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302328 Caramel, replying to Caramel, 11, #1 of 1665 🔗

First! I deserve to be, after happened in Victoria.

302332 ▶▶ annie, replying to Caramel, 3, #2 of 1665 🔗

What’s happening in Hellbourne, caramel?

302433 ▶▶▶ Caramel, replying to annie, 14, #3 of 1665 🔗

QR codes everywhere. Store capacity limits so I have had to queue to get into shops that would otherwise be full. Greeters with hand sanitisers. Masks still required on public transport and stores. Many workplaces and churches have social distancing requirements. It’s not back to ‘normal’. More outdoor dining because that’s done abroad. There won’t be fireworks this year.

302689 ▶▶▶▶ HelenaHancart, replying to Caramel, 5, #4 of 1665 🔗

Like here then? It’s almost as they’re following the same rules…! Only most of us can’t actually go for a meal or drink now either.

302830 ▶▶▶▶▶ Caramel, replying to HelenaHancart, #5 of 1665 🔗

We can go for a meal now but there are of course capacity limits and you have to book and sign in with the blasted QR code.

You guys can travel abroad, unlike us.

302779 ▶▶▶▶ Ben, replying to Caramel, 22, #6 of 1665 🔗

QR Codes are a menace – they are the real virus

I’m surprised there’s not been an uprising. Hard won freedoms are being destroyed as a bull in a china shop

I read that China’s President Xi was keen on promoting QR code health passes for the rest of the world. It’s not his right to take away my rights!

I honestly think I’d rather die than to live in a future like a slave – chipped, tracked, tagged and traced by technology

F**k QR codes!

303635 ▶▶▶▶▶ Sir Patrick Vaccine, replying to Ben, 1, #7 of 1665 🔗

Dear Ben

What’s driving Viral Hysteria? UNMISSABLE mainstream news clip explains

Ivor Cummins

303698 ▶▶▶▶▶ sam, replying to Ben, #8 of 1665 🔗

me too i feel same way .is minority report [dont think saw yet ] jsut got 1984 to read

302829 ▶▶▶▶ Sir Patrick Vaccine, replying to Caramel, 6, #9 of 1665 🔗

Dear L

From RUPLY : “Entertainment industry employees are gathering in Paris to protest against COVID-19 restrictions on Tuesday, December 15.

Cultural venues were due to reopen on December 14, but in accordance with the latest regulations would be required to stay closed at least until the beginning of 2021.

As part of new measures coming into force on the same day, a curfew will replace the current restrictions on people’s movement, as the curve of new cases has showed the signs of flattening.”

303059 ▶▶▶▶▶ annie, replying to Sir Patrick Vaccine, 4, #10 of 1665 🔗

Go it. Culture is under threat of extinction from the New Barbarism everywhere.

303067 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Sir Patrick Vaccine, replying to annie, 4, #11 of 1665 🔗

Dear Anni
“I CAN’T KEEP DOING THIS”: Doctor pleads for review of data during COVID-19 Senate hearing

Melbourne GP says Ivermectin treatment is ‘very effective’

302404 ▶▶ PatrickF, replying to Caramel, 3, #12 of 1665 🔗

Another Primary School gold star!

303904 ▶▶ sam, replying to Caramel, #13 of 1665 🔗

Another law suita gainst the government to be funded
Not sure if its anything to do with Lord sumption though

302329 BuildVaccineTrust, replying to BuildVaccineTrust, 13, #14 of 1665 🔗

People will only get shots if they trust they’re being told everything. Pfizer&FDA admit a risk most haven’t heard. https:// BuildVaccineTrust.com for info&petition. Pin and repost often.

302333 ▶▶ annie, replying to BuildVaccineTrust, 25, #15 of 1665 🔗

Correction.Zombies will get the snake oil because their zombie controllers tell them to. Human beings will decide for themselves, and they know bloody well that Pharma are not telling them everything.

302748 ▶▶▶ Simon Dutton, replying to annie, -1, #16 of 1665 🔗

Zombies, you say? Here they are in full colour!


302390 ▶▶ richmond, replying to BuildVaccineTrust, 19, #17 of 1665 🔗

Or don’t tell them. They won’t take the slightest notice if you do. They’ll just look at you like you’ve been reading conspiracy websites run by idiots, which is what they think you are anyway.

302703 ▶▶▶ HelenaHancart, replying to richmond, 14, #18 of 1665 🔗

Already tried to present independent evidence of the potential risks of these vaccines to my family, only to be scoffed at, and told its “right-wing” propaganda. They’re having it, no matter what, because they want to go back to NORMAL! There is no way of breaking the spell. They believe everything the lying government and MSM tell them but not their own family! Words utterly fail me. I know I probably never see them again if I don’t have the vaccine.

302896 ▶▶▶▶ judymilne, replying to HelenaHancart, 8, #19 of 1665 🔗

Same here Helena. My family and acquaintances ignore my efforts to explain what’s happening. I’m sure they want me certified.

303012 ▶▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to HelenaHancart, 5, #20 of 1665 🔗

You can choose your friends ……

303279 ▶▶ richard riewer, replying to BuildVaccineTrust, 3, #21 of 1665 🔗

Waning Immunity. The next big buzz word?

302330 BuildVaccineTrust, replying to BuildVaccineTrust, 24, #22 of 1665 🔗

Millions of people are lining up to get Pfizer’s COVID-19 shot without being told the FDA sees a risk they will get a more severe case of COVID-19 after the initial protection fades. Testing hasn’t lasted long enough to find out. If the public isn’t warned about *all* risks now, they may not trust vaccines even if full testing demonstrates them to be safe.

The UK, US and Canadian governments provide documents for patients and health care workers explaining the vaccine. Yet as of Dec. 12th, 2020: none of those mention this important issue acknowledged by the US government only in sources most people will never read.

The non-partisan US government’s Congressional Research Service explained : “experts are concerned about the potential for vaccine enhanced disease, in which vaccination could worsen the health effects of COVID-19 infections […]. Animal studies of other coronavirus vaccines have found some potential for vaccine enhanced disease”

A medical journal says after the dengue vaccine’s initial effect faded “vaccinated children in the 2–5 year age group, were found to be nearly 8 times likely to be hospitalized for severe dengue, compared to children in the placebo group”.

The FDA’s initial review of the Pfizer and BiNTech vaccine says its makers “identified vaccine-associated enhanced disease including vaccine-associated enhanced respiratory disease as an important potential risk.” and the FDA adds “risk of vaccine-enhanced disease over time, potentially associated with waning immunity, remains unknown and needs to be evaluated further in ongoing clinical trials and in observational studies”. Unfortunately the short testing period wasn’t long enough to assess the risk.

Media in countries hit hard by COVID-19 haven’t called attention to the issue to date. In contrast a Japanese paper quoted the director of the Japanese Society of Clinical Virology: “Concerns over ADE still remain. I am an elderly person myself, but if I were asked, I would say I don’t want to get a shot.” Elsewhere he explained : “In the past, a dengue vaccine proved effective in tests and was widely used, but then it worsened symptoms for people who were still getting infected.”. A leading professor of Immunology testified to Japan’s House of Representatives: “There’s no doubt that their effectiveness is quite high, but their safety is not guaranteed at all”.

Hopefully continued testing will discover COVID-19 vaccines are safe over the long run, but they don’t understand COVID-19 well enough to predict that. More info at BuildVaccineTrust.com

302386 ▶▶ Bella Donna, replying to BuildVaccineTrust, 19, #23 of 1665 🔗

The people rushing to have the vaccine without bothering to find out about it are brain dead zombies. Anyone listening to Wankok needs their heads examining.

302414 ▶▶ Winston Smith, replying to BuildVaccineTrust, 10, #24 of 1665 🔗

Why do I need a coronavirus vaccine?

302426 ▶▶▶ annie, replying to Winston Smith, 8, #25 of 1665 🔗

Because they will send you to Room 101 if you don’t have it.
And Wankok is is Room 102.
I need say no more.

302445 ▶▶▶▶ mikewaite, replying to annie, 11, #26 of 1665 🔗

They are going to need a bigger Room (101) judging from the general tenor of comments here.

302726 ▶▶▶▶ MiriamW-sometimes-AlanG, replying to annie, 4, #27 of 1665 🔗

You’ll find us in there. MW and AG

302762 ▶▶▶▶▶ Simon Dutton, replying to MiriamW-sometimes-AlanG, 3, #28 of 1665 🔗

Volunteer jabbist: Roll up your sleeve.
Me: No, no! Do it to Julia!

303064 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ annie, replying to Simon Dutton, 4, #29 of 1665 🔗

Julia has surrendered and has had face knickers grafted on to her face.

303017 ▶▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to annie, 1, #30 of 1665 🔗

As long as I don’t have to share a room with that psychopath.

302446 ▶▶ rose, replying to BuildVaccineTrust, 4, #31 of 1665 🔗

That ‘s what the ferrets died of in previous corona vaccine trials? Vaccine enhanced disease?

302533 ▶▶ Two-Six, replying to BuildVaccineTrust, 12, #32 of 1665 🔗

I would really like to know and I haven’t seen any figures for this yet:

How many people who died/got really ill of the Rona this year had last year’s Flu vaccine?

How many people who had the Rona and didn’t die or got really ill didn’t get last years Flu jab?

303021 ▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to Two-Six, #33 of 1665 🔗

There were a couple of papers that found there was a correlation between last year’s flu jab and covid severity. One was from the Pentagon.
Anyone have the links to hand?

303252 ▶▶▶▶ Binra, replying to Cheezilla, 2, #34 of 1665 🔗

Flu vax is known to suppress the current year such that respiratory disease is increased through other vectors – or corona. (suggesting ‘disease’ is actually a health function). I have seen reports of the injected strain being worse in the next year season.
The principle bioweapon is the narrative by which to generate the undermining of immunity under the pretext of supply it.
It is a model of induced and captive dependency or as once described a devil’s pact.
I didn’t find a direct link as you suggest, but covid stats are everything and nothing. How much ‘severity’ is iatrogenic of some other disease being assigned as ‘covid’?

I have read of back doors in computer operating systems that each in themselves doesn’t offer a hack, but to an insider can be used in combination to hack or corrupt and compromise the system.
I have the same regard for negative syneries of toxic exposure, each of which alone cannot be definitively proven to be the cause of damage to their target population.

Moral of the story – clean out your Temple and don’t give access to what has no true belonging in you. If fear runs your security system, it is already in!

303401 ▶▶▶ richard riewer, replying to Two-Six, 1, #35 of 1665 🔗

I read that the Northern Italian elderly that died in such great numbers had a flu vaccine beforehand.

303286 ▶▶ richard riewer, replying to BuildVaccineTrust, 2, #36 of 1665 🔗

Government approved/sanctioned homicide.

303875 ▶▶ PWL, replying to BuildVaccineTrust, #37 of 1665 🔗

Are millions of people lining up to get Pfizer’s “Covid-19 vaccine?”

Amongst Fear-Mongered Vaccine Rollout Anti-Climax, Old People Being Used As Guinea Pigs

302331 Cecil B, replying to Cecil B, 72, #38 of 1665 🔗

The BBC headline reads

‘Millions more face tier three as new strain identified’

Excuse me…… fake news

Headline should read ‘ as Matt Hancock says that a new strain is identified ‘ which is not the same as a new strain actually being identified

If this guy told me what day of the week it was I would immediately consult a calender

302339 ▶▶ karenovirus, replying to Cecil B, 51, #39 of 1665 🔗

Mutant Matt isn’t even listening to his own adviser. As Jonathan points out in the main text, Witless says ‘there is no evidence that the new variant is more dangerous than previous versions’.
Such variations numbering 12,000 to date as per quoted Nature report.

Hancock using imaginary scary mutant Covid just to prolong his own feeling of self-importance.

302381 ▶▶▶ Bella Donna, replying to karenovirus, 11, #40 of 1665 🔗

Wankok is a psycho!

303408 ▶▶▶▶ richard riewer, replying to Bella Donna, 2, #41 of 1665 🔗

Thoroughly brainwashed Wancock. Reinforcing his inner insecurty.

303880 ▶▶▶ PWL, replying to karenovirus, 1, #42 of 1665 🔗

He wants to stay out of jail, he’ll say anything.

But it won’t help him, and it won’t help all the others either.

Building The “Coronahoax” Charge Sheet: Reckoning Culpability For The Deliberate Inflation Of Covid-19 Death

302334 annie, replying to annie, 32, #43 of 1665 🔗

The inimitable JP tells us he’s in danger if being deplatformed. Actually I’m surprised he has lasted so long. I’ve joined his mailing list.

302749 ▶▶ MiriamW-sometimes-AlanG, replying to annie, 1, #44 of 1665 🔗

Us too. His last 2 videos have been crackers, IOO. MW and AG

302335 Harry hopkins, replying to Harry hopkins, 46, #45 of 1665 🔗

Just woke up at this early hour which is unusual for me. Had this awful nightmare that I was living in a strange world of masked people who wandered around as if in a perpetual state of stupidity and fear. I don’t normally have bad dreams….can’t imagine why I would have this one.

302340 ▶▶ karenovirus, replying to Harry hopkins, 6, #46 of 1665 🔗

Don’t look at the weather report

302958 ▶▶▶ Ben, replying to karenovirus, 2, #47 of 1665 🔗

I stopped looking at these weather reports because of the masked frog. (I always looked at them previously.)

I look at the BBC weather instead. No mask propaganda on there (yet)

303028 ▶▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to Ben, 2, #48 of 1665 🔗

Glad to say I was unaware of the frog!
BBC website works for me. (It’s all I use the beeb for.)

303072 ▶▶▶▶▶ annie, replying to Cheezilla, 2, #49 of 1665 🔗

The Beeb feels no need to lie about the weather. Yet, anyway.

303259 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Binra, replying to annie, #50 of 1665 🔗

Well they do love ‘weather warnings’.
The linking in of weather fear as part of Climate Economy Shrinkage is part of their service.

302355 ▶▶ Eliza P., replying to Harry hopkins, 22, #51 of 1665 🔗

Don’t we know it! I literally spent the first few weeks of Lockdown wondering why I couldn’t seem to wake up from a very prolonged bad dream I was having – until it sunk in that it isn’t a bad dream and I appear to be trapped on a planet full of fools (well – most of them – but that doesn’t include us of course).

302729 ▶▶ HelenaHancart, replying to Harry hopkins, 6, #52 of 1665 🔗

…and then you woke up and found you actually are surrounded by masked people living in a perpetual state of stupidity and fear. I dreamt that Margaret Thatcher was sitting in my living room and we were having a nice, civilised chat, so what does that say?!!!

303071 ▶▶▶ annie, replying to HelenaHancart, 3, #53 of 1665 🔗

It says you are sane.

303409 ▶▶▶▶ richard riewer, replying to annie, #54 of 1665 🔗

Maggie was PM when the 1984 Health Act was crafted.

302825 ▶▶ Silke David, replying to Harry hopkins, 4, #55 of 1665 🔗

I have been catching up with a YT person from Germany.
Firstly shocked by catching myself wondering about “normal” behaviour in crowded areas in travel videos filmed in 2016. I had to keep reminding myself this was filmed “before”.
It was wonderful though, to see people behave “normal”. And travel!!!

This person does a lot of research before purchases, and he mentions it, even in a video from March, and I screamed at the screen: Why do yo not research Corona then?!?!?!

302336 Charles Babbage, replying to Charles Babbage, 103, #56 of 1665 🔗

This is getting absurd now. When are people going to wake up?
The gov can literally say anything and the majority will believe them.

Doesn’t it all sound just too convenient that they have a new strain to put the Capital into tier three (lockdown with another name).

Politicians are liars and always have been and we are letting their lies dictate our freedoms. This has to stop.

302490 ▶▶ Thomas_E, replying to Charles Babbage, 17, #57 of 1665 🔗

Never, people will never wake up. I have lost all hope months ago and it’s getting worse by the minute. Every day is a struggle that I don’t top myself. Now , I have no more fight in me. I don’t want to live in this world anymore.

302529 ▶▶▶ Alethea, replying to Thomas_E, 43, #58 of 1665 🔗

Thomas, it is going to end. Nobody knows when. But at some point, basic capitalist self-interest will reassert its force, in the Conservative party if nowhere else, and this nightmare will dissipate. I am as baffled as anyone else as to why that hasn’t happened yet, but it will. Hang in there. This is a miserable version of the world, but people have lived through much worse: eg, Paris in the early 1790s. We will survive to see normality restored.

303892 ▶▶▶▶ Rowan, replying to Alethea, #59 of 1665 🔗

The same barbarous practices are being put into effect the world over. This is a war against the people that has been has been long planned by a handful of psychopathic philanthrocapitalists and their minions in government. Those few who survive the vaccines and other purges will be heading into the dystopian world of the Great Reset, perhaps a fate worse than death.

302654 ▶▶▶ CivilianNotCovidian, replying to Thomas_E, 27, #60 of 1665 🔗

Thomas please stay with us… every single person who knows the truth, feels the pain and wants this war to end is vitally important. We can’t give up. Thank you for your courage, for staying alive each day and checking in on this blog and having the strength to write something. Do it every day. Just because… we need each other. We need you! You are valued and appreciated here!

302754 ▶▶▶ HelenaHancart, replying to Thomas_E, 18, #61 of 1665 🔗

Thomas, don’t give up! You being alive, and knowing this is all wrong, is still a powerful force. You are still part of the huge human collective that WILL dismantle this narrative. We are all very powerful beings, hence their desire to control us, and bring us down. They are desperate now and it shows. We will win.

303107 ▶▶▶ Lainey, replying to Thomas_E, 3, #62 of 1665 🔗

Same. I think I will only stay around in my meat suit for a while. If it’s like this in 3 years time we can assume this’ll be permanent

303422 ▶▶▶▶ richard riewer, replying to Lainey, 1, #63 of 1665 🔗

The longer this goes on the more difficult it will become to reverse the process. It’s now or never.

303412 ▶▶▶ richard riewer, replying to Thomas_E, 6, #64 of 1665 🔗

They want you to give up. Don’t. It’s psychological warfare, waged by sadistic, masochistic, neurotic, hypochondriac, socio/psychopaths. They are testing your will to resist and fight back. They are bullies. Topple them.

303465 ▶▶▶ Cheshirecatslave, replying to Thomas_E, 3, #65 of 1665 🔗

This too will pass. don’t give them the satisfaction of ending it all.I find comfort in nature. Shop online and go for walks if you can.
This too will pass. don’t give them the satisfaction of ending it all.I find comfort in nature. Shop online and go for walks if you can. Pets are another great comfort, I couldn’t cope without my cats.

303741 ▶▶▶ sam, replying to Thomas_E, 1, #66 of 1665 🔗

i understand thomas i lose hope sometimes too besides friends !. the only thing that helps me is that i try to remember ww2 and how it took a while but hitler and the nazis WERE defeated . thanks to churchill and his indomitable sprit and the british people ‘s a nd degaulle and others also indomitable sprit.
we will win

303901 ▶▶▶▶ Rowan, replying to sam, 1, #67 of 1665 🔗

I wish I had your outlook on our rapidly disintegrating world, but for me nothing will change until a large section of the public rises up and make things happen, by force if it becomes necessary, which it likely will. Now that sort of angry realism looks as far away as ever. Meanwhile the great bulk of the sleepwalking public will be baring their arms for the toxic “vaccines” that will only bring them ill health and worse, likely making them of no real help in the fight for freedom.

303924 ▶▶▶▶▶ sam, replying to Rowan, #68 of 1665 🔗

i try to remember that the french resistance [ and polish dutch norwegian etc etc also started with not that many resisters, some countries most of the population think were more resisters like norway think, my history is not that good ]

but the french, even while occupied by the nazis , i think started small and gained more and more members and they won in the end . however they had churchill back then he was unique . he inspired all of britain and the world .
am american but love to read about history and ww2 especially .

but today it is different people are weak, glued to their cell phone s ,are more sheep mentality so i hope will work but i figure look a t all the wonderful people and brilliant commnents and articles here on lockdown sceptics , thank you toby !a nd there may be few of us who can think for themsleves now but

we must not give up.

i cant wait for more people to join us you a re right it wont or mihgt not happen till more join us . i am inspired by everyone commenting here and doing things about it.i havent really done much like others here have done but you a ll inspire me and now i will keep trying to convicne people to see through the lies . i tried today with one person who thinks masks prevent the spread , ar gh will they ever learn. and i also encouraged ano ther friend to disobey the qaurantine rule after flying to paris from the u .s. for her dads funeral [ inhumane !]
her dad died probably partially or a lot caused by having to stay in quarantine afte r a very long flight adn embolism .

a nd am going to start calling stores to tell why i wont shop there [ no mask no entry rule s ] isntead of just shopping once every 3 or 4 weeks at a grocery store werainga thin scarf[ almsot got thrown out last time but didnt speak up this time i will

bon courage! to us all!

303756 ▶▶▶ sam, replying to Thomas_E, 1, #69 of 1665 🔗

now i think about it i dont think i ve lost hope i get discouraged and angry but am lucky that am an eternal optimist we must believe we will win and we will.

chin up thomas we will win! we are all your friends here we need you. we need each and every one of us to fight . dont give up thomas we re here with you

303778 ▶▶▶ Jay Berger, replying to Thomas_E, 1, #70 of 1665 🔗

People will only wake up AFTER the catastrophe(s) have occurred AND impacted them themselves.
Germany 1945.
And even then, most still didn’t change their mind for another another generation or until they met their maker.

302587 ▶▶ thinkaboutit, replying to Charles Babbage, 6, #71 of 1665 🔗

As a Speccie commenter said, Matt Hancock has finally jumped the shark.

303280 ▶▶ Binra, replying to Charles Babbage, 5, #72 of 1665 🔗

Maybe when the vaccine deaths kick in?
When the children are taken?
When genetic control bans unregulated sex?
When they have to betray loved and living ones to show compliance and save their skin in the game?
There are any number of ways in which the bubble breaks.
But if the fear of opening is great enough, then anything else will seem the lesser eveil and be framed as a morally justifiable necessity.

Wake yourself up.
That is, why would you assume you are awake unless you are awake in true peace and freedom of being – regardless the always changing world.

the conditioning is a ratcheting up of tightening and part release, tightening and part release. Boris told you this was the virus’s plan at the beginning.

302338 Cecil B, replying to Cecil B, 23, #73 of 1665 🔗

In the bleak mid winter our saviour arrives in our midst

Only this time round it’s Matt Hancock

As Captain Blackadder might say


302341 ▶▶ annie, replying to Cecil B, 35, #74 of 1665 🔗

Our adversary, the Devil, walketh in our midst, seeking whom he may devour.

302372 ▶▶▶ Basileus, replying to annie, 28, #75 of 1665 🔗

1 Per 5:9 Resist him, firm in your faith, knowing that the same kinds of suffering are being experienced by your brotherhood throughout the world. 10 And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you. 11 To him be the dominion forever and ever. Amen.

302429 ▶▶▶▶ annie, replying to Basileus, 10, #76 of 1665 🔗

Amen. Steadfast in the faith.

303781 ▶▶▶▶ ColoradoGirl, replying to Basileus, 1, #77 of 1665 🔗

The perfect word for these times.

303503 ▶▶▶ SionnachAirgid, replying to annie, 1, #78 of 1665 🔗

“Hell is empty. And all the devils are here” – The Tempest

302379 ▶▶ Bella Donna, replying to Cecil B, 35, #79 of 1665 🔗

I wish Wankok would fuck off and die. There, I’ve said it out loud!

302418 ▶▶▶ Winston Smith, replying to Bella Donna, 9, #80 of 1665 🔗

Yep, painfully and prolonged

302502 ▶▶▶ Suze Burtenshaw, replying to Bella Donna, 8, #81 of 1665 🔗

He’ll get his comeuppance, never fear. If not in this world then the next. No bad deed goes unpunished, no good deed goes unrewarded.

302523 ▶▶▶ Lydia, replying to Bella Donna, 1, #82 of 1665 🔗

I said the same this morning!

302582 ▶▶▶ karenovirus, replying to Bella Donna, 6, #83 of 1665 🔗

Favourite rockabill song for that,
Toby should have it as a recommended theme time just for handoncock.

spoiler alert, last lyrics “you’re gone”.

302342 karenovirus, replying to karenovirus, 36, #84 of 1665 🔗

Local main regional hospital goes into Opel 4, the highest level of alert previously known as Black Alert.
After some mention of Winter Pressure and increased Covid admissions we learn that 614 staff are absent for Covid related reasons plus a further 412 absences for other reasons = 1,026 non-workers.

I have not been able to find out how many work at that hospital but it has just over 1,000 beds. Let’s say total 3 staff per patient which means 30%+ absenteeism just because Johnny got sent home from school after his classmate had a runny nose.

Little wonder the NHS says it is in danger of being overwhelmed 8 months after we flattened the curve and squatted the sombrero for them.

302344 ▶▶ Danny, replying to karenovirus, 49, #85 of 1665 🔗

Yep. The NHS is “overwhelmed” simply because they are sending all their staff home, which at any time of the year is crippling, let alone the middle of winter. A friend of mine is a nurse who recently did a shift at A&E. She told me that there were 6 people in total in intensive care WITH Covid in a large city hospital, but that lines of ambulances were stacked up in the street outside, treating A&E patients inside the ambulance, because they now let so few people, volume wise, into the building.

303050 ▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to Danny, 1, #86 of 1665 🔗

Ah but they’re not in corridors and dying on trolleys this year.

303482 ▶▶▶ richard riewer, replying to Danny, 1, #87 of 1665 🔗

Does anyone have video proof of this stampede of NHS staff deserting their posts?

302483 ▶▶ JanMasarykMunich, replying to karenovirus, 19, #88 of 1665 🔗

Same problem everywhere. I know a nurse here in Basel. Because there are so many test-result and other absences, those left at work are obviously rushed off their feet (she works night shift, should be two at least on ward, but this year often on her own, enormous stress), which means they also become so utterly exhausted (physically and mentally) that they end up off work as well.

Round and round and round we go…

Just stop the testing.

302512 ▶▶ Suitejb, replying to karenovirus, 7, #89 of 1665 🔗

A clinical nurse friend is off work due to stress as are two others in her department. No one has been off for any reason with covid.

302630 ▶▶ SeaMag, replying to karenovirus, 9, #90 of 1665 🔗

So true. My wife works in the third sector for a registered charity delivering care and educational services for autistic service users. Several weeks ago they had almost 400 (40%) staff absences due to positive tests, isolation and those running scared! Consequently, some services had to be suspended with many service users asked not to come in. Of course, this disruption to routine is amplified for the already disadvantaged autistic service user.

It is all madness on steroids!

303783 ▶▶ ColoradoGirl, replying to karenovirus, 1, #91 of 1665 🔗

Just like the schools.

302343 Danny, replying to Danny, 19, #92 of 1665 🔗

So people have been allowed out to go shopping and get hopeful about a family Xmas, before they talk of now cancelling it again, now that the all important shopping is done.
Mortality stays at usual seasonal level, if not lower, yet people are not sufficiently scared anymore and may be reluctant to take Dr JW Pennebaker’s miracle elixir cure-all wonder drug, so why not use your position as a government “advisor” to use your platform in the media to start demanding once again that xmas is cancelled.

302377 ▶▶ Bella Donna, replying to Danny, 42, #93 of 1665 🔗

This is the most Evil government we have ever had. I’m not joking when I say they need to be stopped by any means necessary.

303484 ▶▶▶ richard riewer, replying to Bella Donna, 2, #94 of 1665 🔗

That’s Heretical. Go for it!

302396 ▶▶ Lili, replying to Danny, 22, #95 of 1665 🔗

But many people are sensibly asking the question, ‘If there’s a ‘mutant’ strain then the current vaccine won’t work, will it’?

Of course the government is saying that the current vaccine does still work against this ‘mutant’ strain, but how can it? Every year a new vaccine has to be created for new strains of flu and people know this, so how can THIS virus be different?

302432 ▶▶▶ annie, replying to Lili, 14, #96 of 1665 🔗

Snake oil is equally efficacious against all ills.

302596 ▶▶▶ karenovirus, replying to Lili, 7, #97 of 1665 🔗

See the Solzhenitsyn quote
“We know they lie to us, they know that we know they lie . . . yet still they lie to us”

303395 ▶▶▶ Binra, replying to Lili, 3, #98 of 1665 🔗

Don’t worry the vaccines will mutate you to keep up.
The authors of the novel have it all sorted.
You will be freed from your possessions and transported to a realm of happiness.

303487 ▶▶▶▶ richard riewer, replying to Binra, #99 of 1665 🔗


302345 John, replying to John, 11, #100 of 1665 🔗

Hi All. I was just checking my e-mail and found the following:

“A new variant of the virus that causes COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) has been identified across the South East of England.”

14 December 2020
PHE investigating a novel strain of COVID-19 – GOV.UK

An unconfirmed leaked world-wide schedule being borne out by unfolding events:

“- Projected COVID-19 mutation and/or co-infection with secondary virus (referred to as COVID-21) leading to a third wave with much higher mortality rate and higher rate of infection. Expected by February 2021.”

Hal Turner Radio Show – CANADA GOING TYRANNICAL! 2nd “Total” Lockdown; ISOLATION CAMPS for “Refusers”

I’m glad I subscribed to Lockdown Sceptics.

302346 ▶▶ Suzyv, replying to John, 22, #101 of 1665 🔗

Viruses never have 2nd, 3rd, 4th waves etc… So if Feb 2021 is predicted as the next one, I’m wondering if really this will really be a cover up for the extra deaths caused by the vaccine. The risk of vaccine enhanced disease as mentioned below and has been mentioned several times before. Certain Scientists predict an overreaction to the common cold (or another coronavirus) as a resultt of this vaccine and deaths as a result (e.g. from Sepsis) are predicted after Christmas and into the Spring. We can’t have people knowing the truth can we so possibly cover up already being planned..

302592 ▶▶▶ John, replying to Suzyv, 3, #102 of 1665 🔗

“Popular platforms will be required to have clear policies for content that …could cause harm such as disseminating misinformation about COVID vaccines.”

December 14, 2020
Facebook, Twitter, TikTok may face fines for harmful content under proposed British laws

302607 ▶▶▶ John, replying to Suzyv, 1, #103 of 1665 🔗

Well, based upon the searching I’ve done since Feb. after finding the following articles, this ‘pandemic’ is a criminal conspiracy without parallel in scope and predictable consequences for billions of lives world-wide.

The Forbes link was “unpublished” a couple of months ago.

Feb 5, 2010
Why The WHO Faked A Pandemic – Forbes

13 August 2010
WHO swine flu advisers’ ties to drug firms: Experts linked with vaccine producers | Daily Mail Online

302347 Fingerache Philip., replying to Fingerache Philip., 63, #104 of 1665 🔗

Oh naughty, naughty virus mutating just when the collaborating sheep were starting to to believe that our nice caring competent government were going to let us out to play again.

302353 ▶▶ PastImperfect, replying to Fingerache Philip., 15, #105 of 1665 🔗

Incompetence is not the driver. Just following the plan.

302558 ▶▶▶ Two-Six, replying to PastImperfect, 7, #106 of 1665 🔗

The script is available in a variety of world languages across a large range of publications and platforms.

302364 ▶▶ annie, replying to Fingerache Philip., 18, #107 of 1665 🔗

When flu mutates, they develop a new vaccine.
When covvie mutates, the same old snake oil is just fine.
Thus spake Wancock.

303070 ▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to Fingerache Philip., 1, #108 of 1665 🔗

The only thing incompetent in this entire shitshow is Ham Cock’s acting.

302348 dpj, replying to dpj, 16, #109 of 1665 🔗

Apologies if this has been mentioned already but I don’t have time to read all comments and keep forgetting to get a screenshot.
Has anyone else seen the NHS advert that pops up in your twitter feed that says something like ‘Covid vaccine has now been approved and is rolling out across the country’?
Is this not what is now referred to as ‘misinformation’ as I was led to believe it will not actually be properly approved until possibly at least a years time and has only been given a temporary licence to be distributed under emergency legislation. This is therefore potentially deliberately creating a false sense of trust about a rushed out experimental medication.

302357 ▶▶ Eliza P., replying to dpj, 10, #110 of 1665 🔗

Quite possibly I have – but every time I’m able to delete one of “those” adverts from my screen I do so. Someone on Facebook, for instance, recommended reporting all covid propaganda type adverts and I’ve duly been doing so ever since. You’d have thought Facebook would have got the message by now – but I still “pick them off/report” every single time I see so much as an advert for hand steriliser.

302360 ▶▶ Charlie Blue, replying to dpj, 6, #111 of 1665 🔗

It has been approved by the MHRA but it is not yet licensed.

302388 ▶▶▶ Will, replying to Charlie Blue, 7, #112 of 1665 🔗

And it hasn’t yet been shown to actually be a vaccine.

303074 ▶▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to Will, #113 of 1665 🔗

And by every definition, it isn’t!

303496 ▶▶▶ richard riewer, replying to Charlie Blue, #114 of 1665 🔗

The MHRA received 980,000 dollars, or pounds, from the Gates Foundation not that long ago. What a coincidence.

302494 ▶▶ Basics, replying to dpj, 4, #115 of 1665 🔗

You are referencing dis information.

Mis information is from Mistake.

Dis information is a word developed by the soviet system. It is entirely unrelated to mistake.

302500 ▶▶ JanMasarykMunich, replying to dpj, 3, #116 of 1665 🔗

Yes, very important point. Certainly worth a complaint to advertising standards.

302349 Cecil B, replying to Cecil B, 12, #117 of 1665 🔗

All I want for Christmas is not to get a visit from the Stasi

302548 ▶▶ Alethea, replying to Cecil B, 20, #118 of 1665 🔗

If they come to my house, I might welcome them in to observe the total absence of anyone there except me, and then lock the door and insist on a round of Charades and a slice of cake before I let them leave. Indeed I might even have some little presents ready for them. Also, crackers.

Yes, I am facing Christmas alone, because everyone in my family regards me as a vector of disease and all my friends prioritise obeying the law over human relationships.

303485 ▶▶▶ Cheshirecatslave, replying to Alethea, 2, #119 of 1665 🔗

I’m so sorry. I’m not sure yet if I’ll get a Christmas invite or not. It depends on a friend’s covid paranoid husband. If not, I shall go to church on Christmas Day.

303715 ▶▶▶▶ Alethea, replying to Cheshirecatslave, 1, #120 of 1665 🔗

Thank you, CCS, I appreciate your response. It is a dismal predicament to find oneself in! I think I’m going to spend Christmas Day marking exams. I shall have a stiff drink at my elbow, and whip through the essays quick smart.

302603 ▶▶ karenovirus, replying to Cecil B, 4, #121 of 1665 🔗

Bloody students, where’s there a Covid Marshal when you need one ?

302680 ▶▶ Crystal Decanter, replying to Cecil B, 6, #122 of 1665 🔗

I will be pretend coughing and spluttering if they come to the door
always fancied myself a bit of an thespian
Give them the full black death treatment

302865 ▶▶▶ Simon Dutton, replying to Crystal Decanter, 7, #123 of 1665 🔗

If you get enough notice of their advent, take a red felt-tip pen and make enough spots on your face to make them think you’ve got smallpox as well.

Works every time. Used it myself to get off rugby.

302350 Tim Bidie, 15, #124 of 1665 🔗

There is a refreshing honesty in Sweden:

‘Even though there are currently only 80-90 coronavirus patients being treated in intensive care in Stockholm compared to a peak of 230 in the spring, there are many more patients with other conditions needing emergency treatment.

“What we have now that we didn’t have in the spring is that there are many people seeking other types of acute care. That went down completely for several weeks in the spring,” he (Regional Health Chief) said.’


‘….with temporary field hospitals dismantled over the summer and some other emergency measures no longer in place, the country has less intensive care beds available while there is a resurgence in cases.’

‘During the spring peak, Sweden more than doubled its available intensive care places after mounting an impressive operation to increase the number to 1,100.

According to the latest figures from the National Board of Health and Welfare, Sweden on Wednesday December 9th had 673 intensive care beds equipped with a ventilators.’

‘According to the latest figures from the Swedish Board of Health and Welfare, 550 of the intensive care beds equipped with a ventilator were occupied on Wednesday December 9th, of which 261 were filled with patients with Covid-19.

This amounts to 18 percent spare capacity.’

‘Stockholm’s hospitals director Björn Eriksson told Dagens Nyheter that it was primarily a lack of trained staff that was limiting the number of intensive care places.’

‘….it might be hard to free up armed forces medical personnel, as most were reserve officers who are already working as nurses and doctors in Sweden’s hospitals.’


Let me get this straight…….winter health panic requires more hospital capacity………then summer so get rid of hospital capacity…….then winter health panic requires more hospital capacity………

Could there be a fundamental flaw in the OODA loop?

Maybe it should include something before the A, like. maybe, an E for ‘Engage brain’………..

302351 chaos, replying to chaos, 34, #125 of 1665 🔗

King Blowjob and Princess Rockefeller Nut Nut and Blojo”s wife-beatring Rockefeller dad are still in charge. Matt Wanksock is their court jester. Witty and Valence the doberman mincers guarding Blowjo and Nut Nut’s throne. Destroy the economy so that Prince Charles et al can make the world green. Well.. apart from most of the world i.e. China and India.

Meanwhile.. China is growing. My keyboard, the batteries in it.. my mouse.. my computer.. my phone.. more than half of my clothes.. pretty much my everything is made (increasingly well actually) in China. China is making and selling. But Klaus and Charley and Blowjob et al want us making and selling baskets, blankets, and cheese. Socially distanced. No pubs, no clubs, compulsory vaccines and social credit. Rule Shitannia, shittania rules no waves.. Britain forever ever ever will be slaves.

The things I own made in the UK: a Fleur cushion. Two Arcam amplifiers (still working) from 1997 (Arcam now owned by Samsung and made in China). A BK subwoofer. Some Hope bicycle bits. and.. I do believe that is it.

302431 ▶▶ Enjoyeverysandwich, replying to chaos, 4, #126 of 1665 🔗

Haha, I to have an Arcam CD and amp still going together with a fine pair of Royd Minstrels and a Rega turntable. Other system has a classic NAD amp and matched to a pair of TDL speakers. Absolute quality. In other news my wild country quasar is still fully operational after 30 years and is my go to winter mountain tent.

302454 ▶▶▶ Bugle, replying to Enjoyeverysandwich, 8, #127 of 1665 🔗

Old stuff is best: old hi fi, old phones, old diesel engines.

302493 ▶▶▶▶ Bill h, replying to Bugle, 7, #128 of 1665 🔗

An old diesel hooked up to a generator may come in very handy over the medium and long term.

Invest in hardware.

And gold.

302737 ▶▶▶▶▶ Simon, replying to Bill h, 1, #129 of 1665 🔗

I had the same idea, a nice old three phase motor and a Diesel engine from a car no one wants. Would make a craking power source.

303505 ▶▶▶▶▶ richard riewer, replying to Bill h, 1, #130 of 1665 🔗

Better hurry up, Gold prices are rising fast. Go to Gerald Celente’s Trends Journal. It’s a weekly review of world finance.

302869 ▶▶▶▶ Simon Dutton, replying to Bugle, 2, #131 of 1665 🔗

FFS let’s not get into a hi-fi thread! 🙂

PS Celestion Ditton owner here. Slagged by the cognoscenti but I think they sound great.

303501 ▶▶▶ richard riewer, replying to Enjoyeverysandwich, #132 of 1665 🔗

I bought a NAD cassette player in the 80s. Loved it. Brown case.

302711 ▶▶ Arkansas, replying to chaos, #133 of 1665 🔗

Arcam here too. (Was) such nice stuff.

303508 ▶▶▶ richard riewer, replying to Arkansas, #134 of 1665 🔗

Anybody here watch TechMoan?

302771 ▶▶ Llamasaurus Rex, replying to chaos, 2, #135 of 1665 🔗

Too right chaos. Makes me really consider that fecking black pill. But I’d rather fight, even if it’s futile.

303078 ▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to chaos, #136 of 1665 🔗

Don’t we import most of our cheese?
(Which, incidentally, “is a DISGRACE!”)

302352 CivilianNotCovidian, replying to CivilianNotCovidian, 190, #137 of 1665 🔗

EVERY YEAR there is a “new variant” of a coronavirus or a rhinovirus causing lots of people to feel rotten. In the past we’ve called it “that nasty cold virus that’s going round” and it hasn’t been rebranded with scary names and plastered across the front pages, been first point of business on parliament’s agenda, and turned people into dissociated psychotic animals. Calling children “super spreaders” is the beginning of the end. I am terrified for them. Animals have more rights. They will be banned from going to school, locked up with traumatised parents, and those who survive the suicide attempts will be so mentally scarred, they will unfortunately go on to do great harm to themselves and others. This is a war. You have two choices. Get up and fight (in this war, by challenging every insane regulation, talking to family and neighbours, constantly contradicting the sinister narrative, helping anyone you see who’s lost their minds to this) or watch the human race slowly disappear.

Yesterday I walked by Waitrose and there was a queue of people in masks outside. Four or five people back in the queue, an elderly man was standing hunched over with his hands on a walking frame. Wearing a mask. In the freezing cold. A security guard was manning the entrance, letting people in slowly. I marched up to him and demanded he let the elderly man in immediately. I went and guided the man into the shop, and then turned around to the queue of people and shouted at them, “What the hell is wrong with you that you can stand there and do NOTHING and say NOTHING while someone suffers?!” They were clearly shocked. They thought that putting masks on their faces made them good people. No. The masks are evil. First they make people lose their voices, then their minds, then their humanity.

We HAVE to survive this. Act today. Do anything you can to remind someone, today, what is at stake. Practice random acts of humanity wherever you can. Call out the insanity. Don’t back down. Save the human race. STAY HUMAN!

302358 ▶▶ TJS123, replying to CivilianNotCovidian, 35, #138 of 1665 🔗

Full of admiration for you – actions needed as well as words!

302579 ▶▶▶ kh1485, replying to TJS123, 7, #139 of 1665 🔗

Me too. I salute you.

302359 ▶▶ PastImperfect, replying to CivilianNotCovidian, 35, #140 of 1665 🔗

“We HAVE to survive this. Act today…Call out the insanity. Don’t back down. Save the human race. STAY HUMAN!”

First class.

302362 ▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to CivilianNotCovidian, 45, #141 of 1665 🔗

Hear, hear!!! And well done you for helping that old man. It’s heartbreaking seeing old people masked up, they shouldn’t be.

302365 ▶▶▶ annie, replying to Bart Simpson, 37, #142 of 1665 🔗

Nobody ought to be. Wearing your knickers on your face is disgusting.

302385 ▶▶▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to annie, 18, #143 of 1665 🔗

Exactly. And yet people refuse to listen, they still believe in that crap about wearing to protect you.

302541 ▶▶▶▶▶ Borisbullshit, replying to Bart Simpson, 11, #144 of 1665 🔗

Especially when they are alone in the car or on a deserted beach.

302840 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to Borisbullshit, 5, #145 of 1665 🔗

Or even cycling or jogging!

303011 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ Borisbullshit, replying to Bart Simpson, 5, #146 of 1665 🔗

When I see a cyclist with one I always have an irresistible urge to slide a long stick through the front wheel. That should dislodge the mask!

303250 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ Rowan, replying to Borisbullshit, 2, #147 of 1665 🔗

Excellent idea.

303444 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ David Grimbleby, replying to Borisbullshit, 1, #148 of 1665 🔗

Or the bloke arrested for paddleboarding in California ,while the Governor had a nice meal with cronies, no masks , no ‘distancing’

303249 ▶▶▶▶▶ Rowan, replying to Bart Simpson, 3, #149 of 1665 🔗

Those that wear masks think they are protecting themselves and if it protects someone well that’s just a bit of a bonus.

302401 ▶▶ Lili, replying to CivilianNotCovidian, 8, #150 of 1665 🔗

Well done, you.

302420 ▶▶ PoshPanic, replying to CivilianNotCovidian, 8, #151 of 1665 🔗

Good on you and that security guard, they’re not all bad eggs.

302422 ▶▶ stefarm, replying to CivilianNotCovidian, 9, #152 of 1665 🔗

Great post 👊

302442 ▶▶ James Leary #KBF, replying to CivilianNotCovidian, 6, #153 of 1665 🔗

Good man.

302569 ▶▶▶ CivilianNotCovidian, replying to James Leary #KBF, 13, #154 of 1665 🔗

I’m a woman… but I won’t let that get in the way of standing up to bullies and dehumanised cowards.

302447 ▶▶ steph, replying to CivilianNotCovidian, 14, #155 of 1665 🔗

Thank you for doing this. The world has gone mad but all is not lost with people like you in it.

302530 ▶▶ calchas, replying to CivilianNotCovidian, 5, #156 of 1665 🔗

Wonderful comment – and your action.

302602 ▶▶ thinkaboutit, replying to CivilianNotCovidian, 3, #157 of 1665 🔗

Good for you. People in masks are sheeple.

302609 ▶▶ karenovirus, replying to CivilianNotCovidian, 8, #158 of 1665 🔗

They are the sort of people who think obeying road traffic laws are more important than letting an ambulance with sirens blaring get through.

302674 ▶▶ Crystal Decanter, replying to CivilianNotCovidian, 7, #159 of 1665 🔗

Gold star
These people are becoming dehumanized by design

302783 ▶▶ Ben, replying to CivilianNotCovidian, 4, #160 of 1665 🔗

These new variants are called fascism

302934 ▶▶ Llamasaurus Rex, replying to CivilianNotCovidian, 7, #161 of 1665 🔗

Great post. Good for you fighting the fight.
I’m pondering strategy as well as tactics. Gonna start reading about subversive strategies in the post modern (social digital) age. We need to work out how best we fight this cruel, abusive, elitist control.

303588 ▶▶ BuildVaccineTrust, replying to CivilianNotCovidian, 1, #162 of 1665 🔗

An article in the International Journal of Clinical Practice recently regarding:

“Informed consent disclosure to vaccine trial subjects of risk of COVID‐19 vaccines worsening clinical disease”

says the vaccine trial participants were not fully informed about the risks in the way medical ethics would dictate. Yet those taking the vaccine now aren’t being informed at all about the risk of vaccine enhanced disease, nor is the media telling them they are essentially lab rats participating in the ongoing trials.

The FDA’s review and authorization documents for the vaccine acknowledge that Pfizer and the FDA see an “important risk” of future vaccine enhanced disease that isn’t yet known since the trials are ongoing. Yet the FDA provided information for vaccine recipients says *nothing* about this risk.

Out of frustration I collected links to government documents and scientific journal articles on this issue and created a site with more information and a petition, this is the start of it:

Millions of people are lining up to get Pfizer’s COVID-19 shot without being told the FDA sees a risk they will get a more severe case of COVID-19 after the initial protection fades. Testing hasn’t lasted long enough to find out. If the public isn’t warned about *all* risks now, they may not trust vaccines even if full testing demonstrates them to be safe.
The UK, US and Canadian governments provide documents for patients and health care workers explaining the vaccine. Yet as of Dec. 12th, 2020: none of those mention this important issue acknowledged by the US government only in sources most people will never read.
The non-partisan US government’s Congressional Research Service explained : “experts are concerned about the potential for vaccine enhanced disease, in which vaccination could worsen the health effects of COVID-19 infections […]. Animal studies of other coronavirus vaccines have found some potential for vaccine enhanced disease”
A medical journal says after the dengue vaccine’s initial effect faded “vaccinated children in the 2–5 year age group, were found to be nearly 8 times likely to be hospitalized for severe dengue, compared to children in the placebo group”.
The FDA’s initial review of the Pfizer and BiNTech vaccine says its makers “identified vaccine-associated enhanced disease including vaccine-associated enhanced respiratory disease as an important potential risk.” and the FDA adds “risk of vaccine-enhanced disease over time, potentially associated with waning immunity, remains unknown and needs to be evaluated further in ongoing clinical trials and in observational studies”. Unfortunately the short testing period wasn’t long enough to assess the risk.
Media in countries hit hard by COVID-19 haven’t called attention to the issue to date. In contrast a Japanese paper quoted the director of the Japanese Society of Clinical Virology: “Concerns over ADE still remain. I am an elderly person myself, but if I were asked, I would say I don’t want to get a shot.” Elsewhere he explained : “In the past, a dengue vaccine proved effective in tests and was widely used, but then it worsened symptoms for people who were still getting infected.”. A leading professor of Immunology testified to Japan’s House of Representatives: “There’s no doubt that their effectiveness is quite high, but their safety is not guaranteed at all”.
Hopefully continued testing will discover COVID-19 vaccines are safe over the long run, but they don’t understand COVID-19 well enough to predict that. More info and the source links for all of this at BuildVaccineTrust.com

303591 ▶▶ BuildVaccineTrust, replying to CivilianNotCovidian, #163 of 1665 🔗

People will only get shots if they trust they’re being told everything. Pfizer&FDA admit a risk most haven’t heard. BuildVaccineTrust dot com for info&petition. Pin and repost often.

303733 ▶▶ sam, replying to CivilianNotCovidian, #164 of 1665 🔗

you a re an inspiration thank you. that poor man. thank you that is the worst how brain dead and selfish people are , they can t even help the elderly. thank you

302354 John Ballard, replying to John Ballard, 41, #165 of 1665 🔗

Another day of lunacy commences. Another day closer to the next election when I can vote for anyone not complicit in this nightmare.
Sat on the train to work, not because I have to, I could work from home but refuse to. First telling off by the mask nazis.
Watched goggle box last night, my guilty pleasure, watched Hancock when he cried about the vaccine, smirking, laughing and crying all at the same time. Multi talented man! Crocodile tears. More sense from the people on the show than our idiot government.
Have a great day sceptics, keep your chin up.

302464 ▶▶ anti_corruption_tsar, replying to John Ballard, 29, #166 of 1665 🔗

I hate to disappoint you, but they’ll bring up any number of excuses not to have elections now, including next May. I know from sources behind the curtain that Germany is planning on postponing it’s general election due next August. They can’t possibly allow the people to have their say now, for it would shine a very big beacon of light on how much governments are despised round the world.

What will happen instead is a huge wave of civil disorder, once the days get lighter and warmer next year. All other options have been closed. We should start to see revolutions around the world in 2021, not a moment too soon.

302590 ▶▶▶ JanMasarykMunich, replying to anti_corruption_tsar, 9, #167 of 1665 🔗

Would be interested to know what your ‘behind the curtain sources’ are.

Personally, I would be delighted if the current German government coalition were to suffer a massive election defeat. But my feeling is that, unfortunately, they (including their ‘unofficial’ — but agenda setting — partner — the Greens) still have enough support, so they will actually have no need to delay any election. If they did, it would be a massive step.

I am not a fan of revolution, but we certainly do need to sort out the institutionalized (‘legal’) corruption where key decision makers have massive financial interests.

On civil unrest, it is interesting that WEF has moved its meeting to Singapore. They have cited Covid safety concerns over the ‘high infection rate’ in CH. But, the truth may well be that they have entirely different safety concerns. Certainly, both my wife and I were planning to go down there to protest this year. And, until this year (anti Covid terror protests here in CH), the last time I protested was against Maggie Thatcher and the last time she did was Nov 1989 in CzSlo. And I don’t think we are the only ones. In the comments pages in Swiss MSM media on the report there were more people saying; ‘Shame, I was planning to go and protest, even though I never normally do’. They can certainly police Singapore much more effectively.

Also comments pages on Covid items in CH MSM recently being shut down. Which indicates change of public mood.

302356 Mel, 5, #168 of 1665 🔗

Is there any reliable information about what is happening in China? Has there been a second, or third, wave in Wuhan, or elsewhere?

302361 alw, replying to alw, 13, #169 of 1665 🔗

In the attached pic the most disgraceful piece of propaganda circulating in the US sent by a friend in Chicago. Words fail me.The current situation in the US is;

”With 17 days to go, and taking into account the rising trend year over year, we are looking at no excess deaths in the US for 2020:

2013: 2,596,993
2014: 2,626,418
2015: 2,712,630
2016: 2,744,248
2017: 2,813,503
2018: 2,839,205
2019: 2,855,000
2020: as of December 14th total deaths= 2,748,341


If this bears out – with no excess deaths – then it will be slightly surprising, given the panic and fear induced reluctance to use health care facilities, the excess use of ventilators, as well as the other horrors of lockdown

302367 ▶▶ A Heretic, replying to alw, 18, #170 of 1665 🔗

I struggle to comprehend the sheer stupidity of someone who wants to compare deaths of the old and infirm to those of the otherwise fit and healthy, no doubt while screeching “wear a maaaaaaaaaask” at anyone within earshot.

302380 ▶▶▶ steve_w, replying to A Heretic, 17, #171 of 1665 🔗

Where I live in Aylesbury Vale – we have 167,000 people. Official stats show 120 deaths. That is probably 110 deaths of old age (with covid as a complicating factor) and 10 deaths of 60 year olds with some comorbidities. It is unnoticeable. In that time about 2,000 will have naturally died of old age

302406 ▶▶ Henry, replying to alw, 2, #172 of 1665 🔗

I thought these numbers were debunked with CDC figures excluding January, thus actual 2020 mortality >300k?

302419 ▶▶▶ Sarigan, replying to Henry, 4, #173 of 1665 🔗

They do not include January so probably around 300k excess as you say. For a country of 330,000,000. From, with, caused by or because of? Who knows.

302412 ▶▶ PoshPanic, replying to alw, 4, #174 of 1665 🔗

They forgot the picture of the old peoples home, with the number of deaths in a normal day.

302415 ▶▶ Nigel Sherratt, replying to alw, 8, #175 of 1665 🔗

All part of not letting a crisis go to waste for the greater good of getting rid of ‘Orange Hitler’, including delaying relief to the poorest whilst paying off your mates.

302363 Steve Martindale, replying to Steve Martindale, 30, #176 of 1665 🔗

”I hear the voice of those that’s gone on before
And I can’t feel at home in this world anymore”

Our son and his wife and our 2 grandsons are flying of to Uganda after Christmas for an overseas work assignment and we will not see them for a long time. They are planning to come here for Christmas, we have gone into purdah over the last week to ensure this visit is not jeopardised, NHS test and trace is hopefully cancelled on the phone. If they cancel Christmas I am rather afraid that the quote above may become more than academic as far as we are concerned.

I used to think that when the stats got better it would all improve, when we proved the PCR test was leading us up the garden path it would all change but no such thing. I now think that if this ever going to change it needs to be the people that do it, there do seem to be quite a lot of people who are just going along with this but would chuck it over if they thought everyone else would do the same. Whether this will happen I don’t know? will I be around to see it if it does? again who knows?

302375 ▶▶ annie, replying to Steve Martindale, 28, #177 of 1665 🔗

One or two messages out of Wales lately indicate that the Stalinist Politburo fear the onset of lockdown fatigue, leading to widespread ignoring of the Holy Sadistic Rules.
Keep pushing.

302382 ▶▶ Les Tricoteuses, replying to Steve Martindale, 21, #178 of 1665 🔗

I feel your distress, whatever happens I’m still having Christmas, don’t give up please.

Truth. It’s the mistake we’ve all been making and this needs to change, stats and facts are irrelevant to this government. We need to win hearts and minds of ordinary people and yes facts are important here, but we need to appeal at an emotional level and manipulate people back in our direction. Fire with fire.

302628 ▶▶▶ thinkaboutit, replying to Les Tricoteuses, 2, #179 of 1665 🔗

True. I tell everyone who will listen that they are making up the numbers.

302624 ▶▶ thinkaboutit, replying to Steve Martindale, 8, #180 of 1665 🔗

If ” cases” i.e. dodgy tests go down they find something else that goes up. Hospital admissions, ICU bed occupancy, R number, testing in schools, and oh look, a new variant of Covid. If all that fails they look at the data, pick the 10 worst hospitals in the country and go exponential on a made-up graph. No, it will never end because the virus is endemic and will never go away.

302366 Crystal Decanter, replying to Crystal Decanter, -1, #181 of 1665 🔗

Hello dirtbags

Can anyone cast an eye over this and tell me if she’s talking bollox?


302371 ▶▶ annie, replying to Crystal Decanter, 9, #182 of 1665 🔗

Hexcuse me. We here are not dirtbags. You can always tell a dirtbag because it wears its knickers on its face.

302395 ▶▶ Charlie Blue, replying to Crystal Decanter, 2, #183 of 1665 🔗

Has an aura of bollox around it imo.

302368 annie, replying to annie, 17, #184 of 1665 🔗

I dreamed the pig dictator
Was sat on a rollator.
We pushed him down the hill
Into a trough of swill.

Another contender for poet laureate. Such grace, such refinement.

302508 ▶▶ Cecil B, replying to annie, 5, #185 of 1665 🔗

‘Pig Dictator’ is copyright of Cecil B Inc.

Only joking

303943 ▶▶ richard riewer, replying to annie, #186 of 1665 🔗

Try to create some limericks.

302369 Mars-in-Aries, replying to Mars-in-Aries, 24, #187 of 1665 🔗

Looking at the Worldometer statistics, Covid deaths in the UK seem to have been reasonably flat at around 500 a day for the past five weeks. That is very suspicious. It indicates an R value of 1 which is not changing, which is also not credible. Much more likely is that there is a systemic misattribution of deaths from other causes as Covid deaths.

302374 ▶▶ Charlie Blue, replying to Mars-in-Aries, 3, #188 of 1665 🔗

I feel sure you are correct about misattribution elevating numbers. But would it be that strange for them to be pretty consistent (if lower) over the winter season with an endemic virus? Don’t know the answer, just curious.

302376 ▶▶ steve_w, replying to Mars-in-Aries, 8, #189 of 1665 🔗

all cause deaths have been a couple of thousand a week over the 5 year average for a few weeks. down a bit last week. latest numbers out this morning. I would have expected increased mortality from the hammering peoples immune systems have taken from being locked inside under extreme stress.

I cant see a pandemic going on

302403 ▶▶▶ Steve Martindale, replying to steve_w, 19, #190 of 1665 🔗

As well as immune systems, I think people’s emotional systems have taken a hammering as well, we have had 2 suicides in our village in the last few months.
”Did you ever see a robin weep
When leaves began to die?
Like me, he’s lost the will to live
I’m so lonesome I could cry ”

I think many have lost he will to live over all this and that is being reflected in the death figures.

302409 ▶▶▶▶ steve_w, replying to Steve Martindale, 23, #191 of 1665 🔗

my mother is 75 and happy go lucky. She has been worried to death and not seeing her many friends is crippling her emotionally. My dad asked me to text her some bullshit about ‘the vaccine is just round the corner’ to try and get her out of her funk. She was so looking forward to xmas and now she’s been worried into cancelling it. Fucking awful

302441 ▶▶▶ Marialta, replying to steve_w, 3, #192 of 1665 🔗

Does anyone know what the recording death situation is now? I know that in the spring only one person was needed to record a death. Is that still the case?

302516 ▶▶▶▶ Steve Martindale, replying to Marialta, 2, #193 of 1665 🔗

The Coronavirus act has schedule 13 which lists all the changes to the death registration procedure, there is a flow chart here about how to complete a death certificate; https://www.rcpath.org/uploads/assets/742a20f2-f0d3-4e46-8a76843c32882cbf/G213-MCCD-completion-during-COVID-19-outbreak-flowchart.pdf
I think that you now no longer need 2 doctors to confirm before cremation can take place.
Some people have commented that the changes this year would have allowed Dr Shipman to have got away with it!
Various people, including care home staff, can pronounce people dead, the doctors job is to give the cause of death. Once a death certificate has been issued it is then the job of the surviving relatives to register the death.

303103 ▶▶▶▶▶ Marialta, replying to Steve Martindale, 1, #194 of 1665 🔗


302470 ▶▶ Andrew K, replying to Mars-in-Aries, 5, #195 of 1665 🔗

And in india, where life has pretty much returned to mornal deaths run at around 200 per day (population 20 time bigger).

302370 Bella Donna, replying to Bella Donna, 8, #196 of 1665 🔗

Mad Wankok needs to be removed ASAP.

302951 ▶▶ Ben, replying to Bella Donna, 2, #197 of 1665 🔗

He’s simply following orders from the global Covid Cabal

303946 ▶▶ richard riewer, replying to Bella Donna, #198 of 1665 🔗

Wank needs to get yanked.

302373 steve_w, replying to steve_w, 28, #199 of 1665 🔗

I don’t see how we get out of this.

I thought it would be summer when we didn’t see Ferguson’s second wave

Now we have normalish winter mortality. In any other year this would go unnoticed – just some BBC news about pressure on NHS that we get every year.

I suspect the vaccine won’t be as good as they hope and with worse side-effects than they claim.

All for a disease with lower overall mortality than Asian flu or Hong Kong flu.

There is no doubt we are locked down until Spring when it will be naturally suppressed.

302383 ▶▶ Les Tricoteuses, replying to steve_w, 31, #200 of 1665 🔗

We get out of this when enough people say no. Look to our history, government backs down if enough people resist.

302389 ▶▶▶ Charlie Blue, replying to Les Tricoteuses, 14, #201 of 1665 🔗

Yep. I can’t see spring being an end to this. Testing will keep the numbers going, people will still die. MH and the rest of the cabal will move seamlessly from getting cases down to zero covid. They’ll persist as long as we allow them to

302393 ▶▶▶▶ steve_w, replying to Charlie Blue, 9, #202 of 1665 🔗

they kept a lot going over summer when there was zero ‘excess’ mortality

302392 ▶▶▶ steve_w, replying to Les Tricoteuses, 20, #203 of 1665 🔗

I agree. But what does that involve?

I have been to 4 London rallies. I ignore the ‘who I can have in my home’ stuff – but other people don’t which means we don’t invite people as much as we used to anyway.

I go out when I can, I talk the sceptic talk to people I know

I would expect change to start and then come in a flood. But I’m not seeing it

302455 ▶▶▶▶ Les Tricoteuses, replying to steve_w, 5, #204 of 1665 🔗

We need better organisation, rallies need to be in the hundreds of thousands. I’m not much of an organiser sadly, government psychological warfare needs countering . I’d like a double sided A4 fact sheet that could be folded to an A5 booklet to print at home, do a few hundred and deliver locally. Computer skills not up to designing it unfortunately.

302504 ▶▶▶▶▶ Sam Vimes, replying to Les Tricoteuses, 2, #205 of 1665 🔗

Maybe there’s a course at your local libr… Oh, hang on! But seriously, a few folks on here have got stuff under way, Mabel Cow for instance. Maybe get in touch?

302691 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Mabel Cow, replying to Sam Vimes, 18, #206 of 1665 🔗

I’m available for typesetting and formatting tasks, if anyone has something they want laid out. Just mention my name in a post and I’ll find it.

I have often thought of creating some leaflets myself instead of just spewing my vitriol in posters, but I find the problem is coming up with a convincing argument to put in front of the muppets.

You’ve got to hand it to our oppressors: making this all about “the vulnerable” was a masterstroke. Anything said against the official narrative can be silenced through the simple expedient of, “But what about granny?”

On the few occasions I have tried to convert a muppet, the discussion proceeds quite nicely, lots of head nodding about damage to society and BBC fear narrative, but it always gets to a point where the muppet needs to make that final leap from agreeing with me to actually changing their own mind, and it’s at that point that their ego defence comes to the rescue and holds up granny as the shield to protect them from admitting to themselves that they’ve been duped.

And even if I get past the granny thing (by mentioning recent bad flu seasons or QALYs), the final objection is always, “But why would the government do this to us?”

In a way, the why-they-do-this argument is harder to counter than the granny argument because it requires the muppet to cast the government in a negative light. And to my great surprise, many, many people seem to actually believe that the government is some kind of benevolent entity sent from the heavens to protect us, instead of realising that they are just a loosely-coupled bunch of humans with the same aspirations and failings that humans have always had but with the unfortunate extra property of having power over people like you and me.

I myself have no problem seeing the government as evil because since my earliest days I have resisted the imposition of other people’s authority on me. Consequently, I have trouble constructing an argument to convince government loyalists of the malfeasance that is all about us.

And there’s another problem, too. The more blatant the malfeasance gets, the easier it is for the perpetrators to get away with it. It reminds me of the old joke: “If you owe the bank ten pounds, that’s your problem. If you owe the bank ten million pounds, that’s their problem.”

Paradoxically, the bigger and more horrible this situation gets, the harder it is to convince people that it’s all for nothing. Perhaps this is an expression of proportionality bias . Actually, if you look down the list of cognitive biases , it reads like an instruction book for running a scamdemic. I have read that George Orwell wrote 1984 as a warning, but I do wonder if all he did was create a Haynes Manual for sociopaths.

So, long story short: happy to help but don’t know what to say.

303950 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ richard riewer, replying to Mabel Cow, #207 of 1665 🔗

There is a long history of socio/psychopaths going back thousands of years.

303951 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ richard riewer, replying to richard riewer, #208 of 1665 🔗

During the Napoleonic Wars the Viennese Secret Police had a dossier on Beethoven.

303953 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ richard riewer, replying to richard riewer, #209 of 1665 🔗

Tomorrow is his 250th Birthday. The Second movement of the Ninth Symphony is what I play every year to honour him.

302467 ▶▶▶▶ Andrew K, replying to steve_w, 12, #210 of 1665 🔗

I’ve been harassing my FB friends (Friends, well 90% are ex work colleagues), If they post stuff about Covid (Usual Zealot stuff) I get really abusive to them. I post facts and anecdotal stories of the harm of lockdown, masks, etc.. I call them braindead brainwashed fuckwits. It’s certainly got me noticed. Some have de-friended me, (no loss), but believe it or not some have actually seen the light. Somebody was only ever using that John Hopkins site and though 5% of people were dying from this. They’re now confused and their brain is in a twist.

302521 ▶▶▶▶▶ Thomas_E, replying to Andrew K, 12, #211 of 1665 🔗

It will never be over. Everyone I know is pretty much 100% full lockdown zealot. Including my family, I have nobody that I know that’s even mildly questioning this. Well I lie, there is an old high school friend of mine but he lives in another country . I Spend my days in i daze, hopeless, no energy and with full CPTSD this is not getting any better ( 2 tours in Afghanistan). I see my little girls world crumbling around her, not seeing her extended family, cousins, no playdates, no fun..I talked to my wife yesterday and told her I wish that I died in Helmand together with my best fried. At least I would not have to witness this..

302546 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Andrew K, replying to Thomas_E, 26, #212 of 1665 🔗

Stick in there mate, use your experiences in Afghanistan to gain strength. Tell people you didn’t risk life or limb to fight for freedom to be lost through this. Don’t be afraid to use anger to direct your feelings to these Zealots, If you can use it in the right way and backed up with facts, believe me it does get through to people.

Me and my wife took the decision recently to ignore all face mask (Not that we ever used one) compliance, If a shop even mentions face mask, we’ll just wish them good luck with their business and just walk out. a good thing to say is “I hope you live to 100 in your new faceless world” No loss plenty of other shops to spend our money in. .

302640 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ JanMasarykMunich, replying to Andrew K, 11, #213 of 1665 🔗

Absolutely, good advice. Someone who has been in Afghanistan must command respect among people. Certainly, from me.

302416 ▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to steve_w, 17, #214 of 1665 🔗

It will only be over when enough people declare its over. Sadly many people are still asleep and compliant.

302510 ▶▶▶ Sam Vimes, replying to Bart Simpson, 4, #215 of 1665 🔗

There’s the simple answer. And the simple, monumental problem.

303947 ▶▶ richard riewer, replying to steve_w, #216 of 1665 🔗

Yeah, but the bullshit will probably start all over again.

302384 Basileus, 2, #218 of 1665 🔗
302387 Bart Simpson, replying to Bart Simpson, 42, #219 of 1665 🔗

Posted this yesterday evening but am posting it again to highlight how all this has made certain people insane:

Had a bizarre encounter with a visitor today who stormed into my area (multi-media guides) and was going batshit crazy that people weren’t anti-social distancing. I calmly recommended that she start at the end of the exhibition (which is usually quiet) and go backwards. I also suggested that she convert her ticket to a One Year Pass but she was having none of it, wailing that the other visitors had ruined her day. After speaking to my duty manager, she agreed to have her ticket stamped to return another day (the exhibition is running for a long time).

Since when did people stopped thinking or using their brains and common sense?

And if she’s so concerned about others not anti-social distancing, why doesn’t she stay at home?

Jesus wept.

302438 ▶▶ PatrickF, replying to Bart Simpson, 7, #220 of 1665 🔗

Go online dear. Have a nice Zoom chat. Just noticed, your mask slipped beneath your nose. Now your infected. Have a nice day.

302448 ▶▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to PatrickF, 9, #221 of 1665 🔗

Funny thing was she kept touching her mask and face while talking to me.

302456 ▶▶▶▶ PatrickF, replying to Bart Simpson, 10, #222 of 1665 🔗

Physical virtue-signalling? I used to work as a guide at Kensington Palace. I’d be struggling with my Woke colleagues and mask wearing visitors now.

302462 ▶▶▶▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to PatrickF, 6, #223 of 1665 🔗

Looks like it. I basically more or less stay away from some of my colleagues now and glad that some have left too.

302496 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Sam Vimes, replying to Bart Simpson, 8, #224 of 1665 🔗

Every facet of our lives, big or small, is affected by the scam, isn’t it?

302517 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to Sam Vimes, 5, #225 of 1665 🔗

Agree and a lot of it not for the better.

302440 ▶▶ Sam Vimes, replying to Bart Simpson, 20, #226 of 1665 🔗

She’s fully informed. She knows that at two metres, you will be safe, but at 1999 millimetres you will instantly die. And she has her mask, which filters out the virus, but lets air molecules through. all sorted, then.

302547 ▶▶ kh1485, replying to Bart Simpson, 6, #227 of 1665 🔗

My sympathies Bart. Sounds like the woman who went off on one to me yesterday because “no-one is wearing masks in here …”

302556 ▶▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to kh1485, 5, #228 of 1665 🔗

It’s the massive sense of entitlement isn’t it? It’s oh, people have a duty to protect me? If they’re not doing it, they shouldn’t be enjoying life.

302571 ▶▶▶▶ kh1485, replying to Bart Simpson, 9, #229 of 1665 🔗

Funny thing is though, after her toddler tantrum where she loftily notified me that they would be leaving immediately, she was outvoted by the rest of her party and they stayed put! Little victories …!

302780 ▶▶▶▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to kh1485, 1, #230 of 1665 🔗


The rest of her party must think she’s a right twat.

303134 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to Bart Simpson, #231 of 1665 🔗

They’d be right!

302391 TJN, replying to TJN, 37, #232 of 1665 🔗

As discussed in today’s piece, the role played by the Behavioural Insights Team in this crime is most disturbing, chilling even.

Whilst much flak has been rightly directed at the Hancocks, Fergusons, Whittys, Vallances and Johnsons, the behaviour of these people has in my view not attracted sufficient attention and commentary. It seems to me that their behaviour has been cynical, irresponsible, and deeply unethical.

They have shown themselves to be a threat and danger to society, and must be held to account for what they have done. I hope the Lockdown Sceptics site does not forget this.

I wonder if the commentator Alpine has any views on this, or even whether we’ve already read them in today’s piece.

302397 ▶▶ steve_w, replying to TJN, 21, #233 of 1665 🔗

the average person believes 7% of the country has died of covid. No clearer proof we have been lied to

302408 ▶▶ stefarm, replying to TJN, 8, #234 of 1665 🔗

I will never forget, these unelected behavioural scientists have blood on their hands and should be ashamed, quite frankly they are a waste of oxygen.

303136 ▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to stefarm, #235 of 1665 🔗

On the contrary, they’ve done a very effective job – unfortunately!

302450 ▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to TJN, 12, #236 of 1665 🔗

The likes of that Susan Mitchie woman deserves to be charged with treason and sentenced to death for the enormous damage she has inflicted to this country.

302463 ▶▶ Ovis, replying to TJN, 3, #237 of 1665 🔗

What incoming government would hold to account people of such proven use?

302656 ▶▶ JanMasarykMunich, replying to TJN, 3, #238 of 1665 🔗

This paper published by CUP deals with the ethics of scaremongering as public health strategy.

Incidentally, its main thesis — that a ‘mathematical mistake’ led CDC to lockdown — should have been front-page news worldwide. But it was effectively buried by the media. As far as I know, it has not been refuted.


302960 ▶▶▶ David Owsley, replying to JanMasarykMunich, 2, #239 of 1665 🔗

link has doubled up and doesn’t work (not the two .pdf each where link should end.

here is correct: https://www.cambridge.org/core/services/aop-cambridge-core/content/view/7ACD87D8FD2237285EB667BB28DCC6E9/S1935789320002980a.pdf

303140 ▶▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to David Owsley, #240 of 1665 🔗


303645 ▶▶▶▶ TJN, replying to David Owsley, #241 of 1665 🔗

reassessing the ethics of fear-based public health campaigns

Very politely put.

303456 ▶▶ David Grimbleby, replying to TJN, 1, #242 of 1665 🔗

UK Column are rigorous in their exposure of the Behavioural Insight Team etc. and their brainwashing techniques.

303650 ▶▶▶ TJN, replying to David Grimbleby, 1, #243 of 1665 🔗

They seem to do a lot of good work, but I just can’t keep up with everything right now. I’m pleased to say they originated here down in my neck of the woods.

302394 Biker, replying to Biker, 13, #244 of 1665 🔗

It’s quite reassuring that the leader of the WHO is genocidal maniac. Like all leaders of these NWO organisations i just assumed he was a pedophile but if he’s just a cold blooded murdering bastard then i can get behind that, especially if he was doing it to Ethiopians. Just think if he hadn’t we’d have missed out on that skinny, tofu eating dullard Mo Farah pretending he’s British winning a gold medal at the pure evil utterly corrupt and duller than death Olympics. Can’t wait for the World Cup. It’s in some sand nigger country, not sure where but they have slave camps full of Africans. Can’t wait to see the players take the knee in a stadium built by black slaves. Just like that total wanker Lewis Hamilton taking the knee in countries where they have child slaves then racing his car round a track built with African slaves. Hypocrisy is the greatest luxury.
It’s hard being British and i don’t blame all these people and countries hating us and i don’t blame them for swamping our country to infect us with diversity. We’ve been the smartest humans that have ever lived who built the modern world and it’s just embarrassing for them. We’ve to go so lets keep breeding with the third world until we too are only capable of fucking out sisters, drinking water from the shitty river and mass genocide.

302399 ▶▶ steve_w, replying to Biker, 3, #245 of 1665 🔗

Are you Keir Starmer?

302402 ▶▶▶ Biker, replying to steve_w, 7, #246 of 1665 🔗

If he thinks like me i’d vote for him but alas he’s another boring bought and paid for lefty tool who wants to destroy the country, destroy the people, force stupid religions on us and make us all work in government approved jobs. No i’m not Herr Starmer,

302407 ▶▶▶▶ steve_w, replying to Biker, 3, #247 of 1665 🔗

twas only joking 😉

302621 ▶▶▶▶▶ Brian ‘Monty’ Cohen, replying to steve_w, 1, #248 of 1665 🔗

I’m Keir Starmer, and so’s my wife…

302841 ▶▶ charleyfarley, replying to Biker, 2, #249 of 1665 🔗

C’mon Biker- don’t beat about the bush. Tell us what you really think!

302398 Bella Donna, 24, #250 of 1665 🔗

Please remove that photo of Mad Wankok every time I see it I get the urge to throw my laptop against the wall!

302400 Mike Collins, 33, #251 of 1665 🔗

I was hoping by now to have some news having written last week to my Tameside MP about the appalling Covid infection rates in our local hospital. Alas, that’s not to be. Strange how real issues seem to be ignored and yet ‘fantasy’ mutating virus stories have MP’s falling over themselves to comment.

Whilst I am here I’d like to thank all sceptics who regularly post, plus Toby and his crew for helping maintain my sanity during this outrage. Without the regular blog I think I’d be suffering significantly more with mental health issues and a loss of spirit. At least I know I’m not alone in thinking this whole affair is bogus.

302405 Nigel Sherratt, 7, #252 of 1665 🔗

Good to see the spoons poster by my favourite table. Perkin boasts about being an XR activist. A typical Lib Dem waste of space. At the last council meeting I went to they spent most of it agreeing that the council should serve vegan food in future although they agreed that staff and visitors (we have a twin town in France) wouldn’t be forced to eat it. The Guildhall was so hot (in February) that they all sat there in their shirt sleeves. So much for saving the planet.

302410 PatrickF, 15, #253 of 1665 🔗

Why have my former employer Waterstone’s removed chairs and sofas from their stores?
Is it because I can catch the virus through my trouser seat? Surely my bottom wind suppresses it?

302411 Biker, replying to Biker, 42, #254 of 1665 🔗

This is never going away. They’ve come for us. Our cars are going, our boilers are going, our freedom has gone, our right to move around has gone, we’ve to be tracked,traced and medicated, our bank accounts will be raided, our free speech is now hate speech, our children are not to be educated, the NHS is shut, you’ve to be forced a vaccine the company who made it haven’t shown us a single piece of science behind it. No one wants to see it but let me tell you the only way out of this is to destroy them. Those of us who don’t want the technocratic nightmare will be living in the woods. We can’t fight them with guns, we can never win a war but what we can do is take down the communications. We must shut down the internet, mobile phones and TV. It’s their weakest link. When the time comes you’ll see i’m right. You’ll have to choose, is it no central heating, no car, government job, no property rights or is it fighting for your life?

302417 ▶▶ thedarkhorse, replying to Biker, 8, #255 of 1665 🔗

I was told some years ago that the Internet might have to come down for a few months, to finalise the purge of the shit from this world. It would be worth it.

303466 ▶▶▶ David Grimbleby, replying to thedarkhorse, #256 of 1665 🔗

Watch out for the solar fares, which are increasing towards 2025

302527 ▶▶ Thomas_E, replying to Biker, 2, #257 of 1665 🔗

Yeap, my thoughts exactly. I said this manty times on this website only to be called defeatist by the people who don’t know fucking anything about me. I’m a realist and the situation is beyond dire.

302848 ▶▶ charleyfarley, replying to Biker, 1, #258 of 1665 🔗

Bleak outlook but likely outcome unless some new political force emerges?

If only enough people would see through the dodgy data used to justify lockdown we may start to see them question the dodgy data behind the climate change scam.

302413 Ben, replying to Ben, 5, #259 of 1665 🔗

The horrible, brutal juxtaposition. Coming from a lovely dream back into the waking world

This world used to be beautiful

303135 ▶▶ DomW, replying to Ben, 8, #260 of 1665 🔗

The world is still beautiful.

I live on the edge of West London and went on a 3 hour walk this morning starting in the local park with my partner. There we hand fed squirrels (well, some were hand fed) then I went on alone down to the canal and along to another park to feed coots, ducks, moorhens, geese, swans (and more squirrels), and chatted to a couple of other people who were around. The just risen sun shining through the tops of trees made for an intense and vibrant scene of light, shade, colour, structure and space unmatched by anything I will ever see on a computer or phone screen.

This particular route runs alongside (and under) one of the major routes into London and can be quite noisy so I had an audio soundtrack for my journey. This included many tracks with which I have a strong emotional connection, in particular the opening few tracks from a huge music event I was at last year with 10s of thousands of others, which I recall now with intense happiness and also sadness, as I don’t expect I will get to experience anything like that again.

At various points in this journey I couldn’t help but marvel at the beauty which is still there behind all the madness and bullshit and which cares nothing for rules and dictats, and to be grateful that I’m able, today at least, to experience this wonder. I’m not ashamed to admit this brought me to tears more than once mainly tears of gratitude but also occasionally of loss

The final (mercifully short) part of the walk brought me back with a bump to the “waking world” you mention, as this took me back to the streets and the living-dead victims of the information and spiritual war we find ourselves in.

I manged a weak smile at the street-walking voluntarily muzzled as they passed. This is progress for me as until very recently all they got was an icy stare directed at their symbols of enslavement. I had a lady walk into the front of someone’s garden as I passed her (“there’s really no need to do that” I said), a gent who walked into the road to avoid passing me on the pavement, going round two cars to rejoin the same pavement (“really?”) but I lost it when someone passing by (unmasked) twisted his neck off to one side, exorcist style, with a mixture of disgust and terror on his face. He got, at increasing volume levels “Really?”, “Seriously” and finally “You need to stop watching the bloody news, mate!” at which point I realised he had headphones on so probably hadnt heard a thing.

Yes, the world has gone mad, and many seem to be doing their very best, intentionally or otherwise, to create hell on earth for all of us, themselves included. I get caught up in it frequently and have faced periods of despair throughout. I’ve also behaved in ways towards people that I’m not proud of because I think I can “wake them up”, something I now realise is largely futile and often unkind, but will probably find myself doing again thanks to the emotional tourettes I seem to suffer from!

However, my walks and my music serve to remind me the world is still beautiful, to me at least, so long as I’m looking in the right places.

Don’t give up, get through the hard days, and find beauty and joy where you can.

303155 ▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to DomW, 4, #261 of 1665 🔗

The world is still beautiful was my immediate reaction too!
Wonderful post. Thank you!

302421 Cecil B, 14, #262 of 1665 🔗

Future pub quiz question

‘What did the dictatorship not ban in 2020?’

Oooops! sorry there won’t be any pubs

302423 PatrickF, replying to PatrickF, 4, #263 of 1665 🔗

Breaking News:
Turkey (the bird, not the country) transmits the new mutation!

302425 ▶▶ Cecil B, replying to PatrickF, 9, #264 of 1665 🔗

As my mother told me ‘keep away from birds that transmit things’

302652 ▶▶▶ Arkansas, replying to Cecil B, 1, #265 of 1665 🔗

That’s “female broadcaster” to you! But your mum’s views on ‘Newsnight’ were certainly prescient it must be said.

302434 ▶▶ Dan Clarke, replying to PatrickF, 1, #266 of 1665 🔗

The ‘link’ to Christmas

302424 chaos, replying to chaos, 1, #267 of 1665 🔗

Typing in James Delingpole used to bring his website/blog in the first page of google. Now, it might just be an SEO thing.. a link juice thing..

But I can no longer find his website? So is it an innocent downshift or has he been buried for daring to be very naughty?

302428 ▶▶ Londo Mollari, replying to chaos, 7, #268 of 1665 🔗

Use duckduckgo.com or even the Russian search engine Yandex. Anything is better than the Chicom-site Google.

302436 ▶▶▶ chaos, replying to Londo Mollari, #269 of 1665 🔗

I have to use all engines especially google because I am learning about SEO… but I do use duckduck and startpage a lot…

302461 ▶▶▶ JohnB, replying to Londo Mollari, #270 of 1665 🔗

DuckDuckGo are just as bad as Google, all Silicon Valley lefties.

303097 ▶▶▶▶ JohnB, replying to JohnB, #271 of 1665 🔗

Hi JB. Cool monicker. 🙂

Any chance you could tweak it a bit ?

302430 ▶▶ Nigel Sherratt, replying to chaos, 5, #272 of 1665 🔗

DuckDuckGo is the way ‘James De’ is all it took.

302435 ▶▶▶ chaos, replying to Nigel Sherratt, #273 of 1665 🔗

hmm.. yes.. I see.. I suspect it is more to do with SEO, but I could be wrong.. I’m fairly sure he used to place higher in google.

302449 ▶▶ Andrew K, replying to chaos, 1, #274 of 1665 🔗

Everything Google was down yesterday, I would like to think it were due to a hack. You never know. Cyber War could be a new front.

302475 ▶▶▶ Biker, replying to Andrew K, 13, #275 of 1665 🔗

They’ve made an update that will censor much more efficient. They had to shut down for a while for a reboot. Youtube is finished unless you like fashion videos, gays and trannies telling you their inspirational stories and adverts.

302627 ▶▶▶▶ Darryl, replying to Biker, 1, #276 of 1665 🔗

Agree. YouTube is full of mainstream media propaganda now, so many of the recommended clips are from places like CNN, BBC and the Guardian. Unfortunately, they have started the censoring process on other platforms, doesn’t take them long to get to be people who question the Covid narrative.

302690 ▶▶▶▶▶ JanMasarykMunich, replying to Darryl, #277 of 1665 🔗

Exactly what I have been wondering. Currently there is a large shift of people who have been banned from YouTube, Google, Twitter etc. to other ‘alternative platforms’. So, you can still see stuff if you know where to look. But who controls the internet? Ultimately, I fear, the censorship may spread everywhere.

302573 ▶▶ Crystal Decanter, replying to chaos, 1, #278 of 1665 🔗

SearX is a very good search engine as well
You can customise it in the settings to search all search engines at one
List of all the current instances

302631 ▶▶▶ Darryl, replying to Crystal Decanter, #279 of 1665 🔗

Thanks for posting this, had never heard of this before. Seems to work well.

302672 ▶▶ JanMasarykMunich, replying to chaos, #280 of 1665 🔗

I use DuckDuckGo. He comes up there no problem. I see he is calling himself President Elect. That made me laugh.

Just say no to Google. It is the enemy.

302427 Dan Clarke, replying to Dan Clarke, 15, #281 of 1665 🔗

They’re crashing the economy, is it a coincidence that many other governments are crashing their’s too?

302471 ▶▶ Biker, replying to Dan Clarke, 6, #282 of 1665 🔗

Nope. It’s to get us ready for the shut down of the machine. They’ve decided we can’t burn fossil fuels anymore so it’s all got to go. This is the end.

302437 Two-Six, 32, #283 of 1665 🔗

Morning, the Bastard BBCR4 are talking to a man who’s daughter killed herself after on-line bullying. They are talking about the online harms bill. They fail too see the irony of how so many young people will or have already killed themselves due to the Corona Psy-Op they have been pushing hard for the last 10 months.


302439 James Leary #KBF, replying to James Leary #KBF, 5, #284 of 1665 🔗


 “Prof Kevin Fenton, Public Health England’s (PHE) regional director for London, closes the press conference by encouraging Londoners to take up the vaccine.
He says he knows many Londoners have questions about the vaccine but he say it is “highly effective” and PHE are working to educate different communities to ensure everyone has the information they need.”

302469 ▶▶ Biker, replying to James Leary #KBF, 6, #285 of 1665 🔗

I’ll take the vaccine when they provide all the “science” behind it. I say this because i will never take it just like they will never release the evidence behind their claims. People are taking this goo without the first clue about what they are taking.

302568 ▶▶▶ Crystal Decanter, replying to Biker, 4, #286 of 1665 🔗

and when they remove the indemnity clause for big pharma
If they are that confident in it then no need for it

302503 ▶▶ FlynnQuill, replying to James Leary #KBF, 7, #287 of 1665 🔗

So he wants people to take a vaccine that on the face of it does absolutely nothing. Doesn’t stop transmission, doesn’t stop infection and doesn’t stop you dying of covid. Call me thick but what’s the USP of it?

I could see this coming a mile off. Ramp up the fear with more infections and a new more virulent strain of the virus. So, the Zombies with not one once of critical thinking will be begging for the vaccine even though it does nothing at all!

302559 ▶▶ Cecil B, replying to James Leary #KBF, 2, #288 of 1665 🔗

That twat hasn’t got his facemask on

302823 ▶▶ Ben, replying to James Leary #KBF, 3, #289 of 1665 🔗

‘Highly effective’ like the PCR tests that are declaring millions of healthy people unwell with false positives. This is the biggest scam in human history

RIP Dixon of Dock Green

303652 ▶▶ Ewan Duffy, replying to James Leary #KBF, #290 of 1665 🔗

“highly effective”

Highly effective at what, is the question.

302443 Albie, replying to Albie, 16, #291 of 1665 🔗

I keep thinking scientists are bitter, lonely miserable people. But they aren’t. I’ve realised it’s only the ones given airtime by the media that adhere to the orthodoxy that are like this. You don’t see Dr Carl Heneghan interviewed by the BBC, for example. What is it with the rest of them though? Drs Gilbert and Hopkins at the weekend, Determined to have us locked down forever. It can’t be money. It must be power. The ability to influence people through fear must give them a kick. We see this with Sturgeon in particular.

Peter Cushing’s character had a great line in Star Wars when asked how he will keep order. “Fear will keep the local systems in line. Fear of this battle station.” Replace “local systems” with “public”, and replace ” this battle station”with Covid.

302453 ▶▶ PoshPanic, replying to Albie, 3, #292 of 1665 🔗

Well it’s shaped liked the Death Star!

302485 ▶▶▶ Danny, replying to PoshPanic, 2, #293 of 1665 🔗


302444 Freecumbria, replying to Freecumbria, 8, #294 of 1665 🔗

Glad that today’s news item started with Hancock’s dodgy claim that there a new variant of coronavirus in the South with increased transmissibility .

It’s looking clear that there is no evidence at all for increased transmissibilit y.

Francois Balloux is clearly worth reading in relation to the genomics and his link to the COG-UK Consortium statement clarifies that for me


Hancock’ seems to be basing his argument that there is a new variant with increased transmissibility not on any genomics at all but on the un-evidenced belief that there is significantly increased transmission going on in the South. Certainly there are many mutations going on at a relatively consistently slow rate and various strains become a higher % of all strains seen in certain areas, but that’s nothing new.

COG-UK can’t say ‘Hancock’s talking nonsense’ as such, given the Consortium gets £20 million of funding from the Department of Health and Social Care. So instead they dodge increased transmission. So they can’t say ‘currently no evidence for increased transmission, it’s very unlikely’ but they can say ‘no evidence it will render vaccines less effective’. And so they say

Efforts are under way to confirm whether or not any of these mutations are contributing to increased transmission. There is currently no evidence that this variant (or any other studied to date) has any impact on disease severity, or that it will render vaccines less effective, although both questions require further studies performed at pace. We will provide further updates as our investigations proceed .

But you can read between the lines and as an individual without conflicts of interest realise that expert opinion is suggesting Hancock, the compulsive liar, is talking nonsense as always, to create a further fallacious argument for putting London into tier 3.

In summary it seems to me there is no evidence at all for a new variant with increased transmissibility .

302460 ▶▶ PoshPanic, replying to Freecumbria, 13, #295 of 1665 🔗

Tiny Tears isn’t basing an assessment on anything, he’s a lying, self serving, murderer.

302481 ▶▶ mikewaite, replying to Freecumbria, 2, #296 of 1665 🔗

There is currently no evidence that this variant (or any other studied to date) has any impact on disease severity, or that it will render vaccines less effective,
As someone will inevtably point out, correctly, absence of evidence is not the same as evidence of absence.

302451 PoshPanic, replying to PoshPanic, 9, #297 of 1665 🔗

Sonia Friedman on London’s theatre closures

“This feels like a final straw: proof that this government does not understand theatre and the existential crisis it is facing. Its short-sightedness is starting to look like serial mismanagement.”

302457 ▶▶ Dan Clarke, replying to PoshPanic, 3, #298 of 1665 🔗

Could be deliberate, don’t believe so many governments are into serial mismanagement or even mass stupidity

302465 ▶▶▶ PoshPanic, replying to Dan Clarke, 2, #299 of 1665 🔗

I subscribe to the bit of both theory myself. Once you accept that an organisation with an open cheque book is massively inept, it’s also obvious that it will be massively corrupt.

302519 ▶▶▶▶ Dan Clarke, replying to PoshPanic, 1, #300 of 1665 🔗

I agree, keeping corruption at bay is always a problem whatever the agenda

302474 ▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to PoshPanic, 8, #301 of 1665 🔗

Read the article but am disappointed that the writer isn’t going “we’re not taking this anymore so we’re still pushing ahead with the opening and doing away with the restrictions.”

Just like the major retail and hospitality chains, museums & heritage, culture & theatre have been cowardly and would rather virtue signal rather than protest against the erosion of our civil rights and right to earn an honest living.

If they’re not prepared to fight back, they deserve to go bust.

302585 ▶▶▶ PoshPanic, replying to Bart Simpson, 6, #302 of 1665 🔗

Yes, this has been a huge part of the problem. There are a few voices, but they’ve been mostly suffocated by the signallers. I think behind the scenes there’s growing anger and so let’s hope that leads to defiance.

302791 ▶▶▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to PoshPanic, #303 of 1665 🔗

Exactly. And notice its been more those artists who don’t receive funds from the public purse such as Van Morrison, Right Said Fred & Brendan Cole who have been fighting back but nowt a peep from the others.

I think behind the scenes there’s growing anger and so let’s hope that leads to defiance.

I agree with this. Its not just the front of house staff but even jobbing actors and those who work behind the scenes whose live have been wrecked. If there’s any push back it will be from them.

303180 ▶▶▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to Bart Simpson, #304 of 1665 🔗

They need to get on with it!

302608 ▶▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to Bart Simpson, 3, #305 of 1665 🔗

And you really have to think that because this didn’t illicit the wake up call you would have thought, the window moves doesn’t it?

So now, instead of realising that we are engaged in deliberate destruction of our economy, for whatever reason, over a virus no more dangerous than a seasonal flu (even with no vaccine, deliberate or willful mismanagement of care pathways for the elderly leading to huge numbers of deaths and PCR fraud), they will fall into another trap. It’ll be left v right. Let’s back Starmer or some lazy solution. Which will mean a whole machine dedicated to building a solution for completely the wrong problem. Rabbit hole awaits

302797 ▶▶▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to BeBopRockSteady, 1, #306 of 1665 🔗

Well said. We know that many in the entertainment, culture and heritage sectors are Labour supporters and call themselves left wing. So instead of waking up to the fact that the government and even the so-called opposition are hastening their demise, they will be like turkeys who will vote for Christmas.

303178 ▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to PoshPanic, #307 of 1665 🔗

More like serial dismantlement.

302458 Ned of the Hills, 2, #308 of 1665 🔗

I often jest about “the horror of Christmas”. Now its a concept that’s presently being keenly promoted by many politicians.

302459 Barney McGrew, replying to Barney McGrew, 6, #309 of 1665 🔗

The variant has been named ‘VUI – 202012/01’ (the first Variant Under Investigation in December 2020).

So the supposed numbering system allows for up to 99 variants per month. But other researchers are already up to 12,700 variants. It almost looks as though the supposed numbering system has been made up on the fly to impress the proles.

302478 ▶▶ Basics, replying to Barney McGrew, 9, #310 of 1665 🔗

Was the variant simple camoflage for the london t3 lockdown? Hancock began speech by chucking in the variant – what would the reaction have been to london lockdown without his new variant? Odd in a galaxy of leaks this new variant made it right onto the dispatch box without a murmur. The double hit of news from hancocks speech has the effect of spinning heads and keeping the government one step ahead of the public.

Of course hancock is to be trusted to the extent that each of us deem fit.

302505 ▶▶▶ Will, replying to Basics, 5, #311 of 1665 🔗

Of course the variant is camouflage for the stupid move to tier three, which is only being done to keep the north on board anyway. Even this arrogant, narcissistic government has worked out that the dodgy data tactic has stopped working. #12,700 variants

302466 PatrickF, replying to PatrickF, 10, #312 of 1665 🔗

Thanks to the Costa branch that didn’t ask me to scan a I’ve got the virus code or ask me to fill in a form. Pity. I was going to sign it Arthur Wellesley, Wellington, New Zealand.

302477 ▶▶ Danny, replying to PatrickF, 2, #313 of 1665 🔗

Dr Kenneth Noisewater.
Fans of Anchorman will get it.

302480 ▶▶ James Leary #KBF, replying to PatrickF, 6, #314 of 1665 🔗

I can give you my MPs phone number, if you like. I give everybody else it.

302562 ▶▶ Crystal Decanter, replying to PatrickF, 2, #315 of 1665 🔗

Signed my form “Fanny Hare”

302468 Basics, replying to Basics, 6, #316 of 1665 🔗

20,000 with the vaccine 20,000 without the vaccine. Health outcomes monitored at intervals of 3, 6, 9, 12 months. This is simple research that is being left undone by the government. Can sceptics step in to fill the research gap?

Running such a study is far outside anything of my own knowledge but can we not organise a voluntarly control with the none vaccinated so we have comparable data against the vaccinated. Finding subjects ought to be easy enough. Would an institution as bold as devi sridhars employer the University of Edinburgh or similar accommodate such an obviously beneficial study?

The idea for the study came from listening to Dr Vernon Colman.

302514 ▶▶ Saved To Death, replying to Basics, 4, #317 of 1665 🔗

Alternatively we could simply stop trying to produce a vaccine for the common cold and instead spend the resources on somewhat more deadly diseases.

303402 ▶▶ Victoria, replying to Basics, #318 of 1665 🔗

Great idea. That will be a first to have a vaccinated v unvaccinated study

302472 Cecil B, replying to Cecil B, 14, #319 of 1665 🔗

Breaking News

Israeli researchers make breakthrough in analysis of Track and Trace data

Researchers at the world renowned Skcollob Institute have been examining legacy Track and Trace data and have made an amazing discovery

Track and Trace data from a Bethlehem inn for the year 01BC show glaring data omissions.

Professor Tuntun from the Institute explained:

‘It is known from researching census records that a family from Nazareth were staying on the 24th and 25th December and yet they do not appear in the Track and Trace data

Anecdotal information suggests that the family may have done a cash deal with the inn keeper and were therefore not recorded for reasons of tax evasion

We know that a few weeks later a pop group The Three Kings turned up in Bethlehem promoting their Christmas No 1 and there are also no Track and Trace or tax records for them either

This new research sheds new light on the recorded data and warrants further investigation’

Professor Tuntun added ‘This is vital research and we have just submitted an application to the British Government for a further £4bn of funding’

302488 ▶▶ alw, replying to Cecil B, 17, #320 of 1665 🔗

Great cartoon.

302473 James Leary #KBF, 16, #321 of 1665 🔗

“Daddy, can I have my freedom toys back, please?”

“No, you’ve not been playing nicely with them. You might break one.“

“But I haven’t done anything wrong for months now”

“Well you might do, and that toy I gave you last doesn’t look like it did before. You’ve done something to it”

“But it’s a Transformer. They all do that”.

“Well, I don’t like the look of it. You might hurt yourself”

“But, Daddy, you promised me my freedom toys back at Christmas, so I could play with them for a few days – I want them back!”

“I decide when you can play, and we might not be having Christmas anyway. Some kiddies get MORE toys then, and there might be a lot of damage.”

“I’m going to tell Mummy”

“Mummy’s a lawyer. She doesn’t think you should have toys at all”

“I’m going to cry”

“You do that and you’ll go to your room and stay there. Forever”

302476 NorthumbrianNomad, replying to NorthumbrianNomad, 15, #322 of 1665 🔗

The Telegraph is now leading with “Mutant Covid strain…”

Someone go into the media centres and ARREST THE INFANTS.

302482 ▶▶ Lockdown_Lunacy, replying to NorthumbrianNomad, 6, #323 of 1665 🔗

It’s madness. This is quite obviously no big deal, but nobody believes us. In fact, they seem to think that mindlessly parroting these headlines makes them smarter.

302486 ▶▶ alw, replying to NorthumbrianNomad, 9, #324 of 1665 🔗

The Telegraph along with all the media and politicians are infecting the population with state induced PTSD.

302487 ▶▶ Will, replying to NorthumbrianNomad, 12, #325 of 1665 🔗

To be fair, the Telegraph have just posted this opinion piece:

The inclusion of London in the Tier 3 restrictions is an unmitigated disaster for the capital’s hospitality industry, which was already struggling to survive after two lockdowns. The calamity inflicted on pubs and restaurants in Manchester, Birmingham and elsewhere is now to be visited upon Europe’s biggest and most culturally vibrant city.
Yet there is no evidence that shutting down these settings once again will make any difference. Cases are rising rapidly in London predominantly among schoolchildren, most of whom do not go to these outlets.
Any hope theatres had of staying open over Christmas have been dashed as well, even though they are unlikely to be spreaders of the virus and have spent a fortune making themselves Covid-secure.
The Government has always maintained that the principal metric used to direct its policy is pressure on the NHS, yet the capital’s hospitals are not currently overwhelmed because very few young people with Covid end up in them.
That cases are rising should not itself be a reason for tougher controls unless it is accompanied by unsustainable pressures in hospitals and excessive fatalities.

Moreover, this flip-flopping from lockdown to reopening and back to shutdown within the space of a few weeks is devastating because opening and closing businesses is expensive. It is estimated that, in London, £2.7 billion will be lost by the hospitality sector, with a possible 160,000 redundancies by the new year. Yet there is no obvious rationale behind closing these settings while allowing potentially crowded shops to remain open.
The Government encouraged a belief that Christmas would be as “normal” as possible, but the greater part of the population now lives under the strictest controls. The only way out of this impasse is the vaccine, yet its efficacy is now being questioned by the disclosure of a variant Covid mutation in the South East.
Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary, raised this concern only then to insist that it would not make the vaccine less effective. He risked triggering uncalled-for alarm in order to justify tougher measures. The important thing now is not to do anything that would cast doubt over the vaccine unnecessarily.

302495 ▶▶▶ Cecil B, replying to Will, 11, #326 of 1665 🔗

‘The important thing now is not to do anything that would cast doubt over the vaccine unnecessarily.’

What? like spelling out the truth that it’s not a vaccine?

302497 ▶▶▶▶ alw, replying to Cecil B, 1, #327 of 1665 🔗

It’s a witchdoctor’s potion.

302501 ▶▶▶ vargas99, replying to Will, 7, #328 of 1665 🔗

“the only way out of this impasse is the vaccine..” err no, get the fucking blinkers off you bloody hack journo

302551 ▶▶▶▶ Will, replying to vargas99, 2, #329 of 1665 🔗

The vaccine should be an irrelevance but, because of the psychological warfare that has been inflicted upon the population, it really is the only way out. Just look at the polls showing the significant proportion of the population who think 7% of the population have died of Covid. My thick Step sister knows she has been fooled but rather than admit that to herself she is doubling down on the fear.

It is easier to fool people etc….

302528 ▶▶▶ NorthumbrianNomad, replying to Will, 5, #330 of 1665 🔗

The Telegraph has sceptical commentators, but its news department is populated entirely by covid porn addicts, working from home in their parents’ spare farmhouses, rubbing their hands in glee at every jump scare they can inflict on the hoodwinked readership. A peculiarly repulsive crew.

302598 ▶▶▶▶ Darryl, replying to NorthumbrianNomad, 2, #331 of 1665 🔗

That sums up the Telegraph perfectly. I assume the working from home news department spends all day on twitter and simple rewrites Reuters and Associated Press propaganda.

302479 Will, replying to Will, 4, #332 of 1665 🔗

Has anyone cleverer than me managed to breakdown the deaths in the autumn/ winter compared to the deaths in the spring? It would be very interesting to see how many people under the age of 60, without comorbidities, have died since September 1st. I doubt it is more than a hundred.

302543 ▶▶ Freecumbria, replying to Will, 3, #333 of 1665 🔗

In hospitals in England, 67 people under age 60 between 9th September and 9th December have died with a ‘positive covid-19’ test without pre-existing conditions

You can get this data by going to


And downloading the weekly file at 10th December. And then searching to find the old file at 10th September (I can’t find the 3rd September file) and subtracting

67 = 58 (age 40-59) + 7 (age 20-39) + 2(age 0-19)
And 393 aged 60 or above

302557 ▶▶▶ Will, replying to Freecumbria, 2, #334 of 1665 🔗

Thank you freecumbria. Excuse my presumption, but I missed your ONS update last week; if it is readily to hand might you be able to repost it, please?

302574 ▶▶▶▶ Freecumbria, replying to Will, 1, #335 of 1665 🔗

No problem. Last Friday’s ONS infection survey update is here


302594 ▶▶▶▶▶ Will, replying to Freecumbria, 2, #336 of 1665 🔗

How convenient that the ONS failed to report last week…

302750 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ A. Contrarian, replying to Will, #337 of 1665 🔗

Highly suspicious. If it’s lower this week, they can claim that 2 days of London Tier 3 did the trick.

302580 ▶▶▶ Freecumbria, replying to Freecumbria, 1, #338 of 1665 🔗

Just found the 3rd September figures

In hospitals in England, 69 (59+8+2) people under age 60 between 2nd September and 9th December have died with a ‘positive covid-19’ test without pre-existing conditions.

302692 ▶▶ RickH, replying to Will, 1, #339 of 1665 🔗

Yes – except I’ve not done it specifically by age.

But I’ve no reason to believe that would change the known pattern of age-related mortality, given that it emphasizes the ‘dry tinder’ effect of 2018/19.

In overall terms, looking at the ‘infection season’ just shows how unremarkable was the winter/spring of 2019/20 in terms of all-cause mortality, ranking 8th in the quarter century.

302491 swedenborg, replying to swedenborg, 7, #340 of 1665 🔗

Can you spot the pandemic(I mean the true pandemic) in this Sweden data,death per million November month since 1862? (Sweden death statistics the most reliable in the world) https://twitter.com/TLennhamn/status/1338575916809728003
“Media… The Super-Spreaders of Fake News & desinformation: Among today’s headlines in SWE: “Nov 2020 : Deadliest month in 102 years!”. Technically True, Semantically Misleading : failing to take population growth into account. Below pop.adj. Nov. month mortality 1862-2020″.

302665 ▶▶ D B, replying to swedenborg, #341 of 1665 🔗

How is that even technically true, there are plenty of worse Novembers?

302854 ▶▶▶ swedenborg, replying to D B, 1, #342 of 1665 🔗

Interesting question, no easy answers. Some of these years had bad seasonal flu epidemics which might explain some of the higher months deaths. (We used to say in Sweden at my hospital that when the flu peak arrived before Christmas it was always worse). But this cannot be the whole explanation that you see a considerable extra mortality in 1980s in all years. The pharmaco- industrial complex would let you believe that superior drugs and medical intervention was behind the less deaths afterwards. That myth has been debunked by others. Now we are in the more interesting speculative area. The Spanish flu 1918 affected the generation born 1900-1930 very heavily. They had an over mortality in 1980s which might have been result of the Spanish flu progressing atherosclerosis and ensuing heart deaths in 1980s. There are several articles about this subject. Sorry mentioning this perhaps feeding the nutters in the C-19 casedemic.

302686 ▶▶ RickH, replying to swedenborg, 1, #343 of 1665 🔗

The Swedish pattern is very close to that for the UK.

302492 alw, replying to alw, 20, #344 of 1665 🔗

Talking to a friend in Brisbane last night. The vaccination nonsense has reached a peak in Australia. New mothers have now advised not to let anyone cuddle their newborns until they have been vaccinated against everything there is a vaccine for. How has mankind survived for so long?

302578 ▶▶ p02099003, replying to alw, 5, #345 of 1665 🔗

That’s beyond absurd, where has the child been for the past 9 months, a storks nest in the outback?

302678 ▶▶▶ stefarm, replying to p02099003, 3, #346 of 1665 🔗

In a kangaroo’s pouch

302498 Laurence, replying to Laurence, 10, #347 of 1665 🔗

So the ludicrous government has lied to put London in lockdown.

I have tried to find the number of tests by region, virtually impossible to find. Can anyone find the test figures by day for London, up to date ? Why aren’t they on the NHS dashboard. Just the number of cases per region – meaningless without a denominator – the sound of one hand clapping ?

Looking at the local numbers for the boroughs: Barnet positive test rate down from 9.4% to 9.0% for the week to 5 December, Camden down from 6% to 5% for the week to 6 December.

Why are the government trying to destroy the country’s greatest city because of an illness that has had virtually no impact on death numbers for the year ?

302509 ▶▶ kenadams, replying to Laurence, 7, #348 of 1665 🔗

I’ve been resisting ‘conspiracy theories’ until now, but it just has to be on purpose. It can’t be anything else anymore.

302744 ▶▶ A. Contrarian, replying to Laurence, 1, #349 of 1665 🔗

A few days ago I saw some % positive figures, might have changed by now of course.

Around 4% in the lowest areas (Cornwall, SW etc), 5+% on average, London around 6%. Wales quite a lot more, forgotten the number now.

Hardly a catastrophic difference.

302499 diego22, replying to diego22, #350 of 1665 🔗

Today the bulletin won’t fit the display by a factor of 5 or 6. Unreadable. Can’t something be done?

302618 ▶▶ leggy, replying to diego22, #351 of 1665 🔗

No noticeable difference here. Computer based? Try CTRL and + or – as appropriate.

302506 Barney McGrew, replying to Barney McGrew, 13, #352 of 1665 🔗

I think the government is blowing in the wind, veering between ad hoc policies on the basis of the complaints it receives. It allowed the five days of Christmas because it was feeling the heat from its MPs. When that went away, it began feeling the heat from Sage and the BBC/Guardian so it is now backtracking. It is weak, pathetic, a dangerous joke.

302683 ▶▶ Jonathan Palmer, replying to Barney McGrew, 1, #353 of 1665 🔗

It allowed Christmas because they knew most people would ignore them and that would erode their authority.
With these new tier restrictions coming 2 weeks after the 2nd lockdown it is a now an economic war on the people.1
Nothing much will happen now as the country goes into its Christmas slumber but New Years Eve will be very intresting

302507 OldBaldGamer, replying to OldBaldGamer, 11, #354 of 1665 🔗

The “New Strain” Invalidates the need for the Vaccine, as surely that’s the Vaccine for the old strain ?

Bunch of fucking Idiots out in Masks this morning walking along Southend sea Front in the Sun and fresh air. I hope they all get Fucking Lung disease and die.

Back to playing Cyberpunk, No more Internet / outdoors today

302525 ▶▶ George Mc, replying to OldBaldGamer, 11, #355 of 1665 🔗

Yes it’s a delicate stage in the operation isn’t it? They may be overplaying their hand here as some people may start to realise that this magic virus is going to go through constant mutations that will last forever and so they may as well rip off their masks and run the risk of catching it rather than spend what is clearly going to be the rest of their lives in fear.

But this is where the true knowledge comes in. The virus blather is the velvet glove concealing the iron fist – this fist being the full weight of the police, military and, ironically, the most threatening of all, public censure. It truly is like a mafioso scene. Everyone knows that what they are all talking about is not the true threat – which remains unmentionable.

302669 ▶▶ maggie may, replying to OldBaldGamer, 1, #356 of 1665 🔗

God, it’s hard to believe people as so stupid that they think they’re better off in a mask despite fresh air and a sea breeze. At least here in the Forest I never see people out walking wearing masks.

302677 ▶▶ Two-Six, replying to OldBaldGamer, 1, #357 of 1665 🔗

Cyberpunk looks interesting. £50!

302511 Lockdown_Lunacy, 7, #358 of 1665 🔗

Well I’ve sent Prof Balloux’s Twitter thread about the 12,000 or so variants identified so far to a number of people. I doubt any of them will believe me over Hancock but you’ve gotta try.

302513 BeBopRockSteady, replying to BeBopRockSteady, 17, #359 of 1665 🔗

Susan Mickie SAGE on BBC News.

“The last lockdown wasn’t really a lockdown. We need to listen to WHO advice and countries around the world that have defeated this. Track and trace which works, run at the local level within the NHS alongside a string hard levels of restrictions to bring the virus down”

She then goes on to talk about how to conduct yourself over Christmas.

The immediate next report said 400,000 people have lost their jobs, half of them in hospitality and retail.

Does she seriously think New Zealand is still the way to go now? Absolutely barking mad. Why do we still think they need to be listened to? We know their answer, more lockdown. Harder lockdown. More destruction. Then we can all get the vaccine and get back to normal. Because that’s worked so well.

Oh and the vaccine still works on new strains, of course.

302515 ▶▶ Cecil B, replying to BeBopRockSteady, 4, #360 of 1665 🔗

Added to the list

302518 ▶▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to Cecil B, 6, #361 of 1665 🔗

She’s awful. Behavioural Scientist too.

302539 ▶▶▶▶ Nick Rose, replying to BeBopRockSteady, 7, #362 of 1665 🔗

Commie. That’s enough for me, no further excuse required.

302623 ▶▶▶▶▶ Alice, replying to Nick Rose, 1, #363 of 1665 🔗

Exactly! Commies out!

302526 ▶▶ Steve Martindale, replying to BeBopRockSteady, 5, #364 of 1665 🔗

Ben Tre is a city in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam, made famous by the statement of an unnamed US Army officer to AP correspondent Peter Arnett in the aftermath of the crippling aerial assault it suffered at the hands of the US Air Force during the Vietnam War: It became necessary to destroy the town to save it.
We never seem to learn the lessons of history.

302681 ▶▶▶ RickH, replying to Steve Martindale, 1, #365 of 1665 🔗

Perhaps we should name 2020 ‘The Year of Milo Minderbinder’ (the entrepreneur in ‘Catch 22’ who bombed his own airfield in order to turn a profit)

302535 ▶▶ Basics, replying to BeBopRockSteady, 2, #366 of 1665 🔗

Have they got their vaccines into the 1000 new variant cases already? Fast work there, I thought we were at first of two injrction stages with no one having had the full course. No, wait, now I see. Michie is a bullshitter. Got you.

302537 ▶▶ Nick Rose, replying to BeBopRockSteady, 11, #367 of 1665 🔗

She’s trying to provoke a revolution for her beloved Communist Party (allegedly the British one, but probably the Chinese one).Too thick to realise it’ll be her head on a pike as well. And good riddance.

302685 ▶▶▶ RickH, replying to Nick Rose, #368 of 1665 🔗

It might be wise to stop obsessing about the odd communist left behind by the tide and turn attention to the real culprits – home counties Tories!)

302545 ▶▶ Margaret, replying to BeBopRockSteady, 5, #369 of 1665 🔗

The WHO said don’t use lockdowns as the main way of combatting the virus! Make up your mind mad Michie.

302675 ▶▶ stefarm, replying to BeBopRockSteady, 2, #370 of 1665 🔗

Fucking communist

302739 ▶▶ A. Contrarian, replying to BeBopRockSteady, #371 of 1665 🔗

I thought Germany and S Korea did AMAZING track and trace and that’s why it’s disappeared there now… Oh, wait…

302815 ▶▶ mattghg, replying to BeBopRockSteady, #372 of 1665 🔗

Can this sociopath point to a single country where track ‘n trace has actually worked?

302998 ▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to BeBopRockSteady, #373 of 1665 🔗

Another one on the list.

At this rate, we need to revive the Code of Hammurabi on this lot.

302520 SilentP, 4, #374 of 1665 🔗


302522 Dan Clarke, replying to Dan Clarke, 4, #375 of 1665 🔗

Davos ‘to make 2020 the year of zero emissions’ . A Carbon neutral world is the goal, the governments at present crashing the economy are in agreement, and the way to do it is to control the population with a ‘deadly’ virus

302531 ▶▶ Nick Rose, replying to Dan Clarke, 4, #376 of 1665 🔗

Of course, they failed to make it carbon zero. Even with a severely truncated economy, they still can’t make it carbon neutral. They are all idiots.

302542 ▶▶▶ Dan Clarke, replying to Nick Rose, 3, #377 of 1665 🔗

They knew they would fail with zero, but they’ve made a good inroads on a normal year, all of the lost travel, ‘frivolous’ entertainment and hospitality, they wanted to make a good start…

302663 ▶▶▶▶ Nick Rose, replying to Dan Clarke, 2, #378 of 1665 🔗

It won’t last long. If fatigue has already set in, it’ll spill over to trouble next year. The pressure is building and building, but they forgot to add a safety valve.

302524 Nick Rose, 23, #379 of 1665 🔗

Because I believe in spreading joy at Christmas:

302532 BeBopRockSteady, replying to BeBopRockSteady, 3, #380 of 1665 🔗

“On the modelling around Christmas, it all depends on people’s behaviour..”

200,000 hugs = 100 deaths

Are they modelling christmas now?

302735 ▶▶ A. Contrarian, replying to BeBopRockSteady, #381 of 1665 🔗

So basically, whatever happens, it’s our fault.

302534 mhcp, replying to mhcp, 10, #382 of 1665 🔗

It will take someone in authority balls to declare their region a sanctuary zone and get rid of all regulations. Police who try and enforce regulations should be fired.

About time we had a direct conparison. Also in such region stop PCR mass testing and deincentivise priority reporting to Covid.

This is but a dream. However in a few months there’s going to be many more angry people, even nore than now. We need people in touch with the real world not the Alice In Wonderland of Theoretical Epidemiology.

303656 ▶▶ Ewan Duffy, replying to mhcp, #383 of 1665 🔗

“Police who try and enforce regulations should be fired”

You are timid. Executions are needed to put manners on the public sector. Standard disclosure from me – former public servant.

302536 William Gruff, replying to William Gruff, 6, #384 of 1665 🔗

Reports of a ‘new variant’ of Coronavirus remind me that we haven’t seen any references to Scotch Mist for some time.

302549 ▶▶ ChrisDinBristol, replying to William Gruff, 3, #385 of 1665 🔗

Scotch mist is generally asymptomatic, being difficult to spot without a PCR test.

302538 swedenborg, replying to swedenborg, 14, #386 of 1665 🔗

Less than 1 chance in 100 living in the same household This must be insignificant as we must think that such a rare event could also be attributed to some unknown transmission in the household from another source. Asymptomatic transmission the biggest fraud ever with the ensuing mask mandate
https://twitter.com/ianmSC/status/1338720650215579648&nbsp ;
“New JAMA meta-analysis of 54 studies with 77,758 participants finds household secondary attack rate (chance an infected person will infect one or more people at home) is 18% if the index case is symptomatic and 0.7% if asymptomatic.” “Asymptomatic spread is so rare that it only happens 0.7% of the time even in households Asymptomatic spread is one of the main justifications of mask mandates for the general public There will be no acknowledgement that 1) masks failed 2) they were unnecessary to begin with”

302560 ▶▶ Will, replying to swedenborg, 11, #387 of 1665 🔗

And 18% for symptomatic transmission seems to fit rather closely with the data from…. the Diamond Princess. Who would have thought it.

302646 ▶▶▶ Nick Rose, replying to Will, 1, #388 of 1665 🔗

Amazing, isn’t it? Still, the anti-lockdown brigade are starting to get their act together.

302655 ▶▶ maggie may, replying to swedenborg, 2, #389 of 1665 🔗

Thanks for this – I am really sceptical about asymptomatic transmission which is trotted out all to easily to justify pretty much anything that keeps us in chains. That information is really helpful as it shows how rare it is and unlikely, even with people living closely together.

302694 ▶▶ Andrew K, replying to swedenborg, 1, #390 of 1665 🔗

Everybody needs to post this on twitter, facebook, instangram. Share, share , share.

The 18% symtomatic shows this is either not that infectous or that many have prior immunity
The 0.7% shows that asymptomatic is in effect 0% when in the real world.

302734 ▶▶ A. Contrarian, replying to swedenborg, #391 of 1665 🔗

Also smashes the justification for making it illegal to have a cup of tea in the kitchen with a friend, doesn’t it?

So where are all these thousands and thousands of people catching it then? Plenty in hospitals we know, some in schools, is that it?

302948 ▶▶ Ben, replying to swedenborg, 2, #392 of 1665 🔗

I’m sick of the science. I want my life back

Human rights come first

302540 Sarigan, replying to Sarigan, 6, #393 of 1665 🔗

On a conference call with Hugh Pym. Stating that measures likely to be in place until next Autumn according to his sources.

302567 ▶▶ Albie, replying to Sarigan, 7, #394 of 1665 🔗

By next summer it will be “next March”. Rinse and repeat forever. By the way was Hugh whooping and cheering at this news? Champagne corks will be popping at the BBC when they hear.

302641 ▶▶ anon, replying to Sarigan, 2, #395 of 1665 🔗

ask him who the bbc is taking their orders from

302730 ▶▶ A. Contrarian, replying to Sarigan, 4, #396 of 1665 🔗

And why will they stop in the Autumn? Just when respiratory viruses are becoming more common?

Just one more winter, come on guys, one last push… It will only be two years since you saw Granny. What, she died last year of loneliness? Oh well, never mind, at least she didn’t get that awful covid.

303235 ▶▶ Richym99, replying to Sarigan, #397 of 1665 🔗

I still believe that they will lift restrictions in April, but reimpose everything next October after claiming that the NHS is again in danger of being overwhelmed. Repeat every winter from then on, so that they can claim that the NHS is properly funded and that the vast amount of money they poured into the NHS last spring has fixed the decades old problem once and for all. Moral of the story, if you are going to get seriously ill, do it in the summer because in winter, you may be dead by the next spring.

302544 James Leary #KBF, 18, #398 of 1665 🔗

I’ve tried being charitable – I really have. Arse-covering, or conspiracy? Then along comes a ‘new’ strain, just when needed. The bag of tricks that one was pulled from is bottomless.

Sing along – All together now, “It’s beginning to look a lot like ….. conspiracy, everywhere you go ….”

302550 George Mc, replying to George Mc, 34, #399 of 1665 🔗

The most unbearable thing is the lying. I came in late last night from a backshift (having been redeployed to do residential care) and my wife (who believes all the crap) was sitting there watching TV. On the screen were two dour suited figures standing at those ridiculous podiums announcing a “new variant” and I just burst out laughing. My wife looked at me as if I was crazy and asked why I was laughing. Instead of replying I just changed the subject knowing how futile it is to explain.

And so it goes. Surrounded by a media that lies and lies and does so with the most condescending quiet authoritative voice and hearing the most obvious psychological manipulation (“This is a truly horrific virus which is cutting a dreadful swathe everywhere. Look at this scary graph and this even scarier computer simulation of dark faecal vapour spreading over your head! Don’t go out or talk to anyone! But keep your chin up!” etc.) And to hear everyone around you regurgitate this outrageous rubbish and to know that it’s pointless to even raise doubt.

302565 ▶▶ DeepBlueYonder, replying to George Mc, 21, #400 of 1665 🔗

The most unbearable thing is the lying .” Yes – 100 per cent. This is what has shattered my confidence in institutions (the BBC, the NHS, science, the civil service, universities, the broadcast media, and so on).

302583 ▶▶ calchas, replying to George Mc, 10, #401 of 1665 🔗

Kudos to you.

I couldn’t bear having to go out to work with all this, let alone actually live with someone who believes it all.

Thank Christ I can work from home. It’s as much as I can do to go to the supermarket every few days.

302664 ▶▶▶ George Mc, replying to calchas, 10, #402 of 1665 🔗

My work actually keeps me sane. I’m caring for adults with learning difficulties – and they are the most sensible people around at the moment! I did work (briefly) from home and it consisted mainly of getting emails about covid, covid and covid. Sometimes there would even be an email about covid!

302626 ▶▶ muzzle, replying to George Mc, 6, #403 of 1665 🔗

I’m lucky. My wife think it’s all ridiculous too.

302668 ▶▶▶ RickH, replying to muzzle, 5, #404 of 1665 🔗

Yes. I find it hard to contemplate what it must be like living with someone who actually believes all the hysterical fabrication. We have had our arguments – but only about the best way of dealing with it (I confess, like others here, I probably get too engaged).

In the meantime, there is some small satisfaction in persuading friends and family about the reality.

303077 ▶▶▶▶ Borisbullshit, replying to RickH, #405 of 1665 🔗

Agree with you there Rick it must be hell on earth. My partner is pretty sceptical and is sick of it all but I still get berated every now and again for being ‘obsessed’!

303031 ▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to George Mc, 4, #406 of 1665 🔗

The most unbearable thing is the lying.

AMEN! AMEN! AMEN!!! That’s the one thing I dislike about my work, its being surrounded by those who are still asleep and have bought into the lies wholesale.

Ironically its my work that’s keeping me sane – being surrounded by some of the world’s greatest paintings and trying to wave the flag for the maskless more than makes up for having to put up with the insanity.

302552 Thomas_E, replying to Thomas_E, 59, #407 of 1665 🔗

Another depressing day in our (used to be ) great capital city of London. A day before we go into what is basically a full lockdown the trains are full of masked people ( the only one without again) 50% of people on the streets are masked, a young couple ran way from me when I showed up in the shelter at the station without a mask ( it was raining) even though they were in their early 20s and in full health. I also got banned from my daughter class what app group because I was questioning the complete pan9ic about the ”new strain” . Most parents will keep their kids at home as it’s ” not safe”. I was then called irresponsible . I was then compelled to tell them to ” fuck off” and that when the banning happened.

I just can take this anymore, my work has a online Christmas party tonight, I told them this is retarded so got in a scuffle with HR , but I’m a key worker and in the office so basically untouchable ( for the moment).
They took all the joy from us and left us with shit. People are not rising up, nobody besides a tiny minority questions this and my wife think I’m a conspiracy theorist. This is our reality now, FOREVER!!

302570 ▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to Thomas_E, 18, #408 of 1665 🔗

Thats a lot of hits to take in a short space of time. These people claim empathy but are so driven by herd mentality that it’s hard to break through.

I feel your pain.

302588 ▶▶ Andrew K, replying to Thomas_E, 13, #409 of 1665 🔗

Thomas just say to anybody who questions you about face masks “I hope you live to 100 in your new faceless world” that usually gets them rattled.

302599 ▶▶ PoshPanic, replying to Thomas_E, 15, #410 of 1665 🔗

An online Christmas party wtf! I suppose you could all scan your arses at home and send the pictures to each other?

302600 ▶▶ Sam Vimes, replying to Thomas_E, 2, #411 of 1665 🔗

ONLINE Christmas party????

302601 ▶▶▶ PoshPanic, replying to Sam Vimes, 2, #412 of 1665 🔗

Rotten minds think alike!

302604 ▶▶▶ Andrew K, replying to Sam Vimes, 8, #413 of 1665 🔗

Yep my company is doing the same, they can go F**** themselves if they’re think I’m wasting my time in the evening online.

302684 ▶▶▶ davews, replying to Sam Vimes, 10, #414 of 1665 🔗

I have upset loads of people when I say I just don’t enjoy Zoom thingies. We had a Zoom Christmas Quiz last week for our radio club meeting, I saw the first set of questions that had been distributed before and decided not to bother. The Radio Society of Great Britain had their annual convention online in October. I started to watch then they switched to a scene with an amateur radio operator working the station radio in a mask, I switched off in disgust. Online things are just one more way to prolong the agony. And with the Google outage yesterday maybe some are putting too much confidence with online stuff.

303153 ▶▶▶ Ruth Sharpe, replying to Sam Vimes, 1, #415 of 1665 🔗

Yep – my husband’s place doing that too, with accompanying instructions on what to wear & what Christmas cocktails to mix. To which my husband said, he’ll be there in spirit!

As if it doesn’t get more idiotic, they all gave to physically go into work to pick up their Secret Santa presents.

303033 ▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to Thomas_E, #416 of 1665 🔗

I feel for you. But an online Christmas party??? No thanks, I’ll pass if I were you.

303785 ▶▶ Jay Berger, replying to Thomas_E, #417 of 1665 🔗

Gen Y and Z are our aka the free world’s downfall.
And for that, us far too soft on them Boomers and Xers are partly to blame.

302553 Nobody2020, replying to Nobody2020, 65, #418 of 1665 🔗

Just a reminder:

Masks work and if the virus still spreads it must be something else…
Lockdowns work and if the virus still spreads it must be something else…
Tiers work and if the virus still spreads it must be something else…

If all interventions work and the virus still spreads it must be a new strain.

302563 ▶▶ Suze Burtenshaw, replying to Nobody2020, 5, #419 of 1665 🔗

Very good. Succinctly put, Nobody.

302564 ▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to Nobody2020, 14, #420 of 1665 🔗

Cases go up, it’s all those pesky rule breakers

Cases go down, Hancock hands himself a medal

302597 ▶▶▶ Sam Vimes, replying to BeBopRockSteady, 5, #421 of 1665 🔗

Rest assured, he will be knighted for the stirling job he’s done guiding us through this crisis.

302645 ▶▶▶▶ maggie may, replying to Sam Vimes, 2, #422 of 1665 🔗

More likely a peerage unfortunately.

302642 ▶▶ Al T, replying to Nobody2020, 11, #423 of 1665 🔗

The problem in my area seems to be hospitals, where a quarter of all cases between August and November were contracted.

I’m happy to take my chances in the Pub.

Our useless local MP, who doesn’t even turn up to toe the party line, but does so by proxy loves shroud waving and cheerleading the NHS.

Why are the MSM and MPs not demanding action on infection control? If hospital beds are occupied by people that caught the disease there in the first place then NHS incompetent management needs telling to stop whinging about being overwhelmed and act on areas within their control.

I’m so sick of this bullshit. I’m only glad that, after 24 years together my ‘Assume nothing, question everything’ cynicism has worn off on my wife. I honestly don’t think I could stand living with a Covidian.

302643 ▶▶▶ maggie may, replying to Al T, 7, #424 of 1665 🔗

Totally agree, and being a bit of a pedant, thank you for spelling toe the line correctly!

302708 ▶▶▶▶ Al T, replying to maggie may, #425 of 1665 🔗

Lol, thank you. Raised a smile.

302886 ▶▶▶▶ Jez Hewitt, replying to maggie may, #426 of 1665 🔗

I once spent the duration of a full pint explaining the correct spelling (thus meaning, go figure). He got a first, believe it or not – needless to say, not in English. A most cautious WhatsApper ever since. I can forgive auto correct, not bloody stupidity.

302802 ▶▶ peter charles, replying to Nobody2020, 1, #427 of 1665 🔗

nobody does it better

303234 ▶▶▶ Nobody2020, replying to peter charles, 1, #428 of 1665 🔗

makes me feel sad for the rest

302554 arfurmo, replying to arfurmo, 13, #429 of 1665 🔗

Regarding the Sale pub “ Simon worries that even if the region is moved down to Tier 2, many of his local punters don’t have the income to support buying a ‘substantial meal’ every time they want a drink.”. While income is an important factor, it sounds the sort of pub where people have their tea at home and go out later for a game of darts/pool/watch the football . I’d guess food is crisps, pork scratchings and maybe a pork pie or sausage roll. Elf and safety has probably put paid to a hastily made up ham or cheese sandwich.But even in tier 1 you can only sit inside with your household, can’t sit at the bar ,need a face nappy to enter /exit/go to toilet. Where is the pleasure in that?

302561 ▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to arfurmo, 9, #430 of 1665 🔗

And those smaller measures that make the experience souk destroying are to stay till 2022.

I am truly aghast that pubs like this are simply fading into the night.

302667 ▶▶ stefarm, replying to arfurmo, 6, #431 of 1665 🔗

It’s crazy thinking back to the (false flag) Manchester arena bombing how everybody pulled together for Manchester, Manchester bee, I ❤️ MCR etc

Now more people’s lives and communities have been potentially ruined forever! Why aren’t the pubs opening and the people pulling together to say enough is enough.

302555 Dan Clarke, replying to Dan Clarke, 9, #432 of 1665 🔗

Sustainablity is the name of the game at whatever cost, controlling the people with a ‘virus’ to wfh, no hospitality, entertainment, shopping, travel, is the aim.

302658 ▶▶ Jonathan Palmer, replying to Dan Clarke, 6, #433 of 1665 🔗

Life pared down to absolute minimum.
This is the new normal.Masks,sanitizers are just the theatre to make us think something serious is going on.
For those who see this as Government incompetence you need to see what these lunatics have signed us up for.
Banning of petrol,diesel cars,Heating by gas,paying farmers not to grow food but rewild their land.These measures are just the start.Zero Carbon by 2040 is enshrined in lawThe drop in emissions caused by Covid is what is required each year to comply with the UN agenda 21/30.
These are not wild conspiracy theories but binding international treaties.

303082 ▶▶▶ Borisbullshit, replying to Jonathan Palmer, #434 of 1665 🔗

What an utterly bonkers programme…it may be planned but they are still mad.

302566 swedenborg, replying to swedenborg, 4, #435 of 1665 🔗

https://twitter.com/TTBikeFit/status/1338698647719055361 One of the most interesting twitter thread. Rhode Island. Ct level and cases over a long time period.You clearly see the casedemic during summertime. Another astonishing is the same for deaths attributed to C-19.

302581 ▶▶ Andrew K, replying to swedenborg, #436 of 1665 🔗

What is a CT value?

302589 ▶▶▶ p02099003, replying to Andrew K, 4, #437 of 1665 🔗

Cycle threshold? If so then it’s the number of amplification cycles in the RT-PCR test, 40-45 in England.

302653 ▶▶▶▶ RickH, replying to p02099003, #438 of 1665 🔗

(Usually written as ‘Ct’.)

302661 ▶▶▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to p02099003, #439 of 1665 🔗

Indeed it is

302662 ▶▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to Andrew K, #440 of 1665 🔗
302657 ▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to swedenborg, 1, #441 of 1665 🔗

That is powerful stuff. They had to go through an FOI request to get the data it seems but it is tracked. You have to wonder, with PCR fundamentals being hit by the eurosurveillance retraction request, but add in CT values at such levels being used in a yes/no manner, contamination at lighthouse labs leading to false positives, among many other issues, what will it take for this to break through?

This is just insane.

302769 ▶▶ JanMasarykMunich, replying to swedenborg, #442 of 1665 🔗

Yes, the question that goes to the heart of it all. The vital Ct data seems to have been effectively concealed, pretty much everywhere (or at least countries I know of). Deliberate? Merely non-transparent? Why has msm not been demanding this data from govts, authorities?

302572 Nobody2020, replying to Nobody2020, 14, #443 of 1665 🔗

Whenever I see all the bad news about job losses, suicides and all the other damage caused by our response to this virus all I can think is:

“If it saves one life it’s worth it”

Ironically after many years of peace and stability since the end of WW2 (ok there have been some conflicts but nothing really major) countries have ended up self harming themselves in a metaphorical war against nature.

302610 ▶▶ Tom Blackburn, replying to Nobody2020, 5, #444 of 1665 🔗

Couldn’t agree more and it is a phrase you don’t hear any more proving what a platitudinous piece of bullshit virtue signalling it was in the first place. My suggestion is to ram it back down their throats with gusto.

302705 ▶▶ Seansaighdeoir, replying to Nobody2020, 2, #445 of 1665 🔗

It isn’t a war against nature its a war against their own people.

302575 Cecil B, replying to Cecil B, 9, #446 of 1665 🔗

At this time of national crises I suggest we need a coalition government

I was thinking of a coalition of the octopus that could predict football match results and the turkey who won Eurovision for Ireland

A dream team

They’d get my vote

Note to pedants:

The fact that they are both dead is irrelevant

302615 ▶▶ Richym99, replying to Cecil B, 3, #447 of 1665 🔗

We already have a coalition government. The Conservative’s decide what to do next and Labour nod in agreement and suggest it isn’t enough.

302702 ▶▶ Nigel Sherratt, replying to Cecil B, #448 of 1665 🔗

Probably COVID deaths so relevant backgrounds.

303671 ▶▶ Ewan Duffy, replying to Cecil B, #449 of 1665 🔗

Dustin the Turkey lives!

302576 steve_w, replying to steve_w, 7, #450 of 1665 🔗

ONS data just out

‘excess’ over 5 year average down to 1600 from about 2000

well within a normal range

302682 ▶▶ Ellis Bell, replying to steve_w, #451 of 1665 🔗

I hope you’re right but struggling to find that info on the latest data. Using information from:


I’m seeing:

In Week 49, the number of deaths registered was 15.0% above the five-year average (1,608 deaths higher).

302577 GuyRich, replying to GuyRich, 13, #452 of 1665 🔗

Do I smell Covid-20, followed by Covid-21, followed by……..Operation Dark Winter anyone? Cyber security hacks? Google Mail and YouTube went down for about an hour yesterday. I can definitely smell some more, disgusting, bullshit in the air. I feel this is only going to get worse, far worse.

Oh, and while governments break the law under the justification of a health crisis, they will just create as many health crises as they want, in order to justify more law breaking.

302613 ▶▶ FlynnQuill, replying to GuyRich, 8, #453 of 1665 🔗

Oh, yes. Only violence towards the parts of the machine that are propping all the lies up will end this. Start with the media and local government, the head will then fall off. The MSM is keeping this going, blood on their hands and complicit in crimes against humanity. Sort these out and this nightmare would be over tomorrow.

302636 ▶▶ Crystal Decanter, replying to GuyRich, 4, #454 of 1665 🔗

Goolag put a new censorship web in place yesterday
Bitchute under attack from Nope not Hope
Gab under constant attack since inception
the jack boot of Neo Liberalism

302584 Basics, replying to Basics, 21, #455 of 1665 🔗

Alex Belfield yt channel showing a large number of stowaways climbing out of the back of a goods lorry into police custody. At an M6 service station recently. Not one stowaway has their head slammed to the pavement nor are they sat on by 10 fat police officers. Just for the contrast to how our kind are treated.

302595 ▶▶ Sam Vimes, replying to Basics, 13, #456 of 1665 🔗

Presumably, these undocumented illegals, from who knows where will be swabbed and immediately quarantined? Or, more likely they will be allowed to disappear, while you are told to stay in your home, not see your family etc? Surely not.

302699 ▶▶ stefarm, replying to Basics, #457 of 1665 🔗

More TSG recruits

302586 TheFSG, 6, #458 of 1665 🔗

I think the Albert Einstein quote needs adding to the list…

“Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.”

302591 steve_w, replying to steve_w, 5, #459 of 1665 🔗

2010-2020 weekly deaths plotted over each other
second wave my arse

302650 ▶▶ RickH, replying to steve_w, 1, #460 of 1665 🔗

If you additionally plot the lines for the maximum and minimum years for a reasonable time period (try 1983 and 2011), the normality is even more striking.

302794 ▶▶▶ steve_w, replying to RickH, #461 of 1665 🔗

I would if I had the data back that far. Even so – the ‘excess’ at this time of year does not warrant the destruction of society

302593 Winston Smith, replying to Winston Smith, 50, #462 of 1665 🔗

This is going to go on for ever unless people wake up and stop complying.

1. Stop wearing masks – If you visit this site and you wear a mask for any reason (fear of social censure etc) you are part of the problem.

2. Don’t get ‘tested’.

3. Call out anybody who goes along with it, be angry with people who promote it.

The only way of calling a halt to this horror is to not comply and make it harder for the sheep to ignore the facts.

Choose your side.

302605 ▶▶ Crystal Decanter, replying to Winston Smith, 10, #463 of 1665 🔗

Also use all of their stupid rules against them
This goes for anything Woke as well

302634 ▶▶ William Gruff, replying to Winston Smith, 12, #464 of 1665 🔗

And choose your battles. Having driven some distance to a specialist supplier to obtain materials and equipment that cannot easily be obtained elsewhere it seems silly to waste the time and fuel, and shoot oneself in the foot, by refusing to comply on private property when asked to do so by the owner.

302644 ▶▶ RickH, replying to Winston Smith, 3, #465 of 1665 🔗

Call out anybody who goes along with it, be angry with people who promote it.”

No. Doing that has precisely zero effect.

302660 ▶▶▶ calchas, replying to RickH, 7, #466 of 1665 🔗

Getting angry achieves nothing.

Engaging people one-on-one is better.

302767 ▶▶▶▶ JohnB, replying to calchas, 4, #467 of 1665 🔗

Engaging people is good. But channeling (or simulating) anger has its place too.

302697 ▶▶▶ Winston Smith, replying to RickH, 2, #468 of 1665 🔗

The only impact or control I have is to make every interaction with me (if you are zealot) as wearing and painful as possible. Make them think, possible them off or even make them cry. That’s the effect I want.

There are many forms of anger, your confusing emotional state with behaviour.

302760 ▶▶▶ JohnB, replying to RickH, 4, #469 of 1665 🔗

Obviously there are situations where ‘calling out’ people is not sensible.

However, in general, anything that brings their stupidity/mindlessness/compliance to the surface of their consciousness is a good thing.

302649 ▶▶ Bruce Reynolds, replying to Winston Smith, 12, #470 of 1665 🔗

Totally agree with your comment no quarter should be given to those that abide by and promote the wholesale destruction of everything we hold dear..if you comply you are a traitor to your country..

302716 ▶▶ Les Tricoteuses, replying to Winston Smith, 8, #471 of 1665 🔗

1 and 2 yes. 3 NO NO NO. Get them onside

For example if talking to parent of young children say something like
“Like you I was so worried about little Johnny then my friend told me to look at the government ONS website and do you know only (inset up to date number here) children have died and they were all very ill already. It’s made me much less worried”
This approach adaptable to any situation

302723 ▶▶▶ Les Tricoteuses, replying to Les Tricoteuses, 1, #472 of 1665 🔗

Reserve anger for those beyond help

302752 ▶▶▶▶ Winston Smith, replying to Les Tricoteuses, 5, #473 of 1665 🔗

People who wear masks in the community against a virus similar to influenza? They are beyond help.

302890 ▶▶▶▶▶ Les Tricoteuses, replying to Winston Smith, 5, #474 of 1665 🔗

No, most are terrified by by the relentless propaganda .

302753 ▶▶▶ Winston Smith, replying to Les Tricoteuses, #475 of 1665 🔗

How’s that working out for you?

302898 ▶▶▶▶ Les Tricoteuses, replying to Winston Smith, #476 of 1665 🔗

Mostly crap, such is the very professional indoctrination but I’ve had a couple of victories for reason. I always direct people to source websites then they can’t refute what they read. Eg ONS,yougov, world economic forum.

302908 ▶▶ Les Tricoteuses, replying to Winston Smith, #477 of 1665 🔗

Actually rereading your post I missed the comma in you third statement so I change my no to a yes, anger to those that actively promote the destruction of society but calling out with compassion those too scared to make a stand,try to deprogramme them.

303093 ▶▶ Borisbullshit, replying to Winston Smith, 1, #478 of 1665 🔗

I do all these things and rip out any covid notices I see if no CCTV. I have left the new wonderful Wetherspoon ones! Oh and I shout at any twat I hear on the radio and TV wanting stricter lockdowns. That Michie woman looks a barrel of laughs at Christmas…she makes Scrooge look like Father Christmas.

303394 ▶▶ RichardJames, replying to Winston Smith, #479 of 1665 🔗

Every day I am forced to add another name to the list of people who piss me off. I have a temporary list and a permanent list. The permanent list is very long indeed.

302606 Nobody2020, replying to Nobody2020, 13, #480 of 1665 🔗

I’m curious about the vaccine(s). How would we know they work? Apparently all they do is reduce symptoms. We don’t know if it will stop you getting or spreading the virus, so you may still be able to test positive after getting vaccinated.

So let’s say I get vaccinated. I don’t get any symptoms. Vaccine has worked?

What if I don’t get vaccinated. I don’t get any symptoms. Vaccine has worked?

Somebody with a serious illness gets vaccinated. They don’t get any symptoms and don’t die. Vaccine has worked?

Somebody with a serious illness gets vaccinated. They don’t get any symptoms and die. Vaccine has worked?

We’ve already been told that we shouldn’t be concerned if people still die once they’ve been vaccinated. It will just be coincidence.

So how exactly will we know the vaccine has worked?

302616 ▶▶ Crystal Decanter, replying to Nobody2020, 6, #481 of 1665 🔗

Because the recovery rate will go from 99.7% to 99.8%
Grandma saved for eternity

302617 ▶▶ Basics, replying to Nobody2020, 5, #482 of 1665 🔗

20,000 non vaccinated health outcomes studied alongside 20,000 vaccinated. That would be a start. This study is not being carried out.

They are studying pick n mix vaccine combinations which clearly will further hide individual vaccine effects and or efficacy.

302625 ▶▶▶ Julian, replying to Basics, 4, #483 of 1665 🔗

I doubt anyone involved, at least no-one with influence, cares much about finding the truth – only about appearances. This isn’t unusual or surprising in itself, but what has changed is that there is no almost no mainstream media or political or regulatory scrutiny – they are getting a free pass because of the “emergency”.

302638 ▶▶▶▶ Basics, replying to Julian, 2, #484 of 1665 🔗

I think sceptics could pull together such a study. It would be a responsible positive action we can take.

302632 ▶▶ Nobody2020, replying to Nobody2020, 3, #485 of 1665 🔗

I’m going to make a prediction off the back of this.

Once the vaccine is rolled out people who die without symptoms will no longer be considered COVID deaths.

Until then all deaths linked to a positive test regardless of symptoms will still be considered COVID deaths.

302721 ▶▶▶ A. Contrarian, replying to Nobody2020, 2, #486 of 1665 🔗

And no one, absolutely no one, will be a vaccine death. They’re just old and ill, you know. Could have gone any time. But if they got covid it would rob them of years of their lives – tragically cut short!

302611 Smelly Melly, replying to Smelly Melly, 14, #487 of 1665 🔗

Just went to the dentist. They had the usual stuff, all staff masked and visored etc. As I needed my tooth fixing I took a mask. But I wasn’t asked to wear one on entering. (It does seem pointless wearing a mask at the dentists, but I was expecting to wear one whilst not in the chair). So a mask free dental visit.

302873 ▶▶ thinkaboutit, replying to Smelly Melly, #488 of 1665 🔗

Me too last week. And no temperature check.

302612 Freecumbria, replying to Freecumbria, 2, #489 of 1665 🔗

ONS publication: Deaths registered in England and Wales, provisional: week ending 4 December 2020


Interesting that in figure 5, all cause mortality for London appears to be almost bang on the 5 year average.

302637 ▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to Freecumbria, #490 of 1665 🔗

Wales too.

BBC News using the ‘exponential’ word again for London this morning.

302701 ▶▶▶ Sam Vimes, replying to BeBopRockSteady, 2, #491 of 1665 🔗

Their ignorant use of buzzwords is shocking. I’m only surprised they haven’t said that covid has ‘gone viral’.

302648 ▶▶ Steve Martindale, replying to Freecumbria, 3, #492 of 1665 🔗

It may sound callous but I have got to the stage now where I hope the death figures to the end of 2020 are high, we then start 2021 with a clean sheet and the possibility that things can only get better, however much you fiddle the figures you can only die once! The 5 year average figures in January are quite high and so we might start 2021 with deaths at or below average. Then of course once we are into 2021 the 5 year average figure will include 2020 and so by the time we get to April I would expect the death figures to drop below average.

302718 ▶▶ A. Contrarian, replying to Freecumbria, 1, #493 of 1665 🔗

Just wait 2 weeks…

302614 Caramel, replying to Caramel, 4, #494 of 1665 🔗

We know how youknowwhichscientist who broke lockdown rules’s bad codes and models turned out. And we know about his bad modelling turned out with bird flu.

But this is from our buddy David Nabarro from back in 2005. And check out how wrong the WHO was. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/4292426.stm

302635 ▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to Caramel, 4, #495 of 1665 🔗

Nice find. These people live on panicking the public. Was listening to an interview with Scott Atlas yesterday and he made a good point that it should never be the role of any leader to use fear as a mode of control.

302619 Voz 0db, replying to Voz 0db, -1, #496 of 1665 🔗

Yep… This is the most prevalent “virus” out there!

comment image

302742 ▶▶ Two-Six, replying to Voz 0db, #497 of 1665 🔗

Looks like she was just shot in the back of the head.

302620 John, #498 of 1665 🔗

The following is germane to what may be at the root of this and other viral ‘pandemics’:

February 18, 2020
How Radiation Sickness Explains All Flu Outbreaks Especially the Wuhan Coronavirus | SOTN: Alternative News, Analysis & Commentary

The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life: Firstenberg, Arthur: 9781645020097:

If nothing else the following video’s intro seems to have circumvented YouTube’s automated censor.

Mar 30, 2020
Viruses are NOT something “you can catch” – Dr Thomas Cowan – YouTube

302622 shorthand, replying to shorthand, 7, #499 of 1665 🔗

Turned on the TV this morning. All I wanted was the weather. These psychos are in complete overdrive now.
ITV – Piers Morgan with his tongue so far up Sadick Khant’s arse, it was excruciating. At the end of the interview Khant told them to ‘stay safe’ and done a pointing thumb up to Morgan and Titty Mcboobs. It was like dogs fucking and I just sat and watched it.
Over to Sky… Nooooope
RT – A red map of Europe, is that the weather..? Fuuuuck don’t be stupid…!
Al Jazeera maybe…? Pfffft!
CBBC, maybe the Tellytubbies will be on instead….

302712 ▶▶ JohnB, replying to shorthand, #500 of 1665 🔗

I believe the Met Office have a website …

303321 ▶▶▶ shorthand, replying to JohnB, #501 of 1665 🔗

Unless I have someone on the TV telling me I don’t believe it… 😉

Anyway all is well, I went out and watched the flight path of the swallows, and as they predicted, no rain.

302629 JASA, replying to JASA, 23, #502 of 1665 🔗

Toby, Will, Jonathan et al., please, please, please do not use that picture of Matt Wankcock again. You keep using it. I am really on edge with all this crap and seeing that bloody photo instils so much rage in me.

302633 ▶▶ maggie may, replying to JASA, 4, #503 of 1665 🔗

Me too, have to scroll past very quickly!

302700 ▶▶ Basics, replying to JASA, 2, #504 of 1665 🔗

The hancock Bells Palsy image.

302639 RickH, replying to RickH, 9, #505 of 1665 🔗

A repeated nag : again, there is too much undifferentiated use here of the much-abused terms ‘cases’ and ‘infections’ when reporting the official propaganda.

Can we have careful reinforcement of a more accurate use of language with a term such as ‘PCR+ results’ to distinguish from actual viral infection?

There is an subliminal assumption that, despite all that is known, a growth in PCR+ results directly relates to an incipient epidemic problem.

302651 ▶▶ calchas, replying to RickH, 7, #506 of 1665 🔗

I absolutely agree.

Catch myself at it sometimes.

I also strongly advocate avoiding their NLP devices – like ‘The new ******

Every single time we repeat these things, we affirm them.

Please try not to.

302884 ▶▶▶ Winston Smith, replying to calchas, #507 of 1665 🔗

“Please try not to.”

*edit – “Please don’t”

* 2nd edit – “Don’t”

*3rd edit – “Use factual, descriptive language that is evidence based and call everyone out who uses emotive language that is based on propaganda.”

302812 ▶▶ p02099003, replying to RickH, #508 of 1665 🔗

It doesn’t help that the official definition of a “case” is a positive RT-PCR test result. No symptoms allowed, so PCR+. However, the symptoms that were used initially to prompt a test were so generic that they were useless with a specificity of 5%, temperature and cough. Even the loss of taste/sense of smell is not particularly helpful (If cranial nerve I is affected at all then there will be a change in sense of smell and taste due to the interaction between these two senses).

303104 ▶▶ Borisbullshit, replying to RickH, #509 of 1665 🔗

Agreed this is very important indeed.

302647 petgor, replying to petgor, 11, #510 of 1665 🔗

It just needs the government of just one country to say that enough is enough. Alternatively, if the civil service, MP’s, teachers, BBC ‘workers’ were to be furloughed, so that they no longer received 100% of their salaries, that might just concentrate their thoughts.

302731 ▶▶ TheBluePill, replying to petgor, 5, #511 of 1665 🔗

I’ve been hoping that one major nation would stand up to it and collapse the entire shitshow. Unfortunately almost all major politicians are now criminally culpable so they would have to sacrifice themselves to save their country – as if that would ever happen.

302759 ▶▶▶ Nick Rose, replying to TheBluePill, 3, #512 of 1665 🔗

They might need a little help towards making that ultimate sacrifice. My services are on offer.

303682 ▶▶ Ewan Duffy, replying to petgor, #513 of 1665 🔗

All fascist regimes ensure that State employees are paid first although even there, there is a hierarchy, with the police and army the last to not be paid when the money runs out.

302659 Jonny S., replying to Jonny S., 5, #514 of 1665 🔗

What is interesting to me with the ONS stats is the low level of mortality in the weeks before the pandemic. Usually this would be prime flu season and these figues do seem to back up the hypothesis that the coronavirus has suppressed the flu virus this year.
Out of 3 people I know who have had covid recently, and been quite ill but recovered, two of them had had the flu jab a couple of days before.
I’ve lost myself a bit now but I think where I’m going is mortality isn’t as high as predicted because we now have one dominant virus suppressing other viruses, the governments push for the flu jab recently shows that this effect hasn’t been taken into consideration and could go some way to explaining why the so called experts are so catastophically wrong.
Also taking a leaf out of Sage’s book, in my experience if you get the flu jab you are 66% more likley to get covid so don’t get jabbed.

302679 ▶▶ calchas, replying to Jonny S., 5, #515 of 1665 🔗

The people you know who have ‘had covid’

How do they know that?

How do they know it wasn’t flu – for example?

302696 ▶▶▶ Sam Vimes, replying to calchas, 5, #516 of 1665 🔗

“How do you know it’s covid?”
“We used the test”
“You mean the one that’s faulty?”
“What did the Flu test say?”
“Flu test??”

302770 ▶▶▶▶ Crystal Decanter, replying to Sam Vimes, #517 of 1665 🔗

Can any of the other known Coronaviruses finish off an 82 year old in a nursing home

302698 ▶▶▶ Jonny S., replying to calchas, 2, #518 of 1665 🔗

They don’t. I’m not a medical expert. Like SAGE I’m just making things up

302942 ▶▶▶ Ben, replying to calchas, #519 of 1665 🔗

Because ‘Covid’ gets them a Turin Shroud and a halo, whereas the flu gets them a shrug of the shoulders

302666 Dan Clarke, replying to Dan Clarke, 3, #520 of 1665 🔗

The environmentalists have decided that the planet can only sustain about 2 billion people, and have decided to contain us through Fear and even more spookier, all of the environmentaists and Prince Charles and his family are in the 2 billion

302715 ▶▶ A. Contrarian, replying to Dan Clarke, 2, #521 of 1665 🔗

So why do we need to kill the country to prevent all this corona death?

302876 ▶▶▶ Winston Smith, replying to A. Contrarian, #522 of 1665 🔗

Kill Boris and work down until it stops?

302719 ▶▶ Harry hopkins, replying to Dan Clarke, 2, #523 of 1665 🔗

Eugenics, as you will undoubtedly know Dan, is all about trying to ensure that humanity is based on superior beings and eradicating the dullards and morons. Clearly, if the Royals are seen as desirable elements for the future gene pool then what we know about eugenics has been stood on its head!

302670 Freecumbria, 1, #524 of 1665 🔗

Not really coronavirus related but lovely video. Just watch the video first before reading the comment on the tweet. I’m sure he won’t be hiding away for Christmas from his grandchildren!


302671 NickR, replying to NickR, 3, #525 of 1665 🔗

With the 4 week lag in deaths you can’t read anything much into the death data except to say that the Lockdown didn’t seem to have any impact at all on the curve played out through the lockdown period.

302720 ▶▶ DavidC, replying to NickR, 3, #526 of 1665 🔗

My own feeling is that it’s impossible to know exactly what the true situation is, data wise, with regard to Covid19 deaths. To me, the only true measure of the situation is the number of TOTAL deaths, and even then only as it relates to the total UK population. And for that we are totally in line (actually better!) than long term figures. See my post above.


302673 tonyspurs, replying to tonyspurs, 18, #527 of 1665 🔗

My pal works or I should say used to work laying IT cables for exhibitions at the Xcel centre which was converted to a Nightingale hospital at much financial cost to the tax payer ,he just messaged me to say it’s been totally dismantled this week all gone, it’s now being set up as a vaccination centre so he’s still out of work , it’s so bad in London that they’re going into tier 3 yet not bad enough to need the purpose built Nightingale hospital ?

302707 ▶▶ Julian, replying to tonyspurs, 16, #528 of 1665 🔗

An insider I know told me the Nightingales were just for show – not enough staff to staff them

302713 ▶▶▶ A. Contrarian, replying to Julian, 11, #529 of 1665 🔗

I’ve heard the same. They knew all along that they wouldn’t be able to use them. There are barely enough staff in the existing NHS as it is.

Also they didn’t bother to furnish them with patient toilets, because at the time they believed everyone requiring hospital treatment would be ventilated and therefore catheterised. Once they realised that people weren’t actually getting that ill, and would therefore need to get up and go to the toilet, they became unusable even if they did have enough staff.

302714 ▶▶▶ Crystal Decanter, replying to Julian, 5, #530 of 1665 🔗

The NHS has been a basket case for years (especially in the devolved territories)
Corona Cold is the perfect diversion

302871 ▶▶▶ Winston Smith, replying to Julian, #531 of 1665 🔗

The whole thing is for show.

302870 ▶▶ stevie, replying to tonyspurs, #532 of 1665 🔗

Good income for the Excel centre considering trade and other exhibitions are not taking place.

302676 Mutineer, 15, #533 of 1665 🔗

My hip replacement (postponed many times) due in January is now cancelled. I was promised that I would not have to have a nasal swab (previous nasal surgery and nosebleeds so severe that I was hospitalised, scar tissue etc) I was informed that I could have a throat swab and have made all the arrangements. Today when I phoned to book my pre op medical I asked again about the swab test and they were cagey. Several phone calls later (all along the lines of ‘Not sure’ and ‘Ask on the day’) I was finally rudely informed ‘No nasal swab, no surgery’. Off again. I am seething, having paid to see the consultant, made arrangements, changed my life around etc it is off. I think they wanted me to just acquiesce on the day of the pre-op medical. I asked what would happen if I have a torrential nosebleed and, basically, they would call an ambulance!

302687 BeBopRockSteady, 3, #534 of 1665 🔗

Greenwich Council were given until 10am to reverse the school closures.

This was not exactly the kind of push back we were expecting against government lockdown policy.

“We want more lockdown. Stop trying to get us back to normal”

302688 Harry hopkins, replying to Harry hopkins, 10, #535 of 1665 🔗

‘Is the Rise in Community Infections an Artefact of Increased Testing and False Positives?’
That’s the heading of one of the leader features today. We go over and over the same old ground—ad nauseum!

The above heading has a glaring error that, corrected, makes it stand as the definitive summary of the PCR test: By moving the dainty word ‘is’ and replacing a question mark with an exclamation, it turns a question into a statement which reflects the undoubted truth:

‘The rise in Community infections IS an Artefact of increased Testing and False Positives!’

302798 ▶▶ p02099003, replying to Harry hopkins, 2, #536 of 1665 🔗

https://player.vimeo.com/video/490158841 Clare Craig gives a good explanation here. Apparently we have around 57% immunity across the population, which is enough for community immunity.

302693 JohnB, replying to JohnB, 3, #537 of 1665 🔗

Yesterday non payment of tax was discussed – handout from Chris Coverdale – page 2.

302717 ▶▶ HelzBelz, replying to JohnB, 2, #538 of 1665 🔗

Interesting – I floated this idea a couple of weeks back – https://lockdownsceptics.org/2020/11/27/latest-news-206/#comment-270992 – but feedback was that this would be pointless on an individual level. 🙁

302695 JohnB, 3, #539 of 1665 🔗

and page 1

302704 DavidC, 6, #540 of 1665 🔗

I’ve just done the analysis on the latest ONS death figures – assuming a worst case secnario of 22,000 per week for the next 4 reporting periods, the death rate this year DROPS to 44 out of the last 70 years. Assuming a generous 15,000 deaths (the latest is 12,303) the position remains at number 50. This is NOT an epidemic/pandemic.


302706 stewart, 4, #541 of 1665 🔗

Is there anyone on here who lives in the Brentwood & Ongey constituency and would be willing to write a letter on behalf of Liberty 2019 to the MP Alex Burghart?

The campaign has been in touch with him, but he insists on replying only to a constituent.

If you live in the Brentwood are and are willing to help, please write to him on alex.burghart.mp@parliament.uk asking him to clarify whether the supports a full return of pre-crisis civil liberties.

Here is a sample text in case it helps:

Dear Mr Burghart,

I note that on the liberty2019.org website your name appears as an MP who does not support a full return of our 2019 civil liberties. I was under the impression that any suspension of civil liberties was an emergency measure and would be only temporary.
As your constituent I would like to know if you support a full return of the civil liberties we enjoyed in 2019 or not. I look forward to your reply.

Yours sincerely,

More info about the Liberty 2019 campaign on liberty2019.org

Thanks for your help.

302709 Andrew K, replying to Andrew K, 9, #542 of 1665 🔗

I don’t know if this was irresponsible of me but

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Tested positive for Covid, then took this and was better in two days.. Don’t know if it was this or just coincidence.
See your full review

302813 ▶▶ Ben, replying to Andrew K, #543 of 1665 🔗

Did you feel fine before?

302875 ▶▶▶ Andrew K, replying to Ben, 1, #544 of 1665 🔗

Ben Ben Ben, no it was a BS post. never tested for Covid, think I had it it March. This was about the use of an off the shelf, tried and tested drug called Ivermectin that trials have shown to work really really well. However the powers that be don’t want to know.

302872 ▶▶ peyrole, replying to Andrew K, 1, #545 of 1665 🔗

No longer available as of today. Can’t have people self medicating with either Ivermectin or HCQ and not taking the vaccine.

302710 Country Mumkin, replying to Country Mumkin, 57, #547 of 1665 🔗

Christmas latest:

Just had full blown row with mother in law on the phone who put the phone down on me. She wants to wear a mask whilst we stay at her house. I said no to that and that I don’t want my child in that situation. My points were

1. If you don’t feel safe we shouldn’t be there
2. Masks are pointless if we are staying the night
3. I don’t want my daughter having to experience that; the normalisation of nanny feeling unsafe and insinuating ee are a disease vector.

Basically the cousins (who are 11 and 13) are telling their grandmother that they must wear a mask to stay safe. They have chosen not to be there for Christmas. And that I must understand she’s over 70 and at risk and she doesn’t feel safe.

How absolutely fucked up is this?!

I have now had a flaming row with my husband and who thinks there’s nothing wrong with his mother feeling safe by wearing a mask. He was cross and rude to me and didn’t understand why I had to ruin what semblance of Christmas we had left and hurt his mother’s feelings.

I see that point a bit, but why should we be managed by the rest of the family like this?!

This is very difficult!

302722 ▶▶ Janice21, replying to Country Mumkin, 22, #548 of 1665 🔗

Thats awful! I am so sorry but you have every right to feel the way you do and speak against it. Her wearing a mask the entire time you are there is completely useless.I have similar issues with my MIL but she has yet to mention wearing a mask when we visit…..she just doesnt want us to visit full stop, for now.
it’s all totally fucked up and I can’t believe it has got to this stage in families, tearing them apart due to irrational fear.

302777 ▶▶▶ Country Mumkin, replying to Janice21, 13, #549 of 1665 🔗

It is successfully destroying the fabric of togetherness. We will soon be choosing who to be with based on their mindset and outlook to life, maybe that’s no bad thing. Although we will be seen as the crazies I’m sure. And there’s real potential for us to be locked up for it… beggars belief doesn’t it?!

303113 ▶▶▶ Borisbullshit, replying to Janice21, 2, #550 of 1665 🔗

I always thought people hated seeing their mother in law over christmas! Maybe its a rare ill wind with this shit show.

302727 ▶▶ Andrew K, replying to Country Mumkin, 13, #551 of 1665 🔗

You could start by showing everybody this:

“New JAMA meta-analysis of 54 studies with 77,758 participants finds household secondary attack rate (chance an infected person will infect one or more people at home) is 18% if the index case is symptomatic and 0.7% if asymptomatic.” “Asymptomatic spread is so rare that it only happens 0.7% of the time even in households Asymptomatic spread is one of the main justifications of mask mandates for the general public There will be no acknowledgement that 1) masks failed 2) they were unnecessary to begin with”

302757 ▶▶▶ Country Mumkin, replying to Andrew K, 5, #552 of 1665 🔗

This will be my next line of explanation. Thank you 🙂

Any and all other sources of science about efficacy of mask wearing very welcome. Especially as one brother in law is a woke scientist working at a university (Lord help me!)

302761 ▶▶▶▶ DavidC, replying to Country Mumkin, 1, #553 of 1665 🔗

What is his subject? My brother in law is really full on with the scaredy stuff – his expertise is oncology not microbiology (as mine is) or immunology.


302817 ▶▶▶▶▶ Country Mumkin, replying to DavidC, 8, #554 of 1665 🔗

I believe it is something to do with water or the environment. It is definitely not medical in any way.

He’s so certain of himself; very patronising and talks down to me all the time. His mother relies on his word because he’s “the scientist”. He must be loving it.

She’s reaping what she sowed. A very authoritarian and controlling upbringing for those boys. Who are now controlling her!

303116 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Borisbullshit, replying to Country Mumkin, #555 of 1665 🔗

Serves her right then…let her stew in it.

302820 ▶▶▶▶ Sam Vimes, replying to Country Mumkin, 7, #556 of 1665 🔗

No amount of facts or reason will counteract ‘The Fear’. They are beyond reason, sadly.

302728 ▶▶ HelzBelz, replying to Country Mumkin, 16, #557 of 1665 🔗

I feel your pain. This is tearing my family apart too. Your point 1 says it all – don’t go.

As an aside, I am horrified by younger generations telling their parents what to do and the parents / grandparents going along with it – there seems to be a lot of this about, the oldies deferring to their younger but not so wise offspring.

302774 ▶▶▶ Country Mumkin, replying to HelzBelz, 3, #558 of 1665 🔗

It’s control I think. In upbringing, some kids are highly managed and I think that sets a tone for the behaviour of others.

302732 ▶▶ calchas, replying to Country Mumkin, 13, #559 of 1665 🔗

I would have done the same.

We must refuse to go along with this ‘programming’ as much as possible.

Every single time we accede to the insanity we validate it.

Best Wishes – stay as strong as you can.

302772 ▶▶▶ Country Mumkin, replying to calchas, 5, #560 of 1665 🔗

Thanks Calchas. It’s so weird to feel alone amongst family, yet more alone and empty if I go along with it (where do you draw the line with empathy?!)

TBH they are a bit authoritarian/fearful as a family and I see this all as a symptom of a bigger collective mindset to which I’m not compatible…. 😬

302733 ▶▶ Thomas_E, replying to Country Mumkin, 18, #561 of 1665 🔗

I feel your pain..I have already had a blazing row with pretty much everybody in my wife’s family. The only excuse I can take is my mother in law who id undergoing chemo therapy so even without this made up Covid she would have to shelter as she is nearly 80. I had a good friend who went trough it in his 20s and it was rough for him. Everybody else can fuck off, especially my sister in law who is spouting BBC and MSM narrative like the brainwashed parrot she is. Horrible..

Stand your ground, if she wants to wear a mask in her house , it’s her right but you don’t have to be there. The buck needs to stop somewhere. And the parents on the 11 and 13 year old should be fucking ashamed of themselves as they let their own children to be abused and brainwashed like this. F

302765 ▶▶▶ Country Mumkin, replying to Thomas_E, 5, #562 of 1665 🔗

Thanks so much for sharing your experience. Are you and your wife on the same page? My husband can’t mentally cope with the notion that we might be lied to by the media or the government; he refuses to listen or entertain such a thought. He’s a mask wearer.

302782 ▶▶▶▶ Thomas_E, replying to Country Mumkin, 19, #563 of 1665 🔗

My wife works for a London council so on one hand she is bombarded by constant propaganda and on the other she has me in the house. She always wears a mask but has at least stopped rowing with me because I never wear one. But she is 100 percent indoctrinated. I try to tell my daughter not to be afraid and to live free but it’s hard. My family hates me anyway because my daughter said in of them that we should not be afraid as 99% survive this, and then she told them that her dady told her this. It’s hard when you are the only one but stay strong, you are not alone and in the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

302795 ▶▶▶▶▶ JHuntz, replying to Thomas_E, 5, #564 of 1665 🔗

Imagine the horror of a daddy telling her daughter the truth and not to be fearful. what a clown world we live in stay strong Thomas you’re doing a good job.

302796 ▶▶▶▶▶ Andrew K, replying to Thomas_E, 7, #565 of 1665 🔗

Thomas you need to get this right, it’s 99.8% survival rate. Stick to your guns.

302805 ▶▶▶▶▶ Country Mumkin, replying to Thomas_E, 4, #566 of 1665 🔗

Ah Thomas, it’s so hard being the only one. It’s so true.

As others have said, you are doing a fine job with your daughter. She will know this to be true and remember it as she grows. I had a father like that. It makes you strong and free inside.


302851 ▶▶▶▶ RickH, replying to Country Mumkin, 5, #567 of 1665 🔗

My husband can’t mentally cope with the notion that we might be lied to by the media or the government;”

I don’t think that this is an unusual syndrome. I come across it all the time; it seems to relate to the inherent difficulty people have in seeing their parents in a realistic light – it’s actually about very necessary bonds of social trust, which can be exploited.

303123 ▶▶▶▶ Borisbullshit, replying to Country Mumkin, 1, #568 of 1665 🔗

I believe January is a peak time for divorces!

302775 ▶▶▶ DavidC, replying to Thomas_E, 5, #569 of 1665 🔗

I haven’t had Covid19 but I HAVE had flu three times, once as a young person during the 1968-1969 Hong Kong flu outbreak (80,000 dead in the UK estimated with alower UK population).

I remember being off school on the sofa and hallucinating. Flu is not nice and yet ANYTHING this year has been attributed to Covid19 – according to the WHO there have been NO flu deaths since the middle of the year, an impossibility.

Here’s another thing – I’ve spoken with Mum this year about it and a) she doesn’t remember anything out of the ordinary during the HK flu outbreak and b) she doesn’t remember me being off school – in other words, business as usual (I should stress my Mum’s memory is still razor sharp!).


302868 ▶▶▶▶ RickH, replying to DavidC, 3, #570 of 1665 🔗

I copped both the 1957/8 and 1968/9 flu’s – and I wouldn’t wish them on anybody – particularly the former, which had a range of pretty horrible symptoms.

I reckon that in my three-quarters of a century, I’ve lived through at least two dozen worse infections than the current one which, frankly, is pretty low impact in general.

303127 ▶▶▶▶▶ Borisbullshit, replying to RickH, 2, #571 of 1665 🔗

Blimey Rick your immune system must be turbo charged…great.

302880 ▶▶▶▶ muzzle, replying to DavidC, 3, #572 of 1665 🔗

My 42 year old sister in law died of flu 10 years ago. The world didn’t stop. It was difficult to accept but, even so, we didn’t blame anyone. It’s part of life.

303131 ▶▶▶▶▶ Borisbullshit, replying to muzzle, 2, #573 of 1665 🔗

You should have been blaming the people who went to a pub or a concert or youngsters who snogged behind the bike sheds. Thats the kind of bilge that would be uttered now.

303121 ▶▶▶ Borisbullshit, replying to Thomas_E, 1, #574 of 1665 🔗

My sister in laws is a c___ too! A rare benefit of all this shite is that after a huge row on the phone I shall probably never see her again. I always loathed her anyway.

302738 ▶▶ Harry hopkins, replying to Country Mumkin, 17, #575 of 1665 🔗

You are entirely right Country Mumkin. The only way to manage this madness and mayhem is to not go along with it—-and that includes making your feelings felt to your family. In order to be normal we have to act normal, no platitudes, no pretense, no bullshit.

I’m going to meet my nephew this weekend outside for a walk. I haven’t seen him in ages. I know he’s brainwashed and full on death and destruction. I swear that if he turns up to meet me wearing a face mask I might just shove it up his Ar*e!

302786 ▶▶▶ Country Mumkin, replying to Harry hopkins, 4, #576 of 1665 🔗

Yes it’s difficult for people to hear our feelings. Especially people who want to be on control and buy the narrative. Hope you have a good walk with your nephew 🙂

302743 ▶▶ IanE, replying to Country Mumkin, 5, #577 of 1665 🔗

Ah, in-laws: can’t live with them, can’t live with out them!

302788 ▶▶ Achilles, replying to Country Mumkin, 7, #578 of 1665 🔗

Horrible isn’t it? Maybe you should double-down and out-Covid her. Bring some disinfectant with you and wipe down all surfaces when you enter the house. Insist the cutlery is labelled for each person and cannot be shared. Eat separate meals. Open all the windows as far as they can go. Put a sheet on the toilet door where people have to note the time left and no-one can use it for another 30 minutes. Perhaps she might start to realise how ludicrous it all is!

302799 ▶▶▶ Country Mumkin, replying to Achilles, 1, #579 of 1665 🔗

That is brilliant!

302975 ▶▶▶ rose, replying to Achilles, 3, #580 of 1665 🔗

Throw Xmas cards straight in the bin using disposable gloves. People have touched them ……Even worse licked the envelopes!!

303119 ▶▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to Achilles, 1, #581 of 1665 🔗

Good idea. Plus when you receive your presents, announced loudly that it will be quarantined for 72 hours.

Might make her realise that this is all bonkers and illogical.

302800 ▶▶ JHuntz, replying to Country Mumkin, 7, #582 of 1665 🔗

Do not back down. Do not feed the delusion. Your husband is ignorant to the facts.

302804 ▶▶ steve_w, replying to Country Mumkin, 6, #583 of 1665 🔗

If she’s worried then don’t go. It’s up to her if she wants to shelter or not. Its up to you whether you put up with other people’s behaviour or not.

303115 ▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to Country Mumkin, 1, #584 of 1665 🔗

Very sorry to hear this and I know how you feel.

If you can find the Danish mask study, you can use that. This thread is a good one as well:


And I agree with the others, best to sit this one out. The fact that she’s insisting on masks means she doesn’t feel safe so why bother?

303483 ▶▶▶ Country Mumkin, replying to Bart Simpson, #585 of 1665 🔗

Thank you Bart. Appreciate the link and your supportive message 🙂

302724 leggy, replying to leggy, 25, #586 of 1665 🔗

A delivery driver just rang the bell, greeting me, handed me a package and we wished each other a pleasant day.

It’s the little things in life isn’t it. How the world has changed when being treated entirely normally warrants a post on the internet.

302755 ▶▶ Harry hopkins, replying to leggy, 5, #587 of 1665 🔗

I love it when I go shopping without a mask and I get friendly looks, small talk and smiles. The whole world has NOT been brainwashed

302790 ▶▶ mhcp, replying to leggy, 7, #588 of 1665 🔗

One of the postmen who comes to our door doesn’t wear masks, stands close and hands over parcels like a normal person. And considering I don’t go out much would be one of my possible viral vectors. Needless to say I’ve been fine all year.

302725 George Mc, replying to George Mc, 21, #589 of 1665 🔗


  • Currently the rulers hope everyone will go along with the vaccine. The stipulation has been made (in the tiniest print) that the vaccine will not be enforced in order to “build confidence” in the government. This is a loophole that can be produced but it is clear that this is not to be highlighted. The rulers hope that their little “soft coercion” will suffice.
  • Inevitably however, there will be a resistance that will be ruthlessly emotionally blackmailed into taking the virus. “These nutters are putting us all at risk!” etc. An article in the Daily Beast has already made suggestions for marking the non-vaccinated. (You can be as Nazified as you want when “defending public health”.) This will whip up scenes of confrontation the likes of which we’ve never seen. In comparison, the miners’ strike of the 80s will seem like a 60s Love-in. Except of course that that strike was a matter limited to certain areas. The vaccine pogrom will surge everywhere.
  • On top of this, it is clear from this “new variant” that the virus saga can be spread out for as long as you want. And it will be.
  • There will be a continued effort (currently spearheaded by the good old World Socialist Website) to convince everyone that “death is being naturalised” (?!) What this really amounts to is an attempt to de -naturalise death and so drive the population into a constant fear of an event that is universal and infinitely recurring. It may be the biggest ever irony that this deliberately exaggerated fear of death is very much a product of a bourgeois affluent society. And since deaths occur all the time and these PCR tests can tell you whatever you want them to tell you, we have an infinitely prolongable doomsday scenario.
  • There will be no change whatsoever in the policies of the Left groups who will continue to magnify the hysteria of the mainstream media thus calling for greater and greater restrictions while totally turning a blind eye to the devastation caused by the restrictions.
  • The number of people who become suspicious will inevitably grow – so much so that the mainstream media will no longer be able to ignore them and will launch a very high profile attack on “conspiracy nuts” who will be linked with the Right, the white supremacists, the neo-Nazis etc. (the Left of course being the “defenders of humanity” and “reason” etc.) This will also link in to the previously mentioned demonisation of the anti-vaxxers.
  • The above anti-protester movement will result in any number of concerned essays on the “rise of irrationality”, the “evil within the mass mind”, the “destruction of enlightenment values”. The beleaguered down-to-earth reasonable citizens who “put their faith in science” will be set up as an ideal etc.

That’s all I got at the moment. I’ll probably get back to you.

302741 ▶▶ IanE, replying to George Mc, 9, #590 of 1665 🔗

Quite so!

The only way that I can now bear this is to imagine that I am a history student sent back in time to observe and try to understand the inexplicable collapse of Western Civilisation: i.e. I just accept it as a done deal.

302747 ▶▶ Thomas_E, replying to George Mc, 7, #591 of 1665 🔗

You pretty much nailed it. I will only add that it’s only a matter of time before somebody gets seriously injured in one of these scuffles ( or killed) and then shit will hit the fan full Mad Max style. Well I know what side I will be on.

303042 ▶▶▶ George Mc, replying to Thomas_E, 1, #592 of 1665 🔗

I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s already happened but it won’t get the coverage along with any number of tragedies caused by suspended medical serives, suicides, marriage breakdowns etc. I have often thought that the current state of the UK media resembles the old image of the Soviet model in its dreary monolithic presentation.

303138 ▶▶▶ Borisbullshit, replying to Thomas_E, #593 of 1665 🔗

If its me I know who will be on the winning side too haha.

302758 ▶▶ Stephanos, replying to George Mc, 1, #594 of 1665 🔗

Do you really mean ‘pogrom’? I think you do and you are probably, unfortunately, quite right.

303062 ▶▶▶ George Mc, replying to Stephanos, 2, #595 of 1665 🔗

The article I referred to in the Daily Beast only needs the non-vaccinated to be replaced by the word “Jews” to make it look like a genuine Weimar Era Nazi piece. Of course the DB writer is concerned with “protecting the health of the nation” but wasn’t that also the Nazi angle? And if you complain that the article dwells on “scientific” definitions of contagion, the Nazis also had their “respectable scientific” jargon.

302811 ▶▶ JanMasarykMunich, replying to George Mc, 2, #596 of 1665 🔗

I am all too afraid there is a lot of truth in that.

Irrationality (‘the science’) is rationality, and rationality (science, enlightenment) is irrationality.

302736 RickH, replying to RickH, 10, #597 of 1665 🔗

Wow! – More of the Chuckle Brothers’ ‘exponential’ rise visible today in the all-cause mortality for Week $9.

The horrendous news is that deaths fell again. This is getting seriously average!

Wheel out your dead! Anybody got a stray mutation we can use?

302766 ▶▶ RickH, replying to RickH, 2, #598 of 1665 🔗

Sorry – that should be ‘Week 49’.

302740 TheBigman, replying to TheBigman, 12, #599 of 1665 🔗

Did you see it? How there is an open psychological war being waged on the public. What else could you call it? Propaganda is used in every war and now the cat is well and truly out the bag. Why would anyone trust them?

Be aware, there will always be another ‘threat’ with mutations. DON’T FALL FOR IT!

Glad to see calls for Stasi Sturgeon to publish an exit time frame. Expect one to be published then changed due to a new ‘strain’. I also doubt that the exit paper will contain dates for when these emergency powers are taken back by the people.

302937 ▶▶ Ben, replying to TheBigman, #600 of 1665 🔗

If Nicola Sturgeon was truly ‘independent’ she’d scrap masks, restrictions, lockdowns, Covid laws etc..

But I’ve seen the photos of her grinning with Bill Gates. She won’t publish an exit strategy because it’s not about a virus. It’s about subjugation and profits. Bill Gates/Pharma/tech are planning a future of endless guaranteed profits from regular vaccine ‘updates’ which will be tied to immunity passports

Money and control

302746 nickbowes, replying to nickbowes, 7, #601 of 1665 🔗

I read somewhere (here ?) recently that Johnson is guarded by the SAS. Surely that has to be the case with all these gates paid morons like hancock, whitless and bank balance – and it has only to be a matter of time before an “unhinged psycho” traces or bumps into one of these chosen and gilded few and the ensuing “chaos” might not be too pleasant, esp when the unhinged one has nothing to lose. Even a stephen barclay would fit the bill !

302773 ▶▶ James Leary #KBF, replying to nickbowes, 7, #602 of 1665 🔗

I’m not (I hope), but if I had a terminal disease, confirmed by at least three, non-NHS doctors, I’d be seriously thinking about ways of taking one or two of these bastards with me.

302892 ▶▶▶ alw, replying to James Leary #KBF, 2, #603 of 1665 🔗

Many are thinking the same. Feel there will be very noticeable civil unrest/disobedience after the festive season. Everyone wherever they live in the UK are totally p…d off. The husband agrees with my view.

302751 theanalyst, replying to theanalyst, 16, #604 of 1665 🔗

Good article by Richard Tice today.


So instead of waiting for the government, who will never do it, perhaps a commercial organisation could run with his idea and organise for a thousand people who have just had a positive PCR test in the last couple of days to have an independent re-test. If they strongly publicise the results it might start to put some real pressure on the government. Just a thought.

302792 ▶▶ Country Mumkin, replying to theanalyst, 4, #605 of 1665 🔗

Great idea. Here we were talking of setting our own lab up the other day. Is it possible?

303008 ▶▶ maggie may, replying to theanalyst, 1, #606 of 1665 🔗

Have just sent link to the article to my MP Mark Harper. He may not think highly of Mr Tice but the points are very well made and the examples he gives are indisputable.

302756 calchas, replying to calchas, 6, #607 of 1665 🔗

“Although people have tragically died from Covid-19, the way the Covid-19 death data is recorded in many countries around the world has produced, and continues to produce, an inflated death toll. This inflated death toll has then been, and continues to be, used by fascist-style bureaucracies, in conjunction with scientific priesthoods, to terrify the general public into obedience”


302763 ▶▶ RickH, replying to calchas, 6, #608 of 1665 🔗

people have tragically died from Covid-19″

… only in the sense that any death is ‘tragic’ for some.

… but inevitable.

Whereas lockdown deaths are, in many cases, premature and avoidable, as well.

302973 ▶▶▶ maggie may, replying to RickH, #609 of 1665 🔗

But you have to say that now with every covid death. Everyone has ‘sadly’ or ‘tragically’ died, I count the number of times i see that in the articles online these days, just for entertainment. As you say, as if death is not inevitable.

303290 ▶▶▶▶ RichardJames, replying to maggie may, 1, #610 of 1665 🔗


302764 Jo, replying to Jo, 28, #611 of 1665 🔗

My 30-something pro-lockdown pro-vaccine neighbours across the way have just had a 2 hour 3 household party! Guests just leaving now. At least three of the six adults are musicians and it was so loud – live music, piano playing and singing (remember that?) that I could hear it through their double-glazing, about 25 metres gardens/roadway and my double-glazing.
Excellent. First time I have seen them break the rules. And how.

302776 ▶▶ JHuntz, replying to Jo, 8, #612 of 1665 🔗

Hypocrites as per usual.

302778 ▶▶▶ Jo, replying to JHuntz, 6, #613 of 1665 🔗

I would like to think they are beginning to change their minds. I shall be there with my repository of Covid real information should they want to talk.

302789 ▶▶ Fiona Walker, replying to Jo, 5, #614 of 1665 🔗

I think I would have grabbed a bottle and asked to join them!

302809 ▶▶ Darryl, replying to Jo, 6, #615 of 1665 🔗

The pro-lockdown zealots are really the ones who really deserve a visit from the police. Personally can’t stand virtue signalling hypocrites who are usually more than happy to see others punished. Hopefully their views are softening or perhaps they simply believe rules are for others like the media types do.

302768 Liam, replying to Liam, 24, #616 of 1665 🔗

My Dad has been offered an appointment for his first vaccine shot tomorrow (he’s 81). He’s decided to accept, despite being a sceptic who says everyone should be free to go about their business right now.

In the normal course of events he wouldn’t bother, despite his health problems he walks three miles a day and eats a good diet. On one occasion in the past he simply walked out of the hospital when they wanted to keep him in for tests over Christmas. But his reasoning is that at his age he’s not too worried about long term side effects and that he’s sick of his grandchildren being scared they’ll kill him with a hug (I have striven to drive this Hancockian evil out of my children’s minds but haven’t fully succeeded).

Anyway, that’s the attitude of one sceptical pensioner. Resentful, weary acceptance is probably the best way of summing it up.

302784 ▶▶ DavidC, replying to Liam, #617 of 1665 🔗

Sadly I think that’s been one of the motives of the full on hysteria – wear the population down until it wearily accepts anything. It’s got me down at times, thinking ‘Is it me? Am I SO wrong?’ despite EVERYTHING shouting, from a scientific viewpoint and looking at the DATA, this is a worse year than the last few but it is NOT one of the worst years we’ve ever had, not even in the last decades.


302806 ▶▶ Ben, replying to Liam, 13, #618 of 1665 🔗

This makes me both sad and shocked at the world we live in. People are taking an experimental, rushed-through indemnified vaccine (that warns of side effects) because they want their lives back that politicians stole from them. And we’re not allowed to talk about it for risk of being labelled an ‘anti-vaxxer’

I read Michael Yeadon/Wolfgang Wodarg’s warning on the vaccines, so I shan’t be taking them. My body – my choice. I hope your dad will be OK

302810 ▶▶▶ JohnB, replying to Ben, 2, #619 of 1665 🔗

Unlike possibly the vaccine, Ben, being labelled anti-vaxxer’ doesn’t kill you 🙂

302835 ▶▶▶ Liam, replying to Ben, 3, #620 of 1665 🔗

Thank you Ben. I certainly won’t be taking it myself, one quick look at the risk/reward calculus at my age made that a simple choice for me.

302816 ▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to Liam, 4, #621 of 1665 🔗

When 0.7% of asymptomatics (nothing) can be found to spread this, and even when sharing the same bed with someone who is fully symptomatic the chances are 50/50 (sits well with Claire Craig citing PHE study that speculated 50% pre existing immunity), his fear is irrational.

His kids or grandkids will not kill him. If they have symptoms of flu or cold or anything. That’s fine. Play it safe. Otherwise he has succumbed to propaganda. This doesn’t go away even with the vaccine.

If his grandkids are worried in such ways, then they are forcing him into an awful position through misunderstanding and, worse, will full ignorance

302834 ▶▶▶ Liam, replying to BeBopRockSteady, 1, #622 of 1665 🔗

I may not have made myself clear. He’s not worried a hug from his grandchildren will harm him (and wouldn’t let worry stop him if he was), but they still have a lingering reluctance to come close. They’ve visited many times, right through lockdown, but are still a bit hesitant. He thinks it’s nonsense but will just go along for a quiet life. I’m not defending or attacking his position, just explaining the attitude of one particular member of my family.

302853 ▶▶▶▶ BJJ, replying to Liam, 2, #623 of 1665 🔗

Tell him to lie.

302858 ▶▶▶▶▶ Liam, replying to BJJ, 1, #624 of 1665 🔗

Fair point.

302819 ▶▶ Will, replying to Liam, 3, #625 of 1665 🔗

If I was 81 I would look at the risk reward of an emergency prophylactic and probably take it. The factor that no one seems to have considered is what effect those who have taken the prophylactic might have on those who are vulnerable to live vaccines. If my daughter hadn’t had her dead flu vaccine, before the kids at her school were squirted, she wouldn’t have been permitted to go to school for two weeks after they had been “vaccinated”.

302828 ▶▶ steve_w, replying to Liam, 6, #626 of 1665 🔗

I’d take it if I was 81. I’m not taking it at age 50, not with all my allergies

302837 ▶▶▶ Liam, replying to steve_w, 2, #627 of 1665 🔗

I’m in my late 40s and won’t be taking it.

302857 ▶▶ Winston Smith, replying to Liam, 2, #628 of 1665 🔗

Lock him up in his house, disable his means of transport.

302781 mattghg, replying to mattghg, 8, #629 of 1665 🔗

A new strain of SARS-CoV-2? Add it to the 3,456 we already know about , then. Snooze.

302859 ▶▶ Andrew K, replying to mattghg, 1, #630 of 1665 🔗

Love the chart/graph on there, would like it hanging on my wall, very colourful

302785 JanMasarykMunich, replying to JanMasarykMunich, 2, #631 of 1665 🔗

I’m not sure whether there is a special place for suggesting songs, so I’ll put it here.

Obvious, so probably already suggested (but not seen it):

Sheep, by the Housemartins.

‘It’s sheep we’re up against…’

302793 ▶▶ Ben, replying to JanMasarykMunich, 2, #632 of 1665 🔗

‘I Know There’s Something Going On’ by Frida

This is not about a virus

302822 ▶▶ Luckyharry69, replying to JanMasarykMunich, 1, #633 of 1665 🔗

“Ive got a brand new Combine Harvester”?….the Wurzels.

302978 ▶▶ John P, replying to JanMasarykMunich, #634 of 1665 🔗

I posted it here months ago. Toby has done a “song” spot here more or less from the start.

302787 Ben, 20, #635 of 1665 🔗

Face masks are a violent subjugation

302801 vargas99, replying to vargas99, 29, #636 of 1665 🔗

Christmas in the Vargas household just got better! Already liberated the MIL (84) from Manchester, also got Sister in Law and her husband coming from Slough to stay and best news is that our niece, her husband (who has historically been fairly compliant) and 10 month old are coming to stay (having been told they can’t go to Kent to stay with Dad coz granny is high risk). That’s 8 and and a baby. Also, I’ve converted the MIL to full blown scepticism this morning:)

302947 ▶▶ T. Prince, replying to vargas99, 1, #637 of 1665 🔗

Vargas, posted this above to Ben before I saw this.

 Wife spoke to her sister yesterday. It’s ‘our turn’ this Christmas and they were discussing arrangements. SiL queried whether we should still meet up and suggested we could always unwrap prezzies via zoom. Wife said no. SiL then suggested that maybe we should all wear masks (inside!!). I said she can wear a mask but if she expects me to wear one in my own house then maybe it’s best if she stayed home

303185 ▶▶▶ vargas99, replying to T. Prince, #638 of 1665 🔗

She’s probably the sort who thinks it’s kinda cute to buy everyone a xmas themed mask as a stocking filler. Fuck her! Not literally obviously………

302803 BeBopRockSteady, replying to BeBopRockSteady, 1, #639 of 1665 🔗

A very interesting article from the BMJ. 2005 but what has actually changed? Fear drives profits.

Are US flu death figures more PR than science?

302827 ▶▶ Jonny S., replying to BeBopRockSteady, 1, #640 of 1665 🔗

A click on responses at the top of the atricle brought up this from 2006. My bold at the end.

How useful are flu vaccines? Thompson et al. [1] highlight the correlation between “pneumonia and
influenza” estimated death rates and the percentage of samples positive
for influenza A(H3N2) viruses by week in United States from 1990 to 1998
(cf. Fig. 1, [1]). This correlation is not in itself inconsistent with the
hypothesis that other factors might substantially or even predominantly
contribute to the mortality seasonal burden. Apart from the respiratory
illnesses caused by the increase of environmental pollutants during the
winter season [2], it is worth remembering that “Cold weather alone causes
striking short term increases in mortality, mainly from thrombotic and
respiratory disease”, even without an influenza epidemic [3].
This is in agreement with the generally recognized circumstance that
“isolation of human influenza viruses in the blood has been reported only
rarely”[1] and that the immediate cause of death in almost all cases is
not the viral infection itself but an indirect “complication”, like
secondary bacterial pneumonia.
That there is a serious problem here for the conventional estimates
of the “pneumonia and flu” death rates is widely accepted. For instance,
one member of the Simonsen et al. team, Jonathan Dushoff, published a few
months ago a useful note emphasizing: “Approaching a consensus on the
health and mortality burden of influenza, and on the cause of winter
excess mortality in general, is an important scientific and public policy
goal. For this to happen, further progress is needed in several areas”,
and concluding: “The contribution of influenza to morbidity and mortality
– and, more broadly, cataloging the causes of daily and season excess
deaths and hospitalizations – remain as unresolved questions with
important scientific and public-health implications.” ([4])
More should be done in the way of epidemiological research to assess
the relative weight of all plausible factors and to ascertain how
frequently the flu viruses are actually involved in the fatal outcomes.
Most importantly, it must be pointed out that the so-called
“complications” are also linked to influenza-like illness (ILI), which is
“clinically indistinguishable from influenza” [6]. ILI, defined as a
symptomatic syndrome, is in fact caused by hundreds of different agents,
including RSV (respiratory syncytial virus), picornaviruses,
parainfluenza, hMPV (human metapneumovirus), coronaviruses etc.(see e.g.
Now, an important public health issue arises at this point, since
vaccine is protective only against two of the agents causing symptomatic,
clinical flu. It follows that even if clinical flu were the underlying
cause of seasonal differences in “pneumonia and influenza” death rates,
this would not in itself provide a solid ground for the mass flu
vaccination campaigns.
It is interesting that Doshi’s critics ([1], [9]) seem to evade the
crucial issue of the extent the flu vaccines are succeeding in preventing
clinical flu. The results of two recent meta-analyses are by no means
encouraging ([6], [7]). In [6], which deals with 65+ individuals (one of
the high priority groups for mass vaccination according to the CDC), it is
stated that “the usefulness of vaccines on the community [as opposed to
long-term care facilities] is modest”; in [7] the effectiveness of
vaccines in children younger than 2 (inactivated vaccines) or older than 2
(both inactivated and live attenuated vaccines) was found to be “low”. One
of the main reasons given to explain these disappointing results is that
“vaccines are specifically targeted at influenza viruses and are not
designed to prevent other causes of influenza-like illness”[7].
In an interview the senior author of [6] and [7], Dr. Tom Jefferson,
put the issue in a refreshingly explicit way: “The vaccine doesn’t work
very well at all. […] Vaccines are being used as an ideological weapon.
What you see every year as the flu is caused by 200 or 300 different
agents with a vaccine against two of them. That is simply nonsense.”[8]
So it appears that the picture, not only at a theoretical level but
even as regards “public health efforts”[9], is much more complicated than
that provided by the NIH and CDC representatives.

302807 Smelly Melly, replying to Smelly Melly, 1, #641 of 1665 🔗

I think Covididiots and sceptics should be put into a room containing billions of viruses!

303196 ▶▶ Nobody2020, replying to Smelly Melly, 3, #642 of 1665 🔗

Everybody is already in one. It’s called The Earth.

302808 JohnB, 1, #643 of 1665 🔗


Follow the bear ! 🙂

Apologies if already posted.

302814 Spikedee1, replying to Spikedee1, 4, #644 of 1665 🔗

Could one of you clever statistics people please explain something to me. In Essex the arseholes have dropped us into tier 3. They say our rates are high. 600 odd per 100,000. But how can this be right. We have had 1293 cases in the past 7 days (I know it’s all PCR bullshitbut bare with me) this was out of 2,073,009 tests done. So is that not 0.06% positive tests? The only two figures you know are number of tests and positives. You cannot presume this relationship for the whole of the county and round it up to 100,000. The only people who are supposedly sick are the people going for a test, the rest of us are fine. This is like going into a cancer ward and saying everyone In here has cancer therefore everyone in the hospital in all the other wards have cancer too. Statistically speaking. But really the only number relevant is 1,000 people went into hospital in a week . Out of 2 million people who thought they were ill. And we are shutting down for this. I tell you something, when the zombie plague happens we are fucked.

302821 ▶▶ steve_w, replying to Spikedee1, #645 of 1665 🔗

1293 cases in the past 7 days – in Essex?

how many tests in Essex? 2,073,009 sounds like UK

302847 ▶▶▶ Ben, replying to steve_w, 1, #646 of 1665 🔗

Ask what a case is

Cristiano Ronaldo has tested positive three times. He felt fine

302906 ▶▶▶▶ Sarigan, replying to Ben, 6, #647 of 1665 🔗

It took Hamilton 4 to prove to himself he had it. Wasn’t convinced by the 1st three negative ones and would not be able to signal his virtues without a positive one.

302976 ▶▶▶▶▶ John P, replying to Sarigan, #648 of 1665 🔗

Yes, he must have been devastated by the negative test results.

303024 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ mjr, replying to John P, #649 of 1665 🔗

and he must be embarrassed at having had his substitute set fast times and almost win last week showing as we all knew that Hamilton is an average driver in the best car. And a total ars*hole

303598 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Cranmer, replying to John P, #650 of 1665 🔗

Are we talking about a covid test or his driving test?

303111 ▶▶▶▶▶ Spikedee1, replying to Sarigan, #651 of 1665 🔗

Did you hear him talking about how glad he was that he did not die!! Well you must be the only person thinking this son, what a stupid pampered princess you are Lewis.

303101 ▶▶▶ Spikedee1, replying to steve_w, #652 of 1665 🔗

Yes your right Steve on the give site they do basildon cases, then deaths in bas, then for some reason hospitalisations for east of england then total testing is national? This is from gov UK stats. They say they have done 42 million tests. Fuck me that’s a whole population’s worth. I don’t know ANYBODY who has had a test. Who are these 42 million people? Or is it just a few people who just love having swabs stuck down their throats.

302836 ▶▶ Apache, replying to Spikedee1, #653 of 1665 🔗

That too is my question. I suspect it is due to modelling. Assumptions are drawn and applied to the whole community. BS in other words.

302893 ▶▶▶ Will, replying to Apache, #654 of 1665 🔗

And the modelling is predicated on the assumption, that has been all but disproved, that the entire population is still vulnerable to the disease.

302818 nickbowes, replying to nickbowes, 6, #655 of 1665 🔗

Judging by the “hysteria” today in the news , I predict yet another u-turn to come and people will lose their five days xmas grace.

hopefully ever more people will just ignore the bs.

Odd that we never hear about the Government decriminalizing non payment of bbc licence fee nowadays..

302824 ▶▶ steve_w, replying to nickbowes, 4, #656 of 1665 🔗

they can cancel christmas and it will fuck up a lot of plans people have. which will make people more sceptic

302846 ▶▶▶ Ben, replying to steve_w, 2, #657 of 1665 🔗

Anyone with half a brain cell can see that this is a massive scam after Sky News Lockdown-Queen Kay Burley broke the rules by holding a birthday party. She was suspended for six months and has fled to Africa

302856 ▶▶▶▶ JHuntz, replying to Ben, 3, #658 of 1665 🔗

Anyone with half a brain cell can see that this is a massive scam. shorterned it for you 🙂

302832 ▶▶ JHuntz, replying to nickbowes, 16, #659 of 1665 🔗

I’d be delighted if they did this. London into Tier 3 and Christmas cancelled would be the best Christmas ever at this rate. That may sound twisted but fuck them. Everyone needs to wake the fuck up to this tyranny.

My family will still celebrate Christmas as normal regardless of what they do.

302842 ▶▶ Winston Smith, replying to nickbowes, 2, #660 of 1665 🔗

It’s so obvious a blind man can see it.

302874 ▶▶▶ Sam Vimes, replying to Winston Smith, #661 of 1665 🔗

Blind man with a bag on his head, on a galloping horse going the wrong way…

302826 Sir Patrick Vaccine, 2, #662 of 1665 🔗

Dear L

From RUPLY : “ Entertainment industry employees are gathering in Paris to protest against COVID-19 restrictions on Tuesday, December 15.

Cultural venues were due to reopen on December 14, but in accordance with the latest regulations would be required to stay closed at least until the beginning of 2021.

As part of new measures coming into force on the same day, a curfew will replace the current restrictions on people’s movement, as the curve of new cases has showed the signs of flattening.”

302831 Poppy, replying to Poppy, 32, #663 of 1665 🔗

The fear and lies have been dialled up to 11 today with this ‘new strain’ scaremongering, but I don’t think there will be a u-turn re Christmas ‘relaxation’.

This is because the government know that people will ignore the rules over Christmas anyway, and this will undermine its authority. The government doesn’t want people to meet of their own accord; it wants to look like it has graciously ‘allowed’ us and that we’re only meeting others because Daddy Government has let us.

302839 ▶▶ Winston Smith, replying to Poppy, 17, #664 of 1665 🔗

This will go on and on until we stop complying.

302844 ▶▶▶ chaos, replying to Winston Smith, 12, #665 of 1665 🔗

It will go on and on until it is the new normal. Regardless of compliance. People can choose to not comply. Businesses can too until they are forcibly closed down.

The tories have delivered North Korean/Iranian control of people and face coverings.. who’d have think it?

302850 ▶▶▶▶ Winston Smith, replying to chaos, 16, #666 of 1665 🔗

It’s happening because we, the people, are letting it happen. The compliance is letting it happen.

Time to get angry!!!!!

For fuck sake.

303222 ▶▶▶▶▶ JohnB, replying to Winston Smith, #667 of 1665 🔗

Agreed – but channel that anger constructively and effectively !

302852 ▶▶▶▶ nickbowes, replying to chaos, 8, #668 of 1665 🔗

Gates, Soros and the fat German davos creep all admire China. It is however surprising that the “once” Conservative Party think communism is the way forward though.

302860 ▶▶▶▶▶ chaos, replying to nickbowes, 5, #669 of 1665 🔗

Communism yet without the Chinese strategy of manufacturing real things using real energy. At this moment in time I would consider Xi Jingpin a much better safer and more patriotic leader than Blowjob and Nut Nut If Xi was on the ballot paper with Kier Obama and Blowjob I would choose Xi.

302862 ▶▶▶▶▶ Ovis, replying to nickbowes, 2, #670 of 1665 🔗

I am sure they do. But I doubt the admiration is mutual.

302949 ▶▶▶ Paul, replying to Winston Smith, 1, #671 of 1665 🔗

Yes,it’s that simple,that’s what I find the most frightening,the masses will never stop complying.

302864 ▶▶ Will, replying to Poppy, 2, #672 of 1665 🔗

I do think there has been a bit of a change of mood in the government. Tier three for London is good politics because it keeps the north happy and it puts Khan in a slightly awkward position because he has been calling for more restrictions. Given the chance to show his “libertarian” instincts so ostentatiously I think Johnson will be loathe to U turn on Christmas.

302878 ▶▶▶ RickH, replying to Will, 5, #673 of 1665 🔗

it keeps the north happy”

No it doesn’t.

302953 ▶▶▶▶ Paul, replying to RickH, 1, #674 of 1665 🔗

Too right,it just means it is even less likely us in the north will be released from the tier bollocks.

302911 ▶▶▶ Jonathan Palmer, replying to Will, 4, #675 of 1665 🔗

There will be no U turn over Christmas.That would undermine the Governments authority as most people will just ignore any restrictions.It will also be the justification for lockdown 3 just to finish off any pesky small businesses who have managed to survive this long.

302881 ▶▶ RickH, replying to Poppy, 7, #676 of 1665 🔗

Even they won’t be stupid enough to alienate people over the immediate Christmas period.

But watch out for the tall stories about a new need to assault freedom come the New Year. The ‘mutation’ is a foretaste of the fables to come.

302930 ▶▶▶ tonyspurs, replying to RickH, 1, #677 of 1665 🔗

My worry is that Joe Public will be begging Johnson to cancel Christmas and lock them down much like they did in March

303145 ▶▶▶▶ Borisbullshit, replying to tonyspurs, #678 of 1665 🔗

A lot of the public already are on social media…..please lock us up….please… PLEAZE!!!!

302833 albert hall, replying to albert hall, 14, #679 of 1665 🔗

This was a novelty for my wife and me yesterday. We walked into a local Asda and in the entrance is a large tv showing the multitudes eager to spend their money within its walls. I immediately spotted us on the screen as, being unmuzzled our heads were surrounded by yellow boxes and identifiable as non conformist. A security female asked if we were interested in a free mask which we declined. This does seem a tiny bit intrusive to me.

302916 ▶▶ Ben, replying to albert hall, 6, #680 of 1665 🔗

“Would you like an oxygen restricting, dehumanisation device?”

302946 ▶▶ Paul, replying to albert hall, 1, #681 of 1665 🔗

Apt choice of colour there,yellow,singled out by yellow,that sounds familiar.

303291 ▶▶ Richym99, replying to albert hall, #682 of 1665 🔗

Strange you should mention that. The Morrisons store I walked into this morning had a large screen TV inside the entrance, with live footage of people walking in. Will have to look more carefully nwxt time, because there is no notice of CCTV with facial recognition being in use.

303569 ▶▶ dhid, replying to albert hall, 2, #683 of 1665 🔗

I also visited Asda today, it might have been the same one as Albert and his wife.

I also saw myself and the targeting of my head – masked security male looked like he might challenge me, but apparently thought better of it. I do have a rather cold glare these days

Whilst shopping, I became extremely annoyed by very frequent and loud PA announcements, “reminding” customers to wear face coverings and saying that “colleagues” who were exempt would be wearing a lanyard.

Never mind the customers who are exempt then….

Being what might be described as “extremely pissed off” by these, I sought and found a “manager”.

To the gormless thickly masked individual (with a thick scarf!) who identified himself to me as a “manager”, I “ripped him a new one” (verbally of course).

I told him I found the PA announcements both offensive and intimidating, and said it was, I thought, possibly a breach of disability discrimination regulations, by drawing attention to those who are unmasked. This may make them feel distressed. I forgot to mention the entrance video horror at that point.

I had a job to hear what the dimwit had to say as he mumbled behind his scarf and so I said “For God’s sake take that bloody mask off so I can hear you!”.

I also explained that by not doing so he might be making it difficult for anyone hard of hearing to know what he was saying, particularly as I have very good hearing, and still couldn’t hear him!

He mumbled apologies about rules etc, so I just told him to pass it on to higher level and did mention it might not go down well in some online circles.

Then after self checkout, feeling still very annoyed, I almost (accidentally) left without paying. I then told the slightly alarmed (masked) young lady member of staff about my irritating encounter with the cretin who was allegedly a “manager”. I then asked her to pass on to him that I also considered the facial recognition being used to identify the un-muzzled, and to humiliatingly challenge them publicly, may also be very well considered discrimination.

With that, I removed myself from the store (having paid of course) and gave the security dork a final glare on my way out.

303770 ▶▶ CGL, replying to albert hall, #684 of 1665 🔗

I thought you were shut again?

303801 ▶▶▶ albert hall, replying to CGL, #685 of 1665 🔗

Open all hours

302838 Ben, replying to Ben, 5, #686 of 1665 🔗

The Italian Government is harming its citizens
comment image

302843 ▶▶ Caramel, replying to Ben, 1, #687 of 1665 🔗

And the highest rate of antibiotic resistance levels in Europe.

302912 ▶▶ Ben, replying to Ben, 2, #688 of 1665 🔗

The image seems to have disappeared. Original Robin Monotti Graziadei tweet/thread:


302845 chrissie, replying to chrissie, 3, #689 of 1665 🔗

Here you see the proof of the lies – The share of COVID-19 tests that are positive

No exponential growth anywhere, and there has never been any. The European lockdown countries are currently slightly better than Sweden – but at what cost? (and bare in mind many tests with ct bigger than 25 are basically false-positives anyway).

302924 ▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to chrissie, #690 of 1665 🔗

Meaningless chart isn’t it?

How can Argentina be explained by what is shown there? It can only be a completely arbitrary approach to identifying something which can appear in the smallest fragments of anyone’s genes.

All it says to me is that Argentina and Europe follow different protocols. The actual number of cases is a nonsense.

302902 ▶▶ Ben, replying to Caramel, 1, #692 of 1665 🔗

So China’s weapon of war against us is our freedom stolen by QR Codes

302969 ▶▶▶ Caramel, replying to Ben, #693 of 1665 🔗

Yes. All the misery of lockdown and we get QR codes in perpetuity. And Tedros was already a dreadful leader before covid. Remember when he appointed Robert Mugrabe as a goodwill ambassador?

302855 Silke David, replying to Silke David, 24, #694 of 1665 🔗

I have been watching a German person on YT from earlier this year. Sadly totally compliant.
In May, when masks in shops became compulsory, he commented how the atmosphere changed, people were unfriendly, the staff miserable and he felt uncomfortable not being able to see faces.
So scary how he described a very negative experience on day 1 of mask wearing.
I hardly go out into my very compliant market town, and if I do, I show my face proudly.
That is at least one thing we can do, show our faces!

302867 ▶▶ Winston Smith, replying to Silke David, 10, #695 of 1665 🔗

“That is at least one thing we can do, show our faces!”

Hear, hear!

302861 nickbowes, replying to nickbowes, 7, #696 of 1665 🔗

People have received positive test results from a can of coke, a goat, a cat`s backside and some fruit. People have received positive test results without even attending !

I live in a “mass testing” zone but there are not many takers so i have been told.

302914 ▶▶ RichardJames, replying to nickbowes, 9, #697 of 1665 🔗

I have made it my business to go round all the Merseyside “pop-up walk-in” testing stations. Not one, I repeat not one station had anyone there.

I would my car window down and shouted at the security guards “Hey guys, great job; money for nothing, eh?” with a grin on my face. The scallys called back “Yeah, it’s great!” So where are the tests being done? Let alone the positive ones.

In hospital, of course, probably got the covid bug from the next ward!

302943 ▶▶▶ Bugle, replying to RichardJames, 1, #698 of 1665 🔗

The NHS repeatedly tests its staff and all new admissions. Wonder how they count them?

302863 captainbeefheart, replying to captainbeefheart, 81, #699 of 1665 🔗

I am seriously considering this message in Christmas cards to relatives who have totally fallen for the propaganda psyop…


Happy Christmas!

This year has shown me what a bunch of fucking idiots you actually are.

Our grandfather was forced to serve in the army for 6 years – spending some of that time behind enemy lines identifying V1 and V2 rocket launching sites in order to to get the RAF to bomb them. He was nearly killed on several occasions fighting for our freedom and you lot just gave them away in March without a single bullet being fired. I’m glad he is not alive now to see what you’ve done with that freedom you’ve now lost.

All of this was to “stop the NHS being overwhelmed” – they only wanted 3 weeks.

Now, 9 months later, you’ve missed seeing my daughter grow from a baby to start toddling. Instead you’ve sat at home, being brainwashed by the BBC to the extent that I don’t even have to watch the news because you will just repeat the propaganda at me.

Now there’s a new strain, so I don’t expect I’ll see you until at least Christmas 2025 if you are still alive.

This isn’t living.

Grow a pair,

Love Captain.

302866 ▶▶ Winston Smith, replying to captainbeefheart, 10, #700 of 1665 🔗

Do it!

302879 ▶▶ DRW, replying to captainbeefheart, 9, #701 of 1665 🔗

Nice one, I think we all have at least one insufferably BBC brainwashed relative.

302883 ▶▶ Janice21, replying to captainbeefheart, 7, #702 of 1665 🔗

I might copy that!

302940 ▶▶ Paul, replying to captainbeefheart, 8, #703 of 1665 🔗

Yes send it to them,the sacrifices made by millions of people over hundreds of years to protect our freedom and democracy has been given away without thought by millions of people this year,the same people that were,until March,reaping the rewards of the sacrifices made in the past.

302980 ▶▶ Al T, replying to captainbeefheart, 13, #704 of 1665 🔗

I know how you feel. My Mother usually visits her two sisters over Christmas and the New Year. This year, however, they have not even allowed their own children or grandchildren into the house. To be honest, I doubt they’ve left the cupboard under the stair since March. So Mum can’t visit and I’m irresponsible for having her mix with my wife, stepdaughter and me.

I should mention my Mum is 87. She has Alzheimer’s disease. By next year, she may not recognise any of us.

I want to scream about how idiotic their attitude is.

303213 ▶▶▶ JohnB, replying to Al T, 8, #705 of 1665 🔗

Our Christmas card insert this year – courtesy The Light newspaper.

302877 Be Unshakeable, 6, #706 of 1665 🔗

“A paper in Nature by François Balloux among others provides some helpful context. He pointed out in a Twitter thread that he and his team had identified 12,000 variants/mutations, none of which increased transmission or led to more severe infections.”

In a year jam-packed full of lies it takes someone called Professor Balloux to point out the truth.

302882 DRW, replying to DRW, 33, #707 of 1665 🔗

Hi all. It’s been a bad day for me so far. First I got into an argument over “virtual” events which my several members of my family have recently gone on about. It strikes an especailly raw nerve because it will always remind me of my former employer’s disgusting three day “virtual” government circle-jerk event back in July. I’m honestly falling out with more and more people over this.

Then shortly after another “you need help” argument which went as usual but still especially charged from the first one. I went out with the dog to try and cool things down but encounted two consecutive joggers who swerved out into the road and pulled their hoodie or jacket over their noses. I confess to audibly swearing at both. Fucking sheeples everywhere, it’s them that’s perpetuating this idiocracy. Just shoot me now if this is what we’re reduced too.

302885 ▶▶ D B, replying to DRW, 2, #708 of 1665 🔗

If you’re based in London would be glad to meet up for a coffee, offer some sanity.

303014 ▶▶▶ Thomas_E, replying to D B, 2, #709 of 1665 🔗

Yeah..it was about time somebody suggested that. We should arrange a meetup for a coffee or even just a walk with some of the London based people in here. I sometimes feel like the only sane person in a crowd ..

303146 ▶▶▶▶ D B, replying to Thomas_E, 1, #710 of 1665 🔗

Agreed, happy to plan something – I’m not on any social media so would have to be through this site but maybe we could get someone to feature something in the top section – I would be happy to meet and do a river walk or something, not a protest so can’t be broken up – just like minded people gathering to support each other emotionally/mentally.

303032 ▶▶▶ DRW, replying to D B, #711 of 1665 🔗

I’m in the South West but thanks for offering, I might see if I can come over in the new year.

303035 ▶▶▶▶ maggie may, replying to DRW, 1, #712 of 1665 🔗

Where in south west – i’m in West Glos but i expect you’re devon/somerset area?

303117 ▶▶▶▶▶ DRW, replying to maggie may, #713 of 1665 🔗

South Glos.

302889 ▶▶ Ben, replying to DRW, 7, #714 of 1665 🔗

They need help. They need help to find their missing humanity.

‘Virtual hug’ is a oxymoron

302921 ▶▶▶ T. Prince, replying to Ben, 12, #715 of 1665 🔗

Wife spoke to her sister yesterday. It’s ‘our turn’ this Christmas and they were discussing arrangements. SiL queried whether we should still meet up and suggested we could always unwrap prezzies via zoom. Wife said no. SiL then suggested that maybe we should all wear masks (inside!!). I said she can wear a mask but if she expects me to wear one in my own house then maybe it’s best if she stayed home

303120 ▶▶▶▶ DRW, replying to T. Prince, #716 of 1665 🔗

A friend’s family are having a Zoom Christmas because of mutual fears about the old.

302913 ▶▶ HelzBelz, replying to DRW, 7, #717 of 1665 🔗

You need help! Yes I get that too – apparently I’ve been ‘radicalised’ by lockdown sceptical ‘propaganda’ and my fury at what is being done to us has been likened to the murderous intent of a Muslim fundamentalist jihadi!

It is them that need help, not us.

302927 ▶▶ Paul, replying to DRW, 4, #718 of 1665 🔗

I saw a sign yesterday that advertised that an annual ‘Santa fun-run’ in the countryside for charity would this year be virtual instead !,I utterly despair,I really do.

302968 ▶▶ Leemc23, replying to DRW, 2, #719 of 1665 🔗

Spin it all around. Go “pro Government”. Use the HMG websites information as the basis of your argument. You will find a lot of it backs you up and your point of view. Use WHO stuff too.

Start with these;



Hospitals – this report is the basis of SAGE’s view on hospital capacity


Prof Chris Whitty’s public view


Government’s view on false readings from PCR testing


How deaths are being recorded – a Dr Shipman’s wet dream.


All these completely expose the lies of the media / ministers and hysterical relatives. Enjoy.

302974 ▶▶ John P, replying to DRW, 2, #720 of 1665 🔗

You have my sympathy. Sometimes I am glad that I don’t have a wide social circle and that I work from home (for ten years now).

Last one that turned his back on me when I walked past him got two fingers and an f* off for his pains …

303052 ▶▶ Jane G, replying to DRW, 3, #721 of 1665 🔗

I’ve had the panicked hand-clapping -scarf- over- face -with -horrified-wide-eyes treatment too, when passing someone on the pavement. Beginning to feel like the Elephant Man

303726 ▶▶▶ DomW, replying to Jane G, #722 of 1665 🔗

For anyone who’s got used to ‘living’ in darkness, a bright light is terrifying…

302887 TimeIsNow, replying to TimeIsNow, 1, #723 of 1665 🔗

Hello. I posted last night, (late), about the hard case of New Zealand and I feel like we really need a better answer to that one. Anyone can throw at us “it worked in New Zealand” and think it’s a debate winner. A set of Economist graphs I posted showed a massive 10x spike in flu infections somewhere in 2016-2019 but I can’t find anything reported on this. Has anyone researched? I can’t find the numbers quoted in the WHO influenza reporting that the article cited. Flu has totally disappeared in NZ by the way, like many places. Is my only reply “yes lock down works in NZ but no where else” ? Or “lock downs only work in South Asia” ? If there was a bad flu season in NZ 2019 that would go some way to explaining low Covid impact in 2020. Does anyone have local knowledge?

302895 ▶▶ leggy, replying to TimeIsNow, 4, #724 of 1665 🔗

Remember the Amazonians hit hard by Europeans bringing over their lurgies? Well, that’s now New Zealand.

303056 ▶▶▶ Crystal Decanter, replying to leggy, #725 of 1665 🔗

I forsee Covid bio-bombs being launched by CCP into their Pacific competitors realms.
That’s what I would do

302900 ▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to TimeIsNow, 5, #726 of 1665 🔗

I see it as irrelevant to our current debate anyway. To think we can reverse engineer their approach now goes against all pandemic preparation studies pre 2020. Once a virus is endemic, you’ll destroy yourself looking for Zero Covid.

I would suggest NZ are also very strong on double testing, low CTs and clinical diagnostics when deciding on a positive case. If they adopted the UK approach, they’d find Covid. Guaranteed

302909 ▶▶▶ TimeIsNow, replying to BeBopRockSteady, 1, #727 of 1665 🔗

That’s what I was thinking on your second point. Thailand + no mass testing = no pseudo epidemic. NZ + accurate clinical testing of the sick = no pseudo epidemic. UK – deranged mass testing with PCR = nothing happening.

302928 ▶▶▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to TimeIsNow, 1, #728 of 1665 🔗

Just ask the person do they know the exact protocols they follow? For if not, they haven’t a notion what they are comparing.

Australia have a very thorough document on assessing positives. I can try and find a link.

302917 ▶▶ Ovis, replying to TimeIsNow, 2, #729 of 1665 🔗

A NZ approach was systematically saboutaged by those who now support it. It depends on hard borders.

We do remember when the ‘real danger’ was a rise in xenophobia; and we do remember who pushed that line.

As it happens, I think Covid would be endemic by now whatever we had done. But it is possible there was a chance to delay onset later into the Spring, and that might have saved a few lives. That could have been done with rapid and robust travel bans. But we weren’t allowed, cos the WHO said that would be racist.

302936 ▶▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to Ovis, 1, #730 of 1665 🔗

Yeah it’s so naive in terms of thinking. What about Northern Ireland for one? A border locked down there has some very particular historical barriers to navigate first.

303724 ▶▶▶▶ Ewan Duffy, replying to BeBopRockSteady, #731 of 1665 🔗

I remember, earlier in this scamdemic, making the point to my lockdown supporting family, that if this was about health, the Irish government would have shut the NI border due to the higher reported level of deaths/cases there relative to the Republic.

That the Irish Government did not do so shows it is not about health.

302923 ▶▶ Bugle, replying to TimeIsNow, 2, #732 of 1665 🔗

Not local knowledge but a not insignificant part of the NZ narrative is that American super-rich have been buying homes there possibly since Trump was elected in 2016. I remember reading about it some time ago, and a quick duckduckgo search appears to confirm the trend. The attraction is probably geographical distance from disasters (!) which may overtake the rest of the world and a near to pristine environment.

It would seem impossible that NZ’s Covid policies have not been influenced by these powerful and fabulously wealthy people: extreme isolationism and loopholes for those who can afford them.

303019 ▶▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to Bugle, #733 of 1665 🔗
302944 ▶▶ calchas, replying to TimeIsNow, 1, #734 of 1665 🔗

“It’s worked in New Zealand”

Does that mean NZ has fewer ‘cases’?

We all know about the PCR- what it actually means and how it can mislead.

Does it mean that New Zealand has had no excess mortality in 2020?

Neither has Germany – which has 83 million people and is not isolated.

So what does “It’s worked in New Zealand” actually mean?

302963 ▶▶▶ TimeIsNow, replying to calchas, #735 of 1665 🔗

My friend there says everything in Christchurch is open, little masking, large public gatherings. NZ are reporting literally zero cases apart from at the borders. He believes that this is evidence for the policies. Particularly closed borders. Positive tests peaked at 80 per day with 5M residents. Back of a fag packet – 1,120 for UK. I guess if he’s watching UK news at the moment anything other than grinding societal breakdown and panic looks like success.

303004 ▶▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to calchas, #736 of 1665 🔗

Excellent point. Also, given that 65% of Covid deaths are over 80 and 95% over 65, with an average of 2.1 co morbidities, many will have likely died anyway, as sad as that is. So deaths overall bang on trend.

BUT LONG COVID! is normally the response.

303039 ▶▶▶▶ Crystal Decanter, replying to BeBopRockSteady, 2, #737 of 1665 🔗

I pointed out to a Corona Moaner (moaning about Long Covid) that long Glandular fever has been a thing for quite a while
Most people get mild symptoms or don’t know they have it
Some can be ill for 2 years
Sound familiar??
She STFU at that point

303046 ▶▶▶ Liam, replying to calchas, 1, #738 of 1665 🔗

New Zealand closed its bars and restaurants two days after the UK and went into full lockdown one day after we did.

Its government is claiming credit for the country’s geography.

302945 ▶▶ Julian, replying to TimeIsNow, 1, #739 of 1665 🔗

I’m reminded of the old joke about asking someone for directions to somewhere, and they answer “Well, I wouldn’t start from here”.

I simply don’t see why using NZ as an example is any kind of argument. The virus is almost everywhere on the planet, like most other viruses in human history. Ask them what they would do, now, with the situation as it is in the UK.

302999 ▶▶ Norman, replying to TimeIsNow, 1, #740 of 1665 🔗

Taiwan a densely-populated island democracy of 24 million people, just off the Chinese coast, has 0.3 deaths per million.

NZ, a very sparsely-populated island democracy in the middle of nowhere, has 5.

Not very convincing.

Even MD of Private Eye has quoted Taiwan as a shining example.

303036 ▶▶▶ TimeIsNow, replying to Norman, #741 of 1665 🔗

I didn’t know that. Thanks for the info.

303007 ▶▶ Dan Clarke, replying to TimeIsNow, #742 of 1665 🔗

Cousins in NZ are living a normal life, but, they dont want to travel anywhere as their quarantine is like a prison and you don’t get out until you have a negative result along with the family you travelled with. So its NZ and their immediate area or nowhere

302888 Sarigan, replying to Sarigan, 1, #743 of 1665 🔗

Travellers have hit out the government’s test to release scheme on its first day, after it became clear a number of the 11 approved test providers were unable to meet demand.

The list was released just hours before the scheme went live today, with Samedaydoctor posting on its website shortly afterwards “Unfortunately we have been so overwhelmed with requests for Test and Release that we cannot answer any more emails nor take any more bookings.” It has since been removed from the list.

Axiom, the first on the list, this morning had a note on its website reading: “Test to release is not yet available but will be available soon, we will update in the next few hours. Please email us at contact@axiomlab.co.uk to register your interest.”

Chronomics’ link for booking was also not yet live, but you can register an interest.

Halo Verify’s kits meanwhile were out of stock.

Some providers seemed to have resolved some of their issues by mid-morning, but were reporting very high call and enquiry volumes.


Failure after failure

302897 ▶▶ Ben, replying to Sarigan, 5, #744 of 1665 🔗

They’re not ‘providers’ – they’re fascists

We don’t need tests to live our lives

302910 ▶▶▶ Sarigan, replying to Ben, 2, #745 of 1665 🔗

We don’t, I agree but it would help stimulate some travel if they could at least get it operational.

302922 ▶▶▶▶ Ben, replying to Sarigan, 3, #746 of 1665 🔗

It’s the slippery slope to immunity passports

302899 ▶▶ Al T, replying to Sarigan, #747 of 1665 🔗

To the surprise of nobody!

302891 BeBopRockSteady, replying to BeBopRockSteady, 9, #748 of 1665 🔗

Highly recommended. This is a deep dive into how flu and pneumonia have been conflated in the past (CDC) to boost flu deaths and promote vaccine purchases. Finger points to corporate capture of public health industry and regulatory bodies designed to moderate it.

It’s a playbook.

If we were in fact dealing with the plague, we could never actually put in place anything effective with such an infrastructure. The piper always needs paid.


302904 ▶▶ Ovis, replying to BeBopRockSteady, 4, #749 of 1665 🔗

I agree. A learning point from this has been that, if a real plague does strike, the current very expensive and very controlling infrastructure will be totally useless. It can’t even be argued that useful capacity is being maintained. Money is just being bled out into a useless parasite.

302935 ▶▶▶ Mabel Cow, replying to Ovis, 6, #750 of 1665 🔗

Britons would be better off planting victory gardens , learning basic first aid, and taking personal responsibility for ourselves.

But that would empower the little guy and reduce dependence on government, so obviously it would be unacceptable.

302962 ▶▶▶ John P, replying to Ovis, 1, #751 of 1665 🔗

“if a real plague does strike”

I actually think that is very unlikely.

The concept is a false one that – like man-made climate change – we have been drip-fed over the years and now many think it is a possibility.

302988 ▶▶▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to John P, 1, #752 of 1665 🔗

Maybe over egging it to make the point. Hiwecer, just wanted to say that such capture leads to solutions weighted away from the stated intentions of the bodies that are put in place. It’s rent seeking and destroys countries eventually

302907 ▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to BeBopRockSteady, #753 of 1665 🔗

I should add the first point in that vdieo is around the US Elections. Also worth a look

302925 ▶▶ Darryl, replying to BeBopRockSteady, 2, #754 of 1665 🔗

The trouble is only a couple of thousand watch videos like this whilst 500 million worldwide consume the BBC propaganda. People have trouble accepting the corruption that obviously goes on.

302939 ▶▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to Darryl, #755 of 1665 🔗

That’s true. I normally pick the references he uses, such as the BMJ article, and try and prod people with that.

Not many I know would even be accepting of a video on Bitchute nevermind the Last American Vagabond

303025 ▶▶▶ Crystal Decanter, replying to Darryl, #756 of 1665 🔗

Bitchute just broke into the USA Alexa rankings
That is why it is under attack by the Neo Libs
I don’t think they have the nerve to hold the line

302894 Two-Six, 8, #757 of 1665 🔗

I wonder if we are going to see vaccine abuse.
An horde of zombie like wraiths, in the queue outside boots before it opens at dawn, to get their daily swab test or another vaccine dose to stave of the gripping fear of death by ventilator at the mercy of a deadly virus.
People, a shadow of their former selves jacking themselves up with street vaccine, down alleyways and behind rubbish skips habitually into their groins and feet because all their other veins have closed down.

302903 ▶▶ Tom Blackburn, replying to Tom Blackburn, 6, #759 of 1665 🔗

Prof Francois Balloux
Ofsted published its third/final reports on the the effects of the #COVID19 pandemic on children and young people in the UK. This is as bleak a read as governmental reports can be. It brought me close to tears, which doesn’t happen often.


302929 ▶▶▶ calchas, replying to Tom Blackburn, 1, #760 of 1665 🔗

The government damns itself in its own document.

302956 ▶▶▶▶ Leemc23, replying to calchas, 1, #761 of 1665 🔗

They often do. But almost no one outside of a staunch skeptic like us will ever venture on to Gov website to see what they really are saying.

When you read it it would be easy enough to conclude even SAGE are moderate. It’s when it gets to the media and the political masters that all the shit hits the fan.

302967 ▶▶▶▶ Tom Blackburn, replying to calchas, #762 of 1665 🔗

They do however children are less than an afterthought.

302905 fosterc, replying to fosterc, 14, #763 of 1665 🔗

“24 Million believed Mask lies”

New fear post from the Daily Express today. Perfect example of the genre.

– No name on the byline.
– Vague research group source.
– Very specific numbers on deaths but nothing else.
– Search online provides no reference to the ‘report’.

Also have you noticed how the word ‘lie’ is being used more frequently to describe any line of argument not supporting the Government.

Wouldn’t be out of place in the China Daily.

303102 ▶▶ annie, replying to fosterc, #764 of 1665 🔗

Aha. But if it’s 24 million out of 67 million, the ‘lie’ is gaining an awful lot of traction.

302915 mhcp, replying to mhcp, 14, #765 of 1665 🔗

It’s clear from listening to people in even TalkRadio that they believe in the “safe environment” claptrap. It was clear from the Ivor Cummins video with Joe Swalley that no NPIs (even natural ones) have ANY effect on the path of a virus.

The only thing that has an effect is your immune system and how well you look after it.

But we have all this pseudo babble about Covid Safe, even in hospitals.

303003 ▶▶ George L, replying to mhcp, 5, #766 of 1665 🔗

I’m now of the firm opinion that TalkRadio is controlled opposition. JHB is made out to be the toughie interviewer but never asks the tough questions to match. Nah.. controlled opposition!

303154 ▶▶▶ Borisbullshit, replying to George L, 3, #767 of 1665 🔗

Very much agree…its quite a bit better than the BBC but still cannot be relied upon.

303934 ▶▶▶ Derek Toyne, replying to George L, #768 of 1665 🔗

Come on everyone she’s the Queen Boudica of the opposition to this madness. If she began asking hard question no one would dare to appear on her show. Did you see how she made MPs voting for lockdown look like fools.

302918 p02099003, replying to p02099003, 1, #769 of 1665 🔗

https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-55311717 Disaster awaiting at Christmas according to BMJ

302952 ▶▶ Leemc23, replying to p02099003, #770 of 1665 🔗

Union. That’s all.

302959 ▶▶ John P, replying to p02099003, 3, #771 of 1665 🔗

BBC is government propaganda. I generally ignore this rubbish.

Perhaps posting it here is useful in letting us know what the other side is saying.

302986 ▶▶▶ kenadams, replying to John P, 9, #772 of 1665 🔗

I actually commend people for reading the BBC. I am now physically incapable of doing so.

302919 crimsonpirate, replying to crimsonpirate, 3, #773 of 1665 🔗

re.relaxation of Christmas covid rules. How more risky is it for families to meet up than previous Christmases eg 2017?

302985 ▶▶ kenadams, replying to crimsonpirate, 6, #774 of 1665 🔗

Probably a bit. We musn’t forget that it is a disease that kills more old people than previous colds/flus. However, as long as everyone who actually feels ill doesn’t attend, the likelihood of any virus transmission is incredibly low. And, even if the virus was transmitted it is highly unlikely anyone would die or get seriously ill from it, even most old people.

News flash for the world – people die of respiratory viruses in winter, mostly in Jan/Feb. It will be the same this year. It might even be slightly higher than normal because of covid, but unlikely to be as bad as aussie flu of 2018 because covid has already done it’s first and only big wave. It does not mean we lock everyone up and ban all normal human social interaction and destroy our children’s futures.

303106 ▶▶▶ crimsonpirate, replying to kenadams, #775 of 1665 🔗

but essentially we could be in the same situation in 12 months time

302920 JanMasarykMunich, replying to JanMasarykMunich, 4, #776 of 1665 🔗

This is from CDC website:

‘Masks are primarily intended to reduce the emission of virus-laden droplets (“source control”), which is especially relevant for asymptomatic or presymptomatic infected wearers who feel well and may be unaware of their infectiousness to others, and who are estimated to account for more than 50% of transmissions.’

50% of transmissions? Surely, this has been debunked?


302932 ▶▶ mhcp, replying to JanMasarykMunich, 1, #777 of 1665 🔗

It’s not true either. There were two mask papers – one a meta-analysis and the other measurement of symptomatic people with corona, influenza and rhino viruses. It was a very small sample and appeared to show that masks reduced coronaviruses somewhat. Nothing about asymptomatic or presymptomatic. The meta analysis made that assertion.

I believe the meta analysis is facing retraction.

302941 ▶▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to mhcp, #778 of 1665 🔗

Oh really? Any info on that retraction?

303040 ▶▶▶▶ mhcp, replying to BeBopRockSteady, #779 of 1665 🔗

It started on the Swiss doctor site:


Where it suggested that the WHO study should be retracted but I remember reading somewhere else that a group had put forward a rebuttal to a critical paper. I’ll have to look it up.

303083 ▶▶▶▶ AndrewNYC, replying to BeBopRockSteady, 2, #780 of 1665 🔗

I wrote a lengthy paper (link below) criticizing the meta analysis where I analyzed all 29 of the original studies that referenced masks. Total junk science: data errors, bad assumptions, etc. However, I’m not aware that there was any real traction on retraction (sorry couldn’t resist). That metastudy now seems forgotten as the world has moved on.


302950 ▶▶ Leemc23, replying to JanMasarykMunich, 1, #781 of 1665 🔗


It’s all about interpretation. They are making it look a certain way for one reason and that reason is advantage #2
“ reminding people to be compliant with other measures (e.g., hand hygiene, not touching nose and mouth). However, this can also have the reverse effect (see below);”

They have ignored the reverse effect as people absolutely love a mask.

302926 Voz 0db, 6, #782 of 1665 🔗

Indeed my fellow Herd members… Be it!
comment image

302931 James Leary #KBF, replying to James Leary #KBF, 11, #783 of 1665 🔗

You know how they dribble out the bad news in advance using ever eager Mengele’s elves?

They’re after Christmas now, aren’t they? We are watching the government committing slow suicide before our very eyes, aren’t we? I keep saying this expecting a bigger pushback, this they must fall if they try this. Surely?

302933 ▶▶ Now More Than Ever, replying to James Leary #KBF, 5, #784 of 1665 🔗

I’d like them to try it.

Having said that, we have had a lot of false dawns. I expect most people would just accept it.

302938 JHuntz, replying to JHuntz, 2, #786 of 1665 🔗

Should we punish the unmaksed? – YouTube

Great video. Highlights exactly my supsicions and current experiences with the British public. complete and utter misinformed idiots.

302955 ▶▶ Crystal Decanter, replying to JHuntz, 2, #787 of 1665 🔗

They literally can’t punish the unmasked without falling foul of the equality act
It is easy to act out an exemption among the mask mongs
Just like Invasion of the Body Snatchers – the one with Mr Spock

302961 ▶▶▶ Luckyharry69, replying to Crystal Decanter, 2, #788 of 1665 🔗

The original was far better……

302982 ▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to JHuntz, #789 of 1665 🔗

The filmmaker didn’t really bring anything to the table to inform them.

He just laughed at them for watching the BBC. Yes they are idiots but they’ll go away more assured that the anti maskers have just watched a YouTube video. I get that kind of slur a lot.

303038 ▶▶▶ JHuntz, replying to BeBopRockSteady, 1, #790 of 1665 🔗

I like that he didn’t share his opinion as we therefore got an unfiltered opinion from them. If the majority of the people get their news from sky and BBC and they believe them to be trusted then we’re fucked.

303149 ▶▶ The Filthy Engineer, replying to JHuntz, 1, #791 of 1665 🔗

The first and second “interviewees” precisely define the problem that we are dealing with as sceptics. In particular the first one who placed his complete faith in “the experts”.

302954 Sodastream, replying to Sodastream, 27, #792 of 1665 🔗

Oh god I’m traumatised I’ve seen 2 children in masks today. One about 4/5yrs old the other 2/3 yrs old . Separate families. I feel physically sick . I cannot see this ever ending and I fear to show ones bare face might eventually be perceived as the majority as being a complete no-no as in showing private parts in public.

302981 ▶▶ KBuchanan, replying to Sodastream, 9, #793 of 1665 🔗

Child abuse is defined as forcing adult themes on children – to mask them when it is NOT mandated by the gov is child abuse.

303171 ▶▶▶ JohnB, replying to KBuchanan, 1, #794 of 1665 🔗

– to mask them when it is NOT mandated by the gov is child abuse.

As is masking them when it is mandated by the gov.

302984 ▶▶ George L, replying to Sodastream, 8, #795 of 1665 🔗

They need to read this then..

Dr. Margarite Griesz-Brisson MD, PhD is a Consultant Neurologist and Neurophysiologist with a PhD in Pharmacology, with special interest in neurotoxicology, environmental medicine, neuro-regeneration and neuroplasticity.
Masks damage the brain
The re-breathing of our exhaled air will without a doubt create oxygen deficiency and a flooding of carbon dioxide.
We know that the human brain is very sensitive to oxygen deprivation.
There are nerve cells for example in the hippocampus, that can’t be longer than 3 minutes without oxygen. They cannot survive.
While you’re thinking that you have got used to wearing your mask and re-breathing your own exhaled air, the degenerative processes in your brain are getting amplified as your oxygen deprivation continues.
Especially in children
The child needs the brain to learn, and the brain needs oxygen to function.
The child’s brain, or the youth’s brain, is thirsting for oxygen. Their brain is also incredibly active, as it has so much to learn.
To deprive a child’s or an adolescent’s brain of oxygen, or to restrict it in any way, is not only dangerous to their health, it is absolutely criminal.
Irreversible damage
Oxygen deficiency inhibits the development of the brain, and the damage that has taken place as a result CANNOT be reversed.

303018 ▶▶▶ Janice21, replying to George L, 2, #796 of 1665 🔗

oh, but if it saves just one life!

303076 ▶▶▶ Tangelo, replying to George L, #797 of 1665 🔗

I can’t really ‘like’ that statement, but I agree, to mask child is a crime. I saw a young toddler, clearly less than 2 masked up in middle class Wanstead over the weekend.

302989 ▶▶ A Heretic, replying to Sodastream, 1, #798 of 1665 🔗

Wait, you’re saying I’m not supposed to get it out in public?

302993 ▶▶ Leemc23, replying to Sodastream, 1, #799 of 1665 🔗

You cannot educate the foolish. So you should not waste your life worrying about their stupidity. Ignore them.

303010 ▶▶▶ Winston Smith, replying to Leemc23, 2, #800 of 1665 🔗

Don’t ignore them, point and laugh!

303002 ▶▶ Thomas_E, replying to Sodastream, #801 of 1665 🔗

Come to C London for a day..This will be your constant view ..I went for a walk by the Thames today and saw at least 10 children under 7 fully masked…The New Normal, Build,Back,Better!

303015 ▶▶ Janice21, replying to Sodastream, 3, #802 of 1665 🔗

I have seen quite a lot of kids masked up, it’s heartbreaking.
My husband works long hours from home so I do all the shopping and am out and about more than him but on Saturday we ventured out to take the kids to see some Christmas lights and decorations in the city centre. Hubby saw a child with a mask on for the first time and he was so shocked and annoyed by it. He isn’t as much as a sceptic as I am but I think that image was enough for him.
Shame on those parents.

303089 ▶▶ annie, replying to Sodastream, 1, #803 of 1665 🔗

If necessary I will show both ends. They ask for it, they get it.

303219 ▶▶ Jez Hewitt, replying to Sodastream, 2, #804 of 1665 🔗

That’s one of my 5 year old boys totally fucked – he’s naked at every God given opportunity and he’ll be in a mask over my dead body.

302957 Ozzie, replying to Ozzie, 17, #805 of 1665 🔗

Top article just appeared in the Telegraph:

“Less of the Covid mutant scare stories – No 10 should give us the exit planThe long-suffering British public deserves to know exactly how we are rolling out the vaccine” (Patrick O’Flynn)

Less of the Covid mutant scare stories – No 10 should give us the exit plan (telegraph.co.uk)

Of particular interest:

“A chart in yesterday’s Daily Telegraph graphically illustrated the key point that vaccinating just a small percentage of the population can reduce Covid deaths to such an extent that a return to normality can get underway much earlier than we might expect.
Together the over-80s and the over-70s make up 84 per cent of Covid deaths but only 13 per cent of the population. Get the lion’s share of these age groups double-dosed with jabs and it is effectively game over for Covid as a major killer. The cost benefit analysis about the risk to life as compared to the economic and other harms inherent in lockdowns will be drastically changed the moment this is done.”

302966 ▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to Ozzie, 5, #806 of 1665 🔗

There’s logic. Kill it

302971 ▶▶ Dame Lynet, replying to Ozzie, 10, #807 of 1665 🔗

He’s assuming the govt want this to end and that the vaccine will work.

302977 ▶▶▶ George L, replying to Dame Lynet, 3, #808 of 1665 🔗

Yeah.. one awful lot of assuming.. and then some!

303577 ▶▶▶ dommo, replying to Dame Lynet, #809 of 1665 🔗

mind you, the vaccine has two chances to work though – either by stopping vulnerable people getting ill, or killing them. either way, the rest of us can get on with our lives…

302964 Harry hopkins, replying to Harry hopkins, 15, #810 of 1665 🔗

‘The other big story yesterday was that London will be placed in Tier 3 at one minute after midnight on Wednesday morning’

Don’t you just love it that the government have their under cover agents getting a handle on Coroni’s habits and routines. It will keep us all safe after all:

The virus is sensitive to posture hence sit down, stand up, sit down again.

It’s got a thing about space which seems to be that within two meters is its favourite attack zone. Wind speed, breezes and draughts make no difference. Also, the rule of six…it’s always the seventh person who is the threat. Whatever you do don’t be number seven, you’ll be tarred forever with the mark of Satan.

It has a phobia about masks (preferably ill fitting, dirty and worn incorrectly) so that it will find mask less, human, normal faces most attractive.

It has limitations in water whereby when swimming pools are open (not many now) swimmers must keep to their sectioned off lane and only bathe for short periods. The changing rooms are a death zone therefore swimmers have to come with their cossies already on.

The virus is well genned up on county boundaries, country borders and population densities but respects the Tier system to the letter even when borders can separate a house from its garden.

Time management…Madcock has calculated that the ‘virus’ is most active at certain times of the day hence his directives about pub opening and closing times. He is also confident that launching his big guns at precise days and times (one minute after midnight on Wednesday morning) will be most effective in his efforts to save us all from the grim and awful prospect of catching……………the flu!

My advice for all Londoners is this: Set your clocks for the appointed time on Wednesday…after this, like much of Northern England, your world will never be the same again.

303048 ▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to Harry hopkins, 2, #811 of 1665 🔗

And don’t forget about the virus’s lifespan of 72 hours hence why books, clothes, etc should be quarantined!

303109 ▶▶▶ arfurmo, replying to Bart Simpson, 2, #812 of 1665 🔗

72 hours -whoa a bit risky . Isn’t it 14 days or 10 days if feeling lucky?

303110 ▶▶ Waldorf, replying to Harry hopkins, 3, #813 of 1665 🔗

This virus is really clever!

303176 ▶▶▶ Bella Donna, replying to Waldorf, 3, #814 of 1665 🔗

Its certainly more intelligent than our politicians.

303266 ▶▶▶ Crystal Decanter, replying to Waldorf, 2, #815 of 1665 🔗

Rona can bypass large mega corporations like Amazon and Microsoft yet targets small businesses

302965 leggy, replying to leggy, 3, #816 of 1665 🔗
302983 ▶▶ Leemc23, replying to leggy, 23, #817 of 1665 🔗

Sorry folks, but what goes on in the majority of U.K. households that makes Christmas so risky ? Do we all have an incest orgy of drunken delight and snog our relatives under the mistletoe with tongues ? What a pile of bollocks this all is?

Politicians. Shame we can’t ban these cunts for Christmas. On any given day of the week the vast majority of people don’t have Covid. Don’t have a realistic risk of getting covid and certainly won’t be dying from COVID. But we must all continue to hide away on the off chance we might not do the NHS the disservice of using them or asking them to do their bloody job.

302987 ▶▶▶ John P, replying to Leemc23, 8, #818 of 1665 🔗

“Politicians. Shame we can’t ban these cunts for Christmas.”

Why stop at Christmas? Abolition would be more useful.

303044 ▶▶▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to John P, 1, #819 of 1665 🔗

Since they’re now here, reviving the Code of Hammurabi would be more useful:

If any one ensnare another, putting a ban upon him, but he can not prove it, then he that ensnared him shall be put to death.

Tower Hill should be revived as an execution site for this lot.

303065 ▶▶▶▶▶ Jonathan Palmer, replying to Bart Simpson, 4, #820 of 1665 🔗

Hung, drawing and Quartering.
Could replace the premier league as the No1 spectator sport

303133 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to Jonathan Palmer, 1, #821 of 1665 🔗

Historic Royal Palaces can recoup their lost revenue by selling tickets to executions and allowing the public to pelt politicians and SAGE with rotten fruit, veg, milkshakes and rocks.

303338 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ Richym99, replying to Bart Simpson, 1, #822 of 1665 🔗

I’ve got a very effective pillory they can borrow. 🙂

303132 ▶▶▶▶ Alan P, replying to John P, #823 of 1665 🔗

Sorry I read that as abortion! On second thoughts…..

302991 ▶▶▶ KBuchanan, replying to Leemc23, 1, #824 of 1665 🔗

TBH watching of the BBC Xmas day output as a family is very risky – to the tv being smashed!

303000 ▶▶▶ Luckyharry69, replying to Leemc23, #825 of 1665 🔗

Yes…but without the tongues..lol

303013 ▶▶▶ Julian, replying to Leemc23, 5, #826 of 1665 🔗

I guess people socialise a bit more at Christmas, but to imagine that there are boffins somewhere working out what settings increase risk and by how much seems like sheer fantasy to me

Once they realised no-one was calling them out, and when they did provide evidence it was rubbished, the govt and SAGE are just making shit up with nothing to back it up

302994 ▶▶ D B, replying to leggy, 5, #827 of 1665 🔗

In a world where there is an open goal to be scored – Labour filling the leadership void with some common sense – they have literally put through their own net.

302996 ▶▶ John P, replying to leggy, 6, #828 of 1665 🔗

You cannot cancel Christmas. It is a fixed religious feast day.

If you are a Christian you celebrate it in whatever way you choose.

303029 ▶▶▶ davews, replying to John P, 2, #829 of 1665 🔗

Hear hear. But not sure I want to celebrate it via a Zoom Church service or even a family Zoom get together. Whatever, all cards and presents (vouchers) now sorted and on the way so just got to get a small chicken or whatever to treat myself on the day so that’s that.

303041 ▶▶▶ Jo, replying to John P, 3, #830 of 1665 🔗

I assume the vicar in my village is a Christian, but despite the Central Council for Church Bellringers doing a U-turn and saying we could ring for Christmas, he has decided we shouldn’t because HE hasn’t been informed by the Diocese.
I swear if there is a god he will go to hell.

303085 ▶▶▶▶ annie, replying to Jo, 4, #831 of 1665 🔗

There is and he will. A special hell for worshippers of the covid devil. My horrible rector will be there too.

303606 ▶▶▶▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to annie, #832 of 1665 🔗

The CoE hierarchy will be there too.

303081 ▶▶▶ annie, replying to John P, 3, #833 of 1665 🔗

Well said.
You cannot cancel Christ either, though the churches are doing their best.

303075 ▶▶ Tom Blackburn, replying to leggy, 2, #834 of 1665 🔗

Excellent. Hope they get their wish. And of course, I will be stirring the pot posting pictures of Afghanistan Independence Day on the curry mile protesting ‘they can’t do this to us’. All the while, doing what I want anyway.

303308 ▶▶ Crystal Decanter, replying to leggy, #835 of 1665 🔗

Of course they are
Sharia compliance for their new voter base
little do they know the new voters will form their own Islamic party once they are sick of Labour pandering to degenerates

302972 A Heretic, replying to A Heretic, 28, #836 of 1665 🔗

I was lucky enough to have a brief return to the real world this morning.
I live in a corner house and despite being a relatively quiet road people still manage to come into conflict there. Today I heard a thud and wandered out to find a car in a hedge – apparently having swerved to avoid an oncoming turning vehicle that didn’t see her.
Fortunately no injuries so all good there.
The best thing was we had several neighbours, the parents + in-laws of “girl in hedge” who showed up, the police and the two drivers and everyone was just standing around chatting like it was 2019.
It was a fantastic boost to my morale and a good reminder that “the masses” are not buying the bs being sold by the government and the twatterati.

303069 ▶▶ Tom Blackburn, replying to A Heretic, 9, #837 of 1665 🔗

She’s lucky to be alive driving without a mask

303105 ▶▶▶ arfurmo, replying to Tom Blackburn, 2, #838 of 1665 🔗

Maybe the other driver was

303125 ▶▶▶▶ A Heretic, replying to arfurmo, 1, #839 of 1665 🔗

The sun was shining and not a mask to be seen.

303159 ▶▶▶▶▶ Tom Blackburn, replying to A Heretic, 1, #840 of 1665 🔗


303183 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ A Heretic, replying to Tom Blackburn, 2, #841 of 1665 🔗

no doubt we’ll all be dead in a week.

302979 calchas, replying to calchas, 6, #842 of 1665 🔗

Something which is perhaps related.

On 18th September Germany tested its nationwide warning sirens for the first time since the end of the Cold War 30 years ago.

It also included messages sent to mobile phones etc.

Why start again now?

303058 ▶▶ mattghg, replying to calchas, 1, #843 of 1665 🔗


303091 ▶▶▶ mjr, replying to mattghg, #844 of 1665 🔗

try this

simple enough to google (other search engines available) if you have doubts.

303170 ▶▶ Silke David, replying to calchas, #846 of 1665 🔗

I am German and we had a siren test every Saturday when I was a kid (30+years ago, so ok, is in line with the article), and I am sure there was a test some years ago, too. Might have been a different siren.

302990 TJN, replying to TJN, 42, #847 of 1665 🔗

Great to see all pressure on Liar Johnson and Co to cancel Christmas, as reported with huge glee by the World at One.

I do hope Johnson succumbs (he usually does). And then goes further. Let’s get to the guts of it, all the way to the bottom, and see just how much the Great British Public will put up with.


303001 ▶▶ kenadams, replying to TJN, 26, #848 of 1665 🔗

I’m starting to think this too. When they cancel Christmas, will it provoke a reaction? The problem is, I really don’t think it will. The selfish morons on facebook and twitter will lap it up and use it to prove how virtuous they are.

I still think the bigger test will be in early-spring when the vulnerable have all had their jabs and they still try and carry on this farce. As far as I can tell, even the most died in the wool middle class tosspot is still hoping to have a normal life again post-vaccination. When they realise they won’t, that might be when it kicks off.

But I am prepared to be disappointed.

303054 ▶▶▶ Jonathan Palmer, replying to kenadams, 11, #849 of 1665 🔗

They can do what they want.They can close pubs restaurants etc and throw me out of work again but I will not take any notice of what these cunts say I can do in my private life.I am not alone,they can control the public sphere through coercion on businesses but people are ignoring all the stupid restrictions if my neighbours are anything to go by.

303006 ▶▶ Borisbullshit, replying to TJN, 11, #850 of 1665 🔗

Looks like they will put up with anything. There are lots of people on social media now screaming to be locked up over Christmas and beyond. They see Germany as an inspiration!

303055 ▶▶▶ Kev, replying to Borisbullshit, 14, #851 of 1665 🔗

Seriously though, what is stopping them? They can lockdown as hard as they like. They are not being forced to celebrate Christmas, or meet up with family or friends.

They are totally free to choose to die alone and unloved.

Just allow us to make our own choices. I have not asked to be kept safe, I want to stay free and make my own decisions.

303187 ▶▶▶▶ Andrew K, replying to Kev, #852 of 1665 🔗

What if they introduced a 24 hour curfew on Christmas day. Anybody found outside, without a valid reason will be fined. How will that go down!

303022 ▶▶ Thomas_E, replying to TJN, 25, #853 of 1665 🔗

Even if Christmas is cancelled nothing will happen.NOTHING!! People will just cancel their plans and shower themselves in virtue on how they are defending the elderly. The country I was prepared to give my life too and seen my friends give theirs is now spitting on us. Fuck them , fuck all of them!

303099 ▶▶▶ Waldorf, replying to Thomas_E, 2, #854 of 1665 🔗

I don’t mind if they cancel Christmas. But what about merciful beheadings? And kitchen scraps for lepers and orphans?

303641 ▶▶▶ TJN, replying to Thomas_E, #855 of 1665 🔗

Yes, indeed.

303142 ▶▶▶ JohnB, replying to arfurmo, 7, #857 of 1665 🔗

Bots. 77th.

303206 ▶▶▶ kenadams, replying to arfurmo, 4, #858 of 1665 🔗

Polls are used to shape public opinion, not reflect it.

302992 kenadams, replying to kenadams, 31, #859 of 1665 🔗

Another story to add further weight to the theory that the people who are still scared of covid are middle class office workers, whereas normal people who work in the real world and meet people all the time have seen past the bull.

Yesterday I went to buy a motor racing car (I’ve decided to treat myself to try and get through all of this crap, and it’s actually not as expensive as I’d feared!). I went to a specialist garage, spoke to four different people, all inside. Not one mask, or even the hint that they were thinking about masks or wondering why I wasn’t wearing one either.

303047 ▶▶ steve_w, replying to kenadams, 11, #860 of 1665 🔗

i think people align their beliefs with their interests. people want to think of themselves as good. people for who lockdown is a benefit then justify it with the virus. people that need to work claim its bollocks.

I used to work in the oil industry. they all thought climate change was nonsense. Then I worked in environmental sciences – they were firm catastrophic global warmists. similar sorts of people whose outlook changed depending on what they were doing

the more people lockdown hurts, the more will turn into sceptics

303108 ▶▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to steve_w, 1, #861 of 1665 🔗

I agree. People just follow the herd.

303057 ▶▶ Tangelo, replying to kenadams, 1, #862 of 1665 🔗

Good for you..enjoy!
I’ve noticed that too when getting my car MOTed by an independent garage.

303061 ▶▶ RickH, replying to kenadams, -3, #863 of 1665 🔗

the theory that the people who are still scared of covid are middle class office workers, whereas normal people who work in the real world ….”

Yawn. Nothing like a fake pandemic as a coathanger for windy preconceptions.

303201 ▶▶▶ kenadams, replying to RickH, 3, #864 of 1665 🔗

Fair point, I don’t like generalisations either. In my defence, I am a middle class office worker, which is why I felt like I could abuse them 😉

303294 ▶▶▶ Biker, replying to RickH, 1, #865 of 1665 🔗

lol, you have a total lack of self-awareness

303080 ▶▶ annie, replying to kenadams, 1, #866 of 1665 🔗

Hey, have fun racing!

303210 ▶▶ PoshPanic, replying to kenadams, 1, #867 of 1665 🔗

Exactly this, with just a few exceptions. Garage MOT last week same, DIY and Building supply stores today same, market, tradesmen around here etc. Drove through a very middle class rural area earlier today and a couple were walking along, miles from anybody in visors and masks!

302995 Borisbullshit, replying to Borisbullshit, 20, #868 of 1665 🔗

Just been over to visit people at Newcastle Under Lyme and went into the town. Complete maskoid metropolis there…I would say 95% muzzled up OUTSIDE! This applied to all ages, genders and classes. They have just learned they are to remain in Tier 3 in staffs…so great reward for being so compliant guys. Shops were using metal trays to put cash in…nobody hassled me for being maskless though.

Was good to see the huge posters outside the closed Wetherspoons though….hopefully that might make a few of the sheep think.

303122 ▶▶ The Filthy Engineer, replying to Borisbullshit, #869 of 1665 🔗

Same level of gimping in the cathedral city of my shire county too.

303163 ▶▶ Silke David, replying to Borisbullshit, #870 of 1665 🔗

Does the metal tray contain a pool of sanitizer?
What is the point, you touched it, they will touch it it, a potential virus on the cash would still be transferable. So you can give it from hand to hand. Unless it means you can keep at a distance?
It is these little just really stupid things which made it so infuriating that made me stop working in a public facing position.

303169 ▶▶ Bella Donna, replying to Borisbullshit, 2, #871 of 1665 🔗

We drove through a small Leicestershire village this morning where 99% of pedestrians were masked. A few drivers were too!

302997 Les Tricoteuses, replying to Les Tricoteuses, 8, #872 of 1665 🔗

From Les’ Old Almanac 2020
Predictions for 2021.

There shall be many food shortages but the govt will save us with rationing.

Keep plenty of candles ready for sporadic power cuts. Save the NHS, switch off your lights.

Exercise more, you may need to walk long distances as fuel is reserved for those who need it most.

The internet will be restricted to a bare minimum.

Your mobile phone may be unreliable.

I’m usually wrong, I predicted outdoor mask wearing by now, so above is all probably rubbish.
I hope to take up knitting in the New Year and follow the example of my illustrious forebearers.

303005 ▶▶ John P, replying to Les Tricoteuses, #873 of 1665 🔗

Some of those predictions are desirable.

303016 ▶▶▶ Crystal Decanter, replying to John P, 5, #874 of 1665 🔗

I am of the opinion that we need to weed out the wheat from the chaff.
Mentally and physically
Stay strong – this train has no brakes now

303051 ▶▶ Les Tricoteuses, replying to Les Tricoteuses, #875 of 1665 🔗

Oh, and Trump gets 4 more years!

303369 ▶▶ Winston Smith, replying to Les Tricoteuses, #876 of 1665 🔗

I’ll be in prison or dead by then, hopefully I’ll take a few of them with me.

303009 AnotherSceptic, replying to AnotherSceptic, 18, #877 of 1665 🔗

The little dictator is preparing to enforce more draconian measures on Scotland.
& the sheep just accept it all.

I am losing all faith in humanity now, nobody, apart from the people on here, are standing up against this shit.

Her briefing (or rather her dictator time) begins at 14:20pm.

Drop fucking dead you wee boot!


303156 ▶▶ Silke David, replying to AnotherSceptic, 3, #878 of 1665 🔗

I often wonder, what is actually left to restrict?

303162 ▶▶▶ Les Tricoteuses, replying to Silke David, 2, #879 of 1665 🔗

Food, petrol, gas/electricity, internet, phones. Breathing.

303179 ▶▶▶ JHuntz, replying to Silke David, 1, #880 of 1665 🔗

Yeah, I have said once I am tier 3 you are aswell putting me in tier 5000. It makes a blind bit of difference.

303020 awildgoose, replying to awildgoose, 18, #881 of 1665 🔗

The province of Ontario is counting lockdown suicides as Covid deaths:


I’m sorry, but that’s lower than pond scum.

303027 ▶▶ DavidC, replying to awildgoose, #882 of 1665 🔗

That’s not accurate – it is counting suicide victims as Covid19 deaths IF they have tested positive. I still agree with your comment about being lower than pond scum though.


303112 ▶▶▶ awildgoose, replying to DavidC, 1, #883 of 1665 🔗

Clearly, Covid made those people slit their wrists or eat a bullet.

303023 Smelly Melly, replying to Smelly Melly, 37, #884 of 1665 🔗

Just to say that after 9 months of being maskless I’m still alive, (I never thought that would happen) and my body count of those dying of the killer disease is still zero.

303194 ▶▶ anti_corruption_tsar, replying to Smelly Melly, 4, #885 of 1665 🔗

I’ve never worn a mask either. The anti-mask union is alive and well!

303515 ▶▶▶ Mr Dee, replying to anti_corruption_tsar, #886 of 1665 🔗

No mask for me either in all this time. 100% maskless humans in my local petrol station this morning (me, the guy behind the till and an old timer driving a lovely classic Jaguar). Was also pleased to see quite a few maskless faces Christmas shopping today – apart from my stepson and me, it was mainly young women going unmuzzled. I’m seeing more and more naked faces each week (although they are still a tiny minority). Very few masks worn outside, I’m glad to say. Mainly the very frail and elderly.

Bizarrely, I spotted a middle-aged lady wearing a sunflower exemption lanyard, but also a matching sunflower mask. Can anyone explain this?

303026 Tom Blackburn, replying to Tom Blackburn, 29, #887 of 1665 🔗

The Sun: Christmas in crisis as Keir Starker demands Boris Johnson holds an emergency COBRA review to bubble rules.

Anyone else secretly hoping HMG “cancel” Christmas? I’ll be doing what I want regardless but it would be nice for the sticklers to be sat at home having a sherry on their Todd.

303037 ▶▶ Ricky R, replying to Tom Blackburn, 23, #888 of 1665 🔗

I hope they do as well because I guarantee many of those who have already made plans will go ahead with them regardless and will hopefully realise that the government playing fast and loose with their lives needs to stop.

303045 ▶▶ Lockdown_Lunacy, replying to Tom Blackburn, 2, #889 of 1665 🔗

Bubble rules. Oh dear…

303182 ▶▶ Will, replying to Tom Blackburn, 1, #890 of 1665 🔗

Starmer has judged this situation badly wrong. I don’t think Johnson is going to U turn on this because it would be incredibly unpopular.

303030 Old Normal, replying to Old Normal, 20, #891 of 1665 🔗


1,200 people have died as a result of drug misuse in Scotland in the past year. The worst in Europe.

Where’s the daily press conference been for those people and the multi million pounds of help?

I’d hazard a guess that this number probably isn’t far away from the true figure for people who have died from the virus in Scotland rather than just having a positive test within 28 days.

Another shameful example of the SNP’s incompetence in the devolved area of health but good old fag ash Freeman will no doubt keep her job regardless.

303034 ▶▶ steve_w, replying to Old Normal, 5, #892 of 1665 🔗

more in terms of qalys

303355 ▶▶ Two-Six, replying to Old Normal, #893 of 1665 🔗

I watched a commons select committee hearing chaired by Crispin Blunt and a home office bloke where 4 or 5 Scottish health ministers and MP’s were pleading the UK government to allow Scottish councils to open safe rooms for injecting opiate users. A place where they could inject safely with help on hand if they were to overdose.

This would have saved a lot of these lost lives.

The UK government would not allow the Scottish government to open up these safe rooms because they said that the Police could not turn a blind eye to users travelling to these safe rooms who might be carrying prohibited drugs on their person. They could not just let them go without arresting them.

So that’s 600 lives at least that could have been saved, perhaps another 600 could have been saved with proper drug and alcohol user support services in place.

That is probably more lives saved than covid managed to take in the under 65 category.

303043 Dan Clarke, replying to Dan Clarke, 18, #894 of 1665 🔗

Kneel Starmer’s latest re Christmas, People WILL die, yes approx 1600 per day, it doesnt stop for Christmas, what fools we have in Parliament now

303086 ▶▶ Kev, replying to Dan Clarke, 17, #895 of 1665 🔗

If they were only fools it wouldn’t be so bad!

We have dangerous, deluded psychopaths in charge, being advised by cretins.

303049 Bart Simpson, replying to Bart Simpson, 5, #896 of 1665 🔗

Neil Oliver on fine form as always:


303095 ▶▶ arfurmo, replying to Bart Simpson, #897 of 1665 🔗

Wasn’t this last week?

303128 ▶▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to arfurmo, 1, #898 of 1665 🔗

Not sure. When I watched it, it said 4 hours ago.

303296 ▶▶▶▶ arfurmo, replying to Bart Simpson, #899 of 1665 🔗

I know I’m going bonkers but just checked and it is about 11.08 09.12.12 https://talkradio.co.uk/radio/listen-again/1607508000#
Neil is usually on just 11.00 on Wednesdays

303053 BuildVaccineTrust, 2, #900 of 1665 🔗

Millions of people are lining up to get Pfizer’s COVID-19 shot without being told the FDA sees a risk they will get a more severe case of COVID-19 after the initial protection fades. Testing hasn’t lasted long enough to find out. If the public isn’t warned about *all* risks now, they may not trust vaccines even if full testing demonstrates them to be safe.
The UK, US and Canadian governments provide documents for patients and health care workers explaining the vaccine. Yet as of Dec. 12th, 2020: none of those mention this important issue acknowledged by the US government only in sources most people will never read.
The non-partisan US government’s Congressional Research Service explained : “experts are concerned about the potential for vaccine enhanced disease, in which vaccination could worsen the health effects of COVID-19 infections […]. Animal studies of other coronavirus vaccines have found some potential for vaccine enhanced disease”
A medical journal says after the dengue vaccine’s initial effect faded “vaccinated children in the 2–5 year age group, were found to be nearly 8 times likely to be hospitalized for severe dengue, compared to children in the placebo group”.
The FDA’s initial review of the Pfizer and BiNTech vaccine says its makers “identified vaccine-associated enhanced disease including vaccine-associated enhanced respiratory disease as an important potential risk.” and the FDA adds “risk of vaccine-enhanced disease over time, potentially associated with waning immunity, remains unknown and needs to be evaluated further in ongoing clinical trials and in observational studies”. Unfortunately the short testing period wasn’t long enough to assess the risk.
Media in countries hit hard by COVID-19 haven’t called attention to the issue to date. In contrast a Japanese paper quoted the director of the Japanese Society of Clinical Virology: “Concerns over ADE still remain. I am an elderly person myself, but if I were asked, I would say I don’t want to get a shot.” Elsewhere he explained : “In the past, a dengue vaccine proved effective in tests and was widely used, but then it worsened symptoms for people who were still getting infected.”. A leading professor of Immunology testified to Japan’s House of Representatives: “There’s no doubt that their effectiveness is quite high, but their safety is not guaranteed at all”.
Hopefully continued testing will discover COVID-19 vaccines are safe over the long run, but they don’t understand COVID-19 well enough to predict that. More info at BuildVaccineTrust.com

303060 Janice21, replying to Janice21, 40, #901 of 1665 🔗

Covid really is one of a kind disease.

My daughter developed chicken pox on Thursday and the incubation period before she can return to creche is 10 days or until the blisters crust over so she is no longer contagious. Obviously keep her away from other kids and pregnant women in the mean time but we aren’t under house arrest with her and she can see adult family members.
Also, we have not a clue how she got it, the creche have had no pox cases since they re-opened in July, so she picked it up somehow.

My otherwise healthy Great Grandmother passed away from pneumonia in 2005 aged 103 whilst still living in her farm house. Prior to this it was common sense not to see her if you were unwell, but she contracted it regardless and sadly passed away from it. No one was to blame for killing her and bringing that disease to her.

No doubt Coronavirus can be lethal but the hype around it is pure insanity. Are we always going to be treated like lepers?
And as for that wee piece of shit Hancock starting a new scaremongering trail banging on about a new strain…..he needs a smack!

303068 ▶▶ Julian, replying to Janice21, 7, #902 of 1665 🔗

It’s primarily a psychological disorder – hopefully transient

303073 ▶▶ Gerry Mandarin, replying to Janice21, 11, #903 of 1665 🔗

Surely a pox party is in order so they all get it now and are protected for life.

303079 ▶▶▶ Janice21, replying to Gerry Mandarin, 8, #904 of 1665 🔗

Well funny you say that, a friend has been messaging asking if they can bring their child here so they get it, she wants it sooner rather than later!
I didnt get pox myself until I was 15 and it was rough, I was fairly ill in bed for almost 2 weeks.

303088 ▶▶▶▶ leggy, replying to Janice21, 3, #905 of 1665 🔗

I had it in my mid 20s. It was horrendous. The most ill I’ve even been in my life. Literally laid up with a bottle of Eurax for a month. I caught it off my 3 year old daughter. She had it very mild. Oddly, I think I gave it back to her as 2 weeks later, she had it again, a little worse. I’d encourage pox parties for everyone!

303114 ▶▶▶▶▶ calchas, replying to leggy, #906 of 1665 🔗

I had it when I was 5. It was nothing really.

303118 ▶▶▶▶▶ Alan P, replying to leggy, 3, #907 of 1665 🔗

Got it in my very late 30’s. Had worse flu 3 years later. We wuz tuff in dem dayz!

303137 ▶▶▶▶ mjr, replying to Janice21, #908 of 1665 🔗

i had it in middle age. wasnt that ill but the pox in so many embarrassing places …. so itchy !!

303498 ▶▶▶▶ dhid, replying to Janice21, 1, #909 of 1665 🔗

I was 18 months old when I got it in Sept 1961.
I don’t remember it funnily enough……….

Edit – Oh no! Now you know what an old git I am!

303151 ▶▶▶ Silke David, replying to Gerry Mandarin, 1, #910 of 1665 🔗

I had it aged 9, just before summer holidays. Had quite high fever and lots of spots. Just after my fever stopped, we went on holiday. My sister had a jab of antibiotics(?) so she would not get it as bad. Passed it on to another family in the complex, with the 2 year old getting very sick!
Luckily in those days (1980) we had not heard about suing/compensation. These days the mother of the toddler, who was on holiday with 3 children by herself, would have screamed “murderers” at us.

303174 ▶▶▶ Fingerache Philip., replying to Gerry Mandarin, 2, #911 of 1665 🔗

I had CP when I was 14 and I had blisters in places I didn’t know that I had, even on the soles of my feet and inside my ears and I lost a stone in weight.

303427 ▶▶▶▶ Janice21, replying to Fingerache Philip., 4, #912 of 1665 🔗

Yes I had it in many places on my body, even my eyelids. Still have scars from it. I also lost a severe amount of weight as they were in my mouth and throat so eating was difficult.

303148 ▶▶ Will, replying to Janice21, 3, #913 of 1665 🔗

And to think people used to organise toddler chicken pox parties. I wish I had caught it as a toddler rather than bring scarred by it as a 12 year old. Chicken pox is actually considerably more dangerous for children, especially the immuno compromised/ suppressed, than covid.

303160 ▶▶▶ Bella Donna, replying to Will, 3, #914 of 1665 🔗

As children we were mixed with other children who had measles and chicken pox it is what was done back in the day, that’s how you built up immunity by socialising!

303157 ▶▶ Bella Donna, replying to Janice21, 4, #915 of 1665 🔗

Influenza can be lethal, loneliness can kill too!

303167 ▶▶ Victoria, replying to Janice21, 1, #916 of 1665 🔗

L-Lysine is very effective in reducing / healing the blisters; reduce itching and minimise the chance of scarring (when scratching the blisters).

Open capsule and mix with a drop or 2 of juice

303224 ▶▶ The Rule of Pricks, replying to Janice21, 1, #917 of 1665 🔗

How many people know that there is a vaccination against chicken pox. Its been around for years and is fully tested to the point that in some countries (Germany to name one I believe) that it is routinely given as part of the childhood vaccination programme.

Ask your GP or any other NHS ‘hero’ and they will pretend it doesnt exist. You have to get it privately.

Chicken pox can be very nasty, especially for adults, and have serious side effects, particularly for boys.

So why have we never had a media frenzy demanding compulsory vaccination, ‘health passports’ etc for this rather than the attempt to keep it if not secret but certainly unavailable on the NHS.

303326 ▶▶▶ p02099003, replying to The Rule of Pricks, #918 of 1665 🔗

Are you sure you mean chicken pox? Mumps in adult males can cause sterility.
Chicken pox does not mix well with pregnant women or neonates. If a person has had chicken pox then they can develop shingles (identified by a chicken pox type rash on one (vertical) half of the body). If children have chicken pox when they are younger or only have a mild form then they can develop shingles (I’ve seen 9/10 year olds with shingles). There is a shingles vaccine for the over 70’s. The chicken pox vaccine is available

It is recommended for certain individuals, such as:

  • non-immune healthcare workers
  • people who come into close contact with someone who has a weakened immune system
303362 ▶▶▶▶ Winston Smith, replying to p02099003, #919 of 1665 🔗

I had a child with cerebral lesions with Chicken Pox, they died.

303429 ▶▶▶ Janice21, replying to The Rule of Pricks, #920 of 1665 🔗

I only knew there was a vaccine for it last week from a friend who lives in southern Ireland, they have the vaccine here. Interesting that we dont have it in the UK!

303304 ▶▶ Crystal Decanter, replying to Janice21, 2, #921 of 1665 🔗

Glandular fever can be brutal
Knew someone who was sick with it for 2 years
nobody screeched “long glandular”

303063 JanMasarykMunich, 9, #922 of 1665 🔗

“This struggle may be a moral one, or it may be a physical one, and it may be both moral and physical, but it must be a struggle. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them, and these will continue till they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.”
~ Frederick Douglas, 1857

303066 Sir Patrick Vaccine, replying to Sir Patrick Vaccine, 8, #923 of 1665 🔗

Dear LD
“I CAN’T KEEP DOING THIS”: Doctor pleads for review of data during COVID-19 Senate hearing

Melbourne GP says Ivermectin treatment is ‘very effective’

303181 ▶▶ PoshPanic, replying to Sir Patrick Vaccine, 3, #924 of 1665 🔗

The evidence for this treatment was in review in April. Why wasn’t it given the fast track to approval then?


BTW This isn’t a link to a site for buying weed 🙂

303084 Danny, replying to Danny, 40, #925 of 1665 🔗

How far through the looking glass are we, when the leader of the opposition sees pushing the cancellation of xmas as a winning platform?
This is past insanity now.

303094 ▶▶ Paulus, replying to Danny, 17, #926 of 1665 🔗

Is there an opposition? Must have missed that one!

303098 ▶▶ Basics, replying to Danny, 12, #927 of 1665 🔗

Leader? Opposition? Ooh my sides.

303087 Achilles, replying to Achilles, 52, #928 of 1665 🔗

It’s not a new strain of Coronavirus really is it Matt? It’s a new strain of fear that you’re trying to infect people with because people were starting to become immune to the old strains.

303147 ▶▶ DRW, replying to Achilles, 8, #929 of 1665 🔗

Plus the long covid rubbish was getting old.

303193 ▶▶ RickH, replying to Achilles, 4, #930 of 1665 🔗

Indeed – just keep your eye out for the new variants to start emerging after Christmas.

Could be a parlour game – ‘Guess the next mythical beast’.

303364 ▶▶ Crystal Decanter, replying to Achilles, #931 of 1665 🔗

If only they actually know how many Coronaviruses there were in the wild to begin with

303096 Basics, replying to Basics, 6, #932 of 1665 🔗

Perhaps already posted

Big Brother Watch
Police cars revolving lightExtraordinary + welcome return to rationality by Vaccines Minister today:

“Mandating vaccinations is discriminatory & completely wrong. I, like
, urge businesses listening to this today not to even think about this. We’ve absolutely no plans for vaccine passports”

Short video of houses of parliament speech by tory gov vaccine guy zahawi


303143 ▶▶ Will, replying to Basics, 11, #933 of 1665 🔗

The government needs to be clear that it will be as illegal to discriminate on the basis of vaccination status as it is to discriminate on the basis of race.

303188 ▶▶▶ Darryl, replying to Will, 1, #934 of 1665 🔗

They won’t, because the system has become completely corrupt and owned by the interests of the wealthy elite and global multinationals.

The whole scam going on in the mainstream fake news media is to convinced the public that lockdown sceptics and people not rushing to have a Covid 19 vaccine are either far left or far right wing extremists, so that they are easy to punish and discriminate against. Of course it is completely untrue that we are ‘domestic terrorists’ but they have the Ministry of Propaganda (BBC) and other wings of the state to convince people otherwise.

303100 alw, replying to alw, 18, #935 of 1665 🔗
303158 ▶▶ PoshPanic, replying to alw, 4, #936 of 1665 🔗

Just when you need a boost, someone here provides…thank you!

303168 ▶▶ JHuntz, replying to alw, 2, #937 of 1665 🔗

Im going to start using this. What a great term to get trending.

303124 Just about sane, replying to Just about sane, 7, #938 of 1665 🔗

Well the wee witch fae the north canny see green cheese gon past her. Translation Her Highness of the person allowed an opinion in Scotland cannot see the the UK government aka hancock declare a mutant of this virus, now she can cheerily tell her underlings that there have been 9 cases in Scotland, all in Glasgow.

Today is not a good day to leave home, the amount of masked unhappy Scots in tesco both outside in the car park and me the solitary smiling face, all rather depressing no one smiled back today.

The English turd has certainly scared the Scots and the wee witch will have sealed the deal.

303190 ▶▶ RickH, replying to Just about sane, 2, #939 of 1665 🔗

I don’t think Wee Krankie needed much help – she was perfectly happy to adapt the technique for her own use.

303126 Basics, 4, #940 of 1665 🔗

Posted below.

303129 Liam, 23, #941 of 1665 🔗

Just listened to Neil Oliver’s latest on Talk Radio. He really is a fine man with a great and generous heart.

303130 pvenkman, replying to pvenkman, 11, #942 of 1665 🔗

They are going to cancel Christmas I think but not yet they need more spending in the shops then they will do it at the 11th hour.

303144 ▶▶ Bella Donna, replying to pvenkman, 22, #943 of 1665 🔗

This was already planned back in March. Christianity is in their sights now, they are going to destroy all Christian religious festivities as well as our lifestyles. Anyone still thinking this evil government cares about them is seriously deluded.

303172 ▶▶▶ Stephanos, replying to Bella Donna, 16, #944 of 1665 🔗

I came to the conclusion that this government was evil back in August. When I first said this people thought I was extreme. I also told my vicar that the Church of England was finished; it would however re-emerge in 2090, seventy years away. Like the exile of the Jews. Like the gap between the Russian Revolution and 1989.
I do so wish I did not need to be so pessimistic and some days I think that this will all blow over.
To misquote Lord Grey of Falloden: ‘The song is being silenced throughout the Church; we shall not hear it again in our lifetime’.
I said in August that this government was evil. I now say that it is satanic.

303177 ▶▶▶ Darryl, replying to Bella Donna, 8, #945 of 1665 🔗

They certainly don’t care about religions, which is what surprises me about how religious people and their leaders have abandoned their beliefs to follow the often bizarre state Covid rituals like Masking, Distancing and NHS worship.

The global elite seem to follow their own strange rituals at gatherings like Bohemian Grove.

303186 ▶▶▶ RickH, replying to Bella Donna, 4, #946 of 1665 🔗

I don’t think they have ‘Christianity’ in their sights – it’s just another piece of collateral damage.

As a neutral observer, what I see is a hierarchy falling over itself to damage the framework of normal Christian observance. The evidence of resistance to the impositions is weak, to say the least – and that hierarchy has a lot of establishment clout.

303281 ▶▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to RickH, 2, #947 of 1665 🔗

They’re just undermining anything that encourages social gathering. Organised religion falls into that category. Mosques and temples have been just as restricted as churches.
However, while the local Muslims called to see if I needed any help or food parcels, there hasn’t been a squeak from the local Christians.

303380 ▶▶▶▶▶ Two-Six, replying to Cheezilla, #948 of 1665 🔗

Good point, they are still Evil.

303262 ▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to Bella Donna, 2, #949 of 1665 🔗

Well they squashed Eid and Diwali this year.

303150 ▶▶ Janice21, replying to pvenkman, 3, #950 of 1665 🔗

Yeah, Covid doesn’t follow money, just family gatherings.

303200 ▶▶▶ alw, replying to Janice21, 1, #951 of 1665 🔗

No one is listening anymore. People will do as they please.

303283 ▶▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to alw, 2, #952 of 1665 🔗

Many will but not all, unfortunately.

303462 ▶▶ Cranmer, replying to pvenkman, 1, #953 of 1665 🔗

I think they will cancel Christmas – but it’s possible this will do more harm to their cause than they think. If they had announced a ban on Christmas back in, say, October, most people would have grumbled and accepted it. But they specifically allowed it. If they now go back on that, people will be more annoyed than if they had never ‘allowed’ it in the first place. It’s like telling a kid you’re going to take him to Disneyland then changing your mind.

303139 Bella Donna, replying to Bella Donna, 22, #954 of 1665 🔗

We’ve just got back from a 5 hour round trip to Leicester and back to visit mother in law in a care home, now in tier 3. We were allotted a space near the back stairs enough to put 2 chairs and a small table sectioned off with glass and mother was brought in a wheelchair and sat the other side of the glass. There was no heating and was exceptionally difficult to hear her made even worse because she said she didn’t have her hearing aid in! She was pleased to see us, I hadn’t seen her since February, she said she was OK at her age, nearly 98, she doesn’t expect much excitement! I felt so very sorry for her, she wont be able to spend Christmas with her daughter and her family this year as they’ve changed their car and there is not room for her and the wheelchair! The home has just discovered she has a broken hip, she fell out of bed some months ago and they’ve only just noticed one leg is now shorter than the other so spends a lot of time in a wheelchair. She said it doesn’t give her any pain but she said she doesn’t want an operation because she doubts she would come out of hospital alive! All in all a thoroughly depressing visit!

303152 ▶▶ PoshPanic, replying to Bella Donna, 21, #955 of 1665 🔗

That’s awful. I hope she at least manages to have some form of humanity over Christmas.
I’m now getting increasingly angry at this minority of extreme zealots, who are making most of the noise. These fuckers don’t care about anybody elses lives apart from there own, along with the cabinet and Sage lunatics.
They need to be called for what they all are, murderers.

303165 ▶▶▶ Fingerache Philip., replying to PoshPanic, 7, #956 of 1665 🔗

We will have our revenge, one way or another.

303161 ▶▶ Winston Smith, replying to Bella Donna, 5, #957 of 1665 🔗

I would’ve hurt somebody 😡

303164 ▶▶ alw, replying to Bella Donna, 11, #958 of 1665 🔗

I am so sorry to hear. Having worked in Social Care would advise you to report to CQC and local authority. She should have been sent to hospital as a matter of routine after such a fall, Covid or not. Home needs investigation. Too much swept under carpet at moment.

303175 ▶▶ Dan Clarke, replying to Bella Donna, 6, #959 of 1665 🔗

Tragic and inhumane, behind glass, like a criminal. Hope the criminals endorsing this get what they deserve before long

303191 ▶▶ alw, replying to Bella Donna, 10, #960 of 1665 🔗

I should have added that it is requirement that homes notify a relative when a resident has a fall.

303166 Barney McGrew, replying to Barney McGrew, 18, #961 of 1665 🔗

Combine new “variants” with cats harbouring the disease and the Denmark mink phenomenon and you are a hair’s breadth from saying that it is perfectly logical that domestic pets should be culled. The suggestion should be put to the Covidians to see how far they are prepared to go with this. The thought of little Timmy’s puppy being put down might just make them realise the implications of the BS they’re spouting.

303189 ▶▶ kenadams, replying to Barney McGrew, 9, #962 of 1665 🔗

I really hope they try to cull pet dogs. That might actually be the tipping point.

But even they aren’t that stupid, and would never suggest it, unfortunately.

303203 ▶▶▶ Les Tricoteuses, replying to kenadams, 5, #963 of 1665 🔗

But we should push them to deny it.

303267 ▶▶▶ penelope pitstop, replying to kenadams, 2, #964 of 1665 🔗

agree – i said this some months ago that the only way for the brainless masses to wake up is to sacrifice their pets. I do like animals btw and wouldn’t wish this on any animal but maybe just the threat of disposing of pets would scare the stupid into action!

303441 ▶▶▶▶ Cranmer, replying to penelope pitstop, 2, #965 of 1665 🔗

I believe there are a number of things that will wake up the masses:

  1. Withdrawal of benefits/government hand outs/furlough payments etc
  2. Problems with food supply, including the closure of takeaways – most people can’t cook
  3. A cull of pets
  4. Separation of immediate families, particulary the separation of children from parents
  5. Loss of TV and related entertainment services
  6. Financial collapse/hyperinflation
  7. Collapse of the NHS
303495 ▶▶▶▶▶ The Filthy Engineer, replying to Cranmer, #966 of 1665 🔗

The NHS wouldn’t collapse, it can’t collapse. See point 6. Funding the NHS would drive hyperinflation through more borrowing.

The NHS is the new religion.

303293 ▶▶▶ Crystal Decanter, replying to kenadams, #967 of 1665 🔗

rations would have an army of tubbies on the streets as well

303777 ▶▶▶ Steve, replying to kenadams, #968 of 1665 🔗

To paraphrase Pastor Niemoller “First, they came for the Guinea Pigs and Pet Rabbits….

303212 ▶▶ Nobody2020, replying to Barney McGrew, 4, #969 of 1665 🔗

Just needs a Ferguson/Imperial model to show how quickly it would spread and voila, pet purge.

303223 ▶▶▶ Will, replying to Nobody2020, 6, #970 of 1665 🔗

That is exactly what the c’nt did with Foot and mouth, endorsed by King and Blair. Ten million healthy animals smouldered away before someone accepted the emperor hadn’t any clothes on.

303247 ▶▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to Will, 3, #971 of 1665 🔗

That was to allow Big Ag – and particularly the seed producers – to take over a large chunk of British livestock farming.

303243 ▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to Barney McGrew, 2, #972 of 1665 🔗

Given how stupid the general public has proven itself to be please don’t put ideas about culling cats into their heads. A dog will stay indoors with you quite happily but to have to quarantine my cat to protect him from zealous idiots would be extremely cruel.

303491 ▶▶▶ Barney McGrew, replying to Cheezilla, #973 of 1665 🔗

I don’t want it to happen, obviously, but these people are currently destroying people’s lives safe in the knowledge that it won’t affect them (yet, but they’re not perceptive enough to realise that there’s a ‘yet’). If there’s anything that is likely to jolt a Brit out their complacency, it is the idea that their virtue signalling is leading inexorably to a man in a hazmat suit with burly police on either side knocking on the door demanding for them to hand over Tibbles, whereupon he puts a ***** *** gas cylinder ** *** **** skull and ****** the *******, then hands the lifeless body with an invoice for the service back to them.

303173 Margaret, replying to Margaret, 7, #974 of 1665 🔗

Mark Harper (@Mark_J_Harper) Tweeted: 💬 The Christmas household rules were explicitly approved by the House of Commons.

So it is only right that, if the Govt were to seek to change them, that must also be approved by a vote in the House of Commons in advance – Parliament must not be bypassed 👇 https://t.co/X1MmXXHzmE

303205 ▶▶ alw, replying to Margaret, 3, #975 of 1665 🔗

Disgraceful. What is the point of Parliament then?

303231 ▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to Margaret, #976 of 1665 🔗

Deputy Speaker: “The Ministers have taken that power …..”


303273 ▶▶▶ Margaret, replying to Cheezilla, #977 of 1665 🔗


303184 Dan Clarke, replying to Dan Clarke, 13, #978 of 1665 🔗

It appears to be the environmentalists who are at the bottom of this, and Fear (Covid) is allowing it to happen. 7 billion people destroying what they see as their planet, they are mad brain washed zealots, and will destroy lives to achieve their goals.

303275 ▶▶ Biker, replying to Dan Clarke, 2, #979 of 1665 🔗

but the science shows the ice is melting and we’re all doomed

303192 mikewaite, replying to mikewaite, 3, #980 of 1665 🔗

It is now almost a week since the vaccination programme started with much ballyhoo and the media displaying numerous photos of the celebrities fighting to be amongst the first to be jabbed .Since then I have seen no indication that any of them have been vaccinated . However that maybe because I refuse to watch or listen to the BBC news and most papers are paywalled and unreadable without a subscription (fair enough – if you want a service or product you should pay for it).
Does anyone know if the pro-lockdown, pro- jab fanatics in the entertainment or media world have actually walked the walk, or was it just talk?

303220 ▶▶ EssieSW, replying to mikewaite, 9, #981 of 1665 🔗

Not that I am aware of. If anything, it seems like this week the vaccine has not been mentioned much, what with London going into tier 3 yesterday taking most of the headlines and discussion and today all the talk of the Christmas ‘rules’ being reviewed.

I may just be being overly suspicious, but are ‘they’ trying to shift the focus off of vaccines for a reason? Such as the roll out not going well, or perhaps more adverse reactions being reported?

303423 ▶▶▶ Cranmer, replying to EssieSW, 4, #982 of 1665 🔗

My guess is they know the take-up for the vaccine is going to be poor because of widespread suspicion of its inefficacy or actual harmfulness – NHS staff have apparently already been put further down the list for it. I suspect the plan now is to increase fear of the ‘new variant’ which will require us to be in lockdown longer, and which will need another vaccine; or, the vaccine was always just ‘hopium’ to get lockdown compliance for longer (in order to facilitate the Great Reset or similar) and was never intended to work.

303239 ▶▶ Kev, replying to mikewaite, #983 of 1665 🔗

Prue Leith, although you did say Celebrity!

303195 steve_w, replying to steve_w, 5, #984 of 1665 🔗


3 ways to measure covid deaths – all with their own problems. each massively overestimates what are essentially deaths of old age and some brining forward of deaths by a few months

I would measure life years lost and divide by the average time anyone has got left

303215 ▶▶ kenadams, replying to steve_w, 4, #985 of 1665 🔗

There is a way of doing this, called Quality Adjusted Life Years (QALY). It was how, before Covid, we used to allocate health spending in the most fair way possible to provide the highest benefit possible to the most number of people.

Some people have conducted QALY assessments of lockdowns vs covid. Even one when they assumed that the ICL prediction of 500,000 deaths was correct and that lockdowns stopped 450,000 of them, they still had the lockdowns costing more QALYs than they saved! Some of the more accurate assessments came up with something like 125x worse for QALY for lockdowns versus doing nothing.

303242 ▶▶▶ JHuntz, replying to kenadams, #986 of 1665 🔗

Do you have the source for this would really appreciate it?

303258 ▶▶▶▶ steve_w, replying to JHuntz, #987 of 1665 🔗


conclusion- if recession worse than 2008 then more lives lost due to lockdown than ‘saved’

303305 ▶▶▶▶▶ JHuntz, replying to steve_w, #988 of 1665 🔗

thank you!

303306 ▶▶▶▶ kenadams, replying to JHuntz, #989 of 1665 🔗

Sorry, just going by memory. It definitely was calculated, though. it makes sense because 95% of people who ‘die of covid’ are within a few months of dying of something else anyway. Whereas cancer etc that is going up due to lockdowns often affects young people who are otherwise healthy.

303245 ▶▶▶ steve_w, replying to kenadams, #990 of 1665 🔗

I think that was the Bristol paper I read back in March. It was convincing then – more so now we know the deaths prediction was 10x over (as usual for Ferguson) and the QALYs lost each death is negligible

303197 Cheezilla, replying to Cheezilla, 4, #991 of 1665 🔗

Looking altogether too smug about this!

Michael Gove to hold urgent Christmas bubble call with First Ministers comment image ?imwidth=1240

303204 ▶▶ mikewaite, replying to Cheezilla, 2, #992 of 1665 🔗

Not wearing a mask? Naughty chair for you Mr Gove.

303217 ▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to mikewaite, 4, #993 of 1665 🔗

He’s outside. That’s the only good thing about the photo.

303424 ▶▶▶ Old Bill, replying to mikewaite, #994 of 1665 🔗

Couldn’t he (and the rest of them) be photographed in outer space without a mask on – that’s outside isn’t it?

303330 ▶▶ charleyfarley, replying to Cheezilla, 3, #995 of 1665 🔗

Why do these polititians smile when the country is on its knees? Don’t they care? (Rhetorical question).

303370 ▶▶ Locked down and out, replying to Cheezilla, 4, #996 of 1665 🔗

Smug on steroids. Is it only me or are there others that cannot stand the sight of Gove and his odd mannerisms and totally insincere praise for others?

303486 ▶▶ dhid, replying to Cheezilla, #997 of 1665 🔗

Perhaps he’s gone back to old habits and now has a numb nose……
Utter twat that he is!

303198 Kev, replying to Kev, 28, #998 of 1665 🔗

If the government advised people to walk backwards, whilst wearing a mask, as a means to protect themselves, and “others”, how many idiots would actually do it I wonder?

I have an incredibly dim view of the people of this Country – present company excepted, I thought we had more about us than this! How wrong I was.

My level of disgust with most politicians and the MSM is off the scale.

303202 ▶▶ Fingerache Philip., replying to Kev, 10, #999 of 1665 🔗

And don’t forget to paint your left kneecap Purple and wear a traffic cone on your head.

303208 ▶▶▶ vargas99, replying to Fingerache Philip., 5, #1000 of 1665 🔗

I’m just to about to sign a deal with the D of T for 300m traffic cones! bargain at £400m.

303251 ▶▶▶▶ PoshPanic, replying to vargas99, #1001 of 1665 🔗

Cheaper than disposable gowns!

303320 ▶▶▶▶ Fingerache Philip., replying to vargas99, #1002 of 1665 🔗

What about Purple paint?

303328 ▶▶▶▶▶ vargas99, replying to Fingerache Philip., 1, #1003 of 1665 🔗

That’s yours if you want it FP?

303353 ▶▶▶ PatrickF, replying to Fingerache Philip., 1, #1004 of 1665 🔗

New virus alert: Conevid 20

303411 ▶▶▶ Old Bill, replying to Fingerache Philip., 2, #1005 of 1665 🔗

Traffic cones! WTF will they do!

Only, ONLY flower pots work.

Don’t you know you flower pot deniers are KILLING people, DESTROYING the economy and WRECKING lives. I could scream and scream until I am sick at flower pot deniers.

303211 ▶▶ DRW, replying to Kev, 1, #1006 of 1665 🔗

90% of my former colleagues would be virtue-partying over it for weeks.

303199 Fingerache Philip., replying to Fingerache Philip., 8, #1007 of 1665 🔗

Franklin D Roosevelt said that “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”.
Why don’t the collaborating sheep realise that!!!

303214 ▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to Fingerache Philip., 7, #1008 of 1665 🔗

Where shall I start …..?

Incidentally, I’ve just cancelled my subs to the DT.
It asked “Was it something we said?” but unfortunately didn’t give anywhere to reply.

303221 ▶▶▶ nickbowes, replying to Cheezilla, 6, #1009 of 1665 🔗

In short, the Global Health Security Team !

303207 John Stitch non stop dancer, 6, #1010 of 1665 🔗

I have I informed my agencies and Clinical settings I will be working as I was this time last year and previous years.If they dont like it they can fuck off.Answer can you work tomorrow?.

303209 Cheezilla, replying to Cheezilla, 7, #1011 of 1665 🔗

This morning chief secretary to the Treasury Steve Barclay admitted the festive window was under review, which was later confirmed by Downing Street, but not when that review might be concluded.

The bastards wouldn’t dare pull a last-minute-ban stunt – would they??

303240 ▶▶ Tyneside Tigress, replying to Cheezilla, 2, #1012 of 1665 🔗

Yes, I’m pretty sure I heard on Sky over lunchtime, ‘they’ will wait till next week.

303253 ▶▶ Leemc23, replying to Cheezilla, 2, #1013 of 1665 🔗

Do you think it’s conceivable that an elected Government would mandate that healthy people are locked up in their own homes and force them to avoid seeing friends and family for better part of 2020. Do you think against that reality they will care that your Turkey feeds 6-10 and there are only 3 of you ?

You are far better off assuming that having your family over for Christmas will make you a criminal. Mr Jellyfish and his gang don’t have any resistance to the onslaught of nonsense so better to assume Christmas is off.

303356 ▶▶ matt, replying to Cheezilla, 2, #1014 of 1665 🔗

The pattern is consistent:
Government says “we will do X”
Scientists (including the ones on the government payroll) brief against the government
Media starts shouting
Minister confirms that they have no plans to change their minds
Media shouts more and says government is under “increasing pressure” to change their minds
Government reviews policy
Government changes their mind

303406 ▶▶ Cranmer, replying to Cheezilla, #1015 of 1665 🔗

My guess is the mysterious polls of public opinion show a majority of people are too scared to visit relations at Christmas, even if they are ‘allowed’ to, so the government is getting moist at the thought of a total ban.

303230 ▶▶ JHuntz, replying to nickbowes, 12, #1017 of 1665 🔗

I can confirm I still have a backbone and a pair of balls but it appears the majority of the population do not.

303232 ▶▶ godowneasy, replying to nickbowes, 4, #1018 of 1665 🔗

So that’s what COVID-bollocks means.

303270 ▶▶▶ PoshPanic, replying to godowneasy, #1019 of 1665 🔗


303248 ▶▶ Will, replying to nickbowes, 1, #1020 of 1665 🔗

This explains a lot about Johnson’s behaviour since he was hospitalised. On the plus side, maybe it will mean he won’t have such an issue remembering how many children he has fathered if he can’t have any more.

303260 ▶▶ arfurmo, replying to nickbowes, 2, #1021 of 1665 🔗

So the virus steriles the men and the vaccine the women?

303271 ▶▶▶ Biker, replying to arfurmo, 2, #1022 of 1665 🔗

It’s almost like it was designed for that very reason.

303269 ▶▶ Biker, replying to nickbowes, 4, #1023 of 1665 🔗

fuck, with the size of my testicles it’s gonna hurt

303284 ▶▶ PoshPanic, replying to nickbowes, #1024 of 1665 🔗

Are they having a laugh?

while control patients were 71, 78 and 80

303218 Chess nut, 12, #1025 of 1665 🔗

Been for a blood test at a large clinic in town. Only one without a mask but i’m used to that from work to food shopping. Half the clinic is in full vaccine roll out with staff everywhere. Was enjoying myself watching the masked morons repeatedly shouting to each other in order to be heard when i overheard a Doctor ( she had a high vis coat on emblazoned DOCTOR on back) hard selling the vaccine to an elderly woman in wheelchair. Basically she was in for some other appointment but after a few minutes of the hard sell she agreed to vaccine. Within a shot another Doc was out with clipboard getting details. This woman was on her own, nearly 91. If these Docs ever need a job in the future they’ll make a fortune selling double glazing or insurance. You can see why the National Socialists offered the camp arrivals a nice hot shower.

303225 awildgoose, replying to awildgoose, 6, #1026 of 1665 🔗
303226 ▶▶ godowneasy, replying to awildgoose, 3, #1027 of 1665 🔗

wrong place…

303229 ▶▶ Dan Clarke, replying to awildgoose, 7, #1028 of 1665 🔗


303589 ▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to awildgoose, #1029 of 1665 🔗

Here we go again. That useless twat has been the death of London.

303227 Sarigan, replying to Sarigan, 6, #1030 of 1665 🔗

South Africa now attacking anything that people may enjoy. I was there this time last year 🙁

Last night, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced some measures to curb the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic, as South Africa has officially entered the second wave of infections. South Africa will remain on alert Level One, according to the risk adjusted framework, however, with stricter enforcement on the restrictions. These restrictions include: -The reinstatement of the curfew from 23h00 and 04h00 daily -Non-essential businesses, restaurants and bars must close at 22h00 to allow time for staff and patrons to travel back to their overnight accommodation to meet the 23h00 curfew -The number of attendees at gatherings has been lowered to 100 for indoor events and 250 for outdoor events. All venues must not exceed 50% of their maximum capacity -A differentiated approach has been adopted with regards to the regulation of beaches and national parks. For all areas with high infections which include the entire Eastern Cape and The Garden Route, beaches will be closed from 16 December 2020 until 3 January 2021 -KwaZulu-Natal beaches will be closed on traditionally busy days which include 16,25,26 & 31 December 2020 as well as 1,2 & 3 January 2021. Beaches in the Northern Cape and the Western Cape will remain open throughout the festive season. Festivals, live music events and concerts at beaches are prohibited – National and Provincial Parks, where all safety measures are in place, may remain open – The sale of alcohol from retail outlets will only be permitted between 10h00 and 18h00 from Monday to Thursday. Wineries and wine estates may open for wine tasting and purchases during the normal licensed hours for off-site consumption, due to their economic and tourism impact.

303237 ▶▶ alw, replying to Sarigan, 9, #1031 of 1665 🔗

Land so my birth, completely destroyed by ANC and EFF. Having visited for three years now. Cry Beloved Country.

Good luck with closing beaches.

303334 ▶▶ davews, replying to Sarigan, #1032 of 1665 🔗

That seems almost reasonable restrictions, apart from the beaches. Life largely goes on.

303481 ▶▶ Mr Dee, replying to Sarigan, 1, #1033 of 1665 🔗

Those restrictions are light compared to the Welsh ones…

303228 godowneasy, replying to godowneasy, 19, #1034 of 1665 🔗

Twatter quote from The Light – Truthpaper –

“If the free-thinking non-mask wearers aren’t getting tested, that means the obedient mask wearers are the reason for the rise in cases.”

Surely that puts us in the clear. Maybe try it when next confronted by a COVID zombie.

303244 ▶▶ Tom Blackburn, replying to godowneasy, 2, #1035 of 1665 🔗

Isn’t it weird how we are the enemy yet those who actually get (and therefore spread) the virus are the victims. Topsy turvy

303261 ▶▶▶ godowneasy, replying to Tom Blackburn, 2, #1036 of 1665 🔗

That’s 2020 in a nut shell.

303233 John Galt, replying to John Galt, 2, #1037 of 1665 🔗

Is there anything to the theory that they’re taking your DNA with these covid tests? I searched online but all I could find were articles “debunking” it.. which makes me think there is something to it.

303236 ▶▶ leggy, replying to John Galt, 3, #1038 of 1665 🔗

Well they put through an SI which allows them to create a DNA and fingerprint database under the auspices of national security. Not quite sure what that has to do with Covid.

303238 ▶▶ calchas, replying to John Galt, 2, #1039 of 1665 🔗

IIf the samples are taken and stored, they yes I expect they have that sample of your DNA.

I am going to have to look it up again, but I remember reading somewhere that if you were born in the UK after 1968, then you have a blood sample stored anyway – taken after birth.

Must check!

303276 ▶▶▶ John Galt, replying to calchas, 1, #1040 of 1665 🔗

It states:

All samples are then stored at 4 celcius from individuals to enable retrieval, if retest is needed.


So you’re right, they seem to store them, though it’s tough to say for how long.

303241 ▶▶ calchas, replying to John Galt, 2, #1041 of 1665 🔗


“Millions of newborn babies have had their DNA stored by hospitals without the proper consent of their parents, it has been revealed.”

story from 2010

303268 ▶▶ John Galt, replying to John Galt, #1042 of 1665 🔗

The specific legislation that all these “debunking” articles seem to refer to, is a standalone legislation which seems to only refer to keeping them in regards to counter-terrorism:


Yet if you read the Coronavirus Act 2020 legislation itself, which also has its own section for retention of fingerprints and DNA, does it not seem like there’s more scope to retain fingerprints and DNA profiles?


It also says this:

(2)The Secretary of State may make regulations extending, for up to six months, the period for which the fingerprints and DNA profiles may be retained.

(3)The Secretary of State may exercise the power under subsection (2) only if the Secretary of State considers that—

(a)coronavirus is having, or is likely to have, an adverse effect on the capacity of persons responsible for making national security determinations to consider whether to make, or renew, national security determinations, and

(b)it is in the interests of national security to retain the fingerprints or DNA profiles.

So if they determine that it’s in the interests of national security to keep your DNA (and aren’t they classing corona as being in the interests of national security?), then they can? That’s how I read it anyway.

303246 JHuntz, replying to JHuntz, 8, #1043 of 1665 🔗

Peter Hitchens’ fiery clash with Owen Jones on lockdown and COVID-19 – YouTube

Hitchens absolutely destroys Owen. What a joy to listen to.

303256 ▶▶ kh1485, replying to JHuntz, 4, #1044 of 1665 🔗

Good to hear. Saving this for watching later this evening.

303278 ▶▶ Gerry Mandarin, replying to JHuntz, 1, #1045 of 1665 🔗

Ickle boy trying to earn some coin.

303302 ▶▶▶ JHuntz, replying to Gerry Mandarin, #1046 of 1665 🔗

yep he couldn’t go back and get an actual job. No he’ll use patreon to milk the radical left.

303335 ▶▶ Stringfellow Hawke, replying to JHuntz, 3, #1047 of 1665 🔗

I remember something a few years ago with Julia H-B & Owen Jones; Jones simply couldn’t engage with rational facts and walked out on air pretty sharpish… genuine question, has anyone ever debated him and not absolutely destroyed him?! 🙂

303417 ▶▶ DavidC, replying to JHuntz, -1, #1048 of 1665 🔗

I’m no fan of Jones but I thought Hitchens was quite rude, continuing to talk, and talk over, Jones when Jones was wanting to come back or follow through.


303887 ▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to DavidC, #1049 of 1665 🔗

Hitchens does that though. He steamrollers over Mike Graham much of the time.

303563 ▶▶ dommo, replying to JHuntz, 1, #1050 of 1665 🔗

a lobotomised gerbil would destroy “owen” – on a bad day

303254 Mutineer, replying to Mutineer, 20, #1051 of 1665 🔗

I’ve needed a hip replacement for some time and arranged to have it privately. It was cancelled as the glorious NHS commandeered private facilities, even though not using them. Obviously, I wanted to get it done before vaccinations are enforced. I finally got a date – 19th Jan- and told the consultant I wouldn’t have a nose swab as I’ve had previous nasal surgery and lots of scar tissue. He said a throat swab would be ok. I felt so uneasy I rang both the hospital and his secretary and nobody seemed to think it was a problem. Today I had to make an appointment for pre-op consultation and mentioned it again. Nobody knew. I finally rang and said I needed absolute confirmation that a nose swab wasn’t mandatory. I was phoned by an officious woman who said, basically, ‘No nose swab, no surgery’. Now I doubt it will ever get done. I suppose they felt that, if they got me to the pre-op stage it would be too late to argue and I would just acquiesce. I asked if they would cover treatment for any nasal damage but it would be at ‘my own risk’. Now it’s going to be a formal complaint. I’ve made an appointment with a different hospital but it will probably be the same everywhere. Hysteria over flu. Just flu.

303282 ▶▶ John Galt, replying to Mutineer, 5, #1052 of 1665 🔗

That’s awful. I’d wondered what would happen if I had to get medical attention and I refused a COVID test. What if I was near death and I refused a test? Would they refuse to treat me and leave me to die?

303885 ▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to John Galt, #1053 of 1665 🔗

After this year, I wouldn’t be surprosed, Callousness has replaced humanity in establishment circles.

303309 ▶▶ Lockdown_Lunacy, replying to Mutineer, 4, #1054 of 1665 🔗

Interesting, I also have a completely busted nose and had wondered what they would say if I objected to a nasal swab. Well now I know.

303332 ▶▶ Stringfellow Hawke, replying to Mutineer, 4, #1055 of 1665 🔗

Sorry to hear that. However, you are absolutely right to make a formal complaint. Two points:
1) There was a video posted some time ago re: some legalese. Under the Nuremberg Code, (6) forced medical interventions are illegal . They can ask permission to undertake [temperature checks, swabs] but are not supposed to disadvantage you receiving equal treatment [service, entry to premises, or whatever] if you politely decline.
2) If the hospital claims a PCR test will ‘keep everyone safe’ I would suggest you are well within your rights to request absolute proof – suspect they are on seriously dodgy legal ground, seeing as AG’s FOIA (and many other sources, inc. Prof Pollock interviewed on the BBC, & various other Gov documentation) has specifically said PCR alone is not proof of an infectious individual.

303448 ▶▶ Telpin, replying to Mutineer, 3, #1056 of 1665 🔗

What happened to ‘ first do no harm’

303255 godowneasy, 6, #1057 of 1665 🔗

2020: The Year we Lost the Plot – good article by Rob Slane of theblogmire, the first of a five part series that will later be published in Conservative Woman. If you haven’t come across him before, he wrote extensively on the “Salisbury Poisonings”. Interesting now that mutant covid is being reviewed in Porton Down…..

Favourite extract:
In the real world, the only thing that got controlled this year was not a virus, but people. That all went off spiffingly, or spaffingly as Comrade Johnson might put it. People were suppressed, people were controlled, people were — you might say — owned. And by and large they acquiesced in putting their hand to this National Suicide Plan.

303257 Basileus, replying to Basileus, 4, #1058 of 1665 🔗

Daily Mail Article:
Christmas in jeopardy? Ministers discuss tightening festive rules after Matt Hancock raised the alarm about new Covid strain – but experts say UK should keep ‘calm and rational’ about ‘normal virus evolution’
Read the comments.

303301 ▶▶ JHuntz, replying to Basileus, 1, #1059 of 1665 🔗

calm and rational hahaha

303331 ▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to Basileus, 1, #1060 of 1665 🔗

Over the past few weeks a few of the UK PCR testing labs have picked up on this new variant.

Hmm, funny how it was only announced yesterday!

303396 ▶▶▶ Kev, replying to Cheezilla, 7, #1061 of 1665 🔗

I seriously doubt the PCR test is able to differentiate new variant strains, its basically testing for the presence of mRNA material, its not sequencing the entire SARS-COV2 Genome, I read its about 30,000 nucloetides.

My understanding is its not able to differentiate between any Coronovirus (Common Cold etc), and maybe not any virus at all, just mere presence, but also dependent on Ct.

Sounds like an oven ready excuse to take Christmas away if the evil twins and SAGE scare Boris shitless again.

303263 NickR, replying to NickR, 4, #1062 of 1665 🔗

Back on the thorny issue of who are these people being admitted to hospital? From: https://www.england.nhs.uk/statistics/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2020/12/Covid-Publication-10-12-2020.xlsx you can see who was ‘admitted’ with a pre-existing diagnosis and who was already an in-patient when diagnosed.
75% of all covid patients were diagnosed when already an inpatient in a hospital!

303303 ▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to NickR, -1, #1063 of 1665 🔗

A lot of asymptomatic spreaders about, it would seem.

303341 ▶▶ mhcp, replying to NickR, 1, #1064 of 1665 🔗

It also means they were only swabbed for Covid and not for flu unless they were severely ill with a respiratory disease, if the previous form was followed.

So not only is the reported Covid a farce there is no context at all.

It appears to be purely political game of numbers to, I suspect, keep the money spigot open for the Special Friends of the Government.

303264 richard riewer, replying to richard riewer, 2, #1065 of 1665 🔗

Nero fiddled while Rome burned. What will Boris’s legacy be?

303277 ▶▶ richard riewer, replying to richard riewer, 3, #1066 of 1665 🔗

Mark Windows Windows on the World Covid 19 Babylon Business Plan was broadcast on March 22, 2020. Matt Hancock was already rubbing his hands with glee as early as February 11, 2020. This scam was being planned way before the lockdown began. Record it, save it and listen to it often.

303374 ▶▶▶ richard riewer, replying to richard riewer, 1, #1067 of 1665 🔗

Listen to all of Mark Windows Windows on the World, beginning in November, 2019. This Global Action Plan Scam was already being rolled out way before the Covid baloney began. Everything that has happened since then was already being prepared years ago. Everything!

303287 ▶▶ Dan Clarke, replying to richard riewer, 1, #1068 of 1665 🔗

Destruction and poverty

303265 Tking, replying to Tking, 6, #1069 of 1665 🔗

A quick question for those who work in restaurants, 2 places I have been going to for years in the last week have asked me and my husband if we live together before they seat us. I have been asked this by staff/owners who have known us for years, we always come together as a couple. I just thought it was an odd thing to ask regular clients who they know, even though it’s the new tier 2 rules.

303272 ▶▶ Gerry Mandarin, replying to Tking, 10, #1070 of 1665 🔗

My daughter tell customers that they are only allowed to dine if they are all in a bubble.

Then she asks while slightly nodding her head, “can you confirm you are all in the same bubble”…

303274 ▶▶ Crystal Decanter, replying to Tking, 7, #1071 of 1665 🔗

I got asked that at Harvester recently
They want you to scan into Trap & Rape separately if not

303285 NickR, replying to NickR, 4, #1072 of 1665 🔗

Interesting that staff absences are only about a 1/3rd now of that in the spring? Why would that be if hospital rates are similar?

303298 ▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to NickR, #1073 of 1665 🔗

Community testing, kids in particular.

303288 DThom, replying to DThom, 24, #1074 of 1665 🔗

Just been standing in the M & S q as is the norm these days!
I was amazed and saddened at the behaviour of a middle aged muzzled women in front of me. I walked forward with the q and must of overstepped my 2 metres because the jump in the air she gave was incredible. Her eyes looked full of genuine terror. For the duration of our q she was continually glancing out the corner of her eyes to see how close I had moved. We have no hope of normal life if this is the state of our people.

303299 ▶▶ kenadams, replying to DThom, 18, #1075 of 1665 🔗

If someone is that scared of the plague, why do they leave the house? How can they simultaneously think they are definitely going to die and also think that following ‘the rules’ will definitely save them. Surely, they can’t be that thick?

303340 ▶▶▶ NorthumbrianNomad, replying to kenadams, 12, #1076 of 1665 🔗

Oh, if there’s one thing I’ve learned this year, it’s that they can definitely be that thick.

303382 ▶▶▶▶ JohnB, replying to NorthumbrianNomad, 2, #1077 of 1665 🔗

Oh yes indeedy ! 🙂

303581 ▶▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to kenadams, 3, #1078 of 1665 🔗

Given my experiences at work with people who go ape because our new exhibition has been popular has demonstrated that this crisis has atrophied people’s brains and rendered them insane.

303311 ▶▶ Alan P, replying to DThom, 16, #1079 of 1665 🔗

I’d hum the “Jaws” theme as I moved closer.
de da de da de da de da……….

303363 ▶▶▶ kenadams, replying to Alan P, 4, #1080 of 1665 🔗

Thank you for providing me with a lol.

I hope I one day have the courage to actually do this…

303313 ▶▶ Fingerache Philip., replying to DThom, 2, #1081 of 1665 🔗

And yet in our M/S (Kidderminster) social distancing seems to be ignored and people seem to be quite relaxed.

303322 ▶▶▶ NorthumbrianNomad, replying to Fingerache Philip., 4, #1082 of 1665 🔗

I’ve noticed in Thailand that adherence to the “thou shalt wave thy hand at the temperature gauge” imperative at the entrance to convenience stores varies depending on the staff, one zealot = a nightmare branch. Most branches are entirely relaxed.

303323 ▶▶ davews, replying to DThom, 5, #1083 of 1665 🔗

It seems to be getting worse. This morning walk a couple passed me fully masked, so fully couldn’t even see their eyes, well away from any shops or other reason to be masked. This afternoon in our local park several small groups moved out of the way into the muddy bits at the side of the path. But at least when I did the same, passing them by a couple of inches, they thanked me. Little lad though came right up to me and said hello, none of that nonsense there.

303349 ▶▶ NorthumbrianNomad, replying to DThom, 2, #1084 of 1665 🔗

To hell with politeness. Such people should be challenged, ridiculed and humiliated. And, yes, terrified.

303289 DRW, replying to DRW, 20, #1085 of 1665 🔗

Interesting observations from Reddit. For a long time the mainstream r/coronavirus sub was dominated by zealots and “doomers” obsessed with endless waves and worse mutations, always just another two weeks away and I had assumed it was a lost cause. Yet interestingly all the top comments are now about missing actual universities, festivals and clubs etc and wanting to go back to them, whilst the zealots have all seemingly retreated to the city/country subs. Also many saying they can’t take another year of this and won’t put up with it past next spring or summer at the latest. Quite a change in tone from even just a few months ago.

303292 ▶▶ kenadams, replying to DRW, 12, #1086 of 1665 🔗

That is genuinely encouraging.

What is getting me through this at the moment is I still, just about, think that people hate this underneath all the virtue signalling. And I really don’t see them going along with this past spring and vaccine roll out.

They say it’s the hope that kills you…

303312 ▶▶▶ NorthumbrianNomad, replying to kenadams, 7, #1087 of 1665 🔗

In my more positive moments, I agree. I think there’s a very voluble covidiot zealot segment of about 10%, a sceptic segment of about 10%, and a mustn’t grumble don’t ask me silly questions segment of 80% that is slowly gravitating to the realisation that mustn’t grumble won’t be enough. And a fair few – not all – but enough of them will flip some time next year. Especially the young.

303377 ▶▶▶▶ Cranmer, replying to NorthumbrianNomad, 5, #1088 of 1665 🔗

There are quite a few of what I call ‘half-sceptics’ around. They view the Government’s response as something of an over-reaction, not really necessary, and they will break a few of the rules from time to time. They are concerned about the effects on schools, small businesses etc but are basically just putting up with it because it’s easier and anyway, it’s only temporary. I think these are the people we need to maintain contact with – the True Believers are a lost cause.

303476 ▶▶▶▶▶ DRW, replying to Cranmer, #1089 of 1665 🔗

Indeed, the open-minded neutrals are probably our best bet.

303558 ▶▶▶▶▶ Gill, replying to Cranmer, #1090 of 1665 🔗

I think a few of my friends fit into that ‘half-sceptic’ category. They can see that something isn’t quite right, grumble about the ‘rules’, and even ignore many of them, but can’t quite make the leap into full scepticism despite my best efforts. I’ve tried very hard to win them over and want to maintain the friendships but it’s exhausting!

303295 ▶▶ JHuntz, replying to DRW, 4, #1091 of 1665 🔗

Lockdowns and restrictions are anti human. People are starting to wake up to the reality that this cannot go on.

You should check out r/lockdownskepticism if you haven’t already.

303473 ▶▶▶ DRW, replying to JHuntz, 1, #1092 of 1665 🔗

Yes there is that, No New Normal and Circlejerk. Surprised they haven’t been taken down yet.

303314 ▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to DRW, 1, #1093 of 1665 🔗

Reddit actively banned lockdown scepticism early on.

303319 ▶▶▶ peter, replying to BeBopRockSteady, #1094 of 1665 🔗

voat.co is the place to go, zero censorship

303360 ▶▶▶ richard riewer, replying to BeBopRockSteady, 2, #1095 of 1665 🔗

Tell Reddit that if they don’t get with the program and admit that we are being duped we will boycott them. For good. No users, no advertising. No advertising, no Reddit. Reddit can be replaced. Like GoogleTube.

303469 ▶▶▶ DRW, replying to BeBopRockSteady, #1096 of 1665 🔗

I am not a user of any SM and know they’re heavily censored but they do offer some insight into some majority opinion. Just like most MSM comment sections.

303297 godowneasy, replying to godowneasy, 7, #1097 of 1665 🔗

Great British Bake Off’s Prue Leith gets Covid-19 vaccine

That’s surely a case of wanting your cake and eating it?

303318 ▶▶ vargas99, replying to godowneasy, 10, #1098 of 1665 🔗

She also said “Who wouldn’t want immunity from Covid19 with a painless jab?” which goes to show that she couldn’t be bothered reading the Gov.uk guidance provided since it categorically does not say you will have immunity from this vaccine. Ergo she did not give informed consent.

303325 ▶▶▶ godowneasy, replying to vargas99, 5, #1099 of 1665 🔗

She’s a celebrity – different rules apply apparently. Maybe she should stick to cookery.

303398 ▶▶▶ watashi, replying to vargas99, 4, #1100 of 1665 🔗

maybe she hasn’t actually had it and so its all a load of lies anyway?

303300 Margaret, replying to Margaret, 4, #1101 of 1665 🔗


He’s not the health secretary, he’s a very naughty boy!

303307 ▶▶ NorthumbrianNomad, replying to Margaret, 1, #1102 of 1665 🔗

He’s a criminal idiot who’s even too much for SAGE.

303315 ▶▶▶ Lockdown_Lunacy, replying to NorthumbrianNomad, 9, #1103 of 1665 🔗

You know you’ve overstepped the mark when SAGE tell you to dial down the hysteria.

303310 nickbowes, replying to nickbowes, 5, #1104 of 1665 🔗

I predict a 10 Downing St press conference tomorrow eve @ 7pm.

The blonde blob will be wheeled out again !

303378 ▶▶ The Filthy Engineer, replying to nickbowes, 4, #1105 of 1665 🔗

With Klaus’ hand up his arse for the ventriloquist act?

303528 ▶▶▶ James H, replying to The Filthy Engineer, #1106 of 1665 🔗

I’m getting the dinner ready! Please! Can’t get that image out of my mind as I suff the chicken. Ho ho!

303316 mhcp, 14, #1107 of 1665 🔗

I was out in the centre of Bournemouth this midday and it’s shocking how much fewer people there are. Last year being just over a week from Christmas, the centre was packed. Even during a typical week it is busy enough.

You would have thought it was a Sunday after a massive festival where everyone is home sleeping it off.

Not to mention there are whole rows of shops just gone.

303317 Draper233, 8, #1108 of 1665 🔗

Well done to the Daily Mail for questioning the need for London to be put into tier 3:


303324 Alan P, replying to Alan P, 22, #1109 of 1665 🔗

Can anyone think of a time in history when an entire civilisation deliberately committed an act of social and economic suicide as the western democracies appear to be undertaking this year?

The decline of the Roman Empire in the 5th century CE perhaps?

303329 ▶▶ Julian, replying to Alan P, 15, #1110 of 1665 🔗

It’s probably unique in the rapidity

Every empire has fallen, but usually there has been some outside pressume and it has happened over a longer period

There’s never been an own goal as stupid and huge as this one

303654 ▶▶▶ Jonathan Palmer, replying to Julian, #1111 of 1665 🔗

The first world war

303336 ▶▶ OKUK, replying to Alan P, 2, #1112 of 1665 🔗

Yep probably have to go that far back – though 1930s appeasement backed by the Left, m

303346 ▶▶▶ JYC, replying to OKUK, 7, #1113 of 1665 🔗

I tell you, that German bloke with the funny moustache would wish he was around today. He would only have to say he was thinking of crossing the channel to invade and our glorious, freedom-loving country would go belly-up for him.

303354 ▶▶▶▶ Fingerache Philip., replying to JYC, 2, #1114 of 1665 🔗

Like the “Bozzer” in our country, the Germans thought that Hitler was a lovable clown.

303676 ▶▶▶▶ dommo, replying to JYC, #1115 of 1665 🔗

ah yes but only if he’d threatened everyone with the possibility of catching a mild flu first -just think of all the money he wasted on bombs and rockets!

303348 ▶▶ Dinger, replying to Alan P, 3, #1116 of 1665 🔗

Is that the same as AD?

303365 ▶▶▶ Cranmer, replying to Dinger, 8, #1117 of 1665 🔗

It’s ‘Common Era’ which is supposedly more PC than AD, even though it’s still based on the birthday of Jesus Christ. I just call it ‘Christian Era’ to annoy people.

303366 ▶▶ Noumenon, replying to Alan P, 4, #1118 of 1665 🔗

Plenty of empires over extended and brought about their own wanton decay. Byzantium did this on several occasions. Took a lot longer though.

303612 ▶▶ Stoic, replying to Alan P, #1119 of 1665 🔗

Easter Island?

303327 mattghg, replying to mattghg, 2, #1120 of 1665 🔗

The only reason our gracious overlords are permitting us a modicum of respite over Christmas is that they knew very many people would ignore the rules if they didn’t. That part of the equation hasn’t changed, surely?

303352 ▶▶ calchas, replying to mattghg, 13, #1121 of 1665 🔗

Refer to the Biderman table – previously osted by me here – under the category ‘Occasional indulgences’

  • Provides motivation for compliance
  • Hinders adjustment to deprivation
  • Creates hope for change, reduces resistance
  • Keeps people unsure of what is happening.
303361 ▶▶▶ mattghg, replying to calchas, 3, #1122 of 1665 🔗

Yes, thanks for reminding me of that.

303333 Cecil B, replying to Cecil B, 25, #1123 of 1665 🔗

First they blamed the old
Then the blamed the young
Then they blamed the beach goers
Then they blamed the shoppers
Then they blamed the demonstrators
Then they blamed the non mask wearers
Then they blamed the students
Then they blamed the pub goers
Now they are blaming the school children

Won’t be anyone left to blame soon

303344 ▶▶ Fingerache Philip., replying to Cecil B, 5, #1124 of 1665 🔗

Apart from themselves.

303347 ▶▶ JHuntz, replying to Cecil B, 8, #1125 of 1665 🔗

Yeah but then they found COVID 20 and now they can just rinse and repeat. It’s genius.

303337 BeBopRockSteady, replying to BeBopRockSteady, 6, #1126 of 1665 🔗

So the agricukature minister for NI has tested positive, while in hospital for an appendix op. A negative on arrival then later a positive

Exactly as was discussed in the comments this afternoon.


Vast majority of inpatients are getting it in hospital. That’s if they want to keep playing this game of course, and continue to test people to 45Cts PCR.

I wonder will the press ask if this is a common thing that many covid inpatients are admitted for something else? I won’t hold my breath

303586 ▶▶ RickH, replying to BeBopRockSteady, 2, #1127 of 1665 🔗

Given what is known, using PCR at Ct 45 for a diagnostic purpose is essentially fraud.

303339 JYC, replying to JYC, 16, #1128 of 1665 🔗

34 million about to go in to level three from midnight. Surely, surely, surely some of them will finally say “Enough is enough” and refuse to accept the government’s ridiculous tyranny. Is that too much to hope for? What will it take?

303358 ▶▶ Cranmer, replying to JYC, 10, #1129 of 1665 🔗

What puzzles me is why there have been no mass actions by the hospitality industry/publicans. There seem to have been some murmurings and I think a court case or two, but nothing much has happened. I don’t expect the MSM to report on it though.

303575 ▶▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to Cranmer, 7, #1130 of 1665 🔗

Nowt a peep as well from the museums & heritage sector. My workplace is shutting again and we’re in the process of compulsory redundancies as well.

The head honchos from these sectors should take a leaf out of the book of the gym owners & hairdressers up north who have said “we’re not taking this any longer.” They should defy the government and stay open. Plus ditch the restrictions and if they get a visit from the police, kick off, refuse to pay the fines and demand that it goes to court. Play them at their own game.

If they don’t then we’re are well and truly screwed.

303894 ▶▶▶▶ Cranmer, replying to Bart Simpson, #1131 of 1665 🔗

Museums and heritage doesn’t surprise me, as having worked in those sectors they tend to have a compliant, public sector type attitude. It’s always somebody else’s money they are spending.

303437 ▶▶ DavidC, replying to JYC, 2, #1132 of 1665 🔗

Bear in mind as well that Tier 1 is the old Tier 3 so what we’re talking about now with Tier 3 is the old Tier 5. In other words, NEVER a return to the old normal.


303460 ▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to JYC, 3, #1133 of 1665 🔗

It will take businesses to do that.
The man on the street can ignore silly rules with impunity but if the businesses won’t open, we can’t frequent them as normal.

303623 ▶▶▶ Jonathan Palmer, replying to Cheezilla, 1, #1134 of 1665 🔗

This has been the problem since the summer.Most people break the rules but they have business in an iron grip.Stroke of genius to leave enforcement to council officials.

303342 Fingerache Philip., 20, #1135 of 1665 🔗

I never thought that I would say this but Kick all the mp’s out apart from the few that stood up against this madness and put the likes of Tim Martin CEO of Wetherspoons, JHB of TR and Peter Hitchens of the MOS in charge of the country before there’s no country left.

303343 matt, replying to matt, 3, #1136 of 1665 🔗

I’ve just heard something that has left me scratching my head. I genuinely can’t think of an explanation from any angle. I thought I’d se what theories those here might have on it.

For background, my sister is an obstetric anaesthetist working in a large NHS hospital (currently a tier 3 area, for what it’s worth – where isn’t?) I’ve mostly avoided talking to her since March, because I know her opinions and her husband’s are – let’s say – different from mine on this subject. This is also one of the reasons I’m not looking forward to a family Christmas overmuch.

In a conversation with my mother just now (her way of thinking is much closer to mine, by the way), she mentioned that one of the reasons my sister thinks the way she does about this whole thing is that she has seen a significant increase in premature births, where the mother has the virus and it has caused a problem with the placenta.

Before I get jumped on and downvoted, just to point out that this doesn’t change my view on lockdown, for all that I think the problems associated with premature birth have the potential to be far more tragic than the death of an octogenarian a few months earlier than it might otherwise have happened. It just extends somewhat the group who should take more seriously their own responsibility for managing their risk (about which more in a minute). In other words, this isn’t me appearing here to drop in a scare story and claim you’re all baby killers as well as granny killers – there are a lot of new faces here, but hopefully those who remember me from before I took a break from the site for a couple of months will remember that this isn’t my reason for being here.

What has me scratching my head is this: if this is true, then why isn’t it being mentioned? I have no reason to believe it isn’t true, because although I certainly wouldn’t put it past my sister to use something like this to make a point, I can’t see my mother doing the same thing. She’s also medical, by the way, so well placed to sort truth from exaggeration. I should say, though, that I haven’t yet found any stats on the subject, so have no context for how common it might actually be (though, you could say exactly the same for ‘long Covid’).

There’s a clear agenda at the moment to extend the fear to justify the continued ‘measures’. Maybe it’s just me, but I would think that this would be a far better way of whipping up fear than religiously reporting on the tiny handful of deaths below the age of 60, banging on about “long covid” or presenting big, scary, made-up numbers. If this is known, then why hasn’t the BBC seized on it gleefully and why hasn’t Hancock waved it triumphantly in a press briefing?

Also, if it is known, why hasn’t there been firmer advice to pregnant women and their partners to be extra cautious? As I recall, they were included in the category that needed to take special care right at the beginning, but it was specifically said at the time that this was just a precaution and there was no specific reason to think that they were at risk. I haven’t seen any update to that advice. At face value, it looks like a particular effort is being made not to protect those at risk.

If it isn’t known, but it is true, how could it possibly not be recognised?

So, one explanation is that it’s a big fat lie, made up by my sister to make a point at me second hand, but again, I would have trusted my mother to debunk it as the middle man. Beyond that, I’m stumped. What possible reason could there be not to publicise it? Even if the numbers are tiny, when has that ever stopped the BBC from reporting things before?

303359 ▶▶ Noumenon, replying to matt, 13, #1137 of 1665 🔗

Maybe because the attribution to covid is incorrect and it’s actually stress induced or something else? I’m no medic so this is just a shot in the dark.

303368 ▶▶▶ matt, replying to Noumenon, 1, #1138 of 1665 🔗

Well, also – when has misattribution ever stopped them either?

303373 ▶▶ Tyneside Tigress, replying to matt, 3, #1139 of 1665 🔗

Matt. What exactly are we defining here as ‘premature’? Bearing in mind most services have been cut to the bone, are we confident in staging – are these very premature babies or just that the dates are out by a few weeks on normal babies? Also, since all overnight stays for maternity purposes have required pre-admission testing since September, is this just a matter of more testing equals more positive mothers?

303385 ▶▶▶ DocRC, replying to Tyneside Tigress, 3, #1140 of 1665 🔗

Premature is defined as before 37 weeks gestation.

303435 ▶▶▶▶ DavidC, replying to DocRC, #1141 of 1665 🔗

I thought pregnancy was 9 months (36 weeks)?! So premature is one week AFTER birth?! Have I missed something?


303603 ▶▶▶▶▶ watashi, replying to DavidC, 1, #1142 of 1665 🔗

Yes. Usual length of pregnancy is 40 weeks.

303416 ▶▶▶ matt, replying to Tyneside Tigress, 3, #1143 of 1665 🔗


There you have me. I’d have to talk to her about it, and the prospect of that has me almost hoping they do cancel Christmas. If I get more I’ll bring it here.

303431 ▶▶▶▶ Tyneside Tigress, replying to matt, 1, #1144 of 1665 🔗

Great that you are back Matt. I had been thinking about you and hoped all was ok – I saw your post on Sunday about Greenwich schools. Really thought we would have all been able to move on by now – how wrong I was!

303447 ▶▶▶▶▶ matt, replying to Tyneside Tigress, 4, #1145 of 1665 🔗

Thanks TT. Had to step away for a bit – I’d been obsessing too much. All fine though. I’m taking personal credit for the schools being forced to reopen because of my email of Sunday evening. Now facing the prospect of spending a day driving up the A1 and back in a day next week to pick up all the kids’ presents that I’ve had delivered there for Christmas.

How’s you?

303455 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to matt, #1146 of 1665 🔗

Matt, I found this:

Conclusion The researchers conclude that unlike earlier studies, there is no evidence of any specific pathology in placentas derived from women who are infected with SARS-CoV-2 in late pregnancy. Thus, they say, Pregnancy complicated with COVID-19 during the 3rd trimester does not have a demonstrable effect on placental structure and pathology. We do not rule out a more significant impact if the infection occurred earlier in pregnancy.” They also suggest that populations from other localities may show differing placental responses compared to those in the current study, as a result of differences in the patient population.


303536 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Tyneside Tigress, replying to matt, #1147 of 1665 🔗

All fine thanks, Matt. I’ve been a bit quiet on here too – I had some refereeing to do for a journal and some writing of my own. I couldn’t persuade my mother to venture out of Tyneside to visit us over Christmas – my brother persuaded her trains are ‘not safe’ and I can’t drive. As Mr TT does all the cooking, he’s happy!

303375 ▶▶ Tim Bidie, replying to matt, 1, #1148 of 1665 🔗

There’s plenty more where these came from…….

‘…. initial implementation of COVID-19 mitigation measures was associated with a substantial reduction in the incidence of preterm births in the following months, in agreement with preliminary observations elsewhere.’

https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lanpub/article/PIIS2468-2667(20)30223-1/fulltext#:~:text=An%20increase%20in%20stillbirths%20from,significant%20change%20in%20preterm%20births .

‘The incidence of premature births can be influenced by variations of specific weather factors, especially during the weeks characterized by large fluctuations in temperature.’


303418 ▶▶▶ matt, replying to Tim Bidie, 1, #1149 of 1665 🔗

Interesting. And directly at odds. Thanks for that.

303384 ▶▶ DocRC, replying to matt, 4, #1150 of 1665 🔗

Matt, I think it will be difficult to get at the numbers for this year as the birth registration system was disrupted by you know what in March-June. And anyway, the stats for 2019 were only released on 16th November 2020. https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/birthsdeathsandmarriages/livebirths/bulletins/birthcharacteristicsinenglandandwales/2019

There are however 60,000 premature births per annum in England and Wales. I’m not sure that one individual’s anecdotal experience in one NHS hospital would tell us very much!

303420 ▶▶▶ matt, replying to DocRC, #1151 of 1665 🔗

That is a fair point, yes.

303390 ▶▶ Cedric the dragon, replying to matt, 1, #1152 of 1665 🔗

Mike Yeadon was flagging up anxiety about the vaccine and its possible effect on placental cells. I think they are advising against pregnant women having the vaccine at present? It may be an antibody to the virus problem which the vaccine may also generate.

303605 ▶▶▶ watashi, replying to Cedric the dragon, #1153 of 1665 🔗

could also be a result of pregnant mother not getting enough oxygen due to mask wearing?

303393 ▶▶ watashi, replying to matt, 2, #1154 of 1665 🔗

I would say the fact that she attributes it to covid is not true. Couldn’t it just as likely be caused by whatever vaccines are pushed on pregnant women? whooping cough? flu jab?
I don’t suppose they would want to publicise anything negative about vaccines

303426 ▶▶ Dodderydude, replying to matt, #1155 of 1665 🔗

It’s worth pointing out to your sister multiple articles pointing out a 50% increase in stillbirths worldwide, generally attributed by experts to the reluctance or inability of pregnant women to seek ante-natal advice during the pandemic.


I wonder what the ‘problem with the placenta’ assumed by your sister to have caused premature births is and whether it is actually something quite common that might normally be picked up at ante-natal consultations and treated appropriately. As others have said, it is unlikely that this would not have received massive media coverage if it was truly a consequence of Covid19 infection. Also, I doubt that mask wearing helps developing foetuses; I have seen several heavily pregnant women in the shops wearing masks.

303696 ▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to Dodderydude, 1, #1156 of 1665 🔗

God help their kids then!

303529 ▶▶ PoshPanic, replying to matt, 4, #1157 of 1665 🔗

Hi Matt, good to see you back here. I think your sister might be right, but might also be sick..

We lost our first child at full term. This was during massive shutdowns of maternity units and the one nearest to us was closed. Long story short, because of the shortage of midwives and not being able to get a face to face, we believe that my wife’s waters broke a week before birth. By the time she finally went into labour, it appears infection had set in. Is it possible that minor complications, that would normally be picked up and dealt with, are being missed, resulting in some premature births?

On the sickness.. The real virus is the one that’s possessed the bodies of ordinary folk and has made them so fanatical, that it borders evil. One is a friend of my wife’s, a real sweetheart normally. We’ve discovered that she is behind a lot of the local scare stories and whipping up fear. It’s actually quite frightening how obsessed she’s become. As if 2020 wasn’t bad enough, I think we’re looking at some kind of zombie plague and I’m only half kidding.

303703 ▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to PoshPanic, #1158 of 1665 🔗

Sorry to hear about the baby PP. Very traumatic for you both.

303845 ▶▶▶▶ PoshPanic, replying to Cheezilla, 1, #1159 of 1665 🔗

Thanks and yes it was. Just to be clear, this was years ago and shutdowns were industrial action. But the same thing effectively that’s happening now.

303566 ▶▶ RickH, replying to matt, 4, #1160 of 1665 🔗

matt – I think the key is in your statement :

“She’s also medical, by the way, so well placed to sort truth from exaggeration.”

This just isn’t the case. Medical staff are just as susceptible to mythology as the general population, and just as likely to suffer from confirmation bias in interpreting their own perceptions, which are amazingly subject to distortion.

I’ve come across medical staff who are convinced that wearing masks is an improvement on a rabbit’s foot.

That’s why ‘science’ – the methodology of interpreting hard data, rather than falling into the trap of thinking that those who are close up to a particular situation have an ‘objective’ view.

Talk to almost anyone working on a Covid ward, and they will be convinced that we are in the middle of an unprecedented epidemic.

Which we aren’t – as confirmed by hard data.

AS to premature births – even if there is a higher rate, the possible causes in this strange time are innumerable.

Just think ‘Derren Brown’ if you want to get a grip on the effects of misperception.

303345 William Hand, replying to William Hand, 60, #1161 of 1665 🔗

Fucking bastards are gearing up to tighten the rules over Christmas. Newsflash, I couldn’t give a fucking toss. Fine me as much as you like if you catch me, I won’t fucking pay and I’ll see you in court. This has gone far enough, time to ratchet up the resistance more. Say NO to everything the Gov. asks you to do. Tossers. Sheesh am I sounding like Biker – probably not 🙂

303350 ▶▶ Cranmer, replying to William Hand, 10, #1162 of 1665 🔗

Possibly. I wonder if they originally ordered the Christmas reprieve because they originally thought most people would ignore the rules at Christmas anyway, but now the mysterious ‘polls’ are perhaps showing that most people are not going to visit people at Christmas, so they think they can now ban it completely and get away with it, or even be cheered on for it.

303351 ▶▶ JHuntz, replying to William Hand, 13, #1163 of 1665 🔗

You are absolutely spot on, I couldn’t give a toss. the gov can get their local stassis to gang up on me and deliver a fine based on spurious law. I have no faith in this government I will contest all offences in court.

303357 ▶▶ calchas, replying to William Hand, 24, #1164 of 1665 🔗

One million ‘Bikers’ and this would all be over – pronto.

Heck – 100 000 would be enough.

303488 ▶▶▶ PoshPanic, replying to calchas, 9, #1165 of 1665 🔗

I live close to bikers cafe on the seafront, that’s a pretty popular spot. None of the guys who hang out there give a fuck and funny enough, not seen a single copper anywhere near them.

303582 ▶▶ RickH, replying to William Hand, 2, #1166 of 1665 🔗

gearing up to tighten the rules over Christmas.”

Beware mind-games.

Doing that would be a major mis-step in terms of credibility. Look at it as a wind-up for the next fantasy in the new year to keep the population in subjection.

Time to start out-smarting SPI-B.

303790 ▶▶ Jay Berger, replying to William Hand, 1, #1167 of 1665 🔗

If you let yourself be told by any government who you spend Christmas with and how, you’ll succumb to any of their absurd and denigrating demands and fully deserve your future fate as a slave.

303367 MadJock1, replying to MadJock1, 17, #1168 of 1665 🔗

Not sure if this has been highlighted https://dfemedia.blog.gov.uk/2020/12/15/mass-testing-in-schools-your-questions-answered/

I got wind of it from a staff briefing e-mail today. That briefing also contained the following gems of wisdom “ What hasn’t helped is that a significant proportion of those testing positive aren’t displaying any of the three main COVID-19 symptoms, particularly in the first few days. This has meant they have continued to come to work whilst infectious and has resulted in the cases within staff teams…..”

The notion that these people might not actually have the virus but be false positives isn’t considered. The brief went on to criticise people for not following rules (as usual it’s all our own fault) and gave this advice “ If you are feeling unwell, like you have a cold or sore throat and/or nausea and vomiting do please stay at home and get a test.”

The Since when were sore throat and / or nausea and vomiting likely symptoms of Covid ????

I can’t say were I work but it is a large educational establishment somewhere in England. Today I am just in total despair. I’m honestly not sure about going back in the new year I’ve just had enough of the total bollox

303443 ▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to MadJock1, 2, #1169 of 1665 🔗

Poor you. It’s hard to have to tolerate such blatant idiocy on a daily basis.

303555 ▶▶ RickH, replying to MadJock1, 3, #1170 of 1665 🔗

Since when were sore throat and / or nausea and vomiting likely symptoms of Covid ????”

C’mon – catch up! Anything is symptomatic of Covid, from piles to short sight.

303567 ▶▶▶ MadJock1, replying to RickH, 1, #1171 of 1665 🔗

Ah – my bad. So will preparation H cure it ?

303658 ▶▶▶ Gavroche, replying to RickH, #1172 of 1665 🔗

It’s more cunning than that, RickH.

Not only is ‘anything’ symptomatic of Covid, nothing is also an indicator of Covid, as in if you have no symptoms, you’re probably asymptomatic and hence a spreader of green clouds of deadly gunk, according to the latest public health advert.

303371 JamesDrebin, replying to JamesDrebin, 8, #1173 of 1665 🔗

Hi all, not seen it covered yet, so here’s my write-up of yesterday’s debate on mandatory vaccination:


It’s too long to stick in here (no snickering at the back!), so I’m afraid you’ll have to read it over on the forums. Why not leave a comment – the forums could do with more users!



303421 ▶▶ Mabel Cow, replying to JamesDrebin, 4, #1174 of 1665 🔗

Excellent post in the forum. Many thanks.

303372 Cheezilla, replying to Cheezilla, 13, #1175 of 1665 🔗

Apparently this was dePiffle yesterday.
No face nappy in official car? Why the silly hat?

His stand-in?

comment image

303379 ▶▶ stefarm, replying to Cheezilla, 7, #1176 of 1665 🔗

Fuck me, he’s looking rough…….good

303387 ▶▶▶ stefarm, replying to stefarm, 9, #1177 of 1665 🔗

Is it him……???

303391 ▶▶ godowneasy, replying to Cheezilla, 5, #1178 of 1665 🔗

Fit as a butcher’s dog? More like a slab of offal. Seriously, he looks totally done for (assuming it’s him). The hat is the same one he was wearing on his camping holiday in the summer?

303399 ▶▶ Luckyharry69, replying to Cheezilla, 7, #1179 of 1665 🔗

to be fair to Bojo he was at ‘death’s door’ a few months ago?…just before he went on holiday with a new born baby to the wet windy Scottish coast in a TENT?

Lets show him some sympathy……..!!?

303410 ▶▶ Andrew K, replying to Cheezilla, 10, #1180 of 1665 🔗

I think he knows this is all bullshit, but forces far greater than him are in control. It just needs one leader to blow this thing apart. Come on Boris grow a pair and expose the truth.

303532 ▶▶▶ Nick Rose, replying to Andrew K, #1181 of 1665 🔗

What forces are those?

303557 ▶▶▶▶ Cranmer, replying to Nick Rose, 2, #1182 of 1665 🔗

Well, that’s the $64k question, isn’t it? But there would certainly seem to be some sort of ‘higher power’ at work due to the sheer global scale of the situation and the similarities in response at national level. It could just be some sort of global mass hysteria of course.

303687 ▶▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to Nick Rose, #1183 of 1665 🔗
303549 ▶▶▶ RickH, replying to Andrew K, 2, #1184 of 1665 🔗

He’s not a f.ing victim – he’s a perpetrator.

303449 ▶▶ Sarigan, replying to Cheezilla, 1, #1185 of 1665 🔗

Apparently masks not required for chauffeur driven cars. Us and them and all that bollocks.


303454 ▶▶▶ matt, replying to Sarigan, 5, #1186 of 1665 🔗

The legislation does not define cars as indoors. So if you want somewhere out of the rain to meet 5 mates for a few tins of beer, I suggest you drive there.

303489 ▶▶ SionnachAirgid, replying to Cheezilla, #1188 of 1665 🔗

Body double 😉

303506 ▶▶ Cecil B, replying to Cheezilla, 1, #1189 of 1665 🔗

Why has he got a knitting needle through his chin?

303509 ▶▶▶ Cecil B, replying to Cecil B, 1, #1190 of 1665 🔗

Or is it a Narwhal tusk?

303544 ▶▶ Cranmer, replying to Cheezilla, #1191 of 1665 🔗

Looks like a double. Probably got loads of them.

303578 ▶▶▶ anon, replying to Cranmer, #1192 of 1665 🔗

a dissociated look of shame.

303376 Lydia, replying to Lydia, 46, #1193 of 1665 🔗

Its just 3 weeks to flatten the curve.
It’s just a few weeks that I can’t see my family.
It’s just a mask on public transport then shops, then everywhere else until you see people wearing them in the streets.
It’s just a tier system to stop the spread.
It’s just a lockdown in November so we can see our families at Christmas.
Now, we’re being told that if we see our families at Christmas we’ll see high hospital admissions, corridors full of patients, on trolleys, waiting in ambulances.

All based on lies, pure evil lies.

This incompetent government are destroying the people of Britain by ruining their business and filling them with fear that if they meet another human being they will drop dead in the street!

When will it END??

303386 ▶▶ Fingerache Philip., replying to Lydia, 7, #1194 of 1665 🔗

No doubt, Lydia, like all our FS’S, we’ve noticed that when our masters want to put the “frighteners” on us, the “death?” rates go up.
Like today!

303389 ▶▶▶ Lydia, replying to Fingerache Philip., 7, #1195 of 1665 🔗

Yes, and they do a good job on some people.

303413 ▶▶ Darryl, replying to Lydia, 3, #1196 of 1665 🔗

Unfortunately the British public doesn’t seem to be able to resist the propaganda onslaught – too weak minded. Don’t think it will end until they have broken everyone into being an obedient frightened slave that can be rebuilt in their vision of a perfect global citizen.

At least a lot of the government and media employees who support the tyranny will also have their Christmas holidays ruined.

303494 ▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to Lydia, 1, #1197 of 1665 🔗


303531 ▶▶ Nick Rose, replying to Lydia, 6, #1198 of 1665 🔗

It ends right now if people refuse to comply.

303535 ▶▶▶ DRW, replying to Nick Rose, 4, #1199 of 1665 🔗

Don’t we all wish they would.

303381 Derek Toyne, replying to Derek Toyne, 53, #1200 of 1665 🔗

I am writing this to warn everybody of the downside to wearing face masks. I work for the nhs and are forced to wear face masks and a visor for 12 hours a day, recently I have been getting chest pains and was worried it could be signs of an impending heart attack. Both parents died of heart problems so you can imagine I was pretty worried when these chest pains began. I also have asthma which should exempt me but the nhs as it’s own laws compared to every where else. Yesterday I visited my doctor who discovered I now have high blood pressure due to wearing face masks. I told her that that morning I had cycled 18 miles as I do every day without any chest problems but as soon as I put a face mask on in the doctors I could feel my chest tightening up. The doctor deduced because cold can induce asthma attacks and it didn’t that the anxiety caused by face masks was causing my high blood pressure. We now have the Danish study showing that face masks makes very little difference to catching covid and I believe my problem is probably the tip of the iceberg. When government forces us to wear face masks or put the country into lockdown should it not tell us the downside to these policies especially when last year the WHO didn’t recommend lockdown. And where are the politicians who should protect us from this destructive policies ?

303388 ▶▶ watashi, replying to Derek Toyne, 17, #1201 of 1665 🔗

surely it’s time to claim exemption?

303392 ▶▶ Dame Lynet, replying to Derek Toyne, 16, #1202 of 1665 🔗

Protecting the nhs by making the people who work in it ill – just another massive downside to this crazy situation.

I do wonder when the tipping point will be reached because nothing seems to dent the progress of the covid juggernaut, if anything it’s getting worse.

303403 ▶▶ JHuntz, replying to Derek Toyne, 17, #1203 of 1665 🔗

Stop wearing the mask at work. Raise this with HR they do not have a leg to stand on.

303516 ▶▶▶ RickH, replying to JHuntz, 3, #1204 of 1665 🔗

Much easier said than done for someone in this position. Sorry to be harsh – but don’t be naive.

303537 ▶▶▶▶ JHuntz, replying to RickH, 2, #1205 of 1665 🔗

Agreed, easier said than done at work and can totally appreciate why someone would wear it, but if it is causing the health problems as above he needs to stop wearing it.

303407 ▶▶ Saved To Death, replying to Derek Toyne, 11, #1206 of 1665 🔗

The government should not have the power to force the population to wear face masks or into lockdown.

303530 ▶▶▶ Nick Rose, replying to Saved To Death, 8, #1207 of 1665 🔗

They don’t. Is only because people comply that it’s thought that they do.

303490 ▶▶ semper dissentio, replying to Derek Toyne, 3, #1208 of 1665 🔗

Dear Derek
I had a heart attack less than a week before lockdown. I was lucky.
I’m a fit 61 year-old, cycling, hill-walking, you get the picture, so it was a bit of a surprise, although I had been monitoring my raised blood pressure.
I had been having symptoms of angina, but didn’t recognise them as such.
The pain I got was a slight tightening of the chest, but with a strange prickly sensation.
As I’d had a bad cold, with chesty cough, and it was still cold up here in Edinburgh,
I put it down to a lingering after-effect of the chest infection when I was breathing hard out on the bike, or up in the hills. One day on the way to work, this peculiar feeling was really bad, so I resolved to speak to the GP the next day. I didn’t get a chance, the HA hit me in the shower the next morning, it felt like my throat and lungs were being scrubbed out with a brush.
I had a 70% blockage of the LAD coronary artery (a.k.a. the widow-maker).
Angiogram, stent and out in two days. I dodged a bullet.
If you’re experiencing anything like that, get a diagnosis, and certainly don’t aggravate things with a face mask.
Best of Luck

303527 ▶▶ anon, replying to Derek Toyne, 1, #1209 of 1665 🔗

do you have a solicitor?

303539 ▶▶ RickH, replying to Derek Toyne, 4, #1210 of 1665 🔗

You have my absolute empathy.

I have to attend hospital frequently, so have observed what is being enforced – at close quarters. I’ve talked to nursing staff, and know that many experience serious ill-effects from wearing masks all day, even tho’ a lot have been forced into thinking it is necessary.

The most ridiculous distortion of health protocols is that of patients being dragooned into suffocating themselves – even with ailments like COPD and heart problems involving a shortness of breath. F.ing perverse! This for a measure that has no observable benefit. That contravenes the Nuremburg protocols – as does enforced PCR testing.

Come back Mengele – all is forgiven!

I had to go to A&E last week, and could see that one of the nurses monitoring me was quite distressed. Turned out that she, too, was asthmatic and desperate to take her mask off. Whether that impulse was partly psychological is beside the point – it was an induced discomfort that has no point. We reached a working agreement – I told her to dispense with the mask when around me, and she accepted that I wasn’t going to have a swab up my nose for a pointless PCR test (a process that I find incredibly uncomfortable because of sensitivity).

The actions of management in these areas are at best ignorant, running through negligent to wilfully contrary to agreed conventions on medical practise.

303564 ▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to Derek Toyne, 3, #1211 of 1665 🔗

Makes me wonder if you lot are being played to perpetuate the “NHS will be overwhelmed” narrative.

303383 Tim Bidie, replying to Tim Bidie, 5, #1212 of 1665 🔗

If ‘Christmas Covid’ wasn’t hogging the headlines, what other major story would there be…?

Democracy: the least worst system of government…….

303478 ▶▶ Old Bill, replying to Tim Bidie, 3, #1213 of 1665 🔗

Democracy: the least worst system of government

Or, the least used word in government

303397 wat tyler, replying to wat tyler, 32, #1214 of 1665 🔗

Great to see Talk Radio’s back on youtube after a week of no videos .Dr John Lee was fantastic and straight to the point on every question Julie H Brewer put to him ,there is no new strain as the virus has already mutated about 12 hundred times this year ,there are no more deaths than usual and the health service is not at breaking point . If only Dr Lee was our heath minister and Neil Oliver was our education minister instead of a bunch of useless chancers ,we would be getting somewhere . Karol Sakora was also good and Hitchen’s hitting the spot .

303518 ▶▶ anon, replying to wat tyler, 1, #1215 of 1665 🔗

do you happen to know why they’ve been off youtube?

303524 ▶▶▶ kh1485, replying to anon, #1216 of 1665 🔗

You can’t click on the individual programmes (not sure why) but you can click onto the live programme and rewind to get to the one you want.

303400 tallandbald, replying to tallandbald, 5, #1217 of 1665 🔗


Anyone else seen this?
WikiLeaks just dumped all their files online. 40gb worth!

303432 ▶▶ Darryl, replying to tallandbald, 3, #1218 of 1665 🔗

Hope it is true. Unfortunately everything these days seems to be either a scam or a Psyop. Even if people have access to the truth they only believe it if the likes of the BBC repeat it.

303434 ▶▶ Sarigan, replying to tallandbald, #1219 of 1665 🔗

This one on Avian flu sparked my interest:


303470 ▶▶ anon, replying to tallandbald, #1220 of 1665 🔗

anything about nine eleven in there?

303404 NickR, replying to NickR, 4, #1221 of 1665 🔗

Not at all sure I see any significance in any of the hospital admission data.

303512 ▶▶ anon, replying to NickR, 3, #1222 of 1665 🔗

you clearly haven’t had a vaccine

303405 PatrickF, replying to PatrickF, 15, #1223 of 1665 🔗

Wanted Protectors of the NHS.

We’re looking for virtue-signallers to join us in the fight to protect our NHS.

In this varied role you will administer the vaccine, snitch on your neighbours and rest in our lose track and trace call centres.

Candidates must have a minimum of three gold stars from their Primary Schools and provide evidence that they subscribe to Netflix.

email Matt for an application form.

303415 ▶▶ Sarigan, replying to PatrickF, 7, #1224 of 1665 🔗

I have 100m swimming badge. Will that do?

303425 ▶▶▶ PatrickF, replying to Sarigan, 15, #1225 of 1665 🔗

Over qualified. Sorry. Try applying to SAGE.

303452 ▶▶▶▶ Saved To Death, replying to PatrickF, 2, #1226 of 1665 🔗

Doesn’t sound like the sort that can be trusted with the destruction of the leisure industry including all swimming facilities.

303463 ▶▶▶▶▶ Sarigan, replying to Saved To Death, 4, #1227 of 1665 🔗

I can also inflate my pajamas and stay afloat

303472 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to Sarigan, 1, #1228 of 1665 🔗

Your newly-posted comment popped up on the left, out of context, as I was reading a serious thread. Hilarious juxtaposition!

303475 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Old Bill, replying to Sarigan, 2, #1229 of 1665 🔗

Try deflatine.

303507 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Saved To Death, replying to Sarigan, 2, #1230 of 1665 🔗

OK lets cut to the chase. Can you sink millions into poverty and destitution merely by spouting gibberish ?

303511 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ anon, replying to Saved To Death, 1, #1231 of 1665 🔗

yip and I can spend billions on a world leading app

303523 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ Sarigan, replying to Saved To Death, 1, #1232 of 1665 🔗

I am a politician and I follow the science. I got it covered.

303525 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Nick Rose, replying to Sarigan, #1233 of 1665 🔗

Inflate with what? Just wondering.

303624 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ dhid, replying to Sarigan, 1, #1234 of 1665 🔗

I can also inflate my pajamas and stay afloat”

I did that for my part of my Scouts swimming and life saving test – quite a long time ago…

303657 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Two-Six, replying to Sarigan, #1235 of 1665 🔗

So can I!!!

303461 ▶▶▶ anon, replying to Sarigan, 1, #1236 of 1665 🔗

a 5m badge is required

preferably on your face mask

303457 ▶▶ Cecil B, replying to PatrickF, 3, #1237 of 1665 🔗

What we want is Prosecutors not Protectors

303620 ▶▶ dhid, replying to PatrickF, 1, #1238 of 1665 🔗

“We’re looking for virtue-signallers to join us in the fight to protect our NHS.”

We have one not too far from where I live who has a “job” (he’s retired) delivering vaccine in a refrigerated van.

303414 Victoria, replying to Victoria, 12, #1239 of 1665 🔗

This from the awful mask advert that we pulled up @DevonCC

on yesterday.

They have pulled the ad.


303876 ▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to Victoria, #1240 of 1665 🔗

Every victory counts!!

303419 Cecil B, replying to Cecil B, 26, #1241 of 1665 🔗

We started with 500,000 deaths lockdown scam
Then we had he social distancing scam
Then we had the Nightingale hospital scam
Then we had the PCR testing scam
Then we had the track and trace scam
Then we had the eat out and gloat scam
The we had the holiday quarantine scam
The we had the face mask scam
Then we had the universities scam
Then we had the second overwhelming the NHS scam
Then we had the tier scam
Then we had the mass testing scam
Then we had the fire break scam
Then we had the vaccine scam
Now we have the mutant virus scam

Anyone see a pattern here?

303436 ▶▶ Kev, replying to Cecil B, 6, #1242 of 1665 🔗

Rinse, repeat until we reach some future planned event, lets call it a Great reset. And we’ll also build back better, the proles will love that!

303440 ▶▶ Tom Blackburn, replying to Cecil B, 2, #1243 of 1665 🔗

*bedwetter mindset*

Ah, but next time…

303428 stefarm, replying to stefarm, 5, #1244 of 1665 🔗

Fucking hell, wee Jimmie mugabe is counting deaths* from ‘it’ and now the ‘new it’. How she keeps a straight face is beyond me.

*reported by Richie Allen – live show on now

303556 ▶▶ jb12, replying to stefarm, #1245 of 1665 🔗

Oh good, no more vaccine then.

303430 kh1485, replying to kh1485, 31, #1246 of 1665 🔗

Great sight today: rumbustiuous kids ripping down the stupid Business ‘Improvement’ District ‘Keep Left’ signs. Go kids, go!

303438 ▶▶ Liam, replying to kh1485, 11, #1247 of 1665 🔗

We need rebellious tearaway kids like never before!

303541 ▶▶ mjr, replying to kh1485, 2, #1248 of 1665 🔗

did you bribe them with a sticky bun each.?

303550 ▶▶▶ kh1485, replying to mjr, 4, #1249 of 1665 🔗

No, they were nowhere near the shop, they did it entirely of their own volition. It was great to see.

303637 ▶▶▶▶ TJN, replying to kh1485, 3, #1250 of 1665 🔗

Intriguingly, Mrs TJN spotted. something very rare in a local shop today: two unmasked human beings. They were both teenage lads.

303872 ▶▶▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to TJN, 1, #1251 of 1665 🔗

They were some of the first ones to wear masks voluntarily – for effect.
Hopefully, now that “everyone” is wearing them, they’ll do the opposite.

303433 godowneasy, replying to godowneasy, 14, #1252 of 1665 🔗

New rules for 2021 – an occasional series of what to expect in 2021 to further control the population virus / any other Government fear inducing mechanism:

Home inspections will start June 2021 – all private households will be inspected by “Mates and Co” to ensure that hygiene measures are up to standard. Dirty adults will be pressure-sprayed with disinfectant. Any elderly relatives on the premises will be removed to a secure location. Children will be sanitised using child-friendly chemicals by child-friendly operatives. All items of clothing will be quarantined. Sub-standard furniture and other household items will be burned. All alcohol will be removed. Pets will be vaccinated against everything. Heating systems will be disconnected. All windows and doors will be nailed open.  All devices will be scanned for misinformation and electronically cleaned. History books will be removed. Non-compliant households will be allocated to an appropriate re-education centre. Fees will be borne by each household – these are expected to be around 10% of the value of everything owned.

303445 ▶▶ calchas, replying to godowneasy, 12, #1253 of 1665 🔗

I noticed that you employed the word ‘virus’ without prefacing it with the adjective ‘deadly’.

That’s fine now, but in 2021 the Coronavirus Vocabulary Act will mandate fines for the use of the word ‘virus’ without putting ‘deadly’ before it, in cases where it is clear that Sars-Cov-2 is being referred to.

Just a friendly reminder.

303471 ▶▶▶ Old Bill, replying to calchas, 4, #1254 of 1665 🔗

Incidentally the word ‘mutant’ is equally acceptable.

303669 ▶▶▶ annie, replying to calchas, 2, #1255 of 1665 🔗

Yes, you sadlidie from a deadlivirus.

303450 ▶▶ Now More Than Ever, replying to godowneasy, 4, #1256 of 1665 🔗

Pets will be taken away to be destroyed.

303458 ▶▶▶ anon, replying to Now More Than Ever, 2, #1257 of 1665 🔗

for your safety and the safety of other citizens

303870 ▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to Now More Than Ever, #1258 of 1665 🔗

Take me instead!

303439 Squire Western, replying to Squire Western, 9, #1259 of 1665 🔗

It strikes me that if the Eton pupils en masse refused to return to school next half until Mr Knowland is reinstated, his return would be almost as swift as Henderson’s departure. They could easily arrange it amongst themselves over Christmas. Just a suggestion chaps.

303451 ▶▶ Cecil B, replying to Squire Western, 5, #1260 of 1665 🔗

Chaps or Chips?

303521 ▶▶ Tyneside Tigress, replying to Squire Western, 2, #1261 of 1665 🔗

Strikes me the headmaster is a dead man walking. He was already on thin ice when he sent the kids home (many to guardians) after an exeat around October half term. He made the wrong call with this teacher. I have listened to his lecture (via Guido) and although I found parts of it quite uncomfortable – I actually lost it when he held up James Watson as a ‘paragon of virtue’ – his view needs to be aired. Better to allow the boys to also have the other view from a Julie Bindel or such, and then debate afterwards.

303867 ▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to Tyneside Tigress, #1262 of 1665 🔗

Surely, in an educational setting, it’s better to have a proper balanced discussion to explore or expose why something is bollox or offensive – or not.

303442 BeBopRockSteady, 13, #1263 of 1665 🔗

The Guardian hit piece on Suetra Gupta was low brow stuff. They think they can get away with saying herd immunity only exists in terms of vaccine acquired immunity.

303446 Cheshirecatslave, 1, #1264 of 1665 🔗

For once some graphs on the BBC website clearly showing the horrendous consequences of lockdown, though they blame them on the virus.

303453 John Stitch non stop dancer, replying to John Stitch non stop dancer, 25, #1265 of 1665 🔗

Just returned from Chepstow saw a Mother and two children all wearing matching face masks both children definitely under ten.Whilst the children turned away I blow my car horn and made the universal your mad gesture to her.Fucking child abuse!Her eyes looked crazed.

303459 ▶▶ John Stitch non stop dancer, replying to John Stitch non stop dancer, 18, #1266 of 1665 🔗

Also discarded my mask in M&S and gave a few people my best Boro frontline ex hooligan stare.These people have no fight in them the walking dead.

303467 ▶▶▶ Sarigan, replying to John Stitch non stop dancer, 5, #1267 of 1665 🔗

Actually a campaign of mask ditching with carefully worded messages on them may work?

303474 ▶▶▶▶ John Stitch non stop dancer, replying to Sarigan, 3, #1268 of 1665 🔗

I thought of that something like slave,resist or a few Anglo Saxon expletives

303520 ▶▶▶▶ Nick Rose, replying to Sarigan, 12, #1269 of 1665 🔗

Tear one off in an aisle, shouting “What’s the point? They’ll have another fucking lockdown anyway!”

303480 ▶▶ SionnachAirgid, replying to John Stitch non stop dancer, 9, #1270 of 1665 🔗

Every trip to my local Sainsburys is the same now, total mask compliance for customers and staff. It really is getting worse..

303504 ▶▶ RickH, replying to John Stitch non stop dancer, 4, #1271 of 1665 🔗

The thing is – although I relate to the emotion – it will have no impact whatsoever except to make her think nutters inhabit the roads, embedding the behaviour.

303464 Dan Clarke, replying to Dan Clarke, 1, #1272 of 1665 🔗

DM trying to cancel Christmas

303479 ▶▶ A. Contrarian, replying to Dan Clarke, 4, #1273 of 1665 🔗

I reckon Thursday or Friday, any other guesses?

303493 ▶▶▶ Cranmer, replying to A. Contrarian, 19, #1274 of 1665 🔗

Bad news is usually a Thursday or Friday, so I think you’re right. Here’s a thought as to why they might do it. If they cancel Christmas at short notice, they know that a lot of people will ignore the rules and just meet anyway.

The government can then manufacture a ‘worrying rise in cases’ after Christmas, caused by parties – there will be selected footage of arrests and ‘show trials’ for the media – and say that, unfortunately, because of this, much tighter lockdowns must be introduced. ‘We did try to warn you’ etc.

If they ‘allow’ Christmas they can’t blame people for meeting, so it’s harder for them to introduce new lockdowns. Cancelling Christmas at the last minute also means that most people will have done their shopping and provided tax for the government, which is all they care about.

303500 ▶▶▶▶ DRW, replying to Cranmer, 1, #1275 of 1665 🔗

Thanksgiving has already been blamed for new LDs in America.

303580 ▶▶▶▶ awildgoose, replying to Cranmer, 3, #1276 of 1665 🔗

Here in the US the austistic Soviet media attempted to create hysteria about a, “post-Thanksgiving,” wave of cases but it didn’t seem too effective among the populace.

303630 ▶▶▶▶ matt, replying to Cranmer, 2, #1277 of 1665 🔗

If they cancel Christmas, I can’t in all sense try to drive the family the length of England into a hostile environment. Slim chance of being stopped en route, but nonetheless. Because my children’s presents have almost all been delivered to our destination, I will, however, have to make the 700 mile round trip on my own in a day. If I’m stopped (unlikely) I can claim business travel.

If mum and dad are ‘round the corner, it’s easy. If they’re the other end of the country, it’s difficult.

303662 ▶▶▶▶ A. Contrarian, replying to Cranmer, 1, #1278 of 1665 🔗

Spot on analysis I would say.

303855 ▶▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to Cranmer, #1279 of 1665 🔗

They’ve already prepared the ground for strict lockdown in January, possibly extending till Easter – at the earliest.
Sage has been preparing us for weeks.
5 days lockdown for every day of Christmas ………
Same logic as open schools, close pubs.

Not logical at all, I know!

303517 ▶▶▶ Nick Rose, replying to A. Contrarian, 2, #1280 of 1665 🔗

Next Thursday, 24th

303663 ▶▶▶▶ A. Contrarian, replying to Nick Rose, #1281 of 1665 🔗

That really would be pushing it!

303847 ▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to A. Contrarian, #1282 of 1665 🔗

Make us sweat all weekend then give the allclear on Monday.

303502 ▶▶ DRW, replying to Dan Clarke, 2, #1283 of 1665 🔗

I selfishly support that, we won’t be doing it this year save for family appeasement. But bring it on and let’s see how many do it anyway.

303610 ▶▶ Steve Martindale, replying to Dan Clarke, 3, #1284 of 1665 🔗

This has serious implications for many people, Kier (vomit bucket needed) Starmer is sanctimoniously calling for tighter restrictions just to make political capital, this Government has got as much backbone as an amoeba and my wife and I increasingly feel like;
”I hear the voice of them that’s gone on before
And I can’t feel at home in this world anymore”
We have family who need to travel long distances and much as you want to ignore the restrictions when long distance travel is involved there start to be practical problems. It feels like we are now down to the 7th circle of Hell.

303468 DocRC, replying to DocRC, 4, #1285 of 1665 🔗

I know this was mentioned earlier but I just finished listening to Dr John Lee on JHB’s Talk Radio show. It was this morning at around 9.09, then again (after an interruption for her to interview Steve Barclay who talked absolute bo*****ks) at around 9.24. Absolute mustard!


This is the link to TAlk Radio for today,- sorry I don’t know how to link to the particular segment.

303600 ▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to p02099003, 1, #1287 of 1665 🔗


303664 ▶▶ janis pennance, replying to DocRC, 1, #1288 of 1665 🔗

Brilliant interview as usual from John

303477 R G, replying to R G, 30, #1289 of 1665 🔗

I went into town this morning and noticed that a mural had sprung up on the side of a building. It was a masked nurse with angel wings, flanked by three heart-shaped NHS logos, a paramedic and a rescue helicopter. Very Northern Ireland. Chesterton had it right when he said if you believe in nothing, you’ll believe in anything.

303492 ▶▶ Squire Western, replying to R G, 14, #1290 of 1665 🔗

I wish someone would produce a mural of a GP. They have become as elusive as leprechauns since Covid19 arrived and I’m beginning to forget what they look like.

303513 ▶▶▶ Nick Rose, replying to Squire Western, 1, #1291 of 1665 🔗

Leprechauns or GPs?

303615 ▶▶▶ dhid, replying to Squire Western, 1, #1292 of 1665 🔗

“…. of a GP.

A what?…

Oh yes! I vaguely remember them….

303735 ▶▶▶ Janette, replying to Squire Western, 1, #1293 of 1665 🔗

My guess is the Government have told the GPs to hide away so we cannot question them on the merits of the vaccine.

303497 ▶▶ calchas, replying to R G, 5, #1294 of 1665 🔗

So what steps was the nurse doing ..cha cha cha ?

303576 ▶▶ awildgoose, replying to R G, 1, #1295 of 1665 🔗

All that Jesus n’ Mary pap is far too hokey for today’s sophisticated liberal urban-dwelling Wokist.

303499 Liam, replying to Liam, 25, #1296 of 1665 🔗

Seen elsewhere:

“Wonder if we’ll get an updated 2020 version of A Christmas Carol where Scrooge is the good guy, his Christmas-celebrating family are the selfish villains who come to learn the meaning of self isolation, and Tiny Tim heroically dies to save the NHS.“

303540 ▶▶ Bugle, replying to Liam, 2, #1297 of 1665 🔗


303693 ▶▶ nocheesegromit, replying to Liam, 1, #1298 of 1665 🔗

Sometimes I do wonder if we will be left with Dickensian levels of poverty after all is said and done. In which case Scrooge will tell Bob Crachet and Tiny Tim that their deprivation is OK because pEoPlE aRe DyInG.

303510 p02099003, replying to p02099003, 5, #1299 of 1665 🔗

https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/newsbeat-55173161 I don’t know how old the grand parents of the 21 year old are, but when I was 21 my grandparents were in their mid 70’s.
From the Muppets Christmas Carol: “Here comes Mr Humbug, here comes Mr. Mean” (substitute names appropriately). Then there’s Marley and Marley the two ghosts wrapped in chains (again substitute names)

303543 ▶▶ PoshPanic, replying to p02099003, 3, #1300 of 1665 🔗

I don’t want to hear what the ghost of Christmas Yet To Come has to say. So like Rizzo the Rat, I’ll skip straight to the finale

303618 ▶▶▶ p02099003, replying to PoshPanic, 2, #1301 of 1665 🔗

There is no ghost of Christmas yet to come. Instead of Scrooge’s name on the tombstone it is Normality and Christmas

303583 ▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to p02099003, 1, #1302 of 1665 🔗

It’s possible to be a grandmother at 32. (Earlier too of course, but let’s assume both mums had their kids legally at 16)
Gran in the photo could therefore be in her early 50s – but does look older than that.

303688 ▶▶ nocheesegromit, replying to p02099003, 3, #1303 of 1665 🔗

Funnily enough I’m going to a local independent cinema on the 22nd to see the Muppet Christmas Carol. Can’t wait!

303694 ▶▶▶ DRW, replying to nocheesegromit, 1, #1304 of 1665 🔗

Nice to hear NCG, let us know how your visit goes.

303787 ▶▶ Iansn, replying to p02099003, 2, #1305 of 1665 🔗

My sis was a granny at 40 and is a great granny at 61. Wancock believes all grannies are 70 plus

303519 Valerie, 13, #1306 of 1665 🔗

Hancock and his chums are taking their instructions from George Orwell’s writings. Worth is judged merely by work output. Weddings and family events like funerals, family gatherings, church, anywhere where free speech and opinions can be shared has been crushed out of existence. A current cartoon has it right. Why would you take a vaccine that is so safe that compulsion is required for an illness you don’t know you have unless you take a test? Stop testing unless people are actually hospitalised and the plandemic will vanish.

303522 Cecil B, 10, #1307 of 1665 🔗

The advert above reads

‘Be surprised to learn what happens if you eat two dates a day’

Firstly, I don’t do dating

However I suspect what happens is that their families report them missing and you end up in Broadmoor

303526 Two-Six, 5, #1308 of 1665 🔗

Breaking News:
An email from Richard D Hall.


A new 5 part series is now available to view.


I urge everyone to get active, get off the internet and protest against the
criminal lockdown in the real world.

Thank You,


(Note : Please do not reply to this email, to make contact use link below)


303533 SilentP, replying to SilentP, 8, #1309 of 1665 🔗

There now seems to be a coordinated campaign hitting us with propaganda from all sides to cancel or further restrict Christmas.

What do you think will be imposed and when will we hear the details?

303546 ▶▶ dommo, replying to SilentP, 11, #1310 of 1665 🔗

who cares? no-one’s going to take any notice…

303608 ▶▶▶ IanE, replying to dommo, 1, #1311 of 1665 🔗

No-one with any brain cells, but what about the sheeple?

303614 ▶▶▶ matt, replying to dommo, 2, #1312 of 1665 🔗

I will, mostly because I don’t want to be stopped with the family on a 350 mile journey and I don’t much want to do the journey anyway.

303616 ▶▶▶ Danny, replying to dommo, 5, #1313 of 1665 🔗

We won’t. But millions will, including in our own families. I’m sure you’ll agree that we are fighting this not just for ourselves (I can and do happily tell people demanding I mask up, where to go) but for the whole of society. For isolated and terrified people. For our children too.

303653 ▶▶ A. Contrarian, replying to SilentP, 1, #1314 of 1665 🔗

Details by the end of the week. Probably leaked beforehand.

I don’t think they can “allow” Tier 1 to have Christmas, and nowhere else. Therefore no one will be allowed it. No mixing with other households full stop. Perhaps Christmas walks permitted with one other person. Socially distanced of course.

303834 ▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to A. Contrarian, 1, #1315 of 1665 🔗

I think they’ll dilly and dally and milk the psy-op till the last possible minute, then say oh all right then , with much finger-wagging and exhortation to be good, stay safe etc.

Meawhile, the hosts not knowing how many sprouts etc to buy will be having nervous breakdowns.

303538 Cranmer, replying to Cranmer, 23, #1317 of 1665 🔗

I believe the hour is drawing near when we need to think seriously about how far we are prepared to resist. One thing that occurred to me is, has anyone heard of anyone actually jailed solely for breaking covid ‘rules’? I have not been able to find any cases online – only those in which there were other offences, and the papers put ‘breaking covid rules’ in for effect. I’d like to think this is good news, but it may of course just mean that most people are compliant and those that are not are sheepishly paying their FPNs.

303565 ▶▶ Luckyharry69, replying to Cranmer, 6, #1318 of 1665 🔗

“Im right behind you…about 35 miles behind you…” Blackadder Goes Forth

303596 ▶▶▶ Adamb, replying to Luckyharry69, #1319 of 1665 🔗

God it’s a barren, featureless desert out there!

303571 ▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to Cranmer, 3, #1320 of 1665 🔗

Planty of activists have been held overnight for 23.9 hours.

303595 ▶▶▶ Cranmer, replying to Cheezilla, 1, #1321 of 1665 🔗

True, but I’m talking about actual prison terms. I don’t think there can have been any as these would have been all over the media as a warning.

303599 ▶▶ calchas, replying to Cranmer, 2, #1322 of 1665 🔗

Well, eventually things will go so far that we might as well be in jail.

303745 ▶▶ SweetBabyCheeses, replying to Cranmer, #1323 of 1665 🔗

I know it’s not the UK but there was defo at least one in the Isle of Man.

303977 ▶▶ JohnB, replying to Cranmer, #1324 of 1665 🔗

Geezer got 4 weeks for travelling from Scotland to the Isle of Man on a jetski to visit his girlfriend.

303542 Margaret, replying to Margaret, 46, #1325 of 1665 🔗

March. Clear all the hospitals, send granny to a care home. Kill Granny
May, Don’t visit granny in the care home. Save granny.
November. Test the vaccine on granny first. Kill granny.
December. Don’t visit granny at Christmas and certainly don’t hug her. Save granny.

I wish they’d make up their mind on what to do about granny. Perhaps they ought to ASK granny to see what she wants.

303545 ▶▶ kh1485, replying to Margaret, 20, #1326 of 1665 🔗

The majority of grannies I meet don’t want this in their name.

303584 ▶▶▶ MiriamW-sometimes-AlanG, replying to kh1485, 11, #1327 of 1665 🔗

That certainly goes for this granny! MW

303547 ▶▶ Lydia, replying to Margaret, 16, #1328 of 1665 🔗

My mum, grandma to my kids, wants her life back.

303548 ▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to Margaret, 17, #1329 of 1665 🔗

And what about Grandpa? He’s non-existent in this narrative.

303554 ▶▶▶ Tyneside Tigress, replying to Bart Simpson, 23, #1330 of 1665 🔗

Poor grandpa died at home from untreated heart attack, stroke or prostate cancer. Nobody in power seems to care about that.

303625 ▶▶▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to Tyneside Tigress, 8, #1331 of 1665 🔗

It’s as if men don’t count.

303675 ▶▶▶▶▶ Will, replying to Bart Simpson, 4, #1332 of 1665 🔗

Has Major Tom had his jab? Much like Phil the Greek/ Dane, I doubt they will risk him or Betty Battenburg.

303559 ▶▶▶ Margaret, replying to Bart Simpson, 14, #1333 of 1665 🔗

Haven’t you noticed Bart in all the propaganda we’ve had thrown at us lately that it is “granny” that figures largely; that dear, sweet, white-haired, rosy cheeked old lady who spends her days baking and making jam-just like me (not)?
My OH has said from the very beginning that grandpas don’t seem to count.

303592 ▶▶▶▶ MiriamW-sometimes-AlanG, replying to Margaret, 24, #1334 of 1665 🔗

This granny is 6 feet tall, short hair, slim, pretty fit, cycles, wears Docs, swears a bit too much, drinks and can play a mean blues on the piano. She’s nearly 68 and will fight as long as she can against this outrage.

Grandpa is of similar dimensions and resolve. He doesn’t do blues but is pretty hot on the ‘cello. We are open to all social offers and hugs this Christmas or anytime! MW

303613 ▶▶▶▶▶ Margaret, replying to MiriamW-sometimes-AlanG, 4, #1335 of 1665 🔗

I wish you’d been my granny MW!

303622 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ MiriamW-sometimes-AlanG, replying to Margaret, 3, #1336 of 1665 🔗

Bless you, Margaret. I don’t remember my Nana very well as she was pretty reserved but my Granny was fairly redoubtable for much of her life until ill-health got to her. Maybe she’s where I get my attitude from. MW

303621 ▶▶▶▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to MiriamW-sometimes-AlanG, 3, #1337 of 1665 🔗

Can you be my granny?

303646 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ MiriamW-sometimes-AlanG, replying to Bart Simpson, 3, #1338 of 1665 🔗

Yes of course! Love Granny. MW

303627 ▶▶▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to Margaret, 3, #1339 of 1665 🔗

Yep – its an identikit stereotype. Plus lazy as well.

303649 ▶▶▶▶ A. Contrarian, replying to Margaret, 2, #1340 of 1665 🔗

Looks like they need some unconscious bias training there…

303568 ▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to Bart Simpson, 7, #1341 of 1665 🔗

Why aren’t all the wokists objecting to the discussion’s being restricted to granny and grandpa? What about the other 90 gendertypes?

303590 ▶▶▶▶ Cranmer, replying to Cheezilla, 6, #1342 of 1665 🔗

Tranny grannies?

303611 ▶▶▶▶▶ Danny, replying to Cranmer, 4, #1343 of 1665 🔗

Sorry. Juvenile in the extreme but this comment made me laugh out loud. Sounds like an 80s horror movie title.

303594 ▶▶▶▶ MiriamW-sometimes-AlanG, replying to Cheezilla, 2, #1344 of 1665 🔗

Bloody good point! love G and G MW

303711 ▶▶▶▶▶ MiriamW-sometimes-AlanG, replying to MiriamW-sometimes-AlanG, #1345 of 1665 🔗

? What was wrong with agreeing with that? MW

303626 ▶▶▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to Cheezilla, #1346 of 1665 🔗

I thought there were 500??

303826 ▶▶▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to Bart Simpson, #1347 of 1665 🔗

I’ve lost count. It’s a bit like the covid stats, changing labels and increasing exponentially.

303629 ▶▶▶▶ Al T, replying to Cheezilla, 2, #1348 of 1665 🔗

Exactly! Why are the second ancestral generation not being discussed in gender neutral terms and selecting their pronouns.

303716 ▶▶▶ The Filthy Engineer, replying to Bart Simpson, 1, #1349 of 1665 🔗

It’s all part of the woke feminist agenda to eradicate all reference to the male of the species.

303587 ▶▶ watashi, replying to Margaret, 4, #1350 of 1665 🔗

the granny i know best (granny to my girls) wants us to stay away at xmas because of her irrational fear! Please don’t ask her. Could you ask a non-brainwashed one instead?

303601 ▶▶ CapLlam, replying to Margaret, 7, #1351 of 1665 🔗

My mum and dad want to see their grandchildren and will regardless even if that makes them criminals at Christmas .

My mum is high risk and she doesn’t give a fig about catching it.

303753 ▶▶▶ watashi, replying to CapLlam, 1, #1352 of 1665 🔗

perhaps she could give my mum a good talking to?

303647 ▶▶ A. Contrarian, replying to Margaret, 4, #1353 of 1665 🔗

Too late. Granny’s died of loneliness after not seeing another human being for the last 9 months.

303838 ▶▶ AN other lockdown sceptic, replying to Margaret, 2, #1354 of 1665 🔗


We consulted our 87-year-old gran and she’s coming to stay for a few days. Oddly, she doesn’t take too kindly to being infantilised. Who does?

303551 Ceriain, replying to Ceriain, 21, #1355 of 1665 🔗

DT: Live feed

Majority of Brits call for Christmas bubble to be scrapped

The majority of Britons say the relaxation of rules over Christmas should be dropped, and current rules should be maintained over Christmas, according to a snap poll by YouGov.

Just 31 per cent say the relaxation of rules over Christmas should go ahead as planned, while 57 per cent think the bubble plan should be scrapped.

YouGov, so obviously bullshit.

303552 ▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to Ceriain, 20, #1356 of 1665 🔗

YouGov polls are always rigged. Never trust them.

303573 ▶▶▶ Old Trout, replying to Bart Simpson, 6, #1357 of 1665 🔗

I have done quite a few YouGov polls and I do think they may be conducted in a way to skew results. They have to invite you to certain polls before you can take part so the sample is never completely random. I expressed an anti-lockdown view a while back in one poll and have never been invited to any other polls asking about lockdown measures, even though I know there have been many. I suspect that they only invite the people who expressed pro-lockdown views in earlier surveys, in which case they are starting with a biased sample to start with.

303562 ▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to Ceriain, 10, #1358 of 1665 🔗

As soon as I saw the headline, I knew YouGov would be involved.

303602 ▶▶ NappyFace, replying to Ceriain, 7, #1359 of 1665 🔗

Fake surveys help any doubters to think that they are in a minority and everyone else is fine with it.

303632 ▶▶ mattghg, replying to Ceriain, 1, #1360 of 1665 🔗

Where the fuck do they find these people??

303651 ▶▶▶ Alice, replying to mattghg, 5, #1361 of 1665 🔗

They don’t need any people – they just make it all up.

303642 ▶▶ A. Contrarian, replying to Ceriain, 8, #1362 of 1665 🔗

What I want to know is, if the bubble plan isn’t scrapped (which of course it will be), will every single one of those 57% stay at home alone regardless, since they’re so concerned?

Thought not.

303553 Margaret, replying to Margaret, 7, #1363 of 1665 🔗

Alistair Haimes ( ) Tweeted: This is horrifically ill judged and offensive

303561 ▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to Margaret, 7, #1364 of 1665 🔗


303639 ▶▶ mjr, replying to Margaret, 11, #1365 of 1665 🔗

dont know who produced the video – but it does look like government . Had been tweeted by the mayor of haringey who must be loving it now he is tier 3.
Every comment (and there are hundreds ) is slagging it and him off . 🙂
Also noticed this nice cartoon in the replies

303560 Dan Clarke, replying to Dan Clarke, 11, #1366 of 1665 🔗

I remember at the beginning when, some said, they will make things so **** we will gag for the vaccine and the chance to get back to ‘normal’, as if, looks like the plan is coming together

303640 ▶▶ A. Contrarian, replying to Dan Clarke, 8, #1367 of 1665 🔗

Except the vaccine hasn’t been mentioned for days (odd that) and now won’t stop any of the restrictions anyway…

303570 Tony Rattray, 14, #1368 of 1665 🔗


Who would have believed that in 2020 Wetherspoons would end up doing better investigative journalism than the BBC! Over 100 packets of pork scratchings or a TV licence and strictly come dancing? Either way, lots of brown skin and porkies!

Latest News, Wetherspoon News – J D Wetherspoon

303572 swedenborg, replying to swedenborg, 24, #1369 of 1665 🔗

This gives information about Hancock’s new strain which gives him a new impetus to lock us down. We are in the time of super information which only obscures our public health action. This information and especially if this strain were to be found after many vaccinated came down with it (or other strains), that would have interest and public health impact. But now?
This virus is now endemic with us forever unextinguishable. There are thousands of slight genetic variants around of great interest for virologists but how is public heath going to handle this information? Are we going to lockdown every time a new strain occurs in our neighbourhood? Everybody knows that the virus will come back every time restrictions are lifted in the best of the world and most likely lockdown having minimal effect on the actual spread of the different strains.

This is the problem with the whole pandemic response. They have created a technological monster with super testing costing escalting amounts of resources draining the society. Money is being spend to test the virus instead of using those resources to strengthen ICU beds etc which will be useful right now for everybody and for the future in case a real flu pandemic would occur.  Let us see which is the first politician who has the guts to stamp on the breaking pedal. The public health leads in the UK have lost all its reputation and are part of the pharmacological industrial complex which is the only beneficiary of this crisis.

303579 ▶▶ Cranmer, replying to swedenborg, 14, #1370 of 1665 🔗

Yes, it’s now become like a global war – similar to Vietnam, which started out as an attempt to contain communism, but eventually the containment efforts just fueled the reaction, resulting in an increasing spiral of horror and death until eventually public opinion turned against it.

303597 ▶▶ Danny, replying to swedenborg, 14, #1371 of 1665 🔗

I completely agree, but the notion that a politician will break ranks is extremely unlikely.
Johnson, however ridiculous figure, clearly would like to see the end to perpetual lockdown. However, he is a political windsock, having no convictions other than going without whatever is popular. Trump, for all his faults was staunchly sceptical, but was crucified in the press for daring to recover from the Rona. Starmer is busy trying to outdo Oliver Cromwell in banning Christmas. I just don’t see it. I think the only hope is Johnson in the sense that if the media and public perception shifts, he will jump on it overnight. But whilst a masked up nation of terrified people clammer for more, he will give it to them.

303607 ▶▶ RickH, replying to swedenborg, 8, #1372 of 1665 🔗

The public health leads in the UK have lost all its reputation”

Yes – the profession has lost all credibility in less than a year.

303574 Dan Clarke, replying to Dan Clarke, 12, #1373 of 1665 🔗

Apparently, we are not environmentally friendly enough and they want us confined and controlled

303643 ▶▶ Ben, replying to Dan Clarke, 13, #1374 of 1665 🔗

The rich want the world for themselves. To fly in private jets whilst everyone else is hindered by immunity passports etc..

The Greens are the biggest hypocrites in the world

303679 ▶▶ Darryl, replying to Dan Clarke, 4, #1375 of 1665 🔗

Sheep seem happy to be controlled so I guess that is how they will stay. I don’t think people will be getting much use out of their holiday homes abroad for the next few years.

303585 BuildVaccineTrust, replying to BuildVaccineTrust, 1, #1376 of 1665 🔗

An article in the International Journal of Clinical Practice recently regarding:

“Informed consent disclosure to vaccine trial subjects of risk of COVID‐19 vaccines worsening clinical disease”
says the vaccine trial participants were not fully informed about the risks in the way medical ethics would dictate. Yet those taking the vaccine now aren’t being informed at all about the risk of vaccine enhanced disease, nor is the media telling them.
The FDA’s review and authorization documents for the vaccine acknowledge that Pfizer and the FDA see an “important risk” of future vaccine enhanced disease that isn’t yet known since the trials are ongoing. Yet the FDA provided information for vaccine recipients says *nothing* about this risk.
Out of frustration I collected links to government documents and scientific journal articles on this issue and created a site with more information and a petition, this is the start of it:

Millions of people are lining up to get Pfizer’s COVID-19 shot without being told the FDA sees a risk they will get a more severe case of COVID-19 after the initial protection fades. Testing hasn’t lasted long enough to find out. If the public isn’t warned about *all* risks now, they may not trust vaccines even if full testing demonstrates them to be safe.
The UK, US and Canadian governments provide documents for patients and health care workers explaining the vaccine. Yet as of Dec. 12th, 2020: none of those mention this important issue acknowledged by the US government only in sources most people will never read.
The non-partisan US government’s Congressional Research Service explained : “experts are concerned about the potential for vaccine enhanced disease, in which vaccination could worsen the health effects of COVID-19 infections […]. Animal studies of other coronavirus vaccines have found some potential for vaccine enhanced disease”
A medical journal says after the dengue vaccine’s initial effect faded “vaccinated children in the 2–5 year age group, were found to be nearly 8 times likely to be hospitalized for severe dengue, compared to children in the placebo group”.
The FDA’s initial review of the Pfizer and BiNTech vaccine says its makers “identified vaccine-associated enhanced disease including vaccine-associated enhanced respiratory disease as an important potential risk.” and the FDA adds “risk of vaccine-enhanced disease over time, potentially associated with waning immunity, remains unknown and needs to be evaluated further in ongoing clinical trials and in observational studies”. Unfortunately the short testing period wasn’t long enough to assess the risk.
Media in countries hit hard by COVID-19 haven’t called attention to the issue to date. In contrast a Japanese paper quoted the director of the Japanese Society of Clinical Virology: “Concerns over ADE still remain. I am an elderly person myself, but if I were asked, I would say I don’t want to get a shot.” Elsewhere he explained : “In the past, a dengue vaccine proved effective in tests and was widely used, but then it worsened symptoms for people who were still getting infected.”. A leading professor of Immunology testified to Japan’s House of Representatives: “There’s no doubt that their effectiveness is quite high, but their safety is not guaranteed at all”.
Hopefully continued testing will discover COVID-19 vaccines are safe over the long run, but they don’t understand COVID-19 well enough to predict that. More info and the source links for all of this at BuildVaccineTrust.com

303678 ▶▶ Derek Toyne, replying to BuildVaccineTrust, 3, #1377 of 1665 🔗

Your message is spot on, but here’s another fact everyone should know over 99% of the population are covid free. The best vaccine keeps 95% covid free so our own immunity is far better than any vaccine.So who needs a vaccine, after 70 our immunity begins declining and those whose immunity is impaired, in other words all those who have unfortunately died of covid. I believe due to our aged population and modern medicine keeping those with impaired immunity alive that is 20%. We already have herd immunity WHO state we need 60% vaccinated or through prior immunity or from natural infection.

303593 BuildVaccineTrust, 1, #1378 of 1665 🔗

People will only get shots if they trust they’re being told everything. Pfizer&FDA admit a risk most haven’t heard. http:// BuildVaccineTrust.com for info&petition. Pin and repost often.

303604 Cheezilla, replying to Cheezilla, 10, #1379 of 1665 🔗

A terrifying coalition of big business and big tech are so confident and brazen they are promising the public “you will own nothing, and you will be happy” in an advertising campaign for a global reset, according to Sky News host Rowan Dean. “What they should have added is ‘we the very rich will own everything and be even happier’,” he said.


303660 ▶▶ Darryl, replying to Cheezilla, 5, #1380 of 1665 🔗

The vast majority of the population are so asleep and compliant they know they will have next to no resistance. Can’t believe what a weak and coward nation we are, destroyed with propaganda voluntarily consumed, the easiest victory ever.

303609 Ben, replying to Ben, 18, #1381 of 1665 🔗

UK Government trying hard to emulate North Korea. I wonder if life is actually better in North Korea
. comment image

303628 ▶▶ Rabbit, replying to Ben, 8, #1382 of 1665 🔗

It’s a shame not more business leaders have stepped up and formed some kind of alliance with Simon Dolan. It seems that way from an occasional browse of his Twitter feed, not on there myself so I only really look when something pops up here with a link.

303665 ▶▶▶ Darryl, replying to Rabbit, 5, #1383 of 1665 🔗

Business and media figures only seem to care about good PR in the controlled media. Most business leaders actively support and promote the dystopia which is the Great Reset. Never expected much from the multimillionaire business people because they live in an insulated world where money isn’t a problem, always happy to throw the poor to the wolves.

303677 ▶▶▶▶ Lockdown_Lunacy, replying to Darryl, 1, #1384 of 1665 🔗

Thing is, if the world is really heading that way, it won’t be big enough for all of them. Most of them would end up small fish in a big pond, with some much bigger fish for company.

303685 ▶▶▶▶▶ Darryl, replying to Lockdown_Lunacy, 5, #1385 of 1665 🔗

I get emails from large national and international organisations promoting all the build back better / Great Reset propaganda, the thing that surprises me is that there is no fight back amongst businesses further down the chain who like you say will probably be surplus to requirements in a few years.

303710 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Lockdown_Lunacy, replying to Darryl, 4, #1386 of 1665 🔗

Yeah same here.

I work for a large company that has been severely damaged by this. They challenge some of the details, like travel quarantines, but never dare to question the overall picture. In fact, they actively encourage most other aspects of it, like masks, testing and ‘staying safe’ in general.

You’d think that if everything was on the line for the people at the top of these organisations that they’d be asking for damn good reasons for all of this, but they never do.

303692 ▶▶▶▶▶ Lockdown_Lunacy, replying to Lockdown_Lunacy, #1387 of 1665 🔗

Meant to say in a small pond!

303802 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to Lockdown_Lunacy, #1388 of 1665 🔗

The pond will be the same size. It’s just the big fish will be MUCH bigger.

303648 ▶▶ JHuntz, replying to Ben, 17, #1389 of 1665 🔗

They are quickly destroying everything that makes a country a free democracy. the pace of this change is staggering and the blind indifference of the population is equally staggering.

303617 A. Contrarian, 7, #1390 of 1665 🔗


And here are the lastest NATIONAL UK #Covid_19 figures showing the stark difference between number of ‘cases’ and number of people actually ill with symptoms.

Pretty damning I would say.

303619 MiriamW-sometimes-AlanG, replying to MiriamW-sometimes-AlanG, 43, #1391 of 1665 🔗

PEOPLE ARE DYING!!! The Moron’s Mantra as wailed/mumbled at as by a zombie in Morrisons because she had seemed to be against ‘Tiers’ and we made the ‘mistake’ of saying they should all be abolished. ‘Turns out what she really meant was that since ‘we’ were in ‘Tier 3’ (as if Derbyshire had nobly chosen this), London should have been all along and it’s because they weren’t that ‘PEOPLE ARE DYING!’ We didn’t stop long to argue the toss, to be frank. What’s the point?

Apart from us and the checkout staff, it was 100%-zombie in Morrisons and Coop today. There was a lot more outdoor nappy-wearing too. Project Fear is obviously in overdrive. These cretins seem to be creeping around in terror that, if they don’t appease the Great God and cover their faces in shame, His accolytes, Blowjob and the gang will cancel Christmas.

I’ve got news for you dear zombies: The bastards are going to do it anyway.

I’ve got more news: some of us are not going to take a blind bit of notice! MW

303631 ▶▶ Smelly Melly, replying to MiriamW-sometimes-AlanG, 7, #1392 of 1665 🔗

But it’ll be our fault because we are not following the rules. There’s no cure for stupid.

303638 ▶▶▶ MiriamW-sometimes-AlanG, replying to Smelly Melly, 10, #1393 of 1665 🔗

That’s exactly why we mustn’t give in to bullies. They will do what they do and try to blame us anyway so we need to draw our own lines in the sand. MW

303633 ▶▶ TJN, replying to MiriamW-sometimes-AlanG, 19, #1394 of 1665 🔗

I’m coming to the conclusion that we need to bring back the term ‘bedwetters’.

303636 ▶▶ Les Tricoteuses, replying to MiriamW-sometimes-AlanG, 11, #1395 of 1665 🔗

Appeasement never works, they come for you anyway in the end.

303644 ▶▶▶ MiriamW-sometimes-AlanG, replying to Les Tricoteuses, 8, #1396 of 1665 🔗

Absolutely right. A lot of people don’t grasp this and I admit it is very hard to stand up to them but there is no choice. MW

303659 ▶▶ godowneasy, replying to MiriamW-sometimes-AlanG, 7, #1397 of 1665 🔗

MW – you are one granny who will survive! I salute you as a slighter younger grandpa who also intends to survive.

303634 Sir Patrick Vaccine, replying to Sir Patrick Vaccine, 7, #1398 of 1665 🔗


What’s driving Viral Hysteria? UNMISSABLE mainstream news clip explains

Ivor Cummins

303936 ▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to Sir Patrick Vaccine, #1399 of 1665 🔗

China constructing our global future Schwab says, sounds like they have it all worked out for us. Great.

303672 ▶▶ Darryl, replying to Cheezilla, 9, #1401 of 1665 🔗

Whatever happened to proportional responses, straight in with a head strike. Police are just a bunch of out of control thugs.

303767 ▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to Darryl, 3, #1402 of 1665 🔗

All police except London and Truro have been very hands-off.
The Somerset commissioner was previously at the Met.

The poison is at the Met.
Other forces don’t seem to be affected – yet.
The recent events at Birmingham and Manchester were a huge contrast to the thuggery in London.

Manchester protest, Saturday:

303769 ▶▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to Cheezilla, 2, #1403 of 1665 🔗

On the other hand:

A picture tells a thousand words. As Louise points out on SORUK
Freedom Fighters came to Parliament Square today as there was a debate in Parliament to see whether there will be restrictions on people who do not have the COVID-19 vaccine.

303794 ▶▶▶▶ Darryl, replying to Cheezilla, 1, #1404 of 1665 🔗

The media don’t tend to notice anything outside London other than football results, hence the orders don’t come from above to crush the protests. Given the phone call I am sure the Birmingham and Manchester police thugs would have acted exactly the same.

Unfortunately they are all trained to see the general public as their enemy, and the fact many are dressed and march around like soldiers now certainly doesn’t give a good impression.

I wouldn’t at all be surprised if the UK police carry out genocide in the next year or so, the TSG ones I have seen in central London are brainwashed dangerous individuals, no one above is going to stop them.

303903 ▶▶▶▶ mattghg, replying to Cheezilla, #1405 of 1665 🔗

Interesting perspective, thanks.

303700 ▶▶ Paul, replying to Cheezilla, 14, #1406 of 1665 🔗

This year has given us conclusive proof,if we needed it,that all organisations in this country are rotten to the core,they exist for their own benefit and for that of the state,not for us that pay for them.

303975 ▶▶ JohnB, replying to Cheezilla, #1407 of 1665 🔗

Needs a youtube account. No thanks. 🙂

303661 Ben, 2, #1408 of 1665 🔗

Open letter to all governments regarding vitamin D


303666 janis pennance, replying to janis pennance, 28, #1409 of 1665 🔗

Just like to add from a Student Nurse in our large hospital , just started on Covid Ward . Her comments
No-one is actually ill , it’s just to keep the positive test patients in one place

303699 ▶▶ First Minister of Bubbledom, replying to janis pennance, 14, #1410 of 1665 🔗

That makes sense, caught it in hospital whilst in for something else then get rounded up and locked away together…poor sods.

303731 ▶▶▶ SweetBabyCheeses, replying to First Minister of Bubbledom, 6, #1411 of 1665 🔗

Or in all likelihood they haven’t caught it and are a bunch of false positives in a ward together. I wonder if they separate them based on whether they’re actually experiencing any covid symptoms or not? Are the Doctors treating them all as though they have covid? Do the Doctors get told how many cycles of the PCR test it took to get a positive test as an indication of viral load? Utterly bonkers.

303746 ▶▶ A. Contrarian, replying to janis pennance, 5, #1412 of 1665 🔗

That explains why hospitals have such an infection issue then. Any false positives are lumped in with true positives, whether symptomatic or not, whereupon they promptly catch it.

They should at the very least be separating out symptomatic vs asymptomatic surely?

303667 Cheezilla, 3, #1413 of 1665 🔗

Carl Vernon
Christmas will be our fault:


303668 Liam, replying to Liam, 12, #1414 of 1665 🔗

I’ve always liked the darts on the telly. A beery, boozy, vulgar singalong. What a tedious, colourless sham it is this year, isolated couples sat saved apart. Utterly dismal.

303702 ▶▶ JHuntz, replying to Liam, 7, #1415 of 1665 🔗

The darts was done for me when they get rid of the walk on girls. More woke bollocks.

It was equivalent to the tour de france this year with a guy and a girl awarding the jerseys at the end of the race. fuck off!

comment image

303713 ▶▶▶ Liam, replying to JHuntz, 17, #1416 of 1665 🔗

The relentless campaign to make every single fucking second of our lives an utter misery continues.

303670 JohnD, replying to JohnD, -29, #1417 of 1665 🔗

The level of collective mental illness on display here is staggering. Did any of you actually pass any science courses at school, or did you all go to religious academies with zero science curriculum?

303738 ▶▶ Hoppy Uniatz, replying to JohnD, 7, #1418 of 1665 🔗

Well it’s possible to have faith and be scientific, you know. One asks why, the other, how?

303765 ▶▶▶ Alice, replying to Hoppy Uniatz, 4, #1419 of 1665 🔗


303792 ▶▶ Wolver, replying to JohnD, 5, #1420 of 1665 🔗

Feel free to contribute to the discussion John. I’m sure all of us here would would be open to having our minds changed, if presented with a compelling evidence agruement. I’m sure as the learned man that you are would understand that science is not a consensus, but a discussion and the seeking of truth. Without dissenting voices we would still believe the earth is flat and only 3000 years old.

303800 ▶▶ John P, replying to JohnD, 2, #1421 of 1665 🔗

I have a degree in Chemistry.

303806 ▶▶ Lockdown_Lunacy, replying to JohnD, 2, #1422 of 1665 🔗

Are you going to bring any arguments to the table, or just insults? I’d prefer the former if you wouldn’t mind…

303814 ▶▶ richmond, replying to JohnD, #1423 of 1665 🔗

I suppose you think that the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine at Oxford University is run entirely by graduates in History of Art and French poetry?

Also science began in Europe in the Catholic universities. And the Big Bang was first posited by a Catholic priest. Not to mention all the other Christian scientists, to this day. This whole religion-science conflict idea is for people who haven’t bothered to read much history. Everyone else just finds it boring.

303841 ▶▶ Biker, replying to JohnD, 19, #1424 of 1665 🔗

Well said JohnD, this place is full of loonies who just won’t accept the facts. The fact is we must do what the government says to save lives. It’s all about the lives saved. Hospitals are overwhelmed at the moment. My local hospital only has 300 beds and there are two people with the virus in there at the moment. It won’t take long for it to be overwhelmed so everyone must think of others and give up their life to keep others safe. Thank god they aren’t doing operations, cancer treatments and diagnosis because any second now they’re going to be overwhelmed with the killer virus. It’s not like it’s unreasonable, after all a virus must float around everywhere, as is it’s nature, so if i have to stay in for the rest of my life to be safe then i must do that. And anyway you and i are on the side of people like Piers Morgan and Prince Charles and that nice German chap who wants us to reset society by making all business between humans conducted with the government by our side keeping us safe. Why wouldn’t we all want that? I mean folks here cite some pretty impressive scientists with all sorts of evidence but they don’t work for SAGE so despite being Professional Virologists and Doctors and Scientists their work counts for nothing. Only the ones used by Boris Johnstone are allowed a view. He knows best and is doing everything he can to keep us safe. Thank god for that. Sure i smoke, drink, abuse myself and ride bikes but i do it all safely. The fact i haven’t been able to go to the pub, play live gigs with my band, go to race meetings every Sunday is nothing compared to the tragic death of an 85 year old who’s lived their life and has spent the last five years sitting in a chair waiting to die. If some 90 year old lives just one day longer than they would have had they caught the virus they whole thing will have been worth it.
Stick round bro you and i could be buddies and we can put these lunatic skeptic losers in their place, after all they want to kill old people and in my book that makes them as bad as people who listen to music with rapping in it.

303917 ▶▶▶ rose, replying to Biker, 3, #1425 of 1665 🔗

Well said Biker!!

303854 ▶▶ DRW, replying to JohnD, 1, #1426 of 1665 🔗

What is religious about advocating the time-tested scientific approach approved as recently as 2019?

303871 ▶▶ Lisa (formerly) from Toronto, replying to JohnD, 5, #1427 of 1665 🔗

Religious academies??? I’ve never seen a more destructive religion than the Branch Covidians, to which I assume you belong. Censorship — check. Public shaming of anyone who doesn’t subscribe to the orthodoxy — check. High priests, a.k.a. public health officers, whose diktats must be unquestionably followed — check. A bible, a.k.a. “The Science” — check. Prohibition of anything deemed fun — check. Commandments that are not to be questioned — check. Talismans like masks — check. I’ll stick with the likes of my fellow “mentally ill” lockdown sceptics than brainwashed morons like you.

303674 A. Contrarian, replying to A. Contrarian, 9, #1428 of 1665 🔗

If this is real, it’s literally unbelievable.


At least the comments give him what for.

303684 ▶▶ Liam, replying to A. Contrarian, 6, #1429 of 1665 🔗

Whoever put that out needs to die. I’m sick of being nice.

303690 ▶▶ PastImperfect, replying to A. Contrarian, 4, #1430 of 1665 🔗

Cllr Ejiofor? Where does he/she hide? Looks like it could be 77th or Brainwashed Common Purpose operative.

303744 ▶▶▶ A. Contrarian, replying to PastImperfect, 3, #1431 of 1665 🔗

Leader of Haringey Council!

303680 PastImperfect, 3, #1432 of 1665 🔗

Video on “command” and “obey”. Apologies if it is old hat on this site.


303681 Will, replying to Will, 7, #1433 of 1665 🔗

Just seen a Simon Dolan post on FB claiming only 2000 or so “covid” deaths actually had covid on the death certificate. Can anyone verify?

303695 ▶▶ Luckyharry69, replying to Will, 9, #1434 of 1665 🔗

The BBC and others admitted months ago the actual figure of people dying directly from this ‘plague’ was around 7%.

65,000 deaths is pure BULLSHIT.

303758 ▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to Luckyharry69, 1, #1435 of 1665 🔗

CDC worked it out at 6% months ago.

303697 ▶▶ A. Contrarian, replying to Will, 5, #1436 of 1665 🔗

True I think, seen similar before, although I don’t know what “on the death certificate” means – on any part, or just as the main cause of death?

Either way it doesn’t matter, because it’s ADMISSIONS and OUR NHS and LONG COVID that matter now.

303701 ▶▶ Arkansas, replying to Will, #1437 of 1665 🔗
303704 ▶▶ nottingham69, replying to Will, 2, #1438 of 1665 🔗

That would be in line with the US CDC figures, which was 9000 last time I looked.

303706 ▶▶ leggy, replying to Will, #1439 of 1665 🔗

I’d like to see the source for that too!

303717 ▶▶ skybluesam, replying to Will, #1440 of 1665 🔗

That’s just in London

303742 ▶▶▶ A. Contrarian, replying to skybluesam, 1, #1441 of 1665 🔗

Don’t think so – it says London is only 344 deaths, English hospitals as a whole is 2147.

303720 ▶▶ John Galt, replying to Will, 4, #1442 of 1665 🔗

comment image

This is an older graph, but it illustrates things well.

303793 ▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to John Galt, #1443 of 1665 🔗

48th November?!

303766 ▶▶ Will, replying to Will, #1444 of 1665 🔗

OMFG, what an idiot I am because I thought the “mentioned on a death certificate” figure was over and above the “tested positive in the past 28 days”.

303686 A. Contrarian, 12, #1445 of 1665 🔗

Having just seen a photo of Prue Leith boasting about having had her magic jab, I can’t help feeling, given the problems with infection control in hospitals, that herding all the vulnerable people into hospitals and other healthcare settings in the middle of winter is mad. If they don’t catch the Rona they will surely catch something else. It’s crazy!

303689 James Leary #KBF, 31, #1446 of 1665 🔗

Creep creep – nudge nudge – creep, nudge, creep, nudge ….

Rowing back on the Christmas promise at the same time they’re now saying it’s going to take a year to vaccinate ‘the entire population’. So that’s 2021 gone as well. It really is going to take the noose to stop these maniac fascisti.

303691 Smelly Melly, replying to Smelly Melly, 14, #1447 of 1665 🔗

i’m watching Yes Prime Minister at the moment. It’s as fresh today as the day it was made. Its on about tobacco tax and tobacco companies. They say 100000 were dying a year from smoking.

303725 ▶▶ Tyneside Tigress, replying to Smelly Melly, 1, #1448 of 1665 🔗

Ditto. Now watching the next episode. Wonderful!

303743 ▶▶ Nick Rose, replying to Smelly Melly, 3, #1449 of 1665 🔗

Call from General Haig in the office, Prime Minister…

303705 Fingerache Philip., replying to Fingerache Philip., 8, #1450 of 1665 🔗

57% of people believe that Christmas should be cancelled.
So presumably 43% do not!!
Comrades, we are making progress.

303739 ▶▶ A. Contrarian, replying to Fingerache Philip., 6, #1451 of 1665 🔗

Massive progress (although YouGov would tell us different). Back in April it would have been 99% believing it should be cancelled.

No need for the govt to worry. Half the country will be staying at home like good boys and girls anyway.

303740 ▶▶ Alethea, replying to Fingerache Philip., 9, #1452 of 1665 🔗

Our tractors are infinitely better than their tractors. Their tractors don’t like to leave the shed, for a start; they prefer to stay safe indoors.

303835 ▶▶▶ Fingerache Philip., replying to Alethea, #1453 of 1665 🔗

Our tractors were David Browns.
Mind you, that was in the 1950’s.

303707 skybluesam, replying to skybluesam, 20, #1454 of 1665 🔗

The Daily Mirror article on Witty & fertility in the round up really is a corker. It honestly starts with the opening line:

“Professor Chris Whitty has effectively ruled out the prospect of a coronavirus vaccine affecting people’s fertility.”

Which really is bloody good of him when you think about it. We should be really grateful for him for ruling it out. On the other hand, the article goes on to quote the great man:

Prof Whitty said: “There is no current evidence of any impact on fertility.”

Hmm, that’s not quite the same thing now is it Daily Mirror?

I also love this belter of a line:

“It comes after baseless claims about the vaccine circulated online in recent weeks.”

Would that be the screenshots of the government’s own guidance which states that the impact of the vaccine on fertility is unknown. Hey, you wanna know another way to say the impact on fertility is unknown:

“There is no current evidence of any impact on fertility”

303754 ▶▶ Wolver, replying to skybluesam, 9, #1455 of 1665 🔗

Weasel words everywhere. Once your eyes are open to it you can’t not see it!

303757 ▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to skybluesam, 3, #1456 of 1665 🔗

Yes. What I took away from the article is that there’s no current evidence.

That should have been the headline and the article should have pointed out that there hasn’t been enough time to amass any evidence.

Where have all the journos gone?
Long time passing…
Where have all the journos gone?
Bill has took them
Every one
When will we ever learn?

303786 ▶▶ GiftWrappedKittyCat, replying to skybluesam, 5, #1457 of 1665 🔗

Of course there’s no bloody evidence, the vaccine has only been about for 5 minutes. What exactly are Whitty’s qualifications because I don’t believe a word he says.

303708 Fingerache Philip., replying to Fingerache Philip., 20, #1458 of 1665 🔗

Watching C4+ news at the moment and there is a particularly patronising git of an expert on at the moment actually taking about people “not behaving themselves”.

303714 ▶▶ stefarm, replying to Fingerache Philip., 15, #1459 of 1665 🔗

There’s that word again….behaving. behavioural scientists telling us we must behave and change our behaviours. It’s always our fault.

303748 ▶▶▶ Will, replying to stefarm, 3, #1460 of 1665 🔗

Treat adults like children and, guess what, adults behave like children or, more accurately, recalcitrant teenagers.

303839 ▶▶▶ Ben, replying to stefarm, #1462 of 1665 🔗

This tyranny reminds me of the French revolutions

303734 ▶▶ A. Contrarian, replying to Fingerache Philip., 14, #1463 of 1665 🔗

The UK is now just a giant school, we are all 7 years old, Hancock is the de facto headmaster and we will all be kept in at breaktime until whoever it was that flushed Jenkins’ socks down the toilet owns up.

303759 ▶▶▶ Fingerache Philip., replying to A. Contrarian, 6, #1464 of 1665 🔗

Pity it wasn’t Wankcock’s head down the bog.

303927 ▶▶▶▶ peter, replying to Fingerache Philip., #1465 of 1665 🔗

Being repeatedly raped at public school turned handcock into the slimey ghoul we are suffering under now.

303932 ▶▶▶▶▶ Mr Dee, replying to peter, #1466 of 1665 🔗

I discovered earlier this year I went to the same school as him, around the same time. If only I could send a message back in time to my young self – I’d ask me to make sure he went ‘missing’ during cross country. I don’t remember rape being part of the curriculum though. Must have been introduced after I left.

303763 ▶▶ Lili, replying to Fingerache Philip., 8, #1467 of 1665 🔗

Why are you watching that shite?

303772 ▶▶▶ Fingerache Philip., replying to Lili, #1468 of 1665 🔗

There was a tory mp who was on our side (didn’t catch his name)
on the same programme.

303709 Janette, replying to Janette, 31, #1469 of 1665 🔗

Why are the government not listening to doctors all around the world. Lockdowns do not work and this coronavirus is simply a seasonal flu.

303721 ▶▶ Charlie Blue, replying to Janette, 15, #1470 of 1665 🔗

They are. Just not the same ones we listen to. I had a brief foray into a Grauniad comments section yesterday. Horrifying. There was zero overlap between the commenters’ perception of reality and mine. It shook me as much as anything I have seen or heard since March. Governments will never listen to those who do not follow the true religion. The articles of faith trump everything.

303736 ▶▶▶ Alethea, replying to Charlie Blue, 34, #1471 of 1665 🔗

A covid-entranced friend sent me a link to a Guardian article yesterday – she meant it as a bridging gesture. She thought we would both agree it was good. It was about the impact of this year on patterns of thought and mental response.
Of course, it was entirely predicated on the idea that we have all been facing an existential threat this year. Well I for one have not been facing any kind of existential threat; however I have, as a person who lives alone, and depends enthusiastically on daily experiences in the public sphere, been facing a massive psychological threat, constituted by the near total abrogation of human community beyond the nuclear family unit.
At one point in the article, the journalist wrote about the experience of being shocked by catching sight of an unmasked cleaner in the background of a zoom call. Where to even BEGIN with such a ludicrous, bizarre and – let’s be honest – politically inexcusable ‘experience’?

303771 ▶▶▶▶ Charlie Blue, replying to Alethea, 14, #1472 of 1665 🔗

The term you used a while back-relational malnutrition- has really stuck with me. So many of us are wasting away. I increasingly feel that those who cannot see this happening around them are missing some crucial component of humanity. Tremendous damage has been done to the psyche of millions this year but I think the groundwork must have been laid long before for so many to relinquish their humanity so quickly.

303779 ▶▶▶▶ GiftWrappedKittyCat, replying to Alethea, 5, #1473 of 1665 🔗

I live alone too so I know where you’re coming from Alethea. Send me a PM if you ever need a chat / sceptic to sceptic rant about this madness.

303844 ▶▶▶▶ Lisa (formerly) from Toronto, replying to Alethea, 4, #1474 of 1665 🔗

You’ve put it beautifully. Thank goodness my daughter found herself a boyfriend in late August or my husband and I would be dealing with a mental health crisis I’m sure. She’s a student teacher and is considered “high risk” among her friends and friends’ parents so she hasn’t seen most friends for a while now. We have moved out of Toronto permanently so she doesn’t see us very often anymore. If not for this wonderful person she’s now pretty much living with, she’d be stuck in locked-down Toronto with literally nobody. I am so angry for the young people and for people who live alone — it’s positively inhumane what our governments are doing to them/you. I think it’s the same in the UK in that people who live alone are “allowed” a significant other to get together with, but if you didn’t already have someone it’s very difficult to meet new people under these dystopian circumstances. In Toronto you can’t go inside a restaurant or coffee shop and it’s full-on winter so it’s rather difficult to meet someone new outdoors. Oh, and tell your friend to stop sharing — I had to do that with a friend of mine and we’ve been able to stay friends.

303884 ▶▶▶▶▶ Cranmer, replying to Lisa (formerly) from Toronto, 3, #1475 of 1665 🔗

When lockdown first started here in the UK, a government official (I forget who) actually said on television that couples who lived apart should either not meet, or should ‘live in sin’ as it used to be called. As recently as the 1980s, I would say, such a condition would have been unthinkable by any government, let alone a conservative one.

303895 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Lisa (formerly) from Toronto, replying to Cranmer, 1, #1476 of 1665 🔗

All of this insanity would have been unthinkable in 2019! I keep wishing I will wake up one morning and discover this was all a bad dream.

303893 ▶▶▶▶ DJ Dod, replying to Alethea, 1, #1477 of 1665 🔗

A cleaner in the background? Perhaps a glimpse of the lifestyle of the typical Guardian reader!

303837 ▶▶ Ben, replying to Janette, #1478 of 1665 🔗

Because Pharma companies and tech companies want their cash

303868 ▶▶ Banjones, replying to Janette, 1, #1479 of 1665 🔗

No money in that kind of thinking.

303712 Janette, 25, #1480 of 1665 🔗

There is no need for a vaccine.

303718 Liam, 25, #1481 of 1665 🔗

The behavioural psychologist mob are Mengele mindfuck merchants.

I’ve had enough, I want to see these people killed.

303719 DRW, replying to DRW, 20, #1482 of 1665 🔗

Some better news on a bad day for me: I might be meeting my semi-commited other next spring, maybe even getting a short holiday together. I almost don’t want to risk getting my hopes up though.

303729 ▶▶ Charlie Blue, replying to DRW, 4, #1483 of 1665 🔗

That’s something great to look forward to! The time will come so don’t stop hoping.

303820 ▶▶▶ DRW, replying to Charlie Blue, 1, #1484 of 1665 🔗

Thanks, she’s optimistic about things being very different by then. I wish I could share that.

303775 ▶▶ GiftWrappedKittyCat, replying to DRW, 3, #1485 of 1665 🔗

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

303822 ▶▶▶ DRW, replying to GiftWrappedKittyCat, #1486 of 1665 🔗


303836 ▶▶ Ben, replying to DRW, 1, #1487 of 1665 🔗

I wish you a happy future DRW

303842 ▶▶▶ DRW, replying to Ben, 2, #1488 of 1665 🔗

Thanks Ben, just trying to have something to look forward to.

303891 ▶▶▶▶ Lisa (formerly) from Toronto, replying to DRW, 1, #1489 of 1665 🔗

We all need that! I’m glad you’ve got something now.

303913 ▶▶▶▶▶ DRW, replying to Lisa (formerly) from Toronto, #1490 of 1665 🔗

Thanks Lisa.

303722 Dan Clarke, replying to Dan Clarke, 11, #1491 of 1665 🔗

Must be a lot in it for Johnson and Hancock, they’re obviously not the brains, and when people realise what it actually happening things are not going to be pleasant.

303852 ▶▶ Jay Berger, replying to Dan Clarke, 1, #1492 of 1665 🔗

If the vaccine is a mass killer or sterilizer, I am firmly convinced that all those in charge in politics, science, media, business, law, medicine etc. will not survive it, literally.

303723 nocheesegromit, replying to nocheesegromit, 37, #1493 of 1665 🔗

Hi everyone! I’ve been into York city centre a lot recently and have been delighted at what I’ve seen. There’s a lovely carousel which was heaving with kids and parents last weekend, very few of whom were masked. Plenty of people generally milling around the shops and restaurants on early Saturday evening despite the rain wind and cold. There were some buskers who attracted a sizeable crowd of unmuzzled and non socially distant folks too.

I’ve recently got a job in a local catering facility and was similarly chuffed by my experiences there. Some had not bothered with the not dining with anyone outside your household bollocks (York is tier 2) whilst others had booked separate tables but were talking across them. Then there’s the matter of staff masks – a good portion of the staff pulled down their masks when not in view of the customers, and I’ve been told masks are unnecessary before guests arrive. Which goes to show the whole thing is… well, for show!

In other news I’m staying round my boyfriend’s house for a few days. His mum picked me up from my house and said “I would give you a hug but some fuckers will start whinging”!! Bearing in mind his family live in a tier 3 area and specifically invited me round, I don’t think they give a shit, huzzah!

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All excellent news.

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Quick Report from the Day – Morning to Night. Hampshire.

Far too many people driving around cars on the road after 10am and in the middle of the day, especially couples in BMWs/Audis/Mercs. Why are they not at work? How come they are together? These cars used to be parked at the local station or the business car park on a week day. Not any more. Many in middle/southern seem to England love knockdown. They have more freedom and money. It is unfortunate and won’t last forever.

Car parks at local shops e.g Pets at Home totally heaving during the day – normally only 1/5 full. Lots of people skiving from work. Used to be only this busy at weekends.

Council car park empty…drove past it. What do they do for a living? Why are we paying public servants to skive?

Pub 40% up on last week. 3 brothers to my left were not brothers. Family to the right were 3 generations living in separate households (we guess), and friend of the family 20 meters away was with 3 buddies. Pub far more relaxed. People adapt.

Took us 2 minutes longer to get to the pub due to evening traffic – people visiting friends and family under cover of darkness? Roads packed at 6pm and 8pm. Wierd.

Finally, we reckon European Catholic countries like France, Italy and Spain will not cancel Xmas, ever, so therefore neither will Boris. Have been wrong before but would probably bet a tenner on it. Its probably more political scare bollocks.

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People are rushing out to get what they need before everything gets shut down yet again I suppose.

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Oh and just to add – don’t know if this has been posted already but this is a brilliant comedy sketch called ‘Governors Give New Lock-down Restrictions from Houseparty’

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The yougov polls are meaningless. The government subjects the populace to fear propaganda 24/7, government advisors issue warnings about Christmas, SAGE imply that thousands will die if we hug each other, etc. Then they send out a poll essentially asking if people are scared. That’s not research to inform policy that’s research to check the psychological warfare is working. It also then serves the purpose of flimsily validating the direction of travel because a percentage can be waved about.

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Yes – yougov is not polls, it is propaganda.

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Validating the success of the nudgers

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All polls have become propaganda.
Biden leading by 8% age points.
Yeah, right.

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Maybe we should all sign up to YouGov. That would skew their results a bit! 😈

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Yes! I’ve signed up and muddled up their expectations a bit already!
We need mass action – a signed letter to MPs, BBC, all the major newspapers, put a “No” or “1984” sign on a mask if wearing one, or even mass exemption requests. I believe there is now a need for organized action, for all the opposition groups to start working together.

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