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Morning all!

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Morning fellow insomniac!

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Katie Hopkins: DO you REMEMBER giving politicians ALL this power?

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morning deplorables

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What about running a simulation about how not to get stupid people in power, such as hancock, boris, grant, whitty, valance and so on. They are worse than the virus.

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Agreed, they are worse than the virus and the effects of their actions will be long lasting. However, you’ve got to admit their brainwashing and mind control strategies are working a treat. Current one seems to be the holiday quarantines. People have been complaining about the alleged upcoming vaccine passports. Now the ridiculous quarantine measures have been put into place, how long until the masses are asking, nay begging for an opt out? The kind government will obviously respond with some sort of “vaccine passport” and hey presto the captors become heros, again, at least in many people’s eyes. This has happened time and time again, starting with the Herd immunity strategy back in March 2020. Get a few (planted?) detractors to start complaining about it and the Great Brainwashed soon follow suit, it seems.

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Its an object lesson in how to fool all the people…. but there is also an insidious creep of woke happening behind the curtain too. People acting like cats with the shiny object or laser light are missing what’s going on.
But you do have to wonder at how they have been using the carrot and stick principle that’s so obvious to all us on here but it just gets sucked up by the muggles. Inject me lord so I can become free…..

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All you need is a political system where loyalty to party is more important than serving the people. Now how could we get that? Ohhhh ….

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And a system where all political parties think the people belong to the state….

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watch UKColumn for some background.

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More likely suffocation. Clamping your knickers really hard on to your face stops air getting in, says the article.

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That’s one way to kill some people off then…..

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They’ll probably mandate mass hara-kiri soon to stop the spread of the virus.

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To save the vaccine. No one can claim the vaccine (s) might be ineffective and/or harmful and a massive waste of money, if they’re dead. Problem solved! The regime saves face, and that’s all that matters.

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Exactly. Plus they’ve achieved their target of Zero Covid and by extension Zero Carbon.

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yes, ‘zero covid’ is Newspeak for ‘zero human life left on the planet’ – this is not about eradication of a virus, it is about genocide

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Sadly seems genocide being committed in broad daylight and many just cant see it. It started with sending the frail back into the care homes last spring, the denial of medical treatment for far more serious illnesses and now some are being hurried along by an unsafe experimental vaccine.

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Agree. But animals and plants also emit carbon so if we follow their perverse logic they should be exterminated as well.

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And not one news organisation has noticed the link between the vaccinations and increased death numbers in care homes and amongst old folk. Poor old fuckers been kept indoors locked up away from family, managed to see off a whole year of infection and then the government murders them with an untested vaccine. Oh but look at us we are jabbing more than all those EU arsehats, all hail the fat pig dictator.

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uk column have been reporting this and have had care home staff whistleblowing about what is happening in the care home sector

409250 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Andrew K, replying to pub with no beer, 6, #25 of 2158 🔗

Yes everybody outside MSM reporting it, and Wankcock must be quite happy as that’s probably what they were planning.

409369 ▶▶▶▶▶ HelenaHancart, replying to Spikedee1, 6, #26 of 2158 🔗

The UK Column has been doing excellent research in this area over the last two weeks.

410666 ▶▶▶▶▶ CivilianNotCovidian, replying to Spikedee1, 1, #27 of 2158 🔗

Why do you think they invented “new deadly strains” it’s code for “dodgy vaccines”!!!

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I think that’s happening – people queuing up for the ‘frankenjab’. MW

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How much are they PAYING these journalists. BTW, the SI section on face coverings states that the health minister must revise whether they are still necessary within SIX MONTHS (that period lapses in 23rd January). Also no sign of an impact assessment. Plenty of time to do that and look at all the harms… AND all FOI requests for evidence on face masks have been fobbed off. I’d say it is no longer law as far as I can see… let’s SPREAD that word!

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SAGE: ‘The perceived level of personal threat needs to be increased among those who are complacent, using hard-hitting emotional messaging.’ This was the first step. Then more and more lockdowns, no holidays, 10yrs for lying, tiers upon tiers, social distancing and other social experiments. All this because the populace accepted it all. From Great Britain to Gulag Britain!

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“All this because the populace accepted it all.”

And even though most people are not really complying…

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I think most people are largely complying simply because there isn’t much choice. I would like nothing more than to go to the pub (not for the booze but because I like going to pubs) but the option just isn’t there. I haven’t been in a pub since masks became mandatory in them. It was barely tolerable before that but that finished it for me.

409476 ▶▶▶▶ Stevey, replying to Dave Angel Eco Warrier, 15, #33 of 2158 🔗

People seem to be complying in public, such as while shopping or not openly protesting about everything being shut. But from what I can see while delivering groceries, most people (not all, there are still some covi-zealots about) seem to be ignoring the rules if they think they can get away with it. Lots of people visiting friends or family, multiple families walking together that sort of thing. Most people gave up on the distancing stuff while accepting their shopping ages ago and that hasn’t started up again despite the rhetoric from the govt. The general opinion is everyone just wants it to end.

410671 ▶▶▶▶ CivilianNotCovidian, replying to Dave Angel Eco Warrier, 5, #34 of 2158 🔗

Dave, you NEVER have to wear a mask because it causes you severe stress. You do NOT need to get a medical exemption. No one can question you on it or ask for proof. You just walk in and say “I’m legally exempt”. It’s the LAW!

409149 ▶▶▶ Stu, replying to this is my username, 11, #35 of 2158 🔗

Not much compliance in my area either, I think alot of what is reported by the msm in just to encourage people to follow the “rules” by impling everyone else is.

410194 ▶▶▶ Rowan, replying to this is my username, 7, #36 of 2158 🔗

They are complying, look at the masks when you go round any supermarket or get on a bus or train. Watch them queuing for the worthless tests or baring their arms for the lethal injections.

These people are complying big time and are condemning the rest of us, as well as themselves, to an early grave.

410593 ▶▶▶▶ JYC, replying to Rowan, 3, #37 of 2158 🔗

Sadly, you are right. The vast majority go for the quiet life, strung along by repeated promises that it will just be for a little bit longer. As long as Netflix and Amazon keep functioning.

408865 ▶▶ Tom Blackburn, replying to TheClone, 31, #38 of 2158 🔗

Crank mad scientists need locking up.

409137 ▶▶▶ Derek Toyne, replying to Tom Blackburn, 21, #39 of 2158 🔗

It’s sad and demoralizing that apart from a few brave scientists most of them have let the people down. Their all know lockdown is bad science and now the data is in to show that without lockdown deaths would have been similar or if done properly less. Scientist keep these things to themselves publishing their views in obscure journals that only few people read. For example last year the BMJ published a study showing that the flu vaccine made you more vulnerable to respiratory infections like covid. No one in the media made us aware and instead encouraged us to get vaccinated. Why?
Scientists need to get together and begin holding news conferences challenging the government and covidiots like Christopher Snowdon who believe only lockdown alters the rate of infection. If this was true the rate of infections would have exploded last summer when there were no lockdown or continue to rise until we had a lockdown. The reason why infections don’t continue rising and this as been known since the 19th century it’s called “fars law” is because as people get infected most recover creating herd immunity. Unfortunately we humans like dramatic stories ignoring what is real, the downside is that governments uses times like now to exploit our ignorance !

410014 ▶▶▶ Bella Donna, replying to Tom Blackburn, 4, #40 of 2158 🔗

‘Hanging’ not locking up. Why should the taxpayer be responsible for keeping them?

408881 ▶▶ danny, replying to TheClone, 43, #41 of 2158 🔗

Agree. Just commented above but I think the propaganda machine is quite worryingly shifting it’s predatory headlights on us now. Hard to believe that will not end in violence towards the unmasked in the street one day.

409269 ▶▶▶ Boris Bullshit, replying to danny, 13, #42 of 2158 🔗

If anyone uses violence against me for being unmasked I shall make sure they seriously regret that.

410262 ▶▶▶ Rowan, replying to danny, 6, #43 of 2158 🔗

It is not about masks, they are just a symbol of compliance with the tyrannical regime fronted by Boris Johnson. But yes it will all end in violence, but the violence will not be a one way street.

410675 ▶▶▶▶ CivilianNotCovidian, replying to Rowan, 1, #44 of 2158 🔗

I’m don’t like violence. But if comes to that, who do you think will win? A zombie mob, drugged up, masked up, zero natural immunity, unable to function without Boris telling them what to do? Or us?

409065 ▶▶ Spikedee1, replying to TheClone, 21, #45 of 2158 🔗

And why us anybody listening to that useless prick professor pantsdown? They are having him on ever week to spout more crap as if ANYTHING he has said on any pandemic has been correct? “Oh if only the government acted sooner”, show me ANY evidence your lockdown has worked!! In case you did not notice we were in tier 3 which is lockdown in all the areas with high infection rates. And how did that help?

410265 ▶▶▶ Rowan, replying to Spikedee1, 4, #46 of 2158 🔗

Ferguson is only making the imbecilic noises that the government wants to hear. That is his job.

409105 ▶▶ katz, replying to TheClone, 23, #47 of 2158 🔗

Fear of the virus has been replaced by fear of the police and fear of neighbours.

410019 ▶▶▶ Bella Donna, replying to katz, 4, #48 of 2158 🔗

We had my cousin and her husband over for lunch yesterday. She couldn’t get in the door fast enough for fear of being spotted by a curtain twitcher.

410109 ▶▶ Mark, replying to TheClone, 3, #49 of 2158 🔗

lock up the sage clowns

410270 ▶▶▶ Rowan, replying to Mark, 3, #50 of 2158 🔗

There will be many more to lock up, besides the imbeciles who make up SAGE.

408838 wendyk, replying to wendyk, 10, #51 of 2158 🔗

As to volunteering to vaccinate; my excellent good hearted dentist applied ,and ,to date, has not had a response.

408848 ▶▶ Tom Blackburn, replying to wendyk, 34, #52 of 2158 🔗

I would suggest there is a strong argument he should stick to his day job. Heck – even volunteer to dentist outside of hours. The need is certainly there.

408853 ▶▶▶ wendyk, replying to Tom Blackburn, 10, #53 of 2158 🔗

I think he feels that he should offer his services, but I agree that the need for dentistry is growing, all thanks to the lockdown madness.

His experience though, shows what a disorganised farce all this is: volunteers encouraged to apply, only to be ignored or to find themselves with nothing to do once accepted.

Would that be Camus in your pic?

408858 ▶▶▶▶ Tom Blackburn, replying to wendyk, 10, #54 of 2158 🔗

It is. Fortunately for me, ‘The Plague’ was the last book I read before this nonsense started. It helped provide me a fantastic grounding in lockdown scepticism.

408860 ▶▶▶▶▶ wendyk, replying to Tom Blackburn, 2, #55 of 2158 🔗

I read it recently as well.

408862 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Tom Blackburn, replying to wendyk, 2, #56 of 2158 🔗

Nice. I could wax lyrical about it.

A very good book and I like Camus’ outlook on most things.

408864 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Annie, replying to wendyk, 6, #57 of 2158 🔗

It’s a great book. Flawed, but great. From a man who truly did risk his life for freedom from Fascism.

408867 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ Tom Blackburn, replying to Annie, 9, #58 of 2158 🔗

I was recently dismayed to see a zero-Covid, double-masker nutter describe himself as a ‘modern day Dr Rieux’ in his Twitter bio. Which proves two people can read the same book and emerge from it with a totally different outlook.

408870 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ Annie, replying to Tom Blackburn, 3, #59 of 2158 🔗

He has the wrong outlook. Rieux is the voice of the Resistance.

408873 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ Tom Blackburn, replying to Annie, 7, #60 of 2158 🔗

Yep. Totally wide of the mark. I think the guy just thought ‘He was a doctor, I’m a doctor. That was a Plague, this is a Plague’. Either that, or he hasn’t read it at all.

409330 ▶▶▶ Dorian_Hawkmoon, replying to Tom Blackburn, 3, #61 of 2158 🔗

I desperately need routine dental care (scale and polish stuff) but am too horrified by the Novichok regime they seem to have and the high bar to justify why you should be pestering them to try to go. I think this will lead to me losing all my teeth in the not too distant future. Those bastards in Govt.

409929 ▶▶▶▶ Annie, replying to Dorian_Hawkmoon, 1, #62 of 2158 🔗

Is it an NHS dentist? My practice is private – I had to go private because you can’t get an NHS dentist for love or money here in West Wales.
My practice has been great: no hassle, the same high standards of treatment, and the dentist is a not-very-crypto-sceptic. Worth every penny – and I am keeping my teeth.

410026 ▶▶▶▶▶ Bella Donna, replying to Annie, #63 of 2158 🔗

I’m thinking of going private too. Its a case of finding a decent practice. I wish there was a ratings for dental practices.

410116 ▶▶▶▶ Staincliffe, replying to Dorian_Hawkmoon, 2, #64 of 2158 🔗

Just a fyi anecdote – I’m in Scotland and had a regular dental check up three weeks ago and a small filling last week. Dentist and nurse had face covering and visor, otherwise as normal. I had my sunflower lanyard and no mask. Had no hassle. Much better experience than I had feared.

408885 ▶▶ PatrickF, replying to wendyk, 10, #65 of 2158 🔗

I assume it’s because your dentist hasn’t had diversity training.

408887 ▶▶▶ wendyk, replying to PatrickF, 8, #66 of 2158 🔗

Yes I think you’re correct : I told him about the retired GP who was rejected for this very reason.

408941 ▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to wendyk, 11, #67 of 2158 🔗

The fact that he’s had no response shows that they don’t need people as I suspect they’ve vaccinated everyone that they deemed part of that “vulnerable” age category.

I echo what others have said, why doesn’t he volunteer his services with regards his actual day job? I haven’t seen my dentist for nearly a year now.

409325 ▶▶ Jaguarpig, replying to wendyk, #68 of 2158 🔗

What a greedy bastard

408839 Nigel Sherratt, replying to Nigel Sherratt, 13, #69 of 2158 🔗

Someone has to point out that the flag in the sand castle is upside down so it might as well be me.

408841 ▶▶ jos, replying to Nigel Sherratt, 7, #70 of 2158 🔗

Intentional in a world turned upside down.

408845 ▶▶ Tom Blackburn, replying to Nigel Sherratt, 7, #71 of 2158 🔗

False flag 👀

408857 ▶▶ Marcus Junius Brutus, replying to Nigel Sherratt, 14, #72 of 2158 🔗

Distress signal – it is in the appropriate orientation.

408880 ▶▶ jonathan Palmer, replying to Nigel Sherratt, 12, #73 of 2158 🔗

Flying the Union Jack upside down is a distress call.

409077 ▶▶▶ Spikedee1, replying to jonathan Palmer, 9, #74 of 2158 🔗

Might as well be a white flag all the resistance that’s been put up. Was watching YouTube last night and a video came up about a soldier being held captive who was filmed saying I am being treated fairly. But at the same time he was blinking a message in morse code saying “being tortured”. The fat pig dictator blinks a lot do you think he is saying “free me from sage and Princess nut nut”?…..

408934 ▶▶ Basileus, replying to Nigel Sherratt, 8, #75 of 2158 🔗

Recognised sign of distress – so appropriate?

409245 ▶▶▶ Nigel Sherratt, replying to Basileus, 2, #76 of 2158 🔗

It makes sense as a coded signal since it’s hard to tell, otherwise a pretty crap distress signal equivalent in crapness to C-19 as a bio weapon. The accompanying psyop has however been brilliant.

409264 ▶▶ Basics, replying to Nigel Sherratt, 1, #77 of 2158 🔗

Isn’t it just a sand castle on its holidays in Australia – at least that is how I took it.

408840 Steve Hayes, replying to Steve Hayes, 24, #78 of 2158 🔗

Ivor Cummings has a brief (less than three minutes) video on YouTube in which he presents a visual representation of all cause mortality, coronavirus related deaths and the impact of lockdowns. It is so simple and makes so little demand on the intellectual ability of the viewer that I think even Hancock could understand it. I am not on Twitter, but if you are, perhaps you could provide Hancock with a link to it?


408936 ▶▶ Basileus, replying to Steve Hayes, 4, #79 of 2158 🔗


408843 Annie, replying to Annie, 72, #80 of 2158 🔗

What kind of person is so safe that he never moves and never does anything?
A dead person.
Britain, the Land of the Dead, presided over by a legion of devils a thousand times worse than any conceived by the human imagination.

408854 ▶▶ wendyk, replying to Annie, 18, #81 of 2158 🔗

Vegetative state Annie; quiescence, apathy ,compliance, cognitive decline : the Brave New World awaits.

408866 ▶▶▶ Annie, replying to wendyk, 13, #82 of 2158 🔗

Lots and lots of Soma.

408895 ▶▶▶▶ wendyk, replying to Annie, 9, #83 of 2158 🔗

Huxley was ahead of his time.

408943 ▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to Annie, 4, #84 of 2158 🔗

We have loads of them sadly.

409096 ▶▶ Spikedee1, replying to Annie, 8, #85 of 2158 🔗

What was the ring of hell that Dante had for liars. Do we need a new special ring for the fat pig dictator and his cronies in sage and the whole of parliament (other than the 22?) then the TSG police, the bbc, the msm, the phe and nhs and a very special place of torture for prof pantsdown, something with two hot rock and a hot poker.

409460 ▶▶ JayBee, replying to Annie, 2, #86 of 2158 🔗

Plenty of zombie businesses now too, and that’s even official.

410563 ▶▶ james007, replying to Annie, #87 of 2158 🔗

Annie – did you see this?
A bit theological, but good I thought

408844 Annie, 23, #88 of 2158 🔗

I’m sure the Civitas working paper on the cost of lockdown was linked to back in December, as the government was promising (!) to publish its own cost-benefit analysis, but I think it’s worth another look.

This, for example:

• There are some costs of lockdown which are of course unquantifiable and which are therefore not covered in this report: the impact on freedom, on the quality of life, on happiness, on the differential impact of lockdown on the poor and the young. These too should be considered in official analyses.
• The report makes a simple observation: that the UK governments should publish their forecasts of the financial, economic and wider impact of the measures they have and are taking. These forecasts can then be assessed and scrutinised by Parliament, by future inquiries and by the wider public.
Public sector net debt is expected to increase by £473 billion in 2020-21;
GDP has fallen by 11.3% in 2020;
Unemployment is expected to increase by between 450,000 and 2.45 million above pre- pandemic levels;
The estimates of the cost per year of life saved (QALY) range from nearly three times more than what the NHS is usually prepared to pay to over 80 times more;
20,000 loss of lives could be lost from delayed treatment for cancer and other diseases; 16,900 additional domestic violence cases were recorded between March and June 2020;
Significant increases in depression (64% recording common depressive symptoms), anxiety (69% report increases) and loneliness (reports of loneliness parents of under- fives up by 1.4 million);
Significant increases in substance abuse including high-risk drinking among adults up by 3.7 million, 20% increase in opiate addictions, 39% increase in number of relapses among addicts;
A 25% to 30% reduction in learning among primary and secondary pupils, respectively.

And that was in December, when Hell was slightly mitigated.


408846 TheBigman, replying to TheBigman, 76, #89 of 2158 🔗

I don’t understand how anyone can read about holidays being ‘illegal’. Travel around the UK is frowned upon for holidays.
That is until everyone gets a barely tested DNA altering vaccine where you are the literal test subject.

I don’t understand how the above and much more doesn’t spell out to these people that you are in fact human cattle to these people in control.
Illegal migrants are put up in four star hotels…meanwhile should you dare to go on holiday you will be put in a run down hotel and charged an enormous rate for the ‘privilege’. Oh and you will also have your own security guard.


The ‘great reset’ is increasingly being shown to be the goal out of this. Please also bear in mind that the origins of the virus have continually been said since the beginning to have come from a lab. So why aren’t we focusing on this? Probably because tptb want us all to be a bite more like China.

Incase you don’t know what I mean there is a simple word to describe it: Slave.

408878 ▶▶ jonathan Palmer, replying to TheBigman, 34, #90 of 2158 🔗

If even Laura Kuenssberg is waking up to dictatorship then we might have a chance.
The holiday announcements and the coming budget could shake the complacent middle class out of their slumber.

409134 ▶▶▶ Spikedee1, replying to jonathan Palmer, 26, #91 of 2158 🔗

Not sure anything will wake up the masses JP. I keep seeing what should be trigger points and nothing happens. Let people go on holiday then take that country off the corridor. No, nothing?
You can eat out. Hooray, no you can’t and you have killed granny. No, nothing?
You can have five days for Christmas and families can mix and stay over hoorah! No it’s one day, you can’t stay over and bring your own knife and fork. No? Nothing.
All free after the vaccine all finished by March. Er no, we mean September and you can’t book a holiday you granny killing bastard. No, nothing.
We will keep granny alive even though she had survived a whole year of the virus with our life saving ground breaking experimental vaccine. No sorry she died of the, er, virus. No, nothing!
I keep waiting for the kickback, I have my torch and pitchfork ready but they just keep laying down and taking it?????

409295 ▶▶▶▶ Andrew K, replying to Spikedee1, 8, #92 of 2158 🔗

Frog boiling!

409388 ▶▶▶▶ Bigade, replying to Spikedee1, 19, #93 of 2158 🔗

I spend a lot of time mulling this problem- what spark is needed to fire up the masses? I don’t have an answer, but I do have an observation. I note in all sceptical couples I know, it is often the female partner who seems the most vocal and she is the one who has driven their joint thinking. Whereas, if the female half of the partnership is timid and afraid then the male half will simply follow and agree, even support her insecurities. It seems to me that the sceptic argument might have a better chance if it is directed to and targetted for women, particularly mothers. At the moment many of them are protecting their families from the big bad virus. They need to be made to realise the government is the enemy. How to do that?

409415 ▶▶▶▶▶ HelenaHancart, replying to Bigade, 7, #94 of 2158 🔗

You have a point. When in town I nearly alway see the men masked up, trailing behind their unmasked women. I was chatting to our sceptical gas engineer some time ago – he really does see through all this but his missus is terrified so he goes along with her…for a quieter life, I presume. It must be really hard if you are not both on the same page. Ultimately it could destroy your relationship.

409563 ▶▶▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to Bigade, 5, #95 of 2158 🔗

Infiltrate Mumsnet?

409896 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Bigade, replying to Cheezilla, 2, #96 of 2158 🔗

You know, joking apart…..??

409403 ▶▶▶▶ HelenaHancart, replying to Spikedee1, 15, #97 of 2158 🔗

I’m surrounded by people getting more bloody braindead by the day! They believe that daddy pig dictator really has their interests at heart, and I’m now a nut case and a danger to them. The psychological damage is deep now. They TRULY believe obedience and compliance will get them through this. They’ve lost sight of what it actually is to be free. Most will be too terrified to mix again socially anyway. And of course, it will be those who refuse the poison arrow WILL be blamed for all their eventual woes, not the government of course! They really are turning into such good little communitarians.

409454 ▶▶▶ JayBee, replying to jonathan Palmer, 7, #98 of 2158 🔗

My tax adviser told me yesterday that she attended a seminar where the speaker forecasted the following tax changes for the upcoming budget: CGT allowance cut in half, CGT rates aligned with income taxes, entrepreneurs relief only once, capped and upon retirement, lifetime cap on CGT freesale of primary residence, no reset for CGT purposes on inherited assets.
So basically, 100% confiscation by stealth.
Klaus Schwab will be very happy with Rishi.
The British middle class, not so much.

409631 ▶▶▶▶ Nessimmersion, replying to JayBee, 5, #99 of 2158 🔗

Interesting how all the MOAR TAXES mob are completely ignoring historical evidence from Cowperthwaite of Hong Kong and Ludwig Erhard of W Germany that to get an economy going, you must reduce taxes and regulation.
Its almost as if ideology trumps historical evidence.

408847 Scotty87, replying to Scotty87, 106, #100 of 2158 🔗

With all due respect LS, I have no interest in reading about the difficulties those who have offered their services to the vaccination campaign are experiencing. No interest whatsoever. In a similar way, I’m also not interested in reading about the logistical issues Nazi Germany ran into whilst procuring industrial quantities of Zyklon B – I’d rather focus on the egregious crimes, and perhaps the editorial team should too.

408897 ▶▶ Londo Mollari, replying to Scotty87, 33, #101 of 2158 🔗

I disagree. That article suggests there’s not a rush for the vaccine. And the stuff about diversity training shows the limits of the mental acuity of our Overlords. They don’t have righteousness or reason on their side – just brute force (for the moment). Sic Semper Tyrannis

408903 ▶▶ FerdIII, replying to Scotty87, 13, #102 of 2158 🔗

True enough, the zealots offering their services to the ‘overwhelmed’ NHS who are redirecting hundreds of their ‘overwhelmed’ dance video staff to the vaxx centres, are in the main full on retard for LDs, vaxx passports and the like. Just wondering when the military is going to be sent door to door to inject the ‘voluntary’ poison….

410273 ▶▶▶ Rowan, replying to FerdIII, 2, #103 of 2158 🔗

Many will die if they try that stunt.

408949 ▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to Scotty87, 17, #104 of 2158 🔗

Agree but this demonstrates the stupidity of the world we’re in now and shows that reality doesn’t match what the government propaganda churns out. If there was a genuine pandemic, they would not be bothering with diversity training and focus on getting volunteers to start ASAP.

408983 ▶▶ ElizaP, replying to Scotty87, 11, #105 of 2158 🔗

It’s useful in the sense that it shows there are lots of medical staff around that could actually be doing their jobs – ie instead of giving people The Jab.

410300 ▶▶▶ Rowan, replying to ElizaP, 2, #106 of 2158 🔗

Many NHS staff have been relieved of their normal duties for the best part of a year. Those of them now involved in the ‘vaccination’ campaign are taking part in something that is very dubious. The old saying, that “the Devil makes work for idle hands” rings very true.

408985 ▶▶ Bungle, replying to Scotty87, 6, #107 of 2158 🔗

Well said Scotty

409678 ▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to Scotty87, 3, #108 of 2158 🔗

I thought the volunteers piece was a useful piece of revelation. The implications were the point.

408849 Cecil B, replying to Cecil B, 83, #109 of 2158 🔗

We need to talk about Matt

Even to the untrained eye there is something going on in relation to the Aspergers/Autism spectrum

As my mother would say in what are now considered less enlightened times

“He’s a bit touched”

408850 ▶▶ Tom Blackburn, replying to Cecil B, 23, #110 of 2158 🔗

He’s a complete walloper. Which is exactly why he remains in situ.

408851 ▶▶ Bigade, replying to Cecil B, 71, #111 of 2158 🔗

I watched Boris yesterday during PMQ’s. First time in a while I had bothered to do that. The man looks haunted. No vigour, nothing, just going through the motions. In fact PMQ’s looks more like a scripted performance done by an amateur dramatic society than actual government mechanism in play. Truly odd to watch

408855 ▶▶▶ Steve Martindale, replying to Bigade, 17, #112 of 2158 🔗

And yet much of the general public think he and Hancock are wonderful and are our saviours from death, doom and destruction.

408861 ▶▶▶▶ Tom Blackburn, replying to Steve Martindale, 6, #113 of 2158 🔗

I don’t know. Most I know remain critical but only over detail. It is the underlying assumptions around the desirability of Lockdowns that remains fairly solid.

408879 ▶▶▶▶ Fingerache Philip, replying to Steve Martindale, 9, #114 of 2158 🔗

Says it all about the “general public”, don’t it?

409029 ▶▶▶▶ TreeHugger, replying to Steve Martindale, 9, #115 of 2158 🔗

Several non skeptical people I know think Hancock is deranged.

408868 ▶▶▶ Annie, replying to Bigade, 9, #116 of 2158 🔗

Shift the Ape in The Last Battle . He speaks the words that ‘wiser’ villains have put into his mouth.
Shift the Ape was eaten by the devil Tash with ‘one peck’. I look to the day.

408955 ▶▶▶▶ Puddleglum, replying to Annie, 2, #117 of 2158 🔗

Who’s Puzzle and who’s Shift?

409940 ▶▶▶▶▶ Annie, replying to Puddleglum, 2, #118 of 2158 🔗

Characters in The Last Battle . Ape and donkey. They are supposed to be friends, but Puzzle is more of a deluded, willing slave.
In the allegory, Shift is Antichrist.Puzzle supports him by dressing up as Aslan, Shift having convinced him that the real Aslan actually wants this to happen.
Puddleglum puts in a cameo appearance at the end, along with the other blessed souls in Paradise.

410658 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Puddleglum59, replying to Annie, 1, #119 of 2158 🔗

And the last few paragraphs of The Last Battle are my favourite bits of C.S.Lewis where this world is described as but the cover and title page, and now ‘they were beginning Chapter one of the Great story which no one on earth has read: which goes on for ever: in which every chapter is better than the one before.’

408869 ▶▶▶ Janette, replying to Bigade, 7, #120 of 2158 🔗

Great the lying must be getting to him

408875 ▶▶▶ Fingerache Philip, replying to Bigade, 7, #121 of 2158 🔗

His hair is starting to fall out (too much peroxide?), he really should stop drinking it.

408987 ▶▶▶▶ kpaulsmith1463, replying to Fingerache Philip, 14, #122 of 2158 🔗

His hair has been thinning on the crown for a while, now; couple of years, at least. It’s the increasing ‘haggard-ness’, the hunted, haunted eyes, and general robotic lifelessness in his demeanour that are really telling.

409288 ▶▶▶▶▶ Boris Bullshit, replying to kpaulsmith1463, 5, #123 of 2158 🔗

Nut nut will be dumping him once he stands down and is of no use to her green tyranny plans.

409384 ▶▶▶▶▶ Ken Garoo, replying to kpaulsmith1463, 1, #124 of 2158 🔗

He, Trump and Fauci all have the same problem. They are going bald and can’t accept it. They all have various style of ‘comb overs’

Cue (3 generations of) Baldy Man


409688 ▶▶▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to kpaulsmith1463, #125 of 2158 🔗

Hung over.

408871 ▶▶ Caramel, replying to Cecil B, 5, #126 of 2158 🔗

See Kim Jong-Dan of Australia. Definitely something going on there.

408898 ▶▶ wendyk, replying to Cecil B, 2, #127 of 2158 🔗

The useful idiot for our times.

408989 ▶▶ james007, replying to Cecil B, 20, #128 of 2158 🔗

It’s not really being on the spectrum, it’s more like psychopathy. Single minded focus on nothing other than his own power and control. Covid and their response is the only thing they see. Nothing else matters.

409102 ▶▶▶ penelope pitstop, replying to james007, 6, #129 of 2158 🔗

sounds like someone from the 1930s who was single minded in his ambitions in europe! He was neurotic and deranged also.

409027 ▶▶ TreeHugger, replying to Cecil B, 46, #130 of 2158 🔗

As an autistic adult I disagree. He’s touched alright, but I doubt it’s autism, he doesn’t understand numbers enough for that 😃
I would suggest schizophrenia or psychopath/sociopath rather than autistic. Or maybe that’s just because I don’t want him associated with the highly logically minded autistic community which I’m part of.

409052 ▶▶▶ james007, replying to TreeHugger, 18, #131 of 2158 🔗

Good point.
Also a person with austism would not be altering ‘rules’ and procedures on an almost weekly basis!

409066 ▶▶▶▶ TreeHugger, replying to james007, 37, #132 of 2158 🔗

It’s the changing of rules that has affected me the most. Change is is a big issue for me, and having my whole world changed overnight has put me back years in my road to understanding my own mind.
My son is autistic too and a science geek (biochem/genetics). He finds the complete lack of evidence or logic in most of their measures the hardest to take.

409183 ▶▶▶ Jo, replying to TreeHugger, 12, #133 of 2158 🔗

I agree with you, as far as I can tell he is most likely to be personality disordered, ie psychopathic. I don’t know many autistic people who would put on a stage performance of crying, for example, but manipulation and sadism are behaviours in line with PD.

409053 ▶▶ TheOriginalBlackPudding, replying to Cecil B, 9, #134 of 2158 🔗

He’s definitely a bit “spectrum”. In the course of many years working in IT I came across a number of people like him. They just couldn’t be allowed to deal with the real world and its inhabitants so were kept in a corner, where they were good at what they did. It’s the country’s tragedy that he has been allowed out of the corner.

That said, I hear from people who knew him from childhood that he was always an ESS-AITCH-1-TEE. It is said that a takes the village to raise the child. In his case Farndon let us down! They should have chucked him in the Dee every day (with increasing ankle-weights) till he reformed.

409074 ▶▶▶ TreeHugger, replying to TheOriginalBlackPudding, 26, #135 of 2158 🔗

Nope. Not autistic. I’m 99% certain he’s not autistic but probably a psychopath. Among other things autistic people don’t generally like to be in the limelight. We prefer to be behind the scenes. Psychopaths revel in the glory of their achievements.

409318 ▶▶▶▶ Basics, replying to TreeHugger, 9, #136 of 2158 🔗

I like your posts here Tree hugger. You make some excellent points. I concur sociopathic/psychopathic traits and agree autism is not what I see in Hancock – his brain is clearly a messy dump and not an ordered room filing cabinets. He relies on others for everything in his life, everything. Autism requires complete understanding on own terms – this leads to the wonderful logic and capacity for tenacious accuracy.

Hancock has a weird personal awkwardness – if you saw him sit back down after the dispatch box a few months ago it is one clear example of the strangeness I’m meaning to refer to. His facial expression and his speaking seem laboured in some way, he presents his forehead to the camera when interviewed. From the combination of his movement, speech and expression along with the content of his actions he does seem to be ‘touched’. I don’t see autism, but I do see something different from others.

Compare to Charles Walker for example a man who is natural in his delivery or Sumption. For all his smiling Hancock feels repressed/regressed. Sociopaths and psychopaths are supposed to blend right in, he is a failure at even that.

409880 ▶▶▶▶▶ TreeHugger, replying to Basics, 4, #137 of 2158 🔗

Thank you, I know all autistic people are individuals but if you watch the likes of Chris Packham it’s obvious that although he’s grown to somewhat enjoy his time in front of the camera he still feels the awkwardness of it. His deliverys are always very precise.
I do wonder if drugs don’t also play a part in Hancocks strangeness.

409421 ▶▶ HelenaHancart, replying to Cecil B, 7, #138 of 2158 🔗

He’s a psychopath.

408856 TheBigman, replying to TheBigman, 22, #139 of 2158 🔗

Vaccinations will be made mandatory. Just wait and see.

I’m those such as Bill and Melinda are rubbing their hands.

Can’t help but think that there’s a lot more truth to the reasons behind this than meets the eye.


408891 ▶▶ this is my username, replying to TheBigman, 6, #140 of 2158 🔗

If so then it’s the Mark of the beast.

408893 ▶▶ Londo Mollari, replying to TheBigman, 50, #141 of 2158 🔗

This is why we need to mentally prepare for what may transpire. As Solzhenitsyn wrote:
“And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

408859 wendyk, replying to wendyk, 14, #142 of 2158 🔗

Pondering the recent hiccups – Covid connection, how about the following ailments:

tennis elbow, dandruff, flat feet, ingrowing toe nails, slipped discs, piles, bunions and repetitive strain injuries?

Shortly all will be attributed to the mighty Corona and treatments tailored accordingly.

408874 ▶▶ Annie, replying to wendyk, 2, #143 of 2158 🔗


409067 ▶▶▶ ElizaP, replying to Annie, 2, #144 of 2158 🔗

My digestion problems yesterday were obviously Covid too – and there was me thinking it’s down to a friend? still owing me an apology for rudeness/phone slamming down (one I’m unlikely to get I know…..).
But – no – it must have been Covid – because everything is Covid these days – apparently….

409006 ▶▶ rose, replying to wendyk, 2, #145 of 2158 🔗

I must have got it. I have frozen shoulder!

409120 ▶▶▶ wendyk, replying to rose, 1, #146 of 2158 🔗

I sympathise! I’m troubled by persistent shoulder pain and stiffness but arnica gel and magnesium lotion are my remedies of choice.

409411 ▶▶▶ Hellonearth, replying to rose, 1, #147 of 2158 🔗

I feel your pain. Mine was finally operated on (10 years ago) when we still had a sort of NHS.

408872 Annie, replying to Annie, 43, #148 of 2158 🔗

You can see where Wankok is heading. It’s mask bullying over again. The jabbed will get big merit badges and be encouraged to blame the unjabbed for the cancellation of their two weeks in Benidorm – or Blackpool.

409393 ▶▶ Ken Garoo, replying to Annie, 2, #149 of 2158 🔗

And what ever you do, do not talk about the khunts that reduced and continue to reduce NHS bed capacity.

408876 PatrickF, 13, #150 of 2158 🔗

How the Government can spin this out even longer: no jab, unless you’ve had diversity training. Assume you’re a disease vector and a racist.

408877 danny, replying to danny, 96, #151 of 2158 🔗

Does anyone else feel the nastier tone this week? At a time when most of the vulnerable have had their damned vaccine, and the fabled “R” rate has dropped to levels not seen since prior to the latest lockdown, the rhetoric has been stepped up again.
Hancock and his 10 year prison terms for filling out a form wrong.
Shapps and his promise of no summer holidays.
Ferguson talking of masks and distancing for the next year at least.
VanTam coming to get our children next.
Added to that, the number of abusive encounters I’ve had in the street have risen back to levels not seen since March. People in shops confronting me over my lack of mask, people in the street throwing themselves into traffic to avoid even eye contact.
There is a growing gulf between the news and the response to that news which I find very puzzling. Any thoughts?

408886 ▶▶ TJN, replying to danny, 41, #152 of 2158 🔗

Yes, it is getting nastier. Maybe that’s because it’s all Hancock, SAGE and the rest of them can do – their only cards, which they delight in playing.

Or perhaps it’s to induce a high vaccine uptake. Maybe the uptake is not as high as they want? I don’t know.

But – surely, surely – eventually this level of hysteria has to spill over and break, and the bubble burst leaving not a rack behind.

408923 ▶▶▶ Janette, replying to TJN, 11, #153 of 2158 🔗

God I hope so!

408907 ▶▶ Steve Martindale, replying to danny, 45, #154 of 2158 🔗

Whilst as we have often discussed here the data is no everything nonetheless when the figures get low people do find it difficult to keep this up. I live in Torridge N.Devon which for some while has had the lowest ‘covid’ rate in mainland UK, only the Orkney and Shetland Isles have lower rates than us, our local hospital Barnstaple has all of 8 ‘covid’ patients. I keep posting these figures on our village facebook site and I notice round the village that people are increasingly likely to stop and chat (no masks) in the street and get together for a walk with a friend. In the local woods nobody wears a mask and people now seem happy to stop and chat and seem generally less anxious.
Just a small sign but maybe just a glimmer of hope.

408925 ▶▶▶ Janette, replying to Steve Martindale, 8, #155 of 2158 🔗

That’s good we need more of this

409155 ▶▶▶ dhpaul, replying to Steve Martindale, 4, #156 of 2158 🔗

Steve, I live not too far from you in Mid Devon, a small place with many retired like myself. We walk a lot in the village and local paths etc, we see quite a few masketeers in the street, and a few swervers. We talk, but its always from a distance, and the overwhelming impression is still that “we are only weeks away from normal”. Apart from one friend who is over 90, I think I must be the only resident here who is a sceptic.

408973 ▶▶ Alex B, replying to danny, 39, #157 of 2158 🔗

That is very disturbing to read. I feel lucky after reading your experiences that I haven’t had any problems so far; I don’t wear a mask and will not. Having said that i live in a town in the West Country of about 20,000 people and I shop at a few places where, over the years, I have got to know the staff well. They have all been excellent regarding me being sans mask and I have had no problems, none from other shoppers either, although behind my back they might be sticking pins in voodoo dolls.
Street encounters though are as you describe, people walking into the road and so on, it just makes me laugh now; if they want to be hit by a bus then so be it.
Something did happen that I was totally unprepared for a couple of weeks ago when we had heavy snow here on a Sunday. Everybody came out blinking into the light. No masks; kids building snowmen or toboganning with their parents, big groups of people gathering for a chat with nobody social distancing and lots of strangers cheerily saying hello and smiling.
I took my camera out and a bloke, I guess in his late sixties, armed with his camera came over to me and we chatted for some time, totally and completely normally, no masks or distancing.
My partner went to the town’s park around mid day and he told me it was heaving with people having a good time.
No plods anywhere in sight and the snow day just seemed to have transformed people, as if they were remembering what it was like to be social human beings once more.

409321 ▶▶▶ Silke David, replying to Alex B, #158 of 2158 🔗

You have busses in a town of 20.000? Wow!

410174 ▶▶▶▶ Alex B, replying to Silke David, #159 of 2158 🔗

Yeah! They trundle around town empty most of the time!

408993 ▶▶ ElizaP, replying to danny, 13, #160 of 2158 🔗

I’ve also noticed more of the “sheeple throwing themselves into street” thing as I walk along pavements recently (and this is a quiet little Welsh town). It does seem to be in some sort of relationship with just how much the Government are getting at people with their fear propaganda/outrageous pronouncements. All these people glued to their news programmes have a lot to answer for. I’ve worked it out now that there’s a couple of hours of news around lunchtime 3 times a week on Welsh version of BBC and I do suspect that many round here are glued to their tv’s during that time. I wasn’t even aware of those “media blasts” until I found myself being shoved off the phone talking to one of the fearful at around that sort of time for an “important” reason – which only turned out to be them wanting another dose of propaganda.

408883 Tom Blackburn, 19, #161 of 2158 🔗

Was it in Wayne’s World where they trolled everyone by saying something then following it up with ‘NOT!’ and laughing hysterically at their target?
eg. You’ll have a great British summer.
It is totally safe.

And so on…

Starring Pfeffel as Wayne, Wanksock as Garth and PNN as Cassandra.

408884 Crystal Decanter, replying to Crystal Decanter, 8, #162 of 2158 🔗

Compendium of all UK Mask exempt related challenges


Download and save while it is still up

archive version


408963 ▶▶ mj, replying to Crystal Decanter, 1, #163 of 2158 🔗

is this linked in the ATL right hand menu? If not it should be – can the admin add this please

409004 ▶▶▶ Crystal Decanter, replying to mj, 1, #164 of 2158 🔗

Hopefully they will

https://freedomtaker.com/ has some excellent resources as well

Just need to manually replace USA for UK on the vaccine letters

408888 Londo Mollari, 13, #165 of 2158 🔗

Another great edition of Lockdown Sceptics. Thank you, Will.

408889 Nicky, replying to Nicky, 30, #166 of 2158 🔗

Sir Charles Walker could have my vote for prime minister after this!


408894 ▶▶ this is my username, replying to Nicky, 21, #167 of 2158 🔗

He really is excellent, as is Sir Desmond Swayne. I appreciate their eloquence and their determination to speak out.

408899 ▶▶▶ Tom Blackburn, replying to this is my username, 11, #168 of 2158 🔗

They might at well stand their ground and be even more vocal now. They’ve got a clear 8 month run at it before the numbers will rise again.

408902 ▶▶ Nicky, replying to Nicky, 14, #169 of 2158 🔗

But to read the sadly deluded comments underneath??? Didn’t hear or read about people caring so much about NHS staff and people dying in hospitals from winter flu, or anything else for that matter, in previous years? Or clamouring to be locked up under house arrest for daring to talk to another human being. Tell that to those who lived under communist fascist rule in Poland during the Cold War.

408913 ▶▶▶ jonathan Palmer, replying to Nicky, 11, #170 of 2158 🔗

If they are real then we must face the fact that a lot of our fellow countrymen are morons.

409536 ▶▶▶ PastImperfect, replying to Nicky, 1, #171 of 2158 🔗

Those deluded comments will have been planted by the SS (77th) Brigade. Best ignore and post support for Walker & Swayne.

409766 ▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to Nicky, #172 of 2158 🔗

I suspect he’s too decent. He’s a genuine human being and not a sociopath – or worse.

408890 PatrickF, 24, #173 of 2158 🔗

Hancock gave me 10 years. I’m out in 3, for good behaviour – I took the diversity and climate change courses – and the pub’s still fucking closed!

408892 Friedrich Stapß, replying to Friedrich Stapß, 20, #174 of 2158 🔗

The Union Flag on that sandcastle is upside down. This makes it a distress signal, or an indication to friendly captains that the vessel has been hijacked. I’m not complaining, it’s never been more appropriate. Everyone should be flying the Union Flag upside down at the moment.

408948 ▶▶ divoc origi 19, replying to Friedrich Stapß, 3, #175 of 2158 🔗

What a brilliant idea, I will be doing this today.

408900 Margaret, replying to Margaret, 6, #176 of 2158 🔗

NHS shake-up ‘to cut bureaucracy and improve care’ https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-55985910

A couple of months ago, I posted here to ask whether this “second wave” was just the excuse the Tories needed to be able to reform the NHS, without being seen as the party which destroyed it.
It might help to explain why last summer was not spent in preparing for a winter surge in patients from the normal respiratory viruses and why the Nightingales were mothballed.
Hancock said before Christmas that the Nightingales were being re-commissioned. Does anyone know what’s happened to them?

408904 ▶▶ jonathan Palmer, replying to Margaret, 4, #177 of 2158 🔗

The excel in London was decommissioned.Hancock then spoke in Parliament and said the Nightingales were ready so they hastily put 62 beds back.The excel is a huge space.
I believe it’s now being used as a vaccination centre.

408920 ▶▶▶ Janette, replying to jonathan Palmer, #178 of 2158 🔗

And my guess it will also be used when people start falling ill after having the vaccines. Give it 3 months.

408908 ▶▶ Cecil B, replying to Margaret, 6, #179 of 2158 🔗

They went down the memory hole

Destroy the NHS to save the NHS

408901 Tim Bidie, replying to Tim Bidie, 11, #180 of 2158 🔗

This endless see-sawing of the narrative is a clear sign of factional government.

A weak PM, and his witless sidekick/mouthpiece, blown hither and thither between hard headed commercial and liberal humanist pragmatism, the greater good of the greater number, of the Treasury and the self serving, hypochondriac, precautionary principle driven Cabinet office with its wonky MS DOS excel spreadsheet steam driven code operators.

The only thing that ever sorts this out is the ballot box, as exemplified by that ‘nice’ Mr Major’s government previously, and we all know how that ended…..

408910 ▶▶ this is my username, replying to Tim Bidie, 32, #181 of 2158 🔗

I wish I could agree, but instead I think it’s designed to destabilise the economy and the people. No one knows where they stand anymore, the rules are always changing. This is a hallmark of narcisisstic abuse. The Behavioural Insights Team know what this kind of messaging is doing to people, surely.

408931 ▶▶▶ Llamasaurus Rex, replying to this is my username, 28, #182 of 2158 🔗

This is a hallmark of narcisisstic abuse

Exactly. Straight out of the text book. Constant gaslighting, push-pull, blame-shifting, projection, denial of accountability, zero empathy, triangulation. The BIT knows what it’s doing: evil bastards. Means to ends stuff.

409315 ▶▶▶ The Filthy Engineer, replying to this is my username, 2, #183 of 2158 🔗

This seems appropriate:

“The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.”
H.L. Mencken

410522 ▶▶▶▶ JohnB, replying to The Filthy Engineer, #184 of 2158 🔗

Not sure why he thought some hobgoblins to be real. 🙂 But he was a good lad, Mencken.

408905 Margaret, replying to Margaret, 5, #185 of 2158 🔗

“There is a way out of this Covid response nightmare. Replace PCR with LFT and praise the vaccines.”


This is what’s happening now, isn’t it?

408970 ▶▶ Steve Martindale, replying to Margaret, 3, #186 of 2158 🔗

I had not realised that LFT testing had increased so much, it is sort of a positive step. The downside is that LFT makes testing more able to be routine, mind you if the LFT tests are self administered then maybe if you use enough mouthwash and nasal spray you can be guaranteed a negative result!

409072 ▶▶▶ RichardJames, replying to Steve Martindale, #187 of 2158 🔗

I washed my mouth and nose out with Colloidal Silver and my test came back negative; I know you were being facetious, but it may actually work!

409079 ▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to Margaret, 5, #188 of 2158 🔗

In tbe SAGE Dec 74th meeting minutes they pretty much sound the bell to move to Lateral Flow. If you read between the lines in Alison Pearsons DT article referenced above, what she doesn’t realise is this shift has taken place in the NHS. Quietly and without any real scrutiny.


So during January thre were bed blockers of people not being able to get a negative test due to PCR. No symptoms, their complaint seen to whatever it was but couldn’t be released as a positive case. Now they’ve switched, more people are released and quicker too. Less people are arriving for something else and testing positive for Covid, so admissions are falling too.

The clincher for me though is that ICU remains at high levels, not unmanageable but high. This is because this is harder to fudge, they are the true Covid patients largely.

The bait and switch on testing is a con. A hoodwink which covers up the self inflicted crisis of PCR staff shortages and 1/5 less beds over the winter. We are being taken for mugs again, and again, and again.

408906 JHUNTZ, replying to JHUNTZ, 29, #189 of 2158 🔗

Can we stop having a post about these dumb volunteers desperate to administer the vaccine!

408914 ▶▶ FerdIII, replying to JHUNTZ, 15, #190 of 2158 🔗

Volunteering to administer poison – I doubt a single one of these clowns could tell us what is in the vaxx, how it works, if it stops transmission, what the demerits might be, or why 99.7% effective immune systems need it?

408917 ▶▶▶ Janette, replying to FerdIII, 3, #191 of 2158 🔗

Yes I think you will be right unfortunately!

409026 ▶▶ SweetBabyCheeses, replying to JHUNTZ, #192 of 2158 🔗

I think part of the reason so many have been keen to volunteer is that you get a dose of the vaccine yourself on day 1. Easy way to jump the queue.

409047 ▶▶ Victoria, replying to JHUNTZ, #193 of 2158 🔗

Yes, why would these people volunteer to do administer experimental jabs that has not yet been proven to work? Wonder if they understand the implications of future law suits due to adverse reactions?

409339 ▶▶ Andrew K, replying to JHUNTZ, #194 of 2158 🔗

I think you get paid for thism so it’s not volunteering as such. No jobs out there, so many are jumping at the chance of paid work.

408909 Anti_socialist, replying to Anti_socialist, 29, #195 of 2158 🔗

After flicking through the DM’s headlines today its evident the game of forever moving the goalposts is alive and kicking, its just lies, more lies & damned lies, that’s it for me the last MSM outlet I took my daily propaganda news from is now officially on my shit list, from now on i’m going to get my daily updates from david icke, its more accurate!

Seriously if you were in a relationship & your partner locked you up indoors, told you, you couldn’t work, couldn’t go out, couldn’t drink alcohol, couldn’t go abroad, couldn’t travel more than 5 miles, had to cover your face, couldn’t talk to casual acquaintances, couldn’t see friends or family, couldn’t stand closer than 2meters to another person & perpetually lied to you about when they may relax THEIR rules, what would you do?

They would be locked up for a lot less longer than the 10 years, these abusers threaten too if you don’t confess where you’ve been. When are people going to wake up to this abuse, this isn’t democracy! No natural threat yet invented evolved warrants these sanctions on life. I’m not a covid denier, i just don’t believe the official narrative, not a word of it!

Yesterday I watched a movie An Enemy Of The People (1978) with Steve McQueen , (i don’t watch anything made after 2000) toward the end, a public meeting is held & a democratic decision is made that the whistleblower is forbidden to ever speak the truth for fear of bad news. Its worth reflecting on that.

408915 ▶▶ this is my username, replying to Anti_socialist, 28, #196 of 2158 🔗

They would be guilty of coercive control, and that is exactly where we are now. People even on this forum have said that they will take the vaccine now because they want to see family abroad and are anticipating vaccine passports which haven’t been made official let alone a legal requirement. People are lining up to be experimented on because they want freedom which they will not get. It’s all part of this messaging, the NLP, the nudges, the press. It’s the sign of a corrupt and totalitarian state using the press to control the masses. Goebbels would be pleased.

409068 ▶▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to this is my username, 4, #197 of 2158 🔗

Yeah anyone on here who said they’d take it to end the restrictions must now, if they’ve any real integrity, will hold back. Because to agree anyway is ceding one of the only powers we have at the moment and that’s just to say no. Passively resist because they are lying and cannot be trusted.

408916 ▶▶ Janette, replying to Anti_socialist, 7, #198 of 2158 🔗

Hi Anti_Socialist a good news out let is UK Column on Utube. It’s spot on and we haven’t watched or read MSM for a while and listen to that and also Talk Radio although at the moment they seem to be promoting the lockdown.

408924 ▶▶▶ jonathan Palmer, replying to Janette, 15, #199 of 2158 🔗

UK Column have been excellent throughout.They are exposing the link between increasing care home deaths and vaccine rollout.
Many whistleblowers are coming forward.The problem is communicating that to the masses while the MSM are bought and paid for.Lets hope the enablers realise that they and their families are going to have to live in the dystopia they are helping to build.

409075 ▶▶▶ Anti_socialist, replying to Janette, 5, #200 of 2158 🔗

Yep I often link to UK column here, yesterday there was a good segment on Germany’s covid fraud UK Column News – 10th February 2021 hopefully the link starts at 53 minutes.
Talk radio had its moments but they are vaccine pushers. Their vaccine sycophancy is no better than any other mainstream outlet.

409300 ▶▶▶ Boris Bullshit, replying to Janette, 1, #201 of 2158 🔗

I think only really Dan Wootten was opposed to it on Talk Radio and he has gone. The rest are either flip flip flops or fifth columnists.

408927 ▶▶ Harry Chara, replying to Anti_socialist, 7, #202 of 2158 🔗

The Government is the Public’s Abuser . We have know this for a long time now

409236 ▶▶ Crystal Decanter, replying to Anti_socialist, #203 of 2158 🔗

RT has its moments

also Jo Nova forums are quite fun https://joannenova.com.au/

Prof Judith Curry is also worth a read https://judithcurry.com/

409923 ▶▶ Bigade, replying to Anti_socialist, 4, #204 of 2158 🔗

I’ll be damned for suggesting this, but read what you described –

if you were in a relationship & your partner locked you up indoors, told you, you couldn’t work, couldn’t go out, couldn’t drink alcohol, couldn’t go abroad, couldn’t travel more than 5 miles, had to cover your face, couldn’t talk to casual acquaintances, couldn’t see friends or family, couldn’t stand closer than 2meters to another person & perpetually lied to you about when they may relax THEIR rules, what would you do?

– and then tell me that isn’t the way a certain religion of peace treats its women…! Uncanny!

408911 wendyk, replying to wendyk, 5, #205 of 2158 🔗


And here’s another weapon in the public health armoury.

Fat-busting jab to add to the covid-slayer

408926 ▶▶ Harry Chara, replying to wendyk, 1, #206 of 2158 🔗

Fuck me you just know all the Fat CV Zealots will be queuing up for this one lol

409063 ▶▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to Harry Chara, 4, #207 of 2158 🔗

Not being riddled with vaccines will soon become the mark of the sane. You won’t be allowed to do much but you’ll at least have your dignity.

409209 ▶▶▶ Crystal Decanter, replying to Harry Chara, #208 of 2158 🔗

Nope they will just gorge twice as much

408912 FerdIII, 32, #209 of 2158 🔗

DorisNutNut: Triple Diaper now. The science says.

VanTranny: Triple Distancing now. The science says.

Whitty-Shitty: Diapers, Distancing, Tests, Jabs for next 5 yrs. Science says.

The Muslim Vax Sultan: Vaxx now. All 3 of them. Science says.

Fergutard: Models – 2 trillion are going to die in next 5 yrs. Science says.

Wankock: Jail time for dissent or criticism. Science says.

SAGE: Send the military door to door so everyone can voluntarily test and Vaxx against the coming Mongolian and Ecuadorean variants. Science says.

Every flipping week, their messaging changes, becomes more hostile, fascistic, deranged.

And the Sheeple bleat: ‘more, more, more’.

408918 Tom Blackburn, replying to Tom Blackburn, 10, #210 of 2158 🔗

Julia Hartley-Brewer is very, very good, isn’t she?

408933 ▶▶ JaneHarry, replying to Tom Blackburn, 11, #211 of 2158 🔗

she’s very feisty. She has that knack of ‘controlled aggression’ that makes her a brilliant interrogator. but her views are sometimes a little incoherent.

408967 ▶▶ jb12, replying to Tom Blackburn, #212 of 2158 🔗

Still banging on about the vaccines, is she?

408984 ▶▶ Apache, replying to Tom Blackburn, 4, #213 of 2158 🔗

I wish she wouldn’t spend most of the interview talking rather than listening.

409037 ▶▶▶ Fingerache Philip, replying to Apache, 1, #214 of 2158 🔗

We’ve listened enough.

409000 ▶▶ Bungle, replying to Tom Blackburn, 2, #215 of 2158 🔗

It would be simple to make her world class – cut what she says by two thirds and cut out nasty references to those who have different political views are the key ones. Finally,but most importantly, challenge the narrative always, masks, vaccines, distancing!

409035 ▶▶ Fingerache Philip, replying to Tom Blackburn, 3, #216 of 2158 🔗

PS: And I’m a socialist remainer.

408919 mhcp, replying to mhcp, 9, #217 of 2158 🔗

Yet again we have the Reality Denying government and institutions. Tanzania is laughing, singing and dancing at us idiots.

I read a HS assessment the other day still believing it’s dangerous to have people in the same room without face coverings if they have to work less than 2 m.

It has nothing to do with science and all about worrying if they are going to be sued because of the Covid

408946 ▶▶ Annie, replying to mhcp, 3, #218 of 2158 🔗

How in Hades could a complainant ever prove that they got Covid from their workplace, or any other place?

408961 ▶▶▶ Sceptical Steve, replying to Annie, 1, #219 of 2158 🔗

I don’t think that they’d have to, in order for their claim to be successful. All they’d have to do is pick holes in the employer’s Covid workplace risk assessment, and the compensation would surely follow. It’s nonsense of course, but cases like this would normally be settled out of court.

408922 Bill Hickling, replying to Bill Hickling, 3, #220 of 2158 🔗

Where can I find the Talk Radio debate between Hitchens and Hodges promised to be put up?

408928 Cecil B, replying to Cecil B, 25, #222 of 2158 🔗

People ask why the MSM only pumps out propaganda


They enjoy their six figure salaries. They know these six figures salaries would disappear if the dictatorship decriminalises the non payment of the licence fee


They are in receipt of money from Gates and fat advertising contracts from the dictatorship. They also get first dibs for leaked government stories. Without these bribes they would go under


A tax on satellite broadcasting would do for them. They know which side their bread is buttered

Follow the money


409865 ▶▶ Guy, replying to Cecil B, 1, #223 of 2158 🔗

To add to the newspaper element, I read somewhere that under lockdown as businesses don’t advertise as much, the UK Government has become the no 1 buyer of advertising space and you don’t bite the hand that feeds.

408929 Basileus, 9, #224 of 2158 🔗

Just reported another four NHS ads. It is really easy to do.


408930 Steeve, replying to Steeve, 3, #225 of 2158 🔗

Kate & Luc £16977
Are they still open for breakfast?

409140 ▶▶ Mark, replying to Steeve, 2, #226 of 2158 🔗

I’m not on the spot, but the last message I saw on the Telegram group was earlier today, saying they are planning to reopen next week.

409148 ▶▶▶ Steeve, replying to Mark, #227 of 2158 🔗

OK Thanks Mark.

408935 MFvH, replying to MFvH, 4, #228 of 2158 🔗

Responding to the nurses’ article on her experience as a St. John’s Ambulance volunteer. I could have written the piece. As a veterinary surgeon I also volunteered (4th December) and have found there are simply no shifts!
If the route out of lockdown is vaccinating the vulnerable and making sure the NHS can cope our experience is mind boggling!

408942 ▶▶ Annie, replying to MFvH, 8, #229 of 2158 🔗

Right back at the start of the bollox, we were exhorted to go on a list of volunteers to help out the NHS, and thousands did so. I don’t think they were ever contacted?

408950 ▶▶▶ Cecil B, replying to Annie, 8, #230 of 2158 🔗

Annie, you have started to use industrial language. Fantastic. Welcome aboard

408953 ▶▶▶ MFvH, replying to Annie, 4, #231 of 2158 🔗

Yes, I volunteered with the Red Cross at that point. The only thing they asked me to do was to pack food packages in a location which was a 2 hours drive from me. Did not think that was a great idea, so politely declined that one!
I am trying to find ways of getting out of this mess, but finding it increasingly difficult with the goalposts now having moved off the field…

410272 ▶▶▶▶ PastImperfect, replying to MFvH, #232 of 2158 🔗

Support the Great Reopening?

409166 ▶▶▶ BTLnewbie, replying to Annie, 1, #233 of 2158 🔗

I did; I received not one request to help in any way at all. Got plenty of emailed exhortations as to how well we were all doing – apparently 600,000 volunteers and a grand total of 650,000 tasks by the time I called it quits.
I reckon most of what they were planning to do (eg delivering meds from pharmacies to those who were isolating) was being done by local residents’ groups – such as the one Mrs BTL joined until the requirement for her to wear a mask put a stop to that – far more efficiently.

410791 ▶▶▶ A Heretic, replying to Annie, #234 of 2158 🔗

Could it be that they don’t actually want volunteers as they would have nothing to lose by exposing the scam?

408975 ▶▶ Apache, replying to MFvH, 6, #235 of 2158 🔗

My Wife is a health and social care worker. Her employer contacted the local CCG about inoculations for its staff. Nothing was heard until yesterday when the usual ‘you should have had an email etc’. They were given a number to call. Some of her colleagues were listening to a recorded message for over 1 hour. When they finally got through they were given 1st appointment dates past the target date of 15th Feb. A classic task (answering the phone) for a volunteer, but no, our all controlling woke NHS couldn’t possibly put patient care and health at the centre of its thinking. (I work for the NHS and am being hounded to have the jab, which I will continue to decline.)

408999 ▶▶▶ fiery, replying to Apache, 1, #236 of 2158 🔗

I wouldn’t have the patience or time to be on the phone for over an hour.

409055 ▶▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to Apache, 1, #237 of 2158 🔗

Decline until they try and mandate it for you, me and my kids. At that point I’ll see you on the front line.

408937 chaos, replying to chaos, 14, #238 of 2158 🔗

Grant Shapps.. Does anyone remember when he was just a small fish in the dirty tory pond. When (under various aliases) he and his spouse ran an internet scam that sought to exploit (at that time) Goodle’s vulnerabilities regartding search engine optimsation (SEO)? In other words, how he would game the system using ‘black hat’ SEO and sell the ability to do the same to others? This resulted in a police investigation that was later quietly dropped. This is our government. They would use and advocate hidden keyword stuiffing etc to make sites appear high in rankings. All kinds of spam sites utilised such techniques (inc. Grant’s) to rake in the cash from google ad sense etc.


409022 ▶▶ kpaulsmith1463, replying to chaos, 3, #239 of 2158 🔗

I’m astonished he has the gaul to show his face in public, much less pretend to serve the public. Pure flim-flam man

408938 Bart Simpson, replying to Bart Simpson, 3, #240 of 2158 🔗

Has the Marsh family considered doing a von Trapp Family Singers when this shit show is over?

408982 ▶▶ mj, replying to Bart Simpson, 1, #241 of 2158 🔗

the Marsh family have been pro lockdown since the start (if you listen to their previous videos). dad is a university lecturer so happily on full pay working from home. Mum was a teacher so i doubt whether the kids have suffered from any gap in education.

408992 ▶▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to mj, #242 of 2158 🔗

The doesn’t surprise me. They do look a tad too well off in their videos and I believe they live in one of those nice leafy commuter towns.

On second thought, NOT!!!

410071 ▶▶▶ FedupofLies, replying to mj, #243 of 2158 🔗

Just another good SS family. I think IF we get through this the punishment for people like THAT is their property MUST be taken away from them.

408939 Margaret, replying to Margaret, 2, #244 of 2158 🔗


If you need a laugh this morning (don’t we all?) watch this “maskholery”.

409009 ▶▶ Bungle, replying to Margaret, #245 of 2158 🔗

Laugh? Why are you extolling a mask wearer?

408940 JHUNTZ, replying to JHUNTZ, 22, #246 of 2158 🔗

It’s a sample of one but said friend found it only somewhat irritating not being able to see friends, however did enjoy the perks of work from home. So basically this dystopia was a net benefit.

Was delighted we’ve rolled out the vaccines to the vulnerable. Had no concern that the clear goalpost was mid Feb and is now summer at best for relaxing restrictions.

This is not a boomer either who get all their news from the TV. How the fuck can you spend 11 months locked up and learn absolutely nothing about this. I genuinely have never felt more despondent.

I thought lockdown 2 would have woke people up. Wrong. I thought Christmas would have woke people up. Wrong. I would like to think the vaccine goalpost being pushed out would wake people up. Wrong (I suspect).

I get the newspaper comments are becoming more sceptical but their seems to be a class of people in complete echo chambers or so far removed from current affairs that you cannot wake them up. They are not even in the game of life (Non Playing Characters).

408954 ▶▶ this is my username, replying to JHUNTZ, 6, #247 of 2158 🔗

I know people like that. They’re just going along with everything as far as it suits them. If they ever complain it’s to each other – never to someone who is tasked with doing something about it (e.g. their MP). They basically obey everything without thinking of the consequences for the country of this continuing.

409023 ▶▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to this is my username, 4, #248 of 2158 🔗

What is their opinion on vaccination of children as Van Tam has suggested? If they even countenance that I’d tell them they are sick in the head and need help.

410447 ▶▶▶▶ JohnB, replying to BeBopRockSteady, #249 of 2158 🔗



409997 ▶▶ Old Bill, replying to JHUNTZ, 1, #250 of 2158 🔗

When I read your post I had just been thinking how excellent it would be if somebody with the required talent in research would collate a list called –

“Lies I have listened to”

It could start with

Britain will have to take this on the chin,

Move through

Three weeks to flatten the curve


All over when the vaccine arrives

When the elderly and vulnerable have been vaccinated

When the whole country has been vaccinated

When the whole world has been vaccinated

And about a million more that I have forgotten.

Print it out and give it to everyone you meet.

PS. I am not volunteering for the job (or the jab either for that matter).

410296 ▶▶ PastImperfect, replying to JHUNTZ, #251 of 2158 🔗

Remember the SS (77th brigade) will be trying to negate real-life comments, but will only try to shout you down and add nothing to the discussion.

408944 B.F.Finlayson, replying to B.F.Finlayson, 38, #252 of 2158 🔗

‘As free people, we should be allowed to run that small risk in order to enjoy a full and satisfying life, not the lonely, twilit existence of the past 10 months’. Allison Pearson

As free people we wouldn’t need to seek confirmation of that freedom, and (more than that) it would be our cultural duty to embrace, exercise and protect that freedom without apology or hesitation. Unfortunately – technically – we are not free , nor have we ever been, we simply rely on granted civil liberties within the silence of the law.
Those civil liberties sufficed for most of us, but there always was going to be a snag, a ‘what if?’ buried at the hearth of this uneasy compromise, a conundrum that has pre-occupied political philosophers across the ages (Plato, Rousseau, Hobbes, Mill etc.).
For post war UK, however, it was not something successive generations have had to think too much about – leaving the vast majority wholly unprepared when taken for granted liberties are eroded by a democratic elected but incompetent government dancing to the tune of unelected, agenda driven, quasi-scientific advisors; the new palace eunuchs.
Yet if we kicked back in our millions this charade would be over before the end of Feb, with new elections soon after to cast the Con/Lab Alliance out. But we won’t, we’ll just shuffle around to the supermarket, and that has become the most terrifying aspect of this scamdemic.
This and future governments now 100% know the nation is incapable of collective resistance when deprived of liberty, and so the lives of future generations will be accordingly blighted. In supposedly protecting our grandparents health temporarily, we have all too willingly betrayed our children’s liberty indefinitely to the new de-facto politics of ministerial decree, unaccountable decision making, arbitrary state tyranny and targeted police oppression.

409657 ▶▶ Boris Bullshit, replying to B.F.Finlayson, 10, #253 of 2158 🔗

Yes we now know the British public are useless cowardly dross who have little value for freedom. Had the Nazis occupied here you have to doubt if there would have been any resistance based on the current populace. Maybe earlier generations were different but their offspring are an utter disgrace.

The thing is it wont just be us who have worked that out…the government will have too. So whatever authoritarian plans they have for the future they will know that the British public will not resist. I am convinced some members of the public would stick their head down the toilet and flush the chain if government ‘scientists’ told them to.

British bulldog and the Blitz spirit my arse.

410306 ▶▶ PastImperfect, replying to B.F.Finlayson, #254 of 2158 🔗

Support the Great Reopening and encourage everyone you meet to do the same. Reminds me, I must put the sticker on my car.

410385 ▶▶▶ B.F.Finlayson, replying to PastImperfect, 1, #255 of 2158 🔗

Support the Great Reopening…

…and (unless absolutely necessary) boycott your usual ( local economy killing, openly profiteering, politically back scratching, etc, etc… ) corporate supermarket. With special punishments meted out to those lackeys who recorded the continuously looped face mask and social distancing messages, and a mandatory life sentence for whoever authorised Asda’s face recognition security cctv to be viewed by all (larger than life) on huge suspended screens…

410442 ▶▶ JohnB, replying to B.F.Finlayson, 1, #256 of 2158 🔗

This and future governments now 100% know the nation is incapable of collective resistance when deprived of liberty, and so the lives of future generations will be accordingly blighted.

Well put, BFF.

However it doesn’t (and never has done) depend on the nation as a whole. Small numbers of dedicated individuals etc. etc.

408945 Cecil B, replying to Cecil B, 14, #257 of 2158 🔗

Yougov polls have the same credibility as the former East German Press

Yougov was invented by the ‘vaccine’ minster Zahawi. If you want to get a flavour of what this bum is about read his Wikipedia page

Would you buy a second hand car from this man?

408959 ▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to Cecil B, 5, #258 of 2158 🔗

If people tell me that they believe in the YouGov polls then I have a bridge to sell them.

408974 ▶▶ Basileus, replying to Cecil B, 1, #259 of 2158 🔗

I see what you mean:

In November 2013 Zahawi “apologised unreservedly” after The Sunday Mirror reported that he had claimed £5,822 expenses for electricity for his riding school stables and a yard manager’s mobile home. [26] Zahawi said the mistake arose because he received a single bill covering both a meter in the stables and one in his house. He would repay the money though the actual overcharge was £4,000. [27] An article in The Independent also drew attention to the large number of legitimate but trivial items on Zahawi’s expenses. [28]

Zahawi’s various roles have resulted in him being the second highest earning MP in the UK. [29] His declarations in the “ Register of Members’ Interests ” include (as of November 2015) [12] the following employment and earnings: non-executive director of the recruitment company SThree (monthly salary £3333) and Chief Strategy Officer of Gulf Keystone Ltd , an Iraqi oil company (monthly salary of £20,125). He is also a 50% shareholder of Zahawi and Zahawi Ltd., and holds shares in SThree and YouGov. In the Register of Members’ Interests of 9 February 2015, [30] he also declared shares in Genel Energy plc, an Anglo-Turkish exploration and production company within the oil and gas industry. His declared property interests are: “Residential property and 31 acres of land in Warwickshire, with stables run as a livery yard by Zahawi and Zahawi Ltd; residential buy-to-let property in London, divided into three flats; a house in London (Putney), rented out from 30 June 2015; and commercial property in Surrey, purchased on 29 September 2015 and rented out through Zahawi & Zahawi Ltd”.


408986 ▶▶ Basileus, replying to Cecil B, #260 of 2158 🔗


Just posted a couple of extracts but they appear to have been edited.

408990 ▶▶▶ Basileus, replying to Basileus, 1, #261 of 2158 🔗
His company accounts to 20 May 2020 are here:

408991 ▶▶▶▶ Basileus, replying to Basileus, #262 of 2158 🔗

The text editor is behaving very strangely??

409025 ▶▶▶▶ norwegian, replying to Basileus, 1, #263 of 2158 🔗
408947 DeepBlueYonder, replying to DeepBlueYonder, 18, #264 of 2158 🔗

On the Today programme on BBCR4, Sir Jeremy Farrar (Director of Wellcome, a ‘global charitable foundation’) has just explicitly recommended that schoolchildren in the UK be vaccinated “later this year.”

How deeply, deeply depressing.

Has there been a single randomized control trial anywhere in the world of a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine in which children have participated?

408956 ▶▶ jonathan Palmer, replying to DeepBlueYonder, 13, #265 of 2158 🔗

By a vaccine that has not been proven to stop transmission for a virus that they are basically immune to

408958 ▶▶▶ Ovis, replying to jonathan Palmer, 24, #266 of 2158 🔗

Is the agenda sterilisation of the children, or the utter abasement and humiliation of the parents?

408969 ▶▶ SallyM, replying to DeepBlueYonder, 13, #267 of 2158 🔗

There’s at least one taking place, but what for? Children have zero need for this. That medicos are recommending this is an utter disgrace.

408971 ▶▶ Jody, replying to DeepBlueYonder, 10, #268 of 2158 🔗

It’s utterly sickening. Van Tam trailed it on Sky and in the Daily Mail yesterday. This is a coordinated attempt to prepare the public for the next stage of the plan.


408978 ▶▶▶ Jody, replying to Jody, #269 of 2158 🔗

He was on ITV News, actually, rather than Sky.

408979 ▶▶ mhcp, replying to DeepBlueYonder, 5, #270 of 2158 🔗

Remember the Charlie Gard case? The state will decide what’s best even when they can\t do anything. This is what we have here. Children WILL be vaccinated for something they don’t need.

408994 ▶▶ Steve Martindale, replying to DeepBlueYonder, 9, #271 of 2158 🔗

The arrogance and conceit in all this is astonishing, they think they are in control of the virus and of our lives and can work the virus like it is a puppet on a string. This has all become an academic numbers game with no practical realistic purpose. What on earth do they think is the purpose of vaccinating children against a disease of no consequence to them and with a vaccine which they have said may only last 6-12 months?

409012 ▶▶ Bungle, replying to DeepBlueYonder, 9, #272 of 2158 🔗

Not depressing, Criminal.

409108 ▶▶ TJN, replying to DeepBlueYonder, 11, #273 of 2158 🔗

I heard that too. Deep swearing at the radio. The children are learning some very bad words from Daddy right now.

Given that it will be impossible to establish that any covid vaccine for children can be proven safe before the end of the year, and given the infinitesimally small risk of covid to children, it is perhaps no. exaggeration to say that any medical professional advocating such a path is unfit to be in a position of responsibility. But that’s what we’ve come to.

410088 ▶▶▶ FedupofLies, replying to TJN, 1, #274 of 2158 🔗

Unfit to be in a position of responsibility?

I think advocating experimentation of children is a serious moral crime for which IF we get through this it our MORAL RESPONSIBILITY to ensure he, Van Tam, is PUNISHED severely with long prison time.

Of course, the way to stop this is to make sure that when younger adults are offered it, they refuse.

They will of course take away children from unvaccinated parents and those who are refusing to allow their own to be vaccinated.

This is more evidence of Operation Lockstep as drawn up by the malicious Good Club: Agenda 21/30 with a view to resetting the economy as a social credit system along the principles of the Going Direct Reset ( PR face being The Great Reset). The engine of which is a massive shakedown racket by Big Pharma and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and in league with international finance as they receive huge bailouts of taxpayer’s money.

I recommend the Catherine Austin Fitts video. Some of her stuff is a little out there but her analysis may be correct: Planet Lockdown | Catherine Austin Fitts (Full Interview) (rumble.com)

410549 ▶▶▶▶ TJN, replying to FedupofLies, 1, #275 of 2158 🔗

I think advocating experimentation of children is a serious moral crime

I agree actually – this morning Mrs TJN said that if we receive a covid vaccination request for our two children she’ll report the doctors to the General Medical Council.

410430 ▶▶▶ JohnB, replying to TJN, 1, #276 of 2158 🔗

… perhaps …

A covid must have walked over your grave as you typed that, TJN. 🙂

410558 ▶▶▶▶ TJN, replying to JohnB, #277 of 2158 🔗

Yeah, I don’t know how that got left in there – sloppy writing.

Any medical professional advocating jabbing children by the end of the year – with the sure inference that the vaccine had not been properly tested – deserves to be struck off. Or worse.

410594 ▶▶▶▶▶ FedupofLies, replying to TJN, 1, #278 of 2158 🔗

If they are in a position of authority as the criminal Van Tam, then they must be arrested at the most opportune occasion and put before a jury. The punishment should be condign in my opinion.

410598 ▶▶▶▶▶ JohnB, replying to TJN, 1, #279 of 2158 🔗

They’ll need to be pretty tough, or pretty well protected.

I’ve had a reasonably long life. It wouldn’t take a lot to convince me to kill anyone injecting owt into my granddaughters.

408951 CrazyHoarse, replying to CrazyHoarse, 2, #280 of 2158 🔗

Question: What Happened to Hancock’s Promise of a “Great British Summer”?

Answer: Hancock’s Promise

409033 ▶▶ TheOriginalBlackPudding, replying to CrazyHoarse, 5, #281 of 2158 🔗

It lasted half an hour.

409879 ▶▶▶ Guy, replying to TheOriginalBlackPudding, #282 of 2158 🔗


408952 chaos, replying to chaos, 3, #283 of 2158 🔗

Why does Boris always appear to be wearing school trousers?

408957 ▶▶ Cecil B, replying to chaos, 12, #284 of 2158 🔗

Cos he’s a tosser

409123 ▶▶ penelope pitstop, replying to chaos, 1, #285 of 2158 🔗

because mentally he’s never left school and still wants to be accepted by his peers

408960 Tom Blackburn, 7, #286 of 2158 🔗

The lockdown exit strategy is very simple:

Wait for numbers – either through changes of the season or Vax or both – to get as close to zero as possible.

Open up.

When numbers rise again – either through changes of the season or Vax or both – call for lockdown as it worked last time.

408962 this is my username, replying to this is my username, 90, #287 of 2158 🔗

I’m going to put a bit up about dopamine again. I’ve noticed a number of people here are severely depressed with all that’s going on. Dopamine is a feel-good chemical and we get it from lots of good sources (and not so good ones).

We can get it from the aroma of fresh coffee (give the coffee a good sniff while it’s in the bag before you even make your cup of coffee, you’ll get an extra boost). Maybe you get it from being outdoors – go out, and note everything you can see happening in nature – are there birds singing? Are there snowdrops up yet?

We can get dopamine from completing a task – in fact if you have a to do list and you mark off each item you get extra dopamine every time you mark an item off. A good glass of wine, or a perfect piece of fruit can brighten our day.

If you need to see someone and have a coffee with them – go and do it. If you need some retail therapy, do that.

Work out what you need to do to get a boost in dopamine, and try to incorporate those things each day or a few times a week – exercise also boosts dopamine. Laughter is good too – switch off the news and watch a funny film.

When I was severely depressed a few years ago I realised one of the most miserable things was being cold in a cold house and getting out of the bath to have to dry myself on cold damp towels. I dragged an old oil-filled radiator out and started to use that so that, at least when I had a bath, I could have warm dry towels – it was a small thing, but it made a big difference to how I felt. Don’t dismiss such small changes – they really can help.

I know none of this will change the awful situation the government has created, but it will help you to cope better with it, and retain the strength to fight on every day.

The greatest priority is to maintain your well being and start to plan.

409010 ▶▶ Annie, replying to this is my username, 27, #288 of 2158 🔗

You’re right. Electric blanket, hot water bottle, hot tea, good book, raises spirits.
Never give in. Never despair. Eat chocolate. Keep the faith.

409101 ▶▶▶ bluemoon, replying to Annie, 8, #289 of 2158 🔗

Can I add fresh flowers to your otherwise excellent list?

409334 ▶▶▶▶ this is my username, replying to bluemoon, 3, #290 of 2158 🔗

Excellent – all good additions. 🙂

409669 ▶▶▶ Boris Bullshit, replying to Annie, 4, #291 of 2158 🔗

I am trying to lose a bit of weight…you are not helping lol. But seriously great advice!

409133 ▶▶ penelope pitstop, replying to this is my username, 9, #292 of 2158 🔗

I agree doing and completing a task however small is an accomplishment that can improve your mood. Last night bought and put up a shelf unit and stepped back to admire my handiwork and it’s still standing this morning which is all positive! 🙂

409672 ▶▶▶ Boris Bullshit, replying to penelope pitstop, 8, #293 of 2158 🔗

Thats true I replaced a broken window handle this morning and then stood back to admire it! Its compulsory to do that…I notice tradesmen always do it too!

409444 ▶▶ pub with no beer, replying to this is my username, 5, #294 of 2158 🔗

lovely post. positive vibes needed

409787 ▶▶▶ this is my username, replying to pub with no beer, 1, #295 of 2158 🔗

Thanks 🙂

409884 ▶▶▶ Guy, replying to pub with no beer, 2, #296 of 2158 🔗


410511 ▶▶ zubin, replying to this is my username, 2, #297 of 2158 🔗

This is very moving

408965 DeepBlueYonder, replying to DeepBlueYonder, 10, #298 of 2158 🔗

Age-standardised mortality rates per 100,000 people in England, 2001 – 2020, standardised to the 2013 European Standard Population .

Year   England
2001   1229.8
2002   1225.5
2003   1224.8
2004   1155.4
2005   1137.6
2006   1099.1
2007   1085.1
2008   1084.2
2009   1026.7
2010   1010.9
2011   972.6
2012   981.8
2013   978.1
2014   947.8
2015   985.9
2016   959.7
2017   959
2018   956.1
2019   918.6
2020   1037.3

1. Age-standardised mortality rates per 100,000 people, standardised to the 2013 European Standard Population. Monthly rates in this bulletin are adjusted to allow for comparisons with annual rates. For more information, see [Section 10: Measuring the data]( https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/birthsdeathsandmarriages/deaths/bulletins/monthlymortalityanalysisenglandandwales/latest#measuring-the-data ).
2. Figures are for deaths registered rather than deaths occurring in each period.
3. Figures for 2020 are based on provisional mortality data and projected populations.
4. Figures exclude non-residents.

Source :
https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/birthsdeathsandmarriages/deaths/bulletins/monthlymortalityanalysisenglandandwales/december2020 , Section 6 [accessed 11 February 2021].

409056 ▶▶ DeepBlueYonder, replying to DeepBlueYonder, 2, #299 of 2158 🔗

So the age-standardised mortality rate per 100,000 in England was the highest in 2020 since, err … 2008.

409089 ▶▶ rockoman, replying to DeepBlueYonder, 1, #300 of 2158 🔗

Note also that 2019 had the lowest mortality rate by far, leading to a ”harvesting’ or ‘ tinder’ effect in 2020.

409113 ▶▶▶ jb12, replying to rockoman, 2, #301 of 2158 🔗

Yes, and if you add together 2019 and 2020 and get the average, you have a completely normal rate in the shorter period that sits within a longer period of less overall mortality. Something this simple is how you know that it is all a lie and everyone on TV, in the newspapers, and in the various parliaments are all in on it.

409182 ▶▶▶ DeepBlueYonder, replying to rockoman, #302 of 2158 🔗

Yes, it was extraordinarily low in calendar year 2019.

Possibly the lowest rate since these records began, given that it is extremely unlikely that it was lower at any point before 2001, when this dataset ends.

409391 ▶▶▶▶ Nigel Sherratt, replying to DeepBlueYonder, #303 of 2158 🔗

Pay rises all round for NHS/Moloch for its exemplary performance in 2019.

408966 Tom Blackburn, replying to Tom Blackburn, 38, #304 of 2158 🔗

IDS just called the govt psychopaths on TR.


408976 ▶▶ Ovis, replying to Tom Blackburn, 7, #305 of 2158 🔗

Shame we have a Parliament that is utterly worthless, like the Reichstag after the Enabling Act. It exists only to give a semblance of legitimacy. There is no possibility it will ever do anything to end this. It has already complied itself into a corner and is fully committed. IDS can say what he likes. Piss or get off the pot.

409007 ▶▶▶ Annie, replying to Ovis, 3, #306 of 2158 🔗

Pisspot Parliament.

409239 ▶▶ Two-Six, replying to Tom Blackburn, #307 of 2158 🔗

The psychopath Ian Dunkin-Doughnuts calling the government psychopaths…That’s quite something.

408968 Basileus, 6, #308 of 2158 🔗

An analysis of the evidence relating deaths to the vaccine rollout from the UK Column Team:


408977 Friedrich Stapß, 15, #309 of 2158 🔗

A humble proposition

The monarchy has proved itself utterly useless in the face of this year’s power grab by the medical bureaucracy. Permitted by convention only to “be consulted, to encourage and to warn”, the head of state is impotent, reduced to a medicalised statistic herself. Perhaps it would be interesting for historians to get their hands on her weekly Zoom conversations with Johnson, but one suspects that this assertion may be playing fast and loose with the concept of “interesting”.

Calls for an elected head of state must nevertheless be opposed. Elected presidents in Germany, Ireland, Italy and elsewhere behave in exactly the same way as the monarch in Britain, but with the added taint of political partisanship. Do we really want to see the nation embodied by President Tony Blair or President John Major? Would a republican monarchy, as in France, be any better, or does it combine the worst of elected party politics with the worst of monarchy? What other beacons of republican glory are available for our inspiration? The United States? Russia? Kazakhstan? India? China? Why do people, particularly of the left, insist that republics are better than monarchies?

The problem is sovereignty. Popular sovereignty (as seen on the European continent) is meaningless, sentimental tripe, just a cover story for the unchallenged supremacy of an oligarchic elite. Monarchical sovereignty might enable Elizabeth the Great* to march Johnson off to the Tower, but we all know that Elizabeth wouldn’t, much less Charles the Frightfully Concerned or William the Bald, and in any case monarchical sovereignty is a thing of the past. What we have at present is a fudge that locates sovereignty with the “Queen-in-Parliament”, and the past year has shown precisely what this means in practice: with Parliament having castrated itself like Klingsor in fruitless pursuit of the Holy Grail, sovereignty lies de facto with the Cabinet. In other words, we’re ruled by a junta.

(*an occasionally true story)

I propose a modest reform of the unwritten constitution as follows. Let’s have an electoral monarchy of a very special kind. Rather than the Queen-in-Parliament, let sovereignty lie with the Cat-in-Parliament. Let elections be held to appoint a cat as sovereign for life. Think of the advantages. The sovereign would be unbiddable, because, hello, she’s a cat. Nature would limit his or her reign to about fifteen years, reducing the chances of a feline despotism. Bills would become law, as now, when signed by the sovereign, but with a difference. At present, that’s a formulaic process whereby an anonymous mandarin stamps the words “La reine le veult” in Norman French on the document. In future, it can be a wholly randomised process whereby the sovereign cat either walks across the piece of paper, marking it with the sovereign pawprints, or it doesn’t. A nation that has already watched with bated breath as an octopus decided who was going to win the World Cup should have no problem with this kind of thing. There would also be a useful 50/50 chance that anything dreamt up by Matt Hancock would be binned despite having been voted through by the shoal of 650 anchovies that pass for an elected assembly of the people. A sovereign cat would have no interest in doling out honours that lost all meaning the moment someone first said the words “Dame Kelly Holmes”, and would simply walk away. Instead of the Christmas message, the sovereign cat would communicate with the public through amusing memes (cf. “Ceiling Cat”, “Grumpy Cat” etc.). The public purse would save a great deal of money on banqueting for foreign dignitaries, because the sovereign cat can catch its own rats for free. Similarly no need for robes and cloaks, because the sovereign cat grows its own.

Most importantly, however, there is a trap for the elite at the heart of the idea of the Cat-in-Parliament. Real power, everyone would surely agree, can safely be entrusted to a sovereign cat, because it’s a cat and couldn’t care less about political power. Checks and balances are superfluous. Indeed, one of the attractions of a feline sovereign is that you effectively prevent any human machinations from establishing tyranny. (Anyway, they’ll guffaw at each other in their revolting clubhouses – “we’ve already established tyranny, what do we have to fear from a cat?!”)

On the other hand, even a cat can see that the utter filth of the current political and medical elite needs mowing down. The sovereign cat will be patient, but the moment full sovereign power is in his or her grasp, the claws will be out and the entire British establishment will be a row of dead mice on the kitchen floor.

408980 Bart Simpson, replying to Bart Simpson, 69, #310 of 2158 🔗

Great update today and I take my hat off to Sir Charles Walker for his eloquent reasoning and defence of our rights as citizens.

The way he shut down that BBC interviewer was a masterclass in swatting her attempts at ramming more of the government propaganda. He pretty much destroyed YouGov, Wancock and Shapps in that outburst.

And well done him for highlighting the mental health crisis brought about by this lockdown we need more of this especially as this shit show has exposed that the so-called improved attitudes towards mental health and disability are only skin deep.

It would be great if him, Desmond Swaye and the other sceptics in Parliament make more noise. I will be eternally grateful if they did.

408996 ▶▶ Jody, replying to Bart Simpson, 19, #311 of 2158 🔗

The thing we really lack, as sceptics, is leadership. We really need to identify someone; could Walker be the man?

409002 ▶▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to Jody, 12, #312 of 2158 🔗

I think so – he speaks well, he’s articulate and he seems to be in touch with the bread & butter issues that are under assault due to this lockdown.

409019 ▶▶▶▶ Jody, replying to Bart Simpson, 26, #313 of 2158 🔗

I agree. The thing is, someone needs to approach him and say, “Do you want to spend the rest of your career as an also-ran on the Tory backbenches, or do you want to be potentially one of the most important figures in the history of this country, with an articulate and motivated base behind you?”

409024 ▶▶▶▶▶ JHUNTZ, replying to Jody, 17, #314 of 2158 🔗

There is an exceptional opportunity for an MP who wants to stick their head above the parapet.

409184 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Spikedee1, replying to JHUNTZ, 2, #315 of 2158 🔗

Would have to be brave and probably not have a twitter or Facebook account.

410152 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ Bungle, replying to Spikedee1, 2, #316 of 2158 🔗

I’m all 3. Can I be PM?

409084 ▶▶▶▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to Jody, 12, #317 of 2158 🔗

Good point. If he plays his cards right he can go down in history like William Wilberforce and the Earl of Shafesbury – MPs who made a massive impact despite not being in the cabinet.

409180 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Spikedee1, replying to Bart Simpson, 9, #318 of 2158 🔗

The labour party could have taken control of this narrative and become the people’s champion. If they had any idea of the people’s opinion and actually had an ear to the ground, rather than an ear on twitter they could have opposed lockdown when it was obvious it was doing nothing and romped home and took the reigns from the discredited tories. Instead they proved to be the most useless opposition party in history.

409187 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ Jody, replying to Spikedee1, 5, #319 of 2158 🔗

Totally. Labour could have been back in power by now, if they’d confronted the government.

409260 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ MiriamW-sometimes-AlanG, replying to Spikedee1, 17, #320 of 2158 🔗

Hi, to you (and Jody), look at Keir Starmer’s background. He is a member of the Trilateral Commission (TC). This is the globalist technocratic group which has been pulling the strings behind the scenes since 1973.

Starmer is their UK ‘placeman’. This is why Labour is not opposing the measures . If they (God forbid) were in power. things would most likely be even worse as they hasten to bring in Agenda 2030/Great Reset. ‘Sustainable Development’ and the ‘Green’ Agenda are really covers for Technocracy which was discredited after the Nazis promoted and developed it. Sadly, it never went away, just made itself more saleable, post-war.

These people have no conscience, no imagination, no mercy and they regard human beings, politics (and politicians) as irrelevant. They really do plan to control everyone on the planet with AI, ‘vaccines’ etc. If several million old, sick, useless people are sacrificed, all to the good.

The TC has selected and controlled almost every US President since the 1970s. Even Trump apparently got a secret visit from arch-TC member, Kissinger, to give him a few home truths. Biden’s executive is stuffed with TC members, Secretary of State Blinken being the most powerful.

This is why left and right have become irrelevant. The tragedy is that the UK Government plus about 190 others are in thrall to the globalist elite. This is why Johnson is twatting on about green stuff. It is not his girlfriend, it is his handlers!

Pity poor, deluded, Jeremy Corbyn and his people screaming for ‘Zero Covid’. Not only is this thick beyond belief, they think they are opposing Starmer but they are, of course, playing his game. Jezza should listen to his brother before it’s too late.

You may think this is Conspiracy Theory. I wish it was but sadly the evidence is there for anyone who cares to find it. Hurry up though because it is likely to go down the ‘Memory Hole’.

http://www.technocracy.news/author/patrickwood/ is a good place to start. Patrick Wood has been warning about this stuff for decades. MW

409459 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ pub with no beer, replying to MiriamW-sometimes-AlanG, #321 of 2158 🔗

james delingpole interviewed him recently

409490 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ JaneHarry, replying to MiriamW-sometimes-AlanG, 5, #322 of 2158 🔗

aha, I’m actually rather relieved to learn that old Corbyn is frothing at the mouth just as much as all the others. I had been feelings pangs and remorse and guilt for not having voted for him in 2019- maybe there was a sliver of a chance that his brother could have influenced him, I thought. but I will never forgive myself for having been stupid enough to have voted in this bunch of complete tossers, the worst government in Europe since Hitler took office in 1933, and perhaps you need to go back even further than that to find a worse one

409699 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ Boris Bullshit, replying to MiriamW-sometimes-AlanG, 7, #323 of 2158 🔗

You are right MW…left/right polarities are irrelevant now. There are people from all shades here but we are all on the same side on this issue to drown all others. Frankly I think all other issues are irrelevant compared to this. Who cares about the level of spending on the NHS when its often not even available due to lockdown. Who cares about Brexit when its clear that the EU were just the middleman, Whether we are in or out of it the British govt of any colour will always take its orders from much higher authority.

410156 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ Bungle, replying to MiriamW-sometimes-AlanG, 1, #324 of 2158 🔗

Just received email confirming my departure from Labour

409873 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to Spikedee1, 8, #325 of 2158 🔗

Unfortunately Labour have long abandoned their working class vote to chase the Metropolitan, middle class and luvviedom vote. Seems to me that the right to earn an honest living as become anathema to Labour.

The likes of Hardie, Bondfield, Atlee must be spinning in their graves.

409032 ▶▶ Fingerache Philip, replying to Bart Simpson, 3, #326 of 2158 🔗

At least C4 did allow him to make his points.

409086 ▶▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to Fingerache Philip, 3, #327 of 2158 🔗

And ditto Sky. They let him speak without interruptions.

409193 ▶▶ Jo, replying to Bart Simpson, 9, #328 of 2158 🔗

That man is brilliant. I actually cheered out loud when he dismissively told MC “it isn’t about me” when she was pressing her stupidly irrelevant question about whether he had booked a holiday.
Why can’t the average radio 4 listener recognise the sincerity of his stated position? Compared to the rest of the tripe they listen to and take on.
Not that I have listened to radio 4 for a while now, except the Archers. (Sorry, lifelong habit)

409255 ▶▶▶ Two-Six, replying to Jo, #329 of 2158 🔗

How do they cover covids in The Archers?

409354 ▶▶▶▶ Silke David, replying to Two-Six, 1, #330 of 2158 🔗

Hardly. At the moment they pretend to wear a mnc in the shop, sometimes complain how difficult it is and try to keep to sd and not hugging.
But the hotel and spa is open, I guess the pub as well. Last week they went clothes shopping!

409903 ▶▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to Jo, 1, #331 of 2158 🔗

Me too. I went “Woohoo!” when he did that.

Unfortunately the average R4 listener has been brainwashed and content to live like a zombie.

410121 ▶▶ Mark, replying to Bart Simpson, #332 of 2158 🔗

I’d vote for him in a leadership election

408981 alw, replying to alw, 5, #333 of 2158 🔗

“Separately, the CDC is monitoring the impact of the vaccines on already-frail patients such as the chronically ill in nursing homes.
In Norway, alarm bells sounded when 23 people died shortly after vaccination. After investigating 13 of the deaths, Norway’s medical agency has concluded side effects that are common with the Pfizer-BioNTech and Modern vaccines, such as fever, nausea, and diarrhea, “may have contributed to fatal outcomes in some of the frail patients.”
“There is a possibility that these common adverse reactions, that are not dangerous in fitter, younger patients and are not unusual with vaccines, may aggravate underlying disease in the elderly,” said Steinar Madsen, medical director of the Norwegian Medicines Agency.”


409013 ▶▶ norwegian, replying to alw, 10, #334 of 2158 🔗

In Norway they have managed to push the number of dead with Scam-19 to 592. No increased mortality in 2020 but despite this our politicians carry on closing this and forbidding that. Very strange, to me it seems they have to do as the politicians in our bigger neighbouring countries no matter what.

409232 ▶▶ Nobody2021, replying to alw, #335 of 2158 🔗

What’s the difference between side effects contributing to death from either infection with a virus or from having a vaccine?

408995 Niborxof, replying to Niborxof, 19, #336 of 2158 🔗

Did anyone read about the scientist who calculated all the CV in the world can fit in half a coke can? A virus that is enedemic throughout the world having infected upwards of 1B people. And people think a mask can help? You would have to be completely off your rocker with no imagination to buy that. Welcome to feckless foolish selfish Britain and its endarkening overlords.

409031 ▶▶ TheOriginalBlackPudding, replying to Niborxof, 10, #337 of 2158 🔗

I (inadvertently) saw it mentioned on BBC news. The prat of a journalist was marvelling that something so small could cause so much destruction. It never occurred to him that

  • it’s not the virus that has devastated lives
  • if it’s so small and all pervasive, then government NPIs are effing useless.

Off-button activated, went and did something useful before blood pressure caused ears to explode.

409042 ▶▶ Anti_socialist, replying to Niborxof, -1, #338 of 2158 🔗

Its a shame he doesn’t know where we can find it all, when are they going to make up practical models that benefit us.

409130 ▶▶ PoshPanic, replying to Niborxof, 1, #339 of 2158 🔗

Ignore the science, just wear the damn mask and stop acting like a terrorist!

408998 katz, replying to katz, 19, #340 of 2158 🔗

Good morning. Did anyone else see this yesterday. It seems to be circulating. It really bothered me and I couldn’t get it out of my head. How much child abuse is going on here and in the US and around the world? In plain sight and behind millions of closed doors?

409001 ▶▶ Annie, replying to katz, 22, #341 of 2158 🔗

Horrible, horrible, horrible.

409028 ▶▶▶ Fingerache Philip, replying to Annie, 20, #342 of 2158 🔗

The parents of this child are not fit to be parents.

409048 ▶▶▶▶ ElizaP, replying to Fingerache Philip, 11, #343 of 2158 🔗

True indeed. Even I would do better than that – and I never wanted to be a parent – but I do know the “basics” and it does NOT include subjecting a child to anything like that.

409011 ▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to katz, 15, #344 of 2158 🔗

Outright abuse.

409016 ▶▶ norwegian, replying to katz, 15, #345 of 2158 🔗

In another saner time parents doing that would be punished!

409039 ▶▶ Anti_socialist, replying to katz, 8, #346 of 2158 🔗


409085 ▶▶▶ Bungle, replying to Anti_socialist, 11, #347 of 2158 🔗

They are not idiots, they are very dangerous people

409132 ▶▶▶▶ Anti_socialist, replying to Bungle, 2, #348 of 2158 🔗

That to, but if you believe masks work, (i don’t, but each to their own) then uncovering your nostrils forcing you to breath harder through your nose probably increases the risk of infection.

409383 ▶▶▶▶ The Filthy Engineer, replying to Bungle, 1, #349 of 2158 🔗

Dangerous for sure and Useful Idiots.

409064 ▶▶ Seansaighdeoir, replying to katz, 16, #350 of 2158 🔗

‘…mask-training of obstinate two year old’ – gives me a sick feeling in my stomach.

409103 ▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to katz, 14, #351 of 2158 🔗

Da Fuq?????

If this happened in 2019, the parents would have been reported to Child Protection & Social Services for child abuse!!!

Society has gone mad if they think this is acceptable.

409119 ▶▶ PoshPanic, replying to katz, 3, #352 of 2158 🔗

The image is horrible, but what is the origin of the image and is this the original quote from the parent?

409194 ▶▶▶ katz, replying to PoshPanic, 3, #353 of 2158 🔗

I don’t know the origin of the image. I saw it on the internet yesterday and was sickened. It’s an image of child abuse, whatever quote is attached to it. I have no reason to doubt that it’s an original quote.

409128 ▶▶ captainbeefheart, replying to katz, 3, #354 of 2158 🔗


I wish it was possible to un-see something.

Then again, I wish it was possible to un-live something (in which case the last 12 months would be a good thing to un-live)

409169 ▶▶▶ mikewaite, replying to captainbeefheart, 2, #355 of 2158 🔗

I have seen children even younger with masks in Sainsburys. Invariably they have Chinese looking parents . (In case you think me prejudiced I have 2 Chinese , well actually Taiwanese, grandchildren ).

409146 ▶▶ dhid, replying to katz, 2, #356 of 2158 🔗

Utterly disgusting.

The parents need serious and very strong “training”!

409199 ▶▶ Spikedee1, replying to katz, 3, #357 of 2158 🔗

My reply might be, it might be an idea to look up the importance of the free flow of oxygen with a young child. It is critical in the young to help with activity in the brain.
And you are stopping this and distressing the child you fucking useless muppet. Put the child into a caring sensible family and get a dog.

409263 ▶▶ Two-Six, replying to katz, 1, #358 of 2158 🔗

They will start advocating some kind of fuckin tazer device soon, to enhance compliance.

409627 ▶▶ katz, replying to katz, #359 of 2158 🔗

Further to my post this morning, I had a look online and found this from ‘SuperNanny’ – advice about how to train your toddler to be smothered:

409642 ▶▶▶ katz, replying to katz, #360 of 2158 🔗

There’s loads of it out there. So shocking. I feel physically ill watching this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixUJ5dMUPWI

409003 DeepBlueYonder, replying to DeepBlueYonder, 10, #361 of 2158 🔗


The idea of ‘groupthink’ was suggested by a psychologist, Irving Janis, to explain how ‘a group of intelligent people working together to solve a problem can sometimes arrive at the worst possible answer.’

‘His reading about the Bay of Pigs fiasco had led him to wonder how intelligent people like John F. Kennedy and his advisers could have been “taken in by such a stupid, patchwork plan as the one presented to them by the CIA representatives.” During his seminar, he found himself suggesting that what had happened in the White House might be similar to what happened among ordinary citizens in the groups he studied for his research: they often developed a “ pattern of concurrence-seeking . . . when a ‘we’ feeling of solidarity is running high .”

To investigate further, Janis studied several policy fiascoes, including the Bay of Pigs, the failure to protect Pearl Harbor, and the escalation of the Vietnam War. In each case, the participants “ adhered to group norms and pressures toward uniformity, even when their policy was working badly and had unintended consequences that disturbed the conscience of the members ,” he wrote. “ Members consider loyalty to the group the highest form of morality .”‘

Why has groupthink taken such a hold within the medical / scientific community over this last year?

Source: https://yalealumnimagazine.com/articles/1947-a-brief-history-of-groupthink

409014 ▶▶ Annie, replying to DeepBlueYonder, 3, #362 of 2158 🔗

Because they are fools and cowards and have no morals.

409021 ▶▶▶ Annie, replying to Annie, 14, #363 of 2158 🔗

PS. C S Lewis nailed it. He said that the camaraderie of the group is the most powerful force in the world for making men do very bad things before they are, individually, very bad men. (Essay ‘The Inner Ring’ and novel That Hideous Strength .)

409040 ▶▶▶▶ DeepBlueYonder, replying to Annie, 1, #364 of 2158 🔗

Thanks for those two references, Annie!

409069 ▶▶▶▶ Jinks, replying to Annie, 6, #365 of 2158 🔗

Thank you Annie. Have you ever thought of doing a blog on your favourite/memorable books/authors? Your knowledge of good writing seems phenomenal, and your eloquent style, as well humbling is also inspirational. It would be a magnificent resource for any student of literature/philosophy. I for one have been writing all the titles you’ve been recommending.

409095 ▶▶▶▶ TJN, replying to Annie, 9, #366 of 2158 🔗

Part of the problem is that for two to three decades now, and perhaps even longer, individuals with a propensity to independent thought have been regarded as troublemakers – not ‘team players’, ‘resistant to change’ – and have been hindered and prevented from achieving positions of responsibility, and even cast out altogether. The result is a management cadre in our institutions and politics with a huge predisposition to groupthink, and going along with what they are told.

As I’ve written on here many times before, this shitshow has been decades in the brewing.

409125 ▶▶▶▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to TJN, 9, #367 of 2158 🔗

I remember a school report that described me as a malcontent. The same word was used later by a university lecturer to describe me and a friend.

When I recently had my feedback report (after I was told that I was not being made redundant), my manager observed that I was a tad too quiet and hoped that I would speak out more, I silently chuckled and thought to myself “be careful what you wish for.”

409265 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ TJN, replying to Bart Simpson, 1, #368 of 2158 🔗

I had the same school reports. Maybe that explains why we’re on here now.

409605 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ rose, replying to TJN, 1, #369 of 2158 🔗

My friends and I protested on the town hall steps, after alerting the local rag, because we were cold as the heating had been turned off!

409372 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Nigel Sherratt, replying to Bart Simpson, 2, #370 of 2158 🔗

You sound a bit like me, two ‘speaking out’ settings, zero and eleven. It’s got a lot worse since last March.

409628 ▶▶▶▶▶ JanMasarykMunich, replying to TJN, 3, #371 of 2158 🔗

A massive problem. And you are right, this has been going on for ages. The current management theory, known as ‘Agile’, seems to take this a bit further. And acquaintance of mine, highly intelligent and independently minded, has to work within this system, and is utterly frustrated. It is basically a collectivist system in which there is no real individual responsibility (said acquaintance grew up in then communist country, so they recognize collectivist thinking when they see it). The problem with such systems is that when the competent and conscientious do not rise to positions of responsibility, then people with entirely different types of qualities do. I am afraid it may get worse before it gets better.

410377 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ TJN, replying to JanMasarykMunich, #372 of 2158 🔗

Maybe it’s coming to a head now. This shitshow might be the culminating battle, after which society understands it can’t go on as before. Or maybe things will indeed get worse …

409093 ▶▶ Bungle, replying to DeepBlueYonder, 5, #373 of 2158 🔗

I have given the model of Groupthink to every class I have had in business schools. Apart from examining the idea that Kennedy was intelligent – he extensively bombed little children in villages all over Lao & Vietnam – the human has developed so far as a tribal animal, sticking with what the great chief tells them, totally disinterested in rational argument which might help the other side. We can only get over this irrationality by rationalism and self-consciousness so, ask your brothers and sisters to kindly look at the evidence and join us in the fight for democracy and a rational world.

409154 ▶▶▶ mikewaite, replying to Bungle, #374 of 2158 🔗

Bungle, whilst I have no dissent from your main argument , I would query the ststement that JFK was responsible for mass bombing in Laos and Vietnam.. He died in 1963 and the Gulf of Tonkin incident ,usually regarded as the start of the escalation of the Vietnam war by USA was not until Aug 1964. Kennedy may have lost, in the years since his assassination, some of the respect that I and others of my generation once had for him, but mass bombing of children ? don’t think so..

409381 ▶▶▶▶ Nigel Sherratt, replying to mikewaite, #375 of 2158 🔗

Hey, hey, LBJ! How many kids did you kill today? Was popular when I was young.

410466 ▶▶▶▶ Bungle, replying to mikewaite, #376 of 2158 🔗

Thanks Mike for letting me know you agree. As for Kennedy, he upped the ante and many children lost their lives due to his support for the Saigon regime. Whether the bombers had US labels or whatever is beside the point. And please, please, please do not use the Americanism ‘Laos’; Brits pronounce that ‘louse’ and Americans ‘lay-ass’. The country is the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Lao for short.

409229 ▶▶ Spikedee1, replying to DeepBlueYonder, 2, #377 of 2158 🔗

What is a hero? Dumbledore said “it takes a brave man to stand up to his enemies, but it takes an even braver man to stand up to his friends”. As a team player I could see the right in, “he is their best player, first tackle try and hurt him”. I have applauded players cheating to get a penalty or get a player sent off.
But that is not me, I fucking hate cheats and I would never injure another person. But I have done both these things playing football. I am sure if you went out for a drink with the SS they were a nice bunch of lads but……
Eventually they will see the error of their ways, just hope its not too late?

409005 stefarm, 13, #378 of 2158 🔗

Nice little soundbite of Jean claud Van Tam on yesterday’s Richie Allen show.

He sounds a bit of a wally* and the more I hear of him the more it reminds me of him being at the Chatham House presentation about how to stage manage a flu pandemic, he really is following the script and his role very well.

*He talks bollocks.

409008 BeBopRockSteady, replying to BeBopRockSteady, 18, #379 of 2158 🔗

So the voluntary vaccinator wonders why so many NHS staff are mulling around doing nothing at vax centres? When the NHS is still not out of the woods?

Is that a penny dropping? After 12 months? Asking a question of the narrative finally?

I doubt it.

409017 ▶▶ Annie, replying to BeBopRockSteady, 9, #380 of 2158 🔗

The NHS has NEVER been out of the wood, and it never will be. It’s a case of finite resources chasing infinite need.

409363 ▶▶▶ Nigel Sherratt, replying to Annie, #381 of 2158 🔗

Infinite need that ‘free at the point of use’ generates (unless you scare people away hard enough). A sort of tragedy of the commons.

409015 Just about sane, replying to Just about sane, 58, #382 of 2158 🔗

I have sent an email to Charles Walker MP to thank him for standing up against this abuse by our own government. First piece of hope I have read this year.

Yesterday I my daughter and my 3 grandsons went to a park with squirrels, ducks and swans and various birds. The older 2 boys got to climb trees, run and chase each other and play on swings, ropes and zip slides. The 16 month old got to stand in a playpark in fascination of all the small children like himself. He listened to the sounds of the other children’s laughter and joined in.
We watched a group of children practising their football skills.

In all we visited 3 playparks. We finished the afternoon by getting ice cream and going to the beach to eat them.

We all had a good day.

Why did I write about this very ordinary afternoon of what sounds perfectly normal and only relevant to the people involved?

Why? Because this is Scotland 2021 and we broke numerous laws to do all of this. The biggest clue I can give is our council area has NO BEACH.

409020 ▶▶ katz, replying to Just about sane, 1, #383 of 2158 🔗

How did you avoid the police?

409073 ▶▶▶ Just about sane, replying to katz, 4, #384 of 2158 🔗

No idea, although it could be the time and the day we visited. The police have been taking car registrations on the weekends at the car parks next to the sea.

409083 ▶▶▶▶ willnotcomply, replying to Just about sane, 4, #385 of 2158 🔗

May I ask where? Troon, Ayr, Prestwick? They will be checking to see if people have dared travelled from Glasgow etc….

Police state

409135 ▶▶▶▶▶ Just about sane, replying to willnotcomply, 1, #386 of 2158 🔗

Ayr beach was getting visited by the police. I’m not sure if it is a continuous thing. My neice is in the police and they were taking registrations of vehicles and waiting for the drivers, one family had came from the Glasgow area and were asked why they were in Ayr and told to return home.

409043 ▶▶ willnotcomply, replying to Just about sane, 14, #387 of 2158 🔗

I too live in Scotland, it’s becoming a stazi state. Bombard your MSP with emails letters ESPECIALLY if they are SNP. Email your opposition MSPs explaining that they are colluding in this cruelty. Don’t be afraid to speak out to your neighbours and friends, they will be thinking the same but fear is taking over, and no one wants to speak out.

409078 ▶▶▶ Just about sane, replying to willnotcomply, 4, #388 of 2158 🔗

I have been sending emails to my MP yes it’s SNP but I really haven’t bothered sending but I might start just to be a nuisance writing to my MSP who is part of the inner circle, Jeane Freeman.

409090 ▶▶▶▶ willnotcomply, replying to Just about sane, 8, #389 of 2158 🔗

Nightmare, you must since everyone she is on screen! My MSP is Clare Haughey, Minister for Mental Health!!! Joke! Emailed her asking what she was doing about damage to mental health and increased suicide due to lockdown, she sent me s cut and paste answer about the tier system and how we must all work together to get on top of this terrible virus. Not a single mention of mental health!!!!
I can’t stand the lot of them

409138 ▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to Just about sane, 2, #390 of 2158 🔗

You broke no laws to be frank. Guidance is one thing, criminality is another

409481 ▶▶ pub with no beer, replying to Just about sane, 4, #391 of 2158 🔗

this nightmare we find ourselves in has heightened our senses towards the simple (important) moments in our lives. watching adults and children interacting with each other was something we took for granted, so going forward maybe appreciating what we have truly got as human beings will be a positive, emerging from the covid ashes.

409018 katz, replying to katz, 5, #392 of 2158 🔗

Has anyone watched the sci-fi horror film ‘The Hamburg Syndrome’? You can see a short synopsis, with English subtitles, on youtube. The similarities to what we are living through are really startling.

409054 ▶▶ Seansaighdeoir, replying to katz, 3, #393 of 2158 🔗

Someone also mentioned that the other day – cheers will take a look.

409097 ▶▶ Anti_socialist, replying to katz, 1, #394 of 2158 🔗

The Hamburg Syndrome 1080p German movie with English subtitles, or Die Hamburger Krankheit (1979)

409497 ▶▶▶ mj, replying to Anti_socialist, #395 of 2158 🔗

super . i’ve been waiting for a link to a subtitled copy.
it is very strange film – but then again the germans made some very strange films in the 70s.
it does have so many similarities -population control, vaccination for the sake of it, incompetence of the authorities, quarantines, no one having the foggiest idea what is happening, and yodelling at the end with a message.

409030 Anti_socialist, replying to Anti_socialist, 9, #396 of 2158 🔗

Woke Gobbledegook, Transgender rights are divisive, lobby activists intend it to be divisive, they are taking advantage of and abusing peoples good will & polite society to create division.
I have no issue with trans people, i wish every one a happy life & the freedom to live in the best way they feel comfortable, without harassment or need for public conformity!

But i’m starting to feel being labelled a transphobe is a badge of honour. Adopting the stereo typical appearance of femininity/masculinity, wearing ‘ womens ‘/’ mens ‘ clothes doesn’t make you female/male! Changing the meaning of words doesn’t make you female/male! It’s my profound belief backed by centuries of solid science, a human with a penis is male, a wom(B)man with a uterus is female! Primates can not swap & adopt the sex they desire, each sex has a biological function, that is the evolutionary purpose of sex!

I also profoundly advocate taking your own path in life & abhor any form of bullying or violence toward anyone who choses not to conform to societal norms. But I also firmly believe as a naturalist & follower of objective truth (true science), anyone attempting to convince others of the fraud that is transgender identity eg. seeking to force others to acknowledge their adopted sex, is a deceitful liar. Acquiescing to these demands is dangerous and abusive! I will not be forced to lie on their behalf to others or myself & be part of that fraud.

Gender dysphoria is a profoundly disruptive & agonising mental illness, genuine sufferers have my sympathy but attempting to normalise it is profoundly destructive to civilisation. You don’t encourage people to cut off healthy limbs or encourage anorexics not to eat. Sexual dimorphism is as essential to life as the nutrients you require from eating. If I see a man in a dress attempting to trick others into seeing a female I identify a fraud! Gender is an academic construct pushed by liberal leftists with a political agenda nothing more.

409041 ▶▶ JHUNTZ, replying to Anti_socialist, 17, #397 of 2158 🔗

If you follow the TV narrative I am a racist, transphobic, anti vax, COVID denying, white supremacist. I have long stopped caring.

409117 ▶▶▶ AN other lockdown sceptic, replying to JHUNTZ, 4, #398 of 2158 🔗

Snap. I’d add ‘climate change denier’ to my list of sins. Being an apostate isn’t all bad.

409554 ▶▶▶▶ JohnB, replying to AN other lockdown sceptic, #399 of 2158 🔗

don’t forget sexist !

409248 ▶▶▶ JaneHarry, replying to JHUNTZ, 1, #400 of 2158 🔗

I wear my ‘anti vax, covid denying’ badges with pride; the others, it’s just ‘yeh, whatever’…….

409346 ▶▶▶▶ Nigel Sherratt, replying to JaneHarry, #401 of 2158 🔗

Call me any name you like
I will never deny it
Farewell Angelina
The sky is erupting
I must go where it’s quiet

409045 ▶▶ Jinks, replying to Anti_socialist, #402 of 2158 🔗

Though I haven’t listened (yet), having seen interviews of Walt Heyer, a man who regretted transitioning in the early 80’s, it’s certain to be sincere and informative.

409049 ▶▶▶ Jinks, replying to Jinks, #403 of 2158 🔗
409059 ▶▶ norwegian, replying to Anti_socialist, -1, #404 of 2158 🔗

If one read up on sociology one will see that that gender theories makes sense, problem is that numskulls who don’t know shit about sociology have mixed gender with biological sex and created a ridiculous mess.

409107 ▶▶▶ jb12, replying to norwegian, 6, #405 of 2158 🔗

You are conflating sociological observations on the socially constructed nature of (some) gender norms with the derangements of the tranny activists based, fundamentally, in the neo-Marxist Frankfurt Schools’ Critical Theory (the same basis for much of radical feminist and critical race theorists). It is basically social constructionism taken to its uppermost edge with a dash of relativism to make sure that things like ‘truth’ and ‘rationality’ can not be used to displace the theory. There is also the problem that most of these tranny theorists want to separate biology from ‘culture’, which is impossible and why all its, admittedly extreme manifestations, are so far from the ‘common sense’ view of what makes us male and female and why it takes so much lobbying and constant pressure to make it stick in society.

409080 ▶▶ landt2020, replying to Anti_socialist, 5, #406 of 2158 🔗

…and they have a problem with breastfeeding, but not midwife?

409088 ▶▶▶ Jinks, replying to landt2020, 1, #407 of 2158 🔗

That made me chuckle.

409094 ▶▶▶ Winston Smith, replying to landt2020, #408 of 2158 🔗

Midwife = with woman

409112 ▶▶▶▶ Anti_socialist, replying to Winston Smith, #409 of 2158 🔗

Another thing the liberal left hijacked to normalise deviant sexual practices. Marriage was a Christian ritual (not one i was ever particularly impressed with) between opposite sexes.

Again i don’t care what consenting adults do in the privacy of their own homes, but the activism behind the deviation & corruption of natural process is entirely political.

Sex is nothing to do with love, the evolutionary function of sex is to pass on your genes, the purpose of continued sexual interaction is to create a bond between individuals to increase the chances of successfully raising offspring.

Sexual preference has nothing to do with love, I love my dog, i consider him a friend, an equal perhaps, but not a lover.

409560 ▶▶▶▶▶ JohnB, replying to Anti_socialist, 3, #410 of 2158 🔗

I love my dog, i consider him a friend, an equal perhaps

He’s stolen your keyboard – stop him quick !

410248 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Anti_socialist, replying to JohnB, #411 of 2158 🔗

No he enjoys trolling twats like you.

410592 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ JohnB, replying to Anti_socialist, #412 of 2158 🔗

Wow, you sound like my wife. 🙁

I’m guessing you didn’t like my joke. Fair enough, any other issues ?

409575 ▶▶▶▶▶ GrannySlayer, replying to Anti_socialist, #413 of 2158 🔗

I think the government hijacked marriage long before any cultural definition shift.

“Gosh, this is a jolly nice relationship, everything seems to be going rather well, perhaps we should get the Government involved to bless our union and issue us a Certificate Of Recognition Of Relationship From The First And Holy Officialdom, The Alpha And Omega, The Word And The Law.”

410251 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Anti_socialist, replying to GrannySlayer, 1, #414 of 2158 🔗

Well of course & as i’m not a Christian & no great advocate of the institution of marriage, or government licensing (approval) i really don’t care about same sex marriages, but the corruption of the nuclear family two parents of opposite sex & their offspring via natural process is harmful, it damages our relationship with nature & our understanding of natural process.

If you normalise same sex marriage you destroy traditional family values (that’s why it was done). Two people of the same sex can’t have children. Homosexuality is an evolutionary dead end. There is was no reason for same sex relationships to hijack Christian tradition. You don’t need a certificate & ritual of conformity to love some one. It was about affirmation.

410596 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ JohnB, replying to Anti_socialist, #415 of 2158 🔗

Shit, your dog’s pretty smart, A-s.

409159 ▶▶ penelope pitstop, replying to Anti_socialist, 3, #416 of 2158 🔗

i read somewhere yesterday that they are changing the term “breast feeding” to “chest feeding ” or something similar to appease our trans community I assume. So forgive my ignorance but how does a trans woman (man to woman) have a baby in the first place without a womb and breast feed in the first place.
I didn’t read too closely as I tend to scroll past such rubbish – but really where are we going with all this wokey crap. Next they will be banning real women from breast feeding at all because it doesn’t fit with their diversity and equality bullshit

409167 ▶▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to penelope pitstop, 4, #417 of 2158 🔗

Brighton the Fruitcake capital of the UK has already done that.

Jesus wept. And don’t they have any more pressing issues to attend to?

409222 ▶▶▶ Anti_socialist, replying to penelope pitstop, #418 of 2158 🔗

Nobody should ignore this lobbying & activism, we need to push back to save our humanity. The very reason this has gained so much momentum is because people ignored it as harmless nonsense. Its a political agenda to destroy culture.

Its aim is globalism ruled by technocratic tyranny. Theres a direct correlation between the structure of ant colony society & elitist ideology, only the chosen get to breed!

410583 ▶▶▶▶ JohnB, replying to Anti_socialist, #419 of 2158 🔗


I was somewhat surprised how much time, money, and effort will have gone into this webpage. Much better than looking after patients, eh ?

409266 ▶▶▶ PastImperfect, replying to penelope pitstop, 2, #420 of 2158 🔗

Woke “issues” is a useful distraction. It hasn’t much bearing on the main issue that is to end the Coronavirus travesty.

Repeal Corona Virus Act now.

409426 ▶▶▶▶ Anti_socialist, replying to PastImperfect, #421 of 2158 🔗

No as I keep saying covid19 is the distraction, identity politics is part of the agenda you ignore it at your cost. I for one am perfectly capable of fighting more than one fraud at a time.

409504 ▶▶▶▶▶ pub with no beer, replying to Anti_socialist, #422 of 2158 🔗

…and things like removing statues (colonialism, imperialism)

410259 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Anti_socialist, replying to pub with no beer, #423 of 2158 🔗

Who cares about a blob of melted metal on a lump of rock?

409979 ▶▶▶▶▶ PastImperfect, replying to Anti_socialist, #424 of 2158 🔗

Deal with woke when we have taken care of deadly C-19 EVENT.

410255 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Anti_socialist, replying to PastImperfect, #425 of 2158 🔗

Life doesn’t work that way you may have noticed last summer.

409175 ▶▶ Crystal Decanter, replying to Anti_socialist, 1, #426 of 2158 🔗

The term transgender was invented by Dr John Money a n0nce
who did disgusting “experiments” on children

Before him we had transsexuals (medical issue) and Transvestites (autogynophile pervs) and everyone knew the difference

409550 ▶▶ JohnB, replying to Anti_socialist, #427 of 2158 🔗

Transphobe !!!!


410319 ▶▶▶ Anti_socialist, replying to JohnB, #428 of 2158 🔗

I wear it well with pride (until its made illegal)

409036 DanClarke, replying to DanClarke, 9, #429 of 2158 🔗

Is confusion part of the plan? Every single day mixed messages. Instead of that comment of ‘stay safe’, make it ‘stay sane’

409051 ▶▶ Seansaighdeoir, replying to DanClarke, 11, #430 of 2158 🔗

Yuri Bezmenov (search YT) explains this as a technique the soviets used for inducing demoralisation in people as a means of control. This is something the Behavioiural Insights team will be well versed in.

It is also part of a trauma based mind control techinque in which fear is used as the means to control.

409061 ▶▶▶ DanClarke, replying to Seansaighdeoir, 2, #431 of 2158 🔗

Yes been looking at the BIT unit tactics and it is fascinating how it works on some and not on others, and it also wears off, ie many sceptics or doubters now about the seriousness of the whole thing

409076 ▶▶▶▶ Basics, replying to DanClarke, 7, #432 of 2158 🔗

The practicioners need to be put on trial. I foresee Simon Wiesenthal style groups hunting down the fleed psychologists. It is clear the individuals are bully-like personalities, by that I mean weak people who will run at the first possibility they may be caught, tried and sentenced.

Should be easy enough to trace them with so few being able to travel. I wonder is escape routes are already being worked on by individuals.

410597 ▶▶▶▶▶ FedupofLies, replying to Basics, #433 of 2158 🔗

And unlike the rocket scientists who got off the hook because they were of such value to the Russians and the United States, these pseudo-scientific scum are two a penny so dispensable.

409142 ▶▶▶▶ landt2020, replying to DanClarke, 1, #434 of 2158 🔗

I think that’s why they’re banging on about mutants and quoting numbers of found “cases” in the low hundreds (which clearly aren’t multiplying) as if this is a scary number. That day when there were 60k+ “cases” of normal covid announced was a mistake because that number is too big when most people don’t know anyone who’s had it. 147 “cases” of a “mutant” variant brings us back to the scariness of the early days last year.

409062 ▶▶▶ Cecil B, replying to Seansaighdeoir, 4, #435 of 2158 🔗

Yes, but once you know the game it doesn’t work

409071 ▶▶▶ willnotcomply, replying to Seansaighdeoir, 5, #436 of 2158 🔗

I would agree, the more propoganda thrown at me the further I dig my heels in..

409257 ▶▶▶▶ PastImperfect, replying to willnotcomply, #437 of 2158 🔗

It does seem that the propagandists are having to work much harder now.

409099 ▶▶ PoshPanic, replying to DanClarke, 1, #438 of 2158 🔗

I’m changing it to ‘stay insane’

409038 rockoman, replying to rockoman, 1, #439 of 2158 🔗


409082 ▶▶ norwegian, replying to rockoman, #440 of 2158 🔗

… and the “cases” are found with what tool?

409044 PoshPanic, replying to PoshPanic, 13, #441 of 2158 🔗

Is it just me, or is this quote an open admission that they’ve lost the public?

He told BBC Today: “On the shrinking chance that there’s anybody listening to this interview

409058 ▶▶ Cecil B, replying to PoshPanic, #442 of 2158 🔗

Who said that?

409092 ▶▶▶ PoshPanic, replying to Cecil B, 3, #443 of 2158 🔗

It was Schnapps, in the BBC interview in todays headline ATL

409213 ▶▶ iane, replying to PoshPanic, 1, #444 of 2158 🔗

My guess is that he was thinking much more of the middle part of his sentence, “and thinking of booking a holiday under the current circumstances”.

409057 Cecil B, replying to Cecil B, 13, #445 of 2158 🔗

Run the hares

Children today we will be looking through the round window

Today Ted has brought his friend Grunt

They are going to sing a song and they want you to join in

Go on holiday. Don’t go on Holiday. Go on holiday. Don’t go on holiday.

Ted will sing the first part and Grunt the second part

We will then continue to sing ad infinitum until you all nod off to sleep

Do you know what ad infinitum means? Of course not we don’t teach French anymore

No Johnny the song was was not written by Vicki Pollard and no we are not singing it to take minds off the genocide in the care homes


409124 ▶▶ davews, replying to Cecil B, #446 of 2158 🔗

Excellent. But ‘ad infinitum’ is Latin, which I was taught when I was at school, nowadays they have never even heard the word.

409143 ▶▶▶ Stephanos, replying to davews, 1, #447 of 2158 🔗

I wondered whether that was a dig at today’s teachers…

409178 ▶▶▶ Cecil B, replying to davews, 8, #448 of 2158 🔗

Do I really have to explain my jokes. I know it’s Latin. The joke is that the education system has produced teachers that do not know Latin

409434 ▶▶▶▶ davews, replying to Cecil B, #449 of 2158 🔗

Apologies if I misread your joke, it was not intended.

409770 ▶▶▶▶▶ Cecil B, replying to davews, 1, #450 of 2158 🔗

No apology needed

410351 ▶▶▶▶ Bungle, replying to Cecil B, #451 of 2158 🔗

And some don’t understand Aramaic. How the hell can they understand Jesus’s podcasts?

409060 GuyRich, 1, #452 of 2158 🔗

So where has Robin Tillbrook’s legal case gone from the list of cases? Disappeared a while ago but it is still ongoing as far as I am aware?

409081 Johnsontown, replying to Johnsontown, 34, #453 of 2158 🔗

Winston Smith wrote in his diary: “I understand HOW: I do not understand WHY.”

We can see WHAT is happening. And why can see HOW it is being done – the media manipulation, the dubious modelling, the psychological control. But WHY?

In 1984 the answer was that power is its own end. And maybe the whole thing is indeed about this and nothing else: let’s call that the O’Brien theory. O’Brien says: “The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power – pure power.” Of course, those in power do naturally want to keep hold of it, and undoubtedly the government is motivated to a great extent by winning reelection. They will be keeping a close eye on the opinion polls and will be heartened by how popular much of this authoritarianism seems to be. And yet I somehow find it hard to believe that a desire for power and power alone is motivating de Pfeffel and co.

Perhaps we should take the government entirely at face value. The reason they are doing this is to keep us safe. To protect us from a virulent virus that can be controlled in no other way. The reason they have doubled down in the last couple of weeks is none other than the changing medical facts: the emergence of new mutations and, perhaps, concerns over the efficacy and take-up of the vaccine. There is no sinister agenda: it is, indeed, all about the virus. We might argue that their response is completely disproportionate, hubristic, morally appalling and scientifically misguided, an act of unprecedented folly, but according to this reading there is nothing actually mysterious about the WHY: they are doing it for the reasons they claim. Let’s call this the Surface theory: there’s no need to delve any deeper.

But what if there is something else going on? Many of us suspect this to be the case. But what? One explanation is that everything that is being done favours the green agenda. We are flying less and consuming less and are starting to reproduce less, and the new authoritarian political climate is ripe for further restrictions (“climate lockdowns” now being talked about by Mark Carney). Maybe covid is a manufactured crisis that is being used to change our behaviour to pursue an absolutist green agenda that the governments of the world genuinely believe will save the planet? Let’s call this the Greta theory.

Or it’s all about the money. The global monetary system is broken and running on empty. There’s nothing left in the tank. We need a global currency reset. And the only way we’ll swallow this bitter medicine is if we are first masked up and brought to our knees; made utterly dependent, psychologically and financially, on the state. Let’s call this the Reset theory.

Then there are the more, let’s say, X-Files notions… Something unspeakably big is going on that will totally shift our paradigm. We are about to enter a new ice age. The aliens who ruled over us in ancient Egyptian times have returned. It’s soon to be revealed that we really do live in a simulation. There’s certainly an enjoyably horrific frisson about these narratives, akin to the nameless terrors evoked by HP Lovecraft: “some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the deadly light into the peace and safety of a new dark age.” Let’s call this, then, the Cthulhu theory. Myself, I’m dubious about these notions, if only because the evidence for them seems to be the weakest and I am not certain that they survive the application of Occam’s Razor. You might argue that I’m deluded and dismissive. But I’m not ready to stare into that particular abyss yet. Let’s keep our feet on the ground.

Of course, other theories are available: it’s a power grab by the global technocrats, orchestrated by Silicon Valley; it’s a movement of the geo-political tectonic plates engineered by the CCP. And surely it’s reductive to think that there’s just one explanation for all of this. There are probably several strands in play at once, converging to form our strange and alarming moment. Myself, I rather think this crisis is at heart the final sputter of a terminally exhausted civilisation: spiritually bereft, culturally moribund, financially bankrupt. We no longer know how to live in a meaningful and joyous way, so have retreated into paranoid safetyism, escapist virtual worlds, and the degrading pseudo-religious mask-wearing cult of eternal covidism. There will be a renaissance: there always is. And who can tell what rough beast slouches towards us to be born? But hang in on there. We’re the good guys. And we’re carrying the fire.

409110 ▶▶ Mike, replying to Johnsontown, 12, #454 of 2158 🔗

You may find this is an opportune amalgamation of a number of your theories. Certainly monetary and green resets fit the bill to what’s happening. The technocratic agenda would fit with the elites positioning themselves to manage and enjoy the benefits of the resulting fallout of both.
Iceage scenario, certainly as feasible as global warming, but at this point the issues which would result from such a scenario are actually being brought on not by climate shifts but by government interference, namely the likely problems with global food shortages as manufacturing and agriculture is shut down. We’ve not yet felt this too hard in the west but it’ll come. Certainly a price shift will.
But once again this fits with the technocratic manipulation; how many big tech companies have in recent years been moving into food production, meatless burgers etc. Gates is the biggest holder of farmland in the USA, meal worms approved for human consumption in Europe. Pretty sure the uber rich won’t be chawing down on a maggot sandwich, just us impoverished serfs. But don’t forget, ‘we’ll be happy’.

In answer to why, I think. it would be fair to say once you’ve stepped up to the plate with the big boys in the billionaire club you most likely don’t think or act like us plebs. So I’d say its simple….why would they not implement restrictions on the rest of us to maintain or improve what they’ve got?

A simple way of looking at this position for us lowly commoners would be the scenario whereby you owned a couple of acres of land that you managed in a pristine condition and enjoyed at your leisure; would you be happy for a troop of ‘travellers’ to descend on your lovely plot and do their usual thing? I know I wouldn’t. In fact I’d do everything I could to prevent such an occurrence. Now extrapolate that out to a global technocratic world view…

410652 ▶▶▶ FedupofLies, replying to Mike, #455 of 2158 🔗

And look at the way people have behaved! The elites are RIGHT to have contempt for the ordinary person who has no self-respect.

Maybe ‘sceptics’ should be cheering on such a globalist agenda. Mothers who are obviously sadists who care not a jot for their children’s futures or even question the isolation mandates and mask wearing mandates when any impulse to do so would lead to a world wide web that is abounding with information.

People ARE scum and filth, after all.

409333 ▶▶ Nigel Sherratt, replying to Johnsontown, 1, #456 of 2158 🔗

An opportunistic CCP psyop with the help of their puppets in WH and WHO.

Like your ‘name’. Jones was greatly admired by California Democrats including Jerry Brown (aka Governor Moonbeam).

410654 ▶▶▶ FedupofLies, replying to Nigel Sherratt, #457 of 2158 🔗

Oddly, for a few days it seemed Ivor Cummins was favoring that idea. China led rather than Trilateral Commission/Federal Reserve led.

I was looking forward to the rise of China as I thought things would balance out and the world improve.

If there IS hope, maybe it is in the coming generation in China, or the generation after that. Maybe they will rebel.

409950 ▶▶ PastImperfect, replying to Johnsontown, 2, #458 of 2158 🔗

Perhaps we should take the government entirely at face value. The reason they are doing this is to keep us safe.

That I find impossible to believe because, for one thing, they have denied HCQ and now IVM treatments, both proven safe and effective and would have saved lives and could still do so.

With the Gates (think Boris) and Rothschild (think Starma), both eugenicists in the frame, it points to one conclusion and that is expressed by the inscriptions on the Georgia Guide Stones.

We can support the Great Reopening, fight to have the Corona Virus Act repealed and make sure there can never be another attempt by any government to subvert our freedoms for which so many have given their lives.

409098 JulieR, replying to JulieR, 25, #459 of 2158 🔗

I met with a friend who works part-time at a supermarket. She only does 4-hour shifts and finds it difficult to breath in a mask. So she often pulls it down. They can see it on video and a manager comes and tells her to pull her mask up. They warned her that she would have a disciplinary meeting. Her colleague advised her to complain to GP about headaches and get exemption than she will be able to wear a shield.
When she told me that she was waiting for vaccine I explained to her that how they worked. She had no idea, thought they were like flu vaccines. I said to her “This is such a dangerous virus that you have been working with general public throughout and have not even had a cold”.
She also told me that she had been to our local hospital for MRT scan recently. First she was surprised how quickly she got the appointment for the scan, in 1 week after seeing her GP. GP didn’t want o see her first but she exaggerated her symptoms and GP saw her.
Then she was surprised how normal the hospital was.

409126 ▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to JulieR, 2, #460 of 2158 🔗

Get her an exemption card. A leaflet on mask exemptions. Disgraceful

409233 ▶▶▶ PastImperfect, replying to BeBopRockSteady, 4, #461 of 2158 🔗

This one cites the Equality Act.

409198 ▶▶ mj, replying to JulieR, 11, #462 of 2158 🔗

i have an old relative with a urology problem. He is in for an operation next week. His GP had to exaggerate the symptoms to get him in. He had to suggest there was possible cancer.. Otherwise the procedure would not have been done .
Save the NHS . go swivel

409398 ▶▶▶ Fiona Walker, replying to mj, 2, #463 of 2158 🔗

We are told to worship the angels and heroes of the NHS. Why, when they must clearly bear much of the responsibility for (what is presented by Govt/MSM as) our disgraceful Covid death rate? They can’t have it both ways.

410661 ▶▶▶▶ FedupofLies, replying to Fiona Walker, 1, #464 of 2158 🔗


Go on, say it together now, boys and girls: FUCK THE NHS!

409104 chaos, replying to chaos, 18, #465 of 2158 🔗

Green Davos girlfriend.. green Davos dad.. windmills.. great reset..

How much longer can this obvious R’feller coup continue?

409226 ▶▶ PastImperfect, replying to chaos, #466 of 2158 🔗

You can point to anything associated with this travesty to find treachery. Just don’t breathe the fumes.

409106 Alethea, replying to Alethea, 25, #467 of 2158 🔗

It’s really quite amazing, how utterly miserable my life has become. I am on my own almost constantly. In the UK, it’s not legal to hold people in solitary confinement for more than a couple of days: this is Day 17 since I saw another person in person.

What to do when one feels impoverished? Give. The following is a gift to everyone here. It’s a poem by Gwendolyn Brooks – a favourite of mine, a terrific poem. As Johnsontown says – a couple of posts above me – we’re carrying the fire.

my dreams, my works, must wait till after hell

I hold my honey and I store my bread
In little jars and cabinets of my will.
I label clearly, and each latch and lid
I bid, Be firm till I return from hell.
I am very hungry. I am incomplete.
And none can tell when I may dine again.
No man can give me any word but Wait,
The puny light. I keep eyes pointed in;
Hoping that, when the devil days of my hurt
Drag out to their last dregs and I resume
On such legs as are left me, in such heart
As I can manage, remember to go home,
My taste will not have turned insensitive
To honey and bread old purity could love.

Gwendolyn Brooks (1917-2000)

409114 ▶▶ TJN, replying to Alethea, 9, #468 of 2158 🔗

You can be among crowds of people, yet be on your own. And you can be on your own yet know that other people feel the same as you, and therefore not be on your own.

I’d rather be on my own than around sheeple – at least then I have space. For me, liberty of thought trumps all.

409151 ▶▶▶ JHUNTZ, replying to TJN, 12, #469 of 2158 🔗

Even when I am around people now I feel alone. They laugh and joke whilst everything around them is turning to shit.

409531 ▶▶▶▶ JohnB, replying to JHUNTZ, 1, #470 of 2158 🔗

We laugh and joke a lot at KBF and FreedomNetwork meetings, JH.

Empowers us in reversing the shit-transformation. 🙂

409304 ▶▶ this is my username, replying to Alethea, 4, #471 of 2158 🔗

Alethea, I feel for you, and I know that pain first hand.

Please read the post I put up earlier about dopamine and see what you can do to raise yours a bit. It will help.


409109 iansn, replying to iansn, 11, #472 of 2158 🔗

Just have to pile in today without even reading ATL; From Sky News which I try to avoid but skim though first thing;
Medical expert says biggest current threat to UK is local transmission and border controls will only work if community rates are low
Sir Jeremy Farrar, former professor of tropical medicine and director of the Wellcome Trust, today warned that border controls will only work if transmission rates are low in the community.
He pointed out that almost all of the first infections detected in the UK in February and early March last year were seeded by British people returning from mainland Europe and not from China – where the pandemic began.
“Border controls can work if transmission is very low, if they are very comprehensive and you’re willing to put them in place for a very long time.
“They buy you time, but they don’t reduce transmission when your transmission is already very high,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.
He warned that the “biggest” current threat to the UK is local transmission.
“We’ve got 750,000 people infected in the UK today and the priority needs to be to drive those numbers down – to get vaccinations to as many people as are willing to have them,” he added.
And no one challenges the fucking lying bastard the figures are nearly two months out of date. Aargh

409160 ▶▶ landt2020, replying to iansn, 6, #473 of 2158 🔗

Just been in a meeting where the chitchat was about transmission rates (it used to be about the weather, can we please go bck to that, or even better who wants tea, who wants coffee and who’s brought the biscuits)

General opinion is that they’re terribly high. But they’re not are they? The R rate is well under 1. What’s going on?

409491 ▶▶ Derek Toyne, replying to iansn, 1, #474 of 2158 🔗

I agree everyone knows infections are down,here in York it was 670 per 100,000 the highest in Yorkshire on the 14th of January and yesterday it was 134 per 100,000 about average for Yorkshire. So while everyone may listen to this liar he’s just discredited himself by coming out with such blatant lies. You mention that the first infections came from Europe I believe there’s a large Chinese community living and working in northern Italy which probably seeded the infections. Lastly in summer 2019 the military games took place in China and those athletes returned with flu like illnesses to they respective countries again seeding the infection.

409118 nickbowes, replying to nickbowes, 3, #475 of 2158 🔗

Sorry, the worlds most “accurate” pollsters working hard again…

“More than half of Britons support the Government’s tough 10-year jail sentence for travellers who try to dodge hotel quarantine by lying on their passenger locator forms about visiting a red-listed country , according to a new survey.
Fifty-one per cent of those polled by YouGov said the punishment, which could also include a £10,000 fine, was ‘about right’, while 13 per cent consider it ‘not harsh enough’, and only 30 per cent said the measures were ‘too harsh’.”

409144 ▶▶ Niborxof, replying to nickbowes, 2, #476 of 2158 🔗

Why doesn’t this fall into the oft utilised smear of populism? Is it only bad populism when it suits?

409205 ▶▶ MiriamW-sometimes-AlanG, replying to nickbowes, 2, #477 of 2158 🔗

That would be YouGov, founded by the Vaccines Minister. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/13666861/who-nadhim-zahawi-vaccines-minister/ MW

409207 ▶▶ PastImperfect, replying to nickbowes, 2, #478 of 2158 🔗

I look at these poll numbers from a different angle. Assuming the figures have not been massaged, that “30%” should be viewed as something positive. Applied to the whole population it points to 20 million people who must have some reservations regarding the mess we are in.

409516 ▶▶ JohnB, replying to nickbowes, #479 of 2158 🔗

13 per cent consider it …

only 30 per cent said …

Says it all. Blatant. yougov is a propaganda system !

409121 Thomas_E, replying to Thomas_E, 46, #480 of 2158 🔗

This is my day 2 of being signed off work..I have realised how completely broken I have become,like a plate dropped from 29th floor. At work I wear my mask,not a surgical one, but a mask of looking cool ,collected, business like I always wear a suit,shirt ,tie and I’m known as the voice if reason..Now zi can barely get out of bed.I watched the news by mistake yesterday and ended up crying 😢 . I listened to an interview on TR yesterday where a guy at 41 tried to kill himself as he can’t go in anymore.I feel like that constantly .I used to ho to the football every Saturday,then to the pub with friends, played basketball 2 times a week, gone yo the museum with the family..All the things that used to keep my CPTSD in check have been taken away ,probably 4ever.What is the point of living anymore, I can’t see it.The tidd is not turning,the centre will not hold .We have lost the skirmish, the battle,the war.

409136 ▶▶ nickbowes, replying to Thomas_E, 26, #481 of 2158 🔗

We have lost nowt, still fight. They are on the back foot as they get more and more hysterical with their ignored by the public decrees..These b**tards are going to face a day of reckoning so that will be something to look forward to for sure.

409141 ▶▶ Niborxof, replying to Thomas_E, 16, #482 of 2158 🔗

Dear Thomas this was sad to read. Be of good courage these people do not hold the ultimate power and there plans will wither and die.

409145 ▶▶ JHUNTZ, replying to Thomas_E, 13, #483 of 2158 🔗

Thomas – is there any fellow comrades you could reach out to? I imagine getting to talk to some like minded folk would help immensely?

409275 ▶▶▶ JohnB, replying to JHUNTZ, 6, #484 of 2158 🔗

This is important. KBF/Freedom Network groups are everywhere. 🙂

409147 ▶▶ Alethea, replying to Thomas_E, 21, #485 of 2158 🔗

I’m very sorry to hear you feeling so bad. I feel awful too. But look, Thomas, here we are: you, me, everyone reading this, everyone posting. The isolation may be terrible, but we exist, we are not going to wake up one morning suddenly transformed into supporters of this regime; we exist, we will continue to exist. There will never be a future without us in it.

409152 ▶▶ Crystal Decanter, replying to Thomas_E, 17, #486 of 2158 🔗

Turn the anger outward not inward
Remember who did this to you
It wasn’t you

409164 ▶▶ PastImperfect, replying to Thomas_E, 15, #487 of 2158 🔗

Sorry to hear of your plight, Thomas. From time to time I also get that sinking feeling, but I’m not about to give in. Just realise that the whole bunch of criminals are under attack from many of our allies.

Watch UKColumn and get angry at the oppressors.

Stay strong.

409168 ▶▶ JaneHarry, replying to Thomas_E, 18, #488 of 2158 🔗

they have cowed you into a corner where you just want to curl up and die. don’t let them, force yourself to stand up, look your tormentors in the face. If nothing else, you have bear witness. If they’re going to kill you, then make them do all the work. don’t help them. if you can sabotage their operations, or take some of them out with you, so much the better. Like any playground bully, they may look terrifying and powerful at the moment, but in truth they are miserable, squalid little men, and in time they will be shown for what they are, and good will triumph over evil, because it always does, that’s the way the universe works. try to be around to see it, or at least to make your contribution to the hastening of that glorious day

409273 ▶▶ JohnB, replying to Thomas_E, 12, #489 of 2158 🔗

Bin the telly. Bin the radio. Why beam the intentions of evil people into your house ?

You prob know the rest – exercise, good diet, sleep, fresh air, laughter, nature, real people.

409286 ▶▶ Spikedee1, replying to Thomas_E, 21, #490 of 2158 🔗

Hey, its not a war man! Look at your life, look at the odds of you being born, of breathing, of living. Its a precious beautiful thing. It should be celebrated every fucking day. No cunt in government can take that away. Only you can do that. So start simple, get out the fucking house, turn off the TV, walk over the park, say hello to people walking dogs. Leave your mask at home. Buy a good hi-fi, start a record collection, listen to uplifting music, start with shooting stars by rival sons “my dancing is better than yours, is better than yours, is better than yours. My dancing is better than your marching has ever been.”
Learn a musical instrument, start home exercise, join an online class. Start reading books, see how many if the top 100 books you can read. Rate and review them. But most of all LIVE LIFE however you can break the fucking rules and resist, resist, resist. All life is precious brother, don’t waste it.

409289 ▶▶ JulieR, replying to Thomas_E, 11, #491 of 2158 🔗

I am part of a local anti-lockdown group, we met on Telegram. We met in real life locally 3 times and it is really nice to talk to like-minded people. Could you try and find a group locally?
Also can you tell work that mask makes you ill and not wear one?

410585 ▶▶▶ JohnB, replying to JulieR, 2, #492 of 2158 🔗

Groups / real people are where it’s at. 🙂

409311 ▶▶ this is my username, replying to Thomas_E, 8, #493 of 2158 🔗

Hold on Thomas there is a future, even when we can’t see it!

Don’t give in and don’t give up. You are depressed – avoid the news, find some dopamine ( https://lockdownsceptics.org/2021/02/11/latest-news-282/#comment-408962 ), rest and let yourself heal.

409440 ▶▶ Derek Toyne, replying to Thomas_E, 9, #494 of 2158 🔗

I can see where your coming from but a policy that is based on lies and deceit will eventually collapse. I remember the Iraq war which turned from a mission of liberation to the biggest military mistake Britain as ever been part of. This was because it was based on lies just like lockdown, it seemed like the right thing to do but as time as gone on and no end in sight it’s becoming obvious it’s lockdown that is the problem not covid. So history is on our side but when will things change? When enough people have had covid to realise that it isn’t the killer the government told us it was and will demand we get back to normal.

409127 Nobody2021, replying to Nobody2021, 29, #496 of 2158 🔗

I keep thinking about Bojo’s war rhetoric and how we’re supposedly waging a war against this virus. The thing is, his idea of war seems to be avoiding the enemy at all costs. We can’t face the enemy head on because somebody might get hurt. It’s the most backward definition of war that I’ve come across.

If this was an actual war that kind of thinking would be called cowardice and it’s one of the reasons I believe we are where we are.

Imagine if this was a real war. A true leader might say something along these lines:

We are going to war, there is no choice. Everyone will play their part. Those not going to the battlefront will aid in the war effort by carrying on as normal. Your work will help in the war effort. Of those who do see conflict many will not return. We will honour all those who give the ultimate sacrifice. Why must we do this? It is to protect our values and freedoms which we all believe enough in to give our lives for. We cannot let the enemy change our way of life.

A coward might say the following:

We are going to war, there is no choice. Everyone will play their part by doing nothing and you will be paid to do it. We will hide from the enemy until they go away. By hiding it will make it harder for them to find us. Some of those who are unlucky enough to see conflict will die. Out of the rest of us, there will be feelings of bitterness and resentment but we will force everyone to honour the fallen. Why must we do this? It is because our values and freedoms are simply not worth people dying for.

409139 ▶▶ JHUNTZ, replying to Nobody2021, #497 of 2158 🔗

Thanks, that made me laugh

409158 ▶▶ PastImperfect, replying to Nobody2021, 3, #498 of 2158 🔗

From your second paragraph, you mention cowardice.

The sheeple are afraid and Boris says we are in a war so those hiding behind the sham of lockdown should be dubbed with the moniker Covid Cowards.

409170 ▶▶ B.F.Finlayson, replying to Nobody2021, 4, #499 of 2158 🔗

Your work will help in the war effort.

Indeed, the economy becomes (or should become) an overarching imperative during any war, as without it functioning 100%: (1) the financial capacity to fight the enemy is compromised, (2) the means to fight the enemy is lost, (3) the ability to recover from the war is sacrificed, and so the if the enemy don’t get ya the peacetime depression and poverty will. Basic stuff really.

409129 chaos, #500 of 2158 🔗
409150 Victoria, replying to Victoria, 9, #501 of 2158 🔗

Implanted “Vaccine Package” ID: Germany’s Parliament Has Ratified GAVI’s Digital “Agenda ID2020”
On Jan. 29, the German parliament (Bundestag) moved to ratify Agenda ID2020 , a centralized data collection program that will be used to roll out the final Mark of the Beast and enslave all of humanity forever.

Under the program, the private data of all Germans, and eventually all humans, will be made available to every government agency, police department and private sector company that wants it.

“It covers all that is known about an individual citizen, now up to 200 points of information and possibly more as time goes on, from your bank account to your shopping habits, health records (vaccination records, of course), your political inclinations, and probably even your dating habits and other entries into your private sphere,” writes Peter Koenig for Global Research (Canada).

Designed by none other than Bill Gates, Agenda ID2020 is part of a larger “vaccination package” sponsored and supported by the Rockefeller Foundation, Accenture, the World Economic Forum (WEF), and the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI), now referred to as the Vaccine Alliance.

Bill Gates played a big role in developing Mark of the Beast “vaccines” for global controlThe Vaccine Alliance, the headquarters of which is located in Geneva, Switzerland, a widely recognized locale of deep state activity, is another creation of Bill and Melinda Gates. It is located right next door to the World Health Organization (WHO) headquarters, and is considered to be a public-private partnership – “[t]he public part being WHO, plus a number of developing countries,” Koenig notes.



Implantable Microsoft digital ID microchip bears the patent #060606

This new identification “mark” technology, which is part of ID2020, will function as a digital ID microchip, or “immunity passport,” that will allow people who accept it to be a part of the new normal once the lockdowns are finally ended. Those who refuse this #060606 microchip, however, will not be allowed to rejoin society.


409727 ▶▶ JanMasarykMunich, replying to Victoria, 3, #502 of 2158 🔗

Another historical moment in Germany.

As then Czech ambassador to UK Jan M. reportedly said, when informed of the signing of Munich Agreement in 1938, ‘God help us.’

No time for appeasement (does not work), folks, keep fighting. This dystopia is not inevitable.

By the way, it is reckoned that Czech writer Karel Capek pretty much died of sadness/desperation after the Munich betrayal. Now I think I really know how he felt.

409153 JohnDanny, 29, #503 of 2158 🔗

Okay, Sir Charles Walker makes a welcome intervetion, and his effectively calling Matty the prefect-cum-tyrant stupid was utterly magnificent, but he’s still woefully out of touch with reality. Government is long past ‘bordering on the very dangerous’. They have been ‘robbing people of hope’ and ‘robbing people of something to look forward to’ ever since it became clear that ‘flatten[ing] the curve’ was an empty battle cry/slogan.

I’m afraid Government has long *crossed* the border, applied for citizenship, set up home, and bought a bloody caravan so it can explore the length and breadth of its new-found territory.

409156 swedenborg, replying to swedenborg, 12, #504 of 2158 🔗

Absolute worth reading.See graph below.Quickest way to end pandemic.Change test


 Currently, PCR tests have a positivity rate of 11.7% (1 in 9), whilst LFD tests have a tiny value of 0.6% (1 in 167)!

409163 ▶▶ Winston Smith, replying to swedenborg, 6, #505 of 2158 🔗

Stop testing!!!!

409196 ▶▶ Anti_socialist, replying to swedenborg, 8, #506 of 2158 🔗

Do what medics have always done, test people showing symptoms only to confirm the diagnosis.

409206 ▶▶ Tattersall, replying to swedenborg, 5, #507 of 2158 🔗

Yes, very clever. I was expecting them quietly to lower the cycle rate on the PCR test to achieve the same object of reduction in ‘cases’ and Covid-related deaths. Of course, their marvellous vaccine will get the plaudits. They seem to get away with everything.

409285 ▶▶ Nigel Sherratt, replying to swedenborg, 2, #508 of 2158 🔗

Exactly what was done to clear 15,000 lorries from Manston and send thousands of university students home.

409157 The Covid Kid, replying to The Covid Kid, 5, #509 of 2158 🔗

Morning! Am I the only person on here who doesn’t believe in the Great Reset, that Bill Gates is an evil villain, that the vaccine is going to kill billions of people, that Donald Trump was a decent President and that Climate Change is a myth? 🤔

409161 ▶▶ Fingerache Philip, replying to The Covid Kid, 4, #510 of 2158 🔗

I don’t.

409162 ▶▶ Winston Smith, replying to The Covid Kid, 7, #511 of 2158 🔗


409188 ▶▶ Crystal Decanter, replying to The Covid Kid, 2, #512 of 2158 🔗

Most of these things were a left/liberal positions 20 years ago
Infowars used to be a staple of the left in the early days of the internet

409191 ▶▶ Anti_socialist, replying to The Covid Kid, 9, #513 of 2158 🔗

I disliked trump before it was fashionable, although i’ll never miss him, trump was there for trump, I’m not sure if trumps policies reflected those of his voter base so trump could be president or because he had some principles. But he was right about one thing, he was the only thing standing between us & globalist tyranny. People voted trump because they were voting against the Clinton mafia agenda & its why the mafia are so terrified of a trump re-election.

409192 ▶▶ Mark, replying to The Covid Kid, 12, #514 of 2158 🔗

Obviously not.

Though if you see through the modelling-based panic that is the coronapanic but not the modelling-based panic that is climate alarmism, then you probably need to readjust your bullshit detector and question some of your past assumptions.

As for Trump, reasonable people can disagree whether he was a good or bad president (though it’s telling that after four years in office he got a massively increased vote – the biggest for any presidential candidate in history apart from Biden’s questionable one – in the teeth of a massive overspend by his opponent and systematic and massive media and big tech bias against him).

What is untenable is the idea that he was some kind of fascistracistnazisupremacist demon, which is the line taken by the Trump Derangement sufferers.

As VDH noted recently :

It’s tragic that this country is at this place right now, because it didn’t have to be this way. They could have said Donald Trump represented a lost constituency that … globalised culture had ignored in a very amoral fashion and that was an understandable pushback, but the way to beat Donald Trump is to appeal to his voters in the way that the Democratic Party used to do, and win them back. They didn’t do that. They didn’t do that because they wanted open borders, and they’re tribalists that believe in identity politics, and they don’t care about people of the working class any more, and they feel that their money and their power and their titles and their degrees have allowed them to be an unquestioned elite. Sort of Platonic Guardians that we … don’t dare question .”

But I’m sure you won’t let it worry you. It’s ok if it’s “your team” that’s in charge, after all.

409204 ▶▶ Mayo, replying to The Covid Kid, 27, #515 of 2158 🔗

You are presenting each point as a binary issue. There is a spectrum of opinion.

1/ The Great Reset is a “thing”. It has been discussed openly at WEF summits.

2/ The vaccines are largely experimental. Previous SARS vaccines were abandoned because of adverse autoimmune effects in animals. The vaccine won’t kill billions but it will injure thousands and kill others. We need to understand the comparative risks for each age group, i.e. vaccine v Covid

3/ Trump was actually a decent President. Unlike, the previous 3 presidents he did not initiate any hostile action on foreign states. He brokered a middle east deal between Israel & Saudi and held an unprecedented first meeting with the North Korean leader. Blacks and Latinos enjoyed record high levels of employment while unemployment in the US remained at low levels up until the pandemic.

Of course, he was an incompetent compared to Bush, Clinton & Obama since they left office considerably richer than when they entered it.

4/ Climate change (human induced – I assume you mean) is not a myth but its magnitude and negativity has been exaggerated. For some strange reason, there is a belief that pre-industrialisation, our climate was somehow ideal. It was anything but. Widespread famine was commonplace across world – and Europe in particular – in the period between 1300-1800. A brutal climate shift in the early 14th century wiped out over 10% of Europe’s population in the early 14th century. Google “great famine 1314”.

Any change in climate will result in pros and cons. We just need to adapt to it.

409218 ▶▶▶ Mark, replying to Mayo, 19, #516 of 2158 🔗

Climate change (human induced – I assume you mean) is not a myth but its magnitude and negativity has been exaggerated

Indeed. Really, the parallels between the coronapanic and climate alarmism are striking.

The underlying mechanism in both cases is the same I suppose – gross exaggeration of real but tiny risks and disproportionate, harmful responses pushed by people and institutions for ulterior ideological or material motives.

409305 ▶▶▶▶ Anti_socialist, replying to Mark, 2, #517 of 2158 🔗

Spot on, somewhere between opposing narratives is the truth, the tuth is neither left or right gives a toss about the environment we depend on & both dismiss natural process at their peril, you can have beliefs or facts but its rare both integrate.

It is a fact our planet has a life of its own & that all life on it depends on that fact, its not the other way around. We will be humbled by nature eventually.

410137 ▶▶▶▶ Alex B, replying to Mark, 2, #518 of 2158 🔗

The late Stephen Schneider (a ‘climate scientist’), was quoted in The Boston Sunday Globe (May 31st 1992) saying this:
It is journalistically irresponsible to present both sides as if it were a question of balance. Given the distribution of views, with groups like the National Academy of Science expressing strong scientific concern, it is irresponsible to give equal time to a few people standing out in left field.
The overall weight of evidence” of global warming “is so clear that one begins to feel angry toward those who exaggerate the uncertainty.

Kind of sounds eerily familiar narrative wise doesn’t it?

409331 ▶▶▶ Anti_socialist, replying to Mayo, #519 of 2158 🔗

I take issue with #3 sanctions are another word for blockade, its an act of war, only innocent civilian suffer from.

409307 ▶▶ RickH, replying to The Covid Kid, #520 of 2158 🔗

Much is debatable – but Trump was a dim narcissistic clown with no talent, but a lot of money – much like Johnson.

409337 ▶▶▶ Anti_socialist, replying to RickH, 7, #521 of 2158 🔗

The only difference was that trump wasn’t selected to govern by our elite masters.

409360 ▶▶ BJJ, replying to The Covid Kid, 3, #522 of 2158 🔗

What Climate Change?

409165 Dartford44, replying to Dartford44, 32, #523 of 2158 🔗

I am sure this has been said many,many times,but you must listen to the interview by Sir Charles Walker and please email him to congratulate him.Wonderful,brilliant interview.
There is hope,with guys like him around.Interesting,he was asked is the government not telling us something about the vaccines.
As he said,last summer you could book a summer holiday in the uk,this year you cannot, even with vaccines.
As a Tory voter,this is by far the worst government in my time and believe you me we have had some bad ones.
Many of my friends now are really struggling at present and unless things change, I fear for this country.
I would protest,demonstrate and do whztever it takes to change things.

409173 ▶▶ Anti_socialist, replying to Dartford44, 9, #524 of 2158 🔗

Blair was the worst ever PM without any rival, because of his damaging policies on society & being a genocidal war criminal, followed by Thatcher, I hated thatcher with a passion but even she did nothing to match the harm Blair caused. I have special spot reserved in hell for David Cameron. But Johnson’s problem is he isn’t a natural leader.

409301 ▶▶▶ RickH, replying to Anti_socialist, 9, #525 of 2158 🔗

“But Johnson’s problem is he isn’t a natural leader.”

You really are in La La Land if you think that’s his main problem!

No – he’s not a leader. You’re right. But the fact that he’s a lying, psychopathic narcissist with no talent except or useful experience for self-promotion might be relevant!

409322 ▶▶▶▶ Anti_socialist, replying to RickH, 1, #526 of 2158 🔗

he’s a lying, psychopathic narcissist with no talent except or useful experience for self-promotion might be relevant!

The typical CV of just about all & any career politician.

My actual issue is i don’t believe in democracy or centralised governance, I don’t want or need to follow or be reliant on anyone, but that wasn’t the topic of debate was it comrade.

409447 ▶▶▶ jonathan Palmer, replying to Anti_socialist, 5, #527 of 2158 🔗

Johnson is.There is no contest.
What has happened in the UK is unprecedented and unbelievable.
Blair,Thatcher andCameron all did damage in their own way.
The damage being done now is off the scale.

409471 ▶▶▶▶ Anti_socialist, replying to jonathan Palmer, 1, #528 of 2158 🔗

Blair,Thatcher and Cameron

Facilitated Johnson’s actions! They can’t be separated, the neo-liberal globalist adoption of leftist policy gained real traction with Bill Clinton & was picked up by Blair.

You think May, Corbyn or Swinson would have done differently?

409541 ▶▶▶ richardw53, replying to Anti_socialist, 1, #529 of 2158 🔗

At least Thatcher said what she was doing. Since Major, no other PM has – especially Blair who changed government into a managerial operation, effectively concealing what they were doing.

410312 ▶▶▶▶ Anti_socialist, replying to richardw53, #530 of 2158 🔗

I have no praise for any government since Churchill, even he was problematic.

409211 ▶▶ B.F.Finlayson, replying to Dartford44, 7, #531 of 2158 🔗

I would protest,demonstrate…

I suspect it is way too late for this. Freedom of assembly, previously an inalienable human right, was the first victim of this government’s policy.
People are now having to re-think a lifetime’s ‘taken-for-granted’ beliefs in the face of this oppression, and adjust to the new reality of considering direct collective action. The alternative is to watch future generations suffer under draconian legislation (introduced supposedly to fight C19) being permanently embedded into the new UK constitution.
The state will push the people as far as it can, it’s up to the people to push back.

409259 ▶▶▶ JohnB, replying to B.F.Finlayson, 3, #532 of 2158 🔗

We vastly outnumber them. Once it’s time, there’ll only be one winner.

409298 ▶▶ smithey, replying to Dartford44, 14, #533 of 2158 🔗

I have always been a Tory voter and nearly changed my allegiance during May’s premiership. When Johnson took over as leader I was willing to give them another chance but they have now produced the worst 2 Prime Ministers ever, and there is some stiff competition for that accolade. Johnson goes beyond incompetence though, when you look at what he is doing with lockdowns and his green agenda the only logical conclusion you can come to is that he is deliberately trying to destroy the country. The Conservatives deserve to go the way of the Lib Dems after the 2015 election for allowing this.

409555 ▶▶ penelope pitstop, replying to Dartford44, #534 of 2158 🔗

do you have his email address?

409171 davews, replying to davews, 11, #535 of 2158 🔗

I agree with others, the tone seems to have got even nastier in the last few days. I had been sleeping pretty well considering after I had many sleepless nights last spring. But last night I had one of those awful nights again, laying awake pondering life or what it is not. It is beginning to hit me again – but hey, you can’t keep me at home.

Just been down to the local post office to post some birthday cards. They have a rule of two maximum inside, short wait to get in. While I was there with another customer at the other till (buying some bread reduced to 10p!) another chap came in complaining it was too cold outside. Despite there being oodles of room inside for plenty more at 2m spacing the owner shouted that he had to wait outside – doing what we have been told to do, he said. Not a word to me unmasked with lanyard on show, in fact he was quite pleasant.

At least JHB and Mike Graham were right on theme just now on Talk Radio with their own poll on border restrictions putting the YouGov one well in its place. Not sure how long before they get told to tone down again, but I sense the mood is changing.

409185 ▶▶ Crystal Decanter, replying to davews, 11, #536 of 2158 🔗

The active collaborators are clutching at straws and they know it
The passive collaborators are for turning

409290 ▶▶ smithey, replying to davews, 12, #537 of 2158 🔗

It’s encouraging too that Charles Walker of the 1922 committee is starting to make the right noises, there are still some sensible people in parliament however small a minority they might be.

409172 cloud6, replying to cloud6, 20, #538 of 2158 🔗

Mr Shapps warned prospective holidaymakers against making any plans.

Why is it then that ancock said he was looking forward to his holiday in Cornwall?

It’s another rule for them and another for us…

Anyone let me know where in Cornwall ancock will be staying, and I will book the same place, same time and actively look out for him.

409243 ▶▶ Harry Chara, replying to cloud6, 5, #539 of 2158 🔗

We have an Apartment booked in Devon for August . Company didn’t refuse my booking and they even have a CV Cancelled Bond where full refund is made IF Cancelled . Fuck Hnacock and Schapps and their Illegal to book hahahah what a couple of cunts to add to the rest of them

409282 ▶▶ smithey, replying to cloud6, 5, #540 of 2158 🔗

Also, will the G7 summit planned in Cornwall later this year be cancelled? I know what I would put my money on – again one rule for them and another for us!

409174 A Heretic, replying to A Heretic, 13, #541 of 2158 🔗

We know the controlling nature of Chinese state repression.

Yes, those evil Chinese are so much worse than our honorable western governments who would never think of subjecting their people to cruel and unusual punishments.

409279 ▶▶ smithey, replying to A Heretic, 5, #542 of 2158 🔗

I think the Chinese look liberal in comparison to Johnson’s government.

409280 ▶▶ Nigel Sherratt, replying to A Heretic, 1, #543 of 2158 🔗

Prompted by the CCP satrap WHO.

409176 vargas99, replying to vargas99, 6, #544 of 2158 🔗

Funny, but I haven’t noticed any shock horror headlines about them finding that the SA variant is rife in the areas they surge tested at the beginning of the month – anybody know any different?

409203 ▶▶ bucky99, replying to vargas99, 14, #545 of 2158 🔗

They haven’t even found it to be rife in South Africa, so I’d say that’s a safe assumption.

409177 PompeyJunglist, replying to PompeyJunglist, 6, #546 of 2158 🔗

Incredible how much the Overton Window has been shifted by our response to this crisis.

I’m regularly reading and hearing stuff from left wing liberals that would make a 2019 Farage blush.

409274 ▶▶ smithey, replying to PompeyJunglist, 13, #547 of 2158 🔗

The scary thing is just how quickly it has happened. This time last year I was living in a relatively free country which in the space of 11 months had been turned into a prison island.

409828 ▶▶ Alethea, replying to PompeyJunglist, #548 of 2158 🔗

yes, yes

409179 chaos, replying to chaos, 5, #549 of 2158 🔗

IF they are going through with the May elections.. lockdown will not relax before then… moron fat boy and his Davos team cannot allow the damage to become apparent.

409271 ▶▶ smithey, replying to chaos, 1, #550 of 2158 🔗

The elections will not be happening

409342 ▶▶ davews, replying to chaos, 1, #551 of 2158 🔗

We only have the police commissionaire elections here. I very much expect they will cancel those as they are pretty pointless in the first place. Especially now on what we know about the police.

409186 Friedrich Stapß, replying to Friedrich Stapß, 49, #552 of 2158 🔗

The government is using summer holidays exactly as it used Christmas, as a kind of lever to manoeuvre the public into not just accepting, but insisting upon the extension of lockdown through the summer. At first people say “no summer holidays? You have to be kidding”, but the conversation goes on and on in the media, and “summer holidays” turns inexorably into a Pavlovian phrase triggering the response the government wants: FEAR summer holidays, HATE the entitled selfish people who think they deserve summer holidays, ACCEPT the loss of summer holidays, INSIST that lockdown continue indefinitely. And lo the people become their own secret police force.

409258 ▶▶ Basics, replying to Friedrich Stapß, 4, #553 of 2158 🔗

Precisely. ‘using’ summer holidays. In a repeating pattern of manipulation.

409442 ▶▶ GrannySlayer, replying to Friedrich Stapß, 6, #554 of 2158 🔗

Yes, again they toy with cultural mythologies in order to insert their message between the minds and the treasured signifiers of society, hijacking the relationship and assuming the role of grand administrator from whom all blessings now flow. Stick in one hand, carrot in the other, they weaponise the frustrated masses and turn them against the target of their ire – we merry band of bothersome free thinkers, to whom such crude methods are depressingly predictable.

409189 Richy_m_99, replying to Richy_m_99, 31, #555 of 2158 🔗


Here we go again. Just as they did with face masks, pretending they were to keep everyone else safe, giving the sheep reason to point at us and accuse us of killing them.

Now the narrative changes to, if you don’t take the vaccine, you will be responsible for keeping everyone else in misery for months longer.

Fucking bastards. And I’ve told them in work today I will not be having the vaccine and why. Normally intelligent human beings could not grasp they were being lied to and manipulated.

409380 ▶▶ GrannySlayer, replying to Richy_m_99, 3, #556 of 2158 🔗

I think many of us saw this coming as the logical next-step tactic in the government’s use of overstimulated useful idiots against sceptics.

409190 swedenborg, replying to swedenborg, 10, #557 of 2158 🔗

Somebody posted the below link a few days ago. This is an astonishing document going into details of CDC manipulation of the C-19 pandemic. Changing death definition from previous pandemics, double counting cases and an astonishing hospital overcounting of cases in summer 2020 fuel to Project fear. CDC seems to have broken several federal laws in the handling of the pandemic. Hopefully this will be followed up by legal actions.


409235 ▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to swedenborg, 5, #558 of 2158 🔗

You really have to be burying the head in the sand now to think this is all as portrayed by the government and media.

409246 ▶▶▶ JohnB, replying to BeBopRockSteady, 14, #559 of 2158 🔗


409270 ▶▶▶▶ Nigel Sherratt, replying to JohnB, 2, #560 of 2158 🔗

V. good!

409267 ▶▶▶ RickH, replying to BeBopRockSteady, 2, #561 of 2158 🔗

Problem : it seems that the majority are ostriches.

409268 ▶▶ Nigel Sherratt, replying to swedenborg, 2, #562 of 2158 🔗

About as likely as legal action on the Spygate conspirators (aka B H Obama et al.) Stop Press! A junior lawyer got $100 and probation for producing fake documentation to start the spying, phew what a relief, all is well.

409195 BeBopRockSteady, replying to BeBopRockSteady, 6, #563 of 2158 🔗

Listen to this. So the hotel quarantine outbreak Auz is being blamed on a mask nebulising the virus.


Something which Kevin McKernan and others have pointed to that suggest masks actually increase spread. Forgetting the other issues with asymptomatics etc, the fact they want to use that as proposed source, shows how idiotic the defenders of masks are. Based on absolute nonsense.

Here’s a good primer on nebulising effects of masks


409212 ▶▶ PoshPanic, replying to BeBopRockSteady, 2, #564 of 2158 🔗

In the SARS outbreak, air con was believed to be a major spreader. Nobody ever mentions this. In this case, masks would be completely useless anyway.

409197 p02099003, replying to p02099003, 7, #565 of 2158 🔗

“It is “not sensible” to predict when Covid-19 restrictions can be lifted and when people might be able to go on holiday, Sir Jeremy Farrar, director of the Wellcome Trust, has said.
Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, he says data – such as infections, hospital admissions and deaths – should determine when restrictions are lifted.
“Setting a date now, arbitrarily, for some date in March or April, frankly doesn’t make any sense.
“I appreciate that businesses have to plan and everything else, but the data has to drive us, and in 2020 we lifted restrictions too quickly when the date would not really have allowed that and, frankly, as a result the transmission went back up in this country.”
He says the new variants are a “massive warning”.
“We are not through this pandemic yet but we can be through it, but only if we reduce transmission, we vaccinate as many people as we can in this country, and we ensure that those vaccines are available in an equitable way around the world.
“That’s not just a moral and ethical case, that’s the financial and economic (case), and it’s the only way to bring this pandemic to a close globally.””

409202 ▶▶ Winston Smith, replying to p02099003, 9, #566 of 2158 🔗

He needs shooting then…..

409214 ▶▶ Victoria, replying to p02099003, 10, #567 of 2158 🔗

Wellcome Trust heavily funded by Gates

409223 ▶▶ Steve Martindale, replying to p02099003, 12, #568 of 2158 🔗

Hospitals are doing fine, deaths are not rising alarmingly and for an ageing population in winter-time are nothing to require huge public health action. And so that leaves ‘infections’ and so his whole premise for extending this nonsense is the results of the dubious and dodgy testing regime. If people dug their heels in and refused to get tested it would help to take away this plank of his argument.
Anyway why do infections matter? if the hospital are coping and if deaths are not inexplicably rising on an exponential scale, who cares about infections?

409367 ▶▶ jb12, replying to p02099003, 1, #569 of 2158 🔗

The flu was a bigger cause of death than Covid (even with its well-known inflated numbers) for over 2 months in the summer, so this guy is a liar or an incompetent – therefore, he should be ignored.

409371 ▶▶ Achilles, replying to p02099003, 2, #570 of 2158 🔗

I would say virtually every line of this statement is factually and ethically wrong.

409517 ▶▶ Dodderydude, replying to p02099003, 2, #571 of 2158 🔗

Not surprising. Jeremy Farrar is a member of SAGE.

409200 Mark, replying to Mark, 6, #572 of 2158 🔗

Will it be a victory if we hold off the dystopian plans of the zero covid fanatics, or a defeat, because in doing so we’ve had to accept the principle of lockdowns in order to “compromise”?

Was it a victory when the Free Speech Union last night announced that the Law Commission has generously decided not to recommend extending totalitarian “hate speech” controls into our homes? Or is it a defeat because people will relax and think that living under our current repressive “hate speech” laws represents some kind of “reasonable compromise”, and after all we’ve gotten used to this water temperature now?

The answer, in both cases, depends on how campaigners respond to the news, I suppose. but such “victories” too often give excuses for formerly principled campaigners to relax into “respectability”.

409225 ▶▶ Les Tricoteuses, replying to Mark, 2, #573 of 2158 🔗

A revolutionary always make a set of demands far exceeding expectations then some concessions become the new base line. Followed by more demands etc etc until goals are met.

409234 ▶▶▶ Mark, replying to Les Tricoteuses, 1, #574 of 2158 🔗

Indeed. And that applies equally when the revolutionaries are radicals in government.

But the technique cuts both ways. Extremism in the defence of liberty is no vice.

409287 ▶▶ Seansaighdeoir, replying to Mark, 1, #575 of 2158 🔗

I would say that is the Hegelian Dialectic in action. There can be no compromises in the fight for freedom or liberty. Give me liberty or give me death.

409201 Jody, replying to Jody, 4, #576 of 2158 🔗

This loathsome little psychopathic runt had some “action shots” of himself, in the office, published in the Daily Mail a couple of days ago… UUUGH!!!!

comment image

comment image

409210 ▶▶ Victoria, replying to Jody, 26, #577 of 2158 🔗

Please do not publish photos of this man on this site!

409238 ▶▶▶ Jody, replying to Victoria, 7, #578 of 2158 🔗

I would generally agree with you, Victoria, but I don’t think these do him any favours. In fact, I would say they were indicative of a man who has “size problems” in a particular anatomical department…

409217 ▶▶ PoshPanic, replying to Jody, 1, #579 of 2158 🔗

All taken from below waist height

409221 ▶▶ JHUNTZ, replying to Jody, 5, #580 of 2158 🔗

Look at him plotting how to terrorise the population. No doubt he takes the meeting minutes home for the wank bank.

409310 ▶▶▶ Janette, replying to JHUNTZ, #581 of 2158 🔗

Haha I like it. You made me laugh out loud.

409230 ▶▶ Ovis, replying to Jody, 17, #582 of 2158 🔗

They’re actually quite funny. Like the vanity pics of a twonky Third World dictator. Hail the Great Cock, Field Marshal of all the Fishes in the Sea.

409241 ▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to Jody, 3, #583 of 2158 🔗

They do a good job hiding the little box he has to stand on

409242 ▶▶▶ Jody, replying to BeBopRockSteady, 1, #584 of 2158 🔗

Ha ha!!!!!

409251 ▶▶▶ mj, replying to BeBopRockSteady, 3, #585 of 2158 🔗

so when they make the film later wancock will be played by Tom Cruise. As Cruise is a scientologist and so rational compared to wancock , it will need all his acting skills

409256 ▶▶▶▶ mj, replying to mj, 1, #586 of 2158 🔗

ps – amazing what photoshop can do trying to make the little gobshite look human

409350 ▶▶▶▶ Dermot McClatchey, replying to mj, 5, #587 of 2158 🔗

I think the role is made for Spacey, personally- the first step on the long and difficult road to his rehabilitation as an acceptable member of decent society. I mean Spacey, obviously- Hancock’s way beyond any form of redemption- and hereby apologise to Spacey for implying that he’s in any way morally-equivalent to Hancock.

409362 ▶▶▶▶▶ Jody, replying to Dermot McClatchey, 2, #588 of 2158 🔗

I love it. The idea that Spacey wouldn’t want to be associated with Hancock. That’s the situation we’re in…

409281 ▶▶ Anti_socialist, replying to Jody, 2, #589 of 2158 🔗

This thing goes to bed at night congratulating himself, come 2024 he’ll be campaigning in a red cape & blue lycra with his Y-fronts over his trousers telling us how he saved the world!

409303 ▶▶ Old Trout, replying to Jody, 4, #590 of 2158 🔗

At the risk of sounding crude, in the first pic he looks like he’s about to fist someone !!

409308 ▶▶▶ Jody, replying to Old Trout, 1, #591 of 2158 🔗

At the risk of sounding crude, I hope it’s not the lady on the second pic…

409314 ▶▶ Jonny S., replying to Jody, 7, #592 of 2158 🔗

Looks like a supply teacher who doesn’t know his subject.

409327 ▶▶▶ DavidC, replying to Jonny S., #593 of 2158 🔗

That made me laugh Jonny! Excellent!


409347 ▶▶▶ Jody, replying to Jonny S., #594 of 2158 🔗

Spot on!!!

409352 ▶▶▶ Dermot McClatchey, replying to Jonny S., #595 of 2158 🔗

Top one looks as if he’s been caught knocking one out.

409208 Victoria, 11, #596 of 2158 🔗

Charles Walker on Hancock

Robbing people of hope. Very stupid and very short sighted

Johnson to rein in Hancock


409215 Sam Vimes, replying to Sam Vimes, 8, #597 of 2158 🔗

“Variants weren’t known about at that time…”

So, they are a new thing that’s unique to Sars-Cov-2, are they?

409228 ▶▶ PoshPanic, replying to Sam Vimes, 8, #598 of 2158 🔗

It’s a blatant lie. Of course they were known about at the time.

409272 ▶▶ Anti_socialist, replying to Sam Vimes, 10, #599 of 2158 🔗

We have decades of sound scientific knowledge on infectious disease & the ecology/evolution of viruses. Its why from day one I opposed lockdon back in march 2020. I never believed there was anything novel or super dangerous about covid19 so far i’ve been right.

409366 ▶▶ GrannySlayer, replying to Sam Vimes, 4, #600 of 2158 🔗

Perhaps our advisors should consult Wikipedia if they are unfamiliar with basic biology:

“Viral evolution is a subfield of evolutionary biology and virology that is specifically concerned with the evolution of viruses. Viruses have short generation times, and many—in particular RNA viruses—have relatively high mutation rates (on the order of one point mutation or more per genome per round of replication).

This elevated mutation rate, when combined with natural selection, allows viruses to quickly adapt to changes in their host environment. In addition, most viruses provide many offspring, so any mutated genes can be passed on to many offspring quickly. Although the chance of mutations and evolution can change depending on the type of virus (double stranded DNA, double stranded RNA, single strand DNA, etc.), viruses overall have high chances for mutations.”


409216 Tattersall, replying to Tattersall, 22, #601 of 2158 🔗

From the Govt’s point of view, there’s one big snag to making vaccinations mandatory: the BAME population, who are extremely reluctant to be vaccinated and less susceptible to Govt. propaganda – and won’t be bullied. They can’t make the vaccine mandatory for whites but not for blacks and Muslims (or can they?).

409227 ▶▶ Jo, replying to Tattersall, 3, #602 of 2158 🔗

I think they can do anything they like.

409252 ▶▶ Crystal Decanter, replying to Tattersall, 3, #603 of 2158 🔗

The BAMES know that the vaccines contain aborted fetus cells
Anyone remotely religious cannot accept this

409283 ▶▶▶ Steve Hayes, replying to Crystal Decanter, 2, #604 of 2158 🔗

The pope does and has called on Catholics to be vaccinated.

409297 ▶▶▶▶ Julian, replying to Steve Hayes, 3, #605 of 2158 🔗

Is the Pope a Catholic?

409312 ▶▶▶▶▶ Jonny S., replying to Julian, 4, #606 of 2158 🔗

No but he shits in the woods.

Or is that bears?

409299 ▶▶▶▶ Ovis, replying to Steve Hayes, 4, #607 of 2158 🔗

I refer the honourable member to the answer previously given.

409356 ▶▶▶ alw, replying to Crystal Decanter, 3, #608 of 2158 🔗

That is errant nonsense

409357 ▶▶ alw, replying to Tattersall, 5, #609 of 2158 🔗

Like me who grew up in apartheid South Africa and you become immune to government propaganda. Nobody tells me what to do, say or think. Can’t for me means can.

409590 ▶▶ Annie, replying to Tattersall, #610 of 2158 🔗

They could- and then claim that it’s the fault of blacks and Muslims that we are still in lockdown…

409219 Londo Mollari, replying to Londo Mollari, 6, #611 of 2158 🔗

I just got around to reading the letter from the UK medical freedom people. The data on deaths in vaccine and non vaccine countries is startling, to say the least. I don’t suppose it’ll slow down Hancock and Johnson’s Operation Warp Speed Genocide in the slightest.

409224 ▶▶ Jo, replying to Londo Mollari, 3, #612 of 2158 🔗

Of course not. They will know about this anyway, it’s come from a number of sources. Will probably just encourage them to mandate it.

409220 Jo, replying to Jo, 18, #613 of 2158 🔗

My partner told me that JHB on TR this morning was saying that children had been sent home from school for “playing” rather than “exercising”.
Such a small thing – words aren’t there to describe what they are doing to us. Especially as the “they” are “us”. (excepting anti-lockdowners)

409277 ▶▶ Steve Hayes, replying to Jo, 7, #614 of 2158 🔗

When applied to children, the distinction is absurd, as even Matt Hancock asserted on Sky News this morning. It was put to him that police were stopping children from using play areas and Hancock (to his credit) was perfectly clear that such behaviour constituted exercise and was perfectly “ok”. He even said that the rules were completely clear.

409231 swedenborg, replying to swedenborg, 11, #615 of 2158 🔗

“I didn’t even realise I had it,” the nun told French newspaper Var-Matin.

Oldest person with C-19 116 year old nun in France


409323 ▶▶ DavidC, replying to swedenborg, 4, #616 of 2158 🔗

The pragmatism of old people – love it.


409329 ▶▶ this is my username, replying to swedenborg, 8, #617 of 2158 🔗

She didn’t have it.

409684 ▶▶▶ Tom in Scotland, replying to this is my username, 1, #618 of 2158 🔗

Exactly. Once again, idiot journalists don’t know the difference between the disease (COVID-19) and the virus. Of course, the test might also have been a false positive.

409237 Julian, replying to Julian, 16, #619 of 2158 🔗

Update on The Coronavirus Act 2020 is Null and Void!

To our Wonderful Supporters,

After battling on for 6 long months against this fraudemic/ plandemic and the fascists behind it in the Government of Occupation, we have been refused ‘permission’ for a Judicial Review! The whole idea of having to have ‘permission’ to challenge the Government in the Courts is laughable in a Democracy at the best of times! However, when they have abused the law and abused Parliament to remove our Democracy, the situation is even more desperate as we are literally fighting for our lives.

The Refusal is now available on the Case Page to read and it is clear that the Judge has not even properly looked at our submissions, and he even admits to this, and instead just claims that it is too long and the same as the Dolan Case. He has also penalised us with £6,000 costs and has threatened additional costs if we dare to pursue the Case any further.

But we dare! We will not be bullied and intimidated when we are fighting for the Rights and Freedoms of us all!

The application for reconsideration and objection to costs are already in the post!

We will never give up fighting for the Rights and Freedoms of all of us and we will win as good always triumphs over evil!

It is more important than ever that people get to know about our legal action and it would be amazing if you could:

Send this email to everyone you know and ask them to support our case to end this tyranny and insanity and share our link


  • Also please donate anything you can to our campaign which is for all our futures.

Thank you again for your help in our fight against Government tyranny and oppression. Together we can break down ‘Gates of Hell’, defeat the Dictators and take our lives and freedom back!

Best wishes,

The People’s Brexit

409262 ▶▶ Anti_socialist, replying to Julian, 5, #620 of 2158 🔗

Let this be a clear warning to anyone who believes natural justice is to be found in the law courts or a public inquiry!

409296 ▶▶▶ Julian, replying to Anti_socialist, 11, #621 of 2158 🔗

It is still worth a try, for these reasons
1) You may find a judge who is honest and honourable – as there have been a few MPs and journalists have been
2) To show the masses how corrupt everything is
3) To show the judges someone is watching them so they cannot say no-one told them or challenged them – the same reason we should write to our MPs, even though they won’t be persuaded

409407 ▶▶▶▶ Anti_socialist, replying to Julian, #622 of 2158 🔗

You think appointment of judge or chair of inquiry is random?

How quaintly naive.

409583 ▶▶▶▶ Annie, replying to Julian, #623 of 2158 🔗

‘to be honest, as this world goes, is to be one man plucked out of ten thousand’. (Hamlet)

409340 ▶▶ alw, replying to Julian, 3, #624 of 2158 🔗

Justice denied will lead to civil disobedience across the world. It is up to the people to get justice restored.

409244 swedenborg, replying to swedenborg, 4, #626 of 2158 🔗

Bhutan received 150,000 coronavirus vaccine shots on Wednesday, but the government decided that no one will get vaccinated until the current “inauspicious month” ends. The inauspicious month will end in a month from now on March 13 says the “Commission for Monastic Affairs.”
“Upon consulting with Zhung Dratshang (the Commission for Monastic Affairs), we were informed of dana (inauspicious month) which falls between February 14 and March 13. We will wait until the period is over,” the statement said.


409249 ▶▶ Mark, replying to swedenborg, 7, #627 of 2158 🔗

In fairness, probably a more plausible justification than there is for coerced mask wearing…

409247 anthony hughes, 19, #628 of 2158 🔗

Does anyone recall President John Kennedy’s words ‘Freedom has many difficulties and democracy is not perfect, but at least we have never had to put a wall up to keep our people in’. Though speaking about communism during his1963 visit to West Berlin , who would have thought the same could be said of Britain and the other ‘democracies’ in 2021? Time for a change in leadership?

409253 BeBopRockSteady, replying to BeBopRockSteady, 15, #629 of 2158 🔗

In case you need reminding

409317 ▶▶ DavidC, replying to BeBopRockSteady, 1, #630 of 2158 🔗

I like that BeBop!


409341 ▶▶ stewart, replying to BeBopRockSteady, 3, #631 of 2158 🔗

Why can’t they start the scale at zero?
Starting it at 99.5% makes it look far more perilous than it is.

It would make the point even better.

409254 RickH, replying to RickH, 26, #632 of 2158 🔗

I have tried to adopt a more conciliatory tone” [Guy de la Bédoyère]

The trouble is, Guy – that sometimes there are issues on which there is no compromise, no conciliation to be had. You are right to give up on it. I say that as someone who fully recognizes that social life is largely about such give-and-take. But there are limits.

I have, over time, varied somewhat in my analysis of the relative weights of ‘cock-up’ v. ‘conspiracy’. But the root effect is still the same : this is a political and social evil such as I cannot recall in my post-war lifetime. That is the ‘unprecedented’ thing – not the virus or the mortality accruing from it.

Beyond arguing about motives and causation that is the hard fact.

Seeking to be ‘conciliatory’ is no more realistic than thinking that massacring opponents by shooting rather than via the gas chambers is somehow a lesser evil.

409276 ▶▶ TJN, replying to RickH, 4, #633 of 2158 🔗

Echoes of the ‘relativism’ Dr Sinead Murphy lamented in her essay on here a couple of weeks ago – that is, the lack of absolutes.

When it comes to right and wrong, there are indeed absolutes. Without this, we are nowhere.

409261 frankfrankly, replying to frankfrankly, 8, #634 of 2158 🔗

Re masks-my local paper (owned by Newsquest so others may have seen this story) published this-It actually debunks mask wearing without meaning to do so.If CO2 goes through the mask then a virus measured in microns will too.

Covid-19 myths and misinformation debunked by the experts
Wearing a face mask will not give you carbon monoxide poisoning
After mask enforcement rules came into place around the world, several posts appeared online claiming that wearing a mask will result in ‘hypercapnia’, also known as carbon monoxide poisoning. This is not true.

Carbon dioxide molecules are too small to be controlled by the majority of mask material, ranging from medically produced masks to home made cloth ones. A good example of this in action is surgeons wearing medical masks for long periods of time, with no ill effects on their carbon dioxide levels.

409278 ▶▶ Andy Riley, replying to frankfrankly, 3, #635 of 2158 🔗

CO2 molecules are much smaller than virus so your argument based on size doesn’t work.
I have seen studies though that report some level of oxygen reduction, but the mechanism can’t be related to mask mesh size.
Another factor related to the surgeons argument is that operating theatres have positive air pressure, so the air will contain more O2 than outside the theatre which may compensate for O2 attenuation by mask. (I’ve not seen this reported by any studies, just my observation and deduction)

409293 ▶▶▶ frankfrankly, replying to Andy Riley, 1, #636 of 2158 🔗

How much smaller? The virus is measured in microns. Some hospitals have even given up on masks in op theatres because there is no change in infection rates without, but of course the surgical masks are meant to prevent hairs etc falling on the patient although I should think most people think it is aimed against microbes.

409302 ▶▶▶▶ Jonny S., replying to frankfrankly, 12, #637 of 2158 🔗

The SARS-CoV-2 virus particle is 100nm (nanometers) in diameter . · A CO2 molecule is 0.33nm diameter .


Having breathing difficulties myself I can assure you though that masks definitely do restrict the flow of oxygen into my lungs. The only place I have worn one is at the dentists and after about 3 mins had to remove it as I was going to faint.

409328 ▶▶▶▶▶ frankfrankly, replying to Jonny S., #638 of 2158 🔗

I don’t have special breathing difficulties and I still hate it. I don’t actually know re the masks how large the gaps in the mesh are, but then I should think that’s something the powers that be are not keen to tell us.

409390 ▶▶▶▶▶ frankfrankly, replying to Jonny S., 1, #639 of 2158 🔗

https://whattheythink.com/articles/101691-how-effective-your-cloth-mask/ This site, which recommends masking despite showing that most are dubious suggests the virus size is just over 1 micron but the droplets are bigger and hence the mask should achieve something. But the few blind trials carried out show that they don’t.

409294 ▶▶▶ DanClarke, replying to Andy Riley, 2, #640 of 2158 🔗

I read a surgeons report about the air pressure in operating theatres and how the surgeon was explaining the difference between wearing a mask then and wearing one every day where air pressure wasnt considered

409326 ▶▶ peterthepainter, replying to frankfrankly, 4, #641 of 2158 🔗

They don’t seem to know what they are talking about. They talk about getting hypercapnia from carbon monoxide (CO) in the first paragraph but it actually comes from carbon dioxide (CO2) which they talk about in the second paragraph.

CO2 is of course what we breathe out.

409577 ▶▶ Annie, replying to frankfrankly, 1, #642 of 2158 🔗

Who us it that thinks carbon monoxide ( a deadly poison) is the same thing as carbon dioxide( harmless unless you get a huge excess of it)??

Really good fact checking, is the above.

409623 ▶▶ mikewaite, replying to frankfrankly, #643 of 2158 🔗

I think that the size of molecules or virus particles compared to the size of gaps between fibres making up the mask is not entirely relevant. It is the mass flow of air from the mouth and nose that is relevant , and this is ovbviously restricted by the mask acting as a barrier (although as videos here have demonstrated , there are side and top openings).
If you have a draught from an ill fitted window, you draw curtains across . Unless the curtain is a sngle sheet of plastic it wil not be so tightly woven that 0.5 nm sized air molcules cannot travel through it, but the mass flow of draught, composed of such molecules, usually is.
I would expect there to be a build up of CO2 partial pressure between mask and mouth, compared to outside the mask , the severity dependent on the type of mask .
As frankly points out below, the virus particles are probably contained on droplets and mucus of significant size, so masks would have some useful effect .
This does not make me a zealous mask advocate btw , just that it some situations , and if you happen to be likely to sneeeze all over fellow shoppers it makes sense , but not everywhere , not outside and not all the time.

409821 ▶▶▶ frankfrankly, replying to mikewaite, #644 of 2158 🔗

Or contained in aerosols? There is so little interest by those in authority in testing mask efficacy and when they get an answer they don’t like, they simply ignore it.

409284 PGB1, replying to PGB1, 27, #645 of 2158 🔗

Having spent some time in academia, I know how much the scientists who are now front and centre of this pandemic, the epidemiologists and infectious disease professors, will be living their moment of fame. They will be dreading the day people move onto something else and they retreat back into their dusty dark offices in nondescript buildings rather than shiny TV studios. Academics only live for the fame (no fortune likely unfortunately) and this is their 15 minutes of it. So they will constantly try to keep the fear going and their worth inflated and so SAGE which is run by them will always be saying “….yes, but…” and these new mutations can give them another round of fear mongering to keep them on the airwaves for a while longer. I have not heard any economists on TV giving the other sides of the debate – a few entrepreneurs now and then but quickly shut down with the 100k deaths mantra

409319 ▶▶ smithey, replying to PGB1, 5, #646 of 2158 🔗

This is what I have suspected from the start. They are enjoying their time in the limelight too much.

409324 ▶▶ frankfrankly, replying to PGB1, 2, #647 of 2158 🔗

What are SAGE salaries compared to Academia-presumably higher? My perception of many academics is they want to be independent in order to gain the reputation you note. Only second rate (or worse) scientists will actually want to work for the state.

409338 ▶▶▶ PGB1, replying to frankfrankly, 2, #648 of 2158 🔗

I dont know if SAGE gets paid and academics dont really get motivated by money or they would not be academics. They are driven by recognition and admiration and hence they publish so many useless papers that nobody will ever read but gives them status nonetheless. If I was an epidemiologist I would love this once in a life time opportunity to be important and respected as an expert. So I would want to paint a bad picture and get the juices going in order to keep the calls from the BBC coming in as long as possible

409539 ▶▶▶ TheBluePill, replying to frankfrankly, 1, #649 of 2158 🔗

For some of them, they are being remunerated through their ill-gotten shares in big pharma – something that should be criminal.

409353 ▶▶ RickH, replying to PGB1, 4, #650 of 2158 🔗

“Academics only live for the fame”

Jeez! This site is infected with really stupid generalisations. As bad as any virus.

Some do – just as some plumbers are incompetent thickos, some shop-keepers are out to screw their customers and some priests are paedophiles.

409358 ▶▶ DevonBlueBoy, replying to PGB1, 10, #651 of 2158 🔗

You’re so right. The other factor is that the further you go up the academic ladder, the narrower becomes your focus. You only know what you know and you ignore anything else in your pursuit of perfection in your miniscule field of study. Ferguson, him of the massively exaggerted death tolls, is the perfect example. But because our political class is scientifically illiterate and like all politicians cannot admit to a lack of knowledge, they accept the bullshit because they cannot question it.

409373 ▶▶▶ Jonny S., replying to DevonBlueBoy, 15, #652 of 2158 🔗

A wise old man once said to me many years ago.

The definition of an expert is someone who knows more and more about less and less until eventually they know everything about fuck all.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you SAGE.

409511 ▶▶ richardw53, replying to PGB1, 6, #653 of 2158 🔗

Virologists, epidemiologists etc are relishing the opportunity to attract more funding off the back of the crisis. It is clear to me (from listening to TWIV) that they have a big chip on their shoulder about not having enough funding over the past 10 years or so to prepare for this ‘pandemic.’ This is one further reason why there will be little support from the science and medical research communities on repurposing cheap safe drugs (Ivermectin, HCQ etc) to treat Covid 19. If they worked we wouldn’t need their research.

409291 JHUNTZ, replying to JHUNTZ, 19, #654 of 2158 🔗

“Update on The Coronavirus Act 2020 is Null and Void!

To our Wonderful Supporters,

After battling on for 6 long months against this fraudemic/ plandemic and the fascists behind it in the Government of Occupation, we have been refused ‘permission’ for a Judicial Review! The whole idea of having to have ‘permission’ to challenge the Government in the Courts is laughable in a Democracy at the best of times! However, when they have abused the law and abused Parliament to remove our Democracy, the situation is even more desperate as we are literally fighting for our lives.

The Refusal is now available on the Case Page to read and it is clear that the Judge has not even properly looked at our submissions, and he even admits to this, and instead just claims that it is too long and the same as the Dolan Case. He has also penalised us with £6,000 costs and has threatened additional costs if we dare to pursue the Case any further.

But we dare! We will not be bullied and intimidated when we are fighting for the Rights and Freedoms of us all!

The application for reconsideration and objection to costs are already in the post!

We will never give up fighting for the Rights and Freedoms of all of us and we will win as good always triumphs over evil!

It is more important than ever that people get to know about our legal action and it would be amazing if you could:

Thank you again for your help in our fight against Government tyranny and oppression. Together we can break down ‘Gates of Hell’, defeat the Dictators and take our lives and freedom back!

Best wishes,

The People’s Brexit”

409313 ▶▶ smithey, replying to JHUNTZ, 6, #655 of 2158 🔗

As holiday’s are illegal now can I suggest that everybody donate what they would have spent on a holiday this year to this cause.

409986 ▶▶ Jo Dominich, replying to JHUNTZ, #656 of 2158 🔗

I’m supporting this.

409292 swedenborg, replying to swedenborg, 4, #657 of 2158 🔗

The table below have also side effects for Pfizer Moderna separate but no data how many of each given. They seem to have similar side effects. 14 deaths per million doses.

This is at least 10 times more than influenza vaccine but there are risk groups where C-19 is more than 10 times influenza.But for younger?


 US has given about 31.1M doses. There have been 2,675 severe side effects reported in January: hospitalization, permanent disability, life threatening side effects or death (CDC). That’s ~0.009% -or- 1 in 11,635!

409306 ▶▶ Freecumbria, replying to swedenborg, #658 of 2158 🔗


Presumably in a lot of those cases that is after the first dose only? Or have a lot of double doses happened in the US?

409349 ▶▶▶ swedenborg, replying to Freecumbria, 2, #659 of 2158 🔗

They follow strictly two doses in the US as per protocol and data should include two doses

409309 DanClarke, replying to DanClarke, 5, #660 of 2158 🔗

WW11 we had the same sort of appeasers, then someone stepped up to the plate, Johnson thought he was that man.

409379 ▶▶ danny, replying to DanClarke, 4, #661 of 2158 🔗

No. Johnson is more akin to the bureaucrats of the Weimar years, thinking the way to “handle” and manage Hitler, or in this case the fanatics of Sage, is to give them a platform and hope they go away.

409423 ▶▶▶ jonathan Palmer, replying to danny, 4, #662 of 2158 🔗

Lockdown was and is a political decision.The science has followed politics,not the other way around.

409316 Charlie Blue, replying to Charlie Blue, 2, #663 of 2158 🔗

The latest from CEBM if not already posted
We present estimates of age-specific case fatality ratios in England. Recent weeks have seen falls, particularly concentrated in 80+ age groups. While results are consistent with the impact of disproportionate vaccination of these groups, we can only point tentatively towards such an effect.”

409348 ▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to Charlie Blue, 1, #664 of 2158 🔗

I like that. It’s saying that because deaths are concentrated in the over 80s, it’s easier to suggest the effect of vaccination as positive (except for those it likely hastened their death, but CEBM won’t touch that for investigation). There are other things at play, seasonality and lateral flow test use now that need to be mentioned as well.

However, I’d also take from it that because other groups have much lower CFR, the evidence is hard to come by. So if we take the idea now that all kids should be vaxxed (Van Tam), where would they generate any significant correlation to show that such a ridiculous measure would gave had any impact on that cohort. The answer is you couldn’t.

On that basis I suggest CEBM come out against the idea given their whole purpose is evidence based medicine.

409387 ▶▶▶ Charlie Blue, replying to BeBopRockSteady, #665 of 2158 🔗

Hope so. I guess they’ve got to start with the data they’ve got so far. Pleased to see them publishing again and setting a good example for rigorous analysis.

409320 swedenborg, replying to swedenborg, 17, #666 of 2158 🔗


This is ironic.The Swedish-Norwegian border has been open since 1945 complete free flow.Now closed due to corona madness started by UK variant.Norway has very few C-19 cases.But hospitals ICU cannot cope and war like situation in hospitals soon.Not because of C-19.Norway usually employed masses of ICU doctors and nurses from Denmark and Sweden.Often weekend locums.Nobody can come now.

Best illustration of the utter insanity of border closures for a respiratory virus in the inter connected 21st Century

409335 ▶▶ norwegian, replying to swedenborg, 8, #667 of 2158 🔗

My wife works in a major Norwegian hospital, here’s a couple of facts for ya:

1) Norway has fewer ICU beds than many neighbouring countries because typically not so many are needed.

2) “War like situations in hospitals” = bullshit.

409343 ▶▶▶ norwegian, replying to norwegian, 6, #668 of 2158 🔗

Number of dead from Scam-19 so far: 592 (most of them frail old people in nursing homes).

409345 ▶▶▶ swedenborg, replying to norwegian, 4, #669 of 2158 🔗

Thanks for fact checking.Just related news as above.

409359 ▶▶▶▶ norwegian, replying to swedenborg, 4, #670 of 2158 🔗

VG is a tabloid and Minister Høye is as many other ministers full of shit.

409392 ▶▶▶▶▶ swedenborg, replying to norwegian, 1, #671 of 2158 🔗

Useful information but still it was a free flow of doctors and nurses to Norway also on short time basis during my time in Sweden.Must have stopped now but no C-19 problem in Norway so you are correct tabloids has spread like virus from the UK

409463 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ norwegian, replying to swedenborg, 1, #672 of 2158 🔗

The inflow of personell might be right but not because our health service is overwhelmed …

409332 Steve Hayes, replying to Steve Hayes, 22, #673 of 2158 🔗

The NHS (and health care prior to its creation) used to have hospitals that were specifically for serious infectious diseases. These were, as a part of the many decades long policy of reducing NHS capacity (in terms of beds), phased out. In 2016 Exercise Cygnus concluded that in the event of a pandemic (a serious infectious disease) the NHS would be overwhelmed, the government did not increase NHS capacity, on the contrary. Even when the government knew there was a pandemic and its experts were warning that the NHS would be overwhelmed, the government still did not increase NHS capacity. In fact, over the past year, NHS capacity (notwithstanding the theatrics of the Nightingale hospitals) has been reduced. The behaviour of the government, given its professed claim to be concerned about the risk of the NHS being overwhelmed, is irrational. If the government were genuinely concerned that a pandemic would overwhelm the NHS, it would have been increasing NHS capacity and specifically it would have been creating hospitals specifically for infectious diseases; it would have been developing quarantine facilities (ie, places of care for the sick that separate them from the healthy, general population). Instead, the government has exploited the fear that the NHS might be overwhelmed to justify controlling the behaviour of the population by denying our liberties and pretending that we can only do what government ministers have given us permission to do.

409375 ▶▶ DevonBlueBoy, replying to Steve Hayes, 2, #674 of 2158 🔗

Your ire might better be directed to the senior management of the NHS who buried the Exercise Cygnet results and made no efforts to manage anything to do with the arival of Covid, other than bleating about their lack of resources.

409394 ▶▶▶ Steve Hayes, replying to DevonBlueBoy, 3, #675 of 2158 🔗

The NHS senior management were not in charge: Jeremy Hunt and Theresa May were.

409446 ▶▶▶▶ Mayo, replying to Steve Hayes, 3, #676 of 2158 🔗

Simon Stevens earns more than the PM and the Health Secretary combined. Several other NHS England employees earn salaries that exceed are comparable to the PM’s.

Can you tell us why?

409483 ▶▶▶▶▶ Steve Hayes, replying to Mayo, #677 of 2158 🔗

Why do you think I am accountable for the NHS salary structure? And why do you think how much Simon Stevens is paid is relevant to ministerial control?

409580 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Mayo, replying to Steve Hayes, 6, #678 of 2158 🔗

Stevens and the shower at PHE are paid lavish salaries. For this they take responsibility for protecting public health. This includes the planning and preparation for events such as …. er ….Pandemics.

They have failed miserably.

409691 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ Steve Hayes, replying to Mayo, #679 of 2158 🔗

No, they operate under ministerial direction. Jeremy Hunt (and Theresa May) chose to reduce NHS capacity, and to prepare draft legislation that became the Coronavirus Act 2020, which gave the government the authority to rule by ministerial diktat (Part 2 Section 90).

409977 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ Jo Dominich, replying to Mayo, #680 of 2158 🔗

Absolutely Mayo. You are 100% correct.

409974 ▶▶▶▶ Jo Dominich, replying to Steve Hayes, #681 of 2158 🔗

Not true. The NHS senior management are most certainly the ones who are the budget holders and are in charge and they are not accountable to anyone.

409973 ▶▶▶ Jo Dominich, replying to DevonBlueBoy, #682 of 2158 🔗

Absolutely right. It’s not the Govt that determine how many beds it’s the NHS that does. They get the budget (hence the Trust status) and they do what they want with it – which is clearly not delivering quality services or enough beds for patients. It’s their choice, not Govt directive.

409382 ▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to Steve Hayes, 3, #683 of 2158 🔗

It has been suggested that the degrading of CV-19 in March from an infectious disease of high consequence removed the need to invoke such a plan for hospitals. Because its flu, why would we.

If it was Ebola yeah

409396 ▶▶▶ Steve Hayes, replying to BeBopRockSteady, 2, #684 of 2158 🔗

The downgrading happened on 19 March 2020. On 20 March 2020 Boris Johnson announced the start of the lockdown, which he formalised on 23 March 2020.

409529 ▶▶▶▶ Bigade, replying to Steve Hayes, 2, #685 of 2158 🔗

A point that needs to be made again and again as so many are ignorant of that fact.

409389 ▶▶ Anti_socialist, replying to Steve Hayes, 11, #686 of 2158 🔗

This is the only point that should be used when participating in their game, if you want to save the NHS from being overwhelmed increase capacity, easily paid for by stopping pissing money away on tests, tracing, furlough & vaccines. Let people return to work to pay for it! Replace vaccines with cheap effective prophylactic treatment, vit d, ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine & zinc etc. Accept death as part of life!

But where’s the profit in that?

409336 Ken Garoo, replying to Ken Garoo, 12, #687 of 2158 🔗

“WHO Tugs Forelock and Toes Chinese Communist Party Line on Virus Origin”
Give me a break. There is no convincing evidence that the virus is a deliberately constructed biological weapon. There is however undeniable evidence that the rise of the virus in China has been deliberately used as a political weapon, first against China, and now against citizens of of western countries.

Things do not accidentally leak from BSL-4 laboratories. They are deliberately released. The military-grade anthrax used to force through the US PATRIOT Act is an example.

The virus appeared in China whilst USUK-orchestrated regime change goons were rampaging in Hong Kong. When the virus took hold, the rampage stopped and the MSM went into overdrive about China’s poor handling of the situation and doom porn over the deadly nature of the disease. China’s response was to the effect ‘we have experienced worse [eg pneumonic plague] and the worst thing to do is panic”. China released information on what it had learnt, including a protocol for confirming diagnosis in symptomatic people – 2 PCR tests separated by two weeks, plus a chest CT/X ray.

China has not forced Ferguson/Vallance/Hancock to do what they have done. It did not force the UK government to exploit the 1984 Health Act loophole to allow for permanent lockdown. China has not destroyed the mental and physical effect of the UK. That is down to the UK government and its owners, aided and abetted by a horde of lockdowners.

Both China and Russia considered the possibility of a biological weapon. In spite of the US deliberately, and illegally in China, collecting DNA of Russian and Chinese citizens, they both discounted the possibility, but built large isolation hospitals ‘just in case’ (as Disease X is waiting in the wings).

There is only one country that has used all classes of WMD – biological, chemical and nuclear. That country has outsourced its military bioweapons research labs to third party countries to circumvent condiitons of the Bioweapon research convention. These BSL-4 labs are located in key (resource-related) parts of Africa, and in countries close to the borders of China and Russia. These labs are operated outside the control of the host country and the scientists are granted full diplomatic immunity, meaning they and and their baggage cannot be searched. That country is the US.

Countries hosting US DTRA outsorurced bioweapns labs:

comment image

Each country may host many labs. Ukraine alone hosts six.
The Bulgarian journalist behind this article about deaths in Georgia (the country) has done a lot of good work tracking this, along with NATO arms supplies to ISIS/etc in Syria. She was then leant on by Bulgarian intelligence.


409370 ▶▶ Anti_socialist, replying to Ken Garoo, 5, #688 of 2158 🔗

There is mountains of evidence the official narrative is utter fiction.

409435 ▶▶▶ Ken Garoo, replying to Anti_socialist, #689 of 2158 🔗

My inner Aspergerger forces me to say – the first ‘is’ should be ‘are’. Alternatively ‘mountains’ should be ‘a mountain’. The ambiguity in the sentence is also troubling. But no matter.

409438 ▶▶▶▶ Victoria, replying to Ken Garoo, #690 of 2158 🔗

Easy to correct if english is your first language……….

409455 ▶▶▶▶ Anti_socialist, replying to Ken Garoo, -5, #691 of 2158 🔗

Surprised you’re not a covid warden, have you applied for the stasi?

I fucking hate speeling & gRAMUR police as much as covid policy.

I’ve always rebelled against conformity.

409556 ▶▶▶▶▶ norwegian, replying to Anti_socialist, #692 of 2158 🔗

Fucking hate spelling as much as you want but know that if the spelling strays to far away from what others have learned they won’t understand you …

410301 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Anti_socialist, replying to norwegian, #693 of 2158 🔗


409464 ▶▶▶▶ GrannySlayer, replying to Ken Garoo, 1, #694 of 2158 🔗

Does your inner Aspergerer also wish you to do self harm for beginning a sentence with a conjunction?

410379 ▶▶ Bungle, replying to Ken Garoo, #695 of 2158 🔗

America is a baddie? Shock horror,never suspected them. And the Chinese totalitarian government is full of cuddly pandas? Well I never!

409344 Freecumbria, replying to Freecumbria, 6, #696 of 2158 🔗

Evidence of the avoidable collateral damage of lockdowns by comparing the age 45-64 all cause mortality between Sweden and England, as shown here?


409351 ▶▶ Achilles, replying to Freecumbria, 3, #697 of 2158 🔗

Good indicative analysis but they’ll just blame it on the mutant strains being worse for younger people here. That’s the new get-out for any problematic data.

409368 ▶▶ Anti_socialist, replying to Freecumbria, -2, #698 of 2158 🔗

Still playing their game?

409385 ▶▶▶ Freecumbria, replying to Anti_socialist, #699 of 2158 🔗

What game would that be?

409401 ▶▶▶▶ Anti_socialist, replying to Freecumbria, 1, #700 of 2158 🔗

Discussing government statistics & trying to defeat them with facts, isn’t it clear yet they’re profound liars who don’t give a fuck for science or the truth.

You just facilitate them by playing their game, its a never ending practice of catchup, opposition needs to be proactive not reactive.

409404 ▶▶▶▶▶ Freecumbria, replying to Anti_socialist, 1, #701 of 2158 🔗

Thanks for explaining.

409417 ▶▶▶▶▶ RickH, replying to Anti_socialist, #702 of 2158 🔗

The ‘all-cause mortality’ is ONS – the only reliable statistic over the last year, whilst the analysis (which is somewhat suspect in technical terms) is Euromomo.

409448 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Anti_socialist, replying to RickH, -2, #703 of 2158 🔗

Not interested in numbers, my freedom isn’t for sell to the highest bidder.

Indeed http://www.ons.gov.uk , as politically independent as OFCOM or WHO!

409419 ▶▶▶▶▶ Ken Garoo, replying to Anti_socialist, 2, #704 of 2158 🔗

Harsh but true. Get the lockdowners where it will hurt – they are child abusers, plain and simple.

409355 MiriamW-sometimes-AlanG, replying to MiriamW-sometimes-AlanG, 25, #705 of 2158 🔗

Yesterday, as we packed our rucksacks outside in the cold, clear air, we had a conversation with a face-nappied CSPO at Morrison’s. I’m not sure what she was there for, apart from a bit of intimidation aka ‘making us feel safe’:

After a bit of a laugh because snow was melting off the pitched roof over the trolleys and threatening to engulf us, a lad of about 20 came over to her and asked her for a mask because he’d come with out one (compliant twat!) She obliged and shortly afterwards, an old bloke trundled over and gave her one of his spares (!!!)

She seemed to think the above was a good, ‘all in it together’ type of thing so we gave her our opinions. We asked her what she thought had happened to ‘3 weeks to flatten the curve’ and why we were in an open-ended lockdown 11 months later. She said it hadn’t worked because ‘not everyone followed the rules’. We repied that, from our observations, there was an amazingly high compliance with the ‘rules’ for the first few weeks, it was simply not true that people didn’t stick to them. We invited her to compare the roads now with last March (we were able to cycle on the A6, it was great!) She started to trim then and agreed, saying she’d seen animals playing on normally busy roads. She also didn’t disagree when we reminded her that so-called ‘infections’ (as ever) peaked before the lockdown.

We got on to face-nappies. We told her we didn’t wear them and that there was a lot of evidence that they don’t work. We said ‘they are to control us, not a virus’ and she agreed. Unfortunately, I think this was because she thought people needed controlling! We asked her why, if Covid is supposed to be still around, we’re supposed to think that masks work so well and she had no answer.

All very amicable but actually depressing. Also, in both supermarkets yesterday, zombie compliance was 100% apart from us. We sat on a bench to drink our coffee and I suddenly realised I was looking at a huge hoarding at the back of a building. It told us, courtesy of HM Govt and the NHS that ‘Bending the Rules costs lives’. Oh dear! Fortunately, very few other people will see it and we actually had people smile at us as we sat there, breaking the law (?)

On the plus side, the weather is very cold but gorgeous and loads of people are out-and-about including on the ‘closed’ footpath where we found the High Peak Variant last week. If you didn’t see my post, it was one of those studded dog-balls but it gave us a bit of a laugh! It has gone now – is that a sign? MW

409412 ▶▶ Ken Garoo, replying to MiriamW-sometimes-AlanG, 6, #706 of 2158 🔗

‘Bending the Rules costs lives’.

Some creative defacing might be in order

‘Khunts cutting NHS bed counts costs lives’.

‘Destroy the economy to save the NHS. You know it makes sense’.

409521 ▶▶▶ MiriamW-sometimes-AlanG, replying to Ken Garoo, 1, #707 of 2158 🔗

Funny you should say that. Guess what we were thinking as we enjoyed our coffee? The background is black to tell us how serious the message is. All a naughty person would need to do is get some black paint and. . . . . . 🙂 MW

409361 swedenborg, replying to swedenborg, 13, #708 of 2158 🔗

CDC double mask recommendation must be the ultimate proof that they had lost touch with reality and science.


The CDC’s double mask mannequin ‘study’ is lunacy dressed up as science

Another comment How Apt Manichaean CDC Mask Maniacs Rely on an INVALID/IRRELEVANT Mannequin Study to Support Their Latest Drivelous Recommendation, “Double-Masking”. A Shame Their Progenitors Didn’t Use Double Condoms


409364 ▶▶ Anti_socialist, replying to swedenborg, 1, #709 of 2158 🔗

If they can’t kill you with one, double up!

409365 ▶▶ norwegian, replying to swedenborg, 3, #710 of 2158 🔗
409374 ▶▶ mhcp, replying to swedenborg, 5, #711 of 2158 🔗

Also means that for all this time the single mask wearers were putting people at risk.

And what happened? Nothing at all.

Just say more Rosaries and bless yourself 10 times now.

409405 ▶▶ Ken Garoo, replying to swedenborg, 5, #712 of 2158 🔗

It is also admission the masks haven’t worked up to now.

Two masks are for wimps. Real men go full Pinnochio

comment image

409406 ▶▶ leggy, replying to swedenborg, 14, #713 of 2158 🔗


409561 ▶▶▶ Annie, replying to leggy, 1, #714 of 2158 🔗

Nice one.

410201 ▶▶▶ Alex B, replying to leggy, #715 of 2158 🔗

Hilarious! 🙂

409430 ▶▶ JayBee, replying to swedenborg, 4, #716 of 2158 🔗

It’s an ongoing trial and contest to see at what level of absurdities the people will start to balk.
I think at none, we are at the point we’re the Milgram participants will not just kill the offenders, but gladly even themselves if they are being told to do so by Mr. Milgram, aka Fauci, Johnson, Merkel&co.
I do wonder what drives them though, whether they are just nihilistic sadists, or whether they are just as fascinated psychologically about with how much BS they can get away with as I am.

409456 ▶▶▶ GrannySlayer, replying to JayBee, #717 of 2158 🔗

It’s an ongoing trial and contest to see at what level of absurdities the people will start to balk.”

An impression I’ve also recieved. Milgram is very apt, and frighteningly so.

409376 JohnDanny, 11, #718 of 2158 🔗

Some crucial excerpts from the UK Medical Freedom Alliance’s open letter that our esteemed host decided to ‘report on’ in the ‘Round-up’ section:

**Urgent warning re Covid-19 vaccine-related deaths in the elderly and Care Homes**

‘We now call for an immediate and urgent audit of deaths that have occurred since the beginning of the Covid-19 vaccine rollout, to ascertain if Covid-19 vaccines (in general or any one brand in particular) are leading to an increased number of deaths (Covid-19 and non-Covid-19 related), Covid-19 cases or increased risk of death in certain age groups or cohorts. . . .

‘Our particular concern is the impact of Covid-19 vaccines on the very elderly and those in care homes. ONS data shows that weekly care home deaths tripled in the two weeks between 8th and 22nd January 2021, at a time when there was a massive increase in the rate of vaccinations of care home residents (Fig 1 and Fig 2).

‘At the same time, the MHRA CEO, Dr June Raine, stated that Covid-19 vaccine adverse events reports were coming in “thick and fast” but there is no transparency around these reports, unlike in the US. The US government vaccine adverse event reporting system (VAERS) is open to the public and is already showing a high number of serious adverse events and deaths in the initial stages of the vaccine rollout, compared to previous vaccines, particularly in the elderly.

‘There are, however, public data showing a spike in care home deaths (Fig 3) which began very soon after mass vaccination began in this setting just before Christmas and appears to correlate with the increasing rollout of vaccines in this setting and age group. This followed a period of months of stability in the rate of mortality in these cohorts. As stated above, many the deaths from January 2021 have been in UK care homes.

‘There are no robust data to indicate that the reported new variant, which appeared around this time, increases mortality or severe illness from Covid-19. It seems very plausible that the main or major causative factor could be the rollout of these experimental vaccines, to millions in this cohort, over a very short space of time. One possible explanation for a rise in infections or deaths could be the transient reduction in lymphocyte levels following vaccination seen in data from Pfizer’s Phase 1/2 Trial. The pronounced lowering of lymphocyte levels, especially in those who received the high dose, lasted about 7 days. This could result in a heightened susceptibility to infections in the week post-vaccination, which could be catastrophic for some frail and elderly people. . . .’


409377 stewart, 17, #719 of 2158 🔗

Every day this looks more and more like a cattle drive.

We are the cattle, the government the cowboys and the destination is the vaccine centres.

A few rebellious cows try every so often to split away from the herd and if allowed other cows might follow. But the cowboys are there with their whips to push them back with the rest of the herd.

In the end, everyone will be vaccinated. That’s the goal. When everyone is vaccinated they will claim victory.

EXCEPT, they have become so attached to their dictatorial powers that those “in charge” are already finding the necessary excuses to keep the cattle-cowboy relationship in place. indefinitely

It’s so obvious and so inevitable and so depressing.

409378 court, replying to court, 19, #720 of 2158 🔗

Grrr sorry, just need to vent.

Someone took their 4/5yo who’s in my daughters class for some ‘surge testing’ in the local area and now they’ve tested positive. All 12 of them in the bubble have now joined the rest on zoom with half an hours notice this morning. How people who have real ‘frontline’ jobs cope with such crap? The offending pupil is completely asymptomatic of course.

She won’t miss much in school work as it’s half term next week but now she can’t go to her holiday club till Thursday which she was so looking forward too as they do really fun activities that have been denied to her over most of the last year.

409386 ▶▶ nottingham69, replying to court, 4, #721 of 2158 🔗

Why not just ignore and carry on.

409395 ▶▶▶ court, replying to nottingham69, 4, #722 of 2158 🔗

I would have, but of course its a holiday club that is run at the school!

409400 ▶▶ RickH, replying to court, 10, #723 of 2158 🔗

She won’t miss much in school work as it’s half term next week but now she can’t go to her holiday club till Thursday”

The ‘school work’ is actually the lesser impact. The really disastrous issue is the cutting off (again) of the social framework.

409414 ▶▶▶ Victoria, replying to RickH, 2, #724 of 2158 🔗

So true. It is the social isolation that is so detrimental to children = child abuse

409418 ▶▶▶ court, replying to RickH, 2, #725 of 2158 🔗

Exactly the reason why I’ve had her in school. The work at home kids haven’t seen their peers since the middle of December. Disgusting.

409436 ▶▶▶▶ Victoria, replying to court, 1, #726 of 2158 🔗

Indeed the key workers kids at school have been socialising since school opened exclusively for them. The local school has 70% of the children at school, the unlucky 30% are isolated at home.

409433 ▶▶ End of Tether, replying to court, 3, #727 of 2158 🔗

Feel very sorry for her and feel your frustration. At least she has been in school though. Mine (and many others) haven’t been in to school at all this year – no after school clubs, no sport or music clubs outside school and not able to see their friends (though we have strongly encouraged the breaking of that rule). My son was stopped while he was jogging the other day by a Covid Marshall (!) as apparently running isn’t allowed in busy areas between certain times of day…

409397 liztr835, 21, #728 of 2158 🔗

These idiots talking about locking down every year in the winter, would they mind if I put my rates up by 25% to cover the loss, so for example if you need a tattoo, haircut, meal in a restaurant, pint in a pub, or another close contact service, I will have to earn in 9 months what I would normally earn in a year, somehow I don’t think people will be happy with that.

409402 Ken Garoo, 2, #730 of 2158 🔗

Has anyone (or group) with legal/medical background actually looked at whether or not the mRNA/AstraZeneca/etc drugs marketed as ‘vaccines’ are actually vaccines by any coherent, consistent definition of the term?

409408 Smelly Melly, replying to Smelly Melly, 11, #731 of 2158 🔗

Is it me, or do the majority of people like living with their madness and or are incapable of asking questions that go against the political orthodoxy of the time.

I use to be amazed at what religious rubbish people believed in not so long ago and you could be put to a horrible death for not following the churches “teachings”. (In fact teaching for many centuries was controlled by the church and any decent or deviation from those teaching lead to serious trouble for the individual).

409410 ▶▶ smithey, replying to Smelly Melly, 9, #732 of 2158 🔗

It seems like most people don’t want to be free. They just want to blindly do whatever the government tells them.

409427 ▶▶▶ Cumbriacracked, replying to smithey, 7, #734 of 2158 🔗

I am tired of people contacting me to say so and so has got “it” or has tested positive, it is becoming a badge of honour. Of course they do not have “it” just a few sniffles.

409458 ▶▶▶▶ Paul, replying to Cumbriacracked, 8, #735 of 2158 🔗

I keep getting told so and so has got ‘it’,just to be awkward I say ‘what’s ‘it’ ?’,the response,usually in hushed tones for fear of invoking the beast if said out loud,’well,you know,’the virus’.
I then ask if the person is really ill and in hospital,the answer is always no,so they are at home in bed ill ?,the answer again is always no and the stricken person is decorating,learning Mandarin or reading War and Peace whilst they hide away at home with no symptoms whatsoever.My parting shot is that they haven’t got ‘the virus’.they’ve got a false positive test,a comment that either bursts the bubble or marks me out as a dangerous heretic.

409614 ▶▶▶▶ smithey, replying to Cumbriacracked, 1, #736 of 2158 🔗

Also, does it not twig with these people that most people who “get it” only have a mild illness and quickly make a full recovery. Why does nobody question why we are destroying our entire civilisation over what is for most people a mild flu like illness which generally only kills people who are very close to the end of their lives anyway.

409716 ▶▶▶▶▶ Crystal Decanter, replying to smithey, #737 of 2158 🔗

They enjoy the palaver

409437 ▶▶ Ovis, replying to Smelly Melly, 9, #738 of 2158 🔗

Now the religious are putting the atheists to shame. Orthodox Jews, the Amish, a few other uncompromising groups are now so much more rational than Richard Dawkins.

Superstition reigns supreme among the godless.

409409 JayBee, replying to JayBee, 12, #739 of 2158 🔗

Public Health Officials Are Destroying Humanity
Sweden doing fine and ignored.
The CDC pushing double and triple masking based upon a trial with non-breathing mannequins, and the MSM picking it up and pushing it gleefully.
And then this British nonsense.
It is becoming ever clearer that the people have chosen their own butchers.

409420 ▶▶ smithey, replying to JayBee, 3, #740 of 2158 🔗

True, as Smelly Melly said below most people actually seem to be enjoying this and want more of it!

409413 Nobody2021, replying to Nobody2021, 6, #741 of 2158 🔗

I half heartedly suggested border controls would be used as leverage to get countries to fall into line. Seems the US is already considering it, and when I say considering it I mean it’s almost certain to happen. Notice how anything is now justified merely on the basis of the sunk cost fallacy:


My emphasis below.

Miami Herald

NEW: The Biden administration is considering whether to impose domestic travel restrictions, including on Florida , fearful that coronavirus mutations are threatening to reverse hard-fought progress on the pandemic.

409449 ▶▶ Julian, replying to Nobody2021, 4, #742 of 2158 🔗

Yes, anyone who thought the Dems would declare the pandemic over when they got rid of DJT will be disappointed. Punish red states for being too “open”.

409465 ▶▶ Stringfellow Hawke, replying to Nobody2021, 6, #743 of 2158 🔗

Never happen… all those Democrats devoted to tolerance and honesty will be falling over themselves to point out that border controls are racist & xenophobic, right?? 🙂

409416 this is my username, replying to this is my username, 35, #744 of 2158 🔗

The headline: “Hunt for the 2million unvaccinated Britons as Boris Johnson urges vulnerable people who are yet to receive jab to step up for the shot – amid warnings lockdown will stay in place even longer if large numbers remain unprotected”

Oh it’s the unvaccinated (people who CHOOSE not to be injected with an experimental gene therapy) who are keeping everyone in lockdown. The messaging is clear, coircive and morally abhorrent.

Top comments on the article are good.

409422 ▶▶ Ovis, replying to this is my username, 14, #745 of 2158 🔗

‘Hunt’ is an interesting word in context. This is all getting very Hunger Games.

409429 ▶▶▶ Victoria, replying to Ovis, 9, #746 of 2158 🔗

Ha ha

The hunting is also the news we got from contributors on this site where doctors and nurses visit the older people and then ‘convince’ them the vaccine is a must and is safe. Wonder how they can spare all the personnel – isn’t the NHS at ‘breaking point’?

409424 ▶▶ Cumbriacracked, replying to this is my username, 6, #747 of 2158 🔗

I suggested this would be the case yesterday, it was always going to be the case, those not have a vaccine are to blame.

409428 ▶▶▶ Ovis, replying to Cumbriacracked, 6, #748 of 2158 🔗

Drink the Koolaid. They’ve drunk the koolaid. What makes you think you’re better than them? You all need to drink the koolaid, or the spaceship won’t come for any of you. Let’s hunt down those who won’t drink the koolaid voluntarily. It’s their fault.

Oh, and where’s your second face smothering?

409457 ▶▶▶▶ Cumbriacracked, replying to Ovis, 7, #749 of 2158 🔗

It was always an easy way for the government to blame those not taking the vaccine, just as they have done with masks,sd etc etc, until the population stop falling for it every single time nothing will change.

409439 ▶▶ Anti_socialist, replying to this is my username, 17, #750 of 2158 🔗

“warnings lockdown will stay in place even longer if large numbers remain unprotected”

That’s not coercive at all is it?

409468 ▶▶▶ mhcp, replying to Anti_socialist, 6, #751 of 2158 🔗

How is this not treason? Especially as the scientific control groups – Sweden, Tanzania etc are showing all this is unnecessary

409450 ▶▶ GrannySlayer, replying to this is my username, 4, #752 of 2158 🔗

quelle surprise

409452 ▶▶ Dodderydude, replying to this is my username, 5, #753 of 2158 🔗

I was looking at a local community social media site this morning on which a large number of people were exchanging comments about the local vaccination centre. Not surprisingly, everybody participating in the ‘chat’ was pro-vaccine. But what interested me was a comment that an announcement had purportedly been made late afternoon yesterday in the Asda near to the centre that, because they had spare doses available, anyone wanting one should go to the centre immediately. That alone would suggest that something is going wrong with the supposed demand for uptake or the organisation of the scheme is lacking. Someone added the comment that they had heard that there had been 600 (!) surplus doses available, although it isn’t possible to verify that figure.

409461 ▶▶ Crystal Decanter, replying to this is my username, 6, #754 of 2158 🔗

I couldn’t care less if the jabbed keel over in large numbers
In fact – I welcome the spectacle

409487 ▶▶▶ GrannySlayer, replying to Crystal Decanter, 6, #755 of 2158 🔗

Not I, it will be used as proof of “dEadLY sTraYNE” instead of, say, manslaughter, or genocide.

409498 ▶▶▶▶ Crystal Decanter, replying to GrannySlayer, 1, #756 of 2158 🔗

Still funny tho

409602 ▶▶▶▶▶ GrannySlayer, replying to Crystal Decanter, #757 of 2158 🔗

At least we can loot the corpses.

409778 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Crystal Decanter, replying to GrannySlayer, #758 of 2158 🔗

all those Bame gold fillings

409475 ▶▶ redbirdpete, replying to this is my username, 2, #759 of 2158 🔗

No-one’s even contacted me yet so haven’t had the chance to turn it down. I suspect that on the ground things are very patchy – experiences seem to vary widely from one area to another.

409499 ▶▶ Sam Vimes, replying to this is my username, 7, #760 of 2158 🔗

How am I ‘protected’ by a vaccine that doesn’t confer immunity or prevent transmission?

409515 ▶▶ Poppy, replying to this is my username, 11, #761 of 2158 🔗

If this were a real pandemic and we were surrounded by death, the government wouldn’t need to bully or coerce people to take a vaccine. Interesting that.

409518 ▶▶▶ Cumbriacracked, replying to Poppy, 5, #762 of 2158 🔗

Exactly, that is really the crux of it. I actually take solace from the fact 2 million people (if the number is to be believed) are not taking the vaccine.

409639 ▶▶▶▶ Janette, replying to Cumbriacracked, #763 of 2158 🔗

Let’s hope so

409812 ▶▶▶▶ Stringfellow Hawke, replying to Cumbriacracked, 3, #764 of 2158 🔗

Yes. only go on social media very rare occasions, but I see a lot of comments around from family and friends wondering when the NHS workers aren’t mentioned in the priority distribution list, and wondering when they will be offered it. Make no mistake, they have been offered it alright, I suspect uptake was low, maybe extremely low.

409547 ▶▶ Annie, replying to this is my username, 6, #765 of 2158 🔗

They tell us restrictions continue to apply to the vaccinated, then tell us it’s the fault of the unvaccinated if restrictions still apply.
Follow the science, eh?

409603 ▶▶ Pebbles, replying to this is my username, 3, #766 of 2158 🔗

Pass me a sick bag.

409635 ▶▶ Janette, replying to this is my username, 3, #767 of 2158 🔗

There is no way I am getting that damn vaccine and he can’t blackmail us like that. He is evil.

409737 ▶▶ A. Contrarian, replying to this is my username, 3, #768 of 2158 🔗

Isn’t that coercion? Which is not allowed under medical ethics?

Anyway lockdown is staying in place regardless of how many have the jab, they’ve already told us so.

409431 swedenborg, replying to swedenborg, 13, #769 of 2158 🔗


Ukraine. Only milder restrictions gone through pandemic with now 45-60 % having antibodies. The bad hospital system has coped.43 million people. 1.2 million “cases” 24000 deaths. One third of deaths compared with (science led response country) UK. Ukraine has not bought the Russian vaccine but will import 1.9 million doses of vaccine from China. Probably make sense, the Chinese vaccine safe but most likely only placebo. Vaccinations has hardly started but seems not so important as they have reached almost herd immunity

410388 ▶▶ Bungle, replying to swedenborg, #770 of 2158 🔗

How many months have you been following this? Antibodies don’t last and thus mean nothing.

410750 ▶▶▶ swedenborg, replying to Bungle, #771 of 2158 🔗

If you have got an antibody response you haave also got a T cells response.The antibodies wanes after 6-12 mths but the memory T cells will activate a response in reinfection. Therefore antibodies are interesting.

409432 ANH, replying to ANH, 2, #772 of 2158 🔗

Yesterday The Times published a report on the WHO whitewash of China as being culpable for Covid. I went online to see what comments were below the article but it was not there. The article seems to have been removed from The Times website as it cannot be found using the search facility. Anybody got any idea why this might be?

409473 ▶▶ redbirdpete, replying to ANH, 1, #773 of 2158 🔗

Maybe because it’s now obvious that the so-called ‘report’ was actually a regurgitation of propaganda supplied by the Chinese and that the WHO stooges did no actual research of their own whatsoever.

409441 Basics, replying to Basics, 3, #774 of 2158 🔗

St Andrews University tells students to stay home until September as lectures to remain online

409443 ▶▶ Julian, replying to Basics, 6, #775 of 2158 🔗

I would be surprised if many/any university returns to anything like normal, ever. Probably needs some to break ranks and offer that, to push the others. They have been more or less shut since March 2020. They never really reopened in any meaningful way.

409462 ▶▶▶ Ovis, replying to Julian, 22, #776 of 2158 🔗

The worst of it is that online is actually better than on-campus, given the horror of ‘Covid safety’ [spit].

I write this as a firm believer in the importance of in-person teaching, and someone who has spoken out for it. But what we need is full normality. Not the vile miserablism of single seat tables to drink your coffee alone, and dehumanising face rags mandated in the corridors and public spaces.

For the record, if students want to wear a hazmat suit to my lectures, that’s fine by me. But mandatory facerags are a violation of the most basic human right of physical autonomy, and it disgusts me.

409535 ▶▶▶▶ Julian, replying to Ovis, 5, #777 of 2158 🔗

The worst of it is that online is actually better than on-campus, given the horror of ‘Covid safety’”

Totally agree having spoken to students

409552 ▶▶▶▶▶ Mark, replying to Julian, 3, #778 of 2158 🔗

But if the students won’t stand up and reject the indoctrination and the scaremongering, then to some extent they deserve what they get, like all the coronapanic collaborators.

It’s all very well making excuses for them (they’ve been propagandised, they’re scared, the poor dears), but there isn’t a chance in Hell they could have done this to students in our generations.

And the physical coercion – fines, exclusions, shutdowns – in university just as in real life, can only be enforced because the majority go along with them.

409640 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Ovis, replying to Mark, 3, #779 of 2158 🔗

There is more than a hint of victim blaming here. To stand up en masse takes organisation, and the bodies that ought to be doing that have all been co-opted. It is very difficult to organise from the ground up under conditions of ‘lockdown’ and ‘social distancing.’

Individual students are often willing to make their views known, and I have little doubt about the balance of opinion. But translating that into spontaneous uprising is rather difficult. If you have suggestions about how this can be managed, please share.

409694 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ Mark, replying to Ovis, 1, #780 of 2158 🔗

Didn’t seem to have prevented plenty of “spontaneous [and not so] uprising” in the 1960s and 1970s.

If the students then could do it, but the students now seem incapable, the reason is either in them or imposed upon them. You could claim there’s a meaningful difference between a student loan and a grant, I suppose, but that’s more appearance than reality in view of the lack of enforcement of the debts – it’s more honestly described as a graduate tax.

I suppose you could come up with all kinds of excuses based upon economic and social structures, etc, but I see a clear inclination to believe the crap they’re told by authority today amongst students, as amongst others. When the students who tore down the fence in Manchester were interviewed they were all saying (and cheering) infantile nonsense about “yes, we all understand the need to stay safe”, and just objecting to the optics and practical details of being fenced.

We are all victims if we choose to be, and we are all responsible if we don’t find out truth for ourselves and don’t take action when we are lied to.

Seems to me the ones who deserve sympathy first are the few who are at least trying to take action. The compliant enablers of tyranny come a long, long way behind, surely?

409760 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ Ovis, replying to Mark, 1, #781 of 2158 🔗

I see no positive suggestion here about how students could organise themselves in sufficient numbers to take meaningful action at tolerable individual risk.

You compare to students in the 1960s. They could meet unhindered (there was freedom of assembly – remember that?). They had leadership that more or less represented them. They were part of an intellectual movement that gave them purpose (however bloody stupid the soixant-huitards really were). Students now are cooped up and leaderless. The institutions that supposedly represent them are entirely co-opted. How would you organise a revolution in these conditions?

410209 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ Mark, replying to Ovis, #782 of 2158 🔗

Yes, the students of the 60s had advantages, but the students of today have advantages of their own. Social media is perfectly up to the task of organising a rebellion if there is fertile ground for it. And the internet, despite censorship attempts, still yields plenty of real information to anyone minimally intelligent and motivated to use it.

As I alluded to, they were perfectly capable of getting together in a mob when they were motivated to do so by the fence on Manchester. So what’s the difference between that and other lockdown issues -motivation amongst the students, that’s it.

Does seem to me you are just making excuses for them.

409926 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ Jo Dominich, replying to Mark, 1, #783 of 2158 🔗

The NUS needs to be bringing a Class Action legal case to ensure that these students get the £9,000 tuition fees they have paid for the year. They are not paying this to stay at home and learn on line. The lecturers and academic staff should be put on furlough with immediate effect. If they are not need to teach then they should meet the same fate as any other UK citizens.

410175 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ JaneHarry, replying to Jo Dominich, #784 of 2158 🔗

no chance of that – even before Scam19, online courses were charging the same tuition fees as offline [you are basically paying £9,000 for a book] They should however be released from their accommodation contracts with the universities.

410212 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ Mark, replying to Jo Dominich, 1, #785 of 2158 🔗

The NUS seems totally supine on anything other than politically correct virtue signalling as far as I can see.

409467 ▶▶▶ RickH, replying to Julian, 6, #786 of 2158 🔗

It’s very worrying. I was talking about the situation on the ground yesterday, with someone involved. It’s appalling.

New undergraduates obviously have had a shockingly raw deal – and the online lecturing is extremely wasteful of staff time that could be better spent (no – it’s not an easy option at all). But post-graduate work has been seriously affected as well with lab access more constrained etc.

The other aspect is for foreign students – who pay very large fees for the privilege of learning on-line and staying at home.

All this is doing massive damage to a vital sector of the economy – one of the major assets that we have that isn’t just about juggling funny money. Higher Education isn’t just a decoration.

409445 ▶▶ Victoria, replying to Basics, 7, #787 of 2158 🔗

Absolutely shocking. Students could have been better off if they enrolled at true online universities – i think they might even get better tuition

409553 ▶▶▶ landt2020, replying to Victoria, 3, #788 of 2158 🔗

Almost certainly, because truly online or distance learning courses are designed to operate in that way- I did an OU degree and got sent a massive field experiment kit with all sorts of gadgets and chemicals for one course. It looks like many uni courses currently are traditional lectures over zoom/blackboard/teams where the students don’t turn their cameras on so the lecturer gets no feedback about how the class is going and can’t adjust it to suit the group.

409927 ▶▶▶ Jo Dominich, replying to Victoria, #789 of 2158 🔗

Yep. The Open University offers far better teaching and facilities.

409534 ▶▶ Annie, replying to Basics, 2, #790 of 2158 🔗

While keeping their money?

409620 ▶▶ Janette, replying to Basics, 1, #791 of 2158 🔗

So what about refunds for the students as they haven’t received what they had paid for

409451 Mark, replying to Mark, 39, #792 of 2158 🔗

Little chinks of light in the darkness

Entire Ireland rugby team refuses to ‘take the knee’ before Six Nations tie against Wales
NOT ONE Ireland player decided to ‘take the knee’ before Sunday’s match against Wales at the Principality Stadium.
As both teams lined up before their first round Six Nations clash, an obligatory ‘anti-racism’ message came over the tannoy system.
Notably however, every single Irish player, as well as every single Welsh player, remained standing during the announcement.
It comes following scrutiny of England and Scotland after 14 of the 30 players who lined up for Saturday’s Six Nations clash refused to take the knee ahead of kick off.

409466 ▶▶ Crystal Decanter, replying to Mark, 12, #793 of 2158 🔗

B oo L ike M ilwall

409480 ▶▶ GrannySlayer, replying to Mark, 2, #794 of 2158 🔗

“RACIALISTS!” – Twitter

409484 ▶▶ Dodderydude, replying to Mark, 10, #795 of 2158 🔗

Just before the game started I thought I would watch to see which players didn’t take the knee. But what intrigued me was that as soon as the BBC match commentator said that there would ‘now be the [usual] pre-match taking the knee’ the camera went off the players for the whole time so the viewers were prevented from seeing who was or wasn’t going along with it. By omission we were clearly supposed to have the impression that all the players were ‘taking the knee’.

409493 ▶▶ JohnDanny, replying to Mark, 8, #796 of 2158 🔗

Quite right. Racism – using the correct definition of ‘racism’ – is virtually non-existent in this country, and ‘bending the knee’ only feeds into the narrative of the race hucksters who cannot stand the fact that racism has been all but eradicated from our society.

409520 ▶▶▶ RickH, replying to JohnDanny, -1, #797 of 2158 🔗

You are confusing BLM-type knee-jerkery with anti-racism.

You have a very limited perspective if you think that racial prejudice is dead in this country.

409548 ▶▶▶▶ GrannySlayer, replying to RickH, #798 of 2158 🔗

Ha! Indeed, this is a new and insidious dimension to ‘political discourse for the logically unstable’ that I have a particular distain for – the inability to distinguish between the medium and the message.

409589 ▶▶▶▶▶ JohnDanny, replying to GrannySlayer, #799 of 2158 🔗

Oh, I can distinguish the medium from the message, you posturing phoney, it’s just the ‘message’ is practically no longer needed, and the ‘message’ is *being tied up with the medium by its explicit mimicking of its slogans and actions*.

What’s that about being logically unatable’?

409599 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ GrannySlayer, replying to JohnDanny, 2, #800 of 2158 🔗

Calm your tits, it wasn’t directed at you, and infact I was thinking about the positive in relation to RickH’s comment – conflating distain for BLM with racism for example, per the Millwall episode.

409611 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ JohnDanny, replying to GrannySlayer, #801 of 2158 🔗

What are you banging on about? You piggybacked on the cretin’s confused post which was directly aimed at me, so if your point ‘wasn’t directed at’ me you should have made that clear instead of high-fiving an utterly confused post that misrepresented what I said.

409654 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ GrannySlayer, replying to JohnDanny, #802 of 2158 🔗

Soothing-resistant mammaries, huh? Tough break…

409679 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ JohnDanny, replying to GrannySlayer, #803 of 2158 🔗


409683 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ GrannySlayer, replying to JohnDanny, 1, #804 of 2158 🔗

A fine accolade, I shall add it to my collection. Thank you.

409574 ▶▶▶▶ JohnDanny, replying to RickH, #805 of 2158 🔗

It is those utilising BLM’s very tactics who are conflating the two. There have been anti-racism campaigns in this country and in sports for decades now, so ask yourself, cretin, why the sudden ramping up of an all but extinct issue and utilisation of BLM tactics in sports? Try again.

Where did I say ‘racial prejudice is dead in this country’, moron? Your inability to comprehend words in front of you is astounding. Try again.

409587 ▶▶▶▶ Mark, replying to RickH, 2, #806 of 2158 🔗

He didn’t mention antiracism, which is a poisonous ideology that has been used to impose some of the nastiest policies in recent times, from infringements of basic liberty to mass immigration. The BLM lies are just the most recent manifestation of it.

But as far as racism goes, there are certainly plenty of nasty people around who use excuses to attack other people, and race is just one and far from the most common of them. But this is only a really racist society in one meaningful sense – the anti-white racism embedded in the political correctness and antiracist dogmas endlessly propagandised into us.

They propagandise it, as with the coronapanic dogmas and lies. because it isn’t true, and if it weren’t sustained by constant reinforcement, it would disappear, and society would be the better for it.

409630 ▶▶▶ Crystal Decanter, replying to JohnDanny, 1, #807 of 2158 🔗

The Valleys are pretty racist
A bit more under the breath than when I was a wee tyke
but still the same

409651 ▶▶▶▶ JohnDanny, replying to Crystal Decanter, 1, #808 of 2158 🔗

Granted, but *as an issue* it is virtually non-existent. Yes, there will always be individual racists (I know and know of plenty of black racists), but in terms of being a ‘systemic’ issue it just doesn’t exist.

409532 ▶▶ Annie, replying to Mark, 3, #809 of 2158 🔗

I presume the Welsh team grovelled?
Grovel is Wales’s new name.

409542 ▶▶▶ Mark, replying to Annie, 1, #810 of 2158 🔗

Apparently not. Welsh people are not necessarily to be tarnished by their contemptible leadership…

every single Irish player, as well as every single Welsh player, remained standing

409624 ▶▶▶ Crystal Decanter, replying to Annie, 3, #811 of 2158 🔗

The Valleys are the most racist place you will ever behold

409453 godowneasy, replying to godowneasy, 17, #812 of 2158 🔗

More terrifying information from Israel. This is how to get round the troublesome legal issues regarding mandatory vaccinations. Is this really how a democratic society is going to look in a few short months? Anyone refusing “the shot” will face near total exclusion from work and society in general. Not stated here, but also expect vaccines to be rolled out to kids and for kids to be excluded from school if they are not vaccinated.

Don’t want to vaccinate? Israel set to limit access to cafes, culture and more Officials reportedly closing in on plan to reopen many activities only for the inoculated or those with recent negative results — while making it costly and difficult to get tested

A few scary excerpts (my highlights):

  • Channel 12 News reported Wednesday that officials are looking to limit access to gyms, hotels, restaurants and cultural and sports events for those who refuse to be vaccinated, while the inoculated will be able to enter freely.
  • As it is legally problematic to completely ban those who do not want to take the shots, a path will be available to those with fresh negative COVID-19 test results from the past 48 hours.
  • But health officials hope to find ways to make getting tested more difficult — thereby further encouraging more people to go for the vaccine — including charging for tests, limiting their numbers and cutting back on testing locations.
  • Israel’s Manufacturers Association has asked government officials to be able to put workers who refuse vaccinations on unpaid leave , Channel 12 also said. The association was said to request permission to demand non-vaccinated workers present a negative coronavirus test every 72 hours .
  • Meanwhile, the city of Ra’anana told municipal workers that if they choose to not get vaccinated, they will need to come to work in a full protective suit , starting next week. It’s not clear whether the city has the authority to mandate such attire.
  • Earlier Wednesday, Health Minister Yuli Edelstein said he was considering proposing legislation that would enable employers to prevent workers who aren’t vaccinated against the coronavirus from coming in to work , and warned the rule would also apply to those in the education system.
  • Edelstein said at a press briefing on the virus outbreak that education workers who refuse the vaccine may have to pay for a virus test every 48 hours if they want to keep teaching.
  • Edelstein said that the so-called green passports — a document that will enable vaccinated people to attend certain public venues and events and potentially travel abroad without quarantine — will soon be introduced.
409477 ▶▶ mikewaite, replying to godowneasy, 4, #813 of 2158 🔗

Will it be legal in the international sense to apply it to Palestinians living outside the Wall but within the borders of Israel? If not then the Palestinians may end up the luckier people for not being chosen to take part in this massive experiment.

409495 ▶▶▶ godowneasy, replying to mikewaite, #814 of 2158 🔗

I doubt whether they will be able to completely escape unless they are fully self sufficient – which I assume is not the norm.

409514 ▶▶▶ RickH, replying to mikewaite, 10, #815 of 2158 🔗

It’s not even following long-established quasi-legal international norms for the Israeli population.

But the Israeli state has always ignored legality – let alone humanity. Its bad enough watching from the outside. I can’t imagine what it’s like for someone of a Jewish heritage watching Israel following in the steps of Mengele.

409904 ▶▶▶▶ Jo Dominich, replying to RickH, #816 of 2158 🔗

Well said

409902 ▶▶▶ Jo Dominich, replying to mikewaite, #817 of 2158 🔗

I do hope so.

409482 ▶▶ Mark, replying to godowneasy, 7, #818 of 2158 🔗

The kind of shit we’re all going to have to “compromise with” in order to be “reasonable” and “respectable”, of course.

And when we only get some of them and not all of them – yet, we’ll be told that was a “victory”.

409489 ▶▶ RickH, replying to godowneasy, 13, #819 of 2158 🔗

The Israeli state has for a long time been a disgrace to those Jews slaughtered in the 30s an 40s, so the turning on its own population comes as no surprise : repression is baked in.

Further confirmation that those supporting these sorts of measures come from the worst examples of governance.

409496 ▶▶ rockoman, replying to godowneasy, 9, #820 of 2158 🔗

Assume that a reasonably large proportion of the population refuse the vaccination, and that venues are free to admit whoever they want.

Under free market conditions a market niche will emerge of gyms, cafes etc who allow the unvaccinated – and of course the vaccinated – to enter. Under such conditions after a period of time it will eventually be obvious that venues where the unvaccinated may enter, are no more dangerous than anywhere else.

as this becomes more and more apparent ,venues, which have hitherto admitted only the vaccinated, will be driven by profit-seeking behaviour to also admit the unvaccinated, especialy as by then their vaccinated clientele will realize, by observation, and by themselves having visited unvaccinated venues, that there is no risk.

409501 ▶▶▶ JHUNTZ, replying to rockoman, 8, #821 of 2158 🔗

But government licensing conditions will shut these premises down before they even get started.

Other than companies letting people work from home creating a class of people who can refuse I have no idea how people can reject this snake oil.

409505 ▶▶▶ godowneasy, replying to rockoman, 4, #822 of 2158 🔗

Assume that a reasonably large proportion of the population refuse the vaccination…”

That’s the problem though. If the proportion unvaccinated is a small enough minority, everything you describe becomes less likely.

409507 ▶▶▶ RickH, replying to rockoman, 6, #823 of 2158 🔗

The real solution is obvious – a large proportion of the population unvaccinated.

409562 ▶▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to rockoman, 2, #824 of 2158 🔗

No. It needs to be resisted from the off. Going down that route is allowing the separation of the people to exist. That is marked on history. It cannot happen.

We already know that scientific fact does not make a debt in the narrative. They bend the data to their own view and narrative.

If we wait for this underground world to prove something it’ll already be too late. Resist now or forever accept that you are full property of the state

409595 ▶▶ Pebbles, replying to godowneasy, 6, #825 of 2158 🔗

Thanks for sharing this. Remember Israel is not a democracy… it’s been a totalitarian, completely militarized society for a long time, the public traumatized from compulsory military service and wars, brainwashed to the extreme. Now, finally, the veil is down…. it will all depend on how many in Israel will hold firm and say NO. There’s plenty of big high tech cash there, there’s the opportunity for an alternative society to develop. And most will depend on long term vaccine reactions…!!! Though they will be blamed on a variant of course. Israel is on a path of self-destruction, nothing to see there – question is – when will the UK be introducing the above…!? Where are the people!? The human rights lawyers!? Our MPs!?

409621 ▶▶ Crystal Decanter, replying to godowneasy, 3, #826 of 2158 🔗

pick one

409713 ▶▶ Victoria, replying to godowneasy, #827 of 2158 🔗

Yes definitely worrying.

409900 ▶▶ Jo Dominich, replying to godowneasy, 3, #828 of 2158 🔗

Sounds an awful lot like extreme Fascism to me – and that from a Nation who suffered exclusion on every level in Nazi Germany. So, they don’t mind employing the same tactics that they have for so many years complained about and in fact, use to get away with the most awful genocide and abuse of the Palestinians, against their own population. Are they going to underwrite the deaths, severe disabilities and long term health conditions that arise from these experimental human trials? I guess not.

409469 l835, replying to l835, 30, #829 of 2158 🔗

“Ministers doing everything they can to allow summer breaks” – bbc. That’s like me doing ever I can to stop beating you over the head with this pick axe handle… classic, text book abusers.

409492 ▶▶ Achilles, replying to l835, 7, #830 of 2158 🔗

Exactly. Once again who is in charge, the government or SAGE? The government can allow whatever they like it just means taking accountability. Of course that’s exactly why they are following SAGE. Don’t blame us we did what the scientists said we should.

409502 ▶▶▶ Harry Chara, replying to Achilles, 6, #831 of 2158 🔗

SAGE running the show has been this way for ages

409566 ▶▶ Fear is Finite, replying to l835, 7, #832 of 2158 🔗

I saw that, it annoys me so much. Same as doing everything in their power to open schools, and everything in their power to get businesses open. They’ve got all the f’ing power, they could do all these things, right now, with one word. I’ve long since stopped trying to work out why a bunch of halfwits that call themselves Government just stand around holding their dicks.

That BBC app really triggers me. The facile question mark articles titled “Can I book a holiday in the UK?” (A Government sponsored reminder of zee rulz), “How has coronavirus affected mental health?” (The NHS are completely on top of mental health issues and everyone who needs help is getting it honestly guv), and “Do vaccines work against the new variant?” (Stick to zee rulz happy birthday la la scrub scrub and get your vax it will all be fine). Today’s selection.

409890 ▶▶ Jo Dominich, replying to l835, 1, #833 of 2158 🔗

The wording is most interesting “to allow”, says everything really.

409470 Tenchy, replying to Tenchy, 17, #834 of 2158 🔗

Just read this in The Telegraph:

More than half of Britons support the Government’s tough 10-year jail sentence for travellers who try to dodge hotel quarantine by lying on their passenger locator forms about visiting a red-listed country, according to a new survey.
Fifty-one per cent of those polled by YouGov said the punishment, which could also include a £10,000 fine, was ‘about right’, while 13 per cent consider it ‘not harsh enough’, and only 30 per cent said the measures were ‘too harsh’.

I know it’s a YouGov poll, but when you read this sort of thing you just despair. I can only think that the “national IQ” must be hovering around the 50 mark.

409474 ▶▶ RickH, replying to Tenchy, 4, #835 of 2158 🔗

Yes – it’s very easy to blame the poll, but I’ve seen nothing to contradict the finding.

409509 ▶▶▶ rockoman, replying to RickH, 2, #836 of 2158 🔗

Published opinion polls have the job of forming opinion , not reflecting it.

All the stops are being pulled out here.

No need for blatant lying – How to get the desired results:


409606 ▶▶▶▶ RickH, replying to rockoman, 1, #837 of 2158 🔗

You’re not entirely wrong : they can be used in that way. But it’s not a given.

Be careful of using it as a comfort blanket.

I am not at all surprised at the finding after watching this shit-show for 10 months.

I’d like to see otherwise, but I don’t.

409488 ▶▶ OKUK, replying to Tenchy, 7, #838 of 2158 🔗

YouGov is Blair Central. I wouldn’t trust them if they did a poll and found 90% of Brits loved their mothers.

409494 ▶▶ mattghg, replying to Tenchy, 5, #839 of 2158 🔗

This result doesn’t say ‘intellectual failure’ to me, it says ‘moral failure’. I’m sure there are many highly intelligent people in that 51%, displaying a shocking lack of humanity.

409500 ▶▶ Achilles, replying to Tenchy, 11, #840 of 2158 🔗

Remember these people think the reason they can’t see their parents, send their kids to school, go to work and go on holiday is because of people who don’t follow the rules. That’s why these polls come out like this, rigged or not.

409503 ▶▶ Janette, replying to Tenchy, 1, #841 of 2158 🔗

I can’t believe that! Surely the majority of people would be against thus sort of thing

409508 ▶▶ Anti_socialist, replying to Tenchy, 4, #842 of 2158 🔗

Typical Torygraph & DM readers, have you seen the viscous frenzy of calls for more police brutality when there’s a story of a person not complying quick enough to police orders, its like taking part in gladiator contests in Roman coliseums, disapproving calls of kill him.

409656 ▶▶▶ Steve F, replying to Anti_socialist, 1, #843 of 2158 🔗

Most of the comments in the DT are critical of lockdown restrictions and many are just as angry as we are here. I suspect some LS contributors also contribute to the DT threads. BUT I just had a look at some recent submissions and found the following. Thankfully it’s received a bashing.

Phil Giles 11 Feb 2021 1:10PM
Hancock and the government are doing exactly what needs to be done. We’re in this mess precisely because people are not following the rules. Not following the rules causes unnecessary deaths. Locking them up is all there is left to stop them murdering innocent people.

409733 ▶▶▶▶ Tom in Scotland, replying to Steve F, 3, #844 of 2158 🔗

Yes, I have been seeing and hearing this nonsense as well and we should not underestimate how many brainwashed sheeple are out there. I fear that we may see street battles in the coming weeks, with pro- and anti-lockdown/restrictions people fighting it out. It will be very ugly.

409885 ▶▶▶▶▶ Jo Dominich, replying to Tom in Scotland, 4, #845 of 2158 🔗

In a way I hope we do see street battles in the coming weeks. The reason is because I think there are more of us than them although quite a lot don’t express themselves openly. In times of crisis, I believe it is the duty of a responsible Govt who cares about its citizens and nation to unite the nation rather than divide it. However, this Govt has embarked on a compaign, a public campaign at that, of demonising the public (the pathetic ‘look them in the eyes’ advert being one). They are intended to blame the people rather than the Govt. I personally, don’t think it is being as effective as they think it is.

There is no attempt by this Govt to even tell the truth. Their narrative is having to rely on layers and layers of lies and pointing the finger of blame. The Govt are engaged in psychological warfare with their own citizens, they are passing that on to the citizens and inciting them to turn against each other (I know, I get it here because I wont wear a mask in communal areas). This is not responsible Govt it is tyrannical Govt and it will fail. I say bring on those street battles, let’s get out there and end this tyranny one way or another. The Govt (and the opposition) is now ideologically bankrupt hence the continuous changes to the goal posts, the continuous lies, the deliberate strategy of by-passing Parliament – rule by decree not democracy and so on and so forth.

I’ll get out onto the street and fight that’s for sure. Bring it on the sooner the better! Long live the revolution!

409578 ▶▶ Nobody2021, replying to Tenchy, 2, #846 of 2158 🔗

I imagine the selection process for those asked will be like when jurors are selected in a US court case. They pick the ones most likely to give a favourable response.

Many of the people polled may not take holidays abroad or plan to and those that do probably consider themselves fully compliant with any rules so it wouldn’t matter to them if the punishment was death.

409617 ▶▶ Steve F, replying to Tenchy, 4, #847 of 2158 🔗

“Fifty-one per cent of those polled ” in all likelihood means those respondants who previously gave answers supportive of Govt. policy. I used to complete YouGov questionnaires but kept hearing about the results of polls which I hadn’t been sent, and I believe this is because I made my lockdown scepticism quite unambiguous. YouGov is heavily selective and really designed to steer public opinion rather than reflect it. I did actually accuse them of this in the final poll they sent me, and ticked the box requesting a response but I didn’t get one.

410141 ▶▶ Guy, replying to Tenchy, 1, #848 of 2158 🔗

Well I can confirm the poll exists – I am one of the 30%.

409472 stevie, replying to stevie, #849 of 2158 🔗

Medication through the water supply in Hancock’s latest plans:

Water Fluoridation
5.132 Water Fluoridation is clinically proven to improve oral health and reduce oral health inequalities. It has a protective effect which reduces the impact of a high sugar diet or poor oral hygiene. Around 10% of the population of England currently receive fluoridated water. In the most deprived areas fluoridation of water has been shown to reduce tooth decay in 5-year olds by a third.
5.133 Since 2013, local authorities have had the power to propose, and consult on, new fluoridation schemes, variations to existing schemes, and to terminate existing 58 schemes. The Secretary of State for Health and Social Care has responsibility for approving any proposals submitted by local authorities. Local authorities have reported several difficulties with this process including the fact that local authority boundaries are not co-terminous with water flows, which requires the involvement of several authorities in these schemes, in a way which is complex and burdensome. In addition, local authorities are responsible for the oversight of revenue and costs associated with new proposals, including feasibility studies and consultations, while having no direct financial benefit from any gains in oral health.
5.134 In light of these challenges, we are proposing to give Secretary of State for Health and Social Care the power to directly introduce, vary or terminate water fluoridation schemes. The Secretary of State for Health and Social Care already has the existing power to decide on whether proposals for water fluoridation should be approved and responsibility for the administration of schemes.
5.135 This removes the burden from local authorities and will allow the Department of Health and Social Care to streamline processes and take responsibility for proposing any new fluoridation schemes, which will continue to be subject to public consultation. Central government will also become responsible for the associated work, such as the cost of consultations, feasibility studies, and the capital and revenue costs associated with any new and existing schemes.
5.136 As is the case now, once a scheme is agreed, the agreements held with the water companies will continue to be held centrally.

409478 ▶▶ Tenchy, replying to stevie, 12, #850 of 2158 🔗

“new fluoridation schemes, which will continue to be subject to public consultation “. Public consultation. LOL!

409479 ▶▶ Crystal Decanter, replying to stevie, 1, #851 of 2158 🔗

A lot of people are allergic to sodium flouride

409486 ▶▶▶ Anti_socialist, replying to Crystal Decanter, 11, #852 of 2158 🔗

I’m allergic to government.

409522 ▶▶ Mark, replying to stevie, 2, #853 of 2158 🔗

This removes the burden from local authorities

Very generous of the central state authority to remove the burden of power over their own affairs from local communities.

It’s the spirit of the times, as the state progressively removes burdens such as freedom of action and of speech from the people, who after all would only use them irresponsibly.

410148 ▶▶ Guy, replying to stevie, 1, #854 of 2158 🔗

But as always with science there is another side. Fluoride is suspected to be detrimental to brains, particularly to youngsters:

409485 Jo, 3, #855 of 2158 🔗


Episode 2 of 9 – if you want to watch this you’ll need to do it today, as it is only available free at the moment within 24 hours of the live stream (which I think started at 2am our UK time.
3 speakers in two hours – I recommend Dr Andrew Wakefield, speaker no 2. Because he is more harmful than Dr Shipman, I have never actually heard him speak. Don’t miss this opportunity – I can’t overstate how impressed I was with his interesting take on things.

409506 Binra, replying to Binra, #856 of 2158 🔗

Much of the output of this site is looping in its worshipful subjection to a political circus no less designed to re-frame than MSM news.

Do the mind-captured know what they do?

Thinking to know is active ignorance. In this sense they know what they WANT to be true in priority over asking or or verifying. Not least by the joining in hate against perceived evils that in their minds, make then morally justified in hatred raised to signal virtue.

Question deeper, means notice the language and assumptions and motives of an emotionally driven reaction. The true answer is not ‘information’ for leverage, but the revealing of the truth of you. We have a ‘world’ that is a masking reality, in which we are no parodying our self-illusion to our self awareness – should we so consent to recognise.

409513 ▶▶ Jo, replying to Binra, 5, #857 of 2158 🔗

Thinking to know is active ignorance

Sorry, I must be a bit thick – I don’t understand what you’re saying.

409525 ▶▶▶ Julian, replying to Jo, 4, #858 of 2158 🔗

I must be thick too then…

409866 ▶▶▶▶ Dermot McClatchey, replying to Julian, #859 of 2158 🔗

So must I.

409527 ▶▶▶ Annie, replying to Jo, 3, #860 of 2158 🔗

Nor do I.

409588 ▶▶▶ Nottheonly1, replying to Jo, 1, #861 of 2158 🔗

When you are thinking that you know – you are only thinking that you know. Thinking is not actual knowledge. It is just thinking. When you know on the other hand – you don’t need to think any longer.

This is as good an interpretation as I can imagine.

409730 ▶▶▶▶ Binra, replying to Nottheonly1, 1, #862 of 2158 🔗

Yes – mental simulations can be given priority over empirical science. Computers magnify the scope and range as well as giving technological god attributes to the garbage out.

409871 ▶▶▶▶ Dermot McClatchey, replying to Nottheonly1, 1, #863 of 2158 🔗

Or, as my old Great-Grandma used to say, “How can you can if you can’t can, can you?” Or if you wish, she also said “It’s only them as knows their own know, knows.”

409714 ▶▶▶ Binra, replying to Jo, -1, #864 of 2158 🔗

Nothing more actively ignores truth than your presuming to already know.
If you think you know, you do not look, see, wonder, appreciate, question, or discover.
Your thinking can then dispossess you of life as if escaping its challenge is to be ‘happy’
If you want to truly appreciate the thought you align in and live from, you have to come out from mental simulation or modelling, to living it. There is no other way to make something you own than sharing it.
Yes you can copy and paste or mask in acquired information as if to become a something that seems to add to you, but it all disappears in an instant when the shit hits the fan.
So you are free to engage in active ignorance under the rewards of its seeming, as your own private bubble – regardless how lockstepped with other bubbles for all this it gives you, but not without all that it costs you.

409572 ▶▶ Freddy Freethinker, replying to Binra, 5, #865 of 2158 🔗

So in summary:

Look beyond the bullshit and think for yourself, don’t just react to ‘their’ ideas.

Is that what you mean?

409693 ▶▶▶ Binra, replying to Freddy Freethinker, -1, #866 of 2158 🔗

While that can pass off as meaningful it can mask as fake virtue.
The idea that you think for yourself, is already framed in a lockdown of the mind, distanced, masked and normalised.
Within what you take to be your thinking – how much runs unquestioned?

The idea that no man is an island complete unto himself, is also that a though never exists in a vacuum. ALWAYS in relationship.
That fear generates ‘thinking’ as a blocking or jamming signal, is not obvious to one who escapes awareness of fear by seeming to be free within the mask or matrix of dissociation.

It is your own thinking that I invite you to be watchful and responsible for – as to what is accepted in your heart and what is not. Much of this will be hidden by emotional reactions that seem at first to be completely justified.

In summary – I am joining with your willingness to question everything you thought real, as the decision to stand in an integrity of being – which in your terms would be bullshit free.

Calling ‘bullshit’ as accusation in the other does not make us virtuous!
Virtue radiates from the integrity of our being, not from masking in a mind of conflict.

Have a good day.

409804 ▶▶ GrannySlayer, replying to Binra, 1, #867 of 2158 🔗

Without direct experience of the whole, not a one of us can have the full picture of what is really happening, no matter how much we proselytise about apprehending the ‘truth’. It is impossibilty. We must work with what we have.

We can certainly follow Hume down a rabbit hole of endless questioning and debunking and arrive at a position of total inaction for fear of making a mistake, or we can take Kant’s route out of the conundrum and have the confidence to use what we know close to hand as a guide to the rest of the experience.

You are right that we should be wary of emotional feedback, but when I look about this forum I see more concern for justice and morality than I do for purely emotional reactions, though of course the emotional component is ever present, thanks to our limbic system.

We are here because virtue is important, and we recognise that virtue as freedom, self-actualisation, personal sovereignty. This is a virtue that is rational. It is the fundament that is apprehended, not a simulation or simulacra, though we must rely on communicating through the simulations of our society to frame and to express the fundamental impetus.

409822 ▶▶ pub with no beer, replying to Binra, 2, #868 of 2158 🔗

I think I know I have had my freedoms taken away. Is lockdown masking reality? The output of this site worships nothing Unlike ” the cult of covid” Who are the mind captured? Not many on here that I can see. I enjoy the info and the debate not seen on TV. The rest of your post is as difficult to unravel as gobbledegook, but keep posting as it will give me the chance to practice my debunking skills.

409519 ▶▶ godowneasy, replying to smithey, 21, #870 of 2158 🔗

To lead a normal life, people like George Osborne will need police protection.

409524 ▶▶ Annie, replying to smithey, 9, #871 of 2158 🔗

A normal life in a police state.

409582 ▶▶▶ OKUK, replying to Annie, 5, #872 of 2158 🔗

Even Russians were allowed to lick ice cream under the Bolsheviks.

409607 ▶▶ TJN, replying to smithey, 3, #873 of 2158 🔗

I’ve always detested that horrible creature. Epitomises everything that’s gone wrong with our politics.

409609 ▶▶ Crystal Decanter, replying to smithey, 5, #874 of 2158 🔗

Daily reminder the Government is incompetent at everything
if anyone comes to your door – tell them you have already had the jab
Tell your GP that you had the jab at some backwater Asda or via your employers
Tell your employers you have already had it
Hopefully this will feed back to your records and the incompetent bureaucracy will do its thing

409763 ▶▶▶ ElizaP, replying to Crystal Decanter, 1, #875 of 2158 🔗

Spontaneous combustion hopefully….
Whilst shouting “It does not compute….it does not compute….”.

409663 ▶▶ mattghg, replying to smithey, #876 of 2158 🔗

What do you expect from Handoncock’s rabbi?

409745 ▶▶ Dan L, replying to smithey, 3, #877 of 2158 🔗

This quote makes my blood run cold:

“There are three approaches. The first is to try to educate the refuseniks, but otherwise leave them untroubled. The problem is that this endangers not just their health but everyone else’s. By leaving a fifth or a tenth of our population unvaccinated, we allow new strains the space to emerge and we continue to place pressure on hospital capacity.”

The other approaches are compulsion and then compulsion by another name (covid passports) which is presented somehow as a reasonable compromise.

I don’t know how we fight it, but using the argument here if we get health passports we get them forever. After all new strains can appear at any time. Once you are in the system you will need to keep up to date with boosters etc to avoid your passport becoming invalid. How is this not compulsion? And the way is open for pharmaceutical companies to make vast profits simply by lobbying governments to include their favourite vaccinations to other diseases in the passport. After all any virus could mutate into a more dangerous form.

I think I was wobbling a bit before but I now promise to do all in my power to resist. Although I do still fear that this could come at quite a heavy personal cost if and when the vaccine passport comes in.

409512 Freddy Freethinker, replying to Freddy Freethinker, 11, #878 of 2158 🔗

Overall I tend to lean towards a primarily economic final destination as an explanation for these crazy times.
The repair of the US dollar (reset all that debt) but to also lower it’s position as the primary global reserve currency.

The repo market liquidity issues in Sept 2019 led to 75 billion per night being pushed into the system for 6 months. That stopped in March 2020 and bang the stock market crashed but was
caught by circuit breakers so didn’t finish the job. It has now been reflated into a massive bubble just waiting to burst.
Something like 6 trillion dollars has been added to the money supply to keep the dollar on life support.
Meanwhile the world waits in lockdown, I presume to keep hyperinflation at bay by suppressing the velocity of money.

As a side note the UK appears to be a thought leader and early adopter in the great plan, but maybe I’m biased.

Right or wrong on the above I’m trying to ponder what next?

Where will the biggest risks (planned or unforeseen) come from during the next phase of this global plot?

Using PESTLE for some inspiration:

P – Political :    G7 summit outcomes, rogue politician, Whitty has a breakdown live on TV and tells the truth…

E – Economical :   Stock market crash, deflationary spiral, hyperinflation, bitcoin collapse, (1929 depression)

S – Sociological : Social unrest, Spring protests, uprising of agitated groups due to economic/social disparities

T – Technological : Cyberattacks against financial institutions, power grids, Microsoft OS (Cyberpolygon orientated/FireEye/SolarWinds narrative?)

L – Legal :        Further restrictions through law, possibly in reaction to high profile anti-lockdown/PCR test cases

E – Environmental : Another convenient biohazard SARS derived virus, maybe inducing ADE in the vaccinated

So what do you think will happen in the next few months of this freaky time in history?

409523 ▶▶ Julian, replying to Freddy Freethinker, 5, #879 of 2158 🔗

In the next few months and years the coronabollocks will drag on and remain part of the fabric of life in most countries, to a greater or lesser degree.

409551 ▶▶▶ Freddy Freethinker, replying to Julian, 5, #880 of 2158 🔗

I wonder if covid is just a means to an end though. Lower the Ct of PCR and it will just magically fade away.
Vaccines too, a way of string out the problem while wealth is transferred out of the fiat system to hard assets.

409601 ▶▶▶▶ Julian, replying to Freddy Freethinker, 4, #881 of 2158 🔗

Whether that is the case or not, it will drag on for a long time for many reasons. Pandora’s box has been opened and latent fears, control freakery, safetyism and opportunities to exploit situations and grab power and money will carry on and have a life of their own regardless of government actions.

409665 ▶▶▶▶▶ Nottheonly1, replying to Julian, 3, #882 of 2158 🔗

There are no more governments. There are only regimes now. Everywhere.

409613 ▶▶▶▶ Winston Smith, replying to Freddy Freethinker, 5, #883 of 2158 🔗

Stop testing completely and it will disappear overnight.

409526 ▶▶ GrannySlayer, replying to Freddy Freethinker, 17, #884 of 2158 🔗

My feeling is that we are being psychologically kettled in order to produce a reaction so that the inevitable collapse of the financial system can be blamed on the public instead of the bankers and politicians responsible. The global banking/political/corporate criminal ruling class will then switch to a fully traceable digital currency as an upgrade to the current fiat control system and we will all get to enjoy a centrally planned nightmare and a greatly reduced quality of life. In the meantime, the last great swindle is simultaneously underway

There are, however, a number of other challenges on the horizon which may yet have part to play, cheifly the arrival of a new ice age brought about by the grand solar minimum which we shoud now be right on the cusp of.

409533 ▶▶▶ Freddy Freethinker, replying to GrannySlayer, 1, #885 of 2158 🔗

Yes, that’s where I’d put my money too.

409544 ▶▶▶ jb12, replying to GrannySlayer, 7, #886 of 2158 🔗

For over a decade, I had managed to avoid all news and was generally oblivious to everything that was ‘happening’ world-wide. I began to read more with the Covid scam in March, at first wondering if it is something serious. Due to this, I have almost completely avoided all the climate-change bullshit, but it did occur to me that, if a drop in global temperature is to happen, then getting everyone under control with climate-based restrictions in time for it would make it look like the changes were causal. This is much like the government’s use of lockdowns: begin them when the peak has already been reached and you can train the population that they work and the restrictions are necessary and desirable. I might be going too far with that, but there you go.

409557 ▶▶▶▶ GrannySlayer, replying to jb12, #887 of 2158 🔗

An interesting thought, claiming the causal. Thanks 🙂

409558 ▶▶▶▶ Freddy Freethinker, replying to jb12, #888 of 2158 🔗

Yes, if anthropomorphic climate change is real and not another overblown risk then yes, I can imagine we’ll continue to be restrained in our behaviours. And everyone using Central Bank Digital Currency would achieve that.

I think Bitcoin might be a big carrot luring the population in that direction. It will may be hooked up to a CDBC at the end of this.

409616 ▶▶▶▶▶ Winston Smith, replying to Freddy Freethinker, 1, #889 of 2158 🔗

“anthropomorphic climate change” is there any demonstrable evidence of that?

409676 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Nottheonly1, replying to Winston Smith, #890 of 2158 🔗

Will the findings about over 8 million humans having succumbed to fossil fuel poisoning in 2018 suffice? If that is not an indicator for manmade ‘climate’ change, then what is?
But of course it could be fake news, couldn’t it be?

410032 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ mj, replying to Nottheonly1, #891 of 2158 🔗

you are conflating pollution with man made climate change. sure people are harmed by pollution. Millions in africa and india for example that cook with animal dung fires because they dont have electricity like you and i do. But that is nothing to do with climate.

410061 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ Nottheonly1, replying to mj, #892 of 2158 🔗

You are conflating climate change with pollution. The fact that you obviously don’t have a clue about the massive burning of electronic garbage in West Africa – garbage that was created by enforced planned obsolescence.
Maybe you wise up on the effects this massive pollution has on the climate?
Just look at ventusky.com under “particle pollution”.
On this planet, everything is connected to everything else. And this massive pollution all over the globe has no effect on the planet’s climate?

409907 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ OKUK, replying to Winston Smith, #893 of 2158 🔗

I’d put it the other way – ever since the neolithic revolution, the invention of settled farming, swiftly followed by irrigation, we have been engaged in anthropomorphic climate change. Some areas were turned into desert in a few decades because of quite primitive farming by humans.

So the question now is more: is current anthropomorphic climate change dangerous to humanity? A clear yes doesn’t seem to be supported by evidence. During this period of supposedly extreme climate change, the world human population has risen hugely by billions, nutrition for individuals has improved greatly, and no significant settled islands have been swallowed up by rising sea levels (as opposed to decreasing land levels).

409959 ▶▶▶▶▶ JaneHarry, replying to Freddy Freethinker, #894 of 2158 🔗

if anthropomorphic climate change is real and not another overblown risk

what are the chances? that was most likely the first of their ridiculous fantasies which most sane people did not pay much attention to prior to 2020 [when we woke up to the fact that our political and scientific elites were completely barking mad] – you only need to give it half a second’s thought, really: human beings are nothing to the earth, we are mere fleas crawling over its surface. there’s nothing much we can do to harm this planet, it will still be here long after we’ve gone, and probably within a very short time there will be not a single solitary trace left that we were ever here at all. anthropomorphic climate change is yet another narcissistic delusion of grandeur, the work of diseased minds- we just weren’t so quick to notice it before. in any case, I don’t really give a flying fuck about the stupid planet – it’s just a bit of rock floating around in space, there are millions more like this out there, probably even far better bits of rock than this one is. I think we should feel free to suck it dry, and I bloody well do feel free to – the green movement, they can just kiss my arse

410024 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ mj, replying to JaneHarry, #895 of 2158 🔗

as eloquently confirmed by Eric Idle

409528 ▶▶ rockoman, replying to Freddy Freethinker, 7, #896 of 2158 🔗

I agree that this episode is fundamentally to do with our dying monetary system

Whether it represents some kind of battening down of the hatches to try and preserve the system for as long as possible, or to facilitate the inevitable financial reset, remains to be seen.

Whatever the case may be, the system is finished.

409538 ▶▶▶ Freddy Freethinker, replying to rockoman, #897 of 2158 🔗

Yep, the final death throes of the current fiat rip-off.

409848 ▶▶▶ Dermot McClatchey, replying to rockoman, 3, #898 of 2158 🔗

It’s primarily to do with maintaining American economic hegemony for another say, thirty or forty years until it can’t be propped up any longer. The loss of personal freedom and the ushering-in of a total surveillance society is opportunistic collateral, but the lowering of our living standards is an inevitable consequence. It was kicked off by the events of 16th/17th September 2019 to which I and others on here have alluded; and in my view and that of others they had a first attempt at rolling this agenda out in 2009 in the wake of the Swine ‘Flu non-event- and also, interestingly, just after the first greed-induced near-collapse of the worldwide banking system.

409530 ▶▶ jb12, replying to Freddy Freethinker, 4, #899 of 2158 🔗

Intuitively, I feel that all of this has something to do with wealth as I had heard about the events in September 2019. That and also just the absolute wastefulness of the UK economically suggests that this is one of the driving factors, I just don’t have enough knowledge of economics to make any sense of it.

409545 ▶▶▶ Freddy Freethinker, replying to jb12, #900 of 2158 🔗

There’s stuff out there if you look but it’s giving me a headache trying to learn enough economics to work out what’s happening.

How money became worthless

409564 ▶▶▶ Freddy Freethinker, replying to jb12, #901 of 2158 🔗

This is heavy going at the beginning but at then suggests ways that crypto might be used by the IMF to create a new currency. Who knows if that’s the plan though?


410230 ▶▶▶▶ jb12, replying to Freddy Freethinker, 1, #902 of 2158 🔗

Thanks! I’ll take a look.

409573 ▶▶ OKUK, replying to Freddy Freethinker, 7, #903 of 2158 🔗

I think one can make the case for this being a Perfect Storm. I feel a lot of this can be explained in terms of worldwide global struggles e.g. globalism v populism, CCP/China v USA (struggling for world dominance and engaged in a ruthless trade war), and Trump v the Deep State.Within these large areas of conflict, people with an interest in promoting and perpetuating the Covid crisis (the MSM, Big Pharma, state health and welfare agencies, epidemiologists and Big Tech), have taken sides – generally supporting the globalists, China and US Deep State against populists, the USA and Trump. [Of course we have recently seen a pro-Globalist/China coup in the USA through electoral fraud, so the USA is no longer really a separate player. The coup leaders are now moving to destroy the patriotic opposition entirely.]

If you look at the response to Covid you can see it has been highly political all the way along the line far more so than in the case of any previous pandemic. Partly this is because WHO is now in the pocket of the CCP. If you take the example of the UK’s switch away from a policy of herd immunity to lockdown, Macron was instrumental in that by threatening to close down all channel crossings. It’s hardly ever mentioned in the MSM now but that was the reality back in March 2020.

As with World Wars, what starts as an attempt to assert one’s interests and defend oneself produces a maelstrom, the consequences of which are difficult to predict. It would be wrong to think President Xi has been sitting in Beijoing planning it all likes moves on a chess board. Everyone is riding the tiger now. I think the MSM and social media did their job so well that a genuine mass hysteria was unleashed, particularly in the cossetted parts of Europe and North America.

409680 ▶▶▶ Freddy Freethinker, replying to OKUK, 1, #904 of 2158 🔗

But how does a globally co-ordinated lockdown fit into that?

And how does blatant lying via the PCR test with no declared Ct value not point to a bigger plot?

I think it’s one big script and each player has a role to play in the drama, giving the impression of chaos, of action and response etc.

410711 ▶▶▶▶ OKUK, replying to Freddy Freethinker, #905 of 2158 🔗

There has been no national lockdown in China, Japan, South Korea or Taiwan.

In large parts of the globe the lockdown has not been applied stringently. National lockdowns have been primarily a feature of Europe. In the USA the picture has been complicated with many states emulating Europe but a number resorting to lockdown only briefly. In the states the divide was clearly political. The more Democrat and anti-Trump a state, the more it favoured lockdown. So that supports my thesis.

409591 ▶▶ Crystal Decanter, replying to Freddy Freethinker, 8, #906 of 2158 🔗

The Great Reset is nothing more than cover for the theft that occurred in 2008
Something was always going to give

409861 ▶▶▶ Dermot McClatchey, replying to Crystal Decanter, #907 of 2158 🔗

What I said above- but a lot more succinctly!

409834 ▶▶ Jo Dominich, replying to Freddy Freethinker, 2, #908 of 2158 🔗

UK total economic collapse, mass unemployment, record levels of repossessions, record homelessness, no great reset just bankruptcy.

409874 ▶▶▶ JaneHarry, replying to Jo Dominich, 2, #909 of 2158 🔗

all of the above – plus a REAL spike in the death rates, this time caused by lockdown collaterals and the lethal injections. Gulags for people like us will begin to appear and fill. it may take longer than 4 months, can’t say exactly when it will start, but I’m pretty sure that by the end of 2021, unlike 2020, we will all know someone who has died, and by the end of 2025, most of us and all the people we know will probably be dead. hope to God I am wrong, but let’s say I have made my peace with God..

410740 ▶▶▶▶ Jo Dominich, replying to JaneHarry, #910 of 2158 🔗

I too have made my peace with God. I’ll go down fighting either in a revolution, a street revolution or any other forum.

409982 ▶▶ Andrew K, replying to Freddy Freethinker, 1, #911 of 2158 🔗

I listened to Bill Holter the other day (Big gold bug) anyway he explained how the food supply chain could be next to collapse. Nothing to do with the amount of food out there but if the credit markets seize up and people are not getting paid, then they won’t do their job. i’e. I can’t deliver thee goods until I get paid.

409537 OKUK, replying to OKUK, 25, #912 of 2158 🔗

More footling about, ATL…

Who cares if summer holidays are legal or illegal?

Why are we celebrating the “success” of the vaccination programme when it just seems to provide more opportunities for Lockdown Lunatics like the SAGE psychos at Imperial and elsewhere (eg Edumnds on Peston last night) to argue we need more severe lockdown measures to make vaccination more effective.

The focus should be on the huge, in many cases now irreversible,damage being done by lockdowns, masking and social distancing to our family life, our culture, our health service, our education system, our sports, our children, our fertility, our civil liberties and our free speech. Supporters of lockdown should not be smiled upon benignly but anathematised as destroyers of our society, facilitators of CCP machinations and globalist puppets.

As for people like Freddie Sayers (ex YouGov), I’d be more impressed if they had spoken up in the past on behalf of unpopular people whose free speech was being attacked. Suddenly people like him see their own free speech being attacked and they don’t like it.

409543 ▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to OKUK, 2, #913 of 2158 🔗

Beware chameleons. They adapt quickly

409855 ▶▶ JaneHarry, replying to OKUK, #914 of 2158 🔗

Supporters of lockdown should not be smiled upon benignly but anathematised as destroyers of our society, facilitators of CCP machinations and globalist puppets.

quite, I hope the day will come when to have been in any sense a supporter of the covidian cult will be a mark of shame and ridicule, like having once been a nazi, a sign that you were at one time in your life completely deranged, frothing at the mouth, out of control and extremely dangerous. I hope I live to see that day.

409540 Major Panic, replying to Major Panic, 6, #915 of 2158 🔗

I’ve just listened to prof/Dr John Lee on planet normal posted earlier – why is this extremely qualified man not on our TV screen every night explaining, in his brilliant way, what’s going on in his sensible balanced opinion….

excellent listen


409597 ▶▶ OKUK, replying to Major Panic, 9, #916 of 2158 🔗

It was Dr John Lees, the learned pathologist who said a while back on Talk Radio that the Covid vaccine could likely trigger a positive test result for Covid…did that get a mention? It seems to me a highly important question. If people are falling ill with Covid-like symptoms and testing positive for Covid, but the symptoms and the positive result might be a result of (particularly) the Pfizer vaccine.

409708 ▶▶▶ jonathan Palmer, replying to OKUK, 4, #917 of 2158 🔗

From day one he called it for what it is.Impressive man.

409546 this is my username, replying to this is my username, 25, #918 of 2158 🔗

Oh what now?!

Headline: “SAGE push back on calls to ease lockdown any time soon: No10 advisers say Covid infections must fall from 750,000 to fewer than 10,000, the Rule of Six should stay for a YEAR and warn Bristol variant could reinfect vaccinated Brits”

When are these people going to be held responsible for the consequences of their advice?

409565 ▶▶ leggy, replying to this is my username, 16, #919 of 2158 🔗

If and when the guillotines come out. Not before.

409567 ▶▶ Liz F, replying to this is my username, 16, #920 of 2158 🔗

They should all be jailed and forced to wear face masks for 10 years.

409584 ▶▶▶ Steve F, replying to Liz F, 12, #921 of 2158 🔗

Iron masks.

409644 ▶▶▶ landt2020, replying to Liz F, 3, #922 of 2158 🔗

they’d probably enjoy it

409568 ▶▶ Paulus, replying to this is my username, 10, #923 of 2158 🔗

Cannot help but think that in most companies if you were briefing against the organisation you’d be looking for another job. The fact these “advisors” remain says more about how the narratives and manipulation continue.

409569 ▶▶ RickH, replying to this is my username, 6, #924 of 2158 🔗

SAGE is demonstrably and dangerously incompetent.

But it’s the politicians who make the decisions.

409571 ▶▶ Freddy Boy, replying to this is my username, 13, #925 of 2158 🔗

Cunts ! Soz , it’s the only word suitable 😨

409579 ▶▶ isobar, replying to this is my username, 4, #926 of 2158 🔗

Getting a good kicking in the comments!

409586 ▶▶ Cumbriacracked, replying to this is my username, 17, #927 of 2158 🔗

Yesterday I was having a very bad day with everything, today maybe feeling a bit more positive, so with today’s optimism my take on what MAY be happening. Charles Walker did so many interviews yesterday all saying much the same thing, the PM needs to rein in Hancock. We commented on here the wording was interesting as the blame was put very much on Hancock and then Shapps. Charles Walker is the vice chair of the 1922 committee. Is this the real first public signs the PM is being told he is at risk unless he acts?

The 22nd Feb annoucements will be the test for the PM, is that why there are so many stories of the ramping up of scare stories and subsequent measures?

The one things with career MP’s which many are is that they will change sides quicker than you know if their career is threatened, the PM may think all his MP’s support him, if they then see the 1922 is turning on Boris they will throw him under the bus.

409637 ▶▶▶ Silke David, replying to Cumbriacracked, 3, #928 of 2158 🔗

I complained to No10 e-mail address after The Lunatic suggested people eat only food they have in the house to avoid shopping and contract the variants.

409659 ▶▶▶ A. Contrarian, replying to Cumbriacracked, 7, #929 of 2158 🔗

It was very, very strongly worded by Charles Walker. He definitely speaks for me. I just hope he doesn’t get into any trouble for what he’s said. Clearly he has integrity because he must know that he is putting his job and reputation at risk given what has happened to other sceptics.

Why isn’t Brady speaking up more?

409670 ▶▶▶▶ Cumbriacracked, replying to A. Contrarian, 3, #930 of 2158 🔗

I think Brady is speaking up, but the decision was made for Charles Walker to do the interviews yesterday, Charles is more emotive than Brady? I cannot believe he did those interviews without Brady’s knowledge?

I watched the C4 interview online, the look on the interviewers face made me laugh, sucking a sour lemon, he could not believe what he was hearing! I can imagine what was being screamed at him in his ear to try and trip Charles up.

409692 ▶▶▶▶▶ A. Contrarian, replying to Cumbriacracked, 5, #931 of 2158 🔗

Interesting. I agree, Charles Walker comes across as a very normal, caring man. You could hardly accuse him of being a covidiot. It definitely seems like a warning to the government. Hancock, however, seems to be made of rubber with a teflon core, so I doubt it will trouble him hugely.

409702 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Cumbriacracked, replying to A. Contrarian, 5, #932 of 2158 🔗

When Charles Walker has done speeches or raised questions in the house previously he has been very emotional however although he was passionate and emotive yesterday, it was far less than when he has made “off the cuff” speeches. It is that and the specific wording which makes me believe there was some thought and planning to who was put forward and what was said.

409775 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ Stringfellow Hawke, replying to Cumbriacracked, 2, #933 of 2158 🔗

I agree. Sir Charles seems truly a genuine and decent man, has made some really heartfelt remarks before, particularly in the realm of mental health where he has shared some of his own personal story.
But yesterday there was something extra imo, a real snap of venom in his voice. I believe the 1922 committee (which was actually formed in 1923!) meets semi regularly with the PM anyway, regardless. and I suspect they are having serious talks.. personally I think a lot of people know it, hence the attacks on Sir Desmond Swayne the last couple of weeks.

409826 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Jo Dominich, replying to A. Contrarian, 2, #934 of 2158 🔗

It all depends. If Johnson sees there is a very serious backbench rebellion in the offing and his Leadership is going to be put to a challenge, I tend to think Wancock will go. Johnson only cares about himself.

410008 ▶▶▶▶▶ mj, replying to Cumbriacracked, #935 of 2158 🔗

just caught up with this . very articulately expressed views
note this is a longer video so it also includes devi shreik (sorry) but also it was put up by some moron with the comment “COVIDIOT: Tory MP Charles Walker doesn’t care if you or your family die”. worth checking the comments to see what loons follow this guy

409823 ▶▶▶▶ Jo Dominich, replying to A. Contrarian, 2, #936 of 2158 🔗

Just a bit of further information, Christopher Chope has been speaking out publicly too and the headline on Yahoo was “Tory MP accused of spreading disinformation about Covid” or something like that.

409818 ▶▶▶ Jo Dominich, replying to Cumbriacracked, 3, #937 of 2158 🔗

I strongly suspect there are many manouvres going on behind the scenes here especially within the Tory Party – the CRG and the 1922 committee. I don’t expect to hear any of it at the moment, best that they make their decisions privately at the moment. I do think something is afoot though given the number of interviews the excellent Charles Walker did yesterday. Wancock is definitely in messianic tyrant mode and does need to be got rid of.

409629 ▶▶ Steve Martindale, replying to this is my username, 13, #938 of 2158 🔗

I don’t care how many people are infected, if the NHS is doing OK and deaths are not increasingly exponentially why should we be worried how many people are ‘so called, infected? Millions of people have a cold during the winter-time we do not shut down the country.
The ‘experts’ have turned this into a pointless academic numbers game, what we are really suffering from is a pandemic of experts.

409661 ▶▶▶ Crystal Decanter, replying to Steve Martindale, 5, #939 of 2158 🔗

Sars Cov-2 is a cold
for most healthy people
Grannies and a few outliers are unfortunate but that happens with all the other corona colds as well
Nobody cared until now

409650 ▶▶ A. Contrarian, replying to this is my username, 2, #940 of 2158 🔗

And now it has been spoken thus, it will of course happen.

Where do they get the 750,000 figure for current infections? Zoe estimates 280-odd thousand currently symptomatic. I guess they are adding in all the supposed asymptomatics.

409803 ▶▶ Jo Dominich, replying to this is my username, 9, #941 of 2158 🔗

Let’s see of Johnson goes along with this. If he does, it is proof positive that they don’t give a damn about the economy. So, SAGE keep on changing the goalposts desperate to keep hold of their power and we are heading towards bankruptcy. Johnson doesn’t care. He just can’t be bothered to make decisions so he just says “yes, o.k. Let’s do that”. The MSM will support all this to the hilt.

I’ve become quite philosophical about all this now, I am going to fight with everything I’ve got but, it seems now the Govt are embarked on a course of action that merely serves to extend their power and to consolidate it. Unfortunately, Comrade Dictator Starmer, being a complete and utter waste of time, has also bought, lock, stock and barrel to all these lies. The drivel he wrote in the Graun about the South African variant being the biggest threat to the UK was bordering on such seriously delusional thinking it would warrant a psychiatric assessment. He has totally bought into SAGE Witty and Valance’s pyramid of lies, delusions and falsified data, without question.

So, I will keep doing my bit to keep up the fight and support it but methinks the Govt are in the process of signing their own death warrant as, far more serious than any variants (great article in OffG about this) especially as those variants only seem to be a concern to the UK and nowhere else in the world, is that the economy is on the brink of a monumental collapse, not a small one, a huge one. It might be that we have to wait a bit longer for this but not much, before the sheeples are roused out of their slumber and ignorance. That will be the trigger. This is a far greater threat to the UK than any fabricated dangerous variants and it’s coming to a honear you soon.

Let’s hope Sunak closes down furlough and other economic support. We are virtually the only country in the world now that is in full, draconian, lockdown, everyone else is having the good sense to open up and get going. Not us, a corrupt, power mad Govt with their own greed and self-interest at the centre of their thinking is going to utterly destroy this country. No Big Reset just poverty, bankruptcy and 2nd world country status.

409549 Nottheonly1, 16, #942 of 2158 🔗

There is one question that steadfastly eludes any meaningful answer:

“What part of the great reset do you not understand?”

That there are allegedly too many human inhabitants on the planet? That the number of inhabitants poses such a great threat to the continuation of the lifestyle of the rich? That so called ‘politicians’ are not in office to serve the people – but exclusively their invisible superiors? That the stage three cancer like growth of obedience allows for ‘policies’ to be dished out all over the planet simultaneously? That, in order to make someone commit suicide, any positive outlook, any hope of relief must be crushed?
That there is money to boost military spending all over the planet – but not a dime for the deplorables?
The many are on death row. Trotting along with the depopulation agenda – because it is of course not them that need to croak. Insanely excessive fumigation of populations with highly toxic substances and yes, pathogens.

No results in yet for the question of what is worse:

The covid psyop, or the gaslighting of the segments of the populations that have looked through the deceit, the lies and the concerted assaults on peoples’ lifelihood and whatever sanity there is left?

All this is going in one direction: the abolition of whatever pretense for poor peoples’ human rights still existed. The non-rich have no more rights – other than to end their own lives.

There is some rather nonsensical advice: multiply like never before. Make the ‘baby boom’ generation birthrates look like the result of low sperm count. Evolution is not appeasement. It is taking new directions where the old ones have become obsolete.

409559 Nobody2021, replying to Nobody2021, 25, #943 of 2158 🔗

This is a very good question:

Bret Weinstein

If two masks are better than one, why aren’t they built that way in the first place?

409655 ▶▶ Nottheonly1, replying to Nobody2021, 1, #944 of 2158 🔗

It doesn’t stop there obviously – until the mask wearer dies from oxygen starvation.

409570 norwegian, 9, #945 of 2158 🔗

Seems to me most of you have had enough bullshit, how about throwing the bastards responsible in a river/canal/the sea? Metaphorical of course … or maybe not …

409576 smithey, replying to smithey, 7, #946 of 2158 🔗

The lunacy in the UK is getting worse, the lunatics really are in charge of the asylum
Academics bash draft plan to SWAP biological sex for gender identity in upcoming Scottish census — RT UK News

409652 ▶▶ Nottheonly1, replying to smithey, -9, #947 of 2158 🔗

From RT – the global homophobic central.

409703 ▶▶ Jo, replying to smithey, 2, #948 of 2158 🔗

It will be interesting, when the transgender issue takes a full hold, to see how the health services will deal with this.
Will trans men be having prostate tests?
Will trans women having “hunt the cervix” screening?
And if will confound all other research which is either gender specific or where there are less understood gender differences eg heart attacks in younger age groups

409780 ▶▶ Tom in Scotland, replying to smithey, 1, #949 of 2158 🔗

FFS! Even by Scottish standards, this is insanity. At least some academic people have been bold enough to call this out in public. That’s progress, at least.

409581 Ewan Duffy, replying to Ewan Duffy, 14, #950 of 2158 🔗

Had our company weekly staff meeting (online) yesterday and there is a definite change in attitude against continued lockdown.

At our separate team meeting just now, I felt it safe to express the view that it looks like we will be locked down forever. No-one disagreed and my manager remarked that it looks that way.

I am hoping that this is the slow awakening of my colleagues, bringing them to the point that I arrrived at last March when the first lockdown in Ireland was announced.

Separately, my manager made a statement, more on a throw away basis, that (staff member on another team) was now on extended leave. No further details so I don’t know if it is illness (including mental illness) or furlough. The job he did was a consultancy type role and there has been little of that for our company in the last year (the core business, where I work, is business as usual).

409594 ▶▶ leggy, replying to Ewan Duffy, 7, #951 of 2158 🔗

I don’t know how they’re getting away with it in places like Ireland where there isn’t even any excess mortality to speak of. I can understand the fear factor in the UK, even if I can see through it.

409626 ▶▶▶ JaneHarry, replying to leggy, 4, #952 of 2158 🔗

I don’t even look at their data any more, I just assume they’re making it all up, so why bother?

409858 ▶▶ The Filthy Engineer, replying to Ewan Duffy, #953 of 2158 🔗


409585 Just about sane, replying to Just about sane, 18, #954 of 2158 🔗

I attended a funeral of 2021 type which means stand in the street and watch funeral procesession go past this morning. While talking to neighbours I discovered that the over 65s are getting invited for vaccination and every single one of the people invited are all going to get it. These poor people have been so brainwashed that they actually believe the world will be free again once we’ve all been vaccinated. Heaven help us all.

409593 ▶▶ GrannySlayer, replying to Just about sane, 15, #955 of 2158 🔗

Vakzine Macht Frei

409649 ▶▶▶ Nottheonly1, replying to GrannySlayer, 3, #956 of 2158 🔗

Finally someone bridges the mental gap between the present and the past.

Thank You.

409625 ▶▶ Steve Hayes, replying to Just about sane, 5, #957 of 2158 🔗

Government ministers have repeatedly stated that the vaccinated have to follow all the coronavirus regulations. Anyone who does not know this has not been paying attention.

409646 ▶▶▶ Nottheonly1, replying to Steve Hayes, 2, #958 of 2158 🔗

Does not want to pay attention seems more plausible, as gullibility knows no bounds.

409696 ▶▶ Jo, replying to Just about sane, 7, #959 of 2158 🔗

I saw woman whose father died in Jan and had funeral. The funeral before had too many mourners – the crematorium contacted the police and the family (as organisers of this illegal event) were fined £10000. I think there were 20 or so extra people.

409761 ▶▶▶ Jo Dominich, replying to Jo, 5, #960 of 2158 🔗

What on earth do the police think they are doing? Jesus, things are bad enough people not being allowed to visit parents in care homes except through a window – how distressing for the older person that must be – now the police break up a funeral an fine them £10,000 for too many mourners. Life under communism/Socialism whatever you want to call it is much better than this shitshow.

409592 Basics, 11, #961 of 2158 🔗

Three weeks to flatten the lie.

409596 norwegian, replying to norwegian, 8, #962 of 2158 🔗

When I first saw the locked in music video above I felt sorry for them but I now think these actually are enjoying it UNLIKE sane people – twats!

409615 ▶▶ Steve Hayes, replying to norwegian, 4, #963 of 2158 🔗

They are pro-lockdown. They have even been featured on the BBC.

409638 ▶▶▶ Ewan Duffy, replying to Steve Hayes, 3, #964 of 2158 🔗

Completely unconnected to COVID, I have an interest in novelty music (parodies and the like) so this definitely interested me enough to look them up on YT.

Sure enough, there are plenty of collaborator songs on their channel 🙁

409681 ▶▶ Jo, replying to norwegian, 7, #965 of 2158 🔗

I didn’t watch it because I think they were that ghastly family who did the “take the new jab” video. Fucking Hitler Youth.

409686 ▶▶▶ kh1485, replying to Jo, 6, #966 of 2158 🔗

Same here. These people belong in the same group who think this is all a jolly jape and who parrot ‘what can you do?’ all the bloody time.

409764 ▶▶▶▶ Still Got It, replying to kh1485, 9, #967 of 2158 🔗

Same. Completely nauseating. It went round the schools mums’s Whatsapp group to universal approval – “love this family!” “So inspiring!” heart emojis etc. Fucking morons the lot of them.

409813 ▶▶▶ Nottheonly1, replying to Jo, 1, #968 of 2158 🔗

Ask them about their religious beliefs. That should answer all questions as to why this is happening.

409937 ▶▶ mj, replying to norwegian, 1, #969 of 2158 🔗

as mentioned earlier, dad is a university lecturer in history, so he will happily be at home on full pay messing up his students education by not having face to face tutorials and doing zoom lectures . mum was a teacher so she can home educate the kids so they wont be suffering like most kids stuck in flats . and up to now they have been totally pro lockdown

409598 alw, replying to alw, 11, #970 of 2158 🔗

A friend aged 62 was called by his GP practice at 8 am this morning and offered a vaccine which he was having at 12 o’clock today! Seems that they can’t get rid of the vaccine fast enough. It would be interesting to know how many have refused.

And on another note a close friend whose husband is a GP was telling me yesterday that GP practices are not getting paid for giving the vaccine until they have administered both shots.

409618 ▶▶ GrannySlayer, replying to alw, 10, #971 of 2158 🔗

Fantastic, the nation’s surgeries have been turned into commission based cold-calling pharma sales offices. Thanks Mr Hancock, I love the smell of progress in the morning!

409622 ▶▶ kh1485, replying to alw, 12, #972 of 2158 🔗

Perhaps we can turn the tables on these cold-callers whose surgeries, in even less dystopian times, are impossible to get through to.

Just answer the phone and say ‘your call cannot be taken at the moment, you have missed the one second window of opportunity to be put through to the right person, please call again tomorrow, press one to listen to this message again, your call is important to us’ or something similar!

409643 ▶▶▶ A. Contrarian, replying to kh1485, 9, #973 of 2158 🔗

I phoned my surgery’s prescription line earlier this year to be told that they don’t deal with the authorisation of prescriptions!

It had taken me quite some time to get through to them, and then they talked to me like I was some Neanderthal knuckle-dragger for presuming to think that the prescription line might be the right place to call for prescription enquiries…

409710 ▶▶▶▶ Marialta, replying to A. Contrarian, 3, #974 of 2158 🔗

this is a better free way of getting prescriptions delivered to your door. They do send annoying reminders but it’s extremely efficient.

409819 ▶▶▶▶▶ A. Contrarian, replying to Marialta, 1, #975 of 2158 🔗

Thanks. I’ve heard of them, will take a look. Sick of my current pharmacy, they always mess up so that the prescription isn’t there, and currently they have turned themselves into a Vaccine Centre which means that they are barely allowing admittance to the general public for pharmacy-related business.

409685 ▶▶ ThomasT, replying to alw, 10, #976 of 2158 🔗

They are knocking them out very quickly. My parents were both jabbed yesterday and I just heard the father in law whose about 65 is having his tomorrow. None of my family/relations are even questioning it. The wife just told me that every adult in the UK will be jabbed by August. She`s glued to BBC so I am assuming thats where she heard that. There’s no way im going to have it, so I expect a massive argument to ensue at some point. The sad thing is, the local media are pitching the vaccine as “its not to protect you, its to protect all those around you, including your loved ones”, so the wife will claim im putting the lives of our children at risk etc…

409709 ▶▶▶ alw, replying to ThomasT, 6, #977 of 2158 🔗

The same bs re masks. I keep telling people if you want this to end just say no.

409744 ▶▶▶ Jo Dominich, replying to ThomasT, 4, #978 of 2158 🔗

Am I to assume then that all us healthy, normal people are walking bio hazards to the State? It’s garbage.

409757 ▶▶▶ Suet, replying to ThomasT, 4, #979 of 2158 🔗

On the contrary, T, tell them. It suppresses symptoms so they are less likely to know they’ve got it; therefore if they do get it, THEY are more likely to infect YOU.

409600 JHUNTZ, replying to JHUNTZ, 11, #980 of 2158 🔗

Did ISIS actually win and take over the West???

409604 ▶▶ smithey, replying to JHUNTZ, 20, #981 of 2158 🔗

If I did’nt know better I would think that Johnson, Hanock and most other western leaders were CCP plants working to bring down western civilisation from the inside.

409608 ▶▶▶ Winston Smith, replying to smithey, 5, #982 of 2158 🔗

It’s a hypothesis…..

409632 ▶▶▶ Nottheonly1, replying to smithey, -5, #983 of 2158 🔗

What civilisation would that be? The eradication of indigenous people all over the globe? The invention of ABC weapons and their indiscriminate use? Fast food? The destruction of the planet for monetary gain?
Most everything that is wrong with the world today was initiated by Western ‘civilisation’.

This China bashing is beyond pathetic and obviously the result of over 2000 years of brainwashing in the West.

409732 ▶▶▶▶ Jo Dominich, replying to Nottheonly1, 1, #984 of 2158 🔗

I agree. I am fed up with all this China bashing. They have a far more intelligent Govt than ours.

409917 ▶▶▶▶ jb12, replying to Nottheonly1, 2, #985 of 2158 🔗

What a load of pish. This is the kind of tripe that underlies the worldview found throughout the humanities in the universities too. All put forward by people who sit pontificating about the evils of the West while enjoying the fruits of those supposed evils.

Most everything that is wrong with the world today was initiated by Western ‘civilisation’.”

This sentence suggests you have absolutely no idea about human history at all.

410045 ▶▶▶▶▶ Nottheonly1, replying to jb12, -1, #986 of 2158 🔗

You talk as if you would know anything about human ‘history’. All you ‘know’ was programmed into your mind.

410062 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ jb12, replying to Nottheonly1, 1, #987 of 2158 🔗

If by ‘programmed’, you mean ‘reading books’, then yes. Did you channel your information? I’d love to hear how almost everything wrong in the world is a result of ‘Western’ civilization (and I presume you mean the Anglophone world), especially when the society we seem to be heading towards was trial run in areas east of Germany and perfected in Asia!

410555 ▶▶▶▶ Steve F, replying to Nottheonly1, #988 of 2158 🔗

I didn’t expect to read this kind of Guardian crap here and I’m disappointed that I have.

409612 ▶▶ JaneHarry, replying to JHUNTZ, 5, #989 of 2158 🔗

I wish they had. I would rather live under fundemantalist Islam than the technocracy- Great Reset- NWO shitshow or whatever it is we’re getting now: well, to put it bluntly, I don’t think we’ll be ‘living’ under it at all, because the plan is clearly to murder us all. ISIS would have been pussycats in comparison.

409645 ▶▶▶ leggy, replying to JaneHarry, 2, #990 of 2158 🔗

Yep. At least islamic fundamentalists don’t hide their agenda eh. What you see is what you get.

409835 ▶▶▶ Crystal Decanter, replying to JaneHarry, #991 of 2158 🔗

It is easy to blag your way through Islam
Most Muslims are secret agnostics

409921 ▶▶▶ jb12, replying to JaneHarry, #992 of 2158 🔗

Haha, no you wouldn’t. I am assuming you are a woman from your username, so that would be doubly true for you.

409677 ▶▶ Nobody2021, replying to JHUNTZ, 2, #993 of 2158 🔗

ISIS has just been rebranded as COVID.

409809 ▶▶ Tom in Scotland, replying to JHUNTZ, 10, #994 of 2158 🔗

No, the Communist Party of China has won (well, it’s won Round 1 of what might be a series of battles between civilsations). Western Civilisation is collapsing as it becomes more like Communist China, largely due to internal problems that are occasionally egged on by external opponents – though the blame lies primarly with us. The Chinese government understands the West (and its weaknesses) better than we understand ourselves. By the way, I used to work in China and most of you really do not want to live they way they do there.

Despite its faults, Western Civilisation is the best thing ever developed by humanity and I’m bloody sick and tired of people trying to knock it. Have an honest look at the alternatives and see how they compare. Stop the self-loathing and come to terms with the fact that there is no perfect society.

409842 ▶▶▶ jb12, replying to Tom in Scotland, 1, #995 of 2158 🔗

As always Tom, a very astute post. I hope your worldview is rubbing off on some of your students!

410145 ▶▶▶▶ Tom in Scotland, replying to jb12, #996 of 2158 🔗

Thanks. Although you hear about the crazy ones in the news, I think many young people actually think ‘wokeism’ is nonsense. Perhaps there is hope for the future.

410222 ▶▶▶▶▶ jb12, replying to Tom in Scotland, #997 of 2158 🔗

Yes, I’d agree. But my fear is that, like a lot of the Covid nonsense, the vocal minority will push it and the majority will go along with it because they think that they have to or don’t want to be seen as apart from what is put to them as the majority view.

409846 ▶▶ Andrew K, replying to JHUNTZ, 7, #998 of 2158 🔗

I’m now begiinig to question everything that has happened from 9/11 tower attacks onwards, Arab spring, Syria, all these so called terror attacks, wokeness (Is their such a word) , financial crash, everything. The latest UK Column report even implied the same backers of the Syrian uprising war seem to be the same players in this Covid scam. All designed to condition us and prepare the way.

409862 ▶▶ Annie, replying to JHUNTZ, 1, #999 of 2158 🔗

No. Isis at least had some sincere religious beliefs, however deplorable. Our lot have no beliefs of any kind, which means that they will literally stop at nothing,

409610 norwegian, replying to norwegian, 7, #1000 of 2158 🔗

Build back better … with what? This fucking planet is finite – there are limits to everything including cheap energy and debt. Back down to pre fossil fuels living standards is ahead, get used to the idea!

409814 ▶▶ richardw53, replying to norwegian, #1001 of 2158 🔗

Malthusian logic. Repeated assertions that the resources we need are dangerously finite have been demonstrably falsified. If supply reduces so prices go up and alternatives may be profitably developed. Just leave it to the market and it will change painlessly. Do it by diktat and you introduce totalitarian rule.

409641 ▶▶ jonathan Palmer, replying to Tom Blackburn, 8, #1003 of 2158 🔗

We need one newspaper to turn.The dictatorship can only function with the unquestioning compliance of the press.

409647 ▶▶ Cumbriacracked, replying to Tom Blackburn, 5, #1004 of 2158 🔗

But why the over 50’s? People just fall for this again, it will take as long as the government decide to tell us all the over 50’s have the mythical non vaccine vaccine. Are the over 50’s not bottom of the long list of who to vaccinate, so by pushing this what in fact is being said is the agreement to keeping lockdowns in place? Not you pushing Tom, but the Sun.

409662 ▶▶▶ merlin, replying to Cumbriacracked, 7, #1005 of 2158 🔗

The Sun newspaper will never be on our side. Just more controlled opposition.

409777 ▶▶ Victoria, replying to Tom Blackburn, 1, #1006 of 2158 🔗

mmm they are just making empty threats!

The Sun backs the current restrictions and, by and large, the proposed dates to lift them.

What make them the specialists?

The lockdown has slashed deaths, hospitalisations and cases.

The vaccines should speed up that fall imminently

Once over-50s have had at least one shot, and assuming no jab-resistant strain has engulfed Britain, deaths and hospitalisations should be a fraction of current levels.

409857 ▶▶▶ Annie, replying to Victoria, 1, #1007 of 2158 🔗

Proposed dates? What proposed dates?

409914 ▶▶ OKUK, replying to Tom Blackburn, #1008 of 2158 🔗

May Rupe wants to come over and see the grandchildren…I don’t care what their motivation is – as long as they don’t crumple. But they probably will.

409633 Tom Blackburn, replying to Tom Blackburn, 4, #1009 of 2158 🔗

LOL – I’ve not even read the article

The Guardian: ‘Lockdown sceptics’ should be more sceptical of their scepticism.

409636 ▶▶ TheHandbag, replying to Tom Blackburn, 7, #1010 of 2158 🔗

I think possibly, maybe, (I won’t know until The Guardian tells me for sure), scepticism of lockdown sceptics who are more sceptical of their scepticism is the way forward.

409752 ▶▶▶ dhid, replying to TheHandbag, 1, #1011 of 2158 🔗

I must admit I’m a bit sceptical of that, I think……….
or not…………

409667 ▶▶ rockoman, replying to Tom Blackburn, 4, #1012 of 2158 🔗

Current 7-day moving average official ‘covid death’ rates:

Sweden – 1.1 per million

Germany – 6.8 per million

UK – 12 per million

409673 ▶▶ Nobody2021, replying to Tom Blackburn, 3, #1013 of 2158 🔗

I’m sceptical of everything written on this site. I don’t know how much more sceptical I can get.

409721 ▶▶ Freecumbria, replying to Tom Blackburn, 2, #1014 of 2158 🔗

Not read it either. But classic case of accusing the ‘opposition’ of doing what you are doing.

If they really wanted people to challenge their own biases then they should champion the facilitation of an open debate on the issues, rather than demanding censorship of discussion, branding any alternative views to theirs ‘conspiracy theories’ and acknowledge their own conflicts of interests, biases and illogic.

409920 ▶▶ OKUK, replying to Tom Blackburn, 1, #1015 of 2158 🔗

The Guardian should be less politically correct about its political correctness but it isn’t.

410290 ▶▶ Anti_socialist, replying to Tom Blackburn, 1, #1016 of 2158 🔗

Just mention of the guardian gives me hives.

409648 Nobody2021, replying to Nobody2021, 6, #1017 of 2158 🔗

At the risk of confirmation bias, here is a recent study on the highest mortality risk by occupation in California. Most if not all of the occupations likely involve wearing masks for prolonged periods or working in enclosed spaces.

I’m sticking to my current hypothesis that once you are infected rebreathing your own expired, infected air will cause the infection to become worse. Wearing a mask for hours on end will have this effect.

It would help to explain why death rates in places with mask mandates are actually higher than those without.


409798 ▶▶ richardw53, replying to Nobody2021, 2, #1018 of 2158 🔗

I also suspect that lockdowns increase infection risk as those infected stay in the same home and increase the viral load for other household members. If they went outside, load would surely be reduced.

409913 ▶▶▶ Nobody2021, replying to richardw53, 2, #1019 of 2158 🔗

Agree but my thinking is that getting infected is not necessarily the problem. It’s how that infection develops that leads to worse outcomes.

If somebody is already infected then wearing a mask will likely make things worse. Similarly if you’re stuck in room all day rebreathing infected air.

The reason we breath out is to expel the nasties residing inside of us and prevent them from building up so much that our natural defences can’t cope.

409653 mhcp, replying to mhcp, 5, #1020 of 2158 🔗

Here’s the question: do you think when this all breaks down that any of the members of SAGE will be stripped of privileges,pensions or even go to jail?

Of course not. They know it too.

We need an Ethics investigation into this for any scientist who goes on TV and says action must be taken based on vague and unverified models or data.

They would scream blue murder if their families were made to drink water deemed “safe” by the same standards.

409660 ▶▶ Cumbriacracked, replying to mhcp, 6, #1021 of 2158 🔗

Ferguson got an OBE for what he inflicted on farmers for foot and mouth so the answer will be no, you are right they know they are untouchable.

409864 ▶▶▶ stefarm, replying to Cumbriacracked, 2, #1022 of 2158 🔗

OBE for silly bollocks…wow..Ordinary Bloody Errors more fitting.

409666 ▶▶ Nobody2021, replying to mhcp, 2, #1023 of 2158 🔗

As Fauci would say it’s not his job to look at the costs of recommendations. Not enough accountablity for my liking.

409695 ▶▶▶ Crystal Decanter, replying to Nobody2021, #1024 of 2158 🔗

Fauci is riddled with aids from all those bath-houses

409734 ▶▶ redbirdpete, replying to mhcp, 3, #1025 of 2158 🔗

I think you’ll find a number of them don’t have families which may be part of the problem – fanatics with no context.

409658 katz, replying to katz, 16, #1026 of 2158 🔗

Hi all. I posted a shocking image this morning of a toddler’s ‘mask training’. It prompted me to look further. I found that ‘Supernanny’ has a whole load of advice about how to smother your toddler, and youtube is awash with cartoons aimed at very young children about how to be scared of touching anyone and how wearing a mask is fun. This whole issue should be looked into. Anyone? Toby? A gross and highly disturbing subject of CHILD ABUSE and one that even lockdown enthusiasts would surely find deeply disturbing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixUJ5dMUPWI

409664 ▶▶ kh1485, replying to katz, 9, #1027 of 2158 🔗

Just one word: horrific.

409671 ▶▶ leggy, replying to katz, 6, #1028 of 2158 🔗

Horrendous. Please make Us For Them aware – hello@usforthem.co.uk

409682 ▶▶▶ katz, replying to leggy, 3, #1029 of 2158 🔗

I will e-mail them. thanks.

409674 ▶▶ Marialta, replying to katz, 15, #1030 of 2158 🔗

Masks are my absolute bugbear – it’s bad enough dropping off my grandson at nursery standing in the open air just now with a queue of masked parents and seeing the nursery door open with a masked worker trying to greet the children as if it’s all normal. I used to think Jo Frost had some good ideas but this is disgusting advice.

410299 ▶▶▶ Bungle, replying to Marialta, #1031 of 2158 🔗

Who is she?

410473 ▶▶▶▶ Marialta, replying to Bungle, #1032 of 2158 🔗

She is the Supernanny who became famous for her successful TV series. She is contacted by desperate parents who have problems with unruly children and goes to advise them. Her methods are pretty strict and she won’t put up with bad habits. She sets up a new regime and it usually works…… or does for the cameras.

410718 ▶▶▶▶▶ Jo Dominich, replying to Marialta, #1033 of 2158 🔗

I am concerned about describing children as ‘tyrants’. WTF?

409675 ▶▶ A. Contrarian, replying to katz, 15, #1034 of 2158 🔗

I have a friend who last summer made her children (5 and 3) lie down on the ground with arms and legs outstretched to demonstrate correct social distancing, before meeting friends.

I also have another friend whose 2-year-old started to have panic attacks on leaving the house because they did it so rarely, and because she’d told him how dangerous Outside had become. He was masked up even in the fresh air in the middle of nowhere.

409723 ▶▶▶ Andrea Salford, replying to A. Contrarian, 13, #1035 of 2158 🔗

Child abuse.

410720 ▶▶▶ Jo Dominich, replying to A. Contrarian, #1036 of 2158 🔗

Un fucking believable

409697 ▶▶ Andrea Salford, replying to katz, 16, #1037 of 2158 🔗

It’s obscene. These people have no moral compass. But I see it here, masking is being normalised and even ‘fashionised’ and made desirable. So few people in my circle seem to share my total disgust and contempt for being ordered to wear a mask – it’s the ‘gormless’ look I get when I object and point out how they don’t work – they think I’m the problem. If we are and continue to remain the minority then with all the new Corona laws, Covid Marshalls and increased powers to, local councils, police and health officials I can see where this is going for us, not a world I’ll want to live in. Whatever the outcome of this ‘pandemic’ there is no going back from what ‘the people’ have accepted and allowed to be done to themselves, others and our children. Unforgivable.

409698 ▶▶ Suet, replying to katz, 7, #1038 of 2158 🔗

“Would of”??? If the woman can’t even properly write English, why would anyone take ANY notice of anything she has to say?

409700 ▶▶ GrannySlayer, replying to katz, 7, #1039 of 2158 🔗

We really are witnessing mass psychosis. Fascinating and horrifying.

409705 ▶▶ Jo Dominich, replying to katz, 5, #1040 of 2158 🔗

I do believe this is actually reportable. I’ll check out to who.

409854 ▶▶▶ Annie, replying to Jo Dominich, 3, #1041 of 2158 🔗

I wouldn’t bet on it. Way back in April or May, the Telegraph was issuing similar advice to parents, and that was when face knickers weren’t compulsory for anybody. I cancelled my subscription after that.

410302 ▶▶▶▶ Bungle, replying to Annie, #1042 of 2158 🔗

I sopped the Guardian for similar reasons

410722 ▶▶▶▶ Jo Dominich, replying to Annie, #1043 of 2158 🔗

Terrible destruction of childhood innocence, terrible. WTF do these people think they are doing. They should be protecting their children not instilling conformity via military methods.

409707 ▶▶ HelzBelz, replying to katz, 7, #1044 of 2158 🔗

Utterly horrific. What are people doing to their children? I hope they come to regret their actions sooner rather than later, before too many kids are harmed.

409722 ▶▶ katz, replying to katz, 3, #1045 of 2158 🔗

I’ve tried to post the original picture again, but don’t seem to be able to. It was posted early this morning, so if you scroll down you can’t miss it.

409845 ▶▶ Annie, replying to katz, 4, #1046 of 2158 🔗

And mask Teddy too.
God, I feel sick, sick, sick.

410288 ▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to katz, #1047 of 2158 🔗

I couldn’t stomach more than the first minute. Sinister stuff!

409668 A. Contrarian, replying to A. Contrarian, 51, #1048 of 2158 🔗

When will the sheeple realise that having the vaccine has actually made things worse for the general population, not better?

Last summer no one gave a fig about variants and we were allowed to see our families and go on holiday. Most hospitality was open, at least in a restricted and ridiculous way.

This summer, because we have a vaccine, we need to be even more careful because we must protect the vaccine from variants. Even though the vaccine is supposed to protect us. So we can’t see our family or go on holiday because it’s even worse than it was last summer, because we’ve got a vaccine. But everyone MUST take the vaccine, because it will protect us.

Their brains must be short circuiting with all these contradictions.

409687 ▶▶ Crystal Decanter, replying to A. Contrarian, 5, #1049 of 2158 🔗

Let them rot

409704 ▶▶ HelzBelz, replying to A. Contrarian, 3, #1050 of 2158 🔗

Protect the NHS, Protect the Vaccine, Protect the government…

409718 ▶▶▶ Liz F, replying to HelzBelz, 5, #1051 of 2158 🔗

…and bugger the people.

409719 ▶▶ Freddy Freethinker, replying to A. Contrarian, 6, #1052 of 2158 🔗

The Nudge team (SPI-B) on SAGE love cognitive dissonance and much more…



“We also like to think of ourselves as self-consistent. So what happens when our behaviour and our self-beliefs are in conflict? Interestingly, often it is our beliefs that get adjusted, rather than our behaviour. The desire for consistency is used in the foot-in-the-door technique in marketing, which asks people to comply with a small request (e.g. filling in a short questionnaire for free), which then leads to them complying with larger and more costly requests (e.g., buying a related

Once they have made the initial small change to their behaviour, the
powerful desire to act consistently takes over….

In other words, small and easy changes to behaviour can lead to subsequent changes in behaviour that may go largely unnoticed. This approach challenges the common belief that we should
first seek to change attitudes in order to change behaviour.

409853 ▶▶▶ GrannySlayer, replying to Freddy Freethinker, 6, #1053 of 2158 🔗

They are also using classical conditioning to obtain authority and obedience, it isn’t very sophisticated, but it is very effective on anything with a limbic system.

410060 ▶▶ Prof Feargoeson, replying to A. Contrarian, 3, #1054 of 2158 🔗

Well said. Last year it was just Protect the NHS. This year it is Protect the NHS and the Vaccine.

409689 BTLnewbie, replying to BTLnewbie, 8, #1055 of 2158 🔗

I am no medic (though 100% better informed than I was 12 months ago, like everyone here) so I don’t know the relevance of this; I came across this article on Dengvaxia, a vaccine against Dengue given to children in the Philippines:
There’s an easier-reading press article here:
In brief, it seems that despite advice against, the vaccine was given indiscriminately to children who had been exposed to wild dengue (sero-positive children) and those who hadn’t been exposed (sero-negative).
In the case of sero-negatives who received the vaccine, there were significant and sometimes fatal instances of ADE (antibody dependent enhancement). Then there was a rapid back-tracking and a later requirement only to give the vaccine to sero-positives.
ADE is the feature of the Covid-19 vaccines that is untested – viz if you’ve been vaccinated and then get Covid-19, will it trigger a far worse reaction that if you hadn’t been vaccinated? This was pointed out by commentators here and in the FDA approval for the Pfizer vaccine:
page 52 here: https://www.fda.gov/media/144416/download
“However, risk of vaccine-enhanced disease over time, potentially associated with waning immunity, remains unknown and needs to be evaluated further in ongoing clinical trials and in observational studies that could be conducted following authorization and/or licensure.”

409711 ▶▶ merlin, replying to BTLnewbie, 4, #1056 of 2158 🔗

This is one reason why only a moron would take a rushed coronavirus ‘Vaccine’ using mRNA tech. Even the modified adenovirus vector has never been used before in humans.

409725 ▶▶ TheHandbag, replying to BTLnewbie, 3, #1057 of 2158 🔗

Yup! I’ve been following this for a couple of years. It’s a scandal, and a tragedy. If you want to have your heart broken some more look at Gardasil vaccine severe adverse event victims. I’m not sure what the issue was in that case, but I’m pretty sure Gardasil is the reason they’re not finishing the COVID race.

It’s very telling that the 2 mRNA companies in operation are new to the market.

409690 Smelly Melly, replying to Smelly Melly, 13, #1058 of 2158 🔗

Remember folks the absolute powers politicians have awarded themselves under the Covid Act are only temporary, just like income tax is only a temporary tax to pay for the Napoleonic Wars.

409706 ▶▶ Steve Hayes, replying to Smelly Melly, 6, #1059 of 2158 🔗

The provisions of the Coronavirus Act 2020 are only temporary if government ministers want them to be. Part 2 Section 90 allows for a minister to change any power and to change duration. The Act gave the government to authority to rule by ministerial diktat, for ever.

409742 ▶▶▶ awildgoose, replying to Steve Hayes, 4, #1060 of 2158 🔗

Same story here in the US.

Plenty of emergency laws and acts that allow government, typically the state executive, to renew and extend the state of emergency forever.

409701 HelzBelz, replying to HelzBelz, 17, #1061 of 2158 🔗

Paraphrasing re vaccines, as per the Torygraph:

‘… in an environment where people aren’t vaccinated becomes a public health risk’: WHY? Surely only a risk to those that choose to remain unvaccinated because the vaccinated will be protected from the disease

‘… if there is evidence that viruses prevent transmission, more and more people must have it’: WHY? If it doesn’t prevent transmission then it doesn’t really matter because those who are protected by having had the vaccine won’t get Covid.

UNLESS of course the vaccine doesn’t actually prevent the disease – in which case why should anyone have it?

Too logical?

409712 ▶▶ Andrea Salford, replying to HelzBelz, 7, #1062 of 2158 🔗

They know it won’t stop people getting Covid because it’s a coronavirus, same as ‘the common cold’ and they’ve never cured that. Hence this huge world wide ‘vaccine’ experiment.

409736 ▶▶▶ HelzBelz, replying to Andrea Salford, 6, #1063 of 2158 🔗

I agree – they do know and they also know it’s not effective against the mutant strains. But if the vaccine programme was the get out of jail card they could easily pretend that it was and also lie about the numbers vaccinated.

Once they had peddled the story that everyone has been jabbed and it’s totally effective, moved to LF testing to reduce the number of cases and properly attributed non Covid deaths to other ailments to reduce the body count, they could declare the pandemic officially over.

This is what I was hoping would happen. But it’s not. I must have been toying briefly with the cock up theory for a moment there but evidently it isn’t cock up – it’s something much more sinister…

409817 ▶▶▶▶ Crystal Decanter, replying to HelzBelz, 3, #1064 of 2158 🔗

It is also a good way to clear out the nursing homes under the cover of coof

409833 ▶▶▶▶ Andrea Salford, replying to HelzBelz, 4, #1065 of 2158 🔗

Indeed, they’ve lined up lots of levers to pull – testing (pcr or lft), vaccine (working/not working), transmission, asymptotic spread, deaths with/from, ‘cases’ up/down, long covid, new variants – as they take us on our journey to the ‘New World’.

409996 ▶▶▶▶ Lisa (formerly) from Toronto, replying to HelzBelz, 2, #1066 of 2158 🔗

Welcome to the dark side.

409724 ▶▶ godowneasy, replying to HelzBelz, 9, #1067 of 2158 🔗

The only logical answer to this contradiction is that the “vaccines” are not vaccines and have nothing to do with the virus. Therefore, they have a different purpose.

409863 ▶▶▶ suitejb, replying to godowneasy, 5, #1068 of 2158 🔗

It has crossed my mind that all the vaccines are actually placebos and have no medical purpose whatsoever.

409740 ▶▶ Victoria, replying to HelzBelz, 4, #1069 of 2158 🔗

Indeed! If a person is vaccinated they are ‘protected’ and an unvaccinated person poses no danger.

They are using the same argument with children vaccinations.

Around 2 years ago there was a massive outbreak of measles at one of the universities in the US, they blamed the unvaccinated. However it transpired that it was the vaccinated students that got measles (the jab that they got at childhood did not protect them in late teens/early 20s).

Many informed medical practitioners have now for years called for a vaccinated v unvaccinated clinical trial – never been done

410012 ▶▶▶ Lisa (formerly) from Toronto, replying to Victoria, 3, #1070 of 2158 🔗

Dr. Paul Thomas, a paediatrician in Oregon, has actually done the research. He compared his vaxxed and unvaxxed patients and it makes for very interesting reading. His work has been peer-reviewed but his license to practice has been suspended. Suffice it to say, his results don’t conform to the “vaccines are safe and effective” narrative.


410713 ▶▶▶▶ Jo Dominich, replying to Lisa (formerly) from Toronto, #1071 of 2158 🔗

I salute him for sticking his head above the parapet. He needs to keep raising the publicity levels, keep going, we need people like him.

409754 ▶▶ awildgoose, replying to HelzBelz, 4, #1072 of 2158 🔗

Why is the human immune system suddenly worthless to those in charge?

Why is it suddenly considered so incapable against Covid?

409781 ▶▶▶ HelzBelz, replying to awildgoose, 3, #1073 of 2158 🔗

I know – it all defies logic doesn’t it.

409807 ▶▶ Andrew K, replying to HelzBelz, 1, #1074 of 2158 🔗

I don’t even believe covid is around anymore.

409717 ElizaP, replying to ElizaP, 5, #1075 of 2158 🔗

Latest bit of Covidian wimps stuff being a thread started yesterday on that big forum again – https://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/discussion/6240579 re the thread starter obviously frothing at the mouth to exclude someone who has not had the Jab from social gatherings of friends (once that happens again). She’s clearly winding herself up hoping lots of other people will agree with her and she can feel justified and thoroughly morally righteous the second she realises a “friend” of theirs has exercised their right to freedom of choice not to have it – as she’d obviously love to do Vax Discrimination on them and exclude them and is wondering if she can get away with being so nasty. Wouldn’t it be nice to see her in person and tell her exactly what sort of apology for a person she is – from a distance of 6″ away from her…

409908 ▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to ElizaP, 2, #1076 of 2158 🔗

That is exhausting reading that.

It’s like internet research is new to these people and they just don’t see the manipulation.

“However, I think it’s worth reading up a bit about how to talk to such people: if you google ‘how to talk to vaccine deniers’ or similar you’ll find several links, including from the WHO. Just telling them they are wrong isn’t going to cut it. Finding out WHY they don’t want it might help. Apart from anything else, they may be in that small minority of people who right now are being advised AGAINST vaccination. ”

So Google how you can talk to someone. Like Google your opinion? Let the WHO masters tell you what to think.

409720 HelzBelz, replying to HelzBelz, 11, #1077 of 2158 🔗

When vaccines become effectively or actually compulsory, what will we do?

If only coerced, I’m thinking some kind of leper colony for the sceptics and the vaccine hesitant, the anti vaxxers too. Where could we go?

And if mandatory, would they do it forcibly? How could we stop them? We have seen the police brutality. The line has already been crossed.

409795 ▶▶ Alethea, replying to HelzBelz, 5, #1078 of 2158 🔗

Market-driven solutions to this kind of problem is what the dark web is for, no? There’ll be a new Silk Road offering top-quality tech fixes.

409808 ▶▶▶ Crystal Decanter, replying to Alethea, 7, #1079 of 2158 🔗

Yes the dark web will be all over this nonsense and it will spill out over the normieweb as long as you know where to look
None of those types want to be jabbed by the state

409851 ▶▶ DThom, replying to HelzBelz, 1, #1080 of 2158 🔗

The Canadian leak says that we will all be held in camps until we agree to be vaccinated. And all our assets confiscated!

409922 ▶▶ GrannySlayer, replying to HelzBelz, 3, #1081 of 2158 🔗

The line was crossed when the government decided to use military-grade psyop technology on its own people.

410039 ▶▶ Jo Dominich, replying to HelzBelz, 6, #1082 of 2158 🔗

You know, I think of 1984 and Brave New World. I think I’d rather be a ‘prole’ or a ‘savage’ and live outside of the ‘legitimate society’ than succumb to a vaccine. I believe they had better lives, no pressure, better relationships, no expectations!!

410267 ▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to HelzBelz, #1083 of 2158 🔗

Covid Act. The legislation is already in place.

409726 Alkanet, replying to Alkanet, 10, #1084 of 2158 🔗

I have been trying to think of new restrictions or measures that might finally make the sheeple say ‘enough is enough’ . The only thing I can think of is the government and its ‘expert’ health advisers declaring that pets spread covid and all must be taken to special depots for euthanasing – unfortunately at this stage I can see the tearful scenes as people comply for the common good. Anybody else have any ideas about what the last straw might be?

409751 ▶▶ TimeIsNow, replying to Alkanet, 4, #1085 of 2158 🔗

I think that stopping separated parents from seeing their young children might break the surface. This was seriously on the cards last spring until a minister intervened. Most would ignore but one zealot parent could cause havoc if it had the force of law.

409759 ▶▶ Charlie Blue, replying to Alkanet, 10, #1086 of 2158 🔗

I can’t think of anything. They’ve already accepted too much. Although Brits are notoriously sentimental about animals many of them are also quite fond of their children, but nonetheless happy to collude in the destruction of their lives. I’ve heard so many times that come summer/winter/Christmas/spring/more job losses people won’t put up with it any more, but every time they do. The erosion of democracy and civil liberties has gone so far that I’m sure many believe they are utterly powerless, so objecting is futile – easier just to tell themselves it is all for the best.

409776 ▶▶▶ Alethea, replying to Charlie Blue, 10, #1087 of 2158 🔗

It really is like being trapped in a nightmare, isn’t it?

409783 ▶▶▶▶ richardw53, replying to Alethea, 6, #1088 of 2158 🔗

Yes – the more sheeple are asked to sacrifice, the more virtuous they feel doing it.

409811 ▶▶▶▶▶ awildgoose, replying to richardw53, 8, #1089 of 2158 🔗

It’s a holiness spiral for those with empty lives.

409824 ▶▶▶▶ Annie, replying to Alethea, 9, #1090 of 2158 🔗

it is. The sort of nightmare which gives you that profound sense of relief when you wake up. Such horrors just can’t be real.
But they are.
Consolation: we aren’t alone in this nightmare world. We have one another.

409887 ▶▶▶▶ Just about sane, replying to Alethea, 2, #1091 of 2158 🔗

One I cannot wake up from.

409794 ▶▶ Crystal Decanter, replying to Alkanet, 7, #1092 of 2158 🔗

My hunch:
More people would let granny die than Fido

409893 ▶▶▶ Just about sane, replying to Crystal Decanter, 5, #1093 of 2158 🔗

I honestly don’t think they give a shit whether granny dies or not, as long as they didn’t cause the death and can be seen to be virtuous.

409960 ▶▶▶▶ Harry Chara, replying to Just about sane, 9, #1094 of 2158 🔗

They actually don’t care about anyone dying . It’s all virtue signalling

410706 ▶▶▶ Jo Dominich, replying to Crystal Decanter, #1095 of 2158 🔗

You are right. Some years ago now John Humphries said that when Today ran a story about horrific child abuse the public were pretty much mute. However, when they run a story about abuse of animals, the calls by the public go through the roof all about rescuing the animals and damning the humans. Says a lot really when the RSPC is a ROYAL society and the NSPCC is not. However, having said that, the NSPCC are a bunch of self-serving fuckers called out by the Audit Commission (98% of revenue from their Full Stop campaign went directly into administration and management). They should be disbanded especially after their conduct was revealed years ago in the trial of an Olympic swimming coach who used his position to sexually abuse children and the NSPCC enquiry defended him.

409800 ▶▶ Andrew K, replying to Alkanet, 6, #1096 of 2158 🔗

I thought telling people they couldn’t leave their home would be enough. So I doubt the Gov. telling people they have to kill their first born children will even draw the line.

409801 ▶▶ A. Contrarian, replying to Alkanet, 7, #1097 of 2158 🔗

Probably at this point, nothing short of the summary execution of all positive individuals following military-enforced testing. Including children.

Or removing all children from parents for their “safety”, to be raised in enormous orphanariums.

409899 ▶▶▶ Nottheonly1, replying to A. Contrarian, 3, #1098 of 2158 🔗

…to be raised in enormous orphanariums.

the sentence continues: – to stock up on children for Mengele like experimantation as in New Zealand.

409886 ▶▶ Just about sane, replying to Alkanet, 4, #1099 of 2158 🔗

I really believe most of the dog owning public would happily take their dogs to the vets to get killed. Just to allow them to show how brave and selfless they are. Please don’t give the government any ideas as I will not be killing my dogs for anyone.

The vast majority of animal owning people in this country and in the US already over vaccinate and over medicate and worm and treat their poor pets for non existent fleas, due to the brainwashing of the veterinary profession, this lot really would see it as being for the greater good.

409957 ▶▶▶ Harry Chara, replying to Just about sane, #1100 of 2158 🔗

Then don’t kill them , why would you ?

409956 ▶▶ Harry Chara, replying to Alkanet, 2, #1101 of 2158 🔗

Would love that to happen so we can see if they wake up . Come on Witless tell them their Pets are killers and need to be put down hahahahahaha

409728 PompeyJunglist, replying to PompeyJunglist, 30, #1102 of 2158 🔗

People are appalled I have no intention of vaccinating my 4 and 2 year old daughters.

I’ve explained that they are not at any sort of risk, we don’t know the long term effects and the last time we did this for swine flu we gave loads of kids brain damage.

Here are some comments I’ve received:

“Why on earth wouldn’t you want kids vaccinated? They already get the flu vaccine in schools for some ages in Scotland, so what is the difference here?”

“If enough kids don’t get vaccinated, my “high risk” 6 year old is never going back to school.”

What on earth can you say to such deranged Covidians?

409735 ▶▶ Tyneside Tigress 2021, replying to PompeyJunglist, 17, #1103 of 2158 🔗

Did you agree with Dr Mengele’s experimentation on children, because this is an experimental vaccine that has not been tested on children?

409746 ▶▶▶ HelzBelz, replying to Tyneside Tigress 2021, 4, #1104 of 2158 🔗

Perfect answer 🙂

409805 ▶▶▶ jb12, replying to Tyneside Tigress 2021, 5, #1105 of 2158 🔗

I doubt these sorts of people even know who Mengele was.

409891 ▶▶▶▶ mj, replying to jb12, 3, #1106 of 2158 🔗

wasnt he the little kid in disneys Jungle Book? . You know, the one in the swimming trunks who sang with a bear and a monkey.. You know.. it was on Netflix at christmas

409915 ▶▶▶▶▶ Cecil B, replying to mj, 1, #1107 of 2158 🔗

A child sank a beer with a monkey

Heck things are getting bad

409738 ▶▶ Cecil B, replying to PompeyJunglist, 3, #1108 of 2158 🔗

Fuck Off (them not you)

409741 ▶▶ Nobody2021, replying to PompeyJunglist, 10, #1109 of 2158 🔗

The flu vaccine is only given to those who are considered most vulnerable to it. The rest of us just go about our daily lives without one.

Why would you vaccinate somebody that doesn’t need it?

409878 ▶▶▶ Nottheonly1, replying to Nobody2021, #1110 of 2158 🔗

Because your cognitive dissonance is soaring?

410119 ▶▶▶ Derek Toyne, replying to Nobody2021, #1111 of 2158 🔗

I believe most people have been brainwashed into believing they have no immunity to covid which is nonsense when you consider 99.8% of the population is covid free. Even if you do catch covid you have a 99% chance of survival or a 97% chance if elderly. No the only reason I can find is because people believe you won’t be able to do anything until your vaccinated. The only problem is some of us have medical reasons stopping us getting vaccinated and the vaccines aren’t that safe or effective.

409743 ▶▶ redbirdpete, replying to PompeyJunglist, 16, #1112 of 2158 🔗

The vaccine manufacturers themselves don’t recommend them for children. This is beginning to look very bad indeed.

409768 ▶▶▶ Charlie Blue, replying to redbirdpete, 4, #1113 of 2158 🔗

However, I remember reading quite some time ago (sorry don’t have a link right now, but have no reason do doubt the plausibilty of that memory) that trials on children were planned and they were recruiting particpants.

409779 ▶▶▶▶ Charlie Blue, replying to Charlie Blue, 4, #1114 of 2158 🔗

Sorry to reply to self.

“To that end, trials to make sure vaccines are safe for the young are beginning in earnest. Pfizer and Moderna Inc. started recruiting participants at the end of last year, and could have data from studies by summer. The University of Oxford, which developed a vaccine with AstraZeneca Plc , is planning initial tests in 12- to 18-year-olds next month.”

410261 ▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to redbirdpete, 1, #1115 of 2158 🔗

AZ vax for children proposed, to be ready by autumn …….

409755 ▶▶ Andrea Salford, replying to PompeyJunglist, 12, #1116 of 2158 🔗

Tell them to ‘get a grip’. There is no risk to or from children and the application of unnecessary experimental ‘vaccines’ is child abuse. Show them your utter disgust and contempt at the suggestion you would even consider it for yourself never mind your children.

409799 ▶▶ Crystal Decanter, replying to PompeyJunglist, 4, #1117 of 2158 🔗

If they are that terrified of their children then maybe they should have them terminated?

409810 ▶▶ steve_w, replying to PompeyJunglist, 3, #1118 of 2158 🔗

if you get your kids done you are taking the vaccine from someone who is vulnerable – that may be in this country or another. but it seems the height of selfishness to vaccinate someone at zero risk when billions haven’t had a chance

409868 ▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to PompeyJunglist, 5, #1119 of 2158 🔗

You drawn the line. They will never be convinced that you have genuine reasons, they shame and berate you in bullying ways. They do not care for you. Don’t waste your energy trying to convince them.

409906 ▶▶ Harry Chara, replying to PompeyJunglist, 1, #1120 of 2158 🔗

Call them fucking Basket cases lol

410059 ▶▶ PompeyJunglist, replying to PompeyJunglist, 3, #1121 of 2158 🔗

A happy ending of sorts. It turns out they had no idea about what the swine flu vaccine did to kids and now ‘understand’ my reticence.

410254 ▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to PompeyJunglist, 1, #1122 of 2158 🔗

Good for you!

409729 Edward, replying to Edward, 38, #1123 of 2158 🔗

Letter to the Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art. As they’re quite a small organisation who don’t receive government funding, I don’t wish to be too harsh on them. But this is the least harsh I can be.

Thank you for your letter of 28 January inviting me to renew my membership. Unfortunately I do not wish to do so at present. The gallery is currently closed by government decree, and on current government policies it seems unlikely that you will be able to reopen for some considerable time. No one can predict the future; my best guess is that you will be allowed to reopen in the summer, but when respiratory illnesses start to rise again next winter (as they always do), yet another lockdown will be imposed, to deal with alleged new variants of covid or on some other dubious basis. Lockdowns now appear to be the government’s policy of first resort, when in my opinion they should be a last resort or never imposed at all.

Is your gallery financially viable on the basis of opening for only six to eight months a year, with restricted visitor numbers? If not, you may have no option but to close permanently and sell off the contents to private collectors. Alternatively, you and similar organisations could join forces to resist the government’s insane and destructive policies.

Even if you are able to open , the rigmarole of advance booking, restricted numbers, queuing, distancing, one-way systems, hand sanitising and face coverings would make visiting the gallery an unpleasant experience which I have no wish to undergo. I’ll be happy to renew my membership if normality ever returns, but not otherwise. I wish you success and I hope that my pessimism is unfounded, but I fear it may not be.

409758 ▶▶ Julian, replying to Edward, 10, #1124 of 2158 🔗

Good letter

I could take this and send it without much or any modification to every place I used to go – shops, sports and cultural venues etc etc.

Even when “lockdown” is lifted a bit, for a while, most of the coronabollocks will continue for many years to come so anyone thinking life will be normal will be very disappointed

I would like “lockdown” to be lifted so I am able to play tennis, outdoors, and have people round my house without it being illegal (though they are very few people I want to see now), but I am fully expecting to be boycotting most of the things I used to do, for the rest of my life

409832 ▶▶▶ Edward, replying to Julian, 5, #1125 of 2158 🔗

I’ve previously used the phrase “an unpleasant experience which I have no wish to undergo” in similar letters to other organisations. The problem is, they probably calculate that more people will be put off by the absence of restrictive measures than those like me who are put off by their presence. When masking first came in I thought the opposite would be true, but the extent of brainwashing now means that a majority supports restrictive measures. Or maybe not a true majority, but a majority of those who are quick to express their opinions.

409876 ▶▶▶▶ Julian, replying to Edward, 6, #1126 of 2158 🔗

Not sure about the majority supporting restrictive measures. But yes, many do. But I think it is important to remind businesses and organisations that there are some who do not want restrictive measures.

However the real problem now is that a lot of this won’t ever go away in our lifetimes, and it is going to be very hard to coexist. Take an office (I used to work in an office) – there will be some like me who don’t want to go back unless it is 100% like it used to be, and others who will refuse to go back if there are not substantial, invasive “covid-safe” measures in place. Pleasing both sets of people is going to be impossible in most cases so what happens is that the “safe” position will become the default and will win out – which is why many parts of my life will never come back to how they were, if I stay in this country

409943 ▶▶▶▶▶ Harry Chara, replying to Julian, #1127 of 2158 🔗

Oh it’s the Majority all right I can guarantee it

409941 ▶▶▶ Harry Chara, replying to Julian, 4, #1128 of 2158 🔗

Having people round at yours is NOT Illegal don’t fall for this Bollox

409942 ▶▶▶▶ Harry Chara, replying to Harry Chara, 3, #1129 of 2158 🔗

Same as booking a Holiday isn’t Illegal . It’s conditioning and scare tactics

409949 ▶▶▶▶▶ Julian, replying to Harry Chara, 1, #1130 of 2158 🔗

I don’t think booking a holiday is illegal but going on one probably is – though the definition of a “reasonable excuse” is somewhat vague

Having people round is illegal as far as my reading of the relevant SIs goes – not that this is important to me, but it is to some

409797 ▶▶ JohnDanny, replying to Edward, 2, #1131 of 2158 🔗

Good letter. Very well put.

409816 ▶▶ Annie, replying to Edward, 4, #1132 of 2158 🔗

Good, well-reasoned letter.
If these people put their heads on the block and stretch out their necks, they can scarcely be surprised if the axe falls.

410078 ▶▶ Tom in Scotland, replying to Edward, #1133 of 2158 🔗

Excellent, concise letter. It’s something I would send if I were in your position.

409750 ▶▶ Achilles, replying to awildgoose, 15, #1135 of 2158 🔗

To be honest I think a threat that they might have to cull their pets may be the only thing that gets the dormant UK populace to finally rebel but then again destroyed businesses, destroyed lives and child abuse hasn’t done that so who knows?

409765 ▶▶▶ awildgoose, replying to Achilles, 14, #1136 of 2158 🔗

The child abuse thing doesn’t surprise me too much.

The most devoted Covidians are the same people that tend to see their kids as a tick on their bucket list or some sort of lifestyle accessory that is raised by the schools and television.

409786 ▶▶▶▶ Dermot McClatchey, replying to awildgoose, 2, #1137 of 2158 🔗

Certainly some degree of correlation.

410082 ▶▶▶ Tom in Scotland, replying to Achilles, #1138 of 2158 🔗

Yes, I have been wondering what it will take to snap the sheeple out of their spell. A cull of pets might just do it, but perhaps not. This country has gone mad.

409789 ▶▶ Liz F, replying to awildgoose, 3, #1139 of 2158 🔗

Don’t tell Handcock.

409793 ▶▶ A. Contrarian, replying to awildgoose, 3, #1140 of 2158 🔗

They need to test Bozo’s dog first. If he’s positive, he must be slaughtered, surely?

That might make him think twice.

410286 ▶▶▶ Anti_socialist, replying to A. Contrarian, #1141 of 2158 🔗

Leave the animals out of it.

410361 ▶▶▶▶ A. Contrarian, replying to Anti_socialist, #1142 of 2158 🔗

Yes, I agree. I wasn’t being serious!

410237 ▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to awildgoose, #1143 of 2158 🔗

FFS indeed!

409739 Achilles, replying to Achilles, 15, #1144 of 2158 🔗

I mean it’s simple isn’t it? They want to get as many people vaccinated as possible before the virus naturally goes away in the summer so they can claim victory for the vaccine and they can justify it’s renewal in Autumn and beyond.

409747 ▶▶ pvenkman, replying to Achilles, 6, #1145 of 2158 🔗

The apparent switch of testing methods seems to point in this direction

409791 ▶▶▶ A. Contrarian, replying to pvenkman, 4, #1146 of 2158 🔗

I missed (no I didn’t, I deliberately didn’t watch it, I never do) the most recent Clown Show.

Did they actually say that they are moving to LFT? Will this apply to all pillars? Will PCR continue for some?

409840 ▶▶▶▶ isobar, replying to A. Contrarian, 2, #1147 of 2158 🔗

I didn’t it either, but here is a link (posted earlier by another LS ) https://adapnation.io/the-covid-exit-strategy-lfd-test-pivot/

409860 ▶▶▶▶▶ A. Contrarian, replying to isobar, #1148 of 2158 🔗


409748 steve_w, replying to steve_w, 40, #1149 of 2158 🔗

I had a chat with someone today and the conversation turned to the lockdown.

He said if we hadnt locked down millions would have died

I said but Sweden didn’t lock down and they had less deaths than us

He said but they have a smaller population

I said I meant per million population they had less deaths than us

He said but they have a smaller population

409756 ▶▶ Nobody2021, replying to steve_w, 7, #1150 of 2158 🔗

Then compare Sweden to Scotland as we’re more similar. Sweden did no worse at far lower cost.

409762 ▶▶ Julian, replying to steve_w, 13, #1151 of 2158 🔗

Carry some Lego or sticklebricks maybe to help explain the concept visually next time

409767 ▶▶▶ steve_w, replying to Julian, 25, #1152 of 2158 🔗

this cow is small, that cow is far away

409792 ▶▶▶▶ Julian, replying to steve_w, 10, #1153 of 2158 🔗

This cow is more intelligent than the person you were speaking to

409859 ▶▶▶ BeBopRockSteady, replying to Julian, #1154 of 2158 🔗

Or just give the lego to them, might be about their level of complexity it sounds like

409870 ▶▶▶▶ Nottheonly1, replying to BeBopRockSteady, #1155 of 2158 🔗

The original Legos would be a waste on them.

409769 ▶▶ Jonny S., replying to steve_w, 5, #1156 of 2158 🔗

he has a smaller brain

409782 ▶▶ Dermot McClatchey, replying to steve_w, 6, #1157 of 2158 🔗

I get this, except the other way round, from my wife’s aunt…… all those deaths in America under Trump …… can’t seem to understand the concept of fractions.

409790 ▶▶▶ steve_w, replying to Dermot McClatchey, 2, #1158 of 2158 🔗

Its a difficult concept. My Buckinghamshire village has done so much better than South America. Maybe we are better at handwashing

409796 ▶▶ Niborxof, replying to steve_w, #1159 of 2158 🔗

And clearly a more in intelligent one in terms off IQ/million

409806 ▶▶ Annie, replying to steve_w, 6, #1160 of 2158 🔗

Against stupidity the gods themselves contend in vain.
To coin a phrase.

409841 ▶▶ vargas99, replying to steve_w, 1, #1161 of 2158 🔗

And there you have it in a nutshell – fucking intellectual pygmies

409916 ▶▶▶ steve_w, replying to vargas99, 5, #1162 of 2158 🔗

problem is the guy I was talking to was Chris Whitty

409847 ▶▶ Edward, replying to steve_w, 3, #1163 of 2158 🔗

Back to primary school to learn about proportions – wait a minute, the schools are closed!

409933 ▶▶ JHUNTZ, replying to steve_w, 4, #1164 of 2158 🔗

I think the answer to that is you clearly want to be scared so be scared.

410084 ▶▶ Tom in Scotland, replying to steve_w, #1165 of 2158 🔗

Yes, this is what we are up against. What a joke of an education system we have here (I see it regularly in my line of work).

410114 ▶▶ RickH, replying to steve_w, #1166 of 2158 🔗

Yes – I’m afraid we’re in brain dead territory.

409749 tarfu, replying to tarfu, 14, #1167 of 2158 🔗

My question here has no doubt been asked (and answered) more than once on LS:
The CV vaccine (and indeed any vaccine) will not necessarily stop you getting the disease you are being vaccinated against. So, if you do get the disease and are carrying an infectious viral load, how does a vaccine stop transmission to others.
If the answer is ‘it doesn’t’ then what is the point of a ‘Vaccine Passport’?. Or is it relying on the fact that most people are so brainwashed and stupid that they will believe the narrative that being ‘vaccinated’ somehow protects those around you.

409771 ▶▶ A Heretic, replying to tarfu, 7, #1168 of 2158 🔗

vaccine passports are even less useful than testing people 3 days before travel.

409772 ▶▶ Julian, replying to tarfu, 5, #1169 of 2158 🔗

There’s no real point to any of this, in public health terms – it’s just political theatre, madness, control freakery, NWO whatever takes your fancy

I think the “official” answer will be that vaccine reduce the likelihood of transmission so they help a bit but that all the other measures we currently have will still be needed in some form, forever

409773 ▶▶ awildgoose, replying to tarfu, 5, #1170 of 2158 🔗

If the vaccine turns one into a spike protein factory, it seems that would make a person more likely to fail the criteria around the PCR process and unable to travel.

409774 ▶▶ Andrew K, replying to tarfu, 9, #1171 of 2158 🔗

The Vaxx passport is to coerce everybody into having the poison to facilitate the cull of man.

409784 ▶▶ Janette, replying to tarfu, 3, #1172 of 2158 🔗

Exactly and the goalposts have been moved yet again!

409829 ▶▶ stefarm, replying to tarfu, 9, #1173 of 2158 🔗

The vaccine passport is to soften the masses up for the roll out of the social credit system, a trap.

409968 ▶▶▶ jonathan Palmer, replying to stefarm, 6, #1174 of 2158 🔗

Agree.The vaccine is the gateway drug to totalitarianism.Rather than ending the repression, it is the licence to control,when paired with the digital passport.

410048 ▶▶▶▶ stefarm, replying to jonathan Palmer, 3, #1175 of 2158 🔗

Yep, 3 weeks to flatten the curve, it’s only 6 foot, it’s only a mask, Xmas is cancelled no it isn’t, yes it is and on and on it goes………

410232 ▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to tarfu, 1, #1176 of 2158 🔗

Because the “passports” are nothing to do with vaccination. They are to prepare the sheeple to have their every move monitored and controlled.

409753 Cecil B, replying to Cecil B, 9, #1177 of 2158 🔗

Take you vaccine or you are not allowed to go on holiday

Eat your greens or you are not allowed out to play

409785 ▶▶ Steve Hayes, replying to Cecil B, 10, #1178 of 2158 🔗

Take the vaccine and you are not allowed to go on holiday.

409889 ▶▶▶ redbirdpete, replying to Steve Hayes, 4, #1179 of 2158 🔗

I still think that is what is going to blow the Government’s strategy out of the water. Despite what the handcocks say, everyone I’ve spoken to who has had the vaccine is assuming they are no longer in danger and when enough have had it we will be back to normal. I know the government have said you must still follow the rules, but I think that is too contradictory for people to take in.

410112 ▶▶▶▶ RickH, replying to redbirdpete, #1180 of 2158 🔗

The most frequent justification for the vaccines that I have heard is definitely “I just want to get back to normal”.

Unfortunately, I think the Fear Factor will continue to work for the government – but I reckon they are on much thinner ice by disappointing this key expectation.

409918 ▶▶ Luckyharry69, replying to Cecil B, 2, #1181 of 2158 🔗

I couldnt possibly eat a whole Caroline Lucas…….

410690 ▶▶▶ Jo Dominich, replying to Luckyharry69, #1182 of 2158 🔗

Come on, I’m sure you can give it a good try!

410226 ▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to Cecil B, #1183 of 2158 🔗

Greens aren’t good for you either!

409788 Poppy, replying to Poppy, 51, #1184 of 2158 🔗

Not sure how many people on here will be familiar with this, but on Instagram there is a very popular ‘meme’ page called ‘thearchbish0pofbanterbury’ aimed at young people, which posts ‘British’ humour and memes. The page has 3.2m follows and is very popular amongst my demographic, so it is a good barometer of what people around my age are thinking.

I follow them and for the past few weeks and months, their content has been very bland and MSM-y, i.e. lauding NHS workers, the vaccine, etc.

However, one of today’s posts featured Sir Charles Walker’s recent interview on Sky News, where he talks about how people are going to start asking why we’re still in lockdown when all the vulnerable have been vaccinated, and how Matt Hancock needs ‘reigning in’. The video is accompanied with the caption ‘Sir Charles Walker saying what we’re all thinking’. The vast majority of comments underneath the post all agree with Sir Walker, and even those that don’t only criticise the fact he is a ‘Tory’ or criticise his voting record, rather than lockdown scepticism itself, which is very interesting because it implies these people would agree with Sir Walker were it not for his political leanings.

After a grim morning ruminating on the increasing nastiness of the government’s threats, this has really lifted my spirits and I hope it lifts everyone else’s too. I have waited a long time for some proper scepticism on young people’s social media pages and this vindicates my theory thatt the silent majority ARE sceptical and sick of being imprisoned indefinitely with nothing to look forward to, and are just trying to get on with their lives as best as they can.

409802 ▶▶ Julian, replying to Poppy, 19, #1185 of 2158 🔗

it implies these people would agree with Sir Walker were it not for his political leanings” One of the many obstacles to getting more traction has been the absence of much public opposition to lockdowns from the nominal political left – most of the prominent people who speak against are on the right which gets in the way of their message

409838 ▶▶▶ suitejb, replying to Julian, 13, #1186 of 2158 🔗

So agree. Many of my friends (and me) tend to be on the political left. I can post a photo on FB of my kitten playing in the snow and it gets no end of likes. Post something vaguely sceptical or share a KBF post and nothing!

409924 ▶▶▶▶ Andrew K, replying to suitejb, 4, #1187 of 2158 🔗

That’s because FB doesn’t publicize anything they don’t like out. If you post a cat playing in snow, FB will inform all in your friends group but doesn’t do the same for anti covid stuff. I’ve tested this out.

410225 ▶▶▶▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to Andrew K, 1, #1188 of 2158 🔗

Yes! Shadowbanning.

410096 ▶▶▶ RickH, replying to Julian, 4, #1189 of 2158 🔗

I think it’s more complicated.

This shit-show has brought to the fore a political conflict that cannot be framed in traditional terms. The old divisions are still there, but the important issue of the day cuts right across.

The practical issue is that the key division isn’t really represented in terms of political parties. Both the Tories and Labour are both in the hands of establishment interests, and potential opposition has been dumb enough to think that the political way forward to out-Covid the government rather than to radically oppose the narrative.

The small parties are just irrelevant, and/or too sectarian to create a real base.

A fascinating feature of the scene is how the Tooting Trots and this Brexit Tory right share so much in their regressive delusions.

On the left, there has been a massive exodus from the Labour Party, which looks to be heading the same way as the raddled Tories in terms of actual membership. Most of the sceptics I know are actually on the left of politics – but they now have no party allegiance.

409831 ▶▶ Jonny S., replying to Poppy, 20, #1190 of 2158 🔗

In the words of my 16 year old daughter.

The scientists can just F off.
And I’m not even kidding right.

She does say there is a lot of scepticism with people her age and that no one she knows will ever vote tory.

409839 ▶▶ Achilles, replying to Poppy, 11, #1191 of 2158 🔗

Anything like that is good to hear right now, thanks.

409905 ▶▶ mattghg, replying to Poppy, 6, #1192 of 2158 🔗

Thanks for sharing this.

409954 ▶▶ GrannySlayer, replying to Poppy, 16, #1193 of 2158 🔗

I get the impression that if we really knew the true number of people opposed to lockdown and vaccination, we would be so emboldened by the figure that we would not hesitate to march down Whitehall and overthrow the government immediately. And I think the government know it too.

410089 ▶▶ Tom in Scotland, replying to Poppy, 3, #1194 of 2158 🔗

Thanks for this bit of good news. I’m careful of what I say to my university students, but I have detected some of this scepticism as well in conversations.

409820 Freddy Freethinker, replying to Freddy Freethinker, 21, #1195 of 2158 🔗

Sceptical as we all are, look at how the conjuring trick of distraction is keeping us all busy, looking in the wrong direction.

Vaccines, crazy rules, 10 year sentences, injustices, MSM inconsistencies and sycophancy, stories of lockdown zealots etc.  Visceral and antagonising, I think it’s all there to scare us in the same way that the virus scares the non-sceptical.

All useful to the master tricksters to keep even the sceptical at bay, using up our energy and lowering the chances of us looking around at whatever they are up to.

So much FUD to contend with – Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt .

Even comic book baddy Herr Schwab-The-Hairless appears to be there to increase the Fear aspect. Sad fucker.

Psy-Ops all the way.

I’m off to clear my head….

409836 ▶▶ rockoman, replying to Freddy Freethinker, 12, #1196 of 2158 🔗

I think you’re on to something Freddie.

The WEF are a brunch of dreamers.

The fact is their agenda is going nowhere.

Central planning always fails.

The West is now in the position of the Soviet bloc around 1988.

Ahead of us not the Great Reset, but the financial reset.

409958 ▶▶▶ jonathan Palmer, replying to rockoman, 2, #1197 of 2158 🔗

It makes more sense than believing the government would shut down the economy to save a few pensioners.The same pensioners,who at the moment they are busy killing with their unlicensed potions.

409825 HelzBelz, replying to HelzBelz, 12, #1198 of 2158 🔗

Update on The Coronavirus Act 2020 is Null and Void!

To our Wonderful Supporters,

After battling on for 6 long months against this fraudemic/ plandemic and the fascists behind it in the Government of Occupation, we have been refused ‘permission’ for a Judicial Review! The whole idea of having to have ‘permission’ to challenge the Government in the Courts is laughable in a Democracy at the best of times! However, when they have abused the law and abused Parliament to remove our Democracy, the situation is even more desperate as we are literally fighting for our lives.

The Refusal is now available on the Case Page to read and it is clear that the Judge has not even properly looked at our submissions, and he even admits to this, and instead just claims that it is too long and the same as the Dolan Case. He has also penalised us with £6,000 costs and has threatened additional costs if we dare to pursue the Case any further.

But we dare! We will not be bullied and intimidated when we are fighting for the Rights and Freedoms of us all!

The application for reconsideration and objection to costs are already in the post!


The judges are all in on the scamdemic tool It just feels utterly hopeless.

409843 ▶▶ Nottheonly1, replying to HelzBelz, 4, #1199 of 2158 🔗

Reminiscent of the ordeal of Helen Steel and David Morris in the “MacLibel” case. The UK regime had to be told off by the EU human rights court. However, things have changed to the worse since. But the judgement reeks of denial of justice and should be pursued at the international human rights court. The EU court no longer handles the UK regime crimes.

409850 ▶▶ awildgoose, replying to HelzBelz, 2, #1200 of 2158 🔗

“No standing,” as we say here in the US.

409827 Richy_m_99, replying to Richy_m_99, 18, #1201 of 2158 🔗

Thinking illogically:

The only thing the therapy aka vaccine is good for is reducing the symptoms of somebody who is unfortunate enough to be afflicted by the virus. It does not prevent you catching it or transmitting it to others if the manufacturers sre to be believed (and who would claim that if iit were not true).

So somebody who is infected with a viral load which is borderline infectious to others , but has suppressed symptoms thanks to the jab, waves his vaccine passport about to show how safe he is.

Is that passport not actually providing a false sense of security to everyone around at that point?

409830 ▶▶ HelzBelz, replying to Richy_m_99, 18, #1202 of 2158 🔗

Exactly! The vaccine is actually even worse than pointless!

409852 ▶▶ Andrea Salford, replying to Richy_m_99, 16, #1203 of 2158 🔗

‘The only thing the therapy aka vaccine is good for is reducing the symptoms of somebody who is unfortunate enough to be afflicted by the virus.’

So they say. Conveniently it can’t be proved or disproved. Your ‘chances’ viz Covid are exactly where you would be with or without the vaccine, but at least without the experimental vaccine you don’t run the risk of side effects – short or long term.

I don’t get why people just don’t see through the whole thing.

410021 ▶▶▶ RickH, replying to Andrea Salford, 7, #1204 of 2158 🔗

If people in general had the ability read, analyse, and to assess risk, we wouldn’t have landed up here in the first place.

409948 ▶▶ rose, replying to Richy_m_99, 8, #1205 of 2158 🔗

One has to wonder how researchers came to the conclusion that it reduces symptoms. How do they know what symptoms a person would have had without it?

410322 ▶▶▶ Dodderydude, replying to rose, 1, #1206 of 2158 🔗

What a simple and logical question that would be to ask Vallance, Whitty or Van Tam at one of their ubiquitous comedy routines but has anyone asked them? Of course not.

409844 Nobody2021, 13, #1207 of 2158 🔗

Pandemic Logic

If we didn’t lock down we’d end up with 500k dead (according to modelling)

UK population 66 Million people, severe restrictions, currently 114k official deaths
India population 1.36 Billion people, limited restrictions, currently 155k official deaths

409849 Cecil B, 9, #1208 of 2158 🔗

Time: A few days ago

Location: The Coffee Lounge in a Bunker deep under Downing Street

The Pig Dictator opens the communal fridge

” Ok, Ok who’s had my pint of milk and bag of donuts”

Silence in the room

“Come on you thieving bastards they had my name written on them”

Silence in the room

Ted ” Yeah and whilst we are at it who had my tray of experimental monkey gunk. It was in there before Christmas and now it’s gone”

Silence in the room

Ted “Come on we are not leaving until someone owns up”

Silence in the room

Ted “Whitty, why are you sweating like a rapist?”

Ted “What do you meaning nothing, don’t give me that look. What have you done?”

Ted “What!!! tell me you haven’t. How many?

Ted “Stop mumbling man, Eleven? who are they?

Ted “What !!! eleven million? Oh we are toast, who told you to do that? There is no way back from this”

Runt Mitchell “Cancel their holidays, give them something to think about”

Ted “I only told them a few days ago that they would all be going on holiday this year. That would be breaking a promise”

Hysterical laughter around the room

409856 Major Panic, replying to Major Panic, 13, #1209 of 2158 🔗

The architects of the pandemic, lockdowns and vaccines are liable to charges of mass murder and crimes against humanity….

The shit show must go on….

410015 ▶▶ RickH, replying to Major Panic, #1210 of 2158 🔗

Don’t shoot off into realms of fantasy. Simply : it isn’t going to happen.

410049 ▶▶▶ rockoman, replying to RickH, #1211 of 2158 🔗

In 2019 most people would have said 2020 wasn’t going to happen.

In the way that it did.

410069 ▶▶▶ Major Panic, replying to RickH, #1212 of 2158 🔗

hence – the shit show must go on

409867 Mutineer, replying to Mutineer, 4, #1213 of 2158 🔗

I see that the card shop in a town near to me, Droitwich, which has stayed open has been hit by yet another fine and threats that they will be forced to close.

409881 ▶▶ The Filthy Engineer, replying to Mutineer, 9, #1214 of 2158 🔗

And you know what’s strange? No local Worcestershire papers even seem to be reporting this. Smacks of censorship to me.

Have they started a “gofundme” page?

409895 ▶▶▶ Mutineer, replying to The Filthy Engineer, 4, #1215 of 2158 🔗

A card shop in Droitwich has now been fined a total of £17,000, after repeatedly breaching national lockdown rules.
The latest £10,000 fine – the largest the Council can give – is the 4th given to the owners of Grace Cards and Books, after they refused to close during lockdown.
The owners – who have been contacted for a comment – say that because they sell items including newspapers and confectionary, they can legally stay open. But Worcestershire Regulatory Service officers have made it clear as the core of the business is selling cards and gifts, they can’t.
Discussions are taking place about further action, including a forced closure or court action, due to concerns about the risk the shop’s continued opening poses to public health.

409912 ▶▶▶▶ Annie, replying to Mutineer, 3, #1216 of 2158 🔗

Anybody died after going in there?

409946 ▶▶▶▶ Crystal Decanter, replying to Mutineer, 2, #1217 of 2158 🔗

as I stated in the Great Reopening groups on Telegram – all non essential shops and gyms should adopt shelving full of essential items so that one can purchase a pint of milk whilst working out
fuk ’em

410023 ▶▶▶▶ Jo Dominich, replying to Mutineer, 1, #1218 of 2158 🔗

It’s now down to the local businesses in the area to open and end this tyranny.

410027 ▶▶ HelzBelz, replying to Mutineer, 1, #1219 of 2158 🔗

Foul comments on the post made by some vile people along the lines of ‘rules are rules’, their fault for not abiding by them..

409869 tarfu, replying to tarfu, 10, #1220 of 2158 🔗

Matt Hancock said there was still “a lot of uncertainty” but ministers were doing everything possible to make sure people could have a holiday this year.

Matt Hancock said there was still “a lot of uncertainty” but ministers were doing everything possible to make sure people could NOT have a holiday this year.

There, that’s fixed it!

409888 ▶▶ Edward, replying to tarfu, 1, #1221 of 2158 🔗

I think in one of the Gilbert & Sullivan operettas there’s a similar case of the word “not” being inserted into a piece of legislation to get round a problem. Can’t quite remember which one – maybe The Mikado?

Then there was the “Bad Bible”, with the misprinted commandment “Thou shalt commit adultery”.

409901 ▶▶▶ Edward, replying to Edward, 2, #1222 of 2158 🔗

I’ve remembered – it’s in Iolanthe. The law in Fairyland is that any fairy who marries a mortal must die. It’s changed to any fairy who “don’t” marry a mortal.

409910 ▶▶▶ Annie, replying to Edward, 1, #1223 of 2158 🔗

The Fairy rule is that every fairy myst due who marries a mortal.
All the fairies go off and marry mortals.
To avoud the necessity of slaughtering all the fairies, the Lord Chancellor, ‘an old equity draftsman’, alters the law to read ‘every fairy must die who DON’T marry a mortal’.

409985 ▶▶ Bella Donna, replying to tarfu, 1, #1224 of 2158 🔗

Except for government workers and anyone considered more important than the common folk.

410056 ▶▶ mj, replying to tarfu, #1225 of 2158 🔗

similarly, see the wicked or adulterous bible
where NOT was omitted from “thou shalt not commit adultery”

409872 Freecumbria, 3, #1226 of 2158 🔗

An update on the now steady fall in English covid labelled hospital deaths (based on NHS data up to and including today). Allowance has been made for deaths that have occurred but not yet been reported.

You can see the complete difference between April when the growth rate of labelled covid deaths got up to 40% region per day whereas in the normal winter resurgence it’s never got up above around 10% per day.

That’s a clear sign that there is massive immunity out there, as in March/April the seasonal affect would have been to reduce the growth rate whereas in September to January the seasonal affect would have been to increase the growth rate. As seasonality and immunity is what stops growth, I conclude it must be immunity that has controlled things throughout the winter.

(usual caveat that these are deaths labelled as covid deaths and not deaths from covid but the relative figures are interesting)

409875 Lisa (formerly) from Toronto, replying to Lisa (formerly) from Toronto, 25, #1227 of 2158 🔗

Just listening to Dr. Andrew Wakefield who makes a compelling case for the emergence of new “strains” being the result of masking, sanitizing, lockdowns, etc. With SARS and MERS the virus peaked and disappeared, but how we’ve responded to this virus created genetic selection pressure on it to become more infectious and transmissible in order to survive (not necessarily more deadly though).

So we prolonged an “epidemic” to give pharma time to create “vaccines” we don’t need, and this genetic selection pressure created new strains that require the pharma companies to create “boosters” indefinitely. I’m afraid to say the only way this ends is if they simply can’t hide the number and degree of adverse reactions to these experimental gene therapies. Unfortunately, many of these adverse events won’t manifest for years and it’ll be even more difficult to link them to this mass experiment.

I posted about this earlier. Having listened to him I can see why he had to be eradicated from this country… now living in USA.

409989 ▶▶▶ Victoria, replying to Jo, 5, #1229 of 2158 🔗

It seems as if you following in the steps of MSM and medical journals and journalists to smear Wakefield – same principle as smearing lockdownsceptics…..

New Evidence Refutes Fraud Findings in Dr. Wakefield Case
A new investigation into Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s hotly contested MMR-autism study concluded there was no fraud committed by Dr. Wakefield

At least 28 studies from around the world support Dr. Wakefield’s controversial findings; Dr. Wakefield has also published dozens of peer-reviewed papers looking at the mechanism and cause of inflammatory bowel disease, and has extensively investigated the brain-bowel connection in the context of children with developmental disorders such as autism.

At the heart of the Wakefield controversy has been whether or not the children in the study were, in fact, diagnosed with non-specific colitis, or if that information had been fabricated — allegations that were largely initiated by investigative journalist Brian Deer .

Wakefield is Not the Only Researcher to Look Into the Possible Connection Between MMR Vaccine, Bowel Disease and Autism
Is Brian Deer the Fraud?


409883 ▶▶ rockoman, replying to Lisa (formerly) from Toronto, 10, #1230 of 2158 🔗

Except, randomized controlled trials show that masks don’t work.

We now have several studies showing that lockdowns don’t work.

Mutations will always occur anyway, regardless of human action.

409965 ▶▶▶ Lisa (formerly) from Toronto, replying to rockoman, 3, #1231 of 2158 🔗

He wasn’t saying that any of those things work, only that they may have slowed transmission enough to encourage more transmissible strains. Ultimately he agrees that we cannot one-up nature; nature will always win.

409992 ▶▶ awildgoose, replying to Lisa (formerly) from Toronto, 1, #1232 of 2158 🔗

US CDC release propaganda study, “proving,” two masks are better than one:


C’mon man!

Basement Joe says, “Put a lid on it!”

410079 ▶▶▶ Lisa (formerly) from Toronto, replying to awildgoose, 2, #1233 of 2158 🔗

As someone who won’t wear even one mask, I say bring it on. Let the sheeple double and triple up and accelerate the tooth decay, maskne, hypoxia, bacterial pneumonia, and all the other dangers of masking. Or, perhaps a few people will see the absurdity of the moving goalposts and become sceptical.

410457 ▶▶▶▶ Marialta, replying to Lisa (formerly) from Toronto, #1234 of 2158 🔗

Have just read the post about the Supernanny Jo Frost training parents how to get their children used to wearing masks. What will happen if the foolish woman extends this to children? Dangerous imbeciles will copy. We have reached a new low.

410097 ▶▶ Tom in Scotland, replying to Lisa (formerly) from Toronto, 2, #1235 of 2158 🔗

I’m more optimistic that this shitshow will unravel well before that.

410147 ▶▶ Van Allen, replying to Lisa (formerly) from Toronto, #1236 of 2158 🔗

Yes it’s the long term effect of the dna altering therapies that worry me.

409877 Sarigan (Day 325 of lockdown), 3, #1237 of 2158 🔗
409892 wendyk, replying to wendyk, 20, #1238 of 2158 🔗


The future awaits: jabs versus jobs. The jabberwocky is on the move and it wants us all.

Informed consent anyone.

I spoke to a friend in Cornwall earlier; she had to drive to a vaccination centre to have hers, but found out that there had been 28 no shows, a significant figure.

It seems that take up is not as widespread as the media would suggest.

409897 ▶▶ alw, replying to wendyk, 11, #1239 of 2158 🔗

As I suspected

410182 ▶▶ LMS2, replying to wendyk, 1, #1240 of 2158 🔗

My OH turned down the vaccine offer from our GP, on a “I’ll wait a bit longer, thank-you” basis.
They didn’t argue or seem surprised.
By the time they offer again, any serious side effects should be in the public domain, preferably with Hancock being made to walk the plank into the middle of the Thames.

409894 Cecil B, 2, #1241 of 2158 🔗


Strange. They are ‘vaccinating’ 63 year old residents from the Health Secretary’s constituency

Nothing new, just the usual endemic corruption of Wales

All being done through the elites and Taffia on a nod and a wink basis

409898 Jo, replying to Jo, 19, #1242 of 2158 🔗

I’m just reading Dr Malcolm Kendrick’s book “Doctoring Data”. Highly recommended, so far.
He mentions a Telegraph article about the Govt guidelines on alcohol, when scientists suggested limits were set too high and people should drink no more than a quarter of a pint of beer a day.
Quote by MK in response (p49)
“Exactly what planet to these numpties live on? There would surely be no end to the joy in daily life if the “experts” ever managed to grab the levers of power.”

I bet even he didn’t realise how right he was when he wrote that in 2014.

409951 ▶▶ smithey, replying to Jo, 6, #1243 of 2158 🔗

How sensible he was. A lot of scientists advice does not stand up to the common sense test. The above is a perfect example, there are plenty of people in their 80s and 90s still going strong who have consumed way more than a quarter of a pint of beer pretty much every day of their life (I used to drink with a guy who made it to the ripe old age of 90 and he was still downing 3-4 pints every night in his local pretty much right up until the week he died). If alcohol was as bad as the above scientist say then surely most people should not live much past 25?

409911 PWL, replying to PWL, 6, #1244 of 2158 🔗

Christ on a bike. Hancock breaks a promise, does he?

“Covid-19 Vaccine” Adverse Reactions; Part One: Dropping Dead?

409976 ▶▶ Victoria, replying to PWL, 1, #1245 of 2158 🔗

Great article

409919 Annie, replying to Annie, 27, #1246 of 2158 🔗

We are constantly expressing our astonishment at the boundless stupidity of the sheeples.
You know what? They were always that stupid, that gullible, that malicious, that selfish.
It’s just that the fact was not brought as forcibly to our notice as it is now.
Don’t be surprised. Expect it.

409934 ▶▶ RickH, replying to Annie, 1, #1247 of 2158 🔗

We’ve got a government that they voted for to prove it.

409962 ▶▶▶ JohnDanny, replying to RickH, 2, #1248 of 2158 🔗

That’s funny, the other day you were urging us to see the good in them and saying that they’re just victims of psychological manipulation. Which is it, cretin?

410674 ▶▶▶▶ Jo Dominich, replying to JohnDanny, #1249 of 2158 🔗

I think they are to a large extent. And by that I mean that there are very few people, especially those who perhaps do not have educational advantages or have been poor performers educationally, to be able to withstand. I mean, the propaganda, brainwashing, fear is unprecedented, totally unprecedented, it is relentless, invasive, malicious, insiduous and downright lies. People on this site can resist this and have the intellect to dismantle the narrative, analyse it and arrive at the truth. Society is made up of a lot of people who’s staple diet is reality TV, a good outlet for finger pointing – look at them, aren’t they stupid, losers etc all the time enabling them to ignore their own limitations and status. I think Rick H is right there. However, despite the industrial levels of propaganda, fake news, lies and draconian censorship of any other point of view, hysteria will burn itself out and it is beginning to do so. It might take time. The other thing is, how on earth are the Govt going to heal all the divisions in society that they have created. Everyone has their place in it, we need the rich, the entrepeneurs, the factory workers, bus drivers, delivery drivers, the risk takers and more. We should all be working together but the Govt are intent on blaming the British people to cover for their own inadequacies, lies and scaremongering. I can’t see a time that we will ever heal from this, I hope I’m wrong.

410176 ▶▶▶ LMS2, replying to RickH, #1250 of 2158 🔗

A poor choice of candidates to vote for.
What would you suggest we could have done instead?
No one in the general population had a clue this was coming, and that our Parliament would have surrendered itself to the policies of the Chinese Communist Party…

410679 ▶▶▶▶ Jo Dominich, replying to LMS2, 1, #1251 of 2158 🔗

Wrong. It was all their in the Tory Party’s election campaign. The removal of powers from Parliament, the end of an independent judiciary, the fact Johnson tried to Prorogue Parliament to avoid Brexit debate, the fact Johnson never felt the need to attend interviews, hiding in cupboards to avoid tough questions and a lot more besides. We knew this was coming, the security services needed a total buffoon to lead the country and boy, did they get the prize specimen of the species to do so.

You are wrong about the CCP – our Govt aren’t following that, they are following the Nazi model of extreme fascism, complete with scapegoating, creating division and massive propaganda in order to fuel the fear.

409935 ▶▶ GrannySlayer, replying to Annie, 5, #1252 of 2158 🔗

I feel that you are right, this crisis has merely revealed that which was hidden by careful artifice, and that expectation and acceptance of this does indeed keep the mind in balance. We should also be careful not to forget that we are still part of this human race, and that they still are part of us. We need not lose our humanity.

“Begin each day by telling yourself: Today I shall be meeting with interference, ingratitude, insolence, disloyalty, ill-will, and selfishness – all of them due to the offenders’ ignorance of what is good or evil.
But for my part I have long perceived the nature of good and its nobility, the nature of evil and its meanness, and also the nature of the culprit himself, who is my brother (not in the physical sense, but as a fellow creature similarly endowed with reason and a share of the divine); therefore none of those things can injure me, for nobody can implicate me in what is degrading.
Neither can I be angry with my brother or fall foul of him; for he and I were born to work together, like a man’s two hands, feet or eyelids, or the upper and lower rows of his teeth. To obstruct each other is against Nature’s law – and what is irritation or aversion but a form of obstruction.” – Marcus Aurelius

409975 ▶▶▶ Annie, replying to GrannySlayer, 4, #1253 of 2158 🔗

Nice to be an emperor, ain’t it?

410036 ▶▶▶▶ rockoman, replying to Annie, 2, #1254 of 2158 🔗

Yeah, you can strut naked around town, and everyone juat admires your clothes.

Try that if you’re a worker in an Amazon warehouse or a supermarket cashier.

410117 ▶▶▶▶ GrannySlayer, replying to Annie, 2, #1255 of 2158 🔗

Not if you’re a decent sort. Aurelius certainly struggled with it. He was probably the last good politician on Earth.

410311 ▶▶▶▶▶ Waldorf, replying to GrannySlayer, #1256 of 2158 🔗

Maybe not even him. Christians were persecuted in his reign, especially in Gul, although he may not have been directly involved as it seems to have been local matters far from Rome.

409936 ▶▶ Julian, replying to Annie, 5, #1257 of 2158 🔗

I’m sure that’s true though to be fair they have been subjected to probably the widest, deepest and most prolonged propaganda campaign globally that has ever been seen outside of totalitarian dictatorships

410054 ▶▶▶ Annie, replying to Julian, 2, #1258 of 2158 🔗

You think Britain is not a totalitarian dictatorship?

410295 ▶▶▶▶ Julian, replying to Annie, #1259 of 2158 🔗

Getting that way. I suppose I was thinking of Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, who deliberately murdered their own citizens wholesale. We’re not quite at that point. But I am not naive enough to think it couldn’t happen here. Sadly a lot of people I speak to, even those from countries with recent history in this area, just assume the human race has now evolved and our leaders are incapable of evil.

410173 ▶▶▶ LMS2, replying to Julian, #1260 of 2158 🔗

And the undermining of society has been going on since the sixties at least.
This is the culmination. A bloodless coup of the country by its ruling class.

409953 ▶▶ Lisa (formerly) from Toronto, replying to Annie, 17, #1261 of 2158 🔗

I have also been surprised, but maybe shouldn’t have been, that there was only really a very thin veneer of civility operating pre-Covid. The second people felt the least bit under threat they were quick to trample over others — whether it be in the toilet paper aisle, ratting out kids playing outside, terrorizing people who can’t wear a mask, etc.

409970 ▶▶▶ smithey, replying to Lisa (formerly) from Toronto, 3, #1262 of 2158 🔗

Always been the way with all societies sadly

409925 Julian, replying to Julian, 12, #1263 of 2158 🔗

Peter Hitchens head to head debate on lockdowns with Dan Hodges (his fellow MoS columnist)

They’ve had a long running debate on Twitter and it was suggested they have a proper debate so Mike Graham hosted this on TalkRadio


I’ve not got time to watch it but judging by the comments Hitchens trounced him. Not exactly a surprise.

410256 ▶▶ Nobody2021, replying to Julian, 1, #1264 of 2158 🔗

Two things of note for me:

Firstly, Dan Hodges says there is no evidence that lockdowns lead to increased suicide and in the same breath acknowledges that there is no doubt that there are increased mental health issues. I suppose if we assume that suicide is not related to mental health then he could be right.

Secondly, when he refers to lockdown deniers I know he’s not talking about me, nor anyone in particular so that term is easily ignored whenever it is used.

409928 steve_w, replying to steve_w, 29, #1265 of 2158 🔗

funny, if you look at


worldwide daily ‘cases’ peaked at the beginning of January, just like ours and ‘deaths’ a couple of weeks later – just like ours

now, either

1 – the UK lockdown made worldwide cases come down

2 – it really has got fuck all to do with lockdowns

409930 ▶▶ isobar, replying to steve_w, 5, #1266 of 2158 🔗

Can I get odds on 2?

409938 ▶▶▶ steve_w, replying to isobar, 7, #1267 of 2158 🔗

not really – sorry 🙁

we knew it was 2 last Spring by looking at Sweden

I know this must come as a shock

409939 ▶▶▶▶ GrannySlayer, replying to steve_w, 2, #1268 of 2158 🔗

I’m glad I was sitting down.

409945 ▶▶▶▶▶ steve_w, replying to GrannySlayer, 8, #1269 of 2158 🔗

I’m still suffering cognitive dissonance – how could Neil Ferguson get it so wrong? There’s a first time for everything I suppose

409964 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ GrannySlayer, replying to steve_w, 3, #1270 of 2158 🔗

Or fifth time…

409971 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ steve_w, replying to GrannySlayer, 9, #1271 of 2158 🔗

he should have been in prison after killing the cows

409978 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ Luckyharry69, replying to steve_w, 6, #1272 of 2158 🔗

and causing over 60 farmer suicides….

409944 ▶▶▶▶ isobar, replying to steve_w, 2, #1273 of 2158 🔗

Am duly mortified. As you say was bloody obvious back then. None so blind as those who cannot see!

409952 ▶▶▶▶▶ steve_w, replying to isobar, 8, #1274 of 2158 🔗

It hit me like a train – maybe lockdowns don’t work? Maybe that’s why they aren’t in any plan ever and not recommended by the WHO? I had this stunning realisation on March 20th last year. I’m still shaking 😉

409932 ▶▶ Julian, replying to steve_w, 2, #1275 of 2158 🔗

My name is Alexander Johnson and I say the answer is (1) and I claim my £5

409963 ▶▶ Victoria, replying to Sarigan (Day 325 of lockdown), 1, #1277 of 2158 🔗

Whauww the UK is definitely a massive outlier on these graphs

409972 ▶▶ Cheezilla, replying to Sarigan (Day 325 of lockdown), 3, #1278 of 2158 🔗

Wow, a picture tells a thousand words!!

Claire Craig’s post with Vallance and de Piffle talking about LFTs is worth a watch too. In fact, it says it all really!


409981 ▶▶ steve_w, replying to Sarigan (Day 325 of lockdown), 13, #1279 of 2158 🔗

nice reply on twitter – to the point

Viruses get less potent over time. Covid has been around since 2019. Covid in 2021 should be weak as piss. Deaths are going up because of the ‘vaccines’ and lockdown.”

410105 ▶▶ Prof Feargoeson, replying to Sarigan (Day 325 of lockdown), #1280 of 2158 🔗

I’m sure it’s just a coincidence..

409947 Cecil B, replying to Cecil B, 31, #1281 of 2158 🔗

Having misled the greater Covidia that the ‘vaccine’ will protect them they now have to tell them it won’t. They also have to break the news that the greater Covidia will not be freed and will not be going on holiday

Scapegoat needed and found in the form of those that refuse ‘vaccination’

409961 ▶▶ Victoria, replying to Cecil B, 1, #1282 of 2158 🔗


Its a bit early to scapegoat the refuseniks as they might still want to go – however they are already smearing them.

409966 ▶▶▶ smithey, replying to Victoria, 8, #1283 of 2158 🔗

Yeap it’s happening sadly however their problem is going to come with the ethnic minorities. They will not be bullied into having the vaccine so how will scapegoating them fit with the government and media’s anti racist dogma.

409969 ▶▶ DanClarke, replying to Cecil B, 3, #1284 of 2158 🔗

Could be, but, who gives a ?!?!

409955 OKUK, replying to OKUK, 24, #1285 of 2158 🔗

Did anyone see Edmunds (Professor for Harbingering of Doom at Imperial) on Peston last night. Could you follow his argument? Even he seemed a bit confused by his own logic at one point. This seems to be his position:

  1. Vaccines are efficacious.
  2. However new strains of Covid threaten the efficacy of vaccines.
  3. Some 20% of the vulnerable might still be vulnerable to dying if these new strains get a hold.
  4. New strains only get a hold if there is a high R rate.
  5. Therefore despite vaccination, we need to maintain lockdown to ensure that the new strains don’t get a foothold.

His assumption appeared to be that vulnerable people had no responsibility for shielding themselves. His argument appears to be that we have to have a continued lockdown of the whole of society in order to protect the 20% of the vulnerable who might die if they contract Covid (ie are still at risk of death, not will die for certain). Now, he’s an epidemiologist. Surely he must realise that a significant proportion of that 20% will nevertheless already have high levels of immunity through antibodies or T cells. They will have had Covid without realising it in many cases. With an IFR of 10% applied, we are only talking about 2% of the vulnerable, assuming everyone contracted the disease). If the number of vulnerable people is 2 million that would mean 40,000 deaths. But those deaths will only happen if all of Edmunds’ analysis is correct (dubious) and if the 40,000 people refuse to shield.

From an ethical point of view I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask the 40,000 to shield themselves so that 65.96 million people, including millions of young and healthy people can resume normal living.

409980 ▶▶ vargas99, replying to OKUK, 4, #1286 of 2158 🔗

And that’s the best he could come up with after spending £500k of our money last year?


410002 ▶▶ Julian, replying to OKUK, 7, #1287 of 2158 🔗

His arguments will be whatever he can cook up to prolong the “emergency” forever so he remains important and listened to and his mistakes are covered up

409967 Bart Simpson, replying to Bart Simpson, 15, #1288 of 2158 🔗

These so-called celebs deserve to be pelted with rotten fruit & veg and even stones:


How DARE they???

409983 ▶▶ Freecumbria, replying to Bart Simpson, 4, #1289 of 2158 🔗

Warning: please get a sick bucket out before watching that.

410006 ▶▶▶ isobar, replying to Freecumbria, 4, #1290 of 2158 🔗

To late, just threw up in the kitchen, what a load of crap!

410099 ▶▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to Freecumbria, 1, #1291 of 2158 🔗

I had to stand near the kitchen sink to watch it!

409990 ▶▶ Ceriain, replying to Bart Simpson, 6, #1292 of 2158 🔗

Notice the new phrase “We’re nearly there!”

How ambiguous is that?

410075 ▶▶▶ Ewan Duffy, replying to Ceriain, 2, #1293 of 2158 🔗

Many years ago, Irish Rail (state owned railway in Ireland) had an advertising campaign during a period of infrastructure renewal, the tagline of which was “We’re not there yet, but we’re getting there”. I’m surprised that this hasn’t been reactivated to cover COVID.

410647 ▶▶▶ Jo Dominich, replying to Ceriain, #1294 of 2158 🔗

They’ve been saying that since last March.

409991 ▶▶ TheOriginalBlackPudding, replying to Bart Simpson, 5, #1295 of 2158 🔗

“so-called celebs” indeed. I don’t even recognise half of them.

410100 ▶▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to TheOriginalBlackPudding, #1296 of 2158 🔗

I only vaguely recognised 3 of them. The rest? Who they??

409993 ▶▶ DanClarke, replying to Bart Simpson, 2, #1297 of 2158 🔗

Yes how dare they, they don’t care how low they sink do they, they advertise funeral plans, no frills funerals, anything for money

409994 ▶▶ Marcus Junius Brutus, replying to Bart Simpson, 2, #1298 of 2158 🔗

I don’t know who she is. But now I’m glad of that.

410001 ▶▶▶ Templeton, replying to Marcus Junius Brutus, 3, #1299 of 2158 🔗

Ms. Brees been doing some sterling work all the way thorugh this.

410016 ▶▶▶▶ Marcus Junius Brutus, replying to Templeton, 1, #1300 of 2158 🔗

Then I feel even more fortunate to have missed all of it.

410042 ▶▶▶▶▶ mattghg, replying to Marcus Junius Brutus, 1, #1301 of 2158 🔗

She’s not endorsing the video…

410125 ▶▶▶▶▶ Templeton, replying to Marcus Junius Brutus, #1302 of 2158 🔗

No I meant the other way round =]

409995 ▶▶ JohnDanny, replying to Bart Simpson, 1, #1303 of 2158 🔗

We have for a long time now utterly abused the term ‘celebrity’, and as a result the term has lost any real meaning.

410018 ▶▶▶ Sam Vimes, replying to JohnDanny, 10, #1304 of 2158 🔗

It now means “has been on telly” Or more like, Has-Been – on telly.

410103 ▶▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to JohnDanny, 3, #1305 of 2158 🔗

Agree. And the clowns at Sage plus Wancock, Van Tam, The Two Ronnies of Doom and Professor Pantsdown also have drunk the celeb kool aid.

That’s why they don’t want this to end as it will mean their 15 minutes of fame will be over.

410028 ▶▶ stefarm, replying to Bart Simpson, 2, #1306 of 2158 🔗


410040 ▶▶ Luckyharry69, replying to Bart Simpson, 3, #1307 of 2158 🔗

sorry…could only watch a few seconds…

410108 ▶▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to Luckyharry69, 2, #1308 of 2158 🔗

Same here. Had to quickly press the stop button.

410076 ▶▶ mj, replying to Bart Simpson, 3, #1309 of 2158 🔗

“we’re all in this together” ? are we f*ck

410106 ▶▶▶ Bart Simpson, replying to mj, 3, #1310 of 2158 🔗

Hence why I want to carry a machete or a Kalashnikov. Anyone who sprouts that phrase deserves to be shot or hacked to death.

410167 ▶▶ The Filthy Engineer, replying to Bart Simpson, 4, #1311 of 2158 🔗

Yes, how dare they! The sanctimonious cunt Graham Norton continues to broadcast his BBC chat show so he can fuck straight off with his stay at home soundbite hypocrisy. His show is normally a reason to be out of the house.

409984 steve_w, replying to steve_w, 16, #1312 of 2158 🔗

I was at Aylesbury Vale Parkway today. There is a drive through covid testing centre

I counted 17 people in hi-viz jackets working there. Not a single person getting tested.

Staff just playing footy

409999 ▶▶ vargas99, replying to steve_w, 15, #1313 of 2158 🔗

Why didn’t plod arrest beat the shit out of them for playing footy?

410151 ▶▶▶ Nobody2021, replying to vargas99, #1314 of 2158 🔗

As long as it didn’t look like they were “playing” it would be classed as exercise.

410645 ▶▶ Jo Dominich, replying to steve_w, 2, #1315 of 2158 🔗

Just this week here, posters and banners have been put up saying “Asymptomatic Testing is now available. Got to…..(Website address) to book your test”. I think some people have been out and about because 7 of them have been spray painted with “Bollocks” on them!

409987 Sam Vimes, replying to Sam Vimes, 22, #1316 of 2158 🔗

Forgive me, the brain turns slowly; thinking on the good point that Richy_m_99 made earlier:

So somebody who is infected with a viral load which is borderline infectious to others , but has suppressed symptoms thanks to the jab, waves his vaccine passport about to show how safe he is.

The vaccine actually creates the hallowed ‘asymptomatic transmission’, doesn’t it?

410013 ▶▶ Andrea Salford, replying to Sam Vimes, 15, #1317 of 2158 🔗

These questions are just like a maze with no exit. It doesn’t matter what we ask or what the data proves or disproves or how we reflect their nonsense; the answer is and always will be the same – ‘You’re not getting out of here’. The only difference between us and the Covidians is they still have hope; is it fair of us to disabuse them of that hope and make them as miserable as us?

410038 ▶▶▶ mattghg, replying to Andrea Salford, 4, #1318 of 2158 🔗

Not only fair but necessary, and kind in the long run.

410041 ▶▶▶ Ovis, replying to Andrea Salford, 11, #1319 of 2158 🔗

In my experience the Covidians have lost all hope. The difference is actually in our favour now. We see this as a political problem, which could still have – at least in theory – a political solution.

Those who still believe in every word uttered by the Prophet Whitty believe that lockdown/restrictions can never end because of the supernaturally wicked tenacity of ‘this terrible disease.’

I am not saying that there will be a political solution. I think the political system is irremediably broken (or fixed); but I do think there is some possibility of liberation from outside the closed system. It’s a slim hope; but the Covidians have nothing. Now that the vaccine cargo has arrived, but failed to deliver freedom and the old normality, Covidianism is a cargo cult without faith in its cargo. The poor bastards are literally hopeless, in utter despair.

410231 ▶▶▶▶ Andrea Salford, replying to Ovis, 2, #1320 of 2158 🔗

Yes, good point too. They are losing their faith (that we never had) in the administration and may quite possibly (for some) still be disproportionately afraid of the virus.

I still keep doing my bit, sharing facts on lockdowns, masks, virus norms and vaccines with those around me that do seem so downbeat with the restrictions that they appear to be listening …some.

409988 smithey, replying to smithey, 29, #1321 of 2158 🔗

Came across the below on another site. I couldn’t agree more with what’s said and think it perfectly sums up the situation we find ourselves in. I hope they don’t mind me sharing it: –

Once the principle is established that Lockdown will be imposed for a biological threat, there will never be a time where there isn’t some biological threat be it anything from cold, flu, anthrax, mad cow disease, SARS, MERS, The Russians, The Chinees, The Islamists, mars or bars.

How can The Government wiggle their way out of this without some so-and-so, socialist, wonk, geek, nurse, trade union, newspaper, broadcaster accuse them of being callous and reckless with public safety?

This whole thing could have been avoided had The Government stuck with a “rights and responsibilities” libertarian approach.

The worst thing is, Lockdown favours the rich, elderly and wealthy, hurts the poorest and youngest members of society the most

410029 ▶▶ wendyk, replying to smithey, 11, #1322 of 2158 🔗

I’ve been making the points raised in your final paragraph for months, but most people are either not absorbing the message, or haven’t even considered the true implications.

The lives of the young, the poor and the self employed have been consigned to the covid scrap heap, while the wealthy ,the elderly and the influential benefit the most.

It’s so wrong; I’m retired and I’m entirely opposed to the implicit favouring of the oldest in society, while the youngest and poorest pay the price.

In my darker moments- there are many now- I think of the carnage dealt out to millions of mainly young men in WW1, inflicted by misguided wealthy elderly men in governments and military headquarters.

Yes, the circumstances are different, but the ultimate outcome could be similar: a generation denied hope, prospects and livelihoods.

We should have been trusted: cooperation, informed choice and consent and impartial information, rather than coercion , compulsion and manipulation.

410044 ▶▶▶ smithey, replying to wendyk, 6, #1323 of 2158 🔗

Couldn’t agree more. I know it is a simplistic way of looking at it but basically the young, self employed and hospitality and retail workers are been sacrificed so that a minority of old people who have enjoyed long prosperous lives can eek out another year or two at the end of their lives.

410055 ▶▶▶▶ silverbirch, replying to smithey, 9, #1324 of 2158 🔗

I think the truly frail elderly are being bumped off. The beneficiaries are the affluent in their 50’s

410122 ▶▶▶▶▶ awildgoose, replying to silverbirch, 3, #1325 of 2158 🔗

A cynical person might wonder if the controllers are out to ease the burden on the pension and social security systems….

410639 ▶▶▶▶▶ Jo Dominich, replying to silverbirch, #1326 of 2158 🔗

Good point. I agree. However, I live in 55+ housing most of the Tenants being 75+ years and all I hear them say is “I’m alright, I get my pension every month so it doesn’t bother me”. So, a seriously divided country and it’s getting worse.

410057 ▶▶▶▶ wendyk, replying to smithey, 5, #1327 of 2158 🔗

It’s unnecessarily divisive and surely someone, somewhere, must have considered the likely consequences for the young and the poor?

Having endured several years of disastrous austerity policies, imposed by Awful Osborne, they now face a very uncertain future, with none of the benefits or security presently awarded to pensioners, regardless of income and assets.

Added to this is the increased investment in automation, lockdowns having provided the perfect opportunity.

410345 ▶▶▶▶▶ Barbara Baker, replying to wendyk, #1328 of 2158 🔗

All considered and duly filed under B no doubt

410064 ▶▶▶▶ redbirdpete, replying to smithey, 10, #1329 of 2158 🔗

Rubbish. Sorry, absolute rubbish. That’s the propaganda the government is using (don’t kill granny) it has nothing to do with what us oldsters – who have experience of previous pandemics and indeed wars – think. We know we are going to die, and in the main would prefer to do it on our feet or at least in our own homes.

410083 ▶▶▶▶▶ smithey, replying to redbirdpete, 16, #1330 of 2158 🔗

We live in a strange world though, many, mostly young, people seem to think that death is something that should never happen to anyone and that when someone dies, even if they are very old it is somehow a failure of the system rather than nature taking it’s course. Everyone should accept that they have to die one day. If they want they can have a miserable life trying at all costs to avoid that day or they can live their lives to the full but accept that this might bring forward the day of their demise. The point I am trying to make is that I would rather live a full but short life than an empty miserable long one. At the moment the government is forcing everyone to stop living in order to avoid dying.

410093 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ wendyk, replying to smithey, 5, #1331 of 2158 🔗

Spot on! Risk averse fearful existence trumps life as it should be lived.

We are being encouraged to emulate Swift’s struldbrugs, who lived on and on and on, sans eyes, teeth etc.

410101 ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶ redbirdpete, replying to wendyk, 4, #1332 of 2158 🔗

Tolkien made the same point – the complete moral corruption of the Nazgul, Aragorn wanting to pass before he fell witless from his high seat, etc.

410153 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Cumbriacracked, replying to smithey, 4, #1333 of 2158 🔗

I also think this is yet another fallacy from the increasing use of social media. Now when a death happens, it doesn’t matter if those who use social media know the person or not, they have to comment. This means death is far more prominent than it ever used to be.

The emotional outpouring of grief on social media has led partially to some not understanding that people’s grief use to be private and death is part of life. Now it is something to which every death is seen as tragic to which everyone should acknowlege and should not have happened, or as Smithey correctly says is someone’s fault.

410641 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Jo Dominich, replying to smithey, #1334 of 2158 🔗

You know there are two quotes that spring to mind: (i) “Two things are certain in life, Death and Taxes” – Oscar Wilde (ii) “You can bend and twist your destiny but you can never change it” – Ancient Arab proverb.

410058 ▶▶▶ redbirdpete, replying to wendyk, 6, #1335 of 2158 🔗

I’ve got to argue about the benefits to the elderly. Do you really think the elderly want to die alone with no contact with their family, knowing their grandchildren’s future is being destroyed? You may know someone like that, I don’t.

This is a blatant bit of divide and conquer propaganda.

410072 ▶▶▶▶ wendyk, replying to redbirdpete, 6, #1336 of 2158 🔗

No I don’t, but being retired myself and having several affluent friends in their 80s, I still maintain that the youngest and poorest are paying the price.

I don’t want to see the lives of the young wrecked like this, nor do I want people to die alone.

The point is that the present policies are bearing down most heavily on those with the most to lose in terms of hopes and prospects and years of life.

There could have been a more balanced strategy, which offered protection to those most in need, without destroying so much economic and social functioning.

The Great Barrington Declaration puts this across more effectively than I can.

410081 ▶▶▶▶▶ redbirdpete, replying to wendyk, 8, #1337 of 2158 🔗

But my point is – and I agree with you – MOST OF THE OLD DONT WANT THIS EITHER . The government’s actions allegedly on behalf of the old are not what we want , and the GBR set out a perfectly viable alternative the Government refuse to consider.

410085 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ wendyk, replying to redbirdpete, 7, #1338 of 2158 🔗

Exactly! Not in my name is my motto for this.If only the nincompoops in charge would take the wise advice of the GBD’s authors.

Wisdom is no longer heeded in our crazy hysterical society.

410161 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Cumbriacracked, replying to redbirdpete, 4, #1339 of 2158 🔗

Irrespective of young or old, the biggest issue is those in the government or SAGE thinking they know better than everyone!

410031 ▶▶ LMS2, replying to smithey, 6, #1340 of 2158 🔗

Except I’d say it adversely affects the elderly just as much, especially if they’re on their own.
Having money doesn’t fix that.

410000 Paul, replying to Paul, 22, #1341 of 2158 🔗

My local NHS trust sent a Christmas card to every member of staff,by post,I estimated the cost of this pointless exercise to be around £15 – 20,000.I put an FOI in to ask the exact cost and I finally got an answer.
I am told that it didn’t cost the NHS anything because the trust was given a charitable donation for ‘staff wellbeing and support’ and they chose to spend it on christmas cards !.
My daughter is one of the staff and she is not impressed,especially considering they were promised improved staff break rooms a year ago that never materialised.
The sheeple think the NHS is wonderful and beyond criticism,a lot of the staff get treated like dirt.

410004 ▶▶ smithey, replying to Paul, 7, #1342 of 2158 🔗

True – also for what most people have to pay in tax to cover the cost of the NHS they would be able to afford very good private medical insurance and still have some money left over.

410633 ▶▶▶ Jo Dominich, replying to smithey, 2, #1343 of 2158 🔗

I would prefer a German style scheme, affordable, part Govt funded and available to all in terms of aggregated against someone’s income.

410011 ▶▶ Sam Vimes, replying to Paul, 16, #1344 of 2158 🔗

So that’s where Captain Tom’s dosh went.

410335 ▶▶▶ Barbara Baker, replying to Sam Vimes, 1, #1345 of 2158 🔗


410315 ▶▶ Bungle, replying to Paul, 1, #1346 of 2158 🔗

Interesting since many staff will be from Islamic backgrounds who recognise Jesus, born in late Spring, as their second prophet.

410631 ▶▶ Jo Dominich, replying to Paul, 1, #1347 of 2158 🔗

Paul, I don’t know if you’ve seen it but I picked it up on my e-mail Yahoo Page, but an independent think tank, I think it is the Institute for Economic ??? has issued a report that damns the NHS basically. It states clearly that there is no reason at all that the NHS should be the focus of such adulation as they didn’t really do much during all of this. It also highlights that in other countries, those who have mixed private and social insurance schemes faired a whole lot better than our NHS did and were far more successful.

Brilliant. However, the utterly pathetic Angela Raynor (who I used to think was a good MP) blasted the report and told Wancock that he should distance himself from it. Interesting where the opposition is on this – the truth seems to have bypassed them.

410003 Bella Donna, replying to Bella Donna, 21, #1348 of 2158 🔗

I spoke with my niece in Portugal today. The kids are all at home and by the sounds of it are driving all the adults crazy. They cannot be out of their homes unless they have documents proving they are allowed by an employer. Hardly any vaccination in her area, the Algarve, but she said the children will not be allowed to be in school without being vaccinated. I told her my views but you can hear in her voice that she isn’t really listening to me. What can you do? I’ve tried. She hopes everything will be OK next year. I laughed! 😅

410037 ▶▶ LMS2, replying to Bella Donna, 16, #1349 of 2158 🔗

“She hopes everything will be OK next year. ”

People were hoping the same last year.

It’s not going to stop until we make it stop, and I don’t know if we have the numbers.

410329 ▶▶ Barbara Baker, replying to Bella Donna, #1350 of 2158 🔗

Vaccinating the kids????? Jeeez

410005 DanClarke, replying to DanClarke, 9, #1351 of 2158 🔗

Why does Dan Hodges keep gushing about The government Surges (predictions, deaths etc), when they are Ferguson’s surges and he’s already been discredited numerous times. When are they going to accept that.

410281 ▶▶ PompeyJunglist, replying to DanClarke, 1, #1352 of 2158 🔗

They’re never going to accept that. They’re in too deep and don’t have any of the required traits of good character that would precipitate a change in direction.

410625 ▶▶ Jo Dominich, replying to DanClarke, 1, #1353 of 2158 🔗

Lord Sumption said it correctly. They are now so obsessed with Covid and so monomaniacal about it they can’t see the economy, people, bankruptcy. It’s just Covid, Covid, Covid, power grab power grab power grab.

410007 Sam Vimes, replying to Sam Vimes, 22, #1354 of 2158 🔗

Anyway, think of all the deciding and planning they’ve saved us. Summer already cancelled, Bunter is talking autumn vaccination, that will dovetail into the normal winter uptick, and presto! Another year gone. It’s like Direct Debit isn’t it? Spread it over a year and you’ve got consistent pain every month, with no nasty surprises like freedom or anything. Bless our government.

410623 ▶▶ Jo Dominich, replying to Sam Vimes, #1355 of 2158 🔗

I’ll bless them when they have collapsed and are on the road to Hades!

410009 Smelly Melly, replying to Smelly Melly, 12, #1356 of 2158 🔗

If you don’t believe we are in a totalitarian police state then according to Nigel Farage’s blog, legislation is going through on ministerial diktat for the police to have the power to stop and ask you for your “vaccine” papers. And if you don’t have said papers, they can arrest you.

It use to be that an Englishman’s home was his castle, but not anymore under the Covid Act. If they “suspect” there is somebody in the house with the virus, they can forcibly enter your home without a warrant.

410020 ▶▶ DanClarke, replying to Smelly Melly, 3, #1357 of 2158 🔗

Fgs Hope not

410033 ▶▶ HelzBelz, replying to Smelly Melly, 10, #1358 of 2158 🔗

Nige seems to be endorsing vaccine passports. I have lost all respect. He is no freedom lover and no better than the rest of them

410159 ▶▶▶ RickH, replying to HelzBelz, -4, #1359 of 2158 🔗

You mean you’ve only just discovered what a fake he is ???? The poor man’s Trumpette.

410620 ▶▶▶ Jo Dominich, replying to HelzBelz, #1360 of 2158 🔗

I think if Lawrence Fox, now that his political party Reclaim, has been appoved by the Electoral Commission now needs to grab public attention – he can do it and has done it – but he needs to be a Leader figure now – a proper Leader of the opposition – people will follow him, they just want a figurehead to do that. Reclaim can do it. I’ve been in touch to offer my services to help build the party from the grassroots up. He is already high profile and can handle the Press more than many can. Go Lozza Go!

410046 ▶▶ LMS2, replying to Smelly Melly, 2, #1361 of 2158 🔗

Do you have a link?

410067 ▶▶ Crystal Decanter, replying to Smelly Melly, 4, #1363 of 2158 🔗

Forge them
The pigs can’t even remember what the mask exempt rules are

410010 Dorian_Hawkmoon, replying to Dorian_Hawkmoon, 11, #1364 of 2158 🔗

AIER article about the bind the UK Govt has got itself into. “Why the UK Government Now Must, But Won’t, Abandon Lockdown. “…the magnitude of the government’s failure has itself become the major obstacle to the government being able to acknowledge that failure.”


410050 ▶▶ Annie, replying to Dorian_Hawkmoon, 11, #1365 of 2158 🔗

Excellent article.
The Fascist fools didn’t know what they were doing at the start, and still don’t know. The only policy that has succeeded is the policy of frightening as many people as possible and keeping then frightened for as long as possible.
Now there’s something to celebrate. A triumphant success, yea verily.

410127 ▶▶▶ Dorian_Hawkmoon, replying to Annie, 1, #1366 of 2158 🔗

Forensic prose from a legal academic.

410616 ▶▶▶ Jo Dominich, replying to Annie, #1367 of 2158 🔗

Yep. The shit show is in the first stages of a collapse though because they haven’t got enough to keep it going. Let’s see. War is a’coming to a street near you.

410017 DanClarke, replying to DanClarke, 22, #1368 of 2158 🔗

Friend in NZ, announces that everything we’ve done in this country is wrong, a population of nearly 5 million and a population of 80 million plus. Totally into Jacinda who has done everything right, even to the point of the arrests of people who ‘escape’ the isolation units. They won’t get their vaccines until the summer, but ‘it will be worth it’. Critical thinking in this world now is on the decline.

410030 ▶▶ redbirdpete, replying to DanClarke, 17, #1369 of 2158 🔗

I’m sorry to say i think this is all going to go terribly badly, ending up in war. If the PTB’s imagine Africa is going to peacefully starve to death, or India surrender its hard won place in the world in the same pathetic way the inhabitants of the so-called liberal democracies have done, I suspect they are making a huge mistake. Not to mention the narrative that is going to spread in the BAME community since they are heavily disadvantaged by all this.

Time to check your weapons. (And I don’t mean hand them over to the Stasi).

410047 ▶▶▶ Luckyharry69, replying to redbirdpete, 8, #1370 of 2158 🔗

Cameron did say before the Brexit vote that leaving the EU could cause a ‘War’?….

…….strange thing for a PM to say?

410613 ▶▶▶ Jo Dominich, replying to redbirdpete, #1371 of 2158 🔗

Getting some weapons. Will have them at the ready!

410034 ▶▶ smithey, replying to DanClarke, 7, #1372 of 2158 🔗

Sounds like your friend is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome

410052 ▶▶▶ DanClarke, replying to smithey, 3, #1373 of 2158 🔗


410053 ▶▶ Achilles, replying to DanClarke, 5, #1374 of 2158 🔗

I’m guessing they haven’t got the memo yet about how the vaccine makes no difference to your freedoms.

410022 awildgoose, 5, #1375 of 2158 🔗

Killer Cuomo rolls out Covid camps under the guise of care homes in NY state:


410025 TheBluePill, replying to TheBluePill, 13, #1376 of 2158 🔗

Another good news story from the BBC about an arthritis drug that helps prevent death.


Unfortunately in a trial of ~4000 it only gave a 4% (i.e. insignificant) improvement. Why are the NHS going to use it? Because it is expensive of course – £500. Had this been cheap it would have been rubbished.

So ignore ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine but spend, spend, spend on an expensive and ineffective drug. It is so transparent and still the sheep don’t wonder.

410138 ▶▶ Liz F, replying to TheBluePill, 3, #1377 of 2158 🔗

Do the government medical advisors hold shares in the arthritis drug?

410035 Ianric, replying to Ianric, 37, #1378 of 2158 🔗

This is a previous post I made regarding the media. The article from Conservative Woman answers the question I raised whether the media has lost advertising revenue due to closing down businesses and to what extent government advertising has compensated this loss. As the article suggests, the media has a vested interest in pushing covid is the black death on steroids and government measures are justified narrative. For almost a year businesses have had to go through a cycle of being forced to close, being able to re-open and then forced to close again. When businesses were allowed to operate, they had to operate under restrictions. The resultant loss in advertising revenue has been huge. I wonder how the media would have covered covid if they had lost advertising revenue but no received no revenue from government advertising. If the media become nothing more than a propaganda arm of the government, people don’t get an alternative view.  If people are at home all day, people may watch more TV which could explain why the media is so enthusiastic about lockdowns.

The papers daren’t bite the Whitehall hand that feeds them | The Conservative Woman

“Questions need to be asked about the role of of the mainstream media :-

  • Has the media been paid off or instructed by the government in regards as to how the cover covid or is the media pumping out fear porn propoganda independently. If we are in a deadly pandemic, why would it be necessary for the government to influence media coverage?
  • The media have pumped us with apocalyptic horror stories we are in a pandemic. If this is the case, why doesn’t this match reality? We don’t see people dying in droves, people surviving but becoming very ill, we don’t even see large numbers with mild symptoms such as coughing and everyone around me is perfectly healthy. I constantly hear from comments in youtube that people don’t know anyone with covid. Without the media hysteria, we wouldn’t have noticed a deadly pandemic.
  • The media have in general slavishly supported lockdowns which must have resulted in lost advertising revenue. How much revenue have the media lost. Has money from the government compensated for this?
  • If there was clear visible evidence we are in a deadly pandemic, why would it be necessary for the media to pump out round the clock fear porn propoganda? Why would the government need to place full page adverts in the papers warning us about covid if there was clear real evidence we were threatened by a dangerous disease?”
  • It has been argued in a geniune pandemic the media would try and reassure us rather than scare us. The media has made a huge effort to scare us. Shouldn’t this be a red flag we are not in a pandemic?
410063 ▶▶ Annie, replying to Ianric, 10, #1379 of 2158 🔗

Newspapers sell advertising space for money.
Why don’t we collect some money and buy advertising space?

410113 ▶▶▶ Julian, replying to Annie, 10, #1380 of 2158 🔗

I think to be effective we’d need substantial funding and professional staff experienced in creating content, buying space, assessing impact, legal advice

Disappointed that no rich sceptic has started the ball rolling – I would happily bung in part of my savings pot and I am sure a lot of others would, but only if the thing was funded to the tune of millions otherwise it would be a waste of time and money

Such a campaign might also be viciously suppressed or shunned by the media

410139 ▶▶▶▶ Cumbriacracked, replying to Julian, 2, #1381 of 2158 🔗

I do not think the MSM would accept any advertising which goes against the narrative, not yet anyway.

410155 ▶▶▶▶▶ Julian, replying to Cumbriacracked, 2, #1382 of 2158 🔗

Probably not

You’d have to start with leaflets, and even then getting them printed and distributed might be tricky

Posters on lorries

410610 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Jo Dominich, replying to Julian, 2, #1383 of 2158 🔗

For what it’s worth (not much) any campaign would have to court the highest level of controversy. I mean get the sceptics out there, BIG, LARGE, UNEQUIVOCAL, like Sir Desmond Swayne, Christopher Chope and Sir Charles Walker but on industrial levels of acid. That’s the only way to get it off the ground – match their hysteria with rabid promotion of truth and facts and emotions.

410172 ▶▶▶▶▶ TheOriginalBlackPudding, replying to Cumbriacracked, 6, #1384 of 2158 🔗

As I’ve suggested before – project images onto buildings (especially hospitals and public buildings), as Recovery did. It needs guerrilla tactics, keep authorities guessing where and when the next one will appear.

410199 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Cumbriacracked, replying to TheOriginalBlackPudding, 1, #1385 of 2158 🔗

Yes I agree.

410611 ▶▶▶▶▶▶ Jo Dominich, replying to TheOriginalBlackPudding, #1386 of 2158 🔗


410190 ▶▶▶▶ jos, replying to Julian, 1, #1387 of 2158 🔗

Is ‘rich sceptic’ a tautology?

410213 ▶▶▶▶▶ Julian, replying to jos, 3, #1388 of 2158 🔗

Simon Dolan, Hugh Osmond, Luke Johnson, maybe Tim Martin, Elon Musk, Van Morrison, Matt Le Tissier

Suppose it depends what you mean by “rich”

There are probably some closet sceptics among the rich

410146 ▶▶ BJJ, replying to wendyk, 1, #1390 of 2158 🔗

He should take over the useless Federation of Small Business.

410051 TheOriginalAnotherSceptic, 2, #1391 of 2158 🔗

This may have already been posted on here, but if not….For all of us here in the dictatorship that is now Scotland.


410065 pvenkman, replying to pvenkman, 3, #1392 of 2158 🔗

Another critical headline on the daily fail is the tide slowly turning?

410104 ▶▶ isobar, replying to pvenkman, 12, #1393 of 2158 🔗

Yes, very interesting that Sage are now called ‘Doomsters’

‘Furious Tory MPs say Covid vaccine roll-out is pointless unless UK goes back to normal life soon after SAGE doomsters push back on easing lockdown within weeks and warn we could be wearing masks FOREVER’


DM top rated comments are choice; I think that an increasing number of people are not buying this shitshow any more.

410066 godowneasy, replying to godowneasy, 15, #1394 of 2158 🔗

I’m confused about this double masking malarkey – If wearing a mask is as much use as a chocolate teapot, then is the idea of double masking as much use as a having a second chocolate teapot for when the first one melts?

410073 ▶▶ pvenkman, replying to godowneasy, 3, #1395 of 2158 🔗

It’s like saying an extra prayer.

410074 ▶▶ l835, replying to godowneasy, 17, #1396 of 2158 🔗

It’s admitting masks don’t work, without admitting masks don’t work.

410092 ▶▶▶ Christopher, replying to l835, 11, #1397 of 2158 🔗

Bingo , Don’t know if anyone heard the doctor on Jeremy Vine Tuesday afternoon but he all but admitted that masks are as good as useless , the caveat was that it has to be medical grade masks used so as to be effective . Cloth masks with flowery patterns provided no protection and respirator type masks were actually harmful to your health which I thought was quite a big deal as this was coming from the BBC / Radio 2 . It was almost like they are trying to reign things in a bit on the fear porn .

410098 ▶▶▶▶ peterthepainter, replying to Christopher, 3, #1398 of 2158 🔗

So mine with elephants on works OK?

410118 ▶▶▶▶▶ Christopher, replying to peterthepainter, 6, #1399 of 2158 🔗

Elephants are fine . Flowery patterns , Football clubs badges and union jack masks are a no no , as they attract the very worst variants directly to you through the air , even if you are in your car or in the middle of a empty farmers field on your own . 😉

410126 ▶▶▶▶▶ Prof Feargoeson, replying to peterthepainter, 1, #1400 of 2158 🔗

The trunks will dissipate the virions into the sky.

410276 ▶▶▶▶ mikewaite, replying to Christopher, #1401 of 2158 🔗

Maybe he wants his holiday this year at one of those exclusive resorts that only cater for those on £600000 per year.
Hence his shift towards getting restrictions lifted . He must know that his illegal holiday might end up with his losing such a handsome stipend for merely uttering inanities on TV.

410294 ▶▶▶▶▶ Christopher, replying to mikewaite, #1402 of 2158 🔗

Him and Morgan can hold hands on a Caribbean beach , Quaffing champers while laughing at the masked plebs still buying this Bollocks .

410077 ▶▶ TheBluePill, replying to godowneasy, 6, #1403 of 2158 🔗

Yes but it’s a fair-trade chocolate tea pot that gives a tiny proportion of the manufacturer’s profits to “diverse” people – so you can feel all warm and happy inside when you post about it on Facebook.

410086 ▶▶ Achilles, replying to godowneasy, 13, #1404 of 2158 🔗

I mean it’s basic stuff. When you see film of those people working in biological research labs are they just wearing a cloth mask off e-bay hanging off their nose? No. Disinfectant spray before, fully contained suit with breathing supply. Secondary screen and gloves for handling. Full disinfection on leaving. That’s what you need to stop a virus…and it still occasionally gets out!

410238 ▶▶▶ TheOriginalBlackPudding, replying to Achilles, #1405 of 2158 🔗

it still occasionally gets out”… not in Wuhan, it doesn’t.

410110 ▶▶ stefarm, replying to godowneasy, 3, #1406 of 2158 🔗

Chocolate tea pot and a chocolate mug, both useless

410206 ▶▶▶ Sarigan (Day 325 of lockdown), replying to stefarm, 1, #1407 of 2158 🔗

After the tea, I then play darts with my inflatable dartboard.

410163 ▶▶ TheOriginalBlackPudding, replying to godowneasy, 1, #1408 of 2158 🔗

It’s having a chocolate tea-strainer to use with your chocolate teapot. (Yes, I use leaf teas.)

410325 ▶▶ Annie, replying to godowneasy, 1, #1409 of 2158 🔗

As far as we are concerned it means that we refuse to wear two masks instead of refusing to wear one. Obviously, wearing two would cause us doubly acute distress.

410068 Sarigan (Day 325 of lockdown), replying to Sarigan (Day 325 of lockdown), 12, #1410 of 2158 🔗

By Paul E. Alexander MSc PhD et al. | “The predominant conclusion is that face masks have a very important role in places such as hospitals, but there exists very little evidence of widespread benefit for members of the public…


410080 ▶▶ Sam Vimes, replying to Sarigan (Day 325 of lockdown), 11, #1411 of 2158 🔗

The original rationale of our bastards in charge was “In certain circumstances (not defined) masks might (we don’t know) have a small (so what?) effect in protecting others – they do not protect you”. Johnny Pleblic has completely ignored the last bit.

410090 ▶▶▶ l835, replying to Sam Vimes, 4, #1412 of 2158 🔗

They’ve forgotten all of it. Masks are a virus proof force field in their view.

410102 ▶▶▶▶ awildgoose, replying to l835, 4, #1413 of 2158 🔗

They also seem to believe the masks aren’t covered in Covid when they toss them in the bin.

410193 ▶▶▶▶▶ GiftWrappedKittyCat, replying to awildgoose, 6, #1414 of 2158 🔗

Or drop them in the street/park/footpath etc.

410115 ▶▶▶ Cumbriacracked, replying to Sam Vimes, 8, #1415 of 2158 🔗

Having ignored it they still think they can verbally attack those who do not wear a mask, says me having just been verbally attacked. Not happened since early in July so a little shocked.

410318 ▶▶▶▶ Annie, replying to Cumbriacracked, 2, #1416 of 2158 🔗

Sorry to hear that.These people are foul.
However, as we used to say in school, ‘Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me’. It isn’t altogether true, but bear in mind that no zombie dare lay a finger on you.

410070 DanClarke, 12, #1417 of 2158 🔗

Those who call people Lockdown Deniers, are not looking at the actual fact that we are locked down.

410087 l835, replying to l835, 13, #1418 of 2158 🔗

NHS unions welcome reform, but ask for it to be delayed until after the pandemic is over (Talk radio news)

Another reason for them to want the current situation to continue then.

410091 ▶▶ pvenkman, replying to l835, 10, #1419 of 2158 🔗

unions: let’s not try fix a broken system that’s killing people while it’s still killing people.

410095 ▶▶▶ l835, replying to pvenkman, 4, #1420 of 2158 🔗

Particularly not when it’s keeping your members on full pay.

410168 ▶▶▶▶ Cumbriacracked, replying to l835, 4, #1421 of 2158 🔗

And also means they can gets weeks off on full pay every year by saying they are overwhelmed.

410128 ▶▶ RickH, replying to l835, -1, #1422 of 2158 🔗

Well – who wouldn’t want to delay any ‘bright’ ideas from the Tory fuckwits who’ve done nothing but damage up to press?

That’s unions just being sensible.

It’s the retards and fuckwits that need ‘fixing’ as a priority.

410136 ▶▶▶ smithey, replying to RickH, 1, #1423 of 2158 🔗

True, if I were running any organisation I wouldn’t want to let Hancock or anyone else in the cabinet anywhere near it – unless I wanted it irreparably damaging for some reason.

410154 ▶▶ awildgoose, replying to l835, 3, #1424 of 2158 🔗

US teachers’ unions are loving stay-at-home on full pay with endless Amazon Prime, Instacart, and Netflix.

410094 Annie, replying to Annie, 27, #1425 of 2158 🔗

From time to time, complaints appear in these pages that sceptics aren’t ‘doing’ enough.
It’s understandable. We long to do things. If there were an actual uprising, with rioting in the streets, a lot of us would be out there, rioting. We are the Resistance, isn’t it time to do some resisting?
But the bad news from history is that the Resistance, of itself, cannot throw out the Regime. The people-sheeples will never rise in support of the Resistance.At most, they will decline to support the Regime actively, and that only if the Regime is already tottering.
Regimes fall either because of outside pressure, or because they go broke. It wasn’t peasants with pitchforks, or Dantons, or Robespierres, who triggered the French Revolution, it was the fact that the French government’s credit rating was so bad that nobody would lend it any more money.
No country was liberated from the Nazis by its Resistance. They were brave and honourable – well, most of them – and they helped, but they didn’t do the job.
Attempts to dislodge a securely established regime end in bloody failure. Look at Mary Tudor and consider Wyatt’s rebellion. Damp squib, chop chop. Mary may have been unpopular – though less so than subsequent Protestant propaganda suggested – but her regime lasted until her death.
So sorry, sceptics, but nothing we can do will dislodge the Regime. We just have to stick it out.
As the Marian exiles did. While the burnings and torturings went on, doggedly ‘we wished for our Elizabeth’. And in due time, she came.

410124 ▶▶ redbirdpete, replying to Annie, 4, #1426 of 2158 🔗

French Revolution. I know it went bad, but it sure as heck got rid of the current regime.

410313 ▶▶▶ Annie, replying to redbirdpete, 1, #1427 of 2158 🔗

And they had the Terror. And Napoleon. And the Bourbons again…

410130 ▶▶ smithey, replying to Annie, 6, #1428 of 2158 🔗

“or because they go broke” – every cloud has a silver lining. As the government is rapidly bankrupting the country this whole farce might all be over sooner than we think.

410149 ▶▶▶ Tom in Scotland, replying to smithey, 13, #1429 of 2158 🔗

Yes, I agree. For various reasons (economic, international, ‘lockdown fatigue’, internal political wrangling, etc), I think things will soon change, and very abruptly. It might be chaotic for a while, but I’m so tired of the living death we have been experiencing for nearly a year that I’ll take just about anything at this point, regardless of how disruptive it may be.

410162 ▶▶▶▶ Andrea Salford, replying to Tom in Scotland, 7, #1430 of 2158 🔗

‘that I’ll take just about anything at this point’…..you forgot to add ‘except their bloody poison experimental jab’…… I hope?

410143 ▶▶ RickH, replying to Annie, #1431 of 2158 🔗

Look on the bright side – it wasn’t all roses, but at least the Papists got the boot in the end.

410166 ▶▶ rockoman, replying to Annie, #1432 of 2158 🔗

This one’s going broke.

410188 ▶▶ TJN, replying to Annie, 4, #1433 of 2158 🔗

Very perceptive post Annie, and a timely call for patience. I’ve long been thinking of putting up something similar myself, but you’ve beaten me too it and put it better than me.

Resistance has no absolute need to forcibly resistant, but just to push at the margins, and be ready when the time comes.

As so often, the prompt for me came from a song – ‘Lovely Day Tomorrow, by a band called British Sea Power. It’s a deceptive but poisonous little ditty, about the 1942 assignation of the senior SS officer Reinhard Heydrich in Czechoslovakia, by the Czech resistance working with the British SOE. Yep, they killed him, and he was a monster who deserved his agonising death; but the reprisals against the ordinary Czech population were especially brutal, and it did nothing to shorten the war. All that suffering, and it was just a gesture.

Another example closer to home is the failed Monmouth Rebellion of 1685, followed by the Glorious Revolution of three years later.

When things are ripe, they hatch.

To quote Hamlet again, ‘the time is out of joint, o cursed spite, that ever I was born to set it right’. It can’t be forced until it’s ready, but eventually the day comes when the time is not out of joint.

410354 ▶▶ Mark, replying to Annie, #1434 of 2158 🔗

No country was liberated from the Nazis by its Resistance. …..
Attempts to dislodge a securely established regime end in bloody failure.

I suspect that there might be an element of circularity in the term “securely established regime” there. India, for one, in effect secured independence through the efforts of its independence movements (because the British were – rightly, I suspect – not prepared to do what would have been necessary to attempt to retain control), and I suspect you could find other examples in the general retreat from empire.

But I’m nitpicking – I agree with the basic thrust, except that I believe resistance is necessary and useful, even vital, in the form of refusal to cooperate with these wrongful laws. And that does have the capacity, if not to overthrow the government, certainly to overthrow the lockdown.

410436 ▶▶▶ jonathan Palmer, replying to Mark, #1435 of 2158 🔗

India got its independence because we were bankrupt after the war and it immediately erupted into communal bloodshed.You are right in the assessment that we had lost the appetite for repression in India before that though.
I don’t see a peaceful end to this either.The government are in too deep and it’s crimes are too numerous to cede power peacefully.

410547 ▶▶▶▶ Mark, replying to jonathan Palmer, #1436 of 2158 🔗

In reality I think we promised it to the Yanks, but anyway I think it was generally known in the UK before WW2 that it was only a matter of time. It was WW1 that really destroyed our ability to hold onto an empire. WW2 just hurried the process.

410107 pvenkman, replying to pvenkman, 14, #1437 of 2158 🔗

They have moved the goalposts again now talking about prevalence.

so that’s been
R number
positive tests
hospital occupancy
soon they will be saying that we need to keep locked down because they can’t find it anymore and they need to be uber vigilant.

maybe they could design an app that constantly listens for anyone coughing or sneezing which alerts a control centre to despatch an urgent testing team you must isolate until negative tests results have been confirmed.

410142 ▶▶ Andrea Salford, replying to pvenkman, 14, #1438 of 2158 🔗

– Not overwhelm the NHS
– Flatten the curve
– Vaccine rollout – vulnerable, over 70s, over 50s
– Variants
– Mutations
– and because my grandad’s auntie Mary’s husband’s sister might get it

And the list is probably still not complete. ‘Wuhan virus, the gift that keeps on giving’. I joke but still the jackboots are marching.

410170 ▶▶▶ RickH, replying to Andrea Salford, 1, #1439 of 2158 🔗

I’m not volunteering – but if someone’s got the motivation, a detailed calendar of all the lies, contradictions, back-flips and flummery etc., from last March onwards would be interesting.

410198 ▶▶▶▶ pvenkman, replying to RickH, 1, #1440 of 2158 🔗

Someone with the skills could probably turn it into a catchy video and memes.

410411 ▶▶▶▶ jonathan Palmer, replying to RickH, 1, #1441 of 2158 🔗

I’ll start.3 weeks to flatten the curve

410111 eastberks44, replying to eastberks44, 18, #1442 of 2158 🔗

Is the “Tory Covid Recovery Group” (see today’s Guardian) open to MPs from other parties?
If not, it ought to be.
We need all the support we can get regardless of party.

410160 ▶▶ steve_w, replying to eastberks44, 4, #1443 of 2158 🔗

it probably is but unlikely any candidates from labour – they love this

410165 ▶▶▶ RickH, replying to steve_w, #1444 of 2158 🔗

… and the Tories aren’t too keen, either – truth told.

410120 JamesM, replying to JamesM, 7, #1445 of 2158 🔗

There are reports in today’s papers that the BBC is trying to sign up Van-tam to appear on Strictly Come Dancing. Well, that is about the right level for a pompous light entertainer. It is also another reason to get rid of the licence fee.

410123 ▶▶ Prof Feargoeson, replying to JamesM, 7, #1446 of 2158 🔗

Will Van-Tango be doing the Danse Macabre?

410132 ▶▶ leggy, replying to JamesM, 2, #1447 of 2158 🔗

It’s like a cross between the The Running Man and The Twilight Zone.

410135 ▶▶ RickH, replying to JamesM, 2, #1448 of 2158 🔗

What’s entertaining about him?

410140 ▶▶ straightalkingyorkshireman, replying to JamesM, 4, #1449 of 2158 🔗

Safety dance?

410144 ▶▶▶ isobar, replying to straightalkingyorkshireman, 1, #1450 of 2158 🔗

I just love that!

410157 ▶▶ steve_w, replying to JamesM, 3, #1451 of 2158 🔗

he could dance with Prof Edmunds, both in hazmat suits – ‘forever’

410177 ▶▶ TheOriginalBlackPudding, replying to JamesM, 1, #1452 of 2158 🔗

Limbo dancing – limbo is where he wants to keep us.

410181 ▶▶ TheOriginalBlackPudding, replying to JamesM, #1453 of 2158 🔗

They could get Ferguson on to demonstrate the Collegiate Shag.

410292 ▶▶ Nymeria, replying to JamesM, 2, #1454 of 2158 🔗

Ah. Another reason why it was a good thing I cancelled my tv licence.

410342 ▶▶ Bugle, replying to JamesM, 2, #1455 of 2158 🔗

Wouldn’t say Van Tam is exactly a “light” entertainer. Just hope he doesn’t tread on his partner.

410381 ▶▶ A. Contrarian, replying to JamesM, #1456 of 2158 🔗

Surely a non-essential activity?

410129 Lockdown Sceptic, replying to Lockdown Sceptic, 11, #1457 of 2158 🔗

Katie Hopkins: DO you REMEMBER giving politicians ALL this power?

410285 ▶▶ Richard O, replying to Lockdown Sceptic, 3, #1458 of 2158 🔗

Another excellent contribution, but I have a problem with this statement:

We never elected these people to take these freedoms from us, and at some point we are going to have to work together to take those freedoms back.

I would argue that our consent to the the very existence of political “representa