life we are in now.
As Tesco say…Every little helps.

189126 ▶▶ Mabel Cow, replying to AnotherSceptic, 4, #1156 of 1564 🔗

Excellent. Well done!

I finally lost it yesterday when I saw this in the BBC’s circuit breaker article :

189134 ▶▶▶ AnotherSceptic, replying to Mabel Cow, 1, #1157 of 1564 🔗

Maybe Matt Smallcock supplied the Biased Broadcasting Corporation with that Mabel?

Or rather the Bullshit Broadcasting Corporation..
you choose what you want to call them.

189512 ▶▶▶ Templeton, replying to Mabel Cow, #1158 of 1564 🔗

You would almost think they are taking the piss.

189179 ▶▶ Sceptic in Oxford, replying to AnotherSceptic, 4, #1159 of 1564 🔗

The Govt was supposedly considering decriminalising the BBC licence. I suspect a behind doors discussion means the BBC doesn’t ask awkward questions and in return (yesterday) the Govt said it wasn’t minded to make not paying the licence a criminal offence. Like that’s just a conincidence ….

189469 ▶▶ captainbeefheart, replying to AnotherSceptic, 1, #1160 of 1564 🔗

You are wrong about doubting that you are wrong.

We need to keep pointing out to people that 2+2=4

189010 Alice, replying to Alice, 23, #1161 of 1564 🔗

“Simon Dolan #KBF

· 54m
The only time you really lose is when you give up. I never give up.”

A good motto!

I was in the “overspill” court (court 5) this morning to watch the proceedings on the screen. There were problems with sound, and as a layperson, I found it difficult to follow the legal jargon. But I had the opportunity to meet Francis Hoar and his team afterwards, and to convey my support and good wishes.

189013 ▶▶ John P, replying to Alice, 14, #1162 of 1564 🔗

I’m pleased that Simon has not been deterred by this.

The battle may well not be won for some time.

It’s important never to give up.

189064 ▶▶ Telpin, replying to Alice, 1, #1163 of 1564 🔗

What was their reaction? Did they seem determined to continue

189016 Arnie, 4, #1164 of 1564 🔗

Stay at home. Protect the NHS. Die.

Don’t get cancer or heart disease folks. Like for gods sake don’t get ill!

Unless you get covid in which case you’ll get gold plated treatment. Maybe.

189018 Arnie, replying to Arnie, 29, #1165 of 1564 🔗

Stay at home. Protect the NHS. Die.

Don’t get cancer or heart disease folks. Like for gods sake don’t get ill!

Unless you get covid in which case you’ll get gold plated treatment. Maybe.

189050 ▶▶ Jo, replying to Arnie, 1, #1166 of 1564 🔗

Stay at home heroes who die quietly!

189019 Arnie, replying to Arnie, 17, #1167 of 1564 🔗

How many people has Boris killed so far?

Where does he rate on the British Prime Minister murder scale? Is he up there near or at the top?

I’m pretty sure he’s not doing so well in the world scale, he’s up against some big players like Pol Pot and Stalin but it’s early days yet. I’m sure that he’d look better if it’s worked as a percentage.

His mother must be so proud.

189021 ▶▶ Barney McGrew, replying to Arnie, 8, #1168 of 1564 🔗

In the long run, he could easily be on for the same number of British killed as WW2.

189036 ▶▶▶ Arnie, replying to Barney McGrew, 2, #1169 of 1564 🔗

Ouch. So by saving everybody from covid lots of people are going to die? Can I be Prime Minister now please? Sheesh.

189063 ▶▶▶ leggy, replying to Barney McGrew, 10, #1170 of 1564 🔗

WW2 accounted for about 450,000 Brits, both combat and civilian. He could easily match that and it wouldn’t take 6 years.

189094 ▶▶▶▶ Mabel Cow, replying to leggy, 4, #1171 of 1564 🔗

It’s probably going to end up costing more money as well.

189092 ▶▶ James007, replying to Arnie, 15, #1172 of 1564 🔗

We need an immediate ‘circuit breaker’ lockdown – but one that will work.
Lockdown government ministers and HM opposition. They should be discharged of their duties and be under house arrest. Send all the MPs home. Many of them are not bothering to vote anyway.
No new laws, no changing advice. Let people be free again.
My scientific modelling would suggest that this will save many lives.

189027 Londo Mollari, replying to Londo Mollari, 22, #1173 of 1564 🔗

On the day armed goons turned up at a gym to issue Fixed Penalty Notices, Plod confirm no action is to be taken against Margaret Ferrier MP.

189079 ▶▶ Dan Clarke, replying to Londo Mollari, 10, #1174 of 1564 🔗

Could be totally wrong, but sometimes you get the impression of a staged event to frighten the masses

189087 ▶▶▶ RickH, replying to Dan Clarke, 3, #1175 of 1564 🔗

What do you mean : ‘sometimes’ ?? 🙂

189091 ▶▶▶ Londo Mollari, replying to Dan Clarke, 8, #1176 of 1564 🔗

Yeah, it was a total intimidation staged event. However, looking at the comments on Merseyside Plod’s Fakebook page, people are not supportive. Remember, most Fb users use their real names and they’re calling out the cops (just like they’ve been doing on HMG and NHS Fb pages).

189224 ▶▶▶ James, replying to Dan Clarke, 1, #1177 of 1564 🔗


189053 swedenborg, replying to swedenborg, 15, #1178 of 1564 🔗

One of the strangest information from the SAGE minutes was an estimation of between 3000 and 105000 deaths in UK’s second wave. Ionnadis had just published in the WHO Journal the estimation of IFR about 0,02%-0,0015%. That would mean 21 million infected in the UK with current death count of 43300. If all other persons in the UK got infected 47 million people (which is absurd as herd immunity would be nly 65% of the population) would result in 94000 deaths and in the scenario of herd immunity 47000 deaths. Why are they giving out such figures?

189085 ▶▶ RickH, replying to swedenborg, 1, #1179 of 1564 🔗

Not sure of the maths there – ???. But do you have to ask that last question?

The spectrum is between total incompetence and absolute venality.

189103 ▶▶ Yawnyaman, replying to swedenborg, 1, #1180 of 1564 🔗

The maths seems about right to me. One straw in the wind; per Hopkins Worldometer, Iceland has had over 1000 recovered since its last death.

189195 ▶▶ annie, replying to swedenborg, 3, #1181 of 1564 🔗

To scare people shitless.
It seems that the Scareshitless Vaccine is only effective for a few hours, after which another dose is needed.

189264 ▶▶▶ swedenborg, replying to annie, 1, #1182 of 1564 🔗

People under 70 has IFR 0.005 % which means that the absolute majority of future deaths will be very very old.

189058 ianric, replying to ianric, 23, #1183 of 1564 🔗

There is a massive elephant in the room the lockdown Nazis need to address.

Lets imagine the government passes a law making it compulsory for all private car owners to hand their cars in for servicing on the basis cars have dangerous faults. If these faults are not repaired, we are told large numbers of vehicles will crash, people will die or be seriously injured and our  emergency services will not cope. Not having access to cars create massive problems. People can’t get carry out activities such as shopping, going to work, seeing family and friends. The economy suffers tremendously. Organisations suffer as their workers can’t get to work. Businesses suffer as people can’t travel to visit pubs, restaurants, cinemas etc. Oil companies suffer as there is a big drop in demand for petrol. The tourist industry suffers as people can’t travel around. Businesses such as motorway service stations which depend on motorists suffer.   Public transport is overwhelmed by the massive increase in demand.

Cars spend months in garages. When people are finally allowed to use their cars again, there are restrictions on their use. They can’t go above a certain speed, they can’t driver after a certain time, can’t drive on certain days, there are limits how many can travel in car as cars are still not 100% safe to drive according to the government. When cars are tested after returning from garages, they are supposedly found to have faults and we are given daily figures how many cars are faulty. In some parts of the countries it is yet again made illegal to drive cars and the cars must go back to be serviced for long periods. Restrictions on car use are likely to be in place indefinitely.  In this scenario, the question would be raised if the measures imposed by the government in dealing with the issue of faulty cars are so effective why has the problem not been resolved and restrictions are still in place.

The above scenario is similar to what is happening with restrictions imposed since March. If draconian lockdowns and all the measures imposed on us since March have been so effective, why are supposed cases still raising and restrictions still in place or being re-introduced  with no sign these restrictions will ever be lifted? Has our society and economy been destroyed for nothing?

189089 ▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to ianric, 9, #1184 of 1564 🔗

Not for nothing – there’s an agenda but you won’t like it …..

189174 ▶▶▶ Julian, replying to Cheezilla, #1185 of 1564 🔗

For nothing in so far as it’s highly doubtful the lockdown has saved any lives

Lockdowns can only really save lives by protecting healthcare from spikes so that people get the care they need (we fucked that up of course) and if you manage to find a treatment, cure or vaccine during the time you are locked down (unrealistic, though I suppose some better treatments have emerged)

189260 ▶▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to Julian, 3, #1186 of 1564 🔗

You write as if you think this is about a virus….

189277 ▶▶▶▶▶ Jonathan Palmer, replying to Cheezilla, 2, #1187 of 1564 🔗

Some people on here still have that quaint belief.

189302 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ TyLean, replying to Jonathan Palmer, 1, #1188 of 1564 🔗


189065 ConstantBees, replying to ConstantBees, 9, #1189 of 1564 🔗

Just started listening to Tom Wood’s speech on YT and enjoying it. Highly recommended if you like blunt American common sense. https://youtu.be/Xy3tP-BW5do

He also has a free e-book, available at http://wrongaboutlockdown.com/
He starts the book with

If you prefer to resume living a normal life, or not see everything you’ve spent decades building destroyed in a matter of months, or want your children not to waste away in a world of computer screens and “virtual playdates,” you must want to kill people’s grandmothers.

This is how discourse is actually being carried on in the United States right now.

Don’t believe me? Take a glance [at] social media. Fact-free hysteria, and accusations of murder, are everywhere.

189141 ▶▶ Lisa from Toronto, replying to ConstantBees, 3, #1190 of 1564 🔗

I listened to it last night and he is brilliant! He also wrote a short book that he’s offering for free. I downloaded it but haven’t read it yet. It’s called Your Facebook Friends Are Wrong About The Lockdown: A Non-Hysterics Guide to Covid-19.

189066 A N Earthling, replying to A N Earthling, 14, #1191 of 1564 🔗

FAO: Klaatu, Interplanetary Federtion Council, The Pleides

Dear Klaatu

Please come. URGENT!

Bring GORT and GORT’s big mate CRUSHR……Hurry!

Yours Sincerely
A N Earthling

189109 ▶▶ Laura Suckling, replying to A N Earthling, 5, #1192 of 1564 🔗

I’ve been asking Scotty to beam me up for a long time (via my old flip phone – obviously a communicator) still on this fucking planet though.

189145 ▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to A N Earthling, 3, #1193 of 1564 🔗

At this rate I await our Martian or Klingon overlords to rid us of our troublesome leaders.

189186 ▶▶ Nobody2020, replying to A N Earthling, 3, #1194 of 1564 🔗

Is this the equivalent of Mork calling Orsen?

189069 PAM, replying to PAM, 15, #1195 of 1564 🔗

Candidly, I find it difficult to conclude other than those who lead manage the once Great Britain are either incompetent or psychopathic. I prefer the former conclusion for the moment. On the other hand, from my perspective, they seem bereft of conscience, consumed with power, will do most anything to consolidate their fiefdom whatever destruction they inflict on others, seem incapable of self reflection in light of conflicting narratives from other ‘experts’, incapable of accepting responsibility or accountability. Oh, and they seem superficially charming as well. Managers are appointed, leaders are recognised. So, you know….

189071 ▶▶ RickH, replying to PAM, 6, #1196 of 1564 🔗

Whatever else – it’s not just ‘incompetence’.

‘Incontinence’? Perhaps.

189096 ▶▶▶ PAM, replying to RickH, #1197 of 1564 🔗

Well put, logorrhoea, comes to mind.

189379 ▶▶▶ JHuntz, replying to RickH, #1198 of 1564 🔗

oh don’t bring back the bedwetters debacle

189084 ▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to PAM, 6, #1199 of 1564 🔗

In other words, psychopaths!

189100 ▶▶▶ PAM, replying to Cheezilla, #1200 of 1564 🔗

In so far as my observations are valid.

189099 ▶▶ leggy, replying to PAM, 11, #1201 of 1564 🔗

I’d love to go with incompetent. But when cabinet ministers are on record over recent years spouting the WEF mantras of Great Reset, 4th Ind. Revolution and Build Back Better, then it’s clear to me that they’re dangerous psychopaths.

189112 ▶▶▶ PAM, replying to leggy, #1202 of 1564 🔗

Perhaps I am too cautious in my communications.

189120 ▶▶ Charlie Blue, replying to PAM, #1203 of 1564 🔗

I was with you all the way until “charming”

189132 ▶▶▶ PAM, replying to Charlie Blue, #1204 of 1564 🔗

Fair point, perhaps disarming would be a better adjective. Though I did, I think allude to its superficiality that is designed to disarm, My comment was clumsily put I’ll confess.

189146 ▶▶ Ovis, replying to PAM, 7, #1205 of 1564 🔗

Even if it started as incompetence or, as I tended to think, amoral political gamesmanship, it’s not that now. Keir Johnson Starmer has known beyond any possibility of doubt, for months, that lockdown is a disaster that has saved no lives but killed tens of thousands. Johnson and Hancock now openly smirking during press conferences, talking such complete nonsense that it’s clear they don’t even want to be believed….They have realised that they can shit all over the country as much as they like. They know they have fucked up, and have realised to their delight that there’s no come-back. However this began, they’re enjoying it now.

189163 ▶▶▶ PAM, replying to Ovis, 1, #1206 of 1564 🔗

I would like the leader of the opposition to bring his certainty to the House of Commons and challenge the front bench. Now that would be an interesting confrontation.

189168 ▶▶ Julian, replying to PAM, 1, #1207 of 1564 🔗

They are incompetent and wicked

189090 Laura Suckling, 5, #1208 of 1564 🔗

Feel like an advert for Talk Radio tonight. Karol Sikora on now.

189101 swedenborg, replying to swedenborg, 3, #1209 of 1564 🔗

The interesting thing in the second wave (seasonal wave )in Europe is to compare ICU/million between early/hardlockdown countries, late/half lockdown countries and non lockdown countries(Worldometer)
Hardlockdown France 27 Spain 37 Belgium 28
Halflockdown  UK 8 Netherlands 20
Nonlockdown Sweden 3
There are always some flaws in comparing. Many more ICU beds and more liberal admission in all the above countries except in the UK and Sweden. We’ll see how it ends and if non lockdown/halflockdown countries ,due to more herd immunity, might have less ICU admittance than the others.

189164 ▶▶ RickH, replying to swedenborg, #1210 of 1564 🔗

No observable ‘second wave’ in any meaningful sense.

Cross-country comparisons meaningless because of the complexity of variables involved.

189113 Cheezilla, replying to Cheezilla, 13, #1211 of 1564 🔗

Dolan’s case:

Judge says but transmission comes from social contact and the NEWS says cases are going up so we don’t need to think about it further.

I’m lost for words!

189144 ▶▶ Charlie Blue, replying to Cheezilla, 4, #1212 of 1564 🔗

No need to think about anything ever again. All necessary information will be delivered through your telescreen.

189160 ▶▶▶ jb12, replying to Charlie Blue, #1213 of 1564 🔗

That’s why I dubbed it the ‘thinking box’.

189249 ▶▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to jb12, #1214 of 1564 🔗

The thinking-for-you box.

189347 ▶▶▶▶▶ The Filthy Engineer, replying to Cheezilla, 1, #1215 of 1564 🔗

I have a personal preference for “idiot lantern”

189154 ▶▶ Christopher, replying to Cheezilla, 6, #1216 of 1564 🔗

Judges = Mostly corrupt Nonces .

189166 ▶▶▶ RickH, replying to Christopher, #1217 of 1564 🔗

Don’t indulge in alternative bollocks. It doesn’t help.

189177 ▶▶▶▶ Christopher, replying to RickH, 4, #1218 of 1564 🔗

I think the Epstein case has showed us that most people in positions of power are compromised in some way , either financially or sexually .

189193 ▶▶▶▶▶ Ossettian, replying to Christopher, 3, #1219 of 1564 🔗

I think that’s why Corbyn got the treatment he did: the intelligence services are well-funded but obviously don’t have unlimited resources. Corbyn was never expected to be more than an irritating backbencher so they never bothered with digging up dirt, entrapment or bribery

Trump was also a complete surprise

189205 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Christopher, replying to Ossettian, 9, #1220 of 1564 🔗

As mush as I disagree with Corbyn politically , He was completely fitted up regarding the anti Semitism bollocks.

189243 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ RickH, replying to Christopher, 1, #1221 of 1564 🔗

At least we can agree on that. Just as a matter of fact, Mr Toad has always been incredibly prejudiced, but never brought to book.

The contrast is instructive re. the role of propaganda.

189246 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ RickH, replying to Ossettian, #1222 of 1564 🔗

Plus, of course, that – whatever his flaws – venality wasn’t one of them.

189263 ▶▶▶▶▶ RickH, replying to Christopher, #1223 of 1564 🔗

I don’t think that’s true. Cowardice – and simple self-regard and interest are the common flaws.

189368 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Christopher, replying to RickH, #1224 of 1564 🔗

Go check out the 1995 BBC interview with tory chief whip Tim Fortescue on how he admitted that political parties use MP’s sexual depravities ( Girls , Boys , Madams . drug abuse you name it ) to make sure they voted the right way .

189372 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ JHuntz, replying to Christopher, 1, #1225 of 1564 🔗
189173 ▶▶ RickH, replying to Cheezilla, 1, #1226 of 1564 🔗

There was always the danger that the limitations of a court case would mean that the full force of evidence could not be used.

189119 Banjones, replying to Banjones, 3, #1227 of 1564 🔗

I know someone may already have pointed this one out, but it’s well worth watching, from Ivor Cummins.


189159 ▶▶ john, replying to Banjones, 2, #1228 of 1564 🔗

Eloquent, factual, non sensational, and evidence based. Therefore, will get completely ignored by government, MMS and the lockdown fanatics…. The age of reason is long gone, and we are back into the age of superstition. There would be more attention paid if we resurrected the medieval belief that killing cats would prevent the plague…

189170 ▶▶▶ Two-Six, replying to john, 1, #1229 of 1564 🔗

That’s coming next week. Emerging science is starting to demonstrate that…

189210 ▶▶▶ thinkaboutit, replying to john, #1230 of 1564 🔗

Definitely. Like that netflix video, ” Don’t F*ck with Cats”

189247 ▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to john, #1231 of 1564 🔗

Not cats! Cabinet ministers would be more effective.

189244 ▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to Banjones, #1232 of 1564 🔗

Excellent. Thanks!

189124 Bart Simpson, replying to Bart Simpson, 53, #1233 of 1564 🔗

The butcher I usually go to has lost another customer and I’ve just sent this email to them:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to complain about the behaviour of your staff today.

I went to your shop today and upon entering I was asked if I had a mask to which I replied “I’m exempt.” The woman who asked me then rudely followed it up if I had something with me whereupon I showed my lanyard which I keep in my pocket. She then patronisingly told me that I should wear it as it was the law. I replied and said that it wasn’t. Once I was inside, one of the butchers asked me again and said that I should be wearing my lanyard. I found the tone of his voice also rude that I ended up walking out of the store and was unable to make my purchases.


I would like to draw your attention to the fact that you as a business have no obligation in the law to advertise or to enforce this mandate. I would further draw your attention to the list of exemptions, summarized on the page linked above. In short, a large number of people, myself included, are exempt from the requirement to wear a mask or a ‘face covering’ for reasons including a physical or psychological impairment or disability. There is no requirement on the individual to provide evidence of this exemption and no expectation that any business should challenge an exempt individual or request or require any evidence or explanation of their exemption. Indeed, the government advice is not to challenge people who are not wearing a face covering.

I have been going to this branch for years now and even when I moved into a different area, I would make the journey to go into this shop to buy meat. Until today I have been treated with nothing but courtesy, respect and always made to feel welcome.

However, after today’s incident, I will no longer go into XXXX even when this crisis is over. You have lost me as a customer forever more.

Thank you and I look forward to your response.

Yours faithfully,

etc, etc….

There’s an online butcher we have started using as well so looks like we’ll be with them permanently. At least I won’t be treated like a leper online.

189135 ▶▶ Tee Ell, replying to Bart Simpson, 7, #1234 of 1564 🔗

Brilliant letter.

189142 ▶▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to Tee Ell, 17, #1235 of 1564 🔗

Thanks. I’ve lost count of how many letters of complaint that I’ve written so I should start writing letters of praise to companies who manage to treat people as human beings.

189148 ▶▶▶▶ Will, replying to Bart Simpson, 10, #1236 of 1564 🔗

Brilliant letter Bart Simpson. But do write letters to give credit as well it really does put a spring in your step!!!

189261 ▶▶▶▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to Will, 2, #1237 of 1564 🔗

Agree. Am writing my letters to London Zoo and Luminary Bakery at the moment.

189351 ▶▶▶▶ Stringfellow Hawke, replying to Bart Simpson, 1, #1238 of 1564 🔗

Good stuff. For additional impact, a company can be fined under the equality act 2010 if they pursue with questions about any possible exemption (unless the person asking you is a registered PCSO, Police officer, or Health official) so it’s worthwhile keeping that in your armory, should you need it. Laworfiction is worth checking every so often.

189356 ▶▶▶▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to Stringfellow Hawke, 1, #1239 of 1564 🔗

Thanks. I have the law or fiction link behind my work badge which comes in handy when I’m asked by visitors about my lanyard.

A friend has also suggested that I keep a printout in my bag which I will do.

189157 ▶▶ Paul, replying to Bart Simpson, 19, #1240 of 1564 🔗

This sort of behaviour by shop staff is a real annoyance to me too.I have quite a long list of retail outlets I have used for many years that I have vowed never to set foot in again due to their insistence that it is their duty to enforce the mask mandate as well as the sanitiser and distancing regimes.I have never been able to convince any of them that they have no authority to do any of it.
The thing that really antagonises me is the fact it seems that until midnight on the 23rd July I was a valued customer but since then I have been treated as if I deserve no respect,politeness or courtesy and the fact that I am spending money to support their businesses and pay staff wages has become irrelevant.

189222 ▶▶▶ Moomin, replying to Paul, 6, #1241 of 1564 🔗

Yeah, that’s been my experience too! I simply cannot get my head around it and I don’t know why people are wearing them! B&Q will never get my custom again.

189271 ▶▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to Paul, 8, #1242 of 1564 🔗

I told Mr Bart today that our boycott list is getting longer and longer. I’ve not used my local M&S since that run in I had with one of their staff. Despite the apology and the voucher, I have made a conscious decision not to use them if only to show that their behaviour does not pay.

I find that odd as well. It’s as if from 24 July we’re no longer human beings worthy of respect and that we’re shopping to support their businesses. What’s sad about that butcher is the two rude members of staff I mentioned in my letter above previously treated me with kindness. It’s as if they’ve undergone a personality transplant or have been replaced with robots like in that film Metropolis.

189172 ▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to Bart Simpson, 3, #1243 of 1564 🔗

Do they have a facebook page? It’s a great place to put negative publicity!

189273 ▶▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to Cheezilla, 3, #1244 of 1564 🔗

Mr Bart suggested Trustpilot but yeah, going on their Arsebook page is also a good idea.

189176 ▶▶ Mabel Cow, replying to Bart Simpson, 7, #1245 of 1564 🔗

Great stuff.

Should I start collecting these letters?

I could create an online library of templates for people to use, similar to my discriminatory challenges page.

(I would only include a letter with the author’s express permission.)

189189 ▶▶▶ annie, replying to Mabel Cow, 17, #1246 of 1564 🔗

One wanking shop in Tenby has a sign in the window: WEAR YOUR MASK CORRECTLY.
I hope they go broke correctly.

189199 ▶▶▶▶ CGL, replying to annie, 1, #1247 of 1564 🔗

Went to Tenby in August – oh happy days.

189242 ▶▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to annie, 2, #1248 of 1564 🔗

“Correctly” = under your chin, or not at all.

189253 ▶▶▶▶ stefarm, replying to annie, #1249 of 1564 🔗

Wanking shop, a massage parlour?

189326 ▶▶▶▶▶ Ceriain, replying to stefarm, #1250 of 1564 🔗


189204 ▶▶▶ Janice21, replying to Mabel Cow, #1251 of 1564 🔗

Excellent idea!!

189226 ▶▶▶ Moomin, replying to Mabel Cow, 1, #1252 of 1564 🔗

Thanks for doing this.

189259 ▶▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to Mabel Cow, #1253 of 1564 🔗

Please do. I think its a good idea to have templates to help others when they write letters.

189208 ▶▶ OKUK, replying to Bart Simpson, 1, #1254 of 1564 🔗

Well done!! Calm but deadly.

189319 ▶▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to OKUK, #1255 of 1564 🔗

Thanks. Took me awhile to write it – was tempted to liken them to Nazis requiring followers of a certain religion to wear the yellow star but I stopped myself from writing that,

189220 ▶▶ Moomin, replying to Bart Simpson, 3, #1256 of 1564 🔗

I’m sorry that you’ve had to experience this. It is completely absurd that we are in this situation and that we have to feel defensive just to go into a shop. Since they became compulsory for staff to wear I have experienced more questioning than before. Not one shopkeeper asked me to wear a mask before they had to, now they do. Just to be clear, what do you mean when you say that it isn’t the law to wear a face mask? Also, do you mean that all the signs that we see up to wear a face covering are totally unnecessary and not even mandated? Why are they up then?

189239 ▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to Moomin, 8, #1257 of 1564 🔗

If you look at the guidelines, everyone could actually claim exemption. It’s all a big farce!

189282 ▶▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to Moomin, 9, #1258 of 1564 🔗

I’ve been noticing that as well. In other places, they ask once and when you say that you’re exempt, they say that’s OK and others even apologise for asking. I don’t have a problem with that.

What I have a problem with is when its asked in a rude way, then ask for proof them patronisingly claim that its the law. Obviously many of them are doing this to intimidate people and assume that customers don’t know the guidelines. Its also either they’re thick or on a power trip.

In that case, they need to be called out and if necessary be dealt with the full force of the law.

189130 Les Tricoteuses, replying to Les Tricoteuses, 3, #1259 of 1564 🔗

Advice please. I need to get an mask exempt lanyard for a relative, mainly for use on the bus. So many different designs. Does anyone have any experience of using them and which type is more official as worry about being challenged is a factor here.

189138 ▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to Les Tricoteuses, 16, #1260 of 1564 🔗

I’ve been using the sunflower lanyard and I’ve not had a problem with them. A friend uses one that her local authority has been issuing.

I’ve seen people wearing ones that Toby mentions above from Etsy and even one who wears a laminated one she’s printed off TFL.

As a whole I’ve not been challenged if I’m wearing my sunflower one, I’ve noticed that as soon as they see the “Hidden Disabilities” wording, they immediately look away.

189149 ▶▶▶ Les Tricoteuses, replying to Bart Simpson, 6, #1261 of 1564 🔗

Thanks for advice, maybe sunflower design is well recognised. I don’t go anywhere I might need a mask if at all possible so I haven’t seen anyone wearing one but for some public transport is unavoidable.

189254 ▶▶▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to Les Tricoteuses, 2, #1262 of 1564 🔗

The sunflower one is internationally recognised – a work colleague has used it for traveling abroad.

189162 ▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to Les Tricoteuses, 4, #1263 of 1564 🔗

I got one weeks ago but have never taken it out of my handbag since I first put it there!

I got the one from Amazon. The lanyard is bright red with MASK EXEMPT running through it in white. Pretty undisputable.

I would think the sunflower one is well-recognised now though.

189284 ▶▶ IanE, replying to Les Tricoteuses, 3, #1264 of 1564 🔗

I use an Etsy one. However there does not seem to be any recognised standard and anyway the NHS won’t certify anyone and one does not need any such certification, i.e. any such card will do.

189156 ▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to A. Contrarian, 15, #1266 of 1564 🔗

Yay. She might convert me to be pro-royal at this rate!

However, other observers including royal author Omid Scobie and broadcaster Piers Morgan have criticised the monarch’s decision not to wear a mask, saying it was a ‘worry’ and ‘not a smart move’ respectively. Meanwhile the pressure group Republic said the Queen should have set an example by wearing a face mask.
…. Royal author Robert Jobson told MailOnline the Queen chose not to wear a mask in a bid to send a message of calm and hope to the public .

189167 ▶▶▶ Londo Mollari, replying to Cheezilla, 17, #1267 of 1564 🔗

Maybe HM has a health exemption. Piers Morgan needs to shut up as he might be risking a fine (although I prefer beheading)

189188 ▶▶▶▶ nocheesegromit, replying to Londo Mollari, 11, #1268 of 1564 🔗

I don’t wish violence on anyone but I make an exemption for Piers Morgan.

189250 ▶▶▶▶▶ Rowan, replying to nocheesegromit, 5, #1269 of 1564 🔗

Also Boris Johnson, Matt Hancock, Chris Willy, Patrick Vallance, Neil Ferguson and etc.

189314 ▶▶▶▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to nocheesegromit, #1270 of 1564 🔗

Should be sent to the Tower.

189331 ▶▶▶▶▶ Nessimmersion, replying to nocheesegromit, #1271 of 1564 🔗

Dictionary example of Bloviating Buffoon

189367 ▶▶▶▶ Nick Rose, replying to Londo Mollari, #1272 of 1564 🔗

I believe the Tower is very empty right now.

189180 ▶▶▶ Mr Dee, replying to Cheezilla, 6, #1273 of 1564 🔗

Criticising the Queen! Damn their eyes! To the Tower – the lot of ’em!

Liz 2 should take lessons from Liz 1 on how to deal with traitors.

189183 ▶▶▶ Will, replying to Cheezilla, 7, #1274 of 1564 🔗

It is always so reassuring to be in complete disagreement with Moron.

189272 ▶▶▶▶ RickH, replying to Will, #1275 of 1564 🔗

Yes – you know you’re right.

189201 ▶▶▶ Janice21, replying to Cheezilla, 11, #1276 of 1564 🔗

Not a massive royalist but I kinda liked seeing her maskless and smiling.

189240 ▶▶▶ Rowan, replying to Cheezilla, 1, #1277 of 1564 🔗

Prince Charlie is an avid Great Resetter, so not all good in Royaldom.

189278 ▶▶▶ RickH, replying to Cheezilla, 3, #1278 of 1564 🔗

I couldn’t generally give a toss either way about dear old Brenda – but her non-masking might be a useful wedge to use against the maskerade :

“Well – see – Queenie doesn’t believe the shit!”

189158 ▶▶ Tee Ell, replying to A. Contrarian, 3, #1279 of 1564 🔗

“Everyone that the monarch, 94, and William meet at Porton Down is tested for Covid so they can shun masks” I wonder whether they were all tested for flu and rhinoviruses too.

189169 ▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to Tee Ell, 2, #1280 of 1564 🔗

They’ve been banned from existence. Hadn’t you heard?

189223 ▶▶▶ Ewan Duffy, replying to Tee Ell, 3, #1281 of 1564 🔗

Was she at Porton Down to check on progress of whatever it was that Bill and Melinda were smirking about – the next pandemic?


189320 ▶▶ Ceriain, replying to A. Contrarian, 4, #1282 of 1564 🔗

The officials:

“She really should be wearing a mask.”
“Go and tell her, then.”
“I’m not doing it, you do it!”
“No way! You’d need to be a real idiot to do that.”
“Hang on, I’ve got an idea.”
“Excuse me, Mr Hancock; that old lady over there hasn’t got a mask on.”

189513 ▶▶ Cheshirecatslave, replying to A. Contrarian, #1283 of 1564 🔗

Good for her!

189153 Cheezilla, replying to Cheezilla, 3, #1284 of 1564 🔗

Weekly national Influenza and COVID-19 surveillance report


Several surveillance indicators suggest that COVID-19 activity at a national level has continued to increase during week 41. There is currently limited testing for other respiratory viruses, however, laboratory indicators suggest that influenza activity is low and rhinovirus activity remains high, in particular in children, but has decreased in thelast week.

…. Through Respiratory Datamart, there were no influenza detections in week 41. Rhinovirus activity remains high but has decreased.The overall number of acute respiratory infection incidents reported to PHE Health Protection Teams increased from 885 in the previous week to 1140 in week 41 in England. In the majority of these incidents SARS-CoV-2 has been detected. Educational settings still account for the highest proportion of reported incidents.Increases were seen in incidents reported in care homes, hospitals, educational settings, workplace settings, food outlet/restaurants and other settings.

…. The overall COVID-19 confirmed hospital and ICU/HDU admission rates continued to increase whilst the influenza confirmed hospital and ICU/HDU admission rates remained low. Emergency department attendances for COVID-19 like diagnosis increased in week 41 whilst those for acute respiratory infections remained stable. The number of COVID-19 confirmed deaths increased further but no excess all-cause mortality was observed.

189171 ▶▶ Will, replying to Cheezilla, 3, #1285 of 1564 🔗

“In the majority of these incidents SARS-CoV-2 has been detected.” What ,in the name of all that is holy, does that mean?

189178 ▶▶▶ Ceriain, replying to Will, 7, #1286 of 1564 🔗

The number of COVID-19 confirmed deaths increased further but no excess all-cause mortality was observed.

No idea, but I reckon this bit means we’re going to start counting flu deaths as Covid deaths.

189191 ▶▶▶▶ Banjones, replying to Ceriain, 9, #1287 of 1564 🔗

They will. And they will also count any hospital admission as ”covid related” if that person tests (or has been tested) (dodgy) positive – even if they’ve got a broken toe and no other symptons.
And why anyone VOLUNTEERS for a test defies belief.

189212 ▶▶▶▶ Ceriain, replying to Ceriain, 1, #1288 of 1564 🔗

see image – case closed!

189235 ▶▶▶▶ Rowan, replying to Ceriain, 2, #1289 of 1564 🔗

I rather suspect they’ve been doing this all along.

189381 ▶▶▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to Ceriain, 1, #1290 of 1564 🔗

Worth sharing this again

189382 ▶▶▶▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to BeBopRockSteady, 1, #1291 of 1564 🔗

Part 2

189392 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Ceriain, replying to BeBopRockSteady, 2, #1292 of 1564 🔗

Yes, hardly any activity in Euromomo. Malcom Kendrick made the same point in his interview with Zac Cox; he said the pandemic was over months ago.


189197 ▶▶▶ Yawnyaman, replying to Will, 1, #1293 of 1564 🔗

That there is a fair number where it hasn’t

189228 ▶▶▶ Silke David, replying to Will, 1, #1294 of 1564 🔗

yes, Sars-CoV-2 has bot been isolated, so how can they “find” it?
A “Covid 19 illness” should always be diagnosed by a chest scan which will show infection in the lungs.
I wonder how many get this test.

189234 ▶▶▶▶ Rowan, replying to Silke David, #1295 of 1564 🔗

Unless “Covid-19”, whatever it is, seems likely to kill the patient why bother with the X-ray bombardment of a CT scan.

189190 ▶▶ janis pennance, replying to Cheezilla, 2, #1296 of 1564 🔗

There is currently limited testing for other respiratory viruses,

189194 ▶▶ Yawnyaman, replying to Cheezilla, 2, #1297 of 1564 🔗

Ideal for a stats man like me. Did you notice the recent drop in 111 calls? Also that positivity rates are so much higher in Tier 2 than Tier 1? Obviously Tier 1 tests are more systematic, perhaps more reliable..

189202 ▶▶▶ Ceriain, replying to Yawnyaman, 1, #1298 of 1564 🔗

Pillar 1 – NHS labs (staffed by qualified staff)
Pillar 2 – Private labs – (staffed by see here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-54552620 )

189207 ▶▶▶ Will, replying to Yawnyaman, 1, #1299 of 1564 🔗

Pillar 2 was running at over 3x the positivity rate, as a percentage, of pillar 1. Is that stat holding up?

189225 ▶▶▶▶ Yawnyaman, replying to Will, 1, #1300 of 1564 🔗

Yeah, roughly

189237 ▶▶▶▶ Rowan, replying to Will, 1, #1301 of 1564 🔗

The Pillar 2 labs were only doing what they were supposed to do.

189384 ▶▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to Yawnyaman, #1302 of 1564 🔗

There was a medical paper posted here a week or so ago which talked about statistical significance of 111 calls and CV19 cases in London

189215 ▶▶ theanalyst, replying to Cheezilla, 4, #1303 of 1564 🔗

Its annoying but the figures are totally unreliable and moving all over the place. About 3 weeks ago the surveillance report was showing 85+ year old females at around 15% PCR Test Pillar 2 positivity (week 37/38)

Today they have completely backtracked and show the same age group at the same time at just 3% positivity. How can they explain the downgrade from 15% to 3% for an extremely vulnerable age group? How rubbish is this data?

Instead, they now show the opposite…. 10 to 19 year olds (students) at >15% positivity.

Long shot but I am beginning to think fresher flu might be generating false positives. The virus was never isolated so maybe fresher flu did not figure when the Chinese claim they identified it. Could obviously be very wrong. Either way, students need to learn to say no as it is students driving the high case numbers.

189216 ▶▶ Steve Martindale, replying to Cheezilla, 4, #1304 of 1564 🔗

It really annoys me when we get reports of admissions with no report of discharges, hospitals are not the Hotel California, people can and do leave. The total number in hospital goes up by a much smaller figure than the admissions figure, even allowing for deaths that means many people are getting well and being discharged. But hey. that’s good news and we are not allowed any of that!

189175 nocheesegromit, replying to nocheesegromit, 60, #1306 of 1564 🔗

Just been talking to my housemates about our Halloween plans (we’re in a tier 2 area). We’re going to invite our friends around as normal – nobody seemed to give a shit about the new restrictions. Huzzah!

In other good news UsforThem have tweeted a link to my website 🙂

189184 ▶▶ DRW, replying to nocheesegromit, 11, #1307 of 1564 🔗

Great to hear! Just hope you won’t get snitched.

189187 ▶▶▶ nocheesegromit, replying to DRW, 13, #1308 of 1564 🔗

Tbh we live in an area where 90% of the residents are students – none of whom I think will care about the new rules either. I’m sure many of them will be inviting friends round too.

189200 ▶▶▶ Lili, replying to DRW, 8, #1309 of 1564 🔗

Simple – just don’t answer the door.

189185 ▶▶ annie, replying to nocheesegromit, 20, #1310 of 1564 🔗

Have fun, turn off the TV to keep the evil spirits away, beware the dreaded Coronapumpkin, repeat the old adage:

Any witch
Might be a snitch.
Beware the bitch.

189231 ▶▶ Julian, replying to nocheesegromit, 16, #1311 of 1564 🔗

Our neighbours have 4 kids and want to invite parents round for Christmas so sounded us out. Happy to tell them they can invite as many as they want and we won’t be dobbing them in; we can relax now that they’ll not be worrying how many we have round.

189258 ▶▶▶ RickH, replying to Julian, 2, #1312 of 1564 🔗

In the end, a lot depends on people shouting ‘F. Off’.

189360 ▶▶▶ annie, replying to Julian, 1, #1313 of 1564 🔗

Have a great time.

189203 annie, replying to annie, 29, #1314 of 1564 🔗

For the first time ever I have pledged myself to a political party.

They have this on their website:

“Along with the displeasure of being commanded to wear an itchy mask, there is a dehumanising aspect of a face covering that elicits a far deeper discomfort. Much of our daily life consists in face-to-face interactions with others: smiles and frowns are just two examples in the vast repertoire of non-verbal cues that we use to relate, convey understanding, and diffuse conflict. Faces are of such profound importance to us that we recognise them in inanimate objects and reproduce them in textual communication. The unmeasurable consequences of compulsory facemasks cannot be ignored.”

That is enough to win my respect. But there is more. Check it out.


189269 ▶▶ kenadams, replying to annie, #1315 of 1564 🔗

Welcome, Ann!

189315 ▶▶ Draper233, replying to annie, 2, #1316 of 1564 🔗

It’s a good article, but I think Lily misses a significant point. Not only do I think liberty is immeasurable, but I also think lockdown measures will cause far more devastation than Covid-19.

And I’ve still yet to hear a cogent argument from a zealot about why we haven’t ever imposed the same sort of measures for influenza. “Oh this is far worse than influenza” they say, even though the WHO estimate up to 650,000 can die in a single season.

Flu lives matter! – well, apparently not.

189359 ▶▶▶ annie, replying to Draper233, #1317 of 1564 🔗

I’m sure Lily and her party are open to suggestion and debate.
Unlike … well, fill in crap names as required.

189425 ▶▶ TheBluePill, replying to annie, #1318 of 1564 🔗

Thanks for you comment Ann. I have just done the same. I’ve been liking the SDP for the last year or so. Your post has finally made me commit.

189213 nfw, replying to nfw, 6, #1319 of 1564 🔗

“It’s disappointing. They sent out seven or eight firearms officers, what a waste of resources.”

Well, it’s not as if they can use their weapons of war against illegal immigrants, muslim mass murderers or muslim rape gangs can they?

189251 ▶▶ RickH, replying to nfw, #1320 of 1564 🔗


189300 ▶▶ Draper233, replying to nfw, 3, #1321 of 1564 🔗

There are 2-3 million Muslims in the UK so what percentage of those do you consider to be “mass murderers” or belong to “rape gangs”?

Crass comment.

189313 ▶▶▶ thinkaboutit, replying to Draper233, 3, #1322 of 1564 🔗

As a Muslim comic once observed ” You only need one”.

189345 ▶▶▶▶ Draper233, replying to thinkaboutit, 2, #1323 of 1564 🔗

Yeah true, so let’s label all Catholics as paedophiles because a handful of priests have been abusing kids. Clever.

189355 ▶▶▶▶▶ JHuntz, replying to Draper233, #1324 of 1564 🔗

In terms of mass murderers and rape gangs they would be in the clear majority. No doubt as percentage of muslim population the people who commit these acts are a minority. Does not negate the fact its a muslim problem.

189398 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Draper233, replying to JHuntz, 2, #1325 of 1564 🔗

A tiny minority.

And most Muslims would not want to be associated with anybody committing such heinous crimes.

189352 ▶▶▶ Christopher, replying to Draper233, 1, #1326 of 1564 🔗

As roughly 20.000 disadvantaged white English girls are still being raped , trafficked and tortured yearly , I would say quite a large percentage .

189378 ▶▶▶▶ Draper233, replying to Christopher, 1, #1327 of 1564 🔗

Then I suggest applying to be a government statistician for Covid, you’d fit in well

189405 ▶▶▶ charleyfarley, replying to Draper233, 1, #1328 of 1564 🔗

Ferguson has run the numbers and the answer is 234,725,198,382,945,910%.

189214 Fed up, replying to Fed up, 43, #1329 of 1564 🔗

Went to the doctors-first time since lockdown. Loosely held scarf to face. Nurse commented “that’s a good way to wear a mask. NOT THAT THEY WORK” I said I don’t wear one as I am a conscientious objector. She said it’s absolutely terrible what they have done. She looked and sounded totally hacked off.
My mother’s group of octogenarians have adopted the mantra-Not in my name.
No one, I mean no one, I speak to is buying this crap. And yet we are still here in quasi LD, squirting shit on our hands and wearing filthy rags. Something has to give soon, surely?

189256 ▶▶ IanE, replying to Fed up, 4, #1330 of 1564 🔗

I do so hope so – it is becoming close to unbearable. How can politicians be so blind to reality – it all reminds me of Capgras syndrome.

189295 ▶▶▶ TyLean, replying to IanE, 3, #1331 of 1564 🔗

They aren’t. They’ve been paid off. There’s a tiny fraction of hope for the stupid, but the corrupt…. forget it.

189294 ▶▶ TyLean, replying to Fed up, 6, #1332 of 1564 🔗

Nothing will give. Everyone is too fucking stupid and/or spineless and/or paid off and/or a virtue signalling/authoritarian piece of shit.

189339 ▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to TyLean, #1333 of 1564 🔗

Not everyone!

189218 Ewan Duffy, replying to Ewan Duffy, 10, #1334 of 1564 🔗


If the comments are anything to go by, there is a turning in public attitude against some of the more extreme results of lockdown in Ireland. Until recently, the comments on TheJournal.ie have been majority zealot in nature.

189238 ▶▶ Chris Hume, replying to Ewan Duffy, 5, #1335 of 1564 🔗

Good comments by and large. I am hoping that Ireland will turn first and set an example over here. My relatives are 90% sceptic.

189229 Nick Rose, replying to Nick Rose, 17, #1336 of 1564 🔗

First Italy, now the criminal investigation has reached France, concerning what politicians did what and when regarding Covid.


With luck, crossing the Channel any week now…

189232 ▶▶ DJ Dod, replying to Nick Rose, 3, #1337 of 1564 🔗

Can’t wait!

189291 ▶▶ TyLean, replying to Nick Rose, 3, #1338 of 1564 🔗

Not in this fucking country. I just heard the Simon Dolan case was dismissed.

189357 ▶▶▶ Nick Rose, replying to TyLean, 1, #1339 of 1564 🔗

The injunction against the latest regulations was dismissed today. The judicial review of the Coronavirus Act (his appeal to the Supreme Court) is being heard on the 29th October.

189336 ▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to Nick Rose, 1, #1340 of 1564 🔗

Oh yes please!

189233 Nick Rose, replying to Nick Rose, 4, #1341 of 1564 🔗

A feel good story amid all the gloom. Totally off-topic.


189262 ▶▶ Ceriain, replying to Nick Rose, 2, #1342 of 1564 🔗

You old softie, Nick. 😉

189344 ▶▶▶ Nick Rose, replying to Ceriain, #1343 of 1564 🔗

Deep down inside somewhere, yes…

189334 ▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to Nick Rose, 1, #1344 of 1564 🔗


189248 charleyfarley, 5, #1345 of 1564 🔗

Excellent update from Ivor Cummins on the Irish situation.


189257 Nick Rose, replying to Nick Rose, 27, #1346 of 1564 🔗

Oh dear, the cases are starting to stack up. Hey, Hancock!! Tick-tock, tick-tock…


More and more experts, doctors and nurses are speaking out, as are more court cases starting to bring this fraud to an end.

The PCR test is the key.

189342 ▶▶▶ Nick Rose, replying to AnotherSceptic, 1, #1348 of 1564 🔗


189280 ▶▶ CGL, replying to Nick Rose, 2, #1349 of 1564 🔗

That’s excellent. And good old Dolores too.

189297 ▶▶ CGL, replying to Nick Rose, 2, #1350 of 1564 🔗

Is there any way we can get a link to that conference from anywhere?

189343 ▶▶▶ Nick Rose, replying to CGL, #1351 of 1564 🔗

I tried, but it keeps me locked in a Twitter thread. Looks like a YouTube video though…

189308 ▶▶ Leemc23, replying to Nick Rose, 3, #1352 of 1564 🔗

Ahhh PCR. So accurate that even imperial “we model” college describe it as “FAIRLY ACCURATE…”


189265 Tom Blackburn, replying to Tom Blackburn, 1, #1353 of 1564 🔗
189293 ▶▶ Gavroche, replying to Tom Blackburn, 3, #1354 of 1564 🔗

Aha! I’ve heard that Covid’s fatality rate is chiefly attributable to its deadly effect on Shatner’s Bassoon and that if ‘let rip’ the virus will destroy sixty million and a half Shatner’s Bassoons in the next 30 minutes or maybe just six Shatner’s Bassoons; the SAGE modellers aren’t too sure on the numbers just yet but they are sure that it’s very scary. (That’s a made-up statistic, by the way, and not a prediction.)

189306 ▶▶▶ Cecil B, replying to Gavroche, 2, #1355 of 1564 🔗

The Captain of The Starship Enterprise played the Bassoon?

Who knew?

189389 ▶▶▶ Christopher, replying to Gavroche, 1, #1356 of 1564 🔗

Someone watched Brass Eye .

189267 Cheezilla, replying to Cheezilla, 13, #1357 of 1564 🔗

Totally off topic but I needed a laugh tonight.
Hope it works for you. Just got an email titled:

Go vegan with our range of plant-based wines.

Hmmm. I wonder what beef wine tastes like. Or fish wine anyone?

189301 ▶▶ Cecil B, replying to Cheezilla, 4, #1358 of 1564 🔗

If you have a packet of crisps handy look at the small print on the back. Chicken, beef, smokey bacon crisps, etc, will all say suitable for vegans

I’m not joking


189325 ▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to Cecil B, 1, #1359 of 1564 🔗

They’re all MSG flavoured!

189268 Cecil B, replying to Cecil B, 5, #1360 of 1564 🔗

Every time I look at a track and trace QR code I see the face of Jesus in it. What does this mean?

189276 ▶▶ Laura Suckling, replying to Cecil B, 21, #1361 of 1564 🔗

Long Covid, probably.

189363 ▶▶▶ John Galt, replying to Laura Suckling, 3, #1362 of 1564 🔗

Brilliant, made me laugh out loud.

We’ll have to add it to the other 175 symptoms.

189279 ▶▶ arfurmo, replying to Cecil B, 6, #1363 of 1564 🔗

You should see if the Daily Star will buy your story

189283 ▶▶ RickH, replying to Cecil B, 1, #1364 of 1564 🔗

Errr … It’s a myth?

189317 ▶▶ mhcp, replying to Cecil B, 1, #1365 of 1564 🔗

You need a better toaster

189329 ▶▶ Gavroche, replying to Cecil B, 1, #1366 of 1564 🔗

Well, it’s a source of considerable myrrh-th to me! Myrrh-th, do ya geddit? (I’ll get my coat…)

189288 ▶▶ Two-Six, replying to AnotherSceptic, 4, #1368 of 1564 🔗

OOh the whole country is RED. Fucking hell.

189338 ▶▶ Nick Rose, replying to AnotherSceptic, 1, #1369 of 1564 🔗

Yahoo News is more depressing than BBC News. And that’s saying something…

189281 Nick Rose, replying to Nick Rose, 23, #1370 of 1564 🔗

An interesting idea from Peter Hitchens. Who else?


I wonder whether we’d be better off if @PiersMorgan

moved into Buckingham Palace, and was compelled to remain neutral on political issues, and HM the Queen was finally allowed to say what she thinks and given a breakfast TV show.

189289 ▶▶ kh1485, replying to Nick Rose, 8, #1371 of 1564 🔗

Oh yes, Liz and Phil on the breakfast sofa. I’d watch that!

189285 Two-Six, 5, #1372 of 1564 🔗

Here is a link to the original clip of the hysterical Spanish man, with English sub-titles. It’s pretty funny. He was on the telly because he was the laziest man in Spain and he tells a tale of his last job, a paella pan washer in a beach restaurant.

189299 Nick Rose, replying to Nick Rose, 24, #1373 of 1564 🔗

W. T. F??


The University of York has told self-isolating students to wait behind in the event of a fire to allow non-infected people to leave first. This is insane. It is apparently more important to protect students from Covid than from actual fire.

189303 ▶▶ Leemc23, replying to Nick Rose, 14, #1374 of 1564 🔗

Not just insane, but not legally sound. Idiots

189304 ▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to Nick Rose, 12, #1375 of 1564 🔗

Yeah, saw that on Twitter. It’s insane.

Reminds me of an incident in Saudi Arabia a few years ago where a fire broke out in a university hall of residence. The religious police forbade the women to evacuate because they weren’t covered up. As a result they died in the fire.

Methinks that the University of York has a death wish because you can be sure that if the same thing happened, they will be sued to the hilt by the parents of any student who died in a fire.

189321 ▶▶▶ Nick Rose, replying to Bart Simpson, 2, #1376 of 1564 🔗

Utter madness…

189310 ▶▶ Will, replying to Nick Rose, 3, #1377 of 1564 🔗

Who can blame them, that was King and Ferguson’s tactic for containing foot and mouth disease, kill all possible hosts.

189311 ▶▶ bucky99, replying to Nick Rose, 3, #1378 of 1564 🔗

That cannot be for real?

189322 ▶▶▶ Nick Rose, replying to bucky99, 3, #1379 of 1564 🔗

You’d hope not…

189340 ▶▶▶▶ Roadrash, replying to Nick Rose, 5, #1380 of 1564 🔗

It was real. Someone realised how monumentally stupid this was and they have now issued new guidance. The fact that anyone can think this crap is in the first place leaves me speechless.

189388 ▶▶▶▶▶ Nick Rose, replying to Roadrash, 3, #1381 of 1564 🔗

You mean someone leaked it and the University decided it needed a quick reverse ferret.

189327 ▶▶ GiftWrappedKittyCat, replying to Nick Rose, 6, #1382 of 1564 🔗

It’s so they can add them to the ‘Covid death’ count. Seriously though, if that’s true it’s completely ludicrous and I hope they get their arses kicked for coming out with something like that.

189364 ▶▶ Telpin, replying to Nick Rose, 3, #1383 of 1564 🔗

This has to be unlawful

189374 ▶▶▶ Telpin, replying to Telpin, 5, #1384 of 1564 🔗

I’m inclined to think it’s not true. However, my brother witnessed a car accident in South Wales recently, involving a man in his fifties and his elderly mother. The man managed to get out of the car though his mother was still in the passenger seat, visibly shaken and both looked to have injuries. My brother rang for an ambulance and the first thing they asked was’Do they have Co Vid?’ My brother found it difficult not to swear…

189365 ▶▶ annie, replying to Nick Rose, 3, #1385 of 1564 🔗

Covid Stupid Award of the week. Leaves the competition standing.

189390 ▶▶▶ Nick Rose, replying to annie, #1386 of 1564 🔗


189393 ▶▶ TheBluePill, replying to Nick Rose, 3, #1387 of 1564 🔗

There was a program made really early on in this shit show where the BBC interviewed coast guards who said they had been instructed not to rescue drowning people in case they had Covid. Same logic. And these fuckers have the nerve to say that we are selfish for not wearing muzzles that the evidence says are totally useless.

189406 ▶▶ Jay Berger, replying to Nick Rose, 3, #1388 of 1564 🔗

“Those who can make you believe absurdities, can and will make you commit atrocities.”

189318 Cheezilla, replying to Cheezilla, 9, #1389 of 1564 🔗

Yay, rebellion!!


Downing Street’s flagship policy for tackling the coronavirus in England has descended into chaos after mayors and MPs from the north-west of the country emphatically rejected being moved into the highest lockdown level and accused ministers of treating the region with contempt.

…. Burnham was backed by exasperated MPs from Greater Manchester, and from Lancashire , the other area set to join the Liverpool city region in the “very high-risk” tier 3 category, which entails the closure of pubs and bars.
This included a number of Conservatives. One said of negotiating with the government: “You might as well talk to a wall.” Another Labour MP described the talks as a “shitshow”.

…. The tone for an often bad-tempered day was set early, when junior health ministers briefed north-west England MPs in conference calls, with the care minister Helen Whately talking to those from Greater Manchester.
A Labour MP on that call was unimpressed: “Shitshow doesn’t even begin to summarise that meeting … We let the Tory MPs go first and they piled into her saying: what’s the point of this meeting if you are just going to brief to the media that you’ve already made a decision?”

I notice there’s no opportunity to comment on the article!

189335 ▶▶ PhilipF, replying to Cheezilla, 6, #1390 of 1564 🔗

Yes, but… it seems he is just unhappy with the amount with the proposed bribe, not with what he has to do to his city.

189346 ▶▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to PhilipF, 2, #1391 of 1564 🔗

Exactly. It’s the same in NI. Any whiff of a pushback is based on a lack of more money and a need for…drum roll please…MORE TESTING

189358 ▶▶ Liam, replying to Cheezilla, 1, #1392 of 1564 🔗

They just want more “support.” There’s zero opposition to the idiocy of it all.

189341 Two-Six, replying to Two-Six, 1, #1393 of 1564 🔗

There is something unusual about the weapons the cops were carrying in today’s LDS. I think they are these ones.
Anti Terrorist cops and the met use them.


189354 ▶▶ RyanM, replying to Two-Six, 4, #1394 of 1564 🔗

Awesome guns, by the way! I have several Sig handguns…

I love that the cops in that picture have mouth-holes cut out of their masks.

189508 ▶▶▶ Two-Six, replying to RyanM, #1395 of 1564 🔗

These weapons they are carrying are probably SIG MCX aren’t they?

189349 Ceriain, replying to Ceriain, 1, #1396 of 1564 🔗

Daily Fail: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8845147/Last-order-orders-House-Commons-bans-sale-alcohol-parliament-Saturday.html
Last order orders! Speaker Lindsay Hoyle bans the sale of alcohol in House of Commons bars from Saturday (so will peers axe the beers too?)

As MPs represent different constituencies in different tiers – with the very highest level ordering the closure of pubs – I have decided to stop the sale of alcohol across the House of Commons-end of the estate
from this Saturday. This means it will not be possible to buy an alcoholic drink from any of our catering outlets for the foreseeable future – whether food is served or not.

The House of Commons Commission will be meeting on Monday to consider other measures needed to protect MPs, their staff and House staff, while maintaining our Covid-secure status.

189353 ▶▶ annie, replying to Ceriain, #1397 of 1564 🔗

Protect MPs.

189361 ▶▶▶ Ceriain, replying to annie, 3, #1398 of 1564 🔗

Because pubs are the most dangerous places on the planet, Ann. Handjob said so; remember?

189366 ▶▶▶▶ annie, replying to Ceriain, 2, #1399 of 1564 🔗

I mean why bother to protect such trash?

189369 ▶▶▶▶▶ Ceriain, replying to annie, 1, #1400 of 1564 🔗

LOL Good point. 😉

189371 ▶▶▶▶▶ Christopher, replying to annie, 4, #1401 of 1564 🔗

Westminster needs cleansing with Fire.

189415 ▶▶ A. Contrarian, replying to Ceriain, 2, #1402 of 1564 🔗

Ha ha. A taste of their own medicine. No more wine for Wancock, pre- or post-10pm.

189370 Beowa, replying to Beowa, 2, #1403 of 1564 🔗

Just came across this on youtube


189387 ▶▶ Ceriain, replying to Beowa, #1404 of 1564 🔗


189376 BeBopRockSteady, 2, #1405 of 1564 🔗


Good to see PCR front and centre for this. Surely the criticisms would have been properly debunked by now if it was fit for purpose?

189377 assoc, replying to assoc, 22, #1406 of 1564 🔗

I think the bedwetters are in decline e.g. I was in the pub tonight and two blokes not seen since lockdown appeared. Some sheepish apologies and then business as normal. Both no longer believe a word the BBC says. You can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you can’t fool all of them all of the time.

189391 ▶▶ JHuntz, replying to assoc, 7, #1407 of 1564 🔗

I’m not surprised the average virtue signalling do gooder doesn’t have a backbone. They are now being met with resistance and will go with the popular opinion which is now anti lockdown.

189380 Steve Martindale, replying to Steve Martindale, 6, #1408 of 1564 🔗

Has this been reported already? BBC news item on poor operating practices at virus testing lab;
And the results from these labs are being used to underpin the current pantomime across the country.

189403 ▶▶ Jay Berger, replying to Steve Martindale, 5, #1409 of 1564 🔗

The whole shenanigans stand and fall with acceptance of the fraudulent, unstandardized PCR test and its results and their interpretation.
Next up is masks and their frightened acceptance as symbols of obedience, as Gessler’s hats.
Then, built upon the two and on the unquestioned acceptance of the dubious theoretical concept of herd immunity, mandatory vaccinations for everyone, not just those at a particular risk of a pathogen and disease.
Last, it’s digital health app&co discrimination.
If you want to prevent the latter two, you must fight the first two tooth and nail to try to get rid of them.

189422 ▶▶ Mabel Cow, replying to Steve Martindale, 1, #1410 of 1564 🔗

Could this be the BBC laying the groundwork for a blame-shifting exercise?? Suddenly, it is brought to the government’s attention that the labs have been letting them down and actually the PCR test was faulty, and no it wasn’t Mr Hancock’s fault at all??

189428 ▶▶▶ Crazy Times, replying to Mabel Cow, -4, #1411 of 1564 🔗

The BBC will do anything at the right moment to put the final nail in the Tories coffin.

189383 Basics, 4, #1412 of 1564 🔗

Handy little clip of burley, hancock and raab talking about the extremely high false postive rate. May be useful to share.


189385 Bill h, replying to Bill h, 17, #1413 of 1564 🔗

In the local GP surgery for blood test.

Usual rigmarole, though not a problem

Chatting with the nurse. Busy ? Fairly. Looking forward to the weekend. ? Not really- everything shut.

Me – its a load of BS this virus.

Nurse – I don’t think I’m allowed to say in here – but you’re dead right.

and so on.

Enjoyable and revealing 10 minutes.

Tide is turning at the grass roots.

189400 ▶▶ Jay Berger, replying to Bill h, 2, #1414 of 1564 🔗

Which is why they (have to) crackdown even harder.

189450 ▶▶ Iansn, replying to Bill h, #1415 of 1564 🔗

But they never ay anything, they are the ones who can bring change. They take the money for doing nothing now and look the other way. Im thinking about asking other businesses to band together if there is an increase in restrictions and ignore the lockdown, why arent all businesses doing it, with a common fund £25 a company will defeat any smart arse government fightback

189395 Lockdown_Lunacy, replying to Lockdown_Lunacy, 6, #1416 of 1564 🔗

Planning for bonfire night. My plan is to print off pictures of Johnson and Hancock, stick them on rockets, and send them off into the atmosphere. This will achieve nothing, but will make me feel better.

My budget could buy more rockets, any suggestions as to whose pictures I should send into the sky?

189397 ▶▶ Dan Clarke, replying to Lockdown_Lunacy, 3, #1417 of 1564 🔗

Whippy & Unbalanced

189402 ▶▶▶ Lockdown_Lunacy, replying to Dan Clarke, 1, #1418 of 1564 🔗

Good point, they’re on. I think Shapps too for failing to stand up for my industry. He can be the grand finale!

189412 ▶▶ James, replying to Lockdown_Lunacy, 4, #1419 of 1564 🔗

Fauci, Bill Gates, the WEF guy.

189419 ▶▶ AnotherSceptic, replying to Lockdown_Lunacy, 2, #1420 of 1564 🔗


189436 ▶▶ Alethea, replying to Lockdown_Lunacy, 3, #1421 of 1564 🔗

My own personal favourite this week: Jo Grady, head of the Universities and College Union. Relentlessly agitating for in-person university teaching to be shut down.

189501 ▶▶ Cheshirecatslave, replying to Lockdown_Lunacy, #1422 of 1564 🔗

The Merseyside Police

189595 ▶▶ Suze Burtenshaw, replying to Lockdown_Lunacy, #1423 of 1564 🔗

Prof. ‘Dame May’ Whitty, the face that launched a thousand slaps. Definitely needs putting on a rocket!

189396 Danny, 12, #1424 of 1564 🔗

Mixed feelings on the Northern rebellion. Any opposition is long overdue, but the impression I get is that they are not protesting the lockdown itself, just the compensation of lack of. Of course this is important, but even a lockdown that pays 100% of wages will a) still have to come from our collective taxation at some point, and b) fails to even mention the mental health issue of depriving families from meeting for god knows how long and the heartache that will cause.

189399 Nobody2020, #1425 of 1564 🔗

Interesting thoughts on GB Declaratio and the JSMemo. No unroll I’m afraid, thread of 17 tweets:


Wes Pegden

We have entered Phase II (or is it XXII?) of the COVID “discussion”: gathering signatures for petitions. In some sense it is the perfect phase for this moment, which involves remarkably little scientific curiosity or engagement.

189401 JHuntz, replying to JHuntz, 15, #1426 of 1564 🔗

So we’re now 7 months in and we are still having to fight against lockdowns. We are no where near fighting the other restrictions that are unacceptable. It is beyond me how the sheep think we will go back to any semblance of normality.

189409 ▶▶ Lockdown_Lunacy, replying to JHuntz, 3, #1427 of 1564 🔗

I don’t know what we can do. We can only keep being ‘normal’, and going about our business as best we can. There are some signs of rebellion, the Liverpool gyms have been quite courageous.

I’m thinking of a trip to Stockholm next month to get away from it all. I miss normal, my last ‘dose’ was a very normal summer in the Czech Republic which has now gone corona crazy!

189434 ▶▶▶ JHuntz, replying to Lockdown_Lunacy, #1428 of 1564 🔗

Sweden sounds like heaven right now.

189444 ▶▶▶ Iansn, replying to Lockdown_Lunacy, #1429 of 1564 🔗

Wirral not Liverpool, Joe Anderson does not speak for Wirral, unfortunately our councils/MPs dont speak for us either.

189413 ▶▶ Tyneside Tigress, replying to Now More Than Ever, 4, #1431 of 1564 🔗

Apologies, just crossed with you on this one!

189414 ▶▶▶ Now More Than Ever, replying to Tyneside Tigress, 3, #1432 of 1564 🔗

All sharing is good sharing. Including Covid. #herdimmunity

189407 Ceriain, 6, #1433 of 1564 🔗

GB Declaration now has more than half a million signatures. 👍


189408 James, replying to James, 3, #1434 of 1564 🔗

You don’t see the chicken until the process is complete. You just see the egg. This is egg time. Keep believing: the chicken is on its way.

189432 ▶▶ Alethea, replying to James, 1, #1435 of 1564 🔗

This is very encouraging!
cluck, cluck

189411 Tyneside Tigress, replying to Tyneside Tigress, 5, #1436 of 1564 🔗

Good article from Ross Clark – debunking the ‘scary’ facts used by Hancock et al:


Truth about the claims scaring us all to death: Soaring infections, teeming hospital wards, and terrifying death rates… but do the numbers justifying crippling new lockdowns REALLY stand up to scrutiny?
But as ROSS CLARK reveals, things might not be anywhere near as bad as the fear-mongers would have you think…

189416 ▶▶ Mabel Cow, replying to Tyneside Tigress, 3, #1437 of 1564 🔗

That is the most sensible article I have seen since this shit show began. The Daily Mail: pinnacle of the journalistic world. Ye gods.

189420 ▶▶▶ Ceriain, replying to Mabel Cow, 1, #1438 of 1564 🔗

Ross Clark has written a few sceptic pieces. We need more like this.

189424 ▶▶▶▶ Yawnyaman, replying to Ceriain, 1, #1439 of 1564 🔗

From the very start he has been relentlessly considered astute and accurate.

189430 ▶▶▶▶▶ Ceriain, replying to Yawnyaman, 2, #1440 of 1564 🔗

And, boy, are the comments good!

189417 Iansn, replying to Iansn, 8, #1441 of 1564 🔗

Wrote to my MP tonight about the wirral gym owner, donated to him last night via the crowd fund.
Mr Whitley
I read with horror today the story of a Wirral Gym owner being visited by the police to shut his gym down. These officers were there enforcing Health regulations. How often do restaurants get visited by police to enforce these regulations, it is not a criminal matter, they should be enforced after notification by Environmental health officers not Police officers fully tooled up to deal with serious crime. This is a total abuse of power by who ever authorised this and Merseyside police. You should be in touch with the Chief Constable for a complete explanation including who authorised this and why it was not passed to environmental health for enforcement as it is their primary responsibility under the health regulations, and why 7-8 tooled up officers were sent for enforcement of health regulations. What next, armed checkpoints on the border with Wales, because form the papers that were its going.
When was the last time any Birkenhead restaurant was ever visited by Police to enforce noncompliance with Health regulations, these are not laws and police should not be involved in any enforcement of Health regulations. Furthermore, asking neighbours to inform is not a policy that wears well in this region, it will lead to violence and hard to heal wounds in communities. What the government are asking is more communist east Germany than Wirral.
What are you doing in your role as my MP ensure that abuses of power are not being undertaken and why are you not active in pursuing the government over their total abuse of parliament and the people.
Where are you on any of these issues and what have you been doing for your constituents over the past 7 months to ensure that we are not subjected to the tyranny of this administration. Where are you and where has you voice been heard over the imposition on the Wirral of the tier 3 restrictions imposed in Liverpool via the Metro district. Totally absent as far as I can see.
It seems to me that you are perfectly content to ignore all of the abuses imposed on your constituents and you have been totally absent on any of the local and national issues during these unprecedented times. Your salary is safe until the next election, mine is not due to the current restrictions. When election time comes things will be different, for you and the local council.
You need to get up and start to make some impact on the things that are having a very serious impact on the community you represent.
Yours sincerely


If you look at the local comments on facebook its he broke the law so needs to be done. These people are so ignorant of what is happening its unbelievable, actually its not cos they are fcuking stupid, as long as they have the 60 inch tv and playstation they dont give a flying fuck, they never vote and if they do they vote like their dad did, cos Labour always did right by the working man, except they dont.

189426 ▶▶ Londo Mollari, replying to Iansn, 8, #1442 of 1564 🔗

I looked at the 897 Facebook comments on Merseyside Police’s Fb page and they were overwhelmingly hostile. The most liked comment I found (556) said, “Merseyside Police, this has really backfired for you, hasn’t it?

189431 ▶▶▶ Iansn, replying to Londo Mollari, 4, #1443 of 1564 🔗

the police have no idea of the law they just do what they are told. i dont ever hear of UK cops saying no this isn’t right boss we arent doing that hes just trying to keep his business going, hes not robbing or cheating, especially as its not law its health. The Nuremberg rule applies to all of them because they are all as thick and subservient as each other, they never question orders. 7-8 cops to enforce health regs, Thats not for ANY sensible chief constable.

189429 ▶▶ JHuntz, replying to Iansn, 5, #1444 of 1564 🔗

Well done standing up this tyranny. It’s the first time I have been in an actual rage looking at the picture on this page of the armed police. I cannot believe what they have done to this country.

189449 ▶▶ jb12, replying to Iansn, #1445 of 1564 🔗

I doubt half of those people on Facebook are even real.

189458 ▶▶▶ Iansn, replying to jb12, #1446 of 1564 🔗

they are thats the sad thing you dont live around here, i darent post on the page the business is linked to 90%

189418 swedenborg, replying to swedenborg, 4, #1447 of 1564 🔗



“And as if we need further evidence of the human tragedy of lockdowns – those states which implemented stay at home orders are faring MUCH WORSE than those states which did not. Everywhere I look inside this data, resides the evidence of a crime against humanity.”

189421 ▶▶ Two-Six, replying to swedenborg, 1, #1448 of 1564 🔗

Oh yes.

189456 ▶▶ Iansn, replying to swedenborg, 1, #1449 of 1564 🔗

Im so glad my parents passed away before this happened

189423 JamesDrebin, replying to JamesDrebin, 16, #1450 of 1564 🔗

Those who rail against local lockdowns solely on the basis of inadequate compensation are like someone who only takes issue with their daughter being raped because the attacker refuses to wear a condom.

189433 ▶▶ Iansn, replying to JamesDrebin, 1, #1451 of 1564 🔗

that calculating MF ex mp has been is a piece of work we need a lockdown for 7 days you got it, shit we dont want it(now the people have told me and my job is on the line)

189427 Yawnyaman, replying to Yawnyaman, #1452 of 1564 🔗

Absolutely dire QT tonight, off to bed with a good book

189451 ▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to Yawnyaman, #1453 of 1564 🔗

That Labour MP was appealing. Still banging on about cases doubling every 7 days

189438 James, replying to James, 5, #1454 of 1564 🔗

There is a horrible irony to the left wing support for lockdowns as life preserving mechanisms and all the other recent expressions of communitarian sentimentality. They are all contrived and promoted by the most hideous capitalist agendas. Follow the money! The more we attempt to save lives and save the environment the richer the technocrats become. People’s genuine will to good has been hijacked and monetised. Nothing has changed. Wake the folk up.

189441 ▶▶ JHuntz, replying to James, #1455 of 1564 🔗

the radical left are wilful idiots for the people who actually rule over us.

189446 ▶▶▶ Christopher, replying to JHuntz, #1456 of 1564 🔗

They really are the willing foot soldiers of the ruling Neo Liberal Elite , useful idiots as Stalin said .

189447 ▶▶▶ jb12, replying to JHuntz, #1457 of 1564 🔗

100% true.

189453 ▶▶ Hieronimusb, replying to James, #1458 of 1564 🔗

It’s grotesque, we haven’t got much to work with.

189440 Basics, replying to Basics, 4, #1459 of 1564 🔗

Edinburgh University students.


Part of the petition reads:

The University of Edinburgh has neglected the welfare of students in Pollock Halls (the university-owned campus of catered accommodation). Despite having two months to prepare and an abundance of funding, the University has failed to sufficiently coordinate their response to COVID-19, putting both students and staff at risk. The services that students receive at Pollock are a shell of what we had initially agreed to pay for. Charging full-price fees this year is grossly unfair and it appears that the University is profiting off of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Such failures are most evident in the completely inadequate provision of meals to those in isolation. These meals are simply not of the standard that students are paying between 7 and 9 thousands pounds to receive. They are of poor nutritional value, arrive late, are sometimes out of date, ignore dietary requirements (albeit for religious or other reasons) and are generally cheap and disgusting. We are paying an extortionate amount of money for two fresh, nutritious, hot meals a day and receiving nothing close to this.

Moreover, hygiene standards are poor on campus. For example, dead mice have been found in a pantry cupboard, where students are expected to heat their microwaveable meals. Isolating households do not receive cleaning services, but once again are still paying full price for such services. Students are forced into solitary confinement in their rooms, in order to supposedly stop the spread of Covid-19, but communal facilities (such as toilets and pantries) are not properly sanitised. This seems illogical and surely works to spread both covid and mental health issues on campus.

Many students in Pollock are facing extremely expensive fines, starting at £50, for minor offences and these punishments are accumulating at speed on people’s records. As a result, many students are on the verge of suspension within their first month. It seems, due to the sheer volume of students facing serious penalties, these punishments do not reasonably suit their crimes and the institution is, once again, bleeding students dry of whatever money the can get from them. We acknowledge that there must be restrictions and do not criticise these but more so the system of punishment that is used following the breaking of them.

Police have been reported in local press having attended halls to ‘break up gatherings’.

189454 ▶▶ Basics, replying to Basics, #1460 of 1564 🔗


189465 ▶▶▶ Iansn, replying to Basics, 1, #1461 of 1564 🔗

On Wirral we have higher case rates than the local population based on wards, so we are no better off than the USSR under Stalin than Doris and his ‘free thinkers’. When the axe comes it will be very sharp, Doris and Wancock beware. Why do you think the rest of the cabinet are totally absent on this fuck up

189442 captainbeefheart, #1462 of 1564 🔗

Not seen any updates on https://twitter.com/BritainFree – did the judge just lean over the bench and shoot him or something?


189443 Basics, replying to Basics, 1, #1463 of 1564 🔗

Scottish data. The stuff that comes out of sturgeon daily in her address to the nation. Is posted here https://www.gov.scot/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-daily-data-for-scotland/

At 2pm everyday.

Under the About These Data there is the following text:

The data reported are management information based on a range of operational systems. While checks are completed before publication to ensure data robustness, due to the speed of reporting these data are not currently subject to the full range of processes and quality assurance that would be required for Official Statistics. For more information about the data please see Data definitions and sources.

189448 ▶▶ captainbeefheart, replying to Basics, 1, #1464 of 1564 🔗

DISCLAIMER: Everything (including this message) may not be true.

189457 ▶▶▶ Basics, replying to captainbeefheart, 2, #1465 of 1564 🔗

Scotland’s ‘R’ number is currently estimated to be between 1.3 and 1.6.
Methodology: SAGE Consensus


Gives an idea of how shaky this whole covid19 scam is. A consensus between highly politicised and conflicted men and women about a useless number arbitrarily placed upon a land mass that has a range of population density ranging from from 8 persons per square kilometre in Highland Council area to 3,298 persons per square kilometre in Glasgow City Council area.

189468 ▶▶▶▶ Iansn, replying to Basics, 2, #1466 of 1564 🔗

SAGE They need to be put in front of Carl Heneghan and his associates on live TV lets see how that work out

189503 ▶▶▶▶▶ Two-Six, replying to Iansn, #1467 of 1564 🔗

It will be carnage, a total face-roll.

189445 Tenchy, replying to Tenchy, #1468 of 1564 🔗

From The Telegraph (paywall):


The end is in sight. Well, at least not until we’ve had a few more “lockdowns”!

On Friday, Government scientists suggested “circuit breaker” lockdowns should be planned for every school holiday for the foreseeable future.

Advisers indicated that the “rule of six” is “useless” and in fact increases the risks of transmission. They believe a series of two-week lockdowns for half-terms, Christmas and into next year is the best way to minimise disruption.

189452 ▶▶ Ceriain, replying to Tenchy, 3, #1469 of 1564 🔗

Advisers indicated that the “rule of six” is “useless” and in fact increases the risks of transmission.

You couldn’t make this up.

189460 ▶▶ A. Contrarian, replying to Tenchy, 6, #1470 of 1564 🔗

The death knell to the holiday industry and visitor attractions that rely on school holiday traffic. Bye bye visits to grandparents. Hello to a robot existence where all we are allowed to do is work, pay taxes and spend money at approved covid safe outlets. And that’s Christmas cancelled then.

At least they should revoke the rule of six on the basis of that advice. But they won’t, of course. Do they explain why they think it makes it worse?!

If we do these circuit breakers will they leave us alone in between?

189471 ▶▶▶ Tenchy, replying to A. Contrarian, 1, #1471 of 1564 🔗

“Do they explain why they think it makes it worse?!”

No. That’s all it said. No reasoning given.

189467 ▶▶ Londo Mollari, replying to Tenchy, 1, #1472 of 1564 🔗

So, no holidays ever?

189559 ▶▶▶ chaos, replying to Londo Mollari, #1473 of 1564 🔗

The great reset is no air travel for thee.. just for poshos like David Attenbum, Ponce Charles, Ponce William, and Boris and his teenage Oceana.org bint Scary Carrie. No air travel for the masses is the new normal because ‘climate change’ fraud.

189455 assoc, replying to assoc, 13, #1474 of 1564 🔗

A long conversation with some of the young folk in my local Wetherspoons. They think the game is nearly over. No-one believes that the virus will harm them and most think that the whole thing has been grossly exaggerated. I hope they are right.

189461 ▶▶ captainbeefheart, replying to assoc, 4, #1475 of 1564 🔗

Those yonug’uns aren’t as stupid as we given them credit for 🙂

After all, they’ve got to live in this crap longer than we have. Maybe they’d live to be 82 on average instead of 81 if they didn’t become a ‘case’ of the virus.

189462 Basics, 1, #1476 of 1564 🔗

The World Health Organisation recommends looking at several indicators when considering whether the epidemic is controlled. One of these is a decline in the number of deaths among confirmed and probable cases at least for the last 3 weeks.


189463 Crazy Times, replying to Crazy Times, #1477 of 1564 🔗

Interesting timing with what they are doing in the US at the moment:


189466 ▶▶ Londo Mollari, replying to Crazy Times, #1478 of 1564 🔗

No doubt Toby would say it was a coincidence!

189470 Basics, replying to Basics, #1479 of 1564 🔗

Interesting to some perhaps. Scot Gov has stopped using Mori Polls and switched to YouGov.

Since mid-May, the proportion of people who said they trusted the Scottish Government to work in Scotland’s best interests, in Ipsos MORI surveys was between 73% and 79%. This is now measured by YouGov survey using the same question and with a similar measure, and is 73% this wave.

Evidence suggests consistently high levels of trust in the Scottish Government. Since mid-May, around three quarters to four fifths of people have said they trust the Scottish Government to work in Scotland’s best interests. Women are more likely than men to say they trust the Scottish Government a great deal/quite a lot to work in Scotland’s best interests.

Source: YouGov

Methodology: Web panel survey. Total sample size is c. 1000 adults each week. Fieldwork undertaken from 28 July onwards, weekly. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all Scottish adults (aged 18+) in terms of age, gender, social class, region and level of education . Previous trends on this measure were taken from Ipsos Mori surveys, which had a smaller sample size (c500-650) and were representative of Scottish adults (aged 16-74) in terms of age and gender. In July the questions were transferred to a YouGov survey to consolidate our data collection across Scottish Government teams and research needs.


189472 ▶▶ AnotherSceptic, replying to Basics, 3, #1480 of 1564 🔗

Well, I don’t think Nicola’s government is doing a good job.
I’m guessing that they aimed the poll at Sheep?

189486 ▶▶▶ Basics, replying to AnotherSceptic, #1481 of 1564 🔗

A terrible job and running politics right through the centre of it all. Rather than just saving the human race as we are told that is all the are focussing on.

189475 ▶▶ OKUK, replying to Basics, 1, #1482 of 1564 🔗

You Gov is a wholly owned Blairite subsidiary ie a servant of globalism. Although Blair pretends to be a unionist, he’d happily sacrifice the Union to advance globalism. So not surprised You Gov and the SNP have got cosy.

189482 ▶▶▶ Basics, replying to OKUK, #1483 of 1564 🔗

This is why it is interesting. They have switched from mori to yougov mid’ pandemic’. Mal practice, but with an agenda to further mould public opinion.

189478 ▶▶ Hieronimusb, replying to Basics, 2, #1484 of 1564 🔗

Remember polling is a business; an entertainment masquerading as a science. Science really isn’t doing too well at the moment.

189511 ▶▶▶ OKUK, replying to Hieronimusb, #1485 of 1564 🔗

The US polls on Trump v Biden are literally unbelievable. Not saying Trump can’t lose but he won’t lose by 12 or 14 points against a senile and corrupt has-been like Biden.

Also, why does the US media commission polls on the popular vote when that doesn’t decide a Presidential election? Because the popular vote always favours the Dems by 2-5%?

189480 ▶▶ Jonathan Palmer, replying to Basics, 3, #1486 of 1564 🔗

Polls are a means to influence public opinion not measure it

189514 ▶▶▶ OKUK, replying to Jonathan Palmer, #1487 of 1564 🔗

Yep that is where we have ended up. Expect the US polls to suddenly “narrow” as they did with the Brexit Referendum in the last week or two, when they have to get closer to reality.

189474 Shep, 2, #1488 of 1564 🔗

the whole gig relies on compliance, an arrogant assumption on the part of political operators who I did not personally vote for. wake up time directly correlates with no more money time.

189477 2 pence, replying to 2 pence, 5, #1489 of 1564 🔗

David Kurten


I ask Sadiq Khan about selective policing of BLM protests, freedom rallies and Islamic rallies in London, riot police brutality to freedom protesters, and the appalling arrest of Dr Heiko Schoening for speaking at Speakers’ Corner.


189489 ▶▶ Basics, replying to 2 pence, 4, #1490 of 1564 🔗

David Kurten is excellent

189505 ▶▶ OKUK, replying to 2 pence, 1, #1491 of 1564 🔗

Kurten was always good and on this evidence is still growing in stature. Would love to see him part of a future populist government restoring free speech and dismantling the agencies of oppression.

189538 ▶▶ Templeton, replying to 2 pence, #1492 of 1564 🔗

I want to buy him some cufflinks.

189479 Basics, 1, #1493 of 1564 🔗

Grand words from NHS England.

There are over 50,000 healthcare scientists working in the NHS and public health services. Together they provide the scientific backbone of the NHS and their work underpins 80% of all diagnoses. Their role stretches across the whole innovation pathway from academic and translational research, to patient-centred service transformation.

The healthcare science profession is uniquely placed to harness the UK’s world class healthcare research base, improve patient outcomes and assist NHS England in its goal to accelerate innovation. Healthcare scientists work in more than 50 specialisms which can be categorised into four groupings:


The Great Barrington Declaration coming up for 10,000 signatures from medical & public health scientists.

Combined total now over half a million people have signed the declaration.

189481 OKUK, replying to OKUK, 6, #1494 of 1564 🔗

Survival tips for the second national lockdown:

1. Visit this site frequently.

2. Listen to Talk Radio.

3. Resist the regulations- the unjustified and therefore illegal deprivation of our ancient liberties – to the fullest extent you feel comfortable with.

4. Look after your own health. Apply good health advice.

5. Laugh at the pathetic lies peddled by the pathetic mainstream media eg that early lockdowns “worked”.

Anyone wish to add to the list?

189483 ▶▶ Tee Ell, replying to OKUK, #1495 of 1564 🔗

Diversify your investments.

189484 ▶▶ Hieronimusb, replying to OKUK, #1496 of 1564 🔗

Bend over, put your head between your legs and kiss your assets goodbye?

189485 ▶▶ Londo Mollari, replying to OKUK, 1, #1497 of 1564 🔗

Visit family and friends in their own homes, and make sure they visit you. Go to a church if you can find one that hasn’t been compromised by the Mask of the Beast.

189488 ▶▶▶ OKUK, replying to Londo Mollari, 1, #1498 of 1564 🔗

Although not religious, I am sorely missing the old freedom of visiting churches, which I consider an important part of my cultural heritage (I always leave a donation!).

189497 ▶▶▶ Cheshirecatslave, replying to Londo Mollari, #1499 of 1564 🔗

I find church a comfort and somewhere still open. They respect my mask exemption.

189522 ▶▶ The Grubster, replying to OKUK, #1500 of 1564 🔗

Learn Swedish!

189545 ▶▶ Lisa from Toronto, replying to OKUK, #1501 of 1564 🔗

Start stocking up on paper products and non-perishables food items.

189588 ▶▶ Suze Burtenshaw, replying to OKUK, #1502 of 1564 🔗

I would add two but these are non-specific to Contrick-19:

6. Don’t let the barstewards grind you down.

7.Every dog has his day, even if it’s two afternoons.

That last one is courtesy of my mum, love her. Anyway, those two thoughts are helpful in my dark moments, of which there are many at present.

189487 Basics, replying to Basics, 5, #1503 of 1564 🔗

London is averaging 40 hospital admissions per day from the community. Out of 9.3 million.

On 23rd March, London had 505 admissions.

Admissions are barely rising. If this is tier 2 worthy then we are finished.


Useful graph showing the whole sorry story.

189493 ▶▶ Ceriain, replying to Basics, 1, #1504 of 1564 🔗

Absolutely correct. I’ve been banging on about this yesterday and today on here: https://lockdownsceptics.org/2020/10/15/latest-news-163/#comment-188141

There’s no justification for this increase to tier 2.

189490 Mark, replying to Mark, 8, #1505 of 1564 🔗

SNP Arrests Man For Calling Nicola Sturgeon A N*zi
Worth bearing in mind that while the covid nonsense is the most urgent issue facing us, we also face a longer term crisis resulting from intolerance of freedom of speech. Not just in England, but throughout the US sphere, with an ongoing and longstanding movement in the US by the now empowered establishment left to define opinions they dislike as “hate speech” and put them beyond the current protection they enjoy under First Amendment rights. Similar moves have proceeded to varying extents in the countries of the US sphere, enabling the left’s usual bullying cancel culture to be backed up with police action.

We have seen this in England recently with the Darren Grimes case and here’s a fine example from Scotland of the control of speech being abused to go beyond even just targeting verboten opinions, to punishing mere disrespect of the authorities.

Make no mistake, whether or not the case is pursued further, this man has already been punished. He has been arrested, probably humiliated in front of family and neighbours, his property quite possibly pawed over, damaged and confiscated, his dna recorded. The SNP are absolute scum, but they are no less so than the Labour Party, which would happily see the same done to those of whom it disapproves. Nor are the “Conservatives” much better, for their collaboration with and in some cases actual introduction of the laws that enable this abuse, and for sitting in office with a massive majority and doing nothing about them while they enable these petty leftist thugs to harass people freely.

189504 ▶▶ OKUK, replying to Mark, 4, #1506 of 1564 🔗

The attack on Free Speech (in which all the major parties are involved) will ultimately cost many more lives than Covid!

Running with the viral analogy – free speech is like a healthy immune system. It allows the body politic to identify threats and deal with them. Take away Free Speech and we are rendered defenceless.

Imagine if legislation had been available in the 1930s to prosecute Winston Churchill for hate crimes against the Germans. How different history would have been.

189509 ▶▶ Tee Ell, replying to Mark, 6, #1507 of 1564 🔗

I’m a leftist and I will be quite blunt… she is a straight up nazi.

Surely we can drop the left / right stuff now and find common ground in our support for freedom?

Locking people up for saying something you disagree with is authoritarian rather than leftist, in my view. I agree there’s plenty of overlap at the moment and it’s abhorrent… but the people you refer to are not real leftists, they’re just dictatorial morons.

189517 ▶▶▶ OKUK, replying to Tee Ell, #1508 of 1564 🔗

Depends if you are a leftist in the tradition of Orwell and Camus…

The first thing a leftist has to do is admit that the Left – both soft and hard – have put the Free Speech principle in the deep freeze over the last 50 years.

189524 ▶▶▶▶ Tee Ell, replying to OKUK, #1509 of 1564 🔗

I don’t really care what tradition I’m in, for me it simply means I believe in progressive taxation. I speak for myself, I’m not responsible for other people on the left. By the same token, I respect people who are on the right and I certainly don’t attack them or demand they apologise on behalf of some other people on the right who were authoritarian.

189528 ▶▶▶▶▶ OKUK, replying to Tee Ell, -1, #1510 of 1564 🔗

We’re part of a culture. You can’t expect me to take time off for the next several weeks to examine Tee Ell’s idiosyncratic political and economic theories…on the basis of a couple of posts. I’d be suspicious of any Leftist who isn’t prepared to say they are happy to stand in the tradition of Orwell or Camus.

I don’t consider myself of the Right. I don’t really accept free market theory because markets are never free and it is technology that really drives price not markets. I consider myself a left of centre populist.

189544 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Tee Ell, replying to OKUK, 2, #1511 of 1564 🔗

I’m not expecting you to take any time off, that’s straw manning. I felt I’d covered the bit that’s important to me i.e. I support progressive taxation.

I haven’t read Orwell or Camus, so why would I say I’m happy to stand in the tradition of them? Feel free to be suspicious though obviously.

This is all kind of proving my point, that we’re creating artificial divides where they need not exist. I’d rather stand together with you in our belief in freedom.

189531 ▶▶▶ Mark, replying to Tee Ell, -1, #1512 of 1564 🔗

but the people you refer to are not real leftists, they’re just dictatorial morons.

This would appear to be, rather nicely in the present context, a “no true scotsman” type fallacy.

Left and right have real meaning, as you effectively concede at the beginning of your post by describing yourself as “a leftist”. We both know roughly what you mean by that, even if the details are somewhat loose. I know that there are leftists who are genuine defenders of free speech, but nowadays most are not, being followers of cancel culture and believers in the concept of “hate speech” and other speech crimes. The idea of expression of opinion that is not acceptable is not historically unique to the left, but very few people on the right now believe that speech that is disrespectful of the nation or the monarchy, or of God, should be banned or result in dismissal and persecution, in the way it is now standard for leftists to believe that of speech that is “racist”, “homophobic”, “sexist”, “transphobic” etc.

If you believe in the concept of “hate speech” or support the laws criminalising un-pc or personally “offensive” speech, or the persecution and “cancelling” of people who express un-pc opinions, then you are part of the problem, whether you are on the left or the right. But overwhelmingly the pressure for these kinds of laws and practices comes from the left, although it has been to a great extent normalised throughout the establishment over the past few decades.

If the right were over-dominant at the moment, I would probably be kicking against the problems resulting from rightist habits and practices. But the left are dominant, and it is their practices and habits that are the big problem today.

189540 ▶▶▶▶ Tee Ell, replying to Mark, 1, #1513 of 1564 🔗

Do you think someone who supports that cancel culture rubbish would frequent a site run by Toby Young?

If you agree that big spender Rishi is effectively employing leftist policies then I’ll concede that the left are dominant… within the Tory party too. I’m more a Steve Baker kind of guy.

As you say, left and right have real meaning, and left does not mean “anti free speech”.

189549 ▶▶▶▶▶ Mark, replying to Tee Ell, #1514 of 1564 🔗

Do you think someone who supports that cancel culture rubbish would frequent a site run by Toby Young?

Most leftists wouldn’t frequent this site.

Please bear in mind that you chose to take this personally, I didn’t direct it at you. I referred to most leftists (modern ones – in the past, a generation or two ago, there were probably a fair few who actually believed in their grand declarations of “I hate what you say but i shall defend your right to say it to the last”. Very few do now, or at least very few in positions of prominence or authority.) If you are a leftist who does not share the general modern leftist enmity for free speech, then that’s great, and my comments are not aimed at you.

If you agree that big spender Rishi is effectively employing leftist policies then I’ll concede that the left are dominant… within the Tory party too. I’m more a Steve Baker kind of guy .”

Yes, that is my view. The “Conservative” Party has not been meaningfully rightwing or conservative on almost any issue for a decade or more. Peter Hitchens, who has studied precisely this issue for many years, has written books on the defeat of conservatism within the “Conservative” Party, and recently put it very aptly by saying we no longer have two parties that represent the great divide in our society. We have two parties who disagree on almost nothing of substance, who both represent, broadly, the kind of people who agree with Polly Toynbee, and we have no party that represents him and people who tend to agree with him.

As you say, left and right have real meaning, and left does not mean “anti free speech” .”

As far as the dominant strands of opinion among the modern left wing are concerned, that’s absolutely what it means. I will agree that there are authoritarian and liberal strands within both left and right, but at the moment the left’s instincts on speech are overwhelmingly repressive.

189554 ▶▶ ikaraki, replying to Mark, #1515 of 1564 🔗

Ah… See this image !

189492 Basics, replying to Basics, 4, #1516 of 1564 🔗

Matt Hancock told the Commons last week that he had ordered a trial that showed vitamin D did not “appear to have any impact”. Officials now admit that no trials took place. He lied

The Times:
“Ministers are to reconsider vitamin D as a potential weapon against Covid-19 after Matt Hancock wrongly claimed that government scientists had run unsuccessful tests.

“The health secretary told the Commons last week that he had ordered a trial that showed vitamin D did not “appear to have any impact”. Officials now admit that no trials took place.”


189495 ▶▶ JulieR, replying to Basics, 3, #1517 of 1564 🔗

How can they let him lie without any consequences?

189500 ▶▶▶ Basics, replying to JulieR, 1, #1518 of 1564 🔗

We have the same position in Holyrood to. Ministerial code used to be if you lie to parliament you are to resign.

I’m noticing the Speaker much more than I would like. Bercow was loud and arrogant etc. etc. This one now seems to look but not see or listen but not hear, speak but not say.

189519 ▶▶▶▶ OKUK, replying to Basics, 1, #1519 of 1564 🔗

Whatever the current speaker’s faults they are as an ant to an elephant when compared with his immediate predecessor, the man whose name should never again be mentioned in case it recharges his ego batteries. Hoyle seems a decent human being which is all you can really ask of a speaker.

189496 ▶▶ Jonathan Palmer, replying to Basics, 2, #1520 of 1564 🔗

Remember when lying in Parliament was serious

189499 ▶▶ OKUK, replying to Basics, 1, #1521 of 1564 🔗

In the past, where we are reliably informed by the BBC everything was much worse, that would be a resigning matter. Misleading the House used to a very serious issue.

189502 ▶▶▶ Jonathan Palmer, replying to OKUK, 4, #1522 of 1564 🔗

Under this dictatorship anything goes.They are legislating now to allow state employees to commit crimes up to the level of murder.

189521 ▶▶▶▶ karenovirus, replying to Jonathan Palmer, 1, #1523 of 1564 🔗

35 Labour MPs voted against including 6 front bench.
Total 98 (?) against so presumably Lib Dems and Nats.

189550 ▶▶▶▶ Watt, replying to Jonathan Palmer, #1524 of 1564 🔗

I saw the UK Column piece on that. Quite a list of putative felons, that is! One could imagine that there will be a few of them already just itchin’ to go. Brutish force has been seen already on our streets, and that was before this Carte Blanche sashays into town.

189506 ▶▶ karenovirus, replying to Basics, #1525 of 1564 🔗

He’s got recent form
“Don’t believe the stories you hear about people being told to go hundreds of miles to get tested. Tests are available in every part of the country”. M.Hancock Sept 2020.

At that point I had been told by two people, who could not possibly have known each other, that had been told to go to the same place in South Wales 160 miles away, had heard anecdotally of others and of more in the press.

Unlike handjob I had also found out the stupid reason why it was happening rather than blatantly lie about it.

189591 ▶▶ Suze Burtenshaw, replying to Basics, #1526 of 1564 🔗

I’m now wondering if Matt ‘Moonface’ Handycock, your friendly government sociopath, is being allowed to run off at the mouth for purposes of supplying enough rope for a future hanging extravaganza. Oh, I do like a nice hanging, don’t you? 😈

189498 janetL91, 2, #1527 of 1564 🔗


Apparently on Monday pub workers are protesting outside parliament about the chaos that our foolish government is inflicting upon them. If only I lived in London, I’d take along some signs saying “Follow the Great Barrington Declaration” and “Copy Sweden”. Perhaps such efforts could have helped give the impression that the pub workers were all, also, demanding that a focused (voluntary) protection strategy be the replacement for futile suppression attempts. The attempts work to suppress jobs, rights, non-covid healthcare capacity, mental health, freedom of speech… but, funny, they don’t suppress an endemic virus.

189507 Cheshirecatslave, replying to Cheshirecatslave, 3, #1528 of 1564 🔗

I have just been deleting people from my blog reading list. They all live in the USA.
Person 1 – Her elderly mother recently recovered from pneumonia. She was posting how glad she was it wasn’t Covid as EVERY(her capitals) old person who gets it dies. I sent her a news article about a 106 year old who survived and got a rude reply.
Person 2 – She wrote about a fun day out on a farm her 4 year old son went on. She posted a photo of half a dozen tiny children on the farm. All wearing masks. Child abuse in my view.
Person 3 -(Not removed as she is nice person). She posted about being willing to accompany a relative to scatter their late husband’s ashes as long as they were masked and socially distanced.
I then chatted to a Facebook friend who said she had forgotten what normal feels like. So sad.
On a happier note, I had an email from an 81 year old friend who says we must live with the virus and she is determined to celebrate Christmas with her family as usual. Good for her!

189515 ▶▶ karenovirus, replying to Cheshirecatslave, #1529 of 1564 🔗

Pre-covid I had reduced my blog reading list to four. As interest in Coronovirus mounted so their posts steered towards it ( one of them steered me to LS via Hector Drummond).
Within three weeks of lockdown all were sceptical of both the seriousness of the disease and the effectiveness of lockdown measures relative to negative outcomes.

Each usually gets half a dozen to twenty responses to posts, I don’t recall one contradicting the authors views on these matters, although they do on others.

189546 ▶▶▶ Cheshirecatslave, replying to karenovirus, 1, #1530 of 1564 🔗

Your blog buddies sound a very sensible bunch. Actually it was one of the few sensible people on my reading list who sent me here.

189543 ▶▶ Lisa from Toronto, replying to Cheshirecatslave, 2, #1531 of 1564 🔗

Yes, this has impacted lots of relationships. Dr. Pam Popper, who had been great throughout all of the madness, did a video yesterday about how it has impacted her relationships. You may be interested as it’s very normalizing.


191349 ▶▶▶ Cheshirecatslave, replying to Lisa from Toronto, #1532 of 1564 🔗

Thank you, will check it out.

189557 ▶▶ RyanM, replying to Cheshirecatslave, 1, #1533 of 1564 🔗

Where in the US? To be honest, my family hasn’t changed a damned thing this whole time, except school. We don’t even own any of those stupid masks. I’ve been in the office (though court is now on zoom), and we have visited family and (most) friends as always. Mask compliance in my town (and everywhere) is disturbingly high, and events have been cancelled, but our police have no interest in getting involved at all, much less harassing people (our sheriff released a statement saying he will not be enforcing the governor’s orders), and I think there are a whole lot of people who simply ignore governors’ mandates and do whatever they want, anyway.

I’m still somewhat shocked when I talk to people like those you described. But I might self-select. I think people here are more concerned about the election.

191356 ▶▶▶ Cheshirecatslave, replying to RyanM, #1534 of 1564 🔗

One’s in Colorado I’m not sure about the other two. I’m glad you are surrounded by sensible people and the police aren’t harassing people like in the UK.

189510 John P, replying to John P, 2, #1535 of 1564 🔗

I put a comment here asking people to support a good cause. The Woodland trust and their campaign against the government.

And I got trolled. Then, for daring to criticise the troll I get masses of downvotes.

Do any of you bloody people care about what really matters? Do you?

I didn’t post it to get into silly arguments with people here.

I think this is a waste of time to be honest. I really don’t like this site, and with one or two exceptions, I don’t like the people who comment here.

Some of you people are so up yourselves. Intolerant, conceited and cliquey.

I think, Toby, if you read this that I am just going to have to stop reading any of your pieces on LS. I just get drawn down here to these comment threads and I only end up getting upset.

It’s madness. What’s the point of commenting? Nobody’s in the least bit interested.

189520 ▶▶ Londo Mollari, replying to John P, 1, #1536 of 1564 🔗

I went to the link and could find no way of contacting the. WT. I asked you for the email address. Others were a bit annoyed at the WT for going along with the one-way thing.

189523 ▶▶ OKUK, replying to John P, 3, #1537 of 1564 🔗

Didn’t you say “what really matters” when introducing the woodland topic implying that the current assault on our liberty doesn’t “really” matter?

And didn’t you resign permanently from this website before?

189526 ▶▶ Two-Six, replying to John P, 6, #1538 of 1564 🔗

You weren’t really being trolled were you? Really? Calm down.

The woodland trust and other organisations like The National Trust and English Heritage all seek to control vast areas of the UK. They wield huge powers over the people who live in the areas they control. They are almost totally unaccountable and very powerfull.

The covid melt-down has given them even more powers. They should never have shut down access to huge chunks of the UK that is open to everybody by ancient rights. All the control they exert on open countryside is totally unprecedented and wrong.

Increasingly they demand that there will be no human habitation in these areas. Look at how these organisations have an incredible amount of control over acess to most of the UK. It’t not a good thing.

The UK is mostly empty yet nobody is allowed to build and live in it already. This is going to get worse. 30% of the UK will be “Re-wilded” .

That means no living in the country side unless you are very very wealthy. No more farming that isn’t just for cosmetic reasons.

They are driving the globalist agenda and their slavish compliance with the covid insanity highlights where their priorities lie.

I do not support these organisations. They are a clear threat to the population of the UK.

189541 ▶▶▶ karenovirus, replying to Two-Six, #1539 of 1564 🔗

Same applies to National Parks.

189556 ▶▶▶▶ RyanM, replying to karenovirus, 1, #1540 of 1564 🔗

Look at a map of the western United States, and how much of it is owned by the federal government. It is astonishing.

189567 ▶▶▶▶▶ karenovirus, replying to RyanM, #1541 of 1564 🔗

That.process is also discussed in Alex Jones Endgame, see above.

189592 ▶▶ Suze Burtenshaw, replying to John P, #1542 of 1564 🔗

What’s wrong with The Woodland Trust?

189868 ▶▶▶ The Spingler, replying to Suze Burtenshaw, 1, #1543 of 1564 🔗

I don’t know either. I didn’t see John’s post yesterday but I’m a member of the Woodland Trust and live on the edge of a forest, a large chunk of which they run. All I see from them is valuable conservation work, restoration of the forest from commercial plantations back to natural broadleafed woodland. I’d much rather they were looking after the forest than a private firm wanting to turn it into Centre Parks.

Incidentally the forest remained fully open throughout lockdown, no one way systems. We explored parts of it we’d never been to before. Right now the only restrictions are due to felling and replanting work.

189516 Ceriain, replying to Ceriain, 2, #1544 of 1564 🔗

Since @Basics was talking Scotland data, I thought it might be good to remind our Scottish readers of the latest death toll by age group. Data can be found here: https://www.opendata.nhs.scot/dataset/covid-19-in-scotland

0 – 25: 0 deaths
25 – 44: 18 deaths
45 – 64: 211 deaths
65 – 74: 412 deaths
75 – 84: 891 deaths
85+: 1053 deaths

Yep, only 18 deaths under the age of 45.

189553 ▶▶ captainbeefheart, replying to Ceriain, 1, #1545 of 1564 🔗

Pfffft. You with your “facts”

As Homer Simpsons says, “You can use facts to prove anything”

189518 BobT, replying to BobT, 9, #1546 of 1564 🔗

I just noticed that a question was asked about the false positive rate of PCR testing in Parliament yesterday,

Lord Bethel, Under Secretary of State at the Department of Health and Social Care, in response, referred the questioner to the SAGE paper by Carl Mayers & Kate Baker, 3rd June 2020 which is linked on the site above. This paper says;

What is the UK operational false positive rate?
‘The UK operational false positive rate is unknown. There are no published studies on the operational false positive rate of any national COVID-19 testing programme.
An attempt has been made to estimate the likely false-positive rate of national COVID-19 testing programmes by examining data from published external quality assessments (EQAs) for RT-PCR assays for other RNA viruses carried out between 2004-2019 [7]. Results of 43 EQAs were examined, giving a median false positive rate of 2.3% (interquartile range 0.8-4.0%).’
Therefore, I must assume that in June the FPR was unknown and no further attempt has been made to find out what it is. They state that the FPR is in the range of 0.8 – 4.0% and clearly the operational FPR is greater than that. Add in the BBC report today, which says that the ‘Coronavirus testing lab is ‘chaotic and dangerous’
which likely leads to cross contamination of samples which may explain why the Pillar2 test positivity is presesently 7% and Pillar1 test positivity is 2.5%. (I still keep wondering why these positivity rates are different between NHS and commercial labs using the same test equipment?) but clearly, there is no need to dwell on these percentages because SAGE, the Government’s best adisors say that, ‘ The UK operational false positive rate is unknown’. In other words the ‘cases’ could all be false positives.
How the hell can a Country like the UK where the Government has the resources of many millions of staff, endless money, and even a dedicated 12 BILLION pound track, test and trace system not have done a serious study to validate the PCR testing program when they knew since June that its FPR is unknown.
Surely, the lack of this critical information which affects all the published data and hence the Governments decisions to remove its Citizens’ natural freedoms, take away their financial security and put their physical and mental health at risk is criminal negligence on a grand scale.

189525 ▶▶ OKUK, replying to BobT, 3, #1547 of 1564 🔗

Billions of pounds being spent and no serious attempt at validation. You nailed it there!

189533 ▶▶▶ BobT, replying to OKUK, 2, #1548 of 1564 🔗

I am an engineer and everything I design has to go through Third Party Validation (TPV) by Lloyds, DNV, Bureau Veritas or a similar body before it can be built or used……….

189551 ▶▶▶▶ Ceriain, replying to BobT, 2, #1549 of 1564 🔗

Got to remember, if they (SAGE/the government) actually do a proper study, and get the actual answer, next time it’s asked for they would need to hand that (official) information over; when that happens Carl Heneghan and his like will reveal the scam once and for all.

189527 ▶▶ Ceriain, replying to BobT, 1, #1550 of 1564 🔗

Surely, the lack of this critical information which affects all the published data and hence the Governments decisions to remove its Citizens’ natural freedoms, take away their financial security and put their physical and mental health at risk is criminal negligence on a grand scale.


btw. Great to see your graphs on the article above.

Edit: I assume you’ve been looking at the latest T&T data from here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/nhs-test-and-trace-england-and-coronavirus-testing-uk-statistics-1-october-to-7-october-2020

Have you noticed the huge increase in people tested numbers in table_1?

189530 ▶▶▶ BobT, replying to Ceriain, 1, #1551 of 1564 🔗

Yes, I was tickled pink to be on the front page!
The point of my rant above and the point of my graph earlier is that I will only analyse data which is untainted by the PCR test results. Nevertheless, I will take a look at the link.
Thanks and cheers, Bob

189536 ▶▶▶▶ Ceriain, replying to BobT, 1, #1552 of 1564 🔗

I’ve figured out where the differences are. As per usual, it just looks like more of Dodgy Dido’s Dodgy Data™.

189539 ▶▶▶▶▶ BobT, replying to Ceriain, 1, #1553 of 1564 🔗

I like Dido, I have one of her CD’s

189537 ▶▶ karenovirus, replying to BobT, #1554 of 1564 🔗

One reason for the chaos in government labs is that they are daily “testing thousands of sewage samples with their ordinary water testing on the back burner”
Told to me by a DofE lab worker six weeks ago who went on to say that it was on the basis of these sewage tests that lockdown decisions are made, not tests on people.

189542 ▶▶▶ BobT, replying to karenovirus, #1555 of 1564 🔗

Shit tests

189552 ▶▶▶▶ Dave #KBF, replying to BobT, #1556 of 1564 🔗

In every sense of the word.

189641 ▶▶▶ Will, replying to karenovirus, #1557 of 1564 🔗

Jebus H f’cking Christ, they are basing decisions on Defra and the Environment Agency. There is not the slightest possibility that anything with which those idiots are involved will be accurate or true.

190493 ▶▶ Charles, replying to BobT, #1558 of 1564 🔗

Listen to Allyson Pollock of Newcastle University on this. 16 Oct, 0840, on Julia Hartley-Brewer breakfast show on Talk Radio.

189532 karenovirus, replying to karenovirus, 2, #1559 of 1564 🔗

Looking for an answer to the question ‘what is it all for ?’ I dug out from my digital dungeon “Endgame”.
Preamble ‘thousands of people will hate the new world order and will die protesting against it.’ H.G.Wells 1939.

It is 2 hours 30 mins mixture of conspiracy nonsense but with some interesting parts.
It looks at the increasing militarization of US civil society and the early days of social engineering in China including the initial stages of what we now know as Social Credit.
It maintains that Chinese Communism has always been backed by US/GB as a source of stability.
“The new world order has continually heaped praise on the Chinese model, celebrating their command and control system. ‘Whatever the price the Chinese revolution has obviously succeeded in producing more efficient and dedicated administration’.
Communist China is the model planned society, it recieved more United Nations awards for its form of government than any other nation….Authoritarian China is the future.”

Endgame was produced back in 2007 by the much derided Alex Jones (before he got shouty).

189534 ▶▶ captainbeefheart, replying to karenovirus, 1, #1560 of 1564 🔗

Don’t be stoopid. Anyone who’s looked into all of this KNOWS that all of these plans have only been orchestrated since March 2020.

FACTs are FACTs (< brilliant way of saying “we’ll hear no more of that sort of thing now will we?” in a patronising English accent)

189547 captainbeefheart, replying to captainbeefheart, 2, #1561 of 1564 🔗

Is it just me or did anyone else wake up earlier and think to themselves “I wonder what the fuck the Queen is up to at the moment? She’s not been out for a while!?”

When you find out she’s been visiting a biological warfare centre, you’d wish you’d just stayed asleep.


189548 ▶▶ karenovirus, replying to captainbeefheart, 1, #1562 of 1564 🔗

Good Steve Bell cartoon in graun about that visit.
Re Endgame, speculates about Porton Down developing population control weapons.
l expect Liz was getting the antidote.

189555 ▶▶ Crazy Times, replying to captainbeefheart, 1, #1563 of 1564 🔗

Funny you mention it, it occurred to me earlier, does Boris still have weekly sit downs with the Queen? I know it’s been pretty standard through the generations, but i’ve not heard anything about them still happening, so I’m guessing not. If so, it must be the longest a sitting PM hasn’t had a sit down with her. Do they still talk on the phone? Or is it just Zoom quizzes on a Friday night?

Definitely odd that she’s not been seen in public for months and then she just pops up at Porton Down sans mask, it’s well known the royal family are pretty keen on symbolism.

190397 chaos, #1564 of 1564 🔗

Does Toby really think we are still in a cockup? Computer says no. Computer wonders why ‘Lockdown Sceptics’.


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