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220030 TJN, replying to TJN, 45, #1 of 2354 🔗

Idiot wind, blowing through the buttons of our coats
Blowing through the letters that we wrote
Idiot wind, blowing through the dust upon our shelves
We’re idiots, babe
It’s a wonder we can even feed ourselves

220031 ▶▶ TJN, replying to TJN, 56, #2 of 2354 🔗

Rarely for me I can’t sleep. Not depressed; just fucking annoyed.

220037 ▶▶▶ TJN, replying to TJN, 41, #3 of 2354 🔗

Another poem, and then to turn in:

Riches I hold in light esteem
And Love I laugh to scorn
And lust of Fame was but a dream
That vanished with the morn–

And if I pray, the only prayer
That moves my lips for me
Is–’Leave the heart that now I bear
And give me liberty.’

Yes, as my swift days near their goal
‘Tis all that I implore
Through life and death, a chainless soul
With courage to endure!

Emily Brontë, 1841

220073 ▶▶▶▶ annie, replying to TJN, 24, #4 of 2354 🔗

Good choice of poem.
We have chainless souls with courage to endure. That’s why we are here.
So DON’T START SQUAWKING ‘I DESPAIR’, because despair is a chain you put on your own soul.

220178 ▶▶▶▶▶ TJN, replying to annie, 46, #5 of 2354 🔗

Emily Brontë’s poetry breathes liberty. Tellingly, as one of her biographers (can’t recall who right now) remarked, she doesn’t espouse liberty, or praise the concept of liberty – the easy recourse of lazy thinkers all around us – she wants liberty for herself. As with all free-thinkers, the loss of liberty was to her the stuff of nightmares.

But it’s important to remember that most people don’t want actual liberty, are scared of it. They want to be told what to think and what to do, so they can be comfortable in their cocoons.

That is what we are up against in the covid battle – which is actually only a battle in what is a much wider war (although it is turning into a pivotal battle, the outcome of which will define our future direction as a society).

most people don’t want liberty : that is why so many people are happy to go along with this, and even want further restrictions. That explains the bizarre nappy compliance; it explains the intellectually lazy outlook of much of the mainstream media. There is something rotten in the heart of Western society.

Me, I’m with Emily Brontë every time.

220205 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Jonathan Smith, replying to TJN, 16, #6 of 2354 🔗

I think it’s often the case that people do value liberty, but only when it’s taken away do they realise it was taken for granted.

220363 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ World Tramp, replying to TJN, 7, #7 of 2354 🔗

I’m sorry, but the future of our society was decided a long time ago. This current situation has just held up a mirror to it.

220417 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ TJN, replying to World Tramp, 10, #8 of 2354 🔗

I have never doubted – and don’t doubt – that we are going to see this through and come out on top, however long it may take, and whatever hits we may take along the way.

220427 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ Banjones, replying to TJN, 15, #9 of 2354 🔗

Sadly, there are many who won’t be able to ”see this through”. The ones who haven’t much of their life left anyway, who are captives in care homes with no chance of being held by their loved ones at the end.

They’re the ones I feel desperately angry for – not the young, who no doubt WILL come out on top after this madness is done with. However they will perceive being ”on top”.

220440 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ TJN, replying to Banjones, 19, #10 of 2354 🔗

That’s a very fair point, which I should have kept in mind when writing my post. I do feel very, very angry for those people. This isn’t over when lockdown ends; it’s not over until he perpetrators get their day in court.

220556 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ petgor, replying to TJN, 5, #11 of 2354 🔗

Have no fear, the government and its experts are and will continue to manufacture figures, which will enable them to come out smelling of roses, with peerages all round.

221265 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ Adam, replying to petgor, 14, #12 of 2354 🔗

It’s vital this government doesn’t get away with all this and The ghastly Johnson and Hancock are held criminally culpable Boris must be shown the door

221470 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to Adam, 7, #13 of 2354 🔗

The door to the Tower!

220970 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ TyLean, replying to Banjones, 19, #14 of 2354 🔗

I have a disabled 8 year old who has been set back in his progress from this nonsense. I’d love for someone to explain to me how he is going to “come out on top.” I don’t agree with what is being done to the elderly. It’s horrible. But if you side with those at the end of their life over those at the start of their life, you are an evolutionary genetic mutant. They are the future – they SHOULD come out on top. We sacrifice to the young. That’s how it works. Anything less is not fitness for evolution.

221056 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ TJN, replying to TyLean, 3, #15 of 2354 🔗

In saying that we would come out on top, I meant the cause would prevail, not that anyone wins as such.

I am painfully aware of the damage caused to both the young (I have a 4- and 2-year old) and the old during this tragedy, and have often alluded to it on this forum. And it is vulnerable people of all types who are suffering most during this. It was good today to see Toby mentioning the effects on developing countries, something I think even we sceptics haven’t discussed sufficiently.

I certainly didn’t mean any offence, and neither I am sure did Banjones, and wish you and your 8-year-old (and a younger child I recall?) all the best.

I don’t know if you heard Ivor Cummins’ conclusion to his video of 30October, 28min 50sec on.


221316 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ Banjones, replying to TJN, 4, #16 of 2354 🔗

Thank you, TJN.

221314 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ Banjones, replying to TyLean, 7, #17 of 2354 🔗

I most certainly agree that we must not prioritise the elderly when it comes to ”safety”- people must be allowed to protect themselves if they wish AND to make their own choices regarding ”risks”.

That is why I believe we should protect those who CANNOT protect themselves (ie in care homes) but that everyone else should be allowed to live AS THEY WISH. Thus people would make choices that would indeed advantage the young, as it should be, because the young are precious and most of us older ones would put them first.

Your child is precious too, and deserves a free life, as do you, as you make choices for him till he can make his own. At the moment, no choices are allowed, so it looks as though the elderly at the end of their lives are being prioritised through no fault of their own. They’d rather be left to live what’s left to them in the arms of their family – not forcibly incarcerated and lonely. A huge disservice is being done to the young AND the very old.

221475 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ right2question, replying to Banjones, 6, #18 of 2354 🔗

and protection in care homes shouldn’t mean isolation from family, friends and caring nursing staff without this their lives are simply not worth living what’s being done is totally dehumanising.

221634 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ Banjones, replying to Banjones, 4, #19 of 2354 🔗

But I do just need to add – there are people at the end of their lives who are being denied the comfort of their nearest and dearest. And they should be considered. Your son is precious – and we all agree that. But we don’t want this to continue, otherwise your son may be one who is denied comfort. Keeping people away from their loved ones in extremis, or even in difficulty, doesn’t actually mean only the elderly.

220740 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ annie, replying to TJN, 3, #20 of 2354 🔗

Well said, TJN.

221874 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Cranmer, replying to TJN, 3, #21 of 2354 🔗

George Orwell concurs with this in his excellent essay, ‘Inside the Whale’. He writes that most people want to lose themselves in comforting ideology rather than think for themselves.

221391 ▶▶▶▶▶ Biker, replying to annie, 1, #22 of 2354 🔗

from this i can only surmise here speaks someone who’s never lost anything worth having.

221462 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ TJN, replying to Biker, 1, #23 of 2354 🔗

I’m not sure what you mean Biker, and can think only of things you’ve posted before on these pages. Not many people pass through decades of adult life without losing things that are worth having. Whatever your loss is I am sorry for it.

221867 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ TJN, replying to Biker, 2, #24 of 2354 🔗

Biker: I recall what you wrote on here a few weeks ago, which maybe I wouldn’t unless I related to it. I also thought again about you when you hadn’t posted much recently. I hope you get my drift. Best wishes, TJN.

220191 ▶▶▶▶ Jonathan Smith, replying to TJN, 6, #25 of 2354 🔗

I was sent an Arthur Clough poem yesterday and spooky it had me reaching for exactly that Brontë verse.

220195 ▶▶▶▶▶ TJN, replying to Jonathan Smith, 9, #26 of 2354 🔗

‘Say Not the Struggle Naught Availeth’? One of my favourites, and very apposite here too.

220257 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Jonathan Smith, replying to TJN, 3, #27 of 2354 🔗

That’s it!

220296 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ TJN, replying to Jonathan Smith, 4, #28 of 2354 🔗

I actually posted it on here a few weeks ago, in reply I think to one of Poppy’s posts when she was feeling a bit gloomy. But I quickly had second thoughts and took it down. The real special stuff I don’t like to let go too easily, and anyway to get the most from it you need to get to it yourself. Anyone on here can find and read it – it’s short and easy – and hold the last two stanzas in particular close.

220435 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Banjones, replying to TJN, 4, #29 of 2354 🔗

I’ll second that. Wonderful poem when you’re beset. It helped me through many a dark day.

Another poem where Johnson is concerned comes to mind: The Lost Leader by Browning.

Poetry can be a balm to the troubled spirit. It doesn’t change anything, but it helps to change the way you see it – reading the wise words of others is definitely a good way of passing dark hours.

220365 ▶▶▶▶ Hoppy Uniatz, replying to TJN, 6, #30 of 2354 🔗

No luck, no joy, no sense, no growth
No help from Parliamentary member,
No brain, no heart, no spine, no guts,
No hope, no use… November!

221080 ▶▶▶▶ Mick Oak, replying to TJN, 6, #31 of 2354 🔗

Here is a good poem for our times. if a little dated in parts. It is called ‘A Psalm for Life’

Tell me not in mourning numbers
Life is but an empty dream
For the soul is dead that slumbers
And things are not what they seem

Life is real, life is earnest
And the grave is not it’s goal
Dust thou art to dust returneth
Was not spoken of the soul

Not enjoyment and not sorrow
Is our destined end or way
But to act that each tomorrow
Find us further than today

Art is long and time is fleeting
And though our hearts are stout and brave
Still like muffled drums are beating
Funeral marches to the grave

In the worlds broad field of battle
In the bivouac of life
Be not like dumb, driven cattle
Be a hero in the strife

Trust no future, however pleasant
Let the dead past bury it’s dead
Act, act in the present
Heart within and God o’erhead

Lives of great men all remind us
That our lives can be sublime
And departing, leave behind us
Footprints on the sands of time

Footprints that perhaps another
Sailing o’er life’s sombre main
A forelorn and shipwrecked brother
Seeing may take heart again

Let us then be up and doing
With a heart for any fate
Still achieving, still pursuing
Learn to labour, and to wait.

221239 ▶▶▶▶▶ TJN, replying to Mick Oak, 3, #32 of 2354 🔗

Echoes of Emily B., and of Peter Hitchens: ‘stay angry; stay patient’.

220357 ▶▶▶ Keen Cook, replying to TJN, 1, #33 of 2354 🔗

blue moon last night – appropriate….

220425 ▶▶▶▶ TJN, replying to Keen Cook, 2, #34 of 2354 🔗

Emily’s I’m Happiest When Most Away . Another great poem for free-thinkers.

220521 ▶▶▶▶▶ Banjones, replying to TJN, 2, #35 of 2354 🔗

Emily B was one of our great poets – but she doesn’t generally seem to get much recognition.
(It is a pleasure to speak to another who admires her! Thank you – you’ve brightened up my morning.)

220763 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ TJN, replying to Banjones, 7, #36 of 2354 🔗

I’ve never been properly taught literature or poetry – I did engineering-science at university. But one day, by accident, I stumbled across Emily’s ‘High waving heather …’ – and Wow! That I could relate to. Even Charlotte was in awe of Emily.

We live in a time when science has been usurped by ideology, and at such dark times it helps to call on the fundamental truths that perhaps only poetry, songs, and aphorisms – peculiar to us all – can offer, and alongside which we can all stand firm against the mob and self-serving ideology.

Emily would have been a Sceptic! Of that I am sure.

221330 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ Banjones, replying to TJN, 1, #37 of 2354 🔗

I say again – thank you, TJN, for brightening up a dark morning. I’m about to go and find my Emily book, to search for a bit of peace. And I shall copy your reply above (if you don’t mind) to my NZ friend who also reveres her.

221545 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ TJN, replying to Banjones, 1, #38 of 2354 🔗

I used to know loads of them by heart, bit rusty now though.

Best wishes to your friend in NZ.

221102 ▶▶▶ sam, replying to TJN, 3, #39 of 2354 🔗


Even Boris Johnson has reversed everything and is trying to prevent BREXIT. He too has reinstituted a full lockdown starting this week and refuses to say that it will not be extended canceling Christmas as well. Our models on the civil war in Britain also turned up here in 2020. This can be as profound as the English Civil War (1642–1651). This runs straight into 2032 where it does not appear there will be a Britain still standing as we have known it.

Æthelstan (924-939AD) was king of Wessex and the first king of all England.

The End of monarchy also appears to coincide with 2032.

221332 ▶▶▶▶ Banjones, replying to sam, 11, #40 of 2354 🔗

He can’t ‘cancel Christmas’. It’s a celebration of the birth of Jesus. It can’t be cancelled. We have to cling on to that one immutable fact.

221978 ▶▶▶▶ Carrie, replying to sam, 2, #41 of 2354 🔗

Hadn’t heard he was trying to prevent Brexit?

Prince Charles being in favour of the great reset is the death knell for the monarchy though, I would suspect..

221671 ▶▶▶ NickR, replying to TJN, 8, #42 of 2354 🔗

The 19 year old son of a friend killed himself last week, he was in his 1st year at university. I don’t know that his despair was entirely driven by the reaction to the coronavirus but I suspect it was at least as material to his death as the virus is to a dementia suffering 85 year old.
But on the scales of fairness, how many aged, ill people’s lives would we need to extend for a a month or so to balance out the loss if this talented young man?

221845 ▶▶▶▶ TJN, replying to NickR, 3, #43 of 2354 🔗

An awful story, the likes of which we are hearing far too often, but which were and are so predictable. As a society we should have done far better.

As regards your question, I’m not sure it’s a necessary trade-off. A decent society protects all vulnerable people. There’s no reason I can see why looking after the mental well-being of young people should be contradictory to looking after the physical and mental well-being of old people.

Why can’t we do both? The suggestion that we can’t do both comes I think from people with alternative agendas.

220136 ▶▶ ConstantBees, replying to TJN, 7, #44 of 2354 🔗

Never heard of this band before, but it came up in a random comment on one of my fav YT channels.

All Heads Down by Hot Water Music

Where did it begin?
The skip in time, or the spark of sin.
Where corrupted minds were let to stand with
A head and tongue intact.

All I ask is how we carry on.
Tricked and blind, raped and robbed.
Shutting our mouths so not to speak,
And falling down to our knees.

All heads down to bow.
All heads down to bow to nothing
Because nothing will save you.

It’s you and yourself alone
Because in the end, you’re own your own.
So don’t crawl into the pitiful
Burrow of followers.

Where time erodes the strength and will,
We’ve got to hold to withstand the disarray
That brings us down to our knees.

All heads down to bow.
All heads down to bow to nothing
Because nothing will save you.

It’s you and yourself alone
Because in the end, you’re on your own.
So don’t crawl into the pitiful
Burrow of followers.

Stay upright and strong,
Before the choice is gone,
And freedom fades like promises
Made for the trade
Of the vote in the game.

220196 ▶▶ Jonathan Smith, replying to TJN, 3, #45 of 2354 🔗

Dylan when you least expect it.

220813 ▶▶▶ FenTyger, replying to Jonathan Smith, 4, #46 of 2354 🔗

Always expect Dylan.
Right now I can’t read too good
Don’t send me no more letters no
Not unless you mail them
From Desolation Row

220930 ▶▶▶▶ TJN, replying to FenTyger, 5, #47 of 2354 🔗

Desolation Row makes sense to me not as a place – as many people have supposed – but as a state of mind – a state of mind which comes from independence of thought and all the social difficulties that can entail. Desolation Row is a form of mental trial and loneliness, or even depression, but one which the bearer must go through to be true to themselves.

The parallels with lockdown scepticism, especially in the early days, are clear.

220252 ▶▶ Marie R, replying to TJN, 10, #48 of 2354 🔗

I’m replying to you just to get maximum attention! Please, all here, if you can afford it, consider making a donation to Toby through the “Shameless begging bit”. I forwarded him something yesterday and he replied at 3am this morning.

220302 ▶▶▶ TJN, replying to Marie R, 3, #49 of 2354 🔗


220448 ▶▶▶ Banjones, replying to Marie R, 4, #50 of 2354 🔗

Have done. And will do so again. Thanks.

221598 ▶▶▶ Linda b, replying to Marie R, 5, #51 of 2354 🔗

Yes, you are quite right – We should all be donating if we can as this site has been often the only thing keeping us sane. Toby has put so many hours into he must be exhausted.. This site has made such a difference to us all. I have made donations in the past a will do so again right now. Thank you for reminding me for reminding us all…

222111 ▶▶▶ Jane, replying to Marie R, #52 of 2354 🔗

Glad to donate if Toby can provide a link of some kind for dollar donations.

220353 ▶▶ Fiat, replying to TJN, 14, #53 of 2354 🔗

The quality of comments on this site is second to none. Thanks to everyone for such thoughtful and insightful contributions. We should hold a symposium when this is over.

221361 ▶▶▶ Digital Nomad, replying to Fiat, 4, #54 of 2354 🔗

It’s the quality of comments that make me return to this website, having been thoroughly convinced that Toby is dutifully playing the role of “controlled opposition”.
A notion reaffirmed today with his perpetuating the incompetence theory, be it omnishambles, cluster-**** or any of the other unmentionables all providing the political cover Boris has sought.
Unlike James Delingpole, who nails it in his latest piece (link below) and has been the only journalist worth of note daring to put his head above the parapet. ..


221566 ▶▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to Digital Nomad, 1, #55 of 2354 🔗

Scary to see it all in a nutshell.

221918 ▶▶▶▶ Proudtobeapeasant, replying to Digital Nomad, 2, #56 of 2354 🔗

Anna Brees on YouTube is also doing a very good job.

220636 ▶▶ OKUK, replying to TJN, 3, #57 of 2354 🔗

Yes a gem from Dylan. The Idiot Wind is out of control and become a hurricane.

220673 ▶▶ Countrygirl, replying to TJN, 4, #58 of 2354 🔗

Good one. I was looking through Dylans lyrics last week to see what struck true (found plenty!) There’s also King Crimsons – The fate of all mankind I fear is in the hands of fools.

220781 ▶▶▶ TJN, replying to Countrygirl, 2, #59 of 2354 🔗

‘Let me die in my footsteps’ is very close to the bone. Also ‘It’s all right Ma’.

‘Idiot Wind’, as an allusion to human frailty. ‘Desolation Row’ – it being a state of mind (rather than a place).

But perhaps most directly: ‘I don’t believe you. You’re a liar. … Play it fucking loud.’ As an inspiration to stand against the mob.


221666 ▶▶▶ chris c, replying to Countrygirl, #60 of 2354 🔗

Confusion . . .will be my epitaph

220811 ▶▶ Nigel Sherratt, replying to TJN, 2, #61 of 2354 🔗

The only thing I knew how to do
Was to keep on keepin’ on like a bird that flew

220939 ▶▶▶ TJN, replying to Nigel Sherratt, #62 of 2354 🔗

The close of the best verse in the song I think.

221271 ▶▶▶▶ Nigel Sherratt, replying to TJN, 1, #63 of 2354 🔗

The best of the best (apart from Desolation Row of course).

221104 ▶▶ sam, replying to TJN, 5, #64 of 2354 🔗


An independent non-profit alliance of doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals and staff around the world who have united in the wake of the Covid-19 response chapter to share experiences with a view to ending all lockdowns and related damaging measures and to re-establish universal health determinance of psychological and physical wellbeing for all humanity.

221148 ▶▶ Edward, replying to TJN, 4, #65 of 2354 🔗

I recently acquired a book of First World War poetry, which I haven’t looked at yet. However I’m continuing to read North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell and almost every chapter has something relevant to the present situation. Here’s something from chapter 31, referring to Frederick Hale who was involved in a mutiny against a harsh captain.
“You disobeyed authority – that was bad; but to have stood by, without word or act, while the authority was brutally used, would have been infinitely worse.”

221225 ▶▶▶ TJN, replying to Edward, 3, #66 of 2354 🔗

Obeying authority, or obeying your duties as a human being? Only one winner, although the choice will usually be subjective and difficult – certainly at the time, if not so much in retrospect.

221340 ▶▶▶▶ Banjones, replying to TJN, 3, #67 of 2354 🔗

How many of us will have the courage? Unless it’s something spontaneous, I daresay that many of us will quail if we’re allowed the time to think about it. Especially if we have people depending upon us – the ‘hostages to destiny’ that make cowards of us all, rather than simple conscience!

221556 ▶▶▶▶▶ TJN, replying to Banjones, 3, #68 of 2354 🔗

Without the pale cast of thought we would never have seen through this.

222123 ▶▶ sam, replying to TJN, 1, #69 of 2354 🔗

Cambridge Law Faculty
23.2K subscribers
On 27 October 2020 Lord Sumption delivered the 2020 Cambridge Freshfields Lecture entitled “Government by decree – Covid-19 and the Constitution”.

220033 Silke David, replying to Silke David, 1, #70 of 2354 🔗

A full moon means I’m third!

220067 ▶▶ annie, replying to Silke David, 8, #71 of 2354 🔗

A full moon means the werewolves are out. They were even on telly yesterday evening, I’m told.

220301 ▶▶▶ Ovis, replying to annie, 4, #72 of 2354 🔗

Don’t dignify the regime as werewolves, or anything supernatural. They are just shit, mundane and boring.

I however am wondering whether that beserker spirit of which werewolf stories are an echo might have some relevance for our time. Visions of a naked unarmed warrior impervious to weapons, holding Johnson and gang ‘to account’ at their next presser.

220034 Londo Mollari, replying to Londo Mollari, 68, #73 of 2354 🔗

I hope the churches will push back this time and carry on – Boris has no right to tell them to stay open only for private prayer.This is Communism.

220082 ▶▶ annie, replying to Londo Mollari, 15, #74 of 2354 🔗

Ours in Wales aren’t even open for private prayer,

220467 ▶▶▶ Banjones, replying to annie, 18, #75 of 2354 🔗

Neither is our village church, though it said on the notice board it would be. I had to TEXT the vicar to get an answer. I had a terse reply telling me he’d ”allow”me access if I asked. So I suppose I’d have to crawl in (peasant like) under his watchful eye.
And the services that were held (till recently anyway) could be attended by booking only, two days in advance. Imagine! I’m not a regular churchgoer, but I do like to think I, and others perhaps with difficult lives, can go spontaneously.
The Church of England hierarchy has a lot to answer for.

220685 ▶▶▶▶ DavidDLM, replying to Banjones, 26, #76 of 2354 🔗

The Catholic church is at least protesting closures this time. But I expect the C of E, led by that pathetic coward Justin Welby will just roll over as usual

221042 ▶▶▶▶▶ LS99, replying to DavidDLM, 18, #77 of 2354 🔗

A C of E vicar friend told us that his Catholic opposite number had continued visiting the flock during the first lockdown. That’s the spirit!

221903 ▶▶▶▶ Cranmer, replying to Banjones, 3, #78 of 2354 🔗

Same with my parish church. I can’t help wondering whether the new set up appeals to some clergy and laity who would rather the CofE was a small group of the ‘elect’ with similar views, and not something for less enthusiastic people who only turn up at Christmas, Easter or Remembrance Day.

221920 ▶▶▶▶▶ l835, replying to Cranmer, #79 of 2354 🔗

Reply from my Bishop as posted last week, but thought you’d like to read the full thing.

Dear xxxxx

Thank you for writing. In fact, many of our churches did re-open in the period from September when that was permitted, and I know that St xxxx was offering worship. Nor has the witness and worship of the Church ceased: there is online worship, and the pastoral support given to many of the needy in the community has been greater than ever before. We still have the right to practise our faith, and to worship, but not, perhaps, in the familiar or usual way – for the comparatively brief period of time that we put our neighbour’s health first. In fact, the number of people accessing our online worship opportunities have actually outnumbered our usual attendance figures.

I think it does not help the witness of the Church to God’s love if we are constantly seen to be asking to be treated as an exception to the rules by which everyone else has to abide. We are therefore co-operating with the Welsh Government – and at the same time consistently representing the needs of our congregations so that as soon as it is safe to worship, we will be allowed to worship.

I certainly could not support any move to re-open our churches in defiance of the regulations that the Welsh Government makes for the benefit of all.

Bishop of xxxxx

222086 ▶▶▶▶▶ annie, replying to Cranmer, 6, #80 of 2354 🔗

In a word, no. Churches closing hits precisely the faithful few who do turn up on a regular basis.
The faithful few whom the coward clergy have abandoned and betrayed.

220242 ▶▶ Thomas_E, replying to Londo Mollari, 17, #81 of 2354 🔗

No they won’t.They are complicit in this shitshow. All of them should burn in hell!

220259 ▶▶▶ IanE, replying to Thomas_E, 4, #82 of 2354 🔗

Don’t worry: they will!

220693 ▶▶▶ David Grimbleby, replying to Thomas_E, 8, #83 of 2354 🔗

Jesus Christ , crown of thorns,crucified for these wimps the mind boggles!

220743 ▶▶▶▶ annie, replying to David Grimbleby, #84 of 2354 🔗

Calvinists believe that Christ died only for the Elect.
I’m beginning to wonder if they’re right.

221272 ▶▶▶ Adam, replying to Thomas_E, 4, #85 of 2354 🔗

I hope Satan stick’s a pitchfork up their asses

220369 ▶▶ GiftWrappedKittyCat, replying to Londo Mollari, 19, #86 of 2354 🔗

Somehow I doubt it. The majority of their congregations are older people i.e ‘vulnerable’ so those in charge won’t want to be labelled granny killers. For the ones that do want to attend services etc. the restrictions themselves are incredibly off putting. My friend’s church insists on no singing, strict social distancing, places booked in advance, no tea and a chat after the service and God forbid if you sit anywhere else other than your reserved seat. Funnily enough she told them to shove it, not a decision she took lightly as someone who has been heavily involved with the church all her life and is a church elder.

220377 ▶▶▶ thinkaboutit, replying to GiftWrappedKittyCat, 9, #87 of 2354 🔗

I think the churches will be open for private prayer. I might go in there and sing my heart out.

220483 ▶▶▶▶ Banjones, replying to thinkaboutit, 17, #88 of 2354 🔗

Ours isn’t. Otherwise, I’d be in there singing too. It breaks my heart – a little village church that’s been standing there for a thousand years is now closed against the people.

220479 ▶▶▶ Banjones, replying to GiftWrappedKittyCat, 14, #89 of 2354 🔗

Just read yours after posting mine above, about this ridiculous and divisive state of affairs. I blame the local clergy too – there are other ways they could reach out to their congregations. We’ve got a preaching cross in our churchyard. If the vicar were there now and then, speaking to passers by (and there are many as it’s a thoroughfare) and spreading some hope and love, then he might be worthy of our admiration. Cringing at home isn’t going to bring people to the church, even if there’s one left to bring them to. These clergy are complicit in this scandal. They can’t be burned at the stake for bending the rules – yet.

My other half and I are going to the little cenotaph in our village churchyard on Remembrance Day and we’re going to lay poppies and SING ”O Valiant Hearts” (one that’s banned now in case it offends some snowflake).

220713 ▶▶▶▶ Caroline Watson, replying to Banjones, 9, #90 of 2354 🔗

Is it? Why? I love that hymn. I usually go to the service at my old College, across the river from Durham Cathedral. Listening to the hundreds of names of the Bede Battalion of the DLI; North East men on the whole, who would have become vicars and schoolmasters in North East towns and villages is heartbreaking.
The University was planning to raze my old college to the ground and replace it with hideous student flats but possibly the only benefit of this whole shitshow is that ‘the Leazes Road Project’ has been put on hold.

221348 ▶▶▶▶▶ Banjones, replying to Caroline Watson, 6, #91 of 2354 🔗

Well – I believe it’s one of those that is said to ”glorify war”, ridiculously enough. The narrow-minded ones who say that really do NOT understand.

220750 ▶▶▶▶ annie, replying to Banjones, 3, #92 of 2354 🔗

Good for you!

221353 ▶▶▶▶ Cedric the dragon, replying to Banjones, 5, #93 of 2354 🔗

I agree with you Banjones. We plan to do the same next Sunday at our village war memorial. Husband led the Act of Remembrance last year and we will do it again this year- with singing “Oh valiant hearts” too. Our rector has said outdoor meetings are “allowed”, we are in Wales, so we may have others there too. We also managed a Harvest Evening Prayer with hymns in the church garden in September and 10 others joined us.

221913 ▶▶▶ Cranmer, replying to GiftWrappedKittyCat, 5, #94 of 2354 🔗

I used to be a fairly regular churchgoer, attending usually twice a month and singing as a chorister. All stopped now, I refuse to attend under the current restrictions. It would be like attending a Quaker meeting in an operating theatre.

220036 John Stone, replying to John Stone, 20, #95 of 2354 🔗
220304 ▶▶ Ovis, replying to John Stone, 2, #96 of 2354 🔗

In plain sight.

220387 ▶▶ swedenborg, replying to John Stone, 10, #97 of 2354 🔗

Many thanks,especially for the last link.An absolute read.It shows the corruption in the response to C-19.It must be shared and read extensively.The response to this pandemic is not normal. Too much money involved for the Big pharma and the supertechnology approach with meaningless masstesting is just lining the pockets of the already wealthy.This is really an eye opener.

220594 ▶▶▶ James Bertram, replying to swedenborg, 6, #98 of 2354 🔗

We need a campaign to defund the Tory Party (and any other MP who votes to Lockdown). To starve them of both funds, and all publicity/promotion.

We need to target MPs and their business interests; their funders, any business or person who attends a Tory fundraising event, or provides a platform for Tory promotion (eg Johnson’s televised factory visits); and all of their supporting media outlets (those, both national and local, that do not provide balanced coverage of the coronavirus debate).

This is done by disinvesting in, or boycotting the products of, the MP’s personal business interests; likewise of these supporting businesses and funders of the MP and Party; of those businesses/people that attend or provide space for Party fundraising events; and likewise by disinvesting in, and boycotting the products of, those who advertise in these supporting media outlets of the Government Corona policy.

This is how to make our politicians more accountable. We should write to our MPs (and the local Party Chairman) to warn them that this is what we will do if they vote for Lockdown on Wednesday. We should organise, both nationally and locally, and spread the ‘Defunding’ message widely on social media.

Hit them in their pockets.
That’s something they might, at lest, understand.

221280 ▶▶▶▶ Adam, replying to James Bertram, #99 of 2354 🔗

Pressure the conservative MP’s to remove Johnson reminding them if they fail their party deservedly needs to be permanently in opposition Labour getting in would be dire for the UK thank God I joined the SDP back in April

220784 ▶▶▶ John Stone, replying to swedenborg, 2, #100 of 2354 🔗

It is a very insightful article, and of course track & trace is a nightmare which will prevent us ever re-opening society. It is supposed to facilitate it but can only ever do the opposite. However, what LRB will never do is focus on vaccine racketeering and it wouldn’t surprise me if they were quite sympathetic to The Great Reset. Sunday Times is a small start.

221644 ▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to swedenborg, #101 of 2354 🔗

The info in that last link, all in one place, is shocking!

220408 ▶▶ Lms23, replying to John Stone, 13, #102 of 2354 🔗

“The head of Britain’s vaccine taskforce is facing calls to resign after disclosing “official sensitive” government documents to a $200-a-head conference in America last week.

Kate Bingham, a venture capitalist who is married to a Conservative minister, was appointed to the role by Boris Johnson in May despite having no vaccines expertise. She reports directly to him.”

Blatant corruption.

221992 ▶▶▶ Carrie, replying to Lms23, #103 of 2354 🔗

She’s apparently the daughter of a judge, too..

It would be very interesting to find out who was at that conference in the USA that she gave the information to…

220487 ▶▶ Banjones, replying to John Stone, 3, #104 of 2354 🔗

Do we know anyone high profile, who’s got lots of shares in one of these big pharma companies?

220681 ▶▶▶ John Stone, replying to Banjones, 1, #105 of 2354 🔗

I am sure there are but of course our politicians are just the client class for the global oligarchs. In a disintegrating political situation they are just grabbing what they can for themselves: they are simply high rollers and it doesn’t matter what happens to us. I am not sure it is true of the entire cabinet but I believe it is true of Johnson and Hancock. I don’t quite believe in Johnson as a maladroit victim although he certainly isn’t in control https://www.ageofautism.com/2020/06/british-prime-minister-channels-churchill-as-he-surrenders-to-gates-and-the-vaccine-cartel.html

220846 ▶▶▶ JamesDrebin, replying to Banjones, 5, #106 of 2354 🔗

Valance is in bed with GSK but apparently there’s no conflict of interest there.

220960 ▶▶▶▶ John Stone, replying to JamesDrebin, 3, #107 of 2354 🔗

Back in November 2017 there was a very blatant installation of pharma persons, including Vallance in government positions (anything about “standards in public life” completely thrown to the wind). Not much however has been heard recently of Sir Andrew Witty who was said to have gone off to assist the WHO at the beginning of the Covid episode, but of course the fact that one hears nothing is not necessarily reassuring. At the time not much was reported and our bone-headed media took the appointments of Vallance and A Witty as magnificently far-sighted buccaneering stuff. The ghastly VanTam wasn’t even noticed. Only I and Tom Jefferson seemed to be remotely bothered.


220524 ▶▶ James Bertram, replying to John Stone, 6, #108 of 2354 🔗

‘…Last week Bingham, 55, spent an hour explaining the government’s strategy to a “premier webinar and networking event” for women in private equity hosted by a Massachusetts company.
According to a video of the event, she showed financiers a detailed list of vaccines which the UK government is closely monitoring and could later invest in. Bingham said: “We haven’t necessarily signed contracts with all of them so far.’
(Note: I have not read further)

If this is true then this is not a resignation matter, it is a criminal matter of deliberately aiding and abetting insider dealing.
Call in the Serious Fraud Office.

220772 ▶▶▶ John Stone, replying to James Bertram, 6, #109 of 2354 🔗

As an independent journalist I am very grateful to LockdownSceptics for everything they cover but I suspect that what we all have to do now is to view the entire saga as primarily a matter of grand larceny. https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/martenson-we-are-pawns-bigger-game-we-realize

221611 ▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to John Stone, #110 of 2354 🔗

“But a letter from government lawyers dated 6 October, issued in response to a threat of legal action against the proposals from the not-for-profit Good Law Project, shows that the government has modified its plans.

The Good Law Project claimed that the Moonshot project was unlawful because it ignored scientific evidence and committed a vast sum of public money with no transparency as to how the decisions were made.

In their response the government’s lawyers wrote, “The Project Moonshot Briefing Pack [which was among the documents leaked to The BMJ ] was a document designed to provoke discussion: it did not and does not reflect an adopted policy.”

221680 ▶▶▶ John Stone, replying to Cheezilla, #111 of 2354 🔗

Yah! Kleptocracy rules.

221987 ▶▶ Carrie, replying to John Stone, #112 of 2354 🔗

Yet the testing mentioned yesterday is the same as Moonshot, isn’t it?

220038 NorthumbrianNomad, replying to NorthumbrianNomad, 22, #113 of 2354 🔗


The widest prairies have electric fences,
For though old cattle know they must not stray
Young steers are always scenting purer water
Not here but anywhere. Beyond the wires

Leads them to blunder up against the wires
Whose muscle-shredding violence gives no quarter.
Young steers become old cattle from that day,
Electric limits to their widest senses.

by Philip Larkin

220213 ▶▶ Jonathan Smith, replying to NorthumbrianNomad, 3, #114 of 2354 🔗

I feel gloomy as Larkin today.

220245 ▶▶▶ annie, replying to Jonathan Smith, 10, #115 of 2354 🔗

Blame your mum and dad.

220261 ▶▶▶▶ Jonathan Smith, replying to annie, 2, #116 of 2354 🔗

That cheered me up! Thanks Annie.

220436 ▶▶▶▶ Winston Smith, replying to annie, 1, #117 of 2354 🔗


220039 Ceriain, 37, #118 of 2354 🔗

I posted this in a reply to BobT on the last page. Given the shit we got fed by the Gruesome Twosome last night, I thought today’s audience might find it interesting.

Giving evidence to the Science and Technology Select Committee on 10th June 2020 Neil Ferguson told MP Graham Stringer.

Graham Stringer : Do you think that the Government and SAGE have been over-reliant on models?

Professor Ferguson : I think that Sir Patrick and Chris Whitty have a healthy scepticism for models , and the clinical and virology communities were both represented on SAGE. You could argue about the balance of representation. What models do is to codify assumptions and knowledge in a very precisely testable way, so I would defend them from that point of view. Where they become problematic is if they are taken as in some sense a literal view of the truth. Models can only be as reliable as the data that is feeding into them.

And yet Whitty and Valance presented a load of shite scenarios all based on models that sure had ridiculous data fed into them.

220041 Silke David, replying to Silke David, 30, #119 of 2354 🔗

No travel abroad for private reasons?
So how will they know what my purpose of travel is? Do I need a written invitation by a company of a foreign country? This used to be the practise if you wanted to travel to or from the eastern block. Is that even legal?

220045 ▶▶ Ceriain, replying to Silke David, 22, #120 of 2354 🔗

Perhaps one could could argue a breach of Articles 9 and 13 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights .


Article 13 .

  • (1) Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each state.
  • (2) Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country.

Article 9. No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile.

A lawyer could maybe argue that, by refusing to let you leave the country, you are being held in detention against your will.

220047 ▶▶▶ NorthumbrianNomad, replying to Ceriain, 14, #121 of 2354 🔗

Has anyone heard the UN actually say anything at all, recently? It used to be that it would be on the news all the time, bleating some watered-down resolution that then got vetoed by China anyway, but apparently now all it does is hold love-ins for Greta Thunberg. As for the human rights declaration, how precisely is any of that going to be enforced? And if there are no planes and no airlines, what will it matter?

220058 ▶▶▶▶ Ceriain, replying to NorthumbrianNomad, 1, #122 of 2354 🔗

True; I was just thinking out loud, as you do. 😉

220564 ▶▶▶▶ Silke David, replying to NorthumbrianNomad, #123 of 2354 🔗

There are other ways to travel. Many poor souls do.

220075 ▶▶▶ annie, replying to Ceriain, 24, #124 of 2354 🔗

Lockdowns breach a slew of human rights, including free movement, feee association and the right to religious worship. Nobody cares, except us sceptics. Human rights lawyers don’t give a f..k.

220078 ▶▶▶▶ Jo, replying to annie, 15, #125 of 2354 🔗

..and that I just don’t get.
Article 8 – right to family life.

220105 ▶▶▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to annie, 17, #126 of 2354 🔗

That’s because we ain’t the right shade and don’t live in a third world hellhole.

We will be a third world hell hole the longer this continues.

220150 ▶▶▶▶▶ ConstantBees, replying to Bart Simpson, 11, #127 of 2354 🔗

But it’s not helping people in third world hellholes either. They’re being treated like shit, like the rest of us.

220164 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to ConstantBees, 6, #128 of 2354 🔗

Good point. Methinks that human rights lawyers don’t really given a damn about human rights.

221156 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ TT, replying to Bart Simpson, 1, #129 of 2354 🔗

They care about human rights if and when it advances their career; if not, not so much…

220543 ▶▶▶▶ Espedair, replying to annie, #130 of 2354 🔗

Am wondering that too. How will they enforce this international travel ban?

220878 ▶▶▶▶ Caroline Watson, replying to annie, #131 of 2354 🔗

The Right To Life supersedes all the others, even if it is a life that is effectively over. That’s where they are coming from.

220957 ▶▶▶▶▶ Borisbullshit, replying to Caroline Watson, 6, #132 of 2354 🔗

This is the key point and i find its where all conversations with the zealots end. The deaths of older people (which is a perfectly normal part of life) is now being emotionally weaponised in support of policies which are incredibly destructive. I dont think these attitudes were present the same in 1957 and 1968. If we cannot shift these bizarre attitudes we are facing very dark times indeed with masks and lockdowns for ever.

221121 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Derek Toyne, replying to Borisbullshit, 3, #133 of 2354 🔗

I believe we have a real battle on our hands because propaganda as been used in such a way to terrify everyone. SAGE is now using pseudo science to inflict lockdown on us. The problem is there’s a lag between data and what’s really happening.So when Boris put us in lockdown in spring if he’d waited a week or two the data would have shown infections declining. I believe again if Boris had again waited a week or two the data would show infections declining. The covid symptom tracker shows infections are half what SAGE claims and doubling every 28 day’s not 9 day’s.
In other words infections aren’t out of control
and actually are beginning to decline.Here in York infections have declined from 30 per 10,000 to 22 per 10,000 in the last week. So just when everyone was beginning to look forward to Christmas the government again frightens us into submission. Pseudo science is what’s driving the government which will inevitably lead to a dictator and a new dark age. And the reason people follow these rules is because it’s common sense. But common sense is not science and will fail just like the last lockdown.

221425 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ Banjones, replying to Derek Toyne, 2, #134 of 2354 🔗

It’s the rat we can smell. The Race Against Time. If he’d waited longer, the figures would show death rates declining, so he had to act now to make it look as if his lockdown was the reason for the decline.

Also, they’ve got to keep us controlled till they produce their ineffective vaccine. If they let us out before it’s ready, we might get over-confident and realise we don’t need it. If they keep us down till it’s ready to be rolled out – bingo! People (many, perhaps enough) will be desperate to have it, without coercion or mandate. The rest of us can be blackmailed with their ”health passport” requirement.

221643 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ Borisbullshit, replying to Derek Toyne, 2, #135 of 2354 🔗

Hello and yes I agree we have an enormous battle on our hands. I am really struggling to make any headway with friends or family and finding many become emotional and angry. I think its fear of the virus and also maybe fear of being proved wrong and that they have been had. I am accused of being obsessed about facts…..so much less compelling than emotion!

We seem to be in what management theorists call a ‘closed system’ with reinforcing feedback. The government and the media churned out the death hysteria on a daily basis and then the public’s acceptance of that is reflected back through the opinion polls. That drives the government to ever more draconian initiatives which racks up the fear even more.

The huge question is how do we break out of this kamikaze loop?

221193 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Edward, replying to Borisbullshit, 4, #136 of 2354 🔗

Even the Sunday Telegraph in an otherwise good editorial says “Every death is tragic”. No it is not, when my elderly relatives have died it has been sad but also a relief that they have not suffered any longer.

221612 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ Borisbullshit, replying to Edward, 6, #137 of 2354 🔗

I very much agree. My father died very suddenly at 77 back in 1994 when I was a young man. At the time I was devastated but with the wisdom of hindsight I am able to see it was really a blessing. He had achieved full life expectancy for 1994 despite serving years in Italy during the second world war. He had enjoyed full life doing what he wanted to do until the day he went and never had to endure being locked in a care home which I know he would have hated. That simply cannot compare with some 20 year old student hanging himself in his room as he would have had decades of quality life in front of him. In being obsessed about stopping deaths we are effectively destroying the meaning of life.

222092 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ annie, replying to Borisbullshit, 3, #138 of 2354 🔗

Your last sentence sums up the entire problem.
There is a difference between living and merely not being dead. At least, there is to us, but apparently not to the zombie sheeples.

220176 ▶▶▶ Adam, replying to Ceriain, 2, #139 of 2354 🔗

Someone email that to simon Dolan as He is taking Bozo Johnson through the courts presently

220149 ▶▶ ConstantBees, replying to Silke David, 3, #140 of 2354 🔗

I have wondered if my American passport is my get-out-of-gaol-free-card.

220371 ▶▶▶ thinkaboutit, replying to ConstantBees, 5, #141 of 2354 🔗

I want to get political asylum in South Dakota.

220963 ▶▶▶▶ Borisbullshit, replying to thinkaboutit, 2, #142 of 2354 🔗

Lovely governor too.

221427 ▶▶▶▶ Banjones, replying to thinkaboutit, #143 of 2354 🔗

Or any of the other seven(?) states that didn’t have lockdown! (But their governors aren’t as good-looking, of course!)

222059 ▶▶▶ Carrie, replying to ConstantBees, #144 of 2354 🔗

Lucky you – move to one of the 8 non-lockdown states!
I lived there for 5 years of my childhood, but we never applied for citizenship – I think my father was worried about my brother being forced to do military service if we got citizenship. My sister was born there though, and does have a passport, so she could leave the UK – presuming Brits are not permanently locked down..

220042 NorthumbrianNomad, replying to NorthumbrianNomad, 32, #145 of 2354 🔗

Furlough continues. That’s it. Sovereign bankruptcy.

220059 ▶▶ chaos, replying to NorthumbrianNomad, 20, #146 of 2354 🔗

Almost £500 per week furlough for some stuck at home.. £100 per week for others… none for many more. Universal inequality. The government will put its fat arms around you. Some of you will get a reacharound. Others will get a push.

220273 ▶▶▶ Llamasaurus Rex, replying to chaos, 17, #147 of 2354 🔗

And those of us with v small businesses, already running down life savings, no eligibility for support, except for loans with unacceptable consequences, are getting close to Niagara Falls.

220043 RyanM, 3, #148 of 2354 🔗


220044 NorthumbrianNomad, replying to NorthumbrianNomad, 36, #149 of 2354 🔗

Dear Mr Johnson,
May I curse you in language you’ll understand?

Let these ills, and none lighter than these, fall on you,
you whom my anger rightly heaps with curses.
Such as Achaemenides knew, abandoned on Sicilian
Etna, who saw Aeneas’ Trojan sails approaching:
such a fate as Irus, too, that beggar with two names, and those
who haunt the bridge: let it be more than you dare hope for.
May you love Plutus, god of wealth, Ceres’ son, in vain,
and riches fail however you search for them:
and as the ebbing wave retreats in its turn,
and the soft sand washes from under your feet,
so may your fortune always vanish, who knows how,
slipping away, endlessly, flowing through your hands.
And like Erysichthon, the father of Mestra who changed her form
repeatedly, may you be wasted by endless hunger though full-fed:
and may you not be averse to human flesh: but in whatever
way you can, may you be the Tydeus of this age.
And may you commit an act to make the frantic horses
of the Sun hurtle back from west to east:
may you repeat the vile banquet at a Lycaonian table,
trying to mislead Jupiter with a deceptive food:
and I beg someone to test the power of the god,
serve you as Tantalus’s son, or the son of Tereus.
And scatter your limbs through the open fields
like the ones that delayed a father’s pursuit.
May you imitate real bulls in Perillus’s bronze,
with cries that match the contours of the beast:
like cruel Phalaris, your tongue first slit with a sword,
may you bellow like an ox in that Paphian metal.
When you wish to return to years of youth, may you
be deceived like Pelias, Admetus’s old father-in-law.
Or may you be drowned, as you ride, sucked down
by the mud, so long as your name wins no renown.
I want you to die like those born from the serpent’s teeth
that Cadmus, the Sidonian, scattered on Theban fields.
Or as Pittheus’s scion’s did to Medusa’s cousin,
may ominous imprecations descend on your head:
like one cursed by the birds without warning,
who purifies his body in a shower of water
And may you suffer as many wounds as they say
they suffered, whom a knife used to cut at from beneath.
And, inspired, slash your private parts to Phrygian music,
like those whom Cybele, the Mother, maddens:
and like Attis, once a man, become not man or woman,
and strike the harsh cymbals with effeminate hand,
and at a stroke become one of the Great Mother’s cattle,
turned, in one swift step, from winner to sacrifice.
And lest Limon should suffer his punishment alone,
may a horse with cruel teeth feed on your entrails.
Or like Cassandreus, no gentler than his master,
be wounded and buried under a pile of earth.
Or like the infant Perseus, or the Cycnean hero,
may you fall, confined, into the ocean waves.

(from Ovid, Ibis, translated by A.S.Kline, poetryintranslation.com)

220046 ▶▶ Ceriain, replying to NorthumbrianNomad, 38, #150 of 2354 🔗

Surely it’s a lot quicker to say, “Hey, Boris; you’re a tosser!”

220085 ▶▶▶ steve, replying to Ceriain, 13, #151 of 2354 🔗

That’s an insult to tossers.

220048 NorthumbrianNomad, replying to NorthumbrianNomad, 36, #152 of 2354 🔗

Reaction in the Telegraph is half-hearted at best. Iain Duncan Smith is reasonable but tepid. Daniel Hannan has basically caved. Janet Daley has reached peak sentence length and may soon abandon punctuation altogether. Only dogs can hear her. All the rest, busy earnestly toeing the line. Repulsive.

220051 ▶▶ Ceriain, replying to NorthumbrianNomad, 7, #153 of 2354 🔗

I read Hannan’s piece; it’s dreadful. 🙁

220057 ▶▶ chaos, replying to NorthumbrianNomad, 15, #154 of 2354 🔗

Janet Daley frequently writes such guff that I have to ask: is there a special art to writing articles for the mainstream? Do you write the article the paper wants from the start? Or do you write the article you want to write and then remove that which would prevent its publication? Or does the editor do that for you? Or are many article writers thick and just stuck in the official narratives writing articles in the confines of those narratives? In short, how many are doing a Les Dawson – able to play the right notes but playing the wrong notes? And how many are just dishonest pricks willing to write anything for the payout and prestige? Even Alison Pearson never mentions the Great Reset. For how long can they all ignore The Great Reset?

220386 ▶▶▶ Simon Dutton, replying to chaos, 15, #155 of 2354 🔗

The principal purpose of a newspaper is to give its proprietor a measure of political power. The secondary purpose is to sell advertising space. ‘Editorial’ matter is what fills the gaps between the ads and conforms absolutely to the principal purpose. The wretches who churn it out, under supervision, deserve nothing but contempt. The creatures who work for the tabloids are possibly more disgusting than those working for the broadsheets, but only in a different way. Tabloid journalists are like blowflies drawn to any scene of human tragedy, where they deposit their glistening white eggs of lies and misrepresentation before moving on: but then the eggs hatch into maggots, and it is these which populate the broadsheet newsrooms.

Do not, therefore, believe a single word you read in the press (or hear on its electronic equivalent, the TV – which is even worse; exhibit A: the BBC).

220278 ▶▶ Llamasaurus Rex, replying to NorthumbrianNomad, 4, #156 of 2354 🔗

Repulsive indeed. By not fighting, they become part of the problem. Have none of them researched what we have? Listened to any of the esteemed experts with the sceptic viewpoint?
Stopped subscribing to the Telegraph a while back.

220579 ▶▶▶ RGMugabe, replying to Llamasaurus Rex, 1, #157 of 2354 🔗

Me to!

220050 Ceriain, replying to Ceriain, 74, #158 of 2354 🔗

Dear Toby Young,

I really enjoy the interesting and lighthearted articles on your Lockdown Sceptics web thingie; I particularly enjoy the recipe and knitting section.

I do have one little request, which I believe will improve the articles immensely:

Stop calling ‘positive PCR tests’ fucking cases!

Ceriain (aged 59)

220052 ▶▶ NorthumbrianNomad, replying to Ceriain, 18, #159 of 2354 🔗

Hannan does the same thing in his craven shitfest in the Telegraph. Idiocy knows no fucking bounds.

220372 ▶▶ MiriamW-sometimes-AlanG, replying to Ceriain, 34, #160 of 2354 🔗

Totally fucking agree, Cerian. How disappointing that the moment a new total lock-up is announcement, Toby Young has apostasised and is now taking the liars at their word and calling positive PCR tests cases again. No irony, no quote marks. Also he reverts to accusing what is clearly not the UK Government any more of cock-up, even calling Johnson a ‘buffoon’. (Oh aren’t they silly!)

Toby, you have put forward some good arguments against this developent which nobody but an idiot could not have foreseen – France, Italy, Spain have all done it. But, for God’s sake, 1000s of people have been murdered already by this vicious policy and many more now are going to lose their lives and livelihoods. Johnson and his ghastly crew know this full well!! If ever there was a time to tell it like it is, it’s now!

Suggestion: If you don’t want to take liars at their word, why not call ‘cases’ PTRs?

Miriam (aged 67) and Alan (aged 71)

220710 ▶▶▶ NorthumbrianNomad, replying to MiriamW-sometimes-AlanG, 24, #161 of 2354 🔗

I think we’re all enormously grateful to Mr Young and his team for keeping this forum of sanity open as a light in the increasingly dark desert. Opinions as to exactly what is going on will differ. Since we are all being treated according to the mushroom principle (kept in the dark, occasional shovel of shit provided), that’s inevitable. Mr Young has his opinions as we all do. This is a broad church.
But I too would plead for care in the articles NOT to conflate cases with infections or infections with test results. It’s crucial. It’s the number one subterfuge behind the justification for this lockdown. PLEASE STOP GIVING IT CREDIBILITY

221871 ▶▶▶▶ MiriamW-sometimes-AlanG, replying to NorthumbrianNomad, 7, #162 of 2354 🔗

Agreed but inconsistent and contradictory messages are a hallmark of the current psyop. In the case of the Government, these are designed to leave people feeling powerless, confused and debilitated.

Toby Young’s vacillating is almost certainly not calculated but it is not helping either. Either he accepts that the UK and most of the world’s governments have been captured by the globalists’ agenda or he doesn’t. What is exasperating is his announcing one day that he accepts that there is an agenda behind the government’s actions and almost the next, writing as if he’s scuttled back to the safe haven of calling it a cock-up, just like all the other allegedly sceptical MSM journalists do because they know which side their bread is buttered.

Like many people, I have found this site to be a much-needed haven of sanity and comradeship in times which I never thought I’d live to see. I have been entertained, infuriated, informed and educated and I would not want to see it go. But I rather fancy Mounsey and other commentators have the right of it. Unless we can call out what’s going on and stop making excuses for the Government, it really is just a safety valve and not genuine dissent to the increasingly dangerous situation in which we find ourselves.

It is a broad church, there’s no doubt and that’s good. But I have read Lord Sumption’s brilliant, recent Cambridge speech. He does not go anywhere near Great Resets or agendas but he really skewers the Government’s abuses and contempt for the Law and the whole speech is the clearest warning of where this is going one could hope to see (if hope is the right word!) There is no talk of ‘buffoons’ or ‘cock-ups’ there, just a profound understanding and analysis of how our rights and liberties have been trashed within a terrifyingly short time and with warning of more to come.

To see clearly what is going on is both a curse and a privilege. We cannot afford to squander it when many people who post on here are doing such a grand job of challenging the tyranny and persuading others to join us in saving all our lives. We do not need to be ‘batted away’ by a MSM journalist who one day claims to understand the real issue and the next to (effectively) dismisses us as nut-job conspiracy theorists. MW

222095 ▶▶▶▶ Rowan, replying to NorthumbrianNomad, 2, #163 of 2354 🔗

Yes, Toby knows what’s going on and he should take heed of what is being said. I don’t yet think that he is controlled opposition, even though what little “benefit of doubt” there was in respect of government Covid policy was totally erased by mid April. Those that are still clinging to the “incompetence” line really do risk losing their credibilty.

220054 chaos, replying to chaos, 25, #164 of 2354 🔗

does anyone believe this lockdown will really be lifted in a month?

220106 ▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to chaos, 15, #165 of 2354 🔗

Nah. They lied to us before, why should that change now?

220180 ▶▶ Steve, replying to chaos, 14, #166 of 2354 🔗

I’m pretty sure that we should expect to return to Tier 3 (in West Yorkshire) in December , so not much to look forward to. My 90 year old mother, who lives in the North East and is in generally good health, is at her wit’s end.

220181 ▶▶ Adam, replying to chaos, 3, #167 of 2354 🔗

Then we Will need to put our foot down this time this government won’t survive much longer

220721 ▶▶▶ AidanR, replying to Adam, 4, #168 of 2354 🔗

And do what? You have no power. We have no power.

They can do what they want, with complete impunity and the sooner we all accept that and work out how to subvert their will so as to get on with our lives as well as we can the better.

To pretend otherwise is tantamount to a futile teenage tantrum.

Hell, we’ve all done it at various points during this saga, but if you’re still refusing – after 9 feckin months – to accept what is now the observable reality, I don’t know what to tell you.

220880 ▶▶▶ NorthumbrianNomad, replying to Adam, #169 of 2354 🔗

How to remove it

220297 ▶▶ Llamasaurus Rex, replying to chaos, 4, #170 of 2354 🔗

Maybe tier 3+ will replace. However even such de facto lockdown “measures” will only lift once Covid-pass and liability-waived mass vaccination is ready. Then testing parameters will change to show an “all clear”. Then we can “build back better”, with none of us owning anything anymore (after house repossessions, 401k/pension pot raids, savings depletion). A great/sarc life where we rent want we need. Work to afford to rent. Shuffle off when you can’t work any longer.
Also, we should all continue for ever to wear armbands masks, to stay safe and protect against the “next pandemic “.

I’m really getting onto the page that these “convergent opportunists” with their “concatenated interests” are driving this with all their might. It may not be a bunker conspiracy Blofeld thing….but to us, who can tell the difference?

220451 ▶▶ Mark Rogers, replying to chaos, #171 of 2354 🔗

Highly unlikely, maybe mid December for 14 days then they’ll bang us all up again.

220480 ▶▶ Montag Smith, replying to chaos, #172 of 2354 🔗

Yes, it could be lifted in the month of January or February! 😀

220497 ▶▶▶ wendyk, replying to Montag Smith, 1, #173 of 2354 🔗

January or February 2030?

220889 ▶▶▶▶ NorthumbrianNomad, replying to wendyk, 1, #174 of 2354 🔗

Oh sorry didn’t see yours. I was just being optimistic. Oddly enough the few people still talking to me often accuse me of that.

220885 ▶▶▶ NorthumbrianNomad, replying to Montag Smith, #175 of 2354 🔗


220612 ▶▶ Mabel Cow, replying to chaos, 12, #176 of 2354 🔗

October 31. The lockdown is justified on the basis of hospital admissions and respiratory deaths (now just COVID deaths, of course).

November: As usual, respiratory admissions and deaths increase in November.

December 2: We are told that COVID DEATHS ARE SPIRALLING OUT OF CONTROL. Another month of lockdown.

December: As usual, respiratory admissions and deaths increase in December.

January 4: We are told that THE SITUATION IS PERILOUS. Another month of lockdown.

February 1: We are told that the economy is now so damaged “by the pandemic” that all civil liberties will be suspended “to protect the vulnerable”. Army deployed. Council workers deputised as police officers. Martial law.

“There’s nothing so bad that it can’t get worse.”

220907 ▶▶▶ NorthumbrianNomad, replying to Mabel Cow, 4, #177 of 2354 🔗

Let us pray that someone somewhere is organising in secret. I’m useless. I couldn’t organise an orgy in a gogo bar. (Ok, bad example, I probably could… how about a suicide bombing in a French ghetto) But would join pretty much anything at this point. Fuck the unwritten constitution and fuck the monarchy – anything from Trotsky to Strasser, I’m in

221085 ▶▶▶ Borisbullshit, replying to Mabel Cow, 1, #178 of 2354 🔗

I wish I could say that sounds alarmist but sadly I cant. It looks like Melbourne here we come.

221198 ▶▶▶ TT, replying to Mabel Cow, #179 of 2354 🔗

Followed by another financial crisis and metldown of the banking sector, with all EU member states declaring insolvency (because of the pandemicita , and how the governments had to ‘protect the public’ of course) and being placed under curatorship of the IMF, World Bank or the EU. And after that, there’s undoubtedly worse still.

220847 ▶▶ charleyfarley, replying to chaos, 4, #180 of 2354 🔗

No. The PTB have taken powers they will never return. The relationship between state and citizen has been fundamentally changed and freedom as we have known it will not be restored without either mass civil disobedience and an uprising, or some new potent political force of which is presently no sign.

Sorry if this sounds defeatist but I cannot see a way out of this dystopia.

221695 ▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to chaos, #181 of 2354 🔗

Well it was the Full Moon last night and that is surely the face of a lunatic!

222197 ▶▶ Sceptic down south, replying to chaos, #182 of 2354 🔗

No, it looks more like he needs to take a dump…

220055 NorthumbrianNomad, 3, #183 of 2354 🔗

Oops, this was supposed to be a reply to chaos – “of course not”

220060 chaos, replying to chaos, 24, #184 of 2354 🔗

Hands – Cameron Blair fisty gestures
Face – if you have teeth like Boris please wear a mask
Distance – if you are a woman in a dress you are advised to stay 2m from Boris

220066 ▶▶ NorthumbrianNomad, replying to chaos, 28, #185 of 2354 🔗

I can’t look at that man any more.

220154 ▶▶▶ ConstantBees, replying to NorthumbrianNomad, 8, #186 of 2354 🔗

Stopped listening to him months ago.

220303 ▶▶▶ Llamasaurus Rex, replying to NorthumbrianNomad, 7, #187 of 2354 🔗

Nor listen to him. I won’t use his brand name anymore. He’s dePiffle to me now. He makes me sick.

221095 ▶▶▶▶ Borisbullshit, replying to Llamasaurus Rex, 3, #188 of 2354 🔗

Vommitting on him is much too good for him.

221253 ▶▶▶▶▶ Llamasaurus Rex, replying to Borisbullshit, #189 of 2354 🔗


220061 wendyk, replying to wendyk, 30, #190 of 2354 🔗

“It was miraculous. It was almost no trick at all, he saw, to turn vice into virtue and slander into truth, impotence into abstinence, arrogance into humility, plunder into philanthropy, thievery into honor, blasphemy into wisdom, brutality into patriotism, and sadism into justice. Anybody could do it; it required no brains at all. It merely required no character.”

From Catch 22 Joesph Heller

I’m now losing all hope; I’m surrounded by masked, compliant zombies with blank faces-( what can be seen of them); the local junkies and drug dealers are all thriving, so Calamitous Covid obviously spares the permanently pickled in whichever Controlled Substances are the choice of the day.

No travel, no visits to friends, no hairdressing, no prospects.

I’m retired, I’m not in the least vulnerable- how I loathe this word- I would like what remains to me to be lived in freedom, with a modicum of contentment and a commitment to rationality and personal responsibility.

The final straw for me was on Friday, when I attempted to engage new neighbours in cooperating to identify the source of a water seepage affecting my property.

My appearance and plea were met with open rudeness, blank expressions and an irritated dismissal , summarised by ‘you’re delaying the work here, go away’.

What can one say about such ignorance and frankly uncouth selfishness?

All behavioural norms are disappearing, while the feckless, the selfish and the stupid flourish.

Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

WB Yeats The Second Coming

220063 ▶▶ chaos, replying to wendyk, 1, #191 of 2354 🔗

Yeats was a member of The Golden Dawn…
Magick can help us undo their actions.

220141 ▶▶▶ TheBigman, replying to chaos, 1, #192 of 2354 🔗

“magick” this gives you away as a cowley fan boy. Oh dear.

220562 ▶▶▶▶ Monty Bodkin, replying to TheBigman, 1, #193 of 2354 🔗

It’s Crowley actually. Cowley was played by Gordon Jackson in The Professionals.

221868 ▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to chaos, #194 of 2354 🔗

Sunak got there first:

…. went on to work at investment bank Goldman Sachs before setting up hedge fund Theleme Partners 11 years ago.


220068 ▶▶ annie, replying to wendyk, 5, #195 of 2354 🔗

The last two lines do not apply to us.

220108 ▶▶ MUSICGIRL, replying to wendyk, 16, #196 of 2354 🔗

“[They] agreed that it was neither possible nor necessary to educate people who never questioned anything.”
Joseph Heller, Catch-22

220169 ▶▶▶ wendyk, replying to MUSICGIRL, 3, #197 of 2354 🔗

One of my favourite books

220258 ▶▶▶ Thomas_E, replying to MUSICGIRL, 19, #198 of 2354 🔗

I tried reading 1984 a couple of days ago.Used to be one of my top 3 book of all time.Now, I had to put it down about 1/3 in..I started shaking and crying..Its a fucking documentary now!

220285 ▶▶▶▶ Fiona Walker, replying to Thomas_E, 3, #199 of 2354 🔗

Years and years ago, as a kid I read “This Perfect Day” by Ira Levin and keep thinking of it now. Everyone vaguely coffee coloured, daily medical “treatments” to keep you well, but that ensured you were mildly sedated and died at 62, everyone has a personal counsellor to report fears and suspicions to… I must find it again!

220305 ▶▶▶▶ Llamasaurus Rex, replying to Thomas_E, 1, #200 of 2354 🔗

Exactly my experience. 100% identical.

220640 ▶▶▶▶ Laura Suckling, replying to Thomas_E, 3, #201 of 2354 🔗

Exactly my feeling. 1984 was meant as a warning not as an instruction manual.

220343 ▶▶ GLT, replying to wendyk, 2, #202 of 2354 🔗

Thanks WendyK! Catch 22 has seemed more and more apposite.

220441 ▶▶▶ wendyk, replying to GLT, 1, #203 of 2354 🔗

I’m going to read it again!

220062 Ceriain, replying to Ceriain, 18, #204 of 2354 🔗

On the subject of in-hospital outbreaks; Toby’s CEBM story above.

I’ve been wondering about Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust (2 hospitals in the trust).

70 of London’s 217 deaths* in October have come from that one trust. That’s 32% of the whole of the London region’s deaths.

Are we looking at another ‘in hospital’ outbreak that’s managed to keep itself off the radar?

*Deaths within 28 days of positive test by date of death, of course; so not necessarily of Covid.

220065 ▶▶ NorthumbrianNomad, replying to Ceriain, 43, #205 of 2354 🔗

This is one of the many REAL FACTS that have been repeated ad infinitum over the past months and COMPLETELY IGNORED by everyone who matters (i.e. government and the SAGE cabal): Covid is a nosocomial virus. It spreads in indoor settings where fluids are present and contact is protracted (which also includes households, dorms) and it does so with SYMPTOMATIC EFFECT mostly where people have compromised immune systems, i.e. in hospitals and care homes. Shutting down the rest of the economy and society will not help.

220074 ▶▶▶ Ceriain, replying to NorthumbrianNomad, 23, #206 of 2354 🔗

Covid is a nosocomial virus.

Yep! Yet the NHS keep denying it.

It’s one of the reasons so many people wouldn’t go near a hospital during the ‘first wave’.

220282 ▶▶▶ Felice, replying to NorthumbrianNomad, 4, #207 of 2354 🔗

I’m not denying what you are saying at all – I’m sure there are plenty of hospitals where that is very true – but in the last week, I have heard of 3 people who went to hospital for some other reason, and were tested positive on arrival.
It would be really helpful to see if the hospitals with the worst deaths with/from covid stats (such as Barking etc above) also happened to have bad records when it comes to infections such as the MRSA superbug. I’m sure some hospitals have far better cleanliness standards than others.

220810 ▶▶▶▶ Nessimmersion, replying to Felice, 1, #208 of 2354 🔗

Karl Denniger at.the market ticker has been banging on about this for months:

221295 ▶▶▶▶ NorthumbrianNomad, replying to Felice, 2, #209 of 2354 🔗

I’m sure they will. Because they have an inept hygiene culture that relies too much on sanitizers and the appearance of masks,gowns etc and not enough on the hard bloody work of twenty minutes of soaping up.

220069 annie, replying to annie, 19, #210 of 2354 🔗

Oh msn, you must read the Grauniad article about face nappies.It is truly hilarious.,
This is how the nappies were tested:

Bacterial particles were shot out of an aerosol generator and the proportion that made it through the mask fabric were measured. Measuring three micrometers in diameter the bacteria used were about 30 times larger than coronavirus particles, but the results were likely to be relevant to Covid-19 nevertheless, independent researchers said.

220070 ▶▶ NorthumbrianNomad, replying to annie, 29, #211 of 2354 🔗

I have no sense of humour for this sort of thing any more. “ the results were likely to be relevant to Covid-19 nevertheless, independent researchers said.” Basically taking a mask and pouring rice grains into it, it catches them all so you say therefore it catches the covid viruses, even though they’re a little bit smaller. Those “independent researchers” should have all their teeth pulled out and the word SPAFFER branded on their foreheads.

220101 ▶▶▶ annie, replying to NorthumbrianNomad, 18, #212 of 2354 🔗

Transsexual Grauniad beauty queen Fatima Illegal-Immigrant said today that she was going to share her spiffing new outfit with her mum.
‘I’m size 8 and she’s size 24,’ said Fatima, ‘but independent experts have assured me that it will fit us both beautifully.’

220114 ▶▶▶▶ wendyk, replying to annie, 5, #213 of 2354 🔗

In woke-maths 8=24

220905 ▶▶ Caroline Watson, replying to annie, 8, #214 of 2354 🔗

Just seen a masked zombie, with blue condoms on his hands, riding his bike through Hexham – on the pavement! ‘I wear my mask to protect you but, if I run you down, it’s your own fault’. A dear friend of mine, who is virtually blind, has been run down by cyclists on pavements on numerous occasions. Wankers!!

220974 ▶▶▶ wendyk, replying to Caroline Watson, 1, #215 of 2354 🔗

They are my pet hate: masked,safety helmets in place and speeding towards pedestrians on the pavement.

I have to dodge them all the time here.

221900 ▶▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to wendyk, 1, #216 of 2354 🔗

Carry a walking stick or, better still, a big umbrella. You could joust them!

222204 ▶▶▶▶▶ JohnB, replying to Cheezilla, 1, #217 of 2354 🔗

Best employed through their spokes …


221894 ▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to annie, #218 of 2354 🔗

These guys should be part of Sage. They are perfectly qualified.

220071 annie, replying to annie, 25, #219 of 2354 🔗

A sentence that struck me from the Grauniad’s paean of self-praise:

“We can give a voice to the oppressed and neglected, and help bring about a brighter, fairer future.”

Maybe they can, but they bloody don’t, because if they did, the rag would be full of Covviesceptical articles and we, or rather the rag ( which is begging for pennies as usual) just might be heading for a brighter future.

220072 ▶▶ NorthumbrianNomad, replying to annie, 18, #220 of 2354 🔗

It’s always a brighter, fairer, perfect future. Carbon-neutral vegan jam tomorrow. Today: relentless punishment, demoralization and disempowerment.

220404 ▶▶▶ Llamasaurus Rex, replying to NorthumbrianNomad, 6, #221 of 2354 🔗

Yep. As a middle-aged bloke, I realise that my past 4 decades were a golden age. I now need to adjust to finding gold in the crap. And work out how to become happier as I resist the evil!

220771 ▶▶▶▶ annie, replying to Llamasaurus Rex, 7, #222 of 2354 🔗

Resisting evil doesn’t necessarily make you happier, but it does make you stronger.

Having said that, ripping down or defacing Covvie notices definitely makes me happier, and also stronger. I can overcome really, really strong glue now. It’s only the thick plastic tied I can’t rip, but they aren’t proof against secateurs.

221251 ▶▶▶▶▶ Edward, replying to annie, 1, #223 of 2354 🔗

Great work, Annie. I’m still at the marker pen stage, writing No More Lockdown on to convenient spaces on the notices.

221258 ▶▶▶▶▶ Llamasaurus Rex, replying to annie, 1, #224 of 2354 🔗

Thanks Annie. Good point.

221905 ▶▶▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to annie, #225 of 2354 🔗

Congratulations on learning to defeat the strong glue. You’ll have to write us a dissidents’ covid notice removal manual.

222097 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ annie, replying to Cheezilla, #226 of 2354 🔗

In a word, rip.
NB: Some notices are easily peeled away from their backing, on which you can then stick or write your own notice.

220076 ▶▶ Jo, replying to annie, 15, #227 of 2354 🔗

David Nabarro – lockdowns make poor people poorer. But then there aren’t so many poor people in Hampstead.

220915 ▶▶▶ Caroline Watson, replying to Jo, 1, #228 of 2354 🔗

There are very few in Hexham, but the few there are deserve everything they get because they didn’t vote for a Momentum candidate with a PhD, who looks as if she hasn’t brushed her hair since 1984, and makes ‘art installations’ about poverty in the windows of closed down shops.
Mind, the Tory that they did vote for isn’t much better!

221710 ▶▶▶▶ RGMugabe, replying to Caroline Watson, 1, #229 of 2354 🔗

Mr O. As useful as a chocolate kettle.

220109 ▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to annie, 19, #230 of 2354 🔗

More lies from the Graun.

They never did care for the oppressed and neglected – they’re simply there for them as pets to be trotted out to show how wonderful and caring they are.

Then they retreat to the safety of their lovely homes in Islington and Hampstead.

220117 ▶▶▶ wendyk, replying to Bart Simpson, 5, #231 of 2354 🔗

Quite right Bart ; I call it socially distanced compassion : talk the talk but don’t walk the walk, lest one get too close to the plebs.

220121 ▶▶▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to wendyk, 11, #232 of 2354 🔗

Yep. I despises the middle class more than the toffs precisely for their hypocrisy and rudeness.

221196 ▶▶ stewart, replying to annie, 1, #233 of 2354 🔗

The fine print: the brighter, fairer future is the one they prescribe you, not the one you choose.

220077 FrankiiB, replying to FrankiiB, 48, #234 of 2354 🔗

Let’s be clear, this lockdown is entirely Boris decision. He announced it quickly before enough Tory MPs could stop him. He was presented by an alternative strategy by Prof Carl Finnegan (see Daily Mail) this week and rejected it. Boris had other options to try, such as tier 4, to appease the lockdown fanatics. But he didn’t take that middle course.

The madness will only stop when Tory MPs replace Boris. I suspect they are only keeping him to get over the January Brexit, and to the carry the can for his disasterous government. Please don’t wait much longer!

220080 ▶▶ chaos, replying to FrankiiB, 29, #235 of 2354 🔗

The flaw in that argument is Glove and Squishi and Queen Starmer are also 6th form supporters of The Davos Great Reset.. as is Flaccid Javelin and likely C Hunt. We are in trouble with the skirt chasing buffoon or without him… all goes to show how easy a coup can be orchestrated. Most of Davos’ pieces are in position, here and abroad.

220084 ▶▶▶ Tom Blackburn, replying to chaos, 14, #236 of 2354 🔗

Yes, I’ve never really understood why it is felt only Pfeffel can deliver Brexit.

I don’t care either way (voted remain) but he has shown – demonstrably – that he can’t even be trusted with the simplest of tasks.

220358 ▶▶▶▶ thinkaboutit, replying to Tom Blackburn, 6, #237 of 2354 🔗

Quite. I wouldn’t trust him to make a daisy chain of paper clips.

221916 ▶▶▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to thinkaboutit, 2, #238 of 2354 🔗

He’d get distracted after the first four or so.

220418 ▶▶▶ Llamasaurus Rex, replying to chaos, 7, #239 of 2354 🔗

Agreed. They’re all appalling. DePiffle is, however, the worst at the moment…because he’s the boss. Bucks stopping etc. He should resign, of course. So should every MP, if they don’t believe in their party’s lines (all of which are pro lockdown). I have no respect for any of them. They remind me of the mildly irritable sea bass Austin Powers; a bit of weak flapping about, but in the end, no bite.

220088 ▶▶ Marialta, replying to FrankiiB, 19, #240 of 2354 🔗

I don’t agree. He’s merely a fly within a spider ‘s web. He kept referring to Europe in his speech. We’re all Europeans in this together (despite Brexit) fighting the virus.

We have really got to look at our lockdown within a global context.
Tory MPs could not ‘stop him’. Indirect social control of populations through medical surveillance and masking is a global cultural phenomenon now.

220187 ▶▶ Adam, replying to FrankiiB, 6, #241 of 2354 🔗

The mp’s need to act now if possible get shot of Hancock Patel, jenrick Gove Raab at the same time even better

220548 ▶▶ TyRade, replying to FrankiiB, 2, #242 of 2354 🔗

I wonder what spare capacity the IMF has to visit almost all western countries for bail outs from suicide-by-COVID? Or are these countries all p[lanting Magic More Trees in their backyards? Oh, and who’ll clap for the the principled financial casualties so far, the savers, whose interest income has been obliterated to fertilise the MMT?

220079 chaos, replying to chaos, 11, #243 of 2354 🔗

Vorsprung Durch Technokratie

As we say in subjugation.

220094 ▶▶ wendyk, replying to chaos, 6, #244 of 2354 🔗

Or Vernichtung Durch Lockdown

220099 ▶▶▶ annie, replying to wendyk, 7, #245 of 2354 🔗

Quicker and more effective than gas chambers, but similar technique: tell ’em it’s just a shower bath and they’ll go in willingly.

220424 ▶▶▶▶ Llamasaurus Rex, replying to annie, 2, #246 of 2354 🔗

Brilliant comment. Chilling. True.

220081 Helen, replying to Helen, 31, #247 of 2354 🔗

“Learn to live with the virus”

Since when do we need to learn to live with viruses? Haven’t we always managed quite well up until 2020?

1.We must address the problems in the Government’s mass testing programme;

All testing should be ENDED RIGHT NOW

2.We must tackle the blight of confused and contradictory statistics

Stop testing = stops statistics full stop

3.We must make real efforts to protect and isolate those who are vulnerable

The isolation of old people is destroying what little is left of their lives!

4.We must inform the public about the true and quantifiable costs of lockdown (as if they needed telling).

They need telling

  1. virus is a myth
  2. the aim of the testing/cases boloney is to
  • justify removal of rights and freedoms
  • scare citizens in accepting in mass surveillance CommonPass
  • ditto mass vaccination

3.that they are sleepwalking towards a totalitarian nightmare
unless they resist

220092 ▶▶ Helen, replying to Helen, #248 of 2354 🔗

From Carl Hennigan’s Plan BI’ll give him his right name when he starts to follow the evidence

220095 ▶▶ TheBigman, replying to Helen, 11, #249 of 2354 🔗

Bravo. Well put. No one should have put up with the first lockdown.
When multiple govts around the world all do something at the same time there is an agenda that’s not so clear to us mere plebs.
I fear though, people will accept it all willingly, like a nice hot cup of Soma. As long as they can transfer what little wealth they have to Amazon (they can sell “non-essential items” but shops that sell them cannot) then they’ll all be happy.
Marxist group think infests our society.

221922 ▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to Helen, #250 of 2354 🔗

1.We must address the problems in the Government’s mass testing programme;
All testing should be ENDED RIGHT NOW

Totally agree! My heart sank when I saw he was endorsing T&T.

220083 Laurence, 34, #251 of 2354 🔗

Well done Boris. The lockdown was clearly such a success that let’s all have fun and do it again. The path of the virus in Sweden was indistinguishable from that in France, UK, Spain, Italy but why let a fact get in the way of a program of destroying lives and livelihoods

220086 Laurence, replying to Laurence, 30, #252 of 2354 🔗

We’ve found a virus that not only disobeys the rules of biology but even the laws of mathematics.
4,000 deaths a day, that’s 56,000 in 2 weeks, at an IFR of .2% (per WHO), 28million infected. In two months allowing for rising and falling that’s around 150% of the population. We better bring in some more people.

220098 ▶▶ annie, replying to Laurence, 7, #253 of 2354 🔗

If you have multiple personality disorder you can swell the numbers a lot. What fun when one of you tests positive snd the next doesn’t, especially if the third of you then tests positive, but turns out to be a pawpaw.

220155 ▶▶▶ Laurence, replying to annie, 2, #254 of 2354 🔗

The great thing is you have around a 6-10% chance of an (admittedly false or so weak it may as well be false) positive – better than the lottery !

220132 ▶▶ Charlie Blue, replying to Laurence, 11, #255 of 2354 🔗

At that rate some people will almost certainly die twice.

220152 ▶▶▶ Laurence, replying to Charlie Blue, 6, #256 of 2354 🔗

A fitting tribute to Sean Connery !

220352 ▶▶▶▶ thinkaboutit, replying to Laurence, 1, #257 of 2354 🔗

We had martinis last night…shaken not stirred!

220966 ▶▶ Caroline Watson, replying to Laurence, 4, #258 of 2354 🔗

Quite. I’m no mathematician but two things stood out from the press conference:

Modelling presupposes that everyone in each age category behaves in exactly the same way and has the same number of contacts. Whilst that may be broadly true of teenagers, for example, because of the way schools work, it is hugely different for older people. As a semi retired public sector worker, working from home alone in my own house, going anywhere I need to go in my own car on my own, living in a small rural town, my life is totally different from that of a 60 year old woman living in a family home in a city, working in a hospital or a supermarket, travelling on public transport, and living with other adults who do the same. Most people who are ‘vulnerable’ are retired or on disability benefits. They don’t have the contacts that working people have and can choose to reduce them.

The available capacity of hospitals was compared with the first peak. Because the first peak was mainly in London and the second in the North, there is no comparison. The first ‘wave’ in some parts of the North was practically non existent.

Why are hospitals in the South West about to run out of capacity when cases there are so low?

How can Johnson say that ‘thousands more doctors and nurses’ have been recruited? Where have they come from? They can only be the people who qualified in the summer and, presumably, broadly the same number have retired.

Statistics being manipulated to fit policy.

220087 chaos, 11, #259 of 2354 🔗

Rishi’s wife’s luxury clothing shop (official outfitter to Eton) furloughed its staff… gotta laugh.

220089 Cheshirecatslave, replying to Cheshirecatslave, 5, #260 of 2354 🔗

This american article about recording corona deaths follows the mainstream narrative, but just look at the comments, all from medical people.

220110 ▶▶ Marialta, replying to Cheshirecatslave, 4, #261 of 2354 🔗

Thanks for this link – extremely good to see how the comments flatly dispute the writer’s argument. (You have to register to read it which is easy)
Where can we read the latest about the similar issue in UK ?

220090 Cheshirecatslave, 5, #262 of 2354 🔗

Some good medical points about why rushed vacines are a bad idea.

220091 TheBigman, replying to TheBigman, 29, #263 of 2354 🔗

So. To all the people that were called conspiracy theorists when at the start they were saying that mass vaccination was always the agenda (to what end I’ll let you all decide your self) you all deserve an apology.
It appears that vaccines will be used as a scapegoat for this mess. However, a vaccine that is rushed, with the makers free from reprisal from the inevitable bad consequences of them and will no doubt be enforced one way or another. Cannot conceivably work. We still have common colds, Where’s the cure?
Wasn’t there early reports that those who had the flue vaccines were more likely to suffer from covid?

When will the average person realise what’s happening to them; Political opportunism by ALL parties is rampant, countries are barricading people in their homes, requiring ‘your papers’ to leave your home, NZ legalising euthanasia! When will people see all the pieces that have been put together under different guises are there to harm us not help. Orwell was bragging what was going to happen.

220126 ▶▶ Helen, replying to TheBigman, 6, #264 of 2354 🔗

Agreed Bigman
For those out there who make the conspiracy theorist accusation in comments. This accusation assumes that the truth lies with the individual or group.. ‘Its true to you mr/s conspiracy theorist not to me’ This absolves the accuser from exploring the theory. Its a relativist fallacy.

220207 ▶▶ stewart, replying to TheBigman, 7, #265 of 2354 🔗

I keep saying, I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I’m a conspiracy spotter.

220093 Cheshirecatslave, replying to Cheshirecatslave, 4, #266 of 2354 🔗

I’ve been watching”Boris Godunov” tonight from the Met. I heartily recommend their free nightly operas as a respite from all this madness.
I have to say I’d rather have Tsar Boris than our Boris as at least he feels remorse for his crimes. There’s a scene in the opera where police with whips are telling the crowd of destitute people what to say and do or be beaten up. It all felt too topical!

220096 ▶▶ annie, replying to Cheshirecatslave, 3, #267 of 2354 🔗

Yes, better Boris Godunov than Borisbadenuv-to-deserve-skinning-alive.
It’s a terrific opera.
The lament at the end fits our current state exactly.

220104 ▶▶▶ Cheshirecatslave, replying to annie, 1, #268 of 2354 🔗

It’s one of my favourites. I agree about the lament. “Poor British folk” to paraphrase.

220111 ▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to Cheshirecatslave, 2, #269 of 2354 🔗

Thanks for this. Its one of my favourites and finally got to watch the ROH production live last year.

We are headed towards a Time of Troubles and our Tsar Boris ain’t the man to deliver us out of it, in fact he and his boyars are part of the problem.

220097 Tom Blackburn, replying to Tom Blackburn, 1, #270 of 2354 🔗

Has anyone ever done a national map of testing capacity?

220275 ▶▶ thinkaboutit, replying to Tom Blackburn, 1, #271 of 2354 🔗

Because I use a VPN google maps thinks I am in London. I put test centres in the search field, there are loads of them in London. Must be an unhygienic lot there to need so much testing.

220396 ▶▶▶ Tom Blackburn, replying to thinkaboutit, #272 of 2354 🔗

A tests per capita map. Just wanted to err test the theory that increased ‘cases’ are a remnant of increased testing. Has something like this been done? Visually, in a graph, I mean.

220100 Fingerache Philip., 5, #273 of 2354 🔗

ALF: Anti lockdown front ?
No, I am Alf ?
I’m with Alf ?
Well, it is 7 am on a Sunday morning, not that dates or times seem to matter anymore.

220102 Stephen, replying to Stephen, 36, #274 of 2354 🔗

Politically this government is stupid.

The people they are upsetting are their natural supporters. I am a lifelong Tory but will never vote for them again. Not after this.

The people who comprise SAGE are typically not lifelong Tories: they are people who will never Conservative.

Why Johnson is listening so much to his political enemies is beyond me.

This is quite apart from the more pertinent point that all of this is wrong and counter productive anyway, of course. But in the long run it is a massive political miscalculation too.

Raab is my local MP. I will enjoy voting against him at the next election.

220120 ▶▶ Tom Blackburn, replying to Stephen, 26, #275 of 2354 🔗

Unless your MP is Desmond Swayne then I’d be hard pushed to find a single person worth voting for.

220129 ▶▶ Graham Strouts, replying to Stephen, 12, #276 of 2354 🔗

Unlikely there will be a “next election”. We are being turned into a lave state, as are most other countries.

220162 ▶▶ Julian, replying to Stephen, 4, #277 of 2354 🔗

Lots of lifelong Tories are pro lockdown I suspect.

220374 ▶▶▶ Ovis, replying to Julian, #278 of 2354 🔗

It’s the Tory vote that is being split; at least, that must be Starmer’s assumption.

221092 ▶▶▶ NorthumbrianNomad, replying to Julian, 1, #279 of 2354 🔗

And some lifelong Tories are pro freedom

220226 ▶▶ Jonathan Smith, replying to Stephen, 1, #280 of 2354 🔗

There are going to be more elections? Oh, I thought…

221723 ▶▶ RGMugabe, replying to Stephen, #281 of 2354 🔗

I wrote to mine telling him he has lost my vote.

220103 TheBigman, 11, #282 of 2354 🔗

There will just be more and more of these ‘waves’ until the people submit. Which they will.
There may be no electoral road out of this, prepare accordingly people.

220107 Bill Hickling, replying to Bill Hickling, 53, #283 of 2354 🔗

So the Premier League will continue presumably because that billion pound industry full of strutting, over-paid, foreign prima donnas is more important than the health of the nation’s users of gyms, and golf clubs!

220271 ▶▶ thinkaboutit, replying to Bill Hickling, 8, #284 of 2354 🔗

Footballers lives matter.

220320 ▶▶ Basileus, replying to Bill Hickling, 12, #285 of 2354 🔗

Bread and circuses.

220112 SweetBabyCheeses, replying to SweetBabyCheeses, 54, #286 of 2354 🔗

I don’t understand why Toby is printing these Postcards from Rhodes. Whoever the author is he is not a skeptic. Latest article is basically just complaining about other people – other people drinking, other people not following bs “rules”, other people not socially distancing, other people not wearing masks “properly” and other people seemingly having the audaciousness to be young and working class. Good on them, hope they had a fab time. Author is a bedwetter who should’ve stayed at home.

220115 ▶▶ Tom Blackburn, replying to SweetBabyCheeses, 12, #287 of 2354 🔗


220124 ▶▶▶ wendyk, replying to Tom Blackburn, 21, #288 of 2354 🔗

Same here; more and more folk are unable to afford even the basics,so it does rub salt in the lockdown wounds and seems to indicate affluent navel gazing.

Holidays are effectively banned here in Sturgeon land and going to a friend’s house is verboten.

And widespread fuel poverty is looming.

220122 ▶▶ Marialta, replying to SweetBabyCheeses, 17, #289 of 2354 🔗

Yes it put me off too – who cares about his posh friend’s disapproval of their behaviour? it sounds like he wanted to slap an ASBO on them. No need to fill space up with irrelevant pieces of writing.

220125 ▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to SweetBabyCheeses, 10, #290 of 2354 🔗

Perhaps its to demonstrate that there really isn’t any compliance and that even companies don’t really believe with what they’re being told to do or resent being forced to do the state’s dirty work.

220193 ▶▶ stewart, replying to SweetBabyCheeses, 12, #291 of 2354 🔗

I think he is a sceptic. Isn’t he siimply pointing out the madness of the situation, that people don’t comply, that the authorities don’t seem to be taking it all that seriously themselves?

221105 ▶▶▶ sam, replying to stewart, 1, #292 of 2354 🔗

i thought he was a sceptic too. thats what i thought too, he was pointing out how ridiculous the lockdowns and mask rules are i thought i enjoyed reading it and wish i will travel too soon and without masks

220267 ▶▶ Thomas_E, replying to SweetBabyCheeses, #293 of 2354 🔗

Agreed..a sort of up your own arse person you want to smack around the head..but you just can’t.

220433 ▶▶▶ Llamasaurus Rex, replying to Thomas_E, -1, #294 of 2354 🔗

Thomas,I’ll hold ‘em down, you hit ‘em. Then we can swap.

220503 ▶▶ Alethea, replying to SweetBabyCheeses, 4, #295 of 2354 🔗

I agree. This vein of unembarrassed middle-class disdain for working-class people is ugly and all too recognisable.

220113 wendyk, 6, #296 of 2354 🔗

This whole shambolic mendacious disaster can be summarised as The 2020 Protection Racket

220116 Cecil B, replying to Cecil B, 23, #297 of 2354 🔗

I didn’t watch but I understand the pig dictator has announced the figures for tractor production under the five year plan

Did we exceed targets again?

i presume that’s a yes as the ceremony included a medal for the factory boss Fergusonovic

220222 ▶▶ annie, replying to Cecil B, 3, #298 of 2354 🔗

I believe astronomical quantities of boots have been produced, and the chocolate ration has increased from 30 grammes to 20, and is doubling every eight days, or it may be twenty-eight.

220118 Mark H, 4, #299 of 2354 🔗

Religious Response to Covid

This. Sums it up very, very well, although I did need a dictionary at times, which is always a good thing.

220119 Bart Simpson, replying to Bart Simpson, 116, #300 of 2354 🔗

This announcement has led me to anger and despair especially as I admitted to my line manager yesterday that another lockdown could push me over the edge.

This time I will not comply.

I had to walk away from two colleagues yesterday who were cheering at the prospect of another lockdown because I didn’t want to be hauled off before HR if I’ve lost control and beaten them to a pulp. I have no more patience and sympathy for those who still believe in lockdowns and the lies that we’ve been fed to by the government.

They will reap what they sow and by then it will be too late.

220128 ▶▶ NorthumbrianNomad, replying to Bart Simpson, 28, #301 of 2354 🔗

How can anyone cheer this? I’d have been unable to restrain myself. I’m glad I’m not in the UK. – if I was I think I’d do something extreme.

220130 ▶▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to NorthumbrianNomad, 25, #302 of 2354 🔗

Your guess is as good as mine. Possibly drank the kool aid and think that mummy & daddy will be able to bail then out when it all goes belly up.

They will be in for a rude shock.

220143 ▶▶ Danny, replying to Bart Simpson, 42, #303 of 2354 🔗

Feel exactly the same. If there was a war or disaster, causing a lockdown and these restrictions, then we would all hate it, but there would be at least some sense of solidarity. Some collective comfort. But to be a lockdown sceptic often feels like most of my energy is spent pointing out the obvious, and almost persuading people that we are not in a good place. It feels akin to surviving another night of the blitz, queuing at the last surviving ship the next morning, and then when you mention how bad last night was to a neighbour, they look utterly bemused and ask why.

220146 ▶▶▶ kh1485, replying to Danny, 42, #304 of 2354 🔗

Exactly. And, in war situation the enemy wouldn’t be our own government which is how I look upon it right now.

221856 ▶▶▶▶ Rowan, replying to kh1485, 9, #305 of 2354 🔗

That this was was a war against the people, was clear from very early on. If some proof was needed, the sight of Bill Gates in a parade of woolly jumpers, threatening us with lockdowns, controls and his terminator vaccines, was easily more than enough. Even on this wonderful site, there are still some, who almost unbelievably, haven’t grasped the enormity and the truly horrific nature of what is being inflicted upon us.

220157 ▶▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to Danny, 42, #306 of 2354 🔗

That’s the reason why I hate it when I see or hear the phrase “we’re all in this together” because we’re patently not. It’s hard being a lone voice and having to mentally prepare to do battle with a jobsworth or a mask zealot is physically and psychologically draining. I have people who say they sympathise with me and want to help but I suspect they don’t know what its like to have a siege mentality.

Whatever sense of solidarity there was evaporated a long time ago or was non-existent in the first place.

220166 ▶▶▶▶ matt, replying to Bart Simpson, 33, #307 of 2354 🔗

Siege mentality is a good phrase for it. Every little act that used to be a pleasure (or at least a minor and necessary inconvenience) now feels like a sortie.

Everyone in the country has been under relentless psychological assault for 7 months, but some have the advantage that they haven’t realised it.

220174 ▶▶▶▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to matt, 22, #308 of 2354 🔗

Those who are still asleep think they’re doing their bit. But not in the way they envisioned.

Unwittingly they are collaborators and it will be a shock to them when this is pointed out.

221284 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ TT, replying to Bart Simpson, 10, #309 of 2354 🔗

They think it won’t be that bad exactly because they believe they are ‘in it together’ and can’t envision their government screwing over the entire lot of them and condemning everyone to misery… they’re in for a very rude awakening, which is why they prefer to stay in the dream as long as conceivably possible. To avoid awakening to the living nightmare that awaits them.

220159 ▶▶ Julian, replying to Bart Simpson, 16, #310 of 2354 🔗

I believe in freedom of speech but have tended to discourage discussions of a controversial nature at work because it’s really hard to recover from disgreement on the most emotive issues.

220168 ▶▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to Julian, 5, #311 of 2354 🔗

Exactly. We do get reminders time and again from the highers ups about political talk and discussion especially after each & every election.

If we’re still open next week, there will be one guaranteed.

221934 ▶▶▶ Rowan, replying to Julian, 4, #312 of 2354 🔗

You can’t argue with stupid.

220210 ▶▶ annie, replying to Bart Simpson, 10, #313 of 2354 🔗

Do not comply.

220831 ▶▶ Fingerache Philip., replying to Bart Simpson, 4, #314 of 2354 🔗

Lower than a snake’s bally(belly) or a s××thouse on a submarine.

221359 ▶▶ James007, replying to Bart Simpson, 17, #315 of 2354 🔗

Hi Bart,
I appreciate your posts and enjoy reading your comments. I completely understand the frustration. It feels like we are in the minority. Other than my wife, I know of no other sceptics (other than via this site). My mother and sister sent me messages of appreciation for Johnson’s latest decree.

There are lots of good arguments for the sceptical position. For me the simplest is that we are human beings. We need to live in community and as a society. We must never be afraid to be alive. Some people have become very afraid of living.

People say they might agree with me but what is happened is temporary. 1 year is a long time for something temporary (Coronavirus Act doesn’t have to be voted on again for months). Much of the damage is permanent, or will take years to remedy.
This is a very dark development. I coildnt sleep last night thinking about it.

221864 ▶▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to James007, 6, #316 of 2354 🔗

Agree. Apart from my husband and few close friends, I don’t know who else is a sceptic. It’s a very lonely position to take and it almost requires one to have a hide of a rhino.

I think what’s really dismaying is people’s myopic view of the virus to the point of their blindness of the collateral damage that will take years, decades to undo or not at all.

221938 ▶▶▶ Rowan, replying to James007, 3, #317 of 2354 🔗

It is only temporary, but what’s coming will be so much worse.

222236 ▶▶▶ JohnB, replying to James007, 3, #318 of 2354 🔗

Local KBF group, James ?

(other resistance organisation are available …).

220123 Cecil B, 18, #319 of 2354 🔗

The longest suicide note in history

220127 Mark H, 2, #320 of 2354 🔗

I’ve got a job for a client in England next week. I’d tried to book return flights from Scotland to Stanstead last week, but on the days I’d needed to travel, there were no flights. None.

However, the date of the job got moved to the latter part of the following week. This morning I checked if these new days had flights. Lo and behold, the entire month of November and up until the 16th of December has ZERO flights to/from Stanstead.

There are trains running but for both legs of the journey there’s ONE seat left.

I’m going to hold off, wait to hear if the job is now going ahead (considering Scotland’s Dear Leader has announced she does not want Scots travel to or from England), and if it is I’ll just drive.

comment image

220131 Tom Blackburn, replying to Tom Blackburn, 8, #321 of 2354 🔗

Is it time to start bigging up the revolution? A bit counter-intuitive, I know but if nothing else will give us some fun, trolling the scum. It needs to go a bit more Brass Eye. Examples include heaping praise on Matt Hancock (who even the bedwetters hate) and face masks for clock faces.

220148 ▶▶ Cecil B, replying to Tom Blackburn, 1, #322 of 2354 🔗

Do you counter revolution?

220151 ▶▶▶ NorthumbrianNomad, replying to Cecil B, 5, #323 of 2354 🔗

The Trouble with a Revolution is that you end up pointing the same way as when you started. What’s needed here is a semi revolution

220160 ▶▶▶▶ Tom Blackburn, replying to NorthumbrianNomad, 4, #324 of 2354 🔗

Start lobbying our MPs to scrap schooling. That would shit the teachers up.

220265 ▶▶▶▶▶ thinkaboutit, replying to Tom Blackburn, 11, #325 of 2354 🔗

Abolish schools. Everyone to homeschool, easy as they won’t have jobs. Teachers made redundant, don’t have to pay their wages. All nonproductive public sector workers gone too. Keep the binmen, lose the fat-bottomed admin staff .

220289 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ NorthumbrianNomad, replying to thinkaboutit, 3, #326 of 2354 🔗

Exactly – what’s the point of paying for ten years of woke indoctrination that provides zilch in the way of useful skills? Oh, no, wait, I made a spice rack in woodwork once.

220455 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ C john, replying to NorthumbrianNomad, 1, #327 of 2354 🔗

did it stay together longer than Boris’s promises?

220828 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ NorthumbrianNomad, replying to C john, #328 of 2354 🔗

It stayed together but it was not good

221274 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ Edward, replying to NorthumbrianNomad, #329 of 2354 🔗

I “made” a coffee table but the hard bits like the legs were done by senior pupils as we juniors weren’t trusted with the machines, only the hand tools.

220442 ▶▶▶▶▶ Llamasaurus Rex, replying to Tom Blackburn, #330 of 2354 🔗

Like the thinking

221423 ▶▶▶▶▶ ConstantBees, replying to Tom Blackburn, #331 of 2354 🔗

When I was on the Guardian this morning, I started advocating closing the universities since everyone was saying they’re so unsafe. Then I suggested furloughing the faculty and staff so they could get a taste of what the rest of the population is suffering with. Haven’t been back to check the reaction. Hopefully apoplectic. btw I’ve taught at colleges and unis in America myself.

220133 Josephine K, replying to Josephine K, 26, #332 of 2354 🔗

“The army will help people to self isolate ” ? At this rate we will be seeing the British army guarding the cenotaph to stop British people commemorating Remembrance Sunday

220134 ▶▶ NorthumbrianNomad, replying to Josephine K, 20, #333 of 2354 🔗

In a proper country the army would be helping to show Boris, Ferguson et al round their new accommodation just down the corridor from Tower Green

220208 ▶▶▶ annie, replying to NorthumbrianNomad, 2, #334 of 2354 🔗

While the RE build the scaffold.

220916 ▶▶▶ charleyfarley, replying to NorthumbrianNomad, #335 of 2354 🔗

Great comment. Bloody spot on!!

220250 ▶▶ A. Contrarian, replying to Josephine K, 4, #336 of 2354 🔗

But has Boris even told the Army they will be doing this? Based on previous form, this will be news to them as well.

220274 ▶▶ Thomas_E, replying to Josephine K, 15, #337 of 2354 🔗

As a former member of the armed forces and a veteran,I’m fucking shaking in anger and disgust..

220286 ▶▶▶ NorthumbrianNomad, replying to Thomas_E, 4, #338 of 2354 🔗

I wonder what feelings are really like among those serving now.

221120 ▶▶▶ PastImperfect, replying to Thomas_E, 3, #339 of 2354 🔗

I hope all veterans feel the same way and will help the rest of us fight our way out of this diabolical situation. Some vets were protecting speakers at the protests in London. Good guys. Thanks.

220985 ▶▶ Caroline Watson, replying to Josephine K, 3, #340 of 2354 🔗

I think banning Remembrance Sunday might be the last straw for the Red Wall. Many of them went along with the moronic clapping the first time but they’ve had enough now. That isn’t what they voted Tory for.

220135 nickbowes, replying to nickbowes, 24, #341 of 2354 🔗

Much still rides on the outcome of the US Election next week, Trump, despite his flaws, shows global leadership against this globalist scam, Maybe he is our only hope right now.

220137 ▶▶ NorthumbrianNomad, replying to nickbowes, 2, #342 of 2354 🔗

No hope. He’s toast. Wish I was wrong and hope I’m proved wrong, but I won’t be

220142 ▶▶▶ John Smith, replying to NorthumbrianNomad, 6, #343 of 2354 🔗

You’re wrong old chum

220147 ▶▶▶ ConstantBees, replying to NorthumbrianNomad, 10, #344 of 2354 🔗

The polls say that Biden will win. The polls said Clinton would win. She lost the Electoral College, the only thing that counts in the presidential election.

The bookies seem to be saying that Trump will win. I’d believe the bookies over the polls.

220198 ▶▶▶▶ Julian, replying to ConstantBees, 3, #345 of 2354 🔗

Odds favour Biden by about two thirds to one third according to bookies

220511 ▶▶▶▶▶ AfterAll, replying to Julian, #346 of 2354 🔗

Yes indeed. Bookies’ odds reflect the relative marginal demand for betting on each outcome, they are not predictive; bookies are market makers. Biden is the preferred candidate of Wall Street and big business, their bets tend to be larger, skewing the odds at which supply meets demand for bets. This also happened with betting in the 2016 election, and Brexit. Both proved very satisfactory transfers of wealth from one side to the other.

“Wisdom of crowds” only applies under rather specific circumstances, in particular that people’s predictions are not influenced by the opinions of others. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Wisdom_of_Crowds

221410 ▶▶▶▶▶ ConstantBees, replying to Julian, #347 of 2354 🔗

I was looking for ones that favoured him and I saw Trump in the lead, so gave up. Maybe I’ll have another look. I would never vote for Trump, but I might be willing to bet on him.

221125 ▶▶▶▶ PastImperfect, replying to ConstantBees, #348 of 2354 🔗

From Sott

220139 ▶▶ John Smith, replying to nickbowes, 16, #349 of 2354 🔗

The upcoming Trump landslide is the real inspiration for this 2nd round of pan European lockdown.

So obvious.

220184 ▶▶▶ DRW, replying to John Smith, 4, #350 of 2354 🔗

Maybe not a landslide but a solid win and its reaction is a big factor.

221418 ▶▶▶▶ ConstantBees, replying to DRW, 1, #351 of 2354 🔗

The mix of postal voting with in-person voting will make the results unknowable for weeks, at best.

221415 ▶▶▶ ConstantBees, replying to John Smith, 1, #352 of 2354 🔗

The Trump “landslide” will happen in slow motion at best. We’ll be in lockdown until mid-January if it’s dependent on the election being decided.

We’ve not attempted mass postal voting in the States before. Should be interesting. I was a poll worker a couple of times in the 90s. That was hard enough with machines doing most of the work. Can’t imagine doing it by hand with postal ballots. Seems like Florida in 2000 all over again. And the Supreme Court decided that election for us.

220140 chaos, 19, #353 of 2354 🔗


220144 ConstantBees, replying to ConstantBees, 31, #354 of 2354 🔗

In response to the latest madness, my new resolution is to go back to battle at the Guardian. Created a new account and set out to exude calm rationality in a sea of madness. I think I see some of you there as well. Hi!

Strange that after a lifetime of calling myself left wing, I’m fighting from what would now be characterised as a libertarian perspective – that people can be trusted to make choices over their own lives. Used to be that the left thought that, too. Maybe I’m just old. 🙂 Or my inner American is reasserting herself. :->

220156 ▶▶ chaos, replying to ConstantBees, 12, #355 of 2354 🔗

I’m left-wing like Tony Benn… I miss the good old fair and square left wing. And I’m starting to miss the nice but dim Eton tories of old – the ones who merely snatched milk, destroyed manufacturing, hated the poor, and killed the disabled.

220283 ▶▶▶ NorthumbrianNomad, replying to chaos, 8, #356 of 2354 🔗

Tony Benn and Enoch Powell were the last two honest MPs.

220447 ▶▶▶▶ Llamasaurus Rex, replying to NorthumbrianNomad, #357 of 2354 🔗

Looking like that…

221403 ▶▶▶ ConstantBees, replying to chaos, 2, #358 of 2354 🔗

I grew up in America and the old left there supported labour unions and the working class generally. Obviously, something changed between then and now.

220201 ▶▶ annie, replying to ConstantBees, 3, #359 of 2354 🔗

If you can bear to move among the Grauniad zombies, you have my deepest admiration.

221133 ▶▶▶ PastImperfect, replying to annie, #360 of 2354 🔗

They need to be given a wake up call.

221407 ▶▶▶ ConstantBees, replying to annie, #361 of 2354 🔗

Annie, I couldn’t stand it for ages. Made my blood boil. But apparently we sceptics are psychopaths, so now I’m just channelling my inner serial killer as I type away on the tippy-tappy as Alex Belfield calls it.

220145 Cecil B, replying to Cecil B, 21, #362 of 2354 🔗

The NHS has announced that without another lockdown there was a real risk that SAGE could be overwhelmed

The spokesperson said ‘At this time of national crisis it is important we act quickly to ensure SAGE remains underwhelming ‘

(As I write this my random music thing is pumping Barry White into my headphones. This is getting more weird by the hour. Anyone know the number for a good psyhcriatic unit?)

220153 ▶▶ Tom Blackburn, replying to Cecil B, 1, #363 of 2354 🔗

(01524) 550500

220170 ▶▶▶ Cecil B, replying to Tom Blackburn, 1, #364 of 2354 🔗

Go on Pray tell

220281 ▶▶▶▶ NorthumbrianNomad, replying to Cecil B, 2, #365 of 2354 🔗

It seems to be the number of a good psychiatric unit. Never let it be said that Lockdown Sceptics are not literal-minded!

220165 ▶▶ Cecil B, replying to Cecil B, 5, #366 of 2354 🔗

Correction: It wasn’t actually Barry White being pumped into my headphones

That would be odd as he must be putrified by now, it was his music

Hope that clears things up Your Honour

221233 ▶▶ zubin, replying to Cecil B, #367 of 2354 🔗


220158 Marialta, replying to Marialta, 12, #368 of 2354 🔗


Its all baffling – this is the local Brighton paper

‘Deaths that were “due to Covid-19” were the 19th most common cause of death in England last month, and the 24th most in Wales. These are different from those “involving Covid-19”, which includes those where the virus is mentioned anywhere on a death certificate,’

Professor Kevin McConway, emeritus professor of applied statistics said the increase in deaths from August to September in England and Wales was “definitely not” due to deaths directly caused by coronavirus. He said “In both countries the most common cause of death is dementia and Alzheimer’s disease …….’.

220197 ▶▶ annie, replying to Marialta, 1, #369 of 2354 🔗

So somebody in Brighton is bright?

220230 ▶▶▶ Illimitible, replying to annie, 1, #370 of 2354 🔗

Actually I left Brighton last week. I couldn’t stand it.

220238 ▶▶▶ Jonathan Smith, replying to annie, #371 of 2354 🔗

Who knew?

220735 ▶▶ Evoluon, replying to Marialta, #372 of 2354 🔗

I’m a long time Brighton resident and find most people I meet here fairly open minded or cynical about the Covid situation . I had a lively discussion with some fellow sceptic distributing anti lockdown leaflets in the city centre recently. The Argus of course follows the MSM narrative. Apart from reporting the standard government “cases”, it has done very little. if any, investigative work on the detailed data on such issues that they refer to in their article. How many people in the area have died of rather than with Covid, is the local NHS really under severe pressure? Why has a seemingly deserted walk-in testing centre been set up in East Brighton Park?

220161 nickbowes, replying to nickbowes, 9, #373 of 2354 🔗

The Government, acc to today`s papers, are “agonising” over as to who to give the vaccine too first. It is important that Fat Clown and his sage comedy duo go live and proud on primetime bbc to take these first vaccines.

220163 ▶▶ chaos, replying to nickbowes, 16, #374 of 2354 🔗

I think we need to prepare ourselves mentally for a lockdown that will not end on December 2nd and for a vaccine they will attempt to make mandatory.

Also.. if you flout this lockdown (as you should) then be aware of your rights. In the unlikely event you are snitched on and police officers come to your door make sure guests are quiet and cannot be seen. You are quite within your rights to refuse to answer questions e.g. name, whether you have visitors, and to deny entry. Contrary to popular belief lying to the police or failing to admit wrongdoing is rarely used against you. Ask if you are being detained or arrested, if no, say good night and close the door. Do not get into discussions. They will move on when the radio calls them elsewhere.

220290 ▶▶▶ Marie R, replying to chaos, 6, #375 of 2354 🔗

And unless you invite them in they need a warrant

220177 ▶▶ TheBigman, replying to nickbowes, 10, #376 of 2354 🔗

Anyone who thinks that they would get anything other than saline or some such are delusional.

220167 l835, replying to l835, 24, #377 of 2354 🔗

I’m afraid I now have noting but contempt for the NHS. My health, my safety, my job and my life are just as important as any of theirs.

220194 ▶▶ annie, replying to l835, 3, #378 of 2354 🔗

Protect the 1835!

220203 ▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to l835, 6, #379 of 2354 🔗

Amen to this!

We should demand for our money back.

220279 ▶▶ NorthumbrianNomad, replying to l835, 5, #380 of 2354 🔗

Me too. And if/when I ever find myself with no choice other than to submit to the NHS’ tender mercies, I will in fact have a choice, and I will take it, washed down with a fine single malt.

220171 TheBigman, 13, #381 of 2354 🔗

Lockdown work!

Yes, that’s right. They work.

They work to demoralise a nation to such an extent as they become supple clay to be moulded by the perpetrator’s will. Similar to how the military break you down to then build the soldier they want.

That’s why this lockdown more things are ‘permitted’ – they are looking for the right balance.

Stalinist Russia had more freedoms than we do now. At least then everyone knew what the craic was.

220172 stewart, replying to stewart, 22, #382 of 2354 🔗

When will the apologists of the first lockdown understand that from the moment you accept the government’s authority to place you under arbitrary house arrest, anything is possible after that.

We have all read the infamous Ben Franklin quote many times:

“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

Never have those words felt so real.

220185 ▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to stewart, 8, #383 of 2354 🔗

Unfortunately they’re so far gone now that I suspect some of them would be willing to do the government’s dirty work for them.

220189 ▶▶▶ l835, replying to Bart Simpson, 11, #384 of 2354 🔗

They would. We’ve already sen the Covid Nazis at supermarkets and snitching on neighbours.

220209 ▶▶▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to l835, 5, #385 of 2354 🔗

And many of these Covid Nazis are women from my experience.

220220 ▶▶▶▶▶ kh1485, replying to Bart Simpson, 9, #386 of 2354 🔗

Exactly. Increasingly I am being subjected to the gimlet-eyed stare of more masked-up women (and that was outside!). I just gave ’em the side-eye.

220235 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ thinkaboutit, replying to kh1485, 9, #387 of 2354 🔗

In shops I will look at masked shop workers but I ignore masked shoppers. I won’t look them in the eye and basically treat them as invisible.

220246 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to kh1485, 6, #388 of 2354 🔗

I just ignore them or give them a “don’t mess with me or you’ll regret it” look.

As I did to a jumped up millenial at the British Library.

220330 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ thinkaboutit, replying to Bart Simpson, 5, #389 of 2354 🔗

The psychopath stare usually works.

220173 Adam, 5, #390 of 2354 🔗

So sick of Johnson get rid of him ASAP

220175 Julian, replying to Julian, 8, #391 of 2354 🔗

Was there any attempt to explain why national lockdowns are a good idea again. I am sure they said they were not going to do another one and the local was the way to go. By their logic, an England level lockdown in let’s say Tier 4 only makes sense if the number of cases is well over the trigger point for Tier 3, everywhere. It’s almost like they are making it up as they go along. There’s no attempt at all at even the most basic intellectual rigor and consistency, as they are never challenged on their obvious illogic.

220188 ▶▶ matt, replying to Julian, 2, #392 of 2354 🔗

It’s not almost like that, Julian, it is that. More “herd stupidity”.

But I couldn’t bring myself to watch the briefing, so I can’t answer the question as to whether any attempt was made to explain it. I would guess not – the degree to which lockdown is seen as a completely rational response, when it would have been unthinkable a year ago, is extraordinary.

220223 ▶▶ DRW, replying to Julian, 1, #393 of 2354 🔗

Cause screaming Sage banshees and everyone else in Europe.
Yet Twitty let it slip about “some areas” before remembering the script.

220284 ▶▶ Mark H, replying to Julian, 3, #394 of 2354 🔗

Prior to Boris making an appearance, the BBC gave several uninterrupted minutes to some member of the “independent SAGE” who went on and on about why this lockdown was needed and welcome, why it’s impossible to protect the vulnerable, why it’s too risky to do anything but lock society down again.

220507 ▶▶▶ Montag Smith, replying to Mark H, 2, #395 of 2354 🔗

If it’s impossible to protect he vulnerable then their previous shielding advice would seem pointless.

220179 DRW, replying to DRW, 4, #396 of 2354 🔗

Morning all. It feels just like March again.

220183 ▶▶ Cecil B, replying to DRW, 9, #397 of 2354 🔗

More like The Long March

Dust off those little red books

221360 ▶▶▶ ConstantBees, replying to Cecil B, #398 of 2354 🔗

Reminded me of a great science fiction book by a Chinese author. Actually, it’s a trilogy, Remembrance of Earth’s Past, by Liu Cixin. It begins in China in 1967 with a chapter called The Madness Years. Chilling account of the murder of the intellectuals by the Chinese Communists, which seems more and more relevant to our current situation. But it is a sci-fi book, so it goes far beyond that with an alien invasion of a type I’d not considered before and I’ve read science fiction since I was a kid in the 60s. I might even read it again myself.

220182 kh1485, replying to kh1485, 4, #399 of 2354 🔗

Sir Desmond about to appear on LBC.

220200 ▶▶ kh1485, replying to kh1485, 5, #400 of 2354 🔗

But not on for very long, sadly.

I wish he was my MP. Sent another e-mail of thanks.

220186 l835, replying to l835, 1, #401 of 2354 🔗

So will Parliament debate this first, or is it an emergency lockdown, six weeks post SAGE and three post Starmer?

220276 ▶▶ NorthumbrianNomad, replying to l835, 10, #402 of 2354 🔗

What use is Parliament? We elect them to do what the hell they like. Representative democracy is dead.

220306 ▶▶ Thomas_E, replying to l835, 7, #403 of 2354 🔗

What Parliament?They are there for the money and the show not to represent us.It has been decided, we lost ,they won!Lockdown2022 anybody?

220190 Julian, replying to Julian, 3, #404 of 2354 🔗

I didn’t get a chance to reply to this from BobT yesterday:

“Stepping back a bit and assuming UK population is 67 million.
If Neil Ferguson’s prediction of 500,000 deaths (if no preventative action was taken by government) was correct. Would it be reasonable for the government to destroy the livelihoods and wellbeing of 66,500,000 people and their children in an attempt to prevent that loss of life?
Let me go further and assume that Neil was out by an order of magnitude in the other direction and that 5 million people would die with no government intervention. Would it then be reasonable for the government to destroy the livelihoods and wellbeing of 62,000,000 people and their children in an attempt to prevent that loss of life?”

It’s an interesting question. Where would you draw the line? Or put better, how would oyu decide where to draw the line?

You could use QALYs to put a value on life. NICE use £30,000 per QALY I think. Work out what a reasonable number of QALYs was that you thought you could save, and compare this to what you were spending (including lost tax revenue and extra benefits). You’d need to add in something on the cost side for the lives lost directly and indirectly as a result of lockdown, and do this over a realistic timeframe. Trickier is the value you put on lost freedom, happiness and enjoyment of life, and on the other side the cost of the trauma that saw so many people die in a short space of time. Trickier still would be to factor in some kind of probability that you the lives you expected to save would be saved. And there would need to be a realistic prospect that in the time you planned to take action you might be able to do something useful (find a treatment or vaccine) that would make a difference. I guess if the deaths might reach 5M depending on the age band it would have a societal impact if it was the working age population. All somewhat imperfect, but the world is imperfect and these difficult decisions are what leaders are elected to handle.

220218 ▶▶ matt, replying to Julian, 8, #405 of 2354 🔗

I don’t think there is a line, precisely because it’s impossible to be confident where to draw it. I’ve been thinking about this over the last few days and have come to the conclusion that the answer is, if the disease in question was so virulent that it might justify a lockdown, a lockdown would be unnecessary because everyone would be behaving like they were locked down anyway. In other words, there is no point at which it is justified to remove people’s right to make their own decisions about their own safety n

220247 ▶▶▶ Julian, replying to matt, 1, #406 of 2354 🔗

Yes, that’s probably true. Sweden is an example – the Swedes (by which I mean the people not the government) seem to have been fairly cautious in the face of what is clearly not a catastrophic threat

220779 ▶▶ Sylvie, replying to Julian, 1, #407 of 2354 🔗

That piece of work was done back in April, see the LSE’s Centre for Economic Performance Occasional Paper 49, by a group including Gus O’Donnell, former Cabinet Secretary.
It concluded that the costs outweighed the benefits as of 1 June2020, and lockdown should be lifted then. And that was on the basis of the figures available at the time, working on the Ferguson assumptions about death rates ‘with some interventions,’ i.e. that some 250K could die!

220192 Tim Bidie, replying to Tim Bidie, 5, #408 of 2354 🔗

The most lethal peacetime government this country has had:

As lockdown began, thousands of patients were sent from hospitals into care homes. In three months 18,562 people living in Care Homes died with COVID-19. Our report As if Expendable highlights the UK Government’s failure to protect older people in care homes during the COVID-19 pandemic’


‘… the World Bank now predicts that between 71 million and 100 million people will be pushed into extreme poverty this year, erasing almost all progress made in the last five years in the fight against extreme poverty. UNICEF and Save the Children warn that the pandemic could push 86 million children into poverty, an increase of 15 per cent relative to the baseline. As the pandemic is spreading across developing countries, the eradication of extreme poverty, currently affecting around 680 million people, seems nearly utopian.’


220224 ▶▶ stewart, replying to Tim Bidie, 9, #409 of 2354 🔗

There are few things more destructive than government initiatives designed to improve the lives of people. The more authoritarian the government, the bigger the damage. Look at the Chinese – The Great Leap Forward, the Cultural Revolution, the one child policy, all the causes of widespread death and misery.

We now have an authoritarian government determined to help people. So it’s going to be brutal.

221648 ▶▶▶ PastImperfect, replying to stewart, #410 of 2354 🔗

They are not going to help people, of course. Unless it’s help them starve, forfeit their property, livelihood, liberty, happiness and any other worthwhile part of life one might cherish.

220199 Rosie, replying to Rosie, 29, #411 of 2354 🔗

I posted this at the Daily Telegraph. What do you think – crazed or a succinct summary of what’s going on? Part 1

Just so that nobody can be in any doubt – there is nothing accidental about what is going on. It’s nothing to do with ignorance, stupidity, or merely copying the Continentals.
The deliberate collapse of our economy has been planned for years. It’s been documented within the UN, within the IPCC, within the Paris Accord and other similar agreements which have been billed as essential to ‘save the planet’.
Few people noticed that their concept of of a ‘saved planet’ was one without humans (very few), but it was all there in black and white and anyone could read it for themselves.
There were many warning voices but ‘they’ told us that it was mere Conspiracy Theory, tin foil hat territory. Instead of checking out who was lying and who was telling the truth, most of us just dismissed the warnings.
It turns out that the warnings were genuine, and that the term Conspiracy Theory is as meaningless as the term Racist: that is to say, they are mere ploys to shut people up.
Here are two examples:
“But one must say clearly that we redistribute de facto the world’s wealth by climate policy … One has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy any more.”
—Ottmar Edenhofer, Co-chair of IPCC WG III, New American, Nov. 19, 2010
“Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?” – Maurice Strong, founder of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP)

All that has happened this year, which is why there has been some genuine ‘incompetence’ and chaotic decision-making – is that the agenda of collapse contained within the ‘climate change’ campaign needed to be transferred to covid. The same terms ‘follow the science’, the same silencing of debate, the same words used to smear honest medics and statisticians, all of this has been lifted straight out of the long-running ‘climate’ scandal and a few words changed to create a ‘corona’ scandal.

What can be done, once the economy is collapsed and Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and elsewhere have been reduced to the abject poverty of Venezuela? When the conditions of the 1920s and 1930s ‘Great Depression’ have been recreated? and the people have been reduced to that most fundamental of fears, fear of survival?
That’s when people can be manipulated, turned against one another. They look for a strong leader and simultaneously look for someone to blame.
And just look at who is being blamed? It’s you and me. It’s everyone who is old, it’s everyone who is young, it’s all those who question, who won’t wear a mask, who do not believe the endless stream of lies about the hospitals being overwhelmed. Who know it to be false.
This is exactly what the world has seen many times before – and few should need a history lesson to realise what is coming next – concentration camps, mass murder, mass starvation.

What’s more, what’s still worse, should that be possible, but it is – there is also a deliberate strategy to eliminate Western civilisation. The bad teaching in schools, the loss of objective truth and rational reasoning, the utter ignorance of the Woke movement – none of these things are accidents either. The hollowing out of our Institutions that were supposed to uphold what is right and supposed to act as society-wide checks and balances – this too has been a campaign running for many decades. It comes from Antonio Gramsci who realised that the working classes don’t like Marxism and don’t want revolutions, and therefore Marxists, instead of seeking control of the means of production, need to seek control of the means of transmission of our culture. All these ideas, were developed within the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism: not only ideas but also the practical plans to put them into effect.

The ‘Woke’ corruption of our universities is absolutely deliberate. And now the closing of our churches, the impossible demands made of clubs and pubs, the closing down of amateur sports, the instruction to ballet dancers and musicians to ‘retrain’ ……. all of this can be seen for what it is, all culmination of another decades-long plan to deliberately eliminate our culture.

220204 ▶▶ Rosie, replying to Rosie, 16, #412 of 2354 🔗

Part 2

And now the final part of this living nightmare comes into play: modern technology. The total and complete control of each individual is not only a technical possibility but also desired. How do we know it is desired? Because that is what humans do, they want power. A little bit of power (the opposite of helplessness) is good and right, the individual power to make our own decisions and live our own lives in our own homes. A little bit more power, where there are checks and balances, is also a good thing and we call it leadership. But more than that and power becomes malign.

As we all know: power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Modern technology gives individuals and organisational structures the opportunity for absolute power over every detail of our lives and over every individual. We should need nobody to tell us that, when something is technically possible, there will be a few who have the desire, who want to do it.

220241 ▶▶▶ Julian, replying to Rosie, 1, #413 of 2354 🔗

I fear for every person you persuade with those arguments you will put another 10 off.

No need to speculate as to motive – focus on the negative impact of lockdowns vs. the fact they don’t save lives and mortality is not excpetional

220262 ▶▶▶▶ Rosie, replying to Julian, 5, #414 of 2354 🔗

I think that’s Toby’s position but on balance I don’t agree. If we do not object, if we don’t see where this is going within weeks then we are sunk.
I wouldn’t say it to people ‘in the street’ so to say, but to those who are trying to organise resistance, then they need to have a strategy.

220323 ▶▶▶▶▶ Rosie, replying to Rosie, 3, #415 of 2354 🔗

I understand what you are saying, but still disagree. If we are aware of the goals of the agenda then we can spot what they are doing.
For example the testing – just why does this involve sticking a long sharp stick far up the nose so that it pokes into and even breaks the membrane around the brain?
If you know in advance their goals then you can easily spot why.

220452 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Carrie, replying to Rosie, 6, #416 of 2354 🔗

Yes, if people are so contagious that they need to wear a mask then merely breathing on the test swab should suffice!

220294 ▶▶▶▶ Charlie Blue, replying to Julian, 2, #417 of 2354 🔗

I tend to agree, Julian. Not that I think your argument is crazed, Rosie! I think people are a little more likely to be persuaded by the most easily demonstrable facts and figures. It is just possible that the Government will adjust elements of their stance (as they did on response to some of CEBM’s work) but completely implausible that Boris will throw his hands up and say “you’ve got me! This is a global conspiracy and we’re all in on it”, whether that is true or not.

220349 ▶▶▶▶▶ matt, replying to Charlie Blue, 14, #418 of 2354 🔗

I disagree about the facts and the figures, and here’s why:

By focusing on the facts and figures, we’re playing their game. All we’re saying is “see? It’s not really as bad as all that,” which gives us two problems. First of all, we’re implicitly conceding that there is a point at which it’s bad enough that a lockdown is justified. We shouldn’t concede this. Secondly, if the numbers start to go bad (though I personally don’t think they will) we’ve put ourselves in a losing position.

Lockdown is wrong because lockdown is wrong. Lockdown is not wrong just because this is only a bad ‘flu.

I’ll admit that I’m as guilty as anyone of using facts and figures to make the argument, and I can rattle them off with the best of ‘em, but we need to start winning the moral and philosophical argument, not the data-interpretation argument.

220381 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Maverick, replying to matt, 3, #419 of 2354 🔗

Couldn’t agree more Matt.

220572 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ AfterAll, replying to matt, 3, #420 of 2354 🔗

A few people (possibly as few as 10%) will be persuaded by facts and figures. I’m not saying it’s not worth doing, but most people don’t form their opinions that way. Most people look at what other people in their circle believe, and copy that. Most people are susceptible to rhetoric, which is all that’s propping up the case for lockdowns.

220602 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ DeepBlueYonder, replying to matt, 1, #421 of 2354 🔗

Yes, very good point, Matt.

220792 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Sylvie, replying to matt, #422 of 2354 🔗

Which is what Mayo was saying a couple of days ago, meeting much opprobrium here (not Matt) from those already locked in their own box of preconceptions.

220509 ▶▶▶ Two-Six, replying to Rosie, 1, #423 of 2354 🔗

Good one Rosie. Putting out those truth grenades. Fuck the normies.

220638 ▶▶▶▶ Evoluon, replying to Two-Six, 1, #424 of 2354 🔗

Sorry I disagree. Lockdown is wrong because it’s disproportionate to the actual danger which is evidenced by the facts. If we were facing Ebola or bubonic plague then even I might think lockdown might be justified.

220760 ▶▶▶ David Grimbleby, replying to Rosie, #425 of 2354 🔗

This wild eyed rather hysterical Reset stuff is.. I think technically impossible. What is never factored in is the unpredictability of nature. Solar flares, tsunamis, floods, any chaos theory aspect would cause chaos however ‘sophisticated’ the technology. Plus predictions of the future are invariably wrong.

220783 ▶▶▶▶ annie, replying to David Grimbleby, 1, #426 of 2354 🔗

Too true. Remember Tomorrow’s World?

221098 ▶▶▶▶▶ ConstantBees, replying to annie, 1, #427 of 2354 🔗

I remember how we were told we were all going to work 10 hours a week and have lots of leisure time with no loss of income. Still see people trotting that one out every so often.

221219 ▶▶▶▶▶ Arkansas, replying to annie, #428 of 2354 🔗

Yeah, but these guys would say that if we haven’t got our flying cars and personal jet packs yet it’s because we aren’t properly following the rules, and so the system must redouble its efforts to enforce the existing restrictions and penalise infractions until it works’

221208 ▶▶▶▶ Arkansas, replying to David Grimbleby, 3, #429 of 2354 🔗

Perhaps true, but: just because something is unhinged impractical nonsense doesn’t mean there aren’t people who genuinely believe in that vision and in their ability to make it happen.

The fact that it is impractical is part of what makes it ultimately so tyrannical: the tyranny of other people’s stupid ideas and the attempt to make them real.

Reading WEF founder Klaus Schwab’s book ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’ and the vision set out there highlights that our objections on (for example) grounds of solar flares don’t matter much — only influence, money and power do?

220202 JamesDrebin, replying to JamesDrebin, 27, #430 of 2354 🔗

Ah yes. All just a massive cock up. Army helping citizens isolate. Testing for all. Vaccines will save us. All just a massive cock up, isn’t it Tobes? All just a massive cock up.

220211 ▶▶ Rosie, replying to JamesDrebin, 4, #431 of 2354 🔗

Depressing – what do you make of my summary please (immediately below).
If we don’t recognise what’s going on we have no tools or strategies to fight it.

221172 ▶▶▶ JamesDrebin, replying to Rosie, #432 of 2354 🔗

I agree. We’re in the endgame now.

221011 ▶▶ The Walrus, replying to JamesDrebin, 3, #433 of 2354 🔗

Agree. I’m getting very tired of the “incompetence” excuse. They know exactly what they are doing. They are criminals and should be held accountable. Calling them incompetent excuses their immoral and criminal behavior.

220206 kh1485, replying to kh1485, 25, #434 of 2354 🔗

Just received this from a LS friend. If this is true, it is very worrying:

From A “front line” NURSE PRACTITIONER.. Speaking out…
Basically you would have to be brain dead already to submit, but judging from the number of people willingly restricting their oxygen intake, I’d say there are already MANY who will and are offering themselves up for this invasive PROCEDURE. because it’s NOT a test for Covid., it doesn’t exist! We are “testing” for 2 things.. your submission to willingly have your body violated, for the pretense of finding fragments of previous cold remnants. NOT for Covid 19. this assault is dangerous!
This information comes from my colleague and doctors. Brain access, is through the nose. the test has another purpose than what the drug pushers say! Inserting a test bar deeply into the nose, causes hematoencephalic barrier damage, can also damage endocrine glands (e.g. hypophysis). that’s why testing hurts so much! the purpose of this deep violation, is to break the barrier and create an entry into the brain for every infection.
When wearing a mouth and nose mask, bacteria and CO2 mask are collected and transported to the brain through the nose channel. the barrier’s task is to protect you from brain neurotoxins, heavy metals, bacteria and other toxins. if endocrine glands are damaged, symptoms such as muscle weakness, blood circulation, visual disturbances etc. may develop. there is no legal basis for this physical intervention it is also a mass violation of physical immunity!
Wake up to the assault. YOU are being violated along with your rights, no wonder so many “covid survivors” have long term issues. anyone would after being subjected to this most sensitive body violation! Anyone who would submit to this needs to wake UP!
And the fact checkers are more than welcome to check that out!

220244 ▶▶ Jonathan Smith, replying to kh1485, -45, #435 of 2354 🔗

Did you forget your medication this morning?

220268 ▶▶▶ kh1485, replying to Jonathan Smith, 44, #436 of 2354 🔗

Oh, I’m so sorry. Right now I face the ruination of my business. Forgive me if I am a little concerned.

And bearing in mind my mother was drugged to her pitful death by this so-called caring NHS, I find your comment repugnant.

220453 ▶▶▶▶ wendyk, replying to kh1485, 10, #437 of 2354 🔗

We are with you kh; this will not change.

220465 ▶▶▶▶▶ kh1485, replying to wendyk, 11, #438 of 2354 🔗

Thanks wendyk. The support I get from this site means a lot.

220499 ▶▶▶ Two-Six, replying to Jonathan Smith, 4, #439 of 2354 🔗

“Did you forget your medication this morning?”
So funny. Hilarious.

220791 ▶▶▶▶ annie, replying to Two-Six, 6, #440 of 2354 🔗

Coruscating wit.
Or rather, obfuscating twit.

220494 ▶▶ Two-Six, replying to kh1485, 12, #441 of 2354 🔗

Your right, having a swab mashed around at the base of your brain by a clown in PPE is a very bad idea. Especially for children. If you submit to this your are a fucking fool.

220527 ▶▶▶ kh1485, replying to Two-Six, 6, #442 of 2354 🔗

That’s what I thought. And why does it have to be so invasive? I don’t know whether the thing I quoted is true or not, but it’s pretty alarming.

220615 ▶▶▶▶ Evoluon, replying to kh1485, 5, #443 of 2354 🔗

Horrible remark. I hope your business survives the lockdown. What would be the repercussions if you stayed open?

220953 ▶▶▶▶▶ kh1485, replying to Evoluon, 3, #444 of 2354 🔗

Thank you.

We are going (again) to go down the takeaway route. Bearing in mind the snitches have been very busy, I suspect that we will be watched very closely from Thursday.

222170 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ PastImperfect, replying to kh1485, #445 of 2354 🔗

I have just been directed to this site. Obviously other people are working on schemes to circumvent the regulations.


220632 ▶▶▶▶ Rosie, replying to kh1485, 5, #446 of 2354 🔗

I hope someone will give a definitive answer. But we shouldn’t need it. That the test should in itself injure us should need no explaining.
12 months ago I was in hospital and they were then doing a standard nose swipe for antibiotic resistant bacteria. It was just within the opening to the nose and extremely soft and gentle. But every time the nurse deeply apologised to me. Now I wonder if she knew where the nasal swab test was going.
Look a few weeks ahead, and the gov need to have sick people for everyone to see, made sick by their own ‘test’

222135 ▶▶▶▶▶ PastImperfect, replying to Rosie, #447 of 2354 🔗

Combine these invasive and damaging swabs with masks causing and numerous health problems they will be able to point to the resulting increase in hospital admissions and double down on the imprisonment to keep us safe.

220789 ▶▶ annie, replying to kh1485, 10, #448 of 2354 🔗

When the Ancient Egyptians mummified a body, they extracted the brain through the nose.
But they waited until the body was dead.

220840 ▶▶ CGL, replying to kh1485, 2, #449 of 2354 🔗

Oh fuck!!!! Is there anyone from a medical background on here who could give more info on this I wonder.
We don’t go anywhere with T&T so that there can be less chance of a phone call but would rather do 14 days isolation than have the test anyway.

220961 ▶▶▶ kh1485, replying to CGL, 3, #450 of 2354 🔗

I was horrified when I read this. As I say, I don’t know if what I have quoted is the case but, if so, it is very worrying.

One of the youngsters who works for me told me about a friend of hers who had the giant cotton-bud treatment and it was so awful that she was actually physically pushing the doctor away from her. It sounds utterly barbaric.

220212 Ross Hendry, 14, #451 of 2354 🔗

They’re all a bunch of incompetents of course but I reserve special contempt for Chris Whitty who looks exactly like the chinless dope/alien from planet Zog that he is.

A poor excuse for a scientist, like the rest of them, he nevertheless manages to convey a complacent authoritarianism he no doubt derives from a belief that he’s following “the science” (as if). He’s obviously blithely unaware of the quote attributed to Einstein: insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

God save us.

220214 Dan72, replying to Dan72, 16, #452 of 2354 🔗

Remembrance Sunday. Not sure if it’s against the rules or not, but I’ll be out paying my respects. I hope others do too.

220221 ▶▶ l835, replying to Dan72, 8, #453 of 2354 🔗

I’ll be there at ll. My town has cancelled its service, but are putting up poppies on lamp posts. It makes me sick.

220233 ▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to Dan72, 5, #454 of 2354 🔗

Me too. If my work has to shut down, I’ll go down the Cenotaph to pay my respects.

220325 ▶▶▶ davews, replying to Bart Simpson, 3, #455 of 2354 🔗

We were going to have a proper service at our church with displays of poppies. Now not possible and doing it over Zoom is almost an insult.

220652 ▶▶▶ Rosie, replying to Bart Simpson, 3, #456 of 2354 🔗

I shall make my way to the local war memorial and hope others do too – or would join a mass silent protest at the cenotaph.

220794 ▶▶ annie, replying to Dan72, 1, #457 of 2354 🔗

I shall. On my own.
I’ve been posting stickers pointing out how hideously ironic it will be if grovelling muzzled morons attempt in any way to commemorate the war dead.

220806 ▶▶ Dan72, replying to Dan72, 1, #458 of 2354 🔗

Actually, I hope it is against the rules. Every little act of rebellion helps

221117 ▶▶ Novidnineteen, replying to Dan72, #459 of 2354 🔗

Absolutely. Shoes polished, poppy on, chin forward, standing straight.

220215 paologrigio, 15, #460 of 2354 🔗

Boris still won’t acknowledge that lockdown causes a significant amount of deaths. We do not have a particularly lethal virus (in the scheme of things), we have a hospital system that cannot cope. It actually faces that risk every year. Covid is ‘only’ the straw that is breaking the camel’s back. Why could he not have pumped millions into the NHS at the start to ramp up capacity, instead of furlough? In 10 years time, when the next new virus appears, what happens then? Lockdown until a vaccine arrives? We need to get hospitals fit for purpose. Boris has done nothing to do this, instead he’s trying to manage demand by getting the public to act in ways that are unnatural for the social animals that we are.

220216 JudgeMental, replying to JudgeMental, 9, #461 of 2354 🔗
220255 ▶▶ Rosie, replying to JudgeMental, 4, #462 of 2354 🔗

Not sure about Toby’s comment today. Is he still calling it a conspiracy?

World Economic Forum managing director addresses Great Reset conspiracy theories ” – Adrian Monck, Managing Director of the WEF, debunks the conspiracy theories which position him at the web of the Great Reset. And for a good exposition of that particularly conspiracy theory, see this piece by Archbishop Vigano”

220824 ▶▶▶ nat, replying to Rosie, #463 of 2354 🔗

Well yes, these conspiracies are now debunked because the Managing Director of the WEF has said they are not true.I am sure he would come clean and admit it if they were true.

221380 ▶▶▶ TT, replying to Rosie, #464 of 2354 🔗

Some all-knowing ivory tower-professors from Eminent Universities appeared on a Belgian tv feature this week on those deluded conspiracy theorists, stating that it is simply inconceivable that any member of the general public would spot some hidden truth that the ’eminent specialists’ failed to discern. They called it ‘preposterous’ to still believe that the Kennedy assassination was some sinister plot instead of the official truth (sure, the magic bullet theory is a shining example of ‘the Science’ behind ballistics – any cultural or media philosopher (that’s what they call these people apparently), sociologist or communications specialist will tell you that – just don’t ask any expert in actual ballistics !). The programme was entitled “ When granny starts believing in conspiracy theories ” and was one long apologistic piece of drivel in favour of social media censorship by the politically correct pundits who should decide which ideas the proles should be exposed to. Of course, not a shimmer of critical commentary or rebuke by the pathetic excuse for a ‘journalist’ doing the interviews.

220217 Now More Than Ever, replying to Now More Than Ever, 7, #465 of 2354 🔗

The Mail has a believable-enough account of the shit that went down yesterday. Those ice-rinks being invoked again!!

If Sunak is seriously against this, he should resign. He could do so without hurting his long-term prospects: he’s clearly going to be the next leader, or next but one.


220248 ▶▶ DRW, replying to Now More Than Ever, 3, #466 of 2354 🔗

He isn’t, just playing good cop.

220419 ▶▶▶ Ovis, replying to DRW, #467 of 2354 🔗

A very old move. Sunak as Theodora to Bojo’s Justinian?

That’s an insult to Justinian, and I take it back. Even if Justinian did kill a trillion people, he had many redeeming characteristics.

221033 ▶▶ ConstantBees, replying to Now More Than Ever, #468 of 2354 🔗

Bad link. Can’t find that article.

220219 Hoppy Uniatz, replying to Hoppy Uniatz, 4, #469 of 2354 🔗

Worldometers this morning appears to show the graph of UK “cases” has peaked, as predicted by Dr Yeadon, so perhaps this Lockdown will appear to be a success.

220234 ▶▶ DRW, replying to Hoppy Uniatz, 6, #470 of 2354 🔗

Exactly, timed so they can claim success and expect us to be grateful for letting us have Christmas.
Funny how local numbers aren’t shown anymore.

220345 ▶▶▶ Pennyb, replying to DRW, #471 of 2354 🔗

In a nutshell. Boris will be the Christmas messiah.

220796 ▶▶▶▶ annie, replying to Pennyb, #472 of 2354 🔗

What an utterly revolting thought.

221028 ▶▶ ConstantBees, replying to Hoppy Uniatz, #473 of 2354 🔗

That was why they announced the lockdown. Wanted to get it in time to claim credit.

220225 NickR, replying to NickR, 4, #474 of 2354 🔗

One calculation I haven’t much seen is this:
If the IFF is 0.2% & we’ve had (say, for the ease of calculation) 50,000 deaths, it means 25m people have been infected.
Pick whatever number you like, .7% IFF = 7m infections.
IFF 0.1% as Ionnades says & it’s 50m infections.

220229 ▶▶ Mark H, replying to NickR, 3, #475 of 2354 🔗

this is part of Mike Yeadon’t argument.

220295 ▶▶ Henry, replying to NickR, 1, #476 of 2354 🔗

My reservation about this extrapolation is this was presumed primarily a nosocomial infectious disease, wiping out the vulnerable with ease with potentially limited reach into the community, reducing the number of infected by known IFR.

Of course, if Ivor Cummins is correct that the first UK death was in December and the virus was prevalent in the community from November then the above is not necessarily relevant. Tricky to ascertain

220227 mrjoeaverage, replying to mrjoeaverage, 7, #477 of 2354 🔗

Just one bit of a basic maths to throw out there. 4000 deaths a day you say? So disregarding completely the nonsensical PCR test, that is 4 times the daily death rate of Brazil at its peak, a country that did not lock down. And Brazil has a population 4 times greater than ours. Figure that one out!

220249 ▶▶ thinkaboutit, replying to mrjoeaverage, 2, #478 of 2354 🔗

I dont think we have that many vulnerable people to die. It would have to be ” with” not “of” and the comorbidities to be some other plague.

220228 Mark H, replying to Mark H, 13, #479 of 2354 🔗

Here’s a dark thought. Skip if you feel you may be triggered by it.

New Zealand has made euthanasia legal.

So, we’ve got this dystopian world where, for many people, life is not worth living. The things that gave them joy and purpose are either illegal, not tenable or simply gone for good. NZ has been extremely draconian in making that a reality.

And now the NZ government has made it legal to end your life. With some caveats, 2 doctors need to agree.

We’re just a step away from the stuff of dystopian sci-fi where the government runs ad campaigns for “end of life” treatments, like in the film “Children of Men”.

“Don’t Suffer Any Longer: Order Your Pill Today”

220350 ▶▶ Hoppity, replying to Mark H, #480 of 2354 🔗

The other day I suggested that even sceptics needed to choose their words more carefully, with particular reference to use of the word ‘pensioners’ in a ‘Daily Mail’ report endorsed here on LS. I can’t remember which came first, but the NZ euthanasia story was, in my mind, filed away in the same place as the concern I expressed about the increasing use of unthinking or throwaway language in discussions about older people.

I know I’m not alone in having noticed a manifest and all-pervasive change in attitudes towards older people over the past ? 10-20 years, along with all the other big changes that have made themselves felt in society.

I suppose one way and another the change was a long time coming (I write as someone whose late father had great difficulty coming to terms with the idea that none of his children were in a position to look after him in the same way that members of his generation had looked after their parents), but it seems to me that at some point (can’t pinpoint it) this process was identified by the powers that be as something that needed to be actively furthered, in the interests of yet more social disintegration, and, ultimately, getting completely shot of people who have become ‘inconvenient’ in terms of Their Agenda.

220405 ▶▶▶ Mark H, replying to Hoppity, 3, #481 of 2354 🔗

The referendum and new law in NZ came about due to the campaign of a widower who’s wife died of a brain tumour at 42. So this new law isn’t just to allow a dignified death for ailing pensioners… While I’m open to the idea of legalised euthanasia, for it to become so during a time of deep societal distress and darkness is quite chilling.

220429 ▶▶▶▶ Hoppity, replying to Mark H, 1, #482 of 2354 🔗

Yes, it is.

220475 ▶▶▶ Two-Six, replying to Hoppity, #483 of 2354 🔗

They call people “useless eaters” and “canon fodder”

221405 ▶▶▶ TT, replying to Hoppity, 2, #484 of 2354 🔗

I’ve been telling people for months that they are trying all they can to create as much division in society as possible, and that the generational conflict is next on their checklist. After stoking the fires of racial conflict (BLM), religious/atheist conflict (the ‘islamist terrorism’ mantra always being resuscitated at an opportune time), hypochondriacs vs. those wo still value their freedoms, health vs. profts, Trump supporters vs. haters and so on, they will move to the pensioners and how they are a drain on public finances. DB and some major consultancy firms have already published ‘projections’ about the trends they discern for the coming years (a fancy cover word for the policies they aim to implement), which include the suggestion that after the covid meltdown, it is entirely conceivable that the younger generations would be ‘favourable’ towards a government that confiscates the savings of the elderly for the benefit of the current generation. Mark my words: once granny has been ‘saved’, it will be granny and grandpa’s turn to be shamed into ‘donating’ (under voluntary compulsion of course) all they have to the bottomless pit that was once called the treasury.

220231 Steve Martindale, replying to Steve Martindale, 19, #485 of 2354 🔗

Was it just me? I was shocked to see the state of Boris Johnson when giving his TV announcement, he looked like a sickly extra in zombie movie, as if we are being ‘lead’ by the living dead. He seems to be just a hollow lifeless blob acting as a spokesperson for the weird Witty/Vallance duo as they run their deranged Dr Strangelove ideas.

So we have a lifeless zombie prime minister, the USA may soon have a ‘one foot in the grave’ senile President and most of Europe has tied itself up in knots, China must be very pleased with itself, section 2 of the cunning China domination plan slots neatly into place.

220272 ▶▶ NorthumbrianNomad, replying to Steve Martindale, 9, #486 of 2354 🔗

Yes, it’s a brilliant Chinese campaign, there’s no doubt about that. Symbolic that as Muslims hack people’s heads off about cartoons in Europe, not a single Muslim bats an eyelid about the demolition of mosques and mass brainwashing/sterilization of the Muslim populace in Xinjiang.
I wish I knew what to do with all my hatred.

220232 mattghg, replying to mattghg, 2, #487 of 2354 🔗

Will there be a vote in parliament on this latest horror?

220236 ▶▶ Julian, replying to mattghg, 5, #488 of 2354 🔗

Wednesday I think

Suspect usual Tories will rebel and Labour will abstain

220256 ▶▶▶ l835, replying to Julian, 3, #489 of 2354 🔗

Why abstain? it was labours idea.

220264 ▶▶▶ IanE, replying to Julian, 6, #490 of 2354 🔗

No, Labour have said they will support this societal euthanasia!

220239 ▶▶ DRW, replying to mattghg, 4, #491 of 2354 🔗

It’ll be as ceremonial as the CV Act renewal. Once again the Smarmer won’t oppose.

220254 ▶▶ l835, replying to mattghg, 3, #492 of 2354 🔗

Yes on Wednesday. Completely pointless.

220269 ▶▶ NorthumbrianNomad, replying to mattghg, 5, #493 of 2354 🔗

Why does anyone care any longer what Parliament does?

220237 wendyk, replying to wendyk, 34, #494 of 2354 🔗

“The real damage is done by those millions who want to ‘survive.’ The honest men who just want to be left in peace. Those who don’t want their little lives disturbed by anything bigger than themselves. Those with no sides and no causes. Those who won’t take measure of their own strength, for fear of antagonizing their own weakness. Those who don’t like to make waves—or enemies. Those for whom freedom, honour, truth, and principles are only literature. Those who live small, mate small, die small. It’s the reductionist approach to life: if you keep it small, you’ll keep it under control. If you don’t make any noise, the bogeyman won’t find you. But it’s all an illusion, because they die too, those people who roll up their spirits into tiny little balls so as to be safe. Safe?! From what? Life is always on the edge of death; narrow streets lead to the same place as wide avenues, and a little candle burns itself out just like a flaming torch does. I choose my own way to burn.”
― Sophie Scholl

This memorable quote from one of the very bravest young women; one of the brightest and the best,who stood up to the Nazis and paid with her life.

220315 ▶▶ vargas99, replying to wendyk, 2, #495 of 2354 🔗

That is a wonderful quote and deserves to be spread far and wide – I for one will be sharing this. Thank you wendyk.

220362 ▶▶▶ stewart, replying to vargas99, #496 of 2354 🔗

I’ve shared it with many. It says it all.

220360 ▶▶ Country Mumkin, replying to wendyk, 2, #497 of 2354 🔗

Thank you. I’ll also be sharing

220460 ▶▶▶ wendyk, replying to Country Mumkin, 2, #498 of 2354 🔗


This is the film of her life. I have the DVD,and it is deeply troubling, and unforgettable.

220800 ▶▶ annie, replying to wendyk, 2, #499 of 2354 🔗


221641 ▶▶ Winter, replying to wendyk, #500 of 2354 🔗

I’ve taken a screenshot of that. It’s spot on.

220240 matt, replying to matt, 27, #501 of 2354 🔗

The three week lockdown in March to “flatten the curve” didn’t work, which is why it had to be extended to over 3 months.
The 3 month lockdown didn’t work, which is why local restrictions didn’t work.
The local restrictions didn’t work, which is why the tier system had to be introduced.
The tier system didn’t work, which is why another month-long full lockdown had to be introduced.
And the month-long full lockdown won’t work any better than the 3 week lockdown.

Never let it be said that this is a government that doesn’t learn from their mistakes.

220260 ▶▶ wendyk, replying to matt, 4, #502 of 2354 🔗

Ever decreasing circles

220243 Ben Shirley, 11, #503 of 2354 🔗

I thought I’d see what the papers had to say on yesterday’s protests in London, Birmingham, Bournemouth and Crystal Palace, so I tapped ‘protest’ into Google News.

Muslims have been out in force in London to protest against Macron’s defence of satirical cartoons, and the abortion brigade are kicking up a fuss in Poland. But lockdown protests? Don’t be silly…

220251 Ned of the Hills, 2, #504 of 2354 🔗

I’ve just been looking online at the graph which were apparently presented at Mr. Johnson’s press conference yesterday. There was one showing the mortality figures in the different regions of England.

It struck me there was a marked difference twixt areas north of a line running from the Severn to the Wash where rates were higher, as opposed to areas south of that line were they were lower.

Ee, I were only readin’ t’other day Robert Peel referin’ to this line in a debate on the Reform Bill.

220253 Saved To Death, replying to Saved To Death, 67, #505 of 2354 🔗

Our rights belong to us by dint of our status as freeborn Englishman. Therefore, if the Government is going to suspend them, it needs a really good reason for doing so.”

Personally I believe in the idea that I have inalienable rights that are not granted by the government and therefore can be violated by but not suspended or removed by government.

As soon as you accept the idea that the government can suspend your rights for any reason you don’t really have any rights. You have temporary privileges granted by government. The governments abuse of the power you then grant them is then just a matter of time.

220287 ▶▶ Helen, replying to Saved To Death, 3, #506 of 2354 🔗

Great post StoD

220341 ▶▶ Country Mumkin, replying to Saved To Death, 6, #507 of 2354 🔗

I like this a lot. I’ve been coming to this place to although have nothing in writing to back up my thoughts. It’s just a sense. Any recommendations of what to read and where to go for more info? Thank you 🙂

220384 ▶▶▶ Bugle, replying to Country Mumkin, 3, #508 of 2354 🔗

“Second Treatise of Government” – John Locke. “On Liberty” – John Stuart Mill. “Rights of Man” – Thomas Paine.

222298 ▶▶▶ JohnB, replying to Country Mumkin, #509 of 2354 🔗

US Declaration of Independence

US Bill of Rights

220263 kh1485, replying to kh1485, 14, #510 of 2354 🔗

Following last night’s governmental kicking to the nuts, we received this load of platitudinous crap from our local Business ‘Improvement’ District. What pisses me off is that they treat us business owners as though we are children. My view is that if you have enough nouse to run a business, you surely have sufficient intelligence to obtain the information for yourself. (Sorry, angry atm).

Tomorrow The BID will speak to Uttlesford District Council. We will find out how those of you forced to close due to the new restrictions, will be able to claim any grants or financial support. Once we have some info, we will share it through this group and via email. It is likely it won’t be available instantly. This is a crazy time, but it looks like the government is trying to help where it can. Please try not to worry too much.

220651 ▶▶ Silke David, replying to kh1485, 2, #511 of 2354 🔗

I guess they have to at least pretend to do something “useful” for their members.

220809 ▶▶ annie, replying to kh1485, 3, #512 of 2354 🔗

Try not to worry too much.
Excuse me while I vomit,.

221893 ▶▶▶ kh1485, replying to annie, 1, #513 of 2354 🔗

I know, that was exactly my response.

220266 IanE, replying to IanE, 2, #514 of 2354 🔗

My MOT shortly due: does anyone yet know if garages will be ‘non-essential’?

{I know – trivial in the scheme of things, but just how much is left to destroy now?}

220308 ▶▶ Gillian, replying to IanE, 2, #515 of 2354 🔗

Garages were essental last time, but MOT requirement was suspended.

220608 ▶▶▶ PoshPanic, replying to Gillian, #516 of 2354 🔗

Thanks, mine’s due Friday, but no notice on cancellation yet

220270 Stuart, 3, #517 of 2354 🔗

Batons are being lovingly polished throughout the UKStasi Lockown Enforcement Constabulary.

Cracked skulls and ruinous fines will ensure your compliance. “Consent” is not required.

Do not even think of making a break for the border. That avenue has been closed.

Broad sunlit uplands have been imposed for the duration, or until Brexit is done, whichever is the sooner.

220280 John Ballard, replying to John Ballard, 62, #518 of 2354 🔗

Out last night, made sure I didn’t watch any news to spoil the night. Woke up this morning with a bit of a hangover (everywhere we went last night was busy and everyone in good spirits, like normal life back in February!) , looked at my phone knowing what it would show, actually laughed ! What else can you do? Little point getting upset anymore, I will just carry on as much as I can and ignore the bubbles and whatever other cr*p has been mentioned.
Imagine my work will now migrate to home, but if an option to go in, I will, on the train like normal. I will still go and see my 80 year old parents, I will still have my bus driver son around as much as he wants and the same for my supermarket worker daughter. Nothing will change apart from I will not be spending my hard earned in the pub or in an a restaurant. It’s the people forced to close again I feel sorry for, millions of them. This government should hang their heads in shame.
If we ever do have another election, let’s hope there is a party to vote for as it sure as hell won’t be the three big ones in place now, never ever.
Good luck everyone, keep your chin up and try as much as you can to laugh off the stupidity.

220318 ▶▶ Carrie, replying to John Ballard, 8, #519 of 2354 🔗

It might be hard to ‘just carry on’ if the army are circulating and forcing people to get tested (mass population DNA database to be achieved before Christmas?)…especially if they build isolation camps like in NZ…

220288 Guirme, replying to Guirme, 5, #520 of 2354 🔗

LOCKDOWN – not in my name!

220291 ▶▶ Stuart, replying to Guirme, 1, #521 of 2354 🔗

Martial Law is only a Borisian brainfart away.

220344 ▶▶▶ NorthumbrianNomad, replying to Stuart, 2, #522 of 2354 🔗

I’d rather have the army in charge than these fuckers

221009 ▶▶▶▶ ConstantBees, replying to NorthumbrianNomad, #523 of 2354 🔗

Be careful what you wish for. You may get both.

220292 Peter Thompson, replying to Peter Thompson, 20, #524 of 2354 🔗

The last time Boris locked us up in solitary confinement the ” two weeks to flatten the curve ” it lasted three months and we were only released then on strict conditions with a tag system. This time the begining of December will correspond to the ususal pre Christmas respiratory viral wave. I cannot believe the SAGE nutters will allow us anything more than a brief respite from the hell they prefer.

The mental health problems for many individuals of defacto house arrest in solitary confienment for the winter will be my main concern on the health ” front line ” . I am quite open about my views and opinions at work . As Martin Luther said ” I cannot go against my conscience . Here I stand I can do no other ”

A fellow doctor in Ireland Pat Morris stood up and spoke in public. He subsequently lost his job. A courageous softly spoken man. Please if you have a few minutes listen to him and his story.


220298 ▶▶ DRW, replying to Peter Thompson, 2, #525 of 2354 🔗

I expect we’ll be allowed a quick breather for Christmas followed by LD III in the new year.

220489 ▶▶ Steve, replying to Peter Thompson, 3, #526 of 2354 🔗

Professor Sir Jeremy Farrar (SAGE member and smug bastard) was being interviewed by Andrew Marr this morning and commented that the supposedly fixed term of the lockdown will be subject to review in the light of developments, and that we should all expect to enter “Tier4+” when it was eventually ended, i.e. the lockdown will effectively continue indefinitely.

220601 ▶▶ PoshPanic, replying to Peter Thompson, 1, #527 of 2354 🔗

Thanks for your insights Peter, always interesting

220293 Dan Clarke, replying to Dan Clarke, 9, #528 of 2354 🔗

They are more convinced that the population is stupid or gullible, than they are of Covid. The Cartel of pseudo scientists and now convincing Parliament and some people that nothing has changed in all of these months and we need to do it again. Last time they shut the cemeteries so people wouldn’t be upset at refrigerated lorries and mass graves, this time it’s ice rinks for mortuaries. They had to extend the furlough or face the millions of government employees, they eventually want everyone to be supported by the government, a true socialist society, the people owned and controlled.

220309 ▶▶ DRW, replying to Dan Clarke, 3, #529 of 2354 🔗

They are correct about the MSM believing majority then.

220421 ▶▶ thinkaboutit, replying to Dan Clarke, 2, #530 of 2354 🔗

Ice rinks! How many do we have? Not enough for a genuine plague.

220299 chaos, replying to chaos, 8, #531 of 2354 🔗

Gove has said this will likely go beyond December 2nd.

220310 ▶▶ A. Contrarian, replying to chaos, 13, #532 of 2354 🔗

Why is he allowed to say things like that, contradicting what the PM said only yesterday? It should be a sackable offence. It’s psychological torture.

220996 ▶▶▶ ConstantBees, replying to A. Contrarian, 1, #533 of 2354 🔗

The “great” thing about people who are into psychological abuse is their ability to gaslight. You now have a visceral understanding of gaslighting. Some of us had to go through multi-year relationships to get that kind of knowledge!

222334 ▶▶▶ JohnB, replying to A. Contrarian, #534 of 2354 🔗

Why is he allowed to say things like that … ? It’s psychological torture.

I think you’ve answered your own question, AC.

220311 ▶▶ Carrie, replying to chaos, 4, #535 of 2354 🔗

Didn’t someone write here a bit earlier today (sorry can’t remember who) that they could find no flights between Scotland and Stansted before 17th Dec? What have the airlines been told?

220378 ▶▶▶ A. Contrarian, replying to Carrie, 4, #536 of 2354 🔗

I think it will be 6 weeks minimum. Just two more weeks to save Christmas! Out on the 16th (hence flights restarting on the 17th), two weeks off around Christmas, unless you’re in a Tier 3 or 4 area or whatever the highest level tier is called by that time, definitely some kind of restrictions in place for New Year.

220444 ▶▶▶▶ Carrie, replying to A. Contrarian, 1, #537 of 2354 🔗

Didn’t Vallance mention ‘new restrictions in the Spring’???

220554 ▶▶▶▶▶ DeepBlueYonder, replying to Carrie, #538 of 2354 🔗

Yes, I’m sure he used the terms “new measures” referring to spring 2021.

220312 ▶▶ Charlie Blue, replying to chaos, 2, #539 of 2354 🔗

Blimey. Did he mean to tell the truth? Don’t trust him for a second but he’s surely right.

220334 ▶▶ DRW, replying to chaos, 1, #540 of 2354 🔗

If the “vaccine” is deployed by then, they can hold Christmas hostage.

220391 ▶▶ Cecil B, replying to chaos, 1, #541 of 2354 🔗

Mikey, tell us something we didn’t know

220589 ▶▶ PoshPanic, replying to chaos, 2, #542 of 2354 🔗

Great news! Whatever Gove says, the opposite is true

220300 Coronamoana, replying to Coronamoana, 73, #543 of 2354 🔗

How can you live a life in which all joy is prohibited and there is no hope for the future?

There is no way out of this: the government has turned on the people and are wilfully and systematically destroying our lives. I can see how they are doing it but I cannot understand why. Nothing makes any sense to me.

Normal healthy human behaviour is criminalised.

This is not a life I want to live.

220313 ▶▶ Guirme, replying to Coronamoana, 3, #544 of 2354 🔗

Very well put; sums up my feelings exactly.

220328 ▶▶ Rosie, replying to Coronamoana, 12, #545 of 2354 🔗

Join the fightback. Act.

220364 ▶▶ DRW, replying to Coronamoana, 15, #546 of 2354 🔗

I expect one of the reasons they are doing it is to make the masses desperate to take the “vaccine” to get back to normal life. Of course that will be no more effective than a nasal spray, just a facade for digital IDs.

220699 ▶▶ John Alday, replying to Coronamoana, 9, #547 of 2354 🔗

The very reason why they are doing it is because nothing about power and wealth is what seems. Beneath all of this, you will find a spiritual warfare wages, which has intensified as of late. We used to know this evidently, since most people were brought up by parents in faith and the Church that stood up to those tyrants (see Pope Leo XIII or Pius XI). We used to individually take up the call to do our part in this fight, by recognising that man’s true wealth are his moral qualities and virtues in service of God. Try to erase that for decades and we revert back to the structure of pagans: the ruling class is mighty in leisure and the masses are nothing but slaves since they are for the toil and derision. Don’t let your spirit break, draw closer to God and if you don’t mind me imparting what I believe to be the truth backed by experience: one can only withstand these attacks well if in the state of sanctifying grace, which means taking faith, work and sacraments most seriously and to be ready for a lot of sacrifices out of which to grow in holiness. The Enemy is one, but he has many manifestations in the deep state and deep church, yet many who oppose it with God’s grace – for example, Abp Vigano’s letters and more. Let us never forget who has actually been truly victorious! Joy in adversity, hope assured, and fittingly so on this All Saints’ Day, where each one of them started with a meritorious prayer of desire for Christ!

220838 ▶▶▶ annie, replying to John Alday, 9, #548 of 2354 🔗

Well said indeed.You are an inspiration.
I sang ‘ For all the saints’ very loudly this morning at my one-woman open-air service. I didn’t omit a single verse.
I think there were about 144,000 other attenders, though my earthly eyes couldn’t see them.

Blessing, and honour, and glory, and power be unto Him that sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb, for ever and ever. Amen..

222340 ▶▶▶▶ Rosie, replying to annie, 3, #549 of 2354 🔗

Love that hymn. You’re an inspiration too!
Here’s me with my personal pet organist as well – I really need to get my singing voice going again!
I was reminded to put on my armour this morning. Don’t we need it!

220875 ▶▶▶ Sylvie, replying to John Alday, 2, #550 of 2354 🔗

Whatever works for you; but bear in mind that libertarians often think that humanity’s moral qualities and virtues have nothing to do with service to, worship of, or faith in any particular god(s). Just as their vices have nothing to do with Satan.

222337 ▶▶▶▶ JohnB, replying to Sylvie, 3, #551 of 2354 🔗

Some do, some don’t. We’re at liberty to make up our own minds. 🙂

220820 ▶▶ annie, replying to Coronamoana, 9, #552 of 2354 🔗

Create some joy.
It’s always possible.
The forces of evil feed on fear and misery.
Starve them.

222104 ▶▶ Rowan, replying to Coronamoana, 4, #553 of 2354 🔗

The answer as to why can be summed up in four words, Bill Gates – Klaus Schwab . Even briefer it could be just two words, vaccines – depopulation.

220307 garry a, replying to garry a, 39, #554 of 2354 🔗

We are in an abusive relationship with the government, Imagine if a man said to a woman ‘you can only got out for these reasons, and I’m doing this for your own good’. Those who comply are helping the abuser.

220324 ▶▶ Country Mumkin, replying to garry a, 8, #555 of 2354 🔗

It’s so true

220477 ▶▶ stefarm, replying to garry a, 2, #556 of 2354 🔗

you can only got out for these reasons and make sure you cover your face

220491 ▶▶▶ Carrie, replying to stefarm, #557 of 2354 🔗

Are masks now compulsory outdoors?

220803 ▶▶▶▶ CGL, replying to Carrie, 6, #558 of 2354 🔗

Please don’t ask that out loud – they will hear you.

220316 Dan Clarke, 6, #559 of 2354 🔗

All government/establishment jobs will be safe as they are already controlled. The rest will be reduced to the point they accept government ‘help’ in exchange for……, result government controlled. Its what they want for everyone, an ultra socialist society, a 1 party parliament, all of the country run under the umbrella of the Globalists.

220317 alw, replying to alw, 21, #560 of 2354 🔗


Sumption was right. There is a civic responsibility to obey the law *in a liberal democracy* which is *under the rule of law*.
There is no moral obligation to obey law per se; and no obligation in a society that has divested itself of democratic norms.

220321 ▶▶ Country Mumkin, replying to alw, 8, #561 of 2354 🔗

I’m very interested to understand more about this. How can we learn more about how to not follow these rules?

220331 ▶▶▶ Basileus, replying to Country Mumkin, 1, #562 of 2354 🔗
220340 ▶▶▶▶ Rosie, replying to Basileus, 4, #563 of 2354 🔗

There isn’t time to read all that guff. Sumption and Hoar need to tell us right now.

220798 ▶▶▶▶▶ CGL, replying to Rosie, 1, #564 of 2354 🔗

A sort of ‘Dummies Guide for the Revolting’

220994 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Country Mumkin, replying to CGL, 1, #565 of 2354 🔗

That would be incredible!

220443 ▶▶▶▶ Basileus, replying to Basileus, 2, #566 of 2354 🔗
220675 ▶▶▶▶▶ Silke David, replying to Basileus, 4, #567 of 2354 🔗

I watched on SORUK telegraph feed a take away owner standing up to police and a very stupid council person under common law. Very encouraging.

220876 ▶▶▶▶▶ ConstantBees, replying to Basileus, #568 of 2354 🔗

That really is a silly idea. You keep posting it, though.

221000 ▶▶▶▶▶ Country Mumkin, replying to Basileus, #569 of 2354 🔗

Thank you for the link.

220874 ▶▶▶▶ ConstantBees, replying to Basileus, #570 of 2354 🔗

A musician?

220332 ▶▶▶ Rosie, replying to Country Mumkin, 2, #571 of 2354 🔗

I’ve already sent a letter to Freshfields asking them just that.
Anyone with Twitter or know any lawyers. Ask!

220879 ▶▶▶ nat, replying to Country Mumkin, #574 of 2354 🔗

Watch the UK Column news.

220882 ▶▶▶ nat, replying to Country Mumkin, #575 of 2354 🔗

Watch the UK Column news. Also some good articles on their website.

221003 ▶▶▶▶ Country Mumkin, replying to nat, #576 of 2354 🔗

Thanks, I’ll do that 🙂

221216 ▶▶▶ stewart, replying to Country Mumkin, #577 of 2354 🔗

Just don’t. But as Sumption points out, you must be prepared to bear the consequences. That’s the hard bit.

220319 Arnie, replying to Arnie, 41, #578 of 2354 🔗

It’s time for subversion folks. You choose if you want to break the law but we are the resistance just like the French resistance of the 1940’s.

I have one ex-forces friend who has joined up as a ‘covid marshal’, they are visiting every household where I live making us ‘covid secure’ apparently. He is determined to make the zealots lives as miserable as possible whilst giving the non believers as much knowledge and slack as he can.

We’ve got to do something.

Look after yourselves & each other.


220375 ▶▶ Cheshirecatslave, replying to Arnie, 7, #579 of 2354 🔗

Can people not refuse to answer the door?

220390 ▶▶▶ Arnie, replying to Cheshirecatslave, 2, #580 of 2354 🔗

I have no idea. I do know that they are all wearing camera’s on their vests though…

220805 ▶▶▶ Yawnyaman, replying to Cheshirecatslave, 6, #581 of 2354 🔗

They have no right of entry without a warrant

220843 ▶▶▶▶ annie, replying to Yawnyaman, 1, #582 of 2354 🔗

In Wales they have.

221038 ▶▶▶▶▶ Rosie, replying to annie, 5, #583 of 2354 🔗

They claim that they have but according to Sumption’s opinion they have not. This is going to take great bravery on our part.
Thanks to Arnie and others for showing us how.
Arnie = Strider from LOTR

221101 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Arnie, replying to Rosie, #584 of 2354 🔗

Rosie you made my day! Thank you. I love LOTR and to be compared to Strider is awesome. Thanks again.
Take care.

220322 Mayo, replying to Mayo, 10, #585 of 2354 🔗

I’ve paid pretty close attention to data at national and my local (Tier 2) level and agree fully with Carl Heneghan. Numbers are ticking up but not at a rate which is likely to suddenly overwhelm us.

The Imperial projections appear to be based on data from surveys carried out mainly in September when it’s possible they captured a brief sharp acceleration. I think ONS & Covid ZOE Symptom study , in particular, show similar patterns but as Tim Spector (ZOE) says numbers are rising but not surging.

It’s still possible that parts of the country will experience an unmanageable surge in cases but it’s not evident yet. Boris Johnson has jumped the gun unfortunately.

220336 ▶▶ NorthumbrianNomad, replying to Mayo, 8, #586 of 2354 🔗

September was when all the students were testing positive and that was supposedly going to infect all the vulnerable. Another forgotten prophecy of doom.

220407 ▶▶▶ Fingerache Philip., replying to NorthumbrianNomad, 5, #587 of 2354 🔗

Same as when the “great unwashed” flocked to the beaches during the summer; still waiting for that second wave.

220694 ▶▶▶ Silke David, replying to NorthumbrianNomad, 2, #588 of 2354 🔗

Their “heatwave” graph this time definitely kept the +test in lower ages only. Their theory that the younger then transmit “upwards” was not visible, with the upper age groups hardly more than dark yellow. Last time they showed these the upper age groups were darker. So there is a change and mainly young people test +, as all over Europe.

220339 ▶▶ Arnie, replying to Mayo, 19, #589 of 2354 🔗

I’m on the south coast UK. There was 1 death WITH covid yesterday in my county. There are currently no, ZERO, patients in hospital here with covid.

Whatever is going on is nothing to do with a virus.

220356 ▶▶▶ Dan Clarke, replying to Arnie, 3, #590 of 2354 🔗

At least the people out walking on the coast are all behaving normally, a sanctuary for sure.

220866 ▶▶▶▶ ConstantBees, replying to Dan Clarke, 1, #591 of 2354 🔗

Most of them. I’m also on the south coast. I keep seeing individuals on the beach wearing masks. Thankfully only a small number but I want to scream every time I see one.

220367 ▶▶ Steve Martindale, replying to Mayo, 5, #592 of 2354 🔗

I am not sure Boris is capable of jumping any more, more worryingly I think someone is pulling his strings and manipulating him and he is putty in their hands.
To my mind if there is anything to be said for the current ludicrous testing system it is showing huge numbers of ‘+ve’ test results from people who are asymptomatic or mild and therefore immune to serious covid. There seems to be signs that death numbers are pretty stable and that the pressure on the NHS is not growing, a cynical person might think that they have imposed this lockdown so that they can claim that this natural levelling off was all a result of their lock-downs.

220393 ▶▶▶ Lms23, replying to Steve Martindale, 3, #593 of 2354 🔗

I’d series like to know how many of those “positive” asymptomatic cases are real test results at all. There’s too many instances of people getting positive test results when they haven’t even returned their swabs for testing, or when they’ve not stabbed their nose or mouth but a pot plant…

Alex Belfield: Yucca plant tests positive

220415 ▶▶▶▶ Carrie, replying to Lms23, 3, #594 of 2354 🔗

And the same people being tested multiple times..

220586 ▶▶ nottingham69, replying to Mayo, 3, #595 of 2354 🔗

Agree but why is Johnson still taking primary advice off ICL. Heneghan makes more sense than anyone to me. He certainly should have the ear of the government.

220326 SilentP, 1, #596 of 2354 🔗

Has anyone received a message on this site this morning about a brute force attack on the site?

220327 Basileus, replying to Basileus, 20, #597 of 2354 🔗

I sent this to a few dozen MPs this morning:

Johnson Must Go

What a shambles: this government can’t even organise a press conference on time. I assume that must mean there was some opposition within Cabinet.

Whitty and Vallence surely know that their ridiculous graphs are ‘smoke and mirrors’. The pandemic is over as demonstrated by the government’s own statistics showing that there are no excess deaths compared to previous years. The ‘cases’ numbers are a sham and result from a discredited PCR test regime. To add insult to injury, SAGE are still relying on discredited models to forecast future mortality. If any of my students were to engage in this sort of maverick treatment of data they would be laughed out of the classroom.

This government has lied to the people and subjected them to tyrannous and unlawful regulations which will be overthrown if scrutinised in a Common Law Court. These actions constitute an offence under the Fraud Act 2006 being ‘Fraud by Misrepresentation’. The government, its ministers and those MPs who did not oppose the legislation will have to answer charges accordingly.

220414 ▶▶ Carrie, replying to Basileus, 2, #598 of 2354 🔗

Didn’t the government just pass a law putting themselves beyond prosecution?

220422 ▶▶▶ Dan Clarke, replying to Carrie, 1, #599 of 2354 🔗

And the NHS

220456 ▶▶▶ Basileus, replying to Carrie, 2, #600 of 2354 🔗

They have … but, my understanding is that the legislation is ‘against common right and reason and repugnant’ (Bill of Rights 1688), so we have legal grounds on which to disobey.

220490 ▶▶▶▶ Carrie, replying to Basileus, 1, #601 of 2354 🔗

I’d like to believe that, but they have been acting ultra vires since the start, with no consequences…

220329 Antonedes, replying to Antonedes, 12, #602 of 2354 🔗

The government has sucked all the joy out of life, but we can still work. The new slogan:


220351 ▶▶ Arnie, replying to Antonedes, 3, #603 of 2354 🔗

Absolutely! Who’d have thought that Boris was more left wing than momentum?

220333 Novidnineteen, replying to Novidnineteen, 18, #604 of 2354 🔗

Has anybody else noticed that the Government intends to lock us down on Guy Fawkes night?

Build your bonfires, get some good food and drink in, and invite your fellow sceptics and good friends.Stand up for our freedoms.

Remind our leaders what determined people can do.

220337 ▶▶ IanE, replying to Novidnineteen, 3, #605 of 2354 🔗

Build a bonfire; build a bonfire.
Put the ……

220342 ▶▶ Dan Clarke, replying to Novidnineteen, 6, #606 of 2354 🔗

Where is Guy Fawkes when you need him, isin’t there one every generation/era?

220406 ▶▶ Carrie, replying to Novidnineteen, 5, #607 of 2354 🔗

Think people should make bonfires in the streets and burn effigies of Boris, Whitty, Vallance and Hancock!

220555 ▶▶▶ Chris John, replying to Carrie, 1, #608 of 2354 🔗

I’d prefer the real thing, as a measure of justice for the new withces and as a warning to the rest of SAGE and politicans

220855 ▶▶ annie, replying to Novidnineteen, 1, #609 of 2354 🔗

I have five packs of giant sparklers and I’m going to light them all, though probably not all at the same time.

220861 ▶▶ ConstantBees, replying to Novidnineteen, 1, #610 of 2354 🔗

I’ve heard fireworks going off every night.

220335 CGL, replying to CGL, 8, #611 of 2354 🔗

When i go to another level up the frustration level I sometimes post things to facebook that i hope will make people stop and think. Accounts from people on how this is affecting their own lives. Are we desensitized to these stories? Or maybe they are all just burying their heads and don’t want to see or hear anything that makes them sad.

One lady questions all these things and makes sure to tell me how awful I am for posting such things:-

“CGL please seek some help. There is a far more positive and community-spirited outlook to be found if you look for it. I’m sorry to sound harsh but I’m concerned that you are spending so much time trawling the internet for the very worst stories you can find, some of which may not even be Covid related; many of which may not be true. It looks as though we are heading towards another lockdown. No one wants it but most see that it is probably the answer to the current situation. Accepting it and helping others around you to get through it is of far more value than this constant negativity and suggestion that everyone else is wrong.
You’re a nice lady but not thinking clearly, I feel. So sorry. I sound like a right cow but I’m genuinely concerned.”

I replied with some usual stuff about Yeadon and that I dont like masks etc. Her reply:

“I hope you are not suggesting that I don’t want to know the truth. We all need the truth. I just fail to see what possible motive governments across the world could have for lying about the pandemic, wrecking lives and destroying economies. It simply doesn’t make sense.
By the way, I hate masks. I hate how we all look like zombies and how uncomfortable they are. Unlike you, though, I’m not digging my heels in and refusing to do as I am asked. I’m getting on with my life as best I can within the current guidelines.”

I replied saying money maybe something to do with it, PCR tests not being cases, and mentioned Yeadon and Delingpoles ideas about non-conspiracy theories. Her response:-

“If 90% are false positives, I wonder how we account for the numbers in hospital and people on ventilators and those actually dying? I suppose you are going to tell me that those aren’t real either.
I’m afraid your physical, visceral thing is probably closely related to the incredible amount of time you spend in an echo chamber of people who can no more answer my questions than you can. What on Earth is the point? Why are we being lied to? What is this big conspiracy that only a few people are privy to and that the whole of the world’s media is strangely ignoring?
I find what you write worrying – not the content but the fact that you actually can’t see how preposterous it sounds without any explanation as to why it is correct. Convergent opportunism? Really? One hell of a big convergence.”

Nice eh.

220382 ▶▶ Lms23, replying to CGL, 6, #612 of 2354 🔗

The majority of the world’s mainstream media is studiously ignoring the allegations against the Biden family. 51% of Americans believe it’s just Russian disinformation, because that’s what almost all but Fox News and the New York Post have been saying.
Is there a grand conspiracy, or a confluence of interests, i.e. suppress any bad news about Biden to make sure he’s elected?

As for destroying Western economies, perhaps we should look to the likes of Maurice Strong, and others in positions of power who have sought to destroy Western capitalism for decades. Boris has bought into the whole Green agenda, which not includes getting rid of fossil fuels and rely upon renewable energy sources instead, which is completely unrealistic. And that will also include destroying whole industries, as the government is currently doing.

If you still believe you’re being told the truth by the media and government, you won’t see much that’s wrong. It may not make sense, but it’s being done in the best of motives.
When you see the lies and blatant censorship, then you no longer believe their motives are good, so you have to question what they are.

221451 ▶▶▶ TT, replying to Lms23, #613 of 2354 🔗

The ‘Russian disinformation’ mantra is being spread from shady outfits such as the UK’s “ Integrity Initiative “, an ‘information war effort’ that benefits from state and corporate funding (and was incidentally co-founded by a Belgian university, the VUB). They have been instrumental in the campaign against Assange and in painting the Biden rumours as Russian disinfo:

“The Integrity Initiative is described by the British government as a counter-Russia-disinformation campaign, which, in typically Orwellian language, means that it is a U.S.-British disinformation campaign. Co-founder Donnelly’s leaked contacts-list included Pablo Miller, a likely MI6 agent and certain recruiter and handler of Russian traitors. Miller joined Orbis Business Intelligence, an entity run by MI6’s former Moscow-based agent and station chief, Christopher Steele.
Steele was indirectly paid by the U.S. Democratic National Committee to compile the absurd dossier implying that Trump is a Kremlin puppet. Another individual on the Integrity Initiative list is Anne Applebaum: a columnist and author, who is reportedly listed in the Integrity Initiative’s documents concerning an agenda to create “clusters” of sympathetic media figures. A third is the journalist and author, Edward Lucas, who implied that he was pleased to be associated with the organization.” (see https://www.counterpunch.org/2020/07/24/uk-russia-report-the-integrity-initiative-strikes-again/ ).

For more reading, see e.g. https://williambowles.info/2018/12/16/the-integrity-initiative-a-military-intelligence-operation-disguised-as-charity-to-create-the-russian-threat-by-moon-of-alabama/ , https://sputniknews.com/world/201812141070699912-assange-integrity-institute-parliament/ or for a brief summary . https://wikispooks.com/wiki/Integrity_Initiative .

220403 ▶▶ thinkaboutit, replying to CGL, 4, #614 of 2354 🔗

She’s a Covid Bovid.
Don’t waste your time on her.

220430 ▶▶ Two-Six, replying to CGL, 10, #615 of 2354 🔗

“I just fail to see what possible motive governments across the world could have for lying about the pandemic, wrecking lives and destroying economies. It simply doesn’t make sense”.

That’s the problem RIGHT THERE.

Don’t worry CGL I think your friend is mental as well. I know you aren’t.

Worried about your mental health is she? Really? These fools all say that. Fuck them.

220782 ▶▶▶ CGL, replying to Two-Six, #616 of 2354 🔗

You’re back!
Not mental yet, but I’m getting there! 🙂

220852 ▶▶▶ ConstantBees, replying to Two-Six, 1, #617 of 2354 🔗

In some contexts it’s called projection. It’s like calling us “selfish.” Pushing their own feelings onto others.

220658 ▶▶ wendyk, replying to CGL, 3, #618 of 2354 🔗

An attempt to undermine you CGL,with supposedly kindly advice and some sneaky ridicule.

If I were you, I’d abandon FB: I don’t do social media in any shape or form.

220787 ▶▶▶ CGL, replying to wendyk, 1, #619 of 2354 🔗

I don’t want to disparage a whole group as we have had the pleasure of dealing with some amazing and inspirational teachers during our kids time at school, but there is a certain subset of primary school teachers who think they should treat everyone the same as they treat their 9 year olds. I do believe she is one of them. Probably a very good teacher, but I don’t need her to teach me anything.

220860 ▶▶▶▶ ConstantBees, replying to CGL, 2, #620 of 2354 🔗

The very tone of that reply makes me think you’re better off without her in your life, if at all possible. Consider unfriending, but even better get off FB.

Someone I admire (Richard Grannon) once said “don’t associate with people who emotionally disregulate you.” I think this is one of those people.

221207 ▶▶▶▶▶ CGL, replying to ConstantBees, #621 of 2354 🔗

Yes – will probably deactivate – I have quite a few fb friends who are only ex-choir acquaintences really – not friends. Having said that, none of my actual friends are any support either. The post that prompted this lady to contact me yesterday, also prompted this from a friend who did the reading at our wedding:-

“I’m sorry mate but I’m blocking you as I can’t keep reading such negative reports! I’m struggling, we’re all struggling but reading shit like this makes it do much harder x ”

My friends are useless to me apparently.
I do need messenger, so I can’t really leave altogether.

220702 ▶▶ Alethea, replying to CGL, 1, #622 of 2354 🔗

She’s a collaborator.

220849 ▶▶ ConstantBees, replying to CGL, 2, #623 of 2354 🔗

That’s why I do my best to stay off of FB. My “friends” would say similar things to me. Better just to get on with my own life.

220338 Dan Clarke, replying to Dan Clarke, 4, #624 of 2354 🔗

Its becoming more worrying than their ‘covid’ that if you need any type of care or flu jab etc, that at a certain age, you will be on a ‘hit list’

220402 ▶▶ Carrie, replying to Dan Clarke, 2, #625 of 2354 🔗

Very worrying!

220841 ▶▶ ConstantBees, replying to Dan Clarke, #626 of 2354 🔗

Doing my best to distance myself from the NHS for that very reason. I’m at the young end of the target age group.

220346 smileymiley, 21, #627 of 2354 🔗

I’ve always thought that this 2nd lockdown would happen at some time but hopefully felt that those in HMG would see the truth & read the data to come to the conclusion that it didn’t have to be done.
I’m in despair this morning, I can’t understand why they have come to this position when all the data, even HMG’s own, points out that the virus is over. All cause deaths are below the 5 year average since June.
This is particularly affecting Mrs smileymiley now & is getting more frustrated and angry by the day.
This is only going to stop when the people of thus country rise up & take back control. I’ve always said right from the beginning that this won’t end well & now it seems that the only way it will end is with blood on the streets.
I never thought that in my lifetime that I would have to stand up & be counted to fight for our freedom.
I am doing so now!

220354 p02099003, replying to p02099003, 3, #628 of 2354 🔗

Hypothetically and assuming a significant proportion of the population of England are tested, say 35 million.
What would be the response of SAGE et al if there were 25 million positive results out of the 35 million tests performed?
More lockdown or open up the country?

220359 ▶▶ A. Contrarian, replying to p02099003, 1, #629 of 2354 🔗

I think we all know the answer to that one…

220416 ▶▶ Two-Six, replying to p02099003, #630 of 2354 🔗

The evil psychopaths would get the nukes out and go for scorched earth. COVIDS are well know not to be able to withstand living on a sheet of molten glass.

220514 ▶▶ Leemc23, replying to p02099003, #631 of 2354 🔗

Surely if 67,000,000 were tested every day then around 10% false positives would be generated every day so forever more you have 6.7 million infections every day. Forever

220530 ▶▶ PoshPanic, replying to p02099003, #632 of 2354 🔗

It seems that this is sort of their plan. Roll out even more testing at huge cost ( but massive benefit to the contracts ). Massive numbers. Then as the cycles are wound down, success-lockdown worked!

220361 Dame Lynet, replying to Dame Lynet, 6, #633 of 2354 🔗

I see. This is such a desperate situation that ‘Strictly’ can’t be moved from its time slot to accommodate the announcement of the nuclear option of a second lockdown.
What would it take to get the many disconnects through to a majority? I am at a loss.

220376 ▶▶ Cecil B, replying to Dame Lynet, 6, #634 of 2354 🔗

Remember it’s a cult (strictly that is)

220397 ▶▶▶ thinkaboutit, replying to Cecil B, #635 of 2354 🔗

Panem et circenses

220401 ▶▶▶ Dame Lynet, replying to Cecil B, #636 of 2354 🔗

Apparently, I never watch it.

220380 ▶▶ DRW, replying to Dame Lynet, 5, #637 of 2354 🔗

If things were that bad we wouldn’t be bloody filming Strictly. Guess mass entertainment is an essential service.

220399 ▶▶▶ Carrie, replying to DRW, 4, #638 of 2354 🔗

Likewise football would not continue. Julia H-B needs to make these points in interviews tomorrow.

Anyone got that calculation someone did when Vallance produced his first not-a-prediction; the one where IF he was right, everyone would have had the virus by sometime in December and millions would be dead a short while after?

That would be rather fun to get Julia to take up with any MP brave enough to be interviewed by her!

220557 ▶▶▶▶ nottingham69, replying to Carrie, 1, #639 of 2354 🔗

Very few listen to Brewer though and none of the MSM will ever pick up on any of her interviews. So the masses will never know of her exposing the lies that are told by the rule makers.

220409 ▶▶▶ Dame Lynet, replying to DRW, #640 of 2354 🔗


220410 ▶▶ Two-Six, replying to Dame Lynet, 5, #641 of 2354 🔗

Strictly Dumb DANCING
Strictly Dumb MASKING
Strictly Stay at Home
Strictly Stay Apart
Strictly Sanitize your hands
Strictly Follow the ONE WAY SYSTEM
Strictly never ask questions
Strictly only read the newspaper
Strictly only watch the TV
Strictly ignore all other sources of information
Strictly denounce others with a conflicting view to yours
Strictly Inform on your friends and neighbours
Strictly believe in the cult of COVID


220519 ▶▶ PoshPanic, replying to Dame Lynet, 1, #642 of 2354 🔗

Great point! So if we ever got into a real nuclear situation, then we know there won’t be a 4 minute warning while Strictly is on!

220366 Cheshirecatslave, replying to Cheshirecatslave, 22, #643 of 2354 🔗

I read my blog friends page and wished I hadn’t as every other post was about how it would all be over if people wore masks and followed the rules and weren’t so selfish and so on and so forth. I made a filter of the people I Like who aren’t going on like this then posted “ The Government announced another lockdown yesterday. I’m furious. Hospital admissions and deaths are pretty normal for the time of year and they are basing it all on unreliable tests which even their inventor never intended as a diagnostic tool.

Society has forgotten how to deal with viruses. Waging a war on them is like King Canute trying to turn back the tide. In 1968, a million died of flu when the world population was only half what it is now. We kept calm and carried on. Sweden did much the same as we did in the past and has suffered fewer deaths per million than the UK and several other countries with human right harming restrictions like ours. Their sensible rules include staying at home when ill, distancing, handwashing and not going in anywhere if vulnerable.

The Government aren’t even trying to offer protection to those who need protecting, such as ensuring the vulnerable can get groceries delivered if they prefer not to go shopping, so their claim to be saving lives rings hollow.

Meanwhile, the restrictions are leading to suffering and death from suicide, untreated cancer and heart disease, domestic violence and so. Then there are thousands of ruined lives from job losses.

I’m not depressed this time as I’ve a better support system in place this time round. I’m angry.

I’m withdrawing from here from a while as so many posts are about rising case numbers, masks, politics and other things I feel I need to get away from so feel free to delete me if you want. I’ll be back when we get more normality in our lives again. I’ll still be posting cat photos , which you mustn’t feel obliged to comment on, but not reading very much as all the virus and political stuff gets me down at the moment.”

I can do without another lockdown full of whiners and virtue signalers. They were likeable before all this, but I’ve had enough.

220373 ▶▶ Cecil B, replying to Cheshirecatslave, 5, #644 of 2354 🔗

Remember it’s a cult, and be thankful that they have not started burning non believers


220379 ▶▶ Arnie, replying to Cheshirecatslave, 4, #645 of 2354 🔗

Look after yourself CatSlave.
Love from the south coast UK.

220518 ▶▶▶ Cheshirecatslave, replying to Arnie, 2, #646 of 2354 🔗

Thank you, I still hope to be around here.

220389 ▶▶ thinkaboutit, replying to Cheshirecatslave, 3, #647 of 2354 🔗

Well said.

220520 ▶▶▶ Cheshirecatslave, replying to 2 pence, #649 of 2354 🔗

I can’t get the link to open, alas.

220834 ▶▶▶ ConstantBees, replying to 2 pence, #650 of 2354 🔗

Broken link. Azure site so may not be shareable.

220550 ▶▶ tonyspurs, replying to Cheshirecatslave, 6, #651 of 2354 🔗

Up until now I’ve tried to engage with the virtual signallers,the pro mask /lockdown and the apathetic “it is what it is” merchant’s but no more I will let them know the c**ts that they are I don’t care any longer Family, friends or foe they will know where I stand and what I think of them

220679 ▶▶▶ Cheshirecatslave, replying to tonyspurs, 2, #652 of 2354 🔗

I try to see them as brainwashed and ignorant of anything not is MSM but my patience has worn very thin reading stuff like anyone maskless is trying to kill them!

221236 ▶▶ Cbird, replying to Cheshirecatslave, #653 of 2354 🔗

Brilliant, good for you. Love the name

220368 Cecil B, replying to Cecil B, 4, #654 of 2354 🔗

I’m about to make a sausage and black pudding toasted sandwich

All I need now is Marcus to pay for it

(Other life limiting breakfasts are available)

221084 ▶▶ JohnB, replying to Cecil B, #655 of 2354 🔗

Sounds entirely life-enhancing to me, Cecil.

220370 Arnie, replying to Arnie, 47, #656 of 2354 🔗


I’ve had enough.

I want bad things to happen to the people doing this to us.

I pray for it.

220434 ▶▶ Basileus, replying to Arnie, -2, #657 of 2354 🔗
220449 ▶▶▶ chaos, replying to Basileus, 4, #658 of 2354 🔗

You are better off learning the actual law.. and follow the likes of crimebodge on YouTube.. commonlaw is mostly mumbojumbo..

220825 ▶▶▶ ConstantBees, replying to Basileus, 4, #659 of 2354 🔗

I used to work next to a collection department team. Overhead some amazing calls. The manager would stand up whenever he had to take one of the difficult calls. We could all hear him, even those of us on other teams. I listened to him talk to someone who used this kind of argument to try to avoid paying his debt. Very entertaining. Do not stake your freedom on that site unless you can get real information concerning their “advice” from a solicitor

220383 calchas, #660 of 2354 🔗

“As one Conservative minister told the Times ‘s Matt Chorley: “The incompetence is another level……..

This ‘incompetence’ is certainly at another level. In fact it is so much at another level that a special term was coined for it in the English langage:

‘deliberate action’

220385 calchas, replying to calchas, 7, #661 of 2354 🔗

““As one Conservative minister told the Times ‘s Matt Chorley: “The incompetence is another level……..

This ‘incompetence’ is certainly at another level. In fact it is so much at another level that a special term was coined for it in the English langage:

‘deliberate action’

220513 ▶▶ William Gruff, replying to calchas, 3, #662 of 2354 🔗

Or Fascism for short.

220392 Victoria, replying to Victoria, 2, #664 of 2354 🔗

Please vote if you have a twitter account

Will you comply with this illegal lockdown?


220466 ▶▶ Steve Martindale, replying to Victoria, 4, #665 of 2354 🔗

Unfortunately some of the effects of the lock down are outside our control; I am a regular swimmer but the pools will shut, we regularly visit our family by train but long distance train travel will be strictly monitored. My wife plays in music groups which were just getting going again but village halls and community centres will all close again.
I would switch to swimming in the sea but I am a bit long in the tooth now for winter sea swimming.

220506 ▶▶▶ Evoluon, replying to Steve Martindale, #666 of 2354 🔗

I don’t see how long distance train travel can be strictly monitored. It wasn’t in the last lockdown.

220690 ▶▶▶▶ Alethea, replying to Evoluon, 2, #667 of 2354 🔗

That’s true. I travelled by train wherever I wanted last time. I was frightened at first, but realised that the only thing policing train travel was my own fear. Lose that, and you can go where you want by train.

221081 ▶▶▶▶ JohnB, replying to Evoluon, #668 of 2354 🔗

Yep, “Going to work” or “Work-related travel”. End.

220561 ▶▶▶ TJN, replying to Steve Martindale, 2, #669 of 2354 🔗

Yes, I started pool swimming again three weeks ago and was just turning the corner back into some sort of fitness again, and now another month break, at least. It’s frightening what the 7-month pool lay off did to me.

I swam a couple of times a week in the sea during the summer, but sea swimming is a very different thing – just can’t get the same fitness out of it, don’t know why. Still, might be back in the sea again soon if the weather settles. It’s cooling down, but not actually that cold yet …

Used to sea swim (wetsuit) up to about December, when I’d get some horrible cold and that would be it till the spring.

220461 ▶▶ Carrie, replying to A. Contrarian, #671 of 2354 🔗

The Speaker will be on his case if this is true…

220473 ▶▶ Jenny, replying to A. Contrarian, #672 of 2354 🔗

Indeed – please let this be true.

220398 Victoria, replying to Victoria, 9, #673 of 2354 🔗

Do you support a second national lockdown?


220896 ▶▶ John P, replying to Victoria, #674 of 2354 🔗

Good to see, but the only problem with that is that Laurence’s twitter feed is mostly populated with people aligned with him politically. it may not be entirely representative.

220400 Major Panic, replying to Major Panic, 4, #675 of 2354 🔗

What percentage of deaths ‘with a positive PCR test in the last 28 days’ were people who had simple arrived at the end of their natural life and would have died anyway?

220426 ▶▶ jb12, replying to Major Panic, 6, #676 of 2354 🔗

About 94% according to the CDC’s figures.

220411 Northern Chubs, replying to Northern Chubs, 11, #677 of 2354 🔗

So it appears that large governments have mechanisms to become tyrannical overnight. I personally would like to move towards a teeny-tiny government that cannot implement its bad decisions on the general public so that they can turn a country into a dystopia in less than a year. I would suspect that there will be a decent number on here that would want the same too now.

However, I am not knowledgeable enough to imagine what a road-map towards this would look like. Is it unreasonable to say that the current crop of main political parties are toast? Or will they continue to survive due to blind religious habit of enough of the registered voters? If there is enough of a gap for a new, more liberty-focused party to squeeze through, where is it? I would have thought it would have been exploding in popularity, although of course it wouldn’t get any airtime on the current scam media.

If such a party appears or exists, I think it needs to do at least the following:

  1. have a ‘never-again’ clause written into something so that no UK government can ever lockdown people in the manner they have done so.
  2. then over a generation or so, we need to start removing these leeching public services and funding mechanisms from existence, until it gets to a point where the government only manages law courts and police (and perhaps a few other things). A potential way to speed this up is to allow private enterprises the ability to fairly compete with inefficient government services. Government services should disappear quite quickly because they are so weak and crap.
  3. socialist money-printing needs to be made impossible. Bail-outs and bail-ins should also be impossible.
  4. taxes need to become microscopic and made far simpler (maybe just a single, unified land tax for example)

So this list isn’t definitive, it’s probably flawed and should be added to and amended, but I’d like to know from more knowledgeable people how we can start to move towards this. We have now seen in a very short period of time how large governments can betray the policies they campaign on and become totalitarian at the stroke of a pen. We need to remove the mechanisms that allow this from happening ever again.

Finally, how can the general public force a general election? Or do we have to wait another 4 years? Which would be too late by then in my opinion.

220516 ▶▶ OKUK, replying to Northern Chubs, 3, #678 of 2354 🔗

I think we need a simpler Charter for a return to normality. Your list is more a personal political wish list which seems to assume public expenditure is bad (if it is, why aren’t dirt poor African countries little paradises, given how small their public sectors are?). Myself I’d prefer to see a more targeted approach: remove Ofcom, the Electoral Commission, EHRC, and the BBC, and bring in smart reductions in the welfare budget

I do agree we need a “never again” clause.

220559 ▶▶▶ Northern Chubs, replying to OKUK, 1, #679 of 2354 🔗

Yep, I’m no expert in political science. I just have a very simple understanding that large governments can become tyrannical, whereas for smaller governments it would be more difficult.

Not that you said this, but I wouldn’t want to be able to snap my fingers and changes occur overnight. That would be a disaster. But if we don’t know what the end goal is, we can’t move towards it. If along the way to reducing government power we find a happy balance… great! Let’s encase that in concrete to prevent a creep back to large wasteful government with some sort of constitution or likewise.

Regarding Africa. Corrupt governments fuelled by corrupt western governments? Confessions of an Economic Hitman is an interesting book on one way large governments (specifically the US) keep developing countries poor.

I agree with your points on what to target.

220706 ▶▶▶▶ ConstantBees, replying to Northern Chubs, #680 of 2354 🔗

Small governments can be tyrannical as well. It may be that larger governments are more prone to, but I don’t think size is the only measure.

220412 Tom Blackburn, replying to Tom Blackburn, 5, #681 of 2354 🔗

Didn’t watch it myself as was busy hosting a laser tag Halloween party with my large family and “support bubble” but I read a rumour that the no10 press conference was late because Pfeffel was watching the rugby.

220462 ▶▶ Carrie, replying to Tom Blackburn, 2, #682 of 2354 🔗

I heard it was because Sunak would not agree to extend the furlough and was threatened with the sack..

220476 ▶▶▶ OKUK, replying to Carrie, #683 of 2354 🔗

So Sunak caved…what a miserable bunch!

220486 ▶▶▶▶ Carrie, replying to OKUK, #684 of 2354 🔗

Don’t know if it is true – rumour on Twitter!

220539 ▶▶▶▶ Steve, replying to OKUK, #685 of 2354 🔗

Sunak only got the job after Sajid Javid wouldn’t play ball with Boris’s plans, so he knows he’s already skating on thin ice.

220413 mhcp, replying to mhcp, 9, #686 of 2354 🔗

This is all because none of the so-called experts ever looked at the original measurements. And now the mythology is settled they never will. The original premise and attributions to Covid are exagerrated, through a combination of not eliminating other ailments by test and by a very loose description of what is Covid with no standardisation.

Add into the mix the testing being used and how it is ripe for exploitation. Pillar 2 testing is self-fulfilling as more tests equals more money.

The incentives are not about health but about looking smart (SAGE) and making money (all the services and technology associated with this).

Some on here don’t like the comparisons to the climate change industry but it’s exactly the same there.

There’s a story Richard Feynman told about the Tau meson. In a conference many experts were trying to figure out the energy needed to observe it. Some of these estimtates would require new particle accelerators costing millions of dollars. Everyone was in a frenzy.

Feynman was wondering were these estimates came from. He investigated. It turned out the energy level was extrapolated from a SINGLE data point. So basically a pure guess.

Feynman pointed out to the experts that maybe do a few more experiments before extrapolating it out and save yourself the money. But it was his point about extrapolating based on a limited data set that was what caused a lot of them to wake up.

Theorists, including modellers, all have this afflication. They fall in love with their models and rarely consider the quality of the input. When applied to a society or a complex system it is often humbling to realise that a lot of things don’t make a different to the whole as something compensates. Or you only look at the wood and not the trees.

What this thinking is however is a WMD.

220654 ▶▶ Richard Pinch, replying to mhcp, #687 of 2354 🔗

This simply isn’t true as a generalisation. There are certainly good mathematical modellers who behave competently and professionally, and there are equally certainly those who are incompetent and unprofessional. Do you have any evidence for the incompetence of those of whom you write, or do you just reject all modelling because it gives answers you don’t like?

Oh, nice story about Feynman, by the way. Any evidence that it happened, or is it just a story?

220752 ▶▶▶ mhcp, replying to Richard Pinch, 3, #688 of 2354 🔗

It’s from one of the books. I think “Surely You Are Joking Mister Feynman”. I’ve got it in the house somewhere.

Do I have any evidence of what I write. I just posted it for Northern Ireland:

“Because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, from 3rd April 2020, our weekly deaths release has been supplemented with the numbers of respiratory deaths (respiratory deaths include any death where Pneumonia, Bronchitis, Bronchiolitis or Influenza was mentioned anywhere on the death certificate); and deaths relating to COVID-19 (that is, where COVID-19 or suspected COVID-19 was mentioned anywhere on the death certificate, including in combination with other health conditions). The figures are presented by age group and sex.”

That means you have a very large range of what is labelled a COVID-19 death.

Second, from papers, flu testing was limited due to COVID being priority, so your ability to get precise data is now compromised.

Thirdly, attributions from symptoms are subjective. I have first hand accounts from friends about death certificates being labelled COVID-19 even with multiple negative tests. We also see the way bodies are released quicker by just accepting that COVID-19 is put on the certificate.

Where are any of these things corrected for in the modelling?

And for the last point about modelling: Richard, I have created models in my career, some for predicting ion thruster control that had to operate over years and plasma models to predict erosion. At no point did we believe these models to the point were final action was taken. Verification was provided by test. The models themselves were validated and verified so the quality control was tight.

Did I just reject them because I didn’t like them? My point is that I have seen it time and time again in my career that modellers often needed to be reminded of the input uncertainty. And in the field of climate science it is written in the paper how they have to use assumptions to overcome systematic errors in input data just to try and test hypotheses. Fine for theory. Not applicable to the real world.

It seems to be a sore point with you that models are only as good as the data that goes in. Or that for results that are applied to the real world, the bar is way higher for the quality control meaning models are practically useless and can often be replaced with more simplistic relationships.

You have probably eaten food, drank water maybe used some technology today probably without even thinking that someone made sure they were safe to use by adhering to such quality control. The verification, the audits, the regulations and certifications. And what can happen if the process isn’t followed.

But that doesn’t apply to viral models that do have direct influence on society?

221426 ▶▶▶▶ Richard Pinch, replying to mhcp, #689 of 2354 🔗

You’re asking me questions about these models which I don’t claim to have the answer to. But you do, in that you have already asserted both in general and in this case that these models were improperly constructed. It may be that other models in other areas have been improperly constructed or used — no-one of sense denies that possibility. But you claim to know this for a fact in this specific case. And I’m asking for your evidence in this specific case.

221656 ▶▶▶▶▶ Commander Jameson, replying to Richard Pinch, #690 of 2354 🔗

It’s the model proponent bears the burden of proof, not for us to disprove it.
In any case, the model failed to predict reality to within an acceptable margin of error, so should be discarded.

221765 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Richard Pinch, replying to Commander Jameson, #691 of 2354 🔗

No, it is the person who made specific statements about the way specific people constructed specific models who has the burden of proof.

221077 ▶▶▶ JohnB, replying to Richard Pinch, #692 of 2354 🔗

Oh, nice story about Feynman, by the way. Any evidence that it happened, or is it just a story?


Reply to Richard Pinch

It’s from one of the books. I think “Surely You Are Joking Mister Feynman”. I’ve got it in the house somewhere.

Awaits graceful climbdown …

221420 ▶▶▶▶ Richard Pinch, replying to JohnB, #693 of 2354 🔗

The story from that book about the tau meson, in the chapter “The 7% solution”, bears no resemblence to what was written here.

222003 ▶▶▶▶▶ JohnB, replying to Richard Pinch, #694 of 2354 🔗

Ooh, fair enough, awaits climbdown from mchp.

(I read a superb Holmes pastiche once, entitled ‘The 7% Solution’. Refers to Sherlock’s fondness for injecting cocaine.).

220420 stefarm, replying to stefarm, 15, #695 of 2354 🔗

It seems to me dolly chops is using the Ronnie and Reggie model.

I’ll protect you from something you don’t need protecting from.

In return you give me your freedom, freedom of speech, freedom to think, freedom of movement, freedom of choice and while you are at it covert your mouth just in case you start asking questions.

A big fat bully no doubt being bullied by other bigger bullies.

I don’t like bullies, they are weak and scared individuals and need to be stopped.

220432 ▶▶ Dan Clarke, replying to stefarm, 1, #696 of 2354 🔗

Is anyone going to, there are more influential people than us kicking up and nothing happens

220423 Victoria, replying to Victoria, 9, #697 of 2354 🔗

Army drafted to ‘help’?

Oh set the army on it’s own. In Sweden 1931 the army was used on Swedish workers on strike and never again. Every year there is a memorial over that so we don’t forget.


220459 ▶▶ Cecil B, replying to Victoria, 4, #698 of 2354 🔗

I know the British Army. They will side with the people

220508 ▶▶▶ William Gruff, replying to Cecil B, 3, #699 of 2354 🔗

I think that possibility is always in the minds of our masters.

220581 ▶▶▶ captainbeefheart, replying to Cecil B, #700 of 2354 🔗

I wish I had that much faith in them. They will do what they are told and I expect this includes murdering British citizens if ordered.

220976 ▶▶▶▶ Cecil B, replying to captainbeefheart, #701 of 2354 🔗

No they won’t

221185 ▶▶▶ Ewan Duffy, replying to Cecil B, 1, #702 of 2354 🔗

The history of the British Army in Ireland (both NI and in what became the Republic of Ireland pre-independence) would suggest otherwise.

220428 Dan Clarke, replying to Dan Clarke, 5, #703 of 2354 🔗

Under the ‘risk to life’ this government is getting away with everything, and why they need to keep ramping the virus up, its the only thing between them and prosecution under the Human Rights Laws

220450 ▶▶ Tom Blackburn, replying to Dan Clarke, 4, #704 of 2354 🔗

The right to life is a qualified human right. The right to be free from inhumane treatment is an absolute right.

220482 ▶▶ Carrie, replying to Dan Clarke, 5, #705 of 2354 🔗

Someone posted here last night, that the ban on travel violates several points in the Human Rights Act – essentially the people are being imprisoned..

220533 ▶▶▶ Banjones, replying to Carrie, 2, #706 of 2354 🔗

Dr Mike Yeadon says as much in his interview with Anna Brees (a good one, on Youtube) and speaks of the fact that the government can’t ‘mandate’ the acceptance of the vaccine, nor use that as an excuse for preventing travel.

(Read the government’s patronising reply after the first 10,000 signatures on the petition https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/333869 and see how they imply that coercion will be used.)

220431 Basileus, replying to Basileus, 3, #707 of 2354 🔗

A lawful rebellion?


220585 ▶▶ Rosie, replying to Basileus, #708 of 2354 🔗


220474 ▶▶ Carrie, replying to chaos, 2, #710 of 2354 🔗

I like the phrase ‘flu d’état’ in that article!

220438 Arnie, 16, #711 of 2354 🔗

Weapon of Boris Destruction.


Mass murderer.

This is a war.
War of divide and conquer.
War of die alone on your home.
War of die from cancer or heart disease.
War of die from suicide.

The costs are HUGE. Just because the bodies aren’t piled on the streets yet doesn’t mean they aren’t real.

It will be YOU next, or your MUM or DAD, SON or DAUGHTER, maybe your BEST FRIEND?

How long are you willing to stand by and let this happen?

I’m not willing to wait. Act as your conscience and ability allows but for God’s sake ACT.

220439 James Leary #KBF, replying to James Leary #KBF, 19, #712 of 2354 🔗

I think the police could be a shortcut to ending this. They are a small and finite resource to the government, but without their cooperation nothing is possible. Businesses, restaurants, pubs etc would just open anyway and the point of stopping travel would be gone. Their senior officers are deeply complicit, and most are only there because of Common Purpose, the modern equivalent of the Masons. But the foot soldiers, unlike many of their continental brethren, live amongst us, and are part of the society they are told to suppress. Their kids go to school with the rest, and their wives shop in the same shops. If we made their life difficult, never not commenting, always complaining about what their other halves are involved in, nudging, nudging, pressing …. pressure would escalate upwards and the fairly powerful Police Association would lean on the upper echelons, and there could be movement. Just possibly. Cut the ground from under the authorities. Just a thought.
I’m not talking extremes or bullying. Just pressure.

220454 ▶▶ Arnie, replying to James Leary #KBF, 16, #713 of 2354 🔗

Please do it! Whatever actions we can take must be done.

I’m taking more direct action.

I have friends working out how to tie up resources, others who are doing simple things like blocking covid marshals cars in and tons of other stuff.

Whatever action you choose just make sure that you do it please.

221057 ▶▶▶ JohnB, replying to Arnie, 1, #714 of 2354 🔗

Do you need to block in the covid marshals’ cars if their tyres have been let down ? 🙂

221088 ▶▶▶▶ Arnie, replying to JohnB, 1, #715 of 2354 🔗

Couldn’t find their wheels so don’t know. Some nice bricks holding the car up though…

221991 ▶▶▶▶▶ JohnB, replying to Arnie, #716 of 2354 🔗

Scousers here, scousers there …

220457 ▶▶ Cecil B, replying to James Leary #KBF, 17, #717 of 2354 🔗

Speaking to the officers I know, we are already there.

With a few notable exception they want nothing to do with this

220468 ▶▶▶ Arnie, replying to Cecil B, 11, #718 of 2354 🔗

I agree, I know one who is really struggling mentally. I saw him break down with the stress of it. He’s so conflicted. I don’t have a ton of sympathy for him but as a human being I do sympathise. His family are trying to get him to leave but he is currently resisting.

220472 ▶▶▶ Nick Rose, replying to Cecil B, 2, #719 of 2354 🔗

There was something on Twitter, a screenshot of earlier tweets, but haven’t been able to find it since. I hate pushing the wrong effing button when on Twitter…

220470 ▶▶ Basileus, replying to James Leary #KBF, 7, #720 of 2354 🔗

Agreed. We need to make them aware of the danger they are in if they act under the current unlawful arrangements.

220501 ▶▶ 6097 Smith W, replying to James Leary #KBF, 3, #721 of 2354 🔗

No chance the police will never pass up the chance to push people around and generally behave like the Gestapo

221130 ▶▶ Ewan Duffy, replying to James Leary #KBF, #722 of 2354 🔗

Agreed. Once the plod start feeling the heat personally, change will come. Almost 100 years ago, the police force in what is now the Republic of Ireland (then the Free State) was abolished, due to its behaviour against the public during the years that led up to independence.

Only 13 of the force transferred to the new force, the rest (amongst them, my great great grandfather) lost their jobs. Most (including my ancestor) had to emigrate to get work as they were socially unemployable.

220445 Guirme, replying to Guirme, 6, #723 of 2354 🔗

Our annual flu jab is scheduled for tomorrow. I always get this but this year I cannot decide, perhaps not least because our local gps have cowered behind locked doors for the last seven months. If the doctor or nurse needle poised in hand says the usual “and how are you today?” I would feel that I had to answer truthfully.

220469 ▶▶ Arnie, replying to Guirme, 5, #724 of 2354 🔗

Don’t have the jab. But if you do then be truthful with your answer. Don’t forget to wish them a nice day afterwards!

220618 ▶▶▶ wendyk, replying to Arnie, 3, #725 of 2354 🔗

I had a friendly phone call on Friday : practice calling; had I registered for my flu jab?

‘No thank you, I’ve decided not to have one.’

220677 ▶▶▶▶ ConstantBees, replying to wendyk, 2, #726 of 2354 🔗

Have to admit that I went on my practice’s website and changed my number to a previous obsolete one. Want no further contact with them.

220733 ▶▶ Victoria, replying to Guirme, 1, #727 of 2354 🔗

Your decision is yes or no. However, whatever your decision, it is still imperative that you improve your immune system and make sure that your vitamin D levels are optimised (the RDA for vitamin D is only enough to prevent rickets). Always take magnesium and vitamin K2 with vitamin D

221686 ▶▶ Mutineer, replying to Guirme, 1, #729 of 2354 🔗

As an ex nurse who had her own health ruined by a BCG jab she was forced to have at work I would say a resounding ‘No’. I’ve spent the past 20 years researching vaccines and the pharma companies and they would have to drag me screaming to have any vaccine. Strange, is it not, that GP’s won’t see us but we can go in for vaccines (but not have a vital blood test at the same time). They get paid for every vaccine they administer and even more if they reach a high percentage. I honestly believe that you have more chance of a serious side effect from a flu vaccine than any protection against flu. Many years it has only a 5% effectiveness but you have a pretty good chance of a side effect. There are currently cases of care home (there’s a strange term!) residents becoming ill and even dying shortly after their flu vaccine

220446 Cecil B, replying to Cecil B, 4, #730 of 2354 🔗

Did the dictator inform the police what he was about to do?

Doubt it

Does Mrs Dick have any idea as to how she is going to enforce this shit show?

220463 ▶▶ Ovis, replying to Cecil B, 6, #731 of 2354 🔗

Vigilantes and foreign mercenaries.

220471 ▶▶▶ OKUK, replying to Ovis, 2, #732 of 2354 🔗

From countries where they crack heads rather than jokes.

220528 ▶▶ Jonathan Smith, replying to Cecil B, #733 of 2354 🔗

Yes. The Army. He said it.

Definitely Ms. Dick!

220458 OKUK, 10, #734 of 2354 🔗

My thoughts and querues:

1. Has Yeadon delivered his verdict on the presentation yet?

2. No government of these lands has ever lied like this to the public before on such grave matters,

3. The MSM is part of the lie machine because it does not highlight the fact that there are currently No Excess Deaths. No Excess Deaths means there cannot be real crisis, only a manufactured one.

4. Johnson has probably sealed the doom of the Union by playing Sturgeon’s game. Imagine if we were going the other way – regaining our freedoms and on a path to normality. Sturgeon’s policy wouldn’t look so good then.

220464 Basileus, 1, #735 of 2354 🔗
220478 davews, replying to davews, 15, #736 of 2354 🔗

Little walk round the block to get some fresh air. Noticed that our Tesco has reintroduced their queuing system and barriers (and a long queue 10 minutes before opening time). That really did it, burst out in tears when got home. I suspect I feel exactly the same as others on here, absolutely devastated.

220496 ▶▶ Leemc23, replying to davews, 2, #737 of 2354 🔗

Yes. Devastated is how I feel today too. Never again was the hope.

220598 ▶▶▶ ConstantBees, replying to Leemc23, 6, #738 of 2354 🔗

My new motto is “Focus the Fury.” I’m back to commenting on the Guardian with a new identity and a new determination. Plus working on my own personal goals, no matter how the government tries to thwart them. Lost 10kg in the past few months. Continuing weight loss, continued work on the allotment, more beach walks. Taking up strength training as well (starting from light weights!)

221041 ▶▶▶ JohnB, replying to Leemc23, #739 of 2354 🔗


Family getting dragged off to camps – yes.

Queues to enter shops – not quite.

220504 ▶▶ Sam Vimes, replying to davews, 3, #740 of 2354 🔗

Was wondering if they would start that again. They just feed the vicious circle of fear.

220510 ▶▶ Alethea, replying to davews, 3, #741 of 2354 🔗

Me too. Devastated.

220522 ▶▶▶ Lydia, replying to Alethea, 5, #742 of 2354 🔗

Me too. Woke up this morning and for a spilt second felt like normal then it hits you like a ton of bricks. Struggling to hold back the tears.

220532 ▶▶ Janice21, replying to davews, 1, #743 of 2354 🔗

In N Ireland here but really feeling awful for England at the moment! I noticed more queues for suoermarkets these past few days driving by. We have 2 more weeks of our lockdown (similar but we can have non essential shops open but schools closed although returning tomorrow). Lord knows what we will have after this.

220604 ▶▶ ConstantBees, replying to davews, #744 of 2354 🔗

Focus the Fury. Figure out what you can do, including personal goals, and do it.

220729 ▶▶ davews, replying to davews, 2, #745 of 2354 🔗

Panic buying there had started yesterday but as I posted yesterday with my lanyard I got special treatment. Got to do main shop tomorrow and I expect will have to queue in a long line outside, not looking forward to it. With our Tesco they also block off the normal pedestrian route into the store and we have to go through a gap in the hedge and via the car park…

Just been on our church Zoom service. I nearly didn’t as I felt so upset but the mood on there seemed universally grim even though nobody spoke openly about being sceptical.

221037 ▶▶ JohnB, replying to davews, #746 of 2354 🔗

Cheer up Dave, the resistance will grow in the queues. 🙂

220481 Cecil B, 2, #747 of 2354 🔗

‘Not fair’ from a man who will sell you a bottle of vodka because he gets a cut, but won’t sell you children’s winter clothes because there in no money in it for him


220485 Helen, replying to Helen, 8, #748 of 2354 🔗

Medicine, the market and the mass media : Producing health in the 20th Century
Part II
The importance of the media in postwar public health

Aberdeen’s typhoid outbreak in 1964
Lesley Diack and David Smith

Official inquiry chaired by Sir David Milne reported on the Aberdeen typhoid outbreak at the end of 1964 and criticised Medical Officer of Health Dr MacQueen for his use of the media to help control secondary infections. MacQueen continued the justification of his actions in his report for 1964, published a few months later. The Milne report had claimed that his publicity methods had caused unnecessary alarm.

The Scottish branch of the Society for the Medical Officers of Health, supported his actions. They set up a subcommittee to investigate the findings of the Milne Committee that concluded the report had treated MacQueen unfairly and commented that ‘the Medical Officer of Health did his work well. It should be noted that there were very few secondary cases. Publicity played a part in this and helped to have the cases detected earlier’.

At a conference of the Royal Institute for Health on the safety of canned food held in January 1965 there were further signs of sympathy and support for MacQueen. Dr W.R.M. Couper, the Medical Officer of Health for Pickering in Yorkshire, who had found that a small outbreak of typhoid in 1955 was associated with canned tongue, commented that ‘if he [Couper] had been as successful as Dr MacQueen in obtaining publicity, this Conference would have been held in 1956 instead of 1965’. He also remarked that because of the lack of publicity the achievement of himself and his collaborators in tracing the infection to contaminated cooling water at an Argentinian canning factory had met with ‘official indifference’. Couper had always felt that his research into his typhoid outbreak had been forgotten and not used to help further canned-food safety. Couper gave evidence to the Milne committee about his outbreak and even travelled to Edinburgh to do so.

The Aberdeen outbreak, where 500 people were affected, was traced to corned beef cans from a government nuclear emergency food stockpile produced in the 50’s stored then released into the open market in the 60’s. McQueen released this information to the media..

My father Dr Couper carried out the investigation into the Pickering typhoid outbreak some 10 years before the Aberdeen outbreak. He published a paper in the BMJ where he and his co investigators described the attitude of the Ministry of Health to their findings. Their findings were the first to connect an outbreak of typhoid to a meat canning factory but they were officially dismissed by the men from the Ministry in London , who were blaming the local water supply (in the yokel N. Yorkshire market town) or perhaps a pair of dirty (Yokel) hands.

Although the roll of the media has transformed beyond all recognition, whereby the media is USED TO CREATE ALARM, nothing whatsoever has changed in terms of the abject ignorance of government health officials !

This all goes to show that this 2020 event has nothing whatsoever to do with a health emergency.

220620 ▶▶ swedenborg, replying to Helen, 1, #749 of 2354 🔗

Thanks for an interesting inside account of that famous outbreak.At that time there was serious independent public heath professionals involved and not the current generation of Big Pharma lackeys.

220492 Stockwell, 2, #750 of 2354 🔗

The one certain thing about this debacle is that SAGE gave the Government a worst case scenario that was WRONG.

If it screwed this up then it screw up anything. All SAGE’s predictions, in other words, have to be regarded as worthless.

And if they have to be treated as worthless, then the Government is a fool to act on them.

From which it follows, unpalatable as it may seem, that the only approach to this pandemic is to take it as it comes.

If this results in mortuaries in ice rinks then so be it because, whether or not that will happen, is something neither SAGE nor any else can predict.

All the Prime Minister horror at the horrors round the corner shows, in other words, that he is in thrall to a set of modern Astrologers. A shameful state of affairs for supposedly developed country.

220493 Leemc23, replying to Leemc23, 10, #751 of 2354 🔗

What kind of stupidity enables a Government to close Toy Shops ahead of Christmas ?

220541 ▶▶ stefarm, replying to Leemc23, 7, #752 of 2354 🔗

A government who is in cahoots with Jeff bezos

220590 ▶▶▶ ConstantBees, replying to stefarm, 5, #753 of 2354 🔗

eBay, eBay, eBay! Plenty of small businesses on eBay!

220648 ▶▶ Dan Clarke, replying to Leemc23, 1, #754 of 2354 🔗


220495 Nic, replying to Nic, 2, #755 of 2354 🔗

Please email your Mp and demand the answer this question.
What is the exit plan if a vaccine is not available by February.

220563 ▶▶ Rosie, replying to Nic, 4, #756 of 2354 🔗

The vaccination is part of the plan to enslave us all. Please wake up to what is going on here.

220722 ▶▶ Lucan Grey, replying to Nic, 1, #757 of 2354 🔗

Who says the vaccine will solve anything. They aren’t designed to stop infections, nor reduce symptoms in those most likely to suffer the worst.

220979 ▶▶ JohnB, replying to Nic, #758 of 2354 🔗

February is a long way away – so they’ll be able to respond with any meaningless old shit.

221572 ▶▶▶ TT, replying to JohnB, #759 of 2354 🔗

February…? My GP told me lately that even in the most optismistic scenario where nothing goes dramatically wrong and safety procedures and testing are compressed as much as realistically possible, next year Autumn is the absolute earliest time frame to ever expect a vaccine.

220498 Lockdown_Lunacy, replying to Lockdown_Lunacy, 8, #760 of 2354 🔗

I know the government has no regard for the law, but how can it possibly be legal to stop people from LEAVING the country when they have committed no crimes?

220540 ▶▶ Mark H, replying to Lockdown_Lunacy, #761 of 2354 🔗

Try and book a flight. It’s easy for them to do if the airports aren’t handling flights and the flight operators aren’t offering flights.

220624 ▶▶▶ Lockdown_Lunacy, replying to Mark H, #762 of 2354 🔗

Oh yeah this is one of the easiest things to do and many people would be wary of testing this one anyway. But I just don’t understand how this can be legal.

Then again I can’t believe that any of this is acceptable in a country that calls itself a ‘liberal democracy’.

220500 Nick Rose, 2, #763 of 2354 🔗


Mr Sin is a Dr Who character who’s an amusing/horrifying toylike cyborg from the 51st century that has the cerebral cortex of a pig. Ultimately it can’t contain its arrogance and hatred of humans so it goes berserk and tries to slaughter everyone.

Here’s a picture of Mr Sin.

Guess who that is….

220505 Dorian_Hawkmoon, replying to Dorian_Hawkmoon, 8, #764 of 2354 🔗

‘The 3 tier system wasn’t working so a month lockdown and then…back to the 3 tier system which wasn’t working. So don’t worry, northern scum, when the lockdown is over you will be back in tier 3 which will feel so much nicer then.’

221777 ▶▶ MiriamW-sometimes-AlanG, replying to Dorian_Hawkmoon, #765 of 2354 🔗

If not, there’s always the threatened new Tier 4. . . . MW

220512 PompeyJunglist, replying to PompeyJunglist, 83, #766 of 2354 🔗

A friend of mine recently remarked on the current state of the Country by saying “I see nothing but the control and coercion of domestic abuse.”

Once you begin to look at everything that’s happened, everything that’s still happening, one cannot view this government as anything beyond abusers.

When the problem of Covid came along, they dispensed with centuries of learned wisdom that suggested the best response is to strengthen health care provision, inform and reassure people about the true risks and for everyone’s benefit keep life going as normally as possible.

Instead they turned patients out of hospitals and limited health care access while adopting a deliberate strategy of terrorising people to ensure compliance with measures they ensured saw no parliamentary scrutiny.

Having successfully terrorised the population they set about making sure the fear levels remained high and proportionality never entered the debate. Dissenting voices, alternative avenues of advice were shut down as much as possible.

When Covid all but disappeared by June, they introduced the masks and initiated a casedemic with the use of wholly inappropriate and misleading PCR test results. No reassurance; stoking fear and dependency is the MO of every abuser and our government has been no different.

Then you get the manipulation and humiliation. Eat out to help out, you deserve it, fan that tiny flame of human spirit before it’s extinguished completely. But of course you know what an abuser does next after such an act of benevolence. They need to make you feel guilty and get you back in your box, so the public were told they’d gotten complacent, that case numbers were going back up because of their selfish and ignorant behaviour.

The Government sustains the abuse through leaks and language. Every week since June we’ve been at a “critical point” in our fight with Covid. Every week leaks warn us of what’s round the corner if we don’t better comply with the government. The language of the abuser comes to the fore, “we don’t want to do this but…”, “It’s for your own good”, “you’ve gotten complacent.”

The rules the abuser makes invariably isolate you and make you beholden to their message. Access to friends, family and normality are rationed, withdrawn, briefly granted then taken away again. Morale sapping news is invariably leaked before or during weekends in order to keep your morale and self esteem on the floor.

As the abused you may retain the sense that this isn’t normal behaviour. You may even gloss over the lies and exaggerations of your abuser such as PCR tests and projections, because you concede there is a threat to you and think surely they’re just trying to protect me?

If you start to question the control and coercion of lockdowns and masks, the abuser simply doubles down, shaming you in the process for believing you might know best about how to deal with this problem, this threat. They assure you they have a solution round the corner in a vaccine, you simply have to continue with your obedience a while longer. The latest cruel lie is to equate obedience with the possibility of being allowed a normal Christmas.

I think that’s where most of the population are at the moment. The scales haven’t quite fallen from their eyes. They hate the measures but still believe they’re in their best interests. They have yet to take the final mental steps that lead to them seeing and acknowledging the abuser towering over them.

What are those steps? Well all of you will have gone through them at some point this year.

You realise the problem of Covid has been blown out of all proportion. You realise all that control and coercion you’ve been terrorised into accepting does nothing to solve the problem. You realise the proposed solution of a vaccine is nothing of the sort and completely unnecessary.

And then you have that horrible, dawning realisation. You see that your abuser doesn’t even believe in the efficacy of the rules they’ve imposed on you. Your family meal for seven is ruined while your abuser is free to shoot grouse with their friends. Bars stay open for them, self isolation is not for them.

Then you realise they’re actually profiting from the misery they’re putting you through, via the dodgy tests, pointless vaccine and face masks. They’re lining their own pockets and laughing in your face.

And that’s when you stop crying on the floor, being grateful for whatever morsels your abuser sustains you with. That’s when you up and leave or reach for a heavy, blunt object.

I believe it is our responsibility to help a critical mass of the population arrive at this realisation. For only then can we extricate ourselves from our collective journey down the plughole.

220531 ▶▶ Cecil B, replying to PompeyJunglist, 17, #767 of 2354 🔗

Spot on

Some of the victims snap and pick up a knife and stab their tormentors

Just saying

220573 ▶▶▶ ConstantBees, replying to Cecil B, 11, #768 of 2354 🔗

Not many. Most of us either tolerate the abuse or walk out (I walked out).

220629 ▶▶▶▶ Alethea, replying to ConstantBees, 12, #769 of 2354 🔗

the problem is: there’s nowhere to go

222074 ▶▶▶▶ Rowan, replying to ConstantBees, 4, #770 of 2354 🔗

Walking out won’t work here and so we are back to the heavy blunt object

222063 ▶▶▶ Rowan, replying to Cecil B, 3, #771 of 2354 🔗

Or they might pick up a heavy blunt object.

220552 ▶▶ DRW, replying to PompeyJunglist, 4, #772 of 2354 🔗

The majority don’t seem that bothered.

220577 ▶▶▶ Rosie, replying to DRW, 11, #773 of 2354 🔗

It’s our responsibility to find those who are and try to turn the groupthink into a majority who won’t comply.

220576 ▶▶ ConstantBees, replying to PompeyJunglist, 10, #774 of 2354 🔗

Spot on. Thanks for laying it out point by point like that. I think those of us who have experienced an abusive relationship may have found it easier to go through the steps to recognising reality.

220584 ▶▶ ConstantBees, replying to PompeyJunglist, 9, #775 of 2354 🔗

If Mabel Cow happens by, she might want to consider putting the text of this into a single page document, nicely formatted (two columns might be best for readability). I think it would be great to post in random places for people to read.

220626 ▶▶▶ Alethea, replying to ConstantBees, 6, #776 of 2354 🔗

Yes, please do, Mabel Cow. I am going to start printing things out and leafletting my university, covertly.

220635 ▶▶▶ PompeyJunglist, replying to ConstantBees, 11, #777 of 2354 🔗

People are welcome to use, share and edit it in any way they wish.

It’s a real rabbit hole because every few minutes I think of more examples I could have included.

The opaqueness and distortion of data so only the abuser can truly draw conclusions from it.

The inflating of Covid deaths, “with” Covid and “of” Covid.

The inflating of hospitalisations by testing everyone inside hospital and counting them even if their treatment is for something else.

And on it goes..

220934 ▶▶▶▶ PompeyJunglist, replying to PompeyJunglist, 4, #778 of 2354 🔗

… Well meaning friends who try to intervene on your behalf (GBD) are smeared and oestricised.

220968 ▶▶▶▶ Cecil B, replying to PompeyJunglist, 3, #779 of 2354 🔗

Careful what you wish for

The dictator would edit your post to the point where it read as a post praising his lockdown

220607 ▶▶ wendyk, replying to PompeyJunglist, 12, #780 of 2354 🔗

To summarise : gaslighting by government

220647 ▶▶ Steve Hayes, replying to PompeyJunglist, 7, #781 of 2354 🔗

Coercive control is illegal, but only when done by individuals. There is no law against the state doing it.

220709 ▶▶ Elenesse, replying to PompeyJunglist, 20, #782 of 2354 🔗

I can’t begin to tell you how spot on your analysis of everything that’s happened since March really is and how it resonates with me so much. We have all been gaslighted at some point in our lives, whether in our personal or working lives. Once you’ve been through that sort of abuse, it really heightens your radar for detecting abusers.

You’re completely right, what this government has done since March is the MO of abusers on a grand scale. Make no mistake, their actions are deliberate and designed to break us. I think the mistake people make is trying to determine the reason for the actions this government has taken; they never take into consideration the sheer enjoyment abusers take in tormenting their victims. My husband unfortunately is one of those people who tries to see the best in everyone so he won’t even contemplate the possibility that these people don’t have our best interests at heart and never will.

222061 ▶▶ Rowan, replying to PompeyJunglist, 3, #783 of 2354 🔗

Absolutely excellent post and I have directed a few of my not so sceptical, but still think they’re ever so clever, contacts to read it.

222157 ▶▶ c s, replying to PompeyJunglist, 4, #784 of 2354 🔗

This is one of the best comments I have ever read on this site. Hits the nail on the head.

222333 ▶▶▶ Arnie, replying to c s, 2, #785 of 2354 🔗

I second that, yes absolutely superb and totally hits the nail on the head. I have sent this to my consultant psychologist. I’ll post her reply. If I get one that is.

220515 Awkward Git, replying to Awkward Git, 19, #786 of 2354 🔗

Semi-sober from yesterday so may be able to type partly coherently, good time catching up with an old buddy and his wife.

Some interesting things from our long chat that may interest all those ins sceptics and:

  • she is part-time with the NHS, won’t say where or what for obvious reasons but it is more backroom than face-to-face with patients
  • they all ahem to wear a mask all day and are mightily pissed off especially as the bosses admitted they have no evidence masks work and could not supply an evidence based risk assessment to justify them, only “wear them out be sacked”
  • they ahem no true covid-19 patients in the hospital who were admitted with symptoms and being treated only for that
  • their son goes to the local university a few hours a week (not worth the £9000+ they have just paid they say) and a friend of his got a positive test so he was advised to get one
  • booked online but was told its was at a test centre 2 hours drive away so he told the parents not to bother taking him a 4 hour round trip, he will get a kit by post
  • a few days after his test appointment he got a call and was told the test was positive, when he explained he had not attended the line went dead
  • a few days after receiving the kit by post he got a call saying the test was positive. When he asked how and explained that the kit was still on the side unused the line went dead.
  • his friends then decided to see what would happen if they ordered test kits by post so 6 (i think) of them did.
  • All 6 got a calls saying the test was positive a few days later when they had not returned the kits.
  • When they stated they still had the kits the line went dead.
  • Now many sceptics in that area and my friend enjoying passing on the info from this site amongst others to them.

Something stinks.

Decided to keep the FOI appeal simple – they are using the PCR test as a diagnostic tool when it sin’t so going to ask them for the science behind this, no point getting too technical s they re just low level minions copy and pasting what they re told.

220526 ▶▶ Carrie, replying to Awkward Git, 7, #787 of 2354 🔗

I think those lads outgo to ring in to Talk Radio and tell that story re the unused tests! The story need to reach a wider audience. Also email known sceptic MPs about it, Desmond Swayne, Chris Green and so on..

220569 ▶▶▶ ConstantBees, replying to Carrie, 2, #788 of 2354 🔗

Also try ringing Alex Belfield’s show. He’s another YT presenter who does live call-ins from the public. He’s a sceptic and would probably find it interesting.

220537 ▶▶ Lydia, replying to Awkward Git, 6, #789 of 2354 🔗

My mums friend received a letter telling her that her test result was positive- never been for a test!

220734 ▶▶ Silke David, replying to Awkward Git, 2, #790 of 2354 🔗

I wondered how they get so many tests done. So all these tests handed to people in the NW, handed out by soldiers and council workers, street by street and if they go back 30 minutes later but get no answer and DO NOT collect a test, completed or not, go down as positive.
Refuse to take one if they come along your street!!

220517 Monty Greene, 5, #791 of 2354 🔗

The seven part essay on covid and the religious impulse is perhaps the best thing I’ve read on line this year. Thanks, whoever you are, for writing it and to the anti-prophet Tobias for publishing it.

220523 TyRade, replying to TyRade, 5, #792 of 2354 🔗

re the philosophy researcher’s reference to ‘priesthood’ and the Oregon health lady appearing in clown get-up; can we be very far from the point where Whitty and Vallance take the stage in Aztec priest garb, extract the beating heart of the nearest dissident journalist (if any could be found), then throw said organ off the podium shouting ‘that’ll keep us safe another day folks’?

220622 ▶▶ Alethea, replying to TyRade, 3, #793 of 2354 🔗

certainly the symbolic experience for those of us crushed by these measures is beginning to feel like religious persecution, witch trials, burnings, drownings

220525 Ned of the Hills, replying to Ned of the Hills, 1, #794 of 2354 🔗

Looking at one of the graphs presented yesterday (see:-

https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/931774/Slides_to_accompany_coronavirus_press_conference-_CMO-_31_October_2020.pdf . )

it would seem nigh on one person in a thousand over 85 is being admitted into hospital with a Covid infection each week – and rising!

Am I reading this graph correctly?

220623 ▶▶ Richard Pinch, replying to Ned of the Hills, 1, #795 of 2354 🔗

I think that’s correct, although I agree that the label “Admission rate per 100,000” could refer to total population or the age group listed and it’s not immediately clear which

However, 85+ constitute about 2.5% of the population, roughly 1.5 million people, so 100 admissions per 100,000 total population would be 4,000 admissions per 100,000 of 85+, ie 4% of the entire age group, about 60,000 people. Since that’s six times the number of people in hospital beds with Covid, that seems untenable.

So I think it has to mean Admission rate per 100,000 of age group listed. It could and should have been more helpfully labelled.

221071 ▶▶▶ Ned of the Hills, replying to Richard Pinch, #796 of 2354 🔗

Thank you for that.

220529 Llamasaurus Rex, replying to Llamasaurus Rex, 5, #797 of 2354 🔗

James Delingpole pulls together a lot of threads in his Breitbart article today, find it here .

220542 ▶▶ ConstantBees, replying to Llamasaurus Rex, -8, #798 of 2354 🔗

“Only Trump can save us from the Great Reset.” Stopped reading right there.

220605 ▶▶▶ Carrie, replying to ConstantBees, 15, #799 of 2354 🔗

Why? Did you hear what Trump said to the WEF? And note that he has withdrawn US funding from the WHO.

He is not perfect, but he is the ONLY world leader standing up to all this, who has not sold out his country to China. Australia, NZ – look up the Belt and Road initiative and see what they have signed up to..

And remember Boris wanting to let Huawei in on our internet.. a number of British MPs have interests in Chinese companies..

Listen to Schwab talking about the role China is to play in the great reset…

220641 ▶▶▶ Llamasaurus Rex, replying to ConstantBees, 2, #800 of 2354 🔗

CB, please see if you can read past the Trump thing. I know it may be a turn off for some. However, the article does invoke several threads about the Reset, which you may find interesting.
as it happens, I do believe that globalism and reset will accelerate rapidly if Biden/Harris gets the seat.

220630 ▶▶ TyRade, replying to Llamasaurus Rex, 3, #801 of 2354 🔗

‘Flu d’etat’, even though it’s not Mr Delingpole’s, is brilliant

220719 ▶▶▶ Llamasaurus Rex, replying to TyRade, #802 of 2354 🔗

It’s really hood isn’t it. Nicely written article

220534 StirlingC, 11, #803 of 2354 🔗

Started this morning with a terrible feeling of despair. Helplessness. Emptiness.

The government are not on the side of the British public. They are actively working against our interests in the hope of preserving their political careers.

I have never joined a protest in my life, and live in the north of Scotland, but will travel to London at the next opportunity to make my voice heard. Is there another demonstration being organised?

220535 Tom Blackburn, replying to Tom Blackburn, 2, #804 of 2354 🔗

I’ve seen a few pictures of news reports from past (different) years stating the NHS is on the verge of collapse. Could any sceptic kindly point out where I can find them please? Much obliged.

220551 ▶▶ Basileus, replying to Tom Blackburn, 1, #805 of 2354 🔗

There was a posting on this site about a week ago.

220616 ▶▶ Marialta, replying to Tom Blackburn, 4, #806 of 2354 🔗

Someone compiled a brilliant a visual showing all the headlines going back to 2014 and each one is screaming ‘ overstretched’ etc. Until recently I was a social worker in a discharge team in an NHS Hospital A/ E dept. In winter we were always short of beds. It’s just how it is and was and ever will be.

220536 Awkward Git, replying to Awkward Git, 6, #807 of 2354 🔗

Sent the e-mail to WTTC to the idiot boss of Jet2 who is complaining that people do not want to be in prison when on holiday, want the old normal back etc.

Jet2 is listed on the WTTC website as a signatory to their letter to Governments and the is pushing the new normal guideline that his industry is following.

Point blanka asked him if he did sign this letter and if he knew what the WEF controlled WTTC was doing in his name?

Wonder if he will ever bother answering.

220674 ▶▶ Victoria, replying to Awkward Git, 3, #808 of 2354 🔗

Great post. Collaborators

220538 Smelly Melly, replying to Smelly Melly, 23, #809 of 2354 🔗

If the first lockdown worked why do we need another one. If the first lockdown failed why do we need another one?

220545 ▶▶ William Gruff, replying to Smelly Melly, 5, #810 of 2354 🔗

So that you’ll run into the outstretched arms of the vaxxers, thus boosting Whitty’s GSK share dividend.

220808 ▶▶▶ Jonathan Palmer, replying to William Gruff, 1, #811 of 2354 🔗

This goes beyond one mans dividend

220627 ▶▶ Steve Hayes, replying to Smelly Melly, 6, #812 of 2354 🔗

If the numbers (of whatever) go down, it is because the measures worked; if the numbers (of whatever) go up, it is because the measures were not draconian enough. Whatever the evidence, the lockdowns, social distancing, face mask wearing, etc, is right. A classic hallmark of pseudoscience is whatever happens, it cannot be falsified.

220546 Cecil B, replying to Cecil B, 11, #813 of 2354 🔗

‘You ask, what is our aim? I can answer in one word: It is victory, victory at all costs , victory in spite of all terror, victory, however long and hard the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival’

220606 ▶▶ Alethea, replying to Cecil B, 2, #814 of 2354 🔗

Thanks Cecil. You’re one of the people helping me survive. When I’m on my own in a crowd of masked enemies (ie, every single time I leave my house) I think about your pig jokes and it makes me smile.

220946 ▶▶▶ Cecil B, replying to Alethea, 2, #815 of 2354 🔗


220547 JuttaW, #816 of 2354 🔗

he’s probably on the paycheck coming out of Davos:
Pls read the comments, most of them from medical staff. It is getting clear, that there are forces who want the C19 deaths rising. Somebody should gather all these cases where people have died of an accident or very clear other illness and was declared “death of Covid”. Relatives did not get the ashes of a deceased if they refus signing the certificate stating he had died of Covid. There must be a lot of money flowing, but who is paying for that?

220549 Elenesse, replying to Elenesse, 20, #817 of 2354 🔗

Just had a very heated debate with my husband. He doesn’t believe there’s any nefarious agenda going on, though he agrees the lockdown is more damaging than not. I’m imploring him to see what’s really going on here and who stands to benefit. His main argument is that the tories are all about money so they wouldn’t be financially crippling us for nothing. I just despair, because I can see what’s coming a mile away yet other people choose to be optimistic. I would love to be proven wrong about all this but the way things are going, I really don’t want to be proven right about all this.

220568 ▶▶ JuttaW, replying to Elenesse, 3, #818 of 2354 🔗

one should not try to convince a loved one it will only divide you. Rough times are ahead probably and you need all the comfort of a partner in the future. He will eventually come around and understand.

221937 ▶▶▶ Proudtobeapeasant, replying to JuttaW, #819 of 2354 🔗

Yes, I am already detecting a change of mind…..I think he’s realizing that we just can’t go on like this.

220575 ▶▶ Proudtobeapeasant, replying to Elenesse, 8, #820 of 2354 🔗

I try to get my husband to watch, read and listen to stuff on the sceptical side too, but it’s very hard going. He likes to watch the news – I shout at it. I do think, though, that the worse things get, the more likely he is to come round.

220580 ▶▶▶ Proudtobeapeasant, replying to Proudtobeapeasant, 2, #821 of 2354 🔗

I don’t know why my posts are coming up now as from “Lizzie” (though that is my name). My nickname on here is “Proudtobeapeasant” I’ll have to see what’s going on…

220587 ▶▶▶ Arnie, replying to Proudtobeapeasant, 7, #822 of 2354 🔗

In many ways Lizzie I hope that things get much worse, I don’t want innocent people suffering of course I don’t but I do think that people, the believers of all this nonsense, need to personally feel the pain. In that respect Boris is playing right into our hands.
Look after yourselves.

220657 ▶▶▶▶ Proudtobeapeasant, replying to Arnie, 2, #823 of 2354 🔗

I think you’re absolutely right. I think a lot of us here will be thinking “I told you so….”. [I think I’ve sorted out the name problem – hope this comes up as Proudtobeapeasant]

221074 ▶▶▶ Monty Bodkin, replying to Proudtobeapeasant, 3, #824 of 2354 🔗

It must be very hard to be the lone sceptic in your own house. At least the two of us in this one are equally sceptical, have been since it all began, and can therefore be angry together.

221956 ▶▶▶▶ Proudtobeapeasant, replying to Monty Bodkin, #825 of 2354 🔗

Ah but our youngest son is a staunch sceptic and lives locally and so now and then tries to convince his father. He and his girlfriend have just had a baby (last week) and I told him a couple of weeks ago that if we got another lockdown then he needn’t worry – I’d still visit and help out. One of our daughters and her husband are also pretty sceptical and are saying they won’t be following the new rules.

220596 ▶▶ Basileus, replying to Elenesse, 2, #826 of 2354 🔗

It is not just about money; money is the route to power.

221232 ▶▶ stewart, replying to Elenesse, #827 of 2354 🔗

Write down a set of specific predictions about how things are going to turn out.
(E.g. mandated vaccines, compulsory immunity passports, whatever you think this manufactured future holds in store.)
The get your husband to mark next to each one which ones he thinks will come to pass and which ones not.
Put the piece of paper away somewhere safe and when your predictions come true you’ll at least feel vindicated. If they don’t, you can count yourself happy that you live with such a sensible man.

Win either way.

220558 crimsonpirate, replying to crimsonpirate, 10, #828 of 2354 🔗

went to a pub yesterday that was following the guidelines to the letter. Separate entrance and exit. Staff wearing visors. Delivering drinks on a tray that the customer has to handle the glass. With all this weird choreography I had to chuckle. Next week you will be shut.

220628 ▶▶ arfurmo, replying to crimsonpirate, 2, #829 of 2354 🔗

What was your enjoymen factor out of 10? I’ve stopped going since muzzles since it went down to nil.

220682 ▶▶▶ crimsonpirate, replying to arfurmo, 4, #830 of 2354 🔗

the only redeeming element was the actual beer. Locally brewed. I later went to my more regular haunt. Sat at the bar, no masks, no QR scanning. Apparently if I go back next week I should still be able to get a drink.

220560 Chloe, replying to Chloe, 1, #831 of 2354 🔗

I’m not sure if this video has been posted before, but for those of you looking for a clear summary of Agenda 2030 and the great reset, I would highly recommend watching this. One prediction has already come true – national lockdowns by November 2020. What else will come to pass?


220567 ▶▶ Rosie, replying to Chloe, 3, #832 of 2354 🔗

It’s all coming to pass.
It’s only a few days since we were discussing whether it was a conspiracy theory.
Note also the post a long way down explaining that the test itself damages the brain’s membrane and other elements of our bodies.

220582 ▶▶ Carrie, replying to Chloe, 3, #833 of 2354 🔗

And only a few days ago people here were saying that had been debunked…

220591 ▶▶▶ Chloe, replying to Carrie, 1, #834 of 2354 🔗

I wondered if had already been discussed. Even if the letter itself is a hoax, I do believe that the agenda that has been set out is coming.

220565 Rosie, replying to Rosie, 10, #835 of 2354 🔗

Please be aware – this site has been invaded by trolls. Most are obvious from the sheer nastiness of their remarks, but some are not – such as (some of) those recommending vaccines for example.

221199 ▶▶ Voz 0db, replying to Rosie, 1, #836 of 2354 🔗

Any scoundrel recommending the vaccine I bet is not in the trials for that stuff!

220566 Caroline Watson, replying to Caroline Watson, 40, #837 of 2354 🔗

The religious element of this whole nonsense is very salient and I was surprised that the writer didn’t mention the symbolism of masks in that.
Forcing someone to cover their face is to silence them and make them submissive – hence its imposition on women in certain religions. A particularly Covid-obsessive Facebook ‘friend’ opined recently that, from now on, clothes would be made with integral ‘facial coverings’. Now, what are they called again?!!
For the sanctimonious, identity-politics-obsessed, middle class Left, masks have become a symbol of ‘caring’; ‘I wear my mask for you’. What a masterful PR job that was; a Tory government persuading middle class Labour voters to gag themselves by convincing them that they were doing it for ‘the vulnerable’. Then there’s the obsession with ‘the poor’, and ‘starving children’, when it’s the lockdown obsession of the middle class Left that has put their parents out of work.
This is all connected to ‘the climate emergency’, of course, and their religious belief in lockdown as a way of achieving ‘carbon zero’, as well as their support for BLM; they know that their healthy, well fed and exercised, middle class white bodies are almost certainly resistant to the effects of the virus but they wear their visible symbols of compliance and submission as a form of ‘taking the knee’ to the ‘BAME community’. This is despite the fact that poverty is one of the main risk factors and their obsessive pursuit of lockdowns is creating deeper poverty for already poor people, including black ones.
Of course, they believe that capitalism is ‘rigged’ (and there is something very wrong with a society in which huge numbers of obese, fecklessly fecund people live off the taxpayer, while desperate, exploited people are imported by traffickers and gangmasters to do the menial jobs) but their answer is not British economic growth, so that British people can be employed on decent wages, it is turning everyone into a benefit claimant with the Universal Basic Handout.

Millions of ordinary people are not aware of any of this. They just think they are being kind to the poor nurses. It needs to be broadcast, loud and clear!

220595 ▶▶ Alethea, replying to Caroline Watson, 19, #838 of 2354 🔗

Terrific post, Caroline. All my close friends are ‘sanctimonious, identity-politics-obsessed, middle-class Left.’ Everything you say about their ideological capture by the government – who would have BELIEVED they could have been thus captured by the hated Tories? – is right.
I think you get at the element of self-preening masochism very well. ‘I gag myself to show my solidarity with the oppressed.’

220600 ▶▶ petgor, replying to Caroline Watson, 8, #839 of 2354 🔗

I have tried hard, but I cannot find anything that you have said, that I could disagree with.

220672 ▶▶ kf99, replying to Caroline Watson, 9, #840 of 2354 🔗

Neil Oliver has made same points on religion. It’s not enough to wear the masks – we must believe in them

220678 ▶▶ Alexei, replying to Caroline Watson, 7, #841 of 2354 🔗


Although I do believe it is a left/right issue for the reasons you state, a cursory check of Conservative Home comments shows this is very much a spoiled, neurotic middle class issue that also afflicts the soft right.

And on that subject, this morning while walking my dog I noticed that many more of these “healthy, well fed and exercised, middle class white bodies” are looking increasingly like death warmed up. Mental and physical deterioration is in evidence, even among the wealthy.

220570 OKUK, replying to OKUK, 19, #842 of 2354 🔗

The Conservatives have abandoned everything they used to stand for: personal freedom, free enterprise, fiscal responsibility and equal application of law.

220610 ▶▶ Steve Hayes, replying to OKUK, 5, #843 of 2354 🔗

Micheal Gove told Andrew Marr this morning that all governments believe in liberty. Marr didn’t even blink.

220617 ▶▶▶ stefarm, replying to Steve Hayes, 7, #844 of 2354 🔗

Gove is a wanker

220680 ▶▶▶▶ nottingham69, replying to stefarm, 3, #845 of 2354 🔗

A squirrely, slimy, slippery individual. If he told me it was Sunday I would check the calendar.

220645 ▶▶▶ Mrs S, replying to Steve Hayes, 4, #846 of 2354 🔗

War is peace.
Freedom is slavery
Incarceration is liberty.


220850 ▶▶▶ William Gruff, replying to Steve Hayes, 2, #847 of 2354 🔗

He’s licked so much arse in his career, without a second thought, that not blinking in the face of obvious bullshit is now instinctive.

220700 ▶▶ Llamasaurus Rex, replying to OKUK, 2, #848 of 2354 🔗

I’d go further: they are now the polar opposite.

220578 Barney McGrew, replying to Barney McGrew, 15, #849 of 2354 🔗

The talk of Boris Johnson’s personal prospects and those of the Conservative Party strike me as superfluous – “Lose the competence and we’re f***ed…” etc.

The Prime Minister/Whitty/Vallance are destroying the economy, and their personal prospects are irrelevant. We at LS knew this from the start; that there was no logical way out of the ‘measures’ and that it must end with the destruction of the economy.

The question is: why did they do it? I really am turning ‘conspiratorial’ these days. I think these people are traitors, but we will never know whether they literally conspired with foreign/international powers, are being blackmailed/bribed, or that politicians, civil servants and administrators are doing what they think they are expected to do based on what they learned at Common Purpose away days or whatever.

When I see politicians round the world simultaneously making speeches with “Build Back Better” backdrops on TV, it now looks to me like some sort of message to effective ‘sleeper cells’ planted throughout every government, council, education authority and so on. This is what these mind games are doing to me…

220592 ▶▶ petgor, replying to Barney McGrew, 11, #850 of 2354 🔗

There are many reasons for my indulging in conspiracy theories both here and in the USA. That MSM and social media are involved, is plain to see.

220613 ▶▶▶ Carrie, replying to petgor, 5, #851 of 2354 🔗

Yes, look at the censoring that Facebook, Twitter and Google are doing. And Jack Dorsey lied in the hearing the other day..

220583 swedenborg, replying to swedenborg, 4, #852 of 2354 🔗

Israel was one of the first countries to institute a second lockdown. They had a very harsh lockdown in March with few cases and enormous costs. It then opened up and the cases was increasing enormously. Because of Nethanyou haggling with orthodox Jewish parties the second lockdown was delayed and finally set in place 18 th Sept .I can see an endless argument between lockdown fanatics claiming it being a success and the other opinion that C-19t was already reaching its climax and LD has nothing to do with it. Look for yourself in Worldometer. I think it will be the same debate in the European second lockdown as you have a feeling that the peak might already has been reached in some European countries, before our dear politicians became forceful in “the battle against the virus” and decided to close down.

220593 ▶▶ Anothersceptic2, replying to swedenborg, 1, #853 of 2354 🔗

So it seems that all they did was delay the inevitable.

220707 ▶▶▶ swedenborg, replying to Anothersceptic2, 2, #854 of 2354 🔗

Look at this update page.Many European countries falling!

220619 ▶▶ AfterAll, replying to swedenborg, #855 of 2354 🔗

Israel was one of the countries that had above-trend excess mortality in the year before the pandemic arrived https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1281170193708806144.html which may explain the “success” of their first lockdown.

220588 OKUK, replying to OKUK, 6, #856 of 2354 🔗

They can’t possibly know the R rate can they, I mean empirically as an observation? So they must be calculating it backwards from their data sets. Either way the R rate is going down. That doesn’t fit in with the crisis narrative. This fits in much more with herd immunity having been achieved,

220667 ▶▶ nottingham69, replying to OKUK, 4, #857 of 2354 🔗

The R rate is complete pie in the sky fiction.

220597 Steve Hayes, replying to Steve Hayes, 13, #858 of 2354 🔗

I was watching the BBC’s coverage of the 1974 general election. In contrast to the contemporary BBC, the BBC in 1974 was completely clear in distinguishing between facts, opinions, and the outcomes of computer models and the weight that should be attached to these very different forms. The 1974 version of the BBC also had staff who spoke in sentences, used words accurately and did not talk over each other. One might think that getting the people in charge at the BBC to review how they used to cover news would be useful, but I very much doubt it. Yesterday, on the BBC’s News Watch, the BBC had on a news programme producer, who was boasting about how the journalists on their programme adopted an informal approach and talked as though they were chatting with their friends down the pub. What I see as the decline of the BBC, those in charge of the BBC see as proof of how wonderful the contemporary BBC is.

220830 ▶▶ JohnB, replying to Steve Hayes, 2, #859 of 2354 🔗

I was watching the BBC’s coverage of the 1974 general election.

So sad – cheer up Steve, things aren’t that bad. 🙂

220909 ▶▶▶ Steve Hayes, replying to JohnB, 4, #860 of 2354 🔗

The future is unknowable, the present filled with apprehension, only the past, now complete, bears serene contemplation.

220599 OKUK, 8, #861 of 2354 🔗

The PM states there have been great improvements In the treatment of COVID-19. That must translate into shorter hospital stays. That in turn must mean that the crude hospital admissions data being presented by the comedy duo is invalid as a comparison with the first wave.

220603 ziggee, replying to ziggee, 8, #862 of 2354 🔗

An Incompetent, Cowardly, Authoritarian Cabal, and a State Media with it’s own SocialEngineering agenda…

What could possibly go wrong

220727 ▶▶ ambwozere, replying to ziggee, 4, #863 of 2354 🔗

Hopefully everything and very very soon.

220684 ▶▶ MiriamW-sometimes-AlanG, replying to Cheshirecatslave, 2, #865 of 2354 🔗

We’ve signed up for his updates. He is consistently good on both this issue and health in general. Ivor Cummins had a good conversation with him a few weeks ago:


In our opinion, one very clued-up doctor. 🙂 MW

220730 ▶▶▶ Cheshirecatslave, replying to MiriamW-sometimes-AlanG, #866 of 2354 🔗

I enjoy his articles very much.

220698 ▶▶ Carrie, replying to Cheshirecatslave, 3, #867 of 2354 🔗

Yes, its a good article.

The only things I would add are that companies and transport systems interpreted the recommendations in their own way, in order to protect both employees and users. Those were likely different in every town.

For example, nowhere in the recommendations did it say anything detailed about shops, but many where I lived closed their fitting rooms and extended the time allowed for returning stuff (no ridiculous quarantining of items though!). Reduced footfall led to them opening an hour late and closing an hour early.

My library also extended the time allowed for returning books. Smaller local libraries in this area reduced their opening hours so that their staff were not standing about doing nothing.

Our bus company chose to protect their drivers by roping off the front row of seats and moving all boarding and leaving to the rear doors. This is still the case today.

Companies letting flats via the local housing queue are not offering viewings; you have to be prepared to sign a contract having only seen the floor plan. A few agencies provide some photos to those at the top of the queue, I believe, but not all.

No one told supermarkets they had to disinfect trolleys, baskets and scanners, but the bosses decided to bring in these measures.

220736 ▶▶▶ Cheshirecatslave, replying to Carrie, 2, #868 of 2354 🔗

That sounds so much better letting people decide for themselves.That’s very interesting.

220611 Proudtobeapeasant, replying to Proudtobeapeasant, 6, #869 of 2354 🔗

The MP Charles Walker was very good again last night on the PM programme, about 5.10 pm.

220668 ▶▶ Alethea, replying to Proudtobeapeasant, 3, #870 of 2354 🔗

just listened. He sounds like us.

220614 OKUK, replying to OKUK, 16, #871 of 2354 🔗

One of the most immoral aspects of the government’s current policy is that they are loading the damage on to future generations.
Continuing with the furlough scheme allows people to live in a fantasy land that makes no economic sense but which protects the craven Conservatives from negative public reaction.

220625 ▶▶ PoshPanic, replying to OKUK, 2, #872 of 2354 🔗

Worse, the kids mostly aren’t buying it. Yet they effectively will be expected to pay. I say no to this, they didn’t ask for these actions, it was predominately the working age groups that were…oldies were equally split IMO.
What do we do?

220769 ▶▶ Jonathan Palmer, replying to OKUK, 3, #873 of 2354 🔗

The government have no intention of ever paying anything back.They couldn’t even if they wanted to.
Future generations will not be saddled with debt but a dystopian future with no freedom;outwardly to save the planet and build a fairer and more inclusive society but ultimately to cement power in the hands of a few.

220621 Sue Reverchon, replying to Sue Reverchon, 15, #874 of 2354 🔗

Very quick off the mark I hear that Boris’s trusty side-kick has already started the month with another threat saying “we will if necessary extend the new measures”. Oh thanks a bunch – I don’t know how much more of this I can take especially as we are watching the wholesale destruction of the (global) economy. I can’t sleep either.

220669 ▶▶ Dan Clarke, replying to Sue Reverchon, 1, #875 of 2354 🔗

The reset will pick up the debt of those they have forced into debt, more under the control of the government, (which is why the establishment jobs are ok for now), a more inclusive level society they call it.

220631 OKUK, replying to OKUK, 16, #876 of 2354 🔗

Facebook are censoring Anna Brees’s perfectly normal interview with Yeadon. This is outrageous. MPs should be doing something about their overwheening power and ideological censorship.

220637 ▶▶ Lockdown_Lunacy, replying to OKUK, 4, #877 of 2354 🔗

MPs should be doing a lot of things…

220655 ▶▶▶ OKUK, replying to Lockdown_Lunacy, 3, #878 of 2354 🔗

Instead they witter on about starving children when we have a childhood obesity crisis, deadly viruses when we have no excess deaths and petty examples of social media bullying when the social media giants are all the time using their unprecedented power to crush our liberty.

220705 ▶▶▶▶ Lockdown_Lunacy, replying to OKUK, 1, #879 of 2354 🔗

Yep. Everything is mad.

220644 ▶▶ Ovis, replying to OKUK, 1, #880 of 2354 🔗

I think they are 🙁

220660 ▶▶ nottingham69, replying to OKUK, 7, #881 of 2354 🔗

Fakebook is one of the best tools this government has, carrying on this nightmare. I hope Trump breaks it up as he has threatened.

220697 ▶▶ Llamasaurus Rex, replying to OKUK, 4, #882 of 2354 🔗

Very worrying. Ah well, that’s civilisation gone. Forget freedom. The West had a good run.
two ways out? Revolution or mass passive resistance. Both methods need a leader. Won’t happen any time soon…

220634 Ovis, 12, #883 of 2354 🔗

Prediction: no significant let-up till June.

The regime cannot let the local elections happen, as they would give a metric of real public opinion. It would be like 2019 but worse. Lots of spoilt ballots, the Tories crushed and Labour going backwards. The legitimacy of the whole party-rigged system blown up. So this is it till Summer.

As Cranmer says, resist.

220639 cloud6, replying to cloud6, 2, #884 of 2354 🔗

If this data is correct? it’s astounding since this Country is where the virus was reported to have started.

China 31 -10 -2020
Confirmed 85,973 (Per Million 60)
Critical 9
Deceased 4634 (Per Million 3)
Tests 160,000,000
Active 359
Recovereed 81,004 (Per Million 56)
Population 1,439,323,776

Source : https://ncov2019.live/data

220661 ▶▶ Liam, replying to cloud6, 16, #885 of 2354 🔗

Nothing that comes out of China can be believed. People need to stop thinking of it as just another country. It is an astonishingly brutal, amoral dictatorship which since 1949 has been responsible for murdering far, far more people than Hitler and Stalin combined, 45 million in the Great Leap Forward alone. It is soaked, saturated and steeped in violence as a matter of policy. Anyone who thinks it would destroy its economy in order to save a few elderly citizens from a low impact respiratory virus is deluded. Its “lockdown” was a sham, a stunt designed for the idiot/treasonous West to copy in order to do it immeasurable harm.

220857 ▶▶▶ cloud6, replying to Liam, 1, #886 of 2354 🔗

Agreed, I don’t believe a word of anything that come from the China (communist) government, however, the west has been importing China goods for yonk’s, if you have a mobile phone, television, tatty soft toys etc…. and on…. all in the name of cheap and produced by slave labour. Retail in the west would not exist without their goods. were all guilty, now if we were to stop buying maybe a different China would emerge.

The vast majority of people in China are just like you and I.

220897 ▶▶▶▶ Carrie, replying to cloud6, 1, #887 of 2354 🔗

The vast majority of people in China are just like you and I.’

And it is heartening to see Chinese whistleblowers like on Lude media..

220642 Dan Clarke, replying to Dan Clarke, 20, #888 of 2354 🔗

Peter Hitchens in the MOS, A story of public school boys, who were given power way beyond their ability and let the enemy in the door.

220666 ▶▶ Victoria, replying to Dan Clarke, 3, #889 of 2354 🔗

Well said

220732 ▶▶ Barney McGrew, replying to Dan Clarke, 3, #890 of 2354 🔗

Hitchens does his odd juxtaposition of the trivial against the essential again. In the middle of claiming that the country has been taken over by the enemy, he decides to rail against Halloween , and just like he did with electric scooters in a previous column he casually calls for it to be “banned”. In doing so he trivialises what he has just written, and also legitimises the banning impulse of authoritarians everywhere. Not to mention making flesh the Daily Mail grumpy bourgeois stereotype.

I always read his column, however.

220737 ▶▶▶ Dan Clarke, replying to Barney McGrew, 2, #891 of 2354 🔗

He tries to make himself appeal to the regular reader, add a bit of light, he is a serious man outside the DM column.

220790 ▶▶▶▶ Carrie, replying to Dan Clarke, 4, #892 of 2354 🔗

His weekly chat with Mike Graham on Talk Radio tomorrow will be a must-listen!

220643 stefarm, replying to stefarm, 7, #893 of 2354 🔗

So, if it’s sooooooooo dangerous am I right to say that strictly come wanking dancing will be stopped immediately.

Silly me, they are a part of the pantomime.

220725 ▶▶ ambwozere, replying to stefarm, 4, #894 of 2354 🔗

Strictly should be stopped if I’m no longer allowed to have my dance lessons then why should I have to be forced to watch it on TV or hear about it on social media. Actually I gave up watching Strictly years ago but don’t see why they’re allowed to carry on and I can’t. Final two dance lessons today and tomorrow until who knows when.

220646 Two-Six, replying to Two-Six, 15, #895 of 2354 🔗

Listening to Richie Allen now doing his Sunday View.
What an utter shit show of total bastardry the BBC is. Total and utter POISON.
Andrew Mar is such a fucking dufus. A total tool of the highest order.

220653 ▶▶ stefarm, replying to Two-Six, 7, #896 of 2354 🔗

Marr should be retired, a waste of space and oxygen

220656 ▶▶ nottingham69, replying to Two-Six, 6, #897 of 2354 🔗

Perfect analysis

220664 ▶▶ Dan Clarke, replying to Two-Six, 3, #898 of 2354 🔗

Paid by the globalists, well they all are, all of the establishments

220649 MiriamW-sometimes-AlanG, 15, #899 of 2354 🔗

No doubt we can all appreciate the irony that now we’ve ‘Got Brexit Done’ (we have, haven’t we?) we have now taken back control and can freely follow France, Italy, Spain and the rest down the road to total tyranny, er lockdown. MW

220650 Liam, 7, #900 of 2354 🔗

I like the clip from Network at the bottom of today’s update, but there are a lot of other quotes from that film which feel prescient and are worth rereading:

“You have meddled with the primal forces of nature, Mr. Beale, and I won’t have it! Is that clear? You think you’ve merely stopped a business deal. That is not the case! The Arabs have taken billions of dollars out of this country, and now they must put it back! It is ebb and flow, tidal gravity! It is ecological balance! You are an old man who thinks in terms of nations and peoples. There are no nations. There are no peoples. There are no Russians. There are no Arabs. There are no third worlds. There is no West. There is only one holistic system of systems, one vast and immane, interwoven, interacting, multivariate, multinational dominion of dollars. Petro-dollars, electro-dollars, multi-dollars, reichmarks, rins, rubles, pounds, and shekels. It is the international system of currency which determines the totality of life on this planet. That is the natural order of things today. That is the atomic and subatomic and galactic structure of things today! And YOU have meddled with the primal forces of nature, and YOU… WILL… ATONE! Am I getting through to you, Mr. Beale? You get up on your little twenty-one inch screen and howl about America and democracy. There is no America. There is no democracy. There is only IBM, and ITT, and AT&T, and DuPont, Dow, Union Carbide, and Exxon. Those are the nations of the world today. What do you think the Russians talk about in their councils of state, Karl Marx? They get out their linear programming charts, statistical decision theories, minimax solutions, and compute the price-cost probabilities of their transactions and investments, just like we do. We no longer live in a world of nations and ideologies, Mr. Beale. The world is a college of corporations, inexorably determined by the immutable bylaws of business. The world is a business, Mr. Beale. It has been since man crawled out of the slime. And our children will live, Mr. Beale, to see that… perfect world… in which there’s no war or famine, oppression or brutality. One vast and ecumenical holding company, for whom all men will work to serve a common profit, in which all men will hold a share of stock. All necessities provided, all anxieties tranquilized, all boredom amused. And I have chosen you, Mr. Beale, to preach this evangel.”

220659 Major Panic, 2, #901 of 2354 🔗

Could ultraviolet air disinfection systems be used to reduce viral load (any viruses) in hospitals, nursing homes, classrooms, etc?

220662 Barney McGrew, replying to Barney McGrew, 8, #902 of 2354 🔗

Where is the Queen in all this?

Should we welcome a military coup?

220688 ▶▶ Llamasaurus Rex, replying to Barney McGrew, 4, #903 of 2354 🔗

She’s rumoured to be abdicating on 21/5/2021 (Daily Express). Then Chuck Reset takes over

220704 ▶▶▶ Carrie, replying to Llamasaurus Rex, 2, #904 of 2354 🔗

Why that date? It’s a month after her birthday. There are no coincidences…what is the significance of the date?

220689 ▶▶ Darryl, replying to Barney McGrew, 4, #905 of 2354 🔗

We can only assume she fully supports her government.

The family are certainly supportive of the ‘Great Reset’ no matter the societal damage caused whilst reaching utopia.

220728 ▶▶▶ Llamasaurus Rex, replying to Darryl, 6, #906 of 2354 🔗

A lifelong Liz respecter, and someone who’d have self defined as “pro the Queen”, I’m going full republican. With Chuck as King, I’ll be an active republican.

220747 ▶▶▶▶ Jonathan Palmer, replying to Llamasaurus Rex, 2, #907 of 2354 🔗

Same here

220770 ▶▶▶▶ kf99, replying to Llamasaurus Rex, #908 of 2354 🔗

She was lucky to get the job young before anyone knew anything about her political views.

President Rashford?

220948 ▶▶▶▶▶ Darryl, replying to kf99, 1, #909 of 2354 🔗

No one still knelling for Black Lives Matter every week should be in a position of power. The organisation is clearly part of the New World Order agenda and doesn’t seem to do anything useful other than spread hate.

220851 ▶▶▶▶ Carrie, replying to Llamasaurus Rex, #910 of 2354 🔗

Didn’t you say earlier that the Queen is stepping down on May 21st – why that date I wonder? Must be significant in some way…

220745 ▶▶ Jonathan Palmer, replying to Barney McGrew, 8, #911 of 2354 🔗

The coup has already happened it’s just people haven’t realised it yet.What we are seeing is the regime consolidating power.There is still time to fight back because the government doesn’t have the manpower or the surveillance apparatus to maintain order if a significant number of people rebel.

220799 ▶▶▶ Carrie, replying to Jonathan Palmer, 1, #912 of 2354 🔗

Michael O’Bernicia’s take on the current position of the Queen is interesting, and he does seem to know the constitution.

If I’ve got it right, the EU withdrawal act section 38 (?) essentially deposed her… might explain why she is hardly ever seen these days, except when it is politically expedient – eg to knight Sir Tom Moore for services to the NHS..

Will she get to do a Christmas broadcast? Will she be expected to praise the government?

220888 ▶▶▶▶ Basileus, replying to Carrie, 1, #913 of 2354 🔗

We do have the right to petition the Queen u nder Clause 61 of Magna Carta, in order toDefend British Rights and Freedoms.

220893 ▶▶▶▶▶ Carrie, replying to Basileus, 1, #914 of 2354 🔗

I know of someone who did try this a few years ago, but did not get that far..

221007 ▶▶▶ Helen, replying to Jonathan Palmer, #915 of 2354 🔗

The answer Jonathan

Hands up those of you who still believe in the existence of a virus being the cause of the 2020 mayhem.

Please read carefully here are your instructions:-

The start of LD 2 marks time for you moving up to level 3 conspiracy theory (i.e. its a totalitarian coup) making way for those level oners (not here BTW most likely anyway), who still watch the Tageshau or Good Morning Britain, to move into your old level two positions then we might get somewhere.

….. thanks!

220749 ▶▶ MiriamW-sometimes-AlanG, replying to Barney McGrew, 6, #916 of 2354 🔗

There has definitely been a coup. The House of Windsor appears to be up to its eyes in the various globalist shenanigans and will be looking the other way as what passes for our government does the dirty work. Victoria and Albert modelled a template for an ideal family for everyone to follow but it appears to have gone downhill ever since.

It can’t be denied that the Royal Family has been implicated in some pretty dodgy stuff throughout the 20th Century and the fact that individual sympathies tended to be with relatives in Germany, not to mention the Nazis – against the interests of their adopted country has been covered up many times but is now common knowledge.

There is little to admire these days – actual racism, paedophilia, adultery, eugenics, global government – they’re a bit of a shower aren’t they, despite the apparent probity of the Queen herself.

I know a lot of people won’t agree with this but our view is that her Maj should now retire and the whole ‘firm’ should be wound up, ‘Chuck Reset’ – God forbid! MW

220665 Awkward Git, 13, #917 of 2354 🔗

Well well well:

ICYMI – EXCLUSIVE: Bill Gates Negotiated $100 Billion Contact Tracing Deal With Democratic Congressman Sponsor of Bill Six Months BEFORE Coronavirus Pandemic


220670 D J, replying to D J, 10, #918 of 2354 🔗

If it hasn’t yet been suggested, I think a good peaceful demonstration by sceptics at 11am on Remembrance Sunday at local war memorials, singing hymns and remembering people braver than we have been would be effective

220761 ▶▶ Jo, replying to D J, 6, #919 of 2354 🔗

I have already bought a wreath for this purpose from the Royal British Legion.
I have encouraged a few people to attend. Most people in the village won’t listen to me so I don’t expect a huge gathering, but I have managed to get a local celeb to come along and do a reading for the occasion. I hope he turns up!

220821 ▶▶▶ D J, replying to Jo, 2, #920 of 2354 🔗

So long as we break the rule of 6 and sing in contravention of unjust guidelines, that is a good start for me.
I was thinking of ‘I vow to thee my country’ and ‘Eternal Father song to save.’

220671 mhcp, 14, #921 of 2354 🔗

This is from the Weekly Deaths sheet in the spreadsheet on the NISRA site (Northern Ireland)

“Because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, from 3rd April 2020, our weekly deaths release has been supplemented with the numbers of respiratory deaths (respiratory deaths include any death where Pneumonia, Bronchitis, Bronchiolitis or Influenza was mentioned anywhere on the death certificate); and deaths relating to COVID-19 (that is, where COVID-19 or suspected COVID-19 was mentioned anywhere on the death certificate, including in combination with other health conditions). The figures are presented by age group and sex.”

They report respiratory deaths as an extra column. But the key here is that COVID-19 deaths are for any mention of COVID-19 on the certificate. So any death can be made into a COVID-19 death.

This is basic fraud. You would never get away with that for something like plane certification

220676 jim j, 41, #922 of 2354 🔗

“ my sincere hope and belief that by taking tough action now we can allow families across the country to be together.”

We can allow??
Who are you
You just try and get between my family and I, one of us will die if you try that.

220683 John P, replying to John P, 67, #923 of 2354 🔗

“Lockdowns cause catastrophic economic damage, destroying businesses and throwing millions out of work. Boris announced today that the furlough programme would be extended for another month. But how do you compensate those people who won’t have a job to go back to?”

It’s not just that Toby. Self employed people like myself are often highly independent. I have never earned a lot of money doing what I do now, but I am independent.

I don’t want “compensating”.

I bitterly resent their fucking funny money. It just makes people dependent upon the state and I don’t want anything to do with it.

220696 ▶▶ PoshPanic, replying to John P, 11, #924 of 2354 🔗

My sentiments exactly

220755 ▶▶ Jo, replying to John P, 18, #925 of 2354 🔗

Exactly. Because we like independence and the freedom but also responsibility it brings. We have to make our own decisions all the time (when self-employed) about everything and I have loved it – even though in a different and smaller business now than formerly. I am the best boss I’ve ever had.

220687 stefarm, replying to stefarm, 25, #926 of 2354 🔗

People aren’t being submitted to hospital with Covid they are in hospital and repeatedly testing + with no symptoms. I predict almost all people testing + (pillar 2) are either not turning up for their test, sending the test back after sticking it up their cat’s bum or just not sending it back at all and still getting a + result or it is a false +.

The NHS isn’t overwhelmed any more than normal years. + tests do not = a case!!

It’s a fucking farce concocted and ran by psychopaths.

Even those in MSM who are questioning are still equating + tests to infections, they need to change their message. Testing is crap and is driving policy.

People are dying from flu and pneumonia, same as every other year but let’s not the truth get in the way of a good story or £800k worth of gsk shares.

MSM and every other talking head on tv are complicit in all of this and deserve to rot in hell.

220738 ▶▶ Victoria, replying to stefarm, 3, #927 of 2354 🔗

Great post. So true

220766 ▶▶ watashi, replying to stefarm, 2, #928 of 2354 🔗

very well put!

220691 PoshPanic, 3, #929 of 2354 🔗

I think this is a good description of where our governments are right now. You can take the monster to be a number of different things..the virus, Trump, Populism etc. but it fits the situation. Okay, add a few additional villains and we have the recipe for where we’re at..


Our avenger may have good intentions — the fiend may well be too dangerous to be kept alive — but ultimately, his obsession with dealing out due punishment ( or worse ) and his refusal to think about what he’s doing twists him into a monster just as bad as , or even worse than, the one he’s hunting. And even before he gets to that point , it’s nigh-impossible to turn him away; calling him out on it will be ignored or retaliated against .

220692 Jakehadlee, replying to Jakehadlee, #930 of 2354 🔗

Any one got a quick link to stats for current deaths/hospital numbers for October vs average?

220862 ▶▶ OKUK, replying to Jakehadlee, #932 of 2354 🔗

The government has but they’re not sharing for an obvious reason.

220695 Steve Hayes, replying to Steve Hayes, 17, #933 of 2354 🔗

we’ve already built additional critical care capacity into the English healthcare system to mitigate this risk – the seven Nightingale Hospitals

This is inaccurate. The Nightingale hospitals did not increase NHS capacity. What they did was provide a piece of theatre that could be spun as increased NHS capacity. This is true because the critical resource is the skilled labour and one cannot conjure health care professionals out of thin air; it takes years of training.

The Government knew, years ago (Exercise Cygnus) that the NHS would be overwhelmed by a pandemic. It chose not to increase NHS capacity. Instead, it prepared for a pandemic by drafting what in March of this year became the Coronavirus Act, this provides for government by ministerial decree (see in particular Part 2 Section 90).

220870 ▶▶ OKUK, replying to Steve Hayes, #934 of 2354 🔗

Wrong on the staffing point. Staff were trained up to work in the Nightingale hospitals. Yes, you might have to cancel some routine ops as a result, but that happens frequently in winter.

221429 ▶▶▶ Steve Hayes, replying to OKUK, 1, #935 of 2354 🔗

A doctor cannot be trained up in a matter of a few weeks.

220703 wendyk, replying to wendyk, 9, #936 of 2354 🔗


A lesson from history: the passing of Hitler’s notorious Enabling Act, which allowed for government by decree, so trenchantly criticised by Lord Sumption in his recent lecture.

We all know what transpired thereafter; note that the linked article reveals that no new constitution to replace that of the former Weimar Republic was ever introduced.

Why bother with a troublesome constitution which might arouse unrealistic expectations amongst the plebs, when decrees are so effective and difficult to challenge?

220711 ▶▶ Liam, replying to wendyk, 2, #937 of 2354 🔗

“Our constitution is the will of the Fuhrer”, as Hans Frank said.

220801 ▶▶▶ steve_w, replying to Liam, #938 of 2354 🔗

As Georring said at Nuremberg – ‘we didn’t need democracy, we were performing the will of the German people’

220718 ▶▶ DocRC, replying to wendyk, 6, #939 of 2354 🔗

We can but hope the Judiciary are in agreement with Lord Sumption and will stir themselves and find in favour of Simon Dolan’s case!

220774 ▶▶▶ DRW, replying to DocRC, 3, #940 of 2354 🔗

Don’t get your hopes up, they have proven they too are on board with this.

220804 ▶▶▶ Carrie, replying to DocRC, 1, #941 of 2354 🔗

The woman judge seems to be a nasty piece of work – the man a bit less so, and has represented Liberty in the past, against the government.

220723 ▶▶ Cristi.Neagu, replying to wendyk, 8, #942 of 2354 🔗

The European Union is a continuation of Hitler’s plans. This was Hitler’s goal: a united Europe, where all states would be equal, led by Germany. This is what we got today. So is it any wonder that states that have been under the EU for so long now emulate nazi and soviet models?

220877 ▶▶▶ JuttaW, replying to Cristi.Neagu, #943 of 2354 🔗

of course Germany is at the bottom of all this, what else?

220708 Cristi.Neagu, replying to Cristi.Neagu, 3, #944 of 2354 🔗

Ofcom probably has a large part to play in this. Government talks about lockdowns, media repeats the lockdown spiel because ofcom forces them to do it, and then the government reads in the media how great lockdowns are. All because the idiots in charge do not think critically.

220724 ▶▶ John P, replying to Cristi.Neagu, 5, #945 of 2354 🔗

I don’t think so. As I said yesterday, if the BBC cared, if it had any balls, it would ignore Ofcom.

As far as I’m concerned, though I support Toby’s efforts in getting Ofcom’s guidance lifted, it won’t make a jot of difference.

Talk Radio is subject to the same rules. It is lockdown sceptic.

220712 FenTyger, replying to FenTyger, 12, #946 of 2354 🔗

Did anyone hear the arrogant prick (Chris Hopson Chief Executive, NHS Providers) on LBC this morning? Dismissing the GBD and it’s author’s from the height of his experience at Grenada (ITV) the Department of Culture and with his MBA from Cranfield.
I don’t see much provision from the NHS at present as it’s still in hiding.
Another useless bastard promoted beyond his capabilities and not suffering one bit from this government sanctioned crap. Another candidate for the second spaceship.
I bet he felt so proud to be part of the “clapped” on a Thursday night.

220731 ▶▶ Dan Clarke, replying to FenTyger, 6, #947 of 2354 🔗

Common Purpose. Picked out for their ability to be brainwashed. A friend of mine went to a ‘meeting’ made it sound as if he had soaked it all in, at the reception afterwards and was given the opportunity for a paid course to fast track him to management.

220717 DocRC, replying to DocRC, 12, #948 of 2354 🔗

Bugger Boris, sod SAGE!

220762 ▶▶ Chris John, replying to DocRC, 7, #949 of 2354 🔗

And Fuck Matt with a cactus

220720 Schrodinger, replying to Schrodinger, 6, #950 of 2354 🔗

A quick look at Euromomo weekly z scores (mortality) for the UK and anyone can easily see that what is actually happening does not reflect the narrative. Not sure how much more obvious that fact can be!


220741 ▶▶ Anothersceptic2, replying to Schrodinger, 4, #951 of 2354 🔗

Interestingly it now seems obvious as to why Spain are seeing issues again as they had a much harsher lockdown and just delayed the virus a bit longer.

220797 ▶▶▶ steve_w, replying to Anothersceptic2, #952 of 2354 🔗

and leached all the vitamin D out of their citizens bodies

220726 Dan Clarke, 13, #953 of 2354 🔗

The muzzles are the outward sign to the government that many are complying, even if the rest of us aren’t . These must be the people who watch soaps and why they then announce if you are having the same problems ring…..

220739 James, replying to James, 6, #954 of 2354 🔗

“But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.” – Thomas Jefferson

221331 ▶▶ annie, replying to James, #955 of 2354 🔗

A man foresighted.

220742 Helen, 4, #956 of 2354 🔗

In the relative freedom of first day of November 2020 a foggy grey drizzle foretells the onset tomorrow am of mad mutti Merkles lockdown light. An afternoon to ponder what exactly went wrong, wheres this all leading and is there anyway out of the impending purgatory without waking up the sleepy heads who might just as well be DEAD!
Oh no oh no death is taboo no-one must die oh no oh no did you say die oh yes not unless its of covid and its added to the scaredy cats stats

220744 James, replying to James, 4, #957 of 2354 🔗

Saying that this is all terribly unfair and Boris and his chums are really not very nice people doesn’t seem to be making any difference. I wonder why not?

220775 ▶▶ anti_corruption_tsar, replying to James, 6, #958 of 2354 🔗

Cos they’ve been bribed and are signed up to the Great Reset agenda of Gates, Klaus Schwab and George Soros amongst others.

220819 ▶▶▶ James, replying to anti_corruption_tsar, 1, #959 of 2354 🔗

Maybe. I don’t know. I was chatting to the guy behind the Mirror Project a few months ago and he said then, rather ominously, that they will not stop. I get that but I see no proof as yet that the WEF are driving this. Someone is; but I would like someone to give me convincing evidence ( rather than semi hysterical ranting) as to who that is. It is too coordinated just to be convergent opportunism.

220832 ▶▶▶▶ D J, replying to James, 2, #960 of 2354 🔗

See the WEF website. They lay it out there in full.
Their delegates are our leaders who regularly attend the Davos meetings.

220842 ▶▶▶▶▶ Carrie, replying to D J, #961 of 2354 🔗

Rowan Dean on Sky News Australia is scathing regarding the WEF and great reset!

220853 ▶▶▶▶▶ JuttaW, replying to D J, 2, #962 of 2354 🔗

read yesterday a note from a guy living in Davos working in a hotel. He said when that meeting takes place it’s just sex, drugs, and alcohol. No wonder they come up with the weirdest ideas. Prince Charles is always present, wonder why?

220746 Cristi.Neagu, replying to Cristi.Neagu, 26, #963 of 2354 🔗

Looks like Swim England might rebel over the decision to close swimming pools for the duration of the lockdown. They have taken huge losses over the first lockdown, and even now are jumping through ridiculous hoops to keep swimming pools opened. Which is all a bit ridiculous, since a swimming pool is basically a vat of chlorine.
Apparently it takes about two weeks to drain an olympic swimming pool. Takes two more weeks to fill it back up. So chances are that if swimming pools have to close, they won’t open again this year.
So it seems a bit silly to insist that schools remain open, but that swimming pools, great vats of chlorine that they are, where thousands of children take swimming lessons, are to close. It’s a clown world.

220754 ▶▶ CGL, replying to Cristi.Neagu, 1, #964 of 2354 🔗


220765 ▶▶▶ Basics, replying to CGL, 5, #965 of 2354 🔗

Backstroke, the perils of backstoke. Or was it butterfly? Either way not incompetence but planned to cause consternation and anger. The emotional confusion is what they need, to keep people from realising what it happening.

220869 ▶▶▶▶ Hieronimusb, replying to Basics, 2, #966 of 2354 🔗

I think they want us all to crawl..

220767 ▶▶ chaos, replying to Cristi.Neagu, 7, #967 of 2354 🔗

All viruses and bacteria are damaged and destroyed in solutions containing halides like iodine and chlorine…

If your eyes sting. There’s no intact virus or bacteria.

But then this isn’t about a virus.

220837 ▶▶ Carrie, replying to Cristi.Neagu, 1, #968 of 2354 🔗

Your mention of swimming reminds me of the Olympics – no one has mentioned them in the media for MONTHS?

Will there ever be another Olympic Games?

220943 ▶▶▶ Darryl, replying to Carrie, #969 of 2354 🔗

I had forgotten about the Olympics until James Corbett mentioned it the other day – and how he expected it to be the show piece for all the new health and surveillance police state technology to be rolled out. When he said that, I thought ‘I hope I will never see it again’ – if it is going to be in that form. https://www.corbettreport.com/where-can-we-run-to-questions-for-corbett-072/

221024 ▶▶▶▶ Carrie, replying to Darryl, 2, #970 of 2354 🔗

Ironic, when you think of the opening ceremony of the London Olympics and the NHS imagery in that…
Watch it again in the light of what has happened this year…

220886 ▶▶ John P, replying to Cristi.Neagu, #971 of 2354 🔗

Swimming pools are not great vats of chlorine. They contain up to around 5 parts per million of chlorine. Chlorine is very pungent,so you can still smell it even at that low concentration and, of course, it is a very effective disinfectant.

220982 ▶▶ TJN, replying to Cristi.Neagu, 3, #972 of 2354 🔗

Yes, and swimming gets you aerobically fit, with very small risk of other injury. And we wouldn’t want that, would we.

221161 ▶▶ Victoria, replying to Cristi.Neagu, #973 of 2354 🔗

Good on them. Challenge this ridiculous infringement of our right to run a business

220751 AidanR, 5, #974 of 2354 🔗

Quite right and entirely justified.

The whole lot of them need pushing into a wood chipper.

220753 swedenborg, replying to swedenborg, 5, #975 of 2354 🔗


Another excellent article with update about the latest surge in Sweden.Explaining how a government is not doing the handling of a pandemic.Also that the MSM in Sweden also prolockdown and alarmistic.

220835 ▶▶ Carrie, replying to swedenborg, 1, #976 of 2354 🔗

The MSM here in Sweden do write about other things though, particularly the tabloids, where on only a couple of days a week at most the cover story is related to Covid…

220848 ▶▶ RickH, replying to swedenborg, 1, #977 of 2354 🔗

A good, balanced article that avoids tub-thumping.

The really interesting stuff (pace Lord Sumption) lies in the remarks about the constitutional set-up that prevents the easy imposition of a police state.

220756 Basics, replying to Basics, 14, #978 of 2354 🔗

Plink! – that’s the sound of my patience snapping. Reading above the line the first few paragraphs about the leaked info and oh yes another WEEKEND of government stress and confusion. Hahaha ‘incompetence levels never seen before’.

How can the ‘London-set’ be so dim witted? The government is engaged in psychological warfare against it’s population. The journalists know the Great Reset is a verifiable coming new world order and yet here we are playing in the sand pit with ‘new levels of incompetence’.

Thank you Toby for the excellent, supreme work yourself, Will and the small hard working team have been doing. Wonderful work and fully appreciated.

Time to spot the patterns, chance does not have paterns, it is random. The pattern of oppression is easy for anyone who cares to look to see.

Ooh a leak – how hairy and out of control, ten years ago malcom tucker was leaking against his gov in order to get his way for entertainment, was Yes Priminster doing likewise 30 years ago? This leak isn’t just a disgruntled aide with a heart simply proving the government is incomtently unable to keep a lid on it’s plans. The leak is the plan.

Just as Burnham was theatre and Baker was theatre. False little spats to keep the illusion of democracy going. Neither changed anything, pointless to their core. Williamson grades algorithm wholly avoidable. Track and trace entirely forseen by the most causal bystanders they first giv system coukd not technically work, planned that way.

Hapless bumbling is the subtefuge for some of the most dangerous men and women to attack our nation and still we read about incompetence. Plink.

220898 ▶▶▶ Basics, replying to Basics, 3, #980 of 2354 🔗

Another proof is tge extension of furlough, really, the unimaginable stress the ending of furlough placed on people – and the gov extend it just a day before it’s due to end.

Regardless of the impossible sums of money and the righ or wrong of any other aspect to put people through the stress of that onky to extend in further is cold calculated attacking of people. Viscious, savage, brutal. Not imcompetence.

220757 miahoneybee, 1, #981 of 2354 🔗

Morning everyone ( just 1 min to go).
Please keep this going to all your contacts.

220758 Dan Clarke, replying to Dan Clarke, 7, #982 of 2354 🔗

To achieve our ‘level’ society the government must first ruin it all. Destroy businesses who will then need government help to survive, they will no longer be independent, they will need government loans and benefits. Their previous workers will be given government benefits. The rest who are already working for establishments will pay more tax to pay for said benefits, lowering their salaries considerably. Voila.. level society at the lowest common denominator, all beholden to our leaders.

220839 ▶▶ Nsklent, replying to Dan Clarke, 2, #983 of 2354 🔗

Communism/socialism – equal shares of misery.

220759 Jay Berger, replying to Jay Berger, 16, #984 of 2354 🔗

To all those lockdown loving final salary pensioners, civil servants, judges, teachers, policemen, politicians, rail staff etc.:
Look at the history of your salaries and pensions in countries post state bankrupcies and currency reforms, e.g. Germany from 1945-1975:
You went straight back into the poorhouse then, for a generation, as the state could only spend what the shrunk private sector earned and wasn’t able to borrow much, let alone cheap, at all.
You’ve been warned.
And fully deserve your inevitably now upcoming fate.

220773 ▶▶ thedarkhorse, replying to Jay Berger, 19, #985 of 2354 🔗

Both of us are final salary pensioners and I can assure you that we hate absolutely everything that is happening right now….not because we might see our pensions suffer but because we love the country and the way of life that is being butchered.

220780 ▶▶▶ Lockdown_Lunacy, replying to thedarkhorse, 9, #986 of 2354 🔗

There is no typical lockdown sceptic. Just as there is no typical zealot.

I have colleagues in aviation who seem to think I’m quite strange for passionately opposing lockdowns, even after last night’s clown show which is sure to damage us all!

220941 ▶▶▶▶ PoshPanic, replying to Lockdown_Lunacy, 3, #987 of 2354 🔗

This. I’m horrified at the number of musicians and performers I know, that seem okay with it.

220815 ▶▶▶ RickH, replying to thedarkhorse, 1, #988 of 2354 🔗

Yes – I’m afraid that the comment that you are responding to is a key part of the government strategy of sowing division. It could be dreamed up by 77th Brigade.

221830 ▶▶▶▶ Felice, replying to RickH, #989 of 2354 🔗

The OP did actually address his comment to LOCKDOWN LOVING final salary pensioners/public servants etc.
As the responses have shown, plenty of public servants/final salary pensioners etc hate the lockdown.
We need to open the eyes of those who are not financially affected so that they see the dangers fast approaching.

220823 ▶▶▶ Fingerache Philip., replying to thedarkhorse, 2, #990 of 2354 🔗

I second that.
I have got a FSP myself but like yourselves, my wife and I think about our granddaughters’s futures.

220864 ▶▶▶▶ FenTyger, replying to Fingerache Philip., 2, #991 of 2354 🔗


221070 ▶▶▶ davews, replying to thedarkhorse, 2, #992 of 2354 🔗

Indeed. Because of my final salary pension I have no money issues. But it has nothing to do with the huge loss of freedom and enjoyment in my remaining years which this lockdown has brought.

220776 ▶▶ Dan Clarke, replying to Jay Berger, 1, #993 of 2354 🔗

If it was on offer who would refuse it? But yes, the taxes they will now be forced to pay will reduce everything considerably.

220788 ▶▶ Bumble, replying to Jay Berger, 4, #994 of 2354 🔗

I think a 25% cut in public sector pay should focus a few minds. And max 100k public sector salary, no exceptions. After all, there is not left to spend money on.

220818 ▶▶▶ RickH, replying to Bumble, #995 of 2354 🔗

More work being done for the 77th Brigade.

220914 ▶▶▶▶ Darryl, replying to RickH, 4, #996 of 2354 🔗

Agree with you regarding the divide and conquer tactics used by the political elite and Ministry of Propaganda (BBC & 77th Brigade etc).

But there is something very wrong when senior civil servants and politicians can deprive people of making an independent living and ruin their businesses with absolutely no personal recourse.

Morally it would be the right thing for them to do at the very least, most of the cabinet are very wealthy individuals.

221837 ▶▶▶▶▶ Felice, replying to Darryl, #997 of 2354 🔗

My daughter, a sceptic and a council employee, is really stressed out over what the future will bring. She’s already snowed under with work, and she thinks that it is going to get a lot worse as councils can no longer afford to employ so many people. As staff leave, they will not be replaced quickly (to save money) if at all. Those left will have more and more to do.

220950 ▶▶ Alethea, replying to Jay Berger, 5, #998 of 2354 🔗

I don’t think I am personally at too much financial risk (secure academic job in a top-rated university dept, final salary pension) but I am profoundly opposed to lockdown and all the rest of this totalitarian horror show. I have done everything in my power to continue teaching in person. I never wear a mask. In my daily life I do everything I can think of to reject the corona regime.

221076 ▶▶ ambwozere, replying to Jay Berger, 3, #999 of 2354 🔗

I absolutely hate lockdown, masks, anti social distancing and one way systems etc as it takes away every thing that makes life worth living. And yes I work as admin in education so I’m public sector so yes I still get paid. I’m aware that I’m extremely lucky at the moment but not all of us in the public sector likes or wants this situation to carry on.

220764 Margaret, replying to Margaret, 24, #1000 of 2354 🔗

Sage and this dreadful parliament (l include the opposition benches) don’t need to lie outright. They simply lie through the omission of key facts.

Take last night for example, there was absolutely no context for the graphs of rising hospitalisations or deaths. What happened last year or in previous years?
During which other years have patients died in corridors because the NHS was overwhelmed?

Didn’t someone point out here that one of the graphs shown had the peak of daily deaths in April at 800, when it was really 1300, so as to make this second “wave” look more serious that it actually is?

Has the government ever talked about why Covid was taken off the high consequence infectious disease list on March 19th as overall mortality was low? Of course not. They preferred to lock down the following week instead.

From the very beginning on the worldometers website from John Hopkins university, the U.K. has never given the numbers of people who have recovered from Covid just as it only gives the number of hospitalisations on U.K. websites but never seems to give out those released from hospital.

Failure to show the true picture is equally as bad as lying about it.

220812 ▶▶ RickH, replying to Margaret, 5, #1001 of 2354 🔗

Failure to show the true picture is equally as bad as lying about it.”

You are absolutely right. The process of omission is an integral part of propaganda, and it was the use of it by the BBC that initially alerted myself and others to what was going on.

It was patently obvious that figures were constantly being quoted without any context – a sure sign of the partiality that marks out propaganda from information.

220956 ▶▶▶ mhcp, replying to RickH, #1002 of 2354 🔗

Yep. It’s very hard to say “look deaths are going up” when there is widespread alchemy of Covid-19 deaths from other sources. And then when comparing to other seasons you take in the context of those deaths and what you were doing.

It now seems to be you need care about Covid deaths more than others. Even though people didn’t care about other deaths beyond the recognition that it’s part of life.

220768 DRW, replying to DRW, 13, #1003 of 2354 🔗

Current predictions:
LD II has been timed just as PTRs start flattening out so a month later it’s a “success”. We’ll get a short breather over Christmas we must be grateful for, followed by LD III in January.
A “vaccine” will be deployed around Spring with takers exempted from testing to wind down the testdemic. About 75%+ will take it in desperation of getting their lives back, but the ID will be mandated for everything public anyway as a key piece of the societal control grid, no nothing without government allowance. Increasing disapproval, but compliance continues, there will be no great awakening. Life only gets lonelier for us types and we find ourselves increasingly excluded from society.

220802 ▶▶ Londo Mollari, replying to DRW, 7, #1004 of 2354 🔗

If people are not waking up, why are there riots and demos all over Spain and Italy?

221066 ▶▶▶ Ewan Duffy, replying to Londo Mollari, 1, #1005 of 2354 🔗

The Guardian reckons that it is because their Governments aren’t protecting them enough from the virus 🙁

220822 ▶▶ Carrie, replying to DRW, 2, #1006 of 2354 🔗

Look at the Canadian ‘leaked’ plan to see what is supposed to happen…. can we stop any of it by mobilising now in some way?

What do UK column think of the Canadian document?

220920 ▶▶ PoshPanic, replying to DRW, #1007 of 2354 🔗

It’s also coincides with the US election counting results

220929 ▶▶▶ PoshPanic, replying to PoshPanic, #1008 of 2354 🔗

Also bonfire night. Wouldn’t surprise me if they announced they’d somehow foiled a plot

221021 ▶▶▶▶ Carrie, replying to PoshPanic, #1009 of 2354 🔗

Talking of plots, Trump said right from the start that he wanted to take out the ‘deep state’. There are a number of people in the UK who are part of that deep state.. Elwood is one..

I wonder if in the aftermath of the US election, there might be certain ‘operations’ happening in the UK…???

221327 ▶▶▶▶ annie, replying to PoshPanic, 2, #1010 of 2354 🔗

We need more gunpowder.

220777 Jenny, replying to Jenny, 28, #1011 of 2354 🔗

Yesterday evening I put the light up plastic pumpkins out to signal that I was open to trick or treaters and along they came. Stood on the doorstep (within 2m of me) and little hands dug into the bucket of treats. Parents a little way off at the end of the drive, but that is customary and nothing to do with social distancing – just checking the house is not occupied by some hideous pervert. No hand sanitiser in sight. Clear breaches of rule of 6. Only masks were the “old normal” scary Hallowe’en ones. It seemed as though they were having fun and I hope they were. Only one reference to “the virus” which made me laugh. Boy around 10 had no costume and I asked what he was he he said he was Covid-19 and, since there is usually no sign of it at all, he didn’t need a costume. I then checked my inbox and found details of postings on local area websites. These ranged in levels of banality. Some asked whether whether trick or treating was really safe and had there been “specific government guidance” on the issue. Others reminded us all about the rule of 6 and suggested that, if were really so reckless at to open the door to a bunch of mini bio-hazards, we offered them hand sanitiser. Then we got those saying that parents taking their children trick or treating and/or those welcoming the trick or treaters were a selfish bunch putting the entire nation in danger. My personal favourite was the suggestion that the “treat” itself could be a spritz of sanitiser or a surgical mask. Brought it home to me that we need to keep fighting and that the support is out there. Yes – there were curtain twitchers posting absurdities on local internet groups. But there were also parents voting with their feet and clearly enjoying hearing someone tell their children how great their costumes were and how they hoped they were having fun. I think, even now, some people are still nervous about voicing scepticism. This has really encouraged me to keep going maskless etc. I am even thinking of putting some anti-lockdown posters in the window. People need to know that they are not alone.

220793 ▶▶ Londo Mollari, replying to Jenny, 9, #1012 of 2354 🔗

“No sign of it at all!” I love that. LOL

220795 ▶▶ David Grimbleby, replying to Jenny, 2, #1013 of 2354 🔗

No trick or treaters came last night, sad really…

221590 ▶▶▶ David Grimbleby, replying to David Grimbleby, #1014 of 2354 🔗

I am just reminding myself, we did celebrate Samhain, and had a decent fire in the garden and some booze.

220817 ▶▶ Carrie, replying to Jenny, 18, #1015 of 2354 🔗

Boy around 10 had no costume and I asked what he was he he said he was Covid-19 and, since there is usually no sign of it at all, he didn’t need a costume.’

Genius! Are his parents members of this site?

221045 ▶▶▶ Ewan Duffy, replying to Carrie, 1, #1016 of 2354 🔗

That is like Wednesday Adamms trick or treating – when asked what she was going as, she replied that she was going as a homocidial maniac – they look just like everyone else!

221324 ▶▶▶ annie, replying to Carrie, #1017 of 2354 🔗

If not, they ought to be!

220844 ▶▶ Basics, replying to Jenny, 4, #1018 of 2354 🔗

Lovely post. Thanks I enjoyed reading, about the hand sanitizer jogged my memory of one early Halloween many moons ago. Hopefully it gives a smile and doesnt reveal me to be a miser…

Wrapped up in a busy life I was unaware it was Halloween until the very moment I opened the door and a mob of, as you describe mini biohazards, belted out some muffled scary begging song from behind ghoulish masks. Well, to say my cupboards were bare would be understating. My pockets too had no cash in them. What to do to prevent windows being smashed and drain pipes being blocked? In short why oh why had I answered the door? A further scrabble into the back of one less popular cupoard produced a result. And so it was, in the gloom of my own door step I placed carefully into the very bottom of the little ghouls treats, two bags of boil in the bag rice – which as everyone knows rustle just like sweet wrappers. My windows survived.

220962 ▶▶▶ Fiona Walker, replying to Basics, 1, #1019 of 2354 🔗

Lol, the “trick” was clearly on them!

220969 ▶▶▶ Helen, replying to Basics, #1020 of 2354 🔗

not sticky but tricky rice!

220919 ▶▶ PoshPanic, replying to Jenny, 4, #1021 of 2354 🔗

Thanks for this brilliant story. The little boy should be running the country!

221323 ▶▶ annie, replying to Jenny, 1, #1022 of 2354 🔗

You treat child to a surgical mask, you go straight to hell.
Do not pass go. Do not collect plenary absolution.

220778 swedenborg, replying to swedenborg, 9, #1023 of 2354 🔗

New published study
If this is also true for Sars-Cov2(why not?) the worst news ever for Johnson and the vaccine approach.We have had flu vaccines since at least 60 years which we need to change yearly.How on earth can any government put all their eggs in the basket for a corona virus vaccine,the first ever,and think they can have zero C-19? https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.10.30.352914v1?rss=1%22
Evidence for adaptive evolution in the receptor-binding domain of seasonal coronaviruses
 “We provide evidence that at least two of these viruses, OC43 and 229E, are undergoing adaptive evolution in regions of the viral spike protein that are exposed to human humoral immunity. This suggests that reinfection may be due, in part, to positively-selected genetic changes in these viruses that enable them to escape recognition by the immune system. It is possible that, as with seasonal influenza, these adaptive changes in antigenic regions of the virus would necessitate continual reformulation of a vaccine made against them.

220786 ▶▶ Londo Mollari, replying to swedenborg, 1, #1024 of 2354 🔗

Maybe the point is the chip not the vaccine.

220814 ▶▶▶ Carrie, replying to Londo Mollari, 2, #1025 of 2354 🔗

Yes, and the adjuvants in the vaccine, likely to be sterilising, hence why they want to vaccinate children. Effects apparently not to be seen for 7 years, when there will be a massive drop in fertility/births as a result.. Horrifying.

Different vaccines for different age groups – ones for older people likely to cause premature death in some way…

220829 ▶▶▶▶ James, replying to Carrie, 2, #1026 of 2354 🔗

Do you have any actual evidence this is a planned ( rather than hoped for) outcome?

220871 ▶▶▶▶▶ Carrie, replying to James, 2, #1027 of 2354 🔗

I saw a video where the presenter had obtained information from a whistleblower at one of the vaccine companies…

Gates has form when it comes to sterilising agents in vaccines – he has been kicked out of a number of countries when it was discovered.. They got analyses done of the ingredients after becoming suspicious that the Gates lot only wanted to vaccinate girls and women of child-bearing age..

So it would not surprise me at all if this were true.

Think about it – if mass deaths follows immediately after any vaccination programme then they will be rumbled – but if it is 7 years afterwards, then a link will be difficult to prove…

221483 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ right2question, replying to Carrie, #1028 of 2354 🔗

last week it looked like there were documents showing orders for covid 19 tests in 17/18

220858 ▶▶ John P, replying to swedenborg, 1, #1029 of 2354 🔗

I would think that this research is disputed.

I’m not in favour of forced vaccines and I’ve no intention of having the current flu vaccine, or any future covid vaccine, but there are two central points, stated very simply:

1) Flu viruses and coronaviruses are very different (though they both cause diseases in the respiratory tract). They are not in any way similar.

2) Flu viruses mutate very rapidly, coronaviruses (which have been around for hundreds of years and which cause colds) do not.

The rapid mutations of flu viruses mean that the immune system fails to recognise them after a while and that way any immunity from prior infections is soon lost.

All viruses are likely to mutate in time, that’s just the nature of these things, but flu is particularly notorious for it.

221206 ▶▶▶ swedenborg, replying to John P, #1030 of 2354 🔗

I think it is plausible according  the article that immunity to coronavirus is short lived due to their findings which is not exactly the same as the rapid mutation in the different influenza virus.

220816 jakehadlee, replying to jakehadlee, 10, #1031 of 2354 🔗

In the few social media forums I occasionally feel triggered to vent my rage (and usually get pilloried for it) quite a few people are now starting to ask me more about my views, for more information and to send them stats. I sense a great disturbance in The Force

220867 ▶▶ PoshPanic, replying to jakehadlee, 1, #1032 of 2354 🔗

I’ve found this increasingly in person. What’s becoming common though is that question “Why is this happening?” Kind of expecting me to know

221318 ▶▶ annie, replying to jakehadlee, #1033 of 2354 🔗

Great! Sock it to ’em!

220827 JME, replying to JME, 11, #1034 of 2354 🔗

Just seen a trailer for a Channel 4 Dispatches programme called “Britain’s Covid Job Crisis”. Apart from the fact it’s the government’s response to Covid rather than the virus itself that’s caused the crisis, what do they expect to be happening, having pushed constantly for total lockdown (along with the rest of the MSM)?
None of them should ever be forgiven for their non-stop biased propaganda.

220887 ▶▶ Carrie, replying to JME, 1, #1035 of 2354 🔗

I think the NHS could have a recruitment problem if they make any vaccine mandatory for the staff..

220932 ▶▶▶ JME, replying to Carrie, 3, #1036 of 2354 🔗

I would have said no question! Both myself & my wife work in healthcare, neither of us are going to have it. I have also been saving various items from this website so my patients can make an informed decision about having it themselves.

221006 ▶▶▶▶ mhcp, replying to JME, 1, #1037 of 2354 🔗

From my wife there is reticence to even take the Flu vaccine as they don’t know what’s going to be added. They have tightened up the monitoring too on who has it and who doesn’t.

221044 ▶▶▶▶▶ JME, replying to mhcp, #1038 of 2354 🔗

You’re right there. Must say we have both had it but there is a large amount of pressure to do so.

220833 Mark, replying to Mark, 9, #1039 of 2354 🔗

Trump reacts after Facebook removes ‘NJ Women for Trump’ group: ‘Put them back NOW!
Big tech gets ever more open and shameless in their politically biased censorship and harassment.

They are doing it so openly because they are confident they will get away with it, because they believe the election is in the bag for the Democrats, and they know they will face no honest criticism for bias in favour of the left.

Those on the left who are letting it happen or even, in many cases, approve of it, because they like to see their political enemies punished or silenced, are making the classic error of those supporting tyranny against their own opponents – in the end, these things will be used against them. Much as the likes of Ken Livingstone and Jeremy Corbyn found that the virulent smearing of “racism” that they used against dissenters all their political lives, ultimately came back to be used against them, in the form of politically motivated and absurdly overstated accusations of “antisemitism”.

220854 ▶▶ PoshPanic, replying to Mark, 3, #1040 of 2354 🔗

Posted this earlier, but this is where we’re at

“He who fights monsters should see to it that he himself does not become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.” Friedrich Nietzsche , Beyond Good and Evil

220918 ▶▶ Carrie, replying to Mark, 1, #1041 of 2354 🔗

Here’s a short video (7 minutes), particularly suitable for those who do not like Trump, because the presenter also understands the ‘problems’ people have with him 😉

It contains clips of his speeches to the UN, WHO and WEF regarding the great reset and explains why other leaders want him out. I did not know what Soros had said after those speeches… The sudden appearance of CV19 shortly afterwards seems hardly coincidental..


221760 ▶▶▶ ConstantBees, replying to Carrie, #1042 of 2354 🔗

Not convincing. And I’m a US voter who’s sitting out the current election because Biden wants a national mask mandate, so this is about as sympathetic as someone like me can get to Trump. That presenter knows nothing about the problems I have with Trump and, in fact, would consider me a problem.

Thanks for reminding me that I still am on the left at heart, even if I hanging out with a bunch of folks mostly on the right.

Lockdowns are more important than who’s the President of the US next year.

220836 Voz 0db, replying to Voz 0db, 7, #1043 of 2354 🔗

We MORON SLAVES cannot complain about the LACK OF WARNING!

The SRF & Billionaires publicly announced what were Their Plans and Operations before enforcing them…

comment image

They can NEVER reach Their 17 GOALS by 2030 if They don’t reduce the size of the Herd, so They are doing what They NEED in order to provide for Them a BETTER AND more CLEANED Planet (in Their minds this is “Our Planet”!)

comment image

So do enjoy the show, keep obeying Their jesters (boris just one of them) and slave on!

220845 ▶▶ PoshPanic, replying to Voz 0db, 1, #1044 of 2354 🔗

I so want this to be mixed in with Witless & Vanities slides lol!

220884 ▶▶▶ Carrie, replying to PoshPanic, 6, #1045 of 2354 🔗

Pity none of us work for the BBC and can infiltrate the slide preparation for the press conferences…

220856 ▶▶ Voz 0db, replying to Voz 0db, 10, #1046 of 2354 🔗

In the meantime…

comment image

220859 Recusant, replying to Recusant, 5, #1047 of 2354 🔗

My letter to my MP.

Dear Mr X,

I am writing to convey my strong opposition to the new lockdown measures announced by the Prime Minister. I believe that the scenarios outlined by the modellers are exaggerated, and that their track record of crying wolf should lead us to examine their scenarios more critically. Throughout the crisis, claims by Professor Ferguson that 500,000 people would die, predictions by SAGE that the NHS would require 90,000 ventilators and projections by Whitty and Valence that cases could reach 50,000 a day have proved wildly inaccurate, and the resources used to respond to them have been an enormous waste. We should be concentrating our efforts on building capacity in the NHS so it can protect us, not asking us to destroy our economy so we can protect it.

You and I are both middle aged men, secure in our income, who have relatively little to lose from lockdown. I urge you to consider those younger than us who have seen their interests relegated to the bottom of the pile during the 10 years of Conservative governments . Someone in their twenties will have seen training budgets cut while pensions were protected; the housing market supported by quantitative easing at the expense of buyers; Brexit pursued in the interests of the elderly rather than the young and now employment and businesses sacrificed to protect the most elderly section of society. I urge you to look at the empty shops and struggling restaurants on our High Street, the cinema at the heart of the town’s redevelopment and the hairdressers trying to earn a living and vote against lockdown in parliament on Wednesday. If you vote to sacrifice the prospects of young people, my faith in the Conservative Party’s ability to conserve our country for future generations will be destroyed. I will never be able to support your party again, and I will take every opportunity to work to remove you at the next election.

Yours faithfully,


220868 ▶▶ Voz 0db, replying to Recusant, 9, #1048 of 2354 🔗

Forget letters! They DO NOT give a f u c k…

Move to the good old harder material or else nothing will fundamentally CHANGE!

Just look at our Past… Was anything fundamental ever changed via letters?!

220892 ▶▶▶ Simon, replying to Voz 0db, 3, #1049 of 2354 🔗

Letters may not get read, but they can count the volume of them.

221202 ▶▶▶▶ Voz 0db, replying to Simon, #1050 of 2354 🔗

They don’t even see them… It’s all handle by slaves working for those scoundrels.

220863 steve_w, replying to steve_w, 3, #1051 of 2354 🔗

Starmer said we need to stay in lockdown until R is below 1.

Michael Gove says it is his “fervent hope” that England’s new lockdown will end on 2 December – but that ministers will be “guided by the facts”.
“We do need to get the R rate below 1,” the Cabinet Office minister told the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show.

So, can we end the lockdown if R goes below 1? It has been dropping anyway (1.1-1.3) and will be there with or without a lockdown soon anyway.

Or will it have to be below 1 ‘for a sustained period’ or somesuch other bollocks?

220872 ▶▶ mhcp, replying to steve_w, 12, #1052 of 2354 🔗

More goalpost shifting. R is irrelevant The metric is always excess deaths from previous years and what we did then compared to now. I care not if R is 50 if the amount of people dying is within standard variation. I care a hell of a lot more with the destruction of the economy and tax base, and what will be then done to “fix’ that.

220912 ▶▶▶ steve_w, replying to mhcp, #1053 of 2354 🔗

I agree. The problem with excess is it comes a couple of weeks after the fact (as Heneghan points out) – so their excuse is they cant rely on it for current policy. Bollox I know.

220933 ▶▶▶ RickH, replying to mhcp, #1054 of 2354 🔗

‘Excess deaths’ is another arbitrary number – entirely dependent on a selected baseline.

220938 ▶▶▶▶ mhcp, replying to RickH, #1055 of 2354 🔗

True but for recent years it still is a good enough metric.

220944 ▶▶▶▶ steve_w, replying to RickH, 1, #1056 of 2354 🔗

I agree – we should be looking at overall deaths – AND taking into account the frailty of those that died. It doesn’t really matter if 600,000 people die a few weeks early – not worth knocking 3 months of everyones’ life (as a 6% GDP reduction recession is predicted to do).

220891 ▶▶ RickH, replying to steve_w, 5, #1057 of 2354 🔗

The ‘R’ number belongs in that category of modelling that has done so much damage already. It is not hard data.

220902 ▶▶▶ steve_w, replying to RickH, #1058 of 2354 🔗

R is just todays number of infections divided by the number 5 days ago (give or take). Just wondering whether if it goes below 1 they will let us free or find some other lie to keep us in

220924 ▶▶▶▶ RickH, replying to steve_w, #1059 of 2354 🔗

Which, given that the number of true infections is unknown, proves my point.

220935 ▶▶▶▶▶ steve_w, replying to RickH, #1060 of 2354 🔗

that’s true – but by their statistics – will they let us out if R drops below 1? I expect it will before 2nd December because it (by their statistics) is coming down anyway

221257 ▶▶ A. Contrarian, replying to steve_w, #1061 of 2354 🔗

They’re never guided by the facts though are they? Just by whatever the model spits out.

220865 James Bertram, replying to James Bertram, 2, #1062 of 2354 🔗


This Dr Mike Yeadon / Sarah Brees video, in which he says the government is conducting a fraud against the people, that overall deaths are the same for any other year, that the pandemic was over by the summer and that there is no ‘second wave’, that mass vaccination is a pointless and unacceptable strategy, has now been removed by youtube.

So, use Duckduckgo rather than google (who own youtube) as your search engine. Avoid Gmail as your email provider. Don’t buy anything from youtube or google advertisers.

220890 ▶▶ Anothersceptic2, replying to James Bertram, 4, #1063 of 2354 🔗

I posted it on facebook and it was flagged as misinformation after being “fact checked” independently. I read the report on why it wasn’t true and it was all based on other opinions, no actual facts.

220951 ▶▶ MutzNutz, replying to James Bertram, #1064 of 2354 🔗

You are spouting bollocks. I am watching it right now

221069 ▶▶▶ James Bertram, replying to MutzNutz, #1065 of 2354 🔗

This is what I get:
‘This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s Terms of Service.’

I see Toby has already flagged this up in his article today: ‘ Stop Press: On the subject of censorship, a reader reports that Anna Brees’s interview on Facebook with Dr. Mike Yeadon has been greyed-out, with users notified that it has been removed because the content is inaccurate.

221097 ▶▶▶▶ MutzNutz, replying to James Bertram, #1066 of 2354 🔗

Well Mr Young is wrong. It is available on Brees’s own channel – see below. The one removed was from what looked like a bot factory


220988 ▶▶ Tee Ell, replying to James Bertram, #1067 of 2354 🔗

If I search for “Anna Brees” on youtube, it’s the first result.

220873 NorthumbrianNomad, replying to NorthumbrianNomad, 10, #1068 of 2354 🔗

Not sure if this is new, but Karol Sikora has just retweeted Heneghan. It is important that “we” get more informed voices unequivocally on our side.

220911 ▶▶ dpj, replying to NorthumbrianNomad, 8, #1069 of 2354 🔗

Is there any chance we can get Marcus Rashford on our side, he seems to have a lot of influence?

220881 Simon, replying to Simon, 12, #1070 of 2354 🔗

Non essential shops will be shut, but amazon still sell pitchforks…

220906 ▶▶ Fingerache Philip., replying to Simon, 5, #1071 of 2354 🔗

That’s not a pitchfork but it would do.

220967 ▶▶▶ bluemoon, replying to Fingerache Philip., 1, #1072 of 2354 🔗

Nah the prongs aren’t sharp enough.

221212 ▶▶▶ Simon, replying to Fingerache Philip., 1, #1073 of 2354 🔗

I obviously need gardening lessons…. but it looks effective enough to me. And it’s pretty cheap, I might have to buy one as it could protect me against coivd.

220949 ▶▶ Arnie, replying to Simon, #1074 of 2354 🔗

Want one.

220971 ▶▶ Mark, replying to Simon, 1, #1075 of 2354 🔗

Do they come with handles ?

221060 ▶▶ Ovis, replying to Simon, 2, #1076 of 2354 🔗

Scythe better for the symbolism; billhook for function.

221115 ▶▶▶ JohnB, replying to Ovis, #1077 of 2354 🔗

Billhook … Bill Gates. I see part of the solution.

221061 ▶▶ ambwozere, replying to Simon, 1, #1078 of 2354 🔗

Oh I already have a pitchfork, helps when you have horses. If it comes to pitchforks then all agricultural shops will be open and would sell them.

221214 ▶▶▶ Simon, replying to ambwozere, #1079 of 2354 🔗

Are they cheaper than amazon?

221313 ▶▶ annie, replying to Simon, #1080 of 2354 🔗

And Fork Handles?

221719 ▶▶ ConstantBees, replying to Simon, #1081 of 2354 🔗

That’s a border fork. They’re tiny, at least for a garden fork. I use one myself because I’ve got a bad back. Mine’s only about a meter high. But they’re not scary like a real pitchfork.

221799 ▶▶ William Gruff, replying to Simon, #1082 of 2354 🔗

Three knitting needles whipped to the end of a broomstick, and aim for the eyes.

220883 JYC, 6, #1083 of 2354 🔗

Will this be enough to awaken the country to all the unfounded stupidity this government is inflicting on us? If this doesn’t do it, nothing will.

220894 Stuart, replying to Stuart, 6, #1084 of 2354 🔗

Covid-19 was the beta test. The imminent release of Covid-21 will address any inadequacies in the original product.

220899 ▶▶ Carrie, replying to Stuart, 3, #1085 of 2354 🔗

I’m worried about that, especially after what Gates said…

220901 ▶▶▶ John P, replying to Carrie, -6, #1086 of 2354 🔗

Gates doesn’t run the world.

220923 ▶▶▶▶ Carrie, replying to John P, 6, #1087 of 2354 🔗

But he does fund a large number of world organisations who DO make the decisions – he is the biggest donor to the WHO, for example. That gives him a lot of influence..

220958 ▶▶▶▶▶ John P, replying to Carrie, 1, #1088 of 2354 🔗

Funding is not rule. He cannot make laws in our parliament. He does not have that sort of power. Nor can he raise armies.

220987 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Ewan Duffy, replying to John P, 3, #1089 of 2354 🔗

No – but he can give donations to politicians who do make the rules. Spare me the naivety about there being rules around political donations. There are ways and means to acjieve what you want if you are rich enough (as BG is).

220959 ▶▶▶▶ John P, replying to John P, 1, #1090 of 2354 🔗

I’m just stating facts. I didn’t say I liked him.

220990 ▶▶▶▶▶ Ewan Duffy, replying to John P, 2, #1091 of 2354 🔗

You are stating “facts” the way that Professor Lockdown and Vallence and Whitty describe the inputs into their models as “facts”. Technically they are but they bear little to no connection to real life.

220903 ▶▶▶ Anothersceptic2, replying to Carrie, #1092 of 2354 🔗

Pandemic 2 – the sequel. Sequels are rarely better than the first but in the context of this that means not good.

220900 ▶▶ John P, replying to Stuart, -5, #1093 of 2354 🔗

This is the sort of fearmongering conspiracy bull that annoys me.

You have no evidence for this assertion at all and you are not helping matters with this.

220917 ▶▶▶ Toby Pierides, replying to John P, 2, #1094 of 2354 🔗

So how would your man on the street go about getting evidence of a world conspiracy then? It’s like any statement of this type in that what is given up as evidence tends to be of the circumstantial kind. The shadowy figures behind it all are hardly going to keep a journal of their chats at Davos and then publish it!

220952 ▶▶▶▶ John P, replying to Toby Pierides, -1, #1095 of 2354 🔗

More of this crap. EVIDENCE. If you’ve got it, ffs produce it!

If you haven’t got it then as best you are guessing and at worst you are suffering from paranoid delusions.

I’m not a fan of Davos or Gates. I keep saying this.

This idea that “they” are releasing viruses to destabilise the world is bullshit. But if you’ve got evidence that is true, ffs produce it!

Johnson is the Prime Minister of the UK. He’s in charge of this shitshow. No-one else.

220945 ▶▶▶ Humanity First, replying to John P, 1, #1096 of 2354 🔗

And some might find your continuous ignoring and disparaging of any (evidence-backed) opinions contrary to your own:

(i) rather immature and childish (and therefore also quite annoying); or

(ii) a deliberate ploy to confine any objections to only your (or others?) pre-approved categories

220964 ▶▶▶▶ Mark, replying to Humanity First, 8, #1097 of 2354 🔗

But John P’s simply correct in this case, isn’t he? What actual, plausible evidence is there that there is a virus release planned? I mean, if it’s a joke I suppose that’s one thing, but it isn’t really made clear in the comment.

And John’s opinion that such alarmism isn’t helpful is at least as valid as the original speculation, surely?

220975 ▶▶▶▶▶ Country Mumkin, replying to Mark, 3, #1098 of 2354 🔗

He can be a bit rude and disparaging. It’s not that helpful in terms of interacting.

220981 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ John P, replying to Country Mumkin, 1, #1099 of 2354 🔗

Yes, I can be. But I think in the circumstances that might not always be unreasonable. Given what we are being put through.

221051 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Mark, replying to Country Mumkin, 2, #1100 of 2354 🔗

He can, and I’ve pointed out to him before that it’s not always productive to be so. He’s accepted that himself. But he gets as good as he gives, if you see what I mean. He’s often provoked when he lets fly. Sometimes he over-reacts, sometimes others do to him.

These are inflammatory days and inflammatory topics for many.

220983 ▶▶▶▶▶ John P, replying to Mark, 2, #1101 of 2354 🔗

Thank you.

221054 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Mark, replying to John P, #1102 of 2354 🔗

NP, you are often correct, imo. It’s more often style than substance that’s the issue I think.

221014 ▶▶▶▶▶ Carrie, replying to Mark, 3, #1103 of 2354 🔗

Bill G warned in a video that people ‘would take it seriously next time’ – while laughing…

221058 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Mark, replying to Carrie, 1, #1104 of 2354 🔗

Yes, I’ve seen that referenced here before, but I don’t think that really rises to the level of actual evidence for what is proposed here.

221018 ▶▶▶▶▶ GiftWrappedKittyCat, replying to Mark, 3, #1105 of 2354 🔗

Agreed. There’s enough scaremongering in the MSM, we don’t need anymore of it on here. This site is an oasis of sanity for many of us.

221059 ▶▶▶▶ John P, replying to Humanity First, #1106 of 2354 🔗

lol, anything else dad? Can I go now?

221001 ▶▶▶ Ewan Duffy, replying to John P, 7, #1107 of 2354 🔗

So John, if, a year ago, I had bumped into you on the street and told you that by the end of March 2020, the UK (and other) governments would put their entire populations into lockdown, stripping away centuries of civil rights development overnight based on an illness with an IFR of 0.14% overall but with more significant impact on the eldery and already ill (and therefore less impact on the young and healthy population), would you have believed me or written me off as a crank?

220895 Cheezilla, replying to Cheezilla, 10, #1108 of 2354 🔗

The word “omnishambles” doesn’t quite fit the bill here. Nor does “shit-show” or “cluster-f***”.

The word to describe this level of incompetence has yet to be coined.

I think the word Toby’s looking for is totalitarianism.

220908 ▶▶ John P, replying to Cheezilla, -6, #1109 of 2354 🔗

No. China is totalitarian and they are very deliberate.

220942 ▶▶▶ IanE, replying to John P, 3, #1110 of 2354 🔗

And you don’t see how totalitarian this lot have become? Could I recommend a good psychiatrist?

220972 ▶▶▶▶ John P, replying to IanE, -4, #1111 of 2354 🔗

Toby was talking abut their competence. I didn’t say they weren’t behaving like totalitarians, but you don’t have to be incompetent to be totalitarian, which was what I was trying to point out.

Why do so many people here assume that anyone who even slightly deviates from their scripts is somehow condoning the Tory bastard who is running our country?

As far as I am concerned Johnson can fuck off. As can you.

220904 Ricky R, replying to Ricky R, 14, #1112 of 2354 🔗

Dolan’s case is our last legal chance of ending this or at least imposing some accountability. Unfortunately I don’t think the courts are on our side. This means its up to the people to disobey.

220977 ▶▶ Eddy, replying to Ricky R, 2, #1113 of 2354 🔗

Summonses To Be Issued Against Every Criminal MP Posted on 26th October 2020 by The Bernician
Summonses To Be Issued Against Every Criminal MPThe barrister we have engaged is preparing to have summonses issued against every MP charged in the Private Criminal Prosecution, which alleges multiple COVID-1984 crimes against the People.
They will lay the information as soon as the drafting of the paperwork is completed and the summonses will be issued on the same day, requiring every defendant to appear in court to answer to the charges soon afterwards.
Just imagine the hoo-hah that’s gonna cause, in the event it transpires [all being well] by the end of this week, as anticipated. So please make sure you spread the news far and wide.
In addition, I’m delighted to say that our numbers are now growing exponentially and the momentum is about to turn in our favour, when every MP knows that the common law adjudged Parliamentary Privilege to be automatically vitiated by their acts of fraud, treason and genocide against the people, from 31/01/2020 to the present day.
To date, ten MPs have resigned since they all received notice that the People were holding them to account for their crimes, but I strongly suspect that number will rise before we lay the charges. Watch this space for all the latest developments, as and when they happen.

221010 ▶▶▶ Carrie, replying to Eddy, 4, #1114 of 2354 🔗

Not seen any proof/evidence that 10 MPs have resigned – has anyone else?

221013 ▶▶▶▶ GiftWrappedKittyCat, replying to Carrie, 2, #1115 of 2354 🔗

Not a peep.

221118 ▶▶▶▶▶ Helen, replying to GiftWrappedKittyCat, #1116 of 2354 🔗

Could this be why?Coming up in the Commons, 2-6 November30 October 2020MondayThe House will return from recess and sit at 2.30pm, starting with questions to the Defence Secretary.
Followed by a general debate on Covid-19.

221396 ▶▶▶ Gladiatrix, replying to Eddy, #1118 of 2354 🔗

It’s 1 November now, if summonses had been issued it would be all over the media. I can’t find any such post on this frankly bizarre website.

220910 Dan Clarke, replying to Dan Clarke, 5, #1119 of 2354 🔗

Its a coup d’etat

220928 ▶▶ IanE, replying to Dan Clarke, #1120 of 2354 🔗

Yep, easy as CDE!

220913 saab93viggen, replying to saab93viggen, 9, #1121 of 2354 🔗

Just sent to my MP (Con/North Dorset). This is the third time I have written and the third time I have received a patronising auto-reply which says that he is prioritising Covid-19 correspondence despite not later replying in person. He voted for the extension of the Coronavirus Act (2020) and will no doubt vote for the measures announced yesterday, but we have to keep trying.

Best wishes and thanks to everyone on here, as always.

Dear Mr Hoare,

I was unaware that the first lockdown had been lifted, but I find it incredible that further cruelty in the form of what is being called a second national lockdown is being considered. I am not sure whether I prefer to think of it as casual or calculated cruelty, but there is no doubt about the devastating impact it will have on many of your constituents.

Could I please ask, therefore, that on Wednesday you vote against the introduction of these new measures?

220922 ▶▶ Cecil B, replying to saab93viggen, 6, #1122 of 2354 🔗

Typo alert

Do you mean Mr Whore?

220931 ▶▶▶ IanE, replying to Cecil B, 2, #1123 of 2354 🔗

Not really – you pay them a lot of money, but at least you get something in return!

221047 ▶▶▶ FenTyger, replying to Cecil B, 1, #1124 of 2354 🔗

My bankers are Hoares….

221110 ▶▶▶▶ JohnB, replying to FenTyger, #1125 of 2354 🔗

Always good to spot another O’Brian fan !!!

220921 NorthumbrianNomad, replying to NorthumbrianNomad, 16, #1126 of 2354 🔗

While we’re at it can we stop calling Johnson “Boris” in that faux matey way? It’s the same as when golf commentators call everyone by their surname except bloody Tiger.

220925 ▶▶ Alexei, replying to NorthumbrianNomad, 4, #1127 of 2354 🔗

Not to mention that they’re actually called Alexander and Eldrick, respectively.

220936 ▶▶ IanE, replying to NorthumbrianNomad, 4, #1128 of 2354 🔗

Yep – I’ve switched to Bozo (though I worry that the clowns’ union will sue).

221807 ▶▶▶ William Gruff, replying to IanE, #1129 of 2354 🔗

I use Bozo too: Bojo the Bozo, Brenda’s Buffoon in Chief.

220965 ▶▶ Rosie, replying to NorthumbrianNomad, 3, #1130 of 2354 🔗

Quick to type and distinguishes him from other Johnson’s, that’s why I use it – nothing matey intended, agree with you otherwise

221247 ▶▶ A. Contrarian, replying to NorthumbrianNomad, 1, #1131 of 2354 🔗

I like Peter Hitchens name for him – de Piffle.

220926 ikaraki, 7, #1132 of 2354 🔗

Well, I’m in Scotland so not getting put under house arrest again. Not to last, that I fear.

Good news though, bonfire night is almost upon us! I have the site of my beacon selected, and know of some others with the same idea.. I highly recommend you take it upon yourself to get out on Thursday evening and walk until you find a fire. Join whoever may be there, share and make friendly chat. If you don’t find a communion then you can start one, just remember to put it out please. Beaches are good sites, take a bucket for water.

Leading on from previous posts (for those who remember) managing to survive and earn enough going it alone. Anyone need any welding or building services? Ha! Not brave enough to put my details up on the map..

Best wishes y’all.

220927 merlin, 13, #1133 of 2354 🔗

Fwiw I have just written to my David Lloyd Gym, asking them to remain open. A chain like DL has around 500k members in the uk , deep pockets to challenge the government.

220937 paul, replying to paul, 17, #1134 of 2354 🔗

I live in middle norway and i have seen one person wearing a mask during the whole pandemic. i ride on overcrowded buses and go to an overcrowded shopping mall every other day. I’m not sure the pandemic hit us very hard here. I wonder why norway is never in the discussion; they always mention sweden

220995 ▶▶ NorthumbrianNomad, replying to paul, 2, #1135 of 2354 🔗

Heia Norge!

221112 ▶▶ DRW, replying to paul, #1136 of 2354 🔗

Interesting, you’re the first Norwegian poster I can remember. Keep us updated!

221192 ▶▶ NorthumbrianNomad, replying to paul, 2, #1137 of 2354 🔗

To be fair, Sweden still thinks Norway is part of Sweden.

220940 NorthumbrianNomad, replying to NorthumbrianNomad, 11, #1138 of 2354 🔗

I just overheard a conversation here about this lockdown. People are just dim. They don’t hear anything except the headlines. “Apparently it’s going through the roof.” “Out of control.” It’s like my Great Aunt Mollie talking about the bus service in South Shields. “Eeeee, it’s serious, isn’t it?” Except now apparently my Great Aunt Mollie is Prime Minister.

221005 ▶▶ Fingerache Philip., replying to NorthumbrianNomad, 10, #1139 of 2354 🔗

I’ve seen a post on Facebook from someone we know (Never done a day’s work in her life) saying “we’ve got 10 weeks to save Christmas”
and it’s not the government’s fault, it’s the public’s fault, for not acting responsibly, not wearing masks, social distancing,blah,blah,blah”
Typically brain dead, collaborating thicko who helps to contribute to the present situation.
PS: I know it’s only 8 and a bit weeks to Christmas but that’s thick she is.

221078 ▶▶▶ NorthumbrianNomad, replying to Fingerache Philip., 2, #1140 of 2354 🔗

Save Christmas from what, for fuck’s sake? From becoming a commercialised nightmare with the same five ancient songs piped through every sound system in the world (including in Buddhist Thailand) for weeks on end? Fuck them and their pseudo-sentimentalist shit. I’m going to have to post a song here.


221087 ▶▶▶▶ Fingerache Philip., replying to NorthumbrianNomad, 2, #1141 of 2354 🔗

Midwinter festival that was hijacked by the Christian church.

221096 ▶▶▶▶▶ NorthumbrianNomad, replying to Fingerache Philip., 2, #1142 of 2354 🔗

OK. If we ever get out of this and if there are any pubs left, I’m buying you a drink, sir. Wassail Yule!

221139 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Fingerache Philip., replying to NorthumbrianNomad, 1, #1143 of 2354 🔗

Do you want to be the Lord of misrule?

221187 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ NorthumbrianNomad, replying to Fingerache Philip., 2, #1144 of 2354 🔗

Why change the habit of a lifetime?

220947 Ewan Duffy, replying to Ewan Duffy, 16, #1145 of 2354 🔗


Only the Guardian could spin what is happening thus:

“Fears of civil unrest grow as people across the continent no longer trust leaders to protect them during the crisis”

Nothing to do with opposition to lockdowns, just fear of not being protected 🙄

220955 ▶▶ Alethea, replying to Ewan Duffy, 9, #1146 of 2354 🔗


220973 ▶▶ Arnie, replying to Ewan Duffy, 12, #1147 of 2354 🔗

This is still good for us though. The threat of noncompliance terrifies those controlling us. What can they do? Harsher control? Ok that will get even more no compliance. Less harsh controls? Nope, they will lose face.

They are backing themselves into a corner here. I am hoping for one little step too far, it’s only going to take one spark and the bonfire will burn like hell.

I don’t wish pain or heartache on any of the public but I think we need to see people running out of options, to see the truth of what is being done to all of us.

This isn’t a game. Not to the ordinary people. But it is to the elites, they will not be feeling ANY of the pain that we ordinary people are feeling.

220978 ▶▶ jim j, replying to Ewan Duffy, 6, #1148 of 2354 🔗

It’s political, not viral

220999 ▶▶ NorthumbrianNomad, replying to Ewan Duffy, 1, #1149 of 2354 🔗

That media word “fears” is doing more work in all this than the poor bloody infantry

221234 ▶▶ A. Contrarian, replying to Ewan Duffy, 1, #1150 of 2354 🔗

I don’t care why they revolt, as long as they do it.

Even the pro-lockdowners must be getting pissed off now. Obviously they think that we need the latest version, but surely the govt should have been capable of preventing it with the whole summer to prepare.

221822 ▶▶ William Gruff, replying to Ewan Duffy, #1151 of 2354 🔗

And, of course, only more police state fascism can protect us. Strike that match, light that fire and shovel on the last of our hard won and fragile liberties, we may catch a nasty cold.

220954 dpj, replying to dpj, 10, #1152 of 2354 🔗

Sorry, haven’t see this mentioned on here

It’s about time a church did something. I would like to think some would stay open as normal next Sunday and if police turn up they can surely refuse them entry to building without a warrant or court order? If it is correct that government has no legal right to close churches going back hundreds of years then surely this could be done?

220986 ▶▶ Arnie, replying to dpj, 3, #1153 of 2354 🔗

The battleground there is one of willpower. The grey area is what is ‘guidance’ and what is law. So many times I have seen police officers getting away with enforcing stuff that is guidance only but acted upon as if it is the law. Obviously know your rights is good but you have to be willing to stand for those rights and right now I don’t see anybody with authority within the church having the strength of character to do that. I hope I’m wrong.

220980 Eddy, replying to Eddy, 9, #1154 of 2354 🔗

Summonses To Be Issued Against Every Criminal MP Posted on 26th October 2020 by The Bernician
Summonses To Be Issued Against Every Criminal MPThe barrister we have engaged is preparing to have summonses issued against every MP charged in the Private Criminal Prosecution, which alleges multiple COVID-1984 crimes against the People.
They will lay the information as soon as the drafting of the paperwork is completed and the summonses will be issued on the same day, requiring every defendant to appear in court to answer to the charges soon afterwards.
Just imagine the hoo-hah that’s gonna cause, in the event it transpires [all being well] by the end of this week, as anticipated. So please make sure you spread the news far and wide.
In addition, I’m delighted to say that our numbers are now growing exponentially and the momentum is about to turn in our favour, when every MP knows that the common law adjudged Parliamentary Privilege to be automatically vitiated by their acts of fraud, treason and genocide against the people, from 31/01/2020 to the present day.
To date, ten MPs have resigned since they all received notice that the People were holding them to account for their crimes, but I strongly suspect that number will rise before we lay the charges. Watch this space for all the latest developments, as and when they happen

220993 ▶▶ Arnie, replying to Eddy, 8, #1155 of 2354 🔗

Good luck to all involved! The people are revolting (double meaning! 😉 ) . Make those bastards pay for what they have done to us.

221004 ▶▶ Carrie, replying to Eddy, 3, #1156 of 2354 🔗

MPs were forewarned of this prior to the vote to extend the coronavirus act. Is the law they passed preventing them from being prosecuted a reaction to this?

They clearly don’t see O’Bernicia as a threat..

Will trials with juries be possible under lockdown? Do we still have a right to trial by jury?

221153 ▶▶ Victoria, replying to Eddy, 1, #1157 of 2354 🔗

These summonses should also be issued to SAGE members

220984 Joseph, replying to Joseph, 32, #1158 of 2354 🔗

Feeling numb and blank today. Having long since abandoned public places since the mask mandates, I’ve depended upon trying to find sanctuary at home and in the nearby woods near where I live. But today I just feel empty and as though even a walk in nature wouldn’t provide me solace.

It’s so very hard to see any positives, any hope. All I hear is cacophonous noise, garbled and mangled. I feel as though I am entering cognitive decline, in tandem with the country and wider planet experiencing the same.

220997 ▶▶ annie, replying to Joseph, 6, #1159 of 2354 🔗

If you talk like that you sill end up in cognitive decline.
Go brew a cuppa.

221015 ▶▶▶ Joseph, replying to annie, 8, #1160 of 2354 🔗

Good shout. Took that advice and tea is actually improving things! 😀

221103 ▶▶▶▶ JohnB, replying to Joseph, 1, #1161 of 2354 🔗

A cup of tea improves everything. 🙂

221162 ▶▶▶▶▶ CGL, replying to JohnB, 1, #1162 of 2354 🔗

Mr CGL says it’s “the best medicine known to man” (he’s not pc so that statement can stay as it is)

221002 ▶▶ Nigel Sherratt, replying to Joseph, 3, #1163 of 2354 🔗

We are indeed drifting into the arena of the unwell. Making enemies of our own futures.

221026 ▶▶ Arnie, replying to Joseph, 22, #1164 of 2354 🔗

Firstly please take stock of what you do still have. Family, home, pets, whatever your passion is. Turn off the radio & TV and have a little bit of ‘me’ time. Whatever it takes. If you need to ask for help the do it, family, friends, the Samaritons, again whatever it takes to get through this down period. You can & will get through it.

Secondly, when you are feeling a bit less deflated, think of what ire’s you the most about what is going on & let that put some fire in your belly. Is it the kids lives being ruined? Your partner or friends life being turned upside down? Whatever it is focus on it and make an effort to improve the problem.

We are losing our humanity here and what we need more than anything is to care for ourselves, and those close to us. You may find that helping somebody else out is a great help to you too.

We are going to need every able bodied and/or minded person available for this fight. Make no bones about it it is a fight but right now we can chose how we fight, and, to a degree how. Perhaps start with one little thing every day?

Don’t give up please, you are not alone. Take care.


221040 ▶▶ captainbeefheart, replying to Joseph, 18, #1165 of 2354 🔗

I just went round Tesco maskless.

The looks I was giving people who came anywhere close to me was enough to make them stay away. They could see the fire in my eyes and as they could see my face, they could tell I was not happy. If one of them had as much as approached me, they would have got a very aggressive “fuck off and leave me alone you brainwashed simpleton”, but it didn’t come to that.

Bog roll had nearly sold out again (you stupid, stupid, stupid idiots…)

221167 ▶▶▶ annie, replying to captainbeefheart, 2, #1166 of 2354 🔗

Get a newspaper with Boris’s picture on it.Wipe your arse on that.
Cheaper than bogroll and much more satisfying. And you are virtue-signalling by recycling.
If you don’t want to flush the used paper down the loo, put it wherever the local zombies put their used nappies.

221223 ▶▶▶ A. Contrarian, replying to captainbeefheart, 3, #1167 of 2354 🔗

And guess who buys up all the bog roll? All those virtue-signalling idiots who bang on about protecting others and “wearing it for you” but they don’t care if 90-year-old Doris has nothing left to wipe her bum on.

220991 Major Panic, 8, #1168 of 2354 🔗

lockdown acceptance = brainwashed or defeated

220992 chaos, replying to chaos, 2, #1169 of 2354 🔗

The Great Reset won’t be rolled out until the World Economic Forum meets again in Davos. However due to ‘coronavirus’ the meeting in January 2021 will ‘apparently’ be mostly digital and just key players i.e. world leaders. A larger more conventional meeting of people will occur in early Summer.

221111 ▶▶ Awkward Git, replying to chaos, 2, #1170 of 2354 🔗

Jan meeting delayed until June 2021and changes towns.

Maybe not quite going as per plan.

220998 swedenborg, replying to swedenborg, 3, #1171 of 2354 🔗

https://twitter.com/michaelmina_lab/status/1322739483092099072 “What the hell is wrong w ith Scott Atlas? He writes lockdowns kill… but why say that in context of not wearing masks. Just wear a damn mask! It’ll help stop need for lockdowns. If when dust settles they turn out to offer no benefit-nothing lost. But potentially much gained.”

Mina is one of the John Snow gang.He is well known epidemiologist and has written some very well written sensible things about current mass testing with PCR  with Ct high value as being useless.
But his mask position above, from a scientist?

221008 ▶▶ Nigel Sherratt, replying to swedenborg, 6, #1172 of 2354 🔗

What if they turn out to cause harm?

221023 ▶▶ Alethea, replying to swedenborg, 4, #1173 of 2354 🔗


221217 ▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to swedenborg, #1174 of 2354 🔗

Absolutely pathetic. To say I should be involved in your experiment by force is just insane.

221012 Joseph, replying to Joseph, 8, #1175 of 2354 🔗

Ref: the Danish mask study. Why can’t they just publish it online if none of the journals will?

221022 ▶▶ dpj, replying to Joseph, 7, #1176 of 2354 🔗

I think the issue is that they want it to be published in a respected publication so it will get more legitimacy and coverage.

221034 ▶▶▶ Carrie, replying to dpj, #1177 of 2354 🔗

I wonder if they will eventually release it online? Or ‘leak it’ somehow…?

It’s tricky when masks are recommended in Denmark and they likely rely on funding from the Danish government..

221031 ▶▶ jb12, replying to Joseph, 2, #1178 of 2354 🔗

They want it to go through the peer-review process.

221016 captainbeefheart, replying to captainbeefheart, 28, #1179 of 2354 🔗

Ok, I’ll go along with all you pillocks out there that think writing to your MP will make fuck all difference…


Dear Nadine Dorries,

If you go along with a second lockdown, I will consider you complicit in mass murder.

You already are, but your vote on Wednesday will confirm this.

You horrible, disgusting individual. I am not a religious person, but I am starting to hope in a divine justice and I hope the hottest part of hell is reserved for people like you.

Yours sincerely,

A very angry citizen

221017 ▶▶ Kev, replying to captainbeefheart, 3, #1180 of 2354 🔗

Very good Captain

221030 ▶▶ Mark, replying to captainbeefheart, 18, #1181 of 2354 🔗

Surely it’s better and more likely to be effective to address them calmly, as fellow human beings – oh I see, your MP is Nadine Dorries…

Carry on.

221166 ▶▶ Stringfellow Hawke, replying to captainbeefheart, 2, #1182 of 2354 🔗

As Hitchens points out – chances are almost certain that writing to an MP will not change their mind, logically (though there is a tiny % chance it might). However, don’t think of that as the goal. The goal isn’t to appeal to their logic, it is to appeal to their ego. The letters & emails will be read, if only by a staffer or intern; if they think that even potentially, their gravy train & letter-headed stationery dedication to public service could be threatened in the near future, if serious numbers start piling up, they will be well aware of it.

It will be increasingly difficult particularly for Labour to talk about “for the many not the few” if they are going to stand idly by, while the many die from suicides, untreated illnesses, destruction of livelihoods, & struggling to even get the bare bones from food banks…

221241 ▶▶ stewart, replying to captainbeefheart, 1, #1183 of 2354 🔗

If each MP received a few hundred letters like that you’d hope it might at least make them stop and think.

221019 Don Glen Vilet, replying to Don Glen Vilet, 18, #1184 of 2354 🔗

Speaking to a colleague the other day who was nearly as sceptical as me. She was saying that the government’s policy has all the hallmarks of an abusive, controlling relationship. We are being kept away from family and friends, told that those who are trying to tell us the truth are lying and must be avoided, we are being controlled financially and that what they are doing is for our own good. All underpinned by threats and intimidation. Thought that was an interesting comparison.

221048 ▶▶ ambwozere, replying to Don Glen Vilet, 1, #1185 of 2354 🔗

It’s complete abuse but often difficult to see if you’re in a position where you emphatically believe what you’re being told is true.

221072 ▶▶ Country Mumkin, replying to Don Glen Vilet, #1186 of 2354 🔗

It’s completely true.

221073 ▶▶▶ Country Mumkin, replying to Country Mumkin, #1187 of 2354 🔗

The abuse I mean…

221116 ▶▶ Alethea, replying to Don Glen Vilet, 1, #1188 of 2354 🔗

there’s an excellent post developing a comparable idea further down the posts – a couple of hours ago

221146 ▶▶▶ CGL, replying to Alethea, #1189 of 2354 🔗

PompyJunglist – it’s brilliant.

221020 Paul, replying to Paul, 28, #1190 of 2354 🔗

My wife has just received an email from the membership department of the leisure centre she uses saying they are going to comply with ‘government guidance’ and close on Nov 5th.They are pleading with members not to cancel memberships and stop payments because ‘leisure facilities are really important for the community’,well if that’s what you believe how about growing a spine and standing up for the community for once ?.They won’t of course so they can fuck their membership.

221029 ▶▶ ambwozere, replying to Paul, 8, #1191 of 2354 🔗

Sorry but if the premises aren’t open and your wife can’t use them why would she want to continue to pay her membership?

221035 ▶▶ Eddy, replying to Paul, 6, #1192 of 2354 🔗

Cancel Cancel Cancel

221190 ▶▶ Rosie, replying to Paul, 3, #1193 of 2354 🔗

Get together with other members and lobby them
Immediate cancellation of membership merely achieves the government’s end for them – to cancel everything worth living for, cancel our health, and before long to cancel our lives.

221246 ▶▶ stewart, replying to Paul, 2, #1194 of 2354 🔗

Sadly, it is only the collapse of enough businesses and livelihoods that will put an end to this madness. So the sooner the better.

221621 ▶▶ Ewan Duffy, replying to Paul, #1195 of 2354 🔗

How exactly is a closed facility important to a community? 🙄

221025 David McCluskey, replying to David McCluskey, 9, #1196 of 2354 🔗

This is Edmunds (sage member) in a BBC interview on 10th March 2020 dismissing lockdowns as a waste of time:

Here he is yesterday as quoted by the Daily Mail, still a member of sage, supporting this proposed lunacy:

At some point we need to hold these characters to account. This guy should be near the top of the list.


221027 ▶▶ Carrie, replying to David McCluskey, 1, #1197 of 2354 🔗


221086 ▶▶ dpj, replying to David McCluskey, 1, #1198 of 2354 🔗

In principal I don’t have a problem with someone changing their mind but they need to be able to explain exactly why they did and have evidence to back it up. Using a vague phrase like ‘the science changed’ (which has been used to defend u-turns about masks) without going in to any further detail is in my opinion completely unsatisfactory.
In this case to satisfy me he would need to explain why he thought lockdowns didn’t work and what result from first lockdown convinced him that he was wrong.

221250 ▶▶ stewart, replying to David McCluskey, 1, #1199 of 2354 🔗

They’re all just charlatans.
Boris Johnson, the biggest of the lot.

221032 Awkward Git, replying to Awkward Git, 9, #1200 of 2354 🔗

Looking at the latest DHSC FOI reply it states that :

All positive sample extracts are sent to Sanger Institute which sequences the virus independent of Lighthouse Laboratories.

Guess who owns the Sanger Institute? The Wellcome Trust:


And look who gave them over $6 million in 2019:


And the Lighthouse Laboratories are not exactly independent:


Searching the internet they ere each et-up in less than 3 weeks with pots of money being thrown at them to get them going.

221039 ▶▶ Carrie, replying to Awkward Git, 3, #1201 of 2354 🔗

I wish someone would present that info in a TV interview!

221082 ▶▶▶ Lms23, replying to Carrie, 1, #1202 of 2354 🔗

The only ones likely to do that are Sky News Australia and Tucker Carlson on Fox News.

221065 ▶▶ Rosie, replying to Awkward Git, 5, #1203 of 2354 🔗

Awkward Git
I’d like to suggest that you try to set up a connection to the German group trying to get this lot tried for crimes against humanity. Please reply specifically so that I know you’ve seen this message. The Wellcome Trust is one of their top targets, and the whole sequencing/testing scenario is one of their focuses. So we can expect to see tangled threads of responsibility as they try to cover their tracks and make legal challenge more complex.

Stiftung Corona Aussschuss https://corona-ausschuss.de/
composed of lawyers and judges.
It has countless hours of hearings. i.e. interviews of expert witnesses on many subjects.
A video summarizing where they are in German, 1 October 2020
With Dr. Reiner Fuellmich (who looks so tired). About one hour. Plans to bring various establishment players to court in the USA, Canada and Germany on charges of fraud (like Volkswagen, but obviously much bigger). Plans to prosecute German politicians at The Hague for crimes against humanity.

In English Dr. Reiner Fuellmich’s – Crimes Against Humanity
For 26 years, Dr Reiner Fuellmich has been a lawyer in Germany and California. He’s one of four members of the German Corona Investigative Committee. On October 3 (or 12) 2020, he describes how there is no legal doubt about the possibility of a class-action lawsuit against those responsible for the lockdowns. Even more damning evidence. Reiner says the Rothschild family patented fake positive result Covid-19 tests years ago. Dr. Reiner is now preparing one of the largest damage lawsuits in history against the perpetrators of this fraud. Video & transcript.

221141 ▶▶▶ Carrie, replying to Rosie, #1204 of 2354 🔗

That film was posted here several weeks ago now – do you know of any updates? I have not heard of them actually getting a court date or anything..

221036 Lms23, replying to Lms23, 8, #1205 of 2354 🔗


“European Parliament to Investigate WHO and “Pandemic” Scandal
by F. William Engdahl
The Council of Europe member states will launch an inquiry in January 2010 on the influence of the pharmaceutical companies on the global swine flu campaign, focusing especially on extent of the pharma’s industry’s influence on WHO. The Health Committee of the EU Parliament has unanimously passed a resolution calling for the inquiry.
The step is a long-overdue move to public transparency of a “Golden Triangle” of drug corruption between WHO, the pharma industry and academic scientists that has permanently damaged the lives of millions and even caused death.

The parliament motion was introduced by Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, former SPD Member of the German Bundestag and now chairman of the Health Committee of PACE (Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe). Wodarg is a medical doctor and epidemiologist, a specialist in lung disease and environmental medicine, who considers the current “pandemic” Swine Flu campaign of the WHO to be “one of the greatest medicine scandals of the Century.”1][1]

The text of the resolution just passed by a sufficient number in the Council of Europe Parliament says among other things, “In order to promote their patented drugs and vaccines against flu, pharmaceutical companies influenced scientists and official agencies, responsible for public health standards to alarm governments worldwide and make them squander tight health resources for inefficient vaccine strategies and needlessly expose millions of healthy people to the risk of an unknown amount of side-effects of insufficiently tested vaccines. The “bird-flu”-campaign (2005/06) combined with the “swine-flu”-campaign seem to have caused a great deal of damage not only to some vaccinated patients and to public health-budgets, but to the credibility and accountability of important international health-agencies.”1][2]

The Parliamentary inquiry will look into the issue of “falsified pandemic” that was declared by WHO in June 2009 on the advice of its group of academic experts, SAGE, many of whose members have been documented to have intense financial ties to the same pharmaceutical giants such as GlaxoSmithKline, Roche, Novartis, who benefit from the production of drugs and untested H1N1 vaccines. They will investigate the influence of the pharma industry in creation of a worldwide campaign against the so-called H5N1 “Avian Flu” and H1N1 Swine Flu. The inquiry will be given “urgent” priority in the general assembly of the parliament.
In his official statement to the Committee, Wodarg criticized the influence of the pharma industry on scientists and officials of WHO, stating that it has led to the situation where “unnecessarily millions of healthy people are exposed to the risk of poorly tested vaccines,” and that, for a flu strain that is “vastly less harmful” than all previous flu epidemics.”

This is from 2010.
Does it sound familiar??

221055 ▶▶ Arnie, replying to Lms23, 7, #1206 of 2354 🔗

Familiar yes. They have tried several times with this, Bird Flu, SARS 1, MERS, etc. Looks like they’ve succeeded this time. Maybe. We have the fight of our lives ahead of us. And that of our children & grandchildren…

221079 ▶▶▶ Lms23, replying to Arnie, 3, #1207 of 2354 🔗

My cousin who is in California, and highly sceptical of all this nevertheless said last night that she’d take the vaccine because it’s impossible to continue to live like this. She wants to come over next year to visit. California has mandatory masks, and she refuses to go into her office because it will mean wearing one all day long.

I gave her a brief rundown on why I wouldn’t be having any vaccine until I was sure it was safe, i.e. in a few years or more. I mentioned the flu vaccine that caused narcolepsy, and the additives put into them.

221828 ▶▶▶▶ William Gruff, replying to Lms23, #1208 of 2354 🔗

Can a vaccine that permanently alters one’s DNA ever be considered safe?

221439 ▶▶ RickH, replying to Lms23, #1209 of 2354 🔗

What was the outcome?

221043 John P, replying to John P, -2, #1210 of 2354 🔗

I thought I’d toss a bone to all the Icke fans on here:


Carter USM – After the Watershed

(Carter are never the same without the crowd chanting though)

221053 ▶▶ John P, replying to John P, -3, #1211 of 2354 🔗

Aww, have I triggered someone? You need to listen to it.


“And it’s goodbye Ruby Tuesday
Come home you silly cow
We’ve baked a cake and your friends are waiting
And David Icke says he’d like to show us how
To love you back to life again now”

221046 Rosie, replying to Rosie, 31, #1212 of 2354 🔗

I emailed Desmond Swayne and hour ago. Reply:

“Thank you for your email
I have received several hundred emails to-day. I will read them all. Please forgive me however, for not replying individually.
I will strenuously oppose this latest lock-down

221137 ▶▶ CGL, replying to Rosie, 1, #1213 of 2354 🔗

I do feel a bit sorry for him!! Poor sod’s getting everything from all of us. He needs some help!

221143 ▶▶ Carrie, replying to Rosie, 1, #1214 of 2354 🔗

Good man!

221049 swedenborg, replying to swedenborg, 3, #1215 of 2354 🔗


 Someone translate from Italian? Seems important .From Nobel Prize winner Stefano Scoglio discussing the unreliability of PCR. Even transport can affect the result. Many of the comments in this Facebook page’s  want an English translation to spread this article.

221184 ▶▶▶ swedenborg, replying to Tee Ell, 1, #1217 of 2354 🔗

Thank you for the google translation whch did not come out too badly.Interesting that in Italy in the beginning they needed all three antigen detected in the test and then changed just accepting one as positive.And worse still accepting Ct>35 inflating the figures further.

221195 ▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to swedenborg, 1, #1218 of 2354 🔗

Great find. It’s not something I’d seen before. So they have even more underneath the hood of this.

They are testing from 1 of three genes when it was previously all three required to be positive. And two of the three are so closely related in sequence to other genes it is next to pointless relying on them alone.

221339 ▶▶ annie, replying to swedenborg, #1219 of 2354 🔗

Apparently 3 genes contribute to SARS-Covid-2.The original swab test looked for all three, and only signalled a positive if all three were present.
Now, the detection of just one of the three genes is deemed sufficient to rate the test as positive.

221050 Kev, replying to Kev, 10, #1220 of 2354 🔗

They need this lockdown 2.0 as a cover story.

When the numbers start to drop, as they will, they will claim the lockdown worked and saved the world.

If they stayed with their current limited (in their terms) response and the numbers fade away, they can’t claim any credit.

If the disease is worse than anyone thinks (unlikely) then loickdown 2.0 will achieve nothing, at least nothing positive.

One day there will be a reckoning, and the guilty must be named and punished. That is what we must hold on to as we deal with this abuse of power as best we can.

Odd choice 5th November for parliament to impose tyranny 2.0, or maybe they are just rubbing our faces in it!

221067 ▶▶ Arnie, replying to Kev, 10, #1221 of 2354 🔗

There is no such thing as a coincidence in this game. It’s a deadly serious game of death & destruction. Only the public will feel any pain, but the elites doing this to us will not feel anything. New words need to be invented to describe my contempt for these people.

221052 PWL, 3, #1222 of 2354 🔗

So, when the page, which from the title is about to deal with what is actually coldly calculated tyranny, starts with “ Talk about a cock-up!”, then I don’t bother reading any further. I humbly suggest people look at this instead:

A list of FBELs Covid-19 articles – and brief comments regarding continuation of coronahoax

221062 Awkward Git, replying to Awkward Git, 8, #1223 of 2354 🔗

Sent my FOI appeal in to the DHSC:

part 1:

With reference to Freedom of Information Request Reference FOI-1261857 I wish to appeal on the following grounds:

1 – the information contained in this request is completely at odds and diametrically opposed to what was contained in FOI-1240596. They cannot both be correct and truthful.

Request 1 – Which FOI contains the information that is correct?

FOI-1240596 contains statements and links that confirm that what is stated is correct and can be verified independently.

FOI-1261857 does not and contains statements that are quoted as “facts” but have no supporting evidence and cannot be verified through independent research that is available in the public domain.

2 – FOI-1261857 contained no supporting evidence to justify using PCR and other similar tests as a diagnostic test.

Request 2 – supply the scientific evidence held by the DHSC/UK Government that PCR type tests give a quantitive result and can be used for diagnosis purposes.

There is no scientific evidence that can be found during independent research available in the public domain that supports the belief that PCR tests can be used as a quantitive diagnostic tool.

3 – FOI-1261857 contained the unsubstantiated and unverified statements “the vast majority of individuals who test positive are infectious” and “the vast majority of individuals who test positive are infectious and capable of transmitting the infection”.

Request 3 – supply the scientific evidence held by the DHSC/UK Government that supports the claim that a majority of individuals that test positive are infectious and can transmit the infection.

There is very little scientific evidence in the public domain that can be found during independent research that supports these statements. Many positive test cases are asymptomatic and there almost zero scientific research that shows asymptomatic cases will or can be infectious and capable of transmitting the infection but only studies that use the words might, may, could or possibly.

4 – FOI-1261857 contained the statement “The assumption of high false positive test rates and no independent verification of results is incorrect.” It also states “ONS work indicated that there could be 1 in 245000 probably false positive rate”.

In this document by the UK Government”

https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/895843/S0519_Impact_of_false_positives_and_negatives.pdf,&nbsp ;

it states:

“What is the UK operational false positive rate?

The UK operational false positive rate is unknown. There are no published studies on the operational false positive rate of any national COVID-19 testing programme.

An attempt has been made to estimate the likely false-positive rate of national COVID-19 testing programmes by examining data from published external quality assessments (EQAs) for RT-PCR assays for other RNA viruses carried out between 2004-2019 [7]. Results of 43 EQAs were examined, giving a median false positive rate of 2.3% (interquartile range 0.8-4.0%). “

ONS also state in this document:


“To calculate the prevalence rate, we would need an accurate understanding of the swab test’s sensitivity (true-positive rate) and specificity (true-negative rate).

For example, in the most recent six-week period (31 July to 10 September), 159 of the 208,730 total samples tested positive. Even if all these positives were false, specificity would still be 99.92%.”

FOI-1240596 contain a link https://www.healthtechnology.wales/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/EAR025-COVID19-diagnostics-report-v2.6.pdf which states quiet clearly, amongst many other quotes, in the executive summary on Tests for the presence of SARS CoV-2 virus

  • We carried out quality assessment of the studies and judged the majority to be at risk of bias in one or more aspect of their design or conduct, which means their results may not be reliable.”

Request 4 – How does a quoted 99.92% accurate test, but could be 2.3%, or anything between 0.8% and 4.0% and the UK Government’s own link to their own quality assessment of the PCR tasting regime supplied in a previous FOI request calculate out to be 1:245000 probable false positive rate proving the test is reliable and accurate?

5 – FOI-1261857 contained the statements “All positive sample extracts are sent to Sanger Institute” and “Repetition of tests in a second test is performed on low positive test results and a proportion of all positive results to guard against generation of false positive test results “

221064 ▶▶ Awkward Git, replying to Awkward Git, 6, #1224 of 2354 🔗

Part 2:

Request 5 – what is the “proportion of all positive tests” sent of for retesting?

Request 6 – why are not all positive tests sent for retesting?

Request 7 – what is the rate of previously positive tests that are returned as negative from verification?

6 – The “gold standard” for verifying a positive test is to physically compare the RNA in the test sample against the actual isolated RNA of the virus in question

Request 6 – Is this “gold standard” verification being done?

7 – the daily headline numbers of positive tests quoted widely by Government and in the MSM seem to be just the initial positive test result prior to verification and auditing.

Request 7 – are the reported numbers of positive tests revised downwards when they are subsequently recorded as a negative test?

Request 8 – where are the numbers of positive tests being checked and verified and their subsequent results being reported in the public domain?

Then for the hell of it sent this FOI in:

More and more people are reporting that they are being contacted by the NHS test and trace system telling them their test was positive when either:

– they did not attend the appointment at the testing centre as arranged


– they did not return the testing kit by post

Are these positive results results for tests not carried out removed from the reported numbers?

As positive tests are supposedly verified by a 2nd test at the Sanger Institute why are these “non-existent” tests dealt with?

Are these positive results investigated as fraudulent so that the payments for the tests can be stopped and an investigation performed to recover any monies paid under false pretenses for tests claimed to be carried out but are not?

221091 ▶▶▶ JohnB, replying to Awkward Git, 2, #1225 of 2354 🔗

Bloody hell, AG, great to have you back. 🙂

Should you have a free second, what about an FOI to the MET, asking them how many non-UK citizens serve in the TSG ?

221123 ▶▶▶▶ Awkward Git, replying to JohnB, 2, #1226 of 2354 🔗

Bit worse for wear but it was worth every minute.

221188 ▶▶▶ Rosie, replying to Awkward Git, 1, #1227 of 2354 🔗

AG Please reply to me! Have you seen and taken on board this message?

Awkward Git
I’d like to suggest that you try to set up a connection to the German group trying to get this lot tried for crimes against humanity. Please reply specifically so that I know you’ve seen this message. The Wellcome Trust is one of their top targets, and the whole sequencing/testing scenario is one of their focuses. So we can expect to see tangled threads of responsibility as they try to cover their tracks and make legal challenge more complex.
Stiftung Corona Aussschuss https://corona-ausschuss.de/
composed of lawyers and judges.
It has countless hours of hearings. i.e. interviews of expert witnesses on many subjects.
A video summarizing where they are in German, 1 October 2020
With Dr. Reiner Fuellmich (who looks so tired). About one hour. Plans to bring various establishment players to court in the USA, Canada and Germany on charges of fraud (like Volkswagen, but obviously much bigger). Plans to prosecute German politicians at The Hague for crimes against humanity.

In English Dr. Reiner Fuellmich’s – Crimes Against Humanity
For 26 years, Dr Reiner Fuellmich has been a lawyer in Germany and California. He’s one of four members of the German Corona Investigative Committee. On October 3 (or 12) 2020, he describes how there is no legal doubt about the possibility of a class-action lawsuit against those responsible for the lockdowns. Even more damning evidence. Reiner says the Rothschild family patented fake positive result Covid-19 tests years ago. Dr. Reiner is now preparing one of the largest damage lawsuits in history against the perpetrators of this fraud. Video & transcript.

221453 ▶▶▶▶ Awkward Git, replying to Rosie, #1228 of 2354 🔗

Looked at it, will see if they ant my FOIs next week.

221063 PWL, 1, #1229 of 2354 🔗

By the way. Shouting “I’m mad as hell…” was a futile act, and redirected behaviour encouraged by what was ultimately controlled media. Sound familiar?

Exiting Babylon: the only way to escape being prey for UK Government in perpetuity

221068 TyLean, replying to TyLean, 15, #1230 of 2354 🔗

Wow, wow, wow…. do I have a LOT to say on that WEF Great Reset video link Toby posted.

Firstly, covid is no threat. Lockdowns are.

They are speaking like they welcome debate and conversation on the topic of this….. BULL FUCKING SHIT!!! Is that why Youtube is purging and people are deplatforming like mad?? For conversation and debate?

He mentions how corporations and NGOs and whatnot have always gotten together for collaborative plans for the future. You should read the first chapter in the book Salt Sugar Fat. It’s a detailed account of exactly such type of meeting. It ends with them continuing on with their current plans to pack as much sugar, salt and falt in their products DESPITE the overwhelming evidence that they were a direct and huge contributor to the obessity epidemic (which was its infancy). You mean like meeting like that? Where they ultimately look to one guy in the room to lead and then all go lock step in the march towards profits and power? Yeah…. good point.

“I don’t even know what Agenda 30 is”…….. so, do explain to me how this is anything but a milk toast, prop-up-the-establishment-narrative, light interview? You know exactly dick on the “conspiracy theory” if you haven’t even read Agenda 30, which is quite short for the record.

“It’s how the word is” is a pathetic….. utterly pathetic comment.

He actually says, “no one cared before” as if we haven’t had a huge wakeup call in locdowns…. then uses the word “nudge.” Big red flag word that…… Behavioural Insights Team bullshirt.

“Hand on heart” he swears there is no conspiracy. Oh….. it’s alright them.

“Governments don’t turn around to us,” that’s an utter lie. Of course they do, and you are ignoring the incestuous transfer of indoctrinated peoples through your sick organisations. Like the person who is advising Sturgeon… Clinton Foundation shill.

Oh… and my favourite lie. He is pretending that the Great Reset is a response to Covid. It existed YEARS before Covid. They just revised it to include Covid. Good try though.

He’s playing the we’re-so-powerless-card….. utter fucking cunt. Yeah. You and Bill Gates are so powerless, boo fucing hoo….. that doesn’t jive with your decades of saving the world propoganda. Oh right…. this is just more propaganda.

But there is a big piece of info in that…. went to uni with James Delingpole. Well Toby is never going to see the rot in these people, is he? He will always defend them and keep ignoring the evidence in front if him, because it is inconvenient to his current world view where the elites he hob-knobs with can’t possibly be pieces of shit.

No go watch the truth, complete with links to all the documents to show you this twat is a liar: https://youtu.be/HeMsaN6xjAQ

Sorry for the typos. Hands not cooperating today.

221183 ▶▶ Rosie, replying to TyLean, 3, #1231 of 2354 🔗

You’ve got a lot to say and I am now very tired. This isn’t trolling you in any way, but please resay this in simple language. I might have answers but can’t persuade my brain to decode what you’re saying here

221075 Steve Jones, 1, #1232 of 2354 🔗

OK, let’s summarise. How did we get lockdown2?

Well, early in the year, it was clear a new virus was going around. The first instinct for Dr. Vallance, Witty and ministers etc. was to do nothing and let Herd immunity slowly take hold, but there was a torrent of opposition from the ‘usual suspects, ‘ devi sridhar ‘, ‘Niel Ferguguson’… who were briefing against it, they bought the 5% IFR idea, and the crazy Imperial model, 500k deaths etc, and the press got hold of it and the politicians filled their undies, hence 1st lockdown was planned. The devis and Fregusons etc. went in like like firemen, i.e. rush in and get the virus under control with a fierce lockdown. The politicians wanted lockdown so they could hide from the flames, and they needed to blame the scientists if nothing worked. So that’s why lockdown1 got started. But what happened then? Well the IFR came down from 5% to 0.26 %. but in any case, Britain had already reached herd immunity and cases dwindled to nothing. It looked like lockdown had worked!

What about test, track, trace? This was another scheme to reduce spread. Vast amounts of testing was done but the PCR test threw out thousands of false hits (the casedemic), giving the impression that the virus was still rife, so more testing was done. More lockdown was called for by the fools. A vicious circle was formed, and the narrative sealed all the fools inside it (“let’s pretend lockdown works” … “let’s cook the books,” .. herd stupidity came about but mustn’t listen).The only graceful exit from the vicious circle now involves a vaccine.

But surely someone would notice? Of course, clever, calm observers had seen all his unfold, but the fools sealed themselves inside the vicious circle and had to protect their narrative, so the clever people were ignored or discredited. And with these means, the fools drove straight into lockdown2. The only graceful exits from the vicious circle are a vaccine, or the realisation in another country (better run than the UK) who leads the way to the door for all to see. And that’s where matters rest now. That’s all folks!

221083 Joseph, replying to Joseph, 52, #1233 of 2354 🔗

Sorry if already posted – these comments move so fast. Just seen this, apparently circulating in Somerset area.

comment image

221093 ▶▶ NorthumbrianNomad, replying to Joseph, 9, #1234 of 2354 🔗


221107 ▶▶ Alethea, replying to Joseph, 12, #1235 of 2354 🔗

I would literally cry with joy if I saw a sign like this in my area… [thinks]…

I am going to start putting up signs like this

Can anyone, please, advise me about the law? Is it illegal to put up posters? What do I need to know in order to do it prudently?

221124 ▶▶▶ NorthumbrianNomad, replying to Alethea, 4, #1236 of 2354 🔗

An ass is a splendid creature. Patient, friendly, diligent, harmless.
The law is not an ass. Print out the poster and put it up.

221281 ▶▶▶ Rosie, replying to Alethea, 5, #1237 of 2354 🔗

It has occurred to me that we are entering the darkest period of the year, and can do all this kind of thing at the moment. It’s a good opportunity.

Here’s a good song even if you don’t have any religious leanings

Be Bold, Be Strong
For The Lord Your God Is With You
Be Bold, Be Strong
For The Lord Your God Is With You
I Am Not Afraid, I Am Not Dismayed
Because I’m Walking In Faith And Victory
Come On And Walk In Faith And Victory
For The Lord Your God Is With You

Here’s the tune

221122 ▶▶ ambwozere, replying to Joseph, 2, #1238 of 2354 🔗

This is excellent, I’d happily put these through people’s letterboxes.

221182 ▶▶ Carrie, replying to Joseph, 1, #1239 of 2354 🔗

That is brilliant!

221228 ▶▶ Victoria, replying to Joseph, 1, #1240 of 2354 🔗

This is great. Would be fantastic to get a proper copy.

221276 ▶▶▶ Rosie, replying to Victoria, 1, #1241 of 2354 🔗

You can download it and print it out if you have a printer, or take it to a print shop and get lots of copies made. This is not as expensive as you might expect

221674 ▶▶▶▶ Sophie123, replying to Rosie, 1, #1242 of 2354 🔗

Where does it come from though?

221357 ▶▶ annie, replying to Joseph, 2, #1243 of 2354 🔗

It’s good, but it neglects the fact that nappies are supposed to protect other people from the wearer. None of them protects the wearer against anything.

Yeah, I know, most selfish zombie gits wear the nappy in the belief that they’re protecting themselves. But there’s still a weakness in the poster text.

221692 ▶▶ dommo, replying to Joseph, 1, #1244 of 2354 🔗

that is brilliant! massive respect to the creators – post the original pdf?

221090 LoulouB, replying to LoulouB, 7, #1245 of 2354 🔗

What to do?
Talking to each other may be mildly reassuring but probably just preaching to the converted – and a risk of falling into another inadvertent echo chamber.
Talking to others – very few of whom are even remotely interested in challenging the status quo – too scared/ lazy/ in secure housing/ employment.
Talking to the powerful – I can pen a pretty good ‘appalled of Tunbridge Wells’ email – but only get replies from my sweet local MP – who cares about the vulnerable (meaning the old) but not the vulnerable (meaning everyone else)
Stop reading/ watching the MSM (that’ll get them worried?)
Demonstrate? Could be worth a punt – but invariably described as a bunch of tin hatted lizards with no social conscience
Civil disobedience? What – shopping in a closed M&S?
Where else? what else?
Suggestions welcome

221176 ▶▶ Rosie, replying to LoulouB, 1, #1246 of 2354 🔗

Get together in small groups of people who can work together on the basis of friendship. As modeled in The Lord of the Rings. Then chose a task, any task, and focus on that (as well as having links to other groups, on here and elsewhere).
Ideally friends who live not too far away, and in any case exchange email addresses and other communication routes.
Network like crazy Loulou, and go out and about as usual all week.

221181 ▶▶ Marialta, replying to LoulouB, 2, #1247 of 2354 🔗

Join your local Keep Britain Free group. I keep plugging it because they get out and do activities – this Saturday we did a copy of an event in Berlin going through the shopping centre unmasked as a group playing music. It was to show people we’re not afraid and can dance and be happy. Leaflets were handed out. It’s on Telegram.

221263 ▶▶▶ Rosie, replying to Marialta, #1248 of 2354 🔗

Please put the link on here. it sounds great! I’d like to join in something like that every day 🙂

221844 ▶▶ JohnB, replying to LoulouB, #1249 of 2354 🔗

may be mildly reassuring

Mutual support, communication, reinforcement, etc. are far more important than that. Not to mention joint enterprise in tasks, projects, campaigns.

Stop reading/ watching the MSM (that’ll get them worried?)

It’s how they control/hypnotize/traumatize the population. If the majority did it, they’d be very worried indeed.

Civil disobedience?

Yep. Think of a well-know supermarket’s advertising slogan.

222004 ▶▶ James, replying to LoulouB, #1250 of 2354 🔗

I have lots and lots of suggestions. But you need to write to me at jclfind@mac.com

Spoiler alert: some of them are quite radical and might actually work.

221094 chaos, replying to chaos, 2, #1251 of 2354 🔗

Citizens of Wuhan celebrate Halloween in a theme park

221275 ▶▶ arfurmo, replying to chaos, 1, #1252 of 2354 🔗

So how does that work? No vaccine, no social distancing , no NZ isolation.

221100 Tony Rattray, replying to Tony Rattray, 4, #1253 of 2354 🔗

“Covid-normal Christmas”!

Australia is looking forward to a “Covid-normal Christmas” after the likes of Victoria incarcerating its population for nearly 4 months.

However, the covid virus has already sent an xmas card stating – “I will be back!”.

So, akin to prison for a third of the year and the government allowing you a covid normal xmas (come to think of it, now sounds like the UK strategy!) VERSUS the great barrington decloration.

Fair go, mate. Fair suck of the sauce bottle!

221201 ▶▶ A. Contrarian, replying to Tony Rattray, 2, #1254 of 2354 🔗

Australia think they have “beaten” the virus because it’s almost disappeared in the summer, just like it did here. What do they think will happen in the Autumn?

221261 ▶▶ stewart, replying to Tony Rattray, #1255 of 2354 🔗

The China – Victoria model is gaining the upper hand.
We are all on that path now.

221106 John P, replying to John P, -5, #1256 of 2354 🔗

I’m putting this back up here as – as so often happens here – I am subject to mobbing by some of my fellow sceptics for challenging their sacred cows regarding globalists, and I have more to say on the matter:


Covid-19 was the beta test. The imminent release of Covid-21 will address any inadequacies in the original product.”

It’s not naive to have a balanced view of the world, it’s sane. Stuart’s assertion here is not a balanced and rational view. It’s not a view that, without evidence can be stated as though it were fact. At best it’s a guess. At worst it’s a paranoid delusion.

Assertions such as that only serve to give ammunition to lockdown zealots who can point to us and say, “They’re all conspiracy theorists, don’t listen to them!”

Making assertions such as this only serve to strengthen the government’s hand. Evidence free assertions won’t win any converts to lockdown scepticism.

This is why I get so angry about this. It really annoys me . We often criticise the government – rightly – for making evidence free assertions to justify their lockdown policies.

Yet many people on here do it as well with their similarly evidence free assertions regarding globalists.

Hard evidence will win the day, not paranoia. If you have hard evidence produce it.

221140 ▶▶ godowneasy, replying to John P, 4, #1257 of 2354 🔗

John – I think your dogged insistence that you are right and everyone else on here is wrong might mean that your baiting has come to an end. What do you think?

221168 ▶▶ MutzNutz, replying to John P, #1258 of 2354 🔗

Good on you John.
I have been on this site/forum since April and am constantly disheartened by daily stream of guff about Gates, NWO, The Great Reset (see this from TalkRadio – hardly a bedwetters supporter – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQQiaMo4LfA and too many who are just shy of 5G & Qanon bollocks
I was particularly disappointed with Mr Young listing a piece defending Kate (squirting coffee up my arse) Shemirani who claims the suffragette movement was a Rothschild conspiracy

221170 ▶▶ DavidC, replying to John P, 2, #1259 of 2354 🔗

I really don’t understand the point or points you’re trying to make.


221186 ▶▶ djaustin, replying to John P, 3, #1260 of 2354 🔗

We had COVID03. And it was pathogenic but not transmissible. We had a little scare with not quite COVID12 (MERS) which was even more deadly if you snogged a camel. But in seriousness, there is a debate to be had about how to manage a new pathogen that we have not previously seen. After 2003 we dropped the ball, no new antivirals, no vaccine development. Now we are racing to catch up. How we protect societal interests in the meantime is the debate.

And beware the plethora of key opinion leaders on all sides. “Often wrong, seldom in doubt”. All sides. Managing in uncertainty is what’s needed here. Politicians want certainty, but that’s not how science works.

And I am neither a zealot of lockdowns nor scepticism. But do enjoy reasoned debate and learn from all positions.

Except that 5G, virus doesn’t exist nonsense. We’ve had the germ theory for a while now it’s not a theory any more.

221260 ▶▶▶ Rosie, replying to djaustin, #1261 of 2354 🔗

Except that 5G, virus doesn’t exist nonsense. We’ve had the germ theory for a while now it’s not a theory any more.
That was never the argument being made. That’s only a parody of the argument, and was put about like this to discredit it.
The actual argument is closer to this – that the high quantity of emr waves change the nature of the air and change the physical structure of the lungs so as to make viral infection more likely.

221995 ▶▶▶ James, replying to djaustin, -1, #1262 of 2354 🔗

Oh yes it is a theory. Not proven.

222142 ▶▶▶▶ djaustin, replying to James, #1263 of 2354 🔗

SARS-CoV2 has passed the Koch postulates. https://www.immunology.ox.ac.uk/covid-19/literature-digest-old/the-pathogenicity-of-sars-cov-2-in-hace2-transgenic-mice

One can formulate hypotheses about almost anything, but they must be falsifiable.

221203 ▶▶ Lms23, replying to John P, 1, #1264 of 2354 🔗


Posted earlier by another sceptic.

The practice run was SARS and swine flu. They probably won’t need another virus as this one has done more damage than they’d have dreamed of.

“European Parliament to Investigate WHO and “Pandemic” Scandal
by F. William Engdahl
The Council of Europe member states will launch an inquiry in January 2010 on the influence of the pharmaceutical companies on the global swine flu campaign, focusing especially on extent of the pharma’s industry’s influence on WHO. The Health Committee of the EU Parliament has unanimously passed a resolution calling for the inquiry.
The step is a long-overdue move to public transparency of a “Golden Triangle” of drug corruption between WHO, the pharma industry and academic scientists that has permanently damaged the lives of millions and even caused death.”

This is one piece of the puzzle.

The other is the collusion between the WHO and China. China supported the appointment of Text is as director of the WHO.

Social media has a shared interest in suppressing
information about CV19 that doesn’t meet WHO current position (which changes regularly). The CEO of Google made a public statement several months ago that she would not allow “misinformation” that doesn’t match what the WHO’s official position:

“YouTube to remove coronavirus content that goes against WHO’s guidelines: CEO
i24NEWS. April 22, 2020, 04:16 PM”

221252 ▶▶ Rosie, replying to John P, 2, #1265 of 2354 🔗

The evidence amounts to millions upon millions of words. It’s even featured on the front page of Time Magazine. Is that not enough to convince you of the existence of something. Perhaps someone can repost that front cover

221283 ▶▶ Voz 0db, replying to John P, #1266 of 2354 🔗
221902 ▶▶ William Gruff, replying to John P, #1267 of 2354 🔗

Being really annoyed by the things others say is your inalienable right in a society that values freedom of speech. Tone policing is not your right; it is an impertinence.

Have you tried other forums to see if there is anywhere everyone will do as you wish and say nothing that angers you?

221108 Bob, replying to Bob, 9, #1268 of 2354 🔗

Given that the government assesses a ‘QALY’ as £20-30k, and I’ve been deprived of a quality year of life – perhaps we could split the difference and they could give me a £25k tax rebate next year?

221308 ▶▶ Nigel Sherratt, replying to Bob, 1, #1269 of 2354 🔗

-25k more like

221109 John Galt, replying to John Galt, 7, #1270 of 2354 🔗

It’s all well and good posting on here daily about how ridiculous it is and how draconian it’s getting etc, etc, but we need to actually do something.

One idea I saw that I really liked was a sceptical newspaper that you can sign up to distribute. Annoyingly I lost the link, could anyone post it? I was thinking of printing off a link to this website to put inside the newspaper as well.

Does anyone have any other ideas as to what we can do?

221127 ▶▶ Rosie, replying to John Galt, 4, #1271 of 2354 🔗

That newspaper is called ‘The Light’ or smth similar, and I can’t find it on line with a name like that. If anyone has info please post here.
Later today I’ll put the PDF of a leaflet onto my website, all ready for people to take to a print shop for thousands of copies to distribute.
I’ll be working on more asap but people need to network locally to distrubute.
The single most important thing right now are to find the ‘legal’ loopholes to enable us to go out and about unmasked and unfrightened, not only loopholes but also Lord Sumption’s opinion and the common law.
Is there a volunteer to coordinate this please?
As soon as the info is collated, again, I can compile a leaflet and put the PDF on my site for people to use.
Please move fast before sites like mine are closed down. It’s only a matter of weeks I think.

In general, get together in small groups of people who can work together on the basis of friendship. As modeled in The Lord of the Rings. Then chose a task, any task, and focus on that (as well as having links to other groups, on here and elsewhere).

221174 ▶▶▶ John Galt, replying to Rosie, 1, #1272 of 2354 🔗

Thanks, I found the link:


221224 ▶▶▶▶ Rosie, replying to John Galt, #1273 of 2354 🔗

brilliant – can I suggest this is an initiative that you run with – find out more and let us know here if we can all usefully join in. Someone at a protest told me about it and it sounded like something we can all easily participate in

221293 ▶▶▶▶▶ John Galt, replying to Rosie, #1274 of 2354 🔗

No problem. Could you post a link to your website? I’d be interested to read it.

221129 ▶▶ Stringfellow Hawke, replying to John Galt, 2, #1275 of 2354 🔗

Last year particularly after the attempts to block a WTO Brexit, Leave.eu coordinated a number of attempts to deselect MPs who had specifically gone against their constituents’ wishes, and tried to take no-deal off the table… it certainly shook things up, I believe they got several prominent MPs deselected (inc. Dominic Grieve) and forced others to jump before they were pushed (inc. Anna Soubry, who promptly got trounced standing as a member of Change UK).
I believe deselection is a process initiated by paid-up party members in a given constituency, though not totally sure on the route.

221244 ▶▶▶ Rosie, replying to Stringfellow Hawke, #1276 of 2354 🔗

Ok – so that’s something useful you can do – contact people who were involved and find out what steps they are doing now. Reactivating the Brexit campaigners (even if you were on the Remain side) is a good way, networks already exist of motivated people

221131 ▶▶ Marialta, replying to John Galt, 2, #1277 of 2354 🔗

It’s called ‘The Light’ and distributed by Keep Britain Free. We distributed it recently. Join your local group. Unfortunately their website is v clunky and if you do a search you will probably find a newspaper in Pakistan of same name 🙂 KBF groups communicate through Telegram.

221173 ▶▶ Carrie, replying to John Galt, 1, #1278 of 2354 🔗

Wasn’t it called the Light Paper or similar?

221210 ▶▶ Lms23, replying to John Galt, #1279 of 2354 🔗

Short of a protest outside Parliament, in sufficient numbers, no. And they’ve not taken any notice of previous protests.

221245 ▶▶ Victoria, replying to John Galt, 3, #1280 of 2354 🔗

Lots of stickers for everyone to stick everywhere.

Never vote conservative again
Lockdowns don’t work
Never got labour again
Lockdown Collaborators
Covid Only NHS
Lockdown supporters are collaborators
Masks do not work
Businesses closed, no job, no future
The Government do not care about your health

221670 ▶▶▶ Nessimmersion, replying to Victoria, #1281 of 2354 🔗

Simple posters printed out and laminated. Remember if you are punching holes it for cable ties, to put the holes through the laminating plastic only, to keep the paper intact, otherwise damp gets in

221652 ▶▶ Nessimmersion, replying to John Galt, #1283 of 2354 🔗

A pro forma legally correct letter for all employees forced to wear a mask as a condition of employment.
This letter can be handed to the employer / manager where they can sign it admitting legal liability for all harms caused by mask wearing.
“As we are making it a condition of employment or entry to these premises for schoolkids, we have risk assessed the requirement we are making and accept full legal liability for any an all consequences of that requirement:
Dental rot,
Gum degradation
Long term effects of elevated CO2.
Bacterial lung infection.
Mask mouth (do a search)
etc etc.
Space for signature, printed name of organisation.

They are very good at throwing out “its only a mask” etc, so they should have no probleems signing it if they are so convinced it is beneficial.

I think the bernician was going to work on this but he may be too tied up with the private prosecution of MPs.


221113 steve_w, replying to steve_w, 13, #1284 of 2354 🔗

“For most people,” says Prof Woolhouse, “I suspect life has changed to some degree forever, I don’t think there is a going back.
“There is a ‘new normal’.”
In his optimistic view, that means there’s sufficient immunity to make transmission rates low, so there is no “crisis”, but we would still need to keep wearing face coverings, be extra careful with hand hygiene and socially distance.
“And we stay used to that for years or decades until it really does settle down. The second wave is absolutely not the end of it.”

social distancing and mask wearing for decades?

221132 ▶▶ GiftWrappedKittyCat, replying to steve_w, 22, #1285 of 2354 🔗

Hand washing I’m fine with. Social distancing I’m OK with to a certain extent, strangers in shops or public transport fine, family & friends definitely not. Mask wearing, they can fuck right off.

221788 ▶▶▶ OKUK, replying to GiftWrappedKittyCat, #1286 of 2354 🔗

Pretty much my view as well.

221150 ▶▶ stefarm, replying to steve_w, 7, #1287 of 2354 🔗

Yes, the people don’t realise this, they failed the test or passed which ever way you look at it. It’s likely here for a long time.

I witnessed a man today, smartly dressed who looked to have all of his faculties, walk into the supermarket dressed as though he was about to do open heart surgery, surgical mask and then made a big show of putting on latex gloves. I could only shake my head, I wonder if he is prepared to do it forever… probably is.

221222 ▶▶▶ Rosie, replying to stefarm, 6, #1288 of 2354 🔗

Meanwhile TFL has been testing the London Underground all this time and found no trace of the virus. Reported a few days ago in the London Metro

221249 ▶▶▶▶ Carrie, replying to Rosie, 4, #1289 of 2354 🔗

Where I live here in Sweden, they reckon a maximum of 4% of people with confirmed Covid (with symptoms) reckon they were infected on public transport..

221810 ▶▶▶ JohnB, replying to stefarm, #1290 of 2354 🔗

The gloves always make me want to dissolve in a fit of giggles.

221164 ▶▶ Alethea, replying to steve_w, #1291 of 2354 🔗


(not you, steve!)

221197 ▶▶ A. Contrarian, replying to steve_w, 2, #1292 of 2354 🔗

Twat. I used to like him – or rather hate him less than some of the profs they like to wheel out – since he said that the first lockdown had gone on too long and he hadn’t signed up to something so damaging.

Hand washing fine. Social distancing – bollocks because you can’t force 67 million people to do it if they don’t want to (and in my experience, most are pretty casual about it now apart from the petrified fence-huggers). But masks for years – just no.

221387 ▶▶▶ Silke David, replying to A. Contrarian, 2, #1293 of 2354 🔗

Watched a couple come out of Prezzo, still rubbing their hands with the massive gloop of sanitizer, entered a shop. I actually watched to see if they use the shop provided sanitizer, but thank god they didn’t!
Went into my small and cramped Rymans, could not see any sanitizer. Staff made no fuss of me being bare faced. But they always look as if they do not enjoy working there, so they probably do not care too much.

221220 ▶▶ Lms23, replying to steve_w, 5, #1294 of 2354 🔗

And they’ll be ever so surprised when dementia rates increase due to long-term oxygen deprivation.

Who is this tw*t suggesting this??

221390 ▶▶▶ Silke David, replying to Lms23, 3, #1295 of 2354 🔗

Oh, I heard another good story from Germany yday. Student collapsed at school, mum gets called. Student still on floor. While still on phone she asks if they took his muzzle off, reply, not allowed on school grounds without muzzle, she tells them to carry him off school grounds then! Arrives to take him home, were he throws up several times, eventually Mum takes him to A&E. Diagnosis CO2 poisoning.

221395 ▶▶▶▶ thinkaboutit, replying to Silke David, 3, #1296 of 2354 🔗

I hope she sues.

221557 ▶▶▶▶ Carrie, replying to Silke David, #1297 of 2354 🔗

Horrendous! Safeguarding? Seems it’s the opposite now..

221259 ▶▶ Victoria, replying to steve_w, 3, #1298 of 2354 🔗

mask wearing for decades

Hypoxia, lead to increased levels of brain damage, dementia and other long term illnesses. Maybe the only way to get rid of those that can’t think and stand up for themselves

221262 ▶▶ stewart, replying to steve_w, 2, #1299 of 2354 🔗

I would rather die of covid.

221266 ▶▶ Dan Clarke, replying to steve_w, 2, #1300 of 2354 🔗

He is only one professor, there are many with opposing views, many with many views

221350 ▶▶ annie, replying to steve_w, 4, #1301 of 2354 🔗

In a word: no.
Two words for Prof. Woodlouse- well, choose your own.

221119 Rosie, replying to Rosie, 6, #1302 of 2354 🔗

For all those using FOI and other ways of getting to the truth, please do send your information to the lawyers who are trying to have these people and organisations tried for crimes against humanity. This is real, not a spoof btw.

Stiftung Corona Aussschuss https://corona-ausschuss.de/
composed of lawyers and judges.
It has countless hours of hearings. i.e. interviews of expert witnesses on many subjects.
A video summarizing where they are in German, 1 October 2020
With Dr. Reiner Fuellmich (who looks so tired). About one hour. Plans to bring various establishment players to court in the USA, Canada and Germany on charges of fraud (like Volkswagen, but obviously much bigger). Plans to prosecute German politicians at The Hague for crimes against humanity.

In English Dr. Reiner Fuellmich’s – Crimes Against Humanity
For 26 years, Dr Reiner Fuellmich has been a lawyer in Germany and California. He’s one of four members of the German Corona Investigative Committee. On October 3 (or 12) 2020, he describes how there is no legal doubt about the possibility of a class-action lawsuit against those responsible for the lockdowns. Even more damning evidence. Reiner says the Rothschild family patented fake positive result Covid-19 tests years ago. Dr. Reiner is now preparing one of the largest damage lawsuits in history against the perpetrators of this fraud. Video & transcript.

221226 ▶▶ Lms23, replying to Rosie, #1303 of 2354 🔗

I’ve forwarded that plus the link to the EU inquiry in 2010 into the swine flu fake pandemic to the Tucker Carlson show. He may or may not pick it up, and very likely not until after the election. It may not help, but at least it might get some wider publicity.

221126 godowneasy, replying to godowneasy, 5, #1304 of 2354 🔗

No wonder there’s a second wave – people have been wearing the wrong type of face masks all this time! Who would have thought it. According to the Irish Times:

Most face masks to protect against coronavirus do not meet standards


  • The majority of face masks on sale to protect against the spread of coronavirus do not comply with regulations, Ireland’s official standards body is warning.
  • Elizabeth O’Ferrall, of the NSAI, who led the project to develop the SWiFT 19 standard, said most masks for sale, including designer labels and major sporting brands, do not adhere, or state that they adhere, to the specification.
  • “I would say, from trawling products, that the majority are not complying with any specification at all,” she told The Irish Times.
  • However, she pointed to international public health advice that “any face mask is better than no face mask”.

And elsewhere on the Irish Times an accredited mindfulness therapist (I kid you not) writes:
“Better enforcement doesn’t mean making “flouters” stand in the town square with a covidiot placard. It might mean a garda walking through a supermarket twice a day and talking to the “maskless ignoramuses”. Or a garda getting on a bus and having a word with the same people.

Yes mate, let’s have a word!

221159 ▶▶ Rosie, replying to godowneasy, 6, #1305 of 2354 🔗

Fight it every tiny step of the way. Their end is permanent masks like this


It’s a slave mask. The reason the Wokies go on about slavery all the time is to divert our attention from the fact that they are enslaving us, literally.

221194 ▶▶▶ godowneasy, replying to Rosie, 2, #1306 of 2354 🔗

Haven’t seen that before – bloody hell, these people are truly insane! Yes, let’s all wear battery powered virus zappers on our heads – that’ll confuse Coroni once and for all if we don’t burn our faces off beforehand!

221248 ▶▶▶ Marialta, replying to Rosie, 3, #1307 of 2354 🔗

This is absolutely the worst thing I’ve seen yet. Is this something our children and grandchildren will see as normal on the ‘crowded bus’? OVER MY DEAD BODY.

221307 ▶▶▶▶ stewart, replying to Marialta, 1, #1308 of 2354 🔗

If only everyone that said “over my dead body” actually meant it, we’d be over all this.

221273 ▶▶▶ Voz 0db, replying to Rosie, 8, #1309 of 2354 🔗

Funny how most slaves seem to enjoy wearing it!

comment image


221231 ▶▶ Lms23, replying to godowneasy, 9, #1310 of 2354 🔗

Face masks for the public are political, not scientific.

221254 ▶▶ Voz 0db, replying to godowneasy, 6, #1311 of 2354 🔗

The use of a muzzle will never provide protection against virus!

This is SETTLED SCIENCE , that clearly no one cares about.

They are just using this tool in order to better observe the behaviour of the herd of moron slaves. And They are pretty happy with the results.

221344 ▶▶ annie, replying to godowneasy, 7, #1312 of 2354 🔗

Any mask is better than no mask.
Because any mask signals that you’re a grovelling compliant moron.

221128 The Mask Exempt Covid Marshall, replying to The Mask Exempt Covid Marshall, 8, #1313 of 2354 🔗

Afternoon, all. I’ve flights booked to Sweden on 5th November. Now worried that this lockdown bullshit might put pay to it.

What do you think is the likelihood of all flights there being cancelled or there being police at the airport to stop people travelling? I know it’s still allowed for ‘work’ and I do enjoy photography, so could I just say it’s a commission or something? Does anyone has an idea what might happen!?

I really, really need this break!!

221138 ▶▶ GiftWrappedKittyCat, replying to The Mask Exempt Covid Marshall, 5, #1314 of 2354 🔗

I’d just keep the booking and go to the airport as planned. If you cancel you’ll lose your money but if the airline cancels they’ll need to refund you.

221142 ▶▶▶ The Mask Exempt Covid Marshall, replying to GiftWrappedKittyCat, 7, #1315 of 2354 🔗

That’s what I plan on doing. I’m not letting those arseholes ruin my life and will do as little to comply with this disgusting lockdown as I can.

221630 ▶▶▶▶ Sophie123, replying to The Mask Exempt Covid Marshall, 1, #1316 of 2354 🔗

I am going on the 8th. I’m going to mock up a meeting schedule and ask a contact there to vouch for me. He will do it or I won’t use his bank again. Blackmail. Needs must.

my husband is getting a mate to meet us for a drink, aka “job interview.”

221144 ▶▶ Alethea, replying to The Mask Exempt Covid Marshall, 5, #1317 of 2354 🔗

If work is ‘allowed’, make up the most elegantly persuasive, realistic lie you can devise. Rehearse it diligently. Know your lines so well that you won’t falter under pressure. Ideally, try to think yourself into the role of the person you’re pretending to be; then it’s easy to speak ‘truthfully’ from that position.

221551 ▶▶▶ Carrie, replying to Alethea, #1318 of 2354 🔗

How about saying you’re going to a job interview?

221152 ▶▶ Carrie, replying to The Mask Exempt Covid Marshall, 2, #1319 of 2354 🔗

Does the law come into force at midnight on 4th or 5th? You might be ok, but it seems you will have to quarantine on your return..

I’d like to know of the legal position of people planning to emigrate between now and 31st Dec, which they have the right to do under EU law…

221392 ▶▶▶ thinkaboutit, replying to Carrie, #1320 of 2354 🔗

1 minute past midnight on the 5th, I think

221180 ▶▶ DocRC, replying to The Mask Exempt Covid Marshall, 2, #1321 of 2354 🔗

I’m afraid the Telegraph reporting that all non-essential travel banned from 00.01 on 5th November. Not sure how they can police it but airlines are apparently cancelling flights. I suspect this policy is being made up as they go along. If you can get a flight before the 5th then you will obviously be OK.

221230 ▶▶ watashi, replying to The Mask Exempt Covid Marshall, 1, #1322 of 2354 🔗

I’m hurriedly looking for flights out on the 4th..

221289 ▶▶▶ The Mask Exempt Covid Marshall, replying to watashi, #1323 of 2354 🔗

Flights will be really expensive before the 5th though. And I don’t want to end of out of pocket just because of these knobheads.

221298 ▶▶ leggy, replying to The Mask Exempt Covid Marshall, 2, #1324 of 2354 🔗

I’m in Stockholm right now. It’s getting a little worse, but it’s still sane compared to the UK. Blag it here however you can.

221464 ▶▶▶ The Mask Exempt Covid Marshall, replying to leggy, 1, #1325 of 2354 🔗

Will do. Once I’m there I’m not too bothered about how I get back ha

Talk to Carrie or someone else in Sweden. Commissioned photography work sounds good, a name and address there should be enough.

221852 ▶▶▶ Carrie, replying to JohnB, #1327 of 2354 🔗

The only problem you might have is if the Swedish Foreign office decides to stop Brits entering…otherwise I can’t see why anyone would stop you. In theory Brits can still move here until 31st December.

Keep an eye on this site – you can do searches on it:

So far there is no change for residents of EU countries, which still includes the UK for the time being…

221134 JudgeMental, replying to JudgeMental, #1328 of 2354 🔗

My selection for today’s music track. Public Image Ltd. – The Order Of Death (This is what you want… this is what you get)

221158 ▶▶ Edward, replying to JudgeMental, #1329 of 2354 🔗

I’ve not got that album, only the first three. Metal Box is my favourite though I only have the gatefold sleeve issue.

221347 ▶▶▶ TJN, replying to Edward, 1, #1330 of 2354 🔗

I’ve got the Box! Somewhere in the roof space now.

221497 ▶▶▶▶ Edward, replying to TJN, 1, #1331 of 2354 🔗

I hope you’re not one of these people who put away your LPs when CDs came out – and CDs when downloads started – and downloads when streaming started! Streaming is compatible with the WEF plan of nobody owning anything. I often say to people who get rid of older formats, “What’s wrong, don’t you like the music any more?” I suppose I’m pretty serious about my music but others regard it more as a decorative lifestyle accessory.
I can still play the above formats plus cassette tapes, but one thing I don’t have (and don’t want) is a smart speaker. Does anyone know what happens if you say “Alexa, fuck off!”? I’ve posed the question online but not had a definitive answer.

221538 ▶▶▶▶▶ TJN, replying to Edward, #1332 of 2354 🔗

To tell the truth, I don’t actually listen to music much anymore. I go through Dylan phases regularly still. But more generally my interest waned with the demise of the Pixies in the early 90s.

PIL were odd ones. Half the first LP was taking the piss. Metal Box was interesting. I remember they did Careering and Poptones on the OGWT, and Annie N. said it was one of the most powerful performances she’d seen on the show – think I have that right. Trouble is, people started pretending to like it because they thought it was cool to do so.

221570 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Edward, replying to TJN, 1, #1333 of 2354 🔗

Poptones and Careering on OGWT was great – I think that was the order they did them in. “Long macs” (coats) were fashionable among the post-punks, and as I recall John Lydon was wearing one for the slower number Poptones and flung it off as they started Careering.

221877 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ TJN, replying to Edward, #1334 of 2354 🔗

I don’t recall the order, but I do recall it was the opposite to how they were paired together on MB!

221998 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ TJN, replying to TJN, #1335 of 2354 🔗

Recall that. It was the other way round on that year’s Festive Fifty (they appeared alongside each other as I recall), which Peel cited as evidence that he didn’t fiddle the chart.

221654 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ David Grimbleby, replying to TJN, #1336 of 2354 🔗

I think I mentioned a while ago re. music what would curmudgeon and piss artist Mark E. Smith of the Fall make of this bollox?

221879 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ TJN, replying to David Grimbleby, #1337 of 2354 🔗

Interesting one. To tell the truth, I never really got The Fall. Maybe I didn’t try hard enough. But Peel loved them of course, and his judgement was sound.

221171 ▶▶ FenTyger, replying to JudgeMental, #1338 of 2354 🔗

I raise you Genesis – The Knife
from Bataclan… and that is a creepy song to hear.

221135 Maccynic, 6, #1339 of 2354 🔗

As I predicted yesterday, Scotland needs a lockdown. And it’s all your fault, England! It is of course all bollocks. No mask here. Or at the school gates. I hate devolution. It has given rise to division and hatred. English sceptics please note, most Scots vote Labour, tory and lib dem. We have a minority government based in votes cast.


221136 NappyFace, replying to NappyFace, 5, #1340 of 2354 🔗

We must sacrifice ourselves for our Glorious Leaders’ pleasure. Soon all the wealth will be theirs, and together we shall rejoice at their good fortune. Our Glorious Leaders know us better than we know ourselves. We must surrender our whole selves to their infinite wisdom and benevolence. Heretics will he punished. Let the camps be built.

221235 ▶▶ Voz 0db, replying to NappyFace, 1, #1341 of 2354 🔗

Indeed my fellow slave… INDEED !

comment image

221145 Carlo, replying to Carlo, 6, #1342 of 2354 🔗

Just had my facebook account restricted for posting something abou HCQ.

221149 ▶▶ Rosie, replying to Carlo, 4, #1343 of 2354 🔗

This is getting more and more widespread. Hence the need to urgently network, ideally with friends close to you, but if not by exchanging email addresses and phone numbers.

221154 ▶▶ NappyFace, replying to Carlo, 5, #1344 of 2354 🔗

You must adhere to the Community Standards. Or be de-platformed and eventually incarcerated. You need to get with the programme. Resistance is futile.

221227 ▶▶▶ Voz 0db, replying to NappyFace, #1345 of 2354 🔗

Seems you need to improve those sarcasm writing skills…

221472 ▶▶ Edward, replying to Carlo, #1346 of 2354 🔗

Save Our Rights UK is still on Facebook, at least it was the last time I looked (yesterday). They have also set up a group using Telegram to communicate in case the FB site is banned, but FB will have a much larger reach.

221147 A. Contrarian, replying to A. Contrarian, 22, #1347 of 2354 🔗

This, from Peter Hitchens’ Sunday column, is exactly how powerless I feel.

I see them [Johnson and Hancock] as two schoolboys on the footplate of an old-fashioned steam locomotive, clattering into deepening twilight, too scared to call for help, too vain to admit their error. They started it moving by accident, foolishly pulling and pushing at levers whose functions they did not know. Now they cannot find the brakes. The safety valves are blocked. The whistle screams, the pace gathers.

Alas, the rest of us are trapped in the lurching, bucketing train behind them, unable to reach or influence them, let alone stop them.

221177 ▶▶ FenTyger, replying to A. Contrarian, 3, #1348 of 2354 🔗

Locomotive Breath

221215 ▶▶▶ Emily Tock, replying to FenTyger, 2, #1349 of 2354 🔗

The corona believers are shuffling in madness …

221264 ▶▶ godowneasy, replying to A. Contrarian, 4, #1350 of 2354 🔗

If the train can’t be stopped, there are only two options: stay aboard and wait for the crash or jump off and hope for a soft landing.

221616 ▶▶▶ annie, replying to godowneasy, #1351 of 2354 🔗

Shaken, not stirred.

221269 ▶▶ DRW, replying to A. Contrarian, 2, #1352 of 2354 🔗

All aboard for hell!

221291 ▶▶ stewart, replying to A. Contrarian, 1, #1353 of 2354 🔗

It’s how the passengers of the disappeared Malaysian Airlines flight must have felt like; the plane heading out into the southern Indian Ocean and unable to do anything.

221362 ▶▶ annie, replying to A. Contrarian, 2, #1354 of 2354 🔗

In films, some plucky guy walks along the train from carriage roof to carriage roof and outs on the brake. All we need is one plucky guy!

221389 ▶▶▶ thinkaboutit, replying to annie, 1, #1355 of 2354 🔗

Just when James Bond has died.

221617 ▶▶▶▶ annie, replying to thinkaboutit, #1356 of 2354 🔗

Maybe it’s a false rumour. Happened once before.

221151 chris, replying to chris, 7, #1357 of 2354 🔗

I just wondered if the all mighty panic to announce a national lockdown and (importantly) Parliamentary vote is because the Court of Appeal is about to pronounce the Government’s lockdowns actions as being disproportionate and ultra vires. (per Simon Dolan’s J R Appeal) I suspect Hancock’s masters (big pharma etc) have clearly been panicked. Hence he had to ‘leak’ to put Boris and Gove over a barrel

221165 ▶▶ DRW, replying to chris, 5, #1358 of 2354 🔗

Yeah it’s all well timed to sink all the legal action, not that they will achieve anything but just making sure.

221169 ▶▶ Carrie, replying to chris, 8, #1359 of 2354 🔗

I would think it is the opposite, unfortunately… they have probably been secretly informed that Simon has been refused, so they are now ‘free’ to implement the lockdown as they have been wanting to do. We already knew an October lockdown was planned, but Simon had to be allowed to make his case – hence the delay.

I don’t think they’d have risked announcing the lockdown otherwise, because it would have been an embarrassing climbdown to have locked everyone down, then been forced to ‘release’ everyone again if the case went against them…

221178 ▶▶▶ A. Contrarian, replying to Carrie, 7, #1360 of 2354 🔗

Yes, why would they go into another lockdown if it was about to be declared unlawful?

I don’t think they’ve been informed however. I think they’re just pretty sure that he will be refused, and unfortunately they’re probably right.

221200 ▶▶▶▶ DRW, replying to A. Contrarian, 7, #1361 of 2354 🔗

Or they’re pressuring the judges to deliver the correct outcome. Again, just making sure.

221240 ▶▶▶▶▶ Carrie, replying to DRW, 1, #1362 of 2354 🔗


221277 ▶▶▶▶▶ A. Contrarian, replying to DRW, #1363 of 2354 🔗

Could be.

221211 ▶▶▶▶ Charlie Blue, replying to A. Contrarian, #1364 of 2354 🔗

I agree that the outcome we would want will probably continue to be the stuff of our dreams. But haven’t they been in court just to argue that the case should be heard ? In the unlikely even that it goes ahead then there would be weeks, or months before a ruling that would impact the Government (though granted the scrutiny would be unwelcome). Or have I misunderstood what was happening?

221321 ▶▶▶▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to Charlie Blue, #1365 of 2354 🔗

It’s an appeal on the decision to not hear the case in a full court

221363 ▶▶ annie, replying to chris, 2, #1366 of 2354 🔗

Dream on!
Actually this LD was almost certainly in the pipeline some time ago. Josef Stalin Dungford was saying a week ago that England, unlike Wales, had not YET imposed total incarceration.

221155 ianric, replying to ianric, 22, #1367 of 2354 🔗

Does anyone feel that the government knows full there is no scientific justification for lockdown laws and the purpose of draconian laws is to terrorise and deceive the population into thinking covid must be really bad to justify such laws.

Imagine if a new breed of dog came into the country and the population didn’t know the characteristics of the dog. The dog is harmless and of good temperament. The government passes a law the dog must be muzzled when taken outside. People will be tricked into thinking the dog must be dangerous to justify such a law.

221287 ▶▶ stewart, replying to ianric, 3, #1368 of 2354 🔗

That is exactly right. The measures create the fear and panic, for sure.

221319 ▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to ianric, 4, #1369 of 2354 🔗

It’s so convenient that a US election is upon us and the anti trump feeling is so incredibly unhinged.

Just have a gut feel this is coordination in some related way. Possibly to tighten the grip on unrest

221371 ▶▶ annie, replying to ianric, 2, #1370 of 2354 🔗

Excellent analogy.That’s just how the morons reacted to the nappy rules.

221157 ianric, replying to ianric, 5, #1371 of 2354 🔗

Has anyone bought any clothing such as hats or T shirts with anti lockdown messages.

221302 ▶▶ Nigel Sherratt, replying to ianric, 3, #1372 of 2354 🔗

Delingpod “We’re all going to die” mask on a lovely fluffy bunny rainbow.

221370 ▶▶ annie, replying to ianric, 2, #1373 of 2354 🔗

Yep. Delingpole sells them, for one.

221160 Zak Thelotofem, replying to Zak Thelotofem, #1374 of 2354 🔗

Interesting articles about treatment (seldom mentioned in this country)


221221 ▶▶ Voz 0db, replying to Zak Thelotofem, 2, #1375 of 2354 🔗

If you maintain a balance organism and provide it with the essential Vitamins & Minerals it needs to perform its job, there is no need for treatment!

I stopped having cold/flu/pneumonia/fevers/coughs/etc since 2008 when I started to take GOOD CARE of my organism.

221163 Zak Thelotofem, #1376 of 2354 🔗
221175 nocheesegromit, replying to nocheesegromit, 8, #1377 of 2354 🔗

Should we organise a protest outside Parliament on Wednesday? I won’t be able to attend myself but we definitely need to do something.

221267 ▶▶ Marialta, replying to nocheesegromit, 2, #1378 of 2354 🔗

I would come for sure

221179 Matt Mounsey, replying to Matt Mounsey, 22, #1379 of 2354 🔗

“Managing Director of the WEF, debunks the conspiracy theories which position him at the web of the Great Reset.”

He “debunks” them, does he? That’s why Lockdown Sceptics has outlived its usefulness.

If you can’t see that this worldwide assault on our economies and liberties is being orchestrated and think it’s all just a failure of the government and media, then I don’t know what to say to you any more.

That’s why any journalists that are connected to the establishment in any way cannot and will not provide us the solutions we need. They’ll quite happily let the whole society collapse then tell us we should all read an undergraduate primer on risk-based decision making and start over from scratch. Anything to be tarred with the name “conspiracy theorist”.

Meanwhile our societies will be utterly transformed by the globalists these journalists refuse to acknowledge exist.

221242 ▶▶ godowneasy, replying to Matt Mounsey, 4, #1380 of 2354 🔗

I don’t understand how the managing director of an organisation can debunk a major policy agenda of the organisation that he is supposedly managing? Or am I missing something?

I agree with your other points. The gap between the editorial stance on this site and those of many of the comment posters is growing. It’s a good place to share information and, often, frustration. It would be sad to lose that.

221309 ▶▶▶ Matt Mounsey, replying to godowneasy, 11, #1381 of 2354 🔗

I’m quoting from the “Round-Up” above.

Toby Young points us to a Talk Radio fluff piece on YouTube where the CEO of the World Economic Forum tries to convince us that he’s just a guy from Yarmouth who likes football like the rest of us and the idea that there are a bunch of globalists that want to transform the world is just one big conspiracy theory.

The video has one of the worst ratios you’ll see on a Talk Radio video. Everyone knows what’s up.

Because you only have to read the WEF’s website to see that Klaus Schwab has a framework for techno-fascism supported by all the world’s central bankers and tech-oligarchs and it’s just waiting for a crisis to shove it down the throats of the hoi polloi.

They’ve already had it up and running for a while in China, they just need to add a climate change pretext and some schmaltzy marketing and they think they can just roll it out over here.

It’s way past the realms of “conspiracy theory”, but you’ll never hear a journalist that has any connection to the government or corporate advertisers admit that. They’ll call you a right-wing nut job til the very last moment when it’s far too late.

221300 ▶▶ JudgeMental, replying to Matt Mounsey, 5, #1382 of 2354 🔗

When the country has been raised to the ground by this “massive cock up” thank fuck that at least someone will have a plan on how we can build back better.

221338 ▶▶▶ Matt Mounsey, replying to JudgeMental, 2, #1383 of 2354 🔗

That plan is for you to be eating insects and giving up your right to own any property. Maybe you should read the plan first.

If you think that’s “building back better” or whatever other slogan your masters have given you to repeat, then why not get rid of your house and start on your new diet as soon as possible?

221341 ▶▶▶▶ JudgeMental, replying to Matt Mounsey, 2, #1384 of 2354 🔗

You missed the sarcasm.

221342 ▶▶▶▶▶ Matt Mounsey, replying to JudgeMental, 5, #1385 of 2354 🔗

Sorry. I think I need to go for a walk before I throw my computer out the window.

221377 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ JudgeMental, replying to Matt Mounsey, 5, #1386 of 2354 🔗

Totally understand.

221384 ▶▶ thinkaboutit, replying to Matt Mounsey, #1387 of 2354 🔗

Well he would, wouldn’t he!

221558 ▶▶ Julian, replying to Matt Mounsey, #1388 of 2354 🔗

Lockdown Sceptics has outlived its usefulness.”

So a world without LS would be better than a world with it? How do you figure that one out? In what way is LS harming the cause of persuading people of the harm being done?

221664 ▶▶▶ Matt Mounsey, replying to Julian, #1389 of 2354 🔗

Because it’s not addressing the cause.

This so-called pandemic is a ruse to reorganise the Western democracies. Toby Young knows this, because his friend James Delingpole is a vocal opponent of the World Economic Forum’s agenda, but he chooses to say that this is all a conspiracy theory and refer us to his chums on Talk Radio to laugh at anyone who questions the WEF’s agenda.

Publications like LS allow you to let off some frustration, but they stubbornly refuse to discuss geopolitics and will only say that the world’s leaders are engaged in some kind of collective madness, so our only option is to vote differently next time. The problem is that the world is going to be very different when “next time” comes around and there isn’t any point in voting for new leaders at a national level when events are being directed at a global level.

The one word the establishment media (and don’t kid yourself that LS isn’t part of it) won’t say is the word “globalism”. They won’t even discuss the considerable evidence that this virus was genetically engineered and released from the Wuhan Institute of Virology on purpose. Apparently it’s a conspiracy theory to question the intentions of the Communist Party of China as well nowadays.

221681 ▶▶▶ Matt Mounsey, replying to Julian, #1390 of 2354 🔗

And I didn’t say the world would be better without LS, I said it has outlived its usefulness. It’s been good to have the data that shows that this pandemic is completely false and that the deaths are roughly the same as a bad flu season.

But now we know it’s false, we need to ask qui bono. We need to identify those responsible for this attempt at a globalist takeover. Then we need to do something about it before it’s too late. Things can get a lot worse and there’s precious little time to sit around calling people “conspiracy theorists”.

221775 ▶▶ OKUK, replying to Matt Mounsey, #1391 of 2354 🔗

I’m not so sure WEF is at the centre of a global conspiracy more like they are at the centre of a huge semi-Ponzi scheme under which the key individual gets to appoint family members too lucratice posts within the non-productive enterprise. Karl Schwab seems to market commonplace observations as thundering insights (eg Fourth Industrial Rebolution) and seems to have persuaded lots of super rich business people that the best way to preserve capitalism is to virtue signal like mad and smother your enterprises in BS. It’s quite possible leftists are now capturing the organisation for their own ends.

221189 Milan, replying to Milan, 6, #1392 of 2354 🔗

Yesterday I read the interview with prof. Sunetra Gupta in the Mail “https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-8899277/Professor-Sunetra-Gupta-reveals-crisis-ruthlessly-weaponised.html”. There it is mentioned that a new website “https://collateralglobal.org/” was started to document devastating impacts of lockdowns and other restrictive measures. I could go to the website normally yesterday.
But today in google chrome or firefox mozzila, there is a warning that the page isn’t safe, but leaves the option to proceed at your own risk. Then when I click that I want to proceed, the ISP (Internet Service Provider) blocks it saying something about it not being safe. I’m currently residing in Italy and my ISP is TIM (Telecom Italia).
I have to use a VPN to access the website.
Not sure 100%, but it seems to me that the website was practically banned.

221204 ▶▶ JohnB, replying to Milan, #1393 of 2354 🔗

Or that their website certificate had expired! Jeez man, not everything is a conspiracy!

221213 ▶▶ 2 pence, replying to Milan, 2, #1394 of 2354 🔗

No problem whatsoever to access the website.

221243 ▶▶ watashi, replying to Milan, 2, #1395 of 2354 🔗

I just got there fine using ‘duckduckgo’. thanks for the link

221337 ▶▶ Tee Ell, replying to Milan, 1, #1396 of 2354 🔗

The security certificate was invalid because they’re part way through setting up what is a new site. As Skipper said, not everything is a conspiracy.

You can confirm this by checking the certificate issuance for the site, which was issued 26/10/2020, 08:31:26 GMT by LetsEncrypt.

The number of people on here assuming conspiracy when they don’t understand something technical has been a bit worrying recently, I’ve seen the same on here relating to twitter links and the GB declaration.

221382 ▶▶ Milan, replying to Milan, 3, #1397 of 2354 🔗

Thanks for the checks.
Skipper and Tee Ell, there’s no reason to come on so strong. You know that Google, YouTube, etc. have been removing or banning videos, posts, sites… it was a reasonable assumption to think something similar might have happened to this website (I wrote I wasn’t 100% sure to leave the room that it might be something else, something ordinary). It’s not a “conspiracy theory”.

Ok, so, if people can access the site normally from UK and I could do it yesterday and today via VPN, then the issue has to do with the website and how it relates to this particular Italian ISP (TIM)?
Thanks for the answer in advance,

221424 ▶▶ RickH, replying to Milan, 1, #1398 of 2354 🔗

Can reach it OK from here.

221492 ▶▶ Basileus, replying to Milan, 1, #1399 of 2354 🔗

Change to the ‘Brave’ browser with DuckDuckGo search. No problem. I wouldn’t touch Google Chrome with a boatload of bargepoles.

221191 DRW, replying to DRW, 11, #1400 of 2354 🔗

Yesterday I had the misfortune of passing my university campus for a few seconds. State collaboration out in the open- first it was NHS facilities, now a testing site, (although no mass student testing yet that I know of) all advertised from the gates for miles away on the main roads. What’s next? Vaccination site? Concentration camp? And of course, safety propaganda right from the entrances. Never a huge fan before, but blimey, what a fucking horrible place it is nowaways, glad I only ever have to go there once again.

221205 ▶▶ ambwozere, replying to DRW, 1, #1401 of 2354 🔗

There’s a testing site by both Bournemouth University campuses, convenient!

221209 ▶▶ Rosie, replying to DRW, 7, #1402 of 2354 🔗

So sorry for you. I went to Cambridge back in the 80s and for many years was able to feel a quiet pride in the place, and carried the memories of walking around the colleges as a precious strength against chaos and problems of all kinds. Now of course ….

221381 ▶▶▶ thinkaboutit, replying to Rosie, #1403 of 2354 🔗

Me too, Rosie.

221588 ▶▶▶ annie, replying to Rosie, #1404 of 2354 🔗

I seriously thought of sending bs k my Cambridge degree certificates. Not proud to be a graduate of a university full of cowards, bullies and liars.

221620 ▶▶▶ Sophie123, replying to Rosie, #1405 of 2354 🔗

Imagine my shame at my Imperial degree then!

221218 FrankiiB, replying to FrankiiB, 5, #1406 of 2354 🔗

New restrictions go even further than Boris suggested and ban all UK travel too


221237 ▶▶ Carrie, replying to FrankiiB, 12, #1407 of 2354 🔗

Draconian 🙁

I read a bit more and see that you are not even allowed to meet family in a private garden now..

Note that all this has been published BEFORE Parliament has had its vote…

221306 ▶▶▶ Jonathan Palmer, replying to Carrie, 4, #1408 of 2354 🔗

Police state rule by decree.Rubber stamped by supine parliament

221255 ▶▶ Paul, replying to FrankiiB, 9, #1409 of 2354 🔗

So I can’t meet a friend in my garden but I can go through my gate and meet them on the street ?,yes,this really is about a virus isn’t it.
Garden centres are essential but clothes shops aren’t ?.

221749 ▶▶▶ Old Bill, replying to Paul, #1410 of 2354 🔗

Garden centres are essential but clothes shops aren’t ?

Fig Leaves?

221305 ▶▶ Edward, replying to FrankiiB, 6, #1411 of 2354 🔗

It says “you should avoid …” – that sounds like guidance rather than law. Can somebody clarify?

221312 ▶▶▶ Poppy, replying to Edward, 6, #1412 of 2354 🔗

Anything on the Gov website is guidance and not legally binding but remember that the law does trump guidance. This can work both ways though – e.g. the hour a day of exercise back in March was guidance but not actually law, so you could go out and do as much exercise as you wanted.

221448 ▶▶▶▶ Edward, replying to Poppy, 1, #1413 of 2354 🔗

And lazy journalists kept writing things like “As I went out for my allowed hour of exercise…”

221449 ▶▶▶▶▶ Edward, replying to Edward, 1, #1414 of 2354 🔗

Lazy referring to the quality of their journalism rather than quantity of exercise – both, actually.

221584 ▶▶▶▶ annie, replying to Poppy, #1415 of 2354 🔗

It was,aw in Bulag Wales.
I we t out and did as much exercise as I wanted. But I wasn’t stuck in a city street full of snitches.

221229 NickR, replying to NickR, 16, #1416 of 2354 🔗

Imagine a red-nose day type appeal, maybe frontend by Lenny Henry or Ant n Dec. The beneficiaries to be very old people living in care homes. How much would we, their neighbours & relatives have donated? Text 8282, maybe a £10, if you were feeling generous£20, but I’m not sure how many would have offered up their life savings, their job, their kids futures, their own health outcomes.
We’ve had no say in this, at least with s red-nose appeal people would have been able to decide how much it would mean to them.

221268 ▶▶ Charlie Blue, replying to NickR, 2, #1417 of 2354 🔗

this is a great thought experiment, Nick!

221256 ▶▶ DocRC, replying to wendyk, 1, #1419 of 2354 🔗

She still thinks SAR-Cov-2 kills 0.5-1% of those it infects but that aside….

221301 ▶▶▶ wendyk, replying to DocRC, 1, #1420 of 2354 🔗

She ‘s coming round though

221290 ▶▶ Rosie, replying to wendyk, 1, #1421 of 2354 🔗

I’ve never heard of her – give us a quick resume of who she is?

221270 John P, replying to John P, 26, #1422 of 2354 🔗

Sir Desmond Swayne on brilliant form this morning, courtesy of Talk Radio. He for one will not be taking this lying down:


221329 ▶▶ OKUK, replying to John P, 17, #1423 of 2354 🔗

Swayne is excellent but sadly seems to be in a minority of 1 among MPs. Steve Baker’s cowardly vacation from the field just because he’d had his ego massaged and had been shown some fright graphs was horrible to behold.

I think Swayne could do better at explaining the “No Excess Deaths” point to the public. This is where you need someone with the communication gifts of a Farage, Trump or Blair. I think I’d go for “There is no overall increase in the total number of deaths. So there cannot be a crisis. Someone is lying to the British public. ” as the starting point.

221278 Nigel Sherratt, 5, #1424 of 2354 🔗

After Waterloo, speaking truth to power.

At last after he had left the town, he found in a little meadow on the right a small bivouac fire made by some soldiers. He stopped by it to warm himself and said to General Corbineau,
“Et bien Monsieur, we have done a fine thing.”
General Corbineau saluted him and replied,
“Sire, it is the utter ruin of France.”

Jardin Ainé; Equerry to the Emperor Napoleon

221279 stewart, replying to stewart, 33, #1425 of 2354 🔗

This is the last stand. If the government gets away with this lockdown then our future will be:

  1. Permanent testing
  2. Freedom to leave the house conditional on a clear test
  3. Scan in and out of public places
  4. Masks in many public places
  5. Mandatory vaccine, if and when available. Probably each year.

It is the logical end point of a suppression strategy.

E.g. China, Victoria, Vietnam, Malaysia and a growing list of countries.

221294 ▶▶ Anothersceptic2, replying to stewart, 4, #1426 of 2354 🔗

I’d hope that forcibly trying to vaccinate via coercion would be challenged in court and thrown out.

221303 ▶▶▶ DRW, replying to Anothersceptic2, 12, #1427 of 2354 🔗

It won’t be forced by law. It’ll “just” be that the ID will be mandated for just about everything.

221346 ▶▶▶ Nick Rose, replying to Anothersceptic2, 1, #1428 of 2354 🔗

They’ll be tied up for about a thousand years. It’s probably best to remember that speculation is just that, speculation. Always follow the actual evidence, rather than people with dots joined together in their heads, or somebody says X so A must follow.

221358 ▶▶▶▶ DRW, replying to Nick Rose, 5, #1429 of 2354 🔗

There is plenty of actual evidence of the big agendas in play here.

221385 ▶▶▶▶ stewart, replying to Nick Rose, 4, #1430 of 2354 🔗

Not joining dots. Just quoting Jeremy Hunt – earlier this week on this site – saying explicitly that mass testing is the way out of this because a vaccine might never come. He’s the head of the Parliamentary Health Sub Committee, btw, not just anyone.

Just describing the situation in places like China and Malaysia where they have erradicated the virus – or at least they claim to – but still wear masks in many publc places and everyone scans in and out of public places. Not a prediction, not a vision. Just describing what already exists.

And simply repeating the British government’s plan to have mass quick testing. And if they test, presumably they will need a way to keep track of the tests and consequences of the tests, otherwise, what’s the point.

So not joining dots, just describing what is there in plain sight.

221531 ▶▶▶▶ Carrie, replying to Nick Rose, #1431 of 2354 🔗

Remember they’ve passed a law exempting themselves from any prosecution..

Someone needs to ask Sumption about that..

221296 ▶▶ DRW, replying to stewart, 2, #1432 of 2354 🔗

I mainly expect 3 and 5.

221310 ▶▶▶ stewart, replying to DRW, 7, #1433 of 2354 🔗

I think governments are losing faith in the vaccine exit. They’ve cottoned on to the fact it’s not so easy to produce a vaccine against a coronavirus.

So I’m afraid it is going to be mainly 1 to 4.

Which is why I put the vaccine last.

Pay attention to the things officials and governments are saying. They are telling us exactly what is coming.

221317 ▶▶▶▶ DRW, replying to stewart, 3, #1434 of 2354 🔗

I still expect they’ll eventually shit something out.

221322 ▶▶▶▶▶ stewart, replying to DRW, 3, #1435 of 2354 🔗

Yeah, they’ll punt on a vaccine. The NHS staff and old people will be the guinea pigs.

221354 ▶▶▶▶ Nick Rose, replying to stewart, 2, #1436 of 2354 🔗

The feckers don’t know what they’re having for dinner, never mind what’s coming next week. Or next month.

221349 ▶▶▶ Nick Rose, replying to DRW, 1, #1437 of 2354 🔗

Ohh, it’s a multiple choice theory? lol 🤣 😉

221304 ▶▶ Stephanos, replying to stewart, 8, #1438 of 2354 🔗

I do fear this. It won’t last forever, however. But we will not see the end of this in our lifetime, not for 70 years. That is the length of time (actually it was 72) from the Russian revolution to the fall of all those vile regimes in 1989.
A dreadful prospect.

221355 ▶▶▶ Nick Rose, replying to Stephanos, 7, #1439 of 2354 🔗

That was without an internet. It was the net that made this shitshow possible and it’s the internet that’s bringing it to an end.

221368 ▶▶▶▶ DRW, replying to Nick Rose, 2, #1440 of 2354 🔗

How is it coming to an end? It’s only getting worse.

221577 ▶▶▶▶ annie, replying to Nick Rose, 1, #1441 of 2354 🔗

I’m knocking on, but I expect to live many more years of freedom, and to see the totalitarian thugs hanged pretty soon,

221383 ▶▶▶ Mrs S, replying to Stephanos, 4, #1442 of 2354 🔗

Totalitarian regimes litter history.

Most don’t manage anywhere near 70 years.

221445 ▶▶▶ Nigel Sherratt, replying to Stephanos, #1443 of 2354 🔗

CCP took power 71 years ago.

221311 ▶▶ Richard O, replying to stewart, 5, #1444 of 2354 🔗

Don’t forget the economic enslavement. UBI will be the sole source of income for a huge proportion of the population. It will be just enough to support a miserable subsistence standard of living, and payments will be conditional upon keeping up to date with the vaccine programme. No jab, no pay/life.

221397 ▶▶▶ Mrs S, replying to Richard O, #1445 of 2354 🔗

The UBI sums don’t add up.

“Tobin’s formula assumes that the people eligible for the basic income are essentially the contributors, and therefore makes no allowance for additional payments needed if the basic income is unconditional, in which case it will be paid (for instance) to non-working spouses. If a proportion z of the eligible population is not working, then the formula becomes x + y / (1–z ); so assuming that z is 20% and that 20% of expenditure is needed for other purposes, it follows that an average taxation rate of 40% can fund a basic income of only 16% of the national average; an average taxation rate of 60% would fund a basic income equal to 32% of the average (pre-tax) income.”


221402 ▶▶▶▶ Richard O, replying to Mrs S, 3, #1446 of 2354 🔗

The above makes sense in the pre-Covid economic paradigm. We are moving into a completely new kind of societal organisation where all the previous rules do not apply.

221437 ▶▶▶▶▶ Mrs S, replying to Richard O, 1, #1447 of 2354 🔗

I agree that they would like to do this but i don’t see how.

In the end things have to conform to the laws of the universe. Money has to be backed by wealth.

Otherwise we end up like the GDR and everything crumbles.

221282 Melangell, 10, #1448 of 2354 🔗

The discussion between the masses’ choice of safety over liberty was something I observed in the early 70s when I was living in Bristol: there were two major (for that era) supermarkets near the university: Gateway and Safeway. One thrived; one went bust. Guess which one? Right – not the one whose name suggested an opportunity to experience something new.

221285 Rosie, replying to Rosie, 11, #1449 of 2354 🔗

Here’s a good song even if you don’t have any religious leanings:

Be Bold, Be Strong
For The Lord Your God Is With You
Be Bold, Be Strong
For The Lord Your God Is With You

I Am Not Afraid, I Am Not Dismayed
Because I’m Walking In Faith And Victory
Come On And Walk In Faith And Victory
For The Lord Your God Is With You

Here’s the tune

221440 ▶▶ Nigel Sherratt, replying to Rosie, 4, #1450 of 2354 🔗

Hobgoblin, nor foul fiend,
Can daunt his spirit:
He knows, he at the end
Shall life inherit.
Then fancies fly away,
He’ll fear not what men say,
He’ll labour night and day
To be a pilgrim.

221485 ▶▶ JamesDrebin, replying to Rosie, #1451 of 2354 🔗

Amen. <3

221573 ▶▶▶ annie, replying to JamesDrebin, 1, #1452 of 2354 🔗

And again, Amen.
I was singing that around Castle Hill this morning, after saying Matins for All Saints. Very funny to see the (few) passers-by trying to convince themselves that I wasn’t there.

221286 Will, replying to Will, 47, #1453 of 2354 🔗

Really heartened to go for a pint at lunch time and see the pub rammed with people over sixty. They obviously fancy their chances…. just so fucking angry at what this fat twat and his corrupt advisors have done to this country.

221299 ▶▶ Anothersceptic2, replying to Will, 20, #1454 of 2354 🔗

The pubs near us were all full on Friday night, was positive to see and probably another reason why they’re locking down again, how dare the public try and get on with life.

221288 Cheezilla, replying to Cheezilla, 40, #1455 of 2354 🔗

Spotted on SORUK:

This “CIRCUIT- BREAKER- LOCKDOWN” is a TRAP to get YOU to close your business and voluntarily send yourself into financial ruin.
Do NOT comply under ANY circumstances.
If you do you are a FOOL…..
It is simply an OFFER !!!!!!!
Remember in March, “it’s just three weeks to flatten the curve”, do you honestly believe this time will be any different?
Are you willing to take that chance?
Once you close they WILL do everything in their power to keep you closed!!!!
Come on people say just say NO !
Liverpool gym owners said NO and they are still open !!!!

Put the government on notice of “conditional acceptance” NOW.
(This is the highest form of honour), they have made you an OFFER you have ACCEPTED it under CONDITIONS, the ball is then in their court, they MUST rebut your points with clear factual evidence.
I’m even going to write it for you….. comment image comment image comment image comment image

I will conditionally accept your demands on proof of the following,
1) A document that shows and provides scientific evidence of the testing procedure being used in the UK that 100% positively identifies Covid19 otherwise known as Sars cov2 not ANY other type of coronavirus in a living being beyond any reasonable doubt.
2) You can guarantee and prove that the test being used to justify these “guidelines” will not give a false positive result.
3) Evidence that this is Law” because it clearly says “guidelines”.
4) A copy of the two way contract signed by BOTH parties where I agreed to follow these “guidelines”
5) The government website clearly states Covid19 is no longer considered a HCID, please provide scientific proof of it being highly contagious.
6) Please clearly define what you mean by a “public health threat”.
7) Can you confirm the current medical threat to a normal healthy individual (under 75) and confirm how many critically ill healthy people without any underlying conditions (only) there are in ICU so I can make an informed decision on these “guidelines”.
comment image What grounds does an alleged “public health threat” which was downgraded in severity levels in March become of higher importance than the long term threat I face in terms of mental and financial ruin?
9) Are you willing to accept full liability for any/ all financial, physical and/or mental health problems brought on by following this guideline and closing my business?
10) Please confirm that these guidelines have been through a risk assessment and will protect me from mental and financial ruin.
11) Please present me with a copy of the “guidelines” and show me where it specifically names me and my business.
12) Where there is no victim there is no crime.
Please explain to me how I am breaking the Law by not following these “guidelines” .
Only a reply that meets the following criteria qualifies as a proper and verfied reply.
It must be supported by an affidavit with a full legible, title, wet signature, name and address, signed and sworn or affirmed as being true, correct, complete, certain and on full commercial Liability and on penalty of perjury.
Any correspondence must only be sent by registered mail.
All questions 1-12 MUST be answered clearly.
If no reply in the correct manner is received within seven (7) days it is thereby taken as your assent and agreement.

Please share this information far and wide and whatever you do, DO- NOT- BACK- DOWN !!!!

221333 ▶▶ Victoria, replying to Cheezilla, 6, #1456 of 2354 🔗

great post

221527 ▶▶ Carrie, replying to Cheezilla, 1, #1457 of 2354 🔗

That is fantastic!

221292 Marialta, 6, #1458 of 2354 🔗


for local actions and meetings. Diverse opinions but a common purpose. Not an echo chamber and good for honing one ‘s beliefs.

221297 Hieronimusb, 13, #1459 of 2354 🔗

Our way of life asphyxiated by a way of death which affects but a tiny proportion of the populace, lives shattered as if aught else mattered, either mad or malignant. Collective psychosis stalks the corridors of power; we must not submit, we must stay true or we are done with history and it with us.

Funeral Blues

Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone,
Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone,
Silence the pianos and with muffled drum
Bring out the coffin, let the mourners come.

Let aeroplanes circle moaning overhead
Scribbling on the sky the message ‘He is Dead’.
Put crepe bows round the white necks of the public doves,
Let the traffic policemen wear black cotton gloves.

He was my North, my South, my East and West,
My working week and my Sunday rest,
My noon, my midnight, my talk, my song;
I thought that love would last forever: I was wrong.

The stars are not wanted now; put out every one,
Pack up the moon and dismantle the sun,
Pour away the ocean and sweep up the wood;
For nothing now can ever come to any good.

W. H. Auden
(‘He’ is freedom)

221315 Melangell, replying to Melangell, 11, #1460 of 2354 🔗

Well, if we are going to listen to Auden, perhaps we should also heed the more affirmative verses ending his prophetic – both for then and now — poem titled, September 1, 1939. It has one of my all-time favourite lines in it: “We must love one another or die.”

All I have is a voice
To undo the folded lie,
The romantic lie in the brain
Of the sensual man-in-the-street
And the lie of Authority
Whose buildings grope the sky:
There is no such thing as the State
And no one exists alone;
Hunger allows no choice
To the citizen or the police;
We must love one another or die.

Defenceless under the night
Our world in stupor lies;
Yet, dotted everywhere,
Ironic points of light
Flash out wherever the Just
Exchange their messages:
May I, composed like them
Of Eros and of dust,
Beleaguered by the same
Negation and despair,
Show an affirming flame.

221335 ▶▶ Hieronimusb, replying to Melangell, 2, #1461 of 2354 🔗

Yes, equally pertinent and in many ways more so; two sides of the same coin in our beleaguered currency.

221320 Ned of the Hills, replying to Ned of the Hills, #1462 of 2354 🔗

What figure is most quoted in the media as being the likely number of daily deaths without a lockdown?

I think I know what it is – and it is way above the highest single day’s total recorded so far in one country.

221325 ▶▶ DRW, replying to Ned of the Hills, 2, #1463 of 2354 🔗

Isn’t it supposed to be 4000 now?

221364 ▶▶▶ stewart, replying to DRW, 2, #1464 of 2354 🔗

Whatever it is, it’s going to double every 7 days…

221417 ▶▶▶▶ DRW, replying to stewart, 3, #1465 of 2354 🔗

It’S gRoWiNg eXpOnEnTiAlLy!

221326 Victoria, replying to Victoria, 5, #1466 of 2354 🔗

Operation Warp Speed — A Technocratic Chess Piece? [US]

  • Many of the same surveillance initiatives proposed after 9/11 have been resurrected, with updated technology, under the guise of combating COVID-19
  • Operation Warp Speed, the White House Administration’s effort to produce a fast-tracked COVID-19 vaccine and other therapeutics, is almost entirely funded and operated by the CIA and the U.S. military
  • Operation Warp Speed is supporting the creation of several COVID-19 vaccines, all of which will be deployed, but to different “critical populations”
  • Operation Warp Speed is shrouded in secrecy that makes it difficult to ascertain the true agenda, but part of the plan is to monitor vaccine recipients for 24 months after the first dose using biosensors that record and share biological data
  • Like 9/11, the COVID-19 pandemic is being used as justification for the implementation of more tyrannical controls. It appears they’re laying down the infrastructure for a totalitarian control system set to be fully deployed later


  1. Pharmacovigilance Surveillance
  2. Guinea Pigs ‘R Us
  3. Human Trials Reveal Plenty of Risk
  4. Why the Lack of Transparency?
  5. Perishability Heightens Vaccine Failure Risks
  6. Laying Down Infrastructure for Totalitarian Control
  7. The Technocratic Underground
  8. Google’s Transhumanist Goals
  9. Antitrust Case Against Google May Actually Benefit Them
  10. Data Is the New Oil
  11. Bioterror Predictions


221525 ▶▶ Carrie, replying to Victoria, #1467 of 2354 🔗

I’m not sure about some of this, how much might actually be ‘misinformation’…. It does not totally match with what Trump says, and IF all the above were true, then the deep state would not be so determined to get Trump out at all costs. Because stuff in that list is what the great reset is all about, and judging by what people like Soros said after Trump’s speeches against global reset, then they think Trump will oppose it…
I’m a little confused..

I actually think IF Trump is re-elected then he will deal with the CIA and the rest of the swamp. He has spoken negatively about Big Pharma hiding cures, and he has enacted legislation to stop pharma companies hiking the cost of medicines..

221328 kh1485, replying to kh1485, 39, #1468 of 2354 🔗

At the end of a pretty miserable day at work, I found this message on the Trap n Trace post-it note (in response to my amended poster which usually states ‘Freedom is in Peril …” which I changed to ‘ Surrendered ‘)

I agree

Freedom is surrendered and we must defend it with all our might.

So … no number, just support to small business.

Thank you to the lady on table 3.

221505 ▶▶ CGL, replying to kh1485, 4, #1469 of 2354 🔗

I do believe your establishment will thrive through all this – and rightly so!

221509 ▶▶ Carrie, replying to kh1485, 2, #1470 of 2354 🔗

‘Trap n Trace’ – yep, that’s what it is..

221565 ▶▶▶ annie, replying to Carrie, 2, #1471 of 2354 🔗

Trick or cheat?

221881 ▶▶▶